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Huron Co., 1907, part 2

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011508-07 (Huron) John ALBRECHT, 29, farmer, Hay tp., same, s/o Adam ALBRECHT & Elizabeth WECKESSER, to Lovada COLOSKY, 21, Hay tp., same, d/o Cyrus COLOSKY & Anna SCHILBE, wit: H. COLOSKY of Zurich & Maggie OSWALD of Hay, 9 April 1907, Zurich  
011676-07 (Huron) John Linewood AMOS, 33, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Jos. Henry AMOS & Frances Mary CRAVEN, to Pearl Rebecca SHERRITT, 25, Stanley tp., Stephen tp., d/o John SHERRITT & Letissa KEYS, wit: J. Elmer AMOS of Brinsley & Edna B. SHERRITT of Greenway, 9 October 1907, Greenway 011530-07 (Huron) Arthur ANDERSON, 33, farmer, Stanley tp., same, s/o John ANDERSON & Frances WHITEMAN, to Elizabeth Henrietta CLARK, 23, Hensall, same, d/o Jas. CLARK & Christina BENGRUGH, wit: Leilla WELSH & Mrs. S.L. TOLL both of Hensall, 8 May 1907, Hensall
011580-07 (Huron Co): Richard S. ARMSTRONG, 34, farmer, Morris, Grey, s/o Richard ARMSTRONG & Maria INGRAM married Margaret FAIRSERVICE, 35, Hullett, same, d/o James FAIRSERVICE & Margaret WATT. Wit: John WATT and Alex McEWING, both of Hullett. January 16, 1907 at Hullett 011649-07 (Huron Co): George J. BAIRD, 33, farmer, Stanley, same, d/o George BAIRD & Janet CAMERON married Maud McGREGOR, 24, Stanley, same, d/o Hugh McGREGOR & Grace WALTON. Wit: Alexander BAIRD and Elizabeth McGREGOR, both of Stanley. June 12, 1907 at Brucefield
011584-07 (Huron Co): William BALDWIN, 30, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o John BALDWIN & Jane PATTERSON married Jane VINT, 32, Ashfield, Wawanosh, d/o James VINT & Margaret BLACKSTOCK. Wit: Effie KNOX of Hullett and L. L. JONES of Auburn. April 3, 1907 at Hullett 011746-07 (Huron Co): David BALLAGH, 38, farmer, Teeswater, same, s/o William BALLAGH & Ann ROWLAND married Emma HOWE, 27, Teeswater, Culross, d/o James HOWE & Mary McKAGUE. Wit: Leslie HOWE and Bertie HOWE, both of Culross. August 7, 1907 at Wingham
011739-07 (Huron Co): George W. BARD, 21, upholsterer, Guelph, Wingham, s/o William BARD & Sarah LOCKWOOD married Christina YOUNG, 22, Wingham, same, d/o Samuel YOUNG & Christina ROBERTSON. Wit: Bessie BARD of Guelph and Ivy NOONAN of Grey. April 30, 1907 at Wingham 011665-07 (Huron) Walter Mansfield BAYNHAM, 24, telegrapher, McGillivray tp., Elkhorn Man., s/o George BAYNHAM & Maria NICHOLS, to Wilmott SMITH, 25, Exeter, Stephen tp., d/o Samuel SMITH & Mary J. TALLANY, wit: A. E. ROSSER of Ailsa Craig & Emma J. SMITH of Exeter, 5 June 1907, Stephen tp.
  011611-07 (Huron Co): Robert Smith BEATTIE, farmer, McKillop, Hullett, s/o Thomas BEATTIE & Margaret SMITH married Margaret Elizabeth KENNEY, 33, teacher, McKillop, same, d/o Paul McKINNEY & Matilda STEWART. Wit: Mrs. David CARWELL and Jean A. CARWELL, both of McKillop. February 21, 1907 at McKillop
011512-07 (Huron) Albert BELL, 30, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Robert BELL & Isabella DOIG, to Jane Effie TROYER, 21, Hay tp., same, d/o Stephen TROYER & Eliza GRUNSDALE, wit: Stephen TROYER & Margaret BELL both of Hensall, 10 April 1907, Hay 011517-07 (Huron) Isaac BETSCHEN, 29, farmer, Hay tp., same, s/o John BETSCHEN & Isabella BAUMAN, to Polly VINCENT, 17, Dashwood, same, d/o Daniel VINCENT & Pauline FISCHER, wit: Jacob BENDER of Listowell & Lillie VINCENT of Dashwood, 19 August 1907, Zurich
011562-07 (Huron Co): James Charles BLAIR, 22, farmer, Atwood Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o William BLAIR & Jane BUCHANAN married Mary Ann HENRY, 22, Donegal Elma Twp, same, d/o Robert HENRY & Catherine PHILIPS. Wit: H. W. HOLMES and Alena ARDELL, both of Gorrie. July 25, 1907 at Gorrie 011534-07 (Huron) Albert Nelson BLATCHFORD, 31, farmer, Usborne tp., Hensall, s/o Richard BLATCHFORD & Ellen PENGELLY, to Annie PAPPLE, 32, Tuckersmith, Hensall, d/o William PAPPLE & Henrietta McKAY, wit: Francis BLATCHFORD of Hurondale & George BROWN of Hensall, 18 June 1907, Hensall
