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Middlesex Co., 1888

birth place is given before residence


# 007696-88 - M. W.ALTHOUSE, 28, Mount Bridges, Ailsa Craig, teacher, s/o G.H. ALTHOUSE & Mary A. LEE married Elizabeth E. CLUNIS, 21, East Williams, Parkhill, d/o John CLUNIS & Elizabeth WELLS. Wit W.W. IRELAND of Delaware & Gertie ALTHOUSE of Strathroy on 25 July 1888 at Parkhill  
#007624-88 (Middlesex Co) James ARDIEL, 26, Nissouri Twp., London Twp., b, farmer, s/o James & Sarah, married Margaret SHOEBOTTOM, 26, London Twp., same, s, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: Thomas Wesley SHOEBOTTOM, Mary ARDIEL, both London Twp., married 21 November 1888, Lot 8, Conc. 9, London Twp 007613-88 Levi ATWELL, 26, farmer, Canada, West Nissouri, s/o John and Anna Maria, mar Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR, 21, Canada, London Twp, d/o William and Jane, witn John F. ATWELL of West Nissouri and Ada E.S. TAYLOR of London Twp, 13 Jun 1888 house of W. TAYLOR Lot 21 Conc 6 London Twp,
007548-88 John BAWDEN, 44, widower, Labourer, Devonshire Eng., Lucan, s/o Peter & Fanny BAWDEN, married Jennett DONALDSON, 36, York, McGillvray Twp., d/o John & Mary DONALDSON, wtns Miss THOMPSON & Mrs. S. SILLERY both of Lucan, November 24, 1888 at not given [reg’d in Lucan] # 007706-88 Willis John BEGG, 27, Westminister, West Williams, farmer, s/o James & Mary BEGG married Kate DARRACH, 22, McGillivray, Parkhill, d/o James & Catherine DARRACH. Wit Alex & Mary JOHNSON both of Parkhill on 30 October 1888 at Parkhill
007611-88 David John BLACKALL, 27, telegraph operator, Iberville Co. Quebec, Dunnville in Monck Co., s/o Walter and Isabella, mar Emma SANDERSON, 21, Brantford Twp in Brant Co., same, d/o Richard and Anna Elizabeth, witn Arthur Edward SANDERSON of Waterloo Twp in Waterloo Co. and James E. BLACKALL of Clinton Ont, 20 Jun 1888 London Twp. 007756-88 George H. BOYCE, 31, painter, Brighton, Campbellford, s/o Hiram M. and Lydia, mar Euphemia S. GRANT, 26, Granton, same, d/o James and Sarah, witn W.H. JENKINS of Lakefield and Bella G. JAMISON of Brucefield, 19 Sep 1888 Granton.
008028-1888 (Middlesex Co.) George Matthew BRANTON, 32, farmer, s/o William & Ann, married Nellie CUDNEY, 22, Brantford, London, d/o Rodney & Elizabeth, witn: William JOHNSON of Delaware & May PATTERSON of Lambeth, 6 Dec 1888 at 848 Queens Ave. London 007899-89 Thomas BURGE, 25, farmer, Dereham, same, s/o William and Ann, mar Lucy LUCAS, 20, Malahide, North Dorchester, d/o Silas and Emeline, witn Edward BURGE of Dereham and Egustus LUCAS of North Dorchester, 18 Dec 1888 North Dorchester
#007630-88 (Middlesex Co) Peter CAMERON, 28, Canada, Toronto, b, carpenter, s/o Hector & Catherine, married Cecily SCOTT, 20, Canada, London Twp., s, d/o George & Nancy, witn: Andrew SCOTT, Adam TELFER, both London Twp., married 25 October 1888, London Twp 007880-89 Joseph CARTER, 23, farmer, Lanark Co. Brooke Twp, s/o Alexander and Sarah, mar Clara E.B. EASTABROOK, 20, Metcalfe Twp, same, d/o William and Rebecca, witn Henry EASTABROOK of Metcalfe and Bina WALKER of Sandusky Michigan, 26 Dec 1888 at the residence of the bride's father in Metcalfe
