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Lanark Co., 1907

birth place is given before residence


11836-08 (Lanark Co) Robert Valentine ANDERSON, 23, marble cutter, Renfrew, Almonte, s/o Archibald Anderson & Catherine REID, married Delta Dickson RITCHIE, 20, Pakenham, Almonte, d/o James Robert RITCHIE & Abigail HILLIARD, witn: Walter & Muriel James both of Almonte, 18 Dec 1907 at Almonte 012800-07 (Lanark Co.) Robert McFarlane BAIRD, 35, farmer, Ramsay, Ramsay, s/o Andrew BAIRD and Margaret McFARLANE, married Elizabeth Jane GUTHRIE, 34, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Edward GUTHRIE and Rachel SOMERVILLE, witn: James F. LANG and Margaret LANG, both of Carleton Place, 29 Jan 1907 at Middleville
012908-07 (Lanark Co.) James BARKLEY, 35, blacksmith, South Mountain, Smiths Falls, s/o George BARKLEY and Susanna TROTTER, married Catherine Teresa DEVINE, 35, Brudenell, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert DEVINE and Catherine ST. JOHN, witn: John James SALMON of Smiths Falls and Julia O’SHAUGHNESSY of Ottawa, 24 June 1907 at Smiths Falls 012892-07 (Lanark Co.) George BLACK, 27, farmer, Scotland, Smiths Falls, s/o William and Jane, married Eva BRUNDIGE, 21, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, d/o George BRUNDIGE and Lucinda ARMER(?), witn: Louise A. SYKES and Emma MORRISON, both of Smiths Falls, 27 Feb 1907 at Smiths Falls
011863-06 ( Lanark Co) James Henry BLAIR , 31 , farmer , Lanark Co., ,same , s/o William BLAIR & Margaret MILLER , married Mary Emma ALLAN , 25 , Scotch Line , same, d/o Robert ALLAN & Christy FISHER , witn: Robert ALLAN of Scotch Line & Jean M. BLAIR of Fallbrooke , 1 Jan 1907 at Scotch Line. 012907-07 (Lanark Co.) Wesley R. BOLTON, 25, laborer, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, s/o William Henry BOLTON and Catherine CUNNINGHAM, married Nellie L. BOWERS, 32, England, Smiths Falls, d/o James BOWERS and Catherine BROOKS, witn: Howard McVEAN and Mrs. SNYDER, both of Smiths Falls, 20 June 1907 at Smiths Falls
012806-07 (Lanark Co.) James BOWES, 28, farmer, Bathurst, Lanark, s/o James BOWES and Annie TULLIS, married Mary McKAY, 20, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Alex. McKAY and Betsy McMUNN, witn: Matthew BOWES of Balderson and Hattie McKAY of Lanark, 3 Apr 1907 at Lanark 012769-07 (Lanark Co.) James BOYD, 45, laborer, Huntley, Carleton Place, s/o Alexander BOYD and Ann DOLLAN, married Letitia Ann(?) COX, 39, North Elmsley, Carleton Place, d/o Thomas Henry COX and Sarah Jane STEPHENS, witn: Robert E. DEVLIN and Frances C. DEVLIN, both of Carleton Place, 18 Dec 1907 at Carleton Place
012920-07 (Lanark Co.) George BURROWS, 21, painter, Ontario, Smiths Falls, s/o Thomas William BURROWS and Jane FITZGERALD, married Amy LUCAS, 20, Ontario, Smiths Falls, d/o David LUCAS and Martha RATHWELL, witn: David H. LUCAS and Bertha BURROWS, both of Smiths Falls, 25 Sept 1907 at Smiths Falls. 012761-07 (Lanark Co.) John Murry CAMERON, 39, railroader, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, s/o John D. CAMERON and Margaret MURRY, married Mary Cecilia LOWE, 24, Edwardsburgh, Carleton Place, d/o James LOWE and Rosina SLOAN, witn: Alex N. SLOAN and Flora B. LOWE, both of Carleton Place, 26 Sep 1907 at Carleton Place.