011756-07 (Huron Co): William James BLATCHFORD, 36, cooper, Lucan, Wingham, s/o William BLATCHFORD & Lucinda McDON--? (off page), married Janet AITCHESON, 21, Teeswater, Wingham, d/o William AITCHESON & Elizabeth O’DONOHOE. Wit: Ella DAY & G. IRWIN, both of Wingham, December 18, 1907 at Wingham 011626-07 (Huron Co): Allan Shipley BOND, 27, barrister, Ontario, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Stephen BOND & Jennie SANDERSON married Ada Louise BEATTIE, 26, Seaforth, same, d/o James BEATTIE & Leila BUGGIN. Wit: James ADAMS of Pittsburg Pennsylvania and Minnie M. BEATTIE of Seaforth. April 2, 1907 at Seaforth
011614-07 (Huron Co): William BROADFOOT, 50, gentleman, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, s/o Alexander BROADFOOT & Marion McMILLAN married Isabel DICKSON, 43, McKillop, same, d/o George DICKSON & Ellen HENDERSON. Wit: Robert BROADFOOT of Tuckersmith and Lizzie DICKSON of McKillop. July 3, 1907 at McKillop 011631-07 (Huron Co): Jacob Wesley BURGARD, 23, teamster, Egmondville, Tuckersmith, s/o Ferdinand BURGARD & Catharine McKAY married Lucy Allen FLANNERY, 19, Hullett, Tuckersmith, d/o Michael FLANNERY & Mariah KENNELLIS(?). Wit: W. J. MOFFAT and Mary KEELER, both of Seaforth. April 8, 1907 at Tuckersmith (RC)
011595-07 (Huron Co): John Wesley CADWELL, 29, real estate agent, Waterloo Co, Saskatoon, s/o John CADWELL & Esther Ann STONE married Nina Jeanetta ISBISTER, 27, teacher, Morris, same, d/o William ISBISTER & Ellen ANDERSON. Wit: John ISBISTER of Wingham and Ruben IMRIE of Westmount Quebec. January 9, 1907 at Morris 011674-07 (Huron) John CALDWELL, 22, farmer, Tuckersmith tp., same, s/o John CALDWELL & Mary CHAMBERS, to Lorraine FORD, 24, Stephen tp., same, d/o James FORD & Caroline SNELL, wit: W.G. FORD of Usborne & Gertie CALDWELL of Tuckersmith, 11 September 1907, Stephen
  011699-07 (Huron Co): Thomas Henry CARMICHAEL, 31, farmer, Bourg Louis, same, s/o James C. CARMICHAEL & M. J. SMITH married Florence J. BREMNER, 28, Belmore, same, d/o George BREMNER & Annie GEMMILL. Wit: W. B. BROWN of Wroxeter and T. K. BREMNER of Stratford. June 25, 1907 at Belmore Turnberry
011692-07 (Huron Co): Samuel CARNOCHAN, 26, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Samuel CARNOCHAN & Marion BROADFOOT married Elizabeth McNAY, 27, Ashfield, Hamilton, d/o William McNAY & Jane RAMSEY. Wit: William CARNOCHAN of Tuckersmith and Jessie McNAY?- faded, res not clear. October 16, 1907 at Tuckersmith 011625-07 (Huron Co): Joseph CARPENTER, 32, Canada, Dublin, s/o John CARPENTER & Catharine CARLIN married Teresa DEVEREUX, 32, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o Robert DEVEREUX & Catharine SHANAGHAN. Wit: Joseph DORSEY of Seaforth and Margaret DEVEREUX of Tuckersmith. February 5, 1907 at Seaforth
011569-07 (Huron Co): John CHAMBERS, 35, farmer, St. Mary's, Harriston, s/o Andrew CHAMBERS & Lucy CLARK married Ellen Maud CARTER, 25, Howick, Clifford, d/o Jabez CARTER & Augusta Hueston HOOPER. Wit: R. A. CHAMBERS of Kenora and Fannie FRASER of Clifford. October 1, 1907 at Howick 011643-07 (Huron Co): George McL. CHESNEY, 30, merchant, York England, Seaforth, s/o Samuel CHESNEY & Margaret STEWART married Edna Maud PICKARD, 25, Exeter, Seaforth, d/o William PICKARD & Emma C. MURPHY. Wit: Walter PICKARD and Clara PICKARD, both of Seaforth. December 9, 1907 at Seaforth
011664-07 (Huron) John CHESTNUT, 58, hotel-keeper, Kingston, Crediton, widower, s/o Benjamin CHESTNUT & Mary Jane PENTLAND, to Mary REDFERN, 50, Colborne, Crediton, widow, d/o John DOUHERTY & McTAGGART, wit: Wesley WOLF & Carrie WOLF both of Crediton, 6 June 1907, Crediton 011621-07 (Huron Co): James Albert CHRISTIE, 29, farmer, Marmora Twp, Rawdon Twp, s/o William John CHRISTIE & Charlotte MURRAY married Martha Ann CRICH, 23, McKillop, Seaforth, d/o Abram CRICH & Alice CUDMORE. Wit: Wilbert A. CRICH of Seaforth and Maria E. CRICH of Tuckersmith. January 16, 1907 at Seaforth
