Huron 1914

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Huron Co, 1914

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012698-14 (Huron Co): Thomas E. ABBOTT, 43, widower, not given, not given, Lucan Middlesex Co, s/o Francis G. ABBOTT & Lydia Ann REVINGTON married Clara FAIRHALL, 27, bookkeeper, not given, Centralia, d/o Frederick FAIRHALL & Catherine MORGAN. Wit: Fred FAIRHALL of Centralia and Pearl GOODREAU of Kent Bridge. June 3, 1914 at Stephen 012699-14 (Huron Co): Charles ABBOTT, 40, widower, manager, Biddulph, London, s/o Thomas ABBOTT & Sarah CAVANAGH married Alice Lockwood PETTY, 34, Hensall, same, d/o George Cooper PETTY & Hannah DINSDALE. Wit: George Cooper PETTY and Hannah PETTY, both of Hensall. June 20, 1914 at Hensall
012701-14 (Huron Co): Silas James ADAMS, 27, dry goods salesman, Dashwood, Lindsay, s/o Richard ADAMS & Lucy BROKENSHIRE married Laura Lena PREETER, 28, Stephen Twp, Dashwood, d/o Frederic PREETER & Flora STELCK. Wit: Edward KRAFT and Mrs, Rosa KRAFT, both of Dashwood. October 6, 1914 at Dashwood 12696-14 James AGAR, 56, widower, farmer, Essa twp., West Wawanosh, s/o John AGAR & Jane IRWIN, married Frances Olivia SELBY, 45, Tecumseth twp., West Wawanosh, d/o Briton SELBY & Eliza BELL, witn: Jacob M. & Louie REED, both of W. Wawanosh, 18 March 1914 at res of Jacob M. Reid, West Wawanosh
12700-14 Robert M. AITCHISON, 29, farmer, Morris, Bluevale, s/o James AITCHISON & Agnes McHARDY, married Florena SHEDDEN, 20, Dakota, Morris, d/o James MANSER (sic) & Kate PHAIR, witn: Mary SPEIR & Isabella H. SHEDDEN, both of Brussels, 15 June 1914 at Morris 012695-14 Henry Wallace ALLEN, 34, farmer, not given, Radiston Saskatchewan, s/o Henry Wallace ALLEN & Mary BEST married Florence Mabel DAVIDSON, 26, not given, McKillop, d/o Thomas DAVIDSON & Bessie LOVE. Wit: Bessie DAVIDSON and Edwin DAVIDSON, both of McKillop. February 4, 1914 at Walton
12702-14 Frank Reed ANDERSON, 22, clerk, Toronto, London, s/o John ANDERSON & Ada G. REED, married Jean Violet ZIRK, 22, Parkhill, Blake, d/o Christ. ZIRK & Charlotte MARRIOT?, witn: Mrs. G. B--? & Annie HESS, both of Zurich, 5 Oct 1914 at Evangelical Church, Blake? 012697-14 (Huron Co): George Robert ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Huron Co, Varna, s/o George ARMSTRONG & Eva Jane WESTON married Pearl ZAPHE, 20, Huron Co, Blake, d/o Harold ZAPHE & Diana LEHMAN. Wit: Rainy ARMSTRONG of Rossiter and Celina DURAND of Zurich. March 25, 1914 at Seaforth
012694-14 (Huron Co): James ATWOOD, 26, laborer, Goderich Twp, Seaforth, s/o John ATWOOD & Unknown TRUMBLY married Eliza COLCLOUGH, 25, Constance, same, d/o Benjamin RILEY & Mary Ann WRIGHT. Wit: Kate B. McLEAN and Margaret LAYBERN? both of Seaforth. January 24, 1914 at Seaforth 012704-14 (Huron Co): Robert Chesney BARBER, farmer, Snowflake Manitoba, same, s/o Robert N. BARBER & Elizabeth CHESNEY married Agnes Dickson SCOTT, 21, Roxboro Ontario, same, d/o John SCOTT & Christina THOMPSON. Wit: Robert SCOTT of Ontario and Francis? SCOTT of Seaforth March 11, 1914 at Roxboro