012890-07 (Lanark Co.) Donald McGregor CAMPBELL, 45, car works, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Donald McGregor and Mary, married Evelyn WARLEN (widow), 32, Cooksville NS, Ottawa, d/o James CLACK and not given, witn: Margaret HAMILTON and Margaret CHALMERS, both of Smiths Falls, 12 Feb 1907 at Smiths Falls. 012926-07 (Lanark Co.) Claude CHAPMAN, 22, machinist, England, Smiths Falls, s/o George CHAPMAN and Charlotte SUELTING?, married Ethel Maud SHIPP, 21, England, Smiths Falls, d/o Charles SHIPP and Emma COPPING, witn: Robert CHAPMAN and William SHIPP, both of Smiths Falls, 23 Dec 1907 at Smiths Falls.
012910-07 (Lanark Co.) Laurence Albert CLEARY, 28, railroader, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, s/o James Vincent CLEARY and Anne RUDDY, married Honoria COUGHLIN, 26, Montague, Smiths Falls, d/o Daniel COUGHLIN and Catherine FITZMAURICE, witn: John Patrick CLEARY of Montreal and Mary COUGHLIN of Smiths Falls, 26 June 1907 at Smiths Falls 012911-07 (Lanark Co.) David CLEMENTS, 26, trackman, Port Elmsley, Port Elmsley, s/o William J. CLEMENTS and Cynthia CAIRD, married Fanny CHURCHILL, 24, Port Elmsley, Port Elmsley, d/o George CHURCHILL and Mary SULLIVAN, witn:C.J. HUMPHRIES and H. HUMPHRIES, both of Smiths Falls, 11 July 1907 at Smiths Falls.
012763-07 (Lanark Co.) Albert CLEROUX, 19, not given, Renfrew, Almonte, s/o David CLEROUX and Annie CHAMIENE, married Minnie NOLAN, 19, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o not given and Mary NAIL, witn: Mrs. D. GILLIES and Elsie GILLIES, both of Carleton Place, 15 Oct 1907 at Carleton Place.  
012925-07 (Lanark Co.) George Albert CORRIGAN, 27, farmer, Marlborough, Marlborough, s/o John CORRIGAN and Margaret BAKER, married Martha HANNA, 21, Ontario, Marlborough, d/o George and Sarah Jane, witn: Ann GRIFFITH and Mary BENNETT, both of Smiths Falls, 5 Dec 1907 at Smiths Falls 012921-07 (Lanark Co.) George COTE, 45, farmer, Buckingham, Buckingham, s/o Vital COTE and Jeanette STEWART, married Catherine BROWN, 30, Montague, Montague, d/o Samuel BROWN and Sarah MONTGOMERY, witn: Henry PATTERSON and Martha BROWN, both of Montague, 9 Oct 1907 at Smiths Falls.