#007628-88 (Middlesex Co) George CHARLTON, 36, Canada, Lobo twp., b, farmer, s/o William & Isabella, married Cecilia Jane SCOTT, 23, Canada, London Twp., s, d/o Andrew B & Violet, witn: R.A. HEDLEY of London, J.S. DOUGLAS of Strathroy, married 26 December 1888, London Twp #007629-88 (Middlesex Co) Henry P. CONKEY, 28, Canada, Adelaide twp., b, farmer, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Agnes DOUGLAS, 23, Canada, London twp., s, d/o George & Janet, witn; Charles C. THOMAS of Arkona, Robert S. DOUGLAS of London twp., married 9 October 1888, London Twp
# 007697- 88 John Hartford CUNNINGTON, 32, Chinguacousy, Parkhill, vet surgeon, s/o Alexander & Mary Ann CUNNINGTON, married Emma Bradden SKINNER, 32, Dorchester, Parkhill, d/o William & Charlotte SKINNER. Wit Harry BISHOP & Amy COLES both of Parkhill on 31 July 1888 at Parkhill. 007753-88 Richard CURTAIN, 27, farmer, McGillivray Twp, Biddulph Twp, s/o Richard CURTAIN and Catherine COONEY, mar Mary McGEE, 24, Biddulph Twp, same, d/o Patrick McGEE and Hannah CAREY, witn Dennis TOOHEY and Elizabeth CURTAIN both of Biddulph Twp, 09 Feb 1888 Biddulph Twp
007607-88 Edward DANN, 39, merchant, London Twp, Bryanston in London Twp, s/o Lewis and Mary, mar Catherine McLAREN, 30, London Twp, same, d/o Robert and Mary, witn Eliza McLAREN and Sarah. J. DANN both of London Twp, 02 May 1888 London Twp.  
007619-88 David Lawson DICK, 25, bookkeeper, Dundee Scotland, St. Louis Missouri USA, s/o William and Magdalene, mar Alice Mary JOHNS, 25, Thamesford, London Twp, d/o John and Lillias, witn Wilbert PALMER of Sarnia and Fanny H. PADDELLE of Stratford, 05 Sep 1888 St. Johns Church, St. Johns,  London Twp. 7820-89 James DINSDALE, 23, farmer, Stanley Ont., McGillivray, s/o William DINSDALE & Matilda, married Sarah McKEOWN, 21, NY state, McGillivray, d/o Thomas McKEOWN & Mary, witn: Ellen RUSSELL of Parkhill & Lucy JENEY? of Kerwood, 30 Nov 1888 at Parkhill
007757-88 William Benjamin DOBBS, 21, farmer, Biddulph Twp, same, s/o Joseph and Ann, mar Mary Ellen ISAAC, 24, Biddulph Twp, same, d/o James and Sarah, witn Andrew ISAAC and Jennie DAVIS both of Biddulph, 26 Sep 1888 Biddulph. #007621-88 (Middlesex Co) Bartholomew DRAKE, 57, England, Twp London, widower, farmer, s/o Bartholomew & Joanna, married Jane BLAKE, 25, Canada, Twp London, widow, d/o Aleck & Rachael (no surname given), witn: Ada ALLIN of London, married (no date), Methodist Parsonage, London
# 007711-88 Thomas Albert FAULDS, 26, Ontario, Caradoc, farmer, s/o Thomas & Sarah FAULDS married Harriet JAMES, 29, Ontario, Delaware, d/o William & Sarah JAMES. Wit Edward A. FAULDS & Annie LITTLYSTONE, both of Caradoc on 28 March 1888 at Delaware 07916-88 (Middlesex Co) Lifelet G. FINCH, 21, farmer, Dorchester, Village of Byron, s/o William C. & Catherine, married Alice Emma BUNDY, 19, England, Tp. London, d/o Philip & Caroline, witn: June SCOTT & Jennie HUXLEY of London, 6 Jun 1888 at 464 Park Avenue, London
007918-89 James FISHER, 30, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o Daniel and Mary, mar Elizabeth JONES, 21, West Nissouri, same, d/o Richard and Elizabeth, witn Maria FISHER and William JONES of West Nissouri, 21 Nov 1888 Presbyterian Manse West Nissouri 007612-88 Frederick FITZGERALD, 40?, farmer, Canada, London Twp, s/o George and Margaret, mar Mary Isabella NEWMAN, 18, Canada, London Twp, d/o Elias and Priscilla, witn George MITCHELL and Alfred NEWMAN both of London Twp, 05 Jun 1888 London Twp.