012708-14 (Huron Co): James BARBOUR, 21, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o James BARBOUR & Isabella MORRISH married Ida E. SHERWOOD, 20, Ashfield, same, d/o Samuel SHERWOOD & Emaline TWAMLEY. Wit: R. A. BARBOUR of Erin and Vina SHERWOOD of Lanes. June 3, 1914 at Ashfield 012717-14 (Huron Co): Wilbert Franklin BATTEN, farmer, Winchelsea Usborne, same, s/o John BATTON (sic) & Elizabeth TAYLOR married Lulu Gladys GODBOLT, 22, Wincheslea, same, d/o Charles Whitfield GODBOLT & Abigail STACEY. Wit: W. G. MEAD of Wincheslea and Edna GUNNING of Whalen. October 22, 1914 at Sunshine
  012713-14 (Huron Co): Earl BEGLEY, 22, engineer, Dungannon, Lucknow, s/o Thomas BEGLEY & Sarah SMITH married Ella TWAMLEY, 21, Ashfield, same, d/o William TWAMLEY & Mary CAMERON. Wit: William TWAMLEY of Ashfield and Thomas BEGLEY of Goderich. July 29, 1914 at Ashfield
12710-14 Lesley Henry BEIRNES, 21, farmer, Grey twp., Brussels, s/o Frank BEIRNES & Maggie WOLFF, married Pearl ALDWORTH, 22, Bayfield, same, d/o Lewis ALDWORTH & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Ruby ALDWORTH of Bayfield & John DEMPSEY of Holmesville, 24 June 1914 at Goderich twp 012719-14 (Huron Co): Charles Arthur Harold BELLAMY, 23, editor, Blanshard, Dungannon, s/o William BELLAMY & Susanna STONE married Annie E. D. PENTLAND, 25, Ashfield, same, d/o Samuel PENTLAND & Maria HAMLIN. Wit: Lillian E. PENTLAND and Luella BELLAMY, both of Dungannon. October 7, 1914 at Ashfield
012714-14 (Huron Co): Walter Isaac BEZZO, 27, laborer, Clinton, same, s/o Isaac & Elizabeth BEZZO married Audrey STORN, 24, Scotland, Clinton, d/o John Harrison STORN & Pauline HUFF. Wit: Marion MARKS and Lela Thornton WOODS, both of Brucefield. August 3, 1914 at Brucefield 012720-14 (Huron Co): William Addison BLACK, 37, finisher, Goderich, same, s/o Robert BLACK & Worthy SERURUS married Elizabeth Charlotte DAVANNA, 24, Scotland, Goderich, d/o Peter DAVANNA & Elizabeth WALLACE. Wit: Sydney John HARDING and Lily L. HARDING, both of Goderich. November 18, 1914 at Goderich
12718-14 William Harold BLACKSTONE, 32, confectioner, Clinton Ont., Goderich, s/o Charles BLACKSTONE & Carrie TURNER, married Lauretta Lorne CRAIG, 32, Goderich, same, d/o William CRAIG & Lillian CHAMBERS, witn: C. BLACKSTONE & Joseph CRAIG, both of Goderich, 29 Oct 1914 at Goderich 012709-14 (Huron Co): Oscar J. BLANCHARD, 35, traveller, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas BLANCHARD & Eugenie BLONDIN married Harriet Jean PICKETT, 34, Canada, Toronto, d/o George PICKETT & Margaret MOFFATT. Wit: Harold PICKETT of Clinton and Mrs. R. R. EDWARDS of Toronto. September 7, 1914 at Clinton
012716-14 (Huron Co): William Frederick BOLTON, 25, gardener, East Flamboro, Goderich Twp, s/o William BOLTON & Diana BRATE married Susie May CARTER, 24, Goderich Twp, same, d/o James CARTER & Elizabeth VANSTONE. Wit: John R. BEATTIE and Florence BEATTIE, both of Goderich. September 23, 1914 at Goderich Twp 012706-14 (Huron Co): George Henry BONE, 24, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Henry BONE & Lucy SOUCH married Ethel Jane SELLERS, 19, Morris, same, d/o Henry SELLERS & Sarah HILL. Wit: Roy SELLERS and Mabel D. BONE, both of Brussels. April 8, 1914 at Morris