011596-07 (Huron Co): Robert CLARK, 30, farmer, Hullett, Morris, s/o Alan CLARK & Agnes McCULLOCH married Sarah M. RUSSELL, 26, Morris, same, d/o James RUSSELL & Mary Ann CURRIE. Wit: Oran H. RUSSELL and Minnie RUSSELL, both of Sunshine. February 26, 1907 at Sunshine Morris 011694-07 (Huron Co): George W. CLOSE, 24, shipper, Norwich Oxford Co, Toronto, s/o George CLOSE & Elizabeth LAWRENCE married Annie L. JACKSON, 22, Egmondville, same, d/o Henry R. JACKSON & Susanna M. VANEGMOND. Wit: Louis C. JACKSON of Seaforth and Isabella JACKSON of Egmondville. November 23, 1907 at Egmondville
011476-07 (Huron Co): Robert B. COLE, 27, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Peter COLE & Mary PECK married Catherine S. HUDIE, 26, McKillop, Goderich Twp, d/o William HUDIE & Elizabeth CANTELON. Wit: Harve HUDIE of McKillop and Flossie J. COLE of Goderich. December 18, 1907 at Goderich Twp 011533-07 (Huron) Herbert A. COLQUHOUN, 29, farmer, Hibbert tp., same, s/o Jas. COLQUHOUN & Margaret MOORE, to Alma Beatrice KERSLAKE, 29, Whitley tp., Hibbert tp., d/o William KERSLAKE & Ann HARVEY, wit: Maggie THOMSON & Ethel M. H. SMITH both of Hensall, 3 June 1907, Hensall
  011475-07 (Huron Co): Frederick C. COOK, 25, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Charles COOK & Sarah SPREADBURY married Robina BELL, 21, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Thomas W. BELL & Grace LAWRENCE. Wit: Elizabeth GRIGG of Goderich and C. RICHARDS res. blackened. November 20, 1907 at Goderich Twp
011696-07 (Huron Co): Joseph COPELAND, 23, farmer, Eramosa Twp, Niagara Twp, s/o Oscar COPELAND & Julia CLEMENT married Annie AITCHESON, 26, Morris, Bluevale, d/o James AITCHESON & Agnes McHARDY. Wit: Archibald MESSER of Morris and Mary AITCHESON of Bluevale. January 2, 1907 at Bluevale 011750-07 (Huron Co): Jared J. COSINS, 28, cabinet maker, Trowbridge Ont, Stratford, s/o Fletcher COSINS & Sarah SHERIA married Henrietta DAY, 19, Hensall, Wingham, d/o Robert J. DAY & Elizabeth COLE. Wit: Annie PERRIE and Jeannie PERRIE, both of Wingham. October 2, 1907 at Wingham
011637-07 (Huron Co): George Samuel CRABB, 35, widower, ironworker, Goderich, Seaforth, s/o Christopher CRABB & Janet NASMITH married Harriet Ann FRENCH, 37, McKillop, Seaforth, d/o Robert FRENCH & Elizabeth McBRIDE. Wit: Stephen A. HOOD of Seaforth and Maud PARISH of Mitchell. August 20, 1907 at Seaforth 011718-07 (Huron Co): Joseph CUMBERLAND, 35, carpenter, Perth Co, Manitou Manitoba, s/o Joseph CUMBERLAND & Rebecca CHAMNEY married Helen ROBINSON, 32, West Wawanosh, East Wawanosh, d/o Edward ROBINSON & Agnes MASON. Wit: Wilfred CUMBERLAND of Listowel and Mary CHAMNEY of West Wawanosh. February 27, 1907 at East Wawanosh
011583-07 (Huron Co): William Henry CUMMING, 27, farmer, Hullett, Blyth, s/o Nicholas CUMMING & Isabella ELLIOTT married Sarah FAIRSERVICE, 22, Hullett, same, d/o Thomas FAIRSERVICE & Annie TAYLOR. Wit: Kate H. CUMMING of Blyth and Thomas FAIRSERVICE of Hullett. March 20, 1907 at Hullett 011758-07 (Huron Co): Robert George DENNIS, 22, upholsterer, Howick, same, s/o James DENNIS & Caroline RUSH married Edith Olive GRISDALL, 20, Howick, Wingham, d/o Arthur GRISDALL & Mary LITTLEFAIR. Wit: Earnest DENNIS and Mrs. W. WELSH, both of Wingham. December 29, 1907 at Wingham
011505-07 (Huron) Francis DENOMIE, 24, farmer, Drysdale, same, s/o George DENOMIE & Victorine BERTRAND, to Anna CHARETTE, 20, St. Joseph, same, d/o (no father listed) & Matilda DENOMIE, wit: Feranie JEFFREY & Mabel CHARETTE both of St. Joseph, 22 February 1907, Drysdale  
