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Leeds & Grenville County, 1858

FORMAT: birth place comes before residence

transcribed from microfilm MS248, reel 9, vol 27 & 28. Leeds & Grenville marriages from 1858 are found in 2 different volumes of registrations.



Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 1,  Returned by Rev G. SMITH, Eastons Corners

Miles McGUIGIN, 27, Wolford, Wolford, s/o Miles & Phoebe McGUIGIN; married Lorena CHURCH, 17, Wolford, Wolford, d/o Oliver & Rhoda CHURCH; witn Philander SMITH & Mary NEWEL, both Wolford, 2 Feb 1858

Delorma OLMSTED, 23, Wolford, Wolford, s/o Jabez & Hulda OLMSTED; married Harriet BUNDAGE (Brundage?), 18, Wolford, Wolford, d/o Abraham & Harriet BUNDAGE; witn Philander SMITH & Margaret POAPLES, both Wolford, 22 Jun 1858

Joseph EDWARDS, 23, Augusta, Wolford, s/o William & Frances EDWARDS; married Mary Ann BUMBRIDGE (Bainbridge?), 18, Elizabethtown, Wolford, d/o William & Elizabeth BUMBRIDGE; witn Francis WISKINE & Mar Any RYLAND, both Wolford, 4 Dec 1858

Francis B. WISKINE, 20, Wolford, Wolford, s/o Philip & Mary WISKINE; married Mary Ann RYLAND, 23, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Thomas & Margaret [RYLAND]; witn John EDWARDS & Mary Ann EDWARDS, both Wolford, 19 Dec 1858

Andrew RABB, 23, Kitley, Kitley, s/o David & Sharlott [RABB]; married Ann Jane WILLIS, 19, Kitley, Kitley, d/o William & Mary Ann [WILLIS]; witn Mathus WILTSON & Joshua LOCKERVAD, both Kitley, 12 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 1,  Returned by Rev Robert BOYD, DD, Prescott

Frederick SPOTSWOOD, 35, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o William SPOTSWOOD & no mother given; married Mary McMILL, Finch, Edwardsburg, d/o Duncan McMILLAN & no mother given; witn William PICKEN, Edwardsburg, 5 Jan 1858

William REID, 22, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o William SLOAN (sic) & no mother given; married Jane SLOAN, 20, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o John SLOAN & no mother given; witn William DILLAN, Prescott, 5 Jan 1858

Edward POUPORE, 40, Laprairie, Edwardsburgh, s/o Constant & Mary L. POUPORE; married Elizabeth BROWN, 23, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o James B & Mary BROWN; witn William H. FRASER, Edwardsburgh, 5 May 1858

John ROBERTSON, 34, Matilda, Matilda, s/o David & Dinah ROBERTSON; married Mary E. GLASGOW, 18, Prescott, Prescott, d/o Samuel & Mary E. GLASGOW; witn Henry SMITH, Matilda, 30 Jun 1858

Archibald McLISTER, 36, Co. Antrim Ireland, Whitby, s/o Daniel & Mary McLISTER; married Mary KILPATRICK, 20, C. Derry Ireland, Prescott, d/o Samuel & Jane KILPATRICK; witn John FERGUSON, Prescott, 2 Aug 1858

Rufus WATTS, 26, Wolford, Wolford, s/o John & Easter WATTS; married Julia A. NEWMAN, 21, Augusta, Augusta, d/o John & Maria NEWMAN; witn Thomas NEWMAN, Wolford, 19 Oct 1858

Mat G LOCKERBIE, __, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o James & Mary LOCKERBIE; married Sarah McGREGOR, 20, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Christopher & Mary A. McGREGOR; witn Robert McGREGOR, Prescott, 23 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 1,  Returned by David Creichton McDOWELL, Kemptville

George UTTMAN, 20, Mountain, Mountain, s/o no parents given; married Hariett VANCAMP, no age given, Mountain, Mountain, d/o John & Abigail VANCAMP; witn Cyril ? & Henriette ____H, both Mountain, 1 Jan 1858

Joseph SPOTSWOOD, 20, Kemptville, Kemptville, s/o George & Christiana, married Matilda McCAGER?, 15, South Gower, Kemptville, d/o Alexander & Matilda Jane; witn Moses CLARK, Osgoode, 16 Feb 1858

Cyril VANCAMP, 28, Mountain, Mountain, s/o John & Abigail [VANCAMP]; married Henrietta BUSH, 20, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Henry & Maria [BUSH]; witn Michael KEENAN, Kemptville & William H BUSH, Oxford, 23 Feb 1858

Robert PATTERSON, 23, Beckwith, Oxford, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth [PATTERSON]; married Margaret McARTHUR, 21, Oxford, Oxford, d/o William & Jane [McARTHUR]; witn Alex CAINS, Mountain & John PATTERSON, Oxford, 24 Feb 1858

William SUFFLE, 26, England, Mountain, s/o John & Rachel [SUFFLE]; married Catherine MACKLEY, 18, Williamsburgh, Mountain, d/o John G & Eve [MACKLEY]; witn Alex DAVISON, Marlborough & Charles DURANT, Mountain, 17 Mar 1858

Samuel CAIRNES, 20, Mountain, Mountain, s/o Alexander & Nancy CAIRNS; married Marinda FROME?, 27, South Gower, South Gower, d/o John & Philamin [FROME]; witn Mary BROWN & Nicholas SHAVER, both Mountain, 18 Mar 1858

Abraham WINEGUARD, 20, Mountain, Mountain, s/o no parents given; married Lavina MILL, 16, Mountain, Mountain, d/o no parents given; witn Margaret KYLE, South Gower, James E MILL & Reuben VANCAMP, both Mountain, 19 Feb 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 2,  Returned by Rev David Creichton McDOWELL, Kemptville

John T. BROWN, 31, Matilda, Matilda, s/o David & Jane; married Jane MOSES, 20, South Gower, South Gower, d/o William & Hannah; witn Peter CUMMINGS, South Gower, 13 Apr 1858

Robert CHRISTIE, 27, South Gower, South Gower, s/o Archibald & Mary; married Elizabeth STEWART, 27, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Francis & Eve; witn Margaret ROBERTSON, Edwardsburgh & Thomas WILSON, Mountain, 7 Apr 1858

Joseph F. BEACH, 24, South Gower, Westmeath, s/o David & Sarah; married Ann SHEACH, 17, South Gower, South Gower, d/o David & Elizabeth; witn Eliza SHEACH & Sanford H. BEACH, both South Gower, 19 Apr 1858

