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10817-12 Herbert John AITKEN, 31, of Courtright, same, s/o Andrew AITKEN, retired & Annie HISCOTT, married Elizabeth LIVINGSTONE, 25, Milton North Dakota, Courtright, d/o Donald LIVINGSTONE, barber & Levina? BALTER?, witn: John H. CHAMBERS & Agnes LIVINGSTONE, both of Courtright, 14 Feb 1912 at res of the bride, Courtright  
10824-12 Thomas Applodus ALLEN, 32, clergyman, of Dover twp., s/o William H. ALLEN, farmer & Edith LOW, married Alma Gertrude DUFFY, 28, of Brigden, d/o Erastus DUFFY, merchant & Rachel DAWSON, witn: Gilbert DUFFY of Brigden & Edith STRANGE? of Chatham, 8 July 1912 at Brigden 10822-12 Charles Andrew ALLOWAY, 20, mechanic, of Petrolia, s/o Thomas ALLOWAY, army officer & Mary MacDONALD, married Amy Viola SYRING, 19, of Bay City Michigan, d/o William SYRING, farmer, & Mary Eliza HALSTEAD, witn: Mary A. REECE of Brigden & Bessie McNAIR of Petrolia, 13 May 1912 at Petrolia
10823-12 William James Garfield ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o James McRAE (sic), farmer, & Mary Jane McLAUGHLIN, married Margaret LEGRICE, 27, widow, of Sombra twp., d/o Robert ARMSTRONG (sic), farmer, & Effie HAMILTON, witn: Rev. Murray C. TAIT of Wallaceburg & Mary PATERSON of Sarnia, 22 July 1912 at Sarnia 10821-12 Francis William Herman ARMSTRONG, 33, clergyman, of Toronto, s/o John George ARMSTRONG, farmer, & Jane Ann HODGINS, married Ethel Agnes Lillian May ANDERSON, 27, of Warwick twp., d/o Peter ANDERSON, farmer, & Harriet SULLIVAN, witn: Thomas Edgar ARMSTRONG of Montreal & Ella Adelaide ANDERSON of Watford, 8 May 1912 at Warwick twp
10820-12 Franklin James ATCHISON, 18, Sarnia, same, s/o James ATCHISON, yeoman & Ellen ELNOR, married Savia Williamina Christena Georgina LIVERANCE, 17, Albermarle twp., Sarnia, d/o William Henry LIVERANCE, teamster, & Savia Jane MILLARD, witn: Frank L. STUBBS & Pearl Agnes ATCHISON, both of Sarnia, 17 April 1912 at res of the bride’s father, Sarnia 10819-12 Wellington AUGUSTIN, 23, Peck Michigan, Blaine Mich., s/o Ira AUGUSTIN, laborer, & Maggie DAVIS, married Martha SWITZER, 22, Washington Mich., Amador Mich., d/o Reuben SWITZER, laborer, & Annie STONEHOUSE, witn: Jane & Kathleen DAVIS of Sarnia, 23 April 1912 at Sarnia
10818-12 Andrew Thomas AUSTIN, 24, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o William M. AUSTIN, farmer, & Marcella D. ARNOLD, married Elizabeth Ida ROBINSON, 20, of Dawn twp., d/o Charles ROBINSON, farmer, & Ellen HODGINS, witn: William Rudolph AUSTIN of Garville & Blanche FLEMING of Dawn Valley, 27 march 1912 at Dawn twp 10816-12 Charles H. AYERS, 46, divorced/widower, Detroit, same, s/o Louis H. AYERS, broker & Mary J. RIKER, married Ida WILLIAMS, 45, widow, Detroit, same, d/o Alexander CORNEAU, carpenter, & Ida LAROSE, witn: E.W. FALCONER & L.W. TAFT, both of Sarnia, 21 Feb 1912 at Sarnia
13747-14 Melvin Robert Roy BALL, 28, photographer, of Moose Jaw Sask., s/o William Francis BALL, captain, & Sarah Jane STOKES, married Ina Ruth PORTER, 25, of Corunna., d/o James J. PORTER, butcher, & Martha POWELL, witn: Marion BALL & Frank STONER, both of Sombra, 1 Jan 1914 at Corunna 13749-14 Charles Robert BEATTIE, 30, farmer, Camden twp., Dawn twp., s/o Joseph BEATTIE & Catherine TULLY, married Bessie Mae HARTWICK, 22, Camden twp., Dawn twp., d/o Edward HARTWICK & Nellie TYLER, witn: Ila HARTWICK of Croton & Will STEWARDSON of Oil Springs, 1 Jan 1914 at home of the bride