011677-07 (Huron) Leo DESJARDINS, 22, farmer, Stephen tp., same, s/o Andrew DESJARDINS & B??nedia GEOFFREY, to Amelia DESJARDINS, 19, Stephen tp., same, d/o Louis DESJARDINS & Mary TETREAU, wit: Jeremiah & Lillie DESJARDINS both of Grand Bend, 25 September 1907, Grand Bend 011678-07 (Huron) Adolphus DESJARDINS, 22, farmer, Stephen tp., same, s/o Adolphus DESJARDINS & Selina GRATTON, to Fannie MASON, 26, Stephen tp., same, d/o Charles MASON & Agnes DESJARDINS, wit: Ciril MASON & B. DESJARDINS of Grand Bend and Edith MORENZ of Stephen & Lena MASON of McGillivray, 18 September 1907, Grand Bend
011653-07 (Huron Co): Arthur DIGMAN, 27, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Warren & Mary DIGMAN married Celia WILLIS, 21, housekeeper, Stanley, Kippen, d/o Thomas WILLIS & Aneta KING. Wit: Edmund DIGMAN of Kippen and Clara WILLIS of Stanley. February 14, 1907 at Kippen 011527-07 (Huron) Robert Montrip DINSDALE, 42, farmer, Hay tp., Stanley tp., s/o Thomas DINSDALE & Mary HANSON, to Alice J. WHITEMAN, 36, Stanley tp., same, d/o John WHITEMAN & Elizabeth EDGAR, wit: Emily McINTYRE & Alice C. HART both of Hensall, 6 February 1907, Hensall
  011742-07 (Huron Co): James DOW, 27, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o James DOW & Elizabeth MAGOFFIN married Nellie LEISHMAN, 27, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Richard LEISHMAN & Margaret NETHERY. Wit: Olive LEISHMAN and Elsie E. DOW, both of East Wawanosh. May 28, 1907 at Wingham
011682-07 (Huron) Mathew T. DOYLE, 29, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o James DOYLE & Catherine McGRATH, to Mary Angela QUARRY, 27, Mt. Carmel, same, d/o John G. QUARRY & Ellen O'CONNOR, wit: Philip Martin DOYLE of McGillivray & Margaret Mary QUARRY of Mt. Carmel, 3 September 1907, Mt. Carmel 011749-07 (Huron Co): Thomas Edward ELLIOTT, 21, brick maker, Turnberry, same, s/o Eli ELLIOTT & Elizabeth SMALE married Gretta CARSON, 19, Wingham, same, d/o John CARSON & Janetta McCOLL. Wit: Mrs. James CARSON and Mrs. T. L. BOYLE, both of Wingham. September 4, 1907 at Wingham
011657-07 (Huron) Charles C. FAHNER, 29, carpenter, Crediton, Stephen tp., s/o Tobias FAHNER & Sophie SCHENK, to Lydia A. SCHROEDER, 24, Stephen tp., Dashwood, d/o John SCHROEDER & Sophia EHLERS, wit: Jacob B. SCHROEDER of Dashwood & Tillie M. WEIN of Crediton, 12 January 1907, Dashwood 011660-07 (Huron) Luc FAHNER, 21, farmer, Stephen tp., same, s/o Gottlieb FAHNER & Caroline WEIN to Anna Marie BESTERD, 19, Stephen tp., same, d/o Isaac BESTERD & Christena BAYNHAM, wit: Isaac BESTERD & Ettie BESTERD both of Shipka, 3 April 1907, Shipka
011570-07 (Huron Co): Albert James FALLIS, 27, farmer, Minto Twp, Minto, s/o Robert & Sarah FALLIS married Susan J. SPENCE, 26, Howick, same, d/o John SPENCE & Susan McCLENNAN. Wit: Joseph WILLIAMSON and Mrs. Joseph WILLIAMSON, both of Newbridge. October 2, 1907 at Newbridge Howick 011480-07 (Huron Co): James FARQUHARSON, 27, farmer, Morris, same, s/o David FARQUHARSON & Jean McCUAIG married Isabella TELFER, 29, Grey, same, d/o William TELFER & Margaret EWAN. Wit: Robert A. MOORE and Jessie MOORE, both of Souris Manitoba. January 23, 1907 at Grey
011520-07 (Huron) George K. FARWELL, 21, carpenter, St. Clements Ont., Detroit Mich., s/o John FARWELL & Mary KURY, to Cecelia SCHMITT, 31, Zurich, same, d/o Wendel SCHMITT & Emilia ROESELER, wit: George K. FARWELL & Matilda SCHMITT both of Detroit, 24 September 1907, Zurich 011498-07 (Huron Co): Richard Pierce FIELD, 32, dentist, Listowel, Brussels, s/o not given & Frances Margaret DAVIS married Clara Edith BRYANS, 22, Grey, same, d/o Edward BRYANS & Mary Ann GALLAHER. Wit: H. M. LANGFORD and Miss Jean McLAUGHLIN, both of Brussels. September 29, 1907
011556-07 (Huron Co): John FINLEY, 28, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Charles FINLEY & Sarah MONTGOMERY married Mary F. BENNETT, 27, Grey, Gorrie, d/o William BENNETT & Maria RYHNHEART. Wit: Thomas BENNETT of Grey and Mabel MARFOOT of Wroxeter. March 27, 1907 at Gorrie 011548-07 (Huron Co): Samuel Wilbur FLACK, 25, farmer, Manvers?, Treherne Manitoba, s/o James FLACK & Jane STAPLES married Margaret M. HAINSTOCK, 26, Lakelet, Fordwich, d/o Joseph HAINSTOCK & Mary CORBETT. Wit: Walter HAINSTOCK and Emma GOGGINS, both of Fordwich. January 30, 1907 at Fordwich
