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Descendants of William & Sarah Loane

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM LOANE was born Abt. 1806 in Ireland, and possibly died May 19, 1898 in Toronto, Ontario. He married Sarah WINNETT , before 1831 in Ireland.

There was a William Loane who died in May of 1898, died of old age at 92 in the Home for Incurables, 130 Dunn Ave., Toronto. Loane is a very uncommon name in the Toronto area and this William is of the right age. No sign of him in the 1871 census of Ontario though. William Loane was a shoemaker & he first appears in the Toronto Directory in 1846, on Queen St. West.

from The Passenger Pigeon in Ontario, by Margaret Knox (Howell) Mitchell: "Mr. William Loane of Toronto, who made his living by hunting and trapping, and who had the contract for supplying the Queen's Hotel with game", ...


Children of William & Sarah:

Elizabeth Loane, b. Abt. 1839, Ireland. She married John Edward Winnett, 1859 at St. James Cathedral, Toronto, Ontario. In the 1871 census, John was age 34, a carriagemaker living St. James Ward, Toronto. In both the 1881 census and the 1891 census they are in St. Davids Ward. Children:

1. John Winnett jr. b. Abt. 1867, Ontario. By 1891 he was married to Ruth & in the 1891 census they are living withhis parents. He is a carriage maker as well.

2. Elizabeth Winnett (called Lizzie in 1871), b. Abt. 1868, Ontario.

3. Vernon Winnett, born about 1878

4. Walter Frederick Winnett, born about 1880, age 2 in the 1881 census.


Samuel Richard Loane was born about 1831 in Ireland. He married Elizabeth before 1857. In 1859 Samuel appears as proprietor of the Phoenix House, 163 (or 162) King St. West, Toronto and also in association with the Clipper Hotel, 163 King St. West. (Toronto Directory). Samuel & Elizabeth have one child, William in the 1861 census (film C-1102). I have not ben able to find Samuel or Elizabeth in the 1871 census even though he appears in Toronto Directories at least up until 1878 (last year checked).

In the 1881 census there is a S.R. LOAN in St Andrew's Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada with wife Elizabeth. Both are 49 years old (therefore born about 1832). Children are William B. age 22, Richard age 18 and Charles age 13. Both S.R. & Elizabeth give their birthplace as England and their anscestry as English, although the three boys give their ancestry as Irish.

Children of Samuel & Elizabeth:

  1. Samuel William Loane, born Feb 5 1857 in Toronto & baptised 8 Feb 1857 (privately, St. James Cathedral baptism records). Died in infancy
  2. William Baker Loane, born 5 Jan 1859 in Toronto & baptised (as just William) on 27 Nov 1864 at St. James Cathedral. He married Mary [unknown surname] and they had 6 children: Richard Samuel, Samuel, James Victor, Elizabeth, William Baker Jr. & Vivian Winnett. - Originally had the wife of William Loane as Isabella Cochrane - it could have been Mary Cochrane as next door to the Loanes in the 1900 census is a Cochrane family
  3. Samuel Richard, born 7 Nov 1862 and baptised 27 Nov 1864 at St. James Cathedral. Called Richard. He died 9 Oct 1884 - From the October 9, 1884 issue of Enterprise and Collingwood Messenger
    "Died: Richard LOANE drowned. He was a porter on the City of Owen Sound, 20 miles from Michipicoten Island. 2nd son of Mr. S. R. LOANE of Toronto. P2c3"
  4. Charles Alfred Loane, born 14 Oct 1867 and baptised 17 Nov 1867 at St. James Cathedral.

1900 census - In Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ (Charles Street)

  • LOANE, Wiliam, head, b. Jan 1860, 40, married 16 yrs, born Canada, both parents born Canada, to USA 1880, engraver
  • LOANE, Mary, wife, born March 1860, age 40, married 16 years, 5 children, born New Jersey, both parents born Ireland
  • LOANE, Richard, son, born Aug 1885, age 14, born New Jersey
  • LOANE, James V., son, vonr June 1887, age 12, born New Jersey
  • LOANE, Elizabeth, daughter, born April 1890, age 10, born New Jersey
  • LOANE, William B., born Jan 1895, age 5, born New Jersey
  • LOANE, Samuel, father, born Feb 1831, age 69, widower, married for 44 yrs, born in Canada, both parents born Canada, to USA 1885

