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Kent Co., 1888

birth place is given before residence


005609-88 (Kent Co) William ADDISON, 49, harness maker, widower, Scotland, Marine City Mich. U.S.A., s/o William ADDISON & Elspet LABEN, married Jessie ROSE, 51, Scotland, Dover, d/o George ROSE & Jessie DALLAS, witn: John G. ROSE, Jessie ROSE, both of Dover, 31 July 1888 at Dover twp. 005643-88 - Thomas A. AGAR, 37, painter, Hope twp Ont, Ridgetown, s/o Thomas & Abigal, married Kattie Isabella HASKINS, 33, Harwich twp, Ridgetown, d/o Samuel & Catharine, witn: James AGAR of Chatham & Ewin HASKINS of Ridgetown, on 31 July 1888, at Ridgetown
005526-88 (Kent Co) George Thomas ALLEE, 24, painter, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Charles ALLEE & Elizabeth ALLEE, married Elizabeth CROSS, 25, Bothwell, Bothwell, d/o Anthony CROSS & Jessie CROSS, witn: Annie ALLEE, James KEELEY, both of Chatham, 18 June 1888 at Chatham 005850-88 Joseph ALLISON, 26, farmer, widower, Harwich twp. Ont., Harwich twp. Ont., s/o Andrew & Ann ALLISON, married Matilda DYER, 25, Mich. U.S., Blenheim Ont., d/o William & Mary DYER, witn: Charles MALLORY, Blenheim Ont., Charles DYER, St. Thomas Ont., 19 December 1888 at Blenheim
005563-1888 (Kent Co): George ANDERSON, 20, labourer, Tp Raleigh Kent, Tp Harwich Kent, s/o John T & Elmira ANDERSON, married Roseann HARRIS, 16, London Ont, Tp Harwich Ont; wit: Nellie WEST, Mrs ANDERSON, Chatham. 20 Dec 1888 at Chatham. 005686-88 (Kent Co) George ANDERSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Tilbury East, s/o Alexander ANDERSON & Elizabeth FRASER, married Annie MUNRO, 17, Canada, Tilbury East, d/o Henry MUNRO & Mary BEST, witn: David ROBERTSON, Eliza ANDERSON, both of Tilbury East, 19 February 1888 at Tilbury Centre
  005552-1888 (Kent Co): Gilbert ANTES, 25, blacksmith, Raleigh, St. Pierse, s/o Labon ANTES & Emilia CARRON, married Mary LEGUILLE, 21, Big Point, Chatham, d/o Julius LEGUILLE & Elphrosig REAUME; wit: Joseph ANTES, Mary STERLING. 4 Sep 1888 at Chatham

005664-88 (Kent Co) Edward Franklin ARNOLD, 29, farmer, Howard Ont., Harwich, widower, s/o George & Susan ARNOLD, married Sarah McKAY, 22, Harwich, Harwich twp., d/o Robert & Matilda McKAY, witn: William McKAY, Harwich, Annie PICKERING, Blenheim, 19 September 1888 at Harwich

005557-1888 (Kent Co): Sidney James ARNOLD, 27, county treasurer, Township of Chatham, Chatham, s/o Lewis A ARNOLD & Margaret E GRIFFIN, married Maggie GROVER, 26, Louisville, same, d/o Jabez B GROVER & Jean McNAB: wit: George E Grover, Louisville, Maggie ARNOLD. 23 Oct 1888 at Louisville.
005599-88 (Kent Co) Frank Silver ATKINSON, 57, farmer, widower, County Durham England, Orford, s/o Anthony & Mary ATKINSON, married Laura STONE, 47, Orford, Orford, d/o John & Mary STONE, witn: Adelaide STONE, Frederick W. RIDLEY, both of Chatham, 19 September 1888 at Orford twp.

005788-1888 (Kent) William Henry BABCOCK, 28, farmer, Canada, Tp Sombra, s/o Norman & Mary Ann BABCOCK, married Esther HAMILTON, 27, Canada, Tp Chatham, d/o Robert & Esther HAMILTON; wit: James BABCOCK, Esther WILSON. 31 Oct 1888 at town of Dresden.

  005592-88 (Kent Co) William Stephen BACKUS, 28, farmer, Dunwich twp., Orford, s/o Robert BACKUS & Jane BACKUS, married Jane Olivia BACKUS, 32, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o Joseph BACKUS & Susan MOOREHOUSE, witn: Walter S. BACKUS, Clearville? Annie F. BACKUS, Wallacetown, 8 February 1888 at Orford
005548-88 (Kent Co) John BAKER, 22, farmer, Ontario, Tilbury Centre, s/o John BAKER & Mary Ann, married Mary STILL, 16, Ont., Tilbury Centre, d/o Joseph & Jane STILL, witn: Richard A. HUGHES, Sarah BONNET, both of Chatham, 2 July 1888 at Chatham 005657-88 (Kent Co) Joseph BAKER, 28, farmer, Howard, Harwich, s/o Michael & Jane BAKER, married Matilda MITTON, 26, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Robert. H. & Lorenda MITTON, witn: Wilburt MITTON, Mary J. MITTON, both of Harwich, 16 May 1888 at Guilds

005962-89 Francis M. BALDWIN, 26, clergyman, Toronto Ont., Thamesville Ont., s/o Morgan & Frances BALDWIN, married Florence McLAREN, 17, Ontario, Chatham Ont., d/o Joseph & Mary McLAREN, witn: C.M. EDDINGTON, Thamesville Ont., A.M. BALDWIN, Toronto Ont., 28 August 1888 at Chatham

005546-88 (Kent Co) Jonathan Carpenter BARNES, 26, farmer, Saltfleet twp. Wentworth, Chatham twp., s/o William C. BARNES & Sarah Ann BARNES, married Elizabeth Minnie BLACKBURN, 21, Chatham twp., Louisville, d/o John H. BLACKBURN & not entered, witn: Henry W. BADDER, Kate ENNETT, both of Chatham twp., 10 October 1888 at Louisville 005679-88 (Kent Co) Edwin BARNIER, 21, mill hand, Chatham Ont., Fletcher Ont., s/o Nicholas BARNIER & Hermina MATHEW, married Mary LEEK, 21, Detroit U.S., Fletcher Ont., d/o David LEEK & Bridget MULLINS, witn: Theodore MATTHEWS, Chatham, Maggie LEEK, Fletcher Ont., 30 October 1888 at St. Patrick’s R.C. Church Raleigh
005775-1888 (Kent) Edwin BASSETT, 21, farmer, Canada, Tp of Chatham, s/o Edwin & Mary Ann BASSETT, married Leena McFADDEN, 19, Canada, Tp Chatham, d/o Robert and Ann Jane McFADDEN; wit: JA TAYLOR, Julia TULLOCH, Dresden. 11 Apr 1888 at Dresden

005968-89 Thomas BATEMAN, 36, laborer, England, Thamesville Ont., s/o Miles & Elizabeth BATEMAN, married Jane PAYNE, 34, Ont., Thamesville Ont., d/o William & Esther PAYNE, witn: Edward GREEN, Catherine GREEN, both of Chatham Ont., 27 October 1888 at Chatham

.005551-1888 (Kent Co): George BAXTER, 27, bricklayer, Ont, Chicago Ill, s/o Henry & Eliza BAXTER, married Annie WOODS, 24, Ont, Chatham, d/o Peter & Annie WOODS; wit: Frank PATCHING, Chatham, May KEARNEY, Detroit. 24 Apr 1888 at Chatham. 005605-88 (Kent Co) John BAXTER, 52, farmer, widower, Cumberland Co. England, Sombra twp. Lambton Co. Ont., s/o John & Mary BAXTER, married Sarah GOSNELL, 46, Orford twp. Kent Co., Orford twp., d/o James & Ann GOSNELL, witn: Mary Catherine LEE, Orford Ont., William McDONALD, Howard, 20 November 1888 at Orford twp

005965-89 Alexander M. BEALL, 34, fireman, Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o James & Margaret BEALL, married Julia SHARPE, 35, widow, England, Chatham Ont., d/o William & Irene BRYAN, witn: Robert C. BRYAN, Jeanette BRYAN, both of Chatham Ont., 21 November 1888 at Chatham

005800-1888 (Kent) William Franklin BEATTIE, 23, farmer, Raleigh, Dover, s/o Robt & Catherine BEATTIE, married Sarah Ann BAGLEY, 19, Zone, same, d/o John & Ellen BAGLEY; wit: Dr ALYESWORTH, St. Thomas, Mrs W FANSHER, Thamesville. 28 Mar 1888 at Thamesville

005618-88 (Kent Co) David BECHARD, 19, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Moise & Mary Ann BECHARD, married Marguerite LAPRISE, 19, Dover, Dover, d/o Andre & Virgiene LAPRISE, witn: J. Baptiste BOURDEAU, Eugenie LAPRISE, both of Dover, 6 November 1888 at Dover

005617-88 (Kent Co) Julien BECHARD, 22, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Julien BECHARD & Julia BECHARD, married Edesse PAQUETTE, 17, Dover, Dover, Joseph PAQUETTE & Pauline PAQUETTE, witn: Theodore METIVIER, Selina BECHARD, both of Dover, 5 November 1888 at Dover

  005663-88 (Kent Co) Oliver Windel (Wendell?) BEDFORD, 24, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Albert & Maria BEDFORD, married Martha Jeanette SMYTH, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John SMYTH & Margaret Ann SMITH [maiden name was SLOAN], witn: E.S. BEDFORD, Harwich, H.M.F. PHILLIPS, St. Thomas, 24 October 1888 at Harwich

005622-88 (Kent Co) Jacob BELANGER, age not entered, farmer, Dover, Dover, widower, s/o Theophile BELANGER & Emelie HOULE, married Elizabeth ST. PIERRE, age not entered, Dover, Dover, d/o Benjamin ST. PIERRE & Elizabeth CARON, witn: Joseph BELANGER, Benjamin ST. PIERRE, both of Dover, 12 February 1888 at Dover

005652-88 - Robert BENNETT, 33, farmer, Raliegh, Harwich, s/o Earnest & Matilda, married Sarah L. HOLDAWAY, 21, London Ont, Harwich, d/o William H. & Keziah, witn: Joseph H. WHITE & Mrs. Joseph H. WHITE, both of Charring Cross, on 1 February 1888, at Harwich

005625-88 (Kent Co) Henry BENOIT, age not entered, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Chrisologue BENOIT & Emelie GOUDREAU, married Julienne THIBODEAU, age not entered, Dover, Dover, d/o Henry THIBODEAU & Sophie ROBITAILLE, witn: William BENOIT, Antoine OULLETTE, both of Dover, date not entered at Dover

005637-88 - George W. BENTLEY, 35, engineer, Malahide, Aylmer, widowed, s/o Solomon BENTLEY & Maria, married Mina STEEL, 23, Ponitac Mich, same, d/o Reuben STEEL & Ester, witn: A. F. CLEMENT & H. E. TRUMAN, both of Ridgetown, on 9 April 1888, at Ridgetown
005775-89 (Kent Co.) William BISHOP, yeoman, 24, Orford, same, s/o Sarah, married Maud B. BRAL--?(cut off), 17, Orford, same, d/o David & Maud, witn George HEYCROFT & Maggie SCOTT, on 26 December 1888, at Ridgetown 005613-88 (Kent Co) John BISHOP, 22, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Henry BISHOP & Sarah PARRISH, married Carrie STACEY, 20, Ontario, Dover, James STACEY & Mary STACEY, witn: Wesley WRIGHT, Leslie STACEY, both of Dover, 8 October 1888 at Dover
005700-88 (Kent Co) Thomas BOLTON, 24, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o Duncan & Sarah BOLTON, married Rosannah SNARY, 22, Canada, Camden, d/o Henry & Anne SNARY, witn: James TIFFIN, Croton, Mille HOWARD, Michigan, 26 September 1888 at Camden 005667-88 (Kent Co) Lawrence BONNY, 31, merchant, London England, Keewatin Ont., s/o James Rippeth BONNY & Jane Elizabeth TYE, married Clara Ann SMITH, 31, Harwich, Harwich, d/o James SMITH & Margaret McKINLAY, witn: Peter SMITH, Harwich, Margaret HUCKERLY, Whitewood N.W.T., 11 December 1888 at Harwich
005602-88 (Kent Co) Alexander BOSTHWICK, 38, farmer, Carleton Co. Ont., Carleton Co. Ont., s/o Thomas & Margaret BOSTHWICK, married Letetia KENNEY, 34, Carleton Co. Ont., Orford Ont., d/o Ralph & Jane KENNEY, witn: Edwin HARLAND, Harriet HARLAND, both of Orford, 5 November 1888 at Highgate 005608-88 (Kent Co) Noe BOUCHER, 31, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Francis BOUCHER & Archange MALETTE, married Julie LUCIER, 20, Dover, Dover, d/o Eusebe LUCIER & Julia DUBUE, witn: L.S. LUCIER, Francis BOUCHER, both of Dover, 14 February 1888 at Dover
  005831-88 James Edward BOWDEN (Bawden?), 26, farmer, Belle River Essex Co., Howard, s/o James & Mary BOWDEN, married Annie MINSHALL, 25, Howard, Howard, d/o Marshall (Marcellus) & Sarah MINSHALL, witn: William BOWDEN, Lizzie MINSHALL, residences not entered, 11 July 1888 at Howard

