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004310-80 (Huron Co): Frederick ADAMS, 27, labourer, Colborne, Goderich, s/o Rodney & Martha ADAMS married Elizabeth KAY, 27, Ayr, Goderich, d/o James & Ann KAY. Wit: G. A. FRANCIS and Bella FRANCIS, both of Goderich. December 1, 1880 at Goderich.  
004313-80 (Huron Co): Henry ADAMS, 36, physician, Prince Edward Island, Embro, s/o Henry ADAMS & Angus McKAY & Margaret CAMPBELL. Wit: James McKAY and Elizabeth McKAY, both of Goderich. December 7, 1880 at Goderich 004396-80 (Huron Co): Albert Edward ADAMS, 25, mason, Almond?, Crediton, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann ADAMS married Jemima Diamond ANDERSON, 25, Stephen, same, d/o Joseph & Jane ANDERSON. Wit: William ANDERSON and Isaac REID, both of Stephen. April 6, 1880 at Stephen
004537-80 (Huron Co): James AGAR, 22, farmer, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o John & Ann Jane AGAR married Eliza DURNIN, 23, Ontario, West Wawanosh, d/o Charles DURNIN & Rebecca. Wit: George AGAR of Ashfield and Mary J. DURNIN of West Wawanosh. March 25, 1880 at West Wawanosh 004316-80 (Huron Co): John AKENHEAD, 29, veterinary surgeon, Canada, Goderich, s/o James & Catherine AKENHEAD married Fanny WHITTAKER, 29, Canada, Goderich, d/o John & Harriet WHITTAKER. Wit: William AKENHEAD of Toronto and Annie BOND of Goderich. December 27, 1880 at Goderich.
4681-80 Inkerman S. ALLEN, 23, yeoman, Millbury twp., Bayfield, s/o John & Eliza, married Harriet Russel ALLEN, 17, Guelph, Stanley twp., d/o J. D. & Mary Harriet, witn: John TEWSLEY & Mary DOW, both of Clinton, 9 Aug 1880 at Clinton 004274-80 (Huron Co): Louis ALLEN, 18, farmer, French Settlement Hay Twp, Port Blake, s/o Francis & Angelia ALLEN married Sarah DESJARDIN, 15, Montreal, Port Blake, d/o Francis & Custine DESJARDIN. Wit: Francis Alere and Mary DESJARDIN, both of Port Blake. October 4, 1880 at French Settlement, Hay. (RC)
#004302-80 (Huron Co): Edward ARMSTRONG, 33, yeoman, Ireland, East Wawanosh, s/o Edward ARMSTRONG & Sarah MURRAY, married Catherine EGAN, 21, Morris twp., same, d/o Denis EGAN & Ann KELLY, witn: Charles EGAN of Morris & Eliza ARMSTRONG of E. Wawanosh, 24 May 1880 at RC Church, Blyth 4596-80 Benjamin ARMSTRONG, 30, music teacher, Ontario, Goderich, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Gertrude BURRITT, 24, Ontario, Dungannon village, d/o George & Maria, witn: J. W. ARMSTRONG of Goderich & Augusta BURRITT of Dungannon, 2 June 1880 at St. Paul's Church, Dungannon
4592-80 Peter BAIN, 22, blacksmith, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o John BAIN & Ann ANDERSON, married Margaret COWAN, 19, Ontario, Ashfield twp., d/o David COWAN & Mart NIBLOCK, witn: James BAIN & John COWAN, 15 Jan 1880 at Ashfield #004331-80 (Huron Co): James BAIN, 25, farmer, Ontario, Blanchard twp., s/o Hugh BAIN & Ann FALCONER, married Mary Ann BAYNES, 23, Ontario, Blanchard twp., d/o George BAYNES & Caroline ANDREWS, witn: Richard & Elizabeth BAYNES of Blanchard twp., 20 April 1880 at Goderich
004388-80 John BAKER, 24, farmer, widower, Stephen, Gray tp, s/o William & Frances BAKER, married Selina A. SNELL, 24, Biddulph, Stephen, d/o James & Elizabeth SNELL, Wit: Albert BISSETT & Bertha SNELL [res not listed], 19 Oct 1880, Stephen 4630-80 George BATEMAN, 25, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o Elijah & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane JONES, 21, Grey twp., same, d/o John & Susan, witn: John BATEMAN & Annie JONES, both of Grey twp., 22 Dec 1880 at Grey twp
004284-80 (Huron Co): Jeremiah BEDYGOOD, 31, machinist, Nissouri, Woodbridge, s/o Thomas BEDYGOOD & Marilla FINCH married Jannett FYFE, 28, Scotland, Usborne, d/o John FYFE & Catherine MUIR. Wit: Ann Jane FYFE of Usborne and John BEDYGOOD of Woodbridge. January 28, 1880 at Usborne 4539-80 George BEGLEY, 28, carpenter, Goderich, West Wawanosh, s/o James & Martha, married Emma SPROUL, 23, Oxford Co., West Wawanosh, d/o Andrew & Rebina, witn: Thomas BEGLEY of Dungannon & Josephine POINTER of Ashfield, 26 May 1880 at Dungannon
004639-80 (Huron Co): James Thomas BELL, 30, farmer, Nelson Twp, East Wawanosh, s/o James & Mary BELL married Elizabeth Ann WALSH, 22, Esquesing, East Wawanosh, d/o Thomas & Isabella WALSH. Wit: Thomas Malcolm WALSH and Susan BELL, both of East Wawanosh. February 11, 1880 at East Wawanosh. 004321-80 (Huron Co): Hugh BELL, 23, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Hugh BELL & Mary FAHEY married Margaret FERGUSON, 20, Tuckersmith, same, d/o David FERGUSON & Margaret DAVIS. Wit: none given. November 10, 1880 at Goderich
#004554-80 (Huron Co): James Henry BENNER, 26, railway clerk, Beverly twp., Exeter, s/o Robert & Maria, married Mary Ann REYNOLDS, 20, Hay twp., Exeter, d/o William & Susanna, witn: William, Susannah & Pritassia? REYNOLDS, all of Exeter, 13 Aug 1880 at Exeter #004297-80 (Huron Co): Quinton A. BERRYHILL, 22, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Charlotte KYLE, 24, Canada, Usborne, d/o James Sr. & Mary, witn: E. NEWCOMBE & Martha COLEMAN, both of Usborne, 3 Nov 1880 at Usborne
004652-80 (Huron Co): Henry BLACKWELL, 25, yeoman, Biddulph, same, s/o George & Elizabeth BLACKWELL married Harriet BLACKWELL, 20, Biddulph Twp, Goderich Twp, d/o Samuel & Catherine BLACKWELL. Wit: Mary SMITH of Biddulph and Mary E. SHEPPERD of Goderich Twp. January 7, 1880 at Goderich Twp 4627-80 John Knox BLAIR, 27, widower, miller, Canada, Parry Sound Dist., s/o John & Margaret, married Agnes SAMPLE, 21, Canada, Grey twp., d/o John & Margaret, witn: John SAMPLE & Kate McINTOSH, both of Grey, 5 Oct 1880 at Grey twp
4626-80 William BLAIR, 27, farmer, Blenheim twp., Grey twp., s/o John & Mary, married Dinah HALL, 22, Grey twp., same, s/o Isaiah & Jemima, witn: Isaiah HALL & John STARK, both of Grey, 28 Sept 1880 at res of John Blair, Grey twp 004696-80 (Huron Co): Thomas BRANDON, 40, merchant, West Gwillimbury, Bellgrave, s/o John & Mary BRANDON married Jane Helena MILLER, 30, Esquesing, Belgrave, d/o Robert & Isabella MILLER. Wit: None listed. April 6, 1880 at Belgrave Morris
4549-80 Jacob C. BRANDON, 25, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o William R. BRANDON & Elizabeth CONNEL, married Anna PERRIE, 24, Galt Ont., Brussels, d/o George PERRIE & Gordon (sic) MILNE, witn: William WELLS & May WALKER, both of Wroxeter, 20 Feb 1880 at Brussels 4545-80 James Henry BROADBENT, 25, farmer, New York, Hullett, s/o William & Ann, married Ellen LITTLE, 20, Zorra, Morris, d/o William & Ann, witn: William GIRRMAN? & Elizabeth LITTLE, both of Morris, 9 Nov 1880 at Brussels
004332-80 (Huron Co): Andrew BRONSON, 22, farmer, Bayfield, same, s/o Andrew Bates BRONSON & Mary Ann POWLEY married Louisa ALLEN, 22, Bayfield, same, d/o John ALLEN & Eliza ROBERTS. Wit: Sylvester T. REEVES? and Thomas WHITELY, both of Goderich. March 28, 1880 at Goderich 004325-80 (Huron Co): John BROOKE, 27, farmer, Etobicoke, Wawanosh, s/o Christopher David & Alice BROOKE married Letitia WILSON, 21, Wawanosh, Goderich, d/o Charles & Mary WILSON. Wit: Peter SEVER of Wawanosh and Elizabeth NELSON of Goderich. February 18, 1880 at Goderich
004376-80 William BROWN, 22, Teamster, Surrey England, Seaforth, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann BROWN, married Rosina DEAR, 22, Logan Perth Co, Seaforth, d/o Henry & Elisabeth DEAR, Wit: James & Mary BROWN of Seaforth, 20 May 1880, Seaforth 4548-80 John BROWNLEY, 23, Yorkshire England, Grey twp., s/o Henry BROWNLEY & Jane DOUSLAND, married Mary KENDALL, 22, Bedfordshire England, Grey twp., d/o James KENDALL & Caroline JEFFERSON, witn: Rod McLEOD of Walton & Lucy KENDALL of Grey, 2 March 1880 at Brussels
004574-80 (Huron Co): John E. BRYDGES, 24, carriage maker, Branchton Ont, Ashfield, s/o William & Ellen BRYDGES married Elizabeth PENTLAND, 21, Ashfield, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth PENTLAND. Wit: Harriet PENTLAND of Belmore and Mary ANDERSON of Ashfield. January 3, 1880 at Ashfield 004315-80 (Huron Co): James Robertson BUCHANAN, 53, widower, farmer, Scotland, Colborne, s/o James BUCHANAN & Anna Bella MATHIE married Elizabeth McFARLANE, 47, widow, Scotland, Colborne, d/o Hozie? McFARLANE & Elizabeth EUART. Wit: Mary Ann MATTHESON and Christina McKETCHIE, both of Goderich. November 23, 1880 at Goderich
004641-80 (Huron Co): Robert BUCHANAN, 26, farmer, Streetsville, East Wawanosh, s/o Robert & Jane BUCHANAN married Elizabeth MAGILL, 26, Darlington Twp Ont, East Wawanosh, d/o James & Elizabeth MAGILL. Wit: David McGILL and William DOBBIN, both of East Wawanosh. January 20, 1880 at East Wawanosh 004664-80 (Huron Co): Charles N. BULLOCK, 24, yeoman, Brantford Twp, Village of Clifford, s/o Noah & Martha BULLOCK married Kate WHITE, 22, Carrick, Tuckersmith, d/o Daniel & Sarah WHITE. Wit: Mary CALLANDER and Minnie FLEMING, both of Clinton. April 20, 1880 at Clinton
