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Lanark Co., 1878

birth place is given before residence


5222-78 James ADAMS, 40, farmer, Paisley Scotland, North Sherbrooke, s/o Hugh ADAM & Marion BLACK, married Sarah MATHIE, 22, Lavant, Dalhousie, d/o William MATHIE & Ellen GAVIN, witn: David F. & Mary FERGUSON of North Sherbrooke, 4 June 1878 at North Sherbrooke 5273-78 S. AFFLECK, 24, carpenter, Canada, Lanark, s/o A. AFFLECK & Jane TODD, married Jane RODGER, 22, Canada, Lanark, d/o A. RODGER & J. STEAD, witn: R. SOMERVILLE of Lanark, 13 Dec 1878 at Almonte
5283-79 (Lanark Co ) William ALLAN, 28, lumberer, Canada, Perth, s/o Francis ALLAN & Jane ALLAN, married Mary Evangline GLENN, 22, Canada, Drummond, d/o James GLENN & Ann GLENN, witn: William ROWALL & Sarah A. ROWALL both of Perth, 12 Aug 1878 at Drummond 5304-79 (Lanark Co) Andrew ALLAN, 41, farmer, Canada, Burgess North, s/o John ALLAN & Elizabeth ALLAN, married Agnes OLD, 20, Canada, Bathurst, d/o George OLD & Euphemia OLD, witn: Thomas TURNBULL of Perth & James McEWAN of Elmsley, 16 Apr 1878 at Bathurst
5111-78 Robert ALLAN, 21, merchant, Canada, Bathurst, s/o Francis ALLAN & Jane, married Ellen KEAN, 21, Canada, North Burgess, d/o John KEAN & Agnes, witn: Francis & Matilda ALLAN of Bathurst, 4 Feb 1878 at Perth 5272-78 William ANDERSON, 23, miller, Canada, Lanark, s/o E. ANDERSON & J. AFFLECK, married Jane McKINLAY, 22, Canada, McNab, d/o D. McKINLAY & J. TISIL?, witn: R. ANDERSON of Lanark, 6 Dec 1878 at Almonte
5115-78 Ephraim ARMOUR, 27, farmer, Canada, North Burgess, s/o John ARMOUR & Mary, married Ellen MOODIE, 23, Canada, North Burgess, d/o Alexander MOODIE & Rebecca, witn: Robert ARMOUR & Rebecca MOODIE, both of North Burgess, 26 March 1878 at Perth

5096-78 Joseph Andrew ARMSTRONG, 43, widower, Springfield US, Perth, s/o Uriah & Louisa, married Grasetta PALMER, 35, Bathurst Canada, Perth, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: William CARMICHAEL & Anna Bella GRAHAM, both of Perth, 12 Aug 1878 at Perth

005256-78 Eugene James AVISON, 23, cloth finisher, Hensdale Mass. USA, Appleton Ont, s/o James and Margaret AVISON, married Margaret SMITH 21, Richmond Ont, Almonte, d/o William and Margaret SMITH, witn: Albert PROUD of Carleton Place and Hannah AVISON of Almonte, 29 May 1878 on Almonte 005232-78 John Alexander BAIN, 23, farmer. Bathurst, same, s/o James BAIN and Jane POLLACK, married, Ellen Jane SMITH, 20, Westmeath Ireland, Olden Tp, d/o James SMITH and Maria DAVIS, witn: George JACKSON of Dalhousie and Sarah BANE of Bathurst, 16 April 1878 at Maberly, Methodist Parsonage, South Sherbrooke

005178-1878 (Lanark Co) John Walker BAIRD, 35, Widower, Farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o James & Margaret BAIRD, married Jane LOWERY, 25, Pakenham, same, d/o Samuel & Mary LOWERY, witn: William LOWERY & Ellenor LERTIE?, of Pakenham, 10 June 1878 at Pakenham

5274-78 John BARNETT, 20, manufacturer, Canada, Almonte, s/o William BARNETT & Agnes DUNCAN, married Lucy STANWOOD, 19, Dublin Ireland, Almonte, d/o Thomas STANWOOD & Lucy TYRRELL, witn: Alice WARREN of Almonte & P. McCLEARY of Clayton, 3 Dec 1878 at Almonte
5267-78 Eustache BARBER, 24, farmer, Canada, Ramsay, s/o E. BARBER & J. McKETRICK, married Margaret WARK, 24, Canada, Darling, d/o James WARK & Agnes PRETTY, witn: Mary BENNETT of Almonte, 19 June 1878 at Almonte #005141-78 Marshall BELANGER, 25, labourer, South Elmsley, Smiths Falls, s/o Peter BELANGER & Mary FIRSLAWOR?, married Charlotte Maria GILLESPIE, 23, South Elmsley, Smiths Falls, d/o Thomas GILLESPIE & Harriet JOHNSON, witn: Alex MCGILLIVAY & Eliza KENNEDY, both of Smiths Falls, 16 Ma6 1878 at Smiths Falls
5282-79 (Lanark Co) Christopher James BELL, 21, farmer, Canada, Drummond, s/o Christopher H. BELL & Elizabeth SMITH, married Jennie CAMERON, 23, Canada, Drummond, d/o Edwin CAMERON & Catherine CAMERON, witn: William A. SMITH of Renfrew & William STEADMAN of Drummond, 2 Oct 1878 at Drummond 5113-78 John BOWES, 27, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o John BOWES & Anne, married Annie Elizabeth BELL, 24, Canada, Bathurst, d/o Thomas BELL & Esther, witn: Andrew W. PLAYFAIR of Perth, 14 Feb 1878 at Perth
5189-78 (Lanark Co): Moffatt BRESEE, 30, farmer, Bastard twp., same, s/o Peter & Permilia, married Eleanor WILLOWS, 20, Lanark, same, d/o John & Eleanor, witn: Johial HOLLIDAY of Bastard & Maggie STEVENSON of Carleton Place, 30 March 1878 at Place Boyd’s Settlement #005127-78 George A. BROUGHAN, 21, spinner, Innisville, Smiths Falls, s/o Samuel BROUGHAN & Lucie EASTON, married Mary EASTON, 20, Dalhousie, Lanark, d/o Geo EASTON and not given, witn: Peter MCDONALD & Luise BROUGHAN, both of Carleton Place, 4 Feb 1878 at Carleton Place
5239-78 (Lanark Co): John BROWN, 33, woolen manufacturer, Scotland, Carleton Place, s/o Robert & Ann, married Mary CRAM, 28, Beckwith twp., same, d/o Duncan & Agnes Wilson CRAM, witn: Andrew CRAM of Beckwith & Mary C. WILSON of Appleton, 29 March 1878 at Beckwith

005223-78 James BROWNLEE, wid, 28, farmer, North Sherbrook, same, s/o John BROWNLEE & Mary STOAKES, married, Mary BUDD, wid, 30, d/o Robert BROWNLEE and Mary DUNLOP, witn: Joseph WARREN of Bathurst and William SMITH of North Sherbrooke, 25, December 1878, in Sherbrooke


005228-78 George BUCHANAN, 25, farmer, South Sherbrooke, same, s/o Hugh BUCHANAN, and Diana ARMSTRONG, married Sarah HUGHES, 10 South Sherbrooke, same d/o Robert and Letitia HUGHES, witn: John BUCHANAN and Mary HUGHES of South Sherbrooke, 30 October 1878 in Maberly

005224-78 Robert BUFFAM, 29, Sawyer, Fallbrook, same, s/o George BUFFAM and Elizabeth SCOTT, married Mary GILMAN, 25, North Sherbrooke, same, d/o James GILMAN and Janet CRAWFORD, witn: Henry BUFFAM of Fallbrook and Edward GILMAN of North Sherbrooke, 16 August 1878 in Manse Dalhousie

5303-79 (Lanark Co) John BUFFAM, 29, carpenter, Canada, Bathurst, s/o George BUFFAM & Elizabeth BUFFAM, married Elizabeth SINCLAIR, 29, Canada, Bathurst, d/o John SINCLAIR & Elizabeth SINCLAIR, witn: Mrs. C.A. JOHN & Harry BUFFAM both of Bathurst, 8 June 1878 at Bathurst

005170-1878 (Lanark Co) Michael BURKE 26, Labourer, Canada, Pakenham, s/o Michael BURKE & (not given), married Catherine McCARTIN, 20, Ireland, Pakenham, d/o William & Sarah McCARTEN (sic), witn: John ATTERSON & Mary Ann HANDLEN?, both of Pakenham, 5 Mar 1878 at Pakenham


