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Kent Co., 1901 Marriages

birth place is given before residence


009270-01 (Kent Co) David AIKENS, age not entered, farmer, Dover twp., Chatham twp., s/o David AIKENS & Mary SMITH, married Mary LEWTHWAITE, age not entered, Tilbury twp., Chatham twp., d/o James LEWTHWAITE & Ellen WHALEN, witn: Elizabeth TYRRELL, Sarah LONG, both of Chatham, 23 October 1901 at Chatham

009284-01 (Kent Co) John B. ALGER, 24, marine engineer, London Eng. Chatham, s/o Charles Henry ALGER & Emily N. GREGORY, married Ada MYRES, 23, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Warren MYRES & Bridget BOLAN, witn: William C. McARTHUR, Mrs. William McARTHUR, both of Alborough (Aldborough), 25 December 1901 at Chatham

#009570-01: William ANDERSON, s/o William ANDERSON & Janet PATERSON, married Nellie G. JOHNSON, 28, Wallaceburg, same, d/o Henry E. JOHNSON & Charlotte A. MOTT, witnesses were William James CROTHERS & COOK, both of Wallaceburg, 28-Feb-01 at Wallaceburg

009418-01 (Kent Co) William J. ANDERSON, 27, farmer, Ireland, Orford, s/o Hugh ANDERSON & Anne J. GRAY, married Mary Ann PATTERSON, 20, Canada, Orford, d/o William PATTERSON & Agnes WINSLOW, witn: John MAIN, Windsor, Mary A. GARDINER, Howard twp., 10 April 1901 at Orford twp.

#009365-01 James H. ARMSTRONG, 26, not given, Ontario, Belding Mich., s/o Robert ARMSTRONG & Jane MOONEY, married Nellie GALLOWAY, 26, York Co., Dresden, d/o Joseph GALLOWAY & Ellen RICHARDSON, witn: C.J. GRAY of Petrosky Mich. & Ethel A. GALLOWAY of Detroit, 15 May 1901 at Dresden #009527-01: Andrew ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Kincardine, Romney, s/o ARMSTRONG, Francis William & HARRIAN, Susan, married Leretta Winifred LITTLE, 18, Wallaceburg, Romney, d/o LITTLE, Daniel & STEWART, Hannah, witnesses were Mrs. J.B. & Rose KENNEDY of Tilbury, 06-Mar-01, at Tilbury
#009580-01: Andrew ARNOLD, 27, farmer, Lambton Co, Sombra twp, s/o ARNOLD, Harvey & MURRAY, Maggie, married Annie CARTER, 20, Bruce Co, Sombra twp, d/o CARTER, Thomas & WILSON, Hannah, witnesses were Annie & Nellie LITTLE of Wallaceburg, 17-Sep-01, Wallaceburg #009306-01 Rev. Arthur BAKER, 29, Methodist minister, Lobo, Wilkesport, s/o George BAKER & Fanny WRIGHT, married Margaret Ann HOWE, 31, Hastings Co., Kent CO., d/o Simeon HOWE & Margaret EGERTON, witn: Charles BARBER of London & Lettie Alice HOWE of Sydenham Valley, 30 Sept 1901 at Wallaceburg

009281-01 (Kent Co) William J. BANNING, 21, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o William BANNING & Julia PAYNE, married Ethel LINCHAM, 18, Petrolia, Harwich, d/o William LINCHAM & Matilda BARNARD, witn: Jenny HANDYSIDES, Emma EVERITT, both of Chatham, 17 December 1901 at Chatham

009264-01 (Kent Co) Isaac Cleeland BAXTER, 53, gas engineer, widower, Belfast, Detroit, s/o James BAXTER & Elizabeth CLEELAND, married Lilian Helena FOLINSBEE, 34, Canada, Detroit, d/o John FOLINSBEE & Mary Ann PARK, witn: M.M. BARFOOT, S.M. HANNON, both of Chatham, 22 August 1901 at Chatham
#009540-01: Gaspard BEAUSEJOUR, 26, laborer, Stoney Point, Tilbury, s/o BEAUSEJOUR, Francis & GARAND, Odile, married Fannie CROW, 18, Tilbury East, Tilbury, adopted daughter of RICHER, Gabriela Ellen, witnesses were Ed BEAUSEJOUR of Tilbury & Ellen REAUME of Tilbury North, 22-Jul-01, St. Francis church, Tilbury #009318-01 Medore BECHARD, 19, farmer's son, Dover, same, s/o Julien BECHARD & Julie ROY, married Eva LAUZON, 16, Dover, same, d/o Francois LAUZON & Catherine JACQUES, witn: Joseph LAUZON & Louise BUBARD?, both of Dover, 5 Feb 1901 at Pain Court, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009356-01 Joseph BECHARD, 29, sailor, Dover, same, s/o Alexis BECHARD & Adele FAUBERT, married Helena BASHAUD?, 29, Dover, same, d/o Jules BASHAUD & Archange LAD--?, witn: Alexis BECHARD & Louise LUCIER, both of Dover, 29 Nov 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) #009339-01 Wilfred BECHARD, 22, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Marcel BECHARD & Angele FAUBERT, married Josephine CARON, 18, Dover, same, do Frederic CARON, farmer, & Elmire FAUBERT, witn: Fred FAUBERT of Chatham & Annie FAUBERT of Dover, 12 Nov 1901 at Dover South (Rom Cath)

009405-01 (Kent Co) Louis BENTLEY, 31, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Ira BENTLEY & Matilda surname not entered, married Matilda LANE, 39, Howard, Howard, d/o George J. LANE & Francis Maria surname not entered, witn: Mrs. Kate SOFTLY, Rosa KITCHEN, both of Morpeth, 18 September 1901 at Morpeth

#009591-01: Clarke BEST, 29, laborer, Prescott, Wallaceburg, s/o BEST, William & EDWARDS, Jane, married Mabel WORKMAN, 25, Sombra twp, same, d/o WORKMAN, John & GRISDALE, Patricia, witnesses were Bella CROWE & J.P. DUNLOP both of Wallaceburg, 02-Dec-01, at Wallaceburg #009363-01 Harry BISHOP, 35, widower, engineer, England, Dresden, s/o Charles BISHOP & Sarah BLYTHE, married Martha KERBY, 31, widow, Dresden, same, d/o William TURNER & Mary HASLIP, witn: William & Celia BEAR of Dresden, 30 April 1901 at Dresden
#009347-01 Hormandis BLOIS, 25, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Philippe BLOIS & Philomene RANDLE, married Rosie BOURDEAU, 30, Dover, same, d/o John B. BOURDEAU & Marie LETOURNEAU, witn: William BOURDEAU & Emma BENOIT, both of Dover, 14 Oct 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) 009221-02 (Kent Co): James BONNER, 30, laborer, Toronto, Blenheim, s/o William BONNER & Susan TAYLOR, married Margaret McINTYRE, 18, Aldborough, Blenheim, d/o Angus McINTYRE & Margaret SHIELDS, witn: James B. & Annie E. MERCHANT of Kingston, 29 July 1901 at Blenheim
#009563-01: Adam Orton BOOK, 29, farmer, Ancaster, Tilbury East, s/o BOOK, Horatio & HERMAN, Martha, married Tylina MALOTT, 25, Tilbury East, same, d/o MALOTT, Alvin & CARRAN, Jane, witnesses were Thomas BOOK & Sophia REAN, both of Tilbury East, 04-Sep-01, at Tilbury East  
#009516-01: James Hugh BORLAND, 36, clergyman, Peterborough, Collingwood, s/o BORLAND, James Hugh & GIFFEN, Mary, married Mary MACFARLAN, 33, Thamesville, same, d/o MACFARLAN, Daniel & FERGUSON, Catherine, witnesses were Edythe  de L--? & Samuel STEWART (M.D.), both of Thamesville, 30-Apr-01, at Thamesville

009446-01 (Kent Co) Gordon S. BORROWMAN, 26, druggist, Chatham, Amherstburg, s/o Gordon BORROWMAN & Emily SMITH, married Maggie M. HICKEY, 26, Merlin, Merlin, d/o William HICKEY & Mary DILLON, witn: Joseph HICKEY, Merlin, Etta BARRY, Fletcher, 26 November 1901 at Raleigh twp.

#09331-01 Alfred BOURDEAU, 23, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Toussant BOURDEAU & Rosanne CLINTON, married Josephine NORMANDIN, 21, Dover, same, d/o Appolinaire, farmer, & Josephine, witn: William BOURDEAU & Rose Ann NORMANDIN, both of Dover, 1 July 1901 at Dover South (Rom Cath)

009376-01 (Kent Co) Thomas BRAXTON, 38, barber, Dresden Ont., Marquette U.S.A., s/o Essex BRAXTON & Mary Grace WARREN, married Vivia E.M. SMITH, 22, Dresden Ont., Marquette U.S.A., d/o Solomon SMITH & Mary M. BRADLEY, witn: Stephen G. SMITH, Bernice STONE, both of Dresden, 18 September 1901 at Dresden

009392-01 (Kent Co) Charles Clark BROWN, 44, farmer, Wayne Co. Mich., Howard twp., s/o Jonathan BROWN & Mary FERGUSON, married Mary Louisa ROBERTSON, 34, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Peter ROBERTSON & Melissa MARSHALL, witn: Abram HUFF, Isabella HUFF, both of Dover Centre, 16 October 1901 at Harwich twp.

009292-01 (Kent Co) Thomas G. BROWNING, 21, farmer, Sombra twp., Sombra twp., s/o Thomas BROWNING & Agnes POCHRANE (Cochrane?), married Elizabeth E. ROBINSON, 21, Chatham, Chatham twp., d/o James ROBINSON & Ann HAMILTON, witn: John BROWNING, Matilda DEYS, residences not entered, date & place not given on return card [reg. on 2 May 1901]
#009532-01: Osias BRUNETTE, wid, 43, farmer, St.Cle? Quebec, Essexville Mich, s/o BRUNETTE, Orlase & LALONDE, Elinore?, married Susanne BROUSSEAU, 38, Tilbury East, same d/o BROUSSEAU, Peter & LANORSE?, Flavie, witnesses were Julien BOINDEAU of Tilbury & Peter BROUSSEAU of Tilbury East, 08-May-01, at St. Francis Church, Tilbury #009222-02 (Kent Co): James BUCK, 25, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Sabina? BUCK & Maria CLAUS, married Annie Maria McGEE, 25, Harwich, same, d/o James McGEE & Agnes JOHNSON, witn: Wynett & Mrs. Wynett KNIGHT of Blenheim, 27 Nov 1901 at Blenheim

009412-01 (Kent Co) Thomas James BULLER, 29, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Thomas BULLER & Nancy CAMPBELL, married Maggie JOHNSON, 21, Howard, Howard, d/o Angus JOHNSON & Ellen BALMER, witn: Angus JOHNSON, Selton, Lizzie BULLER, Ridgetown, 25 December 1901 at Howard twp

#009592-01 (Kent Co): Francis BULLY, 22, glass blower, Wallaceburg, same, s/o William BULLY & Catherine BURKA, married Amanda HIBBERT, 18, Mt. Clemens, same, d/o John HIBBERT & Ellen TUCKEY, witn: Allan McDONALD & Kate HADEN, both of Wallaceburg, 14 April 1901 at Wallaceburg (Rom Cath)

009410-01 (Kent Co) Andrew BURGESS, age not entered, butcher, Brussels, Manitoba, s/o Samuel BURGESS & Micholas MURPHY, married Bessie WILSON, age not entered, Howard, Howard, d/o Edward WILSON & Debra LAMBERT, witn: Virgil SPRINGSTEEN, Howard, Emily BURDETTE, Ridgetown, 21 November 1901 at Howard twp.