004634-80 (Huron Co): John Herbert BUYERS, 23, mason, Niagara Ont, Bluevale, s/o John & Elizabeth BUYERS married Margaret McLAUCHLIN, 21, Grey, same, d/o Donald & Mary McLAUCHLIN. Wit: George JOHNSTON of Bluevale and Mary McLAUCHLIN of Grey. May 26, 1880 at Grey #004299-80 (Huron Co): Alexander CAMERON, 27, farmer, Blanchard, same, s/o Alexander & Catherine, married Catherine J. MURRAY, 21, Usborne, same, d/o Samuel MURRAY & Christena BIRRELL, witn: Agnes MURRAY of Usborne & Ewen CAMERON of Blanshard, 15 Dec 1880 at Usborne
4466-80 James CAMERON, 23, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o John CAMERON & Ann YOUNG, married Mary Jane COLEMAN, 18, Stanley, Tuckersmith, d/o Robert COLEMAN & Margaret QUAIL, witn: James McINTOSH of Tuckersmith & Margaret MONKS of Nissouri, 1 Dec 1880 at Tuckersmith 4631-80 Donald CAMPBELL, 35, farmer, Scotland, Esquesing, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Janet McINTOSH, married Charlotte AVERY, 28, Lanark, Grey, d/o George AVERY & Lucy SCOTT, witn: Alex McDONALD of Esquesing & Mary Jane AVERY of Grey, 10 March 1880 at 15th con of Grey twp
#004333-80 (Huron Co.) Oswald Frederick CAREY, 23, b. Queens Town Ireland, of Goderich, Farmer, s/o Lucius CAREY & Isabella Dobree CAREY, married Emily MARLTON, 24, b. Goderich, of same, d/o Edward George MARLTON & Ellen JOHNSTON, witnesses: David McKAY & Lucius CAREY of Goderich, on 24 March 1880 at Goderich 4700-80 William CASEMORE, 23, farmer, Canada, Morris twp., s/o George & Sarah, married Harriet LAKE, 19, Canada, Morris twp., d/o John & Jane, witn: John LAKE & Christena CASEMORE, both of Morris twp., 14 April 1880 at Morris twp
4542-80 Robert CATTROSS (Cathoss?), 48, widower, hotel keeper, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Molesworth, s/o Jacob CATTROSS & M. A. McCORMICK, married Rosanna HUNTER, 35, Mornington, Grey twp., d/o John HUNTER & Eliza BURTON, witn: John & Jane ALEXANDER of Brussels, 14 July 1880 at Brussels 004694-80 (Huron Co): Richard CHAMPS, 23, blacksmith, Beverly, Brussels, s/o John & Annie CHAMPS married Amelia RANDS, 22, Hullett, Morris, d/o William & Annie RANDS. Wit: William RANDS and Ada M. CLOAKEY, both of Morris. March 17, 1880 at Morris.
004276-80 (Huron Co): Joseph CHIOTTI, 28, farmer, Italy, Michigan, s/o Contanzo & Lucia married Olive CHARELLI, 22, Drysdale, Michigan, d/o Panal & Olive CHARELLI. Wit: August CHARELLI and Matilda MALLON, both of Drysdale. June 28, 1880 at Drysdale. (RC) 004560-80 (Huron Co): John COLEMAN, 24, gunsmith, England, Exeter, s/o Frederick & Sophia COLEMAN married Sarah Ann THOMPSON, 23, Canada, Exeter, d/o George & Mary THOMPSON. Wit: Rockford HOWE and Joyce HOWE, both of Exeter. January 2, 1880 at Exeter
004655-80 (Huron Co): David COOK, 50, widower, yeoman, Tipperary Ireland, Goderich Twp, s/o Henry & Elizabeth COOK married Annie COOK, 40 widower, Toronto Twp, Goderich Twp, d/o Peter & Margaret RYAN. Wit: Henry COOK and Elizabeth CARLTON, both of Clinton. January 15, 1880 at Clinton 004375-80 (Huron Co): James L. COOK, 26, merchant, Blenheim Twp, Hamilton, s/o James & Elizabeth COOK married Eliza Jane LEATHERLAND, 21, Loborough Twp, Seaforth, d/o James & Mary Ann LEATHERLAND. May 24, 1880 at Seaforth
004581-80 (Huron Co): William COOK, 22, farmer, Canada, Huron Twp, s/o Francis & Martha COOK married Jessie McDONALD, 19, Ontario, Kinloss, d/o John & Mary McDONALD. Wit: George COOK and J. McARTHUR, res not given March 3, 1880 at Dungannon 004580-80 (Huron Co): James CORNELIUS, 29, farmer, Cornwall Eng, Ashfield, s/o Thomas & Mary CORNELIUS married Tracy STEELS, 18, Nairn Canada, Ashfield, d/o John & Mary STEELS. Wit: Alvin CORNELIUS and Mary Jane DINSLY, both of Ashfield. March 31, 1880 at Dungannon
4625-80 John COULTER, 25, laborer, Ireland, Grey, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Hannah PIERCE, 21, Grey, same, d/o Thomas & Susan, witn: William JOHNSTON & Eliza Ann BIERNS, both of Walton village, 18 Sept 1880 at Walton village #004565-80 (Huron Co): Thomas CULBERT, 24, farmer, Canada, Ashfield, s/o Thomas? & Jane?, married Margaret Ann McMANUS, 21, Canada, Ashfield, d/o illegible & Jane, witn: Samuel McMANUS & Annie CULBERT, both of Ashfield, 1 Sept 1880 at St. Pauls RC Church, Dungannon
4594-80 James CULBERT, 30, farmer, Canada, Ashfield, s/o Thomas & Jane (Janet?), married Margaret DISNEY, 24, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o Andrew & Letitia, witn: Daniel WELATER? & Barbara Ann DISNEY, both of Ashfield, 26 May 1880 at res of bride's parents, Ashfield 0042369-80 (Huron Co): William DALRYMPLE, 20, farmer, Canada, Tuckersmith, s/o Robert & Mary DALRYMPLE married Jane STEWART, 24, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o James & Margaret STEWART. Wit: John STEWART and Mrs. A. Y. HARTLEY, res not given. September 17, 1880 at Hensall
004582-80 (Huron Co): Richard DAVEY, 22, farmer, Markham, Colborne, s/o Richard & Louella DAVEY married Jane McNEE, 22, Colborne, Ashfield, s/o Duncan & Ellen McNEE. Wit: James McNEE and Margaret GLEW, both of Ashfield. April 29, 1880 at Ashfield. 4595-80 Richard John Henry DE LONG, 25, of Port Elgin, s/o William & Catherine, married Clara Agnes CURREN, 19, Clinton, Ashfield, d/o George & Lydia, witn: George Hartness? WISE & Lilian CURREN, both of Ashfield, 10 May 1880 at Ashfield
004385-80 Dolph DESJARDINS, 22, farmer, Stephen, Stephen, s/o Frank & Adeline DESJARDINS, married Selina GRATTON, 16, Hay, Stephen, d/o Gregoire GRATTON & Ester DESJARDINS, Wit: Eli DESJARDINS & Lea GRATTON both of Stephen, 18 Oct 1880, Grand Bend 004292-80 (Huron Co): John DICKENS, 28, farmer, South Cave Eng, Biddulph, s/o Thomas & Mary DICKENS married Jane KITCHEN, 23, Long Sleddle Eng, Exeter, d/o James & Jane KITCHEN. Wit: Joseph KITCHEN of Exeter and Jane HUNTER of Usborne. June 1, 1880 at Kirkton, Usborne
4715-80 Mathew DILLANE, 35, widower, cabinet maker, Tecumseh, Palmerston, s/o John & Fanny, married Martha HAYES, 21, Wallace, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: W. A. & Maggie EDWARDS of Fordwich, 9 Aug 1880 at Howick 004663-80 (Huron Co): Michael James DOCKROW, 23, labourer, Stoney Creek Wentworth Co, Turnberry Two, s/o Thomas & Margaret DOCKROW married Henrietta Matilda FROST, 19, Almerly?, Turnberry, d/o William & Julia FROST. Wit: Alfred THOMAS and Lucy THOMAS, both of Clinton. April 21, 1880 at Clinton
004268-80 (Huron Co): James DODD, 25, farmer, Canada, Stanley, s/o James & Sarah DODD married Olive SHARROW, Canada, Stephen, d/o Antone & Adeline SHARROW. Wit: John DODD and Mary SHARROW, res not given. September 6, 1880 at Hensall #004557-80 (Huron Co): William Richard DOWN, 23, farmer, Elgin Ont., Stephen, s/o William & Grace, married Mary Ann SANDERS (or Landers), 20, Exeter, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Wesley DOWN of Stephen & Mary BISSETT of Exeter, 30 Nov 1880 at Exeter
4551-80 Abraham DRENE? (Derur?), 20, merchant, London England, Brussels, s/o James & Susan, married Sarah KELLY, 21, Ireland, Brussels, d/o James & Susannah, witn: Stephen DRENE & Jessie KELLY, both of Brussels, 24 March 1880 at Brussels 004334-80 (Huron Co): John DRENNAN, 39, farmer, Scotland, Ashfield, s/o John DRENNAN & Jane REA married Sarah Jane WHEATLEY, 19, Ontario, Goderich Twp, d/o Joseph WHEATLEY & Fanny GRUMMET. Wit: James FURGUHSON (sic, s/b Ferguson? Farquhar?) & Bessie TILLEY, both of Goderich. April 28, 1880 at Goderich
0044252-80 (Huron Co): Andrew DUCHARTAIN, 57, widower, farmer, Montreal, Stephen, s/o Louis & Julia DUCHARTAIN married Christiana BECKER, 34, widow, Germany, Exeter, d/o Balthasar & Elizabeth BECKER. Wit: John BECKER and Margaret BECKER, res. not stated. April 15, 1880 at Hay 004570-80 (Huron Co): John DUNLOP, 31, farmer, Brockville Ont, s/o James & Sarah DUNLOP married Delia FIELDER, 24, Brantford, Ashfield, d/o John & Sarah FIELDER. Wit: William DUNLOP, Huron Twp and Elizabeth FIELDER of Ashfield. November 3, 1880 at Dungannon
004572-80 (Huron Co): Henry ECHLIN, 27, farmer, Beverly Twp, Colborne, s/o John & Rebecca ECHLIN married Selda Alicia HAYNES, 18, Colborne, same, s/o Richard & Pamela HAYNES. Wit: Samuel ECHLIN of Ashfield and Miss B. HAWKINS of Colborne. September 25, 1880 at Ashfield 004304-80 (Huron Co): John H. EDWARD, 21, merchant, Goderich Twp, Goderich, s/o Joseph & Jane EDWARD married Sarah E. CATHCART, 23, Goderich, same, d/o James & Jane CATHCART. Wit: George CATHCART and Catherine CAMPBELL, both of Goderich. July 6, 1880 at Goderich.