005264-78 David BURROWS, 27, harness maker, Canada, North Groves, s/o Alonson BURROWS and Mary EARLS, married Ida Maria MOORE, 22, Canada, Almonte, d/o Andrew MOORE and Ann GARLAND, witn: Mary Ann MOORE and Mrs Ed CUMMINS of Almonte, 10 October 1878 in Almonte

5125-78 John CAMELON, 21, farmer, Darling, same, s/o David CAMELON & Margaret STRETCH, married Hester KEATON, 26, Darling, same, d/o James KEATON & Ellen STEWART, witn: George KEATON & Mary CAMELON, both of Darling, 26 March 1878 at Darling
5200-78 Alexander CAMELON, 25, laborer, Darling, same, s/o John CAMELON & Christena WARK, married Catherine MUNRO, 20, Darling, same, d/o Hugh MUNRO & Catherine McKAY, witn: James CAMELON & Mary MUNRO, both of Darling, 1 March 1878 at Middleville 5221-78 William CAMERON, 28, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Annie CAMPBELL, 21, Perth, Palmerston, d/o John & Martha, witn: James & Agnes CAMERON of Dalhousie, 9 May 1878 at Dalhousie
5219-78 Robert J. CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, Bastard, Oso, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Margaret M. BUDD, 23, North Sherbrooke, same, d/o Henry & Catherine, witn: Elijah E. & Catherine BUDD of North Sherbrooke, 22 April 1878 at North Sherbrooke

005225-78 John CAMPBELL, 26, farmer, Ireland, Dalhousie, s/o Thomas CAMPBELL and Eliza BLAKELY, married Agnes PAUL, 25, Dalhousie, same, d/o Moses PAUL and Sarah McAULAY, witn Duncan McINTOSH and Mary PAUL of Dalhousie, 30 September 1878 in Dalhousie

5157-78 Duncan CAMPBELL, 31, farmer, Montague, North Elmsley, s/o John CAMPBELL & Elizabeth, married Eliza Jane DAWSON, 24, North Elmsley, same, d/o William DAWSON & Mary, witn: Ralph CAMPBELL of Montague & Mary DAWSON of North Elmsley, 31 Dec 1878 at North Elmsley 5164-78 Patrick CANNON, 26, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Bernard & Margaret, married Rose Ann MOYNIHAN, 22, Pakenham, same, d/o Patrick & Mary, witn: Thomas CANNON & Ellen GREEN, both of Pakenham, 16 July 1878 at Pakenham
5236-78 (Lanark Co): James CAVERS, 26, yeoman, Beckwith twp., same, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Margaret MOFFATT, 23, Almonte, Beckwith twp., d/o James & Rosanna, witn: David CAVERS of Beckwith twp & Sarah CLARKE of Carleton Place, 12 Sept 1878 at Beckwith 5186-78 (Lanark Co): Henry CAVERS, 32, farmer, Beckwith, Ramsay, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Jennie YOUNG, 30, Ramsay, same, d/o Peter & Jane, witn: James CAVERS & Janet YOUNG, both of Ramsay, 15 March 1878 at Ramsay
5090-78 Charles Q. CHAMBERLAIN, 26, merchant's clerk, Napanee, Perth, s/o Charles & MARGARET, married Susan STONE, 21, Perth, same, d/o Robert & Susan, witn: Anson BOWES & George STONE, both of Perth, 5 March 1878 at Perth


5155-78 Adam CLARK, 36, farmer, North Elmsley, same, s/o John & Jane, married Margaret KIRK, 24, North Elmsley, same, d/o Andrew & Marion, witn: Thomas MAYBERRY & George KIRK, both of North Elmsley, 17 Dec 1878 at North Elmsley 005229-78 William CLARK, 24, farmer, South Sherbrooke, same, s/o William and Mary CLARK, married Fanny BUCHANAN, 22, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o George and Fanny BUCHANAN, witn: John BUCHANAN and Sarah DUFFY, of South Sherbrooke, 10 December 1878 in Maberley, Parsonage, South Sherbrooke

005243-78 William CLARKE, 28, merchant, Pakenham, same, s/o Robert CLARKE and Ann FORSYTHE, married Mary Ann ENGLISH, 27, Barbados West India, Pakenham, d/o William ENGLISH, and Jane SUTHERLAND, witn: Peter CLOSE and Richard FOLEY of Almonte, 8 February 1878 in Almonte

5153-78 William CLINT, 48, widower, miller, England, Smith Falls, s/o Edward CLINT & Mary CHALMERS, married Charlotte BOYINGTON, 70, widow, Bastard?, Portland - Leeds Co., d/o Daniel TERRY & Elizabeth CHAPEU, witn: E. H. RUDD & William FARREL, both of Smith Falls, 21 Oct 1878 at Smith Falls

005230-78 Stephen COLLICE, wid, 48, farmer, France, South Sherbrooke, s/o William COLLISH (sic) and Margaret CORNISH, married Catherine McGLADE, 38, not known, Bathurst , d/o James McGLADE and Alice MURPHY, witn: John and Sarah ROBINSON of Bathurst, 3 February 1878 at the John ROBINSON’S in Bathurst 5108-78 Edward CONROY, 26, farmer, Canada, South Sherbrooke, s/o John CONROY & Jane, married Sarah Jane BUCHANAN, 25, Canada, South Sherbrooke, d/o John BUCHANAN & Ann, witn: Thomas MARTIN of Bathurst & Mary CONROY of South Sherbrooke,
5269-78 Charles Young COULTER, 29, blacksmith, Canada, Ross, s/o John COULTER & Catherine SCOTT, married Jane FERGUSON, 25, Canada, Almonte, d/o Alexander FERGUSON & Agnes ERSKINE, witn: Francis COULTER of Ramsay & Isabella H. FERGUSON of Almonte, 1 Oct. 1878 at Almonte

005248-78 Samuel Albertus COWAN, 19 , merchant clerk, Canada, Ottawa Ont, s/o James COWAN, and Lavainia Jane STACKHOUSE, married Sophia LINGS, 20, Canada, Carleton Place, d/o Andrew LINGS and Mary TOPPING, witn: D J STEWART and G M FORD of Almonte, 14 March 1878 in Almonte

5266-78 Isaac COWIE, 23, pedlar, Burgess Ont., Almonte, s/o Robert & Jane, married Esther Ann O'CONNELL, 18, Goulbourn, same, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: James & Robert COWIE of Almonte, 18 Nov 1878 at Almonte 5203-78 Andrew CRAIG, 30, farmer, Lanark, same, s/o Robert & Mary, married Rachel HARDING, 18, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas HARDING & Ellen TODD, witn: James ROBB of Almonte & Jane AFFLECK of Lanark, 13 Feb 1878 at Lanark twp
5233-78 (Lanark Co): Frederick CRAWFORD, 25, moulder, Scotland, Oso twp., s/o David CRAWFORD & Margaret KESFER?, married Mary HENDERSON, 32, Oso twp., same, d/o Robert HENDERSON & Ann WARREN, witn: Robert BOURK & Elizabeth FLETT, both of Oso twp., 23 April 1878 at Maberly Parsonage, South Sherbrooke 005173-1878 (Lanark Co) John CROSKERY, 26, Farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o William & Jane CROSKERY, married Lizzie McDANIEL, 22, Huntley, same, d/o John & Rose Ann McDANIEL, witn: David CROSKERY & Rose Ann McBRIDE, Fitzroy, 8 Mar 1878 at Pakenham
5148-78 George CUNNINGHAM, 30, farmer, Ontario, Ramsay, s/o William CUNNINGHAM & Margaret McFARLANE, married Rachel McADAM, 23, Ontario, Pakenham, d/o James McADAM & Mary Ann LOWE, witn: Robert McLACHLIN of Ramsay & Harriet McADAMS of Pakenham, 4 Sept 1878 at Smith Falls 5107-78 William John DENNISON, 31, painter, Canada, Perth, s/o William DENNISON & Mary, married Jennie ALLAN, 23, Canada, Perth, d/o James ALLAN & Ellen, witn: George STONE & Margaret ALLAN, both of Perth, 23 Jan 1878 at Perth
#005129-78 John R. DICKSON, 23, clerk, Pakenham, same, s/o Robert DICKSON & Ellon RUTTLE, married Annie T. NAGLE, 22, Ramsay, Pakenham, d/o William Arthur & Eliza Jane, witn: David HEMINWAY, Pakenham & Napoleon LAVALLEE, Carleton Place, 9 Apr 1878 at Carleton Place 5143-78 Joseph Stewart DILLABOUGH, 28, farmer, Wolford, Smith Falls, s/o Joseph DILLABOUGH & Eliza POLLARD, married Sarah BARR, 19, South Elmsley, Smith Falls, d/o Allan BARR & Maria STORY?, witn: Robert BARR & Mary Ann McEWEN, both of South Elmsley, 14 June 1878 at Smith Falls
005179-1878 (Lanark Co) William DOCHERTY, 30, Yeoman, Ramsay, same, s/o William DOCHERTY & Sarah DOCHERTY, married Susan PRICE, 24, Ireland, Ramsay, d/o James PRICE & Hannah BURKE, witn: William PRICE & Emma DOCHERTY, both of Ramsay, 23 Jul 1878 at Ramsay  
5218-78 Alexander DUNCAN, 22, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o James DUNCAN & Jane PURDON, married Louisa CRAIG, 22, Dalhousie, same, d/o Alexander CRAIG & Agnes BAILLIE, witn: John CRAIG & William CHALMERS, both of Dalhousie, 1 March 1878 at Dalhousie 5215-78 James R. DUNCAN, 22, farmer, Sarnia, same, s/o Robert DUNCAN & Susan McINTOSH, married Jane H. BOWES, 20, North Sherbrooke, Dalhousie, d/o Thomas BOWES & Mary McMILLAN, witn: James MAXWELL of Lanark & Mary J. WILSON of North Sherbrooke, 18 Jan 1878 at Dalhousie

