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16003-21 Edwin Lewis ABBOTT, 34, widower, farmer, North Dorchester, Treharne? Manitoba, s/o Philip ABBOTT (b. England ) & Sarah Ann LAIRD, married Margaret Elizabeth TAYLOR, 32, Malahide twp., Belmont, d/o Angus TAYLOR (b. Ont) & Catherine HANEY, witn: Malinda & Laura B. KELLAM of Belmont, 16 Feb 1921 at Belmont  
16002-21 Clifford Dorn ADAMS, 20, farmer, Caradoc twp., Mount Brydges, s/o Ebenezer ADAMS & Arvilla THOMAS, married Violet Mildred SHORTHOUSE, 19, England, Mount Brydges, d/o Walter SHORTHOUSE & Minnie CUSS, witn: Mrs. Alfred WILTON & Mrs. G. CHIDLEY, both of Mt. Brydges, 18 Jan 1921 at Mt. Brydges 16000-21 Charles AMOR, 56, farmer, West Williams, same, s/o James AMOR (b. England) & Susan ROBINSON, married Myrtle Bessie McDONALD, 45, Norfolk Co., Paris, d/o Robert McDONALD (b. Canada) & Elvira BANFREE (BAUPRIE?), witn: Edgar & Mrs. E. LUCAS of Wyoming, 4 Jan 1921 at Parkhill
16004-21 Kenneth ARNOLD, 26, Caradoc twp., same, s/o Albert ARNOLD (b. Caradoc) & Rose NORTON, married Mabel VEALE, 25, Caradoc twp., same, d/o Jacob R. VEALE (b. Caradoc ) & Effie BLACK, witn: Ralph ARNOLD & Howard VEALE, both of Mt. Brydges, 4 May 1921 at Mount Brydges 16001-21 Edward AYERS, 23, farmer, England, Mosa, foster s/o John DOBIE & Mary McRAE, married Mary Ellen JENKINS, 20, England, Ekfrid, foster d/o Daniel ALLEN & Leta HARRIGAN, witn: John M. & Ada BECKTON of Glencoe, 31 Dec 1921 at Glencoe, Mosa twp
8743-11, (Middlesex Co), Frank Edward BLACHFORD, 31, Musician, Toronto, London, s/o, Charles E BLACHFORD & Hattie J BAKER, married, Mary Brinsmead ASHPLANT, 23, London, London, d/o, Hubert ASHPLANT & Anna J DARAH, June 11, 1911, London 13287-12 George Wilson BLANCHARD, 28, engineer, of St. Thomas, s/o George BLANCHARD & Candice LEITCH, married Edith May SCARLETT, 24, of London, d/o Clark Edward SCARLETT & Amy BLACHFORD, 4 Sept 1912 at London
19661-20 Francis Joseph BOK, 24, railroader, Teeswater, London, s/o Albert BOK & Dennese GODFREY, married Lillian Irene GRAHAM, 24, clerk, London, same, d/o Francis GRAHAM & Catherine NOLAN, witn: Frank & Alice GRAHAM of London, 17 June 1920 at London 19609-20 Harold Craig BOYD, 25, dispatcher, London, same, s/o P--rd? Beyner BOYD (b. Jarvis Ont) & Della Lazelle STERLING, married Una Loretta HOLCOMBE, 26, Mitchell, London, d/o Emanuel HOLCOMBE (b. Arthur Ont) & Annie Amelia LIDDELL, witn: Ethel G. DALE of 297 Hyman St. London & A. W. STERLING of 36 Maitland St. Toronto, 21 Sept 1920 at London
  13310-12 James Alexander BROWN, 28, Chesley, London, s/o William BROWN & Isabel ROBERTSON, married Amy Isabel SCARLETT, 22, Woodstock, London, d/o Clark Edward SCARLETT & Amy BLACHFORD, 9 Nov 1912 at London
19660-20 Richard John Clifford BUCHANAN, 23, machinist, Greenway Ont., 24 Bagg St. in Detroit, s/o William James BUCHANAN & Martha ENGLAND, married Alice Myrtle CROWDER, 23, book keeper, Port Stanley, 28 Elmwood ave in London, d/o Robert Headley CROWDER & Julia BOLTON, witn: William H CROWDER of London & V. K. ANNETT of Bothwell, 12 May 1920 at London 19608-20 Edward Victor BUCHANAN, 33, widower, manager, Hamilton Scotland, London, s/o Gavin Miller BUCHANAN (b. Scotland) & Mary KELLY, married Faith Chisholm TURNBULL, 27, St. Thomas, London, d/o William TURNBULL (b. Canada) & Eleanor ROBERTSON, witn: Mrs. Grace ROBERTSON of London & A. M. BUCHANAN of London, 9 Sept 1920 at London
