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registrations 3997-79 to 4002-79 were too faded to read

004292-79 (Huron Co) Andrew AIKENS, 22, farmer, McGillivray Hullett, s/o George & Ellen married Elizabeth HENRY, 17, Goderich Twp, Hullett, d/o Johnson & Elizabeth. Wit R. HENRY & Catherine HENRY, both of Hullett. July 2, 1879 at Clinton. 4234-79 William M. ALEXANDER, 29, grain merchant, Scotland, Ailsa Craig, s/o William & Mary, married Mary McIntosh FISHER, 22, Wingham, same, d/o Archibald & Julia, witn: Arthur REYNOLDS & Julia FISHER, 25 Sept 1879 at Wingham
004346-79 (Huron Co) George ARCHIBALD, 25, farmer, Detroit, Iona Michigan, s/o John & Margaret ARCHIBALD married Sarah THISK, 25, Stanley, same, d/o Archibald & AliceTHISK. Wit Thomas SMITH and Isabella THISK, both of Stanley. October 11, 1879 at Stanley. 004353-79 (Huron Co.) James ARMSTRONG, 29, Farmer, Twp. of Camden, Hullett, s/o William & Patience ARMSTRONG, married Amelia Victoria CLARK, 20, Pickering Ont., Hullett, d/o John & Matilda CLARK, Witn.: Nelson ARMSTRONG, Alice CLARK, both of Hullett, May 28, 1879 at Dungannon
004378-79 Charles ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Pickering, E Wawanosh, s/o William & Patricia ARMSTRONG, married Sarah JOHNSTON, 17, McKillop, E Wawanosh, d/o Robert & Maggie JOHNSTON, Wit: Nathaniel JOHNSTON & Mary ELLIOTT both of E Wawanosh, 1 Jan 1879, Blyth 004410-79 (Huron), John BAECHLER, 24, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Christian & Barbara BAECHLER, to Barbara GERBER, 18, Waterloo Co., Hay, d/o Peter & Magdalena GERBER, wit: John OESCH & Chr. SCHWARTZENTRUBER both of Hay, 13 May 1879, Hay
4122-79 Robert BALFOUR, 35, laborer, Ontario, Hibbert twp., s/o William & Marjory, married Margaret ELLIOTT, 26, Ontario, Wingham, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: Alex WALTON & Mary Jane BALFOUR, both of Wingham, 1 Jan 1879 at Brussels 004399-80 (Huron Co): Thomas BALLER, 21, laborer, Canada, Stephen, s/o William & Ann BALLER married Emma HODGINS, 19, Canada, Stephen, d/o Thomas & Sarah HODGINS. Wit: William ANDERSON and Angelina HODGINS, both of Stephen. December 24, 1879 at Stephen
4324-79 William BATES, 34, farmer, Canada, Grey twp., s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Margaret CARR, 20, Canada, Grey twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Mrs. John GOFTON of Wroxeter, 24 Sept 1879 at Wroxeter 004354-79 (Huron Co.) Thomas BEARD, 23, Farmer, Twp. of Stanley, Twp. of Stanley, s/o Thomas & Jane BEARD, married Agnes DUNBAR, 19, New Jersey, Ashfield, d/o Joseph & Jane DUNBAR, Witn.: N. GILMORE of Twp. of Stanley, M. DUNBAR of Twp. of Ashfield, May 21, 1879 at Ashfield
4253-79 Robert BELL, 23, farmer, Hibbert twp., McKillop twp., s/o William & Jane, married Phebe GAINFORTH, 20, Brighton, McKillop twp., d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: Hugh FULTON & Kate McNAUGHTON, both of Walton, 20 Feb 1879 at Walton, Morris twp. 004287-79 (Huron Co) George BENTLY, 44, gentleman, Boulonge France, s/o James & Elizabeth married Bessie MARTIN, 27, London England, Clinton, d/o William & Sarah. Wit Henry CAMERON of Brucefield and Sarah PORTER of Seaforth. July 16, 1879 at Clinton.
004282-80 (Huron Co): Robert BERRY, 22, farmer, Blanshard, same, s/o Hugh & Eliza BERRY married Fanny CREERY, 22, Usborne, same, d/o Robert & Mary CREERY. Wit: William BERRY of Blanshard and Agnes Lavonia CREERY of Usborne. November 12, 1879 at Usborne. 4229-79 (Huron Co): Richard BLAKE, 35, farmer, Ireland, Hullett twp., s/o Timothy BLAKE & Ellen LIDDANE, married Catherine PHELAN, 22, Canada, Morris twp., d/o Patrick PHELAN & Mary McCAUGHEY, witn: John McCAUGHEY & Margaret GRAY, both of Hullett twp., 17 Nov 1879 at Wingham (Rom Cath)
004372-79 Thomas BOWEN, 32, farmer, England, Grey Ont, s/o William & Lucy BOWEN, married Jane Mary HARBOTTLE, Leeds Co, Grey Ont, d/o John & Sarah HARBOTTLE, Wit: Mary Ann KISER & Garnet(?) HARBOTTLE both of Grey, 5 Nov 1879, Grey 004392-79 (Huron), Jacob BRAUN, 24, farmer, Stephen, Ont., same, s/o George & Eve BRAUN, to Elisabeth KOELER, 20, Hay, same, d/o Henry & Mary KOELER, wit: John FAIST & Mary BRAUN both of Stephen, 28 January 1879, residence of bride's parents in Hay
004103-79 (Huron Co) William BRAY, 25, farmer, Downy, McKillop, s/o William & Eliza BRAY married Eliza Jane SHIELDS, 19, Grey, same, d/o George & Susanna SHIELDS. Wit Thomas SHIELDS and Susanna SHIELDS, both of Grey. October 15, 1879 at Walton McKillop. 004109-79 (Huron Co) Joseph BROWN, 26, laborer, England, McKillop, s/o Abraham BROWN & Ann PROFIT married Charlotte HOWES, 22, England, McKillop, d/o Edward HOWES & Saran Ann KAISER. Wit Henry HOWES and Mary BROWN, both of McKillop. November 18, 1879 at McKillop.
004653-80 (Huron Co): Samuel BROWN, 27, yeoman, Ireland, Ashfield, s/o Edward & Elizabeth BROWN married Emily Maria COOPER, 21, Goderich Twp, Clinton, d/o Thomas & Charlotte COOPER. Wit: John N. BROWN of Ashfield and Margaret CHURCHILL of Clinton. December 31,1879 at Clinton  
4121-79 Alexander BRYANS, 30, farmer, Ireland, Morris, s/o Edward & Angelina, married Margaret Emeline GALLAGHER, 21, Howick, same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Edward & Mary Ann BRYANS of Grey, 3 March 1879 at Brussels 4238-79 Francis BUCHANAN, 28, mechanic, Ireland, Wingham, s/o George & Mary A., married Mary Jane WESTMAN, 20, Canada, Wingham, d/o William D. & Mary, witn: Robert ORR & Minerva COPELAND, both of Wingham, 11 Sept 1879 at Wingham
4254-79 John A. CAISTER, 25, blacksmith, Oxford Co., Morris twp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Margaret Ann KIRKBY, 18, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o George & Margaret, witn: John C. CONERY & Mary J. KIRKBY, both of Morris twp., 20 May 1879 at Morris twp. [Kirkley?] 004098-79 (Huron Co) Emanuel Joseph CALAWAY, 22, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Joseph Pittam CALAWAY and Prudans Ann CARTER married Ephemia FERGUSON, 19, Long Island N.Y., McKillop, d/o George FERGUSON & Margaret CLARK. Wit James HENDERSON of McKillop and John CRAIB? of Clinton. April 2, 1879 at McKillop.