005252-78 John DUNLOP, 20, loom fixes, Scotland, Almonte, s/o John DUNLOP and Mary NEILSON, married Ann Jane DRANSFIELD, 19, Canada, Almonte, d/o Frederick DRANSFIELD and Jane GLENDINNING, witn: Andrew DUNLOP of Almonte, 27 April 1878 in Almonte

5268-78 Robert EATON, 21, baker, Scotland, Almonte, s/o Robert EATON & M.A. NICOL, married Helen MORE, 22, Canada, Ramsay, d/o William MORE & Matilda NICHOLSON, witn: D. C. LOCHEAD of Almonte, 1 July 1878 at Almonte 5098-78 Walter Lawson FERRIES (Ferrier?), 25, harness maker, Perth, same, s/o John & Susannah, married Minnie Elizabeth HOLMES, 22, Smith Falls, Perth, d/o Michael & Mary Ann, witn: James MOTHERWELL & John FERRIES, both of Perth, 4 Sept 1878 at Perth
5326-78 John Hall FOSTER, 29, Smith Falls, Elmsley twp., s/o George & Jane, married Mary OGILVIE, 29, Elmsley, same, d/o Archibald & Catherine, witn: Archibald OGILVIE & Henry BAIRD, both of Smith Falls, 10 April 1878 at Smith Falls 5124-78 John FULTON, 26, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Alexander FULTON & Elizabeth GELLATELY, married Jane CAMELON, 23, Darling, same, d/o David CAMELON & Mary STRETCH, witn: John CAMELON of Darling & Margaret FULTON of Pakenhan, 26 March 1878 at Darling
5116-78 Andrew FYFE, 25, farmer, Canada, Parry Sound, s/o John FYFE & Elizabeth, marred Sarah PATTERSON, Perth, same, d/o James PATTERSON & Bresage Jane, witn: Robert B. WHITE of Ottawa, 9 April 1878 at Perth 005121-1878 (Lanark Co) Jacob GALLINGER 27, Blacksmith, Lanark, Dalhousie, s/o Jacob GALLINGER & Mary GALLINGER, married Margaret RODGERS, 16, Palmerston, Sherbrooke, d/o John RODGERS & Mary RODGERS, witn: John GALLINGER, Lanark, 19 June 1878 at Perth
5281-79 (Lanark Co) Joseph GALLIPO, 22, labourer, Canada, Drummond, s/o Joseph GALLIPO & Harriet BEVERIDGE, married Mary SINCLAIR, 30, Canada, Drummond, d/o Donald SINCLAIR & Catherine McGREGOR, witn: Donald SINCLAIR & Colin SINCLAIR both of Drummond, 12 July 1878 at Drummond  
5158-78 William GAMBLE, 18, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o James GAMBLE & Rebecca RADFORD, married Catherine BLAIR, 19, Bathurst, same, d/o John BLAIR & Margaret TRUELOVE, witn: Robert BLAIR & William TRUELOVE, both of Bathurst, 13 May 1878 at St. Andrews Manse, North Elmsley 5162-78 Alexander GIBBONS, 39, widower, farmer, Ontario, Admaston, s/o M. & Hannah, married Delina STEEN, 23, Pakenham, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John BOLE & Lucy M. STEEN, both of Pakenham, 11 Nov 1878 at Pakenham
5187-78 (Lanark Co): John GIBSON, 27, farmer, Kitley, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Isabella WRIGHT, 22, Ramsay, same, d/o John & James (sic), witn: John & Isabella WATSON of Ramsay, 17 Jan 1878 at Ramsay 5185-78 William GILMOUR, 25, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o William & Ellen, married Catherine KELSO, 28, Bathurst, Ramsay, d/o David & Margaret, witn: Frances KNOWLES & Mary A. TOWIE, both of Ramsay, 1 Nov 1878 at Ramsay
005122-1878 (Lanark Co) James GLIEN, 30, Farmer, Drummond, same, s/o James GLIEN & Ann GLIEN, married Nellie Elizabeth STEWART, 25, Philadelphia US, Bathurst, d/o Alexander STEWART & Margaret Jane STEWART, witn: William ALLAN, Perth, Jennie DODD, Clarendon, 27 June 1878 at Perth #005134-78 Francis Thomas GRAFFE, 29, Porieter? & polisher, s/o Thomas J. GRAFFE & Harriett CORELL, married Sarah E. DAVIS, 21, Montague, same, d/o John B. DAVIS & Mauntha ROSE, witn: David LYNCH, Minlland? & Alnna SUNTZ?, Merrickville, 1 Jan 1878 at Montague
#005137-78 James GRAHAM, 34, yeoman, Canada, Smiths Falls, s/o Peter GRAHAM & Eliza Jane KEARNS, married Elizabeth BALLANTYNE, 33, Canada, Smiths Falls, d/o John BALLANTYNE & Janet NICHOL, witn: Peter CARNCLIFF & William BALLANTYNE, both of Smiths Falls, 1 Mar 1878 at Smiths Falls 005171-1878 (Lanark Co) Robert HANNA, 35, Farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o John & Flora HANNA, married Nancy SHIELDS, 23, Fitzroy, Huntley, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witn: Lizzie SHIELDS, Huntley, John HANNA, Fitzroy, 30 Jan 1878 at Pakenham
005257-78 Thomas HARDING, 22, farmer, Lanark, same, s/o Thomas and Ellen HARDING, married, Annie THOMAS, 23, Lanark, same, d/o Mortimer and Jane THOMAS, witn: John READY and Jane THOMAS of Lanark, 12 July 1878 in Almonte #005184-78 (Lanark Co): Robert HARVEY, 28, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o John & Mary, married Ann McARTHUR, 24, Bristol Quebec, Ramsay Ont., d/o Archibald & Jane, witnesses were James GOODWIN of Fitzroy & Adeline McARTHUR of Ramsay, 30 Oct., 1878 at Ramsay
#005140-78 Thomas HOPKINS, 29, labourer, Ireland, Peterboro, s/o William HOPKINS & Eleanor KEMP, married Sarah Ann CUNNINGHAM, 25, Ireland, Smiths Falls, d/o Geo CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth KERR, witn: Joseph SIMPSON & Bella MCCLUSTER (McAllister?), both of Smiths Falls, 6 Apr 1878 at Smiths Falls 5103-78 Richard HOPKINS, 23, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o John HOPKINS & Jane, married Mary Jane JONES, 34, widow, Bathurst, same, d/o John WARREN & Elizabeth, witn: Hopkins McFARLANE & Jane DANIEL, both of Perth, 21 Nov 1878 at Perth
#005128-78 Robert HUGHES, 32, blacksmith, Ennisville, same, widower, s/o Robert & Isabella HUGHES, married Susan MORRIS, Beckwith, Ennisville, d/o Thomas MORRIS & Mary A. COPELAND, witn: Thomas CHURCHILL & Agnes MCEWEN, both of Ennisville, 15 Feb 1878 at St James church Carleton Place 5190-79 William HUNTER, 23, farmer, Canada, Drummond, s/o John HUNTER & Marion BERRYMAN, married Harriet HAWEY, 21, Canada, Carleton Place, d/o Henry HOWEY & Ann SMITH, witn: John PAUL of Ramsay, 24 Dec 1878 at Almonte
005246-78 John IRWIN, 28, farmer, Canada, Ramsay, s/o Theophiluis IRWIN and Mary GARLAND, married Margaret DAY, 20, Canada, Almonte, d/o Robert DAY and Margaret SANFORD, witn: Mary BENNETT of Almonte, 6 March 1878 in Almonte 005181-1878 (Lanark Co) William JACKSON, 30, Farmer, Lanark, same, s/o William JACKSON & Eliza JACKSON, married Jane CLARK, 22, Ramsay, same, d/o James CLARK & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: John HALPENNY, Lanark , Maria McCALL, Ramsay, 17 Sept 1878 at Ramsay