Henry MOORHOUSE, 31, Beckwith, Mountain, s/o Thomas & Sarah; married Margaret VANCAMP, 20, Mountain, Mountain, d/o John & Abigail; witn John VANCAMP & Reuben VANCAMP, both Mountain, 4 May 1858

Reuben POOLE, 27, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Abel & Urilla; married Jennetta THOMPSON, 18, Oxford, Oxford, d/o John & Jane; witn William BOLTON & Abel POOLE, both Oxford, 27 Jul 1858

James H. TAVIS, 23, Matilda, Inkerman, s/o William & Nancy; married Emily J. JOHNSTONE, 15, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Thomas & Nancy; witn Mary JORDON, Matilda & Joseph JENKINS, Smith Falls, 11 Aug 1858

Duncan C. HUNTER, 25, Oxford, Oxford, s/o David & Mary; married Mary DUNLOP, 19, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o John & Sarah; witn Eliza A DUNLOP, Edwardsburgh & Nelson SHAVER, Oxford, 26 Aug 1858

John SULLIVAN, 22, Williamsburgh, Mountain, s/o Edward & Susan [SULLIVAN]; married Maria KILLOUGH, 19, Mountain, Inkerman, d/o Henry & Maria [KILLOUGH]; witn Charlie DURANT & Mary KILLOUGH, both Mountain, 16 Sept 1858

Reuben VANCAMP, 22, Mountain, Mountain, s/o John & Abigail [VANCAMP]; married Mary BROWN, 20, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Robert & Sarah [BROWN]; witn Ida Jane WEST & John VANCAMP, both Mountain, 29 Sept 1858

Harvey JOHNSTONE, 20, Mountain, Mountain, s/o Thomas & Nancy; married Sarah A JENKINS, 24, Oxford, Mountain, d/o Thomas & Sarah; witn Jane JOHNSTONE & John MILLER, both Mountain, 13 Oct 1858

Erastus H FROOME, 25, South Gower, South Gower, s/o John & Philania; married Matilda KNAPP, 21, Augusta, Mountain, d/o Amos & Sophia; witn Philania FROOME & John VANCAMP, both Mountain, 20 Oct 1858

Henry MARCELL, 24, Oxford, Winchester, s/o Andrew & Ellenor; married Hannah WALKER, 24, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Thomas & Hariett; witn Jane MALLORY, Mountain, Mountain & A.J. LAFLAMME, Winchester, 3 Nov 1858

George POWERS, 21, Canton US, Wolford, s/o Sidney & Ursulia; married Mary ROBINSON, 22, Bastard, Wolford, d/o Robert & Jane; witn Mary A. GRAHAM & John DORINA, both Wolford, 19 Mar 1858

John MILLER, 20, Matilda, Inkerman, s/o James & Mary Ann; married Mary Jane JENKINS, 19, Wolford, Mountain, d/o Thomas & Sarah; witn Margaret JORDON, Matilda & John F JENKINS, Smith Falls, 23 Dec 1858

Thomas H. JENKINS, 27, Wolford, Mountain, s/o Thomas & Sarah; married Mary Ann JOHNSTONE, 17, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Thomas & Nancy; witn Mary VANCAMP, Mountain & John F. JENKINS, Smith Falls, 23 Dec 1858

John McDONALD, 24, Cornwall, Kemptville, s/o John & Margaret; married Jane McKAY, 23, Antrim Ireland, Oxford, d/o Ralph & Ann; witn Alonzo HURD, Kemptville & Margaret MOFFATT, Oxford, 23 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 2,  Returned by Thomas Alexander PARNELL, United Church of England & Ireland

Henry GRIER, 40, Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o no parents given; married Ann ELLIOTT, 23, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, d/o no parents given; witn James JOHNSTON & Margaret NEWBORN, both Burrett’s Rapids, 1 Jan 1858

John EARL, 28, Co. Wexford Ireland, Wolford, s/o Edward & Nancy; married Eliza HARE, 25, Wolford, Wolford, d/o William & Ann; witn James McKIN? & Sarah BARKER, both Wolford, 21 Jan 1858

George WILLOUGHBY, 24, Montague, Montague, s/o John & Dora; married Eliza WILLOUGHBY, 24, Co Carlow Ireland, Montague, d/o Charles & Catherine; witn Thomas WILLOUGHBY & Margaret BOYLE, both Montague, 4 Feb 1858

John BALANCE, 26, Co Wicklow Ireland, Marlborough, s/o William & Jane; married Rosanna SPARKS, 32, Co Wicklow Ireland, Port Hope, d/o John & Mary; witn Richard BALANCE & Mary BALANCE, both Marlborough, 4 Feb 1858

Robert CONNER, 24, Kitley, Kitley, s/o William & Eleanor; married Mary Jane MORRISON, 20, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Alexander & Mary; witn Francis GOFF & Amelia Maria BRENNAN, both Kitley, 3 Mar 1858

Thomas PHILIPS, 23, Co Fermanagh Ireland, Wolford, s/o Christopher & Ann; married Elizabeth SCOTT, 19, Bathurst, Kitley, d/o Richard & Ruth; witn Thomas SCOTT & Catherine CREIGHTON, both Wolford, 22 Sept 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 3,  Returned by Rev David Creichton McDOWELL, Kemptville

Ambryse LOGAN, 26, Elizabethtown, Kitley, s/o James & Rachael; married Nancy KENNEDY, 18, Kitley, Kitley, d/o William & Esther; witn James FRONTENAC? & Jane Lucretia? PEPPER, both Kitley, 23 Sept 1858

John WILLOUGHBY, 24, Co Kilkenny Ireland, Montague, s/o Charles & Catherine; married Mary LANG, 22, Co Fermanagh Ireland, Wolford, d/o James & Jane ; witn Robert WILLOUGHBY & Eliza LANG, both Montague, 23 Sept 1858

James EGLY, 23, Elizabethtown, Merrickville, s/o Thomas & Priscilla; married Eliza STUART, 20, Cornwall, Merrickville, d/o John & Elizabeth; witn Mark GARRETT & Barbary HOLISTON, both Merrickville, 10 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 3, Returned by Rev R. LEWIS & Rev Jas HARRIS, Church of England & Ireland

Duncan CAMERON, no age given, no birth place given, Oxford, s/o no parents given, married Elisa THOMPSON, no age given, no birth place given, Oxford, d/o no parents given; witn Thomas MURPHY Oxford & Eliza LEWIS, Kemptville, 7 Jan 1858