8727-11, (Middlesex Co), Hugh M BUCHANAN, 26, Machinist, , London, s/o Duncan F BUCHANAN & Annie McCONNACHIE, married, Ethel M LEGG, 22, , London, d/o Thomas LEGG & Martha ASHMAN, witn:, F BUCHANAN, March 25, 1911, London 013900-16 (Middlesex Co) Edwin Albert COVENTRY, 25, farmer, Malahide Twp, Westminster Twp, s/o Joseph COVENTRY & Sarah STEPHENSON married Nellie Maude EYRE, 24, North Dorchester, London d/o Henry EYRE & Mary HICKS, Wtn: Harry EYRE & Ruby M. Cant both of London, Dec. 21, 1916 at London
13914-16 Joseph Thomas CLANCEY, 20, printer, Birmingham England, London, s/o J.T. CLANCEY & Clara COOK, married Nora Irene Pearl WADSWORTH, 19, London, same, d/o Thomas WADSWORTH & Clara CUMMINGS, witn: Ola & Earle CHAPMAN of 143 Madison Ave in London, 11 Nov 1916 at London 13913-16 James COLWELL, 30, Brooklin Ont., London, s/o John & Salina nee BARRETT, married Margaret McCUTCHEON, 27, Listowel, res not given, d/o William & Hannah nee McLENNAN, witn: Oliver & Mrs. WILLISON of 180 Hora Ave in Toronto, 8 Nov 1916 at St. James Church, London
012774-1918 (Middlesex Co.) Robert Manson CUDNEY, 28, farmer, Delaware Twp., Lobo Twp. s/o William CUDNEY & Rebecca PINCOMBE, married Ethel COOKE, 21, England, London, d/o William COOKE & Helen CHAPMAN, witn: M. B. & Elizabeth ARMITAGE, both of London, 7 May 1918 at London.  
013910-1916 (Middlesex Co.) Calvin Earl CUDNEY, 21, farmer, Delaware, same, s/o George CUDNEY & Isabel DOWLING, married Julia FISHER, 20, Caradoc Twp., same, d/o William FISHER & Margaret HOGARTY, witn: Mary E. BINNER of 470 York St. & Bertha JOHNSTON of 512 Wellington St. London, 6 Oct 1916 at London. 013342-1912 (Middlesex Co.) Russell Franklin CUDNEY, 26, not given, Delaware, same, s/o William CUDNEY & Rebecca PINCOMBE, married Susie COLVIN, 20, Delaware, same, d/o Andrew COLVIN & Annie ENVISON, witn: Walter NICHOLS of Lambeth & Hazel CUDNEY of Delaware, 2 Aug 1912 at Delaware
19769-20 Frederick Thomas EDWARDS, 24, clerk, Bristol England, Windsor, s/o George F. EDWARDS & Blanche BRADFORD, married Violet Rose ALFORD, 20, England, London, d/o James ALFORD & Ada PULLEN, witn: Dorothy & H. G. EDWARDS of London, 3 April 1920 at London 19771-20 Earl Jacob EICHENBERGER, 23, Delaware twp., same, s/o Jacob EICHENBERGER (b. Ont) & Sophia KARL, married Ethel Annie EVISON, 21, Caradoc twp., London, d/o William EVISON (b. Michigan) & Fannie FINCH, witn: Dorothea G. EVISON of 3 Seale Terrace - York St. London & Clifford EICHENBERGER of Delaware, 29 May 1920 at London