005559-1888 (Kent Co): Mathew BOYLE, 28, farmer, Dover East Co Kent, same, s/o Mathew BOYLE & Ann MOORE, married Laura BRAGG, 20, Hope Co Durham, Dover East Co Kent, d/o Mathew BRAGG & Mary WHITE; wit; ? BRAGG, Chatham, Fred BRAGG, Dover. 21 Nov 1888, at Chatham

005527-88 (Kent Co) Nicholas BRENNAN, 34, labourer, widower, Ireland, Blenheim, s/o Nicholas BRENNAN & Anna BRENNAN (MOORE), married Anna Mary ACKER, 18, Blenheim Kent, Blenheim Kent, d/o Peter ACKER & Maria Ann ACKER, witn: Dominic WILLGEN, Ed WARREN, both of Chatham, 7 May 1888 at St. Joseph's Church, Chatham
005636-88 - Theophile R. BRODERICK, 36, merchant, St. Catharines, Ridgetown, widowed, s/o Jesse & Mary A., married Alia M. LANDON, 22, Clearville, Ridgetown, d/o Charles & Sarah J., witn: W. R. LANDON of Ridgetown & E. F. BRODERICK of St. Thomas, on 5 March 1888, at Ridgetown

005967-89 John BROWN, 26, farmer, Ont., Tilbury East, s/o Robert & Ann BROWN, married Matilda MILLS, 24, Ont., Romney Ont., d/o Joseph & Mary MILLS, witn: Reuben JONES, Robert JONES, both of Merlin Ont., 4 October 1888 at Chatham

005536-88 (Kent Co) John BROWN, 23, fireman, London, Niagara Town, s/o George & Mary, married Martha Mary WEMP, 23, of King St. Chatham, d/o Barnabas WEMP & Janet WEMP, witn: Harry BROWN, London, Delia STOKES, Blenheim, 19 September 1888 at Chatham #005475-88 (Kent Co): William BROWN, 38, clerk, Ireland, Chicago USA, s/o John & Margaret, married Isabella SCOTT, 31, Canada, Chatham d/o Robert & Ann, witn: George & J. SCOTT of Chatham, 4 Jan 1888 at Chatham
005758-89 (Kent Co.) George BRUNDY, farmer, 27, England, Stanwich, s/o Thomas BRUNDY & Eliza Ann STREET, married Fanny WARD, 19, England, Harwich, d/o Benjamin WARD & Betsy TISLER, witn George GRAHAM & Kattie GRAHAM, both of Ridgetown, on 10 October 1888, at Ridgetown 005631-88 - Herman BUKWORTH, 23, cooper, Rome York state, Troy York state, s/o Herman & Adeline, married Alice Domenia DOAK, 19, Orford twp, same, d/o John & Annie, witn: John L. B. & Mary Ann HAYWOOD of Orford twp, on 21 January 1888, at Ridgetown

005964-89 Elias Walker BUNNEL, 22, barber, Ont., Blenheim Ont., s/o Elias & Elizabeth BUNNEL, married Corinne BERUBE, 20, Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o George & Susan BERUBE, witn: Arthur BERUBE, Madeline BERUBE, both of Chatham Ont., 19 December 1888 at Chatham

005603-88 (Kent Co) Abram BURCHELL, 29, merchant, Huron Co. Ont., Ridgetown Ont., s/o William & Lucretia BURCHELL, married Sarah Annette GOSNELL, 25, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o Lawrence & Eliza GOSNELL, witn: William Albert GOSNELL, Ridgetown, Ida Jean EMERICK, Essex Centre, 14 November 1888 at Orford twp. 005675-88 (Kent Co) Palmer BURNS, 39, mason, Niagara, Raleigh Ont., s/o Samuel & Sarah BURNS, married Arvilla FOX, 30, widow, Grimsby, Wheatley Ont., d/o W.E. & Mary Jane LOUNSBURY, witn: W.E. LOUNSBURY, Orzilla LOUNSBURY, residences not entered, 29 February 1888 at Raleigh
005691-88 (Kent Co) William BUTLER, 32, machinist, Canada, Camden Gore twp., s/o John & Nancy BUTLER, married Jennie SNAREY, age not entered, Canada, Camden Gore twp., d/o John & Victoria SNAREY, witn: Edward BUTLER, Etta SNAREY, residences not entered, 5 January 1888 at Camden Gore 5569-88 (Kent Co): Henry Norton CAIRNS, 27, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o William & Clara A., married Charlotte Ann McKENZIE, 20, Chatham, Chatham twp., d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Julia Ann & George McKENZIE of Louisville Ont., 29 Feb 1888 at Louisville (LDS)
  005819-88 Harold CALLWOOD, 24, farmer, Manchester England, Tilbury East, s/o Samuel CALLWOOD & Hellen BRICE, married Margaret D.F. MEGGISON, 17, Scott twp. Ont., Tilbury East, d/o George MEGGISON & Martha MOSURE, witn: Alexander RITCHIE, Isabella ATKINSON, both of Tilbury East, 10 May 1888 at Tilbury East

005668-88 (Kent Co) Hugh CAMERON, 26, farmer, Raleigh Ont., Chatham twp., s/o Archibald & Margaret CAMERON, married Catharine JOHNSTON, 25, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Duncan & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Archibald CAMERON, Chatham twp., Nancy JOHNSTON, Harwich, 26 December 1888 at Harwich

005681-88 (Kent Co) Angus CAMERON, 40, blacksmith, Nova Scotia, Port Alma Ont., s/o Dugald CAMERON & Catherine CAMERON, married Rozella SARBEE, 25, Edwardsburg Ont., Raleigh , d/o Henry SARBEE & Angeline SARBEE, witn: Robert BOYES, Lucy E. WARD, both of Charing Cross, 4 August 1888 at Charing Cross

005621-88 (Kent Co) James CAMBELL (CAMPBELL), age not entered, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o William CAMBELL & Sara ROOSE, married Rose Ann BOURDEAU, age not entered, Dover, Dover, d/o Toussaint BOURDEAU & Rose A. CLINTON, witn: Francis CAMBELL, Aime THIBODEAU, both of Dover, 3 April 1888 at Dover 005760-89 (Kent Co.) George CAMPBELL, laborer, 25, Michigan, Orford, s/o Dougal CAMPBELL & Mary Ann GRANT, married Rebecca Louise VYSE, 23, Orford, same, d/o Charles VYSE & Annie LIVINGSTON, witn Emma GRAHAM & M. GRAHAM, both of Ridgetown, on 27 December 1888, at Ridgetown
005824-88 Enos CAMPBELL, 32, miller, Canada, Blenheim Kent Co., s/o Duncan & Eliza CAMPBELL, married Eliza McDIAMIRD, 26, Canada, Howard twp., d/o Archibald & Ann McDIAMIRD, witn: Freeman GREEN, Archibald McDIARMID, both of Howard, 1 February 1888 at Howard twp  
005803-1888 (Kent) Edward CARPENTER, 22, farmer, Camden, Gore of Camden, s/o Jonah & Emily CARPENTER, married Emily SHAW, 22, Camden, Gore of Camden, d/o Christopher & JANE shaw; wit: John SHAW, Camden, Maggie?. 20 Jun 1888 at Thamesville 005684-88 (Kent Co) James CARTWRIGHT, 22, farmer, Canada, Tilbury East, s/o William CARTWRIGHT & Jane DAVIDSON, married Sarah Jane DOBSON, 15, Canada, Tilbury East, d/o William DOBSON & Elizabeth PURDY, witn: William R. DAVIDSON, Harry SHELER (SHEELER?), both of Tilbury East, 9 April 1888 at Tilbury East
005771-89 (Kent Co.) Robert CASWELL, laborer, 21, Highgate, same, s/o John & Jane, married Ida BRODD, 21, Michigan, Highgate, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn William CASWELL & Eva ELLIS, both of Ridgetown, on 18 October 1888, at Ridgetown

005671-88 (Kent Co) William D. CATO, 32, render?, New York state U.S., Raleigh, widower, s/o William CATO & Edith DENNIS, married Maggie IRVING nee TAYLOR, 32, Canada, Raleigh, widow, d/o James E. TAYLOR & Annie JOHNSTONE, witn: James A. TAYLOR, Mary TAYLOR, both of Cedar Springs, 1 February 1888 at Raleigh

005612-88 (Kent Co) Oliver David CHARRON, 22, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Oliver CHARRON & Philomine CHARRON, married Emma COUTURE, 16 (or 15), Dover, Dover, d/o S. Baptiste COUTURE & Marie COUTURE, witn: James CHARRON, Rosalie COUTURE, both of Dover, 9 October 1888 at Dover 005623-88 (Kent Co) Alphie CHEFF, age not entered, Dover, Dover, s/o Joseph CHEFF & Marie NORTEN (Norton?), married Catherine YOTT, age not entered, Dover, Dover, d/o Francis & Matte YOTT, witn: none entered, day not entered February 1888 at Dover
005662-88 (Kent Co) Edward CHENEY, 27, farmer, Ireland, Harwich, s/o Christopher CHENEY & Margaret MOORE, married Elizabeth DEMPSTER, 21, Scotland, Harwich, d/o William DEMPSTER & Euphemia MOORE, witn: James CHENEY, Miss Mary CAMPBELL, both of Blenheim, 7 September 1888 at Harwich near Blenheim

005857-88 John Ed CONNELLAN, 22, farmer, England Rond Eau Ont., s/o John & Eliza CONELLAN, married Sarah D. DELONG, 18, of Rond Eau Ont., d/o Reuben & Alice DELONG, witn: C. FLETCHER, Flora FLETCHER, both of Blenheim Ont., 14 November 1888 at Blenheim

005564-1888 (Kent Co): William H. COOPER, 29, commercial traveler, London Ont, Chicago US, s/o William & Jennie COOPER, married Agnes M SMITH, 24, Paris Ont, Chatham Ont, d/o James & Agnes SMITH; wit: Geo M Smith, Mrs John? E SMITH, Chatham. 26 Dec 1888 at Chatham 5814-88 (Kent Co): Isaac COPELL, 23, engineer, Canada, Raleigh twp., s/o William COPELL & Eliza BADDER, married Jane McALLISTER, 19, Canada, Tilbury East, d/o Samuel McALLISTER & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: William & Angus GRAHAM of Tilbury East, 24 April 1888 at Tilbury East
005545-88 (Kent Co) Charles COUSE, 35, engineer, Yarmouth twp. Elgin, Chatham Kent Co., s/o Ensley COUSE & Matilda COUSE, married Bessie McLEAN, 31, widow, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp. Kent Co., d/o Ninian HOLMES & Catherine HOLMES, witn: Sandy HOLMES, Leah HOLMES, both of Chatham, 2 October at Raleigh 005650-88 - Albert COUTTS, 26, farmer, Malahide twp, Howard twp, s/o William & Sarah, married Elizabeth Victoria GREEN, 27, Howard twp, same, d/o Richard & Mary Jane, witn: Elizabeth GREEN & Mary Jane CONISCHEE?, both of Howard twp, on 24 December 1888, at Ridgetown

005969-89 George CROKER, 32, laborer, Ont., Dover East., s/o John & Catherine CROKER, married Celeste ROSZELL, 20, Ont., Raleigh, d/o Jacob & Catherine ROSZELL, witn: Riley ROSZELL, Alice CROWE, both of Raleigh, 7 November 1888 at not entered [was registered in Chatham]

005678-88 (Kent Co) Frederic Luther CROS, 21, painter, Port Perry, Chatham Ont., s/o Thomas W. CROS & Apsophy CROS, married Florence FEIL, 21, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Thomas FEIL & Elizabeth FEIL, witn: Sidney S. WHITE, Lucy WARD, both of Charing Cross, 27 September 1888 at Charing Cross 005823-88 Frederick Henry CROW, 28, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Alexander CROW & Jane CROW, married Eva Francis MOORHOUSE, 22, Euphemia twp., Tilbury East twp., d/o William. L. MOORHOUSE & Maria MOORHOUSE, witn: J.A. JOHNSTON, Buffalo U.S., Hannah MOORHOUSE, Tilbury East, 25 December 1888 at Tilbury East
#005766-88 (Kent Co): John CROSBY, 23, laborer, Ontario, Chatham twp., s/o Henry CROSBY & Mary WILSON, married Sarah DOVE, 24, Ontario, Sombra twp., d/o Martin DOVE & Annie CAMPBELL, 21 Dec 1888 at Wallaceburg 5577-88 (Kent Co): Albert DALGLEISH, 32, farmer, Ontario, Mersea, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Sarah KIRKUFF, 18, Ontario, Mersea, d/o George W. & Mary C., witn: Jane MALOTT of Romney, 16 July 1888 at Romney
 005619-88 (Kent Co) Francis DANIEL, 21, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Antoine & Catherine DANIEL, married Lucie HOULE, 22, Dover, Dover, d/o Baptiste & Marie HOULE, witn: William OUELLETTE, Dover, Marie HOULE, Wallaceburg, 23 October 1888 at Dover

005611-88 (Kent Co) Narcisse DANIEL, 21, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Pierre DANIEL & Archange DANIEL, married Lucie THIBAUDAU, 22, Dover, Dover, d/o Joseph THIBAUDAU & Adile THIBAUDAU, witn: Cyrille DANIEL, Lucie BOURASSA, both of Dover, 8 October 1888 at Dover

  005674-88 (Kent Co) Hiram DAVIS, 35, farmer, Kingston Ont., Raleigh, s/o Samuel & Nancy DAVIS, married Mary E. SHAW, 35, Chatham twp., Raleigh, d/o John & Nancy SHAW, witn: Ann M. KANE, Henry KANE, both of Buxton, 8 February 1888 at Raleigh
005645-88 - Nathaniel DECON (Deacon?), 45, farmer, Southwold twp, St Thomas twp, s/o James & Jane, married Annie POTTER, 24, Toronto, Highgate Ont, d/o Walls? & Susan, witn: William & Jane EASTLAKE of Ridgetown, on 16 September 1888, at Ridgetown

005550-1888 (Kent Co): William Douglas DENNIS, 60, farmer, widower, England, Vassai Michigan, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Hanna SNYDER, 58, widow, England, Chatham, d/o Peter & Margaret DAVEY; wit: L W Brickman, S C Brickman, Chatham. 1 Aug 1888 at Chatham.

