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Kent Co., 1896

birth place is given before residence


008635-00 (Kent Co) Salem Golden ALDIS, 28, baker, city of Chatham, city of Chatham, s/o Salem G. ALDIS & Victoria, married Laura PALMER, 23, Marshampton Walton Norfolk England, Harwich, d/o John PALMER & Susanah, witn: James W. GIBSON & Ruth PALMER, both of Harwich, 23 November 1896 at Harwich twp

006285-96 (Kent Co.)  Albert ARNOLD, farmer, 47, Howard, same, s/o Jacob & E., married Theresa Ann REYNOLDS, 43, Howard, same, d/o James & Julia, witn:  Marare J.A. PATERSON of Harwich & Charlotte HOAG of Chatham, on 22 April 1896, at Howard 006187-96 George Harvey ARNOLD, 26, farmer, Louisville, same, s/o John L. & Sarah, married Mary Jane MERRITT, 23, Louisville, same, d/o James & Melissa, witn: Alfred WINTER & Ada MERRITT both of Louisville on Oct. 7, 1896 at Louisville
  006264-96 John C. ASHTON, 28, farmer, Orford, Aldborough, s/o John & Anna Bella, married Mary C. LEE, 29, Orford, same, d/o Thomas & Fannie, witn: Philip L. ASHTON of Clachan & Sada LEE of Orford on Dec. 29, 1896 at Orford Tp

005987-96 George BABCOCK, 24, foreman, Lennox Co., Camden twp., s/o John & Lavina BABCOCK, married Carrie WELLS, 20, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Francis & Martha WELLS, witn: Francis WELLS, Dresden, Mrs. J.H. SOWERBY, Chatham, 9 January 1896 at Chatham

006186-96 Samuel BABCOCK, 23, farmer, Bedford Tp., Dawn Tp., s/o Philander & Margaret, married Mary Jane McLURE, 23, Madoc Tp., Sombra Tp., d/o James & Margaret, witn: Richard McLURE of Sombra & Jennie BABCOCK of Dawn Tp. on Sept. 16, 1896 at Sombra Tp
006240-96 (Kent Co) James BADDER, 56, farmer, widower, Tilbury East, same, s/o James & Jane BADDER, married Harriet M. REID, 40, London Ont., Bothwell, d/o W--- & Elizabeth REID, witn Edwin REID of Orford & Jessie L. EMERSON of Bothwell, 5 February 1896, at Bothwell.

005929-96 (Kent Co) John William BADDER, 27, farmer, Tilbury East twp. Kent Co., Camden twp. Kent Co., s/o Thomas BADDER & Jane BADDER, married Mary McCARTER, 27, Barlington [Burlington?] Ont., Camden twp., d/o John McCARTER & Margaret McCARTER, witn: Maggie D. BECKET, Agnes T. BECKET, both of Thamesville, 16 December 1896 at Thamesville

006330-96 (Kent Co) Sheldon A. BANNING, 48, machinist, widower, Middlesex Co., Detroit, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann, married Frances Jane ROBERTS, 38, Middlesex Co., Detroit, d/o Henry & Frances M., witn: John PICKERING Sr., Mrs .John PICKERING, both of Blenheim, 24 August 1896 at Blenheim  

006327-96 (Kent Co) Charles L. BARETTE, 21, carpenter, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Charles & May, married Nellie MASONVILLE, 18, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Mrs. George GARROD, Mrs. Ed GILLES, both of Blenheim, 21 July 1896 at Blenheim

6255-96 John Kelsey BARNETT, 32, Presbyterian minister, Liverpool England, Kingston, s/o John BARNETT & Elizabeth HUGHSON, married Helen HOMAL, 29, Orford, same, d/o Robert HOMAL & Margaret CARSON, witn: Mrs. DAVIDSON of Bothwell & Rev. M. McCULLOCH of Dresden, 18 June 1896 at Orford
6253-96 Frank W. BEATON, 25, telegraph operator, Orford, Edgar Mills, s/o James & M. Catherine, married Martha H. NIECE, 18, Edgar Mills, same, d/o Henry & Martha, witn: Harry & Emma BEATON, 27 May 1896 at Highgate 006261-96 Archibald P. BEATON, 26, carpenter, Ridgetown, same, s/o Hugh & Catharine, married Mary Jane BEATON, 24, Highgate, same, d/o James & Matilda, witn: Dan ROACH & Lena YOUNG both of Ridgetown on Nov. 18, 1896 at Highgate
6258-96 Joseph BEATTY, 56, widower, farmer, Ireland, Dawn Ont., s/o William BEATTY & Margaret MOORE, married Elizabeth WILLSON, 52, Ontario, Aldborough, d/o Peter WILSON (sic) & Mary SHAW, witn: James PAGE & Charles HODGE, 25 June 1896 at Aldborough [reg'd in Orford twp] 7637-97 William BELL, 21, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Robert BELL & Elizabeth COULTER, married Bertha MILLS, 18, Romney, same, d/o Joseph MILLS & Mary HEALY, witn: Thomas MILLS of Romney & Louisa BELL of Mersea, 30 Dec 1896 at Romney

005966-96 (Kent Co) David James BENN, 21, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o George W. & Eliza J., married Mary Elsie PEERS, 18, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Zepthy PEERS, Hannah PEERS, both of Chatham twp., 21 October 1896 at Wallaceburg

006167-96 Joseph BENO, 31, farmer, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o John BENO & Lucinda BENO, married Catherine A.M. WHITE, 28, Douglas Harbor N.B., Tilbury East, d/o Del Harwood WHITE & Anthy WHITE, witn: Mariam A. WHITE, Tilbury East, Mrs. Laura R. COOPER, Tilbury, 22 January 1896 at Tilbury

  006329-96 (Kent Co) Joseph Christopher BEVAN, 24, farmer, Raleigh twp., McDonald Co. Manitoba, s/o Charles & Jennie, married Eliza Jane MOORE, 20, Mersea twp., Blenheim, adopted d/o Wellington & Amanda PEARSON, witn: Wellington & Amanda PEARSON, both of Blenheim, 18 August 1896 at Blenheim
006219-96 (Kent Co.)  Samuel BIRKINSHAW, farmer, 23, Howard, same, s/o Henry & Emma, married Nettie May SMITH, 17, Ridgetown, same, d/o Abram & Hannah, witn:  William BIRKINSHAW of Howard & Mary E. WESTMORE of Ridgetown, on 17 March 1896, at Ridgetown

005975-96 (Kent Co) Peter BISHOP, 24, farmer, United States, Chatham twp., s/o Peter & Amanda, married Catherine LARSH, 18, Ontario, Chatham twp., d/o Joseph & Amelia, witn: Thomas JOHNSTONE, Sombra twp., Amanda BISHOP, Chatham twp., 3 November 1896 at Wallaceburg

006147-96 (Kent Co) Adolphe BLAIR, 22, labourer, widower, Tilbury West, Tilbury West, s/o Pierre & Mary, married Olive LACONTE, 17, Tilbury East, Tilbury West, d/o Joseph & Marguerite, witn: William LACONTE, Tilbury East, Bella GABRIAN, Tilbury West, 16 November 1896 at St. Peter's Church Tilbury East

#007543-97 (Kent Co): Allen Jewell BLAIR, 25, merchant, Ontario, Chatham, s/o William & Mary, married Maud Erie CLAUS, 24, Ontario, Harwich, d/o James, farmer, & Louisa, witn: Samuel BLAIR of Huron & Emma E. TOWNSEND of Harwich, 23 Dec 1896 at Harwich

006300-96 (Kent Co) Nelson BLUE, 27, farmer, Orford twp., Orford twp., s/o Daniel BLUE & Mary STONE, married Della Eugenia GOULET, 29, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh Ont., d/o Alexander GOULET & Mary LAIRD, witn: George BLUE, Raleigh, Kate NEILLY, Chatham, 18 November 1896 at residence of bride's parents, Raleigh twp.

005938-96 (Kent Co) Joseph BOURNE, 26, brick mason, Mosa twp., Zone twp., s/o Joseph Thomas BOURNE & Mary Ellen BOURNE, married Fannie Ellen TAYLOR, 22, Zone twp., Zone twp., d/o John TAYLOR & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: John C. TAYLOR, Mary E. HARTNETT, both of Zone twp., 18 February 1896 at Zone twp

6257-96 William Albert BOWBIER, 31, blacksmith, Aldborough twp., Wyandotte Mich., s/o Charles & Christena, married Minnie PETERSON, 24, Niles Mich., Duart, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, no witnesses, 24 June 1896 at Duart

006145-96 (Kent Co) C. William BRATT, 25, farmer, Bemont Elgin Co. Ont., Tilbury East twp., s/o George & Catherine, married A.E. LEE, 23, Chatham Ont., Tilbury East twp., d/o Richard & Elmenie, witn: Alfred NEAD, Agnes NEAD, both of Tilbury East, 17 September 1896 at Tilbury East twp

006325-96 (Kent Co) Arnold BRETHOUR, 37, farmer, Reach twp., Blenheim, s/o Michael & Amelia, married Mary R. McCORMICK, 27, Broooklyn NY, Brooklyn NY., d/o James & Ann, witn: R.T. WILLIAMSON, Blenheim, J.R. BRETHOUR, Merlin, 15 July 1896 at Blenheim

006324-96 (Kent Co) Charles BROADBENT, 32, laborer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp. s/o Beman & Catherine, married Minnie BOWES, 24, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Rachel STORY, Nellie CAMPBELL, both of Blenheim, 26 November 1896 at Blenheim

006201-96 (Kent Co) Thomas BROOM, 27, profession V.S.?, England, Blenheim Ont., (no parents named) married Laura May HAGERMAN, 21, Markham Ont., Harwich Co., d/o John & Sarah HAGERMAN, witn Robert STOKES of Bleneheim & Miss HAYLOCK of Harwich, 2 May 1896, at Harwich.

006052-96 Frederick BROWN, 29, railway employee, South Ontario Can., Camden twp., s/o John & Mary, married Annie BURTON, 24, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William & Jane, witn: Sarah BARTHE, Beatrice BURTON, both of Chatham, 24 June 1896 at Chatham

005942-96 (Kent Co) Alfred BROWN, 23, laborer, Sheffield Addington Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth BROWN, married Libbie FURTAH, 16, Marine City Mich., Wallaceburg, d/o Joseph & Edith FURTAH, witn: John GONYOU, Eva FURTAH, both of Wallaceburg, 3 January 1896 at Wallaceburg

006238-96 (Kent Co.)  William BROWN, farmer, 22, Chatham, Dawn, s/o James & Mary, married Mary J. BIRD, 19, Bothwell, same, s/o Jacob & Sarah, witn:  Mrs. W. FANSHER & Miss A. FANSHER, both of Bothwell, on 21 April 1896, at Bothwell  
007579-97 (Kent Co.) Robert George BUCHANAN, 29, farmer, Clearville, same, s/o James & Lily, married Mary R. HENRY, 22, Aldborough, Clearville, d/o John & Mary, witn W.W. HENRY of Detroit Mich. & Maggie BUCHANAN of Clearville, on 30 December 1896, at Clearville

005937-96 (Kent Co) John BUCHANAN, 33, farmer, Zone twp., Zone twp., s/o Henry BUCHANAN & Sarah BUCHANAN, married Jane LINNEY, 27, Zone twp., Zone twp., d/o John LINNEY & Mary E.J. LINNEY, witn: George BUCHANAN, Detroit, Sarah H. LINNEY, Zone, 26 February 1896 at Zone twp

006262-96 Abram M. BURCHELL, 37, implement dealer, widower, McGillvray, Ridgetown, s/o William & Lucretia, married Fannie McKeough STONE, 26, Orford, same, d/o Alfred & Maggie, witn: David W. RENNIE & Alice STONE both of Highgate on Dec. 15, 1896 at Highgate 006192-96 (Kent Co) James BURNS, 33, farmer, Hastings Co., Chatham Tp., s/o Robert & Mary BURNS, married Eliza Jane SHAW, 35, Chatham Tp., same, d/o Nathan & Mary SHAW, witn N. E. SHAW & Mary BURNS, of Chatham Tp., 25 November 1896, at Tupperville.