George CLARK, no age given, no birth place given, Marlborough, s/o no parents given; married Mary PETTEPEAS (Pettipiece?), no age given, no birth place given, Marlborough, d/o no parents given; witn A. PETTEPEAS & Jane PETTEPEAS both Marlborough, 14 Jan 1858

Thomas HICKS, 20, Ireland, Marlborough, s/o John & E. HICKS; married M.A. HAMEL or HARNET, 17, Ireland, Marlborough, d/o Samuel & Frances HAMEL or HARNET; witn Samuel HAMEL or HARNET & Thomas WIGGINS, both Marlborough, 16 Feb 1858

Adam CLARK, 23, Oxford, Oxford, s/o N & M. CLARK; married L. STEWARD, 22, Oxford, Oxford, d/o J & B STEWARD; witn M. ELLIS & M. McGOVERN, both Oxford, 25 Feb 1858

Simon WOOD, 23, Oxford, Oxford, s/o M & B WOOD; married E. MADDEN, 20, Ireland, Kemptville, d/o J & A MADDEN; witn E STOREY & William WOODS, both Kemptville, 20 May 1858

Robert BENNETT, 23, Welland, South Gower, so S & J BENNETT; married Mary PAINE, no age given, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o T & E PAINE; witn William GORE & Eliza JACKSON, no place given, 14 Oct 1859 (1858?)


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 3,  Returned by Rev Edward William BEAVEN, Minister Church of England, Prescott

John SHWARTS, 26, Ogdensburgh US, Chicago US, s/o Hamilton & Ann SHWART; married Wealthy A WINSLOW, 19, Nicholville NY, Prescott, d/o Jehia & not given WINSLOW; witn Fanny SHIELDS & Samuel D LALEN, both Prescott, 1 Jan 1858

James SMITH, 23, Augusta, Matilda, s/o Robert & Jane SMITH; married Margaret McMILLAN, 22, Antrim Co Ireland, Prescott, d/o Patrick & Ann McMILLAN; witn John SMITH & Mary Jane McMILLAN, no place given, 25 Mar 1858

Joseph MORGAN, 28, Queens Co Ireland, Prescott, s/o Henry & Emily MORGAN; married Louisa WARD, 19, Cornwall, Prescott, d/o John & Jane WARD; witn John FANNIN & Alfred WARD, no place given, 26 May 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 3,  Returned by D. MONTGOMERY, Minister, South Gower

Robert COUGHEY, 22, Mountain, Mountain, d/o William COUGHEY & Margaret ORR; married Margaret MUNRO, 20, Prescott, Osgoode, d/o William MUNRO & Grace Ann MADDEN; witn Will COUGHEY, Mountain, 26 Aug 1858

Andrew ADAMS, 28, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Andrew ADAMS & Catherine WRIGHT; married Jane GRAY, 23, South Gower, South Gower, d/o John GRAY & Nancy CUNNING or CUMMING; witn Joseph ADAMS, South Gower, 22 Sept 1858

Samuel G. BLOW, 23, Armagh Ireland, Mountain, s/o William BLOW & Mary HUTCHISON; married Mary CLELAND, 24, Mountain, Mountain, d/o William CLELAND & Elizabeth McMILLAN; witn James BEGGS, Mountain, 14 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 4,  Returned by Rev William PRICE, Wesleyan Methodist Church

James PERRY, 27, Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o John & Jane PERRY; married Letticia REANY, 24, no place given, Johnstown, d/o Mrs REANY; witn Robert WOOD & E.H. HAWLY, both Prescott, 24 Jun 1858

Thomas GREEN, 28, none given, Edwardsburg, s/o Edward & Mrs GREEN; married Caroline TUCKER, 26, Kemptville, Kemptville, d/o William & Mrs TUCKER; witn John STITT & James STITT, both Prescott, 23 Sept 1858

Samuel DANIELS, 26, Matilda, Prescott, s/o Mr & Mrs DANIEL; married Mary A. HEADLAW, 22, Prescott, Edwardsburg, d/o Robert & Mrs HEADLAW; witn Jane DANIELS, Edwardsburg & David WHITE, Prescott, 27 Sept 1858

Moses FOSTER, 24, England, Matilda, s/o Mr & Mrs FOSTER; married Rachel COOK, 18, Matilda, Matilda, d/o no parents given; witn George BOOSTON & Joseph COOK, both Matilda, 19 Oct 1858

Edward SMITH, 20, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, s/o Thomas & Mrs SMITH; married Jemsoh AKIN, 22, United States, Edwardsburg, d/o D & C AKIN; witn James WHITE & L.H. TACKEM, both Edwardsburg, 7 Oct 1858

Peter B. OWENS, 22, Thorold, Thorold, s/o dead; married Willimena M. GUN, 20, Prescott, Prescott, d/o dead & Mag GUN; witn C.? COATES & J HILLYARD, both Prescott, 18 Oct 1858

William PETERS, 21, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, s/o no parents given; married Eliza DUCLOW, 16, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, d/o Mr & Mrs DUCLOW; witn Thomas RAYCROFT & Sarah PETERS, both Edwardsburg, 14 Mar 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 4,  Returned by Rev Richard LEWIS, Church of England

Edward Cutter BROADHEAD, 27, Boston Mass, Boston Mass, s/o Daniel Dodger & Amenia BROADHEAD; married Isabella Elmira HOOKER, 26, Prescott, Prescott, d/o Alfred & Elvira W HOOKER; witn James PATTON & Martha M. PATTON, both Barrie & Ann C. PATTON, Prescott, 14 Jul 1858

Sidney Ford JONES, 25, Brockville, Montreal, s/o Sidney & Susan JONES: married Sophia Maria HERVEY, no age given, Ottawa, Maitland, d/o Robert & Maria HERVEY; witn H.C. JONES & J.J. BOGERT, both Brockville, 6 Sept 1858

Robert Mills MILLIGAN, 23, Ireland, Matilda, s/o Robert & Jane MULLIGAN; married Hannah MURDOCK, no age given, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, d/o George & Margaret MURDOCK; witn George MURDOCK & W. J. SMITH, Edwardsburgh, 2 Sept 1858

John FORGIE, 50, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Gilbert & Martha FORGIE; married Hellen O’CONNER, 35, Beverly, Ottawa, d/o John & Mary O’CONNER; witn Henry SHAW, Prescott & James SHAW, Smith Falls, 17 Mar 1858

William VAUGHAN, 28, England, Prescott, d/o Charles & Eleanor VAUGHAN; married Harriet POPPLE, 20, England, Prescott, d/o William & Harriet POPPLE; witn Thomas GREY & Mrs GREY, both Prescott, 14 Dec 1858