19770-20 George William ELLIOTT, 25, blacksmith, England, London twp., s/o Joseph ELLIOTT & L. GRIFFITHS, married Annie Elizabeth SELBY, 19, England, London twp., d/o James SELBY Y& Amelia SHEPPARD, witn: James & Amelia SELBY of London twp., 24 April 1920 at London 12824-18 George Forbes ELLIOTT, 26, civil service, Ingersoll, Toronto, s/o George Edward ELLIOTT & Isabella FORBES, married Eva Katherine OWEN, 26, Fern Hill Ont., Delaware, d/o David OWEN & Jane ZAVITZ, witn: Norma J. OWEN of Delaware & B. JENNINGS Jr. of 26 Victoria St. in London, 27 Sept 1916 at Delaware
19757-20 Thomas Charles ELLIOTT, 19, machinist, London, same, s/o Charles ELLIOTT (b. London) & Sarah Anna O'BRIEN, married Etta May KEMP, 24, London twp., London, d/o David William KEMP (B. Wingham) & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: Sarah A. & Ida? ELLIOTT of London, 11 Dec 1920 at London 19770-20 George William ELLIOTT, 25, blacksmith, England, London twp., s/o Joseph ELLIOTT & L. GRIFFITHS, married Annie Elizabeth SELBY, 19, England, London twp., d/o James SELBY & Amelia SHEPPARD, witn: James & Amelia SELBY of London, 24 April 1920 at London
  12968-12 George Cecil FAIRCHILD, 29, of 67 Craig St. in London, s/o George FAIRCHILD, farmer, & Frances PALMER, married Flossie EVERETT, 24, of 280 Ward Rd in London, d/o Alfred EVERETT, farmer, & Minnie PALMER, witn: Horace EVERETT & George HARDY, 5 June 1912 at London
14074-16 (Middlesex Co) John William FINCH, 23, soldier, Byron Ont, Westminster Tp Ont, s/o Liflet G. FINCH & Alice BUNDY, married Kathleen Marguerite DOWSE, 24, London Eng, London Ont, d/o James DOWSE & Annie Louise GREGORY, witn: Mr. John C. & Ada H. BRYANT both of 7 Guelph St. London, 25 Apr 1916 at London 14075-16 Sydney FROUD, 27, shoe maker, Maidstone - Kent England, London, s/o Frank King FROUD & Eliza Jane SMITH, married Annie BAKER, 25, Maidstone - Kent England, London, d/o Richard BAKER & Annie STEPHENSON, witn: George & Alice BAKER of Clarence St. in London, 17 June 1916 at St. Davids Church, London
14073-16 Alexander Brownlee FULTON, 20, soldier, Lanark Scotland, 242 Hyman St. in London, s/o Alexander FULTON & Elizabeth CRAIG, married Florence Lillian BLACKBURN, 20, Leeds England, 242 Hyman St., d/o Henry BLACKBURN & Annie SYKES, witn: Mrs. James ROGERS of Dorchester Station & Jean L. ISAAC of 920 Dundas St. in London, 6 May 1916 at St. Matthews Rectory, London 12967-12 Alexander FULTON, 48, widower, farmer, of Brownsville - Dereham twp., s/o John FULTON, deceased, & Margaret SMITH, married Sarah FOSTER, 38, nurse, of Aylmer Ont., d/o George FOSTER, farmer, & Harriet SHELTON, witn: Mrs. A. H. BARRETT of 5758 May St. in Chicago & Tesie WHITING of 512 Wellington St. in London, 19 June 1912 at London
14091-16 John Thomas GALVIN, 48, bandmaster of 135th Bat., Bristol England, Parkhill, s/o Thomas GALVIN & Mary DEVLIN, married Wilemmah Jane RITCHIE, 48, spinster, Parkhill, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Major CARLTON of 135th Bat London, & Mrs. FARNEY of Parkhill, 19 April 1916 at St. James Rectory, Parkhill  
