Huron 83

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Huron Co., 1883


004753-83 (Huron) James G. ADAM, 27, farmer, Antrim Co. - Ireland, Stephen, s/o James & Mary ADAM, to Mary I. IRWIN, 25, Ireland, Stephen, d/o William & Agnes IRWIN, wit: Thomas H. ELLIOT & Agnes IRWIN both of Stephen, 28 February 1883, Grand Bend 005030-83 (Huron Co) George AGAR, 23, farmer, Canada, Ashfield, s/o John & Ann AGAR married Mary Jane DURNIN, 22, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o Charles & Rebecca DURNIN. Wit Thomas AGAR of Ashfield and Sarah E. DURNIN of West Wawanosh. January 3, 1883 at West Wawanosh.
004764-83 (Huron) Wilson ANDERSON, 25, farmer, Crediton, same, s/o Joseph & Jane ANDERSON, to Ellen MITCHELL, 21, Crediton, same, d/o John & Ann MITCHELL, wit: Richard HALL of Crediton & Mary Ann FORD of Stephen, 3 October 1883, Centralia 004667-83 (Huron) Louis BEEKER (Becker?), 68, retired blacksmith, Germany, Zurich, widower, s/o dead parents, to Mary WELLS, 56, Germany, Zurich, d/o dead parents, wit: Reinard & Catherine COOK of Zurich, 1 May 1883, Zurich
#004997-83 (Huron Co): Walter BELDEN, 23, farmer, Canada, Howick twp., s/o Jermiah BELDEN & Martha HAWK?, married Maggie SNELL, 23, Canada, Turnberry twp., d/o John SNELL & Jane DUNDAS, witnesses were C. SOULE of Grey twp & J. BELDEN of Howick, Oct. 2, 1883 at Turnberry 4831-83 James Henry BELL, 26, railway man, London Canada, Brandon Man., s/o Henry & Isabella, married Alice EMERTON, 20, Goderich, same, d/o John & Caroline, witn: James THOMAS & Clara EMERTON, 3 July 1883 at Goderich
4802-83 Wesley BELZER, 27, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Rachel GREEN, 21, Canada, Colborne, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: Robert J. GREEN of Colborne & Rachel E. BELZER of W. Flamboro, 11 Jan 1883 at Colborne 004699-84 John BLAKE, 38, Mechanic, Belfast Ireland, Hensall, s/o William & Jane BLAKE, married Maggie ROBERTSON, 25, Toronto, Hensall, d/o Robert & Isabella ROBERTSON, Wit: Mrs. Wm M. MARTIN & Emma GRAY, both of Exeter, 31 Dec 1883, Exeter
004802-84 John BROWN, 27, farmer, McGillivray, McGillivray, s/o George & Eliza BROWN, married Sarah Maria KESTLE, 24, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Pascoe & Mary KESTLE, Wit: Thomas KESTLE, Stephen & Mary Jane BROWN, McGillivray, 25 Dec 1883, Stephen 4984-83 (Huron Co): William BROWN, 36, widower, farmer, Scotland, Perth Co., s/o Thomas & Robina, married Ellen PATTERSON, 31, Ontario, Hullett twp., d/o Peter & Ellen, witn: William PATTERSON of Hullett & Mary "Ma. GEE" of East Wawanosh, 6 June 1883 at Hullett
005017-83 (Huron) Alexander BUCHANAN, 29, farmer, Tuckersmith, Grey, s/o Donald & Margaret BUCHANAN, to Mary STEWART, 23, Grey, same, d/o Hugh & Catherine STEWART, wit: Thomas McFADYEAN & Charles LOWRIE both of Grey, 25 July 1883, Grey 4794-83 John CALLANDER, 32, widower, merchant, Carleton Co., Clinton, s/o William CALLANDER & Margaret WALLACE, married Minnie Louisa READ, 22, Clinton, same, d/o Russel H. READ & Elizabeth RATTENBURY, witn: W. J HEMPHILL & Dolly READ, both of Clinton, 1 Nov 1883 at Clinton
#004994-83 (Huron Co): Duncan CAMPBELL, 33, farmer, Scotland, Morris twp., s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Annie DEWAR, married Margaret COCHRANE, 23, Canada, Wawanosh, d/o James CAMERON & Margaret ILLINGWORTH, witnesses were John COCHRANE of Wawanosh & Kate CAMPBELL of Morris, July 2, 1883 at Bluevale, Turnberry twp 005015-83 (Huron) Thomas Marriott CARLING, 27, butcher, Hullett Twp., Clinton, s/o William CARLING & Susan MARRIOTT, to Kate McFARLANE, 25, Usborne, Grey, d/o Thomas McFARLANE & Mary LOWE, wit: William DOWNS of Clinton & Maggie McFARLANE of Grey , 27 June 1883, Grey
004777-83 (Huron Co) Robert B. CARTER, 21, labourer, Halton, Clinton, s/o James & Sarah CARTER married Elizabeth PENNEBAKER, 19, Goderich Twp, same, d/o John & Mary PENNEBAKER. Wit Sila H. PENNEBAKER and Sarah F. PENNEBAKER, both of Clinton. March 15, 1883 at Clinton. 004774-83 (Huron Co) William Arthur CARTER, 21, brickmaker, Blyth, McKillop, s/o John CARTER & Mary STOREY married Esther BURNS, 21, Morris, same, d/o Robert BURNS & Elizabeth RICHARDSON. Wit James? T. ANDREWS and Orilla A. ANDREWS, both of Clinton. March 27, 1883 at Clinton.
#004653-83 (Huron Co) George Francis CASE, 25, Usborne Twp Huron Co, same, b, farmer, s/o Thomas & Maria SIMPSON (sic), married Flora LAMMIE, 22, Hay Twp, same, s, d/o William & Elizabeth LAMMIE, witn: William LAMMIE jnr, of Hay, Eliza CASE of Usborne, married 31 January 1883, Hay 004780-83 (Huron Co) Herman B. CHANE, 24, cabinetmaker, Unionville, same, s/o Christopher & Elizabeth CHANE married Charlotte HOLMES, 21, Hamilton, Clinton, d/o E. & Mary HOLMES. Wit Nellie HOLMES & Bert HAGARMAN, both of Clinton. June 26, 1883 at Clinton.
4628-83 Joseph CHAPMAN, 24, telegraph work, Canada, Buffalo US, s/o Joseph & Mary Jane, married Helen SIMPSON, 21, Canada, Ashfield, d/o George & Mary, witn: David WILLIS & Lucy MAY, both of Ashfield, 26 Dec 1883 at parents house #004786-83 (Huron Co): Arthur CHURCHILL, 58, widower, yeoman, Ireland, Goderich twp., s/o James & Mary, married Margaret HUDSON, 34, widow, Chatham, Clinton, d/o Peter & Barbara MacPHERSON, witnesses were James P. & Louisa CLARK of Clinton, May 6, 1883 at Clinton
004760-83 (Huron) Walter CLARK, 27, hotel keeper, Usborne, Crediton, s/o William & Jane CLARK, to Elizabeth KLUMP, 20, Stephen, Crediton, d/o Michael & Elizabeth (nee Heycock) KLUMP, wit: David HILL & Mary Ann CLARK, 28 Nov. 1883, Crediton 004670-83 (Huron) Cyrus COLOSKEY, 21, farmer, Hay, same, s/o David & Mary COLOSKEY, to Annie SNELL, 18, Hay, same, d/o William & Ann SNELL, wit: Philip KIEHM & Mary WALPER both of Hay, 20 February 1883, Dashwood
4655-83 Cyrus COLOSKY, 21, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o John & Mary, married Annie SCHELBIE, 18, Hay twp., same, d/o Henry & Catherine, witn: Henry KRAFT of Stephen & Sophia SCHROEDER of Hay, 22 Feb 1883 at Dashwood 004643-83 (Huron Co) James COUTTS, 44, widower, clergyman, Lambton, Georgetown Ont, s/o John & Elizabeth COUTTS married Jennie McINTOSH, 35, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William & Nancy McINTOSH. Wit John A. McINTOSH and William McMILLAN, both of Tuckersmith. February 28, 1883 at Brucefield.