005960-96 (Kent Co) Orval C. BURROUGHS, 22, farmer, Wallaceburg, Sombra, s/o Peter & Annie, married Elizabeth A. BENWARE, 17, Chatham twp., Sombra, d/o Joseph & Susan, witn: Joseph BENWARE, Mary SUTHERLAND, both of Sombra, 25 August 1896 at Wallaceburg

005986-96 Franklin E. BURTCH, 26, clerk, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Alvin & Sarah BURTCH, married Alice L. ALGAR, 25, London England, Chatham, d/o Henry C. & Ann E. ALGER (sic), witn: George DAIKENS, May ALGAR, both of Chatham, 1 January 1896 at Chatham

  006211-96 (Kent Co.)  William BUSTEED, laborer, 24, Ireland, Harwich, s/o George BUSTEED & Mary GABRIEL, married Lola SIMPKINS?, 24, Harwich, same, d/o Amos? SIMPKINS? & Ruth NORTON?, witn:  Abraham BUSTEED of Mull? & Eva BECKMAN of Harwich, on 2 December 1896, at Howard

005951-96 (Kent Co) William CAMPBELL, 37, farmer, Ontario, Chatham twp., s/o William & Hannah CAMPBELL, married Jane FORBIS (Forbes?), 35, Scotland, Chatham twp., d/o Alexander & Elizabeth FORBIS, witn: Archie CAMPBELL, Elsie FORBIS, both of Wallaceburg, 4 June 1896 at Wallaceburg

005950-96 (Kent Co) William James CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Chicago, Wallaceburg, s/o James & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Georgina Jane YOUNG, 21, Warwickshire England, Wallaceburg, d/o Joseph & Maria WILKES, witn: Alfred YOUNG, Lillian BROWN, both of Sombra twp., 27 May 1896 at Wallaceburg

005928-96 (Kent Co) Archibald Franklin CAMPBELL, 21, farmer, Howard twp. Kent Co., Howard twp., s/o Daniel CAMPBELL & Emma CAMPBELL, married Celeste GAGE, 21, Howard twp., Howard twp., d/o George GAGE & Mary GAGE, witn: Maggie D. BECKET, Agnes T. BECKET, both of Thamesville, 16 December 1896 at Thamesville

005933-96 (Kent Co) Frank H. CAREY, 27, glass laborer, Lambton Co., Wallaceburgh, s/o Hosia CAREY & Sophia CAREY, married Emma McCREERY, 23, Zone twp., Zone twp., d/o Arthur McCREERY & Lucy McCREERY, witn: James A. McCREERY, Bella McCREERY, both of Zone, 22 July 1896 at Zone twp.

6131-96 William Frederick CARNAHAN, 29, laborer, Lennox Co., Tilbury East, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Helen Sabina MIFFLIN, 23, Raleigh, Tilbury East, d/o John & Jane, witn: Andrew & Emma McGRATH of Romney, 9 Dec 1896 at Romney 6265-96 Swanton B. CHAMBERS, 22, Adelaide twp., same, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Catherine G. SWANTON, 26, Orford, same, d/o George & Jessie, witn: Richard & Esther SWANTON of Highgate, 30 Dec 1896 at Orford

005976-96 (Kent Co) Paul CHARRON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Dover twp., s/o Oliver & Philomine, married Mary LOUZON, 16, Ontario, Dover twp., d/o Alexander & Josephine, witn: John ST. PIERRE, Phoebe CHARRON, both of Dover twp., 4 November 1896 at Wallaceburg

006280-96 (Kent Co.)  John CLARK, farmer, 24, Howard, same, s/o Dugald CLARK & Sarah Ann MANN, married Sarah J. PARSONS, 26, Howard, same, d/o William PARSONS & Jane McCALLUM, witn:  A. Herbert PARSONS & Margaret McCALLUM, both of Harwich, on 4 February 1896

005958-96 (Kent Co) William McCubbin CLIFFORD, 21, butcher, Chatham, Wallaceburg, s/o Cornelius & Annie, married Jennie SOMERS, 21, Raleigh twp., Wallaceburg, d/o Shepherd & Sarah, witn: Agnes M. McMATH, Sarah BROWNELL, both of Wallaceburg, 13 July 1896 at Wallaceburg

006259-96 Benjamin CLYNE, 40, doctor, Yale Michigan, same, s/o William & Martha, married Etta JOHNSTON, 31, Orford Ontario, Highgate, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Edward F. FEAD of Yale Michigan & Maggie JOHNSTON of Orford on Sept. 10, 1896 at Highgate
006185-96 Herbert Charles E. COATE, 36, accountant, Oakville, Bothwell, s/o Orpheus & Sabrina, married Mattie WARD, 21, Euphemia Tp., Chatham Tp., d/o John A. B. & Eunice Amelia, witn: George & Sada WARD both of Chatham Tp., on Sept. 2, 1896 at Chatham Tp

005964-96 (Kent Co) John Henry COFELL, 21, farmer, Tilbury, Wallaceburg, s/o Solomon & Sarah, married Ann BECKER, 20, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o Isaac & Sarah, witn: Delbert BECKER, Nellie COFELL, both of Wallaceburg, 30 September 1896 at Wallaceburg

#007540-97 (Kent Co): Preston COFFEY, 22, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o James E & Minerva, married Annie May GEROW, 20, Harwich, same, d/o Willett, farmer, & Arrabella, witn: W.B. GEROW & Rose HANDY, both of Harwich twp., 16 Dec 1896 at Harwich

006303-96 (Kent Co) George COLERIDGE, 50, farmer, England, Raleigh, s/o Richard & Mary Ann COLERIDGE, married Rachel MASON, 39, widow, Canada, Raleigh, d/o William & Bessie MARLATT, witn: Francis R. MUXWORTHY, Ella SHEPLEY, both of Charing Cross, 30 June 1896 at Charing Cross

006260-96 William COLLEY, 28, farmer, Ontario Claireville, s/o William COLLEY & Susan HAIGHT, married Mary Bell McLARTY, 28, Ontario, Clachan, d/o Duncan McLARTY & Liddy S. JONES, witn: Robert & C. CURRIE both of Orford on Oct. 6, 1896 at Duart

006331-96 (Kent Co) John COLLINS, 25, laborer, London England, Romney twp., s/o Elias & Sarah, married Nancy May BLUE, 17, Ancaster twp., Romney twp., d/o Amos & Mary Ann, witn: Amos BLUE, Mary Ann BLUE, both of Romney twp., 7 October 1896 at Blenheim

#006544-97 (Kent Co): Charles COLLISON, 21, mechanic, Ontario, Harwich, s/o George & Dorothy R., married Lilla LACOUNT, 16, Ontario, Harwich, d/o Charles & Eliza, witn: George CLEVELAND of Cedar Springs, and Hannah LACOUNT, 21 Oct 1896 at Harwich

005940-96 (Kent Co) Frederick G. CONKEY, 22, farmer, Adelaide, Adelaide twp. Middlesex Co., s/o Robert & Jane CONKEY, married Blanche L. SEEDS, 20, Adelaide, Wallaceburg, d/o William & Catherine SEEDS, witn: George CONKEY, Maggie SEEDS, both of Wallaceburg, 1 January 1896 at Wallaceburg

7638-97 Edward COOK, 41, dairy farmer, Staffordshire England, Windsor, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Isabella SMITH, 40, Romney, Windsor, d/o James SMITH & Mary SHANKS, witn: Charles COOK of Windsor & Maggie SHANKS of Port Alma, 30 Dec 1896 at Wheatley

005934-96 (Kent Co) Calvin COSBORN, 22, glass blower, New Jersey USA, New Jersey, parents names not entered, married Lavina TAYLOR, 20, Zone Twp., Zone twp., d/o Richard TAYLOR & Fanny TAYLOR, witn: none entered, 15 July 1896 at Zone twp.

006049-96 Lawrence COUNTRYMAN, 25, farmer, Big Point Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o John COUNTRYMAN & Rosanna DOYLE, married Josephine LOUZON, 15, Big Point Ont., Chatham twp., d/o Theodor LOUZON & Marly TOULOUSE, witn: David LOUZON, Chatham twp., Matilda COUNTRYMAN, Chatham, 20 April 1896 at Chatham

005918-96 John CRAMER, 26, laborer, Marine City Mich., Dresden Ont., s/o John Henry & Rosey CRAMER, married Nancy Jane Viola ARNOLD, 21, Dresden Ont., Dresden Ont., d/o Thomas & Rachel ARNOLD, witn: William A. & Alice J. HARRIS, both of Dresden, 11 March 1896 at Thamesville

006250-96 (Kent Co) William CRANDALL, 21, farmer, Aldborough, Aldborough (twp.), s/o Hiram & M.A. CRANDALL, married Eliza ATTRIDGE, 22, Orford, Orford, d/o William & Mariah ATTRIDGE, witn: John ATTRIDGE, Adda ATTRIDGE, 19 February at Orford

006282-96 (Kent Co.)  Alfred Hugh CRODEN, commercial traveler, 27, London City, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Mabel SCANE, 23, Howard, Ridgetown, d/o James & Harriet, witn:  Ed CRODEN of London & Annie SCANE of Ridgetown, on 29 April 1896, at Howard

006050-96 James H. CROSBY, 26, laborer, Chatham twp., City of Chatham, s/o Jonis H. CROSBY & Mary G. CROSBY, married Julia P. ROBINSON, 48, widow, Owen Sound, City of Chatham, d/o William BURTON & Jula BURTON, witn: James HYET, Harriett HYET, both of Chatham, 24 June 1896 at Chatham

006340-96 (Kent Co) Hartford James CROWDER, 21, farmer, Morpeth, Howard twp., s/o Joseph & Sarah CROWDER, married Sarah Birdie LYMAN, 20, Parkhill, Camden twp., d/o Sylvester & Catherine LYMAN, witn: R.A. LYMAN, Camden twp., 15 February 1896 at Dresden

006057-96 Joseph Robert CROWE, 23, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh, s/o Charles & Mary, married Alice Fanny THOMAS, 26, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Martin THOMAS, Mary McEWEN, both of Raleigh, 15 July 1896 at Chatham

006033-96 James H. CROWE, 26, farmer, Chatham, Chatham Tp., s/o James E. & Mary L., married Clara M. WELLISTON, 20, Louisville, Chatham Tp., d/o Nathaniel & Sabrina, witn: Maud E. CROWE & Hannah MOORHOUSE both of Chatham Tp. on Jan. 15, 1896 at Chatham
006206-96 (Kent Co) George G. CUMMING, 22, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Robert & Lucy CUMMING, married Ida SERSON, 21, Howard Ont., Harwich, d/o William & Catharine SERSON, witn Norman & Olive CUMMING of Harwich, 7 October 1896, at Tp. of Harwich.

005957-96 (Kent Co) George CUMMINGS, 36, laborer, Scotland, Wallaceburg, s/o George & Annie, married Hannah STOOK, 41, widow, Kent Co., Wallaceburg, d/o John & Lavina [no surname given], witn: William B. BOWEN, Pearl GENOARDS, both of Wallaceburg, 27 June 1896 at Wallaceburg

006048-96 William Henry CURRAN, 25, agent, Bothwell Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Henry CURRAN & Margaret DILLON, married Josephine SCOTT, 30, St. Thomas Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Joseph SCOTT & Eliza HAMILTON, witn: John LEVEVRE, Bothwell Ont., Anna DILLON, Chatham Ont., 15 April 1896 at Chatham

006158-96 (Kent Co) James DAMPHOUSE, 23, Prov. of Quebec, Tilbury North, s/o Augustine DAMPHOUSE & Louise CHRETIEN, married Josephine DUPUIS, 23, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Max DUPUIS & Rosa LALIME, witn: Aug. DAMPHOUSE, Max DUPUIS, residences not entered, 11 February 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury
005915-96 Edwin DARK, 32, farmer, Orford twp., same, s/o John & Mary DARK, married Katie PFAFF, 26, Ellice? twp, Orford twp. Kent Co., d/o John & Mary PFAFF, witn: William DARK, Wilhelmina PFAFF, both of Orford twp., 12 February 1896 at Thamesville

006042-96 William H. DAVIS, 31, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Absolom & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Lily LUCAS, 27, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Richard & Rachel LUCAS, witn: Mary Jane PROCTOR, Peter DAVIS, residences not entered, 10 June 1896 at not entered

005955-96 (Kent Co) Frederick DAVIS, 28, traveller, not entered, Hamilton, s/o Archibald & Frances DAVIS, married Tillia (Lillia?) McLEAN, 27, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o William S. & Harriett McLEAN, witn: Allan DAVIS, Hamilton, Edith SHAIN, Detroit, 23 June 1896 at Wallaceburg

005947-96 (Kent Co) Sidney Francis DAVIS, 29, laborer, Port Lambton, Port Lambton Ont., s/o William H. & Eliza DAVIS, married Sarah Ann JOHNSTON, 24, England, Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Frederick GATZKE, Elizabeth Ann HUSTON, both of Wallaceburg, 23 March 1896 at Wallaceburg

005936-96 (Kent Co) Charles W. DEPEW, 29, carpenter, Wardsville Ont., Wardsville Ont., s/o Abraham DEPEW & Christina DEPEW, married Elizabeth C. TAYLOR, 18, Zone twp. Ont., Zone twp., d/o Richard TAYLOR & Fanny TAYLOR, witn: William H. BANNIN, Bothwell, Mary ROBERTS, Zone, 22 January 1896 at Zone twp