14974-22 Benzion GARBATH, 26, Wcrinnia Russia, 701 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, s/o Israel GARBATH & Sarah GOLODNER, married Rosa SUNSHINE, 24, Warsaw Poland, 623 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, d/o Yechiel SUNSHINE & Genendel RABINIESON, witn: Max LERNER of 502 Hill St. in London & Isadore GOLDSTICK of 318 Oxford St. in London, 8 Oct 1922 at London 14984-22 George William GARBUTT, 60, widower, chair maker, Woodstock, same, s/o William GARBUTT (b. Yorkshire England) & Martha WARD, married Jane HAMILTON, 42, Glasgow Scotland, 1172 Second Ave West in Owen Sound, d/o William HAMILTON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Jean YORKSTONE, witn: George H. & Annie PHILLIPS of 142 Pine Lawn Ave in London, 4 Nov 1922 at London
14094-16 John George GARTON (Gorton?), 26, street car conductor, South Dorchester, London, foster s/o Edward GARTON Sr. & Mary Ann RICHARDSON, married Hazel Jane FORBES, 25, Thamesford Ont., 398 South St. in London, d/o Peter FORBES & Elizabeth DANIEL, witn: W. STADDON Jr. of Kingsville & Caroline FORBES of 398 South St., 5 Feb 1916 at 398 South St., London 14985-22 John Thomas GLOVER, 21, boiler maker, London England, 394 Hill St., s/o William James GLOVER (b. London England) & Annie GEARY, married Alice FLOOD, 22, London Ont., 1082 Mabel St., d/o Edward FLOOD (b. Devonshire England) & Ada BEEDLE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Herbert HOTHAM of RR1 Delaware, 4 Nov 1922 at London
  14092-16 Thomas Robert GOODERHAM, 23, brick layer, Fern Hill, same, s/o Henry GOODERHAM & Margaret RICHARDSON, married Erna Iren NEFF, 23, Fern Hill, same, d/o Ambrose NEFF & Emily MOORE, witn: Lloyd S. NEFF of Fern Hill & Mrs. J. McLACHLAN of Strathroy, 7 Jan 1916 at Strathroy
#009408-1914 or 1915 (Middlesex Co): Charles Duncan GRAHAM, 24, farmer, McGillavray, London Tp, s/o George GRAHAM & Josephine SMITH , married Lillian STEINHOFF, 23, Caradoc Tp, London Tp, d/o Daniel STEINHOFF & Estella EDMUNDS; wit Abraham & Mae GRAHAM, Komoka. 28 Apr 1914 or 1915 has both dates at residence of Daniel STEINHOFF 8975-11 (Middlesex Co) Robert John GRAHAM, 22, moulder, of London Ont, s/o John GRAHAM dead & Mary SCHAMONS, married Clara Pearl FINCH, 21, of Byron Ont, d/o Lifelet Gustin FINCH dead & Alice BUNDY, witn: Andrew Richard GRAHAM & May Ada DAVEY both of London, 6 Jun 1911 at City of London
14093-16 John GREENAWAY, 55, soldier, Ingersoll, London, s/o James GREENAWAY & Christena McKAY, married Fanny Frances HENDERSON, 34, London England, Elginfield, d/o Frederick HENDERSON & Mary Ann WYATT, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of London, 7 July 1916 at London 14973-22 Walter GRIEVE, 55, salesman, Downie twp., Stratford, s/o Adam GRIEVE (b. Scotland) & Jane ANDERSON, married Annie WELSH, 45, Downie twp., not given, d/o William WELSH (b. Scotland) & Rachel CAIRNS, witn: Alice M. BEATTIE & Agnes Mary LOVE, both of 232 Central Ave., 16 Dec 1922 at 232 Central Ave, London
14095-16 Alexander GROUNDWATER, 26, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, London, s/o Robert GROUNDWATER & Isabel LAIDLAW, married Nora SALMOND, 25, Edinburgh Scotland, London, d/o Robert SALMOND & Ellen TAIT, witn: Mabel BINGHAM & Lulu HAMILTON, both of 134 Maple St. in London, 5 Feb 1916 at London  