011617-07 (Huron Co): Terance FLANNERY, 24, farmer, Hullett, McKillop, s/o Michael FLANNERY & Marie KINALY married Buzy? PURCELL, 27, McKillop, same, d/o Matthew PURCELL & Alice MOORE. Wit: James FLANNERY and M. C. PURCELL, both of McKillop. November 26, 1907 at St. Columban 011748-07 (Huron Co): Alvie Albert FLEMMING, 21, clerk, Lucknow, Wingham, s/o Albert FLEMMING & Margaret IRVINE married Jennie Irene WALKER, 21, Brussels, Wingham, d/o James WALKER & Annie FLYNN. Wit: L. P. CARLISLE of Londesboro and Edith WALKER of Wingham. September 4, 1907 at Wingham
  011662-07 (Huron) John FLYNN, 28, farmer, Stephen tp., McGillivray tp., s/o William FLYNN & Mary J. SIMS, to Lizzie WASNIDGE, 18, McGillivray tp., same, d/o Joseph WASNIDGE & Emily HODGINS, wit: Eli WASNIDGE of Brinsley & Mary E. FLYNN of Maguire, 24 April 1907, Centralia
011540-07 (Huron Co): George Henry FOLLICK, 29, laborer, Hensall, same, s/o David FOLLICK & Margaret STEWART married Beatrice McQUEEN, 23, Usborne, Hensall, d/o James McQUEEN & Alice RYCKMAN. Wit: Edgar McQUEEN and Lucy HERMISTON, both of Hensall. December 4, 1907 at Hensall 011482-07 (Huron Co): John FORREST, 31, bridge carpenter, Ashburn Ont, Portage la Prairie, s/o James FORREST & Ann WALKER married Lillian ROBINSON, 25, England, Grey, d/o William KING & Selina SMART. Wit: John KING and darkened KING, both of Grey. February 14, 1907 at Grey
011545-07 (Huron Co): Edwin James FOSTER, 31, physician, Allandale Ont, same, s/o Edward & Sarah FOSTER married Ethel Eva STROME, 19, Fordwich, same, d/o Andrew S. STROME & Jemima GREYBILL. Wit: George SMITH of Toronto and Bessie WITMER of Hespeler. January 16, 1907 at Fordwich 011646-07 (Huron Co): George FOSTER, 30, cooper, Stanley, Varna, s/o Alexander FOSTER & Mary McKENZIE married Jemima NEIL, 23, Stanley, Varna, d/o Samuel NEIL & Jenet THOMPSON. Wit: _? off page FOREST and Mary REID, both of Varna. March 20, 1907 at Varna
011577-07 (Huron Co): Victor Ernest FOSTER, 28, farmer, Howick, same, s/o James FOSTER & Lydia EVANS married Dora Jane BARBER, 26, Wilmot, Howick, d/o John BARBER & Isabella OLIVER. Wit: S. E. FOSTER of Weston and M. B. OLIVER of Princeton. December 18, 1907 at Howick 011515-07 (Huron) Robert Alex. FOWLER, 26, clerk, Dungannon, Woolesley, s/o Edward FOWLER & Bella McNEVIN, to Jessie Bell McEWEN, 25, Hay tp., Hensall, d/o William McEWEN & Elizabeth CHRISTIE, wit: Donald FOWLER of Dungannon & Edith McEWEN of Hensall, 10 July 1907, Hay
011559-07 (Huron Co): W. J. C. FREELAND, 20, butcher, Palmerston, same, s/o Samuel FREELAND & Catherine LEITCH married Eva Edna CLEGG, 23, Howick, Gorrie, d/o Francis CLEGG & Mary SPEARIN. Wit: Alexander CLEGG of Gorrie and M. E. FREEMAN of Rothsay. June 19, 1907 at Gorrie 011524-07 (Huron) Noe GERIMETTE, 31, farmer, Grand Bend, same, s/o Benjamin. GERIMETTE & Adelaide DESJARDINE, to Marie BEDARD, 28, Drysdale, same, d/o Simon BEDARD & Martine CANTIN, wit: Herbert MIREAULT & Erilia HETUE both of Drysdale, 25 November 1907, Drysdale
011582-07 (Huron Co): George William GIBSON, 32, farmer, Wroxeter, Pantegue Saskatchewan, s/o Robert GIBSON & Mary HAMILTON married Annie J. WATT, 29, Hullett, same, d/o George WATT & Catherine REID. Wit: Alexander GIBSON and James WATT, both of Hullett. February 27, 1907 at Hullett 011532-07 (Huron) Joseph GIBSON, 39, thresher, Bruce Co., Hensall, s/o Waspen GIBSON & Eliza LANDERS, to Louise DABUS, 20, Zurich, Hensall, s/o Conrad DABUS & Elizabeth BRENNER, wit: Maggie THOMSON & Ethel M. H. SMITH both of Hensall, 15 May 1907, Hensall