#009576-01: Fred BURTON, 27, S.A. officer, Cookstown, Wallaceburg, s/o Thomas BURTON & Ellen HOUGHTON, married Flossie M. SMITH, 23, Ingersoll, Wallaceburg, d/o Courtland SMITH & Mary DUBY, witn: were Edward THOMPSON of Wallaceburg & Jane COE of Dresden, 24-Jun-01, at Wallaceburg
#009513-01: Henry BURWELL, 30, laborer, England, Ridgetown, s/o BURWELL, Thomas & CHAMBERLAIN, Ann, married Ella M. SMITH, 18, Highgate, Ridgetown, d/o SMITH, John & HEWITT, Ellen C., witnesses were Louise TUCK & Mrs. G.J. KERR, both of Thamesville, 25-May-01, at Thamesville #009332-01 Joseph CADETTE, 31, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Joseph CADETTE & Marie Ann GESNEL, married Louise BECHARD, 17, Dover, same, d/o Theodore BECHARD, farmer, & Louise RENETEAU, witn: John CADETTE & Regina BECHARD, both of Dover, 13 Aug 1901 at Dover South
009288-01 (Kent Co) George James CARLEY, 24, laborer, England, Dresden, s/o James CARLEY & not entered, married Mary Ellen BURMAN, 19, Bosanquet, Chatham twp., d/o George BURMAN & Mary Jane HAMPTON, witn: John SMALL, Dresden, Mary BURLEIGH, Wallaceburg, 30 January 1901 at Chatham twp

#009364-01 James CARR, 37, farmer, Wardsville, Dawn twp., s/o William CARR & Jane HENDERSON, married Anna B. MAGUIRE, 18, Dawn twp., same, d/o Thomas & Jennie, witn: Tillie TRUEMAN of Dresden & George CARR of Dawn twp, 1 May 1901 at Dresden

009373-01 (Kent Co) Robert CARROLL, 22, carpenter, Dresden Ont., Detroit U.S.A., s/o David CARROLL & Susan SCARTH, married Annie LIBERTY, 18, Camden Ont., Detroit U.S.A., d/o George LIBERTY & Maria BREWER, witn: Lottie YORSTON, Viola CRAMER, both of Dresden, 19 July 1901 at Dresden

#009349-01 Frank CARTIER, 24, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Louis CARTIER & Miranna? DESBUE, married Vitarie TETREAULT, 19, Dover, same, d/o Jules TETREAULT, farmer, & Catherine REAUME, witn: Napolean EMERY & Philomene CARTIER, both of Dover, 29 Oct 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009352-01 Joseph CARTIER, 23, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Louis CARTIER & Miranna DESBUE, married Ida LAUZON, 18, Dover, same, d/o James LAUZON & Suzanna FORTIER, witn: Auguste CARTIER & Evilene GIFFORD (or Grifford), both of Dover, 19 Nov 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) #009578-01: Thomas S. CARTWRIGHT, 24, farmer, Dover twp, same, s/o CARTWRIGHT, John & ASHER,Mary J., married Edith M. JACKSON, 17, Dover twp, same, d/o JACKSON, John & FOSTER, Julia, witnesses were Harriet J. SMITH of Wallaceburg & Clara CARTWRIGHT of Dover twp, 07-Aug-01, at Wallaceburg

009271-01 (Kent Co) John Vincent CATTON, 21, farmer, England, Chatham twp., s/o John CATTON & Sarah A. BROWNRIDGE, married Lillie SIDDELL, 19, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Isaac SIDDELL & Agnes PEATS, witn: Harriett ANDREW, Mrs. J.J. ROSS, both of Chatham, 23 October 1901 at Chatham

#009515-01: William Gillharie CHALCRAFT, 25, laborer, Wabash, same, s/o CHALCRAFT, Richard & ROSS, Rosa, marrier Polly DELINE, 19, Wabash, same, d/o DELUIS, John & KENDLE, Bertha, 10-Jun-01, at Thamesville
#009304-01 Charles CHAMBERLAIN, 26, painter, England, Detroit, s/o John CHAMBERLAIN & Mary CHETWYORD, married Annie J. RENNICK (or Remrick), 26, Perth Co., Detroit, d/o John RENNICK & Jane GARBUTT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John A. MERRITT of Louisville, 7 Sept 1901 at Louisville #009320-01 William CHARTRAND, 59, widower, farmer, Dover, same, s/o not given, married Marie DEMERS, 57, widow, Dover, same, d/o not given, witn: Joseph & Marie BELANGER of Chatham, 15 April 1901 at Pain Court, Dover (Rom Cath)

009407-01 (Kent Co) George P. COCKBURN, 29, lumber merchant, Gravenhurst, Sturgeon Falls., s/o J.D. COCKBURN & Catherine McDONALD, married Margaret Elizabeth SCOTT, 25, Palmyra, Palmyra, d/o Henry SCOTT & Yasti TEETZEL, witn: W.N. COCKBURN, Sturgeon Falls, Vashti SCOTT, Palmyra, 22 August 1901 at Howard twp.

#009586-01: Frank CONLIFFE, 21, glass blower, Dresden, Wallaceburg, s/o CONLIFFE, William & McCLENON, Minnie, married Minnie L. BRISTOL, 20, Cleveland Ohio, Wallaceburg, d/o BRISTOL, Louis & ROSS, Elizabeth, witnesses were Almer CONLIFFE & May WELLS, both of Wallaceburg, 08-Nov-01, at Wallaceburg #009582-01: Robert H.A. CONN, 27, a--aler, Longwood, same, s/o CONN, James & CHILDS, Ann, married Lella LITTLETON, 20, Wallaceburg, same, d/o LITTLETON, John & PURDY, Mary, witnesses were W.A. TAYLOR & Nellie CHRISTIAN, both of Wallaceburg, 23-Oct-01, at Wallaceburg
#009337-01 Herbert E. CONNOR, 26, farmer, Belville, Chatham, s/o John CONNOR & Mary Ann SIMONS, married Annie E. RANKIN, 22, Dover, same, d/o James RANKIN, farmer, & Agnes JACKSON, witn: William E. DAWSON of Chatham & Mary L. RANKIN of Dover, 18 Sept 1901 at Dover

009449-01 (Kent Co) Henry COOPER, 23, farmer, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o Henry COOPER & Ellen SMITH, married Annie May GRAHAM, 18, Camden, Raleigh, d/o John GRAHAM & Nancy RIDLEY, witn: Bert COOPER, Fletcher, Maud FLEMING, Merlin, 18 December 1901 at Raleigh twp.


009420-01 (Kent Co) Charles Taylor COOTES, 28, commercial traveller, Bowmanville, Toronto, s/o Robert COOTES & Mary A. TAYLOR, married Elicie Kathleen MASON, 26, Highgate, Camden twp., d/o John MASON & Frances LEE, witn: Robert KERR, Muirkirk, Miss F.S. MASON, Duart, 27 June 1901 at Muirkirk

#009506-01: Roy Milton CORNELL, 26, laborer, Camden, same, s/o CORNELL, Miles & HUSTON, Margaret, married Attanta? McKIRLEY?, 21, Camden, same, d/o McKIRLEY, John & McINTYRE, Janette, witnesses were Mrs. W. OFESY & Mrs. G.J. KERR, 28-Jan-01, at Thamesville #009305-01 Fred CORNELL, 24, clerk, Montreal, same, s/o Maney CORNELL & Margaret ANDERSON, married Carrie Eliz. JACKSON, 25, not given, Chatham, d/o Moses JACKSON & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Ernest CORNELL of Montreal & Louisa JACKSON of Chatham twp., 11 Sept 1901 at Chatham

009409-01 (Kent Co) Charles A. CRAIG, 39, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Gown? CRAIG & Jane SCOTT, married Maria Ann TRUDGEON, 34, Waterdown, Howard, d/o John T. TRUDGEON & Mary Ann ALLEN, witn: William A. TRUDGEON, A. Gertrude TRUDGEON, both of Howard, 2 October 1901 at Howard twp

#009312-01 George CRAWFORD, 43, farmer, not given, Dover twp., s/o Dougald CRAWFORD & Catherine McLELLAN, married Mary Lavina LANGSTAFF, 26, not given, Chatham twp., d/o James LANGSTAFF & Emma JENNER, witn: Alfred LANGSTAFF of Wallaceburg & C.E. PETERKIN of Mitchells Bay, 4 Dec 1901 at Chatham twp
#009511-01: James CROTTY, 40, gentleman, Thamesville, Bothwell, s/o CROTTY, John & HOWARD, Madge, married Mary TERRY, 42, "Lady", Zone, Thamesville, d/o TERRY, Thomas & McNEIL, Annie, witnesses were John & Annie McNEIL of Bothwell, 15-Apr-01, at Thamesville #009346-01 Joseph CROWEN, 20, laborer, Dover, same, s/o John CROWE & Zoe CARTIER, married Lucie DESBUE, 19, Dover, same, d/o Paul DESBUE, farmer, & Monique BOUCHER, witn: August CARTIER & Mary LUSIER, both of Dover, 8 Oct 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009575-01: Richard CUPPLES, 29, engineer, Tecumseh USA, Wallaceburg, s/o CUPPLES, Robert & LINTON, Isabella, married Kathleen HAYES, 19, Courtright, Wallaceburg, d/o HAYES, William & ELLIS, Lucinda, witnesses were W. CAMPBELL and William HAYES, both of Wallaceburg, 14-Jun-01 at Wallaceburg #009307-01 Sam William CURTIS, 35, farmer, Ireland, Chatham twp., s/o Richard CURTIS & Rebecca KOBLE (or Kable), married Catherine Jeanette ESTEY, 38, Lynn Mass. USA, Sombra twp., d/o Daniel ESTY (sic) & Isabell RUSSELL, witn: William & Minnie McCREARY of Wallaceburg, 6 Nov 1901 at Chatham twp
#009529-01: Clifford Andrew DALY, 22, farmer, Chatham twp, same, s/o DALY, William and SAGANT?, Margaret, married Jennie SMITH, 22, Chatham twp, same, d/o SMITH, Simeon & STEWART, Eliza, witnesses were Sarah BRAY of Wroxeter & Rose KENNEDY of Tilbury, 20-Mar-01, at Tilbury #009533-01: Arthur DAMPHOUSSE, 20, farmer, Tilbury North, same, s/o DAMPHOUSSE, Augustin & CHRETIEN, Louise, married Marie LARCHE, 18, Tilbury, sae, d/o LARCHE, Olivier & ROY, Seraphine, witnesses were Ernest DAMPHOUSSE & Lena BLA-?, both of Tilbury North, 14-May-01, St. Francis church, Tilbury
9599-01 (Kent Co): Abram DANCEY, 70, widower, farmer, England, Zone, s/o Abram DANCEY & Mildred MILES, married Mary Ann DAVIS, 41, England, Zone, d/o John H. DAVIS & Mary Ann BADRICK, witn: Thomas & Mrs. T. McALPINE of Zone, 18 March 1901 at Zone twp  

009394-01 (Kent Co) George DAVISON, 33, farmer, Harwich, Raleigh twp., s/o Alfred DAVISON & Marg (or Mary) LINDRIDGE, married Catherine WALKER, 33, Harwich, Harwich twp., d/o Hector WALKER & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Frank WILKIE, Harwich, A.J. CAMPBELL, Blenheim, 27 March 1901 at Harwich twp.

9427-01 (Kent Co): Richard J. DAY, 26, farmer, Orford, Howard twp., s/o William DAY & Jane Ann WRIGHT, married Mary Catherine FORD, 22, Orford, same, d/o Neil FORD & Mary McLARTY, witn: George N. FORD of Duart & Aggie HAVENS of Aldborough, 25 Dec 1901 at Orford
#009341-01 John DEMERS, 23, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Napolean DEMERS & Vilarie VESISVA?, married Helene LAUZON, 18, Dover, same, d/o John LAUZON, farmer, & Emelie TETREAULT, witn: Gilbert & Josephine DEMERS of Dover, 15 Sept 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) 9319-01 William DEMERS, 20, farmer, Dover, same, s/o John B. DEMERS & Marie RAYMOND, married Elizabeth PAQUETTE, 17, house keeper, Marine City Mich., Dover, d/o Edward PAQUETTE & Anna CHARTRAND, witn: George DEMERS of Dover & Emma PAQUETTE of Marine City Mich., 15 April 1901 at Pain Court, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009333-01 Robert George DEWAR, 35, game keeper, Toronto, St.Ann’s Island, s/o Henry DEWAR & Elizabeth PARKINSON, married Rebecca Helen PETERKIN, 24, Dover, same, d/o Alexander PETERKIN, farmer, & Catherine CRAWFORD, witn: Wesley STEIN & Sarah A. PETERKIN, both of Dover, 21 Aug 1901 at Dover #009504-01: Edward DICKSON, 33, blacksmith, Zone, Thamesville, s/o DICKSON, John & SINCLAIR, Mary, married Mary Ellen HARDY, 30, Caradoc, Thamesville, d/o HARDY, Abraham & BLACK, Eliza Jane, witnesses were George & Ida Bell HARDY of Thamesville, 01-Jan-01, at Thamesville
009380-01 (Kent Co) John Oscar DIXON, 31, farmer, Windham Ont., Dawn twp. Ont., s/o John William DIXON & Reste Ann BLANODELL, married Honor Edith BABCOCK, 20, Dawn twp. Ont., Dawn twp. Ont., d/o Benjamin BABCOCK & Marian SMITH, witn: Richard Henry HOOPER, Grace BABCOCK, both of Dawn twp., 13 November 1901 at Dresden

009439-01 (Kent Co) Arthur J. DRIVER, 33, farmer, Ontario, Harwich, s/o Sam DRIVER & Ann BROADBENT, married Emma A. RYCKMAN, 19, Ontario, Harwich, d/o Gilbert RYCKMAN & Emma HARTFORD, witn: H.A. THOMPSON, Charing Cross, S.A. MAHAM, Mount Bridges, 21 August 1901 at Charing Cross

#009353-01 John DUCIDRE, 37, laborer, Dover, same, s/o John DUCIDRE & Agnes LAUZON, married Marie Louise BOURGEOIS, 17, Dover, same, d/o Joseph BOURGEOIS, farmer, & Louise PRUDHOMME?, witn: Frank LAUZON & Angelique EMERY, both of Dover, 24 Nov 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) #009338-01 Jeremie DUCIDRE, 21, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Antoine DUCIDRE & Delia COUTEAU, married Delia MARTIN, 18, Dover, same, d/o Paul MARTIN, farmer, & Adelaide FAUBERT, witn: Joseph BERNIER & Julie MARTIN, both of Dover, 29 Oct 1901 at Dover South (Rom Cath)
#009357-01 William DUNLOP, 30, farmer, Dover, same, s/o John DUNLOP & Louisa OWEN, married Olia Bell CLACKETT, 19, England, Dover, d/o Charles CLACKETT, farmer, & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Richard BROOKS & May HIND, both of Dover, 19 Dec 1901 at Dover

009435-01 (Kent Co) Wade Luke DUNLOP, 27, farmer, Dover, Dover twp., s/o John DUNLOP & Louise OWEN, married Florence Edith JENNER, 23, Tilbury, Raleigh, d/o William H. JENNER & Susan WOOD, witn: Leroy JENNER, Ida L. BUMP, both of Raleigh, 27 February 1901 at Raleigh twp.

