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Lincoln Co., 1902


011137-02, (Lincoln Co), Jay Warner ABBOTT, 24, clerk, New York, New York, s/o Myron ABBOTT & Sarah CLARK, married Minnie J. JAMES, 25, nurse, Homer, Homer, d/o Robert JAMES & Demest? REED, wtn: Charles CONNELLY of St. Catherine & Helena JAMES of Homer, 25 June 1902, St George’s Church Homer

 011258-1902 (Lincoln Co.) Alexander ADAIR, 32, accountant, Hamilton, not given, s/o James ADAIR & Margaret ERSKINE, married Isabel D. MARQUIS, 33, St. Catharines, same, d/o John A. MARQUIS & Ellen McCAUSLAND, witn: John ADAIR of Hamilton & Jean E. MARQUIS of St. Catharines, 19 Jun 1902 at St. Catharines
011305-02 (Lincoln Co.) Edward Alexander ADAMS, 37, bookkeeper, St. Mary's, St. Catharines, s/o Alex ADAMS & Maria BRAZIER, married Katharine Maude MULVEY, 27, St. Catharines, same, d/o James MULVEY & Mary MACGUIRE, witn - W.G. CHASE & Ethel May MULVEY, both of St. Catharines, 26 November 1902 at St. Catharines

011113-02, (Lincoln Co), George John BAKER, 18, stone cutter, Thorold, Beamsville, s/o Michael BAKER & Elizabeth BIVUS? married Lillie SHEPHERD, 18, Clinton twp, Clinton twp, d/o Wellington SHEPHERD & Elizabeth FISHER, wtn: Robert WILCOX & Lena SHEPHERD both of Beamsville, 20 Aug 1902, Beamsville

  011253-1902 (Lincoln Co.) Archibald Wetherald BALES, 21, electrical worker, St. Betany?, St. Catharines, s/o James BALES & Charlotte LAMBERT, married Larissa CARROLL, 20, St. Catharines, same, d/o Benjamin CARROLL & Lillie TANSLEY, witn: Mrs. Lillie CARROLL & Archibald B. CARROLL, both of St. Catharines, 6 May 1902 at St. Catharines

01110-02, (Lincoln Co), Charles BALL, 28, labourer, England, Grimsby?, s/o William BALL & not known, married Ellanor Martha GRASLEY, 25, Clinton twp, Clinton twp, d/o Thomas GRASLEY & Alice WOOD, wtn: Alfred FRALEIGH & Lulu LESHER both of Grimsby, 30 Apr 1902, Clinton twp

#011159-02 (Lincoln Co): Elmer James BIGGAR, 40, farmer, N. Grimsby, same, s/o Jacob BIGGAR & Rachel PETTIT, married Jessie BLAIN, 28, Oneida twp., N. Grimsby, d/o William BLAIN & Mary Ann HAINES, witn: James ALLAN of Winona & Mary R. BLAIN of N. Grimsby, 1 Jan 1902 at N. Grimsby

011130-02, (Lincoln Co), William Ephraim BOBIER, 25, Elgin Co, farmer, Moosomin Assiniboia NWT, s/o Thomas BOBIER & Sarah JESSOP, married Maggie RAILTON, 28, school teacher, Walpool (Walpole) twp., Moosomin Assiniboia, d/o Richard RAILTON & Sarah Ann STEEL, wtn A. Lorne BOUCK of Ridgeville & Ada W. LEWIS of Bartonville, 24 Dec 1902, Smithville


011114-02, (Lincoln Co), John Alva BOOK, 26, farmer, South Grimsby, Grimsby, s/o John Albert BOOK & Eliza KEMP, married Addie Ednie GROBB, 23, Clinton twp, Clinton twp, d/o William GROBB & Elizabeth JAMES, wtn: Frank DUSHANE of Smithville & Carrie GROBB of Beamsville, 10 Sep 1902, Clinton twp