012804-07 (Lanark Co.) John Ernest DOOHER, 21, spinner, Lombardy, Lanark, s/o Michael DOOHER and Eliza O’REILLY, married Ethel WALTERS, 18, Lanark, Lanark, d/o John WALTERS and Mary HENDERSON, witn: Wilfred McLAREN and Violette WALTERS, both of Lanark, 7 Mar 1907 at Middleville 012770-07 (Lanark Co.) Alexander DUNCAN, 50, farmer, Dalhousie, North Sherbrooke, s/o James DUNCAN and Jane PURDON, married Elizabeth GILMOUR, 44, North Sherbrooke, North Sherbrooke, d/o James GILMOUR and Janet CRAWFORD, witn: Alexander GILMOUR of North Sherbrooke and Mrs. Mary BUFFAIN of Bathurst, 10 Apr 1907 at North Sherbrooke
012774-07 (Lanark Co.) Allan FERGUSON, 32, farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o Allan FERGUSON and Agnes GARVIN, married Elizabeth PAUL, 29, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o James B. PAUL and Annie MULLIN, witn: James PARK of Dalhousie and Isabel A. BARR of Poland Dalhousie, 19 June 1907 at Poland, Dalhousie 012772-07 (Lanark Co.) James B. FERGUSON, 27, merchant, Lavant, Innisville, s/o John FERGUSON and Jennie BURNS, married Violet GIBSON, 21, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o James GIBSON and Mary REID, witn: Alex SCOTT of Powassan and Jean McKINLEY of Lanark, 12 June 1907 at Dalhousie
  012765-07 (Lanark Co.) Oswald Metcalf FISHER, 25, traveller, Montreal, Montreal, s/o Alexander FISHER and Sarah E. McCOMB, married Deborah ROTHCHILD, 20, Ottawa, Sudbury, d/o Max ROTHCHILD and Ray(?) BERUSTEIN, witn: Sarah A. BROWN and Ethel BROWN, both of Carleton Place, 21 Oct 1907 at Carleton Place
012894-07 (Lanark Co.) David Alfred FISHER, 22, moulder, Janesville, Smiths Falls, s/o Samuel FISHER and Annie HORRICKS, married Margaret HARRINGTON, 19, Arnprior, Smiths Falls, d/o George HARRINGTON and Eliza HARRIS, witn: George HARRINGTON and Agnes FREED, both of Smiths Falls, 6 March 1907 at Smiths Falls 012912-07 (Lanark Co.) James FROATS, 35, teacher, Williamsburg, Finch, s/o Sylvester FROATS and Adelaide PITTS, married Ada F. CARR, 31, Bush Glenn, Finch, d/o Hugh CARR and Annie PITTS, witn: Mamie WHOLEHAW of Chesterville and Irene ATHENS of Portsmouth, 10 July 1907 at Smiths Falls.
012917-07 (Lanark Co.) Henry GALLAGHER, 33, grain buyer, Elmsley, Dakota, s/o John GALLAGHER and Emmaline HARRINGTON, married Esther HEALY, 26, Montague, Montague, d/o Denis and Annie, witn: Richard Leon STEED of Philadelphia and Loretta Cecillia HEALY of Montague, 20 Aug 1907 at Smiths Falls. 012768-07 (Lanark Co.) Joshua Adam GALLAGHER, 55, laborer, Bathurst, Fallbrook, s/o Thomas GALLAGHER and Ellen HARPER, married Sarah M. FOTHERINGHAM, 39, (widow), Drummond, Drummond, d/o James K. DRAPER and Hannah IRWIN, witn: Mrs. S.A. BROWN and Ethel G. BROWN, both of Carleton Place, 13 Nov 1907 at Carleton Place
012807-07 (Lanark Co.) Willie GIBSON, 29, farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o William R. GIBSON and Euphemia NAIRN, married Janet GUNN, 25, Lanark, Lanark, d/o John M. GUNN and Maggie EASTON, witn: John Thomas MOLYNEAUX of Lanark and Clara V. GIBSON of Dalhousie, 5 June 1907 at Lanark 012762-07 (Lanark Co.) Jos. James GILCHRIST, 56, sup. of mines, Devonshire England, Thetford Quebec, s/o William GILCHRIST and Elizabeth illegible, married Mary Keifer GIERDRUM, 51, (widow), Owen Sound, Carleton Place, d/o George KEIFER and Mary TRIMBLE, witn: J.G. KEIFER and Mrs. J.G. KEIFER, both of Norwood, 26 Sept 1907 at Carleton Place.