4676-83 James COWIE, 60, widower, farmer, Aberdeen Scotland, Bayfield, s/o William COWIE & Margaret DICKIE, married Janet Ana CALLADAY, 36, Dumfries Ont., Stanley twp., d/o Hiram CLINE & not given, witn: Herbert Bruce CALLADAY of Stanley twp., 10 May 1883 at Stanley 005020-83 (Huron) William CROWELL, 26, yeoman, Elma Twp., same, s/o Tyhrams W. & Martha CROWELL, to Sophia ENGLER, 23, Grey, same, d/o Ambrose & Christina ENGLER, wit: Joseph ENGLER of Grey & Martha CROWELL of Elma, 19 Dec. 1883, Grey
  005028-83 (Huron Co) John CURRAN, 24, mechanic, Ireland, West Wawanosh, s/o Robert CURRAN & Jane REID married Sarah Ann RYAN, 22, Ontario, West Wawanosh, d/o Henry RYAN & Sarah TAGGART. Wit George WOOD and Margaret RYAN, both of West Wawanosh. January 24, 1883 at West Wawanosh.
4813-83 Robert DALYRYMPLE, 50, widower, Scotland, Tuckersmith, s/o William DALYRYMPLE & Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Mary Grace BROWN, 38, widow, England, Tuckersmith, d/o Alexander TREMEER & Christena ROW, witn: Samuel SMITHE & William FORD, both of Tuckersmith, 10 April 1883 at Hensall 005011-83 (Huron) Peter DAVIDSON, 25, yeoman, Otonabee, Elma Twp., s/o Joseph & Mary DAVIDSON, to Emma AUSMAN, 18, Wallace Twp., Grey, d/o William & Lenora AUSMAN, wit: Gilbert LOVE of Listowel & Ann AUSMAN of Grey, 30 January 1883, Grey
4988-83 (Huron Co): Robert DELGATY, 25, farmer, Stanley twp., same, s/o Robert & Isabella, married Janet DELGATY, 21, Scotland, Stanley twp., d/o William & Alice, witn: Alexander SPARKS & Mary DELGATY, both of Stanley, 14 Sept 1883 at Varna 005022-83 (Huron Co) John DEWYER (Dwyer?), 26, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Michael DEWYER & Mary Ann O'CONNER married Rebecca HALLAHAN, 27, Toronto Gore, Blythe, d/o William HALLAHAN & Mary McCARTY. Wit William DEWYER and Mary ann McCAUGHIE, both of Morris Twp. May 6, 1883 at West Wawanosh. (RC)
4796-83 Chris DICKSON, 24, merchant, Scotland, Clinton, s/o John & Mary, married Annie M. CORBETT, 23, Caledonia, Clinton, d/o Edmund (Edward?) & Annie, witn: W. J. DICKSON of Walton & J. A. RANKIN of Stratford, 12 Sept 1883 at Clinton 004626-83 (Huron Co) George DRAPER, 48, widower, farmer, Ireland, Ashfield, s/o James & Ellen DRAPER married Lydia McCONNELL, 23, Canada, Port Albert Ashfield, d/o Edward McCONNELL & Eleanor LEIGH. Wit None noted. November 14, 1883 at Ashfield.
004779-83 (Huron Co) Hugh DUNLOP, 25, yeoman, Goderich Twp., same, s/o John DUNLOP & Agnes RICHMOND married Catherine STEWART, 24, Tuckersmith, Clinton, d/o Thomas & Mary STEWART. Wit Thompson GREAVE of Goderich and Maggie CRAWFORD of Clinton. March 2, 1883 at Clinton. 004636-83 (Huron Co) Thomas DURNIN, 26, farmer, Canada, West Wawanosh, Dakota, s/o Edward & Mary Jane DURNIN married Barbara Ann DREANY, 22, Canada, Ashfield, d/o Andrew & Letitia DREANY. Wit James DURNIN of West Wawanosh and Letitia DREANY of Ashfield. March 21, 1883 at Ashfield.
4817-83 William ELLIOTT, 50, foundry man, widower, Lanark Ont., Chesley, s/o A. S. ELLIOTT & Janet HALLIDAY, married Janet DOBIE, 31, Lanark Ont., Tuckersmith, d/o John DOBIE & Mary SMITH, witn: William SMITH & Mary Jane DOBIE, both of Tuckersmith, 22 June 1883 at Egmondville 004647-83 (Huron Co) John T. FAIRBAIRN, 30, farmer, New York State, California, s/o John FAIRBAIRN & Agnes LAGETY? married Agnes HOUSTON, 30, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James HOUSTON & Frances SPROAT. Wit Robert FAIRBAIRN of Grey and Samuel G. HOUSTON of Tuckersmith. January 3, 1883 at Kippen.
004755-83 (Huron) John FAIST, 25, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Bernhard & Louisa (nee MORLOCK) FAIST, to Magdalena BRAUN, d/o no parents listed (s/b John George BRAUN & Eva Catherine FINKBEINER), wit: William FAIST & Lydia BRAUN both of Crediton, 12 April 1883, Stephen 005013-83 (Huron) William FARQUHARSON, 23, farmer, Scotland, Grey, s/o John & Susan FARQUHARSON, to Mary Elizabeth SHINE, 26, Grey, same, d/o William & Clementine SHINE, wit: George BARROWS of McKillop & Catherine Ann SHINE of Grey, 2 April 1883, Grey
005007-83 (Huron) Henry FERGUSON, 24, yeoman, Arthur Twp., Ethel, s/o William & Harriet FERGUSON, to Rebecca McMINN, 23, Howick, same, d/o James & Mary McMINN, wit: George H? of Walton & Elizabeth FERGUSON of Ethel, 24 January 1883, Ethel 04785-83 (Huron Co) James FINCH, 24, butcher, England, Clinton, s/o Emanuel & Elizabeth, married Emily WHEATLEY, 21, Ontario, Clinton, d/o George & Emily, witn: John FINCH of Seaforth & Emma FINCH of Clinton, 28 Aug 1883 at Clinton
004750-83 (Huron) David FINKBINE (s/b FINKBEINER), 24, shoemaker, Germany, Crediton, s/o John and Rosina, to Annie BRAUN, 25, Clinton, Crediton, d/o Karl and Justina, wit: Samuel BRAUN & Fannie SIEBERT both of Crediton, 13 April 1883, Crediton 004752-84 Alexander FINLEY, 28, farmer, Howick, Howick, s/o Alexander & Jane FINLEY, married Margaret JAMIESON, 23, Carlington, Howick, d/o Robert & Eliza JAMIESON, Wit: James FINLEY & Ann E. JAMIESON both of Howick, 26 Dec 1883, Howick
004648-83 (Huron Co) George William FORREST, 27, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o George FORREST & Mary HENDERSON married Isabella McINTOSH, 27, London Ont, Brucefield Tuckersmith, d/o John McINTOSH & Mary FRASER. Wit William J. FORREST of Stanley and Annie McINTOSH of Brucefield. January 10, 1883 at Brucefield. 005031-83 (Huron Co) John FOWLER, 37, farmer, Canada, West Wawanosh, s/o William & Margaret FOWLER married Mary ann McROBERT, 22, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o Thomas & Sarah McROBERT. Wit John FOWLER and Margaret FOWLER, both of West Wawanosh. January 4, 1883 at West Wawanosh.