006191- 96 (Kent Co) Jacob A. DEYO, 24, farmer, Belleville, Sombra Tp., s/o Christopher & Clarissa DEYO, married Ida May WINTER, 18, Chatham Tp., same, d/o Graham & Annie WINTER, witn Robert DEYO of Sombra Tp. & Jennie WINTER of Chatham Tp., 19 November 1896, at Chatham Tp.
006180-96 Joseph DIAMOND, 64, laborer, widower, USA, Camden, s/o Marcus & Elizabeth, married Henrietta CLARK, 57, widow, Belleville, Camden, d/o Clark & Elizabeth ELLIS, witn: William WARD & David STUSKING both of Dresden on Nov. 12, 1896 at Dresden


006055-96 Frank DIBBLE, 21, railroad hand, Toronto, Chatham, s/o Frank DIBBLE & Eliza GOODYEAR, married May BEDFORD, 18, Lansing Mich., Detroit USA, d/o Rexford BEDFORD & Louisa WALKER, witn: Mrs. MEEK., Minnie BAKER, residences not entered, 15 July 1896 at Chatham

006061-96 James Mils DIBBLEY, 23, stave joiner, Oakville, Romney, s/o Thomas DIBBLEY & Charlotte DIBBLEY, married Jessie BADGLEY, 18, Dresden, Dresden, d/o Sandy BADGLEY & Amerilla (Aurilla?) BADGLEY, witn: Alice G. McCOLL, Kate McCOLL, both of Chatham, 8 September 1896 at Chatham

005927-96 (Kent Co) William Allen DICKSON, 25, farmer, Zone twp. Kent Co., Thamesville Ont., s/o Alfred DICKSON & Martha Jane DICKSON, married Addie NEWCOMBE, 19, Howard twp. Kent Co., Thamesville Ont., d/o Andrew NEWCOMBE & Mary NEWCOMBE, witn: Eva O.M. DICKSON, Orrilla J. WILLIAMS, both of Thamesville, 11 November 1896 at Thamesville

006299-96 (Kent Co) Thomas DICKSON, 42, farmer, Ireland, Birdsall NY, s/o Benjamin & Margaret DICKSON, married Sarah SUITOR, 29, Raleigh Ont., same, d/o John SUITOR & Elizabeth A. SUITOR, witn: James DICKSON, Birdsall NY, Maud SUITOR, Raleigh, 25 November 1896 at residence of bride's parents, Raleigh twp.
006228-96 (Kent Co.)  David Eli DODMAN, farmer, 39, Camden, Howard, s/o John & Mary, married Lorinda F. WILSON, 28, Ancaster, same, d/o Esra & Samantha, witn:  Emily BURDETTE & Rose McTAVISH, both of Ridgetown, on 15 July 1896, at Ridgetown   006292-96 Thomas DONNELLY, 38, farmer, Amherstburg, Raleigh, s/o Francis DONNELLY & Mary Ann BOLEY, married Catherine FINLIN, 27, Raleigh, same, d/o William FINLIN & Margaret DOWLING, witn: John FINLIN & Louise WELLWOOD both of Raleigh on Feb. 10, 1896 at St Patrick's Church at Raleigh. (RC)

006041-96 Richard DUCKET, 21, laborer, Dover East twp., Chatham twp., s/o William & Mary DUCKET, married Rebecca DUNGE, 20, Chatham twp., Chatham, d/o John & Martha DUNGE, witn: Caleb MONTGOMERY, Benjamin WORD, both of city of Chatham, 21 May 1896 at Chatham

005990-96 George Henry DUNKLEY, 21, student, Chatham, Chatham, s/o George & Eliza , married Mary Angelina HARPER, 23, Millbridge, Wingham, d/o William & Angelina , witn: Henry EASTMAN?, M.A. McINTYRE, both of Chatham, 6 January 1896 at Chatham

006031-96 Herman D. ELDRIDGE, 36, painter, New Brunswick N.J. USA, Chatham, s/o Catherine & Alvah, married Margaret C. GREEN, 16, Albro, Chatham, d/o Martha & George H., witn: Mary GREEN & Martha DENEAN both of Chatham on Apr. 11, 1896 at Chatham. 008420-99 (Kent Co.) Charles ESCOTT, 28, carpenter, Euphemia, Palmyra, s/o John & Maria, married Estelle E. REYNOLDS, 18, Palmyra, d/o Henry J. REYNOLDS & Hannah STREET, witn Archy G. BAKER of Laurenceville & A.G. ILER (Iles?) of Ridgetown, on 23 December 1896, at Ridgetown
6254-96 Jonathan ESKITT, 24, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Joseph ESKITT & M. J. HIGHLAND, married Emeline BLUM, 21, Orford, same, d/o Benjamin BLUM & Margaret PFUFF (Pfaff?), witn: Henry BLUM of Orford & Matilda ESKITT of Howard, 10 June 1896 at Orford 006268-96 (Kent Co.)  Albert E. EVANS, farmer, 17, Birmingham Eng, Howard, s/o James EVANS & Louisa GRIFF, married Ellen M. CAMPBELL, 24, Howard, same d/o Angus & Elisia, witn:  Richard CAMPBELL of Ridgetown & Lollie (Lottie) BROWN of Howard, on 22 July 1896, at Howard
006273-96 (Kent Co.)  David A. EVERETT, farmer, 24, Howard, same, s/o D.A. EVERETT & Olive NEWCOMB, married Edith THOMSON, 24, Howard, same, d/o James THOMSON & Mary McKINLEY, witn:  Lena CAMERON of Ridgetown & E.L. EVERETT of Howard, on 30 September 1896, at Howard  

006326-96 (Kent Co) Joseph Henry EVERITT, 52, blacksmith, widower, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o Joseph & Jane, married Jane SMITH, 40, widow, Raleigh twp., Howard twp., d/o Stephen & Delilah [no surname given], witn: Emily FREEBORN, Mary BLACK, both of Blenheim, 3 August 1896 at Blenheim

005944-96 (Kent Co) Thomas FERRY, 38, glass blower, widower, England, Wallaceburg, s/o William & Isabella FERRY, married Maggie McLEAN, 38, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o Duncan & Mary McLEAN, witn: Robert FERRY, Olive ROSS, both of Wallaceburg, 29 February 1896 at Wallaceburg

006213-96 (Kent Co.)  William FINN, laborer, 33, Howard, Rigetown, s/o Thomas & Nettie Ann, married Fanny ROBISON (s/b Robinson), 34, Aldborough, Ridgetown, widowed, d/o Richard & Elizabeth BOURNE, witn:  Phillip & Fanny GREEN, both of Ridgetown, on 4 February 1896, at Ridgetown  
006203-96 (Kent Co) Charles M. FLUELIN, 31, widower, hotel keeper, Oxford Co., Harwich, s/o John D. FLUELIN & Temperance SNELL, married Sarah HOLMES, 26, Howard Ont., Harwich, d/o Henry HOLMES & Mary MAW, witn Albert MCKAY & Rose HOLMES, of Harwich, 17 June 1896, at Presbyterian Manse, Blenheim. 006212-96 (Kent Co.)  William Henry FORSEYTH [Forsyth?], yeoman, 24, Bosanquet, Orford, s/o George & Jane Annie, married Alexina WADE, 18, Orford, same, d/o Daniel & Mary Ann, witn:  George FORSEYTH & Annie HOLMAN, both of Highgate, on 29 January 1896, at Ridgetown  
006217-96 (Kent Co.)  George FORSEYTH, yeoman, 24, Bosanquet, Orford, s/o George & Jane, married Annie HOLMAN, 18, Highgate, Orford, d/o Charles & Nancy, witn:  John FIFE & Mrs. John FIFE, both of Orangeville, on 2 June 1896, at Ridgetown [Forsyth?] 006284-96 (Kent Co.)  Hiram FREDERICK, farmer, 26, Howard, same, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Lizzie HALL, 23, Howard, same, d/o James & Amelia, witn:  Benjamin SMITH & Alice SMITH, both of Howard, on 6 May 1896, at Howard
006194-96 (Kent Co) Charles Arthur FRENCH, 26, farmer, Chatham Tp., same, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth FRENCH, married Margaret E. PHERRILL, 22, Scarboro Tp., Chatham Tp., d/o William & Margaret PHERRILL, witn J. FRENCH & Fanny WEAVER, of Chatham Tp., 30 December 1896, at Chatham Tp.

006246-96 (Kent Co) George S. FURSY (Furry?), 24, stave joiner, Michigan, Blenheim, s/o James & Margaret FURSY, married Catherine MORGAN, 20, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o Richard & Desty? MORGAN, witn: Maud TAYLOR, Troy, Mary LEE, Highgate, 6 June 1896 at Orford

006218-96 (Kent Co.)  John FYFE, yeoman, 38, Guelph, Duffin?, widowed, s/o John & Eliza, married Lydia Maria BURNETT, 35, Beverly Wentworth Co, same, d/o John & Deborah, witn:  Laura W. PHILIP & Douglas K. PHILIP, both of Ridgetown, on 2 June 1896, at Ridgetown  

006143-96 (Kent Co) James GARDINER, 30, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o John & Mary Ann, married Margaret ROGERS, 22, Kentish Town London England, Tilbury East, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: Nelson BALL, Raleigh, Edith V. SALES, Tilbury East, 6 October 1896 at Tilbury East twp.

006151-96 (Kent Co) John Edward GEAR, 26, merchant, Cleveland Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Frank GEAR & Rebecca MURPHY, married Mary McNERNY, 24, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o Michael McNERNY & Johanna MURPHY, witn: J. KELLY, Cleveland, Maggie McNERNY, residence not entered, 23 September 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

007567-97 (Kent Co.) James G. GILLIES, 33, farmer, Orford, same, s/o Dugald & Christina, married Isabell McLAREN, 26, Howard, same, d/o Donald & Janet, witn:  James GILLIES of West Lane & Sarah McLAREN of Morpeth, on 31 December 1896, at Howard 006036-96 Bud P. GIPSON, 27, laborer, Chatham, same, s/o Caroline & Charles, married Martha A. PORTER, 24, Dover Tp., Chatham, d/o Frances & Prince, witn: Florence & George TURRELL both of Chatham on May 8, 1896 at Chatham
006214-96 (Kent Co.) Arthor Clinton GOODYEAR, yeoman, 23, Gaines twp Genessee Co. Mich, same, s/o John & Emma, married Ida May LOUNDSBURY?, 23, Delhi, Ridgetown, d/o Jacob & Sarah, witn:  D.M. GOODYEAR of Gaines Mich & John MOORE, Mary GUILDS & Mary LOUNDSBURY?, all of Ridgetown, on 26 February 1896, at Ridgetown  

005912-96 William GOULD, 28, farmer, Dawn twp., same, s/o John & Ann GOULD, married Jessie McDONALD, 21, Dawn twp, same, d/o William & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Neil McDONALD, Dawn twp., Etta GOULD, Haliburton, 22 January 1896 at Thamesville

  006302-96 (Kent Co) John Davis GRAHAM, 25, farmer, Canada, Raleigh, s/o Robert & Eliza GRAHAM, married Mary Elizabeth CLELAND, 16, Canada, Raleigh, d/o James & Adeline CLELAND, witn: John H. GILLAM, Minnie DUNBROOK, both of Buxton, 30 June 1896 at Charing Cross

006141-96 (Kent Co) Charles GRAY, 29, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o James & Ann, married Anna Laura MIFFLIN, 22, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o William C. & Martha, witn: Roy MIFFLIN, Leslie MIFFLIN, residences not entered, 30 September 1896 at Tilbury East twp.

006037-96 Frank A. GREEN, 18, farmer, Chatham Tp., same, s/o George & Kezia, married Annie Amelia HASSON, 16, Chatham Tp., same, d/o James & Mary, witn: J. H. & Elizabeth TYRRELL both of Chatham on May 26, 1896 at Chatham. (LDS)
006276-96 (Kent Co.) Albert GREEN, farmer, 31, Howard, Winchestor Co Manitoba, widowed, s/o John & Mary, married Ella May SHAW, 22, Howard, same, d/o John & Mary, witn:  James GARDNER & Mary SHAW, both of Howard, on 16 December 1896, at Howard 006294-96 George Frederick GREEN, 29, farmer, widower, Chatham Tp., same, s/o George & Kezia, married Ester Ann McFADDEN, 30, Raleigh, same, d/o Arthur & Mary, witn: Mary A. GREEN of Chatham Tp. & Emma McFADDEN of Raleigh on Mar. 4, 1896 at residence of bride's parents at Raleigh. (LDS)

006320-96 (Kent Co) William Robert GREENWOOD, 25, farmer, Blenheim, Blenheim, s/o James & Mary GREENWOOD, married Mary Jeanette McGREGOR, 25, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o John & Margaret McGREGOR, witn: C.N. GREENWOOD, Ella McGREGOR, both of Blenheim, 4 March 1896 at Blenheim


005904-96 Lemuel GROSE, 21, farmer, Camden twp. Ont., Chatham twp. Kent Ont., s/o William GROSE & Maria GROSE, married Generva Martha Ann BOSWELL, 14, Chatham twp. Kent Ont., Chatham twp. Kent Ont., d/o Eliza BOSWELL & Isaac BOSWELL, witn: Jennie DAVIS, John BAYNARD, 17 March 1896 at Cooper's Mill, Chatham twp.