Daniel BOWER, 21, Matilda, Mountain, s/o Peter & Margaret BOWER; married Mary Ann BRIGHLAND, 20, Matilda, Matilda, d/o George & Mary BRIGHLAND; witn Peter BOWEN, Mountain & John BRIGHLAND, Matilda, 29 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 5,  Returned by Rev Richard LEWIS, Church of England

Samuel DUNLOP, 28, Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o does not know; married Mary SCOTT, 30, no birth place given, Oxford, d/o Does not know; witn Abraham WILSON & Sam DUNLOP, Edwardsburg, 27 Sept 1858

George TURNER, 40, Ireland, Wolford, s/o none given; married Elisa GAMER, 31, none given, Wolford, d/o none given; witn Elijah TURNER & George GAMER, both Wolford, 16 Nov 1858

William SCOT (s/b Scott?)50, Ireland, Wolford, s/o none given; married Sarah ROCKEY, 21, not given, Wolford, d/o none given; witn William EDWARDS & Sam EDWARDS, both Wolford, 5 Oct 1858

John MEALY, 22, Ireland, Oxford, s/o none given; married Jane MENEALY, 18, no place given, Oxford, d/o none given; witn Hugh QUINN & John MANEALY, both Oxford, 20 Dec 1858

John CORR (Carr?), 25, Ireland, North Augusta, s/o none given; married Dorothy TIMLICK, 19, no place given, Elizabethtown, d/o none given; witn William TIMLICK & Jane BERRY, both Elizabethtown, 8 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 5,  Returned by D & W AYLSWORTH, Methodist Episcopal Church

Aron CLEXBY, 20, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, s/o William & Lucretia CLEXBY; married Mary Ann KIRKBY, 24, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Richard & Mary KIRKBY; witn James ORR, Elizabethtown & Mary Ann FINLY, Augusta, 24 Mar 1858 (NOTE: The above persons were married by Rev J.D. BELL, Minister of M.E. Church in Canada & my predecessor on Augusta circuit)

William WHITMAN, 23, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Solomon WHITMAN & dead; married Lernah Ann BASS, 21, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Samuel BASS & dead; witn Robert GAMBLE & Martha M. BASS, both Edwardsburgh, 8 Dec 1858

Erastus YOUNG, 20, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Joseph YOUNG & Mary JACKSON; married Loriana HOUGH, 33, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Comfort WHITNEY & Ann DAKE; witn Diana MULNEY & Amelia LANE, both Augusta, 21 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 5,  Returned by Rev Joseph ANDERSON, Minister Presbyterian Church in connection with Church of Scotland, South Gower

William HAMLON, 25, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Michael HAMLON & Belly KINGSBERRY; married Jane TEMPLETON, 23, Marlborough, Oxford, d/o unknown; witn J.J. George WORACE, Oxford Mills, 1 Jan 1858

Thomas ANDERSON, 22, Co Derry Ireland, Oxford, s/o John ANDERSON & no mother given; married Sarah Ann LINDSAY, 20, Ireland, Oxford, d/o James LINDSAY & Mary McKINSTRY or McRINSTRY; witn John LINDSAY & James ANDERSON, both Oxford Mills, 1 Jan 1858

William CHRISTIE, 22, South Gower, South Gower, s/o William CHRISTIE & Rachel GRANT; married Caroline BEACH, 21, South Gower, South Gower, d/o Benjamin BEACH & Sarah MONTGOMERY; witn Albert GRANT & Sarah J. ANDERSON, both South Gower, 1 Jan 1858

James BROWN, 28, Co Antrim Ireland, Oxford, s/o Thomas BROWN & Margaret EVEN or EWEN; married Jane CARRMICHAEL (s/b Carmichael?), 26, Co Antrim, d/o John CARRMICHAEL & Elizabeth HEPRON; witn Patrick CARRMICHAEL & Alice COSHENEM?, both Oxford, 8 Feb 1858

William TERANCE, 35, Co Derry Ireland, Oxford, s/o William [TERRANCE] & Margaret McCLEG; married Susan RUNS, 22, South Gower, South Gower, d/o William RUNS & Sarah SANDERSON; witn John GRAHAM & Zedh?? THRASHER?, both Oxford, 27 Apr 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 5,  Returned by Andrew MELVILLE, Presbyterian Church of Canada

Rev’d Joseph ELLIOT, no age given, Scotland, Cornwall, s/o William & Mary [ELLIOT]; married A Grant WYLIE, no age given, Matilda, Matilda Twp, d/o Dr (late) & Mrs WYLIE; witn Andrew ELLIOT, Cornwall, 22 Dec 1857

George H. FROOM, 30, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Elijah & Amanda [FROOM]; married Jane Ann ARMSTRONG, 28, Edwardsburgh, Matilda, d/o Robert & Dorothy [ARMSTRONG]; witn Gra? Ann, ?, 15 Sept 1858

Francis DOBBIE, 20, Burgess, Burgess, s/o Thomas & Jane [DOBBIE]; married Mary JOHNSTON, 20, Brockville, Edwardsburgh, d/o George & Jane [JOHNSTON]; witn James MILLER, Edwardsburg, 15 Sept 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 6,  Returned by Rev Joseph ANDERSON, Minister Presbyterian Church in connection with Church of Scotland, South Gower

John CAMPBELL, 23, Co Antrim Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o John CAMPBELL & Martha FALKNER; married Eliza Jane HARROT, 20, Oxford, Oxford, d/o John HARROT & Margaret FALKNER; witn James COLWELL & Joseph TEMPLETON, both Edwardsburgh, 6 May 1858

William ROBISON, 21, Oxford, Oxford, s/o William ROBISON & Ann SUMMERS; married Levina LAMEROCHE, 24, Oxford, Oxford, d/o James LAMEROCHE & Nancy BAKER; witn Adam LAMEROCHE & Patrick LOFTUS, both Oxford, 19 May 1858

Thomas CRAWFORD, 25, Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o John CRAWFORD & Selena EUSORANCE?; married Sarah KERR, 20, Co Derry Ireland, Edwardsburgh, d/o John KERR & Betsy MEHONY?; witn James CALDWELL & E. THRASHER, both Edwardsburgh, 6 Jun 1858

Alexander BEVEAND?, 24, Co Donegal Ireland, Augusta, s/o Alexander BEVEAND? & Nancy JANNON; married Elizabeth DAVIDSON, 26, Ireland, Oxford, d/o Francis DAVIDSON & Nancy GLOVER; witn John ROSS & John Ross Jr, both Oxford, 10 Jun 1858