#011174-02 (Lincoln Co): Clark BOOK, 61, widower, farmer, Clinton twp., same, s/o Henry BOOK & Mary McPHERSON, married Salve ANGELE, 43, Wainfleet twp., same, d/o Abram ANGELE & Margaret ROBERTSON, witn: William B. ADAMS & Mrs. Chas. MARSHALL, both of Smithville, 18 Aug 1902 at Smithville
#011179-02 (Lincoln Co): James William BOUCK, 25, farmer, Gainsboro twp., same, s/o James A. BOUCK & Priscilla ROBBINS, married Clara Eva ROBBINS, 19, Gainsboro, same, d/o George ROBBINS & Martha LAMBERT, witn: Clara Mary BOUCK of Gainsboro, 29 Dec 1902 at Smithville #011153-02 (Lincoln Co): James Henry BRANTON, 27, conductor, Binbrook, Hamilton, s/o Thomas BRANTON & Elizabeth BRAUND, married Laura Belle FARRELL, 29, St. Catharines, Grimsby, d/o W.H. FARRELL & Martha HENRY, witn: Albert E. BRANTON of Chicago USA & Luella Bella KIDD of Grimsby, 22 Oct 1902 at Grimsby
011251-1902 (Lincoln Co.) William Henry BRAY, 24, buffer, England, Toronto, s/o Richard Joseph BRAY & Mary GREENWOOD, married Mary Ann CROWE, 18, St. Catharines, same, d/o William John CROWE & Anna SPENCER, witn: Joseph CROWE & Ethel JOHNSON, both of St. Catharines, 23 May 1902 at St. Catharines  
#011160-02 (Lincoln Co): William Robertson BUDGE, 27, merchant, N. Grimsby, Saltfleet, s/o Samuel BUDGE & Margaret FOUBISTER, married Mabel Florence BOWSLAUGH, 23, Grimsby Park, N. Grimsby, d/o Edward E. BOWSLAUGH & Mary SOUTHWARD, witn: John Jacob BOWSLAUGH of N. Grimsby & Minnie Margaret HAIR of Jarvis, 15 Jan 1902 at N. Grimsby 011260-1902 (Lincoln Co.) Joshua Franklin BURTCH, 21, butcher, St. Catharines, same, s/o Joshua BURTCH & Elizabeth HAYNES, married Caroline Blanch FALLS, 24, Collingwood, St. Catharines, d/o Alexander FALLS & Eliza TOTTEN, witn: Fred BOWMAN & Sara STEVES, both of St. Catharines, 25 Jun 1902 at St. Catharines.
011261-1902 (Lincoln Co.) James Henry CAMPBELL, 30, barrister, St. Catharines, same, s/o William CAMPBELL & Margaret MOFFAT, married Diana ARMSTRONG, 26, Ireland, St. Catharines, d/o Samuel ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: W. C. LOGAN of St. Catharines & Lana CAMPBELL of Brampton, 21 Jun 1902 at St. Catharines

011112-02, (Lincoln Co), Ellwood W. COMFORT, 23, school teacher, Tintern, Gainsboro, s/o Nathan COMFORT & Marilda BOOK, married Lettie M. MOYER, 21, nurse, Jordan, Vineland, d/o Allen G. MOYER & Diana RITTENHOUSE, wtn: Joseph ALBRIGHT & Elsie MOYER both of Vineland, 20 Jul 1902, Vineland

  #011157-02 (Lincoln Co): Louis COREY, 22, fisherman, Burlington Beach, Jordan Harbour, s/o Mortimer COREY & Sarah ARTHUR, married Margaret MILLBURN, 21, N. Glanford, Stoney Creek, d/o George MILLBURN & Jane RIDLEY, witn: Ann Jane NIXON & Emma HOLLINRAKE , both of Grimsby, 29 Nov 1902 at Grimsby
#011165-02 (Lincoln Co): David J. CRICHTON, 27, stenographer, Jarvis, Buffalo NY, s/o James D. CRICHTON & Matilda P. PHILIPS, married Florence P. LEE, 26, Bertie twp., Bridgeburg, d/o Brock LEE & Elizabeth illegible, witn: Fred (or Jared) EASTMAN & Nellie MARTIN, both of Smithville, 1 Jan 1902 at Smithville 011254-1902 (Lincoln Co.) Henry Jensen CUDNEY, 20, tinsmith, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Richard CUDNEY & Catherine STURGES, married May E. ROAD, 19, Buffalo NY, same d/o Albert E. ROAD & Elizabeth FITZGERALD, witn: Roy CUDNEY of Buffalo, 30 May 1902 at St. Catharines
#011167-02 (Lincoln Co): Asahel DAVIS, 23, farmer, Barton, Gainsboro, s/o Herbert Henry DAVIS & Isabella GOWLAND, married Annie Ethel GROFF, 21, Beamsville, Gainsboro, d/o Davis Samuel GROFF & Martha WALTERS, witn: Jane & Melvin R. TYNDALL of Smithville, 12 Feb 1902 at Smithville 011256-1902 (Lincoln Co.) William DOTY, 31, laborer, not given, Niagara Falls NY, s/o William DOTY & Emeline PARKER, married Rose LAINE, 19, not given, Rochester NY, d/o Albert E. LAINE & SHANLEY, witn: Mrs. Alex RAMSEY & Mary CRAWFORD, both of St. Catharines, 3 Jun 1902 at St. Catharines.

