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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1903

birth place is given before residence


011632-1903 (Leeds Co) Leslie Robert ACTIN, 25, Production Engineer, Gananoque, New York City NY, s/o James ACTIN & Mary BRADLEY, married Gertrude Eleanor PETCH, 25, Gananoque, St. Louis, d/o David PETCH & Sarah DAVEY, witn: G. S. PETCH, Inez PETCH, both of Gananoque, 17 July 1903 at Gananoque  
11312-04 William James ALBERRY, 39, widower, laborer, Augusta, same, s/o William ALBERRY & Charlotte B--?, married Jessie ALBERRY, 44, Wolford, same, d/o Samuel ALBERRY & Bethsinda HOLT, witn: Fred MOFFATT of Winnipeg & Minnie MOFFATT of North Augusta, 28 Dec 1903 at North Augusta #011474-03 (Leeds Co): Alexander ALMAS, 30, salesman, Ancaster twp., Toronto, s/o Henry ALMAS & Elizabeth MILLER?, married Margaret ROWLAND (or Rossland), 22, Seneca Falls NY, Brockville , d/o James ROWLAND & Anna Jane SHAVER, witn: J.A. ROWLAND of Brockville & Ann T. DUNDAS of Cobourg, 17 June 1903 at Brockville
011494-1903 (Leeds Co) James H. ANDREWS, 29, Clerk, Albany NY, same, s/o John [ANDREWS] & Matilda WALLACE, married Eva Jane ELLIOTT, 24, Brockville, same, d/o William [ELLIOTT] & Elizabeth REYNOLDS, witn: John James ELLIOTT, Brockville, Jessie ANDREWS, Albany NY, 24 Sept 1903 at Brockville 11807-1903 (Grenville Co) Thomas ARNOTT, 30, Ayr - Scotland, Prescott, Rail Employee, s/o Thomas ARNOTT & Mary KELLY, married Isabella ARIS, 34, Prescott, same, d/o Edward ARIS & Rebecca GRAHAM, witn: W.J. HOY, Mary ARIS, both of Prescott. 15 Oct 1903 Prescott
011669-1903 (Leeds Co) Daniel BALL, 40, Farmer, Ireland, North Gower, s/o Daniel BALL & Margaret POTTER, married Sarah Eliza DePENCIER, 30, Marlborough, North Gower, d/o James DePERNCIER & Sarah McFADDEN, witn: William DePENCIER, Mrs. J. CHISHOLM, both of Kemptville, 22 July 1903 at Kemptville 011483-1903 (Leeds Co) Albert BARKER, 25, RR Engineer, Reading England, Brownsville Maine, s/o Charles [BARKER] & Maria CHILDS, married Fanny Jane COOKE, 27, Gorticorne? Ireland, Brockville, d/o John [COOKE] & Mary McGINTEY, witn: George S. WOODS, Mary J. WOODS, both of Elizabethtown, 10 Aug 1903 at Brockville
11792-1903 (Grenville Co) Philip BENNETT, 39, Divorced, Steward, England, Ogdensburg NY, s/o Philip BENNETT & Sarah KEENAN, married Minnie E. SMITH, 36, Watertown NY, same, d/o John SMITH & Elizabeth HAWKSCOTE? (Hamstreet?), witn: Jane Anna STUART, Frances E. LORD, both of Prescott. 15 May 1903 Prescott 011465-1903 (Leeds Co) Harold Mose BLATCHLEY, 30, Engraver, London England, Ottawa, s/o William David [BLATCHLEY] & Jane MOSE, married Edna Morden BATES, 21, Nurse, Brockville, same, d/o Frederick [BATES] & Annie HARRISON (Howison?), witn: Percy BLATCHLEY, Toronto, Florence BATES, Brockville, 14 May 1903 at Brockville
  011695-1903 (Leeds Co) George BOLTON, 36, Farmer, Portsmouth Eng, Athens, s/o James [BOLTON] & Sarah HACKMAN, married Rachel SMITH, 29, Gananoque, same, d/o William [SMITH] & Hannah (Blank), witn: David GEDDES, Athens, and Phoebe SMITH, Gananoque, 18 Feb 1903 at Gananoque
11810-1903 (Grenville Co) Charles A. BOTSFORD, 31, Teacher, Brockville, same, s/o Charles BOTSFORD & Margaret M. MULLEN, married Agnes Stela WALLACE, 22, USA, Prescott, d/o Alex L. WALLACE & Mary E. WILKINSON, witn: James H. BOTSFORD, Brockville, Annie e. WILKINSON, Prescott. 22 Aug 1903 Prescott 011467-1903 (Leeds Co) Theophilus BRADFORD, 34, Widower, Farmer, Woford (sic), Smiths Falls, s/o William [BRADFORD] & Elizabeth HARE, married Adelia REDMOND, 25, Widow, Newington, Smiths Falls, d/o William SHERMAN & Anna MOULTON, witn: Carrie GATES, Lena STOREY, both of Brockville, 23 May 1903 at Brockville
011627-1903 (Leeds Co) John James BROWN, 29, Mechanic, Gananoque, same, s/o Johnston BROWN & Eliza BISHOP, married Rebecca H. FUGE, 23, Gananoque, same, d/o William FUGE & Martha PARKER, witn: Willie COWAN, Gertrude F. FUGE, both of Gananoque, 24 June 1903 at Gananoque 011662-1903 (Leeds Co) Robert Ernest BROWNLEE, 28, Farmer, Goulbourn twp, same, s/o William BROWNLEE & Mary W. HILL, married Maud May WILMOTT, 22, England, Kemptville, d/o George WILMOTT & Mary WINTER, witn: William E. McCARTNEY, Malokoff, Maggie E. BROWNLEE, Stapleton, 25 Feb 1903 at Kemptville
011692-1903 (Leeds Co) William BRYAN, 42, Widower, Farmer, Seeleys Bay Lansdowne Rear, s/o George [BRYAN] & Julia Ann IMMERSON, married Alma BRADLEY, 35 Escott, Lansdowne, d/o Arthur [IMMERSON] & Bridget BREEN, witn: Frank A. WHITE, Lansdowne, Wilhelemina FOLEY, Escott, 22 Jan 1903 at Lansdowne 11808-1903 (Grenville Co) Ephraim BURNS, 30, Fireman BGR, Brockville, same, s/o Edward BURNS & Eliza McCULLOUGH, married Cora Isabella DOYLE, 28, d/o Patrick DOYLE & Ann LOFTUS, witn: Maude DOYLE, Maitland, Edward Joseph BURNS, Brockville. 6 Oct 1903 Prescott (RC)
  011657-1903 (Leeds Co) Samuel Byron BYERS, 21, Painter, Gananoque, same, s/o Robert BYERS & Annie HORTON, married Gertrude CUNNINGHAM, 22, Gananoque, same, d/o George CUNNINGHAM & Maria DeWOLFE, witn: Wilfred Stanley BOYD, Jessie CUNNINGHAM, both of Gananoque, 24 Dec 1903 at Gananoque
011642-1903 (Leeds Co) John Roddick BYERS, 27, Physician, Gananoque, blank, s/o William BYERS & Elizabeth Ann BROUGH, married Sarah May DAVIS, 26, Carlton, blank, d/o Alfred DAVIS & Isabel BEAUMONT, witn: W. Gordon M. BYERS, Montreal, Louise BROUGH, Brockville, 28 Sept 1903 at Gananoque 011617-1903 (Leeds Co) William Horton BYERS, 29, Blacksmith, Gananoque, Lansdowne, s/o Robert J. BYERS & Anne E. HORTON, married Margaret Jane SHAW, 34, widow, Lansdowne, same, d/o William BUCK & Charlotte LANDON, witn: George GWYNN, Mary GWYNN, both of Leeds, 21 Jan 1903 at Gananoque
011652-1903 (Leeds Co) Joseph Fitz Morris CADUE, 28, Captain, Gananoque, Howe Island, s/o Joseph CADUE & Annie HUNT, married Elsie BRITTON, 28, Theresa NY, Howe Island, d/o Samuel BRITTON & Fannie BOLTON, witn: Gordon E. BOWLES, Therisa, Lena E. FAILING, Redwood, 28 Oct 1903 at Howe Island #011473-03 (Leeds Co): Henry Thomas CAMPBELL, 33, tel. operator, West Garafraxa twp., Buffalo, s/o William CAMPBELL & Ann CANADY, married Nellie M. COPELAND, 28, Merrickville, Brockville , d/o Wallace COPELAND & Matilda GRAHAM, witn: Curry TUTTLE of Theresa NY & Laura R. COPELAND of Brockville , 17 June 1903 at Brockville
