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Middlesex Co., 1910

birthplace is usually not given on 1910 registrations


15408-10 Hodson Gunning ABBOTT, 68, widower, gentleman, of 314 Dundalk St. London, s/o Alexander Samuel ABBOTT & Dorinda RUXTON, married Eva Mae FRANCIS, 34, of London, d/o William FRANCIS & Jessie DAVIDSON, witn: H. R. ABBOTT of 227 Queens Ave London & Arden RAMSAY of Mt. Brydges, 16 Feb 1910 at London  015624-10 (Middlesex), John J. ALLEN, 35, widower, travelling salesman, of London, s/o Daniel ALLEN, RR engineer and Loveday PALMER, mar Charlotte F. BRYAN, 31, of London, d/o John BRYAN and Caroline WINDER, witn John and Caroline BRYAN of London, 29 Jun 1910 London
15558-10 James Garfield ANGLES, 28, brass polisher, of London, s/o George ANGLES & Mary VITTIE, married Cinda CORNISH, 25, of London, d/o deceased & Lydia ARMS, witn: John STEEL & Lottie BROWN, both of London, 7 June 1910 at London 015625-10 (Middlesex), Sidney Robert ASH, 32, jeweller, of Edmonton Alta, s/o John ASH and Grace ANDREWS, mar Hannah Louise PEARSON, 29, of London, d/o Walter J. PEARSON travelling salesman and Esther A. HARDY, witn W.C.H. PEARSON and Maud EBY both of London, 06 Jul 1910 London
015627-10 (Middlesex), John A. BEATON, 33, carpenter, of London, s/o Alexander BEATON farmer and Catherine COUGHLIN, mar Emily L. FALLON, 33, of London, d/o Patrick FALLON and Catherine CAMERON, witn C.J. and K.M. FALLON both of London Twp, 06 Jul 1910 London 15647-10 Vincent BENENATI, 27, mechanic, of London, s/o John BENENATI, fruit dealer, & Sarah PALADINO, married Ethel EARL, 21? of London, d/o John EARL, drayman & Margaret FORSYTH, witn: E? LOWE & A. WRIGHT, both of London, 2 July 1910 at London
015630-10 (Middlesex), John George BENSTEAD,. 43, laborer, of London, s/o John BENSTEAD and Mary DRAKARD, mar Mary Dearie GOLD, 34, widow, of London, d/o John Arthur GOLD and Jessie DEARIE, witn Mary ONION and Jemima BENSTEAD both of London, 29 Jun 1910 London 15593-10 Alfred BLACK, 40, farmer, of Westminster twp., s/o William BLACK, farmer, & Margaret McNICOL, married Ruby May TAYLOR, 17, of Westminster twp., d/o William A. TAYLOR, farmer, & Cecilia EMERY, witn: A.E. DONALDSON & May MOFFATT, both of London, 22 June 1910 at London
  15808-10 John Alexander BIRMINGHAM, 26, travelling secretary of Brotherhood of St. Andrew, s/o 59 Spadina Rd in Toronto, s/o Henry BIRMINGHAM, confectioner & Susan CARRICK, married Amelia Rosetta COO, 26, of London, d/o William Charles COO, official reporter & Eva Rosetta HARPER, witn: George Alexander SMITH & Ruby COO, both of London, 24 Oct. 1910 at London
15390-10 Harold V. BOND, 22, stove packer, of London, s/o Isaac BOND, coal business, & Mary Ann WILLIAMS, married Gladys HARRISON, 23, of London, d/o Robert HARRISON, plasterer, & Elizabeth BERRY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George MOTTASHED of London, 20 Jan 1910 at 108 Wellington Rd., London 015635-10 (Middlesex), Frederick George BOATH, 25, glass worker, of London, s/o William Stalker BOATH and Mary Charlotte REES, mar Lily May BISSETT, 22, of London, d/o John BISSETT and Sarah MYLES, witn John and Sarah BISSETT and Mary Charlotte BOOTH all of London, 11 Jul 1910 London
15410-10 Clarence D. BOWEN, 21, farmer, of Malahide twp., s/o Cornelius E. BOWEN & Martha BEARSE, married Flossie BIRD, 19, of London, d/o James BUDD (sic) & Margaret FALLS, witn: Iva BIRD of & A. H. BACKUS, both of Aylmer, 23 Feb 1910 at 512 Wellington St. London 15559-10 L. Austin BRILL, 28, lard oil presser, of London, s/o Jacob BRILL, cattle buyer & Lisetta HODEL, married Mary Ann WETTLAUFER, 21, printer, of London, d/o deceased & Mary Ann ROEDDING, witn: John DAVIDSON & Edna KAISER, both of London, 8 June 1910 at London
15550-10 Archibald Robert BROCK, 26, machinist, of London, s/o Archibald Hamilton Douglas BROCK, electrical engineer, & Mary Ann HOOD, married Lillian May MERRYFIELD, 23, machine operator, of London, d/o Simon MERRYFIELD, hotel keeper, & Sarah BARR, witn: Warren A. McROBERTS & Bertha May LEGG, both of London, 1 June 1910 at London 015619-10 (Middlesex), William BROWN, 27, com. traveller, of London, s/o Arthur BROWN and Susan McKAY, mar Elizabeth Clara O'NEIL, 28, of London, d/o John D. O'NEIL and Sarah Jane HODGINS, witn Ed Allan BROWN and Irene BROWN no residence, 29 Jun 1910 London
15399-10 Ernest BRUNT, 31, laborer, of Wallaceburg, s/o Thomas BRUNT & Hannah Elizabeth HARRISON, married Maria BROADBENT, 28, of Wallaceburg, d/o Peter BROADBENT & Alice GERSHAN?, witn: Jessie & Richard WHITING of 512 Wellington St., 5 Feb 1910 at London 15392-10 Edward BUNTING, 49, gentleman, retired lumberman, of Yellow Grass Sask., s/o Westley BUNTING & Elizabeth BRADY, married Myrtle Mary FERGUSON, 28, of London, d/o Richard FERGUSON, gentleman, & Jane BEAMISH, witn: Alert BUNTING of Yellow Grass Sask. & Hazel M. FERGUSON, 1 Feb 1910 at London
15569-10 Almar BURNETT, 26, farmer, of London twp., s/o David BURNETT & Mary MARSHALL, married Alma WEIR, 21, of London twp., d/o James WEIR & Hattie WILSON, witn: William & Mrs. William SHERVILLE of Maple Grove, 15 June 1910 at London