1910 census - Pearl St., Summit city, Union Co., NJ

  • LOANE, William, head, age 50, 2nd marriage, married for 8 years, born Canada, both parents born Ireland, to USA 1884
  • LOANE, Anna E., wife, age 33, 1st marriage, married for 8 years, had 0 children, born New Jersey, both parents born New Jersey
  • LOANE, Richard S., son, age 24, born New Jersey
  • LOANE, William B. Jr., son, 15, born New Jersey
  • LOANE, Vivian W., daughter, age 13, born New Jersey
  • LIPSEY, Joseph L., boarder, age 21, born Ireland, both parents born Ireland, to USA 1907
  • BRADT (could be Brant), Sarah, mother-in-law, age 83, widow, had 4 children, born New Jersey, both parents born New Jersey

1920 census - Pearl St., Summit city, Union Co., NJ

  • William B. LOANE, head, age 59, married, born Canada
  • Anna C. LOANE, wife, age 45, born New Jersey, both parents born New Jersey
  • Vivian LOANE, daughter, age 23, born New Jersey
  • Joseph LIPSEY, nephew, age 28, single, born England, both parents born England

1920 census - Morris Ave., Summit City, NJ

  • Richard LOANE, age 35, married, born New Jersey, bookkeeper in an office
  • Caroline LOANE, age 35, married born New Jersey (father born NJ, mother born NY),
  • Richard LOANE, son, age 4, born New Jersey

James V. LOANE is not with parents in the 1910 census. In the 1920 census there is a James V. Loane age 34, single, no occupation, in the NJ state hospital in Hanover twp., Morris Co., NJ... but his birth place is given as Missouri, and birth place of both his parents as NJ



William Loane: was born in Ireland about 1836, he married Hannah H. Purchase 1859 in York twp, Ontario. They appear in three censuses (so far). First in 1861, where William is age 26, and they are living in the east 1/2 of ward 1, York twp., on acre, with 4 cows. In 1871, William gives his occupation as "hunter" and they are living in St. Davids Ward, Toronto. In 1891 they are still in St. Davids Ward

Hannah (or Ann or Anna) died in 1899 and her residence at the time of death was 6 Radenhurst, Toronto (There is no Radenhurst is my current map book of Toronto). She died of heart disease at the age of 66

Child of William & Hannah:

Victoria Ann, b. Abt. 1867, twp of York, Ontario; d. January 07, 1902, Toronto. Her residence at the time of her death was also 6 Radenhurst, Toronto. She was unmarried and she died of Phthitis Pulmonaris which she’d had for 2 years. In the 1891 census she was living at home, and her occupation is given as private teacher.


Edward Loane, b. Abt. 1844; Edward died in the year prior to the 1871 census, and appears on that census on Schedule 2 - schedule of deaths in the previous 12 months. Occupation was "Polisher". He married Mary Jane Lemon , daughter of James & Eleanor. In the 1871 census Mary Jane is a widow working as a laundress in St. Johns Ward, Toronto. 1871 Toronto Directory gives her address as 31 Centre St. and refers to her as Mrs. Mary J. Loane - widow of Edward. In 1879 (March 1) Mary Jane remarried - to John STOREY. The witnesses at this 2nd wedding were John PARKINSON & Mary Ann DUNWIDDIE. In the 1871 census Mary Jane gives her birth place as USA and on her mariage reg'n, she gives it as Toronto.Children of Edward & Mary Jane are:

1. William E. b. Abt. 1867, Ontario.

2. Maude, b. Abt. 1870, Ontario.

In the 1881 census Mary Jane & John STOREY are in St John's Ward, Toronto C-13246, D-1, pg 68. No other children besides William E. & Maud (who are listed with surname Storey). They all appear under Starey on LDS 1881 online census.


Sarah Loane, b. Abt. 1847, Toronto. She married Andrew Gilchrist on May 24, 1873 in Toronto, son of Robert & Agnes. The witnesses at this wedding were Maud Mary Loane of Norway (Toronto), Ontario and William Elliott of Scarborough. Prior to her marriage (1871 census) Sarah was living with her sister Maud Mary at the Smith residence.