14090-16 Thomas GUMB, 55, farmer, Detroit, West Nissouri, s/o Thomas GUMB & Jane WEBB, married Annie STEELE, 43, East Nissouri - Perth Co, St. Marys, d/o Robert STEELE & Annie ROSS, witn: Jean & Charlotte HANNAHSON of Thorndale, 14 Sept 1916 at Thorndale 09065-11 (Middlesex Co) Russell Wentworth HAMMOND, 25, shipper, of London Ont, s/o Thomas HAMMOND farmer & Ida Jane JARVIS, married Edith FINCH, 26, of London Ont, d/o George FINCH tinsmith & Eliza BUCKLER (sic s/b BUTLER), witn: Lillian SALTON & Susie POWELL both of Arva, 18 Sep 1911 at Parsonage of Arva
15122-22 Ernest James LAIDLAW, 21, miller, Glanworth Ont., Belmont, s/o James LAIDLAW (b. Glanworth) & Mary TRIGGER, married Inez TAYLOR, 22, house keeper, Belmont, same, d/o William TAYLOR (b. Belmont) & Cecilia EMERY, witn: Alfred APSEY of 26 Regina St. London & Ethel HODGES of 11 Hyatt Ave. London, 29 April 1922 at London 15123-22 Guy Cleland LAWSON, 48, widower, clerk, Ayrshire Scotland, Smooth Rock Falls Temiskaming, s/o William LAWSON (b. Ayrshire) & Elizabeth CLELAND, married Ellen May SAMPSON, 35, nurse, London Ont., 175 Hugh St. London, d/o William SAMPSON (b. Westminster twp) & Mary J . BIRD, witn: John A. & Ada B. SAMPSON of London, 19 April 1922 at London
20014-20 James Andrew MAITLAND, 23, yeoman, London, same, s/o Malcolm John MAITLAND (b. London Ont) & Rachel LOUGHREY, married Barbara ARISS, 21, Luther twp., res not given, d/o John ARISS (b. Wellington Co) & Barbara ALEXANDER, witn: Alfred ARISS & Jane F. MAITLAND, 24 July 1920 at London 20017-20 Charles John MALONE, 25, electrician, London, same, s/o John Elijah MALONE (b. Ayr Ont) & Annie BERGER, married Hazel Irene DEAN, 23, London, same, d/o William Henry DEAN & Sarah STOCK, witn: Pearl DEAN of 210 Egerton St. London & L. R. P. MALONE of 1034 Frances St. London, 18 Sept 1920 at London
20013-20 John James MARTIN, fitter, London England, London, s/o John MARTIN (b. London England) & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Margaret CUTHBERT, 33, house keeper, Edinburgh Scotland, res not given, d/o John CUTHBERT (b. England) & Mary STOKELL, witn: Mary CUTHBERT of Ruthven? St. & Ida B. GRAHAM of 87 Anderson Ave., 28 July 1920 at London 20015-20 Frederick James MATTHEWS, 26, sales manager, London, 45 Cecil St. Toronto, s/o F. W?. MATTHEWS (b. Ont) & Isabella LAWSON, married Gertrude Louise WILLIAMS, 26, London, 193 Cheapside in London, d/o N. Stanley WILLIAMS (b. Ont) & Louise G. WARE, witn: N. S. & Louise G. WILLIAMS of London, 15 Sept 1920 at London
13129-18 Robert Samuel McCOY, 22, soldier, Lethbridge Alberta, London Ont., s/o Samuel McCOY & Clara E. BATES, married Emily Grace FOSS, 22, Rostock Ont., London Ont., d/o Charles FOSS & Sarah Ann WITHNEY, witn: Samuel & Clara E. McCOY of 7 Dunn St., 29 May 1918 at London (LDS) 13128-18 Charles A. McDONALD, 21, farmer, Dawn twp., same, s/o John N. McDONALD & Gertrude REID, married Gertrude COKE, 18, Dawn twp., same, d/o John COPE (sic) & Annie WEBSTER, witn: Myrtle MARSHALL & Louise MOORE, both of 54 Evergreen Ave., 22 May 1918