004758-83 (Huron) George GAISER, 27, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Adam & Magdalena (nee BRAUN) GAISER, to Maria RITTER, 23, Ellice Twp., Perth Co., Stephen, d/o Valentine & Maria RITTER, wit: Levi GAISER & Magdalena BRAUN both of Stephen, 13 Dec. 1883, Stephen #004787-83 (Huron Co): James F. GALLAGHER, 40, widower, farmer, Goderich twp., same, s/o John & Bridget, married Jane Ann McKENZIE, 41, widow, Goderich twp., Clinton, d/o William & Jane Ann BURNETT, witness was L. KENNEDY of Clinton, April 25, 1883 at Clinton
4826-83 William GARDEN, 35, merchant, widower, Canada, East Williams twp., s/o Arthur D. & Jane, married Susanna PRESTLEY, 38, widow, Canada, Ailsa Craig, d/o Lionel SHIPLEY & Ann, witn: B. S. HAYS & Annie CASSADY, both of Goderich, 6 June 1883 at Goderich 004631-83 (Huron Co) John M. GAY, 26, carpenter, Prince Edward Island, Dungannon, s/o Robert & Ann GAY married Mary MILLER, 27, Ashfield, same, d/o Joshua & Barbara Ann MILLER. Wit John MILLER of Ashfield and Alice WARNER of West Wawanosh. January 23, 1883 at Ashfield.
  005014-83 (Huron) John GILLARD, 30, farmer, Canada, Alpena Michigan, s/o Robert & Isabella GILLARD, to Regina KELLNOR, 24, Grey, same, d/o Joseph & Catherine KELLNOR, wit: James BRAMNER & Annie KELLNOR both of Grey, 3 May 1883, Grey
004624-83 (Huron Co) Donald GILLIES, 24, farmer, Huron Twp, same, s/o Kenneth GILLIES & Henery? McINTOSH married Ann CAMERON, 17, Ashfield, same, d/o Roderick CAMERON & ? faded. Wit Duncan McGILIVRAY of Ripley and Roderick CAMERON of Ashfield. No date or plae noted. Probably February of 1883 at Ashfield. 4803-83 Charles GIVEN, 35, mechanic, Canada, Alpena USA, s/o John & Grace, married Jane STEWART, 35, Scotland, Goderich, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: William & illegible PROUDFOOT of Goderich, 30 July 1883 at Saltford
4805-83 Edmund GOOD, 26, farmer, Canada, Colborne, s/o William & Sarah, married Emma KILLIPS, 18, Canada, Colborne, d/o William & Elizah, witn: John CLARK of Hullet & Miss Jane KILLIPS of Colborne, 26? Nov 1883 at Colborne 4818-83 John GRAHAM, 25, yeoman, Clinton, Goderich twp., s/o William GRAHAM & Letitia COOPER, married Sarah JOHNSTON, 22, Canada, Goderich twp., d/o James JOHNSTON & Elizabeth McMATH, witn: David JOHNSTON & Annie BELL, both of Goderich twp., 3 Jan 1883 at Goderich
005006-83 (Huron) Henry GRANGER, 23, yeoman, Grey, same, s/o William & Ellen GRANGER, to Martha ARMSTRONG, 19, Grey, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, wit: Joseph & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG of Grey, 16 January 1883, Grey 004625-83 (Huron Co) John GRANT, 31, telegraph operator, Grantown, Point Edward, s/o Alexander GRANT & Isabella McROBERT married Mary McKENZIE, 22, Zorra, Ashfield, d/o Alexander McKENZIE & Dolina MORRISON. Wit Thomas HENDERSON and Hugh McINTOSH, both of Ashfield. July 20, 1883 at Ashfield.
004668-83 (Huron) Robert GRAY, 35, farmer, Durham Co., Mitchell, s/o William & Elizabeth GRAY, to Adaline BROWN, 25, Hay, same, d/o Jared & Cordelia BROWN, wit: Albert BROWN of Hay & Matilda GRAY, 16 May 1883, Hay 004665-83 (Huron) John GRILL, 22, shoemaker, Blenheim, Kilmanagh Michigan, s/o Christian & M. GRILL, to Mary KELLERMAN, 24, Hay, same, d/o father dead & Catherine KELLERMAN, wit: H. L. WAGNER of Sebringville & Mary DIERLAMM, 17 April 1883, Zurich
  0044697-84 Isiah HALL, 31, farmer, Tuckersmith Tp, Manitoba, s/o Isiah & Jemima HALL, married Nancy RUBY, 26, Hay Tp, same, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth RUBY, Wit: George Henry & Charlotte PHYLE both of Hay Tp, 25 Dec 1883, Exeter
004765-83 (Huron) William F. HALLS, 29, farmer, Crediton, same, s/o William & Sophia HALLS, to Annie SANDERS, 26, Stephen, same, d/o John & Mary Ann SANDERS, wit: Thomas SANDERS & Minnie TRIBNER both of Stephen, 15 Dec. 1883, Crediton 005009-83 (Huron) John Richard HAMILTON, 21, farmer, Mornington Twp., McKillop, s/o Henry & Mary Jane HAMILTON, to Mary Ann INNIS, 20, Grey, same, d/o Thomas & Hannah Jane INNIS, wit: John McFADDON & Annie DAMES of Grey, 7 February 1883, Grey
004751-83 (Huron) John HANDFORD, 33, farmer, England, Biddulph, s/o Richard & Elizabeth HANDFORD, to Hannah KEYS, 24, Stanley, Morrisville, d/o Thomas & Catherine KEYS, wit: William BROCK & Margaret CRAWLEY, 11 April 1883, Centralia 005021-83 (Huron Co) William HANLEY, 26, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o John HANLEY & Mary Ann LINDAL married Elizabeth ANDERSON, 20, Wawanosh, same, d/o Archibald ANDERSON & Elizabeth WILSON. Wit John FOWLER of Huron Twp and Catherine ANDERSON of Wawanosh. May 24, 1883 at West Wawanosh.
005001-83 (Huron Co) Alexander HASTIE, 25, farmer, Canada, Howick, s/o William HASTIE & Jane SANDERSON married Elizabeth Thersay YEO, 21, Canada, Turnberry, d/o William YEO & Jane RIPON. Wit William HASTIE of Howick and William YEO of Turnberry. March 4, 1883 at Turnberry.  
004672-83 (Huron) Henry HELTZ, 42, farmer, Germany, Hay, widower, s/o dead parents, to Elisabeth FISCHER, 30, Perth Co., Hay, d/o Christopher & Catherine FISCHER, wit: Mr. & Mrs EDIGHOFFER, 10 December 1883, Zurich 005012-83 (Huron) Josiah HEWITT, 24, farmer, Grey, same, s/o John & Hannah HEWITT, to Harriet Ann McTAGGART, 20, Grey, same, d/o George Ridley & Susannah McTAGGART, wit: Henry Lewis HEWITT & Henrietta McTAGGART both of Grey, 21 March 1883, Walton
005032-83 (Huron Co) James HICKINGBOTTOM, 36, farmer, Ontario, East Wawanosh, d/o George HICKINGBOTTOM & Ann OGILVIE married Janet RADCLIFF, 26, Ontario, West Wawanosh, d/o James RADCLIFF & Janet KERR. Wit Albert CULLIS of Hullett and Annie RADCLIFF of West Wawanosh. January 3, 1883 at West Wawanosh. 004775-83 (Huron Co) John HIGGINBOTTOM, 22, edge tool grinder, Sheffield England, Galt Ont, s/o Alfred HIGGINBOTTOM & Elizabeth REVEL? married Saline BOWEY, 18, Plymouth England, Galt, d/o John BOWEY & Harriett HOBBS. Wit George WAKEFIELD and Clara HIGGINBOTTOM, both of Galt. April 4, 1883 at Clinton.