011626-1903 (Leeds Co) Samuel James CARFRAE, 26, Banker, Indiana US, Marine City Mich, s/o James CARFRAE & Margaret DILLON, married Gertrude Edna Crysler BAKER, 25, Gananoque, same, d/o Francis M. BAKER & Catherine BROPHY, witn: Rob Porter Blevelie TAYLOR, L. J. GRACEY, both of Gananoque, 3 June 1903 at Gananoque #011476-03 (Leeds Co): Thomas S. CARRIE, 30, traveller, Montreal, same, s/o Frank P. CARRIE & Jessie STRUTHY?, married Elizabeth BARBER, 27, Brockville , same, d/o Samuel BARBER & Elizabeth BARKER, witn: E.H. MALER? of Montreal & Jennie FISTER of Brockville , 24 June 1903 at Brockville
011679-1903 (Leeds Co) Sanford CARTER 29, Mechanic, Merrickville, same, s/o James CARTER & Clarrisa HERD, married Martha Ellen LEVERE, 18, Vancamp, Kemptville, d/o Daniel LEVERE & Catherine MARTIN, witn: George MARTIN, Kemptville, Mrs. J. N. BURLEY, South Gower, 21 Oct 1903 at Kemptville  
011645-1904 (Leeds Co) William Arthur CASE, 22, Shop Hand, Gananoque, same, s/o Joseph CASE & May I. PARKER, married Annie E. HARPER, 25, Garden Island, Gananoque, d/o Henry HARPER & Mary DONNELLY, witn: W. G. CUMPSON, Mary CASE, both of Gananoque, 16 Sept 1903 at Gananoque 11804-1903 (Grenville Co) Charles Edward CHAMPAGNE, 18, Laborer, Prescott, same, s/o William CHAMPAGNE & Julia Ann BROWN, married Phoebe Alberta PERRIN, 19, Algonquin, Prescott, d/o John PERRIN & Sarah FRASER, witn: Julia Ann CHAMPAGNE, Annie KING, both of Prescott, 7 Oct 1903 Prescott
11314-04 Alonzo CHARLTON, 21, farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o William CHARLTON & Sarah GILROY, married Alena BRYANT, 21, Elizabethtown, same, d/o John BRYANT & Viola COLLINS, witn: Henry CARPENTER & Christena L. CHARLTON, both of Algonquin, 30 Dec 1903 at Algonquin 011501-1903 (Leeds Co) William Brock COATES, 25, Jeweller & Engineer, Stratford, Brockville, s/o Herbert B. [COATES] & Annie KOCH, married Emma Maud BOYD, 24, Brockville, same, d/o John B. [BOYD] & Maud McCAFFREY, witn: Frank STAYNER, Dorothy BOYD, both of Brockville, 29 Sept 1903 at Brockville
011665-1903 (Leeds Co) Anson James COCHRANE, 36, Post Master, Ogdensburg NY, Kemptville, s/o William H. COCHRANE & Elizabeth CLARE, married Martha Amelia HUNTER, 36, Kemptville, same, d/o Anthony HUNTER & Martha McFARLAND, witn: W. H. CLARKE, Brockville, C. Eliza HUNTER, Kemptville, 24 May 1903 at Kemptville 011677-1903 (Leeds Co) James CODE, 21, Machinist, North Gower, Smiths Falls, s/o George CODE & Melissa SCHWARDFAGER, married Maud Lorna CRAWFORD, 24, Mountain, Kemptville, d/o Samuel CRAWFORD & Isabelle ROBINSON, witn: Leroy MAVETY, Helen JONES, both of Kemptville, 7 Oct 1903 at Kemptville
011633-1903 (Leeds Co) Edward John COMPTON, 44, Contractor, Warwickshire England, (blank), s/o Charles S. COMPTON & Sarah ROSE, married Elizabeth MARRON, 25, (blank), Brockville, d/o William MARRON & Clara CARNEY, witn: M. L. SERSON, Clara S. MARRON, Kingston, 18 July 1903 at Gananoque 011457-1903 (Leeds Co) David A. COONS, 21, Machinist, Minnesota US, Brockville, s/o Marcus Hiram [COONS] & Hannah E. B. [not given], married Valena BISNAW, 22, Brockville, same, d/o Joseph [BISNAW] & Sarah Jane HUMPHRIES, witn: Elise A. GRINER, Anna WHITING, both of Brockville, 8 Apr 1903 at Brockville
11800-1903 (Grenville Co) Jessie CONKLIN, 40, Farmer, Herkimer NY, Augusta, s/o Samuel CONKLIN & Lovina LAMPIER, married Maggie SKELTON, 20, Cornwall, Prescott, d/o William SKELTON & Jane BARNS, witn: Jane STUART, Mable STUART, both of Prescott. 11 Jul 1903 Prescott #011471-03 (Leeds Co): Francis Xavier CONNOLLY, 33, electrician, Trenton, Brockville , s/o Bernard CONNOLLY & Catherine HENRY?, married Mary Therese SULLIVAN, 30, Brockville , same, d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Mary GALLAGHER, witn: William MULDOON & Annie SULLIVAN, both of Brockville , 16 June 1903 at Brockville (Rom Cath)
11806-1903 (Grenville Co) Allan B. CORBETT, 24, Farmer, Augusta Tp., Morristown NY, s/o John CORBETT & Mary WARNER, married Luella M. BEAN, 23, Prescott, same, d/o Mathew BEAN & Eliza WHITNEY, witn: Raymond CORBETT, Morristown NY, Myrtle M. WHITNEY, Prescott. 16 Sept 1903 Prescott 011451-1903 (Leeds Co) William Albert CORNWALL, 35, Brewer, Toronto, Prescott, s/o John [CORNWALL] & Jane FARRELL, married Ada Louisa WISER, 35, Widow, Ogdensburg, Prescott, d/o Devette BROWN & Rebecca WILLI, witn: Harriet F. BLODETT, Odessa NY, Lena STOREY, Brockville, 11 Feb 1903 at Brockville
011674-1903 (Leeds Co) James Nathan CORRISTON, 22, Farmer, North Gower, Inkerman, s/o William CORRISTON & Ida LINDSAY, married Eliza Jane PATTON, 23, Mountain, Kemptville, d/o John PATTON & Susan BLAYNE, witn: George A. EAGER, Mrs. George W. EAGER, both of Kemptville, 9 Sept 1903 at Kemptville 011625-1903 (Leeds Co) Robert Charles COWAN, 22, Currier, Oswego NY, Kingston, s/o Robert James COWAN & Lydia SPENCER, married Ellen PETTIFER, 20, Camelford (s/b Cambellford?), d/o Nathaniel PETTIFER & Amanda OVENS , witn: H. LESLIE, Kingston, J. DeLONG, Gananoque, 15 June 1903 at Gananoque
011680-1903 (Leeds Co) Jerry CUMMINGS, 25, Butter Maker, Edwardsburg, same, s/o George CUMMINGS & Eleanor GRAY, married Ada PAYNE, 25, Edwardsburg, same, d/o Abram PAYNE & Agnes CAMPBELL, witn: Emma MAVETY, Leroy MAVETY, both of Kemptville, 30 Dec 1903 at Kemptville 011504-1903 (Leeds Co) Delbert A. CUMMINGS, 23, I. Agent, Gananoque, Brockville, s/o Abram [CUMMINGS] & Mary READ, married Mary Jane ROSS, 22, Brockville, same, d/o George ROSS & Louise REGAN, witn: Jennie LYMAN, Emma VISSER, both of Brockville, 5 Oct 1903 at Brockville
11311-04 Chapman L. DALES, 23, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o William DALES & Ann CHAPMAN, married Margaret J. SMITH, 27, dress maker, Augusta, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Murray CHAPMAN of S. Augusta & Maud SMITH of Prescott, 11 Nov 1903 at Augusta 11801-1903 (Grenville Co) Orin A. DAVIS, 32, Blacksmith, St. Lawrence Co. NY, Russell, s/o Charles DAVIS & Sylvia SHADDUCK, married Libbie BROWN, 43, Widow, New York State, St. Lawrence Co. NY, d/o Lafayette BROWN & Mary A. REDDETT, witn: John GRIFFITH, Jennie GRIFFITH, both of Ogdensburg. 3 Jul 1903 Prescott