15564-10 Frederick BURT, 26, cigar maker, of London, s/o Samuel BURT, express man & Catherine JACKSON, married Etta May GROVIER, 25, house keeper, of London, d/o Joseph GROVIER, farmer, & Janet JACKSON, witn: Agnes M. VINING & Thomas SIMPSON, both of London, 15 June 1910 at London

15810-10 Benjamin Hugh BUTLER, 28, farmer, of Brampton, s/o William BUTLER, farmer, & Annie McCULLOUGH, married Ethel MILLSON, 29, of Whalen - Biddulph twp., d/o Jabez MILLSON, farmer, & Sarah BROCK, witn: Mrs. H. A. GRAHAM & Nellie ANGUS, both of London, 22 Oct 1910 at London

15601-10 Morgan CAREY, 25, bank clerk, of Montreal, s/o John CAREY, clergyman & Eliza MORGAN, married Frances Helen McLEAN, 20, of London, d/o Frank McLEAN, gentleman & Mary MASON, witn: Frank McLEAN of l & Eliza S. CAREY of Iberville Que., 13 June 1910 at London

15571-10 Thomas CARR, 30, soldier, of Wolseley Barracks in London, s/o Joseph CARR, teacher of racynet?, & Jane Hardy CARR, married Leah Elizabeth Melbourne WALTON, 22, of London, d/o Robert WALTON, soldier, & Jane Ann MELBOURNE, witn: S.C. RAE & Mildred BRADBURN, both of London, 17 June 1910 at London  
15386-10 Charles Chester CHADWICK, 28, laborer, of 878 Trafalgar St. London, s/o Sidney CHADWICK & Mary HEATHFIELD, married Elsie Maude MILLET, 18, of 119 Sackville St. London, d/o William Robert MILLETT & Elizabeth WEST, witn: W. Robert & Elizabeth MILLETT of 119 Sackville, 22 Jan 1910 at London 15401-10 Edward James CHAPMAN, 52, farmer, of Ingersoll, s/o Robert CHAPMAN, farmer, & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Annie BAIGENT, 45, widow, of Ingersoll, d/o James SPEIGHT & Caroline MUCKLESTON, witn: Grant & Alice HARRIS of London, 8 Feb 1910 at London
15403-10 Thomas CLARKSON, 21, plasterer, of London, s/o Andrew CLARKSON & Jane BARKER, married Jewell McLAREN, 21, of London, d/o John McLAREN & Carrie ASHTON, witn: John BREMMER & Winnie ALLEN, both of London, 29 Jan 1910 at London 015629-10 (Middlesex), Edward CLEMENTS, 24, locomotive fireman, of Lethbridge Alberta, s/o Henry CLEMENTS painter and Alice HILLIER, mar Elizabeth FINLAYSON, 25, of London, d/o Kenneth FINLAYSON and Lillian SUMMERS, witn Arthur and Mrs. A. HALL both of London, 06 Jul 1910 London
15398-10 John Gray COLEMAN, 23, theatrical advertiser, of London, s/o Richard COLEMAN & Sarah GRAY, married Josephine Mabel JONES, 24, book keeper, of London, d/o Adam JONES & Naomi TAYLOR, witn: William & Mrs. William IRWIN of London, 8 Feb 1910 at London 15400-10 Elmer Charles COOPER, 21, laborer, of Strathroy, s/o Caleb COOPER & Hannah WILMORE, married Carrie Lucretta GUILFOYLE, 24, of Biddulph, d/o Simon GUILFOYLE & Hannah COUGHLIN, witn: Thomas P. & Margaret HUGHES of Ilderton, 2? Feb 1910 at London
15585-10 Frank CORRIN, 23, laborer, of London, s/o James CORRIN & Julia Frances COWLEY, married Eva Pearl McNAMARA, 19, of London, d/o Francis McNAMARA & Elizabeth Florence ALDIS, witn: Annie Rosa LOBB & Joseph PORTSMOUTH, both of London, 4 June 1910 at London 15646-10 Archibald Campbell COWAN, 31, salesman, of London, s/o not given, married Margaret Florence WARD, 24, of London, d/o William WARD, cabinet maker & Sarah Ann MAYER, witn: William & Sarah Ann WARD of London, 23 July 1910 at London
15602-10 Israel CRAMPSHORN, 57, brick layer, widower, of London, s/o William CRAMPSHORN, bailiff & Lucy Sarah EDMUNDS, married Sarah CLEAVER, 49, widow, of London, d/o Charles ROGERS, miner & Ann BARKER, witn: Lillie BAILEY & Jessie D. BOWEN, both of London, 25 June 1910 at London 15596-10 Wilbert Elmer DARCH, 23, motorman, of London, s/o Samuel DARCH, farmer, & Scynthia SLOUGH, married Amelia KIRKPATRICK, 23, servant, of London, d/o John KIRKPATRICK, railroad employee & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Lewella GREENFIELD of Nilestown & A.J. SCOTT of London, 22 June 1910 at London
15805-10 John DART, 23, laborer, of London, s/o Thomas DART, laborer, & Elizabeth KINGDOM, married Margaret NUTKINS, 18, of London, d/o John NUTKINS & Elizabeth BAILEY, witn: Fred & Hannah DART of London, 28 Oct 1910 at London 15803-10 James Day DONALD, 33, salesman, of London, s/o Henry DONALD & Elizabeth FAULKINER, married Ila Mary TUFTS, 23, of London, d/o Robert TUFTS & Maria GODDARD, witn: Fred C. DONALD & Robert TUFTS, both of London, 31 Oct 1910 at London
15642-10 John DRABIK, 19, laborer, of London, s/o Wasyl DRABIK, laborer, & Helene PULISZAK, married Francese SUICZEK, 22, of London, d/o Stephan SUICZEK, laborer, & Helene NIEVZIVIEVZ, witn: Andrew KLEPAZEK & Sophia POLISZAK, both of London, 13 July 1910 at London 015622-10 (Middlesex), Daniel DRIMMIE, 34, tinner, of London, s/o Daniel DRIMMIE and Elizabeth COPP, mar Amelia FUDGE, 32, domestic, of London, d/o John FUDGE and Helen MINTON, witn Alfred CILLEAR and George F. EDDIE both of London, 30 Jun 1910 London

