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Kent Co., 1903


#010601-03 (Kent Co): Alfred ANTAILLA, 27, farmer, Dover twp., same, s/o Libere ANTAILLA & Emilie CARON, married Fanny STERLING, 22, Dover twp., same, d/o Henry & Clemence DRAGON, witn: Joseph ANTAILLA & Clemence STERLING, both of Dover, 23 Feb 1903 at Tilbury East, (Rom Cath) #010609-03 (Kent Co): John ARCHIBALD, no age given, farmer, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Tilbury East, s/o James ARCHIBALD & Annie ROSS, married Margaret GRANT, no age given, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Tilbury East, d/o James GRANT & Jessie DYKER, witn: Alex ARCHIBALD & Ella CAMPBELL, both of Tilbury East, 17 June 1903 at Tilbury East
#010205-03 (Kent Co): Samuel Smith ASHBY, 27, Port Hope, Rond Eau, s/o Samuel ASHBY & Mary ALDRED, married Isabel Frazer STRICKER, 28, Port Hope, Chatham, d/o James Albert STRICKER & Robina McEdward CLARK, witn: Mary L. POLLARD of Oakville & Emma L. KERR of Blenheim , 18 Nov 1903 at Blenheim #010622-03 (Kent Co): John Wesley BARKER, 32, farmer, Peterborough Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Walter BARKER & H. Eveline LATMOR, married Benie May PETERS, 18, Chatham twp., Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas PETERS & Sarah BLACK, witn: Alex & Mrs. Alex McDOUGALL of Wallaceburg, 12 Feb 1903 at Wallaceburg
#010610-03 (Kent Co): Horatio George BARLOW, 22, farmer, London England, Comber, s/o Horatio Thomas BARLOW & Lucy PLAIN, married Annie E. STRUTHERS, 22, Tilbury East, same, d/o John STRUTHERS & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Thomas H. BARLOW of Comber & Jeannie GRAHAM of Tilbury East, 17 June 1903 at Tilbury East #010602-03 (Kent Co): Walter Anson BEGGS, 26, farmer, Trafalgar twp., Tilbury East, s/o Robert BEGGS & Jeanette JOHNSTON, married Laura Bell SHELDRICK, 21, Dunwich twp., Tilbury East, d/o Joshua SHELDRICK & Catherine McMILLAN, witn: Harry SHAW of Romney & Margaret L. BEGGS of Tilbury East, 28 Feb 1903 at Tilbury East,
#010606-03 (Kent Co): Joseph BERNIER, 23, Dover East, same, s/o Anthony BERNIER & Clemence OUELLETTE, married Louise GERVAIS, 23, Dover East, same, d/o Stanilas GERVAIS & Mary PELTIER, witn: William BERNIER of Dover East & Lizzie REAUME and Jeannette COUK, both of Tilbury East, 25 May 1903 at St. Peters Church, Tilbury East, (Rom Cath) #010599-03 (Kent Co): Theodore BERNIER, 21, farmer, Dover, Dover twp., s/o Anthony BERNIER & Clemence OUELLETTE, married Jane REAUME, 18, Tilbury East, same, d/o Claude REAUME & Elizabeth HAMLIN, witn: Joseph BERNIER of Dover & Elizabeth REAUME of Tilbury East, 13 Jan 1903 at St. Peters Church , Tilbury (Rom Cath)
#010469-03 (Kent Co): Albert BRANSTON, 28, machinist, Westminster, Mansfield, s/o William BRANSTON & Catherine DEADMAN, married Mate? BRIEN, 22, Ridgetown, Howard, d/o Joseph BRIEN & Mary NICHOLSON, witn: J.D. BRIEN & Florence SHAW, both of Ridgetown, 4 July 1903 at Howard #010631-03 (Kent Co): George Wilson BROWN, 37, carpenter, Hastings Co., Tupperville, s/o William BROWN & Minerva LEE, married Anna Lena MORRISON, 29, Tupperville, same, d/o Edwin MORRISON & Jennie TAYLOR, 28 May 1903 at Wallaceburg