011644-1903 (Leeds Co) Frank DENNA, 30, Farmer, Lombardy, Miller, s/o Francis DENNA & Charlotte LONEBAR (Lowbar?), married Stella STRUTHERS, 26, Leeds Co, Gananoque, d/o Joseph STRUTHERS & Jane BROWN, witn: Addie STRUTHERS, S.J. WOOD, both of Gananoque, 15 Sept 1903 at Gananoque 011466-1903 (Leeds Co) Roy Arthur DENNAUT, 22, Cheesemaker, Mallorytown, Brockville, s/o Christopher [DENNAUT] & Mary CLINK, married Florence R. DUSTIN, 28, Augusta, Brockville, d/o George W. [DUSTIN] & Mary COLLINSON, witn: George H. BROWN, Henrietta LAIRD, both of Brockville, 27 Apr 1903 at Brockville
01666-1903 (Leeds Co) Francis Robert DOOL, 34, Widower, Farmer, Oxford twp, Kemptville, s/o Thomas DOOL & Rose Ann RANEY, married Sarah ADAMS, 26, Renfrew Co, Kemptville, d/o James. ADAMS & Jane DOOL, witn: H. W. CLARKE, M. N. ADAMS, both of Kemptville, 28 May 1903 at Kemptville  
011704-1903 (Leeds Co) William Abram EARLE, 23, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o William [EARLE] & Merilla BACKUS (Bockus?), married Daisy Minerva Alice HUNT, 20, Lansdowne, same, d/o Thomas HUNT & Lois C. WALLACE, witn: W. H. RATH, Lois Estella HUNT, both of Lansdowne, 23 Dec 1903 at Lansdowne 11798-1903 (Grenville Co) William EASTER, 26, Tailor, Prescott, same, s/o William EASTER & Margaret BALDWIN, married Henrietta McMAHON, 21, Prescott, same, d/o Felix McMAHON & Henrietta BYCOTT, witn: James McMAHON & Adella LOCKE, both of Prescott, 19 June 1903 Prescott
11799-1903 (Grenville Co) Frederick W. ELLIOTT, 27, Manufacturer, Prescott, same, s/o James L. ELLIOTT & Ester M. HUTCHCROFT, married Mary Isabel DAVIS, 26, Prescott, same, d/o George D. DAVIS & Phylis M. MELVILLE, witn: William H. RANEY, Phylis M. MELVILLE, both of Prescott, 17 Jan 1903 Prescott 011468-1903 (Leeds Co) John Charles ELLIS, 31, Marble Cutter, Stockholm NY, Gouverneur NY, s/o John K. [ELLIS] & Lucy ARQUETTE, married Amelia PETRIE, 32, Hammond NY, Gouverneur NY, d/o Abraham [PETRIE] & Hannah PARVIX?, witn: Sarah PETRIE, Pope's Mills NY, Jessie T. MANSELL, Brockville, 23 May 1903 at Brockville
011493-1903 (Leeds Co) Carman EYRE, 25, Farmer, Athens Bastard, s/o Holmes [EYRE] & M. SHELDON, married Adelaide GORMAN, 23, Bastard, same, d/o William [GORMAN] & Sodus? SMITH, witn: W. N. IMERSON, Libbie SMITH, 17 Sept 1903 at Brockville 011491-1903 (Leeds Co) Zion FITCHETT, 24, Farmer, Napanee, Alexandria Bay NY, s/o James [FITCHETT] & Almeda KELLER, married Carrie Mary VanBROOKLINE, 20, Alexandria Bay NY, same, d/o Calvin VanBROOKLIN & Annybel Zena FITZGERALD? (over written - barely legible), witn: Amy C. DOBBS, Mary E. FITZGERALD, both of Brockville, 15 Sept 1903 at Brockville
011701-1903 (Leeds Co) James Peter FOLEY, 27, Farmer, Leeds Co, Lansdowne, s/o William Benjamin [FOLEY] & Ann Janet FERGUSON, married Hannah Elizabeth KILLENBECK, 28, Leeds Co, Lansdowne, d/o George KILLENBECK & Mary MOORHEAD, witn: Thomas KILLENBECK, Natural Bridge NY, William T. FOLEY, Lansdowne, 13 Oct 1903 at Lansdowne 011500-1903 (Leeds Co) James H. GANNING, 49, Widower, Laborer, Lansdowne Tp, same, s/o Pierce [GANNING] & Elizabeth BROWN, married Sarah Jane SHAW, 35, Widow, New York State, same, d/o George MATTHEWS & Elizabeth J. BROWN, witn: Amy C. DOBBS, Mary E. FITZGERALD, both of Brockville, 14 Oct 1903 at Brockville
011484-1903 (Leeds Co) William Stanley GARDNER, 29, Port Hope, Brockville, Commercial Traveller, s/o William R. [GARDNER] & Marisa GILL, married Margaret J. JAMIESON, 31, Brockville, same, d/o Peter Braice & Elizabeth nee JOHNSON, witn: James G GARDNER, Brockville, R Larue GARDNER, Ottawa, 26 Aug 1903 at Brockville 011490-1903 (Leeds Co) John Stephenson GARRETT, 38, Machinist, Cobourg, Brockville, s/o George [GARRETT] & Margaret STEPHENS, married Mabel DUNHAM, 21, Brockville, same, d/o James [DUNHAM] & Emmaline MOORE, witn: James DUNHAM, Anne GARRETT, both of Brockville, 10 Sept 1903 at Brockville
011461-1903 (Leeds Co) Frederick GIBSON, 22, Shipper, England, Brockville, s/o blank GIBSON & blank, married Laura Alice CLENDENNING, 23, Brockville, same, d/o John [CLENDENNING] & Luella CARNEY, witn: George H. CLENDENNING, Gertrude CLENDENNING, both of Brockville, 22 Apr 1903 at Brockville 011661-1903 (Leeds Co) Howard Vee GOOD, 21, Printer, Kemptville, Winnipeg, s/o William GOOD & Catherine TAYLOR, married Agnes Lear KITE, 22, North Gower, same, d/o James KITE & Mary W. THOMPSON, witn: Russell DAVIDSON, Kemptville, Clarisa KITE, North Gower, 11 Jan 1903 at Kemptville
011646-1903 (Leeds Co) Frank E. GORDON, 27, Artist, St. Lawrence Co NY, Morrisburgh, s/o J. A. GORDON & Orllia ELDRIDGE, married Libbie E. FRAZER, 21, Artist, St. Lawrence NY, Morrisburgh, d/o Chs FRAZER & Libbie WATSON, witn: Mary SNYDER, Gananoque, 6 Oct 1903 at Gananoque 011499-1903 (Leeds Co) Francis E. GRAHAM, 25, Car Trainman, Brockville, same, s/o Archibald [GRAHAM] & Mary WHITE, married Edythe JACOBS, 21, Oshawa, Brockville, d/o Edward [JACOBS] & Eliza EBBS, witn: Charles W. HILLIS, Anna J. MILLER, both of Brockville, 9 Oct 1903 at Brockville
  011630-1903 (Leeds Co) Walter Horten GRANT, 25, Merchant, Cape Vincent NY, same, s/o William GRANT & Sarah HORTON, married Norma Elizabeth SHANEMAN, 24, Gananoque, same, d/o J. O. SHANEMAN & Catherine ALLEN, witn: Frederick A. GRANT, Cape Vincent NY, I.M. SHANEMAN, Gananoque, 10 June 1903 at Gananoque
011485-1903 (Leeds Co) Benjamin A. GRAY, 24, Merchant, Brockville, same, s/o Benjamin [GRAY] & Elizabeth HUDSON, married Susan BLACK, 24, Brockville, same, d/o Lawrence [BLACK] & Barbara SCOTT, witn: Lawrence BLACK, Mrs. E. BLACK, both of Brockville, 12 Aug 1903 at Brockville 011458-1903 (Leeds Co) Paul Isaac GREEN, 24, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Isaac [GREEN] & Emily ELLIOTT, married Florence Maud HODGES, 19, Augusta Tp, Brockville, d/o Charles Wesley [HODGES] & Sophia Georgina HALEY, witn: Roy EARL, Elizabethtown, Adelaide C. HODGES, Brockville, 14 Apr 1903 at Brockville
11310-04 Earnest GURNSEY, 39, farmer, South Mountain, Augusta twp., s/o William GURNSEY & Hettie R. KNAPP, married Margaret McLEAN, 29, Augusta, same, d/o James McLEAN & Frances BOWYER, witn: Samuel GURNSEY & Jennie McLEAN, both of Augusta, 22 Dec 1903 at Augusta 011629-1903 (Leeds Co) August W. GUSTAFSON, 25, Woodworker, Sweden, Gananoque, s/o Gustaf JOHANSON & Mary BACHAM, married E. Gertrude WEBSTER, 27, Gananoque, same, d/o E. O. WEBSTER & Eliza COLLARD, witn: Harry MOORE, Maggie WEBSTER, both of Gananoque, 16 July 1903 at Gananoque