  004759-83 (Huron) William Henry HILL, 26, farmer, Crediton, same, s/o Isaac & Ann HILL, to Angelina BAKER, 24, Stephen, same, d/o William CLARK, wit: Frederick William BAKER of Stephen, & Nora Grace HILL of Crediton, 28 Nov. 1883, Stephen
004645-83 (Huron Co) Samuel P. HOCK, 25, farmer, Hay, Dakota, s/o William P. HOCK & Margaret M. SHERRY married Jane KYLE, 21, Stanley, same, d/o William KYLE & Nancy COCHRANE. Wit William KYLE and David H. WILSON, both of Hay. March 14, 1883 at Kippen. .004763-83 (Huron) Robert HODGSON, 35, farmer, McGillvray, same, widower, s/o Thomas & Frances HODGSON, to Abigal CLARKE, 24, Stephen, same, d/o George & Elizabeth CLARKE, wit: Joseph Henry HODGINS & Eliza Jane CLARKE, 13 June 1883, Stephen
004784-83 (Huron Co) George HOFLICK, 21, painter, Mitchell, same, s/o William & Mary Ann HOFLICK married Mary Jane HILLAN, 16, Mitchell, Clinton, d/o Alex. & Mary Ann HILLAN. Wit Michael KELLY and Lizzie HILLAN, both of Clinton. August 27, 1883 at Clinton 004767-83 (Huron) Steph Joshua HOGARTH, 26, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Septimus & Jane HOGARTH, to Almira WHITEFORD, 20, Biddulph, same, d/o John & Margaret WHITEFORD, wit: Wellington WHITEFORD & Emma A. HOGARTH both of Stephen, 15 Nov. 1883, Centralia
#004654-83 (Huron Co) John William HORNER, 21, Vaughan, Stanley Twp., bachelor, farmer, s/o John & Eve HORNER, married Bertha HEY, 22, Hay Twp., Stanley Twp., s, d/o Andrew & Anna HEY, witn: Frank BOSSENBURG of Zurich, Elizabeth HEY of Hay, 20 February 1883, Zurich 4801-83 Thomas HUNKING, 23, farmer, Hullet, same, s/o John & Alice, married Susanna FISHER, 19, Colborne, same, d/o Valentine & Susannah, witn: Abraham FISHER & Lizzie A. FOX, both of Colborne, 12 Feb 1883 at Colborne
004635-83 (huron Co) George IRWIN, 27, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o James & Mary Ann IRWIN married Isabella Jane JOHNSTON, 18, Goderich Twp, Ashfield, d/o James JOHNSTON & Mary Ann MARSHALL. Wit James IRWIN and Elizabeth JOHNSTON, both of Ashfield. March 8, 1883 at Ashfield. 4987-83 (Huron Co): William JAMIESON, 27, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o Robert & Ann, married Annie TALBERT, 20, Stanley twp., same, d/o Edward & Isabella, witn: Margaret & Mary Ann DANBY of Varna, 13 Aug 1883 at Varna
#004996-83 (Huron Co): Robert Baxter JEFFREY, 26, station master, Scotland, Londesboro - Hullett twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Pamela TIPPLING, 25, Canada, Turnberry, d/o James & Hepzilah, witnesses were Albert EWART & Lavina PEAREN of Wingham, July 18, 1883 at Turnberry 004778-83 (Huron Co) George Riley JOHNSTON, yeoman, Oxford Co., Hullett, s/o Sidney JOHNSTON & Elizabeth LAWRENCE married Isabella Barbara WARWICK, 22, Hullett, same, d/o John WARWICK & Mary Ann ALLAN. Wit Elizabeth J. STEWART and Ella Van VALDENBURGH, both of Clinton, March 7, 1883 at Clinton
4816-83 Alexander JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Irwin JOHNSTON & Sarah A. LEE, married Marion LANG, 22, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James LANG & Ann SIMPSON, witn: James LANG of Tuckersmith & Colin MOIR of Usborne, 19 June 1883 at Rodgerville 005023-83 (Huron Co) Patrick KENNEY, 27, farmer, Hastings Co., Kinloss, s/o John KENNEY & Ann DOLLAND married Margaret FITZPATRICK, 26, U.S., Wawanosh, d/o John FITZPATRICK & Mary HAYES. Wit Edward FITZPATRICK of Wawanosh and Mary KENNEY of Kinloss. May 15, 1883 at West Wawanosh. (RC)
4677-83 Henry B. KER, 31, action maker. Eramosa twp., Clinton, s/o James KER & Mary MORE, married Sophia AHRENS, 20, Bayfield, same, d/o Fred AHRENS & Sophia RAPP, witn: Peter KER of Bayfield, 18 April 1883 at Bayfield 005003-83 (Huron Co) John KERR, 21, merchant, Canada, Wingham, s/o James & rebecca KERR married Mary Lamb FYFE, 20, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Lawrence & Agnes FYFE. Wit Robert KERR of London and William P. HISCOCKS of Wingham. May 31, 1883 at Turnberry.
004776-84 George S. KILTY, 24, School Teacher, Hullett, Ashfield, s/o John KILTY & Sophia COOLL, married Margaret Jane WATKINS, 24, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, d/o Joseph & Isabella WATKINS, Wit: Albert KILTY, Hullett & Tara H.W. WATKINS, Goderich Tp, 27 Dec 1883, Goderich Tp 4985-83 (Huron Co): William John KING, 27, farmer, Kincardine, East Wawanosh, s/o William & Margaret, married Julie ELKIN, 28, Hullett, same, d/o Eneas & Isabella, witn: George KING of E. Wawanosh & Ennise ELKIN of Hullett, 19 June 1883 at Hullett
005008-83 (Huron) Robert LAING, 42, farmer, Canada, Howick, widower, s/o Peter & Ellen LAING, to Catherine Simpson WRIGHT, 28, Scotland, Grey, d/o Thomas & Ann WRIGHT, wit: Samuel GRIFFITH of Howick & Christina SCOTT of Grey, 6 February 1883, Grey  
4981-83 (Huron Co): Edmund LEAR, 24, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Elias & Susan, married Hannah Maria BALL, 22, Hullett, same, d/o William & Ann, witn: Henry LEAR & Mary Jane WAITE, both of Hullett, 28 Feb 1883 at Hullett 4793-83 Charles LOVETT, 35, widower, farmer, Goderich twp., same, s/o Charles LOVETT & Martha RILEY, married Mary Jane WAITE, 28, widow, Hullet twp., same, d/o William BALL & Ann GORBETT, witn: W. ROBERTSON of Clinton & Fanny LOVETT of Goderich twp., 29 Nov 1883 at Clinton
4798-83 James K. MAIR, 30, farmer, Howick Scotland, Goderich twp., s/o William MAIR & Jane KNOX, married Frances A. McILWAIN, 24, Hullet twp., same, d/o Thomas McILWAIN & Ann Jane LUNDY?, witn: Eliz. A. STEWART & Ruth CASTLE, both of Clinton, 21 Nov 1883 at Clinton 4797-83 Alonzo Hodges MANNING, 26, lawyer, Cardiff illegible England, Clinton, s/o James W. MANNING & Elizabeth HODGES, married Lillian COATES, 24, Clinton, same, d/o William COATS (sic) & Sarah VOGLER, witn: William COATS Jr. & Jos. SCOTT Jr., both of Clinton, 1 Oct 1883 at Clinton
  004674-83 (Huron) Isaac MARTIN, 31, farmer, Waterloo Co., Hay, widower, s/o Solomon MARTIN & Leah SCHANTZ, to Nancy WITMER, 28, Blenheim, Hay, d/o Christ & Mary WITMER, wit: Mrs. M. DIERLAMM & Miss Elisabeth DIERLAMM of Zurich , (No day given) December 1883, Zurich
#004650-83 (Huron Co) Henry MASON, 33, England, Tuckersmith, widower, farmer, s/o Edward MASON & Ann RAFTEN, married Jessie McKAY, 28, Tuckersmith, same, s, d/o Hugh McKAY & Flora Ann CAMPBELL, witn: William MURRAY, George McKAY, both Tuckersmith, 23 January 1883, Tuckersmith 004783-83 (Huron Co) Albert MAY, 30, yeoman, Goderich Twp, same, s/o William MAY & Sarah DAVIS married Phoebe Jane HOWSON, 22, Clinton, same, d/o James HOWSON & Jane BROWN. Wit Peter COULTER and Hannah HOWSON, both of Clinton. June 20, 1883 at Clinton.