12709-14 John Thomas BONTHORN, 27, CPR conductor, Hensall, Assiniboia Sask., s/o James BONTHORN & Jennette LOGIE, married Ann Estella HORTON, 26, Lumley, Seaforth, d/o Nicolas B. HORTON & Agnes WREN, witn: Margaret E. HORTON & Emma J. DICKSON, both of Seaforth, 30 June 1914 at Seaforth 012725-14 (Huron Co): Edward BOX (Bok?), 31, miller, of Wingham, s/o Albert BOX & Denise GODFREY married Lillian Mary Jane KELLY, 30, of Culross, d/o William KELLY & Margaret GALLAGHER. Wit: John F. KELLY of Longview Alberta and Mary BOX of Wingham. June 29, 1914 at Wingham (RC)
012705-14 (Huron Co): James Alvin BRINTNELL, 27, teacher, Hensall, Exeter, s/o James BRINTNELL & Jenine SANDERS married Irene SMITH, 20, Claudeboy, Centralia, d/o John SMITH & Jane Anne MORLEY. Wit: William CLAYTON of Woodstock and Mary COLLINS of Exeter. April 16, 1914 at Exeter 012724-14 (Huron Co): Alfred Smith BROWN, 44, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o John BROWN & Maria LAIRD married Mary Wilson McELROY, 29, McKillop, same, d/o Robert McELROY & Mary Ann JOHNSON. Wit: Jas. C. HENDERSON and John McELROY, both of Seaforth. December 2, 1914 at McKillop
012707-14 (Huron Co): Ernest E. BROWN, 26, mechanic, Ontario, Clinton, s/o John BROWN & Annie PENNEBAKER married Katie M. NEILANS, 26, Ontario, Clinton, d/o Alex NEILANS & Rebecca McCLURE. Wit: John NEILANS and Rae NEILANS, both of Clinton. April 15, 1914 at Clinton 012723-14 (Huron co): James Thomas BROWN, 31, carpenter, Hullett, Londesborough, s/o Richard BROWN & Hannah FARRELL married Mildred Ruth HARE, 23, England, Oxford Center, d/o Solomon DIAMOND & Florence ECHLIN. Wit: Robert LAWSON of Stratford and Kate BROWN of Londesboro. December 28, 1914 at Londesboro
012703-14 (Huron Co): William Henry BUNN, 22, stove mounter, Birmingham England, Wingham, s/o Henry BUNN & Charlotte BROOKES married Lilian Sophia HAYLES, 21, London England, Wingham, d/o Henry HAYLES & Nellie GANDER. Wit: William HAYLES and Joseph LEONARD, both of Wingham. January 28, 1914 at Wingham 012721-14 (Huron Co): William R. BURCHILL, 28, farmer, Turnberry, Culross, s/o Samuel BURCHILL & Mary SPARROW married Hannah May WALKER, 23, Turnberry, same, d/o Joseph W. WALKER & Mary Ann SCOTT. Wit: John J. BURCHILL and Pearl Amelia WALKER, both of Wingham. November 18, 1914 at Wingham
012722-14 (Huron Co): Frederick John BURDGES, 33, farmer, East Zorra, Stanley, s/o John BURDGE (sic) & Jane KITCHEN married Hannah HARRISON, 30, Goderich Twp, same, d/o John HARRISON & Frances SPAN. Wit: Robert P. WATSON and Mrs. R. P. WATSON, both of Brucefield. November 11, 1914 at Seaforth 012715-14 (Huron Co): John BURN, 40, clergyman, Adelboden Switzerland, Hespeler, s/o Abraham BURN & Lucy GERTSCH married Idella BRAUN, 26, Crediton, same, d/o Samuel BRAUN & Flora SIEBERT. Wit: Frazer BROWN of Berlin Ontario and Mary BURN of Hespeler. September 16, 1914 at Crediton