#010199-03 (Kent Co): Frank Reynold BRUNDAGE, 21, ice merchant, Chatham, same, s/o Thomas BRUNDAGE & Sarah FREEN?, married Mary Mildred BROADBENT, 19, Chatham, Charing Cross, d/o Frederick BROADBENT & Harriett WEST, witn: Albert A. PERRY of Sarnia & Mary TREADGOLD of London, 17 Nov 1903 at Blenheim #010201-03 (Kent Co): James Henry CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Howard, Fargo, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Catherine MORROW, married Lovina JEFFORDS, 23, Blenheim , same, d/o Eber JEFFORDS & Anna EAKINS, witn: Ethel E. SHAND of Windsor NS & Alice L. SLEEP of Boston Mass., 23 Dec 1903 at Blenheim
#010626-03 (Kent Co): Andrew Bethel CARSALLEN, 40, widower, barrister, Newburg - Addington Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Isaac Newton CARSALLEN & Ann Jane WILDE, married Mabel Grace AYRES, 28, Wallaceburg, same, d/o William N. AYRES & Ann MILLMAN, witn: H. M. CARSALLEN of Dresden & Ella M. AYRES of Wallaceburg, 25 March 1903 at Wallaceburg,  
#010196-03 (Kent Co): John CARTER, 27, cabinet maker, Clinton, same, s/o Jonathan CARTER & Catherine WISE, married Mabel C. FORD, 25, Blenheim, same, d/o Thomas C. FORD & Mary Ann McINTYRE, witn: John & Johanna PARDS, 7 Oct 1903 at Raleigh, 7 Oct 1903 at Blenheim #010632-03 (Kent Co): Henry CHURCHER, 37, carpenter, Co Mayo Ireland, Wallaceburg, s/o Henry CHURCHER & Elizabeth KEEBLE, married Della Wilhelmina JOHNSON, 22, Wallaceburg, same, d/o Clarence & Wilhelmina, witn: David J. HALL & Maud DUSTON, both of Wallaceburg, 17 June 1903 at Wallaceburg
#010470-03 (Kent Co): James M. CLARK, 25, farmer, Howard, same, s/o D. CLARK & Sarah MAIRE (or Mawe), married Mary CRAWFORD, 26, Elgin, Howard, d/o Dunc & Mary, witn: Alex CLARK of Chatham & Annie CRAWFORD of West Lorne, 28 Oct 1903 at Howard #010232-03: William COKE, 30, Ontario, Camden, s/o William COKE & Ellen STINSON, married Reta KERR, 27, Quebec, Camden, d/o John KERR & Charlotte DONOGHY, witnesses were Fred & Addie COKE, both of (Detroit)Michigan, Dec 30, 1903 at Camden (also 10119-04)
  #010604-03 (Kent Co): Melvin CROW, 24, farmer, Raleigh twp., same, s/o Charles & Mary, married Elizabeth THIBODEAU, 19, Big Point - Dover twp., Dover twp., d/o William THIBODEAU & Lucia HEBERT, witn: Alfred THIBODEAU & Julia CONTURE, both of Dover, 20 April 1903 at St. Peters Church, Tilbury East, (Rom Cath)
#010198-03 (Kent Co): William Arthur Edward CULLIMORE, 25, farmer, Bristol England, Harwich, s/o William Johnston CULLIMORE & Lucy HARVEY, married Mary Elizabeth EMBURY, 26, Bilbury Glos. England, Harwich, d/o William Henry EMBURY & Elizabeth KENMAN?, witn: Reginald J. CULLIMORE & Mary COLLINS, both of Blenheim , 16 Nov 1903 at Blenheim #010200-03 (Kent Co): Michael DIXON, 64, widower, machinist, Toronto, Mosa, s/o Michael DIXON & Maria PILKERTON, married Mary MORSE, 59, widow, Oxford Co., Blenheim , d/o Jos. PICUN? & Charlotte WEAVER, witn: A.W. BELL of Blenheim 25 Nov 1903 at Blenheim
010136-04 (Kent Co.) Henry FILBY, 31, (no occup listed), Winona, Howard, s/o John FILBY & Sarah Jane JEWE--?(cut off, Jewell? Jewett?), married Susan May REID, 24, Howard, Chatham, d/o Charles REID & Elizabeth CHALERO-?(cut off), witn Charles REID & Myrtle TILBY, both of Howard, on 28 December 1903, at Chatham 010139-04 (Kent Co.) William Arthur GALLAGER, 24, carpenter, Waterford N.B., Chatham, s/o Hugh GALLAGER & Maggie M. BAR--?(cut off), married Olive LAMPMAN, 15, Chatham, same, d/o George LAMPMAN & Maggie COLBY, witn Mabel BUTT of Comber & Clara JORDAN of Chatham, on 2 December 1903, at Chatham