#007280-13 (Lambton Co): William BELL, 34, widower, Blenheim, Thedford, s/o William BELL, engineer, & "do not know if Mary HODSKIN", married Mrs. Jennie TRUMAN, 26, widow, Thedford, same, d/o Sylvester WILLAR, hostler, & Mary A. STUBBS, witn: William JAMIESON & Mrs. MILLER, 19 Sept 1913 at Thedford 13745-14 William Earl BRAND, 35, Bosanquet twp., same, s/o David BRAND, farmer, & Rebecca FRASER, married Mary Elizabeth LLOYD, 19, Bosanquet twp., same, d/o Edwin LLOYD, farmer, & Agnes CLEMENS, witn: Thomas R. BRAND Of Bosanquet & E. H. LAVERNE of Forest, 7 Jan 1914 at Forest
13744-14 Arthur Johnson BUSHFIELD, 23, farmer, Mitchell Ont., Calgary Alberta, s/o Archibald BUSHFIELD & Ellen BOOKER, married Lillian Elizabeth NORTHCOTT, 25, Petrolia, same, d/o Fred NORTHCOTT & Elizabeth Jane BALL, witn: T. W. SCOTT & Pearl NORTHCOTT, both of Petrolia, 7 Jan 1914 at Petrolia  
15049-19 Robert John CAIRNS, 29, farmer, Plympton twp., Camlachie, s/o John A. CAIRNS & Margaret PURCELL, married Isabella May McFARLANE, 26, Plympton twp., Camlachie, d/o Archie McFARLANE & Annie WATSON, witn: Robert Bruce ARMSTRONG of Wyoming Ont & Jean CAIRNS of Camlachie, 16 April 1919 at Camlachie 15044-19 James Elmer CAIRNS, 31, farmer, Aberarder - Lambton Co., Camlachie, s/o John A. CAIRNS & Margaret PURCELL, married Loiusa Mary McNEILL, 32, Brook twp., Camlachie, d/o Donald McNEILL & Margaret MUNROE, witn: Lizzie M. CAIRNS & Laura McNEILL, both of Camlachie, 11 June 1919 at Camlachie
17270-20 William Henry CLARK, 43, engineer, Bosanquet twp., Forest, s/o David R. CLARK (b. England) & Martha FREEMAN, married Isabella Taylor FORD, 39, nurse, Bosanquet twp., same, d/o Henry FORD (b. England) & Janet TAYLOR, witn: Clara Allen RYLAND of Ilderton & W.N. FORD of Sarnia, 30 June 1920 at Bosanquet twp 17264-21 James Wesley COOK, 23, Petrolia, Pt. Edward, s/o William COOK & Annie HAM?, married Nora Evelyn LETHBRIDGE, 18, Sarnia, same, d/o Charles LETHBRIDGE & Annie FORGE?, witn: Robert COOK of 10 El--? St. in Pt. Edward, 4 Sept 1921 at Point Edward [very faded in places]
17267-20 William John COOKE, 24, metal finisher, Leicester England, Pt. Edward, s/o William Edward COOKE (b. Barrow-on-Soar Leicester England ) & Susanna NEFFCOATE?, married Elizabeth Rebecca RANDLE, 22, Leicester England, Pt. Edward, d/o Arthur RANDLE (b. Bedworth, Warwickshire England ) & Harriet Florence NORTON, witn: Harry MANCHESTER of 529 Christena St. in Sarnia, 19 Aug 1920 at Point Edward #007339-13 (Lambton Co): Frederick James DEW, 29, Bosanquet, same, s/o William DEW, farmer, & Jean DAVIDSON, married Rowena Pearl LLOYD, 23, Bosanquet, same, d/o Edwin LLOYD, farmer, & Agnes CLEMENS, witn: Mary JAMES & Ellis LLOYD, both of Bosanquet, 10 Sept 1913 at Bosanquet
10941-12 Lee EMERY, 21, Yale Mich., Port Huron Mich., s/o Charles Franklin EMERY, wholesale liquor store, & Viola MacMARTIN, married Ora VINCENT, 18, Applegate Mich., Lexington Mich., d/o Dernstine VINCENT, carpenter & Matilda CARNS, witn: Gale GILROY & Jane DAVIS, both of Sarnia, 2 May 1912 at Sarnia 10940-12 Louis Henry EVELAND, 36, farmer, Sarnia twp., same, s/o Daniel EVELAND, railroader & Charlotte ROBINSON, married Mary Ethel SARVIS, 22, Sarnia, Sarnia twp., d/o Albert SARVIS, policeman & Charlotte BICKFORD, witn: C.J. FALCONER & E.D. BARRACLOUGH, both of Sarnia, 17 April 1912 at Sarnia