  12736-14 Thomas CALWILL, 39, farmer, London, Brucefield, s/o Moses CALWILL & Mary Ann BRANTON, married Monica Ellen DUTOT, 21, Comber, Brucefield, d/o John DUTOT & Selina McCRACKEN, witn: Duncan & Martha McDONALD of Brucefield, 16 Sept 1914 at Seaforth
12734-14 John Clarence CAMERON, 23, lineman, Huron twp., same, s/o John CAMERON & Maud STRACHAN, married Mabel Elizabeth MONK, 18, Huron twp., Dungannon, d/o William MONK & Annie Jane BEARNE, witn: Mrs. Mary SPROUL of Goderich & William Wesley MONK of Dungannon, 15 July 1914 at bride's res, Dungannon 12727-14 William Alexander CAMERON, 23, farmer, Morris twp., Colborne, s/o Alexander CAMERON & Sarah HUTCHINSON, married Lucy Winnifred MUNNINGS, 24, Colborne, same, d/o John Woodgate MUNNINGS & Lucy COTTLE, witn: Mabel P. & Ben. W. MUNNINGS of Colborne, 4 March 1914 at Colborne
012740-14 (Huron Co): Thomas J. CARDWELL, 56, widower, gentleman, Stratford, same, s/o Alex CARDWELL & Mary Ann DOYLE married Adelaide Ferguson OSBALDESTON, 34, widow, Clinton, same, d/o James FERGUSON & Catherine McPHEE. Wit: Mrs. F. C. HARPER and W. J. CARTER, both of Clinton. October 1, 1914 at Clinton 12729-14 Isaac Thomas CARLING, 26, farmer, Exeter, Brighton twp., s/o William John CARLING & Ann FITTON, married Gladys Mae ESSERY, 21, Stephen twp., same, d/o George G. ESSERY & Mary Ann PARSONS, witn: Winnie ESSERY & J. Harold DUPLAN, both of London, 9 April 1914 at Centralia
012730-14 (Huron Co): Derwin CARTER, 26, not given, not given, Hullett, s/o Richard CARTER & Elizabeth EEDY married Margaret GARRETT, 22, not given, Hullett, d/o George GARRETT & Elizabeth PARKS. Wit: Newman & Mabel GARRETT of Londesboro. June 24, 1914 at Hullett 012743-14 (Huron Co): William John CARTER, 22, farmer, Walton, same, s/o Andrew J. CARTER & Margaret CAMPBELL married Violet Pearl TAMAN (or Talman, written both ways), 19, Blyth, same, d/o Henry TAMAN & Emma NELSON. Wit: Will. H. TAMAN and Pearl E. GEDLY, both of Blyth. November 3, 1914 at Blyth
012748-14 (Huron Co): John William CARTER, 24, farmer, McKillop, Hullett, s/o John CARTER & Maggie DODDS married Florence Myrtle NICOL, 21, Hullett, Blyth, d/o David NICOL & Elizabeth BARR. Wit: Harvey BARR of Blyth and Gladys CARTER of Seaforth. December 16, 1914 at Blyth 012726-14 (Huron Co): Joseph Stanley CHELLEN, 21, not given, Blyth, same, s/o John Haskin CHELLEN & Caroline Melissa SWAYZE married Elise LEAR, 21, Hullett, Blyth, s/o Edmund LEAR & Hannah Maria BALL. Wit: Evelyn HILL of Londesboro and Nelson LEAR of Auburn. February 17, 1914 at Auburn
012732-14 (Huron Co): John Joseph CHISHOLM, 26, GTR yardsman, Colborne Twp, Goderich, s/o William CHISHOLM & Jessie McGREGOR married Hellen (Ellen?) Gladys MORRISH, 24, Goderich, same, d/o William MORRISH & Margaret LAING. Wit: Edna HOGAN and John DOYLE, both of Goderich. July 8, 1914 at Goderich (RC) 012747-14 (Huron Co): Hugh Samuel CHITTICK, 36, night watchman, Tuckersmith, Wingham, s/o John CHITTICK & Elizabeth FACTNOR? married Augusta SHEERER, 21, Carrick Twp, Wingham, d/o John SHEERER & Christina HOLTZHAUER. Wit: Annie PERRIE and Janisa PERRIE, both of Wingham. December 16, 1914 at Wingham