005624-88 (Kent Co) Pierre DESMARAIS, age not entered, farmer, Stoney Point, Dover, s/o Pierre Desmarais & Justese ROUSE, married Ida LAPLANTE, age not entered, Dover, Dover, d/o John B. LAPLANTE & Marie BECHARD, witn: Joseph LAPLANTE, John B. BECHARD, both of Dover, date not entered at Dover 005560-1888 (Kent Co): James DOO, 25, farmer, Raleigh Co Kent, same, s/o Green & Abigal DOO, married Eliza Jane TOYER, 18, Raleigh Co Kent, same, d/o Allen & Malinda TOYER; wit: Solomon DOO, Raleigh, Sara WARE, Chatham. 2 Dec 1888 at Chatham.
005567-1888 (Kent Co): James ? DOOLITTLE, 22, farmer, Tp Dover Ont, same, s/o Thomas L & Marian DOOLITTLE, married Annie MARTIN, 25, Wallaceburg Ont, same, d/o Reuben & Hannah MARTIN; wit: B LAYCOCK, H D McCOLL, Chatham. 22 Dec 1888.  
005541-88 (Kent Co) William Martin DOWNS, 22, farmer, Northumberland England, Tilbury East twp., s/o Thomas DOWNS & Annie JOHNSTON, married Rachel Hannah Victoria LARABEE, 17, Edwardsburg, Raleigh twp., d/o Henry LARABEE & Angeline LEGORT, witn: A.T. FREEMAN, Alton RIATT, both of Chatham, 3 October 1888 at Chatham 005562-1888 (Kent Co): John M. DOYLE, 33, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Peter & Catharine DOYLE, married Margaret FERGUSON, 22, Crief Scotland, Raleigh, d/p Peter & Catharine FERGUSON; wit: Mrs J A Brown, Belmont, Mrs J R BATTESBY, Chatham. 16 Oct 1888 at Chatham
005802-1888 (Kent) James Henry DUNCAN, 37, physician, England, Chatham, s/o James DUNCAN, & Annie JOBSON, married Margaret Helen FERGUSON, 23, Camden, Thamesville, d/o James FERGUSON & Jane RENWICK; wit: Edward JB Duncan, Toronto, Agnes TURNBULL, Brantford. 6 Jun 1888 at Thamesville 005774-89 (Kent Co.) Charles H. EASTLAKE, clerk, 25, Orford, Ridgetown, s/o Charles & Hannah, married Hellen McPHERSON, 25, Scotland, Ridgetown, d/o Charles & Ellen, witn B.N. WILLSON & Grace McKINLEY, on 28 November 1888, at Ridgetown
005694-88 (Kent Co) William E. EVENS (EVANS?) , 30, saddler, Canada, Barrie, s/o P.T. & Charlotte EVENS, married Laura S. RIPLEY, 24, Canada, Camden Gore twp., d/o Joseph & Sarah RIPLEY, witn: Robert & Emma JOHNSTON, both of Harwich, 1 May 1888 at Camden Gore twp.  
005780-1888 (Kent) Leslie FARRELL, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Dresden, s/o Thomas & Cornelia FARRELL, married Betsey McINTYRE, 20, Canada, Dresden, d/o Peter & Ellen McINTYRE; wit: William J WRIGHT, town of Dresden, Christie McDONALD, Dawn. 2 May 1888 at town of Dresden 005553-1888 (Kent Co): Byron Miles FELLOWS, 23, book keeper, Ont, Chicago, s/o John W & Jane FELLOWS, married Nellie SHEPLEY, 24, Ont, Chatham, s/o William R & Lucinda SHEPLEY; wit: Richard A. Hughes, Ada J. Hughes, Chatham. 3 Jul 1888 at Chatham.
005801-1888 (Kent) Amos FENNELL, 28, farmer, Warwickshire Eng, Newbury Ont, s/o Amos FENNELL & Dinah CHITTON (CHILTON?), married Eleanor BATEMAN, 23, Orford, Newbury, d/o John BATEMAN & Sarah HOGGARTH; wit: Maggie D & Agnes M BECHET, Thamesville. 18 May 1888 at Thamesville

005854-88 John FIELDS, 28, blacksmith, England, Blenheim Ont., s/o Joshua & Mary FIELDS, married Maggie CULLIS, 20, Canada, Harwich, d/o James & Mary CULLIS, witn: Flora FLETCHER, Fannie FLETCHER, both of Blenheim, 19 December 1888 at Blenheim

  005672-88 (Kent Co) George W. FINLAY, 30, farmer, Ireland, Raleigh, s/o William FINLAY & Mary WILSON, married Eliza Ann GLEESON, 24, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Patrick GLEESON & Annie ROE, witn: Richard CRACKELL, Emma GLEESON, both of Raleigh, 15 February 1888 at Raleigh
005588-88 (Kent Co) Reuben FOX, 26, farmer, Mersea Ont, Mersea twp., s/o Theodore FOX & Matilda FOX, married Eliza A. MANARY, 17, Mersea, Mersea, d/o Robert MANARY & Isabella MANARY, witn: Walter FOX, Jessie MANARY, both of Mersea, 15 February 1888 at Romney 005638-88 - James C GARDINER, 31, clerk, Cavan Twp, Ridgetown, s/o Ralph GARDINER & Frances, married Mary Jane KENNY, 29, Erin twp, Ridgetown, d/o John N. KENNY & Mary, witn: Lettie J. CARSON of Oakville & J. K. GARDINER, of Laprie Mich., on 1 May 1888, at Ridgetown
005816-88 James GARDINER, 25, yeoman, East Tilbury twp, East Tilbury, s/o John GARDINER & Mary A. GARDINER, married Jane Elizabeth MOOREHOUSE, 22, Euphemia, East Tilbury Ont., d/o William MOOREHOUSE & Moriah MOOREHOUSE, witn: William. GARDINER, Eva MOOREHOUSE, both of East Tilbury, 30 May 1888 at East Tilbury

005750-89 (Kent Co) William James GARDINER, 24, farmer, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o William & Agnes GARDINER, married Sarah SLOAN, 21, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Joseph & Mary SLOAN, witn: John L.B. GARDINER, Mary Sloan, both of Tilbury East, 12 December 1888 at Tilbury East

005640-88 - Elmer? GILBERT, 68, farmer, Amherstburg?, Harwich twp, widowed, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Mary C. THOMPSON, 56, New Bruinswick, Blenheim, widowed, d/o Samuel & Sarah NEWCOME, witn: Daniel NEWCOME & Jerush B. MORGAN, both of Ridgetown, on 31 July 1888, at Ridgetown

005660-88 (Kent Co) Elmer GILBERT, 68, farmer, Amherstburg Ont., Harwich, widower, s/o Daniel & David [both male names] GILBERT, married Mary Catherine THOMPSON, 56, New Brunswick, Blenheim Ont., widow, d/o Samuel & Mary NEWCOMB, witn: Samuel NEWCOMB, Jerusha B. MORGAN, both of Harwich, 3 July 1888 at Harwich

005963-89 Samuel GLOVER, 40, farmer, Cleveland Ohio, Dover Kent, s/o William & Ann Jane GLOVER, married Margaret ADAMS, 35, widow, Blank, Chatham Ont., d/o James & Sarah HILL, witn: W.H. ADAMS, Sarah ADAMS, both of Chatham Ont., 19 December 1888 at Chatham

005531-88 (Kent Co) William Morgan GOODEVE, 39, civil service, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o William Joseph GOODEVE & Margaret GOODEVE, married Chloe Eleanor VICARS?, 28, widow, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Rufus STEPHENSON & Georgeanna Emma STEPHENSON, witn: Andrew C. STEPHENSON, Rufus STEPHENSON, both of Chatham, 11 September 1888 at Chatham

005478-88 (Kent Co): William GOOSE, 23, laborer, Raleigh, Chatham, s/o Henry & Frances, married Siddy GONIGAS? (or Goryas?), 20, Michigan, Tilbury East, d/o Sergeau & Margaret, witn: Thomas R. COGAN? & Michael HOUSTON, 24 Jan 1888 at Chatham

005656-88 (Kent Co) Earnest GRANT, 24, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Allan & Lucinda GRANT, married Martha SERSON, 19, Howard, Harwich, d/o Andrew & Eliza SERSON, witn: Burton GRANT, Lizzie SERSON, both of Guilds, 16 May 1888 at Harwich

005666-88 (Kent Co) Humbert GRAVES, 22, farmer, Howard Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Nelson & Catharine GRAVES, married Della PURSER, 19, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Giddeon & Eliza Jane PURSER, witn: Albert PERCER (sic), Ida BEDFORD, Robert WALTERS, Maggie WALTERS, all of Harwich, 28 November 1888 at Harwich twp

005581-88 (Kent Co) Edward GREEN, 26, laborer, Romney, Romney, s/o Edward & Mary GREEN, married Addie EDWARDS, 21, Ontario, Raleigh, d/o Hugh F. EDWARDS & Triphonia EDWARDS, witn: Jane LAMARSH, Jane MALOTT, both of Romney, 10 October 1888 at Romney 005642-88 - Michael GROSS, 29, shoemaker, Aldboro, Ridgetown, widowed, s/o Michael & Roslan, married Ada HALLIGER, 23, Niagara, Ridgetown, witn: Peter CAMPBELL & Mary LUIDLEY, on 14 July 1888, at Ridgetown
005542-88 (Kent Co) Gordon HALL, 32, farmer, widower, Tyrone Ireland, Mersea twp., s/o James HALL & Mary Ann IRVING, married Mary FLETCHER, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Raleigh twp., d/o William FLETCHER & Jennie GORDON, witn: A.T. FREEMAN, Jane FERGUSON, both of Chatham, 8 October 1888 at Chatham #005476-88 (Kent Co): Alexander HALL, 40, widower, merchant, Charing Cross, Bayham St. in Chatham, s/o Alexander & Isabella, married Jennie HEATH, 27, Meaford, Richmond St. in Chatham, d/o Alwin & Sarah, witn: Andrew DICKIE of Brantford & Elizabeth HEATH of Chatham, 5 Jan 1888 at Chatham
005713-89 (Kent Co) William James HAMILL, 26, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Robert HAMILL & Sophia GAMMAGE, married Mary Jane BAIRD, 23, Harwich, same, d/o James BAIRD & Mary LAIRD (as written), witn John BAIRD of Eleuthra? & Mary HAMILL of Harwich, 25 December 1888, at Harwich 005696-88 (Kent Co) William Henry HARE, 25, farmer, Canada, St. Catherines, s/o James & Margaret HARE, married Elizabeth Jane VANCE, 21, Canada, Camden Gore, d/o James & Elizabeth VANCE, witn: James VANCE, Elizabeth DUNN, residences not entered, 31 May 1888 at Camden Gore twp.
  #005479-88 (Kent Co): George HARSE?, 24, laborer, Thamesville, Chatham twp., s/o Alson & Manerva, married Maggie HUTCHINSON, 18, Kent Co., Chatham twp., d/o Nelson & Frances, witn: John ROBINSON & Enoch SMITH, both of Chatham, 31 Jan 1888 at Chatham  

005583-88 (Kent Co) Joseph L. HEATHERINGTON, 32, miller, Raleigh, Raleigh Ont., s/o Joseph HEATHERINGTON & Martha HEATHERINGTON, married Eva BOSTWICK, 28, Raleigh, Romney, d/o Isaac A. BOSTWICK & Mary E. BOSTWICK, witn: Cecelia BOSTWICK, Henry A. BOSTWICK, both of Romney, 4 December 1888 at Romney