004308-80 (Huron Co): Gabriel ELLIOTT, 23, gardener, Ireland, Goderich, s/o Gabriel & Mary Ann ELLIOTT married Mary RUMBALL, 21, Goderich, same, d/o William & Margaret RUMBALL. Wit: J. W. ELLIOTT of Goderich Twp and Maggie RUMBALL of Goderich. November 3, 1880 at Goderich 004387-80 Andrew ELLIOTT, 24, farmer, Mills Isle Quebec, Stephen, s/o Joseph ELLIOTT [mother not listed], married Ellen IRWIN, 24, Ireland, Stephen, d/o William IRWIN & Agnes BOYD, Wit: Thomas CUNNINGHAM & Maggie IRWIN, 17 Nov [yr not listed], Stephen
4718-80 Thomas ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Ontario, Molesworth, s/o David & Mary, married Janet ROBERTSON, 23, Hawkesville, Molesworth, d/o Alexander & Christena, witn: John ROBERTSON & Mary E. ELLIOTT, both of Molesworth, 12 Dec 1880 at Howick 004398-80 (Huron Co): John ELLIOT, 22, farmer, Quebec, Stephen, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth ELLIOT married Lorinda HODGINS, McGillivray Twp, Stephen, d/o James & Mary J. HODGINS. Wit: Minnie May KERR and Lydia V. KERR, both of Greenway? Glenelg? February 17, 1880 at Stephen
4679-80 William H. FARQUAHAR, 24, yeoman, Hullett, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Ellen WESTECOTT, 23, Hullett, same, d/o George & Mary Jane, witn: William STEEP & Eliza J. WESTECOTT, both of Hullett, 12 Oct 1880 at Clinton 4720-80 Henry FEATHERSTON, 29, farmer, England, Howick, s/o William H. Elizabeth, married Isabella HOPKINS, 25, Bentinck town, Howick village, d/o James & Jane, witn: George FINLEY of Listowell & Mary A. HOPKINS of Paisley, 1 Dec 1880 at Howick
004390-80 (Huron Co): Christian H. FINKBINER, 22, farmer, Fairhaven Twp Huron Co Michigan, Stephen, s/o John & Regina FINKBINER married Margaretha KUHN, 21, Stephen, same, d/o John & Johanna KUHN. Wit: John FINKBINER of Michigan and Johanna KUHN of Stephen. October 25, 1880 at Crediton 004578-80 (Huron co): Mathias FISHER, 26, farmer, Erin Twp, Kinloss Twp, s/o Jacob & Rosanna FISHER married Margaret FERRIES, 19, Kincardine, Ashfield, d/o John & Jean FERRIES. Wit: Matthew FERRIES and John FERRIES, both of Ashfield. January 5, 1880 at Ashfield
#004296-80 (Huron Co): Michael FLETCHER, 22, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Michael & Esther Ann, married Emily Jane CAMM, 16, Usborne, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Richard CAMM & Margaret FLETCHER, both of Usborne, 2 Nov 1880 at Woodham 004401-80 (Huron Co): John A. FORTUNE, 25, farmer, Canada, Turnberry, s/o John FORTUNE & Jane MANN married Margaret GREEN, 23, Canada, Turnberry, d/o John GREEN & Jane LAWSON. Wit: Robert GREEN of Toronto and John GREEN of Turnberry. February 5, 1880 at Turnberry
004618-80 (Huron Co): Alexander R. FRASER, 40, farmer, Nova Scotia, McGillivray, s/o John D. FRASER & Catharine ROSS married Jessie ROSS, 30, Nova Scotia, Stanley, d/o Donald ROSS & Mary FRASER. Wit: Donald ROSS of Stanley and John DRUMMOND of McGillivray. February 25, 1880 at Stanley #004298-80 (Huron Co): James FRAYNE, 25, yeoman, Usborne twp., same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Margaret E. KERNICK, 20, Darlington, Usborne, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: William KERNICK & Sarah FRAYNE, both of Usborne, 1 Sept 1880 at Usborne
4550-80 William FRITH, 33, merchant, Huddersfield England, Seaforth, s/o James FRITH & Margaret BROOLS?, married Eliza Ann McKINNEY, 25, London twp., Seaforth, d/o John McKINNEY & Mary Ann SARGENT, witn: D. NALLEY of Seaforth & Amelia McKINNEY of Brussels, 25 Feb 1880 at Brussels 004349-80 (Huron Co): William FULTON, 38, widower, farmer, Scotland, Grey, s/o William FULTON & Janet HOARE married Janet McINTOSH, 23, Canada, Grey, d/o Peter McINTOSH & Ann ROBERTSON. Wit: George FULTON and Annie McINTOSH, both of Grey. November 1, 1880 at Seaforth.
0044251-80 (Huron Co): George Michael GELENIUS, 24, farmer, Adrian Mich, same, s/o Godfred & Dorothy GELENIUS married Anna Martha VUSS?, 25, Germany, Hay, d/o Henry & Anna BUSS, Wit: Conrad VESS? and Martin WURM, both of Hay. May 26, 1880 at Zurich 004328-80 (Huron Co): Alexander GEMMILL, 32, mechanic, Ontario, Turnberry, s/o David GEMMILL & Ann McNICHOL married Betty Lock ROWELL, 24, Ontario, Turnberry, d/o James ROWELL & Elizabeth KINGDOM. Wit: Ann ROWELL of Goderich and David GEMMILL of Turnberry. March 18, 1880 at Goderich
004665-80 (Huron Co): John GLAZIER, 35, yeoman, Ireland, Clinton, s/o Peter GLAZIER & Abigail CHURCHILL married Rebecca SADDLER, 32, England, Clinton, d/o James & Sarah SADDLER. Wit: Julia FISHER and Eva STEVENSON, both of Clinton. June 15, 1880 at Clinton 004280-80 (Huron Co): Edward GRANT, 25, farmer, Scotland, Rogerville, s/o Walter? and ? GRANT married Frances MARSHALL, 23, Canada, illegible res, d/o John & Mary Jane. Wit: Joseph HAR-? & Sarah OKE, both of Hay. October 20, 1880 at Rodgerville. (Very faded reg'n).
4701-80 Thomas GRAY, 28, physician, Scotland, Newfoundland, s/o Alexander & Agnes, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 24, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o John B. & Christena, witn: Alexander GRAY & Robert TAYLOR, both of Morris twp., 15 June 1880 at Morris twp. 004667-80 (Huron Co): David GREIG, 33, employee GWR, Scotland, Wingham, s/o James GREIG & Jane RUSSELL married Agnes STEWART, 24, Wawanosh, Blyth, d/o James STEWART & Elizabeth DUNCAN. Wit: Gad. GLASGOW and N. MATHESON, both of Clinton. June 2, 1880 at Clinton
004247-80 (Huron Co): Christian GRILL, 26, farmer, Wurtemburg, Hay, s/o Christian & Mary GRILL married Anna KANFIELD, 24, Prussia, Hay, d/o Catherine KANFIELD. Wit: Maria SCHMIDT and Christina TUMEY?, both of Hay. March 2, 1880 at Hay 4673-80 Thomas Dickson GRINOLDY?, 35, yeoman, Lincolnshire England, McKillop, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Ellen Hull TURNBULL, 25, Dumfries, McKillop, d/o Walter & Mary, witn: Henry HARTT & Isabella RAMSAY, both of McKillop, 13 Sept 1880 at Clinton
004338-80 (Huron Co): Frederick GROSE, 25, laborer, Waterloo Co, same, s/o Adam GROSE & Catherine SHUSTER married Frederika MACK, 18, Mornington, Bayfield, d/o John MACK & Annie Dorothy SMITH. Wit: George DECKART of Bayfield. November 25, 1880 at Bayfield 4632-80 Walter HALL, 40, farmer, Scotland, Elma - Perth, s/o Walter HALL & Annie BEATTIE, married Margaret ROPER, 42, Scotland, Grey twp., d/o William ROPER & Barbara ALEXANDER, witn: George FRAZER of Elma & Catherine JOHNSTON of Grey, 28 June 1880 at Cranbrook
004657-80 (Huron Co): Robert HAMILTON, 26, farmer, Colborne, Wawanosh, s/o William & Elizabeth married Eliza Jane BUTTS, 21, Hullett, same, d/o Lionel & Sophia. Wit: William JONES of Colborne and Peter HULLEY (Holley?) of Hullett. December 25, 1880 at Clinton. 004693-80 Huron Co): George HANEY, 22, carpenter, Pickering, Morris, s/o Richard & Mary HANEY married Eliza FELL, 20, Londesborough, Morris, d/o George & Ann FELL. Wit: David FELL of Londesborough and Lizzie SWINN of Morris. March 6, 1880 at Morris
004389-80 (Huron Co): William HARRIS, 23, farmer, England, Hay, s/o William & Mary Jane HARRIS married Mary Susannah PERKINS, 19, England, Tuckersmith, d/o Samuel & Mary PERKINS. Wit: Samuel John PERKINS and Eveline HARRIS, res not stated. June 1, 1880 at Crediton 004617-80 (Huron Co): George HART, 42, farmer, Rosshire Scotland, Stanley, s/o George HART & Agnes SCOTT married Christina CAMERON, 34, Perthshire Scotland, Stanley, d/o Alexander CAMERON (deceased) and Catherine SINCLAIR. Wit: Peter CAMERON of Stanley and H,. D. CAMERON of Hamilton. December 30, 1880 at Stanley
004573-80 (Huron Co): Robert HASTY, 27, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o William & Jane HASTY married Esther TACKABERRY, 21, Ashfield, same, d/o Joseph & Sarah TACKABERRY. Wit: Benjamin TACKABERRY and Mary Jane HASTY, res faded. January 7, 1880 at Ashfield 004320-80 (Huron Co): Alfred HAYTOR, 29, laborer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Augustine HAYTOR and Elizabeth HOBBS married Jane Martha HOBBS, 30, Goderich Twp, same, d/o James HOBBS & Eliza HILL. Wit: Ann Miller KERR of Goderich Twp and Ellen CONQUEST of Goderich. Date not given, 1880 at Goderich