#009348-01 Zephir EMERY, 23, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Francois L. EMERY & Rosalie TETREAULT, married Emma CHARRON, 20, Dover, same, d/o Theodore CHARRON, farmer, & Philia? HEBERT, witn: Francois L. EMERY & Theodore CHARRON, both of Dover, 22 Oct 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) #009345-01 Alexander EMERY, 32, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Charles A. EMERY & Henriette DU--?, married Sophia BENOIT, 28, Dover, same, d/o Antoine BENOIT, farmer, & Marie PLANTIER, witn: Frank EMERY & Ida BENOIT, both of Dover, 8 Oct 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)
  #009505-01: William Sherman EVERETT, 27, book keeper, Howard, Detroit Mich, s/o EVERETT, William & LANGFORD, Matilda, married Malissa Pearl SECORD, 22, Howard, Thamesville, d/o SECORD, George & SHANKER?, Agnes, witnesses were Maud SCHOOLY & David E. KENNEDY, both of Thamesville, 01-Jan-01, at Thamesville
#009585-01: Norman FENNACY, 26, laborer, Ridgetown, not given, s/o FENNACY, William & THOON, Mary, married Celia BROWN, 20, Wallaceburg, not given, d/o BROWN, John & PICKENS, Annie, witnesses were David HILL & Annie NICHOL, both of Wallaceburg, 07-Nov-01, at Wallaceburg 9386-01 (Kent Co): John FERRIS, 28, agent, Brant Co., Hamilton, s/o James FERRIS & Fannie PHILLIPS, married Hattie WALROTH, 25, Harwich, same, d/o John WALROTH & Maria WOODCOCK, witn: John & Mrs. McAGY? of Harwich, 3 April 1901 at Harwich
#009526-01: James Wellington FIELDS, wid, 45, blacksmith, Harwich, Tilbury North, s/o FIELDS, Nathan & ROBLIN, Jane, married Louisa Jane WELLINGTON, 18 Tilbury East, Tilbury, d/o WELLINGTON, Richard & HAWKINS, Martha, witness was Rose KENNEDY of Tilbury, 04-Feb-01 at Tilbury

009441-01 (Kent Co) Alfred A. FINLAY, 29, book keeper, Ireland, Pittsburgh U.S., s/o John FINDLAY & Mary THOMPSON, married Sarah Jane HOUSTON, 25, Ireland, Merlin, d/o Richard HOUSTON & Eleanor HAMON (Hannon?), witn: Alex RANKIN, Pittsburgh, Rena MASON, Merlin, 9 October 1901 at Merlin

009390-01 (Kent Co) Albert L. FLETCHER, 32, laundryman, Blenheim, Blenheim, s/o James A. FLETCHER & Jean LAURIE, married Josephine H. McRITCHIE, 28, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Alex. A. McRITCHIE & Annie BUSCHELL, witn: G.F. JOHNSON, Effie FLETCHER, both of Blenheim, 5 June 1901 at Harwich twp. #009577-01: Peter FORBES, 25, grocer, Scotland, Wallaceburg, s/o FORBES, Alexander & MUIRDEN, Elizabeth, married Della COLLINGS, 21, Wallaceburg, same, d/o COLLINGS, Samuel & HARVEY, Harriett, witnesses were Harry FORBES & Grace COLLINGS, both of Wallaceburg, 19-Jun-01, at Wallaceburg
9426-01 (Kent Co): Harry FORDHAM, 25, farmer, Yorkshire England, Orford, s/o Henry FORDHAM & unknown, married Christina MAJOR, 21, Howard twp., Orford, d/o William MAJOR & Margaret HEMPTON, witn: George MILLS of Duart & Chistianne M. DOLLAR of London England, 30 Oct 1901 at Orford #009313-01 Enoch L. FOSTER, 26, farmer, not given, Dover twp., s/o George & Annie, married Janet GRAY, 19, not given, Chatham twp., d/o Thomas & Janet, witn: Harry BLACKBURN & Charlotte GRAY, both of Chatham twp., 25 Dec 1901 at Chatham twp
9329-01 (Kent Co): David G. FRYER, 26, farmer, Dover, same, s/o David FRYER & Mary BROWN, married Dolly WALKER, 28, Scotland, Dover, d/o James WALKER & Jane FORBES, witn: David BROWN & Etta McKENZIE, both of Dover, 5 June 1901 at Dover #009596-01 Albert J. FULTON, 30, farmer, Mandaumin?, Rutherford, s/o Alex FULTON & Amanda HERRINGTON, married Annie M. GIBB, 24, Wallaceburg, same, d/o John N. GIBB & Jane HERRON, witn: N.E. GIBB of Wallaceburg & Kate WILCOX of Thamesville, 18 Dec 1901 at Wallaceburg
9401-01 (Kent Co): Robert GALBRAITH, 29, farmer, Howard, same, s/o J. GALBRAITH & M. MAIR (or Maw), married Maggie WINTERS, 26, Howard, same, d/o J. WINTERS & E. ROBERTSON, witn: L. GALBRAITH & Mary WINTERS, both of Howard, 17 April 1901 at Howard #009334-01 Theodore GERVAIS, 24, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Stanilas GERVAIS, farmer, & Marie PELTIER, married Elsie JUBINVILLE, 18, Dover, same, d/o William JUBINVILLE, farmer, & Agnes DALY, witn: James OUELLETTE & Louisa GERVAIS, both of Dover (Rom Cath)
009448-01 (Kent Co) James GILL, 36, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Thomas GILL & Mary BLACKMORE, married Barbara McPHERSON, 35, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o John McPHERSON & Susan EMERY, witn: Cyrenus McPHERSON, Margaret McISAAC, both of Raleigh, 14 November 1901 at Raleigh twp

009416-01 (Kent Co) William GOODBRAND, 37, farmer, Wentworth Ont., Orford twp., s/o John GOODBRAND & Jane GIBSON, married Winifred Jane NEWMAN, 27, Orford, Orford, d/o George NEWMAN & Lorinda MOORHOUSE, witn: Carl J. GEORGE, Palmyra, Mina J. GEORGE, Highgate, 27 March 1901 at Palmyra

#009360-01 John GRAHAM, 60, farmer, Peterborough Ont., Camden twp., s/o John GRAHAM & Isabel McKENZIE, married Sarah HALAGAN, 53, widow, Lansdowne Ont., Brooken? Mich., d/o Robert TURKER & Sarah CLARK, witn: Tillie TRUEMNER & Mary LINDSAY, both of Dresden, 19 Feb 1901 at Dresden

009280-01 (Kent Co) Herbert R. GRANT, 45, bricklayer, Illinois, not entered, s/o Allan (surname not entered) & Delia WINCHEL, married Sara VANALDSTINE, 22, Barrie, not entered, d/o Simon (surname not entered) & Mary Jane WEBB, witn: Jenny HANDYSIDES, Emma EVERITT, both of Chatham, 9 December 1901 at Chatham

009419-01 (Kent Co) Jay Thomas HADLEY, 30, journalist, Gilead Mich., Detroit Mich., s/o Frank E. HADLEY & Mary M. FOSTER, married Mary Isabel DIMOND (Dumond?), 28, Madoc Ont., Muirkirk Ont., d/o Sanford DUMOND & Catherine GRAVES, witn: J.B. McKELLAR, Howard twp., Grace DIMOND, Muirkirk, 26 June 1901 at Orford twp.

009404-01 (Kent Co) Cecil Thomas Owen HALL, 31, farmer, Cambridge Eng., Morpeth, s/o Daniel George HALL & not entered, married Maggie Arabella BURY, 24, not entered, Morpeth, d/o Edward BURY & not entered, witn: John A. ARMSTRONG, Mary Josephine BURY, Morpeth, 7 August 1901 at Morpeth

009546-01: George W. HANDS, 25, IOOF traveller, Tilbury, Merlin, s/o HANDS, John & SMITH, S.B., married Edith May HENDERSON, 24, Tilbury, Tilbury North, d/o HENDERSON, David & AINSLEY, Annie, witneses were D. DOYLE of Essex Center & Maud HENDERSON of Tilbury North, 15-Oct-01, at Tilbury North #009545-01: William Henry HARRIS, 24, farmer, Euphemia twp, Zone twp, s/o HARRIS, John & JONES, Mary, married Mary Eunice BAGLEY, 20, Zone twp, Tilbury East, d/o BAGLEY, John & RANIE?, Ellen, witnesses were Burton HARRIS of Euphemia twp & Mary Ellen HARRIS of Dawn twp, 16-Oct-01, at Tilbury
9399-01 (Kent Co): Frank M. HARRIS, 40, mechanic, Michigan, Eastport Mich., s/o T.G. HARRIS & E.A. BIGELOW, married Elizabeth M. CRAWFORD, 39, Howard, same, d/o John CRAWFORD & Mary DAVISON, witn: R.W. GLADSTONE of Howard & Margaret CRAWFORD of Chatham, 1 Jan 1901 at Howard #009573-01: Samuel A. HAYWARD, 33, laborer, Michigan, Wallaceburg, s/o HAYWARD, Addison & SHERWOOD, Catherine, married Hannah BEST, 32, Ottawa, Wallaceburg, d/o BEST, William & EDWARDS, Jane, witnesses were Susie COOK & Nettie LITTLE, both of Wallaceburg, 22-May-01, at Wallaceburg
#009597-01 John HENDERSHOT, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o James HENDERSHOT & Rachel WOODROW, married Mary E. JOHNSON, 19, Chatham twp., same, d/o Nedrick JOHNSON & Hester BABCOCK, witn: A.B. JOHNSON of Chatham twp & Lillie PARRISH of Baldoon, 25 Dec 1901 at Wallaceburg #009537-01: Jay P. HIGGINS, 31, farmer, Michigan state, Tilbury West, s/o HIGGINS, T.T. & RATHBURN, Caroline, married Mabel PALMER, 19, Tilbury West, same, d/o PALMER, Samuel & WILEY, Margaret, witnesses were William PALMER of Comber & Edith JACKSON of Comber, 03-Jul-01, at Tilbury
9428-01 (Kent Co): Daniel C. HILL, 20, laborer, not given, Moraniantown, s/o Jonathan HILL & Rebecca STONEFISH, married Edna C. TIMOTHY, 19, not given, Moraniantown, d/o Nelles TIMOTHY & Betsy DOLSON, witn: C.M. STONEFISH & Herbert T. RIGHTS, 26 Sept 1901 at Moranian Indian Reserve #009536-01: Alfred HILLMAN, 21, farmer, Tilbury North, Tilbury West, s/o HILLMAN, George & HARRIS, Mary Jane, married Maud STYLES, 18, Lambton Co, Tilbury East, d/o STYLES, Fredeick & WARWICK, Maud, witnesses were Albert A. HILLMAN & Sadie WARWICK, both of Tilbury North, 24-Jun-01, at Tilbury

009291-01 (Kent Co) Shem HINDS, 33 or 38, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Arva HINDS & Miss. SNELL, married Anne Jane PHERRILL, 26, Scarboro, Chatham twp., d/o Russell PHERRILL & Miss FISHER, witn: Stewart PHERRILL, Chatham twp., Charlotte HINDS, Dover twp., 17 April 1901 at Chatham twp