Robert BLACK, 40, Co Antrim Ireland, Oxford, s/o Andrew BLACK & Margaret FERGUSON; married Jemima THOMPSON, 28, South Gower, South Gower, d/o William THOMPSON & Mary SMITH; witn W.J. BLACK & Elizabeth THOMPSON, both Oxford, 25 Jun 1858

Abraham DAVIDSON, 31, Co Armagh Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o James DAVISON & Margaret LAWSON; married Nancy CALDWELL, 30, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o James CALDWELL & Jane McCALLUM; witn James CALDWELL, Edwardsburgh & W.J. ANDERSON, South Gower, 15 Jul 1858

John WORKMAN, 21, South Gower, South Gower, s/o William WORKMAN & Hannah BOYD; married Elizabeth CONLEY, 22, Co Antrim Ireland, Edwardsburgh, d/o Richard CONLEY & Jannet PARK; witn George SANDERSON, Oxford & Thomas BREADSHAW Jr, Edwardsburgh, 26 Jul 1858

John BERNIE, 25, M___ Scotland, Edwardsburgh, s/o not known & Elizabeth JOHNSTON; married Grace GUNESAN (Garrison?), 24, M___ Scotland, Edwardsburgh, d/o John GUNESAN & Jane RICHERSON (s/b Richardson?); witn James MILLER & James LOCKERBY, both Edwardsburgh, 12 Oct 1858

Joseph DAVIDSON, 25, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Peter DAVIDSON & Elizabeth G__CE; married Mary Ann McGREGOR, 18, Ogdensburgh, Kemptville, d/o William McGREGOR & Ann HAWES; witn Alphen BURRETT, South Gower & James SCOTT, Kemptville, 15 Dec 1858

John B CHRISTIE, 20, Oxford, Oxford, s/o John CHRISTIE & Nancy BOYD; married Mary Ann BEACH, 21, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Milan BEACH & Mary M. CHATCHERS; witn Richard COLEMAN & Eliza CRAIG, both Oxford, 25 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, Vol 27, Page 6,  Returned by Rev J. Charles QUIN, Minister Presbyterian Church of Canada

William John KYLE, 21, Osnabruck, Winchester, s/o James KYLE & Ann ARBUTHNOT; married Mary LAW, 22, Co Antrim Ireland, Oxford, d/o Samuel LAW & Peggy MAGEE; witn James LAW, Oxford, 11 Jan 1858

Samuel MARTIN, 29, South Gower, Kemptville, s/o William MARTIN & Martha DAVISON; married Eliza HOLMES, 23, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Andrew HOLMES & Margaret WOOD; witn John COLEMAN, South Gower, 6 May 1858

William SARGENT, 24, Deaperstown Ireland, Williamsburg, s/o Thomas SARGENT & Sarah MILLIGAN; witn Elizabeth KYLE, 23, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Samuel KYLE & Margery COLQUHOUN; witn Alex FARLINGER, Morrisburg, 1 Jun 1858

James MARSHALL, 24, Co Derry Ireland, oxford, so Thomas MARSHALL & Ellen MILLAR; married Anna BARRILOW (McDONALD), 26, Lower Canada, Oxford, d/o James McDONALD & Catherine VANCE; witn John McDONALD, Oxford, 2 Aug 1858

Simon FRASER, 26, Matilda, Oxford, s/o Simon FRASER & Margaret MELDRUM; married Fanny KELLY, 22, Glasgow NB, Oxford, d/o Robert KELLY & Mary KELLY (now Mrs FARRISH); witn Abraham DAWSON, Oxford, 10 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28,  Returned by Rev John Clark WARREN, Minister Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion

William ROBINSON Jr, 22, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o William & Mable ROBINSON; married Sarah WEBB, 19, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Joseph & Sarah WEBB; witn James KIRKER Esq, Gananoque, 18 Feb 1858

William DOUGLAS, 22, not known, Escott, not known; married Mary A BIGGERS, 22, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o William & Mary BIGGERS; witn William ROBINSON & William BIGGER, both Lansdowne, 19 May 1858

Ephraim PECK, 24, United St. Lansdowne, s/o James & Mary PECK; married Caroline LANDON, 21, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Anson & Abigail LANDON; witn Gilbert TOWNSEND & Anson LANDON, both Lansdowne, 13 Jun 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 1, Returned by George CARR, Minister, Wesleyan Methodist

Alexander CORNETT, 24, Ireland, Lansdowne, s/o Robert & Margaret CORNETT; married Mary WEBSTER, 19, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Nathaniel & Maria WEBSTER; witn Nathaniel WEBSTER, Lansdowne, Marie EMERY, Leeds 7 Alexander COWAN, Pittsburg, 29 Apr 1858

William Henry KIZE, 22, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Henry & Ann KIZE; married Jane BONE, 2_, Scotland, Lansdown, d/o David & Jane BONE; witn Abigale BONE, Lansdowne & John ROBINSON, Gananoque, 7 Jul 1858

Hugh CORNETT, 20, Ireland, Lansdowne, s/o Robert & Margaret CORNELL; married Rebecca ROBINSON, cut off, Gananoque, Gananoque, d/o Richard & Charlotte ROBINSON; witn Jane Ann ELLIOT, Lansdown & John ACKLAND, Gananoque, 24 Aug 1858

Nassau ACTON, 22, Lansdowne, Gananoque, s/o Robert & Susannah ACTON; married Jane FAIR, cut off, Lansdown, Leeds, d/o John & Marie FAIR; witn Elizabeth ACTON, Gananoque, 9 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 2, Returned by Rev ROSSITER, Minister of R. Catholic Church

Louis GIRARD, 20, Pointe Levi Co Donchester?, Gananoque, s/o Charles GIRARD & Thais PROVINCIAL?; married Narcesse GAGNIER, 17, Canton St Lawrence Co NY, Gananoque, d/o Louis GAGNIER & Angele LEBOUF; witn James RICH, Gananoque, 7 Jan 1858

Patrick NEELAN, 25, Par of Braff - Co Limerick Ireland, Pittsburgh Town, s/o John NEELAN & Catherine RIORDON; married Catherine DUFFIN, 21, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Town, d/o John DUFFIN & Catherine McCAREY; witn Lawrence JOYCE, Pittsburgh, 25 Apr 1858