004255-80 (Huron Co): Edward HEIDEMANN, 26, cooper, Germany, Tavistock, s/o Theodore & Maria HEIDEMANN married Catherine SCHAEFER, 21, Waterloo, Hay, d/o Frederick & Elizabeth SCHAEFER. Wit: Albert HEIDEMAANN of Tavistock and Louisa SCHAEFER of Hay. February 20, 1880 at Dashwood 004658-80 (Huron Co): Robert HENRY, 21, labourer, McGillivray, s/o Robert & Agness married Mary CHAPMAN, 21, Hay, Clinton, d/o William & Jane. Wit: H. McMULLIN of Hullett and Ann CHAPMAN of Tuckersmith. February 25, 1880 at Tuckersmith
004379-80 Robert HICKEY, 21, farmer, Stanley, Stephen, s/o William & May HICKEY, married Isabella BAKER, 22, Stephen, Stephen, d/o William & Frances BAKER, Wit: James & Mary HICKEY, Stephen, 12 Aug [yr not listed], Stephen 004662-80 (Huron Co): John HINKS, 23, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Harvey & Ann HINKS married Mary PORTER, 23, Goderich, same, d/o James & Jane PORTER. Wit: Jessie THOMAS of Clinton. March 31, 1880 at Clinton
#004810-81 James HISLOP, 31, teacher, Rogerville - Usborne, Fullarton village, s/o Thomas HISLOP & Betsy CLARKSON, married Mary BUBOLZ, 23, Egmondville, Tuckersmith, d/o William BUBOLZ & Wilhelmina PAHR, witn: James S. GILLESPIE of Fullarton & Agnes HISLOP of McKillop, 29 Dec 1880 at Tuckersmith twp 004347-80 (Huron Co): Oliver HODGES, 23, clerk, Canada, Mitchell, s/o John HODGES & Ann PORTER married Esther A. MARTSON, 19, Canada, Logan, d/o John MARTSON & blank HILL. Wit: J. A. DAVIDSON of Stratford and Minnie HILL of Mitchell. July 15, 1880 at Seaforth
4719-80 Henry HOUSE (Haase?), 29, carpenter, Waterloo, Howick, s/o Gottleib & Charlotte, married Mary A. GRAYBIEL, 20, Wilmot, Howick, d/o Ed & Mary, witn: Samuel TUCKER of Holstein & S. M. HUSBAND of Fordwich, 22 Dec 1880 at Fordwich #004564-80 (Huron Co): Douglass HUNTER, 29, farmer, Ontario, W. Wawanosh, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann DONOVAN, 28, Ontario, W. Wawanosh, d/o Daniel & Frances, witn: Patrick KINCHAN? & Mary Ann HUNTER, both of W. Wawanosh, no date given 1880, Episcopal Parsonage, Dungannon
4711-80 Joseph HURTZ, 24, farmer, Waterloo, Wallace, s/o Jared & Fannie, married Rebecca McDERMITT, 20, Howick, same, d/o John & Levina, witn: George SPAULDING of Wallace & Jane McDERMITT of Howick, 3 May 1880 at Howick 4671-80 Robert IRVIN, 30, yeoman, Hullett, same, s/o William & Amelia, married Hannah NIMMONS, 23, Albion - Simcoe Co., Hullett, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: W. SWINBAND & M. NIMMONS, both of Clinton, 31 May 1880 at Clinton
4713-80 George William JACKMAN, 22, teacher, England, Howick, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Margaret Jane JOHNSTON, 17, Howick, same, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: Richard R. HOPKINS & Agnes JOHNSTON, both of Howick, 13 July 1880 at Howick 004309-80 (Huron Co): William JENKINS, 24, farmer, Bowmanville, Colborne, s/o James & Grace JENKINS married Linnie LONG, 22, Colborne, same, d/o John & Hannah LONG. Wit: G. A. FRANCIS and Bella Francis, both of Goderich. November 26, 1880 at Goderich
004644-80 (Huron Co): George JOHNSTON, 28, farmer, Toronto Twp, Hullett, s/o Richard JOHNSTON & Mary SKINNER married Susan MOFFATT, 25, Clinton, Tuckersmith, d/o David MOFFATT & Catherine COPELAND. Wit: T. D. JOHNSTON of Wingham and Annie MOFFATT of Clinton. January 6, 1880 at Clinton 004697-80 (Huron Co): Nathaniel JOHNSTON, 22, farmer, McKillop, East Wawanosh, s/o Robert & Margaret Jane JOHNSTON married Mary ELLIOTT, 20, East Wawanosh, same, d/o William & Alice ELLIOTT. Wit: John ELLIOTT and Mary JOHNSTON, both of East Wawanosh. March 31, 1880 at Belgrave, Morris
004413-80 (Huron Co): John JOHNSTON, 35, bricklayer, Ireland, Wingham, s/o Robert & William? JOHNSTON married Emma STREETER, 27, widow, England, Wingham, d/o William & Amelia GRANT. Wit: George MARTIN and Eliza ADDLEY, both of Wingham. August 11, 1880 at Wingham 4710-80 John JOHNSTONE, 27, farmer, Whitby, Minto, s/o Archibald & Annie, married Emaline CRAWFORD, 19, Quebec, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: William JOHNSTONE & Mary CLARK, both of Howick, 4 Feb 1880 at Howick
#004329-80 (Huron Co): Samuel Brookman JONES, 23, farmer, England, Goderich, s/o David Robert JONES & unknown, married Clara Jane PECK (or Pick), 24, Canada, Goderich, d/o Lawrence & Mary, witn: Ellen & Ida PECK of Goderich, 1 April 1880 at Goderich 004666-80 (Huron Co): Archibald JONES, 24, sailor, Canada, Bayfield, s/o James & Martha JONES married Maggie STACKER, 22, Canada, Bayfield, d/o Donald & Elizabeth STACKER. Wit: J. C. STEVENSON and Eva STEVENSON, both of Clinton. April 27, 1880 at Clinton
004271-80 (Huron Co): William Charles KELLY, 21, farmer, Stephen, Hay, s/o Thomas & Ann KELLY married Susannah REYNOLDS, 18, Hay, same, d/o William & Susannah REYNOLDS. Wit: William BAKER and Hannah BAKER, both of Crediton. September 29, 1880 at Hay 004348-80 (Huron Co): Walter KEMP, 42, widower, laborer, Essex England, Seaforth, s/o Stephen & Malinda KEMP married Mary Jane McLEOD, 57, widow, Orton N.S., Seaforth, d/o Samuel CAVERS. Wit: Sarah GODFREY of Elora and Matilda RAYMOND of Seaforth. August 27, 1880 at Seaforth
4668-80 Donald A. KENNEDY, 24, butcher, Stanley twp. Clinton, s/o Archibald KENNEDY & Mary McEACHREN, married Julia Ann LINCHAN, 20, Waterloo Co., Culross twp., d/o Walter LINCHAN & Hannah LINEEN, witn: Henry COLLIER & Margaret FISHER, both of Clinton, 2 June 1880 at Clinton 004571-80 (Huron Co): Samuel KILPATRICK, 34, teacher, Armagh, Alma, s/o Samuel & Susanna KILPATRICK married Ruth ANDREW, 20, Ashfield, same, d/o John & Jeddie ANDREW. Wit: J. Hogarth of Stanley and S. J. ANDREW of Ashfield. December 29, 1880 at Ashfield
004322-80 (Huron Co): Charles Lett KING, 23, telegraph operator, Toronto, Goderich, s/o John KING & Charlotte Ann LETT married Sarah Ann HOSKER, 21, Wales Eng, Goderich, d/o Edward HOSKER & Sarah Ann MATHESON. Wit: Harry ARMSTRONG of Goderich. Date not given , 1880 at Goderich. 004287-80 (Huron Co): James KIRK, 28, farmer, Canada, Blanshard, s/o Alexander & Jane KIRK married Eliza Ann SHIER, 22, Canada, Usborne, d/o Nicholas & Jemima SHIER. Wit: William H. MARSHALL and Sarah L. MARSHALL, both of Usborne. March 3, 1880 at Usborne
004270-80 (Huron Co): Lewis KLEINSTINER, 28, widower, butcher, Blenheim Twp Oxford Co, Dashwood, s/o Frederick & Martha KLEINSTINER married Elizabeth GRUEN, 33, South East Hope, Dashwood, d/o John & Ann GRUEN. Wit: William GRUEN and Martha GRUEN, both of Dashwood. June 9, 1880?(year not given), place not given (c/b Hensall) 004386-80 (Huron Co): John KNOX, 29, station master GW, Stewarton Scotland, Centralia, s/o Robert & Mariann KNOX married Sophia HICKS, 25, Centralia, same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth HICKS. Wit: W. J. HUSTON and James ELLIOTT, both of Centralia. September 7, 1880 at Centralia
004295-80 (Huron Co): William LANKIN, 29, farmer, Ontario, Usborne, s/o James & Emily LANKIN married Mahalia COULTIS, 20, Canada, Usborne, d/o Richard & Sarah COULTICE (sic). Wit: Joseph LANKIN and Mary COULTICE, both of Usborne. October 27, 1880 at Usborne 4678-80 George LAVIS, 23, yeoman, Cobourg, Goderich twp., s/o William & Grace, married Harriet E. JENKINS, 24, Pickering, Goderich twp., d/o William & Ann, witn: J. N. WHITTINGHAM & Sarah LAVIS, both of Holmesville, 13 Oct 1880 at Clinton
4699-80 John Henry LAWLER, 22, yeoman, Wawanosh, Morris twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Bertha Blanche JOHNS, 18, Wawanosh twp., same, d/o Frederick & Elizabeth, witn: William Henry BRANDON of Morris & Nina Etta JOHNS of Wawanosh, 12 April 1880 at Belgrave, Morris twp. 4708-80 Silas LEOPARD, 23, farmer, Wallace, Fordwich, s/o Henry & Eliza Jane, married Ellen Ellena KINSMAN, 18, Mitchell, Fordwich, d/o Isaac & Maria, witn: William H. LEOPARD of Wallace & Annie YOUNG of Fordwich, 25 March 1880 at Fordwich
004638-80 (Huron Co): Allen LINDSAY, 22, farmer, Usborne, Hullett, s/o George & Rebecca LINDSAY married Mary Ann WILLIAMS, 21, New York U.S., East Wawanosh, d/o Bruce? & Alice WILLIAMS. Wit: Alonzo W. PARKER and John A. BLACKBOUGH, both of East Wawanosh. December 22, 1880 at East Wawanosh. 004323-80 (Huron Co): John Henry LOYD, 34, engineer, England, Goderich, s/o John German & Frances LOYD married Mary Angelina WILSON, 33, widow, Goderich, Goderich Twp, d/o William & Isabella TICHBORNE. Wit: Mrs. C. COLLAMORE and Miss C. L. COLLAMORE, both of Goderich. December 30, 1880 at Goderich.