#015095-19 (Lambton Co): Francis Edgar FELLOWS, 19, GTR fireman, Prescott, Sarnia, s/o Joseph FELLOWS & Mary Ellen FARR, married Mary Ann ENSIGN, 21, Lucknow, Sarnia, d/o Eli ENSIGN & Sarah Ann PATSCHER, witn: C. WIGGINS & G. McMAHON, both of Sarnia, 25 Feb 1919 at Sarnia (Rom Cath) 06920-11 (Lambton Co) Charles Edward FINCH, 0, silver fitter, of Niagara Falls NY, s/o William FINCH labourer & Emma McCOEELL(sic s/b COWELL), married Theres(s)a BEEBE or BEBEE, 22, of Sarnia Ont, d/o Edwin BEBEE labourer & Mary DICKSON, witn: Annetta BEBEE & Nellie HOLMES both of Sarnia Ont, 19 Apr 1911 at Town of Sarnia
10955-12 (Lambton Co) Elias Gordon FINCH, 28, nationality canadian, Pt Edward Ont, Sarnia Ont, s/o Solomon FINCH - GTR Trainman & Katharine WEAVER, married Grace ADAIR, 25, nationality canadian, Windsor, Sarnia Ont, d/o Edward ADAIR labourer & Mary Ann (Unknown), witn: Elgin & Mary A. WOOD both of Sarnia, 20 Jun 1912 at Town of Sarnia  
11386-18 George Alexander GALLOWAY, 31, postmaster, Sarnia, same, s/o Robert GALLOWAY & Agnes ROADEY, married Margaret Ann ARMSTRONG, 24, dress maker, Sarnia, Ontario, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Susan A. ALLINGHAM, witn: Frank Wesley & Jennie CONNER of Sarnia, 2 May 1918 at Sarnia #015106-19 (Lambton Co): George Alan GORDON, 24, farmer, Arkell, same, s/o John GORDON & Margaret NICHOLLS, married Florence Murial BOAL, 23, West Montrose, Forest, d/o Robert BOAL & Murial BOUGHTON, witn: Robert & Annie M. BOAL of Forest, 16 Aug 1919 at Fores
013876-14 (Lambton Co), Wilfred GREASON, 30, Conductor GTR, London Ont, London Ont, s/o Charles(?) GREASON & Adelina OLIVER, married Agnes Irene DUNLOP, 27, Pt. Edward, Sarnia, d/o James DUNLOP & Margaret DINGWALL, Wit: Etta C. HALL & Christina WHITE both of Sarnia, 9 Nov 1914, Sarnia #015107-19 (Lambton Co): Frederick GROOMBRIDGE, 35, insurance agent, London England, Edys Mills, s/o Albert & Emily, married Mildred FRY, 27, Dunnville, Lambton, d/o Malcolm FRY & Jessie DEANID?, witn: Mary E. PATERSON & Mrs. T. GROOMBRIDGE, both of Sarnia, 30 Aug 1919 at Sarnia
6968-11 William Guy HARRIS, 28, driller, of Petrolia, s/o William HARRIS & Emma WOLSLEY, married Grace Marie BUCHANAN, 27, of Regina Sask., d/o Daniel BUCHANAN & Louisa HOLLING, 8 Feb 1911 at Petrolia 13887-14 Robert Liddell HASTINGS, 25, carpenter, Falkirk Scotland, Sarnia, s/o John HASTINGS & Catherine RAE, married Mary Hay RAE, 23, Falkirk Scotland, Sarnia, d/o William RAE & Janet SUTHERLAND, witn: Robert Finie STRUTHERS & Mary MACDONALD, both of Sarnia, 21 June 1914 at Sarnia
006975-1911 (Lambton Co.) Adam HIGGINS, 27, farmer, not given, Warwick, s/o Robert HIGGINS & Margaret HENDERSON, married Jessie WHITEHEAD, 22, not given, Enniskillen, d/o James WHITEHEAD & Lilly HUNTER, witn: Mary IRWIN & Emily BULLOUGH, both of Watford, 3 May 1911 at Watford. 11933-18 Wilfred Royal HILLIS, 25, farmer, Rapid City Manitoba, Enniskillen twp., s/o Thomas HILLIS & Matilda BYGROVE, married Nellie JULIAN, 24, type setting, Petrolia, same, d/o William JULIAN & Melissa BRIDGES, witn: Albert BEASLEY of Petrolia & Lulu illegible of Sarnia, 10 Oct 1918 at Petrolia