4235-79 James CAMERON, 24, farmer, Canada, Grey twp, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary AVERY, 24, Canada, Grey twp., d/o Duncan & Christiana, witn: John CAMERON & Charlotte AVERY, both of Grey, 17 Sept 1879 at Wingham 4318-79 William Henry CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, Whitby twp., East Wawanosh, s/o Hiram & Ameline, married Fanny Maria Helena HARRISON, 19, Goderich, West Wawanosh, d/o William & Louvinia, witn: Andrew LOCKHART & Lillian CAMPBELL, 23 Oct 1879 at West Wawanosh
4262-79 James CAMPBELL, 35, widower, farmer, Argyleshire Scotland, McKillop, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Catherine McDONALD, 23, "Kilross" twp., Brussels, d/o Roderick & Kate, witn: Alexander GARDNER of McKillop & Mary S. LAMONT of Grey, 27 Nov 1879 at Walton 4135-79 Angus CAMPBELL, 31, farmer, Lachute Que., Hullett, s/o Angus & Mary, married Georgina YOUNG, 25, Clarenceville Que., Kinburn, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas STANLEY of Kinburn & John BRITTON of Hullett, 15 Jan 1879 at Kinburn, Hullett
00417-79 (Huron Co): Charles CAMPBELL, 22, farmer, Beverly Ont, East Wawanosh, s/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Eliza McBURNEY married Annie BEECROFT, 21, McGillivary, East Wawanosh, d/o John BEECROFT & Jane GOLLEY. Wit: Robert O. HENRY and Maria BEECROFT, both of East Wawanosh. October 15, 1979 at East Wawanosh 004360-79 John CAREY, 22, farmer, Ashfield, Ashfield, s/o Charles & Mary Ann CAREY, married M. RONEY, 22, Garafraxa, Ashfield, d/o John & Charlotte RONEY, Wit: J. JEWEL, M.S. CAREY both of Ashfield, 29 Oct 1879, Ashfield
4125-79 Robert Miller CARTER, 20, farmer, Canada, Grey, s/o Robert & Rebecca, married Isabella SADDLER, 19, Canada, Grey, d/o James & Delina, witn: James SADLER & Mary LONG, both of Grey, 13 June 1879 at Brussels 4230-79 John CEASAR, 25, farmer, Canada, Turnberry twp., s/o James & Ellen, married Isabella MOIR, 21, Howick twp., same, d/o William & Ann, witn: James MUSGROVE & Elizabeth MOIR, both of Howick twp., 16 Oct 1879 at Wingham
004390-79 (Huron), James CHAMBERS, 26, Carriage Maker, London Tp., Clinton, s/o John & Mary CHAMBERS, to Maria MOORE, 21, Hibbert, Hensall, d/o John & Hannah MOORE, wit: Luther MANNING & Matilda HENERY, 27 February 1879, Hensall 4319-79 John CHAMNEY, 24, farmer, Ontario, East Wawanosh, s/o Richard CHAMNEY & Euphemia MASON, married Sarah BROOKS, 21, Ontario, West Wawanosh, d/o Robert BROOKS & Mary VANCE, witn: Jacob BROOKS & Ellen CHAMNEY, 12 Nov 1879 at res of Robert Brooks, West Wawanosh
4255-79 William CLARK, 31, farmer, Ontario, Morris twp., s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Elizabeth Ann SCOTT, 18, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o William P. & Harriet Elizabeth, witn: William LAIDLAW of Morris twp. & Melissa WAY of Blyth, 28 May 1879 at Morris twp 4257-79 William Hilliard CLOAKEY, 25, house joiner, Kingston, Morris twp., s/o Andrew & Martha, married Lavina McCUTCHEON, 19, Morris twp., same, d/o Francis & Jane, witn: George ARMSTRONG & Mary Jane McCUTCHEON, both of Morris twp., 17 Sept 1879 at Morris twp
4118-79 Noble CLUFF, 40, widower, pump maker, Ontario, Seaforth, s/o James & Ann, married Maggie KNECHTEL, 22, Ontario, Brussels, d/o John & Margaret, witn: D. S. CLUFF of Clinton & Robert KNECHTEL of Brussels, 17 Jan 1879 at Brussels 004280-79 (Huron Co) George COCHRAN, 23, labourer, Stratford, Clinton, s/o John & Frances COCHRAN married Louisa JONES, Hullett, Tuckersmith, d/o William & Ann JONES. Wit Robt. JONES and Mary A. COCHRAN, both of Clinton. March 20, 1879 at Clinton.
004293-79 (Huron Co) Joseph COLCLOUGH, 22, yeoman, Goderich Twp, same, s/o William & Margaret married Annie PEARSON, 23, Queen's Co Ireland, Goderich Twp, d/o Benjamin & Ann. Wit Benjamin COLE of Goderich Twp and Mary J. HICHCOCK of Clinton. September 9, 1879 at Clinton. 4261-79 Albert Thomas COLE, 24, yeoman, Elmira USA, Morris twp., s/o Daniel & Dorcas, married Isabella HOOD, 20, Ettrick Scotland, Morris twp., d/o George & Jane, witn: William STACKHOUSE of Wawanosh & Mary HOOD of Morris twp., 16 Oct. 1879 at Morris twp.
004297-79 (Huron Co) William COMBES, 21, farmer, Glandford Twp, McKillop Twp, s/o James COMBES & Elizabeth MATTICE married Phoebe WRIGHT, 21, Hope Twp, McKillop Twp, d/o John WRIGHT & Eliza GRIMOLDBY. Wit Archy KENNEDY and Emma SHOFF, both of Clinton. September 20, 1879 at Clinton. 004364-79 William George COMBS, 21, farmer, London, Grey, s/o Joseph & Eliza COOMBS, married Deborah Margaret HOFF, 23, Ontario, Grey, d/o James & Margaret HOFF, Wit: James G. HOFF & Louisa Ann COOMBS both of Grey, 22 Jan 1879, Grey
4128-79 James CONSTABLE, 23, barber, Canada, Seaforth, s/o George & Mary Jane, married Fanny LAIRD, 24, Canada, Seaforth, d/o James & Ellen, witn: John CONSTABLE & Annie LAIRD, 17 Sept 1879 at Brussels 004468-80 (Huron Co): John Wesley COOK, 24, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o Robert COOK and Margaret GRIFFITH married Mary MUNROE, 25, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Thomas & Anna Isabella MUNROE. Wit: Andrew COOK of Goderich and Della MUNROE of Tuckersmith. December 30, 1879 at Tuckersmith
004645-80 (Huron Co): Christopher CORBETT, 21, farmer, Morris, same, s/o John CORBETT & Ann Jane KEARNS married Agnes Matilda GILMOUR, 19, Bruce, Belgrave, d/o James GILMOUR & Susanah GRAINER?. Wit: James CASHELL of East Nissouri and Margaret VanNORMAN of Belgrave. December 31, 1879 at Clinton 004285-79 (Huron Co) William COTTON, 22, labourer, Newcastle Ont, Clinton, s/o John & Fanny married Mary SWINN, 20, Scarboro Ont, Clinton, d/o Robt. & Mary. Wit Robt. A. DINSLEY and Joana SHARPLEY, both of Clinton. May 7, 1879 at Clinton.
004286-79 (Huron Co) John COUCH, 19, yeoman, Hibbert, same, s/o Joseph & Hannah married Mary AIKENS, 22, Nova Scotia, Hullett, d/o William O. AIKENS and Sophia Margaret, of Hullett. Wit Charles and Elizabeth Ann AIKENS of Hullett. April 23, 1879. 4243-79 William Thomas DARK, 24, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o George & Ann, married Margaret Ann CARTER, 23, Tuckersmith twp., Morris twp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: William CARTER of Morris twp. & George DARK of Grey, 14 Jan 1879 at Morris twp
4132-79 George DAVISON, 27, saddler, Stanley, Brussels, s/o John & Eliza, married Annie Maria TRAYNE, 23, Kitley, Brussels, d/o Elijah & Jane, witn: Melissa ELLIOTT & Peter SCOTT of Brussels, 2 Dec 1879 at Brussels  
004106-79 (Huron Co) Thomas DENNIS, 48, widower, farmer, England, McKillop, s/p Thomas & Mary DENNIS married Frances PIERSON, 20, Brussels Grey, same, d/o Samuel & Eliza PIERSON. Wit Elizabeth PIERSON and Lauriada PIERSON, both of Brussels. December 10, 1879 at Brussels. 4320-79 Samuel DETWILER, 30, farmer, Canada, Waterloo twp., s/o John Z. DETWILER & Magdalena SLICHTER, married Emma L. KNUTSON, 29, Canada, Wroxeter, d/o John KNUTSON & Margaret MAHOOD, witn: Alexander GALBRAITH & Joseph KNUTSON, both of Wroxeter, 2 April 1879 at Wroxeter
4589-80 John DICKSON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Isabella McKENZIE, 21, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o Roderick & Mary, witn: Roderick & Roderick McKENZIE of Ashfield, 3 Dec 1879 at Ashfield 4302-79 Ephraim DOHERTY, 23, commercial traveller, Owen Sound, Clinton, s/o John & Hannah, married Margaret SWARTZ, 21, Birr - Middlesex, Clinton, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Thomas FOWLER & Maggie BAY, both of Clinton, 19 Nov 1879 at Clinton
004281-79 (Huron Co) Corbett DOHERTY, 28, music builder?, St. Vincent Grey Co, Clinton, s/o John & Hannah DOHERTY married Annie COLE, 23, Goderich Twp, Clinton, d/o Charles & Elizabeth COLE. Wit Elizabeth COLE, Sr. and Elizabeth COLE 2, both of Clinton. February 26, 1879 at Clinton.. 004375-79 John DRYBURGH, 21, Cabinet Maker, Toronto, Stratford, s/o William & Margaret DRYBURGH, married Nancy McCUSH, 20, Grey, Grey, d/o Malcolm & Annie McCUSH, Wit: Robert KAY, Stratford & Mary McCUSH, Grey, 25 Dec 1879, Grey
4131-79 Joseph W. DUNBAR, 28, carpenter Esquesing, Plummer twp., s/o Joseph & Susan, married Annie COOK, 20, Hullett, McKillop, d/o Hartman (Hadman?) & Selina, witn: Elizabeth HARRIS & C. F. McDONALD, both of Brussels, 18 Oct 1879 at Brussels 004303-79 (Huron) Thomas Rent Sharply DUNLOP, 23, Merchant, Scotland, Petrolia, s/o Thomas & Margaret DUNLOP, to Eliza FOLLIS, 23, Morris, Grand Bend, d/o William FOLLIS & Fanny CARSON?, wit: Mary A. EAGLESON, Ella FOLLIS, William McARTHUR & A. B. MILDRUM, 16 January 1879, Stephen
004310-79 (Huron) Thomas DUNDERS (Dundas?), 30, laborer, Canada, Sarnia, s/o John & Ruth DUNDERS, to Liza M. HARRIS, 22, Canada, Centralia, d/o Henry HARRIS & Jane TENANT, wit: W. D. BROOK & M. A. McPECK, 13 August 1879, Centralia 004248-80 (Huron Co): Ludwig ECKSTEIN, 25, farmer, South East Hope, Hay, s/o John & Elizabeth ECKSTEIN married Barbara GEIGER, 22, Hay, same, d/o Daniel B. & Magdalena GEIGER. Wit: Owen GEIGER and Emma GEIGER, both of Hay. December 25, 1879 at Hay. (Dupl. see #4243-80)
004533-80 (Huron Co): John James EPPLETT, 28, miller, England, Ashfield, s/o John & Esther EPPLETT married Sarah STROTHERS, 18, West Wawanosh, same, d/o William STROTHERS & blank. Wit: Thomas EPPLETT of Turnberry and E. A. SAVAGE of Dungannon. December 31, 1879 at West Wawanosh 004308-79 (Huron) Gotlieb FAHRNER, 33, farmer, Germany, Crediton, s/o Jacob FAHRNER & Regina WEIN, to Caroline WEIN, 30, Germany, Crediton, d/o – no names, parents listed as dead, wit: David FINKBEINER & Anna Maria BRAUN, 20 November 1879, Crediton [both groom & bride were born in Baiersbronn & her parents were Christian WEIN & Carolina WURTH]
004373-79 Thomas C. FERTNEY, 22, farmer, Oxford Co, Grey Ont, s/o Jacob & Jane FERTNEY, married Mary Jane TAYLOR, 20, Oxford Co, Elma Perth Co, d/o John & Mary TAYLOR, Wit: John TAYLOR, Perth & Annie S. HIEKS, Grey, 22 Oct 1879, Grey 004349-79 (Huron Co) Hiram Norton FLEMING, 25, miller, West Winchester Dundas, Hullett, s/o James & Emily FLEMING married Elizabeth Ann CULLIS, 21, Mariposa Victoria Co, Hullett, d/o John & Ann CULLIS. Wit Richard CULLIS and Charlotte FLEMING, both of Hullett. February 5, 1879 at Dungannon.
