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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1903

birth place is given before residence


014929-03 Ernest ADAMS, 29, miner, England, Saulte River (or Bear Lake) s/o Walter and Elizabeth ADAMS married Elizabeth PARLIAMENT, 39, Maxwell, Bear Lake d/o John GAINEY (could be GAMEY) and Sarah WILSON, witn: Thomas PARLIAMENT and Ida STEVENSON both of Bear Lake, August 18, 1903, Sprucedale  (also 15392-05)  
013196-03 (Muskoka) Herbert Byron APPLETON, 37, lumberman, Ballantrae - York Co, Bracebridge s/o Charles APPLETON & Emily McPHERSON married Marion Forest BAIN, 35, Muskoka, Muskoka d/o Alex BAIN & Jane HORN wtn: W.E. EDWARDS of Bracebridge & M. BAIN of Muskoka Twp, 8 July 1903 at Muskoka Twp 014894-03 (Parry Sound) J. Herbert ARMSTRONG, 24, labourer, Arnprior, Powassan, s/o Chratsle? ARMSTRONG & Sarah ROVITT, married Annie Maria LONG, 19, Killworthy, Powassan, d/o William LONG & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE, witn: Luke WHELAN & Mary ARMSTRONG both of Powassan, 1 May 1903, Powassan
014862-03 (Parry Sound) Stephen ASHAWASSAGA, 27, widower, fisherman, Henvey Inlet, Henvey Inlet, s/o Joseph ASHAWASSAGA & Susan PASHANANEEB, married Emma KEWAKENDO, 18, home service, Henvey Inlet, Henvey Inlet, d/o Gabriel KEWAKENDO & Arnak? WAGEMAKAY, witn: Harriet McLEOD & Michael McKENZIE both of Henvey Inlet, 27 August 1903, Bying Inlet #014945-03 Henry Herbert ATHERTON, 28, cook, Albany N.Y., Parry Sound, s/o Bessie PARKER & John ATHERTON, married Edith May KEATING, 21, Loch Erne, Parry Sound, d/o Margaret E. QUINN & George KEATING, witn: Frank COCKLIN & Lizzie MARSDEN, both of Parry Sound, 3 June 1903 at Parry Sound
  013182-03 (Muskoka) Peter Fisher AUSTIN, 23, labourer, Goderich, Milford Bay s/o Henry AUSTIN & Sarah FISHER married Alice LONGHURST, 23, teacher, Muskoka, Walker's Point d/o Frederick LONGURST & Isabella MAINHOOD wtn: John GLASS of Milford Bay & Alice AUSTIN of Bardsville, 4 March 1903 at Walker's Point
#014970-03 - John BARRATT, 27, laborer, Canada, Parry Sound, s/o William & not given, married Mary Ellen GILLIES, 18, Canada, Parry Sound, d/o Robert & not given, witnesses were Henry STEGMAN & Augusta WOODROW, both of Parry Sound, April 30, 1903 at Parry Sound #014943-03 Richard BATESON, 27, lumberman, Peterborough, Parry Sound, s/o Elizabeth MOONEY & John BATESON, married Phoebe Margaret LEONARD, 20, Toronto, Parry Sound, d/o Margaret MCARTHUR & Russell Alonzo LEONARD, witn: Alfred J. ANSLEY & Maud BATESON, both of Parry Sound, 14 Apr 1903 at Parry Sound
014875-03 (Parry Sound) Pierre BEAUCAGE, 27, laborer, Beaucage Bay, Beaucage Bay, s/o Louis BEAUCAGE & Angelique METIGWAB, married Lucie COMMANDANT, 19, Beaucage Bay, Beaucage Bay, d/o Bernabe COMMANDANT & Marie BEJIGWAU, witn: Joe RESTOUE? & Mary Ann STEPHENS both of Beaucage Bay, 19 October 1903, Beaucage Bay 013219-03 (Muskoka) John BETHUNE, 40, farmer, East Nissouri Twp, Watt Twp s/o William & Margaret married Sarah OUTHWAITE, 45, Chelfield England, Watt Twp d/o William & Frances wtn: William BETHUNE & Frances BETHUNE both of Bent River, 2 November 1903 at Bent River, Watt twp
014889-03 (Parry Sound) Robert BIBBY, 29, labourer & dy? adeption?, Seymour Ontario, Trout Creek, s/o John BIBBY & Ellen CLEARY, married Hickey Tresa CLEARY, 19, England, Enp?, d/o Paul CLEARY & Mary Ann COGGAN, witn: John C. LEARY of Buffalo, 22 March 1903, Trout Creek 013210-03 (Muskoka) Bertram BLONDELL, 26, farmer, Stisted, Stisted s/o Miles BLONDELL & Elizabeth RADCLIFFE married Margaret HENDERSON, 19, Stisted, Stisted d/o John HENDERSON & Annie SMITH wtn: Thomas J. HENDERSON of Stisted & Annie Dora BLUNDELL of Huntsville, 11 November 1903 at Stisted
13107-03 Peter Francis BOND, 21, laborer, Amaranth twp., Freeman twp., s/o Hugh Alexander BOND & Mary Jane HERBERT, married Maggie May FRASER, 19, Oakley twp., Freeman twp., d/o Alexander FRASER & Eliza Gertrude THOMAS, witn: Eliza Isabella FRASER of Gravenhurst & Thomas HERBERT of Freeman, 7 may 1903 at Freeman twp #014957-03 - William BOUTCHER, 27, laborer, Buckingham Quebec, Sudbury, s/o Nelson BOUTCHER & Elizabeth MORRIS, married Elizabeth McCABE, 28, Marmora, Sudbury, d/o John McCABE & Elizabeth TAIT, witn: Annie McCLELLAND & Isabella K. CHILDERHOSE, both of Parry Sound, 17 Sept 1903 at Parry Sound
  013204-03 (Muskoka) Joseph BROADLEY, 39, farmer, Vaughan Twp, Stephenson Twp s/o George BROADLEY & Eliza McFARLANE married Marion Wingfield YOUNG, 34, Toronto, Stephenson Twp d/o James YOUNG & Marion WINGFIELD wtn: Samuel BROADLEY & Mrs S. BROADLEY both of Brunel, 12 June 1903 at Stephenson Twp
#013116-03 (Muskoka Dist) Charles W. BROOKS, 30, farmer, Ryde Twp., same, s/o Chas BROOKS & Christina TAYLOR married Anna DIERKS, 23, Ryde Twp., Ryde. d/o Henry DIERKS & Henrietta TIMCH? Wtn.: Theo DIERKS & Alphie LONG both of Ryde Twp. 18 March 1903 Gravenhurst 013177-03 William BROWN, 25, farmer, Ridout, same (as shown) s/o Thomas BROWN and Catharine ANDERSON married Catharine Janet PRETSEL, 22, McLean, same d/o Alex PRETSELL (sic) and Maria LANGFORD, witn: Albert Eggan TERRYBERRY of Niagara Falls and Libbie LANGFORD of McLean, June 9, 1903, McLean