#010628-03 (Kent Co): George Albert HADDEN, 23, photographer, Goderich, Alviston, s/o Archibald HADDEN & Isabella LEITCH, married Clara Linetta HATHAWAY, 23, Huron Co., Wallaceburg, d/o Francis HATHAWAY & Hessie ECHLIN, witn: A.S. CODE of Alviston & Lela TAYLOR of Wallaceburg, 22 April 1903 at Wallaceburg 010429-1904 (Kent Co.) G. Orlo? HIGGS, 18, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o George & Sarah, married Clin? Mirtle BEASNO?, 16, Howard,same, d/o George & Eliza, witn Emily BURDETT & Ann DELMAGE, both of Ridgetown, on 24 December 1903, at Ridgetown
010142-04 (Kent Co.) Thomas Edwin HOUGH, 26, carpenter laborer, Port Stanley, same, s/o Benjamin HOUGH & Rachel HENDERSH--?(cut off, Henrdershot?), married Aggie Ley GARDINER, 26, Blenheim, same, d/o James GARDINER & Agnes FERGUSON, witn William GARDINER of Blenheim & Mary A. HOUGH of Port Stanley, on 30 December 1903, at Chatham 010134-04 (Kent Co.) McGregor HOWARD, 25, cooper, Toronto, Raleigh, s/o James HOWARD & Nancy McCOLL, married Maude SEWEL, 26, Chicago IL, Raleigh, d/o David SEWEL & Sarah McKIVER, witn John A. BURBON & Mary L. RICHARDS, both of Chatham, on 2 December 1903, at Chatham

010118-04 (Kent Co) Lyman Darius HUBBELL, 26, farmer, Thamesville, Thamesville, s/o Lyman E. HUBBELL & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, married Cowetta A. McAGY, 24, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o James McAGY & Hannah Norich BOYLE, witn: Henry A. McAGY, Theressa McAGY, both of Camden twp., 30 December 1903 at Camden twp

#010608-03 (Kent Co): Leslie Hiram HYATT, 25, saddler, Romney, Raleigh twp., s/o Norman HYATT & Mary MALOTT, married Edith Viola SALES, 23, Tilbury East, same, d/o George T. SALES & Matilda GARDINER, witn: Edward W. NEAL & Edith L. MARSHALL, both of Merlin, 3 June 1903 at Tilbury East
010344-1904 (Kent Co.) John INGRAM, 29, farmer, Howard Twp., same, s/o Matthew INGRAM & Ellen ANDERSON, married Mary McMILLAN, 27, Harwich, same, d/o Duncan & Mary McMILLAN, witn: William KNOTT & Eva JENNER, both of Harwich, 30 Dec 1903 at Harwich. #010603-03 (Kent Co): Robert G. IVISON (Iveson?), 22, farmer, Windfall - Mersea twp., same, s/o Robert & Ann, married Charlotte A. PATRICK, 18, Tilbury East, Rosedale - Tilbury East, d/o George PATRICK & Maggie WARNOCK, witn: William P. PATRICK & Bertha L. SHOULES, both of Quinn, Tilbury East, 11 March 1903 at Rosedale
010431-1904 (Kent Co.) Ford W. JARVIS, 22, farmer, Byron, Thamesville, s/o C.B. & Mary, married Annie M. CUDMORE, 22, Howard, same, d/o George & Mary, witn Walter CUDMORE of Howard & Bertha VINCE of Thamesville, on 18 November 1903, at Ridgetown 10303-04 George KENNEDY, 30, farmer, Tamworth Ont., Dover, s/o George KENNEDY & Martha P. McKNIGHT, married Minnie FOX, 19, Dover, same, d/o James FOX & Phoebe JONES, witn: James A. GEORGE & Lettie PARRISH, both of Balsdon, 23 Dec 1903 at Dover
  010140-04 (Kent Co.) Charles LABON, 25, painter, Thedford Lambton Co., Dresden, s/o Enoch LABON & Agnes LOCKERY, married Maimie BURNS, 18, Parkhill, Dresden, d/o John BURNS & Jennie BURLY?, witn Ida GALLOWAY & F. COBBLEDICK, both of Chatham, on 2 December 1903, at Chatham