004691-80 (Huron Co): William A. LUCH, 23, miller, Newboro, Bluevale, s/o Edward & Mary LUCH married Mary Elizabeth JACKSON, 20, East Wawanosh, Morris, d/o Abraham & Mary JACKSON. Wit: Robert AN of Wingham and Eleanor J. JACKSON of Morris. January 20, 1880 at Morris 4691-80 William A. LUCK, 23, miller, Newboro, Bluevale, s/o Edward & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth JACKSON, 20, East Wawanosh, Morris, d/o Abraham & Mary, witn: Robert ORR of Wingham & Eleanor J. JACKSON of Morris, 20 Jan 1880 at Lot 27, 1st Con of Morris twp
4628-80 William John LYNN, 30, farmer, Halton Co., Grey twp., s/o William LYNN & Elizabeth DEWART, married Sarah Isabella FRAZER, 24, Tuckersmith twp., Grey twp., d/o Finlay & Mary, witn: Sarah MUNROE & Malcolm FRAZER, both of Grey twp., 24 Nov 1880 at Molesworth 004381-80 John MACY, 58, Agent, widower, England, Stephen, s/o John & Elizabeth COUCH (sic) , married Elizabeth WOODBURN, 42, widow, England, Stephen, d/o John & Mary SHAMBROOK, Wit: Mrs. & Annie GLENDINNING, 9 Aug 1880, Grand Bend
4682-80 William MAGILL, 40, widower, yeoman, Durham Co., East Wawanosh, s/o James MAGILL & Elizabeth BROWN, married Mary Ann NICHOLSON, 29, widow, Clinton, same, d/o James FORDEN & Mary Ann GLASS, witn: William ELLIS of Wawanosh & Sarah A. POWELL of Clinton, 9 Nov 1880 at Clinton 004281-80 (Huron Co): Martin MANN?, 27, farmer, Breslau Waterloo, Zurich, s/o Mathias & Marguerite married Elizabeth PRANG, 18, Lisher? Waterloo Co, Zurich, s/o John & Mary. Wit: Henry PRANG and Oswald FISHER. December 7, 1880 at Zurich. (Very faded reg'n)
004288-80 (Huron Co): William H. MARSHALL, 24, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Wetheral & Ann MARSHALL married Sarah Louisa SHIER, 24, Canada, Usborne, d/o Nicholas & Jemima SHIER. Wit: James KIRK of Blanshard and Eliza Ann SHIER of Usborne. March 3, 1880 at Usborne. 004654-80 (Huron Co): Joshua Pascoe MARSHALL, 59, widower, builder, Cornwall Eng, Usborne, s/o Richard MARSHALL & Mary PASCOE married Elizabeth EDMONSON, 49, Halifax N.S., Hay, d/o Henry EDMONSON & Jane CROSS. Wit: Walter COOK and Ellenor COOK, both of Clinton. January 24, 1880 at Clinton
004327-80 (Huron Co): Malcom MATTHESON (Matheson?), 34, sailor, Scotland, Goderich, s/o Murdoch MATTHESON & Margaret McLEAN married Mary Ann McCAIG, 22, Ontario, Goderich, d/o William McCAIG & Catherine CONNELLY. Wit: James McCAIG and Emma McCAIG, both of Goderich. March 2, 1880 at Goderich #004300-80 (Huron Co): John W. MATHESON, 26, farmer, Scotland, Brantford, s/o John MATHESON & Mary McLELLAN, married Elizabeth SCOTT, 18, Fullarton, same, d/o John SCOTT & Ellen WILES, witn: Eliza Jane HEYN & William SCOTT, both of Fullarton, 22 Dec 1880 at Usborne
4552-80 George MAYCROFT, 28, merchant, Albany NY, Brussels, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Blanch ROSS, 23, Colborne Ont., Brussels, do David & Fanny, witn: Duncan McNAUGHTON of Grey & Nellie ROSS of Brussels, 12 May 1880 at Brussels 004377-80 Andrew Mc--?, 21, farmer, Warwick, Warwick, s/o David Mc? & Edna BOURNE, married Lucy Ann FOLLIS, 16, Mosa, Warwick, d/o Jerome FOLLIS & Harriet PARR, [wit. Not listed], 6 Oct [yr not listed], In the Grigg House London
4593-80 Archibald McAULAY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Huron twp., s/o Allan McAULAY & Catherine McLELAND, married Christena McLENNAN, 19, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o John McLENNAN & Margaret M--?, witn: James McKEE & Ale McAULAY, both of Huron twp., 5 Feb 1880 at Ashfield 004640-80 (Huron Co): Charles McCONNELL, 25, egg merchant, Canada, Wingham, s/o David & Ann McCONNELL married Rachael SHIELL, 27, Canada, East Wawanosh. d/o Andrew & Janet SHIELL. Wit: J. GILLESPIE of Whitechurch and Janet SHIELL of East Wawanosh. February 26, 1880 at East Wawanosh
4633-80 James McCULLOUGH, 28, farmer, Arthur, same, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Louisa Ann SQUIRES, 20, Gurnsey England, Grey twp., d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Elizabeth S. WELLS of Maryborough & Frank E. SQUIRES of Grey, 27 April 1880 at Grey twp 004283-80 (Huron Co): Charles McCURDY, 22, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o Samuel & Nancy McCURDY married Elspeth McCLOCKLIN, 19, Hamilton, Usborne, d/o Thomas McCLOCKLIN & Ellen MORRISON. Wit: Daniel McCURDY of Hibbert and Susannah DUNCAN of Usborne. January 7, 1880 at Usborne
4538-80 James McDONALD, 26, clerk, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Charles McDONALD & Elspeth McCONNOCHIE, married Marjery McDONALD, 27, Scotland, West Wawanosh, d/o Angus McDONALD & Jane KENNEDY, witn: William CONNEL & James FINLATER, both of Lucknow, 29 April 1880 at West Wawanosh 4712-80 Donald McDONALD, 37, farmer, Scotland, Grey, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Margaret HENDERSON, 30, Canada, Howick, d/o Alexander & Jane, witn: Allan McDONALD of Brussels & Alexander McDONALD of Grey, 26 May 1880 at Howick
004344-80 (Huron Co): Daniel McDONALD, 19, laborer, Prince Edward Island, Bayfield, s/o James McDONALD & Eliza MORAY married Mary Elizabeth PFLUG, 21, Perth Co., Bayfield, d/o George PFLUG & Sarah SHANTZ. Wit: John McDONALD of Bayfield. April 28, 1880 at Bayfield. (also 4343-80) 004354-80 (Huron Co): William McKAY, 21, engineer, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, s/o Isaac & Janet McKAY married Elizabeth IRWIN, 20, Tuckersmith, Morris, d/o James & Elizabeth Ann IRWIN. Wit: Ferdinand BOURGARD of Egmondville and Christina McKAY of Seaforth. November 10, 1880 at Seaforth
4591-80 John McKENZIE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o John McKENZIE & Mary McRAE, married Marian MATHESON, 19, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o Kenneth MATHESON & Margaret McLEAN, witn: Donald FINLAYSON & Joseph BELL, both of Ashfield, 13 Jan. 1880 at Ashfield 004290-80 (Huron Co): Robert McKENZIE, 25, farmer, Simcoe, Usborne, s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Ann DILWORTH married Susanna DUNCAN, 24, Usborne, same, d/o Alexander DUNCAN & Joan CHAMBERS. Wit: John ROBINSON of Blanshard and Barbara DUNCAN of Usborne. May 7, 1880 at Usborne.
