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Lambton Co., 1903


#010677-03 (Lambton Co): Philip S.G. AUSTIN, 26, gardener, England, Warwick, s/o Philip AUSTIN & Helen GARDINER, married Mabel DUNHAM, 30, Ontario, Bosanquet, d/o Robert DUNHAM & Louisa GREEN, witn: Colonel C. DUNHAM & Lorena McCHESNEY, both of Arkona, 9 April 1903 at lot 5, con S.B., Bosanquet twp #010758-03 (Lambton Co): John William BELL, 24, farmer, Bosanquet twp., Forest, s/o Thomas Alvah BELL & Sarah DEW, married Jane CROSSLEY, 36, Bosanquet twp., Forest, d/o George CROSSLEY & Margaret WELLS, witn: Thomas A. BELL & Dorothy WAY, both of Bosanquet twp., 2 Sept 1903 at Forest
#010683-03 (Lambton Co): Henry BRECHOW, 21, baker, Colborne twp., Ypsilanti Mich., s/o William BRECHOW & Mary Ann ARMITAGE, married Louisa CAVANAGH, 25, Bosanquet, same, d/o William CAVANAGH & Elizabeth POWE, witn: Mary PRING & Agnes B. BELL, both of Thedford, 29 June 1903 at lot 22, con 3, Bosanquet twp 10583-04 Irskine (s/b Erskine?) BROOKS, 27, mechanic, Zone twp., Chatham, s/o Thomas BROOKS & Amanda STEADMAN, married Edith LAING, 21, Cumberland England, Dawn, d/o James LAING, farmer, & Martha ROBINSON, witn: A. W. MARCUS of Orford & Clara LAING of Dawn, 24 Dec 1903 at Dawn
#010755-03 (Lambton Co): William Ernest BRUSH, 23, merchant, Forest, same, s/o Samuel BRUSH & Mary BARRON, married Etta Helma HAMILTON, 25, Forest, same, d/o John HAMILTON & Mary WELLON, witn: James F. BRUSH & Ella Maude HAMILTON, both of Forest, 15 July 1903 at Forest 010801-1903 (Lambton Co.) Frank BUCHNER, 27, farmer, Woodhouse Twp., same, s/o William S. BUCHNER & Gertrude HILLIARD?, married Mabel M. KNIFFIN, 27, Tuscola MI, Dawn Twp., d/o William KNIFFIN & Clara THOMPSON, witn: Charlie ROBINSON & Olive KNIFFIN, both of Dawn Twp., 3 Jun 1903 at Oil Springs
#010759-03 (Lambton Co): John Livingston CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, Thedford, same, s/o Dougald CAMPBELL & Rebecca LEAN, married Wilhelmina DOWNING, 25, Thedford, Forest, d/o Marshall DOWNING & Angelina ERB, witn: Lloyd Sinclair DOWNING of Forest & Maude M. ERB of Thedford, 16 Sept 1903 at Forest #010674-03 (Lambton Co): William DEW, 27, Bosanquet, same, s/o William DEW & Jane DAVIDSON, married Belle Jean BRAND, 18, Bosanquet, same, d/o David BRAND & Rebecca FRASER, witn: George E. DEW & May Maud BRAND, both of Bosanquet, 18 March 1903 at lot 76, con LRW, Bosanquet twp
#010756-03 (Lambton Co): Alvah S. DEW, 23, laborer, Trafalgar twp., Forest, s/o Samuel DEW & Maria KEMP, married Mary Emmeline Elvetta SMITH, 18, Arkona, Forest, d/o Thomas SMITH & Emma DENNIS, witn: William PICKEL & Summer DEW, both of Forest, 6 Aug 1903 at Forest #010678-03 (Lambton Co): Moses ELLIOTT, 27, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o Edward ELLIOTT & Barbara McEWEN, married Catherine DAVIDSON, 23, Bosanquet, same, d/o Isaac DAVIDSON & Jane McKITCHEN, witn: Archie ELLIOTT of Bosanquet & Becca RIVERS of Thedford, 9 April 1903 at lot 52, con LR2, Bosanquet twp