#014955-03 - William CARR, 22, laborer, Buckingham Quebec, Sudbury, s/o William James CARR & Mary BONE, married Elizabeth McCULLOCH, 23, Parry Sound, same, d/o William McCULLOCH & Elizabeth BURNS, witn: Bert CARR & Ethel TUTT?, both of Parry Sound, 27 July 1903 at Parry Sound 013179-03 Francis A. CASSIDY, 23, cook, Walkerton, Ontario s/o William CASSIDY and Bridget CLANCY married Florence Elizabeth SMITH, 21, McLean, same d/o James D. SMITH and Agnes Rose McANULTY, witn: Jerome CASSIDY of Dorset and Helena M. BEYNON of Bracebridge, October 13, 1903, McLean
#014947-03 Frank CHILD, 23, merchant, Windsor Ont, Gravenhurst, s/o Jennie CLEMENS & Aaron Elijah CHILD, married Adal Bessie WATKINS, 24, McKellar Ont, Parry Sound, d/o Emma ROBINSON & Henry WATKINS, witn: John CLARK & Margaret MOFFATT, both of Parry Sound, 17 June 1903 at Parry Sound #014954-03 - Walter Stewart CHURCH, 28, laborer, Arthur, Depot Harbour, s/o John Stewart CHURCH & Maria McGEE, married Dora BROWN, 22, Smiths Falls, Depot Harbour, d/o Charles BROWN & Lydia SHOTFORD, witn: Herrold ANDERSON & Susan QUIRT, both of Depot Harbour, 2 Sept 1903 at Depot Harbour
013062-04 Augustine Charles COCHRANE, 27, farmer, Muskoka, Chaffey, s/o Charles COCHRANE & Christina SILVERWOOD, married Amerilla FLETCHER, 23, Uxbridge, Chaffey, d/o Frank & Mary, witn: Francis A. COCHRANE & Ada FLETCHER both of Chaffey on Dec. 23, 1903 at Huntsville #014976-03 - John COLLISON, 30, physician, Dickensons Corners, Red Deer Alta., s/o James COLLISON & Catherine McNULTY, married Ella BEATTY, 25, Parry Sound, same, d/o David BEATTY & Elvira HEACOCK, witnesses were David BEATTY of Parry Sound & Lella D. HARPER of Huntsville, Dec. 22, 1903 at Parry Sound
#014987-03 - Arthur George COLLINSON, 29, farmer, Canada, Perry twp., s/o Francis COLLINSON & Emma LINTON, married Eliza Olive WHITESIDES, 29, Canada, Severn Bridge, d/o William WHITESIDES & Sarah CULLER, witn: James WHITESIDES of Huntsville & Eliza L. SLORACH? of Scotia, 28 Oct 1903 at Emsdale 013207-03 (Muskoka) Walter COOK, 25, farmer , Morrison, Stisted, s/o Joseph COOK & Mary Ann McPHAIL married Bertha SPIERS, 19, McKellar, Stisted d/o John SPIERS & Lizzie HANNAH wtn: Charles COOK of Stephenson & Maude SMITH of Stisted, 8 July 1903 at Stisted
013069-04 Archibald Allan COOPER, 22, sailor, Saurin Simcoe Co., Midland, s/o David A. COOPER & Fannie MARSHAL married Muriel HIGGANS, 19, Huntsville, Bracebridge, d/o Samuel HIGGANS & Lydia GLEASON, witn: Mable DARLING & Mary MacVICAR both of Huntsville on Dec. 31, 1903 at Huntsville 013160-03 James White CRAIG, 28, merchant, Barrie, Parry Sound s/o James CRAIG and Elsie WHITE married Florence L. NEWBURN, 22, Parry Sound, same d/o Thomas NEWBURN and Mary Jane HAMSHAW, witn: Lilla D. HARPER and Mina HARPER both of Huntsville, September 1, 1903, Huntsville
#014977-03 - Adam CUPPAGE, 45, livery, Orillia, no residence given, s/o John CUPPAGE & Matilda CADDILL?, married Catherine CROMPTON, 42, widow, Bromley Kent England, no residence given, d/o George BROOKER & Frances GREGORY, witnesses were Dell LOCKE & Dora DAYFOOT, both of Orillia, Dec. 23, 1903 at Orillia 013200-03 (Muskoka) William Francis DeFOREST, lumberman, Muskoka, Medora Twp s/o Nelson DeFOREST & Dora KEMP married blank McCURDY d/o Robert McCURDY & Tilly McCORMICK wtn: Asa L. CASSELMAN & Gertrude HANNAH both of Port Carling, 19 December 1903 at Port Carling
  #014961-03 - Charles DESARMO, 20, laborer, Canada, Parry Harbour, s/o Albert & not given, married Amanda SMEDLEY, 16, Canada, Parry Harbour, d/o Fred SMEDLEY & Mary Ann GRAHAM, witn: John S. RUSSELL & Gertie CHAWETH, both of Parry Harbour, 20 Oct 1903 at Parry Harbour
#014950-03 - Patrick DONLEY, 40, widower, farmer, Westport, Parry Sound, s/o Arthur DONLEY & Mary MURPHY, married Agnes RAMSEY, 18, Carling, Parry Sound, d/o John RAMSEY & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Edward SLAY & Eliz. TENNANT, both of Parry Sound, 30 June 1903 at Parry Sound 014857-03 (Parry Sound) Hector DURAND, 21, lumberman, Montreal P.Q., Bying Inlet, s/o Zolique DURAND & Philomene DESGRIS, married Georgina GUERTIN, 18, Masham Que., Byng Inlet, d/o Narcisse GUERTIN & Christine BELANGER, witn: Alphonse GERMAIN & Alexander TOUCHETTE both of Bying Inlet, 24 February 1903, Bying Inlet
013098-04 John DWYER, 26, carpenter, Peterboro, Midland, s/o William Henry DWYER & Matilda SANDERS, married Bridget McMANN, 23, Renfrew, same, d/o Simon McMANN & Catherine BOYLE, witn: Fanny JARVIS & Mary MacVICAR both of Huntsville on May 26, 1903 at Huntsville 014896-03 (Parry Sound) Jacob EGGINSVILLER, 25, blank, Waterloo, S. Himsworth, s/o William EGGINSVILLER & Mary LYENFILTER, married Caroline WEITER, 22, S. Himsworth, S. Himsworth, d/o Joseph WEITER & Catherine HONTOS witn: Sebastian EGGINSVILLER of Nipissing Twp, & Hannah WEITER of S. Himsworth, 5 May 1903, Trout Creek
  013178-03 Robert Aston ELLIS, 34, merchant, England, McLean s/o William and Margaret ELLIS married Emma Jane ALDRED, 25, McLean, same d/o Joel ALDRED and Olive DEMERA, witn: George ALDRED of McLean and Edith Jane PERRY of Bracebridge, September 15, 1903, McLean