011502-1903 (Leeds Co) Michael William HACKETT, 36, Com Traveller, Milton, Montreal, s/o Thomas [HACKETT] & Mary Ann MORRISSEY, married Anna Loretta MURRAY, 31, Brockville, same, d/o John [MURRAY] & Margaret WALSH, witn: Francis J. HACKETT, Montreal, Edmond HACKETT, Milton, 6 Oct 1903 at Brockville 011649-1903 (Leeds Co) James S. HALLIDAY, 59, Widower, Lime Burner, Leeds Co, Delta, s/o James HALLIDAY & Christina HASKINS, married Eliza LISCOMBE, 38, Widow, Frontenac Co, Delta, d/o Cornelius WILLIAMS & Mary WILLIAMS, witn: John G. CASE, Mrs. J. G. CASE, both of Gananoque, 16 Oct 1903 at Gananoque
011453-1903 (Leeds Co) Herbert N. HARCOURT, 23, Ireland, Brockville, Machinist, s/o William T. [HARCOURT] & Harriet L. R. RADWILL, married Florence E. BECKINSALE, 23, Grenville Co, Brockville, d/o Gabriel [BECKINSALE] & Caroline HICKS, witn: Henry BILLINGS, Laura BILLINGS, both of Brockville, 28 March 1903 at Brockville #011477-03 (Leeds Co): Samuel HARPER, 22, laborer, Morrisburg, Brockville , s/o Samuel HARPER & Mary --SLEY, married Eliza A. DIVALL, 16, Alliston, Brockville , d/o Charles DIVALL & Margaret McFADDEN, witn: John & M. Rosa ALHERRY of Brockville , 30 June 1903 at Brockville
011487-1903 (Leeds Co) John HARRINGTON, 35, Machinist, Trenton, Syracuse NY, s/o John [HARRINGTON] & Margaret GOODWIN, married Ellen HORAN, 36, Brockville, same, d/o Thomas [HORAN] & Mary SHAW, witn: Peter HORAN, Bridget HORAN, both of Brockville, 1 Sept 1903 at Brockville #011481-03 (Leeds Co): George HAYSER, 26, mechanic, Watertown, same, s/o Frank HAYSER & Mary HOGAN, married Angelina LAROCK, 28, Watertown, same, d/o Joseph LAROCK & Mary DELARICE, witn: William & Bella DELAIRE (sic) of Watertown NY, 25 June 1903 at Brockville
11797-1903 (Grenville Co) Michael HICKEY, 23, Laborer, Ontario, Edwardsburg, s/o James HICKEY & Ann GALVIN, married Mary A. NUGENT, 33, Ontario Edwardsburg, d/o Michael NUGENT & Ann MURPHY, witn: Thomas MURREY, Mary E. McGARRY, both of Edwardsburg. 14 June 1903 Prescott (RC) 011497-1903 (Leeds Co) Elward (Edward?) Robert HORTON, 27, Moulder, Brockville, Smiths Falls, s/o Joseph [HORTON] & Ellen LEACH, married Isabella GRANT, 30, North Augusta, Brockville, d/o John [GRANT] & Eliza McCULLOUGH, witn: N. BELLAMY, Ottawa, M. A. GRANT, Brockville, 23 Sept 1903 at Brockville
011444-1903 (Leeds Co) Thomas Finlay HOWARD, 40, Widower, Book Keeper, Fitzroy, Ottawa, s/o Thomas [HOWARD] & Cartherine FINLAY, married Emily Charlotte SNIDER, 37, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o George [SNIDER] & Sarah WOOD, witn: Charles P. SNIDER, Frank H. SNIDER, both of Brockville, 14 Jan 1903 at Brockville #011480-03 (Leeds Co): Charles HUMMELL, 32, machinist, Chesterville, Newmanville USA, s/o Amos & Sarah, married Ella May BANTING, 22, Smith Falls, same, d/o Thomas BANTING & Esther SNOW, witn: Emma FISSER of Brockville & Sarah NELSON of Karrs, 25 June 1903 at Brockville
011648-1903 (Leeds Co) Henry JEWETT, 64, Widower, Farmer, Huntsfield NS, Parish NS, s/o William JEWETT & Eveline TRIGG, married Mary Jane ROWE, 57, Widow, Vermillion NS, Parish NS, d/o David SPENCER & R M. GOSS, witn: J. W. CHURCH, Gananoque, A. DeWOLFE, Parish, 8 Sept 1903 at Gananoque 011705-1903 (Leeds Co) William G. JOHNSTON, 33, Agent, Lansdowne, same, s/o David [JOHNSTON] & Margaret RICHARDS, married Blanche STONE, 23, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert [STONE] & Sophronia MUNRO, witn: Mary M. STILLWELL, Lansdowne, Urquhart McNICHOL, Harriston, 30 Dec 1903 at Lansdowne
011631-1903 (Leeds Co) James Edgar KANE, 21, Laborer, Gananoque, same, s/o Riley KANE & Matilda CARPENTER, married Maude BULLOCK, 22, Pittsburg, Gananoque, John BULLOCH & Mary CLARK, witn: Harvey TRYON, Gananoque, Mary BULLOCK, Pittsburg, 8 July 1903 at Gananoque 011508-1903 (Leeds Co) Lorenzo Dewey KANE, 31, Widower, Engineer, Boonville, Carthage NY, s/o Philo? [KANE] & Frances SORNSON?, married Mabel GOODALL, 21, Carthage, same, d/o Thomas [GOODALL] & Minerva DENISIA, witn: Mr. John THOMPSON, Mars D. STRACHAN, both of Brockville, 14 Oct 1903 at Brockville
011443-1903 (Leeds Co) William Henry KEARNEY, 47, Widower, Jeweller, Leckies Corners, Renfrew, s/o James [KEARNEY] & Margaret GRAHAM, married Nellie Frances SNIDER, 34, Elizabethtown, Renfrew, d/o George [SNIDER] & Sarah WOOD, witn: Charles P. SNIDER, Frank H. SNIDER, both of Brockville, 14 Jan 1903 at Brockville 011446-1903 (Leeds Co) Lambert Bliss KERR, 25, Carpenter, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Richard [KERR] & Caroline OLDET, married Ethel WHITING, 25, Frankville, Brockville, d/o Henry [WHITING] & Anna LOGAN, witn: Ruth Irena M. ROBERTS, both of Elizabethtown, Mrs. Joseph SPOTWOOD, Brockville, 21 Jan 1903 at Brockville
11787-1903 (Grenville Co) John W. KING, 27, Edwardsburg Tp., Farmer, same, s/o James KING & Mary Jane KING, married Dollie PETERS, 20, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o John PETERS & Deborah KNAPP, witn: Mary E. DOWSLEY, Mable L. STUART, both of Prescott, 25 Mar 1903 Prescott. 011454-1903 (Leeds Co) Charles W. KING, 20, Florist, Lyn, Brockville, s/o George [KING] & Elizabeth PATTEMORE, married Ella Maud SANFORD, 18, Elbe, Brockville, d/o David PATTERSON & Lucy DETONS, witn: Louise M. KING, Fred H. MOORE, both of Brockville, 18 Mar 1903 at Brockville
011641-1903 (Leeds Co) Wilfred Francis LAGNE, 27, Book keeper, Gananoque, same, s/o Francis LAGNE & Jennie MOURPAS, married Agnes Mary O'NEILL, 26, Gananoque, same, d/o Lawrence O'NEILL & Sarah SHIELDS, witn: W. A. GOUNAY (Conway?), Gananoque, Francis KEATING, Kingston, 23 Sept 1903 at Gananoque (RC) 011659-1903 (Leeds Co) Robert LARTER, 34, Farmer, Ponsonby Ont, North Dakota, s/o Henry LARTER & Betsey BOLDOC, married Anna BAILEY, 28, Matilda, South Gower, d/o John BAILEY & Catharine HANES, witn: Lyman MAGEE, Elizabeth BAILEY, both of South Gower, 3 Mar 1903 at South Gower
011447-1903 (Leeds Co) Harry Young KNOX, 23, Express Messenger, Niagara, Smiths Falls, s/o John [KNOX] & Georgia YOUNG, married Bertha Helen CARLEY, 23, Smiths Falls, same, d/o William [CARLEY] & Jean MARQUETTE, witn: Fannie MASTERSON, Georgina R. SOPER, both of Brockville, 9 Feb 1903 at Brockville 011702-1903 (Leeds Co) Daniel John LANDON, 23, blank, Lansdowne, same, s/o Warren [LANDON] & Margaret E. TRICKEY, married Sarah Margaret COOK, 23, Lansdowne, same, d/o William Henry [COOK] & Dorothia SLACK, witn: William J. COOK, Jennie LANDON, both of Lansdowne, 28 Oct 1903 at Lansdowne