15555-10 Frederick George DUNK, 34, widower, laborer, of London, s/o Edward William DUNK & blank, married Ada AWCOCK, 44, widow, of London, d/o James GROOM & Sophia COX, witn: Ella CARTWRIGHT & Jessie BOWEN, both of London, 4 June 1910 at London

15607-10 Cyrus Leslie EDY, 26, traveling salesman, of London, s/o Lorenzo Daniel EDY, manufacturer, & Margaret HASTINGS, married Florence Adelaide ROWLAND, 25, of London, d/o Malcom Henry ROWLAND, accountant & Emma WEBSTER, witn: William George PATTERSON & Constance Elinor ROWLAND, both of London, 28 June 1910 at London

#015611-10 - George H. ELLIOTT, 29, bookkeeper, of London, s/o Samuel C. ELLIOTT (accountant) & Annie LLOYD, married Lilian L. GRAHAM, 23, of London, d/o William GRAHAM (merchant) and Carrie E. BURDETT, witnesses were Meda GOULD & W. George GRAHAM, both of London, 9 June, 1910, at London 15395-10 Frederick Charles EVANS, 30, government attendant, of l, s/o Thomas Frederick EVANS, manufacturer tanner, & Margaret WINDOVER, married Vera Emily CAIRNES (s/b Cairns?), 20, of Mt. Brydges, d/o George CAIRNES, doctor, & Margaret BURT, witn: C. E. & Kathleen LOWE of 827 Dundas, 18 Jan 1910 at 827 Dundas, London
15583-10 Ernest FAWKES, 24, laborer, of St. Catharines, s/o James FAWKES, farmer, & Phoebe HUESTON, married Rose Ethel FOSTER, 25, of Nissouri, d/o Robert FOSTER & Margaret ARDIEL, witn: Elizabeth & Laut FOSTER of Nissouri, 13 April 1910 at London 15641-10 Charles Abraham FENN, 22, farmer, of Lobo twp., s/o William Thomas FENN & Ella Clara YOUNG, married Rose HALLANBY, 20, of Lobo twp., d/o John HALLANBY & Sophia FISHENDEN, witn: Charles DAVIS & Lillian DAVIS, both of Lobo twp., 9 July 1910 at London
15560-10 (Middlesex Co) Archibald John FINCH, 35, express clerk, of London, s/o Silas FINCH & Euphemia MALCOLM, married Ishbel Anna MONTGOMERY, 32, of London, d/o Archibald MONTGOMERY (farmer) & Janet McNAB, witn: Jessie SMITH & Susie ROLLINS both of London, 14 Jun 1910 at London 15849-10 (Middlesex Co) Henry FINCH, 63, widower, farmer, of Ealing P.O. London Tp., s/o Richard FINCH (labourer) & Mary MASTED(?), married Alice PRATT, 41, divorced, housekeeper, of Ealing - London Township, d/o Job SQUIRES (teamster) & Margaret McKAY, witn: James & Emma PINKHAM both of 982 Hacket St., 24 Nov 1910 at London
15586-10 Michael FLANAGAN, 19, farmer, of Brooke twp., s/o Nicholas FLANAGAN, farmer, & Margaret MUGAN (Meegan?), married Mary Pearl COLEMAN, 19, of Brooke twp., d/o Owen COLEMAN, dead & Mary MUGAN, witn: Jennie O'GRADY & Johanna LEGARIE, 20 June 1910 at London 015618-10 (Middlesex), Robert FLETCHER, 41, widower, blacksmith, of Boisswain Man, s/o William FLETCHER retired farmer and Mary J. MALLOUGH, mar Elizabeth MALLOUGH, 30, tailoress, of Hamilton Rd East, d/o Richard MALLOUGH and Elizabeth J. FRASER, witn Thomas SNELL and Joan M. MALLOUGH both of London, 29 Jun 1910 London
15389-10 William James GIFFEN, 28, farmer, of Westminster twp., s/o Schuyler John GIFFEN & Jane GOODHUE, married Emma CLARK, 30, domestic, of London, d/o Alfred CLARK & Emma MIDDLETON, witn: Annie & Eric L. ANDERSON of 1059 Richmond London, 29 Jan 1910 at London  15391- 10 Thomas William GREYMER (Guymer?), 21, jeweler, of London, s/o Thomas James GREYMER, mechanic, & Anna DYER, married Maud Ellen GIDLEY, 20, of London, d/o George Henry GIDLEY, elevator builder, & Ellen SARGENT, wtn: C. H. SAGE & Hinnerta ENGLISH, both of London, 29 Jan 1910 at London
15551-10 Amos Bradford GRIFFITH, 60, widower, police chief, of Walkerville, s/o Thomas H. GRIFFITH & Caroline AMOS, married Magdaline VAN WAGONER, 52, widow, of London, d/o Andrew ALLEN & Lorilla DEPEW, witn: Edward J. & Annie ALLEN of London, 2 June 1910 at London 015617-10 Middlesex), William GRIFFITHS, 50, cabinet maker, of London, s/o Richard GRIFFITHS a shoemaker and Kenzia GORNSEY, mar Jessie BELL, 50, tailoress, of London, d/o Henry BELL a section foreman and Pricilla CLAYDON, witn George M. and Laura M. WATSON of London, 30 Jun 1910 London
15573-10 William Frederick John GRIMMOND, 25, traveller, of Port Stanley, s/o George Meldrum GRIMMOND, gentleman & Hannah ROSSALL, married Annie Amelia Adelaide GRUNDY, 23, of Lucknow, d/o Frederick Go GRUNDY, merchant, & Anna WHEELER, witn: Hannah & George Meldrum GRIMMOND of Port Stanley and Anna GRUNDY of Lucknow, 18 June 1910 at London 015626-10 (Middlesex), Harry Emsley HEARD, 23, merchant, of St. Thomas, s/o William HEARD and Eliza A. COUSE, mar Florence DAVEY, 19, of St. Thomas, d/o Emanuel DAVEY and Mary A. PARKER, witn Tillie WHITE and Mrs. John WHITE both of Exeter, 06 Jul 1910 London
15557-10 William HEATHER, 23, hostler, of London, s/o Albert HEATHER, contractor & Agnes BRITTON, married Annie JULIFF, 22, service, of London, d/o James JULIFF, gardener & Matilda DEAN, witn: Percy JULIFF & Ethel HEATH, both of London, 8 June 1910 at London 15590-10 Clarence Elmer HENDERSON, 22, machinist, of Kansas City Missouri, s/o William Henry HENDERSON, machinist & Lucinda NEAL, married Arley Maud MARSH, 24, of London, d/o William MARSH, carpenter, & Mary Louisa SMITH, witn: W.H. HENDERSON of Wardsville & Ann MARSH of London, 22 June 1910 at London
15588-10 James Cecil HINEY, 25, painter, of London, s/o James Peter HINEY, band sergt. Ottawa & Mary WILLIAMS, married Margaret CUNNINGHAM, 25, of London, d/o John CUNNINGHAM, dead & Elizabeth DALY, witn: William STEWART & Mary HALPIN, both of London, 22 June 1910 at London #013204-10 (Middlesex Co): Edwin HOLDEN, 44, widower, manufacturer, England, Philadelphia PA USA, s/o Thomas HOLDEN & Mary BRADSHAW, married Sophia ANDERSON, 26, Leeds England, London Ont., d/o W.J. ANDERSON & Emma KELSEY, witnesses were George & Annie JACKSON of London
15549-10 Thomas HOLMES, 25, dyer, of London, s/o George HOLMES, laborer, & Mary A. HUGHES, married Minnie DOAN, 26, presser, of London, d/o John DOAN, farmer, & Jane ROBERTS, witn: C.C. CLARIS & Amy CLARIS, both of Alton, 2 June 1910 at London  