007614-88 John William FOGG, 24, engineer, Buckinghamshire England, Chicago Illinois USA, s/o William and Annie, mar Annie LEWIS, 23, London Twp, same, d/o Thomas and no mother listed, witn George McGILLIVRAY of London and Ida ROUTLEDGE of London Twp, 27 Jun 1888 London Twp 007617-88 Charles Jesse FORWARD, 27, clerk, London England, St. Louis Missouri USA, s/o Charles and Elizabeth, mar Martha Mary PULFORD, 27, Dorchester, London Twp, d/o William and Sarah, witn J.M. DALY of London West and Lizzie WRIGHTON of London, 13 Sep 1888 London Twp.
7481-89 (Middlesex Co) Hector A FRASER, 28, farmer, London, Arva, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Jennie MOLLAND, 20, London, Claudeboye, d/o John & Sarah, witn: W.O.S. MURRAY & Minnie GUNN of London, 24 Dec 1888 at 356 Queens Avenue #007631-88 (Middlesex Co) Job GODDARD, 33, England, London Twp., farmer, s/o John & Mary, married Hannah BUSH, 28, Canada, London Twp., d/o Henry & Emily Ann, witn: George SCOTT of London, Joseph BUSH of London Twp., married 10 October 1888, London Twp
007542-88 (Middlesex) Richard GOUGH, 34, Hotel Keeper, Ekfrid Twp., Strathroy, s/o James & Olinda, married Catherine FREELE, 21, Adelaide, Strathroy, d/o Hugh & Margaret Jane FREELE, witn: James S. FREELE of Adelaide & Alice HAM of Strathroy, September 19, 1888 at Adelaide #007632-88 (Middlesex Co) Alfred E. GRANGER, 20, Windom ? Twp., London City, b, laborer, s/o Charles & Rachel, married Eliza CANNON, 28, New Market, London Twp., s, d/o John & Ann, witn: Jeremiah CANNON, Harriet CANNON, both London Twp., married 25 December 1888, London twp.
007549-88 Jonathan HARDY, 23, Farmer, McGillvray Twp., McGillvray Twp., s/o Andrew & Eliza HARDY, married Sarah Jane HARLETON, 21, McGillvray Twp., McGillvray Twp., d/o William. & Eliza HARLETON, wtns William F. HARDY & Selina F. HARLETON both of McGillvray, October 10, 1888 at Lucan. 007921-89 William HENDERSON, 31, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o John and Janet, mar Sarah McMILLAN, 22, East Nissouri, same, d/o Archibald and Margaret, witn Maggie DUNN and E. DUNN of West Nissouri, 06 Dec 1888 West Nissouri
#007625-88 (Middlesex Co) William Charles HODGINS, 34, London Twp., same, b, farmer, s/o John & Ann, married Mahala O'NEIL, 26, London Twp., same, s, d/o Henry & Betsey, witn: Elijah HODGINS of Stratford, John TENNANT of London Twp., married 18 December 1888, 15th Concession, London Twp 007550-88 Adam Eli HODGINS, 25, Farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph, s/o Adam & Jane HODGINS, married Eliza Matilda HODGINS, 23, Biddulph, Biddulph, d/o James & Hannah HODGINS, wtns James W. & Rachel Emilie HODGINS both of Biddulph, November 14, 1888., at Lucan
  007616-88 Hugh HORNER, 25, laborer, Renfrewshire Scotland, London Twp, s/o Matthew and Maggie, mar Louisa FOREMAN, 25, England, London Ont, d/o Francis and Mary Ann, witn James HENDERSON, 18 Sep 1888 Hyde Park.