005836-88 George Alvin HEATHERINGTON, 27, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Joseph HEATHERINGTON & Matilda PARDO, married Sarah Ann TAYLOR, 23, London Ont., Raleigh twp., d/o James TAYLOR & adopted daughter - mother’s name not known, witn: Ellen Mary WADDELL, Blenheim Ont., 30 January 1888 at Blenheim
005654-88 (Kent Co) Thomas HEBBLETHWAITE, 22, farmer, Middlesex Co., Harwich, s/o Franklin & Elizabeth HEBBLETHWAITE, married Annie WRIGHT, 24, Huron Co., Harwich, d/o Isaac & Rebecca WRIGHT, witn: Richard RIDLEY, Ridley, Sarah MALARY, Guilds, 21 March 1888 at Ridley  

005658-88 (Kent Co) George William HENDERSON, 33, clergyman, Elgin Co., Dresden, widower, s/o Francis Allen & Catherine HENDERSON, married Grace ROTHWELL, 26, Fenton Falls (Fenelon Falls?) Victoria Ont., d/o Benjamin & Cyrilla ROTHWELL, witn: Samuel ROTHWELL, Rachael COUTTS, both of Chatham, 20 June 1888 at Harwich twp

005773-1888 (Kent) Robert Thomas HENRY, 26, farmer, Canada, Chatham Tp, s/o Robert & Elizabeth HENRY, married Agnes Drain McNAUGHTON, 22, Scotland, Chatham Tp, d/o Donald & Margaret McNAUGHTON; wit: Donald McNAUGHTON, Annie McISAAC, Chatham Tp. 22 Feb 1888 at town of Dresden
#005765-88 (Kent Co): Amos Morton HENRY, 22, farmer, Ontario, Sombra twp., s/o Lyman HENRY & Mary BOWLES, married Martha Maria CURRIE, 21, Ontario, Sombra twp., d/o Robert CURRIE & Phebie CLINTON, witn: Mary Elizabeth KIRBY of Wallaceburg & Mrs. Alex MAVIK of Walford, 26 Sept 1888 at Wallaceburg 5806-88 (Kent Co): John HERBERT, 36, farmer, Simcoe, Zone, s/o Elwin HERBERT & Charlotte HARE, married Rebecca Grace OSBORNE, 28, Mariposa, Howard, d/o John OSBORNE & Sophia HINES, witn: Maggie D. & Agnes BECKET of Thamesville, 28 Nov 1888 at Thamesville
005597-88 (Kent Co) Richard HETHERINGTON, 31, farmer, Flamboro West Ontario, Orford, s/o Richard HETHERINGTON & Margaret FRASER, married Jessie Rose McLEAN, 22, Orford, Orford, d/o Charles Hector McLEAN & Agnes ROSE, witn: James LEWIS, Tilsonburg, Josephine McLEAN, Orford, 12 March 1888 at Orford 005702-88 (Kent Co) Alfred HIGHGATE, 25, farmer, Canada, Raleigh, s/o Oliver & Eliza HIGHGATE, married Susan DONNELY, 20, Canada, Camden, d/o Edward & Ellen DONNELLY, witn: A.V. THOMPSON, B.A. HARRIS, both of Camden, 1 August 1888 at Gore of Camden
005845-88 John Allan HODGES, 25, railroad conductor, Ontario, Pine Bluff Arkansas U.S., s/o William & Esther HODGES, married Rosa Ellen BLACK, 21, Blenheim Ont., Blenheim Ont., d/o John & Ellen BLACK, witn: James BLACK, Leamington Ont., Lois A. VESTER, Blenheim Ont., 26 September 1888 at Blenheim 005534-88 (Kent Co) Rodney Joseph HORNE, 25, farmer, Wolfe Island, Raleigh twp., s/o George & Jane Ann, married Sarah CLEEVE, 27, St. Thomas, Raleigh twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Catherine A. TRELEAVEN, Chatham, Annie TRELEAVEN, Dungannon, 16 May 1888 at Chatham

005692-88 (Kent Co) Charles M. HUNT, 39, salesman, United States, Windsor, s/o Richard & Ester HUNT, married Sarah E. PURDY, 17, Canada, Gore of Camden, d/o Milton & Sarah PURDY, witn: Richard PIPER, Minnie PURDY, both of Gore of Camden, 9 February 1888 at not entered [registered in Camden Gore twp.]

005549-88 (Kent Co) Charles HUNT, 51, labourer, widower, England, Raleigh, s/o Thomas & Sarah HUNT, married Honora MURRAY, 30, widow, Ontario, Raleigh, d/o John & Rachel WALKER, witn: Sarah BONNET, Jennie BONNET, both of Chatham, 21 July 1888 at Chatham
005669-88 (Kent Co) William H. HUNTER, 26, merchant, Missouri U.S., Fargo Ont., s/o Samuel A. & Frances HUNTER, married Annie May WHITE, 22, Harwich, Raleigh Kent Co., d/o William H. & Permilla WHITE, witn: Newton WHITE, Lottie BOYES (ROYES?), both of Raleigh, 16 May 1888 at Raleigh 005653-88 - William H. IDEN, 28, farmer, Mornington twp, Howard, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Alma Irena ARNOLD, 22, Howard, same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: Harriet L. & M. PICKARD, both of Harwich, on 13 March 1888, at Harwich
005544-88 (Kent Co) William W. INNES, 25, farmer, Burford Oxford Co., Dawn twp. Lambton Co., s/o Thomas INNES & Elise INNES, married Priscilla FARSLOW, 25, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Lewis FARSLOW & Emma FARSLOW, witn: Minnie INNES, Euphemia, Thomas FARSLOW, Camden, 18 September 1888 at Chatham 005851-88 John D. JACK, 24, miller, Millbank Ont., Blenheim Ont., s/o Hugh & Isabella JACK, married Bertha Alice SMITH, 19, Brampton Ont., Blenheim Ont., d/o William & Agnes SMITH, witn: Donald JACK, Millbank Ont., Belle SMITH, Blenheim Ont., 14 November 1888 at Blenheim
005817-88 Thomas JACKSON, 47, carpenter, England, Wheatley, s/o James & Fanny JACKSON, married Mary A. THOMPSON, 51, widow, Canada, Wheatley, d/o Francis THOMPSON & Isabella THOMPSON, witn: none entered, date not entered, at Hornick’s Farm, 8thConc. Tilbury West [was registered on June 11, 1888] 5572-88 (Kent Co): Isaac JACKSON, 28, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Chatham twp., s/o Robert & Ann, married Susan Sophia McKENZIE, 18, Chatham twp., same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Charles JACKSON of Louisville Ont & Bertha WALRETH of Chatham, 3 Oct 1888 at Chatham twp
005598-88 (Kent Co) Elijah JACOBS, 35, indian, widower, Orford, Orford, s/o John & Polly JACOBS, married Rebecca SNAKE, 24, Orford, Orford, d/o John & Mary SNAKE, witn: C.V. INGEBRIGHTEN, Mary HARTMAN, both of Orford, 23 August 1888 on the Indian Reserve Moraviantown 005607-88 (Kent Co) Louis JACQUES, 22, farmer, Tilbury West, Tilbury West, s/o Julien JACQUES & Cecile TRUDELL, married Elmire PELLETIER, 19, Tilbury West, St. Peter [Tilbury E twp.], d/o Charles PELTIER & Elmire BAILLARGEON, witn: Julien JACQUES, Israel BESSETTE, both of Tilbury West, 15 January 1888 at Dover
005710-88 (Kent Co) Thomas J. JOHNSON, 20, tailor, Morpeth, Morpeth, s/o James & Annie JOHNSON, married Annie E. LAWS, 21, Orford, Orford, d/o Thomas & Janett LAWS, witn: Mrs. SMALL, Morpeth, 25 January 1888 at Bothwell 005839-88 Charles Alfred JOHNSON, 38, carpenter, widower, New York State, Fremont Ohio U.S., s/o Alfred JOHNSON & Mary Elmira MITTON, married Susan SCHOOLER, 30, widow, Ohio U.S., Harwich twp. Ont., d/o Charles SNEER & Elmira STEAR, witn: George LARSH, Sadie ROWE, both of Blenheim Ont., 14 June 1888 at Blenheim Ont. [note at bottom states: the above parties were married some years ago in Ohio, were divorced, each was again married, their partners have died and they are again remarried]
005769-1888 (Kent) Donald JOHNSON, 38, yeoman, Scotland, Tp Harwich, s/o Donald & Sarah JOHNSON, married Isabella BRYNE, 37, Canada, Harwich, d/o John & Mary BRYNE; wit: Mary BALE, Harwich, Hiram HANES, Dresden. 13 Jan 1888 at town of Dresden. 005651-88 - Robert L JOHNSON, 26, farmer, York twp, Harwich, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Emma RIPLEY, 20, Nova Scotia, Harwich, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Bedford W. RIPLEY, & Ada A. RIPLEY, both of Harwich, on 25 January 1888, at Harwich
005847-88 Francis JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, Howard twp. Ont., Harwich twp. Ont., s/o Stephen JOHNSTON & Ervina JOHNSTON, married Mary ANDERSON, 28, Howard twp. Ont., Howard twp. Ont., d/o Patrick & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: J.B. SHILLINGTON, M.J. GODWIN, both of Blenheim, 28 October 1888 at Blenheim 005600-88 (Kent Co) Richard T. JOHNSTON, 31, farmer, Ontario, Rodney, s/o John JOHNSTON & Margaret NEWELL, married Ann B. ROBINSON, 18, Ontario, Duart, d/o John ROBINSON & Mary Jane LANDON, witn: Alex McCALLUM, Aldboro, Ettie ROBINSON, Orford, 11 October 1888 at Orford
005699-88 (Kent Co) James D. KELLEY, 25, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o James A. & Ann KELLEY, married Jane Ann COOPER, 19, Canada, Camden, d/o George & Margaret Jane COOPER, witnesses, their residences, and date and place of marriage were not entered [registered in Camden twp.] 005704-88 (Kent Co) John KENNEDY, 23, farmer, Canada, Dawn, s/o James & Catherine, married Sarah Jane BASS, 16, Canada, Catham (Chatham?), d/o Daniel & Anne, witn: James BARTLETT, Ela KELLY, both of Camden, 13 August 1888 at Camden
5573-88 (Kent Co): Charles Alex KERSEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Dover twp., s/o Jacob & Mary, married Leema (or Lernia) BOSWELL, no age given, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o Joseph & Martha, witn: Asa RICHARDSON of Dresden & Minnie COOK of Chatham twp., 31 Oct 1888 at Chatham twp 005835-88 John H. KNAPP, 36, labourer, Canada, Ridgetown, s/o David & Adeline KNAPP, married Liddie (Leddie?) VAN BUSKIRK, 29, widow, Howard, Howard, d/o A.B. & Mary ATKINSON, witn: Angus CRAWFORD, Orford, Mary KNAPP, Ridgetown, 26 December 1888 at Howard
005772-89 (Kent Co.) David B. KNIGHT, yeoman, 21, Howard, Camden, s/o Richard & Mary, married Aliva McKINLEY, 18, Camden, same, d/o John & Mary, witn Colin McBETH & Carrie McROBBIE, both of Ridgetown, on 31 October 1888, at Ridgetown

005630-88 (Kent Co) Jacob KRIGER, 33, farmer, Canada, Dover twp., s/o Jacob & Sibble KRIGER, married Emma J. BRAITHWAITE, 27, Canada, Dover twp., d/o William & Ruth BRAITHWAITE, witn: none entered, 25 December 1888 at Dover

005849-88 Joseph LALONDE, 29, captain, Cote-du-lac Quebec, Wallaceburg Ont., s/o Severe LALONDE & Ellen LALONDE, married Bessie CAMPBELL, 28, Dunwich twp. Ont., Wallaceburg Ont., d/o Donald & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: John BAKER, Kittie THOMAS, both of Wallaceburg Ont., 28 November 1888 at Blenheim

005769-89 (Kent Co.) F. B. LANDON, brakesman, 21, Thamesville, St.Thomas, s/o James & Ann, married Agnes FORD, 21, Orford, same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn William PHONIX & Ann WARD, both of Ridgetown, on 3 October 1888, at Ridgetown