  13122-17 Alexander Barber? McKAY, 23, farmer, of East Nissouri, s/o John Alexander McKAY & Kate STERRATT, married Mary Eva McCUTCHEON, 25, of West Nissouri, d/o Robert Alfred McCUTCHEON & Norana? Marella CHILDS, witn: Irma L. WOODS of St. Marys & M. Edna LINDEN of Chatham, 6 June 1917 at London
#009271-11 (Middlesex Co): William Henry ODELL, 33, barrister, of Wetaskiwin Alberta, s/o William Henry ODELL, farmer, & Selena COLE, married Elizabeth GILMORE, 21, house keeper, of 427 King St., London, d/o James GILMORE, farmer, & Sarah Elizabeth McCLARY, 26 April 1911 at London 15256-22 Reginald Francis PARKER, 31, plasterer, Bristol England, 1197 Florence - London, s/o Edward Colston PARKER (b. England) & Annie BELL, married Eva May GRIEVE, 25, Westminster twp., 68 Hall - London, d/o James GRIEVE (b. Westminster twp) & Annie DUNN, witn: Herbert Edward PARKER of 1197 Florence & Lillian MOSS of 30 Burstom? St., London, 22 July 1922 at St. Marks Church, London
15275-22 George William PATTISON, 25, butcher, North Shields England, 130 Briscoe St. London, s/o Edwin W. PATTISON (b. England) & Margaret LEE, married Ethel Mabel BEXTON, 19, telephone operator, Nottingham England, 12 Dean St. London, d/o Samuel BEXTON (b. England) & Mabel ELLIS, witn: Carlotta COWAN & C. M. ARMSTRONG, both of London, 10 Feb 1912 at London  
15253-22 Edwin Russell PRESCOTT, 57, widower, piano salesman, Cambridge Mass., 643 Nelson St. London, s/o Edwin Rufus PRESCOTT (b. Gilmanton NH) & Mary Matilda RUSSELL, married Mary Luella VIVIAN, 58, widow, Ontario, 643 Nelson St. London, d/o Purvis Miller LAWRASON (b. Ontario) & Amanda ADAMS, witn: Alexandra SANDERSON of 1656 W. 106 St. Chicago & H.J. CHILDS of 632 Dundas St. London, 31 Aug 1922 at Cru--? Memorial Church, London (Christian Scientist) 15262-22 James Albert PURCELL, 33, motorman, Ontario, 425 Elizabeth St. London, s/o Daniel U. PURCELL (b. Ont) & Isabel McCALLUM, married Lillian May MURDIE, 34, seamstress, Toronto, Broughdale, d/o John MURDIE (b. Ont) & Ellen WILLIS, witn: Mary McCRAE of 13 Hyatt Ave & Millie NETHERCOTT of 6 Hyatt Ave., 24 June 1912 at Hyatt Ave. Manse, London
20178-20 Cecil William RAMEY, 26, electrician, Talbotville, London, s/o John RAMEY (b. Canada) & Mary COLE, married Cora Edna SCHNEIDER, 21, Milverton, same, d/o John SCHNEIDER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HOPF, witn: Mrs. Jean C. KNOX & C. J. CORRIGALL, both of London, 16 Nov 1920 at London 15304-22 Clifford RAWSON, 26, rivetter, Leeds England, 139 William St. in London, s/o John RAWSON (b. England) & Maria ROWING, married Beatrice Nellie HULBERT, 20, candy maker, London Ont., 87 Sterling St. in London, d/o James HULBERT (b. Plymouth Eng) & Emily ELLIS, witn: Charles MADELEY & Mrs. Edna HULBURT, both of London, 15 July 1922 at All Saints Church, London
  15287-22 Neil Roy RUSSELL, 26, clerk, Lindsay, 68 Marjory Ave. Toronto, s/o Frederick RUSSELL (b. Portsmouth Eng.) & Annie McNEILLY, married Floradora HUNT, 21, clerk, Bristol England, 171 Wharncliffe Rd in London, d/o Richard HUNT (b. England) & Annie SMITH, witn: F. H. & M.A. BLAKE of London, 16 Oct 1922 at London