004377-80 (Huron Co): Andrew McKIM, 21, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o David McKIM and Elinor BOURNE married Lucy Ann FOLIS, 16, Mosa, Warwick, d/o Jerome FOLIS & Harriet PARR. Wit: None given. October 6, 1880, in the Gregg house, London. (Recorded in Stephen Twp) 004620-80 (Huron Co): Roderick MCKINZIE, 29, farmer, Scotland, Stanley, s/o Thomas McKINZIE & Margaret GILASPIE (Gillespie?) married Margaret McASH, 21, Stanley, same, d/o John McASH & Jane McCLERMONT. Wit: Francis McKINZIE of Tuckersmith and Annie McASH of Stanley. April 7, 1880 at Stanley
004293-80 (Huron Co): Archibald McLEAN, 27, carpenter, Fullarton, Hibbert, s/o John McLEAN & Janette McDOUGALL married Isabella CHRISTIE, 23, Fullarton, same, d/o James CHRISTIE & Christina MORRISON. Wit: Sarah CHRISTIE of Fullarton and John McLEAN of Hibbert. August 18, 1880 at Usborne 004314-80 (Huron Co): Angus McLEOD, 28, fisherman, Scotland, Goderich, s/o Donald McLEOD & Catherine McIVOR married Catherine MORRISON, 21, Scotland, Goderich, d/o Angus MORRISON & Henrietta McLEOD. Wit: William McLEAN and Bella McLEOD, both of Goderich. December 21, 1880 at Goderich
004341-80 (Huron Co): Hugh McLEOD, 42, fisherman, Scotland, Bayfield, s/o Donald & Margaret McLEOD married Ann McLEOD, 19, d/o John & Catherine McLEOD. Wit: David McLEOD and Elizabeth McLEOD, both of Bayfield. November 14, 1880 at Bayfield 004352-80 (Huron Co): Peter McMILLAN, 24, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o Duncan & Flora McMILLAN married Mary Ann FELL, 22, Hibbert, same, d/o Thomas & Janet FELL. Wit: John WORDEN and Elizabeth FELL, both of Staffa. October 27, 1880 at Seaforth
004350-80 (Huron Co): Archibald McNAB, 45, widower, farmer, Canada, McKillop, s/o Duncan NcNAB & Mary CAMPBELL married Catherine ROSS, 21, Canada, McKillop, d/o Alexander ROSS & Margaret WOOD. Wit: Alexander NcNAB and Mary McNAB, both of McKillop. October 13, 1880 at Seaforth 4624-80 Donald McNICHOL, 28, farmer, Canada, Grey twp., s/o Norman McNICHOL & Margaret MONK, married Catherine Jane McLEOD, 23, Canada, Grey twp., d/o Donald McLEOD & Elizabeth SINCLAIR, witn: Malcolm McNICHOL & Annie McLEOD, both of Grey twp., 14 July 1880 at Grey twp
4721-80 Thomas MILLS, 24, farmer, McGillivray, Hullett, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Margaret YOUNG, 20, McKillop, Howick, d/o Joseph & Martha, witn: John MILLS of Hullett & Sarah YOUNG of Howick, 15 Dec 1880 at Howick 004400-80 (Huron Co): David MOFFATT, 21, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o George MOFFATT & Agnes HAMILTON married Mary VOGT, 22, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Augustus VOGT and Catherine BAUMGARTEN. Wit: David MOFFATT of Morris and George G. JOHNSTON of Turnberry. February 4, 1880 at Turnberry
004272-80 (Huron Co): Robert Granville MOORE, 25, farmer, Wilmot Waterloo Co, Hay Twp Huron Co, s/o Robert & Nancy MOORE married Maria V. DUSTEIN, 21, Hay, same, d/o Henry & Hannah DUSTEIN. Wit: Maria and Rosalin SCHNEIDER, res. not stated. September 24, 1880 at Hay. 4683-80 Henry MORLEY, 70, gentleman, Suffolk England, Goderich twp., s/o Henry & Julia, married Sarah CASSON (Carson?), 44, widow, Sherrington twp. - Quebec, Clinton, d/o Abraham & Elizabeth LATHAM (Lathan?), witn: Agnes SCOT & Nelson CARSON, both of Clinton, 15 Sept 1880 at Clinton
004305-80 (Huron Co): William MURRAY, 22, labourer, Ontario, Goderich, s/o William MURRAY & Ann WILSON married Ann HAWKINS, 21, Ontario, Port Albert, d/o James HAWKINS & Duranda LINDEN. Wit: George Wilson QUICK and Mary MURRAY, both of Goderich. August 4, 1880 at Goderich. 004353-80 (Huron Co): William NEEDHAM, 30, widower, cooper, England, Stratford, s/o Thomas NEEDHAM & Elizabeth STEVENSON married Mary Ann WARRINER, 20, Canada, Stratford, d/o Richard WARRINER & Mary HOLLINSWORTH. Wit: Robert W. MORRISON and Eliza MORRISON, both of Stratford. November 11, 1880 at Seaforth
004394-80 (Huron Co): Francis NEIL, 21, yeoman, Biddulph, McGillivray, s/o John & Elizabeth NEIL married Maria MANSON, 20, McGillivray, d/o Moses & Elizabeth MANSON. Wit: James MANSON of McGillivray and Minnie KERR of Greenway. September 15 at Greenway. 004698-80 (Huron Co): Lancelot NETHERY, 40, farmer, Ireland, East Wawanosh, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth NETHERY married Elizabeth TYNER, 26, Addington Co, East Wawanosh, d/o George & Eliza TYNER. Wit: James TYNER of East Wawanosh and Daniel WHELLER of Morris. April 24?, 1880 at Belgrave Morris
004643-80 (Huron Co): William James NEWCOMBE, 22, farmer, Morris, same, s/o John & Jane NEWCOMBE married Mary Elizabeth BROWN, 19, Cartwright Twp, Morris, d/o William & Jane BROWN. Wit: Thomas HAMLIN and Mary Elizabeth GIBSON, both of East Wawanosh. February 11, 1880 at East Wawanosh 004345-80 (Huron Co): David NICHOL, 30, broom maker, Capar Angus Scotland, s/o Peter & Jane NICHOL married Mary SMITH, 21, St. Catharines, Crediton, d/o Michael & Minnie SMITH. Wit: Clara HILL and Charlotte SHAW, both of Stratford. June 12, 1880 at Seaforth
4464-80 John NICHOLSON, 21, laborer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o William NICHOLSON & Janet COWAN, married Annie WRIGHT, 17, England, Tuckersmith, d/o William & Matilda, witn: James SPROAT & Elizabeth GRAHAM, 12 Oct. 1880 at Egmondville 004317-80 (Huron Co): George NOBLE, 22, tailor, Canada, Goderich, s/o Philo South? NOBLE & Mary HENSON married Emily KEDSLIE, 21, Canada, Goderich, d/o Francis Fraser KEDSLIE & Irene GARVIN. Wit: Alexander KEDSLIE and Francis NOBLE, both of Goderich. December 30, 1880 at Goderich
4684-80 Charles Wilson OLD, 30, yeoman, Byron Ont., Colborne twp., s/o J. B. OLD & Elizabeth PRESTON, married Dora McLEOD, 20, Huron twp., Goderich, d/o Donald & Mary, witn: N. J. CLARKE of Teeswater & Alice S. COLD of Colborne twp., 22 Dec 1880 at Clinton 004342-80 (Huron Co): George PARK, 31, agent, Stanley, Bayfield, s/o James & Mary PARK married Martha KING, 26, Bayfield, same, d/o John KING. Wit: John L. PARK of Stanley and Mary KING of Bayfield. December 22, 1880 at Bayfield
#004555-80 (Huron Co): William T. PARSONS, 25, teamster, Devon England, Westminster, s/o Eli Nathan? & Grace, married Melia SHERBROOKE, 22, Exeter, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: Edwin James & Susan SHERBROOKE of Exeter, 7 Sept 1880 at Exeter 004402-80 (Huron Co): William PATTERSON, 21, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o Michael & Mary Ann PATTERSON married Jane PUGH, 24, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Henry & Elizabeth PUGH. Wit: John PUGH of Morris and Percilla POWEL of Turnberry. March 31, 1880 at Turnberry
4675-80 John PATTERSON, 22, laborer, Toronto, Clinton, s/o William & Ann, married Katie MILLER, 23, Goderich twp., same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: George PATTERSON & Margaret Ann MILLER, 16 Sept 1880 at Clinton 4544-80 Wesley PAULIN, 22, blacksmith, Huron Co., Harriston, s/o James & Jane, married Mary BALLANTYNE, 19, Wellington Co., Wroxeter, d/o William & Agnes, witn: James PENNIE & Elsie W. ROSS, both of Brussels, 19 Nov 1880 at Brussels
004285-80 (Huron Co): Samuel Vanstone PEART, 23, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Joseph & Grace PEART married Maria Grace HORN, 23, Canada, Usborne, d/o William & Grace HORN. Wit: John PEART and Martha HORN, both of Usborne. February 4, 1880 at Usborne 004326-80 (Huron Co): Thomas B. PERROTT, 34, carpenter, St. David's Welland Co, Goderich, s/o Thomas & Elsie Ann PERROTT married Annie WINTER, 30, Waterloo, Goderich, d/o Walter & Susannah WINTER. Wit: S. D. WINTER and Kate CAMPBELL, both of Goderich. February 25, 1880 at Goderich
004250-80 (Huron Co): Benjamin PFEIL, 22, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Henry & Barbara PFEIL married Elizabeth BENDER, 34, widow, Germany, Hay, d/o Ernest & Angelina HOFFMAN. Wit: Maria SCHMIDT and Maria FUNNIG?, both of Hay. February 12,.1880 at Hay 4677-80 John PICKETT, 25, yeoman, Metcalfe, Stanley, s/o Edward & Martha, married Emily JOSELIN, 26, London, Clinton, d/o Henry & Frances, witn: Gilbert E. CANTER of Parkhill & Fanny JOSELIN of Clinton, 12 Oct 1880 at Clinton
004319-80 (Huron Co): Alfred Francis PICOT, 27, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Alfred PICOT and Mary Ann LOBY married Alice SPREADBERRY, 20, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Joseph & Eliza SPREADBERRY. Wit: John Cary KNIGHT and Emma SPREADBERRY, both of Goderich Twp. October 19, 1880 at Goderich 004275-80 (Huron Co): Ovide PLANTE, 19, traveller, Quebec, Michigan, s/o Lavare & Sarah PLANTE married Leah DENOME, 14, French Settlement Hay, Michigan, d/o Robert & Angela DENOME. Wit: Joseph CORRIGAN and Julienne DENOME, both of Drysdale. October 18, 1880 at Hay. (RC)
004277-80 (Huron Co): E_? Christopher POTTER, 23, mechanic, Goderich, same, s/o Thomas & Matilda POTTER married Elizabeth IVERSON, 18, Hay, same, d/o William & Fanny IVERSON. Wit: Philip POTTER of Goderich and Mary Ann IVERSON of Hay. September 22, 1880 at Hay 004312-80 (Huron Co): William Thomas PRIDHAM, 22, carriage maker, Canada, Goderich, s/o John & Annie PRIDHAM married Emily COOK, 21, Canada, Goderich, d/o Adam & Mary COOK. Wit: Henry COOK of Clinton and Sarah CANTELON of Goderich. November 17, 1880 at Goderich.