  011579-07 (Huron Co): William Alexander GORDON, 26, farmer, Cardleton(?) Haldimand Co, Caron Saskatchewan, s/o John GORDON & Lorina PROUT married Susannah E. ROTHWELL, 28, Rothsay Arthur Twp, Newbridge, d/o William ROTHWELL & Jessie J. ASHELFORD. Wit: Benjamin J. ENGLISH of Caron Saskatchewan and Jennie McKNIGHT of Newbridge. December 25, 1907 at Fordwich
011615-07 (Huron Co): Robert GOVENLOCK, 48, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Thomas GOVENLOCK & Susanna VANEGMOND married Margaret BARR, 37, McKillop, same, d/o Rev. Matthew BARR & Margaret SPARKS. Wit: R. VANEGMOND and Janet BARR, both of Seaforth. April 4, 1907 at McKillop 011592-07 (Huron Co): Herbert Wesley GOVIER, 22, farmer, Wawanosh, Hullett, s/o Henry GOVIER & Alice Jessie SHEPPARD married Dorcas CHURCHILL, 19, Hullett, same, d/o Benjamin CHURCHILL & Dorcas EAST. Wit: Thomas CHURCHILL of Hullett and Edna BEACOM of Goderich. December 11, 1907 at Hullett
011600-07 (Huron Co): James Digman GRASBY, 38, farmer, Hullett, Morris, s/o James GRASBY & Catherine WOODS married Elizabeth MICHIE, 23, Morris, same, d/o William MICHIE & Elizabeth KIRTON. Wit: William MICHIE Jr and Tryphina MICHIE, res not given. September 4, 1907 at Morris 011566-07 Walter E. HAINSTOCK, 26, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Joseph HAINSTOCK & Mary E. CORBETT married Elizabeth E. LYNN, 21, Grey, Howick, d/o James LYNN & Louisa ECKMIER. Wit: Percy HAINSTOCK of Fordwich and Mabel MENZIES of Cranbrook. September 18, 1907 at Howick
011737-07 (Huron Co): Mathew HALLENBY, 50, widower, farmer, Teeswater, same, s/o Richard & Margaret HALLENBY married Eliza Jane LLOYD, 42, widow, Teeswater, Sault St Marie, d/o Robert & Hannah McLELLAN. Wit: Florence STOGLE and May McGREE, both of Wingham. March 15, 1907 at Wingham 011752-07 (Huron Co): James HALLIDAY, 24, laborer, Greenock Twp, same, s/o James HALLIDAY & Deberet HARDY married Isabella SHARPE, 22, Greenock Twp, Teeswater, d/o James SHARPE & Barbara ROSS. Wit: Bertrand HARKNESS of Langside Ontario and Ethel SHARPE of Teeswater. October 16, 1907 at Wingham
011558-07 (Huron Co): William H. HANEY, 266, carpenter, Morris, Bluevale, s/o George HANEY & Eliza FELLS married Elsie E. STEURNOL, 22, Howick, same, d/o John STEURNOL & Emily KING. Wit: William SHARPEN and Alma ARDELL, both of Gorrie. May 22, 1907 at St Stephens, Gorrie 011650-07 (Huron Co): William E. HANN (Haun?), 50, widower, Columbia Co, Rose New York, s/o Thomas HANN & Charlotte not given married Maude Mary COOPER, 26, Clinton, same, d/o Joseph COOPER & Mary A. HIGGINS. Wit: David H. COOPER and James Walter NASH, both of Clinton. May 28, 1907 at Stanley
014478-07 (Huron Co): Alfred Andrew HARKNESS, 30, blacksmith, Sarnia Lambton Co, Banff Alberta, s/o Andrew HARKNESS & Isabel McWHORTEN married Isabella Jane PEARSON, 29, school teacher, Grey, same, d/o Robert PEARSON & Susannah MUSGRAVE. Wit: Robert PEARSON and Susie PEARSON, both of Grey. January 2, 1907 at Grey 011608-07 (Huron Co): Owen HART, 31, carpenter, St. Columban, same, s/o Owen HART & Mary BRANDSBY married Bridget O'REILY, 25, McKillop, same, d/o James O'REILY & Mary KING. Wit: Thomas O'REILY of McKillop and Sadie McKINNON of Brussels. April 23, 1907 at St. Columban (RC)
011755-07 (Huron Co): William Henry HAWKING, 37, farmer, Turnberry, Ninga Manitoba, s/o Henry & Elizabeth HAWKING married Isabella Hall ROBINSON, 30, Turnberry, Wingham, d/o T. E. ROBINSON and Letitia ROBINSON, both of Wingham. December 18, 1907 at Wingham  
011656-07 (Huron) Samuel HEDDEN, 27, farmer, Crediton, Stephen tp., s/o William HEDDEN & Eleanor MITCHELL, to Florence May KYDD, 20, Exeter. Stephen tp., d/o Jonathan KYDD & Charlotte A. SIMS, wit: Thomas TREVETHICK & Estella ANDREWS both of Crediton, 3 January 1907, Crediton 011561-07 (Huron Co): John HEINBECKER, 25, farmer, Normanby Grey Co, Howick, s/o Joseph HEINBECKER & Elizabeth STEINKE married Elizabeth DEMMERLING, 19, Howick, same, d/o Henry DEMMERLING & Maria GAEDKA. Wit: Joseph HEINBECKER and Louise DEMMERLING, both of Howick. July 3, 1907 at Howick