#010197-03 (Kent Co): John McClure LARIMER, 24, banker, Mansfield Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, s/o M--? G. LARIMER & Ella M. WETZ, married Laura Olive FELLOWS, 20, Blenheim, same, d/o William R. FELLOWS & Eliza HAINSOME?, witn: W.R. FELLOWS jr. & Florence McVITTIE, both of Blenheim, 23 Feb 1903 at Blenheim #010611-03 (Kent Co): Thomas McDonald LE COCQ, no age given, farmer, Chatham, Raleigh, s/o John LE COCQ & Elizabeth UZARD, married Mary Elizabeth MANCELL, no age given, Tilbury East, same, d/o William MANCELL & Ann HANCOCK, witn: William MANCELL of Tilbury East & Rose LE COCQ of Raleigh, 24 June 1903 at Tilbury East
#010204-03 (Kent Co): George Henry LITTLE, 28, window trimmer, Newmarket Ont, Detroit, s/o Robert LITTLE & Emily MITCHELL, married Mabel HALL, 23, Raleigh, Detroit, d/o Robert HALL & Annie WILES, witn: E.J. & H. May HENDERSON of Detroit, 24 June 1903 at Blenheim 010138-04 (Kent Co.) Alexander LUCAS, 32, carpenter, Blenheim, Chatham, s/o George LUCAS & Rebecca LACY, married Orletta KUINAIRD, 30, Howard, Blenheim, d/o William KUINAIRD & Agnes FLEMING, witn J.W. HUMPHREY & Mrs. E.M. HALL, both of Chatham, on 30 December 1903, at Chatham
#010621-03 (Kent Co): William MACKLEM, 42, widower, farmer, Haldimand Co., Tilbury twp., s/o William MACKLEM & Eva SHELL, married Ella FRENCH, 29, Wellington Co., Wallaceburg, d/o Charles FRENCH & Elizabeth WAID, witn: Zelma FRENCH & B.M. NICOL, both of Wallaceburg, 21 Jan. 1903 at Wallaceburg 010145-04 (Kent Co.) John Herman McKIM, 22, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Herman McKIM & Mary McCOY, married Alma CARD, 24, Chatham, same, d/o Marshall CARD & Eliza VanDUSEN, witn Byron McKIM of Dresden & Catharine FORSYTH of Darrell, on 23 December 1903, at Chatham
#010473-03 (Kent Co): Francis McLARTY, 30, farmer, Howard, same, s/o A. McLARTY & Mary PANGBURN, married Emily LEATHERDALE, 20, Howard, same, d/o J. [James] LEATHERDALE & I. [Isabella] LAWTON, witn: John GLADSTONE of Ridgetown & Alice LEATHERDALE of Harwich, 23 Dec 1903 at Howard 010135-04 (Kent Co.) Harry MURPHY, 26, miller, Chatham, same, s/o Herbert MURPHY & Alice CHRYSLER, married Annie Frances MILLER, 18, Chatham, same, d/o John MILLER & Emma Agnes KIRBY, witn Herbert CHRYSLER & Mary MILLER, both of Chatham, on 22 December 1903, at Chatham
  #010612-03 (Kent Co): William S.P. PATRICK, 22, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o William PATRICK & Charlotte BERBY, married Sarah A. DAVIDSON, 24, Tilbury East, same, d/o John DAVIDSON & Maria MALOTT, witn: Augustus HIZER of Comber, & Addie DAVIDSON of Tilbury East, 10 June 1903 at Tilbury East
#010475-03 (Kent Co): Francis L. PATTERSON, 28, machinist, Harwich, Point Edward, s/o D. PATTERSON & E. LATIMER, married Rose ALLEN, 27, Ridgetown, Howard, d/o George ALLEN & B?. BLAKE, witn: Fred ALLEN & Mrs. WATT, both of Ridgetown, 30 Dec 1903 at Howard #010630-03 (Kent Co): William PEARSON, 48, widower, farmer, Nissouri, Chatham twp., s/o John PEARSON & Clarinda HARRIS, married May BUDZINE?, 39, Hastings Co., Camden twp., d/o John BUDZINE & Martha DIMOND, witn: Frank BUDZINE of Wabash & Bertha WOOLMAN? of Beaver Meadow, 26 May 1903 at Wallaceburg