15605-10 Matthew Frank HORNER, 21, clerk, of London, s/o Hugh HORNER, laborer, & Louise FORMAN, married Harriet Marie DEW, 21, of London, d/o George DEW, traveler & Marie KEMP, witn: W.F. NASH & Jemima HAGUE, both of London, 27 June 1910 at Memorial Church, London

15643-10 John Gilbert HOTHERSALL, 27, lard & oil refiner, of Detroit, s/o Edwin HOTHERSALL, inspector & Emily NOBLE (NOBES?), married Mildred COX, 24?, of London, d/o Charles COX, carpenter, & Agnes BLACKMORE, witn: C.H. SAGE of London & Helen YOUELL of Aylmer, 25 July 1910 at London
015636-10 (Middlesex), John Henry HOWARD, 33, gunsmith, of Woodstock, s/o William HOWARD farmer and Affie MAYE (Mays?), mar Florence SHIPLEY, 39, of London, d/o George W. SHIPLEY and Elizabeth H. COLE, witn Homer HOWARD of Lucas Ont and Daisy SHIPLEY of London, 11 Jul 1910 London 15566-10 James Harry HOWARD, 26, shipper, of Ealing, s/o George HOWARD & Jennette TRELIVING, married Kathleen Elizabeth DAVIS, 22, of Ealing, d/o Charles DAVIS & Maggie GWALCHMAI, witn: George PYNE & Louisa DAVIES, both of Ealing, 15 June 1910 at London
15604-10 William J. HOY, 25, plumber, of London, s/o John HOY, deceased & Margaret HARRIS, married Lovetta McKENNA, 26, lady, of London, d/o James McKENNA, moulder & Agnes BLACK, witn: Thomas McKENNA & Grace HOY, both of London, 20 June 1910 at London 15649-10 Thomas Loraine HUNT, 28, artist, of London, s/o John HUNT & Phoebe HOGARTH, married Blanche Levina SMITH, 32, of London, d/o John SMITH & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Annie HAZEN & Ida ADAMS, both of London, 20 July 1910 at London
15587-10 David JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, of Westminster twp., s/o David JOHNSON & Mary MOORE, married Winifred MARSH, 21, of Westminster twp., d/o William G. MARSH & Frida Mary PENNICUT, witn: Leo & Maggie JOHNSTON of Westminster, 22 June 1910 at London