011486-1093 (Leeds Co) Frank H. LATHROP, 31, Plumber, Jefferson Co NY, Alexandria Bay - Jefferson Co NY, s/o Sivilion [LATHROP] & Elizabeth HAWE, married Cora Bella GRIFFITH, 28, Widow, Parishville NY, Ogdensburg NY, d/o Ezra BOUCK & Selina HUTCHCROFT, witn: Amy C. DOBBS, Mary E. FITZGERALD, both of Brockville, 31 Aug 1903 at Brockville 011678-1903 (Leeds Co) Elias LAWRENCE, 74, Widower, Gentleman, Edwardsburg, Spencerville, s/o John LAWRENCE & Margaret DULMAGE, married Annie M. CLOTHIER 42, Widow, Kingston, Kemptville, d/o Thomas MAVETY & Margaret POPE, witn: Benson CRAIG, Leroy MAVETY, both of Kemptville, 7 Oct 1903 at Kemptville
011636-1903 (Leeds Co) William A. LEAKY, 21, Laborer, Gananoque, same, s/o Abram LEAKY & Nancy LLOYD, married Lillian POWLEY, 18, Pittsburg, Gananoque, d/o A. POWLEY & H. SPAFFORD, witn: Walter DUSTIN, Mrs. B. LEAKY, both of Gananoque, 24 Aug 1903 at Gananoque  
011509-1903 (Leeds Co) Marsh H. LOCKERBIE, 30, railway employee, Ventnor, Brockville, s/o Matthew [LOCKERBIE] & Sarah McGREGOR, married Sarah A. MILLAR, 28, Brockville, same, d/o Andrew [MILLAR] & Margaret TACKABERRY, witn: Richard MILLER, Grace MILLER, both of Brockville, 21 Oct 1903 at Brockville 11795-1903 (Grenville Co) Nelson Edwin LOCKWOOD, 25, Mer. Tailor, Ontario, Deseronto, s/o John LOCKWOOD, Fanny McSPADDEN, married Josephine Martha SHARPE, 22, Prescott, same, d/o Henry J. SHARP (sic) & Pheoby VanALSTAIN, witn: W. H. JESSUP, Deseronto, Mary G. CLINT, Prescott, 10 June 1903 Prescott
011462-1903 (Leeds Co) Charles C. LYMAN, 46, Merchant, Toledo, Brockville, s/o Zerena Benjamin [LYMAN] & Sarah MARSHALL, married Lillian G. BRAMLEY, 28, Brockville, same, d/o Henry [BRAMLEY] & S. SUDDABY, witn: George G. GROTHIER, Bertha BRAMLEY, both of Brockville, 22 Apr 1903 at Brockville 011621-1903 (Leeds Co) George James MACK, 23, Candy Maker, Guelph, same, s/o William Henry MACK & Charlotte M. SALTER, married Cora Vida CUMMINGS, 23, Gananoque, same, d/o Riley CUMMINGS & Almina HOWE, witn: Spencer CUMMINGS, E. Maude CUMMINGS, both of Gananoque, 18 Feb 1903 at Gananoque
011624-1903 (Leeds Co) Charles Clarke MADISON, 37, Machinist, Ridwood NY, Gananoque, s/o Waite MADISON & Mary ROOT, married Laura ROWE, 21, Gananoque, same, d/o Willard ROWE & Josephine DAWSON, witn: William FRANKLIN, Ada FRANKLIN, both of Gananoque, 26 May 1903 at Gananoque 011668-1903 (Leeds Co) Henry MAHUE, 52, Widower, Farmer, Mountain twp, Oxford twp, s/o Joseph MAYHUE (sic) & Mary ANDERSON, married Sophia CLARKE, 39, Oxford twp, same, d/o John CLARKE & Margaret CLARKE, witn: Emma MAVETY, Agnes W. SPOTSWOOD, both of Kemptville, 30 June 1903 at Kemptville
011670-1903 (Leeds Co) Thomas J. MALEY, 33, Oxford, same, s/o John MALEY & Jane McNEILLY, married Sarah Jane DOOL, 20, Oxford, same, d/o Robert DOOL & Sarah GAMBLE, witn: R. W. STREET, Annie McNABB, both of Kemptville, 5 Aug 1903 at Kemptville 011445-1903 (Leeds Co) William Alex McCULLOCH, 22, Fireman, Brockville, s/o George [McCULLOCH] & Mary CASTLE, married Maude ELLIOTT, 18, Brockville, same, d/o William [ELLIOTT] & Elizabeth REYNOLDS, witn: William D. STRACHAN, Elizabeth REYNOLDS, both of Brockville, 12 Jan 1903 at Brockville
11789-1903 (Grenville Co) Thomas J. MacDONALD, 36, Wood worker, Montreal Que, Brockville, s/o L. MacDONALD & Mary ABBEY, married Lillian M. CUPPAGE, 30, Parry Sound, Brockville, d/o L. A. CUPPAGE & Martha WELSH, witn: Mable STUART, Jane Anna STUART, both of Prescott, 11 Apr 1903 Prescott 11791-1903 (Grenville Co) Angus MacDONALD, 37, Farmer, Martintown-Glengarry Co., Cardinal, s/o Cole MacDONALD & Annie McLAREN, married Mary POAPS, 27, Widow, Cardinal, same, d/o William BRUALE (Brault?) & Mary Ann POUTON, witn: Jane Ann STUART, Frank SLAVEN, both of Prescott. 23 Apr 1903 Prescott
011638-1903 (Leeds Co) James McDOUGALL, 23, Moulder, Pennsylvania USA, Watertown NY, s/o Alexander McDOUGALL & Anna ABRAMS, married Mary Louise HINMAN, 27, Gananoque, Watertown NY, d/o Alexander HINMAN & Lucy L. PECHOR, witn: Lucy L. WHEELER, M. L. SERSON, both of Gananoque, 8 Sept 1903 at Gananoque (RC) 011656-1903 (Leeds Co) John McGIVERN, 24, Railroader, Ireland Gananoque, s/o John McGIVERN & Sarah MORIN, married Marilla Ellen HULL, 21, England, Gananoque, d/o Charles HULL & Harriet BARTLETT, witn: W. H CARPENTER, Mrs. M. CARPENTER, both of Gananoque, 25 Nov 1903 at Gananoque
011489-1903 (Leeds Co) William J. McMILLAN, 24, Hatter, Lanark Co, Brockville, s/o Joseph [McMILLAN] & Martha GREER, married Almina Jane HOUGH, 34, North Augusta, same, d/o Charles [HOUGH] & Jane KING, witn: William McMILLAN, Kingston, Lizzie KEMP, Brockville, 3 Sept 1903 at Brockville 011653-1903 (Leeds Co) Al By Delbert McNEIL, 38, Manager, Lansdowne, same, s/o Daniel McNEIL & Harriett SEAMAN, married Annie THOMPSON, 27, Scotland, Lansdowne, d/o John THOMPSON & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: George CRANKER (Crauker?), Nettie McNEIL, both of Lansdowne, 4 Nov 1903 at Gananoque
  011460-1903 (Leeds Co) Samuel MILLER, 28, Tailor, Brockville, same, s/o Andrew MILLER & Margaret TACKABERRY, married Josephine McCORD, 20, Brockville, same, d/o John [McCORD] & Mary MEHAN, witn: Mary CONROY, Mary McCONVILLE, both of Brockville, 13 Apr 1903 at Brockville
11796-1903 (Grenville Co) John Daniel MILLS, 32, Clerk, Prescott, same, s/o Daniel MILLS & Laurie McGUIRE, married Bertha Catherine ROSS, 21, Prescott, same, d/o Robert William ROSS & Ida FIELDE, witn: T.A. DICKENS, Toronto, Elsa Justin ROSS, Prescott. 10 June 1903 Prescott 011469-1903 (Leeds Co) Francis MITCHELL, 20, Moulder, Oshawa, same, s/o John [MITCHELL] & Mary (blank), married Ethel FLORA, 19, Brockville, same, d/o Felix [FLORA] & Margaret DELAIR, witn: Walter BARKER, Oshawa, Cornelia FLORA, Redwood NY, 27 May 1903 at Brockville
011503-1903 (Leeds Co) Edward Burgess MOLES, 29, Physician, Arnprior, Brockville, s/o Robert George [MOLES] & Mary BURGESS, married Alice GILMAN, 27, Brockville, same, d/o William A. [GILMAN] & Louisa Jane HANNAN, witn: G. H. WALES, Smiths Falls, Marie L. GILMAN, Brockville, 7 Oct 1903 at Brockville 11802-1903 (Grenville Co) William Alfred MOOR, 29, Teamster, Oxford Tp., Kemptville, s/o William MOOR & Jane ROBINSON, married Bertha MOFFATT, 23, Kemptville, same, d/o John MOFFATT & Caroline THOMPSON, witn: Caroline SCANLON & William A. SCANLON, both of Prescott. 11 Aug 1903 Prescott