10919-04 (Lambton Co) Thomas Alexander EWART, 30, physician, Plympton Tp., Morenci Mich., s/o Thomas EWART & Margaret KING, married Annie Adella FINCH, 23, Mandaumin, same, d/o Judson G. FINCH & Jessie L. CUTHBERTSON, witn: Hugo E. EWART of St. Clair Mich. & Eva FINCH of Mandaumin, 31 Dec 1903 at Sarnia Township 10966-03 (Lambton Co) James Worden FINCH, 28, painter, Sarnia, same, s/o Juan FINCH & Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Elida Melissia COUTTS, 24, Aylmer Ont., Sarnia, d/o George COUTTS & Louisa CASWELL, witn: William J. FINCH & Louisa COUTTS both of Sarnia, 5 Aug 1903 at Russell St., Sarnia
#010754-03 (Lambton Co): Frank GEORGE, 24, farmer, Bosanquet twp., s/o Thomas GEORGE & Mary SOUGHNOW, married Ethel SHAWANOO, 19, Bosanquet twp., same, d/o Isaac SHAWANOO & Mary MAKOSENAN, witn: Elizabeth HIGGINS & Ethel BAND (or Baird), both of Forest, 25 July 1903 at Forest 010800-1903 (Lambton Co.) William GUNN, 28, farmer, Brooke Twp., Enniskillen Twp., s/o William GUNN & Katherine McALPINE, married Marion McDONALD, 19, Dawn Twp., same, d/o Hugh McDONALD & Henrietta SCOTT, witn: Mrs. A. ? & Mrs. A. A. FANJOY, both of Oil Springs, 12 Jan 1903 at Oil Springs.
10690-04 William J. HAMILTON, 26, fireman, Oil City, St. Thomas, s/o Alexander HAMILTON & Jane ELLIOTT, married Bessie L. MEERS, 23, London, Petrolia, d/o George MEERS & Isabella REDMOND, witn: F. W. HAMILTON of Oil City & Olive G. MEERS of Petrolia, 25 Dec 1903 at Petrolia 10692-04 William HUSTLER, 52, farmer, Trafalgar, Enniskillen, s/o William HUSTLER & Mary CORDINGLY, married Ann E. THOMPSON, 39, Montreal, Dawn, d/o George THOMPSON & Eliza BRIGGS, witn: James SAUNDERS & M. A. LIVINGSTONE, both of Petrolia, 24 Dec 1903 at Petrolia
010804-1903 (Lambton Co.) John LAW, 24, farmer, Ekfrid Twp., Dawn Twp., s/o Frederick LAW & Jessie FRETEAN?, married Elizabeth McPHEREN, 21, Dawn Twp., same, d/o Alexander McPHEREN & Ann ROSSBOROUGH, witn: Anna HURITY? of Oil Springs & William NISBETT of Dawn Twp., 24 Jun 1903 at Oil Springs 10988-03 (Lambton Co) John Edgar LECKIE, 30, farmer, Sarnia Tp., Moore Tp., s/o Neil LECKIE & Maude MILLIKEN, married Emma Amelia FINCH, 22, Point Edward, Sarnia, d/o Solomon E. FINCH & Catherine WEAVER, witn: Fred W. LECKIE of Sarnia Tp. & Etta O. FINCH of Sarnia, 7 Oct 1903 at Sarnia
#010680-03 (Lambton Co): James LOWRIE, 40, widower, Darlington, Bosanquet, s/o John & Isabella, married Annie L. ROSS, 25, Bosanquet, same, d/o Robert ROSS & Sarah Ann CAMPBELL, witn: William E. & Maude ROSS of Bosanquet, 4 June 1903 at lot 24, con 7, Bosanquet twp  