004637-80 (Huron Co): Thomas PROCTOR, 28, yeoman, Trafalgar Ont, Morris, s/o Abraham & Mary PROCTOR married Rebecca BRANDON, 24, King Twp Ont, East Wawanosh, d/o James & Ann BRANDON. Wit: Matthew BRANDON of East Wawanosh and Eliza I. PROCTOR of Morris. December 22, 1880 at East Wawanosh 4674-80 John Albert PROCTOR, 23, yeoman, Goderich twp., same, s/o Robert & Mary, married Margaret Ann CONNELL, 21, Goderich twp., same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Jacob CONNELL & Sadina JOHNSTON, both of Goderich twp., 3 Nov 1880 at Clinton
004378-80 Christopher REA, 22, Shoemaker, Crediton, Crediton, s/o Jacob & Mary REA, married Elizabeth MITCHELL, 19, Stephen tp, Stephen tp, d/o John & Ann MITCHELL, Wit: Samuel TRUEMNER & Harriett MITCHELL both of Stephen, 7 Nov 1880, Crediton 004246-80 (Huron Co): John REICHERT, 29, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Henry & Christiana REICHERT married Catharine CLAUSIUS, 21, Hay, same, d/o John & Elizabeth CLAUSIUS. Wit: William REICHERT and John PFAFF, both of Hay. February 17, 1880 at Zurich
004393-80 (Huron Co): Henry REYNOLDS, 24, farmer, Stephen, Hay, s/o William & Susannah (not stated) married Rebecca KELLY, 25, Stephen, Hay, d/o Thomas & Ann KELLY. Wit: Alice KELLY and Bertie REYNOLDS, both of Crediton. November 8, 1880 at Crediton. 004642-80 (Huron Co): William RICHMAN, 23, farmer, Canada, East Wawanosh, s/o William ARMOUR & Mary CLANCEY married Mary E. BENNETT, 20, Canada, East Wawanosh, d/o John BENNETT & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM. Wit: John ARMOUR of Morris and Catherine M. BENNETT of East Wawanosh. January 28, 1880 at East Wawanosh
#004558-80 (Huron Co): Henry RICKREIL, 27, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o William & Henrietta, married Lizzie REICHART, 25, Hay twp., same, d/o Henry & Christena, witn: Francis ROWLINS & Maria HAWKSHAW, both of Exeter, 17 Aug 1880 at Exeter 4543-80 William ROBB, 22, farmer, Morris, same, s/o John & Christena, married Mary RULE, 21, Morris, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Joseph ROBB & Maria RULE, both of Morris, 13 July 1880 at Brussels
#004556-80 (Huron Co): Edward ROBERTS, 23, clerk, Northumberland Ont., Exeter, s/o Edward & Jane, married Cecilia Jacobi BLATCHFORD, 24, Durham Ont., Exeter, d/o George & Phillippa, witn: John William BLATCHFORD of Exeter & Eva ROBERTS of Peterboro, 10 Nov 1880 at Exeter 4680-80 Murdock ROSS, 27, of Bayfield, s/o Murdock & Euphemie?, married Melisa HARRISON, 18, Bayfield, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Etta THOMAS & Albert RAY, both of Clinton, 10 June 1880 at Clinton
004278-80 (Huron Co): George RUBY, 23, farmer, Hay, same, s/o David & Elizabeth RUBY married Sarah HARDY, 22, Hay, Wilmot Waterloo Co, d/o Edmund & Jane HARDY. Wit: Solomon HARDY and illegible RUBY, both of Hay. September 28, 1880 at Hay. 004257-80 (Huron Co): Ebenezer Johnstone RUMBALL, age not given, mechanic, Ashfield, Brucefield, s/o Benjamin & Mary RUMBALL married Christiana McGREGOR, Hay, same, d/o Malcolm & Margaret McGREGOR. Wit: Mark RUMBALL and Maggie McGREGOR, res not stated. January 29, 1880 at Hay
004311-80 (Huron Co): George RUMBALL, 21, farmer, Canada, Clinton, s/o Samuel & Annie RUMBALL married Rebecca WHITE, 22, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o John & Rebecca WHITE. Wit: Sarah WHITE and R. WILLIAMS, both of Goderich. October 29, 1880 at Goderich 004279-80 (Huron Co): Joel W. RUST, 27, farmer, Woolwich, Hay, so John & Susanna RUST married Magdelina WIDEMAN, 18, Woolwich Waterloo, Hay, d/o Henry & Barbara WIDEMAN. Wit: Henry BARR and Eleric? WIDEMAN, both of Hay. October 10, 1880 at Hay.
4546-80 James SADDLER, 23, farmer, Canada, Grey, s/o James & Ann, married Minnie HANTSICKER?, 18, Canada, Grey, d/o Frederick & Susan, witn: Emma JACKSON of Brussels, 12 Sept 1880 at Brussels 4714-80 Ephraim SANDERS, 23, machinist, Bowmanville, USA, s/o Elisha & Mary Jane, married Ellen Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, 22, Hibbert Co (sic), Howick, d/o Robert & Ann Jane, witn: Thomas CUNNINGHAM & Emma ELLIOTT, both of Howick, 2 June 1880 at Howick
4717-80 Mathew SANDERSON, 25, farmer, Canada, Wroxeter, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Euphemia YOUNG, 22, Canada, Howick, d/o William & Euphemia, witn: John & Bryce YOUNG of Howick, 12 Nov 1880 at Howick 4670-80 John SCARLETT, 29, farmer, Ireland, McKillop twp., s/o Samuel & Mary, married Matilda HUDIE, 23, Goderich twp., same, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: James HUDIE of Goderich twp & Mary A. SCARLETT of McKillop, 1 July 1880 at Clinton
4672-80 Conrad SCHLIERGMEIER, 20, shoe maker, Germany, Clinton, s/o Conrad & Barbra, married Caroline RENTGEN, 22, Harperhay, Clinton, d/o George & Caroline, witn: William & Mary EARB of Clinton, 30 Sept 1880 at Clinton #004301-80 (Huron Co): Edward SHERRITT, 24, plasterer, Ontario, Blyth, s/o John SHERRITT & Sarah VIRTUE, married Mary Jane ROGERSON, 20, Ontario, Blyth, d/o R.C. & Elizabeth, witn: D.W. ROGERSON & Felina SHERRITT, both of Blyth, 12 Feb 1880 at Blyth
004373-80 Charles SHOLDRAKE, 24, Harness Maker, Canada, Penfield New York US, s/o Charles SHOLDRAKE & Jane SNELL, married Lizzie LIVINGSTON, 22, Hullett, Hullett, d/o Thomas LIVINGSTON & Jane ROE, Wit: James WEIR, Seaforth & Alice CAMERON, Kippen, 19 May 1880, Seaforth 4461-80 Thomas SIZELAND, 24, mason, Stratford, same, s/o William SIZELAND & Margaret WILSON, married Maggie WOLF, 29, Boston USA, Stratford, d/o Jacob WOLF & Magdalena DIEHL, witn: Richard SETLING of Stratford & Magdalena WOLF of Brucefield, 8 July 1880 at Brucefield
004286-80 (Huron Co): William SKINNER, 23, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Samuel & Mary SKINNER married Charlotte CORNISH, 19, Canada, Usborne, d/o William & Margaret CORNISH. Wit: William CORNISH and Emma SKINNER, both of Usborne. February 10, 1800 at Usborne 004374-80 (Huron Co): John Carey SMITH, 27, merchant, London Twp, Seaforth, s/o James S. & Annie C. SMITH married Ellen Eliza ROGERS, 21, Seaforth, Village of Lowville, d/o Robert P. & Sarah ROGERS. Wit: Henry WEST of Seaforth and Emma GRAHAM, res not stated. June 2, 1880 at Seaforth
004656-80 (Huron Co): William SMITH, 22, farmer, Lincolnshire Eng, Hullett, s/o John & Mary SMITH married Harriet FIELDS, 21, Lincolnshire Eng, Goderich Twp, d/o Thomas & Mary FIELDS. Wit: Joseph IZZARD and Mary JACKSON, both of Goderich Twp. March 15, 1800 at Clinton 4541-80 Thomas SNEYD, 41, clerk, Goderich twp., Goderich, s/o William & Jane, married Elvira SOMERVILLE, 26, widow, West Wawanosh, Goderich, d/o Henry DODD & An, witn: Jane BONNAMY of Goderich & John R. HOLMES of Goderich twp., 16 June 1880 at West Wawanosh
4629-80 William S. SNIDER, 31, farmer, York twp., same, s/o Henry SNIDER & Mary SHUNK, married Caroline RAYMANN, 19, Grey twp., same, d/o Michael RAYMANN & Catherine KEFFER, witn: Joseph RAYMANN & Sarah Frances BUTTERY, both of Grey twp., 15 Dec 1880 at Cranbrook 004562-80 (Huron Co): Samuel SPENCER, 42, trader, Ireland, Manitoba, s/o John & Rose Ann SPENCER married Maria KEOUGH, 35, Ireland, London, d/o William & Eliza KEOUGH. Wit: Rockford NELSON & Beckie COLLINS, both of Exeter. March 14, 1880 at Exeter.