#009475-01 (Kent Co): William James HOLMES, 21, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Charles HOLMES & Annie CARTER, married Viola BURK, 19, Harwich, same, d/o Log--? BURK & Adell MOORE, witn: George C. HOLMES of Blenheim & Louisa BOOK of Silverdale, 25 Dec 1901 at Harwich
#009308-01 John William HOLMES, 30, farmer, Nova Scotia, Chatham twp., s/o William HOLMES & Josie HIGGS, married Jessie May BLACKBURN, 30, Chatham twp., same, d/o Abraham BLACKBURN & Mary MERRITT, witn: Harry BLACKBURN & Charlotte GRAY, both of Chatham twp., 14 Nov 1901 at Louisville 9385-01 (Kent Co): Michael HOUSTON, 29, Harwich, same, s/o Duncan HOUSTON & Catherine FERGUSON, married Sarah A. MCKINLEY, 26, Harwich, same, d/o John R. McKINLAY & Isabella CAMPBELL, witn: M. McKINLAY & Christina HOUSTON, both of Harwich, 3 April 1901 at Harwich twp
#009598-01 Charles HOWSON, 21, farmer, Seneca, Sombra twp., s/o Neil HOWSON & Feby TUCK, married Maud M. BURR, 19, Courtwright, Sombra twp., d/o John BURR & Sarah FOSTER, witn: P.E. & L.M. BAKER of Wallaceburg, 30 Dec 1901 at Wallaceburg  

009371-01 (Kent Co) Harry HOYLES, 22, farmer, England, Chatham twp. Ont., s/o George HOYLES & Emma FARNTON, married Susan SCHEMAHORN, 20, Arthur twp. Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o George SCHEMAHORN & Elizabeth ADAIR, witn: Walter HAZLETT, Mabel HAZLETT, both of Camden twp. Ont., 13 July 1901 at Dresden

#009517-01: Alexander HUFF, wid, 27, farmer, Moraviatown, same, s/o HUFF, John & JACOBS, Margaret, married Mary DOLSON, 20, Moraviatown, same, d/o DOLSON, Eli & SIMON?, Sarah Jane, witnesses were Jones DOLSON & Mrs. Jas DOLSON, both of Moraviatown, 03-Jul-01, at Thamesville
#009359-01 Joseph Nathan HUGHSON, 32, farmer, Raleigh twp., Camden twp., s/o Isaac & Ann, married Margaret WEST, 28, Thamesville, Camden twp., d/o George WEST & Louise BOOSEY, witn: Nellie & Ellen GALLOWAY of Dresden, 7 Jan 1901 at Dresden #009309-01 Matthew L. HUMPHREY, 30, farmer, Townsend, Bradshaw, s/o Lawrence & Catherine, married Annie KNIGHT, 25, Campden, Dawn Valley, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Christopher DRADER & Mary THOMPSON, both of Bradshaw, 30 Oct 1901 at Free Methodist parsonage, Chatham twp

009438-01 (Kent Co) Charles B. JENKINS, 22, tailor, Detroit, Detroit, s/o James JENKINS & Annie POWELL, married Annie TAYLOR, 23, Orford, Chatham, d/o William TAYLOR & Catherine YOTT, witn: William SEWELL, Chatham, Mary A. SHAW, Detroit, 24 June 1901 at Charing Cross

#009590-01: Raymond M. JOHNSON, 28, farmer, Chatham twp, Sombra twp, s/o JOHNSON, William & MICKLE, Mary, married Annie BOWLES, 25, Sombra twp, same, d/o BOWLES, John & JOHNSON, Eliza, witnesses were William BOWLES of Becker & Clara BOOTHMAN of Whitehead, 26-Nov-01, at Wallaceburg #009311-01 William John JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., Tupperville, s/o Hugh JOHNSTON & Marjorie WATSON, married Eva Mary HAGGERTY, 21, Chatham twp., Tupperville, d/o John HAGGERTY & Jennie WILLIAMS, witn: John A. McGREGOR of Murnsey? & Laura WILLIAMS of Christina, 30 Oct 1901 at Chatham twp
#009299-01 Solon JOHNSTON, 32, farmer, Dawn twp., same, s/o Thomas JOHNSON & Eliz. SHAW, married Hannah SHAW, 33, Turnerville, same, d/o Archie SHAW & Eliz. FRANCIS, witn: Samuel JOHNSTON of Rutherford & Lizzie CAMPBELL of Turnerville, 26 June 1901 at Turnerville #009542-01: Charles Edgar JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, Raleigh twp, same, s/o JOHNSTON, Charles & CROW, Melissa, married Clara Bell BEIRNS, 21, Blenheim twp, Tilbury East, d/o BEIRNS, Walter H.& HARPER, Elizabeth, witnesses were John E. & Minnie BEIRNS of Tilbury East, 21-Aug-01, at Tilbury
#009528-01: John JOYCE, 26, farmer, Hamilton, Tilbury East, s/o JOYCE, John & BURNS, Mary, married Bertha Amelia STEINHOFF, 21, Inwood, Tilbury, d/o STEINHOFF, Matthew & ROBINS, Catherine, witnesses were Mosine & Minnie MEGGISON of Tilbury East, 20-Mar-01, at Tilbury #009552-01: Ernest Ettair KANE, 21, mill hand, Lambton Co, Sycamore Ont, s/o KANE, William & BURR, Anna, married Minnie BONN,  Kent Co, not given, d/o BONN, Frederick & WILLIAMS, Matilda, witnesses: A.E. McQUARRIE of Valetta & Melissa CUNNINGHAM of Valetta, 11-Apr-01, at Valetta
#009594-01 Bernard KELLY, 25, glass blower, Hamilton, Wallaceburg, s/o James KELLY & Bridget WALSH, married Iva J. FURTAH, 20, Marine City, Wallaceburg, d/o Joseph FURTAH & Edith ROBERTSON, witn: James KELLY of Wallaceburg & Clara LESPERANCE of Mt. Clemens, 15 May 1901 at Wallaceburg (Rom Cath) #009551-01: George Elgin KEMP, 24, farmer, Glanford, Tilbury East, s/o KEMP, John & FINCH, Marilla, married Mary Elizabeth ATKINSON, 22, Tilbury West, Tilbury East, d/o ATKINSON, Henry & BARTLEY, Margaret, witnesses were Henry & Margaret ATKINSON of Tilbury East, 27-Feb-01, at Tilbury East
009293-01 (Kent Co) Alexander KING, 55, banker, widower, Chatham twp., Bridgeport Mich., s/o Albert KING & Clarry DRULLARD, married Charlotte DAVIS, 57, widow, London twp., Bridgeport Mich., d/o John LOWE & Harriet GREEN, witn: William QUINNELL, Elizabeth QUINNELL, both of Chatham twp., 13 June 1901 at Chatham twp.

009443-01 (Kent Co) Horace Wilmer KING, 30, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o William KING & (blank) SHEPLEY, married Ellen Beatrice HILL, 25, Ontario, Raleigh, d/o John HILL & Isabella SIMPSON, witn: Brock KING, Cassie M. HALL, both of Raleigh, 6 November 1901 at Raleigh twp

  009391-01 (Kent Co) Harry J. KLOSSEN, 22, bookkeeper, Cleveland Ohio, Sarnia, s/o John H. KLOSSEN & Hattie E. BERTRAM, married Alice M. BURCH, 22, N. Fairfield Ohio, Sarnia, d/o not entered & Emma THATCHER, witn: D.O. SUMMERS, W.T. WETMORE, both of Erieau, 5 July 1901 at Harwich twp.
#009557-01: Hiram KRUPPE, 35 foreman of lumber Co., St. Catherines, Rodney, s/o KRUPPE, John & STRICKER, Richey, married Charlotte SNYDER, wid, 25, Sedbora twp, same, d/o HAMPTON, Andrew & McGAFFEY, Ann Jane, witnesses were James STACEY & Melissa CULLINGHAM, both of Valetta, 03-Jun-01, at Valetta #009301-01 Oliver or Alexander LACHLIN, 30, farmer, Harwich twp., same, s/o Barnard LACHLIN & Josephine ROCH (or Rosh), married Rosa KEECH, 20, illegible, Chatham twp., d/o Charles KEECH & Eliz. CHALCROFF, witn: Charles KEECH of Chatham twp & Susan KEECH of Howard twp., 14 Aug 1901 at Chatham twp
#009531-01: Leonard Thomas LACLAIRE, 29, laborer, Michigan, Tilbury East, s/o LACLAIRE, Thomas & BARNE?, Ann, married Elizabeth TREMBLAY, 18, Kent Co, Tilbury West, d/o TREMBLAY, Charles & RAYMOND, Sophia, witnesses were Henry BOALS & Rose KENNEDY, both of Tilbury, 23-Apr-01, at Tilbury #009518-01: Robert James LAMBERT, 27, tinsmith, Acton, Highgate, s/o LAMBERT, Levi & RITCHIE, Martha, married Catherine Isabella JOHNSTON, 20, Highgate, same, d/o JOHNSTON, John & WALTERS, Sarah,witnesses were John WOODS of Highgate & Rosa BURNS of Clearville, 28-Aug-01, at Thamesville

009274-01 (Kent Co) Percy Melville LAMPMAN, 20, railway employee, Harwich twp., Chatham, s/o George Keppler LAMPMAN & Margaret Ann COLBY, married Mary Elizabeth MASON, 19, Raleigh, Chatham, d/o William MASON & DEZELIA, witn: Edward E. LAMPMAN, Blanch SIMPSON, both of Chatham, 13 November 1901 at Chatham

#009539-01: Joseph LANOISE, 25, farmer, Tilbury, same, s/o LANOISE, S.K. & CHAMPAGNE, Celeste, married Arthemise St. DENIS, 20, Tilbury North, same, d/o DENIS, Moise & CARRIERE, Rosalie, witnesses were Moise LANOISE of Tilbury North & Julie ALEXANDRE of Tilbury South, 08-Jul-01, at St. Francis Church, Tilbury

009263-01 Kent Co) Francis Drury LAURIE, 31, local tel. mang., Toronto, Chatham, s/o Alexander LAURIE & Frances Dorothy DRURY, married Annie Gertrude BALL, 30, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William BALL & Mildred VAN ALLEN, witn: William Stanley BALL, Chatham, Edith COMPLIN, London, 16 October 1901 at Chatham

#009318-01 Gilbert LAUZON, 19, journeyman, Dover, same, s/o Louis LAUZON & Archange REAUME, married Louise TURCOTTE, 26, Dover, same, d/o Francois TURCOTTE & Lina ROBITAILLE, witn: Frank COUTURE & Lizza LUNIR?, both of Dover, 4 Feb 190 at Pain Court, Dover (Rom Cath)

009269-01 (Kent Co) Luke LEATHERDALE, 26, mechanic, Harwich twp., Pontiac Mich., s/o Hezekiah LEATHERDALE & Sarah WRENCHER, married Frances Theresa CAPMAN, 24, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Edward CAPMAN & Jane TORONGO, witn: Nelson LEATHERDALE, Windsor, Catherine BOLEY, Detroit Mich., 16 October 1901 at Chatham

#009548-01: Isidore LEFEBORE, 34, laborer, Tilbury North, same, s/o LEFEBORE, J.B.& MARCHAND, Monique, married Olive LABONTIE, 24, Tilbury North, same, d/o LABONTIE, Thomas & DUQUETTE, Salome, witn: J.B. LABONTE & Marie LEFEBORE, both of Tilbury North, 04-Oct-01, at St. Francis Church, Tilbury #009344-01 Pierre LETOURNEAU, 26, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Edmond LETOURNEAU & Emelie LABADIE, married Rose illegible DUCIDRE, 24, Dover, same, d/o Charles DUCIDRE & Annie EMERY, witn: Gilbert LETOURNEAU & Ovilene GRIFFORD, both of Dover, 8 Oct 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009509-01: Frederick William LINLEY, 28, merchant, Howard ,Cedar Springs, s/o LINLEY, Henry & TAVERNER, Keziah, married Lily Maud HARMER, 23, Thamesville, same, d/o HARMER, Joseph Nathaniel & SPRSKETT?, Caroline S., witn: Walter J. LINLEY of Cedar Springs & Caroline S. HARMER of Thamesville, 09-Apr-01, Thamesville #009593-01 Joseph LOZON, 23, farmer, Dover twp., Wallaceburg, s/o Isadore LOZON & Lottie GORE, married Mary DEMARS, 20, Belle River, Wallaceburg, d/o Charles DEMARS & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: John GREEN & Louisa DEMARS, both of Wallaceburg, 15 May 1901 at Wallaceburg (Rom Cath)
9424-01 (Kent Co): Ernest George LUSTY, 27, mechanic, Rodney, same, s/o Nathaniel S. LUSTY & Mary HOSKINS, married Lilla May BUCHANAN, 19, Orford twp., Clearville, d/o James BUCHANAN & Lillie CAMERON, witn: Daniel BUCHANAN of Clearville & Eva PALMER of Ridgetown, 26 Sept 1901 at Clearville #009323-01 Alfred MAILLET, 24, farmer, Dover, Wallaceburg, s/o George MAILLET & Henriette TIBEAUDEAU, married Alice BRAY, 24, Dover, Wallaceburg, d/o James BRAY, farmer, & Mary BEAULIEU, witn: Henry BRAY & Mary LUCIER, both of Dover, 8 Jan 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009559-01: Franklin Sydney MALLOTT, 26, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o MALOTT, Sydney & WILSON, Eliza Jane, married Clara Mat ESTEY, 25, Oxford Co, Tiilbury East, d/o ESTEY, Isaac B & HILL, Ellen, witn: William E. MALOTT & Elizabeth HARNICK, both of Tilbury E., 19-Jun-01, at Tilbury East #009530-01: Edward MARCHAND, 23, farmer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Edouard MARCHAND & Petroinlte? ROBERT, married Rose Anna GABRIAN, 15, Tilbury North, same, d/o William GABRIAN &  Helene BENOIT, witnesses were P. LALIBERTE & Henriette GABRIAN, both of Tilbury North, 21-Jan-01, at St. Francis Ch., Tilbury

009403-01 (Kent Co) Alexander MARSH, 57, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Alexander MARSH & Sarah E. NEWCOMB, married Mary TABER, 37, widow, Howard, Howard, d/o Antonie SCAFE & Maria SHANE, witn: Levi J. BEATON, Rachel SCAFE, both of Howard, 26 June 1901 at Howard twp.