012896-07 (Lanark Co.) Thomas Alexander GLENN, 27, sailor, Amherst Island, Amherst Island, s/o William GLENN and Rachel McCORMICK, married Lillian Elizabeth McFERN, 19, Amherst Island, Smiths Falls, d/o Joseph Edward McFERN and Rose Jane McCORMICK, witn: Mary M. McKAY and Sarah DOORLEY, both of Smiths Falls, 6 Mar 1907 at Smiths Falls. 12029-08 James H. GORMAN, 23, wine clerk, Chantry, res not given (possibly Smith Falls), s/o William GORMAN & Sarah SMITH, married Bertha GIBSON, 23, widow, Smith Falls, same, d/o John BLACK & Bridget WARD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. DEWEY of Smith Falls, 2 Nov 1907 at Smith Falls
  012900-07 (Lanark Co.) John Boyd GOW, 25, machinist, Scotland, Smiths Falls, s/o Thomas GOW and Jane TAIT, married Margaret Beach GOW, 25, Scotland, Smiths Falls, d/o Thomas GOW and Margaret DOIG, witn: A.B. SCOTT and Mrs. A.B. SCOTT, both of Smiths Falls, 8 April 1907 at Smiths Falls.
012901-07 (Lanark Co.) Louis HAGGER, 28, moulder, Quebec, Smiths Falls, s/o Michael HAGGER and Mary SALOAM, married Grace HEDRICK, 30, Ramsay, Smiths Falls, d/o John HEDRICK and Ellen GLEASON, witn: Nellie MAY and Annie S. COOKE, both of Smiths Falls, 6 April 1907 at Smiths Falls 012923-07 (Lanark Co.) Stephen Charles HALLORAN, 36, farmer, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Charles HALLORAN and Bridget HASTINGS, married Catherine Maud SMITH, 24, North Crosby, Smiths Falls, d/o Henry SMITH and ELLEN BYRNES, witn: Patrick McCOY of Westport and Annie TRAYNOR of Perth, 6 Nov 1907 at Smiths Falls.
012767-07 (Lanark Co.) Hugh Alex HASTIE, not given, farmer, Ottawa, Carleton Place, s/o Hugh HASTIE and Elizabeth KEYS, married Emma Jane UMPHERSON, not given, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o James UMPHERSON and Alice CRAWLEY, witn: Eva Edna UMPHERSON and Lola Elizabeth HASTIE, both of Carleton Place, 13 Nov 1907 at Carleton Place  
012895-07 (Lanark Co.) Richard H. HICKS, 21, laborer, Muskoka, Smiths Falls, s/o Charles HICKS and Charlotte TURNER, married Lizzie Sloan WALTON (widow), 22, Delta, Smiths Falls, d/o Edward SLOAN and Mercy BULLIS, witn: Thomas E. HICKS and Louise A. SYKES, both of Smiths Falls, 7 Mar 1907 at Smiths Falls. 012918-07 (Lanark Co.) Alford William HILL, 28, physician, Canada, Roslin, s/o Alford HILL and Alice WALSH, married Lulu WHITE, 22, Canada, Oxford, d/o George WHITE and Mary McGOWAN, witn: C. Fred McGOWAN and Margaret WHITE, both of Burrits (sic) Rapids, 26 Aug 1907 at Smiths Falls.
011862-06 ( ( Lanark Co) Andrew Ras HOSSIE , 32 , farmer , Bathurst , Scotch Line , s/o John HOSSIE & Sarah RAE , married Elizabeth Eleanor JAMES , 25 , Perth , same, d/o Henry JAMES & Eleanor PIERCE , witn: Benjamin H. & Margaret BROWN of Seelays Bay , 1 Jan 1907 at Seelays Bay. 012889-07 (Lanark Co.) Stephen HUGHES, 25, farmer, Smiths Falls, Montague, s/o Stephen HUGHES and Margaret O'NEIL, married Amy BYRNES, 26, England, South Elmsley, d/o not given and Julia MURPHY, witn: Ambrose SALMON of South Elmsley and Elizabeth HUGHES of Montague, 21 Jan 1907 at Smiths Falls.