005249-78 Thomas JAMES, 23, farmer, Montague, Almonte, s/o John JAMES and Jane ATCHESON, married Elizabeth BRIDGES, 21, Ramsay, same, d/o Samuel BRIDGES and Ann RICHARDSON, witn: John BRIDGES of Ramsay and Ann JAMES of Almonte, 27 march 1878 in Almonte

5235-78 (Lanark Co): William JENKINSON, 40, widower, yeoman, Goulborn twp., same, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary Jane NEILL, 22, Beckwith twp., same, d/o Michael NEILL & Margaret WYNNES, witn: Moses JENKINS (sic) of Goulborn twp & Mary Ann NEILL of Beckwith twp., 4 Sept 1878 at Michael NEILL’s, Beckwith twp.

005253-78 James JOHNSTON, 28, blacksmith, Scotland, New Edinburgh Ont, s/o James JOHNSTON and Margaret IRONSIDE, married Agnes F McGREGOR, 23, Canada, Almonte, d/o James McGREGOR and Agnes F DUNLOP, witn: William BERRY of Almonte, 6 June 1878 in Almonte

5101-78 John Wesley JONES, 28, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o John JONES & Jane, married Eliza MOORE, 21, Montague, same, d/o James MOORE & Ann, witn: Thomas Albert MOORE of North Elmsley & Mary Ann JONES of Beckwith, 24 Sept 1878 at Perth 5191-78 (Lanark Co): Jacob JONES, 25, laborer, Canada, Carleton Place, s/o Charles JONES & Mary CECIL, married Delina CHEATTERS, 21, Lanark, same, d/o Charles CHEATTERS & Mary BALLANTYNE, witn: William JONES of Carleton Place & Fanny SHANKS of Dalhousie, 30 July 1878 at Middleville
  5163-78 Peter KEARNS, 25, laborer, Quebec, Pakenham, s/o James KEARNS & not remembered, married Ellen PRICE, 26, Pakenham, same, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: William & Margaret CAROLINE of Pakenham, 4 Nov 1878 at Pakenham
5145-78 Ezra KINCH, 22, farmer, Kitley, same, s/o Edward KINCH & Ann REYNOLDS, married Sarah Ann WRIGHT, 21, Kitley, same, d/o John WRIGHT & Elizabeth CONNORS, witn: Charles W. STERNS of Carleton Place & Druscilla WRIGHT of Kitley, 17 July 1878 at Smith Falls 5152-78 Patrick KINSELA, 55, widower, farmer, Ireland, Montague, s/o Thomas KINSELA & Johanna LAWLER, married Margaret SHIPMAN, 51, Ramsay, Montague, d/o Daniel SHIPMAN & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: Mary Jane SLAGHT & Jane TYNDALL, both of Smith Falls, 2 April 1878 at Smith Falls
5302-79 (Lanark Co) George KIRKHAM, 25, farmer, Canada, Bathurst, s/o Thomas KIRKHAM & Annie KIRKHAM, married Matilda SCOTT, 18, Canada, Bathurst, d/o William SCOTT & Hannah SCOTT, witn: William SCOTT & Hannah DIXON both of Bathurst, 12 Oct 1878 at Bathurst 5195-78 (Lanark Co): William KNAPTON, 26, farmer, Newfoundland, Lanark, s/o Silas KNAPTON & Mary HARRINGTON, married Agnes AITKIN, 27, Lanark, same, adopted d/o William AITKIN & Isabella TURNBULL, witn: William AITKIN & Alice KNAPTON, both of Lanark, 18 Oct 1878 at Middleville
5166-78 Robert LATIMER, 28, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o William & Mary, married Catherine SWANSON, 24, Scotland, Pakenham, d/o John & Ann, witn: William LATIMER of Fitzroy & Juliet SWANSON of Pakenham, 17 May 1878 at Pakenham 005255-78 William LAWFORD, 36, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o Thomas LAWFORD and Margaret CAMERON, married Jane IRWIN, 32, Ramsay, Ramsay, d/o Theophlilus IRWIN and Mary GARLAND, witn: Alexander STEWART of Beckwith and Mary Ann IRWIN of Almonte, 19 June 1878 in Almonte
5102-78 William LIDDLE, 30, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o John LIDDLE & Elizabeth, married Caroline CODE, 25, Drummond, same, d/o James CODE & Eliza, witn: Henry LIDDLE of Hopetown & Charlotte Ann CODE of Drummond, 15 Nov 1878 at Perth

005175-1878 (Lanark Co) Henry LOWERY, 21, Labourer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Michael Henry & Jane LOWERY, married Mary Jane LOWERY, 22, Fitzroy, same, d/o Robert & Isabella LOWERY, witn: Samuel MOORHEAD, Huntley, Mary B. MANN, Pakenham, 20 Mar 1878 at Pakenham

  5154-78 James W. LUCAS, 27, farmer, Montague, same, s/o William LUCAS & Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, married Mary DAVIS, 19, Beckwith, same, d/o Thomas DAVIS & Eliza MAY, witn: Robert McLACHLIN & Mary J. MAY, 13 May 1878 at Smith Falls
5112-78 Denis Louis Kofsath MARSTON, 33, merchant, Canada, North Plantagenet, s/o Josiah K. MARSTON & Annie Maria, married Kate DENNIS, 25, Hampshire England, Perth, d/o Theodore DENNIS & Louisa, witn: Thomas W. DENNIS of Perth & Peter McCREA of Montreal, 7 Feb 1878 at Perth 5165-78 William MAY, 29, laborer, Dalhousie, Braeside - McNab twp., s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Mary Ann WARNOCK, 22, Horton, same, d/o James & Nancy, witn: Allen McKINNON of McNab & Elizabeth AID? of Pakenham, 22 April 1878 at Pakenham
5204-78 Daniel MAY, 20, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o William MAY & Agnes CAMERON, married Agnes DUNCAN, 18, Dalhousie, same, d/o James DUNCAN & Jane PURDEN, witn: Patrick ROGERS & Edward GILMER (Gilmour?), both of Dalhousie, 19 April 1878 at Middleville 5147-78 Alex MAY, 26, baker, Scotland, Smith Falls, s/o Alex MAY & Mary REID, married Elizabeth NICHOL, 23, Smith Falls, same, d/o Thomas NICHOL & Jane KYTE (Kyle?), witn: Thomas NICHOL & David (Daniel?) KEITH, both of Smith Falls, 3 Sept 1878 at Smith Falls
5217-78 William McCHESNEY, 45, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Mayo Ont., s/o Samuel McCHESNEY & Margaret SHAW, married Mary BARRIE, 42, Dalhousie, same, d/o James BARRIE & Ann MARTIN, witn: William MANN of North Sherbrooke & James BARRIE of Dalhousie, 26 Feb 1878 at Manse, Dalhousie 5220-78 James McDONELL, 24, farmer, Palmerston, Minnesota USA, s/o Donald McDONELL & Ellen HANNAH, married Isabella MILLAR, 24, North Sherbrooke, same, d/o William MILLAR & Ellen HOOD, witn: Donald McDONELL of Palmerston & John MILLAR of Dalhousie, 8 May 1878 at North Sherbrooke
5210-78 John McDOUGALL, 31, farmer, Dalhousie twp., same, s/o John McDOUGALL & Mary GIBSON, married Helen L. SALMOND, 25, Scotland, Lanark village, d/o George SALMOND & Isabella GOLD, witn: George MAUCHAN of Lanark twp & Margaret SALMOND of Lanark village, 31 Dec 1878 at Lanark village  
5234-78 (Lanark Co): Archibald McGREGOR, 28, yeoman, Beckwith twp., Carleton Place, s/o Alexander & Catherine, married Margaret FUMMERTON, 25, Ramsay twp., same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Malcolm McGREGOR of Beckwith twp & Jessie SMITH of Ramsay Twp., 5 Aug 1878 at Ashton 5198-78 John McGUIRE, 26, laborer, Lanark village, same, s/o Thomas McGUIRE & Margaret WRIGHT, married Martha Ann TOOLEY, 21, Lanark twp., same, d/o John TOOLEY & Rose Ann McDONALD, witn: James MAXWELL & Letitia TOOLEY, both of Lanark village, 10 Jan 1878 at Middleville
5280-79 (Lanark Co) John Kerr McILQUHAM, 29, farmer, Canada, Drummond, s/o Walter McILQUHAM & Mary KERR, married Eliza CLARKE, 29, Canada, Drummond, d/o Andrew CLARKE & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: Andrew CLARKE Jr of Drummond & Edward TENNANT of Lanark, 4 July 1878 at Drummond