#009325-01 Henry MARTIN, 24, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Moise MARTIN & Marie PILOTTE, married Emma MAILLET, 20, Dover, same, d/o Theodore MAILLET & Sophie BERNIER, witn: Pierre MARTIN & Josephine TOULOUSE, both of Dover, 19 Feb 1901 at Big Point, Dover #009342-01 Pierre MARTIN, 20, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Moise MARTIN & Mary PILOTTE, married Josephine TOULOUSE, 19, Dover, same, d/o Pierre TOULOUSE, farmer, & Francoise MAILLET, witn: Frank TOULOUSE of Dover & Annie BELLAIRE of Chatham, 16 Sept 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009562-01: Irwin Stanley McALLAN, 27, teacher, Harwich, Chatham, s/o McALLAN, John & SELKIRK, Alice E., married Helena PHILLIPS, 20, Tilbury East, same, d/o PHILLIPS, David & Georgina Annette, witnesses were J.R. PATON of Dutton & Marjorie Moffat of Merlin, 24-Aug-01, at Tilbury East

009429-01 (Kent Co) William McANALLY, 29, farmer, Thamesville, Thamesville, s/o James McANALLY & Ellen CLINTON, married Mary Stella SAINSBURY, 26, Ontario, Fletcher, d/o Robert SAINSBURY & Annie CRUMP, witn: Francis SAINSBURY, Fletcher, Emma B. McANALLY, Thamesville, 16 January 1901 at St. Patrick's Church Raleigh

#009358-01 Donald McCALLUM, 22, farmer, Enniskillen Ont., Chatham twp., s/o Thomas McCALLUM & Jane BALL, married Margaret WATSON, 21, Chatham twp., same, d/o John WATSON & Celestine YERRINGTON, witn: Alice M. BROAD & Martha A. PARKER, both of Dresden, 3 Jan 1901 at Dresden #009589-01: Charles McCLURE, 25, farmer, Madoc, Sombra twp, s/o McCLURE, James & McKINNON, Margaret, married Susan MONINGER, 24, Oil Springs, Wallaceburg, d/o MONINGER, Timothy & LINDSAY, Phebe, witn: Hagar BABCOCK of Dawn twp & Olive MONINGER of Wallaceburg, 26-Nov-01, at Wallaceburg

009374-01 (Kent Co) Claud Allan McDONALD, 22, farmer, Ontario, Camden twp. Ont., s/o Allan McDONALD & not given HOOKTWITH, married Mary ELLIS, 20, Ontario, Dawn twp. Ont., d/o James ELLIS & Amelia ROWE, witn: Phoebe PACKHAM, Jane BOND, both of Dresden, 3 August 1901 at Dresden

9423-01 (Kent Co): Peter McDONALD, 59, widower, farmer, London, Clearville, s/o Peter McDONALD & Eliza GRIFFITH, married Bella SHANKIE, 40, Turin – Orford twp., same, d/o Robert SHANKIE & Agnes PROUDFOOT, witn: Mrs. Bessie ARGO of Duart & Jennie W. WATSON of Aldborough, 3 July 1901 at Duart
  #009587-01: Andrew McENTYRE, 35, railroad employee, Wallaceburg, Detroit Mich, s/o McENTYRE, Gordon & LA CROIX, Mary, married Annie DOYLE, 32, Dover twp, same, d/o DOYLE, John & MASTERSON, Anna, witnesses were T.J. DOYLE of Chatham & Rose DOYLE of Dover twp, 19-Nov-01, at Wallaceburg
#009583-01: John McGRAIL, 37, farmer, Dover twp, same, s/o McGRAIL, John & O'MARA, Margaret, married Ellen LEAHY, 37, Oakville, Dover twp, d/o LEAHY, Michael & McCAULEY, Sarah A., witn: John E. McGRAIL & Barbara E. McNAIRNIE, both of Dover twp 28-Oct-01, at Wallaceburg #009568-01: James McHARDY, 26, farmer, Scotland, Tilbury East, s/o McHARDY, John & LAING, Isabella, married Sarah HOPE, 22, Tilbury East, same, d/o HOPE, William & HANCOCK, Martha, witn: Charles McHARDY of Stewart & Maggie HOPE of Merlin, 17-Nov-01, at Tilbury East

009393-01 (Kent Co) Frank McINTYRE, 25, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Robert James McINTYRE & Susana NEILSON, married Charlotte McNAUGHTON, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Hector McNAUGHTON & Mary MAW, witn: James A. REID, Harwich, Winnie WEST, Ridgetown, 28 November 1901 at Harwich twp.

#009522-01: Donald Alex McINTYRE, 29, farmer, Aldborough, Orford, s/o McINTYRE, Donald & McISAAC, Julia, married Ellen STEWART 23, Orford, same, d/o STEWART, John & MAHONEY, Ellen, witn: John STEWART & Sarah McINTYRE, both of Orford 27-Nov-01, at Thamesville

009266-01 (Kent Co) John McINTYRE, 29, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Duncan McINTYRE & Chistina McLACHLAN, married Mary B. BIRKENSHAW, 26, Howard twp., Howard twp., d/o Henry BIRKENSHAW & Emma DAWSON, witn: Augustus BRIDLE, Stratford, S.M. HANNON, Chatham, 4 September 1901 at Chatham

009279-01 (Kent Co) James S. McKAY, 67, retired, widower, Scotland, Chatham, s/o James & Mary, married Jane McTAVISH, 59, widow, Howard twp., Harwich twp., d/o William & Sarah [no surname given], witn: John McEACHRAN, Mrs. John McEACHRAN, both of Chatham, 4 December 1901 at Chatham

9425-01 (Kent Co): Frederick McLAREN, 23, farmer, Orford twp., same, s/o Charles McLAREN & Esther RAYCRAFT, married Isabella SPEAR, 23, not given, Orford twp., d/o William SPEAR & Isabella McEWEN, witn: Richard SPEAR & Esther McLAREN, both of Orford twp., 30 Oct 1901 at Orford
#009569-01: W.J. McLEOD, 22, book keeper, Seaforth, London, s/o McLEOD, William C.& McKAY, Jane, married Bessie BECKELL, 22, Seaforth, not given, d/o BECKELL, William & LUDLESS, Eliza, witn: Dr. C. B. OLIVER & Mrs. OLIVER, both of Merlin, 24-Dec-01, at Tilbury East #009510-01: Duncan McPHAIL, 28, farmer, Orford, same, s/o John McPHAIL & Catherine LEITCH, married Wilhelmina PFAFF, 29, Orford, same, d/o Ernest PFAFF & Feterick CRITOS?, witn: Edward McPHAIL & Lizzie PFAFF, both of Orford, 17-Apr-01, at Thamesville
#009228-02 (Kent Co): James B. MERCHANT, 21, watch maker, Newfoundland, Kingston, s/o Valentine MERCHANT & Bridget McGRAH, married Annie E. SHAW, 18, Toronto, Kingston, d/o John SHAW & Keziah BONNER, witn: James BONNER of Ridley & Margaret BONNER of Aldborough, 9 July 1901 at Blenheim #009512-01: Charles MERRITT, 23, farmer, Camden twp, Chatham twp, s/o MERRITT, James & SHAW, S-- , married Bertha BROAD, 18, Chatham twp, Dresden, d/o BROAD, Joshua & BACON, Eliza, witn: Mrs. J. McGUIRE & Maggie ONEILL, both of Thamesville, 15-May-01, at Thamesville
#009554-01: Aaron MIFFLIN, 24, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o MIFFLIN, Simeon & BADDER, Orilla, married Katie Jane BLUE, 16, Tilbury East, same, d/o BLUE, Amos & CHAPMAN, Mary Ann, witn: Amos & Mrs. Mary Ann BLUE of Glenwood, 02-Apr-01, at Glenwood  
#009579-01: John Frederick MILLER, 21, brickmaker, Wallaceburg, same, s/o MILLER, Robert & McDONALD, Elizabeth, married Louisa May BABBIT, 16, Wallaceburg, same, d/o BABBIT, John & LARSH, Julia, witn: William LARSH & Matilda BECKET, both of Wallaceburg, 21-Aug-01, at Wallaceburg #009553-01: Wilfred MILLER, 23, laborer, Rodney, Romney, s/o MILLER, Francis & PERRY, Martha, married Hannah LACOUNT, 18, Florence, Romney, d/o LACOUNT, Charles & SCAFF, Eliza, witn: J.L. BROWN & M.H. DODGE, both of Stevenson, 13-Apr-01, at Tilbury East

009395-01 (Kent Co) Harry MILLS, 46, farm laborer, Wragby Lincolnshire England, Harwich, s/o George MILLS & Rebecca CHAMBERS, married Kate WALKER, 47, Southwold Elgin Co., d/o James WALKER & Charlotte WADE, witn: Albert MILLS, Chatham, Annie R. JACKSON, Raleigh twp., 19 October 1901 at Harwich twp.

#009340-01 William George MILLS, 28, farmer, Montac? Co - Michigan, Dover, s/o George MILLS & Mary Ann EDWARDS, married Caroline Matilda PETERKIN, 27, Dover, same, d/o Alexander PETERKIN, farmer, & Catherine CRAWFORD, witn: James G. PETERKIN & Ida F. MILLS, both of Dover, 20 Nov 1901 at Dover

009414-01 (Kent Co) David E. MILLS, 23, constable, Aldborough, Ridgetown, s/o John H. MILLS & Caroline S. SMITH, married Mary E. McTAVISH, 23, widow, Orford, Orford, d/o Malcolm McTAVISH & Margaret McPHAIL, witn: Catherine ALLISON, Mary McTAVISH, both of Orford, 16 January 1901 at Orford twp

#009560-01: David F. MITCHELL, wid, 38, merchant, Detroit Mich, same, s/o MITCHELL, William & FAIR, Elizabeth, married Margaret B. ADAMS, 26, Tilbury East, same, d/o ADAMS, Robert & BREMMER, Margaret, witn: William & Lena ADAMS of Tilbury East, 22-Jun-01, at Tilbury East 9330-01 (Kent Co): Hugh P. MONTGOMERY, 21, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Joseph MONTGOMERY & Jane GLOVER, married Mary J. RANKIN, 20, Dover, same, d/o Thomas J. RANKIN & Sinclair ANGUS, witn: D.A. McKAY of Kintare? & Maria TROTTER of Dover, 6 June 1901 at Dover
#009355-01 Gilbert MOORE, 22, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Andrew MOORE & Sophie HEBERT, married Josephine DEMERS, 16, Dover, same, d/o Napolean DEMERS, farmer, & Velarie? VERME?, witn: W. COURTNEY of U--? & Bella MOORE of Dover, 26 Nov 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) 9400-01 (Kent Co): John A. MUNDY, 25, farmer, Windsor, Howard, s/o William MUNDY & Ellen SCARLETT, married Jennie F. (or T) KERBY, 26, Florence, Howard, d/o C.M. KERBY & Katherine FIELD, witn: J.A. SCARLETT of Howard & Mrs. C. KERBY of Chatham, 3 April 1901 at Morpeth

009444-01 (Kent Co) William NEWBY, 25, laborer, North Buxton, North Buxton, s/o James NUBY & Eliza NUBY, married Maggie GIVENS, 18, Howard, Raleigh, d/o Samuel GIVENS & Margaret GIVENS, witn: Thomas BROWN, Harriet GIVENS, both of Raleigh, 16 October 1901 at Raleigh twp.

009413-01 (Kent Co) Robert John NEWMAN, 28, farmer, Orford, Orford twp., s/o George NEWHAM & Lorinda MOORHOUSE, married Barbara BLUM, 30, Orford, Orford, d/o Henry BLUM & Margaret PFAFF, witn: Henry BLUM, Jennie NEWMAN, both of Orford, 1 January 1901 at Orford twp.