012914-07 (Lanark Co.) Peter KELLY, 27, clerk, Scotland, Smiths Falls, s/o Thomas KELLY and Rebecca ALLAN, married Lizzie NICHOLSON, 21, Scotland, Smiths Falls, d/o William T. NICHOLSON and Agnes J. HALL, witn: Charles F. CROSS and Ida G. CROSS, both of Smiths Falls, 22 July 1907 at Smiths Falls 012898-07 (Lanark Co.) Gordon KILBORN, 22, farmer, Toledo, Toledo, s/o George KILBORN and Rhoda McFADDEN, married Lizzie GRAY, 24, Toledo, Toledo, d/o Charles GRAY and Mary Jane PARKS, witn: William EWART and Sarah DOORLEY, both of Smiths Falls, 2 Apr 1907 at Smiths Falls
012905-07 (Lanark Co.) Fred W.H. LEAL (Teal?), 21, moulder, Madoc, Smiths Falls, s/o William LEAL and Mary Jane HOLLY, married Etheline BARRIE, 19, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Charles BARRIE and Elizabeth LOW, witn: Allen REGLEY and Ethel CROWE, both of Smiths Falls, 23 May 1907 at Smiths Falls 12035-08 George L. LESTER, 22, railroader, widower, St. John NB, Smith Falls, s/o L.M. LESTER & Annie LAWSON, married Mabel L. BIRRELL, 20, Windsor England, Smith Falls, d/o Alex BIRRELL & C. FULLUM, witn: H.L. & Annie MAGEE of Smith Falls, 17 Dec 1907 at Smith Falls
  012760-07 (Lanark Co.) Robert Henry LINDSAY, 39, artist, Prescott, Brockville, s/o George LINDSAY and Margaret TIERNAN, married Margaret Ellen BOUCHER, 26, Brockville, Carleton Place, d/o William BOUCHER and Harriet ROBERTSON, witn: E.A. GEIGER of Brockville and Elsie H. BOUCHER of Carleton Place, 30 Sep 1907 at Carleton Place
11881-08 (Lanark Co) Radford LINK, 56, widower, farmer, Morrisburg, same, s/o William LINK & Elizabeth WARS, married Bertha CROBAR, 47, Matilda twp, Iroquois, d/o Henry CROBAR & Margaret RUTTADGE, witn: C.E. McINTOSH of Carleton Place & Lizzie CROBAR of Iroquois, 24 Dec 1907 at Carleton Place Holiness Movement 011864-06 ( Lanark Co) Nicholas LOFTUS , 58 , widower , builder , Perth , same , s/o Nicholas LOFTUS & Catherine HALEY , married Ann Bridget HERLIHY , 49 , widow , Drummond , same , d/o James BYRNE & Ann DOYLE , witn Palmer LEONARD& Ann CONTON both of Bathurst , 9 Jan 1907 at Perth
11947-08 (Lanark Co) James LORANGER, 28, laborer, Michigan USA, Pakenham, s/o Victorine LORANGER & Rose DESONIER, married Mary DAGANAIS, 19, Seabie Ontario Pakenham, d/o Ambrose DAGANAIS & Clara CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Hugh E. MOONEY & Ambrose DAGANAIS both of Pakenham, 20 Sept 1907 at R.C. Church Pakenham 012909-07 (Lanark Co.) Irwin LOUGHEED, 28, iron worker, Singhampton, Merrickville, s/o Abraham LOUGHEED and Mary Ann SHAW, married Nellie Loretta McCOY, 26, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, d/o William Alexander McCOY and Sarah Helen SHANE, witn: Charles S. JONES of Smiths Falls and Bertha GRAHAM of Paris, 27 June 1907 at Smiths Falls
012897-07 (Lanark Co.) Thomas B. McALLISTER, 22, painter, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, s/o James McALLISTER and Lucy CARR, married Alice GILHULLY, 23, Scotland, Smiths Falls, d/o James GILHULLY and Rosanna CURRIE, witn: Gordon GILHULLY of Smiths Falls and Mae McCALLISTER (sic) of Carleton Place, 21 Mar 1907 at Smiths Falls 012764-07 (Lanark Co.) James Grier McALLISTER, 21, stove mounter(?), Carleton Place, same, s/o James McALLISTER and Lucy CORR, married Maud Mary Maria GORDON, 18, McKean Co – Penn., Carleton Place, d/o John GORDON and Sarah Jane SMALL, witn: Gordon GILCHRIST and Pear McALLISTER, both of Carleton Place, 17 Oct 1907 at Carleton Place.