010141-04 (Kent Co.) Frank Wesley PHELPS, 26, musician, Chatham, same, s/o Fred L. PHELPS & Celesta BEST, married Mable McKeough STONE, 20, Essex Centre, same, d/o James Alfred STONE & Carrie McKEOUGH, witn J.A. STONE & F.D. PHELPS, both of Chatham, on 2 December 1903, at Chatham 10313-04 Avila PILOTTE, 20, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Joseph PILOTTE & Mary HEBERT, married Julie MATTE, 18, Dover, same, d/o Francois MATTE, farmer, & Philomene TETREAULT, witn: Zephie CHEFF & Mercaline MARTIN, both of Dover, 20 July 1903 at Big Point
010443-1904 (Kent Co.) John REID, 36, farmer, Sombra, Chatham, s/o James & Effie, married Viola Victoria FIELDS, 28, Northville Mich, Chatham, d/o William & Hannah, witn E.A.R.V. WILSON, & Ethel P. LANBLEY, both of Ridgetown, on 11 August 1903, at Ridgetown  
#010627-03 (Kent Co): Emery REID, 25, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o William REID & Mary METCALF, married Lille HUGHES, 22, Chatham twp., Dresden, d/o William J. HUGHES & Sarah Ann DAWSON, witn: Nettie LITTLE & Susie O. COOK, both of Wallaceburg, 25 March 1903 at Wallaceburg #010474-03 (Kent Co): Vom? RICHARDSON, 27, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o W.J. RICHARDSON & S. CHENNICK, married Flora May CAMPBELL, 28, Howard, same, d/o Mac & Sarah, witn: George F. SMYTH of Harwich & Pearl CAMPBELL of Howard, 31 Dec 1903 at Howard
#010633-03 (Kent Co): Richard SANDERS, 23, printer, Birmingham England, Leamington, s/o Richard SANDERS & Margaret P. SWAINSON, married Matilda M. HATHAWAY, 24, Nile Ont., Wallaceburg, d/o Francis HATHAWAY & Hessie ECHLIN, witn: John MANERY of Leamington & Lottie M. HATHAWAY of Wallaceburg, 25 June 1903 at Wallaceburg 010143-04 (Kent Co.) George Percival SCHOLFIELD, 36, banker, (illegible), Chatham, s/o William SCHOFIELD & Elizabeth GREEN, married Florence Ethel SKEY, 30, Chatham, same, d/o Fred SKEY & Sophia DABIT?, witn W.D. HART of Kingston & Katharine M. MERCER of Chatham, on 30 December 1903, at Chatham
#010203-03 (Kent Co): Charles SENIOR, 67, widower, photographer, Yorkshire England, Blenheim , s/o Thomas SENIOR & Hannah VARLEY, married Nancy BEST, 55, Chatham, Blenheim , d/o Jerome BEST & Jane LAWRIE (or Lowrie), witn: Jennie & Hattie BEST of Blenheim , 26 Feb 1903 at Blenheim 010146-04 (Kent Co.) John Ira SMITH, 25, brakeman, Brooke?, Sarnia, s/o George SMITH & Mary CAMPBELL, married May BESSELL (Bissell?), 21, Sarnia, same, d/o Thomas BESSELL & Sarah NELSON, witn George W. HUNT & Maggie HUNT, both of Chatham, on 25 December 1903, at Chatham
#010471-03 (Kent Co): John B. SPENCE, 24, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Z. SPENCE & J. ANDERSON, married Rose BAKER, 21, Harwich, Howard, d/o W.W. BAKER & E. NEWCOMBE, witn: George NEWCOMBE of Harwich & Mary HUTCHINSON of Ridgetown, 14 Oct 1903 at Howard #010607-03 (Kent Co): Charles STERLING, 33, farmer, Dover East, same, s/o Thomas STERLING & Rosa CHAMPAGNE, married Louise CROW, 30, Dover East, same, d/o James CROW & Melandie LATADIR?, witn: James STERLING & Nancy KING, both of Dover East, 25 May 1903 at St. Peters Church, Tilbury East, (Rom Cath)