011129-02, (Lincoln Co), Delmer ECKER, 23, yeoman, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, s/o Peter ECKER & Lodema GEE, married Minnie May ROBINS, 19, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, d/o Charles ROBINS & Alice EARLY, wtn: Mary Ann AMY & Nellie Lavina SELDON both of Wellandport, 24 Sep 1902, Wellandport

011126-02, (Lincoln Co), Robert Bruce EMERICK, 54, widower, farmer, Walsingham, Townsend Norfolk, s/o Ephraim EMERICK & Louisa TREDWELL, married Isabella McPHERSON, 48, widow, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, d/o Edmund VAUGHAN & Mary PUTMAN, wtn: Delmer VAUGHAN & Nettie McPHERSON both of Gainsboro, 1 Oct 1902, Gainsboro, Attercliff

011313-02 (Lincoln Co.) James Henry ETHERINGTON, 26, loom fixer, England, St. Catharines, s/o James H. ETHERINGTON & Elizabeth WROWE, married Sibyl SINCLAIR, 20, Bowmanville, St. Catharines, d/o John SINCLAIR & Marion TORRANCE, witn - Alfred WROE & Mary DAVIS, both of St. Catharines, 31 December 1902 at St. Catharines

011140-02, (Lincoln Co), John EVANS, 28, accountant, Merritton, St. Catherine, s/o Francis EVANS & Charlotte McCALLUM, married Nettie BARNES, 22, Grantham Twp, Grantham Twp, d/o George BARNES & Sarah GREGORY, wtn: Frank G. EVANS of Buffalo NY & Bessie BARNES of Grantham twp, 27 Nov 1902, Grantham

01108-02, (Lincoln Co), Timothy Israel FARRELL, 23, blacksmith, Campden, Grimsby, s/o Timothy J. FARRELL & Elizabeth FARRELL, married Matilda KENNEDY, 34, Smithville, Smithville, d/o Philander KENNEDY & Deborah KENNEDY, wtn: Mrs. R. CRUMB & Mrs. W. J. YAGER, both of Campden, 2 Jan 1902, Campden

01109-02, (Lincoln Co), Arthur FELKER, 21., farmer, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, s/o George FELKER & Clarisa CULP, married Maud McILROY, 18, Clinton twp, Clinton twp, d/o Thomas McILROY & Shirly PALMER, wtn: Mr & Mrs Thomas McILROY both of Clinton twp, 24 April 1902, Clinton twp

011257-1902 (Lincoln Co.) Edward FLUMMERFELT, 38, marine engineer, St. Catharines, same, s/o Joseph FLUMMERFELT & Margaret SMITH, married Jennie ROBERTSON, 32, Scotland, St. Catharines, d/o George ROBERTSON & Isabel STEVENS, witn: Alice & Roy CHRISTIE, both of St. Catharines, 14 Jun 1902 at St. Catharines

011128-02, (Lincoln Co), John GLADWIN, 33, carpenter, Louth twp, Fenwick, s/o Samuel GLADWIN & Frances McCOMB, married Emma Victoria HANEY, 40, Pelham, Gainsboro, d/o Leonard HANEY & Marjory SCOTT, wtn: Franklin BLANCHARD & Sarah BLANCHARD both of Gainsboro, 10 Sep 1902, Wellandport