#009833-11 (Middlesex Co): Thomas Hunter SCOTT, 48, widower, of Allanmore, s/o Thomas SCOTT & Eliza SUMMER, married Maggie E. EDWARDS, 46, widow, of Illerton? Ont., d/o John MILLER & Agnes CLARK, witn: Mrs. C. & Care? M. MILLER of London, 24 June 1911 at London 14565-16 George Edward SCOTT, 33, widower, machinist, London, same, s/o Edward Em SCOTT & Susannah SHUFF, married Ella Margaret THORNTON, 36, Kintore, same, d/o Richard THORNTON & Annie M. PRESLEY, witn: E.M. & C. M. BARBER of London, 3 April 1916 at London
14567-16 Charles SCHRIMSHAW, 24, moulder, London, 1136 Bridges St., s/o John SCHRIMSHAW & Agnes GRAHAM, married Margaret May Morrison SHUNN, 21, London, 1136 Bridges St., d/o Charles James SHUNN & Harriet W. GRIFFITH, witn: Mrs. Gertrude TAYLOR of 472 Ontario St. & Anna Maude APPLEYARD of 378 Ontario St., 13 May 1916 at St. Matthews Rectory, London 14564-16 Franklin Peter SELBY, 21, cigar maker, London, same, s/o Thomas Henry SELBY & Annie Ethel TAFT, married Cora Edith SMITH, 20, Palmer Mass., London, d/o William Henry SMITH & Oriel Edith HARWOOD, witn: E. S. ALLDIS & Mrs. H. HOILE, both of London, 8 April 1916 at London
#009384-11 (Middlesex Co): Carlos William SHATWELL, 33, physician, of Detroit, s/o Theodore Frank SHATWELL, attorney, & Amanda McKINSTRY, married Irene Melinda EDY, 22, housekeeper, of London, d/o Eli Leslie EDY, photographer, & Anna MOORE, witn: Frederick Keith HAMMOND of 128 King St. & Donna Elgine EDY of 4 Cartwright St., 27 June 1911 at London 13688-12 Robert Villeroi Beatty SHIER, 28, physician, of Cookstown, s/o Samuel A. SHIER, farmer, & Elizabeth BEATTY, married Helena Florence McCUTCHEON, 25, teacher, of West Nissouri, d/o Robert McCUTCHEON, farmer, & Margaret POWELL, witn: Earnest S. McCUTCHEON of Bolton (Bilton?) & Charlotte B. VINING of London, 16 Oct 1912 at res of the bride, West Nissouri
20273-20 Charles SIMMONDS, 23, electrician, Birmingham England, Tamblings Corners - Ridout St. in London, s/o Edward J. SIMMONDS & Anna POWELL, married Ethel May HEWLETT, 24, box maker, Worcester England, Tamblilngs Corners - Ridout St., d/o J. HEWLETT & Mary HEWLETT, witn: Mary & Arthur SIMMONDS of 352 Ridout St. in London, 17 April 1920 at London 13689-12 Milton Earl SUTTON, 21, Westminster, same, s/o Jacob Edgar SUTTON, farmer, & Mary Priscilla LITTLE, married Letta Irene BROOKS, 20, Westminster, same, d/o Isaac BROOKS, farmer, & Sarah Ann VANSTONE, witn: Floyd Hugh BROOKS & Elfrida Maggie SUTTON, both of Westminster, 23 Oct 1912 at Lambeth
14566-16 Fred Trueman SWEENEY, 24, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Trueman SWEENEY & Jane WARWICK, married Ettie IRVINE, 21, London twp., same, d/o George IRVINE & Sarah GARDINER (Gardine?), witn: Mrs. (Nero?) D. SCOTT of 937 Queen & Mrs. A. McMILLAN of 515 Adelaide, 3 April 1916 at London 14596-16 John Wesley TALBOT, 59, widower, gardener, Nissouri, London twp., s/o Ely TALBOT & Catherine HOWARD, married Emma FAIRHALL, 46, Nissouri, same, d/o Henry FAIRHALL & Caroline GUMB, witn: Joseph JOHNSTON of Thorndale & Maude TALBOT of London, 1 June 1916 at Nissouri