004367-79 Wellington FOGAL, 23, farmer, York Co, Ethel Ont, s/o Morris & Hannah FOGAL, married Dinah McCRACKEN, 20, York Co, Ethel Ont, d/o Hugh & Margaret McCRACKEN, Wit: William HICKS and wife, Ethel Ont, 31 Jan 1879, Ethel 004284-79 (Huron Co) Thomas FORDEN, 25, yeoman, Hullett, Clinton, s/o James & Mary married Mary Ann COCHRAN, 19, Clinton, same, d/o John & Francis. Wit Robt. COCHRAN and Mary Ann TRAINER, both of Clinton. May 21, 1879 at Clinton.
4129-79 Alexander FORSYTH, 20, farmer, Canada, Brussels, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Susan BUTTON, 21, Canada, Morris, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Henry BUTTON & Catherine McCALLUM, 4 Dec 1879 at Brussels 004575-80 (Huron Co): William FOWLER, not given, farmer, Canada, Wawanosh, s/o William FOWLER and blank married Delilah TRELEAVAN, not given, Canada, Ashfield, d/o William TRELEAVAN and blank. Wit: George STURGESS of London and Adelie TRELEAVAN of Ashfield. December 30, 1879 at Dungannon
004282-79 (Huron Co) Robert FOX, 22, mechanic, Stanley, Clinton, s/o John & Susan married Mary Margaret TURSLEY? (Tansley?), 18, Welland, Clinton, d/o Henry W. & Ann. Wit Robt. FITZSIMONS and John TURSLEY, both of Clinton. June 30, 1879 at Clinton. 004262-80 (Huron Co): William FULTON, 21, farmer, Blanshard, Usborne, s/o James & Margaret FULTON married Lizzie DAVIS, 19, Hibbert, Tuckersmith, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth DAVIS. Wit: James DAVIS and Sarah FULTON, res not stated. November 26, 1879 at Kippen
4249-79 Hugh FULTON, 27, farmer, Blanshard twp., McKillop twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Mary Jane DOHERTY, 18, Logan twp., McKillop twp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Robert BELL of McKillop & Robert H. HENDERSON of Walton, 20 Feb 1879 at Walton, Morris twp 004411-79 (Huron), Owen GEIGER, 23, Laborer, Hay, same, s/o David & Magdalena GEIGER, to Emma GEIGER, 23, Hay, same, d/o Abraham & Elisabeth GEIGER, wit: Louis ECKSTEIN & Barbara GEIGER both of Hay, 16 July 1879, Hay
4228-79 (Huron Co): Andrew GEMMELL, 21, yeoman, Wallace twp., Wingham, s/o John & Isabella, married Louisa ELLACOTT, 19, Woodstock, Wingham, d/o George & Lucy, witn: John GEMMELL of Turnberry & Lucy ELLACOTT of Wingham, 5 Nov 1879 at Wingham 004384-79 Edward W. GIBSON, 24, farmer, Canada, E Wawanosh, s/o George GIBSON & Mary J. VIRTUE, married Ann FERGUSON, 20, Canada, W Wawanosh, d/o William FERGUSON & Ann HYSLOP, Wit: Andrew FERGUSON & Catherine ROSS both of E Wawanosh, 5 Nov 1879, Blyth
4244-79 Joseph GIBSON, 46, widower, farmer, Ireland, Morris twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Mary Ann FLEMMING, 45, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o Matthew & Isabella, witn: John McLEARY & Sarah Jane FLEMMING, both of Morris twp., 26 Dec 1878 at Morris twp. 004300-79 (Huron Co) William McKenzie GORDON, 33, restaurant keeper, Scotland, Alpena Michigan, s/o Angus GORDON & Christiana McKAY married Elizabeth GILCHRIST, 30, Beachville Ont, Clinton, d/o Gilles Duncan GILCHRIST & Catherine BEITH. Wit George GORDON of Clinton and Mrs. R. F. Neal of Plattsville. November 3, 1879 at Clinton.
4117-79 William GOVENLOCK, 25, farmer, Ontario, Brant, s/o Robert & Jane, married Margaret GILLIS, 18, Ontario, Grey, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Anton EGGAR & Mary E. PEASE, both of Grey, 17 Jan 1879 at Brussels 4133-79 William H. GRABIEL, 22, carriage builder, Manheim, Brussels, s/o John & Annie, married Catherine ARMSTRONG, 21, Markham, Brussels, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Emma ARMSTRONG of Brussels & William SCHWETZER of Walkerton?, 3 Dec 1879 at Brussels
004413-79 (Huron), Willian GRUEN, 26, merchant, S. E. Hope, Ont., Dashwood, s/o John & Catharine GRUEN, to Martha TRUEMNER, 19, Hay, Stephen, d/o Andrew & Maria TRUEMNER, wit: Samuel TRUEMNER & Harriet MITCHEL both of Stephen, 17 October 1879, Brides father house in Stephen 004099-79 (Huron Co) Robert Scott HABKIRK, 21, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o George HABKIRK & Mary HENDERSON married Elizabeth PALTERMAN, 17, Hullett, McKillop, d/o Thomas PALTERMAN & Charlotte CAREY. Wit William HENDERSON of Seaforth and Melanda SNELL of Hullett. May 28, 1879 at McKillop.
004389-79 (Huron), Jacob HABERER, 22, Blacksmith, Germany, Zurich, s/o Jacob & Anna Mary HABERER, to Susanna DEICHERT, 18, Zurich, Hay Tp., d/o Peter & Lisatte DEICHERT, wit: Martin WURM & Jacob ZELLER both of Hay, 14 January 1879, Zurich 004111-79 (Huron Co) William Richard HARGAN, 30, farmer, Canada, McKillop, s/o John HARGAN & Mary CLUFF married Ann Jane DORRANCE, 26, Canada, McKillop, d/o George DORRANCE & Ann CASKERY. Wit George DORRANCE and John HASTIE?. December 23, 1879 at McKillop.
004401-79 William HASTIE, 28, farmer, Canada, Howick, s/o William & Jane HASTIE, married Mary Ann YEO, 21, Canada, Turnberry, d/o William YEO & (mother’s name not known), Wit: M. HASTIE, Molesworth & William YEO, Turnberry, 27 Mar 1879, Turnberry 004110-79 (Huron Co) Robert HAWTHORNE, 48, drover, Scotland, McKillop, s/o Robert HAWTHORNE & Ellen McGILL married Mary RANKIN, 25, Scotland, McKillop, d/o Walter RANKIN & Ann OLIVER. Wit Walter RANKIN and Lydia McCALLUM, both of McKillop November 26, 1879 at McKillop.
004395-79 (Huron), William HELLMAN, 30, Laborer, Prussia, Zurich, s/o Frederick & Sophia HELLMAN, to Ann VOSS, 20, Germany, Hay, d/o Vollrath & Elizabeth VOSS, wit: Martin WURM & Sophia KRUEGER both of Zurich, 21 March 1879, Zurich 004290-79 (Huron Co) Robert James HENDERSON, 23, blacksmith, Goderich, same, s/o William & Jeanette married Ellen WILSON, 22, Ireland, Goderich, d/o David & Jane. Wit P.A. WILSON and Anne J. HENDERSON, both of Goderich Twp. Jun 21, 1879 at Clinton.