004291-80 (Huron Co): Nicholas SPRAGUE, 25, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Obed & Caroline SPRAGUE married Ann Jane SMITH, 22, Biddulph, same, d/o John & Margaret SMITH. Wit: William J. SMITH and Anna M. DAVIS, both of Biddulph. May 5, 1880 at Kirkton, Usborne 4465-80 Samuel Richard STEVENS, 21, saddler, Tuckersmith, Blyth, s/o John STEVENS & Mary Ann CAREY, married Annie CAMPBELL, 19, Kincardine Ont., Clinton, d/o George & Mary, witn: Charles STEVENS of Tuckersmith & Aggie CAMPBELL of Clinton, 27 Oct 1880 at Tuckersmith
004579-80 (Huron Co): Andrew STEWART, 29, carpenter, Puslinch, Lucknow, s/o Robert & Margaret STEWART married Ann Jane MALLOUGH, 26, Dungannon Ashfield, d/o William & Ann Jane MALLOUGH. Wit: Thomas BESSIE of West Wawanosh and Rebecca MALLOUGH of Ashfield. March 24, 1880 at Ashfield. 4463-80 John STEWART, 27, farmer, Binbrook twp., Hullet twp., s/o John STEWART & Grace WATT, married Agnes GRAY, 22, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Alexander GRAY & Agnes ELDER, witn: Alexander STEWART of Hullett & Jane GRAY of Tuckersmith, 23 Sept 1880 at not given [reg'd in Tuckersmith twp]
004635-80 (Huron Co): Robert STEWART, 36, farmer, Dundas, East Wawanosh, s/o Robert STEWART & Margaret HARROWER married Janet McGOWAN, 31, Scotland, East Wawanosh, d/o Walter McGOWAN & Jane HARROWER. Wit: George McGOWAN and Mary McGOWAN, both of East Wawanosh. August 5, 1880 at East Wawanosh 004336-80 (Huron Co): Samuel STURDY, 32, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Hugh STURDY & Elizabeth SHAW married Janet FERRIES, 20, Darlington, Goderich Twp, d/o Robert & Elizabeth FERRIES. Wit: Nixon STURDY of Goderich Twp. November 3, 1880 at Goderich Twp
004254-80 (Huron Co): Jacob SURARUS, 29, farmer, Wilmot, Hay, s/o Andrew & Maria SURARUS married Catherine WALPER, 22, Hay, same, d/o Henry & Maria Elizabeth WALPER. Wit: Isaac SURARUS and Casper WALPER, both of Hay. February 3, 1880 at Hay 004380-80 (Huron Co): John M. SUTHERLAND, 24, farmer, Pennsylvania, Biddulph, s/o William & Mary SUTHERLAND married Emma MARRIOTT, 24, Canada, Centralia, Stephen Twp, d/o William & Eliza MARRIOTT. Wit: Eva KENNEDY and Eliza A. MARRIOTT, both of Centralia. September 21, 1880 at Centralia
004380-80 John M. SUTHERLAND, 24, farmer, Pennsylvania, Biddulph, s/o William & Mary SUTHERLAND, married Emma MARRIOTT, 24, Canada, Centralia Stephen tp, d/o William & Eliza Ann MARRIOTT, Wit: Eva KENNEDY & Eliza A. MARRIOTT both of Centralia, 21 Sept 1880, Centralia 004568-80 (Huron Co): Thomas THOMPSON, 37, farmer, Ireland, Ashfield, s/o James & Mary, married Fanny EDWARDS, 27, Oxford, Wawanosh, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: William & Mary Jane BARBER of Wawanosh, 17 Nov 1880 at Dungannon
004318-80 (Huron Co): William THURLOW, 28, carpenter, Colborne, same, s/o John & Hannah THURLOW married Margaret HOGARTH, 23, Colborne, same, d/o Joseph & grace HOGARTH. Wit: John HOGARTH and Matilda McLEOD, both of Colborne. November 9, 1880 at Goderich 004383-80 (Huron Co): Frederick T. TRIEBNER, 23, farmer, Germany, Stephen, s/o Frederick & Johanna married Fanny SANDERS, 18, Stephen, same, d/o John & Ann Maria. Wit: Samuel PRISKTOR? (s/b PRESCATOR?) and Ann SANDERS, res not stated. October 5, 1880 at Stephen
004559-80 (Huron Co): Robert H. VERITY, 23, manufacturer, Stratford, Exeter, s/o Wilt. & Mary Jane VERITY married Mary Ann SOUTHCOTT, 25, Exeter, same, d/o Charles & Frances SOUTHCOTT. Wit: J. W. BRODERICK of London and Charles SOUTHCOTT of Exeter. September 15, 1880 at Exeter. 004646-80 (Huron Co): James Collins VIDEAU, 21, farmer, Dungannon, Goderich Twp, s/o George & Elizabeth VIDEAU married Mary Ann FIELD, 16, Lincolnshire Eng, Goderich Twp, d/o Thomas & Mary FIELD. Wit: George BLAIR and Jeannet FIELD, both of Goderich Twp. October 22, 1880 at Clinton
004253-80 (Huron Co): Conrad VOLLAND, 26, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth VOLLAND married Elizabeth LEINEWEBER, 23, Germany, Hay, d/o Henry & Elizabeth LEINEWEBER. Wit: Henry VOLLAND of Hay and Margaret LEINEWEBER. April 15, 1880 at Zurich 004249-80 (Huron Co): William K. WALPER, 25, carpenter, Hay, same, s/o John & Susanna WALPER married Leah GEIGER, 27, Hay, same, d/o John & Maria GEIGER. Wit: Menno SURARUS and Jane GEIGER, both of Hay. February 26, 1880 at Hay
004384-80 (Huron Co): Louis G. WALPER, 26, yeoman, Hay, Stephen, s/o Henry & Elizabeth WALPER married Mary THOMPSON, 20, West Williams, Stephen, d/o Walter & Fanny THOMPSON. Wit: Elizabeth THOMPSON and Casper WALPER, both of Stephen. October 5, 1880 at Stephen 004324-80 (Huron Co): Richard WALTERS, 41, widower, farmer, Goderich Twp, Colborne, s/o Charles & Dorothy WALTERS married Catherine Eliza HIVEY, 25, Calcutta East India, Colborne, d/o Thomas & Eliza HIVEY. Wit: James WALTERS and Amelia WALTERS, both of Colborne. February 14, 1880 at Goderich.
4547-80 Reuben WATSON, 23, mechanic, Listowel, Brussels, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Mary Emma BRENT? (Birnt?), 20, Morris, Brussels, d/o John & blank, witn: David WATSON & Ann Jane TAYLOR, both of Brussels, 7 July 1880 at Brussels 004335-80 (Huron Co): Robert James WATSON, 23, painter, Canada, Detroit U.S., s/o Edward WATSON & Jane SAVAGE married Elizabeth Patricia BERNIE, 21, Scotland, Goderich, d/o James BERNIE & Isabella DUNCAN. Wit: William Franklin SMITH and Catherine Lavina BERNIE, both of Goderich. June 9, 1880 at Goderich
4669-80 William Hart WEBSTER, 32, harness maker, Brampton, Goderich, s/o William & Martha, married Sally Ann CURRAN, 27, widow, Colborne twp., Goderich, d/o Elijah & Sally (no surname given), witn: Mary MATHEWS of Clinton & J. W. MALKEN of Brooklyn NY, no date given, at Clinton 004619-80 (Huron Co): Alexander WELSH, 24, farmer, Goderich, Goderich Twp, s/o David WELSH & Susannah NICKSON married Mary Ann STEPHENSON, 19, Stanley, same, d/o David STEPHENSON & Susannah BOYCE. Wit: Robert WELSH of Goderich and Lizzie STEPHENSON of Stanley. February 18, 1880 at Stanley
004391-80 (Huron Co): William WENZEL, 22, wagon and carriage maker, Woolwich Twp Waterloo Co, Crediton, s/o Henry & Christina WENZEL married Maria EILBER, 20, Stephen, same, d/o Frederick & Fredericka EILBER. Wit: Samuel BROWN and Mary EILBER, both of Crediton. September 28, 1880 Crediton 004695-80 (Huron Co): George WEIDENHAMMER, 24, farmer, Waterloo Co, Wallace Twp, s/o Christopher & Mary married Elizabeth TIERNAN, 17, Oxford Twp, Morris, d/o Henry & Sarah TIERNAN. Wit: William TIERNAN and Mary Jane TIERNAN, both of Morris. April 6, 1880 at Morris
004563-80 (Huron Co): Thomas WERY, 39, farmer, Cornwall Eng, Usborne, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WERY married Dorothy MANNING, 29, Huron Ont, Exeter, d/o Samuel & Ann MANNING. Wit: William C. MANNING, Albert Edward WERY, Mary Ann MANNING and Mary WERY, all of Usborne. February 18, 1880 at Exeter  
004636-80 (Huron Co): Edwin Scott WIGHTMAN, 24, farmer, Hastings Co, East Wawanosh, s/o Thomas WIGHTMAN & Sarah Ann SCOTT married Sarah McLAUGHLIN, 22, Cartwright Twp Ont, East Wawanosh, d/o George McLAUGHLIN & Jane McGILL. Wit: Thomas McLAUGHLIN and Margaret WIGHTMAN, both of East Wawanosh. October 27, 188 at East Wawanosh. 004392-80 (Huron Co): Henry WILKES, 23, merchant, Crediton, same, s/o John Jacob & Sarah WILKES married Elizabeth KRATTINGER, 22, Stephen, same, d/o John & Anna Maria KRATTINGER. Wit: Lilliana KRATTINGER and Mary KRATTINGER, both of Stephen. November 23, 1880 at Crediton.
4706-80 Louis M. WILKINS, 27, farmer, Ireland, Minto, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Frances Luxon ROE, 20, Minto, Howick, d/o John & Mary, witn: Robert LLOYD of Toronto & Hattie WILKINS of Minto, 14 Jan 1880 at Howick 4462-80 John WILLIAMS, 58, widower, moulder, Wales, Clinton, s/o John & Jane, married Augusta DRUMM, 55, widow, Wittenburg Germany, Clinton, d/o Christian PALZ & Joanna, witn: Catherine & Lena WOLF of Brucefield, 15 Sept 1880 at Brucefield
004373-80 (Huron Co): John B. WILLET, 30, farmer, Germany, Hay, s/o Henry & Sophia WILLET married Anna Elizabeth (Illegible), 37, Germany, Hay, d/o John & Catherine (illegible). Wit: Maria SCHMIDT and Christina VARNING, both of Hay. September 28, 1880 at Hay 004397-80 (Huron Co): Alexander McPherson WILSON, 27, farmer, Reach Twp, Stephen, s/o James L. & Selina WILSON married Lydia Victoria KERR, 30, Elizabethtown, same, d/o George & Elen KERR. Wit: Minnie KERR and Rufus WILSON , both of Stephen. March 17, 1880 at Greenway
4705-80 John WILSON, 30, farmer, Scotland, Howick, s/o John & Betsy, married Mary Jane ANDERSON, 20, Canada, Howick, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William WILKIE of Guelph & George GRAY of Harriston, 21 Jan 1880 at Howick 004306-80 (Huron Co): Samuel D. WINTER, 30, widower, carpenter, Waterloo Co, Goderich, s/o Walter & Susannah WINTER married Kate CAMPBELL, 30, Colborne, Goderich, d/o John & Isabella CAMPBELL. Wit: Walter CAMPBELL of Goderich and Esther SWAFFIELD of Goderich Twp. September 22, 1880 at Goderich
004303-80 (Huron Co): Fountain Henry WINTERS, 24, carpenter, Canada, Goderich, s/o Walter & Susanna WINTERS married Christina MARTIN, 22, Canada, Goderich, d/o John & Mary MARTIN. Wit: Thomas PERROTT and Ann PERROTT, both of Goderich. June 28, 1880 at Goderich. 004289-80 (Huron Co): William WISEMAN, 33, farmer, Lanark, Usborne, s/o David WISEMAN & Margaret KILLOUGH married Mary SOMERVILLE, 21, Fullerton, Usborne, d/o Thomas SOMERVILLE & Isabella PORTEUS. Wit: John WIDEMAN of Usborne and George VICARS of Blanshard. April 21, 1880 at Usborne
004395-80 (Huron Co): Frederick W. WITZEL, 23, farmer, Waterloo Co, Stephen, s/o John & Dralter? WITZEL married Mary Ann FINKBINER, 20, Stephen, same, d/o Michael & Bailey? FINKBINER. Wit: William FINKBINER and Susanna GEISER, both of Stephen. May 11, 1880 at Stephen 004346-80 (Huron Co): Daniel WOOD, 22, brick layer, England, Seaforth, s/o Daniel WOOD & Mary WRIGHT married Christina BISHOP, 18, Canada, Seaforth, d/o John BISHOP & I. JACOBS. Wit: John THOMPSON and Mrs. J. THOMPSON, both of Seaforth. July 12, 1880 at Seaforth
004692-80 (Huron Co): John WRIGHT, 30, labourer, Manchester Eng, Blyth, s/o John & Jane WRIGHT married Mary Jane COCKERLINE, 23, Hullett, Morris, d/o Robert & Ann COCKERLINE. Wit: Robert COCKERLINE & William COCKERLINE, both of Morris. March 17, 1880 at Morris.