013183-03 (Muskoka) Hugh FERGUSON, 24, farmer, Tremworth (Tecumseth?), Glen Orchard s/o Alexander FERGUSON & Florence KENNEDY married Diana CARR, 25, West Smithwick England, Glen Orchard d/o James CARR & Mary Ann LEWIS wtn: Alfred CARR & Kate FERGUSON both of Glen Orchard, 30 June 1903 at Glen Orchard #014972-03 - Simon FEVEREAU, 28, laborer, Hinton (Flinton?), Parry Harbour, s/o Peter FEVEREAU & Reta DURKINS, married Catherine MORTSON, 17, Gravenhurst, Parry Harbour, d/o George MORTSON & Annie BETHUNE, witnesses were John BRYSON of Parry Harbour & Cecelia NOLAND of Penetang., Nov. 9, 1903 at Parry Harbour (Rom Cath)
013190-03 (Muskoka) John Mills GLASS, 27, farmer Monck Twp, Monck Twp s/o James GLASS & Jane MILLS married Pricilla SMITH, 26, Toronto, Monck Twp d/o Peter SMITH & Frances PINNOCK wtn: James GLASS of Bardsville & Jessie SMITH of Falkenburg, 17 June 1903 at Monck Twp 013162-03 Luther GODFRY (Godfrey?), age not given, laborer, Georgina, Huntsville s/o David GODFRY and Maria HALES married Charlotte SEDGWICK, age not given, Haliburton, same d/o H. SEDGWICK and Mary MILLUM, witn: W. NORTON and M. NORTON both of Huntsville, September 2, 1903, Huntsville
014872-03 (Parry Sound) Joseph GODIN, 23, labourer, Three Rivers, French River, s/o Alexander GODIN & Elizabeth LIZOTTE, married Eliza ALLEN, 19, Collins Inlet, French River, d/o John ALLEN & Philomene PELORE, witn: Jas. WABB & Ora RICHARD both of French River, 12 May 1903, French River 013172-03 Thomas GOHEN, 32, farmer, Montreal, Macaulay s/o William GOHEN and Adeline PRATT married Emma Jane TAYLOR, 21, Macaulay, same d/o Samuel TAYLOR and Ann BAILEY, witn: Betford TAYLOR and Henrietta GOHEN both of Macaulay, October 22, 1903, Macaulay
013189-03 (Muskoka) Ernest Henry GOLTZ, 28, bookkeeper, Monck Twp, Bardsville s/o Rudolph GOLTZ & Albertine BREESE, married Christina HILLMAN, Risbrook? - Muskoka, Monck Twp, d/o William HILLMAN & Louisa CHILDS wtn: William HILLMAN & Fanny HARPER both of Monck Twp, 3 June 1903 at Monck Twp  
#014946-03 Chas Henry GOULD, 26, sailor, Victoria Harbour, Parry Sound, s/o Mary Jane MOULTON & Chas GOULD, married Ethel Pearl MCGRUTHER, 20, Minto Ont, Parry Sound, d/o Rose Ann YOUNGE & William MCGRUTHER, witn: Frank COCKLIN & Maud MCGRUTHER, both of Parry Sound, 3 June 1903 at Parry Sound 014863-03 (Parry Sound) Charles GRAVEL, 23, lumberman, Lafontaine, Bying Inlet, s/o Louis GRAVEL & Felex? ROBILLARD, married Rose Anna CAMPEAU, 17, Penetanguishene, d/o John CAMPEAU & Lucie LALONDE, witn: Elizore GRAVEL & Marie CORMIER both of Bying Inlet, 29 September 1903, Bying Inlet
#014953-03 - Milton GREEN, 27, lumberman, Bobcaygeon, Parry Sound, s/o Thomas GREEN & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Annie WOODCOCK, 25, widow, Orillia, Huntsville, d/o John HAMILTON & Elizabeth HUME, witn: Fred GREEN of Kinmount & Maggie ULLMAN of Parry Sound, 29 June 1903 at Parry Sound 013099-04 William James GREEN, 26, lumberman, England, Stephenson, s/o William GREEN & mother "unknown" (as written), married Lillian J. GRIMES, 19, Stephenson, same, d/o father "unknown" (as written) & Lucina GRIMES, witn: Louis B. STARGRATT of Port Sydney & Mary MacVICAR of Huntsville on Aug. 26, 1903 at Huntsville
13099-03 James GRIFFIN, 21, laborer, Uxbridge, Ryde twp., s/o William GRIFFEN & Ellen MURRAY, married Lucinda TRYON, 21, Uxbridge, Ryde twp., d/o George TRYON & Margaret FALKNER, witn: Arthur TRYON & Matilda FOX, both of Ryde, 19 March 1903 at Draper twp  
013180-03 Harry Saymour GRIST, 45, mail carrier, England, McLean s/o Harry and Annie GRIST married Clara May SLATER, 18, Ontario, McLean d/o George and Julia Ann SLATER, witn: William J. LANGMAID and Thurza GRIST both of McLean, December 3, 1903, McLean #014969-03 - Asa HADDAD, 28, laborer, Syria, Parry Sound, s/o Moses & not given, married Mailliae CISIA, 25, Syria, Parry Sound, d/o J. CISIA & not given, witnesses were A. & P. HADDAD of Parry Sound. April 27, 1903 at Parry Sound
013052-04 George Francis HASKETT, 35, blacksmith, Newmarket, Gravenhurst, s/o Michael HASKETT & Mary HOWARD, married Sarah Jane JONES, 23, Gravenhurst, same, d/o parents names not given, witn: Peter J. McDERMOTT & Mary M. GALLAGHER both of Gravenhurst on May 4, 1903 at St. Paul's Church, Gravenhurst 013053-04 Charles HASTINGS, 29, bartender, Wheeling W.V. USA, Gravenhurst, s/o Charles HASTINGS & Sara BRADSHAW, married Margaret KEHOE, 21, Severn Bridge, Gravenhurst, d/o Michael KEHOE & Christina BRADFORD, witn: W. B. LAFRANIERE & Mary C. MASSON both of Gravenhurst on Aug. 22, 1903 at St Paul's Church, Gravenhurst
13098-03 William J. HAWN, 29, farmer, Glengarry Ont., Draper twp, s/o Joseph HAWN & Mary Ann EAMER, married Elizabeth Beatrice ADAMSON, 25, Kinsall, Draper twp, d/o Henry ADAMSON & Elizabeth B. COOK, witn: Samuel HAWN & Jane ADAMSON, both of Draper twp, 7 Jan 1903 at Draper twp 13108-03 Thomas HERBERT, 33, lumberman, Thorndale, Freeman, s/o Robert HERBERT & Annie Maude BURNS, married Eliza Bell FRASER, 23, Oakley, Freeman, d/o Alexander FRASER & Eliza THOMAS, witn: George A. HERBERT & Edith Blanche FRASER, both of Stoney Brae, Freeman twp., 11 Nov 1903 at Freeman