007618-88 Thomas JACKSON, 32, farmer, London Twp, same, s/o John and Susan Jane, mar Josephine Vanstone JOHNS, 23, Thamesford, London Twp, d/o John and Lillias, witn Albert RALPH of London Twp and Annie B. McDOUGALL of Toronto, 05 Sep 1888 St. Johns Church London Twp # 007695-88 Edward JOHNSON, 23, Wellesly twp., Hespler, woolen manufacturer, s/o Isacc & Bertha JOHNSON married Sarah Ann MCDONALD, 25, East Williams, Parkhill, d/o Donald & Catherine McDONALD. Wit Henry MARKS & Maggie McDONALD both of Parkhill on 07 March 1888 at Parkhill
#007626-88 (Middlesex Co) Daniel KIMBALL, 42, London Twp., Bryanston, widower, farmer, s/o Nelson & Mary, married Agnes STAINTON, 28, East Nissouri, Bryanston, s, d/o Thomas & Sophia, witn: George KIMBALL of Bryanston, Sarah STAINTON of Thorndale, married 26 December 1888, Bryanston 007615-88 Duncan LAMONT, 23, farmer, Lobo, Caradoc, s/o John and Catherine, mar Nettie LAMONT, 25, Lobo, Komoka, d/o Neil and Mary LAMONT, witn M. HENDERSON of Hyde Park, 27 Sep 1888 Hyde Park
#007713-88 Whitfield LANCASTER, 28 or 22, Ontario, Delaware, photographer, s/o Joseph & Margaret LANCASTER married Maggie ROWELLS, 28, Wisconsin, same, d/o Luke & Maggie ROWELLS. Wit Seward LANCASTER & Mary ASKIMAN both of Delaware on 29 September 1888 at Delaware 007604-88 Samuel LANGFORD, 45, widower, farmer, Ireland, London Twp, s/o George and Elizabeth, mar Sarah MORGAN, 47, London Twp, same, d/o Thomas and Rachel, witn David MORGAN of London Twp and Bill IRVINE of London, 18 Jan 1888 Denfield.
007620-88 Byron W. LOOVERIN (Loverin?), 26, farmer, Canada, Elizabethtown in Leeds Co., s/o Bethuel and Lucretia, mar Mary Jane WESTLAKE, 23, Canada, London Twp, d/o George Edward and Julia Ann, witn Abraham DAWSON of Brigden and Julia A. WESTLAKE of St. Johns, 25 Sep 1888 residence of George WESTLAKE in London Twp.  

7502-89 (Middlesex) George Alfred LOWE, 21, teacher, England, Toronto, s/o George & Ellen, married Maggie Evelyn WHITE, 19, Brooklin N.Y., London, d/o Mark & Elizabeth, witn: H.A. RICHARDSON & W.G. RICHARDSON of London, 26 Dec 1888 at Memorial Church Rectory

#007705-88 Francis John LYNCH, not given, Biddulph, Sunderland, Church of England Minister, s/o Joseph & Mary LYNCH married Alice. J. ZAPFE, not given, not given, Parkhill, d/o August & Selina ZAPFE. Wit B. A. THOMPSON & Mary J. LYNCH both of London on 09 October 1888 at Parkhill
007752-88 Michael MADIGAN, 38, farmer, Biddulph Twp, same, s/o Timothy and Julia, mar Catherine CARROLL, 32, Stephen Twp, Biddulph Twp, d/o Rodger and Catherine, witn Dennis HEEMAN and Mary MADIGAN both of Biddulph Twp, 24 Jan 1888 Biddulph Twp 7816-89 George William MATHERS, 25, farmer, McGillivray, Parkhill, s/o George MATHERS & Elizabeth, married Bertha PERRY, 16, Loborough Ont., Parkhill, d/o John PERRY & Lucy Ann, witn: Mary & William PERRY of Parkhill, 5 Sept 1888 at Parkhill
# 007702-88 Malchoir McCANN, 23, not given, Corbitt, carpenter & framer, s/o Wilson & Rebecca McCANN married Janet HOUSTON, 22, not given, Parkhill, d/o John HOUSTON & blank. Wit Mrs. M. G. FREEMAN of Parkhill on 17 December 1888 at Parkhill 007608-88 Robert McEWEN, 32, farmer, Westminster Twp, same, s/o David and Martha, mar Annie T. BRETTELL, 23, Delaware Twp, Lobo Twp, d/o Thomas H. and Isabella, witn Richard H. CRUMP and Thomas E. ROBSON both of London Twp, 20 Jun 1888 St. Georges Church London Twp.
007754-88 Patrick McGEE, 30, blank, Biddulph Twp, same, s/o William McGEE and Margaret KELLEY, mar Mary Ann KEHOE, 33, Usborne Twp, same, d/o Philip KEHOE and Bridget CLAIR, witn James and Maria McGEE both of Biddulph Twp, 08 Feb 1888 Biddulph Twp. # 007693-88 James L. McTAGGERT, 27, Michigan U.S.A., Tuckersmith twp., teacher, s/o Horatio & Christina McTAGGERT married Emma RUBY, 27, Hay, Exeter, d/o David & Elizabeth RUBY,.Wit Southam HALL & John A. HARDY both of Parkhill on January 23 1888 at Parkhill
  007602-88 John W. MURPHY, 27, carriage maker, Gardner Massachusetts USA, same, s/o Michael and Margaret, mar Margaret Delia Teresa Alberta STEPHENS, 18, Birr, Bryanston, d/o John and Annet, witn John C. HUTCHINSON of London Twp and A.M. BUTT of Arva, 02 Jan 1888 Arva.