011306-02 (Lincoln Co.) Edward GOODLIFF, 35, laborer, widower, New York State, St. Catharines, s/o Charles & Clara, married Lilly GENERECKON, 27, Durham Co., St. Catharines, d/o William G. & Jennie, witn - Charles GOODLIFF & Ethel BENNETT, both of St. Catharines, 26 November 1902 at St. Catharines #011184-02 (Lincoln Co): John GREB, 30, farmer, St---, --mont twp., s/o Michael GREB & Mary MERBEN?, married Anna ATTERBEIN, 22, evangelist, Bright, Berlin, d/o Mener? ATTERBEIN & Christina ZINN, witn: Arthur & Emma TUFFORD of Jordan, 12 Jan 1902 at Louth
011255-1902 (Lincoln Co.) George GREEN, 24, printer, England, Niagara Falls, s/o Thomas GREEN & Phoebe GARDINER, married Ettie Jane BARGE, 28, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Harry BARGE & Sarah Jane CANNON, witn: Phoebe GREEN & Sarah Jane BARGE, both of Niagara Falls, 4 Jun 1902 at St. Catharines #011168-02 (Lincoln Co): William S. GRIFFIN, 42, farmer, Gainsboro, South Grimsby, s/o George Erastus GRIFFIN & Maria Lucinda DAVIS, married Emma NESS, 32, Smithville, same, d/o Horatio Nelson NESS & Jane ALCOCK, witn: H.N. NESS & Ellen GRIFFIN, both of Smithville, 12 Feb 1902 at Smithville
#011150-02 (Lincoln Co): William Henry GROCE, 22, fruit grower, Grimsby, same, s/o James GROCE & Sarah J. TERRYBERRY, married Catherine FALCONBRIDGE, 19, Ridgeway, Grimsby, d/o Pelham FALCONBRIDGE & Gertrude APPLETON, witn: A.B. FALCONBRIDGE of Aberfoyle, & Dorothy FALCONBRIDGE of Grimsby, 19 Aug 1902 at Grimsby 011312-02 (Lincoln Co.) John Thomas HITES, 26, fireman, United States, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph HITES & Susan KENN, married Hazel BETTS, 18, St. Catharines, same, d/o James BETTS & Jennie DUNCAN, witn - Shirley BETTS & Mary SCHINK, both of St. Catharines, 24 December 1902 at St. Catharines
 011259-1902 (Lincoln Co.) George Edward HOARE, 23, paper maker, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o William HOARE & Jane DYER, married Effie Fay DUFF, 23, USA, St. Catharines, d/o Samuel G, DUFF & Caroline PERKINS, witn: Lizzie KER of St. Catharines, 23 Jun 1902 at St. Catharines. 011136-02, (Lincoln Co), George HODGKINSON, 29, rubber worker, Lincoln Co., Pt. Dalhousie, s/o William HODGKINSON & Eliza MANLEY, married Regina CARR, 23, Pt. Dalhousie, Pt. Dalhousie, wtn: John WHITTEN & M. A. MOLONEY both of Homer, 1 July 1902, Grantham Rectory, Homer,   RC

011127-02, (Lincoln Co), George Carter HOLMES, 25, farmer, Blenheim, Blenheim, s/o Charles HOLMES & Annie CARTER, married Princess Louise BOOK, 23, Silverdale, Silverdale, d/o George BOOK & Lois SNYDER, wtn: Marquis Lorn BOOK of Silverdale & Bertha May HOOVER of Green River, 16 Oct 1902, Silverdale

011119-02, (Lincoln Co), Thomas A. HORTON, 20, machinist, Gainsboro twp, Niagara Falls, s/o Frederick L. HORTON & Nancy ECKER, married Mary M. PIPER, 27, Gainsboro twp, Gainsboro twp, d/o Ezra PIPER & Annie HYMON (Trumm?), wtn: Charles PIPER of Bismark & Mary PIPER of Canfield, 12 May 1902, Gainsboro