014928-03 William H. HEWETT, 31, farmer, St. Catharines, Spence Twp. s/o Joseph HEWETT and Elizabeth HARDING married Ida ROSS, 20, Spence Twp, same d/o George ROSS and Elizabeth NELSON, witn: Walter ROSS and Alice LANGFORD both of Spence Twp, July 1, 1903, Sprucedale 013203-03 (Muskoka) William HILL, 41, gentleman, Sierra Leone, Stephenson s/o William HILL & Charlotte HILL married Ruth Ann THOMS, 27, Stephenson Muskoka, Stephenson Muskoka d/o William H. THOMS & Emily THOMS wtn: W.H. THOMS & Constance M. THOMS both of Stephenson, 9 June 1903 at Christ Church in Port Sydney
13100-03 Richard B. HILLMAN, 28, farmer, Draper twp, same, s/o Richard HILLMAN & Rebecca BRODIE, married Minnie CHILDS, 33, Hampshire England, Draper twp, d/o George CHILDS & Mary PRIVET, wtn: John PAIN & Ida JOHNSON, both of Draper twp, 19 March 1903 at Draper twp 013209-03 (Muskoka) Henry Horatio HINES, 24, farmer, Stisted, Stisted s/o William HINES & Hannah LAMB married Isabella TURLEY, 22, Stisted, Stisted d/o Alfred TURLEY & Amelia MEDALEY, wtn: John DARLING & Henrietta H. STROMES, both of Stisted, 11 November 1903 at Stisted
014886-03 (Parry Sound) George W. HUMMELL, 25, farmer, S. Himsworth, same, s/o Joseph HUMMELL & Mary WESLER, married Julia Mary FRAZER, 19, Peterborough, S. Himsworth, d/o H. FRAZER & Ella LUINLAS?, witn: Frances FRAZER & Hannah WALER both of S. Himsworth, 13 January 1903, Trout Creek 014892-03 (Parry Sound) Stephen HUMMELL, 45, widower, farmer, Bruce Co, Commanda, s/o Jos. HUMMELL Sr. & Cath. KERINER, married Agusta Mary GAHIKA, 19, Commanda, Commanda, d/o F. GAHIKA & Mary ARNOTT, witn: Phillip SCHOSSER & Hannah HUMMELL both of S. Himsworth, 20 April 1903, Trout Creek
013199-03 (Muskoka) Ernest Arthur HUMPHRIES, musical director, Walkerton, Brantford s/o A.W. HUMPHRIES & Mary A. SMITH married Mary Gertrude BARNETT, Toronto, Toronto d/o Thomas D. BARNETT & Mary ELLIOTT wtn: J.D. STUBBS of Port Carling & Amy BARNETT of Toronto, 8 September 1903 at Port Carling 013187-03 (Muskoka) William H. HURRELL, 25, farmer, England, Redwood s/o Hugh HURRELL & Miss REYNOLDS married Jane Esson WILSON, 30, England, Redwood d/o John Esson WILSON & Mary Shaw AULD wtn: Henry HURRELL of Redwood & Alice WHITE of Glen Orchard, 5 November 1903 at Medora
  013170-03 William Lawrance JAMES, 29, farmer, Lanark, Macaulay Twp. s/o William M. JAMES and Eunice BRADFORD married Elizabeth Ellen FORSYTH, 24, Macaulay, same d/o John FORSYTH and Mary DALES, witn: John McNEE and Jessie FORSYTH both of Macaulay Twp, June 9, 1903, Macaulay
014859-03 (Parry Sound) Charles JOHN, 24, labourer, Henvey Inlet, Henvey Inlet, s/o Aster JOHN & Nancy JOHN, married Lement ISAAC, 19, Henvey Inlet, Henvey Inlet, d/o Ferdinand ISAAC, & Jean KING, witn: Minnie DUBKE of Bying Inlet & Nancy WEKWAUKE of Henvey Inlet, 9 March 1903, Bying Inlet 013159-03 , David JOYES, 19, laborer, Sinclair, Huntsville s/o Henry JOYES and Matilda COULTER, married Mable LAUR (or LANE?), 19, Sinclair, Huntsville d/o William LAUR and Emelene ALLEN, witn: John W. BAKER and Mrs. George ELLIOTT both of Huntsville, August 12, 1903, Huntsville
013181-03 John L. KING, 29, lumberman, England, McLean s/o John and Maria KING married Martha W. DEAKIN, 23, Ontario, McLean d/o Edward and Mary DEAKIN, witness - ? J. BUSHNELL and Helena HAZLEHURST both of McLean, December 23, 1903, McLean 013169-03 Edward KITCHEN, 26, farmer, Chaffey, same s/o John KITCHEN and Sarah FLETCHER married Ada STAHLS, 17, Chaffey, same d/o Dan STAHLS and Lena MADAWAL, witn: Solomon STAHLS and S.A. FLETCHER both of Novar, December 24, 1903, Huntsville
013063-04 Walter KNIGHT, 22, carpenter, England, Bethune, s/o George KNIGHT & Fanny TAILOR, married Ida Jane HOOVER, 18, York Co., Bethune, d/o John D. HOOVER & Henrietta SIDON, witn: Mr & Mrs Thomas B. CLARK both of Bethune on Oct. 4, 1903 at Bethune #014975-03 - Charles Henry KNIGHT, 36, mariner, Strathroy, Wiarton, s/o Thomas KNIGHT & Naomi PATTERSON, married Euphemia LOGAN, 26, Glasgow, p, d/o James M. LOGAN & Elizabeth McLEAN, witnesses were Malcolm McKINNON & Margaret LOGAN, both of Parry Sound, Dec. 9, 1903 at Parry Sound
013161-03 Ellis LACEY, 27, laborer, Clinton, Welland Co. s/o Aron LACEY and Emily SLOPE?, married Lydia SPAFFORD, 32, widow, Southampton, Clinton Twp. d/o blank & Emma SOUTHERN, witn: Mina HARPER and James DICK both of Huntsville, September 2, 1903, Huntsville 014861-03 (Parry Sound) George LAMARRE, 30, widower, lumberman, Three Rivers, Bying Inlet, s/o Oscar LAMARRE & Celina St. ARNANT, married Louise LAUZE, 23, Lafontaine, Lafontaine, d/o Manuel LAUZE & Delina MARET, witn: Euclide LEROUSE & Alphonsine LEROUSE both of Bying Inlet, 7 July 1903, Bying Inlet
014930-03 Sandy LeLAWN, 36, lumberman, Ottawa, Parry Sound s/o John LeLAWN and Mary ROBINSON married Edith CRONK, 36, widow, Woodstock, Parry Sound d/o William WINFIELD and Elizabeth KAY, witn: Sarah HUXTABLE and Marion MILLS both of Sprucedale, September 28, 1903, Sprucedale (also 15393-05 as Sandy Lelown)  