#007622-88 (Middlesex Co) William Lionel NESBITT, 24, Wellesley Waterloo Co, Stratford, b, farmer, s/o Joseph & Clarissa, married Honora VARLEY, 17, London England, London Twp, s, d/o John & Maggie, witn: Benjamin SCANDRETT, Margaret SCANDRETT, both London Twp, married 26 October 1888, Hyde Park 7762-89 William NIBLOCK, 31, farmer, West Williams, same, s/o John NIBLOCK & Mary PILKIE, married Ellen JAMES, 31, West Williams, same, d/o Henry JAMES & Margaret MAXWELL, witn: Edwin JAMES & Sarah NIBLOCK, both of West Williams, 24 Oct 1888 at res of Mrs. James
# 007715-88 Robert NORTHCOTT, 22, Ontario, Caradoc, farmer, s/o Augustus & Caroline NORTHCOTT married Minnie BLACK, 21, Ontario, Caradoc, d/o George & Mary BLACK. Wit S. MERRILL & M. BRANTON both of Delaware on 22 November 1888 at Delaware #007627-88 (Middlesex Co) Michael O'CONNALL, 22, Ireland, London, soldier, s/o Patrick & Julia, married Bessie STINSON, 22, London Ont, same, d/o William & Bessie, witn: Minnie HENDERSON of Hyde Park, married 3 December 1888, Hyde Park
7713-89 (Middlesex Co) James F PAISLEY, 28, farmer, London Township, same, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Lillie A CHARLTON, 21, London Township, same, d/o Joseph & Ann; witn: Newton STONEHOUSE of St. Thomas Ont & Annie STONEHOUSE of Strathroy, 29 Nov 1888 at London Tp 007606-88 John PEARSE, 24, machinist, Delaware Twp, London, s/o George and Margaret, mar Hettie Jane HULL, 23, Westminster Twp, London, d/o Chapman and Catherine, witn James HULL of London and Jennie PEARSE of Delaware, 22 Feb 1888 Arva
# 007698-88 James POWELL, 29, East Williams, Ailsa Craig, mason, widower, s/o John & Janet POWELL married Annie McLELLAN, 21, Brantford, Ailsa Craig, d/o Hector & Christina McLELLAN. Wit Harry BISHOP & William TEALES both of Parkhill on 01 August 1888 at Parkhill 007544-88 (Middlesex) Henry PRICE, 27, Farmer, Mt. Brydges, Cass City Michigan USA, s/o Thomas & Rebecca PRICE married Mary Jane SCOON, 24, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o William & Ann SCOON, witn: Willie SCOON of Adelaide & R. G. ARCHER of Strathroy, December 26, 1888 at Strathroy
  007610-88 George PRYNE, 20, miller, England, London Twp, s/o Richard and Fanny, mar Jane Elizabeth GWATCHMAI, 18, Wales, London Twp, d/o Humphrey and Mary, witn Charles DAVIS of London and Annie M. GWATCHMAI of London Twp, 24 May 1888 London Twp.