005925-96 (Kent Co) Nicholas GROSSE, 69, farmer, widower, Cornwall England, Dawn twp. Lambton Co., s/o Thomas & Mary GROSSE, married Mary Ann HATCHER, 69, widow, Hampshire England, Zone twp. Kent Co., d/o Thomas & Mary SUTTON, witn: Maggie BECKET, Bessi SHERMAN? (Sherran?), both of Thamesville, 10 June 1896 at Thamesville
  006249-96 (Kent Co) James GRUNNAY (Greenway?), 42, farmer, Elgin Ont., Nelson Man., s/o Thomas & Annie GRUNNAY, married Emma ROBINSON, 27, Clearville, Clearville, d/o John ROBINSON & Mary J. LANDEN?, witn: Benjamin ROBINSON & Harriet GRUNNAY, 12 February 1896 at Clearville

006309-96 (Kent Co) Sargeson V. HALSTEAD, 35, mining engineer, Norfolk Co. Ont., Rat Portage, s/o James I. & Matilda Jane HALSTEAD, married Alice Priscilla SHERMAN, 26, Chatham twp., Raleigh twp., d/o George & Lucia SHERMAN, witn: John SHERMAN, Raleigh, Sarah CLEMENTS, Chicago U.S., 28 October 1896 at residence of bride's parents

006334-96 (Kent Co) James HANUSKIS, 51, carpenter, widower, Raleigh twp., Oak River Manitoba, s/o William & Athaliah, married Jane WINTER, 54, widow, Louisville Ont., Blenheim, d/o David & Mary [no surname given], witn: L. LUCHA, Mrs. LUCHA, both of Rond Eau Ont., 18 December 1896 at Blenheim

005963-96 (Kent Co) Thomas HARRIS, 33, ship carpenter, widower, England, Wallaceburg, s/o William & Harriett, married Ida SIDDLE, 26, widow, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane [no surname given], witn: James ANNAL, Maggie WRIGHT, both of Wallaceburg, 27 August 1896 at Wallaceburg

005988-96 Lewis HARRIS, 28, laborer, Harwich twp., Chatham Ont., s/o Joseph & Susan HARRIS, married Annie LANG, 20, Dresden Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o John & Marget (sic) LANG, witn: Robert HARRIS, Eliza GROTE, both of Chatham, 21 January 1896 at Chatham

  005932-96 (Kent Co) John S. HART, 35, currier, Belleville Ont., Dresden Ont., s/o James S. HART & Barsheba HART, married Eliza RIVARD, 24, Baltimore Mich., Wallaceburg Ont., d/o Oliver RIVARD & Fanny RIVARD, witn: William J. RIVARD, Wallaceburg, Katie McKEGAN, Kent Bridge Ont., 6 October 1896 at Thamesville

006312-96 (Kent Co) Edward White HARVEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Raleigh, s/o Solomon C. & Eliza J. HARVEY, married Clara Alice BOYES, 22, Canada, Raleigh, d/o Andrew & Mary BOYES, witn: T. or L. B. HARVEY, Charing Cross, Rena LOWE, Chatham, 15 November 1896 at parent's residence, 13th Conc. Raleigh

006319-96 (Kent Co) Henry HARVEY, 45, farmer, widower, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Henry & Nonissy? HARVEY, married Agnes MARTYN, 44, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Kuper & Rebecca MARTYN, witn: Mrs. J. HOLMES, Pearl ROLLINS, both of Blenheim, 9 January 1896 at Blenheim

006271-96 (Kent Co.)  John HATTON, farmer, 59, England, Howard, widowed, (parents--dead), married Mary E. OSWALD, 19, England, Howard, d/o Caroline, witn:  John & Matilda LAW--?(cutoff), both of Howard, on 7 September 1896, at Howard


005906-96 Thomas HEARD, 42, contractor, widower, Devonshire England, Detroit, s/o George & Grace HEARD, married Jennie WARD, 33, Lambton Co. Ont., Chatham twp., d/o John & Emmier? WARD, witn: Sara E. WARD, Dresden, H.C.E. COATES, Bothwell, 2 July 1896 at Chatham twp

006200-96 (Kent Co) Robert John HENDERSON, 27, farmer, Howard Co., same, s/o William HENDERSON & Elizabeth GALLAGHER, married Mary Ann MCEACHRAN, 27, Harwich, same, d/o Thomas MCEACHRAN & Ann BOYLE, witn William John MCEACHRAN of Harwich & Ann HENDERSON of Howard, 29 April 1896, at Township of Harwich.

005930-96 (Kent Co) George William HENRY, 24, plumber, Shetland Isles Scotland, Detroit Mich., s/o Malcolm HENRY & Catherine HENRY, married Margaret RUSSELL, 23, Howard twp. Kent Co., Thamesville Ont., d/o Archibald RUSSELL & Margaret RUSSELL, witn: Robert RUSSELL, Battle Creek Mich., Maggie E. McGREGOR, Harwich Ont., 8 July 1896 at Thamesville

006341-96 (Kent Co) Ernest HERBERT, 22, bricklayer, Dawn Mills, London, s/o Horace HERBERT & Jane COLE, married Charlotte Elsie PREBBLE, 22, Hamilton, Dresden, d/o Robert PREBBLE & Elizabeth BROCK, witn: Stephen P. VICKERY, Zone twp., Christy McDONALD, Dresden, 11 March 1896 at Dresden

005967-96 (Kent Co) Joseph M. HESS, 25, laborer, Pilkerton, Wallaceburg, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Jessie BEATON, 22, Sombra, Wallaceburg, d/o David & Lydia, witn: James ANNAL, Lucy BEATON, both of Wallaceburg, 21 October 1896 at Wallaceburg

006196-70 (Kent Co) David HILLMAN, 36, farmer, Essex Co., Harwich Township, s/o Ellis HILLMAN & Elizabeth ABBOT, married Charlotte PATTERSON, 20, U.S., Harwich Tp., d/o John & Margaret LANE?, witn Roy PATTERSON & Annie PATTERSON, of Harwich, 5 April 1896, at Guilds, Township of Harwich.
006207-96 (Kent Co) George Edward HOLDAWAY, 25, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o William & Keziah HOLDAWAY, married Charlotte NORTON, 21, Harwich, same, d/o Alva & Catharine NORTON, witn J. C. WALKER & Maggie NORTON, of 4 line Harwich, 28 October 1896, at 4th line Harwich. 006038-96 Harvey Clifford HOLME, 21, farmer, Kent Co., Camden Tp., s/o John & Margaret, married Rosetta TRAXLER, 18, Camden, same, d/o William & Matilda, witn: Mary H. CREWS of Chatham & Frances H. MUXWORTHY of Charing Cross on May 20, 1896 at Chatham
006289-96 John D. HOUSTON, 32, yeoman, Norwich, same, s/o Duncan & Catherine, married Eva CLARK, 24, Raleigh, same, d/o Thomas & Agnes, witn: Herbert CLARK of Raleigh & Annie HOUSTON of Norwich on Jan. 8, 1896 at Raleigh 006188-96 James Henry HUDSON, 25, farmer, Lindsay, Chatham Tp., s/o James W. & Sarah A., married Sarah Loretta TOMPKINS, 22, Harwich Tp., Chatham Tp., d/o Rueben A. & Sarah, witn: Alfred WEAVER & Lillian TOMPKINS both of Chatham Tp. on Oct. 15, 1896 at Louisville

005919-96 (Kent Co) John JAQUES, 23, farmer, Harwich twp., Zone twp., s/o Alexander & Elizabeth JAQUES, married Annie Amelia OLIVER, 25, Zone twp., Zone twp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth OLIVER, witn: Agnes & Maddie D. BECKET, both of Thamesville, 25 March 1896 at Thamesville

005917-96 William JAQUES, 28, farmer, widower, Camden twp., same, s/o William & Susan JAQUES, married Margaret COTTERILL, 18, Gorrie, Camden twp., d/o George & Margaret COTTERILL, witn: Agnes & Maggie D. BECKETT, both of Thamesville, 11 March 1896 at Thamesville

  005921-96 (Kent Co) Henry James JEROME, 27, musician, Ironston England, Bothwell, s/o Charles & Mary JEROME, married Emily Harriet PICKETT, 22, Canada, Bothwell Ont., d/o Robert & Harriet PICKETT, witn: Alice W. BRAY, Annie S. MAYHEW, both of Thamesville, 6 May 1896 at Thamesville
6654-96 Leslie JOHNSON, 24, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Robert JOHNSON & Elizabeth, married Jennie Isabella GATES, 22, Harwich, same, d/o Charles GATES & Jennie, witn: Fred GATES & Minnie SALES, both of Harwich, 20 Oct 1896 at Harwich  (also 8634-00)

006336-96 (Kent Co) Peter JOHNSON, 52, laborer, widower, Euphemia twp., Dresden, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Pharsina WARNER, 68, widow, London twp., Harwich twp., d/o A C K & Clarsey [no surname given], witn: Sarah WATTS, Harwich, Mrs. HOLMES, Blenheim, 18 September 1896 at Blenheim

006322-96 (Kent Co) Lesley JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Robert & Mary Elizabeth, married Jessie Elizabeth SALES, 22, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o Charles & Jessie, witn: Frederick SALES, Minnie SALES, both of Harwich, 26 October 1896 at Blenheim

006224-96 (Kent Co.)  John JOHNSTON, farmer, 22, Dawn, Harwich, s/o Robert & Maggie, married Lilley O. RAMSDEN, 18, Harwich, same, d/o Edward & Mary, witn:  Zebina (Zelina?) RAMSDEN & Emily HOBSON, both of Harwich, on 10 June 1896, at Ridgetown

005970-96 (Kent Co) William JOHNSTON, 22, laborer, St. Thomas, Wallaceburg, s/o David & Lucinda, married Ida ROGERS, 22, widow, Willowby (Willoughby?) twp., Wallaceburg, d/o Henry & Annie, witn: Henry MORNINGSTAR, Annie MORNINGSTAR, both of Wallaceburg, 25 December 1896 at Wallaceburg

005971-96 (Kent Co) George W. JONES, 22, laborer, Ridgetown, Wallaceburg, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Pearl LEONARD, 16, Port Huron, Port Huron, d/o David & Bell, witn: Louis WHITEFOOT, Z. MITCHELL, both of Wallaceburg, 25 November 1896 at Wallaceburg

006307-96 (Kent Co) Albert JONES, 21, labourer, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh Ont., s/o Samuel & Charity JONES, married Elizabeth CROSBY, 16, Tilbury East Ont., Tilbury East Ont., d/o Joseph & Hester? CROSBY, witn: George DREW, Raleigh, Emma JONES, North Buxton, 13 September 1896 at residence of W.N. DRAKE North Buxton (minister)

006189-96 William Henry JONES, 26, laborer, Nova Scotia, Michigan, s/o Arthur & Adaline, married Mary Elizabeth SCOTT, 25, Chatham Tp., same, d/o William E. & Frances, witn: William E. & Frances SCOTT both of Chatham Tp. on June 16, 1896 at Chatham Tp
 006266-96 (Kent Co.)  William Henry JONES, blacksmith, 23, Ridgetown, same, s/o John & Isabell, married Almina Jane St.JOHN, 21, Saltfleet, Rigetown, d/o Frank & Elizabeth, witn:  S.G. & Bessie StJOHN, both of Howard, on 2 July 1896, at Howard 006199-96 (Kent Co) George KEIFER, 29, farmer, Co. Haldimand Ont., Harwich, s/o Nicholas KEIFER & Margaret SAWYER?, married Margary Estella MCDOUGALL, 26, Aldborough Ont., Harwich, d/o John Lorne MCDOUGALL & Rebecca Ann BUNT?, witn Donald B. MCDOUGALL & Susan MCKELLAR, of Harwich, 23 April 1896, at Township of Harwich.