013166-03 David Wicks LEOPARD, 22, laborer, Queensville, Huntsville s/o Noah LEOPARD and Amelia DARLING married Alma Maud LOUCKS, 21, Haliburton, Huntsville d/o Albert LOUCKS and Agness STOKEY, witn: Mable DARLING of Aspeden and Mary MacVICAR of Huntsville, November 25, 1903, Huntsville #013217-03 (Muskoka Dist): W.S. LONGHURST, 23, millhand, Franklin twp., Gravenhurst, s/o Albert & Jemmie, married Ellen M. FIFE, 25, Windemere - Watt twp., same, d/o David & Ellen, witnesses were John A. & Caroline LONGHURST of Ufford, Watt twp., May 13, 1903 at Windemere
014873-03 (Parry Sound) John LUFF, 23, labourer, Fenelon Falls, French River, s/o Samuel LUFF & Chilina FOUNTAIN, married Annie BECHARD, 18, Bying Inlet, French River, d/o Theophille BECHARD & Mary St PIERRE, witn: Jas. WABB & Ora RICHARD both of French River, 2 June 1903, French River 014931-03 Charles MARSHALL, 22, farmer, Monteith Twp, McMurrich Twp s/o William MARSHALL and Annie GEISLER married Elfreida GEISLER, 23, Polschwette Germany, McMurrich Twp d/o Albert GEISLER and Theressa KNOFEL, witn: Robert MARSHALL and Emma HAMILL both of McMurrich Twp, December 22, 1903, Sprucedale  (also 15395-05)
014858-03 (Parry Sound) Charles MARTIN, 26, lumberman, Sauhan? Coohan? Que., Bying Inlet, s/o Alphonse GERMAIN & Philomena CHOUINARD, married Christina Albina GUERTIN, 26, Masham Que., Bying Inlet, d/o Narcisse GUERTIN & Christine BELANGER, witn: Alphonse GERMAIN & Alexander TOUCHATTE both of Bying Inlet, 24 February 1903, Bying Inlet 013211-03 (Muskoka) Joseph MATCHETT, 34, farmer, Stephenson Twp, Allansville, s/o Isaac MATCHETT & Mary Jane HAMILTON married Mary Ann HENDERSON, 23, Stisted, Stisted d/o John HENDERSON & Annie SMITH wtn: Thomas J. HENDERSON & Sara HENDERSON both of Stisted, 23 December 1903 at Stisted
  13104-03 Charles Faires McBRIDE, 34, lumberman, Draper twp, same, s/o James McBRIDE & Eliza FAIRES, married Margaret McPHEARSON (McPherson?), 25, Woodville, Draper twp, d/o Alexander McPHEARSON & Catherine BELL, witn: Laughie McPHEARSON & Sarah McBRIDE, both of Draper twp, 2 Sept 1903 at Draper twp
012117-02 Daniel McCAIN, 58, laborer, widower, England, Huntsville, s/o James McCAIN & Mary Ann ARTHUR?, married Mrs. Harriet DEAN, 54, widow, Port Hope, Huntsville, d/o David BULLOCH & Lavinia GOHEN, witn: Mrs. H. JARVIS & Mary MacVICAR both of Huntsville on Jan. 7, 1903 at Huntsville #014952-03 - Dolph E. McCARTER, 29, commercial traveller, Nottawa, Orrville, s/o David McCARTER & Abigail LYONS, married Ella IRWIN, 30, widow, Mulmur, Orrville, d/o Robert MATCHETT & Jane McCURDY, witn: W.H. PHELP of Arthur & Ruby STRANGEWAYS of Parry Sound, 23 July 1903 at Parry Sound
#014974-03 - Charles Wilbert McDONALD, 25, telegrapher, Newtonville, Depot Harbour, s/o Charles W. McDONALD & Sarah Jane TOMS, married May Alberta MOFFATT, 25, Port Hope, Parry Sound, d/o John MOFFATT & Jane CRISP, witnesses were H.W. SMITH of Depot Harbour & Edna T. MOFFATT of Parry Sound, Dec. 9, 1903 at Parry Sound #014958-03 - John Roderick McKENZIE, 25, engineer, Kirkfield, Toronto, s/o Ewen McKENZIE & Sarah McDONALD, married Gertrude KENNEDY, 22, Parry Sound, same, d/o Thomas KENNEDY & Elizabeth DOWELL, witn: D.W. McKENZIE & Mabel CRAINE, both of Toronto, 7 Oct 1903 at Parry Sound
014887-03 (Parry Sound) Henry McMULLIN, 32, engineer, Leslie Ontario, Spanish River, s/o William McMULLIN & Margaret GALLAGER, married Lillian McCULLUM, 26, Stormont, Glen Robert, d/o Duncan McCULLUM & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Robert BROWN & Catherine McDONALD both of Trout Creek, 5 March 1903, Trout Creek #014973-03 - Peter MELETTE, 26, laborer, Ottawa, Parry Harbour, s/o Dennis MELETTE & Mary VILLENEUVE, married Ellen McFARLEN, no age given, Parry Sound, Parry Harbour, d/o Samuel McFARLEN & Elizabeth CAIN, witnesses were Thomas KENNY of Parry Sound & Mary MULHERN of Barrie, Nov. 12, 1903 at Parry Harbour (Rom Cath)
#014959-03 - Gordon Benjamin MILLENBACKER, 26, brick maker, Jarvis Ont., Hurdville, s/o Benjamin MILLENBAKER & Julia BUCK, married Lovina Jane FISHER, 22, Hurdville, same, d/o George FISHER & Catherine McGHEE, witn: Minnie FISHER of Hurdville, 21 Oct 1903 at Parry Sound 014864-03 (Parry Sound) George Frederick MILLER, 28, lumber inspector, Lucknow Bruce Co, Bying Inlet, s/o David MILLER & Susie JOHNSTON, married Ma? Estelle CAREY, 20, home service, N. Tonawanda N.Y., Bying Inlet, d/o Alex CAREY & Emma PARISH, witn: C.L. BLISS & Augusta DUBKE both of Bying Inlet, 27 October 1903, Bying Inlet
13105-03 George MILLS, 19, laborer, North Staffordshire, Bracebridge, s/o George MILLS & Ann HICKS, married Ann E. RUTTER, 21, Draper twp, same, d/o Charles RUTTER & Elizabeth STAMP, witn: William RUTTER of Draper twp & Mary MILLS of Bracebridge, 9 Dec 1903 at Draper twp 013173-03 George Barnard MOORE, 26, millhand, Macaulay, same s/o Francis MOORE and Jane SAMWAYS married Charlotte A. EMERY, 24, Peel Twp, Macaulay d/o William EMERY and Elizabeth READING, witn: Fred FIRTH and Martha EMERY both of Macaulay, November 25, 1903, Macaulay
#014956-03 - David MUNROE, 30, laborer, Dunchurch, McKellar, s/o James MUNROE & Frances MOORE, married Bessie MILLAR, 29, Ireland, Parry Sound, d/o John MILLAR & Sarah IRWIN, witn: Charles SCOTT of Parry Sound & Mina MUNROE of McKellar, 1 Sept 1903 at Parry Sound 013184-03 (Muskoka) John F. MURRAY, 24, carpenter, Toronto, Port Sandfield s/o William J. MURRAY & Mary P. BLACK married Theresa LEE, 23, domestic, Toronto, Port Sandfield d/o William LEE & Sarah COVEY wtn: George H. WALKER of Austin Texas & Sadie LEE of Toronto, 6 August 1903 at Port Sandfield