  004393-79 (Huron), John HEYROCK, 27, farmer, Perth Co., Hay, s/o Henry & Catherine HEYROCK, to Susannah SCHLUCHTER, 24, Hay, same, d/o Jacob & Ellen SCHLUCHTER, wit: David SCHLUCHTER & Elisabeth HEYROCK both of Hay, 6 March 1879, Residence of bride's parents Hay
4236-79 William T. HICKS, 23, mechanic, Canada, London twp., s/o James & Charlotte, married Mary Eliza BLACK, 19, Canada, Wroxeter, d/o David & Sarah A., witn: Sarah A. BLACK of Wroxeter & Elizabeth BLACK of Wingham, 8 Sept 1879 at Wingham 004399-79 Elijah HIGGINS, 26, farmer, Canada, Turnberry, s/o William & Fanny HIGGINS, married Fanny McMICHAEL, 18, Ireland, Turnberry, d/o Archibald & Fanny McMICHAEL, Wit: Robert HIGGINS & Elizabeth BALLAGH both of Turnberry, 11 Feb 1879, Turnberry
004400-79 John HILE (Hill?), 22, Soda Water Manufacturer, Canada, Wingham, s/o Robert & Hannah HILE, married Anabella DORNIN, 19, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Charles & Ann DORNIN, Wit: Robert HILL, Wingham & Maggie SMITH, Turnberry, 20 Mar 1879, Turnberry 4130-79 J--? (James?) HILL, 22, farmer, Dereham, Morris, s/o Peter & Hester, married Josephine MASTERS, 17, USA, Morris, d/o George & Matilda, witn: Mary RIDE & William ROBB, both of Morris, 1 Oct 1879 at Brussels
4240-79 William Abraham HOGG, 26, farmer, Canada, Grey twp., s/o James H. & Mary S., married Phoebe SHRIGLEY, 21, Canada, Wingham, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: William STRATTEN & Sarah SHRIGLEY, both of Wingham, 2 July 1879 at Wingham 4227-79 (Huron Co): John HOLMES, 28, farmer, Canada, Turnberry twp., s/o Nathaniel & Margaret, married Ruth CANTELON, 20, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: Peter CANTELON Jr. & Mary Ann ROSS, both of Turnberry, 24 Oct 1879 at Wingham
4123-79 Savory HOOPPER (s/b Hooper or Hopper?), 25, yeoman, Germany, Turnberry, s/o Sebastien & Mary, married Martha Jane PALMER, 20, USA, Turnberry, d/o William & Jane, witn: Albert HOOPPER & Sarah Ann PALMER, both of Turnberry, 23 April 1879 at Brussels 004347-79 (Huron Co) William HOUGH, 25, plasterer, Scarborough Twp, Wingham, s/o William & Mary Jane HOUGH married Mary JEFFERSON, 24, Dungannon, Wawanosh, d/o John & Annie JEFFERSON. Wit Joseph JEFFERSON of Wawanosh and Lizzie JEFFERSON of Colborne. January 1, 1879 at Dungannon.
004105-79 (Huron Co) James Henry HOWES, 19, laborer, England, McKillop, s/o Edward HOWES & Sarah Ann KAISER married Mary Anne BROWN, 18, England, McKillop, d/o Abraham BROWN & Anne PROFIT. Wit Joseph BROWN and Charlotte BROWN, res. not stated. December 11, 1879 at McKillop. 4260-79 Thomas James HUCKSTEP, 20, hair dresser, Canada, Blyth, s/o Thomas & Louisa, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 24, Canada, Morris twp., d/o James & Christena, witn: Duncan & Ann CAMPBELL of Morris twp., 3 Nov 1879 at Morris twp
4704-80 William John HUGHES, 26, laborer, Melancthon twp., Weston, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Elizabeth AKINS, 17, Burford, Howick, d/o William & Emily Jane, witn: James E. AKINS & Margaret SMITH, both of Howick, 25 Dec 1879 at Howick 004417-79 (Huron), Samuel HUMERSON, 35, farmer, Picton Ont., Hibbert, s/o Caleb & Mary HUMERSON, to Matilda HENRY, 29, Ireland, Hensall, d/o Alexander & Jane HENRY, wit: William ROBINSON & Mary STONEMAN both of Hibbert, 15 October 1879, Hensall
004534-80 (Huron Co): William JACKSON, 32, farmer, St. John New Brunswick, Hullett, s/o John JACKSON & Margaret RICHMOND married Jessie B. LAIDLAW, 22, Waterloo Twp Ont, West Wawanosh, d/o not given. Wit: Andrew JACKSON of Hullett and Mary Ann LAIDLAW of West Wawanosh. December 25, 1879 at West Wawanosh 004362-79 Samuel JENKINS, 25, lawyer, England, Colborne, s/o James & Grace JENKINS, married Annie Eliza DOWSON, 22, Chinguacousy, Ashfield, d/o George & Susanna DOWSON, Wit: William JENKINS, Colborne & Susan DOWSON, Ashfield, 16 Dec 1879, at the res. of George DOWSON, Ashfield
4--? - 79 William JOHNSON, 23, farmer, Cartwright twp., East Wawanosh, s/o David & Martha, married Elizabeth HUNTER, 23, Vaughan twp., Morris twp., d/o Alexander & Jane, witn: Jeremiah BRIDGES of Morris & Thomas WHITE of Blyth, 31 Dec 1879 at Trinity Church, Blyth 4127-79 Robert JOHNSON, 31, laborer, Cobourg Ont., Brussels, s/o John & Ellen, married Annie WILSON, 25, Guelph, Brussels, d/o John & Celestina (Christena?), witn: Mrs. John JOHNSON & Mrs. RYAN, both of Brussels, 15 Aug 1879 at Brussels
4327-79 Joseph A. JOHNSTON, 25, stone mason, Wellesley, Gorrie, s/o Isaac & Ruth, married Margaret E. MUSGROVE, 25, Norwich, Gorrie, d/o Thomas MUSGROVE & Ella WALKER, witn: William G. STORY of Gorrie & Eliza J. MUSGROVE of Howick twp., 28 Oct. 1879 at Wroxeter 4226-79 (Huron Co): John JOHNSTON, 45, widower, farmer, Ireland, Turnberry twp., s/o William & Jane, married Rebecca HAMILTON, 28, Ireland, Huron, d/o Archibald & Mary Jane, witn: Richard BLOOMFIELD of Mi-- ?& Matilda HAMILTON of Huron, 1 Dec 1879 at Wingham
4245-79 William JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Morris twp., s/o John & Jane, married Martha McGARVEY, 17, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Robert McCUTCHEON & Margaret McGARVEY, both of Morris twp., 1 Jan 1879 at Morris twp 4690-80 Robert JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Morris twp., same, s/o William James & Sarah, married Harriet Eliza DULMAGE, 22, Athol, Morris, d/o Jonathan Allan & Christena, witn: Arthur SHAW & Isabella McVITY, both of Morris, 22 Oct 1879 at Morris twp
004690-80 (Huron Co): Robert JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Morris, same, s/o William James & Sarah JOHNSTON married Harriet Eliza DULMAGE, 22, Athol, Morris, d/o Jonathan Allen & Christina DULMAGE. Wit: Arthur SHAW and Isabella MEHETY?, both of Morris. October 22, 1879 at Morris  
4237-79 James D. JONES, 21, blacksmith, Haldimand Co., Morris twp., s/o William & Ann, married Susan Jane JOHNSTON, 22, Turnberry twp., same, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Archibald EYVEL of Morris twp. & Bella JOHNSTON of Turnberry, 10 Sept 1879 at Wingham 004097-79 (Huron Co) Robert JONES, 22, blacksmith, Hullett, Clinton, s/o William JONES & Ann CRAWFORD married Ellen GILLESPIE, 21, Fifeshire Scotland, Hullett, d/o William GILLESPIE & Ellen PENMAN. Wit John McMILLAN of McKillop and Joseph GILLESPIE of Hullett. April 1, 1879 at McKillop.
004651-80 (Huron Co): John JORDAN, 24, labourer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Thomas & Eliza JORDAN married Eliza Jane KERNICK, 21, Clarke Twp, East Wawanosh, d/o William & Ann KERNICK. Wit: William JORDAN of Goderich Twp and Martha KERNICK of East Wawanosh. December 31, 1879 at Clinton 004409-79 (Huron), George KELLERMAN, 23, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Leonard & Catherine KELLERMAN, to Barbara HAUG, 21, Hay, same, d/o John & Mary HAUG, wit: S. SCHLUCHTER & E. HAUG both of Hay, 2 May 1879, Hay
004101-79 (Huron Co) Aron W. KENNY, 31, mason, New Brunswick, East Zorra, s/o Israel & Mary KENNY married Elizabeth STEWART, 27, West Zorra, same, d/o Charles & Charlett STEWART. Wit William NESBIT and Jacob STEWART, res. not stated. June 6, 1879 at Walton McKillop. 004365-79 William H.B. KENT, 44, Harness Maker, England, Grey, s/o [father not listed] & Isabella HANNAH, married Maria HOGAN, 39, Ontario, Grey, d/o John & Mary HOGAN, Wit: Michael NICHOLS & Margaret ALBERT both of Grey, 18 Jan 1879, Grey
004283-79 (Huron Co) William KING, 24, photographer, Brant Co, Mount Forest, s/o Sandford & Mary married Mary Ann SMITH, 24, London, Clinton, d/o Henry & Mary. Wit William STEELS and Elizabeth SMITH, both of Clinton. April 29, 1879 at Clinton. 004576-80 (Huron Co): William KIRKBRIDE, not given, blacksmith, not given, Detroit U.S. or Goderich, s/o Alexander & Charlotte KIRKBRIDE married Margaret DREANY, not given, Canada, Ashfield, d/o George & Elizabeth DREANY. Wit: Thomas DREANY of Ashfield and Sarah KIRKBRIDE of Goderich. December 31, 1879 at Ashfield.