5194-78 (Lanark Co): Edward McINNES, 35, farmer, Lanark, Lavant, s/o Edward McINNES & Janet BAIRD, married Elizabeth LOVE, 22, Lavant, same, d/o James LOVE & Marion TWADDLE, witn: John & Christena LOVE of Lavant, 24 Sept 1878 at Middleville

005226-78 James McKERROW, 38, carpenter, Dalhousie, same, s/o William McKERROW and Marion DUNLOP, married, Margaret WAITE, 20, Beckwith, Bathurst, d/o Robert WAITE and Catherine LAFFERTY, witn: William McKERROW and Jessie McKENZIE of Dalhousie, 13 November 1878 in Manse Dalhousie 5097-78 John McMASTER, 31, widower, merchant, Perth, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Annie Euphemia McADAM, 23, Canada, Perth, d/o William & Annie, witn: Thomas Alfred CAIRNS & William MEIGHAN, both of Perth, 4 Sept 1878 at Perth
005172-79 (Lanark Co.) Colin McNAB, 28, farmer, Ontario, North Elmsley, s/o Thomas McNAB and Mary McRAY, married Sarah LYLE, 27, Ontario, North Elmsley, d/o Samuel LYLE and Mary MOORE, witn: R.C. MYLNE and Ann MYLNE, both of Smiths Falls, 24 Dec 1878(?) at Smiths Falls #005130-78 William Fraser MCREA, 35, labourer, Kingston Canada, Carleton Place, widower, s/o William & Agnes MCREA, married Adellia EASTON, 21, Buckingham Quebec, Carleton Place, d/o Oliver EASTON & Madelline LATOUR, witn: Robert PATTERSON & Martha WILLIS, both of Carleton Place, 11 May 1878 at Carleton Place
#005135-78 Hugh MCTAVISH, not given, farmer, Ontario, Elmsley Leeds Co, s/o John & Nancy MCTAVISH, married Annie C.C. CLASS, not given, Ontario, Elmsley Leeds Co, d/o Patrick CASS (as written) & Margaret HORIZE, witn: E.H. MYHUE & Annie MCTAVISH, both of Smiths Falls, 16 Jan 1878 at Smiths Falls #005183-78 (Lanark Co): John MICK, 26, carpenter, Stafford, same, s/o John & Ann STAFFORD, married Margaret McEWEN, 28, South Easthope, Ramsay, d/o Duncan & Catherine, witnesses were AdamMILLER of Pakenham & Mary Ann McEWEN of Fitzroy
005241-78 William Thomas MIDDLETON, 23, farmer, Canada, Lanark, s/o William MIDDLETON and Mary MANSON, married Isabella ROGERS, 19, Ontario, Lanark, d/o David ROGERS and Mary Ann STEAD, witn: Mary BENNETT of Almonte, 8 January 1878 in Almonte

005261-78 William MILLAR, 29, book keeper, Matilda, Almonte, s/o John MILLAR and Margaret HAGARTY, married Julia J WILLIAMS, 19, Smith Falls, Almonte, d/o George WILLIAMS and Sarah YATES, witn: Andrew SMITH and George WILLIAMS of Almonte, 9 October 1878 in Almonte

#005132-78 James MILLER, 28, shoemaker, Lanark Twp, same, s/o William S. & Annie MILLER, married Annie CAMPBELL, 18, Drummond Twp, Carleton Place, d/o James & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: George GRAHAM & Annie MILLER, both of Lanark Twp, 13 Sept 1878 at Carleton Place 5209-78 William James MILLER, 28, farm laborer, Dalhousie twp., same, s/o James MILLER & Margaret WRIGHT, married Fanny SHANKS, 21, Dalhousie twp., same, d/o Alexander SHANKS & Eliza ERWIN, witn: William BALLINTINE of Lanark village & Mary A. SHANKS of Dalhousie, 25 Dec 1878 at Lanark village

005265-78 Alexander MILLER, 25, shoemaker, Canada, Smith Falls, s/o Matthew MILLER and Catharine McCURDY, married Agnes JAMIESON, 23, Canada, Almonte, d/o George JAMIESON and Rachel WATT, witn: J H McKERACHER of Arnprior and Mary HUMPHRIES of Almonte, 5 November 1878 in Almonte

5126-78 William MILLER, no age given, blacksmith, Ontario, Smith Falls, s/o not given, married Jessie McEWEN, no age given, Ontario, Smith Falls, d/o Donald McEWEN & Jane McPHAIL, witn: Donald & Daniel McEWEN of Montague, 4 Sept 1878 at Montague twp
005176-1878 (Lanark Co) Thomas MORAN, 25, Farmer, Arnprior, Huntley, s/o Michael & Ellen MORAN, married Mary Ann GANNON, 27, Eganville, McNab, d/o Michael & Margaret GANNON, witn: John MORAN & Margaret A. illegible, both of Arnprior, 7 May 1878 at Pakenham (RC) 5279-78 John MORE, 24, farmer, Canada, Ramsay, s/o William MORE & Matilda NICHOLSON, married H.J. THOMPSON, 20, Canada, Almonte, d/o James THOMPSON & Agnes COWIE, witn: James THOMPSON of Almonte, 18 Oct. 1878 at Almonte
5092-78 William MORRIS, 37, farmer, Bastard twp., Drummond twp., s/o Henry & Margaret, married Mary Ann GREENLY, 36, Drummond twp., Bathurst twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: William COUCH of Drummond, 23 April 1878 at Perth 5091-78 Benjamin MORRIS, 30, farmer, Canada, USA, s/o Henry & MARGARET, married Elizabeth SLAN?, 25, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Thomas ARMSTRONG of Oso, 25 April 1878 at Perth
  5151-78 William MURDOCH, 21, farmer, North Elmsley, Smith Falls, s/o James MURDOCH & Mary WILLISCROFT, married Mary Jane HEDDLESTON, 21, North Elmsley, same, d/o William HEDDLESTON & Frances STEPHENS, witn: George DIXON & Jane B. McGILL, both of Smith Falls, 4 March 1878 at Smith Falls
5123-78 Andrew NAPIER, 49, farmer, widower, Scotland, Darling, s/o Andrew NAPIER & Catherine MONIHAN, married Sarah CAMELON, 44, widow, Darling, same, d/o Daniel PRETTY & Margaret WARK, witn: John & Andrew NAPIER of Darling, 1 Jan 1878 at Darling 5192-78 (Lanark Co): John NAPIER, 22, farmer, Darling, same, s/o Andrew NAPIER & Fanny STRETCH, married Jane CAMELON, 18, Darling, same, d/o William CAMELON & Sarah PRETTIE, witn: William CAMELON & Fanny NAPIER, 13 Sept 1878 at Middleville