10691-04 Melville LUMLEY, 23, laborer, Sombra, Enniskillen, s/o Richard LUMLEY & Mary Ann NELSON, married Phoebe HALL, 18, Mooretown, Enniskillen, d/o James & Sarah, witn: M. A. LIVINGSTONE & Mrs. DUNDAS, both of Petrolia, 24 Dec 1903 at Petrolia 10582-04 Andrew Wellington MARCUS, 33, farmer, Orford twp., same, s/o Andrew MARCUS & Elizabeth SUSSEX, married Clara Ellen LAING, 26, Cumberland England, Dawn, d/o James LAING & Martha ROBINSON, witn: Irskine BROOKS of Chatham & Edith LAING of Dawn, 24 Dec 1903 at Dawn
#010681-03 (Lambton Co): Levi Arthur MAYNARD, 33, widower, banker, Michigan USA, Kingston Mich., s/o David A. MAYNARD & Annie S. CARTER, married Minnie Sophia BATES, 36, Ontario, Bosanquet, d/o Henry BATES & Sophia HEATHEN, witn: William BATES of Bosanquet & Mary A.C. TELFER of West Williams, 28 June 1903 at lot 6, con 1, Bosanquet #010757-03 (Lambton Co): Francis Maxwell McCARDIE (or McCordic), 28, teacher, Bosanquet twp., Forest, s/o James McCARDIE & Hannah Johnson CAMPBELL, married Agnes Belle CAMPBELL, 23, teacher, Warwick twp., Forest, d/o Duncan & Jean Kingston CAMPBELL, witn: Donald JOHNSON & Ethel McCARDIE, both of Forest, 6 Aug 1903 at Forest
10581-04 John N. McDONALD, 31, widower, farmer, Dawn, same, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Mary JOHNSON, married Mary Ann EDEN, 18, Dawn, same, d/o Robert EDEN, farmer, & Ann ROBBINS, witn: John EDEN & Rose SKINNER, both of Rutherford, 22 Dec 1903 at Rutherford #010682-03 (Lambton Co): James McFADYEN, 29, vet. surgeon, Paisley Scotland, Arthur, s/o James A. McFADYEN & Jennie FINNIE, married Mary SUTHERLAND, 35, Plympton, Bosanquet, d/o Donald SUTHERLAND & Janet GREENLEES, witn: Donald A. SUTHERLAND of Bosanquet & Catherine A. McFADYEN of Fergus, 29 June 1903 at lot 12, con 11, Bosanquet twp
  10694-04 Charles W. McKAIG, 29, mechanic, Bothwell, Petrolia, s/o Neil McKAIG & Elenora HAWN, married Mabelle CARTER, 20, Petrolia, same, d/o Charles CARTER & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Mrs. LIVINGSTON & Mrs. MAY, both of Petrolia, 19 Dec 1903 at Petrolia
10689-04 Herbert W. McLEOD, 22, barber, Stromness, Petrolia, s/o Benton McLEOD & Martha GOODEVIER, married Laura M. FOX, 19, Petrolia, same, d/o Daniel FOX & Grelina FRAZER, witn: E. L. GARRISON of Buffalo & Maude McLEOD of Hamilton, 30 Dec 1903 at Petrolia 010802-1903 (Lambton Co.) John B. McQUEEN, 41, farmer, Kent Co., not given, s/o William McQUEEN & Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, married Mary Isabella BURNS, 33, Huron Co., Oil Springs, d/o William BROWN & Lanah TURNEY (TORRY?), witn: Joseph & Mrs. E. BURNS, both of Oil Springs, 10 Jun 1903 at Oil Springs