11398-18 Evert Effman HOWIE, 21, fireman, Waterford Ont., Sarnia, s/o Jonah HOWIE & Lydia STICKLES, married Mary WILCOX, 20, Toronto, Sarnia, d/o William WILCOX & Nellie TURNBULL, witn: Mary BATTLEY & Mary MANNING, both of Sarnia, 16 Jan 1918 at Sarnia 13888-14 Roland HUDSON, 24, steam fitter, Ilkley - Yorkshire England, same, s/o John HUDSON & Mary HOLLINS, married Betsy BENTLEY, 25, Leicester England, Sarnia, d/o Thomas BENTLEY & Rebecca WILSON, witn: James & Thomas BENTLEY of Sarnia, 23 May 1914 at Sarnia
13889-14 William HUGGINS, 24, fireman, Norwich England, Sarnia, s/o William HUGGINS & Mary Ann BAKER, married Florena KNIGHT, 20, Bidington? England, Sarnia, d/o Thomas KNIGHT & Emma TINNERS?, witn: Gertrude BRADT & H. L. BAIRD, both of Sarnia, 1 Aug 1914 at Sarnia 13890-14 Francis Kerwood HUNTER, 25, photographer, Norval Ont., Sarnia, s/o John HUNTER & Margaret KERR, married Pearl S. W. GLASS, 26, Sarnia, same, d/o William A. GLASS & Margaret J. McFADDEN, witn: Austin & Hazel GLASS of Sarnia, 1 Jan 1914 at Sarnia
7066-11 John McCLEMENS, 36, farmer, of Moore twp., s/o Richard McCLEMENS & Jessie GOWANS, married Ida Mae SELBY, 21, of Moore twp., d/o Arthur SELBY & Hannah Rebecca ALLINGHAM, 25 Jan 1911 at Moore
  011158-1912 (Lambton Co.) Wilbur Edmond NAPPER, 26, not given, Enniskillen, same, s/o Arthur NAPPER & Lottie STAMM, married Margaret WHITEHEAD, 20, Enniskillen, same, d/o James WHITEHEAD & Lillie HUNTER, witn: Proctor HALL & Sadie GOSEK, 28 Nov 1912 at Petrolia.
11487-18 Walter NASH, 22, celiline? welder, Ireland, Sarnia, s/o William NASH & not known, married Alberta SMITH, 16, stenographer, Sarnia, same, d/o Peter D. SMITH & Annie McLAREN, witn: Christena & Mary A. CLARKE of Sarnia, 26 June 1918 at Sarnia 11492-18 Orral George PARSONS, 27, merchant, London Ont, Sarnia, s/o George PARSONS & Margaret BRENNER, married Florence May TURNER, 21, Ingsersol, Ontario, d/o Clark G. TURNER & Eva Helen HENDERSON, witn: William J. HENDERSON of Ingsersol & Elila? PARSONS of Sarnia, 14 Aug 1918 at Sarnia
11497-18 John PAUL, 35, fireman, Stone Staffordshire England, Woodstock, s/o William PAUL & Mae LONG, married Annie IRWIN, 36, Ludgate Hill England, Woodstock, d/o John James IRWIN & Sarah Ann RONALD, witn: Mary E. & James C. PATERSON of Sarnia, 17 July 1918 at Sarnia 11495-18 Edward Claremont PERKINS, 29, oil well driller, Petrolia, same, s/o Eli PERKINS & Sarah BECKER, married Eva Gertrude VINING, 25, Thorndale, Ingersol, d/o Joseph VINING & Emma LINDLEY, witn: Annie M. & Margaret McKAY of Sarnia, 23 Sept 1918 at Sarnia
11498-18 Francis James PETCH, 43, farmer, Adelaide twp., same, s/o James PETCH & Hannah WILEY, married Ida Jane Arletta GALLOWAY, 41, Adelaide twp., Sarnia, d/o William T. GALLOWAY & J. COBBLEDICK, witn: Annie HAZEN of Sarnia & Mary E. ENGLISH of London, 2 April 1918 at Sarnia 11493-18 Joseph Albert PIPER, 59, widower, Biddulph twp., Alvinston, s/o Charles PIPER & Elizabeth ARNOLD, married Jennie KERBY, 55, widow, Brantford, Alvinston, d/o John FOSTER & Annie ARMSTRONG, witn: Mrs. James POLLOCK & Miss Margaret McKINNON, both of Sarnia, 17 Dec 1918 at Alvinston