Andrew Gilchrist (a carpenter) died prior to 1891 and in 1893 Sarah and her sons moved to Emerson Manitoba where they homesteaded on NW 1/4 of 12-1-4. Children of Sarah & Andrew Gilchrist:

1. Andrew Gilchrist Jr., b. October 10, 1876, Scarborough, Ontario.

2. Robert William Gilchrist, b. August 27, 1874, Scarborough, Ontario; d. June 28, 1960, Ridgeville, Manitob

3. Jack Gilchrist b. Abt. 1879.

4. James Gilchrist, b. Abt. 1888.

5. Sarah Gilchrist, b. 1880, Scarborough, Ontario; d. Bef. 1891


Ann Loane, b. Abt. 1849; d. May 26, 1888, Scarborough, Ontario. In the 1871 census, Ann was living with sister Elizabeth and her husband John Winett. She died of phthisis with 'Halsucholea?', which she'd had 4 or 5 months.


Maude Mary Loane, b. Abt. 1852, Ontario. Sometimes she is called Maud(e), and other times, Mary. She married William Henry Elliott on April 09, 1874, son of William Elliott & Margaret (possibly) Evans. In the 1871 census, Maud Mary was age 19, and living with James & Ellen Smith in York East township, York County (her sister & brother-in-law)


Ellen Loane, was born 14 June 1840 in Ireland and she died 4 Feb 1910 in Manitoba. She married on 16 October 1862. James was the son of Thomas & Ann. also see Dave Foster's page on Ellen Loane. A brief wedding announcement appeared in the Toronto 'Globe' of 17 Oct 1862: " On the 16th inst, at the residence of the bride's brother, Mr. Samuel R. Loane, King St. West, by the Rev. Mr. [illegible], Mr. James Smith of Norway, Kingston Road, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm Loane of Toronto."

In the 1881 census they were in Sunnidale twp., Simcoe Co., Ontario where James was a farmer.

In 1882 James & Ellen moved to Manitoba where they eventually homesteaded on 12-1-4E, SE of Ridgeville. In 1891 they filed a homestead on the SE 1/4 of 12-1-4E and in 1893, relinquished original claim to Sarah Gilchrist.

Children of Ellen & James:

1. Sarah Jane Eliza, b. 16 Oct 1865 at Scarborough, d. 1943. At home, age 14, in the 1881 census.

2. Thomas William, b. 15 Dec. 1867, d. 6 Sep 1946 at Duncan BC, m. Minnie Thom in 1898 at St. John's Norway, Toronto

3. William, b. 1869 (except that in the 1881 census, William is listed as the eldest child, age 17 - born abt 1862)

4. James Jr., b. 5 Nov 1871 at York twp, d. 16 Oct 1942, m. Laura Emiline Lenton. Children of James & Laura are: Jean (m. Robert Stutter), Susan (m. R.E. Davis), James (m. Lexie Davidson), Bert (m. Kay Petter), Agnes (m. William Bobbs), Florence (m. Jack Parsons) and Gladys (m. Frank Stoddart)

14335-71 (York Co) SMITH, James, m, born 5 Nov 1871, father - James SMITH, store keeper; mother - Ellen LOAN; infm - father, York twp

5. Ella (Ellen) Alice, b. 12 Dec 1874 at York twp, m. Andrew Gilchrist (a cousin) on 4 Feb 1904 at Ridgeville, Manitoba. See below for descendents

26890-75 (York Co) SMITH, Ellen, f, born 12 Dec 1874, father - James SMITH, hotel keeper; mother - Ellen LOANE; infm - father [signature], York twp

6. Maud M. age 4 in the 1881 census.


Catherine Loane, b. Abt. 1842, Ireland; d. April 15, 1934, Scarborough, Ontario. She married Archibald MUIR, Both Catherine and Archibald are buried at St. Andrews Presbyterian (Bendale) Scarborough, section 27.14. Catherine’s tombstone says that she died at age 92; Archibalds says 42 years & 4 months - he died July 3, 1888. In the 1871 census, Archibald appears as age 26, farmer, Scarborough, Scottish ancestry, Presbyterian. Children of Catherine & Archibald are:

1. Archibald Jr. Muir, b. 1870; d. 1958, Scarborough, Ontario; m. (1) Agnes Ida Thomson; m. (2) May Elizabeth Thomson

Archibald married Agnes on 20 May 1891 at Springfield, Scarborough twp. Marr reg #13388-91. Ida was d/o James THOMSON & Agnes GLENDENNING. Witnesses were Alex GILCHRIST, Oliver THOMSON, Sarah Agnes MUIR, all of Scarbrough and Jennie WALTON of Toronto.