006159-96 (Kent Co) Matthew KELLY, 21, manufacturer, Zone, Tilbury Centre, s/o Nathaniel KELLY & Eliza KELLY, married Eliza KELLY, 26, Glanford, Tilbury Centre, d/o Amos & Hannah KELLY, witn: Hannah KELLY, Isabella JAMES, residences not entered, 12 February 1896 at Tilbury

005959-96 (Kent Co) Thomas KILBRIDE, 34, farmer, St. Thomas, Chatham twp., s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Agnes YOUNG, 24, Harwich twp., Chatham twp., d/o Adoniram & Annie, witn: Elias YOUNG, Chatham twp., Jane MEREDITH, Blenheim, 16 July 1896 at Wallaceburg

006226-96 (Kent Co.)  Charles KILDEA, confectioner, 25, Ont, Bothwell, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Mary DALTON, 27, Bothwell, same, d/o William & Mary, witn:  W.D. & Mrs. R. SCAFE (SCOTT?), both of Ridgetown, on 22 June 1896, at Ridgetown

006051-96 Joseph KIME, 23, veterinary surgeon, England, Chatham, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Ella POPE, 24, England, Chatham twp., d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: John KIME, Chatham, Louisa POPE, Chatham twp., 22 June 1896 at Chatham

005953-96 (Kent Co) Victor A.C. KINCADE, 25, farmer, Adelaide twp., Adelaide twp., s/o Robert & Mary KINCADE, married Anna Belle McRAE, 26, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o Alexander & Sarah Jane McRAE, witn: R. BOYD, Ethel ALLEN, both of Wallaceburg, 10 June 1896 at Wallaceburg

006227-96 (Kent Co.)  Thomas KING, laborer, 35, Fishers Lane - Liverpool Eng, Thamesville, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Louisa L. COUNTS, 18, Kurt Bridge, Mull, d/o Charles & Eliza, witn:  William D. SCAFE? & W. McDONALD, both of Ridgetown, on 30 July 1896, at Ridgetown  
006215-96 (Kent Co.)  Robert J. LAING, farmer, 25, Cumberland Co. Eng, Howard, s/o James & Martha, married Jessie SNOW, 28, Grimsby twp Lincoln Co., same, d/o Alexander & Susan, witn:  Homer? M. ILER? & Helen A. ILER?, both of Ridgetown, on 12 March 1896, at Ridgetown    

006046-96 Robert LANE, 31, teacher, Durham Co. Ont., Bay City Mich., s/o Robert & Anne LANE, married Mary OLIVER, 27, Chatham Ont., Chatham, d/o William OLIVER & Elizabeth OLIVER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Geo. OLIVER, both of Chatham, 29 April 1896 at Chatham

006195-96 (Kent Co) Albert LANE, 35, farmer, Blenheim, Chatham Township, s/o Stephen & Hulda LANE, married Nancy JOHNSTON, 38, Harwich Tp., same, d/o D--- & Mary JOHNSTON, witn Hugh JOHNSTON & Melinda FIELDS, of Harwich, 5 February 1896, at Tp. of Harwich.

005901-96 James LANGSTAFF, 44, farmer, widower, Richmond Hill, Chatham twp., s/o Miles LANGSTAFF & Chariol LANGSTAFF, married Nellie SANGSTER, 21, Toronto, Chatham twp., d/o William T. SANGSTER & Jane SANGSTER, witn: William SANGSTER, Chatham twp., Flora GESNER, Ridgetown, 15 January 1896 at Chatham twp.

06333-96 (Kent Co) William Silas LARABEE, 30, farmer, Edwardsburg twp., Raleigh twp., s/o James Henry & Angelina, married Mary Ann McINTYRE, 28, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o Duncan & Christina, witn: John McINTYRE, Myrtle BURSE, both of Blenheim, 25 November 1896 at Blenheim

006153-96 (Kent Co) Francis LAROSE, 23, farmer, Walpole twp., Tilbury East., s/o James LAROSE (mother not entered), married Mary T. O'FLAHERTY, 21, Tilbury East, d/o Joseph O'FLAHERTY (mother not entered), witn: none entered, 20 September 1896 at Tilbury East


006152-96 (Kent Co) Henry LAUZON, 28, carpenter, Walkerville Ont., Tilbury, s/o Louis LAUZON & Marie Rose, married Annie FREDERIC, 28, Tilbury East, Tilbury, d/o late Peter FREDERIC & Mathilde BROUSSEAU, witn: Hilaire VAILLAUS, Delia PELLETIER, residences not entered, 28 September 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

006156-96 (Kent Co) George LEACOCK, 31, labourer, Watford Ont., Romney Ont., s/o Thomas LEACOCK & Liza ROONEY, married Olive PHANEUF, 17, Tilbury North, Romney Ont., d/o William PHANEUF & Apolline CHEVALIER, witn: William PHANEUF, Matthias FOLEY, residences not entered, 8 November 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

006204-96 (Kent Co) James LEATHERDALE, 25, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o John LEATHERDALE & Sarah WRENCHER, married Maggie May BROUGHTON, 20, Harwich, same, d/o Roderick BROUGHTON & Margaret CHASE, witn Luke LEATHERDALE of Chatham & Isabella MCCORMICK of Harwich, 6 May 1896, at Harwich.
006293-96 William John LECOCQ, 28, farmer, Isle of Jersey Britain, Raleigh, s/o John William & Elizabeth, married Mary BELL, 25, Raleigh, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Margaret BARAISIN, of Chatham & William BELL of Raleigh on Mar. 11, 1896 at residence of William Bell at Raleigh

006328-96 (Kent Co) George LEEZERET, 49, carpenter, widower, Leeds & Grenville Co., Chatham, s/o James & Laura, married Clara BAXTER, 52, widow, Auboro Ont., Blenheim, d/o Charles & Caroline [no surname given], witn: Mrs. J. HOLMES, W.W. HOLMES, both of Blenheim, 18 July 1896 at Blenheim

006221-96 (Kent Co.)  John LEITCH, laborer, 47, Orford, Delray MI, widowed, s/o Dugal LEITCH & Eliza GIBSON, married Maggie McKELLAR, 38, Ridgetown, same, widowed, d/o Alex & Lerissa McKAY, witn:  Annie McKAY & R.J. HUNTE, both of Ridgetown, on 10 March 1896, at Ridgetown   7646-97 Arthur LIDDLE, 29, farmer, England, Romney, s/o Joseph & Julia Ann, married Mary Maria SIMPSON, 31, Tilbury, same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: William LIDDLE of Wheatley & Mrs. Peter SIMPSON of Tilbury East, 23 Dec 1896 at Tilbury
006267-96 (Kent Co.)  Augustus Noach LIEBNER, farmer, 23, Howard, same, s/o Augustus LIEBNER & Caroline NOACH, married Catharine McDONALD, 24, Howard, same, d/o Miles McDONALD & Mary ROBISON, witn:  Arthur McDONALD & Caroline LIEBNER, both of Howard, on 17 June 1896, at Howard 7614-97 Peter LONGWORTH, 25, farmer, Tilbury, Tilbury East, s/o William LONGWORTH & Lizzie DONOGHUE, married Annie MURPHY, 25, Tilbury, Tilbury East, d/o John MURPHY & Mary CARR, witn: Dennis FINN & Katie MURPHY, both of Tilbury, 12 Oct 1896 at St. Patricks Church, Raleigh (Rom Cath)
006235-96 (Kent Co.)  John Clinton LOZAR, clerk, 19, Ridgetown, same, s/o George & Rebecca, married Laura HAYDEN, 21, Austin Maine, Ridgetown, d/o O.M. & Mary, witn:  Mrs. HUNTER & Miss McKINLEY, both of Ridgetown, on 22 December 1896, at Ridgetown   006181-96 Horace LUCAS, 41, farmer, widower, Indiana USA, Camden, s/o Houston & Mary, married Julia HARRIS, 28, Camden, same, d/o Adam & Julia, witn: James HARRIS & Martha STEWART both of Camden on Dec. 30, 1896 at Camden.
006272-96 (Kent Co.)  John LUKE, carriage trimmer, 28, Bothwell, same, s/o James & M., married Elizabeth MINSHALL, 23, Howard, same, d/o Marcillus & Sarah, witn:  Charles LUKE of Bothwell & May EVERITT of Howard, on 2 September 1896, at Howard 006225-96 (Kent Co.)  James Robert MANNING, commercial traveller, 32, Strathroy, Toronto, s/o John & Sarah, married Helena? PORTER, 28, Jarris Walploe twp, Ridgetown, d/o Nathanel & Mary Jane, witn:  John PORTER & Sarah J. PORTER, both of Ridgetown, on 22 June 1896, at Ridgetown  

006154-96 (Kent Co) Aristide MARCHAND, 23, labourer, Tilbury North, Tilbury North, s/o Aristide MARCHAND & Julienne CHEVALIER, married Marie Louise BROUSSEAU, 18, Tilbury East, Tilbury West, d/o Job BROUSSEAU & Marie PHANEUF, witn: Francis BROUSSEAU, Isabella PHANEUF, residences not entered, 26 October 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

006169-96 Charles MARCHAND, 21, farmer, Tilbury North, Tilbury North, s/o Peter MARCHAND & Sophia BOGRAND, married Cenaide DEMERS, 21, Prov of Quebec, Tilbury North, d/o Joseph DEMERS & Onezime TREMBLAY, witn: Peter MARCHAND, Joseph DEMERS, Tilbury, 10 February 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

7613-97 Henry H. MARSHALL, 24, farmer, Tilbury East, Raleigh, s/o George & Mary, married Isabella S. SMITH, 25, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o Jacob & Isabella, witn: George MARSHALL of Harwich & Edith SMITH of Merlin, 23 Dec 1896 at Merlin  
006310-96 (Kent Co) George MARTIN, 25, station agent M.C.Ry., Raleigh, Mull, s/o Francis MARTIN & Victoria LABADIE, married Ellen HIGGINS, 22, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh Ont., d/o William HIGGINS & Lizzie CLARKE, witn: John MARTIN, St. Thomas, Emma BARRY, Chatham, 15 September 1896 at St. Patrick's Church, Raleigh

006321-96 (Kent Co) Abram MATHEWS, 25, farmer, Ekfrid twp., Dawn twp., s/o Abram & Susanna MATHEWS, married Eva ELLIS, 21, Dresden, Dawn twp., d/o James & Amelia ELLIS, witn: W. HOLMES, Mrs. J. HOLMES, both of Blenheim, 29 April 1896 at Blenheim

006030-96 Harry Edward MAYO, 23, laborer, Chatham, same, no parents names given, married Lizzie SCOTT, 18, Chatham, same, no parents names given, witn: Mrs Rose ALNOR & Mrs Janey JUILON both of Chatham on May 4, 1896 at Chatham 006210-96 (Kent Co.)  John McAGY, farmer, 28, Camden, same, s/o James McAGY & Hannah R. BOYLE, married Alice A. WALRATH, 28, Lennox Co., Harwich, d/o John WALRATH & Myria WOODCOCK, witn:  Andrew McAGY of Dawn Mills & Harriet E. WALRATH of Chatham, on 23 December 1896, at Harwich
006034-96 William McBRAYNE, 28, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Peter & Flora, married Alice HERONS, 20, of Howard, d/o Fred & Mary, witn: Mrs. M. NEWBERRY & Nellie WEST both of Chatham on Jan. 22, 1896 at Chatham 006202-96 (Kent Co) John MCCALL, 24, farmer, Iona Ont., Harwich, s/o Donald & Marian MCCALL, married Susan A. GOSNELL, 23, Harwich, same, d/o Samson & Catharine GOSNELL, witn Burt GOSNELL & Josie BUGLEY?, of Harwich, 15 January 1896, at Harwich.