004397-79 (Huron), Peter KRAFT, 22, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Ludwig & Elisabeth KRAFT, to Catharine STADA, 20, Wilmot, Stephen Tp., d/o Christian & Sophia STADA, wit: Conrad WALKER of Usborne & Mary MASTER of USBORN, 11 March 1879, residence of grooms father in Stephen 4231-79 William LAIDLAW, 24, yeoman, Toronto, Morris twp., s/o William LAIDLAW & Elizabeth KEARNEY, married Margaret Jane McKEE, 19, Culross, Ripley, d/o William McKEE & Mary McCULLOCH, witn: John CONNERY & Minnie CLOAKLEY, both of Morris twp., 1 Oct 1879 at Wingham
004304-79 (Huron) Joseph Henry LAMBROOK, 21, tinsmith, Exeter, same, s/o Henry & Jane LAMBROOK, to Emma FANSON, 21, Usborne, Stephen, d/o Robert & Flora FANSON, wit: Seth BALDON? & Elizabeth FANSON, 25 June 1879, Stephen 4590-80 William LANE, 29, school master, England, Ashfield, s/o William & Mary, married Hannah STEWART, 22, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o David STEWART & Mary McLEAN, witn: David STEWAT & S. G. KILPATRICK, both of Ashfield, 31 Dec 1879 at Ashfield
004279-79 (Huron Co) Miles LATTA, 21, painter, Thurlow, Hullett, s/o George & Permilla LATTA married Johannah GLUE?, 21, Hullett, same, d/o Charles & Mary GLUE. Wit John BRINTELL of Hullett and George MITCHELL of McKillop. February 26, 1879 at Clinton. 4233-79 William LEE, 27, clerk, Canada, Wingham, s/o William C. & Margaret, married Mary ROBINSON, 22, Canada, Wingham, d/o John & Mary, witn: L. O. STRIPP & Hannah ROBINSON, 24 Sept 1879 at Wingham
  004650-80 (Huron Co): Frederick LOCKWOOD, 26, labourer, Yorkshire Eng, Clinton, s/o George & Eliza LOCKWOOD married Mary Jane FOLLAND?, 24, Devonshire Eng, Clinton, d/o John & Priscilla FOLLAND. Wit: Henry FOLLAND and Sarah APPLEBY, both of Clinton, December 2, 1879 at Clinton
4225-79 (Huron Co): Edward LOWERY, 35, widower, mechanic, Ireland, Gorrie, s/o Hugh & Ann, married Christena Eliz. MAGUIRE, 21, Canada, Wingham, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Howard EATON of Howick & Matilda MAGUIRE of Wingham, 27 Nov 1879 at Wingham 4246-79 James LOWRY, 40, yeoman, Ireland, East Wawanosh twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Caroline FLUKES, 23, Culross twp., Wingham, d/o Samuel & Mary Jane, witn: James GOLLEY & Mary Jane HUNTER, both of Morris twp., 29 Jan 1879 at Belgrave, Morris twp.
004107-79 (Huron Co) John William LYMAN, 25, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Hyman & Ann LYMAN married Mary Elizabeth EDMINSTON?, 18, McKillop, same, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth EDMINSTON. Wit Joseph CAMPBELL and Margaret CAMPBELL, both of Grey. December 11, 1879 at McKillop. 004309-79 (Huron) William Henry LYNCH, 37, laborer, Canada, Stephen, s/o William & Mary LYNCH, to Elizabeth Ann McCARTHY, 20, Stephen, same, d/o Michael & Elizabeth McCARTHY, wit: Michael McCARTHY, Mrs. Eva KENNEDY, & James P. KENNEDY, 8 September 1879, Centralia
004294-79 (Huron Co) John LYNCH, 22, Innkeeper, Buctouche NB, Goderich, s/o Patrick & Mary Ann married Elizabeth STEVEN, 24, Aberdeen Scotland, Goderich, d/o William & Isabella. Wit James DONNELLY of Goderich & Sarah EDGAR of Clinton. september 16, 1879 at Clinton. 004381-79 George LYONS, 25, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o Joseph & Mary LYONS, married Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 25, Canada, Hullett, d/o James & Ellen RICHARDSON, Wit: Andrew CUNNINGHAM & Margaret BARR both of Hullett, 22 Apr 1879, Blyth
4316-79 Robert MAINPRIZE, 26, carpenter, East Gwillimbury, Hullett, s/o John & Ellen, married Emmaline BAILEY, 21, West Wawanosh, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William MAINPRIZE of Hullett & Elizabeth BAILEY of West Wawanosh, 3 Dec 1879 at West Wawanosh 4242-79 William F. MANN, 23, miller, Elma, Bluevale, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Elizabeth BRUCE, 19, Peel, Bluevale, d/o Alexander & Ann, witn: E. W. BRUCE & Charles MANN & A. FARROW, all of Bluevale and E. COUSINS of Trowbridge, 24 Sept 1879 at Bluevale
4315-79 William MARTIN, 33, widower, farmer, Darlington twp., East Wawanosh, s/o Donald MARTIN & Rachel HUTTON, married Margaret LAIDLAW, 23, Waterloo twp., East Wawanosh, d/o James LAIDLAW & Ann TAYLOR, witn: Charles MARTIN of E. Wawanosh & Jessie LAIDLAW of W. Wawanosh, 18 Sept 1879 at West Wawanosh 4239-79 Henry McCOURT, 27, farmer, Canada, Wawanosh twp., s/o James McCOURT & Elizabeth McLOUGHLIN, married Elizabeth McGROGAN, 22, Canada, Wawanosh twp., d/o Felix McGROGAN & Catherine HOBAN, witn: William John McCOURT & Ellen Jane McGROGAN, both of Wawanosh twp., 3 June 1879 at Wingham
4709-80 Robert McCULLOUGH, 24, farmer, Darlington, Minto, s/o John & Ellen, married Eliza Ann HOOPER, 18, Markham, Howick, d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witn: George McCULLOUGH of Darlington & Agusta HOOPER of Howick, 26 Nov 1879 at Howick 004371-79 John McCUTCHEON, 38, farmer, Ireland, Grey, s/o John & Esther McCUTCHEON, married Rachel HEAPY, 29, Ontario, Grey, d/o John & Mary HEAPY, Wit: Ann REID & George HEAPY both of Grey, 31 Dec 1879, Grey
  004584-80 (Huron Co): Alexander McDIARMID, 25, farmer, Ontario, Kinloss Bruce Co, s/o Angus & Ann McDIARMID married Isabella STEWART, 20, Ontario, Kinloss Bruce Co, d/o Malcolm & Christina STEWART. Wit: Alexander MORISON of Lucknow and Murdoch NICOLSON of Kinloss. January 8, 1879 at Lucknow
4323-79 Alexander McDOUGALL, 25, farmer, Scotland, Howick twp. twp., s/o Alexander McDOUGALL & Janet CREAR, married Jane McPHERSON, 23, Canada, Morris twp., d/o Robert McPHERSON & Jane JARDINE, witn: John McPHERSON of Morris twp. & Christena McDOUGALL, 1 July 1879 at Wroxeter 004622-80 (Huron Co): Joseph McFARLANE, 24, farmer, Toronto, Stanley, s/o Donald McFARLANE & Janet GARRIE married Eliza KYLE, 20, Stanley, same, d/o William KYLE & Nancy Agnes COCHRANE. Wit: William CLUFF and William KYLE, both of Stanley. November 26, 1879 at Stanley
004382-79 Daniel McGOWAN, 42, farmer, North West Territories, Rapid City [S Dakota?], s/o Robert & Mary McGOWAN, married Margaret CUNNINGHAM, 38, Canada, E Wawanosh, d/o William & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, Wit: John FRASER, Morris & Hugh McQUARRIE, Blyth, 24 Apr 1879, Blyth 4588-80 Donald McGREGOR, 29, farmer, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o Kenneth McGREGOR & Margaret McRAE, married Catherine McKAY, 27, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o John McKAY & Annabella McLEAN, witn: Kenneth McDONALD & John? McKENZIE, both of Ashfield, 13 Nov 1879 at Ashfield
4259-79 Samuel McILWAIN, 21, farmer, Colborne Ont., Turnberry twp., s/o John & Eliza, married Mary Ann RANKIN, 24, Wallace, Turnberry twp., d/o Richard & Mary, witn: William BRYANT of Morris twp. & Christena McLEAN of Lucknow, 9 Oct 1879 at Belgrave 004363-79 Andrew McINNIS, 30, farmer, Lanark, Grey, s/o William & Janet McINNIS, married Jane SCOTT, 17, Ayr Ont, Grey, d/o Robert & Jane SCOTT, Wit: Barbara M. SCOTT & Duncan McINNIS both of Grey Ont, 1 Jan 1879, Grey
4326-79 John McINTOSH, 30, farmer, Dalhousie, Howick twp., s/o Philip McINTOSH & Mary SHERRIFF, married Elizabeth Ann MUSGROVE, 18, Howick twp., same, d/o Stewart MUSGROVE & Mary STORY, witn: Robert ELLIOTT & Janet SKILLING, both of Howick twp., 7 Oct. 1879 at Wroxeter  
004100-79 (Huron Co) John McKAY, 35, widower, farmer, Quebec, McKillop, s/o James & Ann McKAY married Caroline McMUN. 20, Howick, McKillop, d/o James & Mary McMUN. Wit Richard SCHOFIELD and Joseph McMUN, both of Walton. June 4, 1879 at Walton McKillop. 4328-79 Isaac McKAY, 27, miller, Scotland, Grey twp., s/o Hugh & Mrs., married Catherine HENDERSON, 20, Canada, Morris twp., d/o David HENDERSON & Janet JOHNSTONE, witn: Jessie E. BROWN & S. J. BETTS, both of Wroxeter, 6 Nov 1879 at Wroxeter
004376-79 James McKELVEY, 58, farmer, widower, Ireland, Grey Ont, s/o Alex McKELVEY & Elisabeth Sinclair IRELAND, married Mary POLLOCK, 48, widow, Ireland, Grey, d/o Jacob & Elisabeth CHAMBERS, Wit: Samuel CHAMBERS & Ann SIMPSON both of Grey, 25 Nov 1879, Grey 004357-79 Murdoch McKENZIE, 24, Farmers Merchant, Canada, Ashfield, s/o Donald & Margaret McKENZIE, married Christina McKENZIE, 18, Ashfield, Ashfield, d/o Donald McKENZIE & Agnes GUTHRIE, Wit: Roderick McKENZIE, Huron & Jane McKENZIE, Ashfield, 30 Jun 1879, Ashfield
004585-80 (Huron Co): Alexander McKENZIE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o Donald McKENZIE & Mary CAMERON married Isabella MATHESON, 21, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o Roderick & Christian MATHESON. Wit: Farquhar FINDLAYSON and Alexander McLEOD, res not given. June 29, 1879 at Ashfield 004586-80 (Huron Co): Kenneth McKENZIE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Delina MORISON married Christina McKAY, 24, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o William McKAY & Ann McLEOD. Wit: Thomas HENDERSON and James McKAY, res not given. April 23, 1879 at Ashfield
004351-79 (Huron Co.) John McKENZIE, 33, Farmer, Nova Scotia, Ashfield, s/o John & Ann McKENZIE, married Catherine BROWN, 34, Ireland, Ashfield, d/o Richard & Elizabeth BROWN, Witn.: Thomas McKENZIE, Lizzie McCAAN (?) of Clinton, Ashfield, April 3, 1879 at 12 Con., Ashfield 004385-79 Daniel McLEAN, 52, farmer, Nova Scotia, Morris, s/o Donald McLEAN & Annie CAMERON, married Janet J. HOGG, Scotland, Morris, d/o William HOGG & Fanny CARRUTHERS, Wit: David G. HOGG & Annisabilla CAMERON, both of Morris, 24 Dec 1879, Blyth
  004623-80 (Huron Co): Alexander McMURTRIE, 27, farmer, Yarmouth, Hay, s/o John McMURTRIE & Margaret GIBSON married Mary LOVE, 22, Hay, Stanley, d/o Hugh LOVE & Joanna YOUNG. Wit: Hugh LOVE of Stanley and M. T. McLEAN of Seaforth. December 3, 1879 at Hills Green, Stanley
004296-79 (Huron Co) Duncan Ferguson McPHERSON, 28, accountant, Fingal Elgin Co, Clinton, s/o Daniel & Mary McPHERSON married Marion COATS, 21, Clinton, same, d/o Robert COATS & Mary PARKE. Wit W. COATS of Hamilton and E.D. McPHERSON of Clinton. October 15, 1879 at Clinton. 004295-79 (Huron Co) James McWHINNEY, 28, farmer, Ashfield Twp, same, s/o John McWHINNEY & Isabella KIRKPATRICK married Mary Ann JOHNSTON, 23, Goderich, Detroit, U.S., d/o William JOHNSTON and Charlotte DUNLEY. Wit P. McLAREN and C. MORTON, both of Clinton. September 25, 1879 at Clinton.