#009519-01: Harvey Johnston, OBESY, 23, merchant, Camden, Thamesville, s/o OBESY, William & JOHNSTON, Nancy, married Mabel L. EVANS, 19, Glencoe, Thamesville, d/o EVANS, Thomas & McCRACKEN, Mary Ann, witnesses were David E. KENNEDY & Lizzie EVANS, both of Thamesville, 05-Sep-01, at Thamesville

009277-01 (Kent Co) Walter Francis O'HARA, 32, surveyor, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Robert O'HARA & Maria Sophia DOBBS, married Georgiana Emma STEPHENSON, 31, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Rufus STEPHENSON & Georgiana Emma ANDREW, witn: F.C.T. O'HARA, Ottawa, Clara STEPHENSON, Chatham, 7 November 1901 at Chatham

009445-01 (Kent Co) Edward O'PHEE, 33, farmer, widower, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o John O'PHEE & Julia McPHERSON, married Stella GILHULA, 25, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o James GILHULA & Elizabeth KING, witn: Cyrenus McPHERSON, Raleigh, Emily PEET, Merlin, 6 November 1901 at Raleigh twp.

#009520-01: Charles E. OSTERHOUT, 20, farmer, Harwich twp, same, s/o William OSTERHOUT & Mary ARNOLD,  married Minnie Maud LLOYD, 21, Camden twp, Thamesville, d/o Francis LLOYD & Mary Ann DOODLE witn: Thomas W. & M.E. BLACHFORD of Thamesville, 18-Oct-01, at Thamesville  
#009565-01: Cephose OUELLETTE, 36, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o OUELLETTE, Frank & PRIMEAU, Julie, married Maud DAUPHIN, 21, Tilbury East, same, d/o DAUPHIN, Narcisse & CARRON, Catherine, witn: Willie OUELLETTE of Welland & Gertrude DAUPHIN of Tilbury East, 16-Sep-01, at Tilbury East #009316-01 Theodore OUELLETTE, 27, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Antoine OUELLETTE & Marie DRAGGON, married Marceline OUELLETTE, 26, Dover, same, d/o Francis R. OUELLETTE, farmer, & Emma LEBLANC, witn: Herbie CARON & Heloya OUELLETTE, both of Dover, 14 Jan 1901 at Pain Court, Dover (Rom Cath)
9388-01 (Kent Co): Herbert L. OVERHOLT, 23, farmer, Romney, same, s/o Franklin OVERHOLT & Eliza DERBYSHIRE, married Alice B.M. JOHNS, 21, Raleigh twp., same, d/o Joseph JOHNS & Sarah DORSEY?, witn: George B. WRIGHT of Romney & Ethel L. JOHNS of Chatham, 19 June 1901 at Harwich twp #009507-01: William Henry PALMER, wid, 28, painter, Channel Islands, Chatham, s/o PALMER, Thomas & GALE, Annie, married Florence Louise QUELCH, 21, London England, Thamesville, d/o QUELCH, James & CLARK, Maria, witn: Winnie EDWARDS & Mary FREEMAN, both of Thamesville, 18-Feb-01, at Thamesville
#009350-01 Cyrille PARE, 28, carpenter, Windsor, same, s/o Antoine PARE & Therese LAUZON, married Marie Anna EMERY, 26, Dover, same, d/o Charles A. EMERY & Henriette DUCIDRE?, witn: Steve L’ESPERANCE of Windsor & Lizzie EMERY of Dover, 12 Nov 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) #009556-01: Simeon PARKER, wid, 45, laborer, Smithville, Glenwood, s/o Lanson & Persny?, married Elmira YOUNG, wid, 38, Ridgetown, Glenwood, d/o YOUNG, Peter & RANDEL, Maria, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Edward STEVENSON of Glenwood, 22-May-01, at Glenwood
#009303-01 William J. PATTERSON, 34, blacksmith, Chatham twp., Chatham, s/o James PATTERSON & Margaret GRAY, married Nellie Louisa BLACKBURN, 22, Chatham twp., Chatham, d/o Joseph BLACKBURN & Lucinda WILLISTON, witn: A.J. ROBERTS of Chatham & Allie BLACKBURN of Chatham twp., 21 Aug 1901 at Louisville  

009282-01 (Kent Co) George Y. PAYNE, 28, accountant, Peterboro Ont., Detroit, s/o Israel PAYNE & Isabella YOUNG, married Hester WILMORE, 27, Dover Kent Co., Detroit, d/o William WILMORE & Emily CORNHILL, witn: Robert LESLIE, Northville, Sarah WILMORE, Chatham, 25 December 1901 at Chatham

#009302-01 John M. PAYNE, 31, farm laborer, West Virginia, Chatham twp., s/o Henry & Bettie, married Frances SCOTT, 26, Chatham twp., d/o W.H. SCOTT & Eliza MARSHALL, witn: J.B. SCOTT & W.J. WILMORE, both of Chatham twp., 20 Aug 1901 at Union Church, Chatham twp
#009310-01 Walter PEGG, 25, farmer, King twp., Camden Gore, s/o Nathan PEGG & Maria GERROW, married Maud Edith BABCOCK, 18, Chatham Gore, same, d/o John A. BABCOCK & Eliz, COOK, witn: Marshall PEGG (written as Pegg MARSHALL) of Camden Gore & illegible HOPPINS of Dresden, 6 Nov 1901 at Chatham twp #009315-01 Francis PELLETIER, 34, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Isidore PELLETIER & Judith TRUDELL, married Delima OUELLETTE, 27, Dover, same, d/o Francis R. OUELLETTE & Emma LEBLANC, witn: William PELLETIER of Dover & Cecilia POIVE? of Lucan, 15 Jan 1901 at Pain Court, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009566-01: Alfred PELTIER, 22, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o PELTIER, Charles? & HEBERT, Anna, married Sophia St.PIERRE, 20, Dover, same, d/o St. PIERRE, Antoine & PRIMEAU, Helen, witn: Theodore & Delina St. PIERRE of Dover 08-Oct-01, at Tilbury East #009367-01 Elias Austin PICKARD, 35, farmer, Howard twp., same, s/o Elias PICKARD & Elizabeth W. EVERETT, married Margaret HUFF, 28, Dresden, same, d/o Daniel W. HUFF & Mary GIFFORD, witn: Wilfred W. & Jane Louise THORNTON of Dresden, 19 June 1901 at Dresden
#009567-01: Samuel POOK, 24, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o POOK, Samuel & SLOAN, Eppie, marrid Meda Louisa SALES, 20, Tilbury East, d/o SALES, Henry & RICHARDS, Elizabeth, witn: George Herbert SALES of Merlin & Bertha STRUTHERS of Valetta, 06-Nov-01, at Tilbury East #009335-01 William PRIMEAU, 33, fireman, Dover, same, s/o Frank PRIMEAU & Esther GONDREAU, married Louisa (or Lorinna) BOURASSA, 27, Dover, same, d/o Moise BOURASSA, farmer, & Lucie THIBODEAU, witn: Joseph RINE? & Philomene BOURASSA, both of Dover, 2 Oct 1901 at Dover South (Rom Cath)
#009343-01 Roger PRIMEAU, 21, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Daniel PRIMEAU & Josephine TRE--?, married Rosina THIBEAULT, 18, Chatham, same, d/o Joseph THIBEAULT & Melanise MARTIN, witn: Henry THIBEAULT of Chatham & Bella PRIMEAU of Dover, 17 Sept 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)

009398-01 (Kent Co) George RAMSDALE, 41, farmer, Canada, Raleigh, s/o Robert RAMSDALE & Sarah McDOWELL, married Belvedere TOLE, 34, Canada, Harwich, d/o Elijah Boyd TOLE & Priscilla ROUSE, witn: A.E. GOLE, Harwich, Lizzie RAMSDALE, Raleigh, 24 December 1901 at not entered [registration was in Harwich twp.]

009372-01 (Kent Co) Louis RAYCRAFT, 23, barrister, Orford twp. Ont., Ridgetown Ont., s/o John RAYCRAFT & Elizabeth McLAREN, married Marion SWITZER, 23, Dresden Ont., Dresden Ont., d/o William H. SWITZER & Evelyn JONES, witn: John J. REYCRAFT, Petoskey Mich., Ethel SHARPE, Dresden Ont., 3 July 1901 at Dresden

#009574-01: Malcolm John REID, 24, painter, Sombra twp, same, s/o John REID & Mary Ann ALLEN, married Jessie REID, 20, Midland, Sombra twp, d/o George REID & Jane GARDNER, witn: Maggie BENN?, & John ALLAN, both of Wallaceburg, 30-May-01, at Wallaceburg
#009327-01 George REID, 28, contractor, Sombra, Dover, s/o James REID & Nancy BRYDEN, married Hattie Emma PARRISH, 24, Dover, same, d/o William PARRISH & Sarah MARDEN, witn: John C. REID of Budner? & Linni? PARISH (sic) of Dover, 22 May 1901 at Baldoon, Dover 009602-1902 (Kent Co.) Evertt Jefferson REID, 26, farmer, Mersea, Goldsmith, s/o James REID & Martha WILLIAMS, married Ethel Mary MILLS, 19, Romney, same, d/o Joseph MILLS & Mary HEALEY, witn William K. MILLS of Goldsmith & Etta B. COULTER of Wheatley, on 25 December 1901?, in Romney

009434-01 (Kent Co) John B. RHODES, 31, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o James R. RHODES & Dorothy STOVER, married Annie A. BOOTHROYD, 18, Ridgetown, Raleigh, d/o Ambrose BOOTHROYD & Ermina HEA, witn: Edwin HEA, Ethel BOOTHROYD, both of Raleigh, 20 February 1901 at Raleigh twp.

#009324-01 Antoine RICHER, 28, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Toussant RICHER & Judith CHARON, married Louise CARTIER, 29, Dover, same, d/o Vensun? CARTIER, farmer, & Julienne CHARRON, witn: Auguste CARTIER & Emma RICHER, both of Dover, 5 Feb 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)

009430-01 (Kent Co) Herbert ROBBINS, 25, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Archie ROBBINS & Anna GREEN, married Elizabeth SHREVE, 25, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Abram S. SHREVE & Lavie GLAVES, witn: A.S. SHREVE, Bella ROBBINS, both of Raleigh, 20 February 1901 at Raleigh twp. #009322-01 Joseph ROBERT, 24, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Alexis ROBERT & Marguerite FAUBERT, married Marie CARON, 19, Dover, same, d/o Edward CARON, farmer, & Philomene STERLAIN, witn: Wilfred BECHARD & Josephine CARON, both of Dover, 14 May 1901 at Pain Court, Dover

009379-01 (Kent Co) James ROBINSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Dawn twp. Ont., s/o Christopher ROBINSON & Ann ROWATT, married Anna Bell BABCOCK, 18, Ontario, Dawn twp. Ont., d/o Charles BABCOCK & Mary Ann HUGHSON, witn: Marion RIBBLE, Jane BOND, both of Dresden, 16 October 1901 at Dresden

#009326-01 Josephat ROSE, 28?, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Alfred ROSE & Mary CHARRON, married Marie BOURDEAU, 31, Dover, same, d/o John B. BOUDREAU & Marie LETOURNEAU, witn: Avida ROSE & Rose BOUDREAU, both of Dover, 6 May 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009514-01: Noble ROSS, 27, farmer, Wabash, same, s/o ROSS, William & MEREDITH, Sarah, married Annie BEDFORD, 25, Wabash, same, d/o BEDFORD, John H. & WHEELER, Kate, witn: William IRWIN & Ida ROSS, both of Wabash, 05-Jun-01, Thamesville

009432-01 (Kent Co) Walter ROUSE, 31, agent, Harwich, city of Chatham, s/o Sam ROUSE & Annie SAMPLE, married Mary Ann WOODS, 23, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o James WOODS & Mary GILL, witn: Willis SAMPLE, Chatham, Lizzie CLARK, Raleigh, 17 April 1901 at Raleigh twp.

#009321-01 Crishan ROY, 22, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Lucien ROY & Marceline BEBARD, married Eliza MARCILE, 19, Chatham, same, d/o Maxine MARCILE & Rose FAUBERT, witn: Joseph E. CHARBONNEAU of Dover & Ellen MARCILE of Chatham, 23 April 1901 at Pain Court, Dover (Rom Cath)  

009442-01 (Kent Co) Robert SAINSBURY, 28, farmer, Fletcher, Fletcher, s/o Robert SAINSBURY & Agnes Ann CRUMP, married Agnes C. FEENAN, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Timothy FEENAN & Ann KEARNS, witn: Frank SAINSBURY, Fletcher, Maud FEENAN, Tilbury East, 16 October 1901 at Raleigh twp.