004644-83 (Huron Co) Alexander McALLISTER, 25, farmer, Hay, Manitoba, s/o Alexander McALLISTER & Jane CURRY married Lizzie SOLDAN, 26, Ellice, Buffalo N.Y., d/o Conrad SOLDAN & Elizabeth BAKER. Wit Mary McALLISTER and William McALLISTER, both of Hay. March 1, 1883 at Kippen. #004651-83 (Huron Co) Duncan McBEATH, 29, Scotland, Victoria British Columbia, b, carpenter, s/o John McBEATH & Christina McEWEN, married Ursula D. MODELAND, 23, Canada, Tuckersmith, s, d/o William MODELAND & Martha TRUEMAN, witn: Horace MINER & Mary Ann MODELAND, both Tuckersmith, 24 January 1883, Tuckersmith
4821-83 Archibald McBRIDE, 25, laborer, Canada, Goderich, s/o John McBRIDE & Sarah MITCHELL, married Mary WYATT, 21, Canada, Goderich, d/o Thomas WYATT & Eliza SWIFIELD, witn: John DONALDSON of Saltford & Annie GILLIES of Goderich, 14 March 1883 at Goderich 004627-83 (Huron Co) Benagah Cole McCLURE, 31, farmer, Esquesing, Lucknow, s/o William & Elizabeth Ann Jane McCLURE married Rebecca MALLOUGH, 22, Dungannon, same, d/o William MALLOUGH & Ann Jane MURRAY? (faded). Wit Charles HOOD of Lucknow and Martha MALLOUGH of Dungannon. December 5, 1883 at Dungannon.
004641-83 (Huron Co) William Corrie McCONNELL, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o William McCONNELL & Agnes McGEOCH married Annie FOWLER, 25, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William FOWLER & Agnes SPROAT. Wit John McCONNELL and Charlotte FOWLER, both of Tuckersmith. February 28, 1883 at Tuckersmith. 004634-83 (Huron Co) William McDONALD, 28, farmer, Ontario, Huron, s/o John McDONALD & Jane ROBINSON married Mary Ann SCOTT, 25, Nelson Ont, Ashfield, d/o Francis SCOTT & Fanny CORRIE (Currie?). Wit John SCOTT of Ashfield and Agnes McDONALD of Huron. February 22, 1883 at Ashfield.
  #004788-83 (Huron Co): Alexander Charles McDOWELL, 22, farmer, Ottawa, Owen Sound, s/o Abraham & Margaret?, married Alice STEVENS, 23, Hullett, Seaford, d/o James & Margaret, witnesses were Robert STEVENS and Miss FOWLER, both of Clinton, Sep 25, 1883 at Clinton
#004998-83 (Huron Co): Alexander McEWEN, 27, school teacher, Canada, Turnberry, s/o John McEWEN & Annie McKINLEY, married Agness SPENCE, 22, Scotland, Morris, d/o Magnus & Mary, witnesses were James McEWEN of Turnberry & Maggie SPENCE of Morris, Dec. 19, 1883 at Morris #004993-83 (Huron Co): John McKAGUE, 24, farmer, Canada, Turtle Mountain - Manitoba, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary Jane PORTER, 24, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Richard PORTER & Margaret McKEE, witnesses were Mary A. McKAGUE of Culross & John PORTER of turnberry, Jan. 10, 1883 at Turnberry
004640-83 (Huron Co) George McKAY, 48, farmer, Scotland, Tuckersmith, s/o Hugh McKAY & Christina McKAY married Jane CALDWELL, 36, Beckwith Twp, Tuckersmith, d/o James CALDWELL & Jane BOYD. Wit Donald McKAY of Tuckersmith and Margaret MACKIE of Staffa, February 8, 1883 at Tuckersmith 004633-83 (Huron Co) William McKENZIE, 25, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Neil McKENZIE & Mary McCRUE married Helen SCOTT, 27, Nelson Ont, Ashfield, d/o Francis SCOTT & Fanny CORRIE. Wit Francis SCOTT and Mary Ann McKENZIE, both of Ashfield. February 22, 1883 at Ashfield.
004622-83 (Huron Co) John McKENZIE, 28, furrier, Huron Twp, same, s/o Donald McKENZIE & Isabella MATHESON married Mary STEWART, 24, Huron Twp, Ashfield, d/o Alexander STEWART & Christina McKENZIE. Wit Alexander McKENZIE of Huron Twp and Ivan? MATHESON of Ashfield. March, date not noted, 1883 at Ashfield. 005024-83 (Huron Co) Alexander McKENZIE, 27, farmer, East Pushlinch, East Flamboro, s/o Kenneth McKENZIE & Christina CAMERON married Isabella CAMERON, 27, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Alexander K. CAMERON & Grace ANDERSON. Wit Duncan McKENZIE of East Flamboro and Margaret CAMERSON of West Wawanosh. February 21, 1883 at West Wawanosh.
004752-83 (Huron) Thomas McKENZIE, 33, yeoman, Scotland, Crediton, s/o Thomas & Janette McKENZIE, to Angeline HILL, 28, Crediton, same, d/o Isaac & Ann HILL, wit: William HILL & Angeline BAKER both of Crediton, 18 April 1883, Crediton 004638-83 (Huron Co) John McLELLAN, 31, carpenter, Cape Breton, Colorado, s/o Donald & Margaret McLELLAN married Isabella M. BURROWS, 28, Ashfield, same, d/o George & Marian BURROWS. Wit James G. GRAHAM and Annie BURROWS, both of Ashfield. May 24, 1883 at Dungannon.
#004995-83 (Huron Co): John McLEOD, 28, lumberman, Canada, Grey twp., s/o Malcolm McLEOD & Mary McCR--, married Mary ERKMIRE, 35, widow, Canada, Brussels, d/o John GLASSER & Catherine A. LANE?, Aug. 6, 1883 at Bluevale #004790-83 (Huron Co): John McLEOD, 33, widower, hotel keeper, Nissouri, West Gower, s/o Kenneth & Catherine, married Agness SUTHERLAND, 23, West Gower, same, d/o Neil & Jane, witnesses were James & Alice MOORE of Clinton, Feb. 8, 1883 at Clinton
4815-83 James McQUEEN, 21, farmer, Usborne, Manitoba, s/o Peter & Janet, married Alice RYCKMAN, 18, Usborne, same, d/o Philip RYCKMAN & Sarah McTAGGART, witn: Alice CAMERON of Kippen, 28 May 1883 at Manse, Kippen 005002-83 (Huron Co) James MILLER, 20, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o James MILLER & Jessie FORGIE married Mary Jane MOFFAT, 19, Canada, Morris, d/o Robert MOFFAT & Margaret MILLER. Wit James MILLER and Robert MOFFAT, both of Morris. May 29, 1883 at Morris.