#010676-03 (Lambton Co): Wilfred George PEARSE, 28, farmer, Barnstable England, Bosanquet, s/o James Alfred PEARSE & Alice G. COOK, married Fanny Elenor SLOAN, 19, Bosanquet, same, d/o James Henry SLOAN & Emma Ann TOOLE, witn: Neal L. EASTMAN of Bosanquet & Anna Mae BACHELOR of Warwick, 8 April 1903 at lot 28, con S.B., Bosanquet twp 10693-04 Edward J. QUACKINGBUSH, 23, laborer, Petrolia, same, s/o Robert QUACKINGBUSH & Annie GILL, married Olive M. JACKSON, 18, Petrolia, same, d/o Robert JACKSON & Mantia CABLE, witn: Chris ROWLEY & William M. QUACKINGBUSH, both of Petrolia, 23 Dec 1903 at Petrolia
  #010760-03 (Lambton Co): Robert RAWLINGS, 36, oil operator, Plympton twp., Petrolia, s/o John RAWLINGS & Ellen HARLTON, married Margaret Jane SUTCLIFFE, 34, teacher, Enniskillen twp., Forest, d/o Thomas SUTCLIFFE & Ann COWAN, witn: Charles H. RAWLINGS of Petrolia & Evy SUTCLIFFE of Forest, 6 Oct 1903 at Forest
#010752-03 (Lambton Co): Daniel Edward SWANSON, 34, laborer, widower, Arkona, Thedford, s/o Daniel SWANSON & Emily KEMP, married Lizzie DIMMICK, 25, West Flamboro, Bosanquet twp., d/o Jacob DIMMICK & Agnes WILLER (or Wilder), witn: Jacob & Mabel DIMMICK of Bosanquet, 1 July 1903 at Forest #010673-03 (Lambton Co): George THOMPSON, 27, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o George THOMPSON & Elizabeth TUDHOSS (or Tudhope?), married Gertrude Agnes THOMPSON, 21, Scarboro, Bosanquet, d/o Richard & Agnes Wood THOMPSON, witn: George PATTON of Scarboro & Mary THOMPSON of Bosanquet, 14 Feb 1903 at lot 22, con 7, Bosanquet
10596-04 Harry D. THOMPSON, 25, sailor, Oxford England, Wheeler, s/o blank THOMPSON & blank DUFFIELD, married Florence WILLIAMSON, 20, dress maker, Bosanquet, Wheeler, d/o William WILLIAMSON & Elizabeth E. WEST, witn: George SHORTT & Edna WILLIAMSON, both of Enniskillen, 23 Dec 1903 at Enniskillen  
#010679-03 (Lambton Co): Robert Grisgston WADDELL, 33, widower, Tilbury, same, s/o James WADDELL & Sarah Jane LOCKHART, married Alice Jane MELLON, 33, Warwick, Bosanquet, d/o George W. MELLON & Jane HILL, witn: Charles S. & Maud PALMER of London, 4 May 1903 at lot 24, con 1, Bosanquet twp #010753-03 (Lambton Co): Edward WOLFE, 20, farmer, Kettle Pt. Indian Reserve, same, s/o Moses WOLFE & Esther SERAWHEENEE, married Aggie SHAWANOO, 19, Kettle Pt. Indian Reserve, same, d/o Isaac SHAWANOO & Mary LA MAVREA?, witn: Anderson SHAWANOO & Elsie BRESSETTE, both of Kettle pt., 10 June 1903 at Forest
010803-1903 (Lambton Co.) James M. YOUNG, 25, veterinary, Plympton Twp., Oil Springs, s/o John R. YOUNG & Mary JOHNSTON, married Mary Ellen WHITEHEAD, 24, Petrolia, Oil Springs, d/o David WHITEHEAD & Jessie LEE, witn: Mrs M. DOLLERIER? & David WHITEHEAD, both of Oil Springs, 10 Jun 1903 at Oil Springs. #010675-03 (Lambton Co): George Frederick ZAPFE, 25, not given, Bayfield, Stephen, s/o Christian ZAPFE & Mary E. ROWE, married Sarah Ann SMITH, 22, Ontario, Bosanquet, d/o Sam H. SMITH & Agnes PRANGLEY, witn: William Peter ZAPFE & Agnes A.B. SMITH, both of Grand Bend, 25 March 1903 at Grand Bend