12735-14 Andrew CHRISTIE, 25, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o David CHRISTIE & Margaret ROGERS, married Tomina Edna ROBERTSON, 22, Auburn, same, d/o William Charles ROBERTSON & Naomi ETKIN?, witn: Elmer H. ROBERTSON of Auburn & Annie CHRISTIE of Hibbert, 1 Sept 1914 at Auburn 012741-14 (Huron Co): George Dixon CLAGETT, 40, widower, manager, Deer Lodge Manitoba, Seattle Washington, s/o William H. CLAGETT & Mary E. HART married Marion Jeanette DICKSON, 36, St. Louis Missouri, Seattle Washington, d/o William DICKSON & Mollie ANDERSON. Wit: Isabel PROUDFOOT of Goderich and William DICKSON of Ottawa. October 20, 1914 at Goderich
012749-14 (Huron Co): George Henry CLAUSIUS, 24, farmer, Zurich, same, s/o Henry George CLAUSIUS & Barbara LOTZ married Milsa Margaret Amelia THIEL, 18, Zurich, same, d/o Andrew THIEL & Catherine PRISE. Wit: Andrew PRISE and Louise CLAUSIUS, both of Zurich. December 23, 1914 at Zurich 012742-14 (Huron Co): Fred E. CLYSDALE, 30, widower, clergyman, Ironwood, Carlstadt Alberta, s/o Sam CLYSDALE & Mary J. KEMPT married Florence K. MILLS, 35, Hullett, Blyth, d/o John MILLS & Sarah A. BRIGHAM. Wit: John A. MILLS of Blyth and Amelia KAINE of Londesboro. November 10, 1914 at Blyth
012746-14 (Huron Co): Alfred COATES, 32, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Thomas COATES & Betty FISHER married Clara Jane LUXTON, 31, Usborne, same, d/o Frederick LUXTON & Isabella McDOUGALL. Wit: Paul COATES and John LUXTON, both of Usborne. December 9, 1914 at Exeter 012744-14 (Huron Co): William J. COLE, 35, laborer, Huron Co, Waterloo Co, s/o Robert COLE & Mary ELLWOOD married Luella Julia HAMM, 19, Ontario, Blyth, d/o Alex HAMM & Annie SCHENCK. Wit: William M. SCOTT and Oliver SCOTT, both of Blyth. November 25, 1914 at Blyth
012737-14 (Huron Co): John Edward COLLINSON, 38, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o George COLLINSON & Mary BARR married Rose Ann PIERCE, 32, Morris, same, d/o George PIERCE & Annie ASQUITH. Wit: Stella GERRY and Thomas PIERCE, both of Brussels. September 23, 1914 at Brussels 012739-14 (Huron Co): Walter CONNOR, 44, manufacturer, Huron Co., Exeter, s/o James CONNOR & Margaret GILGAN married Almina Mary FANSON, 30, widow, Huron Co, Exeter, d/o George ROOKE & Priscilla JONES. Wit: Grace CONNOR and Max COLLINS, both of Exeter. October 1, 1914 at Exeter
12728-14 Frederick Henry COOK, 23, organ maker, Stanley twp., Goderich, s/o Frederick COOK & Margaret LORIMER, married Barbara Helen BAGLER, 21, Algoma, Clinton, d/o Henry C. BAGLER & Jessie BROWN, witn: MR. & Mrs. Scott GRIEVE of Seaforth, 15 April 1914 at Seaforth 012738-14 (Huron Co): Leonard James COOK, 23, mechanic, Clinton, same, s/o Henry COOK & Agnes HANCOCK married Annie Rose BUTLER, 20, Blyth, same, d/o Alexander BUTLER & Bella LEEMING. Wit: Mary BUTLER of Blyth and W. J. BURNS of Lucknow. September 14, 1914 at Westfield, East Wawanosh