005251-78 Robert NEEDHAM 20, carriage maker, Pakenham, Almonte, s/o Samuel NEEDHAM and Ann McDONALD, married Susan GREY, 21, New York State, Almonte, d/o Thomas GREY and Mary Jane ABBOTT, witn: William BOYD and Annie GREY of Almonte, 1 May 1878 at Almonte

5117-78 Robert NISBETT, 26, farmer, Canada, Minnesota, s/o William NISBETT & Christena, married Margaret FERGUSON, 25, Canada, North Sherbrooke, d/o Duncan FERGUSON & Violet, witn: Duncan FERGUSON & Janet GEDDES, both of North Sherbrooke, 8 May 1878 at Perth
5190-78 (Lanark Co): Stephen PARK, 24, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o Alexander PARK & Jane EASDALE, married Ellen FERGUSON, 25, Dalhousie, same, d/o Allan FERGUSON & Agnes GOVAN, witn: James HUNTER & Annie FERGUSON, both of Dalhousie, 17 April 1878 at Middleville 5110-78 Robert PATTERSON, 27, farmer, Canada, South Sherbrooke, s/o John PATTERSON & Ann, married Sarah Jane THOMPSON, 22, Canada, Bedford, d/o William THOMPSON & Catherine, witn: William THOMPSON of Bedford & George PATTERSON of South Sherbrooke, 30 Jan 1878 at Perth
005182-79 (Lanark Co.) Duncan McGregor PATERSON, 25, loom-fixer, Scotland, Sherbrooke Quebec, s/o William and Catharine, married Jane DRUMMOND, 23, Ontario, Almonte, d/o Samuel and Martha, witn: William DYSON of Sherbrooke Ontario, and Mrs. J.W. RIDDEL of Almonte, 3 Aug 1878 at Almonte

005250-78 James PATTERSON, 35, merchant, Ramsay, Almonte, s/o Andrew PATTERSON and Annie PARIS, married Maria R ATCHESON, 25, North Burgess, Almonte, d/o Stewart ATCHESON and Elizabeth CONBOY, witn: Dr PRESTON of Almonte and Elizabeth ARTHUR of Perth, 2 April 1878 in Almonte

5150-78 William PAYEA, 25, farmer, Merrickville, same, s/o Joseph PAYEA & Olive GEREAU, married Sarah DAVIS, 21, USA, The Flatts?, d/o Reuben DAVIS & Mary MORROWWAY?, witn: Louis PERGENE of Smith Falls & Bridget PAYEA of Merrickville, 7 Oct 1878 at Smith Falls 5093-78 James PETERS, 30, farmer, Bathurst twp. same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Maria STRONG, 26, Ireland, South Sherbrooke twp., d/o Thomas & Susannah, witn: Charles STRONG of S. Sherbrooke, 22 May 1878 at Perth
005181-79 (Lanark Co.) John Weston PHILIPS, 34, farmer, Scotland, Manitoba, s/o John Weston PHILIPS and Helen KNOX, married Helen TOSHACK, 32, Ramsay, Ramsay, d/o Andrew TOSHACK and Christina ANDERSON, witn: Alex. Erskine YOUNG of Almonte and Mary PHILIPS of Ramsay, 19 Apr 1878 at Almonte

005242-78 John A PHILLIPS, 25, stone cutter, Richmond, Almonte, s/o William PHILLIPS and Jane GILMOUR, married, Sarah Ann ROBINSON, 24, Farmersville, Almonte, d/o William ROBINSON and Jane MORROW, witn: William ROBINSON of Almonte and George ABERNATHY, of Brockville, 24 December 1878 in Almonte

005260-78 William PORTEOUS, 27, sawyer, Osgoode, Hull City, s/o David and Mary Ann PORTEOUS, married Mary E COWIE, 25, Perth, Almonte, d/o Robert and Jane COWIE, witn: Isaac COWIE of Almonte and David PORTEOUS of Hull City, 4 September 1878 in Almonte

5106-78 Thomas PORTER, 27, farmer, Canada, Westmeath, s/o William PORTER & Janet, married Ellen KINCELLA (Kinsella?), 27, Canada, Beckwith, d/o James KINCELLA & Delia, witn: John KINCELLA of Beckwith & Elizabeth PORTER of Bathurst, 16 Jan 1878 at Perth
5199-78 Alexander PRENTICE, 27, farmer, Scotland, Lanark, s/o James PRENTICE & Ann FRASER, married Mary Florence DOYLE, 22, Drummond, Lanark, d/o John DOYLE & Catherine McKITIM?, witn: William PRENTICE & Maggy BARRIE, both of Lanark village, 26 Feb 1879 at Middleville  
5238-78 (Lanark Co): Albert E. PROUD, 23, weaver, Connecticut USA, Carleton Place, s/o George A. & Ann, married Margaret MUNROE, 25, Fitzroy Harbour, Carleton Place, d/o William & Christina, witn: Donald McNAB of Beckwith & Annie MUNROE of Carleton Place, 27 Nov 1878 at Beckwith twp 5196-78 (Lanark Co): John RANKIN, 22, miller, Scotland, Lanark village, s/o James RANKIN & Crawford MONTGOMERY, married Janet RANKIN, 18, Lanark, Lanark twp., d/o John RANKIN & Janet DOUGLAS, witn: William JOHNSTONE & Jane RANKIN, both of Lanark twp., 15 Nov 1878 at Lanark [with note: "the parties are full cousins"]
5227-79 Matthew REID, 25, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o James REID & Mary EASTON, married Annie BARRIE, 20, Dalhousie, same, d/o Henry BARRIE & Susan JACK, witn: Francis REID & Mary BARRIE, both of Dalhousie, 6 Dec 1878 at Middleville 5197-78 Peter REID, 59, widower, Scotland, Lanark, s/o Peter REID & Jane HARVEY, married Jane KENNEY, 42, Lanark, same, d/o James KENNEY & Ann GRAHAM, witn: George GRAHAM & Mary Ann KENNEY, both of Lanark, 2 Jan 1878 at Lanark
5202-78 Mark ROBERTSON, 29, farmer, Lanark, Darling, s/o John ROBERTSON & Margaret RODGER, married Elizabeth Ellen CRAIG, 21, Lanark, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: James BENNIE & Margaret CRAIG, both of Lanark, 13 Feb 1878 at Lanark twp 5205-78 William ROBERTSON, 27, farmer, Lanark twp., same, s/o John ROBERTSON & Jane Ann DOW, married Ann Jane JAMES, 24, Lanark twp., same, d/o Benjamin JAMES & Ellen BOWLAND, witn: James ROBERTSON of Lanark & Annie BOWLAND of Ramsay, 5 April 1878 at Lanark twp
5201-78 John ROBERTSON, 33, farmer, Lanark, Darling, s/o John ROBERTSON & Margaret RODGER, married Betsy McGEE, 23, Darling, same, d/o Henry McGEE & Catherine DOW, witn: Henry McGEE of Darling & Agnes KERR of Lanark, 8 Feb 1878 at Middleville

005262-78 Peter ROBERTSON, 30, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o John and Catharine ROBERTSON, married Elizabeth McGREGOR, 22, Beckwith, same, d/o Alexander and Catharine McGREGOR, witn: Malcolm McGREGOR and Samuel KING of Beckwith, 23 October 1878 in Almonte

005119-1878 (Lanark Co) Alexander D. ROBERTSON 52, Farmer, Widower, Canada, Westmeath, s/o Hugh ROBERTSON & Christina ROBERTSON, married Isabella McEWAN, 40, Scotland, Drummond, d/o John McEWAN & Isabella McEWAN, witn: Donald McEWAN, Drummond, 10 June 1878 at Perth 005231-78 John George ROBINSON, 23, farmer, South Sherbrooke, same, s/o Andrew ROBINSON and Jane WARRINGTON, married Jane ROBINSON, 23, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o William ROBINSON and Elizabeth McQUITTY, witn: Andrew James ROBINSON of South Sherbrooke and Ann STEEL of Bedford. 18 February 1878 in Maberley, South Sherbrooke
5213-78 Francis RODGERS, 22, laborer, Dalhousie twp., same, s/o James RODGERS & Rose CARR, married Mary Ann BAIN, 20, Bathurst twp., same, d/o Alexander BAIN & Susan BOULTON, witn: Robert ELLIS & Elizabeth RODGERS, both of Dalhousie twp., 10 Oct 1878 at Lanark village 5100-76 Mathew SCOTT, 26, carpenter, Burgess, same, s/o William & Annie, married Christena ROBERTSON, 24, Drummond, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: William SCOTT of Burgess & Robert ROBERTSON of Drummond, 19 Sept 1878 at Perth
5284-79 (Lanark Co ) James SHAW, 38, widower, farmer, Canada, Drummond, s/o William SHAW & Agnes SHAW, married Charlotte MOULTON, 20, Canada, Drummond, d/o Robert MOULTON & Ann MOULTON, witn: Archibald McGREGOR & Mary Ann MOULTON both of Drummond, 18 Dec 1878 at Drummond 5308-79 (Lanark Co) R. Clement SHERATT, 40, mining engineer, England, Bathurst, s/o Samuel SHERATT & Maria? Margaret SHERATT, married Olivia FARRELL, 29, Ireland, Bathurst, d/o Thomas FARRELL & Ellen FARRELL, witn: John MARKS of South Sherbrooke & Letitia FARRELL of Bathurst, 11 Dec 1878 at Bathurst