005626-88 (Kent Co) Joseph LAPLANTE, age not entered, shoemaker, Dover, Dover, s/o John B. LAPLANTE & Marie BECHARD, married Erelina DUPUIS, age not entered, St. Michel Quebec, Dover, d/o Alphonse DUPUIS & Erelina GODVIN, witn: Pierre DESMARAIS, David LAPLANTE, both of Dover, date not entered at Dover 005639-88 - James LAY?, 26, farmer, England, Aldborough twp, s/o William & Caroline, married Mary Jane GRAY, 23, Comber, Aldborough twp, d/o Alexander & Effie, witn: William LAY?, Jr?, & Mr. E. SHEPPARD, on 4 July 1888, at Ridgetown
005828-88 Robert LINDERBECK, 26, farmer, Hope twp., Howard, s/o William & Catherine LINDERBECK, married Ellen INCHES, 22, Howard, Howard, d/o Charles D. & Mary INCHES, witn: Charles INCHES, Howard, Rosa M. DE LONG, Harwich, 26 September 1888 at Howard 005558-1888 (Kent Co): Wesley Wellington LINK, 21, farmer, Township of Howard, same, s/o Daniel & Mary LINK, married Ellen WINTER, 20, Township of Harwich, same, d/o Robert & Rebecca WINTER; wit: William LINK, Elsie WINTER, Howard. 24 Oct 1888 at Chatham
005540-88 (Kent Co) Fred J. LOOP, 23, book keeper, Vanburen?, Chatham, s/o Fred & Elizabeth LOOP, married Mary PATTON, 17, Chatham, Chatham, d/o R.M. PATTON & Martha PATTON, witn: Albert E. LEUFERTY, Mabel PATTON, both of Chatham, 11 September 1888 at Chatham 005595-88 (Kent Co) Alex LOVE, 26, farmer, Wallacetown, Aldborough twp., s/o Alexander & Mary LOVE, married Mary M. BLUE, 24, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o Neil & Annie BLUE, witn: Duncan P. McCOLL, Dunwich, Minnie BLUE, Orford, 50 June 1888 at Orford
005649-88 - John LYNCH, 38, farmer, Dunwich twp, same, s/o John & Mary, married Ester HATTON, 30, Donwich twp, Ridgetown, d/o Michel & Emma, witn: James? LYNCH & Mary LYNCH, both of Ridgetown, on 28 November 1888, at Ridgetown 005785-1888 (Kent) Curtis Oscar MABEE, 29, physician, Canada, New Providence Iowa US, s/o Thomas Jefferson & Amanda MABEE, married Nellie Eliza WRIGHT, 23, Canada, Dresden, s/o James L & Eliza Fellows WRIGHT; wit: Louisa Emily Bodkin, blank CARSCALLEN, Dresden. 4 Oct 1888 at Town of Dresden.
005561-1888 (Kent Co): James C. MACKLEM, 29, packer, Cornell, Chatham, s/o Shoonley & Margaret MACKLEM, married Mary Ann KELLY, 23, Chatham, same, d/o John & Johanna KELLY; wit: Mrs J A Brown, Belmont, Mrs J R BATTESBY, Chatham. 27 Oct 1888 at Chatham. 005713-88 (Kent Co) James T. MAILING, 24, rail roader, England, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann MAILING, married Lizzie SWARTZ, 30, Paris, Thamesville, d/o William & Lucretia SWARTZ, witn: Mrs. Ed PAYNE, Thamesville, Mrs. G.M. ANDREWS, Bothwell, 30 May 1888 at Bothwell
005791-1888 (Kent) John MANSFIELD, 25, miller, Canada, Dresden, s/o George & Mary Jane MANSFIELD, married Emeratha CRAIG, 24, Canada, Dresden, d/o Frederick & Margaret Ann CRAIG; wit: Stanley & Ann MILLER, Dresden. 29 Nov 1888 at town of Dresden. 005532-88 (Kent Co) George MARIS, 28, yeoman, Canada, Tilbury East twp., s/o Thomas & Mary MARIS, married Elizabeth SHARPE, 22, Canada, Tilbury East, twp., d/o William & Janet SHARPE, witn: Mrs. BROWN, Annie WALKER, both of Chatham, 12 September 1888 at Chatham
005687-88 (Kent Co) John MARR, 21, woodcutter or laborer, Canada, Tilbury East, s/o George MARR & Elizabeth LONG, married Millie Maria PHILLIPS, 17, Canada, Tilbury East, d/o Ransellar PHILLIPS & Margaret PURDY, witn: Minea DOBSON, Tilbury East, Henrietta FORREST, Tilbury Centre, 1 March 1888 at Tilbury Centre 005711-89 (Kent Co) Daniel MARSH, 29, farmer, England, Dakota U.S., s/o David (or Daniel?) & Elizabeth MARSH, married Isabella CLUNIS, 27, Howard Ontario, Harwich, d/o Donald & Isabella CLUNIS, witn James BALMER of Howard & Margaret Ann CLUNIS of Harwich, 10 December 1888, at Harwich.
005761-89 (Kent Co.) David MARSH, farmer, 29, England, Dakota, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Isabella CLUNIS, 27, Orford, Harwich, d/o Donald & Isabella, witn James BALMER, on 10 December 1888, at Ridgetown 5804-88 (Kent Co): John MARSHALL, 38, widower, farmer, Clarke, Ridgetown, s/o John MARSHALL & Joanna GREENWOOD, married Catherine ROBERTSON, 38, widow, Howard, Ridgetown, d/o Donald ROSE & Mary McINNES, witn: Maggie D. & James BECKET of Thamesville, 16 July 1888 at Thamesville
005584-88 (Kent Co) William J. MARTIN, 30, mechanic, widower, Prescott Ont., Wheatley Ont., s/o Robert & Mary E. MARTIN, married Lydia WILLIAMS, 20, Newport Wales - Great Britain, Romney, d/o George & Amelia WILLIAMS, witn: E.J. WILLIAMS, Jane HEATHERINGTON, both of Romney, 4 December 1888 at Romney 005818-88 Albert E. MASON, 25, farmer, Spencerville Ont., Tilbury East, s/o James MASON & Sarah HUSTON, married Isabella HOPE, 22, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o William HOPE & Martha HANCOCK, witn: James HANCOCK, Merlin, Mary A. HOPE, Tilbury East, 20 June 1888 at Tilbury East
005555-1888 (Kent Co): Bonothie MASTERS, 28, merchant, Big Point, Chatham, s/o Moses MASTERS & Mary PELLATT?, married Sarah MOUNT, 25, Chatham, same, d/o Peter MOUNT & Ellen BRADLEY; wit: Maggie DIERNER, Chatham. 9 Oct 1888, at St. Joseph Church, Chatham. 005647-88 - George Thomas MAYNARD, 23, farmer, Canada, Aldborough, s/o George & Ellen, married Mary KOHLER, 21, Canada, Rodney, d/o Martin & Annie, witn: Henry WISNER?, & George MAYNARD, both of Aldboro, on 9 October 1888, at Ridgetown
005789-1888 (Kent) William McALLISTER, 26, farmer, Canada, Tp Sombra, s/o John & Annie McALLISTER, married Ellen WINTER, 24, Canada, Tp of Sombra, d/o Henry & Joan WINTER; wit: Samuel HUNT, Lambeth, Grace HENDERSON, Dresden. 12 Nov 1888 Dresden 005796-1888 (Kent) Neil McCALLOM, 55, farmer, Scotland, Aldborough, s/o Hugh & Margaret McCALLOM, married Mary McINTYRE, 38, Orford, same, widow, d/o James McINTYRE & Mary CAMPBELL, wit: Mrs W FANSHER, Clara TWIGG, Thamesville. 4 Jan 1888 at Thamesville.
5812-87 (Kent Co): William McCAUGHAN, 26, laborer, Chatham twp., same, s/o Jordan & Mary, married Ophelia PERRY, 26, Chatham twp., same, d/o Carl L. & Mary, witn: Walter PERRY of Chatham twp., 11 Jan 1888 at Chatham twp 005852-88 John D. McCOIG, 36, farmer, of Harwich twp., s/o David & Margaret McCOIG, married Bella MUNROE, 32, Scotland, Ridgetown Ont., d/o John & Mary MUNRO, witn: Duncan SINCLAIR, Blenheim Ont., Kenneth McCOIG, Harwich twp. Ont., 26 December 1888 at Blenheim
005535-88 (Kent Co) Joseph McCORKINDALE, 39, widow, Guelph, Tilbury East, s/o John & Catherine, married Jessie McGAGGAN, 17, Caledonia, Tilbury East, d/o David & Phoebe, witn: James? FREEMAN, Amanda FREEMAN, both of Chatham, 4 September 1888 at Chatham 005787-1888 (Kent) William G McCRORY, 21, farmer, Canada, Tp Moore, s/o William & Margaret McCRORY, married Annie PATTERSON, 21, Canada, County Lambton, d/o Joseph & Jane PATTERSON; wit: Samuel HURST, Lambeth P O, Grace Henderson, Dresden. 7 Nov 1888 at town of Dresden
005770-1888 (Kent) Allan A McDONALD, 21, farmer, Canada, North Gore of Chatham Tp, s/o Allan & Margaret McDONALD, married Sarah Jane McINNES, 19, Canada, North Gore of Chatham, d/o Donald & Martha McINNES; wit: --JACKSON, Matilda McDONALD, North Gore of Chatham. 31 Jan 1888 at town of Dresden 005797-1888 (Kent) Randall McDONALD, 24, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Andrew McDONALD & Mary Ann DODMAN?, married Jane McKINLEY, 23, Camden, same, d/o John McKINLEY & Mary McINNIS; wit: Maggie D & Agnes M BECKET, Thamesville. 14 Feb 1888 at Thamesville

005665-88 (Kent Co) William McDOUGALL, 26, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o John McDOUGALL & Rebecca BUNTS, married Maud Erie? GEROW, 17, Harwich, Harwich Ont., d/o Willet GEROW & Arabella BASS, witn: Jacob Franklin McDOUGALL, Sophia Louisa DON, both of Harwich, 18 November 1888 at Raglan, Harwich twp.

005838-88 Robert McDOWELL, 40, farmer, Ireland, Raleigh twp., s/o John McDOWELL & Mary, married Mary PROCTOR, 22, widow, Tilbury East Ont., Raleigh Kent Co., d/o William Henry [surname not given] & Mary Anne, witn: Ellen Mary WADDELL, Blenheim Ont., 12 June 1888 at Blenheim
005614-88 (Kent Co) Malcolm McGREGOR, 23, farmer, Canada, Euphemia, s/o James McGREGOR & Lydia McGREGOR, married Susan STACEY, 22, Canada, Dover, d/o James STACEY & Mary STACEY, witn: George BISHOP, Dover, 26 September 1888 at Dover 005593-88 (Kent Co) Paul McINNIS, 52, farmer, Paisley Scotland, Orford, s/o Ronald McINNIS & Margaret MARSHALL, married Matilda Ann SHEPLEY, 43, Raleigh twp., Orford twp., d/o Michael A. SHEPLEY & Jane McNEIL, witn: Ronald McGINNIS, Aldborough, Nellie SHEPLEY, Chatham, 20 March 1888 at Orford

005971-89 Gilbert McINTYRE, 26, telegraph operator, Ont., Desoto Mo. USA, s/o Donald & Flora McINTYRE, married Annie L. BEDFORD, 24, Ont., Chatham, d/o Ebenezer & Naomi BEDFORD, witn: Daniel McINTYRE, Yarmouth Ont., Minnie DICKSON, Chatham Ont., 26 December 1888 at Chatham