005949-96 (Kent Co) Alexander M. McCREAREY, 29, farmer, Chatham Gore twp., Chatham Gore twp., s/o Alexander & Sarah McCREAREY, married Maggie McDOUGALL, 25, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o William & Sophia McDOUGALL, witn: David L. McCREAREY, Chatham twp., Annie LITTLE, Wallaceburg, 25 March 1896 at Wallaceburg

006242-96 (Kent Co) William MCDONALD, 22, teacher, Ontario, Euphemia, s/o John & Mary MCDONALD, married Annie E. MCGUGA--- (cut off), 20, Ontario, Euphemia, d/o David & Sarah A. MCGUGA (cut off), witn John MURRAY & Mary MURRAY, of Zone, 4 March 1896, at Bothwell. 006243-96 (Kent Co) John N. MCDONALD, 23, farmer, Ontario, Dawn, s/o Alex & Mary MCDONALD, married Flora Augusta REID, 22, Ontario, Dawn, d/o Peter & Catherine REID, witn Peter REID & Catherine REID, of Dawn, 9 September 1896, at Bothwell.
006237-96 (Kent Co.)  Sylvester McDONALD, yeoman, 25, Orford, Chicago Ill, s/o Peter & Sarah, married Mary E. McKELLAR, 22, Orford, Ridgetown, d/o Duncan & Francise, witn:  Rob McKELLER of Ridgetown & Annie McDONALD of Clearville, on 29 December 1896, at Ridgetown

006160-96 (Kent Co) Ernest McDONALD, 23, dentist, Leamington, Tilbury, s/o Daniel & Esther McDONALD, married Annie POWELL, 19, Valetta, Tilbury, d/o James & Ellen POWELL, witn: Charles POWELL, Minnie POWELL, residences not entered, 9 March 1896 at Tilbury

006198-96 (Kent Co) Joseph MCEACHRAN, 23, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Neil MCEACHRAN & Mary SMART (STUART?), married Barbara MCVICAR, 25, Harwich, same, d/o Neil MCVICAR & Margaret Jane WOODSIDE, witn John MCVICAR & Lizzie TAYLOR, of Harwich, 22 April 1896, at Township of Harwich.  
006182-96 Peter McGUIGAN, 38, farmer, Raleigh Tp., Harwich Tp., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Matilda BLACKBURN, 31, Louisville, same, d/o Joseph & Lucinda, witn: George W. BLACKBURN of Louisville & Jemima McKERRALL of Chatham on July 22, 1896 at Louisville 006270-96 (Kent Co.)  Albert McKAY, laborer, 23, Howard, same, s/o Robert McKAY & E. UNDERWOOD, married Rose HOLMES, 19, Harwich, same, d/o Henry HOLMES & Mary MAWE, witn:  A.J. STEVENS & George SMITH, both of Morpeth, on 29 July 1896, at Morpeth

006149-96 (Kent Co) Fred McKENZIE, 28, labourer, Pen. U.S., Romney, s/o John McKENZIE & Mary MOFFATT, married Rosalie PHANEUF, 20, Tilbury North, Romney twp., d/o William PHANEUF & Apolline CHEVALIER, witn: Lawrence FOLEY, Mary PHANEUF, residences not entered, 4 August 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

005946-96 (Kent Co) Charles McKOIG, 37, farmer, Ontario, Sombra, s/o Hugh & Isabella McKOIG, married Mary Ann MURPHY, 19, Kent, Sombra, d/o Joseph & Martha MURPHY, witn: J. CURRIE, C. BEGER, both of Wallaceburg, 18 March 1896 at Wallaceburg

006190-96 Alex McLEAN, 28, farmer, Hastings Co., Chatham Tp., s/o James & Margaret, married Annie FORSHEE? 26, Camden Tp., Chatham Tp., d/o C. P. & Almeda, witn: James MACAULAY of Camden & Ida KINNERLY of Enniskillin Tp., on Nov. 18, 1896 at Enniskillin

005922-96 (Kent Co) George Henry McLEAN, 25, wood turner, Canada, Thamesville Ont., s/o Wilson & Catherine McLEAN, married Mabel Maud RICHARDSON, 20, Canada, Thamesville, d/o Elisha & Lavina RICHARDSON, witn: Frank & Fanny RICHARDSON, both of Thamesville Ont., 20 May 1896 at Thamesville

006209-96 (Kent Co.)  John George McLEOD, farmer, 28, Caradoc, Harwich, s/o James LcLEOD & Betsy D(illegible), married Mariah Elizabeth NICHOL, 21, Harwich, Blenheim, d/o William NICHOL & Eliza BOYLE, witn:  William NICHOL & Mrs. William NICHOL, both of Harwich, on 14 October 1896, at Harwich  

005952-96 (Kent Co) William Claude McMULLAN, 27, carpenter, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Daniel & Jane Ann McMULLAN, married Irene LEDERINGTON, 25, Ontario, Sombra, d/o Archibald & Elizabeth LEDERINGTON, witn: Bessie TAYLOR, Walter RALPH, both of Wallaceburg, 4 May 1896 at Wallaceburg

  005962-96 (Kent Co) Robert McNEIL, 35, farmer, Middlesex, Sombra twp., s/o Ronald [nothing else entered], married Edith MEEKS, 17, Sombra twp., Sombra twp., d/o Wallace & Olive, witn: William DAVIS, Theresa MEEKS, both of Sombra twp., 25 August 1896 at Wallaceburg
006035-96 Allan McNEILAGE, 29, farmer, Chatham Tp., same, s/o Donald & Mary, married Maud L. STRINGER, 23, Chatham, same, d/o George & Jane, witn: James McNEILAGE & Jean MARTIN both of Chatham Tp. on May 14, 1896 at Chatham 006281-96 (Kent Co.)  Albert E. McRITCHIE, yeoman, 23, Harwich, same, s/o Alex & Ann, married Emma Louisa SPENCER, 22, Howard, same, d/o Georger William & Elizabeth SPENSE (sic), witn:  Henry Dawson REYNOLDS of Morpeth & Ella SPENCE of Ridgetown, on 18 March 1896, at Howard

006342-96 (Kent Co) Samuel Edgar MEREDITH, 22, farmer, Camden twp., Wabash, s/o James & Margaret MEREDITH, married Hattie DELINE, 22, Thorncliffe, same, d/o William & Caroline DELINE, witn: Russell HOLMES, Wabash, Annie RUBLE, Thorncliffe, 25 March 1896 at Thorncliffe

005902-96 Alfred A. MERRITT, 32, farmer, Louisville, Louisville, s/o Leonard MERRITT & Ann MERRITT, married Peleura W. BIELER, 27, Howard twp. Kent Co., Howard twp. Kent Co., d/o John BILLER & ditto marks, witn: Maggie KNIGHT, Framk TRAXLER, residences not entered, 4 March 1896 at Howard twp

006287-96 (Kent Co.)  Harry MIDDLEDITCH, machinest, 25, Amherstburg, Detroit, s/o George MIDDLEDITCH & Isabella SMITH, married Margaret Ann McCOLL, 27, Howard, same, d/o Dougall & Euphemia, witn: Donald McCOLL & Mrs William ANDERSON, on 2 June 1896, at Howard  
006304-96 (Kent Co) Solomon S. MIFFLIN, 63, farmer, widower, England, Tilbury East twp., s/o Cornelius & Mary MIFFLIN, married Hannah J. FRANCES, 55, widow, Mersea Ont., Tilbury East twp., d/o John & Dorothea FRANCES, witn: H.C. PICKARD & Mahlon PICKARD, both of Merlin, 20 July 1896 at Merlin

006056-96 Joseph MIFFLIN, 29, farmer, Tilbury twp., Blenheim, s/o John MIFFLIN & Hannah WILKINSON, married Fanny GRAY, 27, Tilbury, Blenheim, d/o James GRAY & Ann BADDER, witn: Minnie BAKER, Hattie BROAD, both of Chatham, 6 July 1896 at Chatham

  006183-96 Alfred MILBERN (Milburn?), 25, farmer, Canada, Chatham Tp., s/o Thomas & Harriett Ann, married Georgie SMITH, 21, Canada, Chatham Tp., d/o Harris & Elizabeth, witn: Isaac HARDY & Cassie SMITH both of Chatham Tp. on Aug. 19, 1896 at Chatham Tp.
006291-96 Albert MILLER, 26, engineer, USA, Raleigh, s/o James & Josephine, married Rosa Ann SCOTT, 24, Raleigh, same, d/o Zachariah & Mary Ann, witn: William & Jane RHAN, both of Buxton on Jan. 12, 1896 at North Buxton 006277-96 (Kent Co.)  Robert MILNER, laborer, 61, England, Morpeth, widowed, (no parents listed), married Mary STOREY, 62, England, Morpeth, widowed, d/o David & Sarah WATSON, witn:  D. & Sarah WATSON of Morpeth, on 9 December 1896, at Morpeth
006222-96 (Kent Co.)  Whales MITTON, farmer, 28, Howard, same, s/o Henry MITTON & Mary Jane McBRAYNE, married Olive? E. McPHERSON, 28, Ridgetown, same, d/o Jn. McPHERSON & Charity Kingston LANTRY, witn:  Frank CLARK & Maggie McPHERSON, on 3 June 1896, at Ridgetown 006197-96 (Kent Co) Isaac? MONTGOMERY, 30, widower, farmer, Dover Ont., same, s/o Samuel & Eliza MONTGOMERY, married Agnes Mary MCRITCHIE, 26, Harwich Ont., same, d/o Alexander & Annie MCRITCHIE, witn Albert MCRITCHIE & Josey MCRITCHIE, of Harwich, 8 April 1896, at Tp. of Harwich.
7518-97 William Henry MOREHOUSE, 30, butcher, Nilestown, Dover, s/o Humphrey & Synthia, married Hannah E. RANKIN, 22, Dover, same, d/o James RANKIN & Agnes JACKSON, witn: William Thomas & Mary A. RANKIN of Dover, 20 May 1896 at Dover twp

005924-96 (Kent Co) John Alexander MUSTARD, 29, clergyman, Scott twp., Harwich twp. Kent Co., s/o Alexander & Marion MUSTARD, married Catherine Agnes McFARLANE, 22, Thamesville, Thamesville, d/o Daniel & Catherine McFARLANE, witn: James N.W. BORLAND, Otonabee, Edith S. McFARLANE, Thamesville, 3 June 1896 at Thamesville

005974-96 (Kent Co) Joseph MYERS, 19, farmer, Ontario, Sombra twp., s/o John & Clemence, married Mary AMO, 16, Ontario, Sombra twp., d/o James & Philomine, witn: Paul CHARRON, Mary LOUZON, both of Dover twp., 30 September 1896 at Wallaceburg

006297-96 (Kent Co) Warren Whitford MYERS, 25, blacksmith, Canada, Chatham, s/o Warren & Alice MYERS, married Hannah Elizabeth THOMPSON, 19, Canada, Chatham, d/o James & Sarah THOMPSON, witn: Frances R. MUXWORTHY, Clara BARTLETT, both of Charing Cross, 30 March 1896 at Methodist parsonage, Charing Cross

006043-96 Washington NAGLE, 25, carpenter, Caradoc, Chatham, s/o Washington & Elizabeth, married Emily Alice STEVENSON (or Stevens), 26, London Eng., Chatham, d/o James & Sabina, witn: Walter STEVEN, Martha OAKLEY, 1 June 1896 at Chatham

007566-97 (Kent Co.)  David D. NASH, 25, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Mary L. PERRITT, 17, Raleigh, Howard, d/o A. J. & Martha, witn:  Angus E. NASH of Harwich & Mina MILLON of Howard, on 2 December 1896, at Howard

006314-96 (Kent Co) James W. NASH, 25, lumber inspector, Caledonia, East Tawas Iosco Co. Mich., s/o Berzilla & Mary NASH, married Minerva STUCK, 30, Malahide, Blenheim, d/o Manning & Mary Jane STUCK, witn: Peter STUCK, Minnie SERSON, both of Blenheim, 1 January 1896 at Blenheim

006335-96 (Kent Co) William M. NASLUND, 35, farmer, Huntingdon Que., East Tilbury twp., s/o John & Mary Ann, married Ella Rebekah LUCHA, 27, Blenheim, Rond Eau, d/o Levias & Catherine, witn: W. GEROW, Mrs. W. GEROW, both of Rond Eau, 18 December 1896 at Blenheim

006288-96 (Kent Co.)  George Dunlap NEILY, railroad man, 36, Ireland, Algoma, s/o Alex & Eliza, married Anna Bell GILLIS, 29, Howard, same, d/o Alex & Carrie, witn:  Alex GILLIS & Esther WHITE, both of Howard, on 24 June 1896, at Howard

005945-96 (Kent Co) Robert NELSON, 36, farmer, Hastings Co. Ont., Chatham twp. Ont., s/o Robert & Sarah NELSON, married Letetia May DEMILL, 20, Prince Edward Co., Dawn twp., d/o Benjamin & Ann DEMILL, witn: Albert DEMILL, Mabel BABCOCK, residences not entered, 6 March 1896 at Wallaceburg

6252-96 Isaac B. NOAH, 23, Indian, Orford, same, s/o Tobias & Emily, married Adeline HENDRICK, 16, Orford, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Mary HARTMAN & Dora MILLER, 18 March 1896 at Moraviantown
006236-96 (Kent Co.)  William Henry OAKES, farmer, 22, Petrolia, Orford, s/o Charles & Mary, married Annie KOCHLER, 19, New Hamburg, Orford, d/o Henry & Mary, witn:  Charles KACHLER of (illegible) & William DULCIS? of Rodney, on 23 December 1896, at Ridgetown   [Koehler?]