Israel GARANT, 48, St Polycarpe - Co Vaudr, Howe Island, s/o Charles GARANT & Margaret DORION; married Mary CONNORS, 38, Co Cork Ireland, Howe Island, d/o Michael CONNORS & Ann GALVIN; witn Patrick QUINN, Howe Island, 26 Jul 1858

Patrick NEEGLE, 26, Co Clare Ireland, Pittsburgh Town, s/o Garret NEAGLE & Mary DREADY; married Bridget HAWRICK, 28, Co Wexford Ireland, Pittsburgh Town, d/o James HAWRICK & Ann DOYLE; witn John CULLEN, Pittsburgh, 23 Aug 1858

Olivier GAGNIER, 37, Par of St Jerome Terrebonne, Howe Island, s/o Jean & Genevieve GAGNIER; married no name given, 16, St Regis, Howe Island, d/o no parents given; witn Eustache BISSON, Howe Island, 5 Sept 1858

Thomas NOLAN, 37, Co Wexford Ireland, South Crosby, s/o John NOLAN & Mary FOLEY; married Julia KENNY, 34, Co Wexford Ireland, Leeds Town, d/o Thomas KENNY & Bridget JORDAN; witn John DAVIS, Leeds Town, 16 Sept 1858

James GAVIN, 27, Co Kildare Ireland, Escott Town, s/o Lawrence GAVIN & Nancy BOYLE; married Christina MADDEN, 24, Kingston, Pittsburgh Town, d/o James MADDEN & Eleanor FITZGERALD; witn John BOYLE, Leeds Town, 1 Nov 1858

Denis NOONAN, 22, Co Limerick Ireland, Escott Town, s/o Robert NOONAN & Mary HARRINGTON; married Eleanor DUFFIN, 23, Co Wexford Ireland, Leeds To, d/o Lawrence DUFFIN & Catherine KEHOE; witn Patrick DONOGHUE, Escott Town, 8 Nov 1858

Mathew TOBIN, 33, Co Wexford Ireland, Escott Town, s/o Darby TOBIN & Bridget REGAN; married Elizabeth GAVIN, 34, Co Kildare Ireland, Escott Town, d/o Lawrence GAVIN & Nancy BOYLE; witn Thomas GAVIN, Escott Town, 23 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 2, Returned by Rev Benjamin CARTS, Minister Baptist Denomination

Samuel READ, 24, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Moses & Ann READ; married Elizabeth HOUGH, 20, Augusta, Elizabethtown, d/o Thomas & Ann HOUGH; witn Moses READ, Augusta, 7 Jul 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 3, Returned by O. WHITCOMB, Minister Canadian Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion Church

Thomas ACKLAND, 28, Yonge, Mallorytown, s/o John & Grace Agnes ACKLAND; married Cyntha AVERY, no age given, Yonge, Mallorytown, d/o William & Sabina AVERY; witn D. ACKLAND, Lyn & Eliza CREAREY, Mallorytown, 20 Jun 1858

Wellington HUTCHINSON, 23, Escott, Escott, s/o no parents given; married Mary ANDRESS, 20, Escott, Escott, d/o no parents given; witn James ANDRESS, Escott, Richard RICE, Mallorytown, 4 Oct 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 3, Returned by Rev Joseph REYNOLDS, Minister Wesleyan Methodist Church,

Aaron BISSELL, 21, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Henry & Wealthy BISSELL; married Cath McLEAN, 26, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Duncan & Sarah McLEAN; witn Horatio ROBISON, Elizabethtown, 20 Jan 1858

Stephen BROWN, 45, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth BROWN; married Margaret KIRKLED, 24, Augusta, Augusta, d/o James & Margaret [KIRKLED]; witn Thomas FOSTER, Edwardsburgh, 17 Feb 1858

Levi James McNISH, 23, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o James & Letitia [McNISH]; married Mary FRANCOIS, 22, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Thomas & Sarah [FRANCOIS]; witn George McNISH, Elizabethtown, 10 Mar 1858

Hiram Adams KNAPP, 25, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Abraham & Marinda [KNAPP]; married Sarah DALMAGE, 23, Brockville, Brockville, d/o John & Frances [DALMAGE]; witn John KYLE, Brockville, 27 Oct 1858

Thomas HARRISON, 28, England, Augusta, s/o Joseph & Margaret [HARRISON]; married Mary Jane FIELD, 23, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Truelove & Elizabeth [FIELD]; witn Thomas SHERWOOD, Augusta, 10 Nov 1858

Richard STAPLES, 28, Cavan, Cavan, s/o Richard & Elizabeth [STAPLES]; married Lucy Jane WHITE, 23, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Joseph & Mary [WHITE]; witn Thomas BELL, Elizabethtown, 16 Nov 1858

Alpheus BISSEL, 25, Nelson, Augusta, s/o George & Abigail [BISSEL]; married Mirinda KNAPP, 22, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Abraham & Mirinda [KNAPP]; witn Albert KNAPP, Prescott, 24 Nov 1858

William TIMLICK, 30, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o William & Jane [TIMLICK]; married Jane BERRY, 25, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o John & Sarah [BERRY]; witn James WHITE, Elizabethtown, 7 Dec 1858

Artemas BISSEL, 36, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Zenas & Lydia [BISSEL]; married Mary WRIGHT, 29, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Michael & Susannah [WRIGHT]; witn Joseph A BISSEL, Augusta, 15 Dec 1858

George BROWN, 21, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Stephen & Mary [BROWN]; married Rebecca ATRIDGE, 19, Augusta, Augusta, d/o John & Mary [ATRIDGE]; witn David McLEAN, Augusta, 25 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 4, Returned by Rev David EVANS, Minister, Presbyterian Church

William BENNETT, 24, Canada East, Kitley, s/o William BENNETT & Ann HALL; married Jane CONNOR, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Thomas CONNOR & Mary his wife; witn Robert CONNOR & Frances GOFF, Kitley, 18 Feb 1858

Dr William NAIR, 23, Aberdeen, Kitley, s/o Alexander & Espet ANDERSON; married Martha MARSHALL, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Isaac MARSHALL & Polly his wife; witn Zina LYMAN & William PRISELL, both Kitley, 15 Sept 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 4, Returned by Elisha LANDON, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

Thomas A WILSON, 23, Montreal, Bastard, s/o John & Martha WILSON; married Fatema RICHES, 25, England, Bastard, d/o George & Charlotte RICHES; married George BROWN, Yonge & Mary WILSON, Bastard, 12 Aug 1858

William LIVINGSTON, 22, Yonge, Bastard, s/o Robert & Charlotte [LIVINGSTON]; married Margaret EWIN (Ewen?), 17, Bastard, Bastard, d/o George & Ruth [EWIN]; George WILSON, Bastard, 26 Oct 1858