011495-1903 (Leeds Co) James Alexander MOORE, 45, Farmer, Newbliss, Jaspar Ont, s/o James [MOORE] & Eliza CONNERTY, married Mary CARR, 35, Jaspar, same, d/o Joseph [CARR] & Harriett FERGUSON, witn: George PURVIS, Howard VINES, both of Brockville, 16 Sept 1903 at Brockville 011700-1903 (Leeds Co) James S. MOORE, 28, Farmer, Lansdowne, Melcombe, s/o Ira MOORE & Priscilla BRADY, married Elina H. EARLY, 23, Scotland, Melcombe, d/o Thomas [EARLY] & Mary SCOTT, witn: John DONEVAN, Mabel McCORMACK, both of Melcombe, 7 Oct 1903 at Melcombe, Lansdowne twp
011634-1903 (Leeds Co) George. S. MOORE, 21, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o John MOORE & Mary BRADY, married Maud LANDON, 18, Lansdowne, same, d/o Warren LANDON & Mary TRICKEY, witn: James CHISAMORE, Ella CHISAMORE, both of Lansdowne, 15 Aug 1903 at Gananoque 011482-1903 (Leeds Co) George W. MORRISON, 25, Tobacconist, Brockville, same, s/o William [MORRISON] & Isabella ABBOTT, married Theresa May TIMLICK, 21, Brockville, same, d/o Joshua [TIMLICK] & Eliza HARRISON, witn: John A. TIMLICK, Brockville, Carrie E. MORRISON, both of Brockville, 28 July 1903 at Brockville
11793-1903 (Grenville Co) John MURPHY, 25, Blacksmith, Russel - St. Lawrence Co. USA, same, s/o Edward John MURPHY, Mary GIBBS, married Ada J. STEPHENSON, 19, Russel - St. Lawrence Co. NY- USA, DeKalb -NY USA, d/o David M. STEPHENSON & Hattie BOSWORTH, witn: Jane A. STUART, Mable L. STUART, both of Prescott. 19 May 1903 Prescott 011620-1903 (Leeds Co) Charles NEWBERRY, 31, Laborer, Prescott, Gananoque, s/o John NEWBERRY & Anne NEWBERRY, married Ida GODERICH, 15, Leeds, Gananoque, d/o Samuel GODERICH & Cecilia WHITNEY, witn: Thomas THOMPSON, Nellie THOMPSON, both of Gananoque, 14 Jan 1903 at Gananoque
011699-1903 (Leeds Co) William NEWBURY, 21, Prescott, Gananoque, Mechanic, s/o William [NEWBURY] & Maria SNYDER, married Nellie MUTCHMORE, 26, Widow, Morton, Gananoque, d/o Richard MUTCHMORE & May Jane MORRISON, witn: D. A. HAIG, W. E. HAIG, both of Lansdowne, 16 Sept 1903 at Lansdowne 011693-1903 (Leeds Co) Michael O'MEARA, 33, Farmer, Toledo, same, s/o James [O'MEARA] & Bridget BREEN, married Mary McNAMEE, Lansdowne, same, d/o Bernard [McNAMEE] & Bridget KAVANAGH, witn: John BREEN, Toledo, Bridget O'GRADY, Lansdowne, 28 Jan 1903 at Lansdowne (RC)
#011479-03 (Leeds Co): George ORR, 24, farmer, Fairfield, same, s/o James ORR & Sophia HOLGER, married Lena May SMITH, 22, Fairfield, same, d/o Joel SMITH & Charlotte McNISH, witn: John McKINLEY of Brockville & Bertha SHAVER of Fairfield, 25 June 1903 at Brockville 011658-1903 (Leeds Co) Robert Albert ORSER, 24, Harness Maker, Gananoque, same, s/o Parker ORSER & Emma MEGGS, married Adeline ADRIAN, 21, Forfar, Gananoque, d/o David ADRIAN & Joanna ROBIN, witn: John Stanley MEGGS, Lena Irene ADRIAN, both of Gananoque, 30 Dec 1903 at Gananoque
  011498-1903 (Leeds Co) Charles PARISH, 22, Mechanic, Gananoque, Brockville, s/o Drummond [PARISH] & Rosa JOHNSTON, married Nellie JOHNSTON, 19, Brockville, same, d/o Samuel [JOHNSTON] & Maggie FULFORD, witn: Dennis HART, Dora JOHNSTON, both of Brockville, 30 Sept 1903 at Brockville
011622-1903 (Leeds Co) William Henry PARKER, 19, Tinsmith, Gananoque, same, s/o William PARKER & Mary BAKER, married Lillie May CLARK, 19, Napanee, Gananoque, William H. CLARK & Cilby HART, witn: M. L. SERSON, E.P. CARTWRIGHT, both of Gananoque, 14 Mar 1903 at Gananoque 11897-05 Sherman W. PARSONS, 23, plumber, Copenhagen NY, Watertown NY, s/o David & Hannah nee FOX, married Sadie CAMPBELL, 24, Kingston, Brockville, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth nee PLEDGES (Hedges?), witn: Myron HAYS of Watertown NY & Emma VISSER of Brockville, 12 Sept 1903 at Brockville
011506-1903 (Leeds Co) Albert W. PATTERSON, 40, Merchant, Greenbush, Brockville, s/o John [PATTERSON] & Mary Ann EMPEY, married Lizzie May BEACOCK, 28, Brockville, same, d/o David Valentine [BEACOCK] & Mary REA, witn: George S. BRICKMAN, Brockville, Agnes BESWITHERICK, Toronto, 14 Oct 1903 at Brockville 011643-1903 (Leeds Co) Gordon PECK, 20, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Noah PECK & Maria CROSS, married Myrtle B. RICHARDSON, 23, Leeds, same, d/o Peter RICHARDSON & Eunice BRITTON, witn: Walter PECK, Leeds, Maudie RICHARDSON, Gananoque, 16 Sept 1903 at Wilstead Leeds
011505-1903 (Leeds Co) Charles George PENNOCK, 24, Machinist, Brockville, Toronto, s/o George [PENNOCK] & Eliza AMOS, married Lilian Gertrude COWIE, 22, Montreal, Brockville, d/o William [COWIE] & Sarah PLATT, witn: William McMILLAN, Clara COWIE, both of Brockville, 10 Oct 1903 at Brockville  
011672-1903 (Leeds Co) William John PHILLIPS, 24, Farmer, Dunbar Scotland, North Gower, s/o William PHILLIPS & Mary MILLER, married Catherine Steele FRAME, 24, Glasgow Scotland, North Gower, d/o James FRAME & Catherine HAMILTON, witn: James W. SCARLET, Mary DOUGLASS, both of Mountain, 2 Sept 1903 at Kemptville 011663-1903 (Leeds Co) David Henry PIERCE, 30, Farmer, Marlborough, s/o same, s/o William John PIERCE & Jane LINDSAY, married Hester Ann McMULLEN, 27, Marlborough, Oxford, d/o John McMULLEN & Eliza J. POWELL, witn: Albert E. McMULLEN, Oxford, Agnes W. TAYLOR, Reids Mills, 25 Feb 1903 at Kemptville
011492-1903 (Leeds Co) John PLUNKETT, 24, Farmer, Lansdowne Tp, same, s/o John [PLUNKETT] & Mary SOMERVILLE, married Jessie Ellen HUDSON, 24, Morton, Elgin, d/o John [HUDSON] & Ellen McKIE, witn: Miriam COLE, Kate RICHARDSON, both of Brockville, 15 Sept 1903 at Brockville 011618-1903 (Leeds Co) George L. PRATT, 28, Cook, Michigan US, Gananoque, s/o Theodore PRATT & Charlotte PORTER, married Blanche NEWBERRY, 18, Leeds, Gananoque, d/o William NEWBERRY & Maria SNIDER, witn: Dennis PELOW, Hattie PELOW, both of Gananoque, 17 Jan 1903 at Gananoque
011703-1903 (Leeds Co) Herbert James PRICE, 40, Insurance Clerk, London Eng, blank, s/o James [PRICE] & Eliza FROST, married Sadie BERRY, 30, Trained Nurse, Leeds, same, d/o James BERRY & Hannah WILSON, witn: William W. BERRY, Georgina BERRY, both of Leeds, 9 Nov 1903 at Leeds 011671-1903 (Leeds Co) William M. PROSSER, 27, Railway Employee, Kemptville, same, s/o George PROSSER & H. W. HURD, married Mabel HURLBURT, 22, Kemptville, same, d/o Adam HURLBURT & Mary MAYHEW, witn: Dorcas TURNER, Kemptville, Alice BENNICOMBE, Oshawa, 19 Aug 1903 at Kemptville