005019-83 (Huron) John MILLER, 25, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Francis & Agnes MILLER, to Salina VODDEN, 25, Wilmot, Grey, d/o Robert & Mary VODDEN, wit: James DAVIDSON & Millene VODDEN of Grey, 5 Dec. 1883, Grey  
4982-83 (Huron Co): James Wesley MODELAND, 30, farmer, Peel Co., Manitoba, s/o Joseph & Jane Ann, married Victoria STERLING, 23, Hullett, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Donald McKenzie & Thomas MOGRIDGE, both of Hullett, 20 March 1883 at Hullett 4804-83 Richard MORROW, 24, yeoman, Canada, Colborne twp., s/o Richard & Martha, married Charlotte JONES, 21, Colborne twp., same, d/o James & Hannah, witn: W. ECHLIN & Martha MORROW of Woodstock, 21 Nov 1883 at bride's residence
0044698-84 John A. MONROE, 39, Teacher, Carradock [Caradoc], Stratford, s/o Alverian(?) & Elizabeth MONROE, married Margaret FOLLAND, 23, England, Exter, d/o William & Elizabeth FOLLAND, Wit: William FOLLAND, Exeter & Mary MADGE, Usborne, 31 Dec 1883, Exeter 4810-83 James Forsyth MUSTARD, 43, farmer, Scotland, Kansas USA, s/o James MUSTARD & Henrietta FORSYTH, married Sarah BROADFOOT, 35, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James BROADFOOT & Janet MORRISON, witn: Alexander BROADFOOT of Tuckersmith & William MUSTARD of Stanley, 18 Dec 1883 at Tuckersmith
  004762-83 (Huron) Charles NEIL, 28, farmer, McGillvray, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret NEIL, to Mary ARMSTRONG, 27, United States, Stephen, d/o Robert C. & Sarah ARMSTRONG, wit: George Neil & Sarah ARMSTRONG, 24 Dec. 1883, Stephen
4675-83 Thomas NICHOLSON, 32, turner, Dumfrieshire Scotland, Stanley twp., s/o Joseph NICHOLSON & Helen COX, married Susan STIRLING, 29, Matilda, Stanley twp., d/o Archibald STIRLING & Mary A. GILMORE, witn: William Henry TALBERT, 9 May 1883 at Bayfield 4658-83 William NICHOLSON, 24, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o Michael & Jane, married Magdalena HARTLEIB, 18, Germany, hay, d/o Charles & Magdalena, witn: Henry WEBER & Kelly HARTLEIB, both of Zurich, 13 Feb 1883 at Zurich
004669-83 (Huron) Andrew James PARKER, 21, laborer, Ont., Hensall, s/o Andrew & Margaret PARKER, to Lucinda Ann SHORT, 23, Darlington, Tuckersmith, d/o John & Grace SHORT, wit: William A. PARKER & Charlotte SHORT, 3 July 1883, Tuckersmith 4830-83 John Thomas PEACOCK, 27, widower, drover, Canada, Kincardine, s/o George PEACOCK & Jane SHIPLEY, married Annie Jane HENDERSON, 25, Canada, Goderich, d/o Peter HENDERSON & Jane RYRIE, witn: Thomas & Agnes HENDERSON of Goderich, 24 May 1883 at Goderich (also 4832-83)
004663-83 (Huron) William PENGALLY, 60, farmer, Devonshire England, Tuckersmith, widower, s/o John & Elizabeth PENGALLY, to Jane PYBUS, 42, Yorkshire England, Tuckersmith, d/o John & Mary PYBUS, wit: William STONEMAN & Louisa STONEMAN both of Hensall, 14 April 1883, Hensall 4807-83 William PINKNEY, 25, bar tender, Dufferin Co., Seaforth, s/o William PINKNEY & Ann KERR, married Mary KENNARD, 28, Perth, Brucefield, d/o Thomas KENNARD & Margaret STANLEY, witn: William CARMICHAEL of Seaforth & Harriet KENNARD of Brucefield, 11 April 1883 at Tuckersmith
004771-83 (Huron Co) Henry PORTER, 29, watchmaker, England, Clinton, s/o Henry & Elizabeth PORTER married Hattie TIPLADY, 24, Canada, Hullett, d/o (Foster parents) David & Barbara TIPLADY. Wit William TIPLADY of Hullett and W. BIDDLECOMBE of Clinton. July 13, 1883 at Hullett. 004756-83 (Huron) Thomas PRIOR, 25, farmer, London England, Dakota, s/o Thomas & Susan PRIOR, to Emma M. KELLAND, 21, London Twp., Usborne Twp., d/o Mathew & Elizabeth KELLAND, wit: Pharmias HUNTER & Jemima KELLAND both of Usborne, 7 October 1883, Crediton
005035-83 (Huron Co) James PURVIS, 25, farm labourer, Kinloss, Wawanosh, s/o Robert PURVIS & Catherine CAMERON married Martha CAMPBELL, 22, Wingham, Wawanosh, d/o WilliamCAMPBELL & Lillie Ann CAMPBELL. Wit James PURVIS of West Wawanosh and William Philips of Ashfield. November 22, 1883 at Wawanosh. 004766-83 (Huron) John QUANCE, 23, farm laborer, Usborne, McGillvray, s/o William & Sarah Quance, to Emma Jane HANDFORD, 17, Stephen, same, d/o Richard & Maria HANDFORD, wit: Frank HANDFORD of Centralia, & Emma MORTIMIRE (Mortimer?) of Toledo USA, 24 Dec. 1883, Centralia
4827-83 Joseph William RATTENBURY, 23, hotel keeper, Clinton, same, s/o William RATTENBURY & Sarah TOWNSEND, married Martha LOGAN, 23, Goderich, same, d/o Amelia HUNT & blank, witn: Henry CLUNAS? and Robert & Lizzie LOGAN, all of Goderich, 6 June 1883 at Goderich 4811-83 John ROBB, 28, farmer, Port Hope, Dakota USA, s/o William ROBB & Ellen SAMIS?, married Margaret BROADFOOT, 29, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James BROADFOOT & Janet MORRISON, witn: Alexander BROADFOOT of Tuckersmith & William MUSTARD of Stanley, 18 Dec 1883 at Tuckersmith
005018-83 (Huron) John ROBB, 21, merchant, Seaforth, same, s/o Hugh & Elizabeth ROBB, to Julie Louisa SURNY, 22, London Canada, Seaforth, d/o John & Elora SURNY, wit: Clara JAMES of Walton, 22 June 1883, Walton  
4800-83 John ROBERTSON, 34, yeoman, Scotland, Colborne twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Margaret Jane BLAIN, 26, Colborne twp., same, d/o John & Grace A., witn: Mrs. C. ROBERTSON & Eliza A. BLAIN, both of Colborne twp., 15 May 1883 at Colborne twp 4657-83 Daniel RUBY, 29, occup = "farmer Dakota", Hay, same, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Mary KLEINFELDT, 23, Germany, Stephen twp., d/o "dead", witn: Jacob K. WING of Zurich & Magdalena SCHOLH, 20 Feb 1883 at Zurich
4814-83 Aylmer RYCKMAN, 22, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Philip RYCKMAN & Sarah McTAGGART, married Janet McQUEEN, 24, Usborne, same, d/o Peter & Janet, witn: Alice CAMERON of Kippen, 28 May 1883 at Manse, Kippen 4656-83 Adam SACHS, 25, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o Daniel & Annie, married Barbara APPLEMAN, 22, Waterloo Ont., Hay, d/o Justice & Elizabeth, witn: William APPLEMAN & Annie BISH, 13 Feb 1883 at Zurich