012904-07 (Lanark Co.) Fred S. McCREA, 54, carpenter, Merrickville, Smiths Falls, s/o Edward McCREA and Theressa SCOVILL, married Agnes RALPH (widow), 44, Peck Michigan, Two Rivers, d/o Andrew HARRIDEN and Sarah LONG, witn: Emma MORRISON and Louise A. SYKES, both of Smiths Falls, 20 May 1907 at Smiths Falls 11916-08 (Lanark Co) Ally Dugal McDONALD, 27, carpenter, Dalhousie twp, same, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Jane PURDON, married Betsy Evelyn CLEMENT, 25, North Sherbrooke, same, d/o Simon CLEMENT & Victoria McDONALD, witn: Mrs. Maggie BERTRAND & Mrs. William A. GUY both of McDonald’s Corners, Dalhousie twp, 17 Dec 1907 at McDonald’s Corners
012906-07 (Lanark Co.) Adam McINTYRE, 29, moulder, Merrickville, Merrickville, s/o William McINTYRE and Mary Ann VANEXAN, married Irene(?) PUTNAM, 19, Merrickville, Merrickville, d/o Francis PUTNAM and Mary McCOW, witn: Margaret PRITCHARD and Mary STILES, both of Smiths Falls, 5 June 1907 at Smiths Falls 012802-07 (Lanark Co.) Andrew Milton McKAY, 22, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o James McKAY and Janet McCORMACK, married Alice L. PRICE, 22, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Jacob PRICE and Esther MUNRO, witn: Andrew McINTYRE of Darling and Marion PRICE of Lanark, 27 Feb 1907 at Lanark
012808-07 (Lanark Co.) William J. McKINNON, 27, farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o Randolph McKINNON and Agnes DUNLOP, married Mary Jane GUNN, 31, Lanark, Lanark, d/o John GUNN and Mary McINTYRE, witn: Sarah MACAULAY and Mary R. HOGG, both of Middleville, 12 June 1907 at Middleville 012915-07 (Lanark Co.) Edward O. MONTGOMERY, 25, tailor, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, s/o Oswald MONTGOMERY and Adeline BELLAMY, married Margaret J. PAPPIN, 22, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o John PAPPIN and Margaret McLEAN, witn: John PAPPIN of Smiths Falls and Alice J. CHEELEY of Carleton Place, 17 July 1907 at Carleton Place
012803-07 (Lanark Co.) Alexander MUNRO, 23, farmer, Darling, Darling, s/o Alexander MUNRO and Euphemia RINTOUL, married Delilah PRICE, 19, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Jacob PRICE and Esther MUNRO, witn: Andrew McINTYRE of Darling and Marion PRICE of Lanark, 27 Feb 1907 at Lanark 012888-07 (Lanark Co.) James NELIN, 40, agent, Manitoba, Smiths Falls, s/o John NELIN and Jane RICHARDSON, married Nellie HARRISON (widow), 28, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o William JOHNSTON and Jane SCOTT, witn: A.J. RENNICK and Lolo RENNICK, both of Smiths Falls, 7 Jan 1907 at Smiths Falls
11866-08 (Lanark Co) George Edgar NORRIS, 23, farmer, South Sherbrooke, same, s/o John NORRIS & Margaret DOWDALL, married Jennie RITCHIE, 22, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o John RITCHIE & Samantha WILLIAMSON, witn: Mrs. H.J. McDIARMID & Annie McFARLANE both of Bathurst twp, 11 Dec 1907 at Bathurst Con 3 012924-07 (Lanark Co.) Mervin PALMER, 22, machinist, Canada, Smiths Falls, s/o Louis PALMER and Eliza GREEN, married Daisy LOWNDES, 22, England, Perth, d/o George LOWNDES and not known, witn: Leslie PALMER of Smiths Falls and Minnie HARTMAN of Bedford, 27 Nov 1907 at Smths Falls.