005258-78 William H SHOREY, wid, 34, mechanic, Canada, Pakenham, s/o Nelson SHOREY and Maria Jane BRISCO, married Caroline SWITZER, 31, Canada, Pakenham, d/o Christopher SWITZER and Helen DONOVAN, witn: Jamesena McRITCHIE of Almonte and Maggie THOMPSON of Renfrew, 24 July 1878 in Almonte

005177-1878 (Lanark Co) Peter SMITH, 22, Farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Thomas & Francis SMITH, married Mary CURRY, 18, Pakenham, same, d/o Christopher & Rose CURRY, witn: Daniel SMITH & Anne MOONEY, of Pakenham, 21 May 1878 at Pakenham (RC) 005172-1878 (Lanark Co) Serge SMITH, 30, Farmer, Huntley, s/o Serge & Catherine SMITH, married Bella LILLIES, 20, Torbolton, Ottawa, d/o Alexander & Isabella LILLIES, witn: William ASHFIELD, Isabella McMILLEN, Fitzroy, 21 Jan 1878 at Pakenham
5146-78 John SMITH, 43, carpenter, Scotland, Smith Falls, s/o Heron SMITH & Mary FOREST, married Jane GORDON, 42, widow, Canada, Smith Falls, d/o Hugh FLOOK & Janet GOODFELLOW, witn: George FOSTER & Robert GRAHAM, both of Smith Falls, 29 Aug 1878 at Smith Falls 5249-77 Joseph SMITH, 23, yeoman, Scotland, Ramsay, s/o William SMITH & Catherine MASO--(cut off), married Mary Ann McCARTIN, 26, Ramsay, same, d/o John McCARTIN & Mary Ann HOUST-(cut off), witn: John McARTIN (sic) Jr. & Allice HOUSTON, both of Ramsay, 2 Jan. 1878 at St. James Church , Carleton Place
#005136-78 Isiah SPARKS, 28, farmer, Augusta, South Gower, s/o Robert SPARKS & Elizabeth EDWARD, married Margaret SWAIN, 27, Montague, same, d/o Samuel SWAIN & Rebecca HANEY, witn: Joseph SPARKS & Frances SWAIN, both of Montague, 6 Feb 1878 at Montague 5237-78 (Lanark Co): Henry Thompson SPENCE, 45, widower, fireman, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Peter & Charlotte, married Eliza KIDD, 45, Ontario, Montague, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Andrew SPENCE of Goulborn twp & Ann KIDD of Montague, 17 Oct 1878 at St.. James Church, Franktown
  005120-1878 (Lanark Co) James STANTON, 27, Newboro, South Crosby, s/o George STANTON & Sarah STANTON, married Martha Louisa STEDMAN, 21, North Crosby, same, d/o William STEDMAN & Sarah STEDMAN, witn: Mrs. BURNS, Perth, Christina McLAREN, Drummond, 18 June 1878 at Perth
5149-78 George STEELE, 33, widower, carpenter, Canada, Smith Falls, s/o John STEELE & Jessie JOHNSTON, married Helen Foster FERGUSON, 35, widow, Canada, Smith Falls, d/o Christopher FOSTER & Helen MOORE, witn: Simon CHALMERS & Adam FOSTER, both of Smith Falls, 17 Sept 1878 at Smith Falls 5144-78 Charles Wesley STERNS, 29, blacksmith, Oswego NY, Carleton Place, s/o Miron STERNS & Emily DOHERTY, married Druscilla WRIGHT, 23, Kitley, same, d/o John WRIGHT & Elizabeth CONNORS, witn: Ezra KINCH & Sarah Ann WRIGHT, both of Kitley, 17 July 1878 at Smith Falls
5212-78 Charles Alexander STEWART, 26, shantyman, Perth Ont., Lanark village, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth MILLER, 19, Lanark twp., same, d/o William & Ann, witn: William MILLER Jr. of Lanark twp., 12 July 1878 at Lanark village 5228-79 Duncan STEWART, 30, farmer, Ottawa, Lanark, s/o Duncan STEWART & Nancy McLAUCHLAN, married Jane MIDDLETON, 21, Lanark, same, d/o William MIDDLETON & Mary MANSON, witn: Hugh STEWART & Annie MANSON, both of Lanark, 27 Dec 1878 at Lanark twp
5305-79 (Lanark Co) John W. STEWART, 28, carpenter, Canada, Drummond, s/o John STEWART & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Elizabeth Jane FUMERTON, 19, Canada, Bathurst, d/o John FUMERTON & Janet FUMERTON, witn: Thomas STEWART of Drummond & Jessie Jane LOCKHART of Lanark, 24 Dec 1878 at Bathurst 5216-78 Donald STEWART, 29, farmer, Scotland, Lanark, s/o Charles STEWART & Catherine McINTOSH, married Annie GIBSON, 16, Dalhousie, same, d/o Thomas GIBSON & Mary CURRIE, witn: John WILSON of Lanark & Mary GIBSON of Dalhousie, 8 Feb 1878 at Dalhousie

005240-78 Daniel STEWART, 24, yeoman, Scotland, Beckwith, s/o Alexander and Margaret STEWART, married Mary McLAREN, 19, Ontario, Beckwith, d/o Daniel and Mary McLAREN, witn: Ellen HAMLIN and Mary SHANNON of Almonte, 8 January 1878 in Almonte

005259-78 Leman STEWART, 22, South Crosby Ont, Carleton Place, s/o Erastus and Rachel STEWART, married Janet GAVIN, 19 Elmsley, Carleton Place, d/o George and Kate GAVIN, witn: Mrs. D S MULHERN and Dennis COARD of Almonte, 11 August 1878 in Almonte

5099-78 John STEWART, 24, yeoman, Bathurst, same, s/o Alexander & Janet, married Eliza Ann DOBBIE, 25, Lanark, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Robert McMILLAN of Drummond & Rose Ann MUNROE of Bathurst, 17 Sept 1876 at Perth 5094078 Joseph STOBBIE, 24, farmer, Canada, Goulbourne twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Eliza Jane RATHWELL, 20, Canada, Goulbourne twp., d/o Alexander & Jane, witn: Hugh WOODS of Goulbourne twp., 16 July 1878 at Perth
5109-78 Charles STONE, 20, laborer, Canada, North Elmsley, s/o Robert STONE & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane BEATTY, 30, Ireland, Perth, d/o Joseph BEATTY & Sarah, witn: John McMASTER & Christopher McCULLOCH, both of Perth, 24 Jan 1878 at Perth  
005174-1878 (Lanark Co) William STORY, 22, Farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o William & Esther STORY, married Elizabeth LATIMER, 23, Fitzroy, same, d/o William & Mary Ann LATIMER, witn: Charles STORY & Eliza Jane WILSON, Fitzroy, 20 Mar 1878 at Pakenham 005253-78 John THOMAS, 20, farmer, Canada, Darling, s/o William THOMAS and Agnes ANGUS, married Maria WARK, 21, Canada, Darling, d/o James WARK and Agnes PRETTY, witn: Mary BENNETT of Almonte, 14 June 1878 in Almonte

005244-78 James TOWNSEND, 21, spinner, England, Almonte, s/o John TOWNSEND and G CARR, married Bella A GILMOUR, 25, Canada, Almonte, d/o Allan GILMOUR and M B MORE, witn: John GILMOUR , Jr of Almonte, 7 March 1878 in Almonte