011449-1903 (Leeds Co) William RATHWELL, 41, Widower, Molder, s/o John [RATHWELL] & Letitia KEARNS, married Martha McILVENNIE?, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Brockville, d/o Thomas McILVENNIE & (blank), witn: Mary L. RATHWELL, Edward RATHWELL, both of Brockville, 12 Feb 1903 at Brockville 011507-1903 (Leeds Co) Edward RICHARDS, 31, Widow, Farmer, s/o Kitley, same, s/o Richard [RICHARDS] & Eliza HINTON, married Sarah Harriett FERGUSON, 18, Wolford Tp, Augusta, d/o Isaac [FERGUSON] & Sarah DOYLE, witn: Isaac FERGUSON, Eliza FERGUSON, both of Augusta, 28 Oct 1903 at Brockville
011664-1903 (Leeds Co) Lanson ROBINSON, 33, Farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o Alex ROBINSON & Isabella HOWEY, married Ellen LUCAS, 24, Oxford, same, d/o John LUCAS & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Emma MAVETY, Leroy MAVETY, both of Kemptville, 2 Apr 1903 at Kemptville 011651-1903 (Leeds Co) James Turner ROGERS, 37, Physician, Gananoque, Hamilton, s/o William Nelson ROGERS & Martha TURNER, married Florence Amy ATKINSON, 33, Gananoque, d/o Edward Lewis ATKINSON, witn: John Turner RICHARDSON BA, Toronto, Shirley B. COWAN, Gananoque, 21 Oct 1903 at Gananoque
  011697-1903 (Leeds Co) Joseph RUNNING, 23, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Joseph RUNNING & Eliza REED, married Julia A. EDGELY, 22, Yonge Mills, blank, d/o George T. EDGELY & Lois SEAMAN, witn: Mary J. CORNETT, Lizzie KILLENBECK, both of Lansdowne, 3 Aug 1903 at Lansdowne
011654-1903 (Leeds Co) Bertram, A. SANDWITH 25, Cheesemaker, Columbrook Eng, Kingston, s/o George SANDWITH & Helen WOODMAN, married Alverdu Henrietta BOAG, 26, Palmerston, Toronto, d/o Henry BOAG & Elizabeth SPALDING, witn: Mrs. W. D. PENNELL, Mrs. Cleo DUSTIN, both of Gananoque, 4 Nov 1903 at Gananoque 011675-1903 (Leeds Co) David Linwood SANFORD, 24, Farmer, Brockville, Kemptville, s/o William SANFORD & Sarah WALLACE, married Mary Ann DOOL, 27, Oxford, Oxford twp, d/o Robert DOOL & Sarah GAMBLE, witn: Hugh W. CHISHOLM, Kemptville, Catherine DOOL, Oxford, 9 Sept 1903 at Kemptville
11790-1903 (Grenville Co) John W. SAWYER, 24, Fireman, Kemptville, same, s/o James SAWYER & Martha FENTON, married Rosan WHALEN, 22, Brockville, same, d/o Michael WHALEN & Catherine MOREN, witn: Caroline SCANLON, William A. SCANLON, both of Prescott. 15 Apr 1903 Prescott 011448-1903 (Leeds Co) Zephaniah SAXTON, 69, Widower, Farmer, Bastard, Elgin, s/o Zephaniah [SAXTON] & Runia STEVENS, married Rachael COON, 71, Widow, Bastard, Michigan US, d/o W.J. BACH & Harriett MIDDLETON, witn: Mrs. C. M. BETTS, Kate PHILLIPS, both of Brockville, 11 Feb 1903 at Brockville
011673-1903 (Leeds Co) James William SCARLET, 24, Farmer, Mountain, same, s/o James SCARLET & Margaret CLELAND, married Mary DOUGLASS, 30, Mountain, same, d/o Edward DOUGLASS & Sarah Ann TAYLOR, witn: William J. PHILLIPS, Catherine S. FRAME, both of North Gower, 2 Sept 1903 at Kemptville 011459-1903 (Leeds Co) Ambrose SCHWERDFIGER, 34, Farmer, Yonge Tp, same, s/o Uriah [SCHWERDFIGER] & Mary FARLEY, married Berth M. CARROLL, 32, Gananoque, same, d/o John [CARROLL] & Eliza Sophia CAMPBELL, witn: Alice BROWN, Mallorytown, Amy C. DOBBS, Brockville, 16 Apr 1903 at Brockville
#011472-03 (Leeds Co): William Baptist SCOTT, 43, banker, Quebec, same, s/o William Wallace SCOTT & Hannah MASTERS, married Martha Emily BOWIE, 30, Brockville , same, d/o Robert BOWIE & Margaret Mc?, witn: Harold B. WHITE of Montreal & Rhea BOWIE of Brockville , 17 June 1903 at Brockville 011470-1903 (Leeds Co) Ernest E. SHEPPARD, 25, Architect, Montreal, same, s/o George James [SHEPPARD] & Emma A. BENNETT, married Carlie Emma FERRIS, 20, Peterborough, Montreal, d/o Marshall James BENNETT & Minnie CLIFFORD, witn: George James SHEPPARD, Emma A. BENNETT, both of Montreal, 27 May 1903 at Brockville
11809-1903 (Grenville Co) Frederick F. SHERMAN, 24, Merchant, USA, Morrisburg, s/o W. H. SHERMAN, married Susan HAGGERTY, 25, USA, Prescott, d/o Thomas HAGGERTY & Sarah MALLOY, witn; Nellie HAGGARTY, Prescott, John Bernard KING, Morrisburg, 22 Aug 1903 Prescott 11309-04 George SILLICK, 21, laborer, Millers Corners, Brockville, s/o Duncan SILLICK & Catherine QUAKENBUSH, married Bertha SEELEY, 18, Augusta, same, d/o Robert SEELEY & Mary LOUGHRIDGE, witn: William SILLICK & Edith TORRENCE, both of Edwardsburgh, 23 Dec 1903 at Augusta twp 
11812-1903 (Grenville Co) Emery SLATE, 37, Gananoque, Rockport, s/o Peter SLATE & Cora COFFIN, married Sarah LEER, 40, Widow, Mallorytown, Rockport, d/o Zeph LEER & C. DOWSLEY, witn; Thomas JEROY, Isabella JEROY, both of Rockport. 1 Jan 1903 Prescott 011455-1903 (Leeds Co) Ernestes Chester SLITER, 20, Baker, Morton, Brockville, s/o Ziba [SLITER] & Ann STRUTHERS, married Hattie TALLMAN, 22, Toledo, Brockville, d/o Nelson [TALLMAN] & Frances GORMAN, witn: William CANNING, Mrs. H. H. SMART, both of Brockville, 17 Mar 1903 at Brockville
011635-1903 (Leeds Co) Herb SLY, 23, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Rooney SLY & Ada RALPH, married Sarah COCHRANE, (no age), Landsdowne, Leeds, d/o John COCHRANE & Mary McCORMICK, witn: Lillian BATTAMS, Gananoque, Louella ESTES, Toronto, 18 Aug 1903 at Gananoque  
011488-1903 (Leeds Co) George SMIRL, 23, Cheese Maker, Winchester, same, s/o John [SMIRL] & Catharine McMILLAN, married Landa SPARHAM, 19, Jasper, Brockville, d/o William [SPARHAM] & Sophia RALPH, witn: Harry SPARHAM, Lillian SPARHAM, 1 Sept 1903 at Brockville 011667-1903 (Leeds Co) Daniel SMITH, 70, Widower, Farmer, South Gower, Osgoode twp, s/o Elijah SMITH & Mary BONESTEEL, married Mary DUCOLOW, 57, Widow, Laprairie Que, Kemptville, d/o George ROBINSON & Beulah SAWYER, witn: Carrie DUCOLOW, Kemptville, Carrie COCHRANE, Bishops Mills, 16 June 1903 at Kemptville
011452-1903 (Leeds Co) Arthur SMITH, 21, Insane Asylum Guard, Brockville, same, s/o James [SMITH] & Emma WORDISS (Wordin?), married Emma LAPPIN, 19, Lansdowne, same, d/o Charles [LAPPIN] & Sarah WOST (Wort?), witn: James ROBERTSON, Mrs. C. M. BETTS, both of Brockville, 25 Feb 1903 at Brockville 011450-1903 (Leeds Co) John STACK, 34, Station Agent GTR, Mallorytown, Marysville, s/o James [STACK] & Bridget FURY, married Elizabeth McCARTIN, 28, Prescott, Brockville, d/o James [McCARTIN] & Margaret BAINS, witn: John H. HIMICK, Brockville, Margaret STOCK, Elmira NY, 18 Feb 1903 at Brockville