Children of Archibald & Ida:

  • Glenette, born 5 May 1891 (birth date from 1901 census).  She married John Robert EMPRINGHAM on 16 June 1915 at Scarborough
  • Hazel Amy Catherine MUIR, born 26 June 1895.  She married Andrew MINTO, s/o William & Annie nee SHAW on 2 Aug 1912 at Courtice Ont.
  • Archibald & Ida also had two stillborn children, one in 1901 and one on Christmas day 1903

Agnes Ida MUIR nee Thomson died on 23 June 1905 in Scarborough of "complicated child birth" (death reg 31788-05)

Archibald married May THOMSON, d/o Richard THOMSON & Agnes on 5 Sept 1906.  May was 22 years old, born in Bosanquet Ont. but resident of Scarborough.  Witness at the wedding was E.J. PALK of Scarborough

In the 1911 census, Archibald  & May were at Lot 21 Con C of Scarboro twp.

Children of Archibald & May

Harold Cecil Muir b. 7 Sept 1906 at Lot 11 Con 1 of Bosanquet Ont.  Birth reg 25666-06 gives fathers residence as Scarboro twp

Archibald Loane Muir b. 20 March 1909, died 17 Oct 1909, buried in Washington cemetery in Scarborough

Archibald Richard Muir, b. 13 Aug 1913.  d. Feb 2002.  He married Elnora BLAKELEY and they had at least 3 children: Melody Muir, Margaret Muir & April Muir

Sarah Myrtle Muir (Sadie), b. 3 Jan 1911.  She married Eric COURTICE

Alexander Muir


2. Sarah Agnes Muir, b. December 26, 1873; d. May 07, 1975. She married Edwin James PALK on 18 July 1893 in Scarborough Ont.

  • Edwin James Palk was born in Shanty Bay Ont. on 10 April 1864, s/o Samuel PALK & Elizabeth ROSSITER.  Edwin died in Scarborough in 1951.
  • In both the 1901 & 1911 census Sarah & Edwin were in Scarborough
  • Sarah died in Scarborough on 7 May 1975

Children of Sarah & Edwin:

Edwin Archibald b. 10 June 1895 & d. 10 April 1899 in Scarborough

Catherine Elizabeth (Katie) b. 28 Nov 1897, d. 13 Feb 1911 in Scarborough, married George TAYLOR (1894-1937).  Katie was a teacher

Evelyn Muriel b. 1 Feb 1901, married Frederick W. Jackson on 3 July 1929.  Frederick was s/o Walter Barnes JACKSON & Elizabeth HORNSHAW.  Evelyn & Frederick had at least one son, Walter JACKSON, born in 1930.  Frederick died in New Jersey in 1978

May Loretta b. 15 Aug 1903, d. 27 Nov 1977

Marjorie Beatrice b. 17 Nov 1907, d. 1985

Alfred Muir b. 23 Feb 1911

Lillian Sarah, b. 19 Oct 1914, died 5 May 1993,  married Orville MIDDLETON s/o Samuel MIDDLETON & Sarah Agnes UNDERWOOD

Arthur Archibald, b. 23 July 1918, married Doreen Eva BANKS



Gilchrist Descendents

8. ANDREW3 GILCHRIST (SARAH2 LOANE, WILLIAM1) was born October 10, 1876 in Scarborough, Ontario. He married ELLA SMITH in 1903. Andrew moved, in 1892, to Ridgeville Manitoba with his mother and brothers


i. HELEN4 GILCHRIST, b. February 21, 1905; m. "Mr" BECHSTEAD.

ii. JACK LESLIE GILCHRIST, b. August 10, 1907; m. MILDRED ZASS, January 24, 1942.

iii. HAROLD SMITH GILCHRIST, b. October 21, 1908.

iv. NELSON ANDREW GILCHRIST, b. October 01, 1911.