  011139-02, (Lincoln Co), William J. HUTCHINSON, 23, laborer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William HUTCHINSON & Jane LITTLE, married Louie BELL, 21, Merritton, St. Davids, d/o Joseph BELL & Margaret BRADLEY, wtn: Thomas W. WILSON of Homer & Daisy McKEACHIE of St. Catherine, 24 Sep 1902, Homer,  res. of T. W. Wilson
#011171-02 (Lincoln Co): George JACOBS, 32, farmer, Blackheath, South Grimsby, s/o David H. JACOBS & Annie GRASSIE, married Myrtle May ROSS, 25, South Grimsby, same, d/o James ROSS & Margaret Olive L--DER, witn: Elmer HELDRITH of Wentworth Co. & Margaret Alice JACOBS of South Grimsby, 28 May 1902 at Smithville #011163-02 (Lincoln Co): Franklin Bennett JOHNSON, 32, farmer, N. Grimsby, same, s/o Thomas JOHNSON & Annie BENNETT, married Lillie SMITH, 24, N. Grimsby, same, d/o James SMITH & Elizabeth GUNN, witn: James & Mrs. James SMITH of N. Grimsby, 5 June 1902 at N. Grimsby

011121-02, (Lincoln Co), Frederick C. JONES, 31, veterinary surgeon, Staffordshire England, Pelham twp, s/o John JONES & Carolina WEAVER, married Sarah Ann BARWELL, 18, Wainfleet, Wainfleet twp, d/o John BARWELL & Martha PYRATT, wtn: Thomas BARWELL of Wainfleet & Elm M. SWAYZE Attercliffe, 14 May 1902, Wellandport

01111-02, (Lincoln Co), Sylvester KRATZ, 31, farmer, Vineland, Jordan Station, s/o Isaac KRATZ & Annie MAYER, married Catherine A. HOUSER, 32, Campden., Campden, d/o Tillman M. HOUSER & Agnes WINGROVE, wtn: Alpheus T. FRY of Clinton twp & Laura A. HOUSER of Campden, 15 May 1902, Clinton twp at res. of bride's parents

  011117-02, (Lincoln Co), Frank Adolphus LANE, 19, farmer, Silverdale, Silverdale, s/o Elijah LANE & Minerva WAITE, married Lillie Margaret MOOT, 19, Rosedene, Rosedene, d/o Benjamin MOOT & Cordelia HOFFMAN, wtn: William Austin LANE of Silverdale & Ethel May PIPER of Rosedene, 26 Feb 1902, Rosedene

011124-02, (Lincoln Co), Adam Clark LANE, 19, yeoman, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, s/o Clark LANE & Lawinda DILTS, married Nora SMITH, 18, Tintern, Tintern, d/o John Charles SMITH & Hannah PAGE, wtn: Addison Becket PAGE of Pelham & Estella Beatrice SINGER of Thorold, 24 Sep 1902, Wellandport

011123-02, (Lincoln Co), William Austin LANE, 22, farmer, Silverdale Sta., Silverdale Sta., s/o Elijhah LANE & Minerva WHITE, married Ethel May PIPER, 18, Silverdale, Silverdale Sta., d/o Samuel PIPER & Florence WILCOX, wtn: Edward Clark PIPER of Silverdale & Belle SMITH of Smithville, 13 Aug 1902, Silverdale Sta.

011125-02, (Lincoln Co), Wesley LUNDY, 24, farmer, Pine Orchard, Pine Orchard, s/o Frank LUNDY & Phoebe Anna LEHMAN, married Ida Maud KEFFER, 21, Stouffville, Rosedene, d/o Samuel KEFFER & Annie LAKE, wtn: L. J. KEFFER of Rosedene & Hulda E. LUNDY of Pine Orchard, 1 Oct 1902, Rosedene

011310-02 (Lincoln Co.) Martin Thomas LYNCH, 39, hotel keeper, widower, Niagara Falls NY, same, s/o Matthew LYNCH & Bridget CALLAHAN, married Leona V. WARD, 23, widow, France, Niagara Falls NY, d/o Julius GRAYNER & Francis WOODROOFE, witn - Ben WIDDICOMBE & Mary TROTTER, both of St. Catharines, 23 December 1902 at St. Catharines 011311-02 (Lincoln Co.) Donald MACKENZIE, 55, carpenter, widower, Louth Twp, St. Catharines, s/o William MACKENZIE & Jane MCDONALD, married Susie MACK, 48, widow, Cobourg, St. Catharines, d/o James HIBBARD & Susan HARRIS, witn - Rufus & Mabel WALKER, residence not given, 24 December 1902 at St. Catharines
011304-02 (Lincoln Co.) Michael MARTHINS, 28, porter, Italy, Buffalo, s/o Daniel & Theresa, married Agnes Louisa ROSSI, 19, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Pasquale ROSSI & Mary Caroline MERSA, witn - Michael PETERS of Buffalo & Katie ROSSI of St. Catharines, 12 November 1902 at St. Catharines 011309-02 (Lincoln Co.) John B. MCCORMICK, 37, pilot, widower, Scotland, Buffalo, s/o John MCCORMICK & Sarah CALDWELL, married Cecelia MULLEN, 32, widow, United States, Buffalo, d/o James MULLEN & Margaret MACGUIRE, witn - Lizzie & Ernest H.R. KER of St. Catharines, 23 December 1902 at St. Catharines