012731-14 (Huron Co): Garnet CORNISH, 26, finisher, Usborne, Clinton, s/o Frank CORNISH & Lydia A. GLIDDEN married Alice CARR, 25, Brucefield, same, d/o Thomas CARR & Elizabeth McBAIN. Wit: Carrie G. ROSS and Sarah JONES, both of Goderich. June 23, 1914 at Goderich 012745-14 (Huron Co): Nelson Harvey COULTIS, 25, farmer, Elimville, same, s/o Richard Henry COULTIS & Caroline HARVEY married Addie May JOHNS, 25, Elimville, same, d/o Henry JOHNS & Ida Alberta JONES. Wit: Almeda COULTIS and Earl JOHNS, both of Elimville. December 2, 1914 at Elimville
012751-14 (Huron Co): Adam J. DARLING, 32, farmer, Carrick Twp., same, s/o James DARLING & Annie SANGSTER married Emma May EDWARDS, 28, Wallace Twp, Howick, d/o William EDWARDS & Margaret LYNN. Wit: Agnes G. DARLING of Belmore and James A. EDWARDS of Gorrie. March 18, 1914 at Gorrie 012755-14 (Huron Co): Joseph DAVIDSON, 31, farmer, of Grey, s/o Thomas DAVIDSON & Christina LAMBIE married Willena BENNETT, 25, of Grey, d/o Joseph BENNETT & Mary Jane CAMPBELL. Wit: Mabel M. BENNETT and Ray BENNETT, res. not given. June 3, 1914 at Grey
012763-14 (Huron Co): Robert Irving DAWSON, 26, farmer, Fullerton, same, s/o Robert DAWSON & Margaret SOMERVILLE married Bessie McLAREN, 21, Hibbert, same, d/o John McLAREN & Sarah STACEY. Wit: J. E. DAWSON of St. Mary's Ontario and Pearl C. STACEY of Cromarty. December 31, 1914 Thames Rd, Huron Co 012756-14 (Huron Co): Joseph Albert DAYMAN, 33, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o John DAYMAN & Harriet SQUIRE married Florence Mary SQUIRE, 23, Usborne, same, d/o Henry SQUIRE & Elizabeth J. SMITH. Wit: Ethel Mae DAYMAN of Kippen and George SQUIRE of Whalen. June 17, 1904 at Elimville
012754-14 (Huron Co): Bergin Thomas DEARLE, 25, express messenger, Simcoe, Toronto, s/o Thomas Raymond SEARLE & Maggie E. GILLIES married Lulu Marian DUNKELD, 22, West Wawanosh, Goderich, d/o Alexander DUNKELD & Mary Jane McGRATTEN. Wit: Bella McDOWELL and Carrie DUNKELD, both of Goderich, 9 June 1914 at Goderich 012761-14 (Huron Co): William DEVINE, 35, farmer, Lambton Co, Stephen, s/o Peter DEVINE & Emma CORBETT married Emma Lavina ENGLAND, 26, Stephen, same, d/o Henry ENGLAND & Nancy EHLERS. Wit: Reinhard WILBERT and Emelina ENGLAND, both of Dashwood. December 15, 1914 at Grand Bend
012764-14 (Huron Co): James J. DEWAR, 42, farmer, not given, Biddulph Twp, Middlesex Co, s/o Patrick DEWAR & Mary TOOHEY married Mary JORDAN, 25, school teacher, not given, Hibbert Twp Perth Co, d/o Peter JORDAN & Teresa CASEY. Wit: Patrick DEWAR of Biddulph Twp Middlesex Co and Annie JORDAN of Hibbert Twp Perth Co. September 15, 1914 at St. Columban 012760-14 (Huron Co): David Everett DEWAR, 26, soldier, Prince Edward Island, London, s/o Jas. A. DEWAR & Fanny SINGLETON married Etta May LYON, 25, Londesboro, same, d/o Joseph LYON & Elizabeth LEAR. Wit: W. H. LYON and Minnie LYON, both of Londesboro. September 6, 1914 at Londesboro