005705-88 (Kent Co) James Edward McKAY, 24, farmer, Camden, Canada [Canada, Camden], s/o Hugh & Jane McKAY, married Mary Jane HARRIS, 22, Canada, Camden, d/o Thomas & Ellen HARRIS, witn: Alexander HARRIS, Eliza HARRIS, both of Camden, 28 November 1888 at not entered [reg’d in Camden twp.]
005830-88 James McKINLAY, 25, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Robert & Mary McKINLAY, married Maria A. FAIRCHILD, 28, Brantford, Howard, d/o Benjamin & Margaret FAIRCHILD, witn: Rev. W. SMITH, Glencoe, William. CALE, Morpeth, 28 May 1888 at Howard  
005715-88 (Kent Co) Duncan A. McLEAN, 26, farmer, Aldborough, Orford, s/o Daniel & Annie McLEAN, married Christy GREGORY, 19, Orford, Orford, d/o Philip GREGORY & Janet PATTERSON, witn: Reba M. RUSSELL, Orford, Mary W. PASCOE, Bothwell, 12 June 1888 at Bothwell 005825-88 Alexander McMILLAN, 25, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Neil & Mary McMILLAN, married Mary Orlinda McBRAYNE, 21, Howard, Howard, d/o Archibald & Elisabeth McBRAYNE, witn: Hilliard McBRAYNE, Mary Elisabeth CLARKE, both of Howard, 15 February 1888 at Howard
005539-88 (Kent Co) Alexander McMULLEN, 23, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o James McMULLEN & Almira McMULLEN, married Mary McGREGOR, 29, Ardmore Ireland, Harwich, d/o James McGREGOR & Elizabeth McGREGOR, witn: Ross McMULLEN, Jennie SMITH, both of Harwich, 12 September 1888 at Harwich #005764-88 (Kent Co): Alexander McRAE, 24, farmer, Sombra, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Sarah Ann HAYES, 24, Wellington Co., Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: George SPARNER & Eliza HAYES, both of Wallaceburg, 24 Sept 1888 at Wallaceburg
005712-88 (Kent Co) Oscar McROBERTS, 23, hotel keeper, Canada, Florence, s/o William & Jane McROBERTS, married Annie Eliza BODKIN, 23, Camden, Camden, d/o Patrick & Prisdal BODKIN, witn: Freeman McROBERTS, Preston, Emma BODKIN, Dresden, 23 May 1888 at Bothwell 005820-88 William McWILLIAM, 25, sawyer, Scotland, Tilbury East, s/o Robert McWILLIAM & Mary MITCHELL, married Isabella ROBERTSON, 26, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o William ROBERTSON & Helen REID, witn: Robert McWILLIAM, Minnie ROBERTSON, both of Tilbury East, 19 July 1888 at Tilbury East
005826-88 Chester MERRITT, 22, farmer, Michigan, Camden twp., s/o James & Smyla?, married Nancy PEARSON, 20, Oxford Co. Ont., Camden twp., d/o John & Carmida PEARSON, witn: Charles ALYA, Ada ALYA, residences not entered, 19 April 1888 at Baptist parsonage 005768-1888 (Kent) Edwin Shanley MILLER, 28, labourer, Canada, Dresden, s/o William C & Rachael MILLER, married Annie Mcdonah? PRESLEY, 20, Canada, Dresden, d/o Charles & Martha PRESLEY; wit: William Andrew WINTER, Mary Ellen GREENWOOD, Dresden. 11 Jan 1888 at town of Dresden.
005781-1888 (Kent) Sidney MILLS, 27, farmer, Canada, Wardsville, s/o William T & Hannah MILLS, married Ada WARD, 23, Canada, Tp Chatham, d/o John & Emma WARD; wit: Robert WARD, Fanny HALL, Township of Chatham. 12 Jun 1888 at Town of Dresden. 005770-89 (Kent Co.) Stanley MILLS, merchant, 25, Hamilton, same, s/o Nelson & Cynthia, married Hellen Victoria DODGE, 26, Ridgetown, same, d/o Henry & Katine, witn Mrs. H. DODGE & (illegible) DODGE, both of Ridgetown, on 11 October 1888, at Ridgetown
005586-88 (Kent Co) Leonard MILLS, 23, farmer, Canada, Romney, s/o Joseph & Mary MILLS, married A. Eany? (Eavy?) CAMPBELL, 20, Canada, Romney, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: Duncan CAMPBELL, Horatio MILLS, both of Romney, 20 December 1888 at Romney 005604-88 (Kent Co) Richard George MOBEY, 33, farmer, Harwich twp., Orford twp., s/o Richard & Esther MOBEY, married Sarah Frances BREWER, 26, not entered, Zone, d/o George & Mary Ann BREWER, witn: Sydenham MELVILLE, Fort Gratiot U.S., Edith J. BALDWIN, Toronto, 14 November 1888 at Thamesville
  005833-88 William James MOFFAT, 28, merchant, New York State, Tilbury Centre, s/o Adam & Sarah MOFFAT, married Alice ADDEMAN, 24, Morpeth, Morpeth, d/o John & Ellen ADDEMAN, witn: Frank ADDEMAN, Morpeth, Eva ADDEMAN, Ridgetown, 16 October 1888 at Morpeth
5574-88 (Kent Co): Archibald MONTEITH, 31, farmer, widower, Middlesex Co., Zone, s/o Robert & Mary, married Elizabeth BUCHANAN, 25, Zone, same, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: John BUCHANAN of Zone & Letitia DUNN of Camden, 18 Jan 1888 at lot 10, 1st con, Zone 005682-88 (Kent Co) William MOODY, 43, farmer, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh Ont., s/o James MOODY & Margaret MOODY, married Ruth EDWARDS, 37, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh Ont., d/o John EDWARDS & Margery EDWARDS, witn: Ernest EDWARDS, Lillian EDWARDS, both of Raleigh, 11 September 1888 at Raleigh
#005775-87 (Kent Co): Robert Frederick MOORE, 23, farmer, Howard twp., same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mary STANTON, 23, Harwich twp., Dover twp.,, d/o George & Hanah, witnesses were Jane HUXLEY & Mary McBRIDE, both of Chatham, April 26, 1887 at Chatham  
005543-88 (Kent Co) Robert George MORRIS, 30, farmer, Sunnindale Simcoe Co., Raleigh, s/o Isaac MORRIS & Mary MORRIS, married Lucinda Jane TIBBS (Zibbs?), 19, Peel Co., Raleigh, d/o Solomon TIBBS & Martha TIBBS, witn: Hugh McCOLL, Kate McCOLL, both of Chatham, 1 October 1888 at Chatham 005685-88 (Kent Co) William MORRIS, 26, farmer, Canada, Tilbury West, s/o John MORRIS & Emily SMITH, married Mary M. PICKERMAN, 24, Canada, Tilbury West, d/o Robert PICKERMAN & Ann CHRYSTAL, witn: Harvey PICKERMAN, Ada PICKERMAN, both of Tilbury West, 2 May 1888 at Tilbury Centre
005688-88 (Kent Co) Frederick E. NELLES, 27, lawyer, Cobourg Ont., Tilbury Centre, s/o Rev. S.S. NELLES & Mary E. WOOD, married Isabella M. CARR, 22, Moore twp. Ont., Courtright Ont., d/o Joseph CARR & Jennie CUNNINGHAM, witn: Edward LUCK, Mrs. E. LUCK, both of Tilbury Centre, 15 August 1888 at Tilbury Centre 005582-88 (Kent Co) Sydney F. NEVILLS, 25, laborer, Ontario, Romney, s/o Peter & Martha NEVILLS, married Lucy J. GIBSON, 19, Ontario, Mersea, d/o Joshua & Annie GIBSON, witn: Henry A. & Martha MALOTT, both of Romney, 6 November 1888 at Romney

005966-89 William NICHOLL, 29, farmer, Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Thomas & Elizabeth NICHOLL, married Mary Ann GREER, 25, Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Charles & Ellen GREER, witn: Frank W. WILSON, Matilda E. WILSON, both of Harwich Ont., 19 December 1888 at Harwich

005690-88 (Kent Co) Alexander R. NICOL, 26, banker, Canada, Tilbury Centre, s/o Peter NICOL & Henrietta STEWART, married Minnie E. STEWART, 20, Canada, Tilbury Centre, d/o James STEWART & Minnie SMITH, witn: Alfred J. WESTLAND, Leila E. STEWART, both of Comber, 7 November 1888 at Tilbury Centre
005782-1888 (Kent) David Samuel OGDEN, 24, gardener, Canada, Michigan US, s/o John R & Sarah Jane OGDEN, married Minnie Amelia INGRAM, 20, Canada, Dresden, d/o Francis B & Rachel INGRAM; wit: John O'--, Dresden, Marilla KELLY, Michigan. 27 Jun 1888 at Town of Dresden. 005528-88 (Kent Co) John O’PHEE, 24, farmer, Canada, Blenheim, s/o John O’PHEE & Julia McPHERSON, married Ida BURGESS, 18, Blenheim Canada, Blenheim, d/o William BURGESS & Louisa McINTYRE, witn, Dominic WILLGEN, Ed WARREN, both of Chatham, 9 April 1888 at St. Joseph’s Church, Chatham
005554-1888 (Kent Co): Dan OWENS, 26, moulder, Ingersoll Ont, Chatham Ont, s/o Thomas OWENS & Jennett MONROE, married Emma BACKENWITZ, 25. Detroit Mich, Chatham Ont, d/o Esteo BACKENWITZ & Clara STENU; wit: Ed WARREN, Chatham. 11 Oct 1888 at St. Joseph Church, Chatham 5570-88 (Kent Co): Abraham Luke PALING, 28, yeoman, Kent Co., Chatham twp., s/o William & Annabella, married Emma Annabella CAMPBELL, 18, Chatham twp., same, d/o Arthur & Mary Jane, witn: Adam Henry SAGAR of Muskoka & Edith L. PALING of Chatham twp., 6 March 1888 at Chatham twp
005840-88 Leslie PATTERSON, 27, farmer, widower, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o Joseph PATTERSON & Mary ROSE, married Savilla HIGGS, 24, Howard twp., Howard twp., d/o George HIGGS & Alice BROWN, witn: Mary WADDELL, Blenheim Ont., 18 June 1888 at Blenheim 005827-88 Joseph PEARCE, 36, farmer, Dunwich, Dunwich, s/o John & Eliza PEARCE, married Lizzie ATWELL, 28, Ireland, Howard, d/o John & Mary ATWELL, witn: Walter D. BACKUS, Clearville, Harriet SPENCE, Morpeth, 30 August 1888 at Howard
005698-88 (Kent Co) Stephen PEETERS (Peters?), 34, minister, widower, United States, Camden, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth PEETERS, married Elizabeth JONES, 26, Canada, Camden, d/o Stephen & Ellen JONES, witn: Charles MYRES, Mary JONES, both Camden Gore, 26 September 1888 at Camden 005580-88 (Kent Co) William PINDER, 29, moulder, widower, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o Richard & Ann PINDER, married Hannah HEATHERINGTON, 31, Romney, Romney, d/o Matthew & Jane HEATHERINGTON, witn: Thomas HEATHERINGTON, Romney, Susanah DERBYSHIRE, Mersea, 10 October 1888 at Romney twp.
005616-88 (Kent Co) Charles Henry POINTS, 21, laborer, Dover, Dover, s/o James & Elizabeth POINTS, married Charlotte MONTGOMERY, 16, Dover, Dover, d/o Overton & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: Frederick JONES, Dover, 20 October 1888 at Dover twp 005585-88 (Kent Co) Frederick POULTON, 25, yeoman, Bedfordshire England, Tilbury West, s/o Richard POULTON & Sarah POULTON, married Ann Nettie MIFFLIN, 19, Tilbury East, Tilbury West, d/o John MIFFLIN & Jane MIFFLIN, witn: Cornelius MIFFLIN, Ettie BOSTWICK, both of Tilbury East, 12 December 1888 at Romney
005680-88 (Kent Co) Alfred PRIMEAU, 24, merchant, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Theodore PRIMEAU & Julia FANELIN, married Ann SULLIVAN, 22, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh Ont., d/o Patrick SULLIVAN & Bridget DILLON, witn: Thomas PRIMEAU, Chatham, Catherine HICKEY, Raleigh, 23 October 1888 at St. Patrick’s Church Raleigh 005632-88 - William PROSSEN, 47, livery keeper, Quebec, Leanington, s/o Isaac & Louise, married Alice ECCLESTON, 24, Chatham, Ridgetown, d/o William & Victoria, witn: Samuel SL--? & Mary J. EAST--?, both of Ridgetown, at Ridgetown
005606-88 (Kent Co) James Matthew RANKIN, 24, farmer, Dover Canada, Dover, s/o Robert J. RANKIN & Eliza J. RANKIN, married Ann Jane TROTTER, 25, Canada, Dover, d/o William TROTTER & Jemima TROTTER, witn: William TROTTER, Mary STEEN, both of Dover, 25 April 1888 at Dover 005776-1888 (Kent) David RANNIE, 26, farmer, Ireland, Tp Chatham, s/o Alexander & Sarah RANNIE, married Flora CAMERON, 26, Canada, Tp Chatham, d/o Archibald & Margaret CAMERON; wit: Donald McNAUGHTON, Tp Chatham, Catherine JOHNSTON, Tp Harwich. 18 Apr 1888 at town of Dresden
5767-88 (Kent Co): Joseph REYNOLDS, 28, Belle River Ont., Swan Creek Mich., s/o William REYNOLDS & Zoie DUCETTE, married Philomene LOZON, 17, Big illegible, Wallaceburg, d/o Alex LOZON & Josephine CARTIER, witn: Isadore LOZON of Wallaceburg & Mary REYNOLDS of Michigan, 27 Feb 1888 at Wallaceburg (Rom Cath) 005610-88 (Kent Co) Richard RHEAUME, 35, merchant, Dover, Tilbury East, s/o Richard RHEAUME & Judith RHEAUME, married Felice BELANGER, 25, Dover, Dover, d/o Leandre BELANGER & Genevieve BELANGER, witn: David BELANGER, Labomba, both of Dover, 30 September 1888 at Dover twp
  005712-89 (Kent Co) Asa RIBBLE, 46, mariner, widower, Dresden, same, s/o Asa RIBBLE & Nancy KEEPLES?, married Marion SAMSON, 27, Tp Harwich, same, d/o Mungo SAMSON & Nancy MCBRAYNE, witn James SAMSON of Blenheim & Mary LALONDE of Dresden, 25 December 1888, at Harwich.
5805-88 (Kent Co): James RICH, 24, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Richard & Mary Jane, married Emily Mahala LILLEY, 18, Camden, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Mrs. Mary McLAREN & Mrs. BALDWIN, both of Thamesville, 17 Oct 1888 at Thamesville 005676-88 (Kent Co) Duncan RITCHIE, 49, farmer, widower, New York, Raleigh Ont., s/o Robert & Eliza Jane RITCHIE, married Mary Ann TOWL, 40, England, Raleigh Ont., d/o Samuel & Sarah TOWL, witn: Fred STOVER, Mamie TOWL, both of Raleigh, 10 April 1888 at Raleigh
005683-88 (Kent Co) Joseph ROLLING, 32, farmer, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh Ont., s/o Hugh ROLLING & Catherine ROLLING, married Frances Maud SNIDER, 23, Prince Edward Co. Ont., Raleigh Ont., d/o Robert SNIDER & Celesta SNIDER, witn: Kate CRODER (Crocker?), Chatham, William SNIDER, Raleigh, 3 October 1888 at Raleigh 005587-88 (Kent Co) John James ROBERTSON, 31, ship builder, Niagara Ont., Hamilton Ont., s/o A.M. ROBERTSON & Jane ROBERTSON, married Mary Jane ROBINSON, 30, Romney, Romney, d/o Jonas ROBINSON & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Agnes FOX, Kingsville, Mrs. M. GRIFFIN, Romney, 15 February 1888 at Romney
005841-88 A.E. ROBILLARD, 19, laborer, Blenheim Ont., Blenheim Ont., s/o Frank ROBILLARD & Fannie ROBILLARD, married Mary SKINNER, 21, Ingersol Ont., Blenheim Ont., d/o John SKINNER & Mary SKINNER, witn: Jennie HETHERCLIFT, Fannie ROBILLARD, both of Blenheim Ont., 10 April 1888 at Blenheim 005843-88 John Alexander ROUSE, 22, bender, Harwich twp. Ont., Detroit Mich., s/o Henry ROUSE & Mary SEMPELL, married Mary McCUMMINGS, 22, Blenheim Ont., Blenheim Ont., d/o Samuel McCUMMINGS & Mary ARNOT, witn: A.C. LAMONT, Pollie ROUSE, both of Detroit Mich., 20 August 1888 at Blenheim
#005842-88 (Kent Co): Silas RUMBLE, 24, laborer, Blenheim, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Alice GALBRAITH, 23, Morpeth, Blenheim, d/o John & Mary, witn: Jennie NETHERCLIFT & Fannie ROBILLARD, both of Blenheim, Apr 10, 1888 at Blenheim 005846-88 Daniel RUMBLE, 21, farmer, York Co. Ont., Harwich twp. Ont., s/o John & Mary RUMBLE, married Mamie E. STOCKTON, 26, Yarmouth twp., Blenheim Ont., d/o David & Mary STOCKTON, witn: Ransom SPRINGSTEEN, Jennie SPRINGSTEEN, both of Blenheim Ont., 11 July 1888 at Blenheim
  005848-88 Thomas RUSHLOW, 31, laborer, widower, Leamington Ont., Mersea twp. Ont., s/o Richard & Margaret RUSHLOW, married Mary LEYZERT, 21, widow, Edwardsburg, Raleigh twp. Ont., d/o James H. LARABEE & Angeline LARABEE, witn: Mary SHELDON, O.B. SHELDON, both of Blenheim Ont., 29 October 1888 at Blenheim
005635-88 - Albert E. SAVAGE, 24, tailor, Illinois US, Ridgetown, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Minnie E. SCAW?, 19, Howard twp, same, d/o Joseph & Hannah, witn: A. L. SAVAGE Of Chatham & L.A. SCAW of Ridgetown, on 22 February 1888, at Ridgetown