15600-10 George Alexander JOHNSTON, 32, cook, of London, s/o Lafayette JOHNSTON & Georgianna SHIELDS, married Marie Obeline DUSSAULT, 32, of Montreal, d/o Theodore DUSSAULT & Victoria GAULIN, witn: F.P. WHITE of Pt. Lambton & J.J. KEELEY of Lindsay, 24 June 1910 at London

015639-10 (Middlesex), Frederick Charles JUETT, 27, laborer, of London, s/o John JUETT hostler and Alice JUETT, mar Margaret HANLEY, 34, widow, of London, d/o John McINNES laborer and Sarah McINNES, witn Charlotte STONE and Charlotte DYE both of London, 09 Jul 1910 London

15606-10 Henry John KALTENBACH, 52? (32?), widower, cigar maker, of London, s/o Francis KALTENBACH & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Catherine Margaret QUIGLEY, 22, of London, d/o John QUIGLEY & Margaret BRUIN?, witn: Denis QUIGLEY & Alice KALTENBACH, both of London, 29 June 1910 at London

15397-10 Edwin G. KNOTT, 22, of Nilestown, s/o John KNOTT, farmer, & Martha WILLIS, married Lucy Bell CAMPBELL, 19, of Dorchester, d/o John CAMPBELL & Dora SKILDON, witn: Christopher RAWLINGS of Westminster & Bessie KNOTT of Nilestown, 2 Feb 1910 at London 15568-10 John LAMPMAN, 24, teamster, of London, s/o George LAMPMAN, laborer, & Margaret SULLIVAN, married Maud MULHOLLAND, 25, of Hamilton, d/o James MULHOLLAND & Agnes HILDRETH, witn: Walter Thomas MARTYN & Mary LAMPMAN, both of London, 7 May 1910 at London
15393-10 Frederick James LAST, 23, attendant at asylum, of London twp., s/o Frederick LAST & Rosella, married Edna DALE, 20, nurse, of London twp., d/o James DALE & Margaret HAIGHT, witn: Annie HAZEN & Phoebe WEIR, both of London, 2 Feb. 1910 at London 015638-10 (Middlesex), Frederick William LAWRANCE, 23, tailor, of London, s/o Frederick William LAWRANCE and Eva Louisa GREGORY, mar Sarah Maud MACFIE, 20, of London, d/o John MACFIE and Mary C. FORBES, witn E. OUTRAM and Lena MACFIE both of London, 09 Jul 1910 London
015633-10 (Middlesex), Robert Joseph LEONARD, 39, laborer, of London, s/o John LEONARD and Margaret WILEY, mar Annie COLLINS, 38, of Welland, d/o James COLLINS and Sophia OTTER, witn Annie HAZEN and Ida ADAMS both of London, 11 Jul 1910 London 15592-10 Charles Donald LLOYD, 23, printer, of St. Thomas, s/o Charles LLOYD, carpenter, & Jennie JACKSON, married Matilda Stinson SMITH, 27, of London, d/o Robert Alexander SMITH, baker & Anna STINSON, witn: Charles LLOYD of Aylmer Ont & Sarah A. SMITH of London, 22 June 1910 at London
15597-10 Joseph LOMAS, 30, boiler maker, of St. Thomas, s/o Herbert LOMAS & Elizabeth WELCH, married Laura Teresa TURTON, 26, of London, d/o Robert TURTON & Annie McLAUGHLIN, witn: John A. TRUTON & Eva TURTON, both of London, 15 June 1910 at London

15565-10 James S. LUNEY, 62, widower, builder, of London, s/o James S. LUNEY, builder, & Mary DAW, married Jane A. WEIR, 51, widow, of London, d/o William HOCKIN, manufacturer, & Rebecca SALTERN, witn: Thomas PARKER of Toronto & George SCOTT of London, 15 June 1910 at London

15589-10 John MARACHINI, 30, caretaker, of London, s/o Peter MARACHINI, shoe maker & Cesira BARELLI, married Louisa PASTACALDI, 30, dress maker, of London, d/o John PASTACALDI, foreman & Angelica PIRENTI, witn: Robert ANGUS & Margaret LIVINGSTONE, both of London, 18 June 1910 at London 015632-10 (Middlesex), William Leonard MASON, 29, tinsmith, of London, s/o William Leonard MASON and Martha SHEARER, mar Mabel HILL, 24, of London, d/o James HILL and Victoria PRODGERS, witn George M. KING of Ottawa and Ellen HILL of London, 01 Jul 1910 London

15576-10 Norman Elern? MAW, 22, barber, of London, s/o Thomas MAW, laborer, & Martha REYNOLDS, married Joanna GREIG, 19, shop girl, of London, d/o Arthur GREIG, laborer, & Christena ADAMSON, witn: Stanley WALMSLEY & Henrietta GREIG, both of London, 1 June 1910 at London