006047-96 Michael O'MEARA, 33, laborer, Ireland, Chatham Ont., s/o Dennis O'MEARA & Margaret KEATING, married Ellen LAURENDEAU, 33, Montreal Can., Chatham Ont., d/o Evarist LAURENDEAU & Archangela FALCON, witn: Edward LAURENDEAU, Lottie BRADY, both of Chatham, 28 April 1896 at Chatham

  006155-96 (Kent Co) Cyrille OUELLETTE, 26, farmer, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o Cyrille OUELLETTE & Euphrasie? TRUDEL, married Celeste DUPUIS, 19, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Francis DUPUIS & Celeste LANONE, witn: Francis DUPUIS, Cyrille OUELLETTE, residences not entered, 27 October 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

006157-96 (Kent Co) Joseph PAQUETTE, 22, farmer, Tilbury West, Tilbury West, s/o Napoleon PAQUETTE & Leoni LANTHIER (deceased), married Adelaide TETREAULT, 18, St. Cyprien Quebec, Tilbury North, d/o J.Bte. TETREAULT & Adelaide DESMAIS, witn: Avila TETREAULT, Amanda PAQUETTE, 23 November 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

005948-96 (Kent Co) E. Estell PARKER, 35, book keeper, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, s/o Edward & Hannah PARKER, married Mabel Blanche STONEHOUSE, 19, Port Stanley Ont., Wallaceburg, d/o John & Rachel STONEHOUSE, witn: John ANDERSON, Lottie PARKER, both of Wallaceburg, 22 April 1896 at Wallaceburg

006039-96 Frank PENDLE, 38, laborer, Indiana USA, Chatham, s/o Richard & Harriott, married Agnes ANDERSON, 35, Chatham, same, d/o Esther (father's name not given), witn: Mrs. Esther ANDERSON & Adeline LAWRENCE both of Chatham on May 27, 1896 at Chatham

005972-96 (Kent Co) Wesley PETERS, 46, farmer, widower, Pittsburg twp., Sombra, s/o Stephen & Rhoda, married Mildred DEACON, 31, widow, Euphemia twp., Camden, d/o Edward & Jane [no surname given], witn: Fred BUGGIN, Harriett BUGGIN, both of Wallaceburg, 2 December 1896 at Wallaceburg

006193-96 (Kent Co) William A. E. PETTIPIECE, 20, farmer, Harwich Tp., same, s/o James & Mary PETTIPIECE, married Victoria FILBY, 19, Harwich Tp., same, d/o John & Sarah FILBY, witn Samuel FILBY & Lily FILBY, of Harwich Tp., 23 December 1896, at Louisville.

006150-96 (Kent Co) William PHANEUF, 24, labourer, Tilbury North, Tilbury North, s/o William PHANEUF & Apolline CHEVALIER, married Mary BISSONNETTE, 20, Stanbridge Quebec, Tilbury North, d/o Theophile BISSONNETTE & Rose McCAMBRIDGE, witn: Theophile BISSONNETTE, William PHANEUF, residences not entered, 10 August 1896 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

006275-96 (Kent Co.)  D. E. PICKARD, farmer, 37, Howard, same, s/o Elias & Elizabeth, married Clara A. WILSON, 19, Ridgetown, Howard, d/o Leonidas & Mary, witn:  James BROWN of Howard, & Atlie INGALLS of Thamesville, on 11 November 1896, at Howard  

006060-96 Charles Henry POLLARD, 30, B.R.B, Princeton Kentucky, Chicago, s/o Rance POLLARD & Sarah POLLARD, married Thursal Tressie HALL, 27, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John HALL & Lama Elan HALL, witn: Norma D. BARBOUR, Louisville Ky., John W. MONTGOMERY, Chatham Ont., 26 August 1896 at Chatham

006032-96 Newton POLLARD, 22, farmer, Chatham, Raleigh, s/o George & Eliza, married Mary Ann DRURY, 22, Raleigh, same, d/o John & Janet, witn: James H. FILBY & Jennie DRURY both of Raleigh on Dec. 18, 1896 at Raleigh

005920-96 (Kent Co) Michael QUICK, 35, farmer, Harwich twp., same, s/o Ails? & Mary Ann QUICK, married Mary LYDON, 25, Botany Kent Co., Botany Kent Co., d/o Martin & Ann LYDON, witn: George SHARP, Chatham, Ann LYDON, Botany Ont., 21 April 1896 at Thamesville

006223-96 (Kent Co.)  Zebina (Zelina) RAMSDEN, fishing, 20, Harwich, same, s/o Edwin & Mary, married Emily HOBSON, 16, Harwich, same, d/o George & Manora, witn:  J.W. JOHNSON & Lilley O. RAMSDEN, on 10 June 1896, at Ridgetown

006146-96 (Kent Co) Charles REAUME, 29, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o Charles & Julianne, married Petroville TREMBLY, 19, Tilbury West twp., Tilbury East, d/o Michael & Angelique, witn: Charles REAUME, Tilbury East, Michael TREMBLY, Raleigh, 4 May 1896 at St. Peter's Church Tilbury East

0059339-96 (Kent Co) Walter J. REDDICK, 31, laborer, Northumberland Co. Ont., Detroit Mich., s/o John D. REDDICK & Sarah Jane REDDICK, married Elizabeth DECOW, 24, Zone Ont., Zone Ont., d/o John DECOW & Margaret DECOW, witn: Ronnie DECOW, Ridgetown, Birdee REDDICK, Euphemia, 29 April 1896 at Zone

006290-96 Thomas RIGBY, 24, laborer, Lancashire England, Blenheim, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Mary COX, 18, Raleigh, same, d/o Miles & Lucinda, witn: Thomas COX of Raleigh & Elizabeth FLEMING of Harwich on Dec. 25, 1896 at Raleigh 006245-96 (Kent Co) James A. ROBERTSON, 23, not entered, Woodstock, Detroit, s/o Thomas L. ROBERTSON & Elsia SIMPSON?, married Barbara McALLISTER, 23, Orford, Orford, d/o Samuel McALLISTER & Margaret Ann GRAHAM, witn: Alex. McALLISTER, Orford, Nellie CRUIKSHANK, Howard, 18 December 1896 at Orford

006317-96 (Kent Co) Byron ROBINSON, 33, farmer, widower, Romney twp., Romney twp., s/o George & N.A. ROBINSON, married Ada Maria WILLSON, 35, London Ont., Blenheim, d/o Joseph & Amanda WILLSON, witn: Arthur RIDLEY, Ridgetown, Bertha WILLSON, Blenheim, 15 April 1896 at Blenheim

006205-96 (Kent Co) Alexander ROCKEY, 34, widower, railway employee (signaler), Howard, Harwich, s/o George ROCKEY & Isabel MORRISON?, married Sarah Jane VESTER, 24, Harwich, same, d/o John VESTER & Jane ROBINSON, witn J. W. ROCKEY of Chatham & Lottie VESTER of Harwich, 3 June 1896, at Harwich.
006184-96 Arthur ROY, 29, farmer, Chatham Tp., same, s/o parents unknown, (as written), married Jeamima WICKS, 22, Chatham Tp., same, d/o Elijah & Hannah, witn: Sidney GIFFORD & Susie WICKS both of Chatham Tp. on Sept. 9, 1896 at Chatham Tp 006283-96 (Kent Co.)  Ernest Saul RUSSET, farmer, 21, Millbrook, Orford, s/o Saul & Anna, married Alice Genevieve BROWN, 19, Howard, same, d/o Lovel & Kalista, witn:  Mrs. Martin HALL & Mrs. Sarah PARSONS, both of Morpeth, on 6 May 1896, at Morpeth

006148-96 (Kent Co) Aseline ST. JEAN, 42, farmer, widower, Montreal, Tilbury East, parent's names not entered, married Clara TETREAULT, 23, Indiana U.S., Tilbury East, d/o Louis & Salomie, witn: Charles REAUME, Tilbury East, Helen TETREAULT, Raleigh, 27 January 1896 at St. Peter's Church Tilbury East

006311-96 (Kent Co) John William SALES, 24, farmer, Canada, Raleigh, s/o William & Sarah SALES, married Clara Harriet APTHORPE, 21, Canada, Raleigh, d/o George Henry & Evangeline M. APTHORPE, witn: George Harmon APTHORPE, Sarah Harriet SALES, both of Charing Cross, 14 October 1896 at parent's residence, 13th Conc. Raleigh

006244-96 (Kent Co) William R. SAYLES, 25, farmer, Niagara Falls, Mosa, s/o Isaac & Elizabeth SAYLES, married Mary E. SMITH, 18, Brook Ontario, Mosa, d/o David & Dinah SMITH, witn William E. DUCKWORTH & Bernice MOYER, of Mosa, 2 December 1896, at Bothwell.

005931-96 (Kent Co) George S. SCARLETT, 23, farmer, Orford twp. Kent Co., Orford twp., s/o Gilbert SCARLETT & Mary SCARLETT, married Ella M. MOOR (MOORE?), 19, Verulam twp., Howard twp. Kent Co., d/o Richard MOORE & Ruth MOORE, witn: Mary A. KENNEDY, Margaret A. KENNEDY, both of Thamesville, 8 July 1896 at Thamesville

006339-96 (Kent Co) Wellington SHAW, 53, farmer, widower, Glanford twp., same, s/o Thomas SHAW & Abigail CLARK, married Isabella ANDERSON, 39, Camden twp., Dresden, d/o Arthur ANDERSON & Christy Ann LOGAN, witn: Joseph ANDERSON, Camden twp., Nellie STEINHOFF, Wardsville Ont., 5 February 1896 at Dresden

006216-96 (Kent Co.)  William SHAW, yeoman, 25, Camden, same, s/o Christopher & Jane, married Edna THOMPSON, 18, Camden, same, d/o John & Mary, witn:  Melvin THOMPSON & Katie GIFFORD, both of Dawn Mills, on 6 May 1896, at Ridgetown
006029-96 Charles H. L. SIMPSON, 23, farmer, Savannah Georgia USA, Raleigh Tp., s/o Henry & Emma, married Lauretta GUILDE, 18, Raleigh Tp., same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Mary Jane SOMERVILLE & Helen PALMER both of Chatham on Apr. 12, 1896 at Chatham

005914-96 Samuel SMITH, 25, laborer, Chatham twp., same, s/o Elim & Eliza Jane SMITH, married Mary RICHMOND, 21, Dover twp., Chatham twp., d/o Henry & Mahala RICHMOND, witn: James & Mary SMITH, Chatham twp., 27 January 1896 at Thamesville

006142-96 (Kent Co) Isaac SMITH, 24, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o Thomas & Emily, married Annie MARKLE, 28, Harwich Ont., Romney twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: Edward MARKLE, Harwich Ont., James LETTWITHWITT, Tilbury East, 22 September 1896 at Tilbury East twp.

006263-96 William John SMITH, 28, farmer, widower, Howard Ontario, same, s/o John & Annie, married Annie HORSPOOL, 20, Orford, same, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Peter SMITH & Jennie RANSON both of Howard on Dec. 16, 1896 at Highgate

005954-96 (Kent Co) Peter SMITH, 20, laborer, Dover twp., Wallaceburg, s/o Squire & Eliza Jane SMITH, married Permilla McLean WRIGHT, 19, Smiths Falls, Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane WRIGHT, witn: George OLIVER, Louisa HANSLY, both of St. Thomas, 11 June 1896 at Wallaceburg

6251-96 John SNAKE, 23, Indian, Grand River, Orford, s/o Betsy & Nicholas, married Philipa NOAH, 16, Orford, same, d/o Joseph & Rachel, witn: Albert TOBIAS & Mary HARTMAN, 12 March 1896 at Orford

006298-96 (Kent Co) Wylie W. SNIDER, 26, laundryman, Petrolia, Blenheim, s/o Simon & Martha SNIDER, married Flora Ada McKISHNEY, 29, Harwich twp., Raleigh twp., d/o John McKISHNEY & not entered, witn: Milton SNIDER, Howard twp., William & Sadie McKISHNEY, Raleigh, Theresa HUSTON, Raleigh, 24 June 1896 at Raleigh twp.

006248-96 (Kent Co) John SPENCE, 41, farmer, Brant, Winchester Twp. Man., s/o Robert & Lizzie SPENCE, married Ellen Reader McDONALD, 35, Orford, Orford, d/o Jas. R. & Ellen R. McDONALD, witn: Robert A. SPENCE, Bertha McDONALD, residences not given, 5 February 1896 at Orford twp.