#010600-03 (Kent Co): Peter C. STEVENSON, 32, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o Robert STEVENSON & Jessie McINTOSH, married Ida Florence WILSON, 25, Tilbury East, same, d/o Edward WILSON & Eva WADDELL, witn: John STEVENSON & Alice WILSON, both of Tilbury East, 28 Jan 1903 at Tilbury East, #010624-03 (Kent Co): Charles Archibald STEWART, 29, laborer, Wallaceburg, same, s/o Alex STEWART & Annie TOBIE, married Sarah Ada BABBITT, 22, Wallaceburg, same, d/o Simson BABBITT & Catherine LARSH, witn: John E. & Lavina TEMPLETON of Wallaceburg, 28 March 1903 at Wallaceburg
#010625-03 (Kent Co): Walter K. STEWART, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o Robert STEWART & Delores LITTLE, married Sarah May LANE, 20, Sarnia, Chatham twp., d/o Joel James LANE & Sarah STEWART, witn: Douglas D. HARRINGTON & Maggie LAYBAK, both of Wallaceburg, 14 April 1903 at Wallaceburg, #010605-03 (Kent Co): Alexander Ferguson STEWART, 33, accountant, Glasgow Scotland, Detroit Mich., s/o John G. STEWART & Elizabeth R.M. FERGUSON, married Isabella FORBES, 31, Tilbury East, same, d/o Harry FORBES & Priscilla KEIVER, witn: Donald F. STEWART of Detroit & Jean FORBES of Tilbury East, 25 March 1903 at Tilbury East
#010472-03 (Kent Co): Charles B. STIRLING, 24, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o S. STIRLING & S. REYNOLDS, married Mary L. DEVEREUX, 22, Howard, same, d/o W. DEVEREUX & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Frank STIDWELL of Dutton & Maud CAMPBELL of Rutherford, 20 Nov 1903 at Howard #010620-03 (Kent Co): Edward P. THOMPSON, 27, laborer, Sweaburg - Oxford Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Preserved THOMPSON & Sarah Jane O’NEILL, married Maud Myrtle SIMPSON, 17, Wallaceburg, same, d/o Thomas J. SIMPSON & Elizabeth J. POWERS, witn: Lyman W. BISHOP & Maidie S. DAVIS, both of Wallaceburg, 8 Jan 1903 at Wallaceburg (Salv Army)
  010137-04 (Kent Co.) Robert John TRUAX, 25, machinist, Walkerboro, Chatham, s/o Samuel TRUAX & Elizabeth Jane ASH--?(cut off), married Gertrude M. TERRY, 26, Chatham, same, d/o Simi? TERRY, witn John J. HOLDENESS of Detroit & Myrtle E. TERRY of Chatham, on 23 December 1903, at Chatham
#010629-03 (Kent Co): Samuel D. TURNER, 26, farmer, widower, Gore of Chatham, same, s/o Leonard TURNER & Haney McDONALD, married Jane BENEDICT, 22, Gore of Chatham, same, d/o Fred BENEDICT & Ellen MURPHY, witn: Joanna GUNTON & Emillia BENEDICT, both of Wallaceburg, 18 May 1903 at Wallaceburg #010202-03 (Kent Co): Charles TURNER, 35, carpenter, Sault Ont., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William H. TURNER & Mary TREVETT, married Adalina Alvina WARD, 31, Euphemia, Harwich, d/o Andrew L. WARD & Mary RICH, witn: W.H. & Mary TURNER of Howard, 11 Feb 1903 at Blenheim
#010623-03 (Kent Co): Charles W. WOODROW, 22, laborer, London England, Wallaceburg, s/o Henry WOODROW & Louise EDIKER, married Nellie May JOYCE, 18, Dover twp., Wallaceburg, d/o Walter JOYCE & Sarah A. BARNES, witn: George WOODROW & Sarah J. JOYCE, both of Wallaceburg, 4 March 1903 at Wallaceburg

010120-04 (Kent Co) George Howard WRIGHT, 25, machinist, Harwich twp., Chatham, s/o Samuel WRIGHT & Henrietta BARKER, married Henrietta Emma RISEBOROUGH, 24, Harwich twp., Camden twp., d/o James RISEBOROUGH & Emma DENNIS, witn: Wesley RISEBOROUGH, Ethel SHAW, both of Camden twp., 16 December 1903 at Camden twp