Samuel B PHILLIPS, 26, Montague, Elmsley, s/o Samuel & Margaret [PHILLIPS]; married Betsy BUTTERFIELD, 19, Lansdown, North Crosby, d/o John & Ann [BUTTERFIELD]; witn Richard RINGER & John McTAVISH, both Elmsley, 15 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 4, Returned by Rev G.J. DINGMAN, Minister, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Thomas MYERS, 25, Bastard, Bastard Twp, s/o Thomas & Letitia MYERS; married Leonia FAMEM, 24, Bastard, Bastard, d/o John Allen & Sarah FAMEM; witn Aseph FAMEN & William FNENLLON?, both Bastard, 26 Oct 1858

Harvey AUSTIN, 29, Lansdowne, Bastard, s/o James & Rebecca AUSTIN; married Olive GUILE, 19, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Azel & Rebecca GUILE; witn Lewis CHIPMAN & Mr AUSTIN, Teacher, both Bastard, 25 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 5, Returned by John MILLS, Minister, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Edward ARMSTRONG, 22, Yonge, Mallorytown, s/o William & Margaret ARMSTRONG; married Elizabeth FORESTER, 20, Yonge, Mallorytown, d/o David & Hester FORESTER; witn Arza PARISH, Farmersville & Mrs NELSON, Mallorytown, 24 Jan 1858

Richard ENNIS, 23, Elizabethtown, Mountain, s/o Richard & Ann ENNIS; married Elizabeth HORTON, 20, Elizabethtown, New Dublin, d/o Thomas & Jane HORTON; witn John ENNIS, Bastard & Thomas SMITH, New Dublin, 23 Feb 1858

John PURVIS, 28, Yonge, Yonge, s/o John & Mary PURVIS; married Susan DAVIS, 20, Yonge, Yonge, d/o William & Mary DAVIS; witn Robert HENDY & Edward DAVIS, both Yonge, 30 May 1858

Duncan CLOW, 34, Lyn, Lyn, s/o John & Sarah CLOW; married Sarah GRIFFIN, 32, Lyn, Lyn, d/o David & Mary McCRADY; witn David McCRADY, Lyn & James BICKENRIDGE?, , Elizabethtown, 20 Nov 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 5, Returned by Hugh NICHOLS, Minister, Regular Baptist Church, Kitley

Martin WILTSE, 30, Canada, Yonge Twp, s/o John & Mary WILTSE; married Mahaly DERBYSHIRE, 18, Canada, Yonge Twp, d/o James & Polly DERBYSHIRE; witn Stephen NICHOLS & Jane HUFFMAN, both Bastard, 27 Mar 1858

George RICHES, 22, England, Bastard Twp, s/o George & Charlotte RICHES; married Sarah J. PONELL or POWELL, 19, New Brunswick, Bastard Twp, d/o Isaac & Sarah; witn Israel POWEL & Elizabeth POWEL, both Bastard, 3 May 1858

George DELONG, 32, United States, South Crosby, s/o Martin & Roxlun DELONG; married Caroline DELONG, 31, Canada, South Crosby, d/o Jess & Abigail DELONG; witn Horace KILBORN, South Crosby & Lewis CHIPMAN, Bastard, 2 Jun 1858

Samuel JACKSON Jr, 28, Canada, Bastard Twp, s/o Samuel & Rebecca JACKSON; married Emily DUNHAM, 28, Canada, Kitley Twp, d/o Daniel & Lavinia DUNHAM; witn Richard BIRDSEL & Anna BIRDSEL, both Kitley, 23 Jun 1848

Lewis MORGAN, 24, Canada, Bastard Twp, s/o Elijah & Almira MORGAN; married Yalty STEVENS, 20, Canada, Bastard Twp, d/o Gilbert & Mary A STEVENS; witn Lydia ALGUIRE & John B ALGUIRE, both Bastard, 8 Jul 1858

Thomas John RIPLEY, 22, Canada, South Crosby, s/o Carley & Hannah RIPLEY; married Rachel A McEATHNON? (McEachron?), 17, Canada, South Crosby, d/o Stephen & Ann McEATHNON?; witn Aris NICHOLS & Phebe NICHOLS, both Bastard, 14 Jul 1858

West JOHNSON, 22, Canada, Bastard Twp, s/o John & Rebecca JOHNSON; married Rebecca DAY, 23, Canada, Bastard Twp, d/o David & Nancy DAY; witn David O. DAY & Mahaly DAY, both Bastard, 8 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 7, Returned by John H. ANDREWS, Minister, M.E. CHURCH

Richard GREEN, 29, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o James & Mary GREEN; married Martha ROWSWELL, 24, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o William & Mary ROWSWELL; witn John GREEN, North Crosby & Harriet EARL, Bastard, 7 Jan 1858

Augustus COON, 40, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Abraham & Silva COON; married Eliza Ann HALLADAY, 35, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Ebenezer & Jane HALLADAY; witn Sherman ALLEN, Delta & Luther COON, South Crosby, 28 Jan 1858

Thadeus L. SMITH, 20, Farmersville, South Crosby, s/o Zebulon & Amelia SMITH; married Catherine RANSIN (Ranson?), 23, Storrington, South Crosby, d/o William & Louisa RANSIN; witn Justus SMITH, Morton & John BOICE, Storrington, 9 Feb 1858

Robert TEY, 21, Lansdown, Lansdown, s/o William & Amelia TEY; married Anna M. NUTTALLE, 18, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Robert & Lydia NUTTALLE; witn William TEY & Richard TEY, both Lansdown, 28 Feb 1858

Frederick MARCON, 35, Quebec, Kingston, s/o Louis & Angelice MARCON; married Mary A LAWAY, 19, Wolford, South Crosby, d/o John & Adelia LAWAY; witn John LAWAY & Asaph PUTNAM, both South Crosby, 15 Mar 1858

John DANTRY, 21, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Pockridge & Ellen DANTRY; married Sarah COON, 23, South Crosby, S. Crosby, d/o Abraham & Silva COON; witn Sherman ALLEN, Delta & Luther COON, South Crosby, 15 Apr 1858

John McMAKEN, 21, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Hugh & Elisa McMACKEN; married Maria WHITE, 18, Bastard, Bastard, d/o John & Nancy WHITE; witn Nelson WHITE & Martin WHITE, both Bastard, 13 May 1858