005227-78 John TRUELOVE, 28, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o John TRUELOVE, and Sarah BLAIN, married Ellen SARGEANT, 20, North Sherbrooke, same, d/o William SARGEANT and Janet WILSON, witn: Thomas WILSON of North Sherbrooke and Jane TRUELOVE of Bathurst, 17 June 1878 , at Maberly Parsonage in South Sherbrooke

#005139-78 John VANIXAR?, 26, moulder, Perth, Smiths Falls, s/o John VANIXAR & Mary Jane EGLETON, married Sarah Ann CORBETT, 19, Smiths Falls, same, d/o George CORBETT & Sarah Rachel SHAWS, witn: James F. & Lizzie CORBETT, both of Smiths Falls, 20 Mar 1878 at Smiths Falls #005142-78 Richard? Edmund WALKER, 22, farmer, Ontario, Elmsley South, s/o Andrew WALKER & Maria RILEY, married Margaret SMITH, 21, Ontario, Elmsley South, d/o Richard SMITH & Isabella MCDONALD, witn: Ann MAYHUE & Marian HALLIDAY, both of Smiths Falls, 30 May 1878 at Smiths Falls
5095-78 Joseph WARD, 28, minister of the Gospel, Scotland, Tyrrell Canada, s/o John & Catherine, married Lucy Eveline MOORHOUSE, 23, Glen Tay, Perth, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: T.J. MANSELL of Farmersville & Maggie MOORHOUSE of Perth, 24 July 1878 at Perth 5161-78 John WARNOCK, 44, widower, farmer, Ireland, Arnprior, s/o James & Bridget, married Jane BUTLER, 31, Fitzroy, same, d/o James & Ellen, witn: Charles BUTLER of Fitzroy & Mary Ann BLAKE? of Arnprior, 28 Oct 1878 at Pakenham
#005133-78 William Hamilton WATERS, 26, yeoman, Rawdon Twp Quebec, Huntley, s/o Patrick & Eliza WATERS, married Mary Ann PERRY, 22, Carleton Place, same, d/o Thompson PERRY & Harriet DILLABAUGH, witn: George PERRY, Carleton Place & Margaret MANCHESTER, Huntley, 14 Nov 1878 at Mrs Perry's, Carleton Place 5280-78 John Y. WATSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Stittsville, s/o Major WATSON & Mary APPLE, married Mary Ann CLOSE, 24, Canada, Almonte, d/o Maurice CLOSE & Jane SEAWOOD, witn: Allan NAISMITH of Almonte, 23 Oct. 1878 at Almonte
5114078 William WATT, 22, laborer, Canada, Dalhousie, s/o George WATT & Jane, married Elizabeth WARRINGTON, 21, Canada, Bathurst, d/o John WARRINGTON & Sarah, witn: John WARRINGTON of Bathurst & Agnes WATT of Dalhousie, 20 Feb 1878 at Perth 5193-78 (Lanark Co): James WATT, 21, carpenter, Lanark village, same, s/o Thomas WATT & Janet ALSTON, married Agnes STEWART, 20, Lanark, same, d/o John STEWART & Agnes CURRIE, witn: John WATT & Jane STEWART, both of Lanark, 13 Sept 1878 at Hopetown
5160/78 (Lanark Co.) Alexander WEATHERHEAD, 19, farmer, North Elmsley, same, s/o Alexander WEATHERHEAD and Mary Ann PYE, married Janet SPALDING, 21, Perth, North Elmsley, d/o Alexander SPALDING and Tiana WILLIAMSON; witn William WEATHERHEAD and Elizabeth SPALDING, both of Elmsley North, 8 Nov. 1878 at St. Andrews Manse, North Elmsley #005182-78 (Lanark Co): John WEIR, 26, farmer, Ireland, Ramsay, s/o James & Eleanor, married Ann STEEN, 19, Ramsay, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witnesses were Robert STEEN & Mary WEIR, both of Ramsay, 11 Oct., 1878 at Ramsay
5188-78 (Lanark Co): William WHITE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Euphrasia twp., s/o Richard & Ruth, married Alicia Ellenor THOMAS, 22, Ross twp., Ramsay, d/o Richard & Eliza, witn: James R. THOMAS & Jennie GRAHAM, both of Ramsay, 9 Jan 1878 at Ramsay

005263-78 John Charles WHITE, 27, tinsmith, Canada, Almonte, s/o Richard WHITE and Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Elizabeth Ann BOLE, 19, Canada, Almonte, d/o Robert BOLE and Margaret SEAWARD, witn: Alexander WILSON and Emma WHALEN of Almonte, 25 October 1878 in Almonte

5197-79 James Edward WILKINSON, 27, farmer, West Zorra, same, s/o John & Susan, married Mary Ellen McEWEN, 23, Perth Co., Ramsay, d/o Duncan & Susan, witn: John McPHERSON & Bella McNAUGHTON, both of Ramsay, 25 Dec 1878 at Ramsay  

005247-78 John WILSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Ramsay, s/o Hugh WILSON and Mary POLLARD, married Jennet KEATON, 24, Canada, Dalhousie, d/o James KEATON and Helen STEWART, witn: Alexander WILSON of Ramsay, 21 March 1878 in Almonte

#005131-78 Samuel WILSON, 23, shoemaker, Lanark, Carleton Place, s/o Daniel C. WILSON & Jane BAIRD, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 22, Nairn Scotland, Carleton Place, d/o James CAMPBELL & Henriette MCLELLAN, witn: James & Henrietta CAMPBELL, both of Carleton Place, 17 May 1878 at Carleton Place
#005138-78 Henry WILSON, 26, farmer, Montague, same, s/o John WILSON & Eliza BRADLEY, married Cornelia Jane DILLABOUGH, 23, Montague, same, d/o Peter DILLABOUGH & Eliza SPARROW, witn: Thomas LEACH & Mary Jane CONLEY, both of Montague, 5 Mar 1878 at Smiths Falls 5258-79 (Lanark Co) Abraham WILSON, 23, blacksmith, Marlborough, Goulbourn, s/o George WILSON & Elizabeth WILSON, married Ellen Mary DOUGLAS, 19, Marlborough, same, d/o David DOUGLAS & Elizabeth DOUGLAS, witn: William SWITZER & Emma MERIDAN both of Carleton Place, 20 Sept 1878 at Carleton Place
  005180-1878 (Lanark Co) William Young WOOD, 27, Farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Walter WOOD & Mary WOOD, married Elizabeth SMITH, 30, Ramsay, same, d/o Robert SMITH & Mary SMITH, witn: John BUCHANAN, Ottawa, Jessie SMITH, Ramsay, 24 May 1878 at Ramsay
5208-78 Charles WOODS, 52, farmer, widower, Ireland, Lanark, s/o Henry & Alice, married Catherine STEWART, 36, Lanark, same, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: Peter STEWART & Mathew MILLER, both of Lanark twp., 18 June 1878 at Lanark village 5159/78 (Lanark Co.) James Henry WOODS, 23, farmer, Iowa US., Lombardy Kitley, s/o Charles WOODS and Helen GARDENER, married Isabella McKAY, 23, North Elmsley, same, d/o George McKAY and Elizabeth GALLACHER, witn William John WOODS, James GARDENER, and John McKAY, all of Elmsley North, 5 June 1878 at St. Andrews Manse, Elmsley North
5211-78 William Elliot WRIGHT, 22, fitter?, Lanark village, same, s/o John WRIGHT & Sarah JONES, married Sarah Louisa THRALL, 21, Mallorytown, Lanark village, d/o Theron THRALL & Charlotte HOWARD, witn: Mary Ann & Leila BROWN of Lanark village, 31 Aug 1878 at Lanark village

005245-78 William H WYLIE, 28, manufacturer, Canada, Carleton Place, s/o W G WYLIE and J E JONES, married, Margaret M WYLIE, 20, Canada, Ramsay, d/o I H WYLIE and R L MAITLAND, witn: Andrew FREELAND of Almonte, 21 February 1878 in Almonte

5118-78 William A. YUILL, 22, farmer, Canada, Lanark, s/o James YUILL & Margaret, married Mary Ann SHANKS, 19, Canada, Bathurst, d/o James SHANKS & Janet, witn: John YUILL of Dalhousie & Margaret SHELLINGTON of Bathurst, 27 May 1878 at Perth