004380-79 Jacob MERKLINGER, 22, Shoemaker, Perth Co, Manchester, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth MERKLINGER, married Phromissa TRUAX, 25, Reach Tp, Blyth, d/o James & Christina TRUAX, Wit: John NAEGALL & Isabella DOBIE both of Manchester, 3 Apr 1879, Blyth 004307-79 (Huron) Jacob M. MERNER, 55, farmer, Switzerland, New Hamburgh, widower, s/o John & Magdalena MERNER, to Elizabeth Ann STAHL, 45, Switzerland, Crediton, widow, d/o Paul WINER & Christina MALLET, wit: Catherine KLUMP & Eliza SPAER, 16 October 1879, Crediton
4256-79 William MICHIE, 48, widower, yeoman, Scotland, Morris twp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth KIRTON, 25, Toronto, Morris twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: William, Christopher & Margaret MICHIE of Morris twp., 12 June 1879 at Morris twp 4325-79 John MILLS, 28, Whitchurch, Culross twp., s/o Adam & Rebecca, married Mary Leven PATTON, 15, Erin Canada, Culross twp., d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Mrs. C. E. AULD of Wroxeter, 1 Oct 1879 at Wroxeter
004368-79 Richard MITCHELL, 21, farmer, Wilmot, Grey Ont, s/o Thomas & Judith MITCHELL, married Elizabeth JONES, 21, Grey Ont, same, d/o John & Susan JONES, Wit: George BATEMAN & Jane JONES both of Grey, 8 May 1879, Grey 004301-79 (Huron Co) Robert MONAGHAN, 23, farmer, Clark Twp, Goderich Twp, s/o Hugh & Mary MONAGHAN married Sarah PEARSON, 23, Stanley, same, d/o William & Mary PEARSON. Wit Robert PEARSON and Mary Ann PEARSON, both of Stanley. September 18, 1879 at Clinton.
04104-79 (Huron Co) Andrew MORRISON, 41, widower, farmer, Ireland, McKillop, s/o Mathew & Mary Anne MORRISON married Eliza Jane ROE, 24, Grey, McKillop, d/o Thomas & Emma ROE. Wit George and Maria MORRISON of Grey. December 7, 1879 Walton McKillop. 004108-79 (Huron Co) John MORROW, 28, agricultural agent, Halton Co, London City, s/o John & Ann MORROW married Rebecca M. HARGAN, 23, Hastings Co., McKillop, d/o John & Mary HARGAN. Wit John MORROW of McKillop and Mrs. M. A. COULTER of Brussels. December 16, 1879 at McKillop.
4134-79 James MURRAY, 25, farm laborer, Scotland, Hullett, s/o James & Janet, married Elizabeth NEILANS, 23, Scotland, Hullett, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: David? KNOX & William HANNAH, both of Hullett, 9 Jan 1879 at Hullett 004350-79 (Huron Co.) Adam MURRAY, 26, Farmer, Twp. of Sarnia, Twp. of Ashfield, s/o William D. & Ann MURRAY, married Annie JOHNSTON, 22, Twp. of Dorchester, Twp. of Ashfield, d/o NOBLE & Eliza J. JOHNSTON, Witn.: Robert HAMILTON, Margaret J. JOHNSTON, both of Ashfield, February 6, 1879 at Ashfield
004289-79 (Huron Co) John Thomas NEWMARCH, 22, tinsmith, Clinton, same, s/o Robt & Hannah married Elizabeth Jane SKINNER, 19, Clinton, same, s/o John & Susan. Wit Edward NEWMARCH and Jennie NEWilliamARCH, both of Clinton. August 13, 1879 at Clinton. 4702-80 Henry NEWTON, 26, shoe maker, Albion, Fordwich, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Louisa Ann MOSIER, 20, Fordwich, same, d/o James & Jane Elizabeth, witn: Thomas TIDY of Fordwich & Emma J. FALLIS of Wallace, 19 Nov 1879 at Fordwich
004258-80 (Huron Co): William O'BRIAN, 26, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Henry & Ann O'BRIAN married Emmeline CANN, 24, Port Hope, Hay, d/o John & Hannah CANN. Wit: George O'BRIAN and Charlotte O'BRIAN, both of Hay. November 10, 1879 at Kippen  
4250-79 Thomas E. OLIVER, 25, hotel keeper, Whitby, Morris twp., s/o James & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth E. BURGES, 21, Chippawa, Morris twp., d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: James OLIVER & Jane B. BURGES, both of Morris twp., 27 Feb 1879 at Bluevale 4120-79 Albert Henry PATTISON, 25, merchant, England, Walton, s/o Robert & Isabella, married Margaret Rachel REID, 22, Stanley twp., Walton, d/o Andrew & Grace, witn: William SHAW of Fullerton & Grace REID of Walton, 21 Feb 1879 at Brussels
004102-79 (Huron Co) August PEPPERS, 22, foreman in plough factory, Germany, Seaforth, s/o Charles Peppers RUKY [as written, no mother's name given], married Maggie ROBINSON, 19, Seaforth, same, d/o John ROBINSON & Miss RITCHIE. Wit F. WINTER and J. BARTLETT, both of Seaforth. August 12, 1879 at McKillop. 004412-79 (Huron), Peter PERDUE, 24, farmer, Goderich Tp., same, s/o Thomas & Prudence PERDUE, to Ann ELLIOT, 21, Goderich Tp., same, d/o John & Rachel ELLIOT, wit: Andrew EKKIOT of Goderich & George HESS of Zurich, 3 October, 1879, Zurich
004112-79 (Huron Co) Richard PHARE, 24, farmer, Biddulph, McKillop, s/o William PHAIR (sic) & Mary Ann DUGAN? (not clear) married Matilda MENARY, 24, Caledonia, McKillop, d/o John MENARY & Jane SHANNON. Wit James PHAIR and Martha GIBSON, both of McKillop. December 24, 1879 at McKillop. 4703-80 Thomas PLAYFORD, 29, blacksmith, Cobourg, Wroxeter, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Matilda ROGERS, 18, Wallace, same, d/o Joseph & Ann, witn: Oliver ROGERS of Howick & Emma A. ROGERS of Wallace, 16 Dec 1879 at Newbridge
004358-79 Thomas PLUNKET, 25 farmer, W Wawanosh, same, s/o John & Maria PLUNKET, married Eliza KEE, 25, W Wawanosh, same, d/o David & Margaret KEE, Wit: Joseph KEE & Amanda BROWNSCOMBE both of Kinloss, 9 Sept 1879, Dungannon 004649-80 (Huron Co): Thomas James POTTER, 24, yeoman, Stanley, Goderich Twp, s/o Thomas & Matilda POTTER married Fanny JARVIS, 24, Goderich Twp, same, d/o William & Mary JARVIS. Wit: Samuel MARREL and Mary JARVIS, both of Goderich Twp. November 5, 1879 at Clinton
4224-79 (Huron Co): John PRIER, 33, farmer, England, Brussels, s/o John & Jane, married Jane FERRIE, 21, Canada, Brussels, d/o Samuel E. & Margaret, witn: Daniel PRIER & Catherine FERRIE, 19 Nov 1879 at Wingham 004535-80 (Huron Co): James PRITCHARD, 37, minister, Ontario Manchester Huron Co, s/o Joseph PRITCHARD & Jane STEWART married Christina McCROSTIE, 22, West Wawanosh, same, d/o John McCROSTIE & Margaret STUART. Wit: Rev. Alexander STEWART of Clinton and Jane McCRAE of Guelph. December 25, 1879 at West Wawanosh
  004414-79 (Huron), John RAMSAYER, 21, farmer, Ohio U.S., Hay, s/o Joseph & Mary RAMSAYER, to Mary Ann SCHMID, 17, Hay, same, d/o Andrew & Gertrude SCHMID, wit: Henry EICHER & Elisabeth SCHMID of Hay, 4 October 1879, Hay
4330-79 Charles J. READING, 25, sawyer, Canada, Morris twp., s/o John READING & Mary HASSAN, married Minnie ANDERSON, 21, Canada, Turnberry twp., d/o Samuel ANDERSON & Elizabeth CEASAR, witn: William & Jessie Ann ANDERSON, 25 Dec 1879 at Presbyterian Manse, Wroxeter 004355-79 (Huron Co.) Andrew RITCHIE, 23, Minto Wellington Co. Ont., Ashfield, s/o William RITCHIE & Margaret ANDERSON, married Helen HUNTER, 21, Ashfield, Ashfield, d/o Robert HUNTER & Janet REED, Witn.: Daniel WEBSTER, Sarah MURDOCK, both of Ashfield, March 5, 1879 at Ashfield