007609-88 James Pollard RICE, 33, widower, merchant, Prince Edward Island, London, s/o James J. and Ellen P., mar Catherine L. CREWS, 25, widow, London Twp, same, d/o Charles W. (no surname given) and Margaret, witn Emma and John F. SIFTON of London Twp, 16 May 1888 London Twp. 008026-1888 (Middlesex Co.) Albert RICKERT?, 25, merchant, Paris, London, s/o Thomas & Phoebe, married Anne LEACH, 26, Stratford, London, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: George B. LEACH of Michigan & John McLAREN of Villa Nova, 5 Dec 1888 at 336 Ridout St. London
007541-88 (Middlesex) William ROBINSON, 24, Merchant, Aldborough Twp., Glencoe, s/o Samuel & Ann ROBINSON, married Florence Ethel FORTNER, 18, London, Adelaide, d/o James & Elizabeth FORTNER, witn: Hannah HARDY of Strathroy and James F. FORTNER of Adelaide, October 10, 1888 at Adelaide # 007704-88 Benjamin ROBINSON, 28, McGillivray, same, farmer, s/o John & Margaret ROBINSON married Elizabeth POTTER, 25, McGillivray, same, d/o Billy & Elizabeth POTTER. Wit Mrs. J. S. LOCHEAD & Selena LOCHEAD on 29 November 1888 at Parkhill
# 007701-88 Sam RUFF (Rupp?), 44, not given, Parkhill, horse trainer, s/o George & Elizabeth RUFF married Ellen BODFIELD, 37, not given, St. Marys, widow, d/o Christ-John & Maria [no surname given], Wit J. A. MAYBURY of Parkhill on 10 October 1888 at Parkhill

7583-89 Frank RUPSEY, 28, mechanic, London, same, s/o James & Martha, married Jennie WILLIAMS, 25, Hamilton, London, d/o John & Jane, witn: James WILFORD of 365 English St & Lizzie WILLIAMS of 269 Colborne St., 28 Nov 1888 at 269 Colborne St., London

007543-88 (Middlesex) Samuel SANDERSON, 41?, Carriage Maker, Grenville Co. Ontario, Wyoming, s/o William & Mary SANDERSON, married Elizabeth Ann EARLY, 33, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o George & Jane EARLY, witn: Lizzie TEMPLE & Joseph HUNTER both of Petrolia, December 12, 1888 at Adelaide  
008027-1888 (Middlesex Co.) Edward Hewitt SHANY?, 27, baker, England, London, s/o William & Sarah, married Eliza SUMMERS, 30, England, London, d/o George Henry & Mary Ann, witn: George Henry & Nellie Elle SUMMERS, both of London, 18 Nov 1888 at 854 Princess Ave. London. # 007694-88 Robt. A. SIMPSON, 22, McGillvray, Winnipeg, brakeman.s/o George & Mary Ann SIMPSON, married Helena L. ELLIOTT, 24, West Williams, same, d/o Andrew & Mary ELLIOTT. Wit Joseph SIMPSON of Parkhill & Annie ELLIOTT of West Williams on 01 February 1888 at West Williams
7584-89 James SLOMAN, 20, laborer, Clinton, same, s/o William & Alice, married Elizabeth DAY, 20, London, same, d/o Edwin & Mary, witn: Bessie & Rina SMITH of 484 Dundas St., 4 Dec 1888 at 484 Dundas St., London (Salv Army)

007919-89 Alexander SMIBERT, 61, widower, farmer, West Nissouri, London Twp, s/o James and Agnes, mar Mary Ann POWELL, 30, Ireland, West Nissouri, d/o Henry and Frances, witn Stella and Ambrose POWELL of St. Ives, 03 Oct 1888 West Nissouri

# 007712-88 Chauncey SMITH, 28, Ontario, Brantford, gentleman, s/o Joseph & Margaret SMITH married Grace Robena ORMISTON, 22, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Thomas & Catherine ORMISTON. Wit Chas. SMITH of London & Maggie ORMISTON of Delaware on 02 August 1888 at Delaware. # 007703-88 Thomas SNELL, 48, not given, Exeter, farmer, widower, s/o William & Mary SNELL married Janet SAUNDERS, 48, not given, Exeter, widow, d/o Samuel & Janet (no last name given). Wit Mrs. Fred HAMOND of Parkhill on 31 December 1888 at Parkhill
# 007707-88 Fred STUBBS, 26, England, Bosanquet, laborer, s/o Nathan & Ann STUBBS married Roselina SILVER, 23, Bosanquet, same, parents not given,.Wit John W. STUBBS of Bosanquet & Josephine STONEHOUSE of Parkhill on 28 November 1888 at Parkhill

007605-88 George SWEEDLAND, 26, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Frederick and Eliza, mar Eliza GOFF, 34, Port Stanley, same, d/o William and Eliza, witn Mary and John H. ELLMAND of Yarmouth, 16 Feb 1888 Arva.