012887-07 (Lanark Co.) Walter PATIENCE, 31, carpenter, Canada, Smiths Falls, s/o Henry PATIENCE and Mary Jane McNEIL, married Mary Elenor McGILLIVRAY, 26, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o William McGILLIVRAY and Jane WEEKS, witn: Carrie E. WILLIAMS of Toledo and Preston B. KERR of Smiths Falls, 1 Jan 1907 at Smiths Falls. 12036-08 George PATTERSON, 31, carpenter, Alex Bay NY, Elgin, s/o George PATTERSON & Mary BEVENS, married Verna BAMFORD, 22, teacher, Smith Falls, Toronto, d/o Thomas BAMFORD & Anna M. STILES, witn: Thomas & Anna BAMFORD of Smith Falls, 17 Dec 1907 at Smith Falls
012801-07 (Lanark Co.) James A. PROVEN, 31, farmer, Dalhousie, Antler Sask., s/o Alexander PROVEN and Annie FAIR, married Agnes Jane BAIRD, 29, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Stewart BAIRD and Flora McNICOL, witn: John FAIR of Dalhousie and Edith BAIRD of Lanark, 12 Feb 1907 at Lanark  
012773-07 (Lanark Co.) Robert PURDON, 22, farmer, Dalhousie, Powassan, s/o John PURDON and Margaret KELSO, married Emily Jane LEGARY, 19, North Sherbrooke, Dalhousie, d/o Joseph LEGARY and Lizzie DUNEAU, witn: Frank DUNEAU of Powassan and Clara PURDON of Dalhousie, 18 June 1907 at McDonalds Corners 11991-08 (Lanark Co.): William. James REA, 33, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o James REA & Annie MCLELLEN, married Ellen Jane MATHEWS, 30, Ramsay, same, d/o Jacob MATHEWS & Janet ANDERSON; witn – E.M REA & Joseph E. MATHEWS both of Ramsay on 24 Dec 1907 at Ramsay
012805-07 (Lanark Co.) Archie ROBERTSON, 21, farmer, Darling, Darling, s/o John ROBERTSON and Elizabeth McGEE, married Agnes YUILL, 21, Lanark, Lanark, d/o William YUILL and Robina SOMERVILLE, witn: Robert McGEE of Darling and Margaret YUILL of Lanark, 13 Mar 1907 at Lanark. 012899-07 (Lanark Co.) Roy J. SERSON, 23, cheesemaker, Michigan, Gananoque, s/o David SERSON and Jennie SOPP?, married Jennie May STEWART, 26, South Elmsley, South Elmsley, d/o Charles STEWART and Elizabeth DIXON, witn: Louise A. SYKES and Emma MORRISON, both of Smiths Falls, 2 April 1907 at Smiths Falls.