011588-07 (Huron Co): John E. HENDERSON, 28, farmer, McKillop, Seaforth, s/o George HENDERSON & Mary CARTER married Mary HAWTHORNE, 33, Hullett, same, d/o Peter HAWTHORNE & Mary VANEGMOND. Wit: John HAWTHORNE and Mary HENDERSON, both of Seaforth. June 11, 1907 at Hullett 011683-07 (Huron) Alexander HERGOTT, 27, blacksmith, Waterloo Ont., Centralia, s/o Peter HERGOTT & Lany DIETRICH, to Josephine FLANNAGAN, 28, Stephen tp., same, d/o Patrick FLANNAGAN & Margaret O'LEARY, wit: Patrick FLANNAGAN of Stephen & Lidivina HERGOTT of St. Agatha, 26 June 1907, Mt. Carmel
011513-07 (Huron) William J. HILDEBRAND, 25, boiler maker, Huron Co., London, s/o John HILDEBRAND, & Cresentia MEIDINGER, to Mary UTTLEY, 20, Huron Co., Zurich, d/o William UTTLEY & Catherine DEBUS, wit: Joseph UTTLEY of Zurich & Mary MILLER of Hay, 3 July 1907, Zurich 011638-07 (Huron Co): George W. HILL, 31, merchant, Goderich Twp, Taber Alberta, s/o Joshua W. HILL & Annie WILLOUGHBY married Elizabeth Ann CARTER, 25, Winthrop Ont, Hullett, d/o John CARTER & Margaret DODDS. Wit: Mrs. D. ROGERS and Lillian ROGERS, both of Seaforth. September 3, 1907 at Seaforth
011630-07 (Huron Co): Henry HILLIER, 29, foreman, Hamilton, same, s/o Robert HILLIER & Catharine McBURNEY married Catharine J. BEST, 25, McKillop, Hamilton, d/o Frank BEST & Charlotte HINCHLEY. Wit: John E. BEST and Alice BEST, both of Seaforth. March 30, 1907 at Seaforth 011578-07 (Huron Co): James Alexander HOFFMAN, 20, painter, Howick, Kurtzville, s/o Henry HOFFMAN & Mary BAKER married Elizabeth Catherine RILEY, 19, Brussels, Morris, d/o William RILEY & Elizabeth CARTER. Wit: Solomon STROME and Mrs. James HUSSAS, both of Fordwich. December 24, 1907 at Fordwich
  011679-07 (Huron) John HOGAN, 38, farmer, Mt. Carmel, same, s/o Michael HOGAN & Bridget HEANAN, to Cecelia HOULIHAN, 29, Mt. Carmel, same, d/o Patrick HOULIHAN & Mary RYAN, wit: Hugh DERKIN of Stratford & Mary HOULIHAN of Mt. Carmel, 14 October 1907, Mt. Carmel
011687-07 (Huron Co): Adam HOLMES, 27, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o William HOLMES & Jemima LEITCH married Arabella M. HENRY, 20, Stanley, Hullett, d/o not known and Margaret HENRY. Wit: Annie SHAW and R. MANUEL, both of Egmondville. April 23, 1907 at Egmondville 011501-07 (Huron Co): Richard W. HOY, 26, butcher, Walton, same, s/o William HAY & Carlina KERNEY married Isabella CUSIC, 22, Grey, same, d/o James CUSIC & Alice DOUGLAS. Wit: Arthur HAY of Walton and Mary CUSIC of Grey. December 25, 1907 at Grey
011537-07 (Huron Co): Colin Smith HUDSON, 24, painter, Hensall, same, s/o William HUDSON & Eliza JAMIESON married Anna Elda WEBBER, 29, Biddulph, Hensall, d/o William WEBSTER & Louisa BENGOUGH. Wit: John HUDSON of Seaforth and Mrs. EMMERSON of London. September 11, 1907 at Hensall 011667-07 (Huron) Percy Melvin HUMBLE, 28, switchman, Falkirk, Sarnia, s/o George W. HUMBLE & Rebecca ROSENBERGER, to Emma Catherine BROWN, 26, Stephen tp., Crediton, d/o John F. BROWN & Bertha MELLIN, wit: William DARLING of Brinsley & Chrissy BRAUN of Crediton, 18 June 1907, Crediton
011525-07 (Huron) William E. JARROTT, 26, school teacher, Stanley tp., Hillsgreen, s/o James JARROTT & Catherine GRAM?, to Christie R. TROYER, 23, Hay, Hillsgreen, d/o Ed. J. TROYER & Lydie GREENSLED, wit: J.E. BELFRY of Donegal & Laura HORNER of Drysdale, 24 December 1907, Hillsgreen  
011504-07 (Huron) George JEFFREY, 21, farmer, Drysdale, same, s/o Cyprien JEFFREY & Odilla MAILLOUX?, to Matilda DENOMIE, 22, Drysdale, same, d/o Regis DENOMI (Denoume?) & Virginee CORRIVEAU, wit: Leo GELINAS & Sera DENOMINE both of Drysdale, 23 May 1907, Drysdale 011647-07 (Huron Co): James JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Andrew JOHNSTON & Elizabeth NICHOLSON married Ida RATHWELL, 27, Stanley, same, d/o John RATHWELL & Mary A. GRAHAM. Wit: _? GRAHAM of Clinton. April 3, 1907 at Stanley