15394-10 John MAY, 24, farmer, of London twp., s/o George MAY, farmer, & Mary BIRD, married Mary WHITE, 35, widow, of Crumlin, d/o Henry WEAVER, hotel keeper, & Margaret McNEIL, witn: Robert PARSONS of 829 Dundas St. & C. E. LOWE of 827 Dundas St., 2 Feb 1910 at 827 Dundas St., London
15610- 10 William G. McADAMS, 27, laborer, of London twp., s/o James McADAMS & Mary D. THOMPSON, married Jessie McCULLOUGH, 18, servant, of London twp., d/o James McCULLOUGH & Elizabeth LESLIE, witn: Mrs. S. & Bernice ANDERSON of London, 8 June 1910 at London 15806-10 Ernest McCABE, 26, farmer, of Euphrasia twp., s/o Henry McCABE, farmer, & Eliza PRANGLEY, married Lillie Janetta WRIGHT, 20, seamstress, of Euphemia twp., d/o Nathan WRIGHT, farmer, & Ida McCONBREY, witn: Mrs. Agnes ROSS & Elizabeth McNAUGHTON, both of London, 26 Oct. 1910 at London
15574-10 Edward Ellice MacDONALD, 23, salesman, of London, s/o Edward Ellice MacDONALD, school principal & Johannah Margaret ADAMS, married Ada Muriel ROBERTS, 22, domestic, of London, d/o Thomas ROBERTS, miner, & Ellen WOODHOUSE, witn: P. BROWN & D. ROBERTSON, both of London, 18 June 1910 at London 15405-10 James McDONALD, 46, station engineer, of London, s/o Alexander McDONALD, farmer, & Margaret STEWART, married Jennie ROE, 44, widow, of London, d/o Samuel ANGELES, contractor, & Mary CAMERON, witn: Mrs. Mary MAJOR & Mrs. L. C. McROBERTS, both of London, 9 Feb 1910 at London
015640-10 (Middlesex), James McINTOSH, 73, widower, railway conductor, of Buffalo, s/o James McINTOSH and Catharine GRANT, mar Margaret ANDRUS, 54, widow, of London, d/o James MATHESON and Margaret WILLIAMSON, witn Walter W.T. HUNT of London and Henrietta MEADD of Parkhill, 07 Jul 1910 London 15387-10 Alexander McPHAIL, 49, butcher, London, s/o Archibald McPHAIL, farmer, & Liza McKINNON, married Mary C. WATSON, 59, widow, of London, d/o William L. O'DELL & Liza, witn: Mrs. H. GRAHAM of London & William KENNEDY of Hayburn, 26 Jan 1910 at London
15804-10 Martin McPHEE, 21, brass finisher, of London, s/o Donald McPHEE, deceased, & Josephine REX, married Mary Isabella McGARVEY, 18, of London, d/o Edward McGARVEY & Martha KINDREE, witn: William THORNLEY of Barrie & Minnie BURKS of London, 29 Oct 1910 at London 15598-10 David McPHERSON, 30, engineer, of London, s/o David McPHERSON, gardener, & Jane McINTOSH, married Helen CLARK, 28, domestic, of Banffshire Scotland, d/o Robert CLARK, farmer, & Elsie BEATTIE, witn: John McPHERSON & Mrs. Agnes ROSS, both of London, 23 June 1910 at London
015621-10 (Middlesex), William E. MEECHAM, 25, plumber, of St. Thomas, s/o William W. MEECHAM blacksmith and Jane WATERLAND, mar Leila RUSS, 20, of South Yarmouth, d/o Calvin RUSS farmer and Edith SECORD, witn Agnes VINING and Emerson NICHOLS both of London, 22 Jun 1910 London 15339-10 (Middlesex Co) Bert MONTEITH, 21, farmer, of Deleware (sic), s/o George MONTEITH (farmer) & Letitia ALLEN, married Gertrude M. FINCH, 20, of Westminster, d/o William FINCH & Cynthia EVISON, witn: Earl MONTEITH & Fanny MAY both of Delaware, 14 Sep 1910 at Lambeth
15384-10 George William MORRIS, 22, cigar maker, of London, s/o John MORRIS, laborer, & Jane SHAVER, married Verna KENNEDY, 18, of London, d/o Charles KENNEDY, laborer, & Mary HEADFORD, witn: George BOWMAN & Henrietta ENGLISH, both of London, 25 Jan 1910 at London 15572-10 Joseph Robert MORTON, 26, machinist, of Fort William, s/o Robert John MORTON, farmer, & Mary Agnes THOMPSON, married Harriet Jane COLBORNE, 26, of London, d/o W.H. COLBORNE, merchant, & Maria Jane PARR, witn: Henry James BENNETT of Waterloo & Claribel COLBORNE of Blenheim, 24 May 1910 at London