005659-88 (Kent Co) Darcey SCAMAN, 36, livery-man, Port Hope Ont., Dakota Terr. U.S., s/o Benjamin SCAMAN & Jane ANGUS, married Melissa PERRIN, 32, England, Harwich twp., d/o Andrew PERRIN & Anne PORR (Poor?), witn: Frederick SCAMAN, Libbie PERRIN, both of Blenheim, 26 June 1888 at Residence of Mrs. PERRIN Centre Line

005677-88 (Kent Co) Albert SCHINDLER, 28, farmer, Duart Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Francis X. SCHINDLER & Mary Jane CREW, married Mary Ellen SCHELLER, 22, Blenheim Ont., Howard Ont., d/o John SCHEELER (sic) & Elizabeth Ann RENALDS, witn: George SCHINDLER, Harwich, Sarah O’NEILL, Ridgetown, 11 April 1888 at Raleigh R.C. church  
5813-88 (Kent Co): John SCOTT, 22, blacksmith, Orford, East Tilbury, s/o Robert & Adeline, married Alice WALLACE, 17, East Tilbury, same, d/o James & Alice, witn: Edward BURK & Ida McNARLAND, both of Tilbury East, 25 Jan 1888 at Tilbury East #005477-88 (Kent Co): Joseph SCOTT, 25, sailor, Sombra, Donel?, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah BRUNK, 24, Donel, same, d/o David & Annie, witn: Benjamin DUNLOP & Catherine BRUNK, both of Donel, 16 Jan 1888 at Chatham
5783-1888 (Kent) Edward SCOTT, 30, blacksmith, Canada, Dresden, widower, s/o Archibald & Melissa SCOTT, married Minnie Isabel TUCKER, 17, Canada, Dresden, d/o John & Jemimah TUCKER; wit: Julia TALLACH, Hannah BEATTIE, Dresden. 12 Jul 1888 at town of Dresden

005670-88 (Kent Co) Edmund Edwin SCOTT, 34, clergyman, Markham Ont., Thorndale Ont., widower, s/o William & Mary SCOTT, married Annette A. HARVEY, 26, Raleigh, d/o Silas J. & Sarah HARVEY, witn: Thomas E. HARRISON, Florence Ont., Luella SHEPLEY, Raleigh, 1 February 1888 at Raleigh

005706-88 (Kent Co) James Allen SECORD, 28, farmer, Canada, Thamesville, s/o Charles D. MAKER?, married Maggie FEATHERSTONE, 20, Canada, Camden, d/o Hugh & Margaret FEATHERSTONE, witn: Barnie FEATHERSTONE, Aggie SECORD, both of Zone, 5 December 1888 at not entered [reg’d in Camden twp.] 5815-88 (Kent Co): William A. SHAW, 27, printer, York Co., Tilbury Centre, s/o Pringle SHAW & Sarah ASHTON, married Elizabeth Ann POWELL, 26, Merlin, same, d/o George & Ann, witn: Henry POWELL of Tilbury East & Georgina MARSHALL of Merlin, 26 April 1888 at Tilbury East
005855-88 James Sandford SHIPPEY, 25, clerk, b. place not entered, Detroit Mich., s/o Charles & Eliza Jane SHIPPEY, married Catherine LOVE, 25, Canada, Blenheim Ont., d/o Alexander & Mary LOVE, witn: C.E. BROWN, L.P. HUMPREDGE, both of Dutton Ont., 19 September 1888 at Blenheim 005655-88 (Kent Co) Joseph SIMMONS, 25, farmer, Yarmouth Ont., Harwich twp., s/o George SIMMONS & blank MARLATT, married Jeraine CLOW, 25, Oxford Co., Harwich, d/o James CLOW & Ellen CREASEY, witn: Westley CLOW, Guilds, Louise MALLORY, Ridley, 29 March 1888 at Guilds
005829-88 Henry SMILEY, 36, farmer, Raleigh twp., Nevada U.S., s/o John & Delilah SMILEY, married Elizabeth WHITE, 25, Howard, Howard, d/o Yates & Amelia WHITE, witn: Frederick CLARK, Ruscomb Ont., Thomas ARMSTRONG, Howard, 14 March 1888 at Howard 005834-88 Charles Oscar SMITH, 36, carpenter, widower, Morpeth, Morpeth, s/o John L. & Sarah SMITH, married Jane CONWAY, 24, Lambton twp., Howard, d/o David & Celeste CONWAY, witn: William CONWAY, Howard, Laura J. SMITH, Morpeth, 19 November 1888 at Morpeth
005821-88 Thomas R. SMITH, 30, yeoman, Romney, Romney twp. Kent Co., s/o John SMITH & Mary A. SMITH, married Edith E. A. RUSSELL, 25, Ontario, Tilbury twp. Kent Co., d/o William. RUSSELL & Esther RUSSELL, witn: Watson RUSSELL, Lewal? TOMPKINS, both of Kent Co., 10 October 1888 at Tilbury E. twp 005693-88 (Kent Co) George SMITH, 23, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o William & Elizabeth SMITH, married Josephine KELLEY, 23, Canada, Camden, d/o Samuel & Eliza KELLEY, witn: Edward BUTLER, Ada RILLY?, both of Camden, 4 April 1888 at not entered [registered in Camden Gore twp.]

005641-88 - Peter Roy SMITH, 37, Thorold, Howard twp, s/o Benjamin & Margaret, married Elizebeth POTTS, 34, Ridgegown, same, d/o John & Frances, witn: Charles J. ANDERSON & J. L. ANDERSON, both of Ridgetown, on 16 May 1888, at Ridgetown

005480-88 (Kent Co): Amos Nelson SMITH, 32, widower, farmer, Wentworth Co., E. Tilbury, s/o Samuel G & Cynthia, married Harriett Lavina MELLOW, 24, Albion twp., W. Tilbury, d/o John & Martha, witn: Ossie LEWIS of Chatham & Rachel MELLOW of Detroit, 1 Feb 1888 at Chatham
005596-88 (Kent Co) John W. SNIDER, 36, farmer, widower, Germany, Huron Co. Michigan, s/o John SNIDER & Elizabeth HOIN, married Mary Rosannah SCHULER, 27, Ontario, Orford, d/o Michael SCHULER & Caroline HEREOG (Hercog?), witn: George DUBES, Aldboro, Lena SCHULER, Orford, 7 March 1888 at Orford 005703-88 (Kent Co) William Joseph SNIDER, 31, builder, Canada, Camden, Thomas & Margery TIFFIN (sic), married Christie M. TIFFIN, Canada, Camden, d/o Thomas & Margery TIFFFIN, witn: Thomas SNYDER, Emma TIFFIN, both of Camden, 7 November 1888 at Gore of Camden
005556-1888 (Kent Co): Edward S. SPASKETT, 36, mechanic, Barking Essex Co Eng, Chatham, widower, s/o Edward Upton SPASKETT & Caroline SPASKETT, married Susanna L. BEDFORD, 38, Harwich Township, Chatham, d/o Ebenezer & Susannah BEDFORD; wit: James M HARMAN, Caroline S HARMAN, Thamesville Ont. 24 Oct 1888 at Chatham  
005648-88 - Thomas SPOONER, 25, carpenter, Canada, Mersea Essex, s/o Robert & Angeline, married Annie NOY (VOY?), Canada, Romney, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: James SHEPPARD & James CULL?, both of Ridgetown, on 8 October 1888, at Ridgetown

005661-88 (Kent Co) William STACEY, 25, farm laborer, England, Harwich, s/o 'he can't remember' is entered, married Catharine McKISHNEY, 25, Harwich Ont., Harwich, d/o John & Jane McKISHNEY, witn: Thomas SHIPPY, Howard, Annie McKISHNEY, Harwich, 29 August 1888 at Harwich

005628-88 (Kent Co) William George STARK, 27, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o John STARK & Lyda M. DRAPER, married Laura Bell FOGLE, 18, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Perley FOGLE & Mary Ann WEAVER, witn: William D.A. ROSS, Annie M. FARQUHARSON, both of Dover, 7 November 1888 at Dover 005837-88 Oliver STEWART, 26, physician, Howard twp. Ont., Port Huron Mich., s/o Edward STEWART & Elvira HANDY, married Elda TODD, 25, Kent Co., Ont., Blenheim Ont., d/o Samuel TODD & Ruth HUTCHINSON, witn: Budd STEWART, Miranda COATSWORTH, both of Blenheim, 22 February 1888 at Blenheim
  005615-88 (Kent Co) George A. STOCK, 22, cooper, Canada, Dover, s/o Conrad A. STOCK & Annie STOCK, married Charlotte E. TAYLOR, 19, Canada, Dover, d/o Frank & A. TAYLOR, witn: John McKENZIE, Sarah J. McKENZIE, both of Dover, 26 September 1888 at Dover
005601-88 (Kent Co) Stephen STOCKING, 26, farmer, Norfolk Co. England, Mosa twp. Middlesex, s/o John & Frances STOCKING, married Barbara HEWITT, 18, Mosa Middlesex Co., Mosa Middlesex Co., d/o Benjamin & Catherine HEWITT, witn: Walter STOCKING, Mosa, Ellen SMITH, Highgate, 27 October 1888 at Orford 005538-88 (Kent Co) Lewis Walker STOKES, 29, mechanic, Newcastle England, St. Thomas, s/o James & Sarah Ann, married Lucy WILCOX, 23, Chatham twp., Chatham twp. Kent, d/o Hezekiah & Laura, witn: Ed WELCH, Stoney Point, Margaret A. WILCOX, Chatham twp., 25 September 1888 at Chatham
005529-88 (Kent Co) Thomas STONE, 61, merchant, widower, Elizabeth Town Ont., Chatham, s/o John STONE & Mary STONE, married Rebecca McEWEN, 62, widow, Dundee Quebec, Chatham, d/o Robert ADAM & Marion ADAM, witn: William D. EBERTS, E.W. SCANE, both of Chatham, H.F.H. EBERTS, Little Rock Ark., 6 September 1888 at Chatham 005772-1888 (Kent) Moses SUTHERLAND, 20, labourer, Canada, Oil Springs, s/o John & Rachel SUTHERLAND, married Elizabeth HILL, 19, Canada, Dawn, d/o Thomas & Isabella HILL; wit: John TULLOCH, Mary LAIRD, Dresden. 3 Feb 1888 at town of Dresden
005697-88 (Kent Co) John SYLVESTER, 23, farmer, Camden, Camden, s/o William & Frances LAW, married Annie Eliza SNARY, 21, Canada, Camden, d/o Bilton & Eliza SNARY, witn: Edward YOUNG, Minnie LAW, both of Camden Gore, 26 September 1888 at Camden 005784-1888 (Kent) Charles TASSIE, 37, merchant, Canada, Dresden, s/o James & Rebecca TASSIE, married Elizabeth Ida Idella IRISH, 25, Canada, Dresden, d/o Egbert & Charity IRISH; witn: Gilbert TWEEKIE, Honolulu, Blanch IRISH, Dresden. 16 Jul 1888 at Town of Dresden.
 005822-88 John Hartley TAYLOR, 21, farmer, Bruce Ont., Tilbury East., s/o Thos. TAYLOR & Ann HALSTEAD, married Mary Cecelia WEAVER, 20, Norfolk Ont., Tilbury East, d/o Peter WEAVER & Mary Cecelia SIMMONS, witn: Harry ROBERTSON, Chatham, Fanny TAYLOR, Tilbury East, 12 September 1888 at Tilbury East 5575-88 (Kent Co): George A. TAYLOR, 26, farmer, Zone twp., same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Ellen CHAPMAN, 20, Zone twp., same, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Edward WELCH & Margaret CHAPMAN, both of Zone, 14 Feb 1888 at Zone twp (LDS)
  005832-88 David TEDFORD, 24, tinsmith, Canada, Blenheim, s/o Alexander & Margaret TEDFORD, married Lois McCAIN, 21, Canada, Howard, d/o Joseph & Emma McCAIN, witn: Robert TEDFORD, Harwich, Miranda DARTHMOTE?, Morpeth, 11 September 1888 at Howard
005644-88 - George Adam TOUSLEY (Tansley?), 22, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Isaac & Nancy, married Maria HANE (HARE?), 23, Eckfrid twp, Camden twp, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: A. McKENLEY, & L. BURT, both of Ridgetown, on 5 September 1888, at Ridgetown #005763-88 (Kent Co): George Henry TRAVIS, 37, sailor, England, Wallaceburg, s/o William TRAVIS & Rose TAYLOR, married Mary Ann STEVENS, 24, widow, England, Wallaceburg, d/o John SMITH & Bridget McGOWAN, witn: William & Harriewtt TRAVIS of Wallaceburg, 20 Aug 1888 at Wallaceburg