006305-96 (Kent Co) Robert STEEN, 28, farmer, Dover Ont., Dover Ont., s/o John STEEN & blank, married Mary IRWIN, 28, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh Ont., d/o William & Mary Jane IRWIN, witn: Nathan IRWIN, Raleigh, Richard STEEN, Dover, 4 July 1896 at Raleigh

005905-96 John STEEN, 24, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o John & Ann STEEN, married Annie POLLOCK, 25, Hamilton, Chatham twp., d/o James & Annie POLLOCK, witn: David STEEN, Miss ELLIOTT, residences not entered, 3 June 1896 at Chatham twp.

006040-96 Robert STEPHENS, 35, farmer, widower, Thamesville, Camden, s/o Albert & Hannah, married Elizabeth McKENZIE, 20, Middlesex Co., Dresden, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Mrs. J. BENSON & Mrs. G. F. TURRELL both of Chatham on May 20, 1896 at Chatham

005926-96 (Kent Co) Joseph H. STEPHENS, 48, engineer, widower, Buffalo NY USA, Camden twp. Kent Co., s/o Frederick & Catherine STEPHENS, married Tressie HARDY, 34, widow, Thamesville, Thamesville, d/o Benjamin & Sarah Ann HIGGINS, witn: Charles H. DAUGHERTY, William HIGGINS, both of Thamesville, 15 June 1896 at Thamesville

006053-96 Donald STOLIKER, 21, farmer, Morpeth, Howard twp., s/o James & Catherine, married Della LEWIS, 21, Bayham twp., Howard twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, with: Mary H. CREWS, Charotte BLOOM, both of Chatham, 24 June 1896 at Chatham

006269-96 (Kent Co.)  William J. STREET, farmer, 27, Orford, same, s/o James & Mary, married Margaret STINSON, 34, Howard, same, d/o William & Helen, witn:  James STINSON & Alice THATCHER, both of Howard, on 29 July 1896, at Howard

006144-96 (Kent Co) John STUART, 40, labourer, Scotland, Tilbury East twp., s/o Alexander & Catherine, married Carmina GRAY, 22, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o James & Ann, witn: Mrs. M.M. MANSON, Myrtle Annie WOODWARD, both of Tilbury East, 28 October 1896 at Valetta, Tilbury East

005969-96 (Kent Co) Nelson STURDIVANT, 27, engineer, Greenway Mich., Wallaceburg, s/o Jacob & Caroline, married Barty BAIRD, 20, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George FRALICK, Susan BAIRD, both of Tupperville, 23 December 1896 at Wallaceburg

006208-96 (Kent Co) Samuel SUITOR, 30, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o John SUITOR & Bessie Ann GRAVES (GRIEVES?), married Ida ROUSE, 24, d/o Samuel ROUSE & Ann SAMPLE, witn Walter SUITOR of Raleigh & Bella SAMPLE of Harwich, 11 November 1896, at Harwich.

005973-96 (Kent Co) Joseph THIBEDEAU, 21, farmer, Ontario, Chatham twp., s/o Simeon & Elizabeth, married Isabella LOUZON, 20, Ontario, Chatham twp., d/o Alexander & Josephine, witn: Henry REVARD, Wallaceburg, Mary THIBEDEAU, Chatham twp., 14 September 1896 at Wallaceburg

006059-96 George N.A. THOMAS, 23, machine hand, Kent, Chatham, s/o John A. THOMAS & not entered, married Mary Ann GILB, 24, widow, Dorchester, Chatham, d/o Robert PARKINSON & Mary Ann SWIVLER? (Sheivler?), witn: Mrs. MEEK, Minnie BAKER, both of Chatham, 15 July 1896 at Chatham

  006274-96 (Kent Co.)  Williiam THOROLD, yeoman, 33, Charlotteville Norfolk England, Howard, s/o William & Eliza, married Louisa Jane SCANE, 30, Howard, same, d/o James & Harriet, witn:  W.B. HARDING of Detroit & Annie SCANE of Ridgetown, on 4 November 1896, at Howard

005916-96 Charles TIFFIN, 24, farmer, Camden twp., same, s/o Benjamin & Viola TIFFIN, married Georgina E. FRY, 21, Camden twp, Thamesville, d/o Richard Douglas & Olivia FRY, witn: David E. McEWEN, Raleigh twp., Mary Agnes FRY, Thamesville, 24 March 1896 at Thamesville

005911-96 James F. TINLINE, 33, farmer, Roxburghshire Scotland, Orford twp., Kent Co. Ont., s/o James & Mary TINLINE, married Esther RICHARDSON, 35, London twp., Orford twp., d/o William & Jane RICHARDSON, witn: John TINLINE, Nellie RICHARDSON, both of Orford twp., 8 January 1896 at Thamesville

006296-96 (Kent Co) Orville H. TOLL, 24, cabinet maker, Canada, Leamington, s/o Philip & Elizabeth TOLL, married Lucinda C. HUGHSON, 23, Canada, Ouvry Kent Co., d/o Hezekiah & Mary HUGHSON, witn: Thomas HUGHSON, Mina TOLL, both of Raleigh, 27 May 1896 at Ouvry, Raleigh

006301-96 (Kent Co) John TOYER (LOYER?), 21, labourer, North Buxton Ont., Tilbury, s/o Allen & Malinda, married Nettie GAREL, 20, North Buxton Ont., Raleigh, d/o Henry & Margaret Jane, witn: Herbert MORSE, Eva BROOKS, both of Raleigh, 15 May 1896 at residence of bride's father

005968-96 (Kent Co) Felix G. TRUMPOUR, 23, accountant, Prince Edward Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Samuel S. & Harriett, married Eunice M. MOORE, 22, Prince Edward Co., Wallaceburg, d/o William & Catherine, witn: John MOORE, Rettie REID, both of Tupperville, 28 October 1896 at Wallaceburg

005923-96 (Kent Co) John Angus TUCK, 24, farmer, widower, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o George & Sarah TUCK, married Rebecca WALWRATH, 26, widow, Staffordshire England, Howard twp., d/o Henry & Esther JEWELL, witn: Richard J. JEWELL, Emma L. TUCK, both of Harwich twp., 27 May 1896 at Thamesville

006332-96 (Kent Co) Alfred TURNER, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., Ridgetown, s/o David & Hannah, married Jennie BAVIS, 21, England, Ridgetown, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: J.E. LOUGHEED, Mrs. LOUGHEED, both of Blenheim, 21 November 1896 at Blenheim

006045-96 Thomas William UNSTER (Wuster?), 26, farmer, England, Tilbury East, s/o John & Sarah, married Caroline Florence GRAY, 23, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o James & Ann, witn: Joseph MUFFIN, Fanny GRAY, both of Tilbury East, 21 May 1896 at Chatham

006315-96 (Kent Co) John VAN EVERY, 27, cheese maker, Elgin Co., Comber, s/o John & Susan VAN EVERY, married Elisabeth HOLLAND, 26, Stoney Point, same, d/o Andrew & Lucy HOLLAND, witn: I.M. SUTTON, Detroit Mich., A.E. FREEBORN, Blenheim, 15 January 1896 at Rectory Blenheim

005943-96 (Kent Co) William WALTON, 23, farmer, St. Marys Ont., Moore twp Lambton Co., s/o Henry & Eliza WALTON, married Charlotte WINTER, 26, Sombra twp., Sombra twp., d/o Henry & Juanna (Joanna?) WINTER, witn: C. CORBETT, Jane MISKOKOMEN, both of Wallaceburg, 11 February 1896 at Wallaceburg

006044-96 Robert Kay WANLESS, 22, tailor, Chatham, Chatham, s/o George & Eliza, married Emma Jane WESTMORE, 20, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Fred Cook WANLESS, Bertha N. WESTMORE, both of Chatham, 17 June 1896 at Chatham

006058-96 George H. WANLESS, 20, tinsmith, Chatham, Chatham, s/o J.C. WANLESS & Mary Ann COOK, married Rachel POOLE, 19, Chatham, Chatham, d/o James POOLE & Mary Ann ION, witn: A. WANLESS, Grace WANLESS, both of Chatham, 15 July 1896 at Chatham

  005913-96 R.J. WARDLE, 21, laborer, Chatham, same,  s/o George & Ann WARDLE, married Mary Jane LUSH, 18, Thamesville, same, d/o Frank & Elizabeth LUSH, witn: Walter GRANGER, Zone twp., Effie SINGER, Thamesville Ont., 22 January 1896 at Thamesville

006306-96 (Kent Co) Sanford WASHINGTON, 28, baker, widower, Dresden, Dresden, s/o George & Elizabeth WASHINGTON, married Susan BROWN, 18, Raleigh Ont., Dresden, d/o John Baker & Harriet Ann BROWN, witn: Laura DREW, George DEAN, both of Raleigh, 20 August 1896 at home of bride's parents, 6th Conc. Raleigh

006239-96 (Kent Co.)  Thomas Wright WATSON, medical doctor, 25, Elgin Co, Detroit Mi, s/o John & Jessie, married Virginia Field BAYLEY, 25, Bothwell, same, d/o Charles E. & Jennie Field, witn:  W.R. AICKEY & H.L. BAYLEY, both of Bothwell, on 29 April 1896, at Bothwell  
006241-96 (Kent Co) Walter WAUGH, 28, operator, Canada, St. Romes?, s/o John & Jennet WAUGH, married Annie MYLNE, 23, Canada, Bothwell, d/o John & Anna MYLNE, witn John SHEPPARD of Bothwell & William MYLNE of Wyoming, 27 November 1896, at Bothwell.

005956-96 (Kent Co) Alfred G. WHEELER, 25, mechanic, United States, Sarnia, s/o George & Louisa WHEELER, married Ella J. REID, 25, Sombra twp., Sarnia, d/o Alexander & Sarah REID, witn: Neil McQUARRIE, Susie REID, both of Sombra twp., 24 June 1896 at Wallaceburg

  006286-96 (Kent Co.)  James WHITESELL, farmer, 19, Howard, same, s/o James & Mary, married Annie SKIDMORE, 20, Orford, Detroit, d/o David & Mary, witn:  J.S. & Mary WHITESELL, both of Howard, on 17 March (no year---1896?), at Howard  
006247-96 (Kent Co) John E, WILLSON, 24, farmer, Howard, Orford, s/o William & Maggie WILLSON, married Nancy E. BRADT, 22, Orford, Highgate, d/o Sarah & Mr.? BRADT, witn: Sarah BRADT & illegible, both of Highgate, 15 June 1896 at Highgate

005989-96 Walter Jeremiah WILMORE, 31, Latter Day Saint, 9th Conc. Lot 2 Chatham twp., same, s/o James C. & Elizabeth WILMORE, married Clara SIMMONS, 23, 9th Conc Lot 9 Chatham twp., same, d/o James & Annie SIMMONS, witn: John H. BROWNING, Martha BROWNING, both of Chatham twp. Taylor Ave., 29 January 1896 at Chatham

6655-96 David Caswell WILSON, 33, farmer, Nissouri twp., Camden twp., s/o Moses WILSON & Eliza, married Miranda COATSWORTH, 35, teacher, Harwich twp., Harwich, d/o Thomas COATSWORTH & Margaret, witn: Thomas COATSWORTH Jr. & Harriet COATSWORTH, 20 Oct 1896 at Harwich (also 6323-96 and 8633-00)

006054-96 John Henry WILSON, 21, farmer, England, Tilbury twp., s/o John & Amey, married Mary SHILLER, 22, Brantford, Tilbury twp., d/o Ira & Kate, witn: George MORRISON, Lizzie WILSON, both of Raleigh, 26 June 1896 at Chatham

005903-96 Thomas W. WRIGHT, 32, railroad agent, Chatham twp., Marwel Dakota, s/o Thomas & Sarah WRIGHT, married Marjory A. SHAW, 30, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o James & Jane SHAW, witn: Robert A. SHAW, Lizzie CAMPBELL, Turnerville Chatham twp., 5 February 1896 at Turnerville

005965-96 (Kent Co) Andrew WRIGHTMAN, 30, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o John & Jane, married Mary Hildegard KNIGHT, 25, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Milton H. & Mary F., witn: Harvey KNIGHT, Wallaceburg, Rachael WRIGHTMAN, Eberts, 7 October 1896 at Wallaceburg

005961-96 (Kent Co) Charles W. YATES, 25, publisher, Harwich twp., Chicago, s/o William & Annie, married Aggie May SCOTT, 23, St. Catharines, Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas & Susan, witn: Alfred YATES, Wallaceburg, Corine CASSIE, Adrian Mich., 25 August 1896 at Wallaceburg

006308-96 (Kent Co) Edmund ZELLER, 30, merchant, Huron Co. Ont., Merlin, s/o Michael & Clarissa ZELLER, married Mabel MARSHALL, 20, Merlin, Merlin, d/o Levi B. & Martha MARSHALL, witn: W.W. HALLIDAY, George MARSHALL, both of Merlin, 22 September 1896 at residence of bride's parents Merlin