#012973-04 (Muskoka Dist): John NAISMITH, 22, farmer, Macaulay twp., same, s/o William NAISMITH & Sarah McLAUGHLIN, married Mary Ellen PRATT, 18, Trout Creek, same, d/o Alonzo PRATT & Mary MOFFATT, witn: Robert W. ARMSTRONG & Grace BREMNER, both of Bracebridge, 31 Dec 1903 at Bracebridge 013197-03 (Muskoka) Isaiah NAHRGANG, 31, farmer, Wilmot Twp Waterloo Co, Wilmot Twp Waterloo Co s/o John NAHRGANG & Mary SHANTZ married Dolly B. MORRISON, 27, Muskoka Twp, Muskoka Twp d/o Angus MORRISON & Henrietta CORRIGAN wtn: John CORRIGAN of Bracebridge & Belle MORRISON of Muskoka Twp, 7 October 1903 at Muskoka Twp
  013206-03 (Muskoka) August NICHOL, 30, farmer, Hamilton, Stephenson Twp s/o August NICHOL & Pauline ORR married Emma Francis Hill NOTTAGE, 30, Stephenson Twp, Stephenson Twp d/o Henry K.B. NOTTAGE & Eliza WINGFIELD wtn: Charles NICHOL & Janet H. McNICOL, both of Allansville, 16 December 1903 at Stephenson Twp
012115-02 William Alfred NORTON, 28, jeweler, London England, Huntsville, s/o Nathan NORTON & Sarah PARISH, married Myrtle Jane RICHARDSON, 21, illegible Co. Ontario, Huntsville, d/o Charles RICHARDSON Mary Ellen SEDGEWICK, witn: Alfred J. & Florence A. NORTON both of Huntsville on Jan. 14, 1903 at Huntsville. (also 13097-04) 014895-03 (Parry Sound) Martin OAHELL, 25, labourer, Germany, Trout Creek, s/o John OAHELL & Tresoe? LORRY, married Ellen W. NIGH, 20, Pringle, Trout Creek, d/o Francis NIGH & Catherine BLAKE, witn: Joseph OAHELL & Mary NIGH both of Trout Creek, 18 May 1903, Trout Creek
13149-04 - Nehemiah Wesley OLDHAM, 25, farmer, Township of Watt, New Liskeard, s/o Charles OLDHAM & Mary BOGART, married Annie Isabella FINCH, 22, Township of Stephenson, same, d/o Jacob & Lydia, witn: Levi SHEA of Ufford & Ethyl Van ATTER of Stratford Ont., 2 Dec 1903 at Parkersville Muskoka (also 13205-03 ) #014962-03 Walter Campbell ORMSBY, 27, mariner, Barrie, same, s/o John ORMSBY & Catharine BENNETT, married Margaret Josephine MOFFATT, 21, Parry Sound, same, d/o John MOFFATT & Jane CRISP, witn: J.A. & May A. MOFFATT, both of Parry Sound, 4 Nov 1903 at Parry Sound
014871-03 (Parry Sound) Frank O'SHEA, 37, lumberman, Victoria Co, French River, s/o Jeremia O'SHEA & Ann DUFFY, married Helena LATOUR, 24, Hull Que., French River, d/o Viraime? BORLERIE & Telesphore LATOUR, witn: Jos. SMITH & Marie LATOUR both of French River, 2 June 1903, French River  
013164-03 Frank PERCIVAL, 22, livery man, Port Sydney, Huntsville s/o Charles PERCIVAL and Rose BURTON married Bertha DAVIS, 23, Fenelon Falls, Huntsville d/o W. DAVIS and Sydney MARSHALL, witn: Allia (?) E. DAVIS and H.J. MATHEWS both of Huntsville, September 10, 1903, Huntsville 013167-03 Wade PLACE, 31, railroading, Whitby, Depot Harbour s/o J.H. PLACE and Jennie BAKER married Francis May IRWIN, 23, Baysville, Dorset d/o William IRWIN and Annie KINZIE, witn: Walliss Bruce IRWIN of Dorset and Nellie ARMSTRONG of Paisley, September 10, 1903, Huntsville
#014949-03 Robert PHILLIPS, 28, lumberman, Collingwood, McDougall, s/o Hannah MCALLISTER & Enoch PHILLIPS, married Charlotte DRAPER, 19 Collingwood, McDougall, d/o Matilda BROOD & William Oscar DRAPER, witn: William DRAPER, McDougall & Ruby STRANGWAYS, Parry Sound, 12 June 1903 at Parry Sound 014891-03 (Parry Sound) Leosalie? G. PHILLIPS, 31, tailor, King Twp, Powassan, s/o David PHILIPS & Jennie GIBSON, married Agnes McEACHEARN, 26, teacher, Eldon Twp, Powassan, d/o Angus McEACHEARN & Helen McDONALD, witn: A.S. PORTER of Powassan & Bertha McCREIGHT of North Bay, 13 April 1903, Powassan
#014944-03 Henry Wilton PURVIS, 25, warehouse foreman, Jackson City Mich, Parry Sound, s/o Selina STONE & John PURVIS, married Harriott Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 22, McKellar, Parry Sound, d/o Catharine TAYLOR & Samuel ARMSTRONG, witn: W.B.W & Harriott Ethel ARMSTRONG, both of Parry Sound, 15 Apr 1903 at Parry Sound 013208-03 (Muskoka) Albert E. QUINN, 24, farmer, Grey County, Stisted s/o William QUINN & Charlotte BOULTER married Frances Mary PACE, 32, England, Stisted d/o John PACE & Grace MOORS wtn: William J. QUINN & Mabel CAMPBELL both of Stisted, 8 July 1903 at Stisted
  13106-03 Arthur H. REID, 21, laborer, Macauley twp., Bracebridge, s/o Arthur REID & Sarah HEY, married Ethel L. RUTTER, 19, Draper twp, same, d/o Charles RUTTER & Elizabeth STAMP, witn: Minnie RUTTER of Draper twp & George MILLS of Bracebridge, 9 Dec 1903 at Draper twp
#14948-03 John David RICHARDS, 22, barber, Walkerton Ont, Meaford, s/o Madeline ZIMMERMAN & John RICHARDS, married Sadie E. JOHNSON, 19, Parry Sound, same, d/o Catherine SINDEN & Oliver JOHNSON, witn: Walur(as written) BROION(as written) & Flora JOHNSON, both of Parry Sound, 24 June 1903 at Parry Sound 013163-03 Almer RINESS, 26, laborer, Huntsville, same s/o Andrew RINESS and Sarah WELSH married Ada STALEY, 23, Flos, Huntsville d/o Leonard STALEY and Martha GRANGER, witn: Charles and Elizabeth GALLINGER of Huntsville, April 23, 1903, Huntsville