9. ROBERT WILLIAM3 GILCHRIST (SARAH2 LOANE, WILLIAM1) was born August 27, 1874 in Scarborough, Ontario, and died June 28, 1960 in Ridgeville, Manitoba. He married HARRIET MATILDA STEWART in 1909, daughter of SAMUEL STEWART and MATILDA ELLICE.

In 1895, Robert purchased NE 1/4 of 2-1-4 E-1, Manitoba


i. ALEXANDER4 GILCHRIST, b. September 23, 1910, Ridgeville, Manitoba; d. March 29, 1990, farmer.

ii. BARBARA GILCHRIST, b. November 05, 1911.

She is living on the original Emerson Manitoba homestead

iii. ROBERT ANDREW GILCHRIST, b. November 08, 1912, Ridgeville, Manitoba; d. October 01, 1971, famer.

iv. JAMES ALLEN GILCHRIST, b. June 14, 1914, Ridgeville, Manitoba; d. July 23, 1952.

15. v. WILLIAM JOHN GILCHRIST, b. September 15, 1915, Ridgeville, d. October 19, 1952.

16. vi. CECIL EDWARD GILCHRIST, b. December 07, 1916, Ridgeville, Manitoba.

17. vii. SARAH MATILDA GILCHRIST, b. October 27, 1918, Ridgeville, Manitoba.

18. viii. BENJAMIN VICTOR GILCHRIST, b. October 18, 1923, Ridgeville, Manitoba.

19. ix. RUBY EDITH GILCHRIST, b. September 21, 1925, Ridgeville, Manitoba.


Loane Connections

found in the book  Irish Migrants in the Canadas: a new approach by Bruce S. Elliott, is the following (pages 111 & 112)

"An extensive connection of Winnetts and Winders settled in Toronto and London, but they were town people from Killaloe: however, the earliest members of this connection were two brothers-in-law, William Loane and Stephen Worrall, who came in 1846 and settled in York and Ekfrid Townships. [ref 82]"

ref 82 is a book called The Winnett Family (Sydney NS 1974) by David George Winnett Turvey

Stephen WORRALL was married to Rachel WINNETT (source of her maiden name is her daughter Rachel's marriage reg) and they had at least 5 children:

  1. Joseph, born about 1851.  He married Sarah Ann BAYNES on 25 Jan 1877 at St. Johns, London twp
  2.  James, born about 1861.  He was at home in the 1881 census
  3. Rachel, born about 1862.  She was at home in the 1881 census.  In 1886 she married Archibald JOHNSTON
  4. Susanna, born about 1857.  She married James FITZGERALD in 1877.  In the 1881 census she is with her parents in London, along with 2 children of  hers, Frederick FITZGERALD age 3 and Violet Mabel FITZGERALD age 1.  Violet married Thomas PAPWORTH in London on 13 Jan 1915, reg 9794-15 - she gives her mother's name as Annie WORRALL.
  5. John, died at 339 Victoria St. in London, age 70 (79?),  on 28 Aug 1927.  Informant was son John.  Buried at Mt. Pleasant.  22048-27.  John's wife was Mary Amelia PAGE and she died at 339 Victoria St. in London on 18 Feb 1923, age 61 (b. 17 March 1862)

Stephen died on 10 April 1900, age 87 yrs, diabetes, at Lot 13 Con 4 of London twp.  Informant was Richard J. WORRALL.  reg 16867-00

Rachel (nee Winnett) died on 19 July 1905, age 87, at 13th con of London twp.,  cancer,  18261-05.  In the 1901 census, Rachel was in London with son James & his wife Amelia.  Her birth date is given as 4 June 1819, born Ireland. 

In the 1911 census, the following family was as Lot 13, Con 4 of London twp:

John & Mary (nee PAGE) in the 1901 ccensus (John & Mary were married 29 March 1880 in London)

In the 1901 census, Rachel & Archibald JOHNSTON were in West Nissouri twp., Middlesex Co.