004587-80 (Huron Co): James ROSS, 22, cabinet maker, Ontario, Lucknow, s/o David ROSS & Helen CAMERON married Rachel MARSH, 20, U.S., Lucknow, d/o William & Helen MARSH. Wit: John Donald McKENZIE, res not given. July 9, 1879 at Ashfield. 4119-79 John RYAN, 28, farmer, Ireland, Brussels, s/o Jeremiah & Bridget, married Mary COLEMAN, 25, Canada, Brussels, d/o Daniel & Ellen, witn: Patrick RYAN of McKillop & Catherine COLEMAN of Morris, 19 Feb 1879 at Brussels
4251-79 Adam SCOTT, 24, farmer, Scotland, Morris twp., s/o Adam & Nancy, married Christena McARTHUR, 19, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o John & Margaret, witn: Andrew SCOTT & Christena McDOUGALL, both of Morris twp., 1 Jan 1879 at Morris twp 004366-79 Albert C. SECOR, 25, farmer, York Co Ont, Ethel, s/o Louis W. & Elizabeth SECOR, married Mary Rebecca TOMPKINS, 24, York Co, Ethel, d/o William & Rebecca TOMPKINS, Wit: Ebenezer TOMPKINS & Mary McKELVEY both of Ethel Ont, 13 Feb 1879, Cranbrook
004648-80 (Huron Co): Jesse Thomas SEWARD, 26, carpenter, Portsmouth Eng, Clinton, s/o Henry & Louisa SEWARD married Alfrietta BEZZO, 22, Norfolk, Clinton, d/o Charles & Mary Ann BEZZO. Wit: William TIPLADY and Elizabeth TIPLADY, both of Clinton. December 17, 1879 at Clinton 004374-79 John SHANNON, 23, Teacher, McKillop, Grey, s/o James & Jane SHANNON, married Margaret FULTON, 23, Grey Tp, Grey Tp, d/o William & Janet FULTON, Wit: Solomon J. SHANNON & Jane FULTON both of Grey, 21 Nov 1879, Grey
  004647-80 (Huron Co): William SHEPPLEY, 23, yeoman, Clinton, Hullett, s/o John & Caroline SHEPPLEY married Grace Ann MILLS, 19, Stanley twp, Clinton, d/o Joseph & Flora Ann MILLS. Wit: William R. CARSCADEN (Carscadden?) of Forest and Harriet SHEPPLEY of Clinton. December 18, 1879 at Clinton
004383-79 Enoch George SHORTS, 31, farmer, Ontario, E Wawanosh, s/o William & Ruth SHORTS, married Annie BEAN, 33, England, Clarke Ont, d/o Abraham & Sarah BEAN, Wit: Alfred LAWRENCE, Blyth & Sarah E. BEAN, Clinton, 7 Jul 1879, Blyth 004621-80 (Huron Co): Charles SINCLAIR, 25, farmer, England, Usborne, s/o John SINCLAIR & Rebecca BEER? married Useller? WILSON, 23, Ontario, Usborne, d/o Samuel & Isabella WILSON. Wit: Malcom CAMERON and Margaret DANLEY (Danby?), both of Stanley. December 25, 1879 at Varna
004305-79 (Huron) Joseph SNELL, 25, teacher, Stephen, Dashwood, s/o William & Sarah SNELL, to Christine SIMON, 20, Stephen, Dashwood, d/o Louis & Christine SIMON, wit: Thomas HENDERSON & ? SIMON, 8 July 1879, Dashwood 004398-79 (Huron), Otto J. SOLDAN, 24, farmer, Hay, Stephen, s/o Henry & Caroline SOLDAN, to Elisabeth TRUEMNER, 22, Hay, same, d/o Justice & Catherine TRUEMNER, wit: Henry TRUEMNER of Hay & Mary SOLDAN of Stephen, 10 April 1879, Brides parents residence in Hay
004311-79 (Huron) William SONG, 32, farmer, London Tp., Usborne, widower, s/o John & Ann SONG, to Emma BISSETT, 27, Usborne, same, d/o James & Fannie BISSETT, wit: John BISSETT & John ESSY, 30 December 1879, Stephen  
004418-79 (Huron), James SPACKMAN, 26, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Robert & Margaret SPACKMAN, to Lavina GRAM, 23, Hay, same, d/o William & Hannah GRAM, wit: George SPACKMAN of Stanley & William GRAM of Hay, 23 September 1879, bride's parents in Hay 004396-79 (Huron), Christian STADA, 24, farmer, Preston, Stephen Tp., s/o Christian & Sophia STADA, to Catharine KRAFT, 24, Stephen, same, d/o Ludwig & Elisabeth KRAFT, wit: Jacob SCHRODER of Hay & Maria KRAFT of Stephen, 11 March 1879, residence of brides father in Stephen
004299-79 (Huron Co) James STEELE, 25, hotel keeper, Paris, Hullett, s/o Robert & Mary STEELE married Maggie LOVE, 17, Hibbert, Hullett, d/o James & Eliza LOVE. Wit William STEELE of Tuckersmith and Mary LOVE of Hullett. November 5, 1879 at Clinton. 004306-79 (Huron) John STRUTHERS, 24, cooper, London, Ont., Exeter, s/o John & Elizabeth STRUTHERS, to Augusta PHILLIPPI, 22, New Hamburgh, Stephen, d/o Henry & Susannah PHILLIPPI, wit: Jacob SIMS & Anna PHILLIPPI, 30 October 1879, Crediton
  4126-79 William SULLIVAN, 22, railway employee, Gibraltar Spain, Exeter, s/o Daniel & Marie, married Elizabeth McLEAN, 21, Morris, same, d/o Hector & Elizabeth, witn: Emma JACKSON of Brussels, 16 June 1879 at Brussels
004245-80 (Huron Co): Michael SURARUS, 21, merchant's clerk, Hay, Zurich Huron Co, s/o Daniel & Margaret SURARUS married Mary Annie WOLNICK, 17, Michigan, Zurich, d/o Henry & Elizabeth WOLNICK. Wit: William WOLTZMAN of Zurich and Mary SURARUS of Hay. September 30, 1879 at Hay 004416-79 (Huron), Michael SURERUS?, 21, clerk, Hay, Zurich, s/o of Daniel & Margaret SURERUS, to Mary Ann WOHLNICK, 17, Michigan, Zurich, d/o Henry & Elisabeth WOHLNICK, wit: William HOLTZMAN & Mary SURERUS both of Zurich, 30 September, 1879, Hay
#004330-80 (Huron Co): Samuel Marchant TAYLOR, 20, photographer, Canada, London, s/o John TAYLOR & Catherine McLAREN, married Elizabeth MUNRO, 16 (or 18), Canada, Goderich, d/o John MUNRO & Elizabeth McKAY, witn: Eva WATSON & George McKAY, both of Goderich, 23 Dec 1879 at Goderich 4321-79 Robert TAYLOR, 27, carpenter, Scotland, Lakelet, s/o Robert TAYLOR & Allison KINNEAR, married Mary Ann HUBBARD, 21, Canada, Lakelet, d/o Thomas HUBBARD & Mary Ann LAHNY, witn: Richard BENSON of Lakelet & Sophia HUBBARD, 4 June 1879 at Wroxeter
4241-79 Robert TAYLOR, 24, Minister of the Gospel, Dorchester East, Orangeville, s/o Alexander TAYLOR & Isabella SCARLETT, married Katie McWILLIAMS, 21, Usborne twp., Kinloss, d/o Andrew McWILLIAMS & Ellen CAMPBELL, witn: Andrew McWILLIAMS & Eliza Jane TAYLOR, both of Kinloss, 26 Aug 1879 at Wingham 4232-79 Andrew TENNANT, 19, farmer, Canada, Turnberry, s/o Abraham & Martha, married Mary A. CASEMORE, 18, Canada, Turnberry, d/o John & Mary A., witn: N. J. SADLER & Martha J. TENNANT, 23 Oct. 1879 at Wingham
004379-79 William THOMPSON, 35, farmer, Canada, Blyth, s/o John & Margaret THOMPSON, married Elizabeth LONG, 24, Canada, Blyth, d/o James & Eliza LONG, Wit: John McGAVIN & Sarah BROWNLEE both of Hullett, 10 Feb 1879, Blyth 004420-79 (Huron), David L. THOMPSON, 26, painter, Scotland, Hensall, s/o Bernard & Christina THOMPSON, to Fannie BLATCHFORD, 18, Ont., Hensall, d/o John and Francis BLATCHFORD, wit: George BROWN & Mary A. BLATCHFORD both of Hensall, 29 October 1879, Hensall
4322-79 John THOMSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Howick twp., s/o James THOMSON & Margaret MUNN, married Annie SAGE, 20, Canada, Wroxeter, d/o Thomas SAGE & Margaret MOORE, witn: Samuel SLICHTER & Robert PAULIN, both of Wroxeter, 27 June 1879 at Wroxeter 004298-79 (Huron Co) Robert THOMSON, 21, cutter, Durham Que, Clinton, s/o James THOMPSON (sic) & Jane DAWSON married Emma GALLINGER, 27, East Gwillimbury, Clinton, d/o James GALLINGER & Ellen BAUERMAN. Wit William THOMSON, Guelph and Maggie SWARTZ of Clinton. November 5, 1879 at Clinton.