15615-10 Joseph MOSS, 25, barber, of 443 Dorinda St., s/o George MOSS, teamster, & Jane HEMPSON, married Anna Martha HILDEBRAND, 18, of Zurich Ont., d/o John HILDEBRAND & Christena MYDENGER, witn: M. E. THOMPSON & Florence PARSONS, both of London, 6 July 1910 at London  15548-10 Robert Charles MURRAY, 27, mechanic, of London, s/o Robert MURRAY, mechanic & Laura McPHERSON, married Alice COPNER, 20, of London, d/o Henry Charles COPNER, mechanic & Alice EVANS, witn: Samuel H. SHED & Mary PARKER, both of London, 1 June 1910 at London
15388-10 William Douglas NEATBY, 25, insurance agent, of 764 Princess Ave London, s/o William James NEATBY, artist, & Emily ARNOLD, married Ellen Caroline GEORGE, 27, of Delaware Ont., d/o Thomas William GEORGE, farmer, & Rebecca GUEST, witn: Thomas Handley KITCHEN & Margaret Jane P--L?, both of London, 25 Jan 1910 at London 15608-10 John NELSON, 37, carpenter, of London twp., s/o James NELSON, farmer, & Margaret MAHAR, married Blanche PULLMAN, 27, lady, of London, d/o John PULLMAN, farmer, & Helen SMITH, witn: W.J. HANLON & Mrs. C. A. HAUN, both of London, 4 July 1910 at London
15809-10 George Ernest NORTON, 22, electrician, of London, s/o George NORTON, electrician & Elizabeth ARNOLD, married Elizabeth BRENNAN, 35, of London, d/o blank BRENNAN, witn: Eva CROUCH & C.E. LOWE, both of London, 24 Sept 1910 at London 15582-10 John William O'BRIEN, 47, farmer, of London twp., s/o Joseph W. O'BRIEN, farmer, & Sarah ARMITAGE, married Alice Elizabeth CHITTICK, 31, of London, d/o George CHITTICK, gentleman & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: George CHITTICK of London & Eva O'BRIEN of London twp., 30 March 1910 at London
  15595-10 David E. PATTERSON, 25, train man, of London, s/o John PATTERSON, baggage man & Rosetta LONGMAKER, married Edith May BRIGG, 27, of London, d/o Charles BRIGG, inspector of water service, & Elizabeth ROSSBOROUGH, witn: Norman TREBILCOCK & Nettie POULTON, both of London, 22 June 1910 at London
15591-10 Albert Edgar PAYNE, 36, widower, laborer, of London, s/o William PAYNE & Clara MORLEY, married Louise DICKIE, 37, of London, David DICKIE & Clarissa McLEOD, witn: Annie HAZEN & Mary ENGLISH, both of London, 9 June 1910 at London 15644-10 Albert Isaac PENPRASE, 32, brick layer, of Exeter, s/o Charles Thomas PENPRASE, mechanic & Mary HORRELIN, married Edith BROWN, 30, organist, of Exeter, d/o William BROWN & Mary Ann STONEHOUSE, witn: C.H. SAGE of London & Helen YOUELL of Aylmer, 22 July 1910 at London
015204-1910 (Middlesex Co.) not given PHILLIPS, 58, farming & livery, not given, Elkhorn, widower, s/o William PHILLIPS & Rebecca WATSON, married Jenny DE HART, no age given, not given, Ilderton, d/o Nicholas DE HART & Jane DUNLOP, witn: Mabel FLETCHER of London & Minnie COLLINS of Ilderton, 13 Jan 1910 at Ilderton. 15406-10 William Willis PROVAN, 26, printer, of 501 Hill St. London, s/o William Willis PROVAN, coppersmith, & Christena BLAIR, married Jean McARTHUR, 25, of Petrolia, d/o Duncan McARTHUR, engineer, & Jane LUSHIMAN, wit: Beatrice SELFRIDGE of 511 Hill St. & Clifford SANBORNE of 724 William St., 3 Feb 1910 at London
15645-10 Eli John ROBERTS, 25, accountant, of Winnipeg, s/o Thomas ROBERTS, farmer, & Catherine REITH, married Clara Gertie METCALFE, 27, of London, d/o John METCALFE, painter, & Jessie ANDERSON, witn: S.H. BURNS & John METCALFE, both of London, 23 July 1910 at London 15802-10 Richard Leslie ROLOSON, 24, shoe maker, of London, s/o Brockway ROLOSON, mason & Elizabeth HOLLIBAUGH, married Matilda Fern SCOINS, 26, of London, d/o George SCOINS, farmer, & Lydia SNYDER, witn: Harriet Jane SIMS & Mrs. E. HOLMES, both of London, 27 Oct 1910 at London.