011116-02, (Lincoln Co), Fred Franklin McSIM, 33, upholsterer, Oxford Co, Toronto, s/o William Andrew McSIM & Phoebe Catherine FISHER, married Emma FELKER, 20, St Anns, St. Anns, d/o George Alfred FELKER & Elmira CULP, wtn: Arthur FELKER of St. Anns & Adah McSIM of Toronto, 19 Feb 1902, St Anns

#011178-02 (Lincoln Co): Leland Alanson MERRITT, 22, farmer, Caistor twp., South Grimsby, s/o Perrin MERRITT & Jane SECORD, married Bertha KATZENMEIR, 22, Waterloo Co., South Grimsby, d/o Charles KATZENMEIR & Fredericka SCHWEITZER, witn: Norman MERRITT & Lottie JOHNSTON, both of Caistor twp., 25 Dec 1902 at Smithville

011120-02, (Lincoln Co), Humphrey Benjamin MOOT, 24, harness maker, Gainsboro twp, Snow Lake MB, s/o Alfred MOOT & Elenor DOWDY, married Hannah Jane JOHNSON, 25, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, d/o Windle JOHNSON & Martha McQUEEN, wtn: Laverne JOHNSON of Buffalo & Bell JOHNSON of Gainsboro, 9 Apr 1902, Gainsboro twp

011252-1902 (Lincoln Co.) Maurice MORRIS, 25, merchant, Russia, St. Catharines, s/o Jacob MORRIS & Mary not given, married Tillie NADELL, 19, Russia, St. Catharines, d/o Rachmiel NADELL & Dora not given, witn: J. LEVY of Hamilton & S. JAFFE of Toronto, 26 May 1902 at St. Catharines. (Jewish)
011248-1902 (Lincoln Co.) George NESBITT, 19, delivery driver, St. Catharines, same, s/o George NESBITT & Sarah MILLWARD, married Mary Grace KINGWOOD, 20, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o unknown KINGWOOD & unknown, witn: William & Sarah COOK, both of St. Catharines, 19 May 1902 at St. Catharines #011152-02 (Lincoln Co): George PARKER, 39, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Cyrus Kelly PARKER & Mary DAVIS, married Mary Catherine LAVERY, 32, servant, Caistor, same, d/o Daniel LAVERY & Mary KELLY, witn: Andrew & Sarah Ann SWAYZE of Grimsby, 22 Sept 1902 at St. Josephs RC Church, Grimsby

011141-02, (Lincoln Co), James T. PEARCE, 28, fruit grower, Grantham, Grantham Twp, s/o James PEARCE & Mary McCOMB, married Fanny THOMAS, 20, Toronto, Grantham twp., d/o n/g, wtn: J. HUNTER of Merritton & Mary PEARCE of Grantham twp , 26 Nov 1902, Grantham

011307-02 (Lincoln Co.) Alfred PHILIPS, 26, plumber, Toronto, St. Catharines, s/o Francis PHILIPS & mother unknown, married Annie Edith PATTENDEN, 19, England, St. Catharines, d/o Albert PATTENDEN & Louisa WRIGHT, witn - Mrs. Robert KER of St. Catharines, 19 November 1902 at St. Catharines
#011158-02 (Lincoln Co): Loyal A.L. PIPER, 21, farmer, Canfield, same, s/o William PIPER & Alice SPENCE, married Maude SINGER, 20, S. Grimsby, Grimsby, d/o Eli SINGER & Caroline HOUGH, witn: M.M. SHAVER of Canfield & Maude WIDERSON (or Anderson) of Grimsby, 24 Dec 1902 at Grimsby #011151-02 (Lincoln Co): William PIPER, 22, brick maker, Canboro, Grimsby, s/o David PIPER & Sarah CROMWELL, married Agnes GROCE, 19, Grimsby, same, d/o James GROCE & Sarah J. TERRYBERRY, witn: Charles PIPER of Bismark & Hattie Belle GROCE of Grimsby, 19 Aug 1902 at Grimsby