005627-88 (Kent Co) James Alex. TRUDELL, age not entered,, blacksmith, Dover, Dover, s/o Antoine TRUDELL & Victoire PARE, married Julie BECHARD, age not entered, Dover, Dover, d/o Julien BECHARD & Julie ROI, witn: Julien BECHARD, John TRUDELL, both of Dover, 14 May 1888 at Dover

005629-88 (Kent Co) Barzilla TUFT, 23, laborer, Canada, Sarnia, s/o Peter & Jane TUFT, married Vallie Mary RANKIN, 16, Chatham, Dover twp., d/o John & Hannah RANKIN, witn: Peter REBOME (Reboine?), Mannie McFALL, both of Chatham, 25 December 1888 at Dover

005566-1888 (Kent Co): William TURNBULL, 35, harness maker, Scotland, Tp Howard, s/o Jasper & Ellen TURNBULL, married Janet? D PEACOCK, 22, Bobcaygeon Ont, Bothwell Ont, d/o George & Margaret PEACOCK; wit: Mrs J R BATTISBY, Nellie WEST, Chatham. 19 Dec 1888 at Chatham 005547-88 (Kent Co) William Albert TYHURST, 24, farmer, Harwich Kent, Dresden, s/o William TYHURST & Eleanor TYHURST, married, Ella JOHNSON, 21, Charing Cross, Chatham, d/o Richard JOHNSON & Ella JOHNSON, witn: Sarah JOHNSON, Moses CLEMENS, both of Harwich, 2 October 1888 at Harwich twp.
  005844-88 Edwin TYRRELL, 25, yeoman, Cedar Springs Ont., Blenheim Ont., s/o John & Elizabeth TYRRELL, married Sarah Jane BUCK, 22, London England, Blenheim Ont., d/o Robert & Mary BUCK, witn: Norman TYRRELL, Ridgetown Ont., Mary BUCK, Blenheim Ont., 22 October 1888 at Blenheim
005634-88 - Arthor? UTTER, 24, laborer, Saltfleet, Ridgetown, s/o Andrew & Catharine, married Elizabeth A. WOOTTON, 26, England, Ridgetown, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Charles GIBBS & Martha UTTER, both of Ridgetown, on 2 January 1888, at Ridgetown 005533-88 (Kent Co) Edmond VANMER (Vanmeer?), 29, book keeper, Chicago, Detroit, s/o Edmond & Caroline, married Caroline BOYS, 22, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Thomas & Mary H. BOYS, witn: Thomas BOYS, Mary H. BOYS, both of Chatham, 12 September 1888 at Chatham
005711-88 (Kent Co) Thomas WALKER, 26, farmer, England, Enniskillen, s/o William & Mariah WALKER, married Maria Jane BURR, 20, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann BURR, witn: William BURR, Euphemia, Maria ELWOOD, Bothwell, 15 April 1888 at Bothwell  
005798-1888 (Kent) Andrew WALSH, 28, farmer, Roxlingshire, Scotland, Orford, s/o Andrew WALSH & Annie JACK, married Jane BRYDEN, 23, Camden Ont, Orford, d/o William BRYDEN & Janet TINLINE; wit: John & Elizabeth TINLINE, Orford. 1 Mar 1888 at Thamesville 005594-88 (Kent Co) Enoch WAMPUM, 29, indian, Muncey town, Orford, s/o John & Catherine WAMPUM, married Lucy WAMPUM, 30, widow, Orford, Orford, d/o John & Polly JACOBS, witn: Ole INGEBRIGHTEN Mary HARTMAN, both of Orford, 28 March 1888 at Moraviantown
005790-1888 (Kent) Robert E WARD, 27, farmer, Canada, Tp of Chatham, s/o John & Eunice WARD, married Fanny HALL, 26, Canada, Tp Chatham, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane HALL; wit: Mrs AG CAMERON, Nellie O HORTON, Dresden. 20 Nov 1888 at town of Dresden 5568-88 (Kent Co): George R. WARK, 28, farmer, Megantic Co. Quebec, Camden twp., s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Joanna LANE, 23, Chatham twp., same, d/o Aaron & Eliza, witn: Andrew LANE & Emma GREEN, both of Chatham twp., 27 June 1888 at Chatham twp
005701-88 (Kent Co) Joseph WARREN, 33, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o James & Ann WARREN, married Elizabeth BASS, 31, widow, Canada, Camden, d/o John & Mary JACKSON, witn: Andrew HARRIS, Amelia JACKSON, both of Gore of Camden, 4 October 1888 at Camden 005774-1888 (Kent) John WATSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Dresden, s/o Cyrenius & Jane WATSON, married Arta WAFFLE, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o Noah & Mary Ann WAFFLE; wit: George Edward WATSON, Jennie CARSCALLEN, Dresden. 28 Mar 1888 at Dresden.
  005689-88 (Kent Co) John WATT, 24, tinsmith, Canada, Tilbury Centre Ont., s/o William WATT & Sarah LEMON, married Celina E. PICKERMAN, 22, Canada, Tilbury West, d/o Robert PICKERMAN & Ann CHRYSTAL, witn: John W. MARRIS, Eliza B. PICKERMAN, both of Tilbury Centre, 11 October 1888 at Tilbury Centre
005714-89 (Kent Co) James Archibald WATT, 28, engineer, Fergus Wellington Co., same, s/o James WATT & Jessie Maxwell BLACK, married Mary BELL, 23, Harwich, same, d/o David BELL & Nancy WOOD, witn William WATT of Fergus & Alicia Jenner GUILD of Harwich, 26 December 1888, near Guild, Harwich. 005714-88 (Kent Co) Nelson B. WATTS, 23, farmer, Thamesville, Thamesville, s/o William & Ruth WATTS, married Ann McDONALD, 21, Dawn, Mosa, d/o Edward & Rachel McDONALD, witn: William W. WATTS, Thamesville, Kate McDONALD, Mosa, 6 June 1888 at Bothwell
5576-88 (Kent Co): Edward WELCH, 23, farmer, Kent Co., Zone twp., s/o Jehiel & Ruth, married Maggie Jane CHAPMAN, 21, Bothwell, Zone twp., d/o John & Hannah, witn: James H. BURGESS of Bothwell & Maggie F. McRITCHIE of Zone, 28 March 1888 at lot 13, con 5, Zone twp 5571-88 (Kent Co): John WHITE, 21, farmer, England, Chatham twp., s/o Cornelius & J., married Amelia ELGIE, 18, Ontario, Chatham twp., d/o Ralph & Elizabeth, witn: John JINKINSON & Kate JOHNSON, both of Wallaceburg, 15 Oct 1888 at Chatham twp
005565-1888 (Kent Co): Silas James WHITE, 28, cook, Florida US, Chatham Ont, s/o Silas & Maria L WHITE, married Lucinda E POINTS, 29, Chatham Ont, same, d/o George & Silvia POINTS; wit: Mrs J R BATTISBY, Nellie WEST, Chatham. 8 Dec 1888 at Chatham 005799-1888 (Kent) John William WHITMAN, 26, farmer, Howard, same, s/o William & Ester WHITEMAN (sic), married Emily Ada WILLEY, 20, Howard, same, d/o George & Mary WILLEY; wit: Dr. AYLESWORTH, St Thomas, Mrs W FANSHER, Thamesville. 28 Mar 1888 at Thamesville
5578-88 (Kent Co): Orin H. WICKWIRE, 300, farmer, Ontario, Romney, s/o Samuel & Eleanor, married Harriet Elizabeth JOLLANDS, 18, England, Romney, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Susan & Eunice WICKWIRE of Romney, 1 Aug 1888 at Romney 5579-88 (Kent Co): George W. WICKWIRE, 19, laborer, Ontario, Romney, s/o Samuel & Eliza, married Sarah F. DAWSON, 19, Romney, same, d/o Randolph & Eliza, witn: Henry & Martha MALOTT of Romney, 3 Oct 1888 at Romney
005786-1888 (Kent) Robert W WILSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Camden Township, s/o Moses & Eliza WILSON, married Sarah ANDERSON, 27, Canada, Dresden, d/o Arthur & Christina ANDERSON; wit: David WILSON, Camden, Nellie STEINHOFF, Glencoe. 17 Oct 1888 at town of Dresden 005530-88 (Kent Co) Alexander Bartlett WILSON, 32, mason, North Cayuga Haldimand, Chicago, s/o Andrew WILSON & Margaret M. WILSON, married Ada Leah GREEN, 22, England, Chatham, d/o James & Emily GREEN, witn: Theodore KENNY, Detroit, Florence GREEN, Chatham, 20 August 1888 at Chatham
005537-88 (Kent Co) Isaac Edward WILTON, 22, merchant, Yarmouth Centre, Strathroy, s/o John & Bella, married Etta Jane CHESLEY, 20, Strathroy, Chatham, d/o Jordan & Eliza, witn: Charles MERRILLS, Strathroy, Ida GLASSFORD, Chatham, 21 July 1888 at Chatham 005695-88 (Kent Co) Ephferem WRIGHT, 23, farmer, U. States, Dover twp., parents not entered, married Elizabeth BROWN, 20 or 21, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o Thomas & Sarah BROWN, witn: James BLACK, Anne BROWN, residences not entered, 1 May 1888 at Camden Gore twp
005589-88 (Kent Co) John Egerton WRIGHT, 21, farmer, Romney Ont., Romney Ont., s/o Thomas WRIGHT & Ann WRIGHT, married Albina WHARRAM, 18, Romney, Romney, d/o John WHARRAM & Frances WHARRAM, witn: Christopher LIDDLE, Rebecca LIDDLE, both of Romney, 1 May 1888 at Romney 005759-89 (Kent Co.) Dawson WRIGHT, farmer, 29, Harwich, same, s/o Dawson WRIGHT & Martha MILNE, married Debbie Rosana COOPER, 18, Harwich, same, d/o James COOPER & Hannah GOSNELL, witn George Dalton COOPER of Howard & Emma G. GRAHAM of Ridgetown, on 14 November 1888, at Ridgetown

005620-88 (Kent Co) Joseph YOTT, age not entered, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Francis & Mattie YOTT, married Georgina BECHARD, age not entered, Dover, Dover, d/o Moise BECHARD & Lina REMILLARD, witn: Joseph BECHARD, J.B. BECHARD, both of Dover, 7 February 1888 at Dover

 005646-88 - Duncan YOUNG, 35, puddler (paddler?), Ridgetown, Thamesville, s/o Russel & Fanny, married Carrie ELWEN?, 24, Wolfe Island, Thamesville, d/o William & Elvira SLURE?, witn: D. BATCHLER & Alia ELWEN, both of Ridgetown, on 26 September 1888, at Ridgetown