15562-10 William George ROSS, 25, photographer, of London, s/o Charles ROSS, gardener, & Georgina HARPER, married Sarah Marie DYER, 21, of London, d/o James F. DYER, mechanic & Eliza JARVIS, witn: J.S. LOVELL of London & Mable VINCE of Sarnia, 11 May 1910 at London

15581-10 Alexander David ROSS, 26, farmer, of Embro, s/o David ROSS, farmer, & Lexie McDONALD, married Jennie May LAARY, 18, of West Oxford, d/o William LAARY, farmer, & Augusta BELMCKE, witn: Janet HOWARD & Cicely MAUDE, both of London, 20 Feb 1910 at London

15554-10 Arthur James RUNDLE, 30, farmer, of Blanshard twp., s/o James RUNDLE & Ellen STACEY, married Esther Ann FLETCHER, no age given, seamstress, of Blanshard twp., d/o Robert FLETCHER & Mary Jane CLARK, witn: Albert FRANCIS & Mabel SAWYER, both of London, 2 June 1910 at London

15603-10 Joseph T. RYAN, 34, express man, of London, s/o James RYAN, gentleman & Mary HILLSDEN, married Florence COSTELLO, 30, dress maker, of London, d/o William COSTELLO, gentleman & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: James S. RYAN of Toronto & Louise J. COSTELLO of London, 27 June 1901 at London
  015203-1910 (Middlesex Co.) James Albert SCHRAM, 25, farmer, not given, London Twp., s/o John Henry SCHRAM & Sophronia RAYSON, married Wilhelmina ANDREWS, 19, not given, London, d/o William E. ANDREWS & Christiana E. PURCELL, witn: Edward & Sophronia RYCKMAN, both of Melrose, 5 Jan 1910 at Melrose
015620-10 (Middlesex), Herbert H. SHARRATT, 27, machine hand, of London, s/o Frederick H. SHARRATT and Nettie BURLEIGH, mar Emma SPEARIN, 27, of London, d/o John SPEARIN and Mary Jane SMYTH, witn Olive B. CAREW and Alice C. LEARN both of London, 30 Jun 1910 London  15409-10 Robert SMITH, 38, laborer, of Caradoc twp., s/o Thomas SMITH & Anne DUNCALF, married Mary WILLIAMS, 35, of Southborough - Kent Co. England, d/o Robert WILLIAMS & Susan WRIGHT, witn: Kathleen THOMPSON of Penetanguishene & Margarette S. DANN of London, 22 Feb 1910 at London
15411-10 John Herbert STANDFIELD, 24, wood merchant, of 450 Charlotte St., s/o Wesley Loveless STANDFIELD & Mary Sarah ORE, married Nellie Augusta REDDALL, 20, of 463 English St., d/o Joseph REDDALL & Sarah Ellen WATKINS, witn: Ella G. CARTWRIGHT of 85 Anderson Ave. & Jessie D. BOWEN of 89 Anderson Ave., 23 Feb 1910 at London 15614-10 Charles S. STANTON, 30, attorney, of Boston Mass., s/o William STANTON, Colonel USA, & Frances KETTELL (Kettle?), married Ethel Emma BUTCHART, 35, of London, d/o William BUTCHART, merchant, & Ellen STANLEY, witn: Arthur & Ellen BUTCHART of London, 6 July 1910 at London
15383-10 George Wellington STEELE, 25, moulder, of 21 Pedan St. London, s/o Abel STEELE & Amanda SIGSBY, married Edith ARBUCKLE, 20, of 361 Dundas St. London, d/o Henry ARBUCKLE & Christena Jane WIGGLESWORTH, witn: James DOBSON of 264 Wharnscliffe R. & Mary ARBUCKLE of 361 Dundas St., 19 Jan 1910 at All Saints Church, London #015612-10 - Edwin Stanley STONE, 26, salesman, of London, s/o John Edwin Stone (merchant) & Amanda L. BALLARD, married Estella B. SAUNDERS of London, d/o John W. SAUNDERS (manufacturer) & Annie E. BARTLETT, witnesses were W.A. PECKHAM & Annie SAUNDERS, of London, 22 June, 1910, at London
15616-10 George TELFORD, 36, farmer, Clearwater Man., s/o James TELFORD & Hannah CORNISH, married Jane Amelia JONES, 32, of Chatham, d/o William JONES & Mary MULLIGAN, witn: C. E. LOWE & F. PARSONS, both of London, 7 July 1910 at London 015634-10 (Middlesex), Edmund E. THOMPSON, 39, merchant, of Blenheim Ont, s/o George THOMPSON and Mary Ann MONTGOMERY, mar Hannah Elizabeth TREADGOLD, 30, of Thornbury Ont, d/o Charles W. TREADGOLD and Jane BREEDON (Braden?) witn Mae TREADGOLD and Dorothy COOPER both of London, 29 Jun 1910 London
15402-10 Charles TUTTLE, 21, bar tender, of London, s/o George TUTTLE, deceased, & Mary KELLY, married Evaline FLETCHER, 19, of London, d/o Richard FLETCHER & Sarah FOREMAN, witn: Rowland HILL Jr. & Susie ROLLINS, both of London, 27 Jan 1910 at London 15385-10 William George VINCENT, 25, printer, of London, s/o William Aquila VINCENT, gentleman, & Emma JONES, married Maud Laverna WONNACOTT, 25, of London, d/o Thomas WONNACOTT, farmer, & Emma MOORE, witn: Linell & Florence WONNACOTT of London, 25 Jan 1910 at London
#015613-10 - Wilber R. VINING, 32, druggist, of London, s/o Josiah VINING (farmer) & Rachel McLEOD, married Charlotte A. FRANCIS, 32, music teacher, of London, d/o George William FRANCIS (farmer) and Charlotta DOUGLAS, witnesses were Jared VINING & Nina BEATTIE, both of London, 6 July, 1910, at London 15404-10 George WALKER, 24, farmer, of Sinclair Manitoba, s/o Robert WALKER, farmer, & Marion CUNNINGHAM, married Nellie Henderson WILSON, 25, of London, d/o John WILSON, farmer, & Mary HENDERSON, witn: Christena GRAY & Robert LINDSAY, both of London, 11 Feb 1910 at London
015637-10 (Middlesex), John Ogal WATSON, 20, steam fitter, of Kerwood, s/o William G. WATSON farmer and Emily COOK, mar Emily Blanch KEENE, 19, of London, d/o Fred KEENE teamster and Mary PETFRED, witn Jessie SAGE and F.H.B. ENGLISH both of London, 11 Jul 1910 London  
015628-10 (Middlesex), Alfred George WHITE, 35, clergyman, of Omaha USA, s/o Alexander H. WHITE and Sarah P. WILLIAMS, mar Ethel Lillian WHETTER, 27, of London, d/o H. Frank and Mabel WHETTER, witn R. WHETTER and L. SNELL both of London, 29 Jun 1910 Middlesex 015631-10 (Middlesex), Charles WHITE, 33, farmer, of Dunn Twp, s/o Joseph WHITE farmer and Ann DUNN, mar Mary BRADT, 23, widow, of London Twp, d/o Lewis ELLIOTT farmer and Mary WELSH, witn Louisa LEWIS of London and Dott OSBORNE of Chesterton USA, 17 Jul 1910 London
15396-10 - G. R. WILSON, 24, farmer, of Saskatchewan, s/o William J. WILSON, farmer, & Alice MARTIN, married Helen B. MURPHY, 24, of St. Pauls Ont., d/o James MURPHY, farmer, & Elen B. WALSH, witn: Mrs. HILLEBRAND & Mrs. M. MERKLEY, both of London, 19 Jan 1910 at London 015623-10 (Middlesex), Joseph WOOD, 37 widower, laborer, of London, s/o Henry WOOD laborer and Louisa BARRON, mar Mabel McGINN, 28, of London, d/o James McGINN laborer and Jennie L. McGINN, witn Jennie L. McGINN and Margaret WILLISON both of London, 25 Jun 1910 London
15407-10 Robert William WRIGHT, 51, widower, miller, of Woodstock, s/o John WRIGHT & Annie NESBIT, married Minnie May BEAM, 35, of Woodstock, d/o Henry BEAM & Mary Ann HUTCHISON, witn: Mollie R. HILL & Susie ROLLINS, both of London, 19 Feb 1910 at London  15807-20 David Henry YOUNG, 57, teamster, widower, of 27 Pipe Line Rd., s/o David C. YOUNG, farmer, & Harriet HESS, married Mary Ann STAPELEY, 56, widow, of 45 Briscoe St. in London, d/o George ROBERTS, master mariner, & Sarah A. WELLING, witn: Albert & Cora YOUNG of 51 Briscoe St., 26 Oct. 1910 at London