011122-02, (Lincoln Co), John H. RICKER, 27, telegraph operator, Canboro twp, LaSalle NY, s/o Henry RICKER & Matilda ROSS, married Minnie M. HOGKINS, 19, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, d/o Nelson HODGKINS & Jessie SCHRAM, wtn: Jacob W. RICKER of Canboro & Clara E. LUNDY of Bismark 14 May 1902, Bismark

#011175-02 (Lincoln Co): Ranson Herbert ROBBINSON (s/b Robinson?),  29, laborer, South Grimsby, same, s/o Alonzo ROBBINSON & Mary Jane COOPER, married Annie BOLTON, 28, North Carolina, Hamilton, d/o Thomas BOLTON & Margaret Ann HOOD, witn: Benjamin WARNER of Rainham, 3 Sept 1902 at Smithville #011177-02 (Lincoln Co): John W. ROBERTS, 42, farmer, Smithville, same, s/o William A. ROBERTS &Helen WRONG, married Emily WREN, 32, tailoress, Moulton twp., Smithville, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: George GRIFFIN & Aggie DEAN, both of Smithvile, 23 Dec 1902 at Smithville

01107-02, (Lincoln Co), Harry Culp ROBINSON, 23, hotel keeper, Gainsboro, Beamsville, s/o Ernest ROBINSON & Elizabeth CULP, married Rolla B. TUFFORD, 22, Clinton twp, Clinton twp, d/o Walter TUFFORD & Maggie BEATTIE, wtn: Lloyd B. TUFFORD of Clinton twp & Lizzie BEAMER of Grimsby, 12 Mar 1902, Clinton twp

011138-02, (Lincoln Co), Jas. K. SANDHAM, 40, fruit grower, St. Catherine, Queenston, s/o James SANDHAM & Elizabeth ANDREW, married Jennie R. LAMPMAN, 30, Homer, Homer, d/o Thomas C. LAMPMAN & Helen T. STALL, Wtn: Thomas C. LAMPMAN & Ida LAMPMAN both of Homer, 25 June 1902, res. of bride

011115-02, (Lincoln Co), George E. SANN, 21, farmer, Clinton twp, Clinton twp, s/o Martin SANN & Eva HOFFMAN, married Martha A. RANSBERRY, 19, Clinton twp, Clinton twp, d/o Jessie RANSBERRY & Mary GRANT, wtn: Goldie TALLMAN & Irene WALKER both of Beamsville, 5 Nov 1902, Clinton twp.

011131-02, (Lincoln Co), Duncan SIMONS, 27, seaman, Marshville, Marshville, s/o Duncan SIMONS & Isabell, married Esther E. GRAHAM, 23, St. Catharines, Bismark, d/o Joseph &  Elizabeth GRAHAM, wtn: John W. KEELEY of Buffalo & Clara Etta LUNDY of Bismark, 24 Dec 1902 , Bismark, res. of Milton Lundy

#011154-02 (Lincoln Co): William SMITH, 30, fruit grower, Bisley England, Grimsby, s/o not known, married Rachel UPPER, 24, Grimsby, same, d/o Joseph UPPER & Emmaline MOSIER, witn: H.C. ANDERSON of Grimsby & Blanche COOK of Port Colborne, 22 Oct 1902 at Grimsby

011142-02, (Lincoln Co), George F. STAFF, 24, farmer, Louth Twp, Louth Twp, s/o Elisha STAFF & Phoebe E. DISHER, married Nellie E. HAYNES , 25, Louth Twp, Grantham Twp, d/o Kirby J. HAYNES & Theressa E. SECORD, wtn: William L. SHERK & Mabel STAFF both of St. Catherine, 30 Dec 1902, Grantham

#011170-02 (Lincoln Co): Daniel R. SWAYZE, 45, widower, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o William H. SWAYZE & Phoebe OVERHOLT, married Isabella SEAVER, 29, South Grimsby, same, d/o Enoch George SEAVER & Melinda Jane LAMPMAN, witn: Jennie E. TELFER & Bessie MORGAN, both of Smithville, 9 April 1902 at Smithville