#014967-03 - William Thomas ROBBINS, 25, laborer, Canada, Depot Harbour, s/o Thomas & not given, married Victoria A. HAYES, 20, Canada, Depot Harbour, d/o Thomas & not given, witnesses were Thomas HAYES & Mrs. W. BROWN, both of Depot Harbour, March 11, 1903 at Parry Sound  
013218-03 (Muskoka) Alexander Samuel ROBERTSON, 26, farmer, Rosseau, Raymond, s/o Samuel ROBERTSON & Annie married Annie GRAHAM, 24, Raymond, same, d/o William & Jane wtn: Charles ALEXANDER & Sarah GRAHAM both of Raymond, 16 June 1903 at Raymond, Watt twp 13102-03 Charles B. ROBERTSON, 36, widower, laborer, Luther, Gravenhurst, s/o Samuel ROBERTSON & Isabella WILSON, married Dila CLEMENT, 21, Monmouth, Ryde twp., d/o Martin L. CLEMENT & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: Adam & Grace LANG of Ryde twp., 19 July 1903 at Draper twp
#012971-04 (Muskoka Dist): Benjamin Wyman RUSSELL, 27, farmer, Bracebridge, Sundridge, s/o Joseph RUSSELL & Mary FARR--?, married Fanny May RUSSELL, 18, Sundridge, same, d/o George RUSSELL & Mary McPHERSON, witn: Lizzie & Albert RUSSELL of Sundridge, 24 Dec 1903 at Bracebridge 013201-03 (Muskoka) James H. RYKMAN, 21, agent, Bracebridge, Bracebridge s/o Albert RYKMAN & Martha YOUNG married Martha FOX, 19, Lewisham, Lewisham d/o John FOX & Adda COOPER wtn: Norman FOX & Mary FLETCHER both of Lewisham, 13 October 1903 at Lewisham
014860-03 (Parry Sound) Charles Seth SALT, 29, labourer, Christian Island, Parry Island, s/o Allen SALT & Jane McCUE, married Allie Etta FETHERSTON, 18, Arnprior, Parry Island, d/o William FETHERSTON & Eliza CULBERTSON, witn: Dan TABOBUNDUNG & Bessie BLACK both of Parry Island, 21 February 1903, Parry Island #014951-03 - William Albert SENEY, 24, captain, Peterborough, Parry Sound, s/o William SENEY & Margaret DARTNELL, married Nellie BOVAIR, 24, Mulmur twp., Depot Harbour, d/o Joseph BOVAIR & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Clarence E. PRATT & Evelyn Grace SMITH, both of Parry Sound, 10 Aug 1903 at Depot Harbour
013092-04 William SHAY, 83, laborer, USA, Huntsville, s/o Edsall SHAY & Charlotte WALKER, married Harriet MILLER, 86, Haliburton, Huntsville, d/o William MILLER & Harriet MARTIN (Mathews?), witn: William MILLER & Mary J. BESWICK both of Huntsville on Jan. 7, 1903 at Huntsville (also 12116-02) 013188-03 (Muskoka) William SMITH, 20. farmer, Monck Twp, Monck Twp s/o Peter SMITH & Frances PINNOCK married Grace GLASS, 20, Monck Twp, Monck Twp d/o James GLASS & Jane MILLS wtn: John GLASS of Bardsville & Pricilla SMITH of Falkenburg, 16 July 1903 at Bardsville
014874-03 (Parry Sound) John Joseph SMITH, 28, laborer, Three Rivers, French River, s/o John SMITH & M.A. McDERMIT, married Alvina POMBERT, 22, widow, cook, Utopy Vesper (Vespra?), French River, d/o Joseph POMBERT & Emelia BLANCHETTE, witn: Ben McINTOSH & Mary POMBERT both of French River, 29 September 1903, French River 013186-03 (Muskoka) Albert Theodore Byron SMITH, 28, labourer, of Bala s/o Theodore SMITH & Sarah BORDEN married Mary THOMPSON, 24, of Toronto d/o David THOMPSON & Ruth MOLES wtn: Milton THOMPSON & Lottie NEWBY both of Bala, 5 August 1903 at Bala
013068-04 Sydney Morley SOANNES (Soames?), 22, baker, Peterboro, Huntsville, s/o Arnold A SOANNES & Mary S. HAYNES, married Agnes M. Bruce THOMPSON, 20, Sutton West, Huntsville, witn: Murray & Maud THOMPSON both of Huntsville on Dec. 24, 1903 at Huntsville 013185-03 (Muskoka) Hugh Bell SOMERS, 20, fireman, of Forrance - Wood s/o William Chet SOMERS & Eliza GOODMAN married Eliza Annie BELL, 21, of Forrance - Wood d/o John BELL & McQUIRE wtn: Montague S. HURLING & William D. McKAY both of Bala, 22 June 1903 at Bala
013168-03 Solomon STAPLS (s/b Stahls), 28, farmer, Puslinch, Chaffey s/o Dan STAPLS and Lena MADAWAL married Letitia Almede FLETCHER, 22, Nt Bridge, Chaffey d/o Francis FLETCHER and Annie LAPHAM, witn: Edward KITCHEN and Mrs. E. KITCHEN both of Chaffey, December 24, 1903, Huntsville #012972-04 (Muskoka Dist): Louis Barnet STARGRAT, 21, farmer, London England, Stephenson twp., s/o Louis STARGRAT & Maud GRAY, married Ada Ethel EHELER, 19, Baysville, McLean twp., d/o Zariel? EHELER & Sarah DEMARE, witn: Charles NEWLOVE of Bracebridge & Evelyn EHELER of Baysville, 29 Dec 1903 at Bracebridge
015394-05 William STEWART, 24, farmer, McMurrich Twp, same s/o James STEWART and Jane GREY married Annie MARSHALL, 25, McMurrich Twp, same d/o William MARSHALL and Annie GIESLER witn: Colin STEWART and Mern MARSHALL both of McMurrich Twp, December 22, 1903, Sprucedale  
014932-03 William STUART, 24, farmer, McMurrich Twp, same s/o James STUART and Jane GRAY married Annie MARSHALL, 25, Monteith Twp, McMurrich Twp d/o William MARSHALL and Annie GEISLER, witn: Colin STUART and Darius MARSHALL both of McMurrich Twp, December 22, 1903, Sprucedale 013165-03 Henry Ed. George SUTTON, 26, lumbering, Richmond U.S., Brunel s/o Edward SUTTON and Emily MAPPLEBECK married Clarissa RIPPER, 21, Brunel, same d/o Thomas RIPPER and Clarissa SMITH, witn: Mrs. W. PROUDFOOT and Mary MacVICAR both of Huntsville, September 28, 1903, Huntsville