4986-83 (Huron Co): George SAUNDERS, 23, upholsterer, England, Bay City USA, s/o John & Hannah, married Jane MURRY, 25, Stanley, same, d/o Angus (dead) & Frances, witn: William RATHWELL & Mary MURRY, both of Stanley, 10 Jan 1883 at Stanley 4659-83 Jacob G. SCHLUCHTER, 55, widower, farmer, Germany, Hay, s/o "dead", married Margaret NAGEL, 56, widow, Germany, Zurich, d/o "dead", wtn: Conrad WAGNER of Hay & Mary DURLAMM of Zurich, 26 March 1883 at Zurich
004666-83 (Huron) John SCHMIDT, no age, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o John SCHMIDT, to Catherine SACHS, no age, Hay, same, d/o Daniel SACHS of Hay, wit: George HERTZEL? (white line through name) & Barbara SCHMIDT of Stephen, 15 May 1883, Dashwood 004757-83 (Huron) Ephraim Blackbeer? SCOTT, 33, dealer, Chester Co. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA., s/o Samuel & Prudence SCOTT, to Emma EILBER, 27, Crediton, same, d/o John J. & Sarah (nee FINKBEINER) EILBER, wit: Edward TREVITHICK & Dorathea EILBER both of Crediton, 26 Dec. 1883, Crediton
4809-83 Peter SCOTT, 32, blacksmith, Canada, Brussels, s/o Donald SCOTT & Elizabeth McDOUGALL, married Maggie BRINE, 23, Canada, Harperhey, s/o Joseph F. BRINE & Jane LAIDLAW, witn: Walter F. SCOTT of Brussels, William & Mary Jane BRINE of Harperhey and Josephine FAIR of Clinton, 13 Nov 1883 at Rose Bank cottage, Harperhey 004781-83 (Huron Co) John SCOTT, 50, widower, farmer, Scotland, Hay, s/o John SCOTT and Margaret FARQUAHAR married Agnes HARPER, 37, Smith's Falls, Clinton, d/o Robinson HARPER & Agnes MARTIN. Wit James M. ANDERSON and John SCRUTON?, both of Clinton. July 11, 1883 at Clinton.
4792-83 Simeon Lester SCOTT, 35, widower, Camden Ont., Goderich twp., s/o Adam & Elizabeth, married Martha E PLUMMER, 23, Clinton, Goderich twp., d/o Stewart & Frances, witn: A. H. PLUMMER & Amanda WATSON, both of Goderich twp., 30 Oct 1883 at Clinton 4999-83 Arthur SHAW, 24, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o Samuel SHAW & Mary DAVIDSON, married Lizzie FRASER, 17?, Canada, Morris, d/o James FRASER & Annie LAINE, win: Isabella FRASER & Anson SHAW, both of Morris, 13 Dec 1883 at Morris
004623-83 (Huron Co) Alexander SHAW, 24, carpenter, Ontario, Joliett State of Minnesota, s/o Allan SHAW & Mary WARNOCK married Mary JACKSON, 30, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o Archibald JACKSON & Christina McGREGOR. Wit Alexander McKENZIE and Hector McGREGOR, both of Ashfield. February 21, 1883 at Ashfield. 4828-83 William SHEAN, 48, widower, Goderich, same, s/o William & Ann, married Elizabeth McDONALD, 44, widow, Goderich, same, d/o Denis CAVAN & Mary SANDERKIN, witn: Philip HOLT of Goderich, 30 April 1883 at Goderich
#004649-83 (Huron Co) George SHIEL, 23, Waterloo, Hay Twp, b, farmer, s/o George SHIEL & Catherine WORMS, married Elizabeth ELSAN, 19, Hay Twp, same, s, d/o Henry ELSAN & Catherine GABEL, witn: Kier CAMERON, 10 January 1883 (Lutheran) 005010-83 (Huron) James SLENIMON?, 26, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Samuel SLENIMON? & Margaret LECKIE, to Maggie CAMERON, 23, Oxford Co., Grey, d/o John & Elizabeth CAMERON, wit: William SLENIMON? Of Grey & Janet COLLINS of Egmondville, 15 March 1883, Cranbrook
004637-83 (Huron Co) Thomas SMILEY, 33, widower, hotel keeper, Canada, Dungannon, s/o John & Isabella SMILEY married Lavinia BLACK, 23, Canada, Ashfield, d/o John & Margaret BLACK. Wit Charles PETEPIECE (Pettipiece?) of Goderich and Emily A. BLACK of Ashfield. April 7, 1883 at Ashfield.  
004773-83 (Huron Co) John L. SMITH, 22, yeoman, Devonshire, Hullett, s/o Jaames & Fanny SMITH married Maryann L. STEWART, 23, Tecumseh, Clinton, d/o Henry & Mary STEWART. Wit Mrs. F. GUNN and Jane STEWART, both of Clinton. March 22, 1883 at Clinton. 4806-83 Donald SMITH, 42, farmer, Glengarry, Stanley twp., s/o William SMITH & Ann FRASER, married Ann WALKER, 28, Stanley twp., same, d/o not given, witn: Alexander McGREGOR & Catherine WALKER, both of Stanley, 3 April 1883 at Tuckersmith
4808-83 James Thomas SMITHE (Smith?), 25, farmer, Hay twp., Alvinston, s/o James SMITHE & Eliza STURGEON, married Elizabeth Carry HILL, 26, Hay twp., same, d/o William HILL & Mary Ann CARRY, witn: James MOODIE of Stanley & Mary H. McALISTER of Hay, 3 Oct 1883 at Kippen 005029-83 (Huron co) William SMITH, 26, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Jaames & Margaret SMITH married Rebecca E. ROACH, 18, West Wawanosh, same, d/o William & Margaret ROACH. Wit Thomas BEGLEY and Sarah E. SMITH, both of West Wawanosh. January 3, 1883 at West Wawanosh.
4812-83 William SPEARMAN, 24, farmer, Bosanquet, Brooke twp., s/o John SPEARMAN & Charlotte SMITH, married Mary Agnes SMITHE, 22, Hay, Tuckersmith, d/o James SMITHE & Eliza STURGEON, witn: William R. SMITHE & George BRICK?, both of Tuckersmith, 19 Dec 1883 at Brucefield 005034-83 (Huron Co) Robert STALKER, 24, carpenter, Colborne, Hullett, s/o Francis & christina STALKER married Elizabeth FLUKER, 23, West Wawanosh, same, d/o William & Mary FLUKER. Wit John FLUKER of West Wawanosh and Lizzie STALKER of Hullett. september 13, 1883 at West Wawanosh.
4983-83 (Huron Co): William STEWART, 30, yeoman, Dundas Ont., Hullett, s/o Charles & Mary, married Selina TREWIN, 27, Darlington, Hullett, d/o William & Mary C., witn: Albert TREWIN & Margaret MILLER, both of Hullett, 17 Jan 1883 at Hullett 004782-83 (Huron Co) John STORRY (Storey?), 24, carriage maker, Goderich, same, s/o James & Mary STORRY married Annie MURRAY, 20, Goderich, same, d/o James & Ellen MURRAY. Wit Bessie KENNY and Annie KENNY, both of Clinton. August 1, 1883 at Clinton.