14599-16 Alex TAYLOR, 27, farmer, London, London twp., s/o James TAYLOR & Isabel SCOTT, married Mary Forbes TELFER, 24, London, London twp., d/o Adam O. TELFER & Annie Isabell SCOTT, witn: George L. STEWART & Mamie TAYLOR, both of RR1 Ilderton, 1 March 1916 at London twp #009470-11 (Middlesex Co): Joseph Henderson THOMAS, 28, lumberman, of Porcupine Ont., s/o David THOMAS, farmer, & Sarah E. HENDERSON, married Mary Victoria BROWN, 30, of Strathroy, d/o Henry S. BROWN, gentleman & Elizabeth A. OAKES, witn: O.L. THOMAS of Mt. Brydges & Mildred L. HILL of Stratford, 10 Oct 1911 at Strathroy
14597-16 George Leonard TOMLINSON, 27, farmer, Adelaide, Strathroy, s/o John TOMLINSON & Matilda GRAHAM, married Annie Turner CRAWFORD, 25, Canada, Strathroy, d/o Archibald CRAWFORD & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: John Thompson CRAWFORD & Mabel Irene TOMLINSON, both of Strathroy, 28 March 1916 at Caradoc #009469-11 (Middlesex Co): Richard Morgan TRUEMAN, 35, widower, of Strathroy, s/o John TRUEMAN, gentleman, & Kate MORGAN, married Helen May CLARKE, 32, of Strathroy, d/o John R. CLARKE, accountant, & Mary CAMERON, witn: John R. & Mary CLARKE of Strathroy, 31 Aug 1911 at Strathroy
14598-16 Arthur Alden TUNKS, 27, farmer, widower, Zone twp., same, s/o Charles TUNKS & Mary BAGGS, married Margaret WELSH, 24, Mosa, same, d/o Jasper WELSH & Mary McINTYRE, witn: Mary McEACHREN & Mrs. George WEIR, both of Glencoe, 8 March 1916 at Manse, Mosa twp  
15430-22 Andrew WADDELL, 34, carpenter, Midland Ont., 539 Elizabeth St. London, s/o Andrew WADDELL (b. Canada) & Mahala CLARK, married Lottie May WHARRAM, 27, dining room girl, Stroud Ont., Allendale, d/o John WHARRAM (b. Craigville) & Emily McCALLUM, witn: Nettie & Helen GARBUTT of 484 Dundas St. in London, 2 Sept 1922 at London 15569-23 Walter Edgar WALKER, 23, farmer, Simcoe Ont., Mt. Brydges, s/o Benjamin WALKER (b. Simcoe Ont) & Nancy MORRIS, married Edna Faye BANCROFT, 18, housekeeper, Mt. Brydges, Longwood, d/o John BANCROFT (b. Ont) & Doretta IRISH, witn: Mary Frances HYATT of Mt. Brydges & Henry R. WALKER of Flint Mich., 27 Dec 1922 at Mount Brydges
  15428-22 Clarence Verne WALTERS, 25, pressman, Thornbury, Wellington Rd in London, s/o W.H. WALTERS & Martha MAY, married Coral Mayabelle MODELAND, 24, London Ont., 231 Grey St. in London, d/o William T. MODELAND & Effie McLEOD, witn: Elsie Dawson MODELAND of London & S. [illegible surname] of 241 William St. in London, 12 Sept 1922 at London
17728-18 Floyd Wilfred WEBBER (or Weber, both used), 23, Ekfrid twp., same, s/o William WEBBER & Mary KLEMN, married Iva Isabella RAMEY, 24, Ekfrid twp., same, d/o Samuel RAMEY & Maggie CHISHOLM, witn: Mrs. J. SHAVER & George R. CAMERON, both of Strathroy, 1 Oct 1918 at Strathroy 013250-1912 (Middlesex Co.) William Henry WHITEHEAD, 24, telephone operator, Ingersoll, London, s/o William WHITEHEAD & Mary Ann CRAWFORD, married Gertrude May CHRISTOPHER, 25, London, same, d/o Harry CHRISTOPHER & Mena HANSOM, witn: Henry & Rosa CHRISTOPHER of London, 22 Jun 1912 at London.