#011475-03 (Leeds Co): Hugh STEVENS, 35, merchant, Quebec, Bayour? NY, s/o William S. STEVENS & Sarah KILFOYLE, married Eva May CRUMMY? (Crenesy?), 22, Brockville , same, d/o Alexander CRUMMY & Carrie RATHWELL, witn: John Herbert SHIRLEY of Smiths Falls & Jennie MOTT of Brockville , 17 June 1903 at Brockville 011623-1903 (Leeds Co) Rufus Miller STEVENS, 31, Widower, Commercial Traveller, Harlem, Gananoque, s/o Rufus M. STEVENS & Rachel BOWSER, married Ethel E. DeWOLFE, 25, Gananoque, same, d/o Bethuel DeWOLFE & Catherine FAIR, witn: John Herbert DeWOLFE, Theresa DeWOLFE, both of Gananoque, 27 May 1903 at Gananoque
  011456-1903 (Leeds Co) Nathaniel STEWART, 35, Widower, Cheese maker, Elizabethtown, same, s/o William [STEWART] & Ann GREER, married Minnie THORIN, 21, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Aaron [THORIN] & Sara McKIM, witn: Emma VINER, Brockville, Jane ROBINSON, Smiths Falls, 9 Apr 1903 at Brockville
11794-1903 (Grenville Co) James P. SUMMER, 26, Farmer, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Patrick SUMMERS & Emily WALLACE, married Catherine C. LADD, 31, New York State, Edwardsburg, d/o Arthur S. LADD & Ruth A. NETTLETON, witn: Thomas SUMMER, Edith TORRANCE, both of Edwardsburg. 22 Apr 1903 Prescott 11803-1903 (Grenville Co) George John SUTTON, 27, Laborer, England, Prescott, s/o Mark SUTTON & Mary Ann BELLAMAY (Bellamy?), married Maude PETERSON, 22, Prescott, same, d/o Samuel PETERSON & Margaret McCARTIER, witn: William SUTTON, Marth(a) PETERSON, both of Prescott. 28 Sept 1903 Prescott
011676-1903 (Leeds Co) William SWAIN, 24, Bus Driver, Kemptville, same, s/o William SWAIN & Sarah CARROLL, married Retta May GREER, 24, Oxford, Kemptville, d/o William GREER & Margaret McLEAN, witn: Mabel GREER, KEMPTVILLE, Winnie WILSON, both of Kemptville, 1 Oct 1903 at Kemptville #011478-03 (Leeds Co): Robert TARKINGTON, 33, machinist, Mallorytown, Brockville , s/o Solomon TARKINGTON & Georgie POOLE, married Susan SOMERS (or Towers), 22, Lansdowne, Brockville , d/o James SOMERS & Caroline ACTON, witn: William POOLE of Lansdowne & Adelia PENNOCK of Brockville , 10 June 1903 at Brockville
011639-1903 (Leeds Co) Robert Henry THOMAS, 27, Laborer, Leeds Co, blank, s/o George W. THOMAS & Elizabeth Ann FOLEY, married Ruth Elizabeth MITCHELL, 22, Servant, Leeds Co, blank, d/o John MITCHELL & Sarah Ann COOKE, witn: Theodore THOMAS, Adelaide THOMAS, both of Gananoque, 14 Sept 1903 at Christ Church Gananoque  
11788-1903 (Grenville Co) Arthur THOMPSON, 23, Farmer, Hawesville - Dundas Co., same, s/o David THOMPSON & Mary Ann McINTOSH, married Mary CAMERON, 19, Glasgow Scotland, Pilston, d/o John CAMERON & Mary REYNOLDS, witn: Sarah McEWEN, Mrs. Hannah BRADFORD, both of Prescott. 3 Apr 1903 Prescott 011655-1903 (Leeds Co) George TODD, 22, Farmer, Brewers Mills, blank, s/o John TODD & Sarah GRANT, married Myrtle TOWNSEND, 19, Leeds twp, blank, d/o Jeremiah TOWNSEND & Jane Ann KENNEY, witn: M. L. SERSON, F. BROWN, both of Gananoque, 25 Nov 1903 at Gananoque
011464-1903 (Leeds Co) Solomon C. TRICKEY, 26, Oil Dealer, Arthur, Watertown NY, s/o William M. [TRICKEY] & Martha McLEAN, married Emma A. SMITH, 24, Fairfield E, Theresa NY, d/o William C. [SMITH] & Elizabeth McKANE, witn: Mrs. C. M. BETTS, Kate PHILLIPS, both of Brockville, 13 May 1903 at Brockville 011496-1903 (Leeds Co) Edward VANDENBURG, 26, Merchant, Guilderland NY, New York US, s/o Newton [VANDENBURG] & Mary RERRICK, married Margaret POWLEY, 20, Chicago, New York US, d/o George [POWLEY] & Mary McILLVENAY, witn: Melville POWLEY, Toronto, Lily VANDENBURG, Mechanicsville NY, 3 Sept 1903 at Brockville
011698--1903 (Leeds Co) Francis D. WARREN, 28, Merchant, Escott, Lansdowne, s/o John [WARREN] & Emma WHITE, married Sarah A. RATH, 30, Lansdowne, same, d/o Charles F. [RATH] & Hester J. GREEN, witn: Leonard M. FRANKLIN, Rockfield, Jessie E. GREEN, Gananoque, 16 Sept 1903 at Lansdowne 011696-1903 (Leeds Co) John WATSON, 21, Livery Laborer, Caintown, Brockville, s/o James [WATSON] & Ellen SMITH, married Mary Eva WHITE, 24, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o Frank [WHITE] & Eliza CAMPBELL, witn: Ira WATSON, Ellen WATSON, both of Brockville, 29 June 1903 at Lansdowne
011647-1903 (Leeds Co) James Wilfred WATT, 25, Machinist, Gananoque, blank, s/o A. C. WATT & Isabella R. McLEAN, married Sarah Ethel DEMPSTER, 25, Gananoque, blank, d/o James DEMPSTER & Sarah QUINSEY, witn: Fred C. WATT, Lizzie M. DEMPSTER, both of Gananoque, 7 Oct 1903 at Gananoque 011650-1903 (Leeds Co) William WAYNE, 27, Coachman, Philadelphia, same, s/o John WAYNE & Eleanor WOODY, married Eva Belle WITHERELL, 18, Philadelphia, same, d/o Charles M. WITHERELL & Jessie ROGERS, witn: Freeman BRITTON, Gananoque, Jessie WITHERELL, Philadelphia USA, 21 Oct 1903 at Gananoque
011694-1903 (Leeds Co) Charles Wesley WEAVER, 31, Contractor, Dundas, Deloraine Man, s/o Norman [WEAVER] & Sarah BECKSTEAD, married Addie Edith WHITE, 31, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert [WHITE] & Frances E. GOWAN, witn: Arthur WHITE Olga SHEPPARD, both of Lansdowne, 4 Feb 1903 at Lansdowne 011640-1903 (Leeds Co) Edward J. WESTCOTT, 30, Lawyer, West Carthage NY, Albany NY, s/o Asa WESTCOTT & Martha WESTCOTT, married Norma Winifred WRIGHT, 23, Gananoque, same, d/o C. R. WRIGHT & Ellen JOHNSON, witn: William C. GORDON, Troy NY, Minnie J. BURNETT, Gananoque, 16 Sept 1903 at Gananoque
011463-1903 (Leeds Co) Thomas WILLIS, 35, Farmer, North Crosby Tp, same, s/o Thomas [WILLIS] & Elizabeth ARGIN (Agin?), married Callie GREEN, 22, Bastard Tp, same, d/o Collins [GREEN] & Clara MURPHY, witn: Maurice F. D. WOODCOCK, Margaret V. WOODCOCK, both of Brockville, 15 Apr 1903 at Brockville 011619-1903 (Leeds Co) Charles WRIGHT, 19, Carpenter, Gananoque, same, s/o Matthew WRIGHT & Susan PATTERSON, married Cora May KENNY, 19, Seeleys Bay, Gananoque, d/o M. J. KENNY & Laura KANE, witn: Emily ORSER, Lillian BATTREMS?, both of Gananoque, 4 Feb 1903 at Gananoque
011628-1903 (Leeds Co) William S. YULE, 27, Merchant, Gananoque, same, s/o John G. YULE & Fanny SCOTT, married Lena May LANDON, 27, Gananoque, d/o Edgar LANDON & Mary WALLACE, witn: John A. LANDON, Gladys A. YULE, both of Gananoque, 2 July 1903 at Gananoque