004642-83 (Huron Co) Isaac SUKER, 27, farmer, Hay, Dakota U.S., s/o John SUKER & Mary McINTYRE married Ann Eliza McSHERRY, 21, Hay, same, d/o Wilson McSHERRY & Isabella PATTERSON. Wit ? WILSON (blurred) and John BENGOUGH, both of Hay. February 28, 1883 at Kippen. 4825-83 Wesley SUMMERS, 27, blacksmith, Canada, London, s/o Daniel SUMMERS & Elizabeth DAVIE, married Catherine THORBURN, 21, Canada, Ashfield twp., d/o James THORBURN & Annie McINNES, witn: David JOHNSTON & Sarah THORBURN, both of Ashfield, 15 April 1883 at Goderich
4823-83 William Skelton SWAFFIELD, 23, carpenter, Goderich, same, s/o William SWAFFIELD & Margaret SKELTON, married Emma Pearl HENNING, 19, Janetville, Goderich, d/o William HENNING & Joanna McKINNON, witn: Alexander Goodwin SPARLING & Margaret SWAFFIELD, 28 March 1883 at Goderich 4990-83 (Huron Co): John SWAN, 22, farmer, Stanley twp., Brucefield, s/o Andrew & Jane, married Mary Jane CALDWELL, 22, London, Brucefield, d/o Moses & Mary Ann, witn: Moses CALDWELL & Jane Ann SWAN, both of Brucefield, 10 Oct 1883 at Brucefield
004772-83 (Huron Co) William H. SWINBANK, 23, engine driver, Clinton, Winnipeg, s/o George & Elizabeth SWINBANK married Maggie TIMMONS, 20, Clinton, same, d/o George & Mary TIMMONS. Wit Jas. EVANS and Rosa TIMMONS, both of Clinton, January 2, 1883 at Clinton 005025-83 (Huron Co) Thomas Hedley TAYLOR, 22, farmer, Canada, East Wawanosh, s/o John H. & Elizabeth TAYLOR married Mary Jane HUMPHRAY, 19, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o William & Elizabeth HUMPHRAY. Wit Charles W. TAYLOR and Susannah HUMPHRAY, both of West Wawanosh. March 7, 1883 at West Wawanosh.
005016-83 (Huron) William THOMPSON, 24, labourer, Brussels, same, s/o Robert & Jane THOMPSON, to Catherine PETHICK, 22, St. Marys, Walton, d/o Levi & Eliza PETHICK, wit: John BEIRNES? & Annie PETHICK both of Walton, 14 July 1883, Walton 4822-83 Henry TICHBOURNE, 26, hotel keeper, Canada, Goderich twp., s/o Henry TICHBOURNE & Monah DITTY, married Mary SHEPHARD, 26, Canada, Goderich twp., d/o John SHEPHARD & Matilda ROSS, witn: William ROSS & Margaret SLATTERY, both of Goderich twp., 28 March 1883 at Goderich
004664-83 (Huron) John TRUEMNER, 27, farmer, Germany, Hay, s/o William & A. S. TRUEMNER, to Catherine ORTWEIN, 22, Hay, same, d/o Henry & Catherine ORTWEIN, wit: H. SULTAN of Hay & Mary SULTON of Zurich, 19 April 1883, Hay #004789-83 (Huron Co): Robert TUNNEY, 27, farmer, Wawanosh twp., same, s/o Thomas TUNNEY & Charlotte ROBINSON, married Lottie Nichol CLARK, 26, North Dumfries, same, d/o Walter CLARK & Mary RITCHIE, witnesses were John McDONALD & Margaret TUNNEY of Wawanosh, Feb. 3, 1883 at Clinton
004751-84 Isaac Samuel WADE, 25, farmer, Howick, Howick, s/o William & Deborah WADE, married Roselina STEVENSON, 19, Howick, Howick, d/o Robert & Elizabeth STEVENSON, Wit: James STEVENSON & Esther A. WADE both of Howick, 25 Jun 1883, Howick 4660-83 Peter WAGNER, 24, merchant, Waterloo Co., Zurich, s/o Conrad & Albina, married Amelia SCHROEDER, 19, Hay twp., same, d/o Christian & Sophia, witn: William SCHROEDER of Hay & Mary TELLER of Zurich, 20 March 1883 at Zurich
004768-83 (Huron Co) David WALKER, 27, agent, Canada, Tuckersmith, s/o David & Gordan WALKER married Louisa LYONS, 21, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o George & Mary LYONS. Wit William DEAN and Jessie BROWN, both of Clinton. March 7, 1883 at Clinton. 004671-83 (Huron) Henry WEBER, 22, mason, Hay, same, s/o Conrad & Elisabeth WEBER, to Emily BRILL, 16, New Hamburg, Zurich, d/o Carlos & Babetta BRILL, wit: Ezra ROEDDING & Eliza BRILL both of Zurich, 30 August 1883, Zurich
4829-83 Charles William WELLS, 21, laborer & brewer, Canada, Saltford, s/o Henry WELLS & Annie ROBB, married Jennie CARRICK, 23, Canada, Goderich, d/o Andrew CARRICK & Isabella HILL, witn: Thomas WELLS of Saltford & Tena GRANT of Ashfield, 9 May 1883 at Goderich (also 4833-83) 004662-83 (Huron) Alfred WILD, 21, blacksmith, Dashwood, same, s/o Marcus WILD, to Amelia FILLMAN, 18, Dashwood, same, d/o Frederick FILLMAN, wit: Nicholas DEICHAT & Kunigunda, both of Zurich, 20 March 1883, Hay
004754-83 (Huron) Charles H. WILSON, 25, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o James & Selina WILSON, to Sarah Elizabeth MOLLARD, 19, Stephen, same, d/o Thomas & Emma MOLLARD, wit: Isaac Alfred WILSON & Melissa ROBINSON both of Stephen, 10? January 1883, Stephen 4824-83 Thomas WILSON, 50, laborer, widower, Scotland, village of Port Albert, s/o James WILSON & Jane DAVIDSON, married Louisa YOUNG, 41, Canada, Ashfield twp., d/o James & Jane YOUNG, witn: R. S. HAYS & Helen FLETCHER, both of Goderich, 18 April 1883 at Goderich
0044696-84 Dirus WINDSOR, 26, farmer, McGillivray, McGillivray, s/o James & Polly WINDSOR, married Mary Margaret A. BUNT, 22, Vaughan, Biddulph, d/o Richard & Ann BUNT, Wit: Mary Ann DILLON & Bertha M. DICKSON both of Exeter, 9 Oct 1883, Exeter 004673-83 (Huron) Jacob K. WING, 30, merchant, Waterloo Co., Zurich, s/o James & Mary WING, to Alvra MORITZ, 17, Sebringville, Zurich, d/o John & Hannah MORITZ, wit: Ezra ROEDDING & Matilda MORITZ both of Zurich, 3 December 1883, Zurich
004661-83 (Huron) Carl WITMER, 32, farmer, Switzerland, Zurich, s/o Carlos & Margaretta WITMER, to Margaretha GARDNER, 28, Wilmot twp., Hay, d/o Michael & Mary GARDNER, wit: Michael GARDNER & Dianna HAMACHER both of Waterloo, 22 March 1883, Hay 004639-83 (Huron Co) Charles C. YOUNG, 26, farmer, Malahide, Aylmer, s/o Jacob & Ruth YOUNG married Sarah A. HOUGHTON, 18, Cambridgeshire, Dungannon, d/o John & Elizabeth HOUGHTON. Wit William R. WALLACE and Mrs. J. MARTIN, both of Dungannon. June 18, 1883 at Dungannon.