012902-07 (Lanark Co.) Rupert SHELDERMAINE, 25, pressman, England, Perth, s/o John SHELDERMAINE and Sarah Ann HAYES, married Hattie Lilly FURNESS, 28, United States, Perth, d/o Richard FURNESS and Betty HOLMES, witn: E.A. EDWARDS and Annie BENNETT, both of Smiths Falls, 6 Apr 1907 at Smiths Falls. 11921-08 (Lanark Co) Richard SHIRLEY, 46, farmer, Montague twp, Beckwith twp, s/o John SHIRLEY & Maria WARD, married Elizabeth J. BROWN, 20, Thorne twp Quebec, Drummond twp, d/o John BROWN & Elizabeth SMALL, witn: Alex DAVIDSON of Smith’s Falls & Ethel BROWN of Drummond, 25 Dec 1907 at Drummond twp
11838-08 (Lanark Co) Howard A. SINCLAIR, 28, gentleman, Carleton Place, same, s/o Finlay SINCLAIR & Janet WILSON, married Mary CARLON, 21, Carleton Place, same, d/o Michael CARLON & Margaret SHEA, witn: Max MacPHERSON of Carleton Place & Margaret DALY of Almonte, 17 Oct 1907 at Almonte 012893-07 (Lanark Co.) William Leonard SLACK, 24, machinist, Nepean, Smiths Falls, s/o James Walton SLACK and Mary J. DAVIDSON, married Margaret A. CHURCH, 21, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o James O. CHURCH and Elizabeth CLINT, witn: J.H. SLACK and Amy CHURCH, both of Smiths Falls, 27 Feb 1907 at Smiths Falls
012913-07 (Lanark Co.) John SPERO, 28, carpenter, Prescott, Montreal, s/o Thomas SPERO and Mary McCARTEAN?, married Maggie DELALL, 19, South Mountain, Montreal, d/o Guy DELALL and Elizabeth LONG, witn: Kenneth MURDOCK and Margaret GARVIN, both of Smiths Falls, 11 July 1907 at Smiths Falls 012766-07 (Lanark Co.) Frederick STANGELL, 27, wool sorter, Stittsville, Carleton Place, s/o William STANGELL and Catherine WRIGHT, married Libbie illegible ROBINSON, 25, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o John ROBINSON and Alice CARLEY, witn: Fred STEWART and Mrs. Fred STEWART, both of Carleton Place, 13 Nov 1907 at Carleton Place
012916-07 (Lanark Co.) Thomas W. SUNDERLAND, 22, carpenter, North Augusta, Smiths Falls, s/o Benjaman SUNDERLAND and Annie STEACY, married Ellen V. BROUSE, 18, Maberly, Smiths Falls, d/o George BROUSE and Hannah KERBY, witn: Merwin SUNDERLAND and Lorne SUNDERLAND, both of Smiths Falls, 7 August 1907 at Smiths Falls 012922-07 (Lanark Co.) Raney Roland TALLMAN, 24, carpenter, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Nelson TALMAN (sic) and Frances GORMAN, married Edith GRAY, 22, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Charles and Mary, witn: Lillie STEWART and Enid STEWART, both of Smiths Falls, 16 Oct 1907 at Smiths Falls.
12026-08 Thomas W. TAYLOR, 26, railroader, Nuddleton NS, Smith Falls, s/o Henry TAYLOR & Mary BLANCHARD, married Luella CODE, 21, Montague, Smith Falls, d/o John CODE & Mary DAVIS, witn: M. CODE of Smith Falls & Ethel SMITH of Eastons Corners, 24 Dec 1907 at Smith Falls 012771-07 (Lanark Co.) Thomas WHITE, 30, farmer, Palmerston, Palmerston, s/o Peter WHITE and Sarah JORDAN, married Annie FERGUSON, 25, Oso, Oso, d/o Duncan FERGUSON and Maggie McDOUGALL, witn: Donald FERGUSON of Oso and Violet McDOUGALL of Palmerston, 24 Apr 1907 at McDonalds Corners
12027-08 Joseph (James?) WILSON, 38, general merchant, Manotick, same, s/o William WILSON & Harriet WHURSTER, married Mabel S. KIRKLAND, 25, Smith Falls, same, d/o Henry KIRKLAND & Anna ANDERSON, witn: Russell FEE of Manotick & Jennie KIRKLAND of Smith Falls, 26 Nov 1907 at Smith Falls 012903-07 (Lanark Co.) Francis A. WING, 19, clerk, Westport, Westport, s/o William James WING and Ida LAWSON, married Martha McEWEN, 19, Bolingbroke, Westport, d/o William McEWEN and Mary McTAVISH, witn: Louise A. SYKES and Harry V. DUNN, both of Smiths Falls, 24 Apr 1907 at Smiths Falls.