Thadeus FARNHAM, 28, Bastard, Bastard, s/o Archelaus & Naomi FARNHAM; married Cyntha HALLADAY, 18, Essex Co NY, Bastard, d/o Alvin & Rebecca HALLADAY; witn Johnathan FARNHAM & Justus HASKIN, both Bastard, 1 Jun 1858

William B. VANDUSEN, 24, Montague, Merrickville, s/o Asabel & Amanda VANDUSEN; married Hannah M. LOCKWOOD, 24 , Kitley, Montague, d/o Jess & Mary LOCKWOOD; witn Hiram LOCKWOOD, Bastard & Abraham BROWN, Elgin, 6 Sept 1858

David SNIDER, 21, Leeds, South Crosby, s/o William & Nancy SNIDER; married Elisa SHERWOOD, 16, Sterling Co NY, South Crosby, d/o Ichabod & Seriah (Sarah?) SHERWOOD; witn Alexander SHERWOOD & Miran POPE, both South Crosby, 12 Oct 1848

James McMACKERY, 24, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Hugh & Eliza McMACKEN; married Britania BEERS, 16, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o David & Jane BEERS; witn Andrew BEERS?, Leeds & John McMAKERY, ___Crosby. 13 Oct 1858

John MOUNTANEY, 38, NY State, Berry, s/o John & Elizabeth MOUNTANEY; married Mary Jane BAKER, 22, Jefferson Co NY, South Crosby, d/o Gilbert & Elisa A BAKER; witn Morrison BROWN & Thadeus KILBORN, both Elgin, 18 Oct 1858

Samuel TITUS, 21, Leeds, Bastard, s/o Gilbert & Catherine TITUS; married Unice FARNHAM, 38, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Archelaus & Naomi FARNHAM; witn Johnathan FARNHAM & Thadeus FARNHAM, both Bastard, 24 Oct 1858

Joseph GRIFIN (Griffin?), 25, Lansdown, Lansdown, s/o John & Lucy GRIFIN; married Anna DEWOLF, 27, Yonge, Leeds, d/o Dorman & Clara DEWOLF; witn Amos SWEET, Leeds & Samuel PLUNKET, Lansdown, 6 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 7, Returned by David WILSON, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

John O'FLANAGAN, 30, no place given, Kitley, s/o no parents given; married Elizabeth BROOKE, 20, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o no parents given; witn Patrick MURPHY, Farmersville, 4 Jan 1858

Richard W. A. CARROL. 24, Yonge, Yonge, s/o Richard & Deborah CARROL; married Nancy MORGAN, 20, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Elijah & Almira MORGAN; witn Asher MORGAN, Bastard, 9 Feb 1858

Joseph ROBINSON, 23, Yonge, Yonge, s/o James & Renby? [ROBISON]; married Jane A. ORTON, 20, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Alva & Algina ORTON; witn James ROBISON, Yonge, 9 Feb 1858

Patrick MURPHY, 30, Ireland, Matilda, s/o Timothy & Catherine MURPHY; married Lydia BEDDLE, 20, Kitley, Kitley, d/o William & Reuby? BEDDLE; witn Jane WILSON, Farmersville, 2 Mar 1858

William PERCIVAL, 22, Kitley, Kitley, s/o George & Emily PERCIVAL; married Phebe BATES, 20, Yonge, Yonge, d/o Murray & Betsy BATES; witn George PERCIVAL, Kitley, 4 Mar 1858

Thomas HEALEY, 25, Oxford, Oxford, s/o no parents given; married Alice ROWSOM, 24, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o William & Rebecca ROWSOM; witn William ROWSOM, Elizabethtown, 1 Apr 1858

Ezra F. IRELAND, 25, Kitley, Kitley, s/o A. & Sally IRELAND; married Clarinda HOWE, 24, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Joseph & Thankful HOWE; witn George PERCIVAL, Kitley, 7 Apr 1858

James DEMING, 32, Yonge, Farmersville, s/o Sterling & Ellenor DEMING; married Ellenor ALGUIRE, 22, Yonge, Farmersville, d/o Harmonius & Susanah? ALGUIRE; witn Alpheus BATES, Yonge, 14 Oct 1858

Daniel E. WILTSE, 26, Yonge, Yonge, s/o Comfort M & Esther WILTSE; married Lucy LIVINGSTON, 21, Yonge, Yonge, d/o Daniel & Mary LIVINGSTON; witn Chelson SLACK, Yonge, 4 Nov 1858

Ezra BROWN, 19, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Hezekiah & Mary BROWN; married Nancy L. LIVINGSTON, no age, Yonge, Farmersville, d/o John & Louretta LIVINGSTON; witn Jeremiah WILTSE, Farmersville, 3 Nov 1858

Alanson? LYMAN, 28, Yonge, Yonge, s/o Joseph & Caroline LYMAN; married Martha VANLOON, 27, Yonge, Yonge, d/o John & Jane VANLOON; witn Philander HOWE, Kitley, 5 Sept 1858

Willard WILTSE, 21, Yonge, Farmersville, s/o Samuel & Rosannah [WILTSIE]; married Mary SALTS, 20, Yonge, Yonge, d/o William & Olive SALTS; witn Ira JUDSON, Yonge, 23 Dec 1858


Leeds & Grenville Co, 1858, Vol 28, Page 7, Returned by James HALES, Minister, Methodist New Connexion Church

John Wesley PRESTON, 20, South Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Richard & Hellesby PRESTON; married Margaret Ann SINGLETON, 20, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o William & Ann SINGLETON; witn: George STOUT, South Crosby & John KENDRICK, Lansdown, 5 Feb 1858

Samuel WHEELEY, 24, none given, Bastard, s/o William WHEELEY & no mother given; married Eliza Jane HANTON, 26, none given, Bastard, d/o William & Ann HANTON; witn Henry HANTON & William HANTON, no place given, 14 Apr 1858

Henry MORRIS, 23, Bastard, Bastard, s/o Henry MORRIS & no mother given; married Eliza Jane McCUE, 20, Bastard, Bastard, d/o John & Mary McCUE; witn John DONOVAN, Bastard, 24 Jun 1858

Richard HILL, no age given, none given, Elizabethtown, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth HILL; married Eliza Jane MORRIS, no age given, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Henry & Elizabeth MORRIS; witn Henry MORRIS, Bastard, 27 June 1858

Jesse KNOWLTON, no age given, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Stephen & Mellissa KNOWLTON; married Sarah MYERS, no age given, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Thomas & Leticia MYERS; witn John N. POOLE & Mary Ann SCOTT, both South Crosby, 30 Dec 1858