004352-79 (Huron Co.) George Edward Augustus THURLOW, 27, Farmer, Twp. of Bathurst Lanark Co., Colborne, s/o John & Harriet THURLOW, married Margaret DOUGHERTY, 21, Twp. Ashfield, Twp. Ashfield, d/o William & Elizabeth DOUGHERTY Witn.: William B. HAYDEN, Nixon DOUGHERTY, both of Ashfield, March 26, 1879 at the residence of Bride’s Father, Twp. Ashfield 4329-79 Robert THYNNE (Thyme?), 25, farmer, Scotland, Howick twp. twp., s/o Alexander THYNNE & Jane ROBSON, married Margaret DODS (s/b Dodds?), 27, Scotland, Howick twp. twp., d/o William DODS & Helen HYSLOP, witn: John THYNNE & Fred TURNER, both of Morris twp., 4 Dec 1879 at Wroxeter
004242-80 (Huron Co): Peter TRIGGERSON, 25, farmer, Canada, Wingham, s/o John & Amelia TRIGGERSON married Margaret COOK, 20, Huron , Hensall Hay Twp, d/o William & Margaret COOK. Wit: George COTTLE and Mary COTTLE, both of Hensall. December 18, 1879 at Hensall 004391-79 (Huron), John E. TRUEMNER, 23, farmer, Hay, same, s/o John & Maria TRUEMNER, to Emma RICKBEIL, 20, Hay, same, d/o John & Louisa RICKBEIL, wit: Aaron KAERCHER & Jeremiah KAERCHER both of Hay, 4 March 1879, Residence of bride's parents in Hay
004370-79 James L. TURNBULL, 45, farmer, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, s/o Robert & Ellen Read TURNBULL, married Isabella TURNBULL, 32, Scotland, Grey, d/o Thomas & Ellen TURNBULL, Wit: Adam & Janet TURNBULL, 25 Jun 1879, Grey 004241-80 (Huron Co): Richard VAIL, 29, labourer, England, Hay, s/o Richard & Mary VAIL married Sara HARRIS, 21, Huron Co, Hay, d/o James & Elizabeth HARRIS. Wit: John STANLAKE of Stephen and Elizabeth A. HARRIS of Hay. December 11, 1879 at Hay
004356-79 Joseph Magowan VINT, 22, farmer, Ashfield, Ashfield, s/o James and Margaret VINT, married Elizabeth Charlotte CAMPBELL, 22, Wawanosh, Ashfield, d/o George & Mary CAMPBELL, Wit: George Campbell, father & Sarah A. VINT both of Ashfield, 13 Jul 1879, Dungannon  
004467-80 (Huron Co): Ebenezer WALKER, 28, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James WALKER & Mary J. McKAY married Fannie Douglas McKENZIE, 23, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Thomas McKENZIE & Jennie WALKER. Wit: Francis McKENZIE and Jennie WALKER, res not stated. November 26, 1879 at Tuckersmith 4136-79 Joseph WALLACE, 28?, farmer, Westmoreland England, Hullett, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Eliza GARRETT, 28, Lincolnshire England, Hullett, d/o John & Esther, witn: Septimus WALLACE & Sarah A. LYON, both of Hullett, 11 March 1879 at Hullett
004388-79 (Huron), Abraham WANNER, 29, Laborer, Waterloo Co., Stephen Tp., s/o Henry & Annie WANNER, to Mary TURNBULL, 26, Galt Ont., Hay Tp., d/o William & Elizabeth TURNBULL, wit: William McARTHUR of Hay & Alice TURNBULL, 1 January 1879, Hay 4247-79 Adam WATSON, 31, carpenter, Scotland, Egremont twp., s/o Charles & Annie, married Sarah Jane GINN, 28, Vaughan twp., Glenelg, d/o John & Eleanor, witn: Archibald BRYDGES & Mary Jane HUNTER, both of Morris, 30 Jan 1879 at Belgrave, Morris twp.
4252-79 David WATSON, 29, dentist, Ontario, Brussels, s/o John & Margaret, married Jessie Catherine BROADFOOT, 17, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o John & Mary, witn: William HARTRY & Charles T. BROOKS, both of Brussels, 24 March 1879 at Morris twp. 4263-79 Robert E. WAY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Morris twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane McNIMMINY, 22, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o William & Jane, 23 Oct 1879 at Morris twp.
004394-79 (Huron), John WEDNER, 24, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Jacob & Magdalena WEDNER, to Frederica N. STELK, 23, Hay, same, d/o Claus & Julian STELK, wit: William STELK & Jacob WEDNER both of Hay, 18 March 1879, Zurich 004244-80 (Huron Co): John George WEIN, 25, farmer, Germany, Stephen, s/o John & Agnes WEIN married Leah BIEBER, 20, Puslinch Wellington Co, Hay, d/o Peter & Margaretha BEIBER. Wit: Peter BIEBER Jr of Hay and Maria WEIN of Stephen. December 2, 1879 at Hay
4258-79 John WHEELER, 27, farmer, Canada, Morris twp., s/o Charles & Caroline, married Adaline HUGHES, 21, Canada, Morris twp., d/o Robert & Mary, witn: William J. GEDDES & Annie WHEELER, both of Morris twp., 23 Sept 1879 at Morris twp 004377-79 John WHITE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Grey, s/o William & Margaret WHITE, married Adaline McCUTCHEON, 19, St. Marys, Grey, d/o James & Dinah McCUTCHEON, Wit: Ann REID & A.R. WHITE both of Grey, 12 Nov 1879, Grey
4317-79 William WHITTINGTON, 26, farmer, Clinton, same, s/o William & Ann, married Emma Jane HANNAFORD, 26, Nassagaweya, West Wawanosh, d/o George & Jane, witn: C. R. COATS of Clinton & Elizabeth HANNAFORD of W. Wawanosh, 13 Aug 1879 at West Wawanosh 4124-79 William WILLIS, 21, laborer, Ontario, Howick, s/o William & Eliza, married Mary Jane ALLAN, 21, Ontario, Grey, d/o James & Jane, witn: William Francis ALLAN of Grey & Samuel WILLIS of Howick, 27 May 1879 at Brussels
004359-79 John WILLIS, 32, farmer, widower, Tiperary Ireland, Ashfield, s/o William & Ann WILLIS, married Martha McCONNELL, 25, W Wawanosh, Port Albert, d/o James & Elizabeth McCONNELL, Wit: Edward McCONNELL, Port Albert & Simon McCULLAGH, Goderich Tp, 5 Nov 1879, at her mother’s residence Port Albert 004288-79 (Huron Co) Philip WILLOWS, 30, widower, mechanic, Lincolnshire England, Clinton, s/o John WILLOWS & Mary RHODES married Isabella Laird BUTCHER, 26, Wellington Co., Clinton, d/o Edward BUTCHER & Barbara LAIRD. Wit James FERGUSON and Catherine FERGUSON, both of Clinton. July 28, 1879 at Clinton.
004419-79 (Huron), Charles WILSON, 45, farmer, Hope, Ont., Hay, s/o George & Elisabeth WILSON, to Samanetha DIRSTEIN, 22, Willmotte, Hay, d/o Henry & Hannah DIRSTEIN, wit: R. G. MOORE & Maria DIRSTEIN of Hay, 19 August 1879, Bayfield 004291-79 (Huron Co) Peter Alex WILSON, 25, farmer, Goderich, same, s/o Peter & Georgiana married Ann Isabella HENDERSON, 25, Goderich Twp, same, d/o William and Janette. Wit R.J. HENDERSON and Ellen WILSON, both of Goderich Twp. June 21, 1879 at Clinton.
004532-80 (Huron Co): Charles WILSON, 26, mason, Prince Ed. Island, West Wawanosh, s/o George & Grace WILSON married Mary COX, 25, Addington, West Wawanosh, d/o Eugene & Henrietta COX. Wit: John CARR of Dungannon and Mary WILLIS of Ashfield. December 25, 1879 at West Wawanosh 004415-79 (Huron), Jacob ZELLER, 24, farmer, Hay, same, s/o David & Anna ZELLER, to Ann Elisabeth NEUSCHWANGER, 22, Hay, same, d/o John & Mary NEUSCHWANGER, wit: Jacob SCHNELL & Jacob GALLMAN both of Zurich, 23 September 1879, Zurich