7710-89 (Middlesex Co) Archibald TAYLOR, 32, tailor, widower, Canada, Town of Wingham, s/o John & Ann, married Hannah E MEZGER, 27, Canada, Village of St. Johns London Tp, d/o John & Mary Ann; witn: John MEZGER of London Tp & Margaret MEZGER of London Tp, 28 Nov 1888 at Residence of John Mezger, St.. Johns, London Tp, 7482-89 (Middlesex Co) William G. THOMSON, 32, farmer, London, London, s/o Douglas & Jennie, married Annie KELLEY, 20, Scotland, London, d/o Richard & June, witn: Thomas MACDOUGALL & Edith MACADAMS of London, 25 Dec 1888 at 356 Queens Avenue, London
007546-88 (Middlesex) Benjamin THORPE, 21, Farmer, Adelaide, Adelaide, s/o Ransom & Mary THORPE, married Martha R. SMITH, 22, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o Absolom & Agnes SMITH, witn: B.C. ARRAND & Miles CURRIE both of Adelaide, December 24, 1888 at Adelaide 007545-88 (Middlesex) Stephen Smith WAITE, 27, Baker, Ekfrid Twp., Strathroy, s/o David & Sarah WAITE, married Anne E. BURROWS, 20, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o Henry & Mary BURROWS, witn: Norman BURROWS of Glencoe & Lottie ARRAND of Adelaide, December 26, at Adelaide
#007623-88 (Middlesex Co) George L. WALKER, 27, London Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o George & Sarah Ann, married Christina RAMSAY, 24, London Twp, same, s, d/o William & Margaret Elizabeth, witn: James Irvin WALKER of Toronto, Jessie RAMSAY of London Twp, married 17 October 1888, London Twp. #007714-88 Francis WATERS, 24, Ontario, Caradoc, farmer, s/o John & Emalene WATERS married Elizabeth HEATH, 21, Ontario, Caradoc, d/o Thomas & Harriet HEATH. WiT S. MERRILL & M. BRANTON both of Delaware on 22 December 1888 at Delaware
#007699-88 George M. WEDD, 27, Toronto, Berlin, bank clerk, s/o William & Clemitine WEDD, married Mabel GOODMAN, 23, New Hamburg, Parkhill, 23, d/o Kenneth & Georgina GOODMAN. Wit Edward WEDD of Toronto & Addie C. GIBBS of Parkhill on 03 October 1888 at Parkhill # 007716-88 Edgar WELD, 25, England, London, gentleman, s/o George & Mary WELD married Margaret Ann HAMMOND, 23, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Randall & Mary HAMMOND . Wit Horace MANN & Fanny HAMMOND both of Delaware on 22 August 1888 at Delaware
007547-88 (Middlesex) Christopher WEEKS, 30, Farmer, England, Strathroy, s/o John & Mary WEEKS, married Sarah B. WELCH, 25, Ayrshire Scotland, Adelaide, d/o Thomas & Jannet WELCH, witn: John SCOTT & Mary B. WELCH both of Strathroy, December 25, 1888 at Adelaide  
007758-88 William WHALEN, 30, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o William and Catherine, mar Sarah CASEY, 30, Biddulph, same, d/o William CASEY and Rachel RYDER, witn Thomas and Catherine CASEY of Biddulph, 18 Sep 1888 Biddulph Twp. # 007700-88 Eston WILLIAMS, 22, not given, Toronto, govt. clerk, s/o George & Annie WILLIAMS married Edith GOODMAN, 21, New Hamburg, Parkhill, d/o Kenneth & Georgina GOODMAN .Wit A. H. GOODMAN of Cayuga & Sadie GRIFFITH of Parkhill on 03 October 1888 at Parkhill
007920-89 Thomas WOOD, 26, merchant, London Twp, Brantford, s/o Alexander and Annie, mar Jessie PATERSON, 21, West Nissouri, same, d/o Robert and Esther, witn Jennie PATERSON and George WOOD of West Nissouri, 14 Nov 1888 West Nissouri

007755-88 William Rufus WOOD, 33, farmer, London Twp, same, s/o Benjamin and Catherine, mar Aggie CAMERON, 23, Granton Village, same, d/o Hugh and Mary, witn John HUDSON and Emma K. WOOD both of London Twp, 13 Sep 1888 Village of Granton.

7516-89 (Middlesex) Charles Cheesbrough WOODS, 36, merchant, New York, London, s/o Gilbert Allen WOODS & Martha WILLIAMS WOODS, married Agnes May SCOTT, 23, Kingston, London, d/o John & Mary June, witn: William BOWIE & Ella HUNTER of London, 19 Jun 1888 at St. Andrews Church, London 007864-89 (Middlesex), Eliphalet ZAVITZ, 21, farmer, East Williams, Lobo, s/o Samuel and Hannah, mar Lizzie CHAPMAN, 20, Scarboro, East Williams, d/o John and Margaret, witn William DARK of Scarboro Junction and Kate CHLEW of Lobo, 26 Dec 1888 Lobo