13101-03 Richard Fred TAPLIN, 25, farmer, Toronto, Oakley twp., s/o Albert TAPLIN & Mary WILLIAMS, married Rachel Gertrude McCRACKEN, 21, Draper twp, same, d/o James McCRACKEN & Mary PRESLEY, witn: James McCRACKEN of Draper twp & Mary E. S. TAPLIN of Oakley twp., 29 July 1903 at Draper twp #014968-03 - Cyrus TAYLOR, 28, butcher, Canada, Burks Falls, s/o Wilfred & not given, married Amanda RICHARDSON, 25, Canada, Parry Sound, d/o Fred RICHARDSON & Mary ALEXANDER, witnesses were ?.W. & -aily (page cut off) BUCKERFIELD (Butterfield?) of Parry Sound, March 26, 1903 at Parry Sound
  013171-03 George TENNANT, 31, lumberman, Wentworth, Bracebridge s/o David TENNANT and Mary DICKSON married Annie Ada PHILIPS, 28, Bracebridge, Macaulay d/o Fletcher PHILIPS and Martha LANGFORD, witn: G.A. McLEOD and Roxy PHILIPS both of Bracebridge, September 16, 1903, Macaulay
013198-03 (Muskoka) John THOMPSON, 21, labourer, Durham County, Dwight s/o John THOMPSON & Jeanie KENNEDY married Alana BORNEMANN, 20, Muskoka Twp, Muskoka Twp d/o Herman BORNEMANN & Ottilie ROEL wtn: Gustov PILGER & Elvina PILGER both of Muskoka Twp, 23 December 1903 at Muskoka Twp 014888-03 (Parry Sound) Herbert TOPS, 29, farmer, Tilbury Twp, Chisholm, s/o E. TOPS & P. WRAIGHT, married Rachel ANDERSON, 22, Yalbalton?, Chisholm, d/o Jas. ANDERSON & Mary Jane HODGINS, witn: Stanley TOPS & Mary ANDERSON both of Chisholm, 11 March 1903, Chisholm
013202-03 (Muskoka) Ernest E. TURNER, 25, farmer, England, Lancelot s/o William F. TURNER & Louisa BULLOCK married Elizabeth MARTIN, 24, Stephenson Muskoka, Lancelot d/o John MARTIN & Jane PANGMAN wtn: George MARTIN & Jane MITCHELL both of Lancelot, 25 March 1903 at Lancelot 014893-03 (Parry Sound) Salavator VETO, 31, blank, Lepole Major Ray?, North Bay, s/o Andrew VETO & Angela FIRNAGIE, married Mary Elizabeth SCHMIDT, 24, Bruce Co, S. Himsworth, d/o Ch. SCHMIDT & Caroline REID, witn: Gusippe BERELLO of North Bay & Mary Catherine SCHMIDT of S. Himsworth, 19 April 1903, Powassan
#014986-03 - Andrew Alexander WALLS, 21, farmer, Canada, Perry twp., s/o John William WALLS & Eliza COULTER, married Ada Maud YEO, 23, Canada, Perry twp., d/o Samuel YEO & Eliza JEWELL, witn: Arthur WRIGHT of Fern Glen, 3 Sept 1903 at Fern Glen 013176-03 Charles WARD, 24, lumberman, Morriston Ohio, Fesserton s/o William and Sarah WARD married Edith Alberta BIGELOW, 25, McLean, same d/o Joseph BIGELOW and Catharine FRYER? (Frizzer?) witn: Arthur HARP of Bracebridge and Maud BIGELOW of McLean, May 27, 1903, McLean
014927-03 Brooks WATSON, 42, laborer, Queensville, Burks Falls s/o Charles WATSON and Eliza BROOKS married Anne BACON, 25, Duncan, Burks Falls d/o John BACON and Anne Jane WHITE, witn: John J. BAILEY and Eliza WATSON both of Burks Falls, June 24, 1903, White Hall 013174-03 Robert WATSON, 26, farmer, Uffington, same s/o Martin WATSON and Mary Jane CORRIGAN married Bella FRASER, 18, McLean, Fraserburgh d/o William J. FRASER and Jane HAMILTON, witn: William James FRASER of McLean and Janet HAMILTON of Draper, January 1, 1903, McLean
12118-02 Donald WATT, 26, laborer, Haliburton, same, s/o Thomas WATT & Clara ROBINSON, married Annie OTTO, 22, Minden, same, d/o William OTTO & Harriet KENT, witn: Miss HARPER & A. WARDELL, both of Huntsville, 1 Jan 1903 at Huntsville #014942-03 Joseph WATTS, 20, lumberman, Foley Twp, same, s/o Annabella MCDOUGALL & Zachariah WATTS, married Mary STEVENSON, 18, Nottawasaga, Parry Sound, d/o Margaret GREENAWAY & William STEVENSON, witn: Frank & Mary WATTS, both of Parry Sound, 23 March 1903 at Parry Sound
#014960-03 Frank WELSH, 24, labourer, Canada, Parry Sound, s/o Thomas WELSH & not given, married Matilda WELLER, 22, Canada, Parry Sound, d/o Peter WELLER & not given, witn: Henry STIGMAN & Rosena WELLER, both of Parry Sound, 12 May 1903 at Parry Sound 014897-03 (Parry Sound) Luke WHALEN, 20, blank, England, Powassan, s/o William WHALEN & Mary LEWARD (Seward?), married Hannah M. ARMSTRONG, 19, Powassan, Powassan, d/o C. ARMSTRONG & Mary BENNETT, witn: Jas. ARMSTRONG & Maggie WHELAN both of Powassan, 26 May 1903, Powassan
014890-03 (Parry Sound) Thomas Hy? WILLOUGHBY, 21, blank, blank, Sandridge, s/o John WILLOUGHBY & Mary E. WHITE, married Clara Mary LOVE, 20, blank, Trout Creek, d/o Thomas LOVE & Lydia GILVRAY, witn: Louis LOVE of Trout Creek & Clara Belle WILLOUGHBY of Sandridge, 14 April 1903, Trout Creek 13103-03 Hamlet WOLFRANE, 18, laborer, Bobcaygeon, Bracebridge, s/o Lorenzo WOLFRANE & Carrie CARPENTER, married Florence NEWLOVE, 19, Draper twp, same, d/o George NEWLOVE & Sarah E. DANDY, witn: Ray MATHIAS & Emily NEWLOVE, both of Draper twp, 26 Aug 1903 at Draper twp
014941-03 Arthur WYNDHAM, 23, lumberman, Manchester Eng, Hamilton Ont, s/o Mary SHIRE & William WYNDHAM, married Ada Agnes YOKOM, 19, Gladstone Eng, Parry Sound. d/o Annie HAYES & Jesse YOKOM, witn: Jenna H. JAYSTON, & Ruby STRANGWAYS, both of Parry Sound, 12 Mar 1903 at Parry Sound 013175-03 Herman Jacob ZOHN, 27, mechanical engineer, Wisconsin, McLean s/o Colin and O. Lillia ZOHN married Ruby McLaggan McKENZIE, 27, Stratford, McLean d/o Hugh and Catharine McKENZIE, witn: Albert HARVEY and Helena HAZLEHURST both of Baysville, May 25, 1903, McLean