011118-02, (Lincoln Co), George H. THOMAS, 21, farmer, Caistor, Caistor, s/o Calvin H. THOMAS, & Mary A. FULLER, married Laura B. LANE, 20, Rosedene, Gainsboro twp, d/o William H. LANE & Prudence A. SHAW, wtn: Eli C. LANE of Rosedene & Mary E. HESLER of Gainsboro twp, 19 Mar 1902, Gainsboro

#011173-02 (Lincoln Co): Israel Andrew TIPP, 24, farmer, South Grimsby, same, s/o Cyrus TIPP & Eliza Jane COMFORT, married Susan HOUSTED, 27, Port Dover, Hamilton City, d/o Peter HOUSTED & Ellen Louisa NURCH?, witn: Abraham & Eliza Jane HORTON, both of North Grimsby, 27 June 1902 at Smithville 011249-1902 (Lincoln Co.) Joseph VALLEE, 22, clerk, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o John B. VALLEE & Josephine BRUNET, married Anna LA BRECQUE, 19, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Pierre LA BRECQUE & Adelaide BUDEAUX, witn: Leonard LABERGE of Oka Quebec & Josephine BART of Stratford, 20 May 1902 at St. Catharines. (Rom Cath)
011250-1902 (Lincoln Co.) David VAN DUSEN, 22, clerk, ? NY, East Campbell NY, s/o Reuben VAN DUSEN & Lucinda MILLS, married Jessie HOWARD, 21, Buffalo NY, St. Catharines, d/o Leroy HOWARD & Clara JAMES, witn: Ethel L. ROWNTREE of Thorold & Daniel D. HOWARD of St. Catharines, 20 May 1902 at St. Catharines #011169-02 (Lincoln Co): Robert WADE, 27, farmer, Norfolk Co., Smithville, s/o Charles W. WADE & Annie FRANCIS, married Maud Elizabeth ELLIOTT, 26, Smithville, same, d/o Charles ELLIOTT & Louisa WOODLAN, witn: Calvin WARNER & Alberta ELLIOTT, both of Smithville, 20 Feb 1902 at Smithville
#01162-02 (Lincoln Co): Ernest DeLong WATKINS, 22, merchant, Hamilton, same, s/o Thomas W. WATKINS & Jennie DE LONG, married Mary Olivia NELLES, 21, N. Grimsby, same, d/o Walter H. NELLES & Sarah FORBES, witn: Reginald WATKINS of Hamilton & Helen MANSON of Toronto, 22 May 1902 at N. Grimsby #011156-02 (Lincoln Co): William WEBB, 27, farmer, Grassies Corner, same, s/o Michael WEBB & Julia Ann TERRYBERRY, married Mary CALLON, 30, Tottenham, Grimsby, d/o Peter CALLON & Kathleen BRENNAN, witn: Joseph WEBB of Grassies & Hannah CALLON of Tottenham, 26 Nov 1902 at Grimsby (Rom Cath)
#011172-02 (Lincoln Co): Albert Edward YOUNG, 27, book keeper, Orangeville, Toronto, s/o Robert YOUNG & Rebecca BAILEY, married Aggie Blanche LACEY, 26, Smithville, Toronto, d/o Alvin LACEY & Juila Theresa DEAN, witn: Lawder LACEY & Edera? HENDERSON, both of Seaforth, 7 June 1902 at Smithville 011308-02 (Lincoln Co.) Henry Charles YOUNGBLOOD, 20, farmer, Germany, Louth, s/o Henry YOUNGBLOOD & Catharine AISHENE, married Florence SMITH, 18, Canada, Louth, d/o Thomas SMITH & May PARNELL, witn - Lizzie KER of St. Catharines, 26 November 1902 at St. Catharines
#011176-02 (Lincoln Co): George Melvin ZIMMERMAN, 22, farmer, Clnton twp.,same, s/o Adam D. ZIMMERMAN & Lydia SNYDER, married Aida Evelyn MOOTE, 24, Gainsboro twp., same, d/o John MOOTE & Elnora GREGORY, 3 Dec 1902 at Smithville