009389-01 (Kent Co) Milton Joseph SALES, 27, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh twp., s/o William SALES & Sarah HINDS, married Sarah Adele KNOTT, 22, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Thomas KNOTT & Sarah McKIBBON, witn: Roy KNOTT, Elsie KNOTT, both of Harwich, 26 June 1901 at Harwich twp

#009543-01: Harry SAMPSON, 23, street car conductor, Detroit Mich, same, s/o SAMPSON, Henry & WARNER, Maria, married Eunice Sophia PALMER, 20, Tilbury North, same, d/o PALMER, Ambrose & MACKLEM, Alice, witn: Addie LANG of Tilbury & Reuben M. DUPEE of Marthaville, 22-Aug-01, at Tilbury #009547-01: Ephrem SAUVE, 24, farmer, Tilbury, Tilbury North, s/o SAUVE, Oliver & VERCHEREAU, Liza, married Lucie BEAUSEJOUR, 31, Tilbury, same, d/o BEAUSEJOUR, Antoine & MONTGOMERY, Mary, witn: Ahe DUPUIS of Tilbury & Louise SAUVE of Tilbury North, 14-Oct-01, St. Francis Church, Tilbury

009411-01 (Kent Co) Albert C. SCHLEIHAUF, 29, machine agent, Aldboro twp., St. Thomas, s/o George P. SCHLEIHAUF & Anna Cathrine BUYS, married Sarah L. McKINLAY, 29, Howard, Howard, d/o Duncan McKINLAY & Theresa DODGE, witn: Robert BULLER, Ridgetown, Helen MILLS, Hamilton, 25 December 1901 at Howard twp


009450-01 (Kent Co) Harvey SCOTT, 24, farmer, Ireland, Tilbury East, s/o John SCOTT & Sarah MASON, married Frances May CONNOR, 27, Whitechurch, Raleigh, d/o Isaac CONNOR & Irene HESTER, witn: Gordon SCOTT, Tilbury East, Mereda CONNOR, Raleigh, 24 December 1901 at Raleigh twp.

009523-01: Daniel Luther SHAFER, 21, engineer, Glanford, Tilbury, s/o SHAFER, George Alfred & STEPHENS, Mary Jane, married Nellie ELLIOTT, 23, St. Thomas, Tilbury,d/o ELLIOTT, John Edward & FLEURAY?, Elizabeth, witn: William R. ATKINSONof Hamilton & Mary E.M. SMITH of Tilbury, 01-Jan-01, at Tilbury

009370-01 (Kent Co) Henry SHARP, 25, farmer, Camden Ont., Thorncliff Ont., s/o Thomas SHARP & Hannon BERSHEBA, married Theresa Eliz. CRAGG, 23, Croton Ont., Dresden Ont., d/o William Gibson CRAGG & Marg. E. COWPERTHWAITE, witn: George Edwin CRAGG, Stella Pearl SHARP, both of Dresden, 10 July 1901 at Dresden

009408-01 (Kent Co) John SHAW, 40, farmer, widower, not entered, Howard, s/o Edmund SHAW & Charlotte NEWCOME (NEWCOMB?), married Mary A. FLINSHER, 27, not entered, Howard, d/o parent's names not entered, witn: William SCAFE, Josie ELLIS, both of Ridgetown, 21 October 1901 at Howard twp.

009595-01 George A. SHEFIEL, 22, laborer, Mitchells Bay, Wallaceburg, s/o Charles SHEFFIEL & Sarah J. ASKIN, married Lillian McKENZIE, 21, Dover twp., Wallaceburg, d/o Angus McKENZIE & Jennie MILLS, witn: John McCOLLUM & Maude DUSLEN, both of Wallaceburg, 19 June 1901 at Wallaceburg

009417-01 (Kent Co) Reuben Sylvester SHEPLEY, 40, farmer, Amherstburg, Orford, s/o Michael A. SHEPLEY & Jane McNEIL, married Elizabeth Ann KNEEBONE, 27, Thamesville, Orford, d/o William KNEEBONE & Mary CUDMORE, witn: Paul McGUIRE, Ont., Mary Jane KNEEBONE, Orford twp., 27 March 1901 at Highgate

009265-01 (Kent Co) Frank William SHERIDAN, 24, painter, Oshawa, Chatham, s/o William SHERIDAN & Emma, married May BURGESS, 19, Rodney, Chatham, d/o John BURGESS & Sophia ROBERTS, witn: Roy BURGESS, Annie TAYLOR, both of Chatham, 2 September 1901 at Chatham

#009534-01: Augustin SIMARD, 22, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o SIMARD, Eugene & LEBERT, Helene, married Maggie DUPUIS, 22, Tilbury East, same, d/o DUPUIS, Francis & LANIVE?, Celeste, witn: Alfred SIMARD & Rosalie DUPUIS, both of Tilbury East, 05-Feb-01, at St. Francis Church, Tilbury

009397-01 (Kent Co) Ernest John SIMPSON, age not entered, farmer, Howard twp., Howard, s/o Joseph SIMPSON & Janet CAMPBELL, married Sarah Luella COLTMAN, 20, Camden, Harwich, d/o John COLTMAN & Joanna VANCOTT, witn: William COLTMAN, Harwich, Cora DREWRY, Dresden, 11 December 1901 Harwich twp.

009276-01 (Kent Co) Joseph SIMPSON, 42, farmer, widower, Glossfield, Tilbury, s/o John (surname not entered) & Mary Ann DOLSEN, married Florence M. RUSSELL, 31, widow, Adelaide, Tilbury,, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Mary Ann CAUSE, witn: Jennie HANDYSIDES, Emma EVERITT, both of Chatham, 20 November 1901 at Chatham

009572-1902 (Kent Co.) James D. SKAKEL, 36, farmer, Howard, same, s/o James & Christina, married Jane WILD, 39, Oxford Co., Ridgetown, d/o John & Ellen, witn Alex SKAKEL of Howard & Maria Jane SMITH of Selton, on 24 December 1901, at Ridgetown #009572-01: Thomas Alfred SMITH, 28, farmer, Chatham twp, Wllaceburg, s/o SMITH, Simon & STEWART, Eliza, married Mary E. McKREVER, 21, Bedford, Dawn twp, d/o McKREVER, Henry & GOODFELLOW, Ellen, witn: Maude JOHNSON & Jennie NICHOL, both of Wallaceburg, 18-May-01, at Wallaceburg
#009544-01: David Henry SMITH, 32, bridgemaker, Sackville NB, Tilbury, s/o SMITH, Charles & MacDONALD, Elizabeth, married Mary Alice KING, 23, Colchester, Tilbury, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth, witn: Ernest KING of Tilbury & Emily KING of Fletcher, 18-Sep-01, Tilbury #009555-01: William Walter SMTH, 26, farmer, Warwick England, Blenheim Ont, s/o SMITH, Walter & McLAUGHLIN, Sarah, married Millie May ROLLET, 26, Tilbury East, same, d/o ROLLET, Frederick & BENNETT, Hannah Mary, witn: Robert TEDFORD of Harwich & Carrie GUNTHER of Mayville Mich, 17-Apr-01, at Glenwood
9387-01 (Kent Co): Isaiah Herb SMITH, 29, station agent, Toronto, Charing Cross, s/o Henry SMITH & Mary MARSHALL, married Frances Sophia WALKER, 34, Halton Co., Charing Cross, d/o Arthur WALKER & Caroline MARTIN, witn: William WALKER of Harwich & Katie SMITH of Toronto, 19 June 1901 at Charing Cross, Harwich twp 009278-01 (Kent Co) George Albert SNOBELEN, 21, farmer, not entered, Harwich twp., s/o David SNOBELEN & Sarah FALKNER, married Laura TREWIN, 22, not entered, Chatham, d/o Thomas TREWIN & Charlotte HICK, witn: Leslie HUFFMAN, Rosina TREWIN, residences not entered, 6 November 1901 at Chatham

009290-01 (Kent Co) Daniel SOLOMON, 39, farmer, widower, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o George SOLOMON & Mary SOLOMON, married Mary DUDLEY, 25, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o Robert DUDDLY & Sarah DUDDLY, witn: John C. Moss, Chatham twp., Orpha DUDDLEY, Chatham, 31 October 1900 at Union Baptist Church Chatham twp.

9384-01 (Kent Co): Jethro SPICER, 29, farmer, England, Harwich twp., s/o William SPICER & Mary A. BARTON, married Maud HILL, 19, Harwich, same, d/o Richard HILL & Hannah BROWN, witn: George SPICER & Laura HILL, both of Harwich, 6 March 1901 at Harwich
#009541-01: Moise St. DENIS, 25, mechanic, Tilbury North,same, s/o St. DENIS, Moise & CARRIERE, Rosalie, married Elsie STRONG, 18, Belle River Ont, Tilbury North, d/o STRONG, Patrick & MERO, Annie, witn: Ernest DAMPHOUSSE of Tilbury North & Mary Ann MERO of Tilbury South, 05-Aug-01 at St. Francis Church, Tilbury #009549-01: John STEADMAN, 22, laborer, Toronto, Tilbury East, s/o STEADMAN, John & WELLER, Mary, married Beatrice HOLT, 19, London England, Tilbury East twp, d/o James & Annie E., witness was Rev. Mrs. JOHNSTON of Tilbury East twp, 20-Dec-01, at Tilbury
#009581-01: William Henry STEER, 31, farmer Harwich twp, Wallaceburg , s/o STEER, George & REID, Jane, married Maria HARDICK, 28, St. Clair Mich ,Wallaceburg, d/o HARDICK, John & YATES, Matilda, witn: James McDONALD of Wallaceburg & Jennie EWING of Tupperville, 23-Oct-01, at Wallaceburg #009584-01: George Edward STEER, 35, farmer, Kent Co., same, s/o STEER, George & REID, Jane, married Mary RICHARDS, 22, Bradshaw, Sombra twp, d/o RICHARDS, William & SPLANE, Mary, witn: James SKINNER & Minnie McDOUGALL, both of Wallaceburg, 04-Nov-01, at Wallaceburg
#009503-01: Theodore STEINHOFF, 25, farmer, Camden, Dawn, s/o STEINHOFF, Alonzo & LOGAN, Mary Ann, married Mildred MORTON, 20, Kansas USA, Camden, d/o MORTON, James & PHILLIPS, Amy, witn: Lizzie FERBGUSON & Mrs. J. McGUIRE, 01-Jan-01, at Thamesville

009431-01 (Kent Co) Ernest Russell STEWART, 19, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Arthur STEWART & Amanda BEDFORD, married Beatrice Ellen VINCE, 22, Tilbury, Raleigh, d/o Henry VINCE & Beatrice MOTT, witn: Harry H. VINCE, Raleigh, Mary E. STEWART, Chatham twp., 20 March 1901 at Raleigh twp.

#009336-01 David STINTON, 33, farmer, Harwich, Dover, s/o George STINTON & Hannah WOOD, married Annie FOY, 31, Dover, same, d/o Charles FOY, farmer, & Christena HIND, witn: David STINTON of Mull & Lizzie FOY of Dover, 9 Oct 1901 at Dover 009947-01 (Kent Co) William STOVER, 35, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Albert STOVER & Almira PARDO, married Emma SUMMERFIELD, 20, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Henry SUMMERFIELD & Ann JACKSON, witn: Robert SUMMMERFIELD, Mary SUMMERFIELD, both of Raleigh, 4 December 1901 at Raleigh twp.

009275-01 (Kent Co) Bert STURDEVANT, 22, laborer, Dover twp., not entered, s/o Ira STURDEVANT & Elizabeth Ann BURDON, married Lena THOMPSON, 24, Manchester Eng., not entered, d/o unknown THOMPSON & unknown, witn: Edward BITLEY, Annie E. WRIGLEY, both of Chatham, 14 November 1901 at Chatham

#009561-01: Albert Wellesley SULLIVAN, 26, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o SULLIVAN, John & HINDS, Elizabeth, married Phoebe Ann MOFFAT, 24, Tilbury East, same, d/o MOFFAT, John & McCLIMON, Nancy, witn: E.H. FALL & Marjorie MOFFAT, boht of Tilbury East, 31-Jul-01, at Tilbury East

009406-01 (Kent Co) Lawrence B. TAPE, 29, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o William TAPE & Catherine LEE, married Edith A. McDONALD, 28, Alliston Ont., Howard, d/o Isaac McDONALD & Caroline MANDERSON, witn: I.D. Burnett McDONALD, Howard, Mary E. TAPE, Highgate, 10 October 1901 at Howard twp.