012753-14 (Huron Co): Noah DIETRICH, 28, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Lawrence DIETRICH & Sedonia BUCHHEIT? married Christina FOSTER, 25, Hay, same, d/o Alonzo FOSTER & Mary Ann HARTMAN. Wit: William DIETRICH of Dashwood Ontario and Josephina FOSTER of Zurich. May 5, 1914 at Zurich 012762-14 (Huron Co): Gotfred DILLER, 28, farmer, Dashwood Ontario, Broadacres Saskatchewan, s/o Joseph DILLER & Beirdal? ZIMMER, married May VINCENT, 19, Dashwood, same, d/o Aaron VINCENT & Bella GRIGG. Wit: Mary Vincent of Dashwood and Wilfert A. DILLER of Kerrobert? Saskatchewan. December 16, 1914 at Dashwood
012757-14 (Huron Co): Robert Calder DODDS, 21, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o John DODDS & Christina CALDER married Maria Mae DULMAGE, 20, McKillop, same, d/o Charles DULMAGE & Mary Ann RILEY. Wit: Sidney DULMAGE of Walton and Flossie LOWRIE of Hullett. June 24, 1914 at McKillop 012750-14 (Huron Co): Samuel Hay DORRANCE, 26, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Samuel DORRANCE & Mary McMICHAEL married Mary Agnes (Mae) GOVENLOCK, 23, McKillop, same, d/o John M. GOVENLOCK & Nellie HAYS. Wit: Mrs. D. CARSWELL and Jean A. CARSWELL, both of Seaforth. February 4, 1914, at McKillop
012758-14 (Huron Co): William John DOUGLAS, 41, widower, liveryman, Lucknow, same, s/o George DOUGLAS & Dorothy HAIGH married Harriett Emily LEISHMAN, 28, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Richard LEISHMAN & Margaret NETHERY. Wit: Margaret LEISHMAN of Belgrave and Mary MAYNES of Wildrum Alberta. June 30, 1914 at East Wawanosh 012759-14 (Huron Co): James DOW, 34, widower, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o James DOW & Elizabeth MAGOFFIN married Mary Anna McBURNEY, 30, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Hugh McBURNEY & Ann BENGOUGH. Wit: Joseph A. BRANDON and Anna A. BRANDON, both of Belgrave. June 3, 1914 at Belgrave
012752-14 (Huron Co): Arthur Albert DOWNING, 39, widower, music publisher?, England, Toronto, s/o Frederick DOWNING & Amelia Sarah COOPER married Ethel Mary PLATT, 28, Goderich, same, d/o John Samuel PLATT & not given. Wit: Gladys E. REID of Goderich. April 25, 1914 at Goderich  
12768-14 John Jubilee ELLIOTT, 25, engineer, Usborne, Exeter, s/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Eliza FORD, married Mary Maretta HOLDEN, 20, Usborne, Exeter, d/o Thomas HOLDEN & Grace CORNISH, witn: Sam ELLIOTT & Clara JACOB, both of Exeter, 1 Jan 1914 at Usborne twp 12769-14 Robert Samuel EVANS, 37, farmer, Port Elgin, Corinth - Elgin Co., s/o Richard EVANS & Margaret FULLERTON, married Emily CLARK, 28, Varna, same, d/o William CLARK & Ellen McKINLEY, witn: Daniel JOHNSTON & George CLARK, both of Varna, 18 March 1914 at Varna
#012844-14 (Huron Co.) George KLEIN, 30, occupation not given, Carrick , same, s/o George KLEIN and Christine HUNSTEIN, married Caroline HAFERMEHL, age not given, of Howick, d/o Harry HAFERMEHL and Catherine BRAUN, witn: William KLEIN & Frieda HAFERMEHL, Feb. 18, 1914 at Howick