011199-1912 (Lambton) James Clarence ROBINSON, 45, minister, Nobleton, Dutton, s/o John ROBINSON & Eliza May ROGERS, married Florence M. WHITEHEAD, 31, Petrolia, Oil Springs, d/o David WHITEHEAD & Jessie LEE, witn: Mr.& Mrs C. B. JACKSON of Wallaceburg, 8 Jun 1912 at Wallaceburg. 011231-1912 (Lambton Co.) George Leo SCHRAM, 23, not given, Parkhill, Port Huron Mich., s/o John D. SCHRAM & Phoebe GRANT [s/b BRADT], married Hulda Marie NELSON, 21, Hamilton, Petrolia, d/o Thomas James NELSON & Sarah CORDUTZ, witn: Mary E. PATERSON & Pearl ATKINSON, both of Sarnia, 30 May 1912 at Sarnia
14105-14 Falveious E. SEELEY, 50, widower, merchant, New York, Brigden, s/o Stephen SEELEY & Sabra JOHNSON, married Fannie RANDALL, 29, Forest, Brigden, d/o blank RANDALL & O. J. YOUNG, witn: Andrew & Marian M. McRITCHIE of Sarnia, 24 Nov 1914 at Brigden 14079-14 George SELBY, 24, farmer, Dawn twp., Sombra twp., s/o Frank SELBY & Mary JOHNSON, married Nellie Allice ALLAN, 24, Bickford Ont., Sombra twp., d/o Thomas ALLAN & Agnes Allice SQUIRE, witn: Mrs. S. LEHMAN & Mrs. Frank SELBY, both of Wilkesport, 7 May 1914 at Wilkesport
14104-14 James Arthur SHAW, 23, farmer, Wilkesport, Brigden, s/o Phelan SHAW & Agnes ROSS, married Louise Irene SELBY, 20, Courtwright, Corunna, d/o Arthur J. W. SELBY & Rebecca ALLINGHAM, witn: Duncan C. ARNOLD of Courtwright & Arthur J. SELBY of Corunna, 1 Nov 1914 at Corunna 14080-14 Willis H. SHEFFER, 33, farmer, Illinois USA, Bickford, s/o C. W. SHEFFER & Eliza CLARKE, married Elva G. CHRYSLER, 19, Bickford, same, d/o John CHRYSLER & Letitia BENNER, witn: Mrs. S. MEAD & Mrs. William JENNINGS, both of Wilkesport, 8 July 1914 at Wilkesport
14106-14 Charles Oscar SINGER, 26, farmer, Niagara Falls Ont., Brooke, s/o George & Rose, married Agnes DAWSON, 19, Euphemia twp., same, d/o Richard DAWSON & Mary Ellen ROBERTS, witn: Ernest R. CHAPMAN & Erma ROBINSON, both of Inwood, 16 Dec 1914 at Manse, Inwood  
  14078-14 Edward SWAN, 23, wire worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward SWAN & Eliza BRIDGES, married May WILLIAMS, 20, England, Watford, d/o James WILLIAMS & Ada MANSFIELD, witn: John & Annie BUSH of Watford, 1 July 1914 at Trinity Church, Watford
14146-14 Herbert Oswald WALKER, 29, farmer, Sombra, Wilkesport, s/o James WALKER & Mary Ann WILLS, married Violet Agnes SELBY, 18, Ridgetown, Wilkesport, d/o Frank SELBY & Mary JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. MEAD & Etta SELBY, both of Wilkesport, 2 Oct 1914 at Wilkesport 14145-14 John Russel WILLIAMSON, 22, fireman, Warwick twp., Pt. Edward, s/o John WILLIAMSON & Margaret COX, married Gertrude McLOCKLIN, 22, Derby England, Pt. Edward, d/o Alfred McLOCKLIN & Lavina? Grace F--HS?, witn: Alfred McLOCKLIN of Pt. Edward & George F. WALKER of 24 --side? in Battle Creek Mich., 2 Sept 1914 at Pt. Edward
11563-18 David WILSON, 49, farmer, Plympton twp., same, s/o Thomas WILSON & Elizabeth CAMMICK?, married Ella Etta May PHAIR, 43, widow, professional nurse, Fenelon twp., Sarnia twp., d/o Walter Rae BOWLES & Margaret WILSON, witn: Dr. P. McG. BROWN & Mrs. Elizabeth Jane BROWN, both of Camlachie, 3 Dec 1918 at Camlachie 14144-14 John Isaac WILSON, 23, farmer, McGillvray twp., same, s/o Isaac WILSON & Mary POORE, married Myrtle Blanche HILBORN, 22, Bosanquet twp., same, d/o John HILBORN & Jennie SWEET, witn: Effie FITCHETT & Mrs. J. H. OSTERHOUT, both of Thedford, 16 Sept 1914 at Thedford