#009525-01: William TAYLOR, 23, farmer, Caradoc, Tilbury North, s/o TAYLOR, William & HACKNEY, Nancy, married Lillian Irene MORRIS, 18, Tilbury West, same, d/o MORRIS, Henry & McCORMICK, Mary, witn: John Edward MORRIS of Tilbury West & Phoebe TAYLOR of Tilbury North, 30-Jan-01, at Tilbury
#009369-01 John J. TENNANT, 23, laborer, Scotland, Sarnia, s/o James TENNANT & Sarah DEWAR, married Floretta L. KELLOGG, 26, Kent Bridge, Dresden, d/o James KELLOGG & Ruth McAFEE, witn: James A. KELLY & Alberta WELDEN, both of Dresden, 29 May 1901 at Dresden #009571-01: David THATCHER, 21, farmer, Chatham twp, same, s/o William & Mary, married Fannie FILES, 18, Dover twp, same, d/o Frank & Elizabeth, witn: Ester E. GILLIES of Summerville & Lucy M. BAKER of Wallaceburg, 01-Apr-01, at Wallaceburg

009377-01 (Kent Co) Leslie David THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Euphemia twp. Ont., s/o Henry THOMPSON & Rachel A. SHAW, married Edith G.M. CHRISTNER, 21, Ontario, Euphemia twp. Ont., d/o Allan CHRISTNER & Henrietta BLOOM, witn: James THOMPSON, Euphemia twp., Mary E. SWITZER, Thamesville Ont., 25 September 1901 at Dresden

009436-01 (Kent Co) Alfred THOMPSON, 42, farmer, Cedar Springs, Raleigh, s/o Joseph THOMPSON & Josephine BLEMLEE, married Alice NAGLE, 31, widow, England, Chatham, d/o James STEVENS & Sabina ROBERTS, witn: Robert McGUIGAN, Raleigh, Ethel M. STOVER, Chatham, 27 March 1901 at Raleigh twp.

009283-01 (Kent Co) Arthur TIFFIN, 33, farmer, widower, Camden twp., Camden twp., s/o Thomas O. TIFFIN & Margaret ANDERSON, married Alice BADDER, 30, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Joseph BADDER & Charlotte ORR, witn: Walter BADDER, Lenora TIFFIN, both of Chatham, 25 December 1901 at Chatham

#009508-01: James TINNEY, 30, farmer, Zone, same, s/o John TINNEY & Mary CRUIKSHANKS, married Caroline A. DICKSON, 27, Thamesville, same, d/o Alfred DICKSON & Martha Jane SHAW, witn: Evelyn & George A. DICKSON of Thamesville, 27-May-01, at Thamesville
#009351-01 Albert TOULOUSE, 22, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Pierre TOULOUSE & Francoise MAILLET, married Claire TETREAULT, 16, Dover, same, d/o Jules TETREAULT & Catherine REAUME, witn: Henry MYERS & Rosie HOULE, both of Dover, 18 Nov 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath) #009354-01 Alfred TROTECHAUD, 39, widower, laborer, Ruscoin? River, same, s/o Louis TROTECHAUD & Matilde St.ONGE, married Josephine LETOURNEAU, 31, widow, Dover, same, d/o Edmond LETOURNEAU & Emelie LABADIE, witn: George MAILLET & Cephore EMERY, both of Dover, 26 Nov 1901 at Big Point, Dover (Rom Cath)
#009564-01: Moses TRUDELL, 21, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o TRUDELL, William & REANNE, Archange, married Jeannie DURANCEAU, no age given, Alpina?, Detroit, d/o DURANCEAU, Joseph & BENOIT, Elinore, witn: Fred DURANCEAU & Marie TRUDELL, both of Detroit, 17-Sep-01, at Tilbury East

009273-01 (Kent Co) John S. TURNER, 28?, banker, Blairton, Chatham, s/o John TURNER & Amanda TURNER, married Carrie Teetzel MARTIN, 27, Thamesville, Chatham, d/o Samuel Thomas MARTIN & Roasanna TEETZEL, witn: James S. BLACK, S. Adela MARTIN, both of Chatham, 11 September 1900 [probably should read 1901 as it was reg. on 16 Nov. 1901] at Chatham

#009328-01 William URQUHART, 32, fisherman, Canada, Dover, s/o Alexander URQUHART & Eliza GOUDREAU, married Nellie SALES, 19, domestic, England, Dover, d/o "does not know", witn: James & Mary MURPHY of Dover, 29 May 1901 at Mitchells Bay, Dover  

009415-01 (Kent Co) John J.A. VANCE, 28, farmer, Caledon twp., Caledon twp., s/o John VANCE & Martha LAING, married Alice CRAWFORD, 22, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o Arch CRAWFORD & Annie M. STEWART, witn: Arch CRAWFORD, Orford, Edith THOMPSON, Duart, 30 January 1901 at Orford twp.

#009521-01: James William VANSICKLE, 33, oil driller, Petrolia, same, s/o VANSICKLE, Eugene & BELL, Victoria, married Annie Honora FARRELL, 33, Zone twp, same, do FARRELL, John & GLASCO, Mary, witnesses were Joseph FARRELL of Zone twp., & Mary VANSICKLE of Petrolia, 06-Nov-01, at Thamesville
#009550-01: Robert G. WADDELL, 31, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o WADDELL, James & LOCKHART, Sarah J., married Mary Elizabeth ESTEY, 33, Dereham Oxford, Tilbury East, d/o ESTEY, Isaac B. & HILL, Ellen, witn: William WILSON & Clara ESTEY, both of Tilbury East, 01-Jan-01, at Tilbury East #009366-01 Walter WALKER, 35, farmer, Scotland, Dover twp., s/o James WALKER & Jane FORBES, married Lillian WINDOVER, 28, Dresden, same, d/o William H. WINDOVER & Jane WEEK, witn: T.N. RANKIN of Dover Centre & Edith WINDOVER of Dresden, 19 June 1901 at Dresden

009381-01 (Kent Co) John J. WALLACE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Dawn twp. Ont., s/o Ached WALLACE & Effie CAMPBELL, married Ellen FLETCHER, 35, widow, Ontario, Dresden Ont., d/o James DAVIS & Jane MIRCHELL, witn: Jennie BOND, Effie M. LAWRENCE, both of Dresden, 27 November 1901 at Dresden

009268-01 (Kent Co) John William WARD, 25, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Thomas WARD & Jane BALL, married Helen Rebecca SPRENTALL, 25, Oshawa, Chatham, d/o William SPRENTALL & Janet CLARK, witn: W.B. SPRENTALL, Lena WARD, both of Chatham, 9 October 1901 at Chatham

009396-01 (Kent Co) Thomas Charles WARWICK, 26, farmer, London England, Harwich, s/o Frederick WARWICK & Elizabeth QUISMAN, married Nellie Bly MORRISON, 21, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Peter MORRISON & Victoria LUCAS, witn: William C. MORRISON, Harwich, Alliff GOULD, Glencoe, 5 June 1901 at Harwich twp.

9402-01 (Kent Co): Charles A. WATTS, 29, merchant, Zone twp., Thamesville, s/o Joseph WATTS & Mary STINCH?, married Bella WEEKES, 24, Howard, same, d/o N.P. WEEKES & M. McFARLANE, witn: Harvey O’LEARY (or Harvey A. CARY) of Thamesville & Tena McMILLAN of Howard, 19 June 1901 at Howard #009314-01 Warren William WEAVER, 24, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o Joseph WEAVER & Sarah H. SHARPE, married Lillian Victoria TOMPKINS, 24, Blenheim twp., Chatham twp., d/o Reuben TOMPKINS & Sarah E. TOLL (or Toth), witn: Elijah & Elysee TOMPKINS, both of Chatham twp., 25 Dec 1901 at Chatham twp

009382-01 (Kent Co) Olcott WELLS, 67, farmer, widower, Ontario, Camden Ont., s/o Jehiel WELLS & Sarah WILLIAMS, married Mary J. TURRILL, 49, widow, Ontario, Dresden Ont., d/o William DYMOND & Mary SCOTT, witn: J.E. MEADOWS, S.J. MEADOWS, both of Camden Ont., 27 November 1901 at Dresden

009378-01 (Kent Co) Francis WELLS, 35, barber, Dresden Ont., Dresden Ont., s/o Harry WELLS & Carrie FENNEL, married Nina WAFFLE, 28, Newboro Ont., Dresden Ont., d/o Noah WAFFLE & Mary SINGLETON, witn: Jennie JOHNSON, Tilbury Ont., A.M. RIPLEY, Chatham Ont., 1 October 1901 at Dresden

009437-01 (Kent Co) Silas Andrew WHITE, 21, farmer, Harwich, Raleigh, s/o William H. WHITE & Permilla BROADBENT, married Annie D. PARK, 20, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o John PARK & Mary McCORMICK, witn: E.H. BROADBENT, Agnes E. PARK, both of Raleigh, 19 June 1901 at Raleigh twp

#009295-01 George WICKENS, 33, farmer, Hastings Co., Chatham twp., s/o William WICKENS & Elizabeth HAGGERTY, married Florence TIFFIN, 23, clerk, Chatham twp., same, d/o J.H. TIFFIN & S.J. GIBB, witn: C.L. TIFFIN of Chatham twp & J.A. WICKENS of Wallaceburg, 1 Jan 1901 at Chatham twp #009361-01 Alonzo WILCOX, 46, farmer, Elgin Co., Camden twp., s/o George WILCOX & Jane FRANCIS, married Basheba ANDERSON, 38, widow, Kent Co., Dresden, d/o Andrew AUSTIN & Sarah GRIFFITH, witn: Walter HAZZARD & Ada WHITEHEAD, both of Dresden, 24 April 1901 at Dresden
009272-01 (Kent Co) John Henry WILDBLOOD, 22, Harwich, Harwich twp., s/o William Vernon WILDBLOOD & Louisa SPENCE, married Grace Rena WATSON, 18, Beulah Man., Chatham, d/o Joseph WATSON & Elizabeth RAWSON, witn: Alonza A. THOMAS, Edith A. WILDBLOOD, both of Northwood, 23 October 1901 at Chatham

#009588-01: Charles R. WILDER, 26, clerk, Detroit Mich, same, s/o WILDER, Charles K.& PORTER, Ellen, married Nora TAYLOR, 22, Wallaceburg, same, d/o TAYLOR, William & A. MIXTER, Cynthia, witn: Charles & Emily A. TAYLOR of Wallaceburg, 06-Nov-01, at Wallaceburg

009262-01 (Kent Co) George WILLIAMS, 25, farmer, St. Peters, St. Peters, s/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Adel DAUPHIN, married Anastatia ZINK, 24, Harwich, Chatham, d/o James HUNTER & Anna CAUGHLIN, witn: John ZINK, Harwich twp., Edith PECK, St. Peters, 15 October 1901 at Chatham

#009368-01 J.P. Franklin WILLIAMS, 25, Glen Williams, Dresden, s/o Darius WILLIAMS & Augusta P. HUTTON, married Mary B. GALBRAITH, Dresden, same, d/o Daniel GALBRAITH & Lavina DE COW, witn: Harry WALLACE of Dresden & Caroline RYCKMAN of Hamilton, 26 June 1901 at Dresden

009267-01 (Kent Co) Wesley WILLISTON, 24, farmer, Chatham twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Roland WILLISTON & Catherine WINTERS, married Maud BROWN, 21, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Stephen BROWN & Emma KEIHL (KEIL?), witn: Margaret McDONALD, S.M. HANNON, both of Chatham, 2 October 1901 at Chatham


009440-01 (Kent Co) John H. WILLSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Ridgetown, s/o Daniel WILLSON & Catherine McKINLEY, married Flora May HUNTER, 25, Ontario, Charing Cross, d/o John HUNTER & Agnes BROADBENT, witn: Hugh Ferguson, Ridgetown, Eva A. HUNTER, Charing Cross, 24 September 1901 at Charing Cross

#009558-01: William A. WILSON, 34, farmer Tilbury East, same, s/o WILSON, Arnold & WOOD, Ann, married Nellie May SMITH, 22, Hamilton, blank, d/o SMITH, Gideon N. & KELLEY, Phoebe, witn: F.S. MALOTT & Phoebe A. SMITH, both of Tilbury East, 15-May-01, at Tilbury East

009433-01 (Kent Co) Accus WRIGHT, 32, farmer, Durham Co., Raleigh, s/o Robert WRIGHT & Mary WELSH, married Mable Marie HOOPER, 22, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John HOOPER & Matilda MORRISON, witn: Bruce HOOPER, Jane HOOPER, both of Chatham, 10 April 1901 at Raleigh twp

009289-01 (Kent Co) Robert WRIGHT, 66, not entered, widower, Delaware U.S., Chatham twp., s/o William WRIGHT & Rebecca WRIGHT, married Susan GREEN, age not entered, widow, St. Louis Mo., Chatham twp., d/o parents unknown, witn: George H. SMITH, Rachel SMITH, both of Chatham twp., 6 February at bride's residence Chatham twp.

009375-01 (Kent Co) John Alex YORSTON, 23, painter, Toronto Ont., Dovercourt Ont., s/o John YORSTON & Susan Jane WHEELER, married Alice Jane HARRIS, 23, Dresden Ont., Dovercourt Ont., d/o William James HARRIS & Esther M. GOODBERRY, witn: William M. HARRIS, Lottie YORSTON, both of Dresden, 31 August 1901 at Dresden

#009362-01 Robert illegible YORSTON, 26, painter, Toronto, same, s/o John YORSTON & Susan WHEELER, married Laura H. RUDD, 20, Dresden, same, d/o Robert RUDD & Frances PANTER, witn: J.A. YORSTON of Toronto & Elyda RUDD of Dresden, 28 April 1901 at Dresden