011757-07 (Huron Co): David Taylor JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o John R. JOHNSTON & Mary Ann TAYLOR married Mary LOCKHART, 18, Kinloss, same, d/o Richard LOCKHART & Margaret WALKER. Wit: Annie PERRIE and Janessa PERRIE, both of Wingham. December 18, 1907 at Wingham 011738-07 (Huron Co): Abraham JOHNSTON, 36, carpenter, Hudson City U.S.A., Hamilton Ontario, s/o William JOHNSTON & Elizabeth HUGGARD married Louisa Maud WATCHER, 27, Turnberry, same, d/o John WATCHER & Elizabeth ASHTON. Wit: W. A. SANDERSON and Mrs. W. A. SANDERSON, both of Wingham. March 27, 1907 at Wingham
011510-07 (Huron) R. George JOYNT, 33, manufacturer, Durham Co., Hensall, s/o Thomas JOYNT & Ellen ROGERS, to Alice Sarah CALDWELL, 28, Fansville, same, d/o William F. CALDWELL & Sarah CHAMBERLAIN, wit: Henry CALWELL of Kippen & Ida JOYNT of Lucknow, 30 January 1907, Fansville 011612-07 (Huron Co): John JUPP, 20, clerk, West Montrose, same, s/o John Peter JUPP & Nancy STETSON married Charlotte M. McNALL, 20, Ashfield, McKillop, d/o William McNALL & Matilda LOCKART (s/b Lockhart?). Wit: Robert McNALL and Mrs. C. D. NEIL, both of McKillop. May 9, 1907 at McKillop
011567-07 (Huron Co): John Curry KEAN, 32, butter maker, Minto Twp, Starkwell Mississippi U.S., s/o James KEAN & Mary McCORMICK married Susan Jane BUSHFIELD, 24, Logan Twp, Lakelet, d/o William BUSHFIELD & Elizabeth JONES. Wit: Robert WAGNER of Ayton and Edna J. BUSHFIELD of Lakelet. September 19, 1907 at Lakelet 011695-07 (Huron Co): Walter KEMP, 70, widow, England, Seaforth, s/o Stephen & Belinda KEMP married Ann Eliza MOWAT, 63, widower, England, Seaforth, d/o Robert STOCKDALE & Mary STEVENSON. Wit: Annie SHAW and Donald SHAW, both of Egmondville. November 23, 1907 at Egmondville
011560-07 (Huron Co): Thomas Duncan KENNEDY, 25, laborer, Wright Quebec, West Luther, s/o Thomas Henry KENNEDY & Jane McFADDEN married Fanny SHOEMAKER, 23, Wallace Twp, Howick, d/o Meno SHOEMAKER & Sarah BROTHERS. Wit: Roy W. FISHER of West Luther and Nettie SHOEMAKER of Howick. June 19, 1907 at Howick 011675-07 (Huron) Frederick Tobias Clark KENNINGS, laborer, Stephen tp., South River, s/o James KENNINGS & Nancy GINGERICH, to Addie Rachel MICHELL, 23, Hensall, Stephen tp., d/o John A. MITCHELL & Margaret WILLOUGHBY, wit: John A. MITCHELL & Perle ANDREWS both of Crediton, 1 October 1907, Crediton
011741-07 (Huron Co): George S. LACKIE, 34, tailor, Wroxeter, same, s/o John LACKIE & Jane SOMMERVILLE married Letitia MORRISON, 27, Kennilsworth Ont, Wroxeter, s/o John MORRISON & Jessie MURCHISON. Wit: Adam MORRISON of Wroxeter and Florence S. BOYLE of Wingham. May 29, 1907 at Wingham  
011753-07 (Huron Co): Joseph LATRONICO, 35, laborer, South Wales, Wingham, s/o Samuel LATRONICO & Sarah KIDWELL married Margaret Ester WATCHER, 38, Turnberry, same, d/o John WATCHER & Elizabeth WESTLAKE. Wit: Mrs. J. A. SANDERSON and Mrs. J. A. SANDERSON, both of Wingham. November not given, 1907 at Wingham 011523-07 (Huron) John LAVOIE, 20, day laborer, Michigan, Drysdale, s/o Joseph LAVOIE & Emelie HETUE, to Neillie DENOMIE, 18, Drysdale, same, d/o Edward DENOMIE & Edwidge GRAVELLE, wit: Philippe DENOMIE & Sera LEVOIE both of Drysdale, 26 November 1907, Drysdale
011635-07 (Huron Co): Robert C. LENNOX, 27, confectionery, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Edward LENNOX & Mary CLARK married Lillie A. M. WILLIAMS, 29, Seaforth, Toronto, d/o James WILLIAMS & Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP. Wit: James BAXTER of Toronto and Ethel WILLIAMS of Seaforth. August 6, 1907 at Seaforth 011685-07 (Huron Co): Edward M. LEVY, 26, carpenter, Colborne, Clinton, s/o George LEVY & Sarah COX married Matilda Jane WAGNER, 20, Mildmay Ont, Clinton, d/o Anthony WAGNER & Barbara LOMBARD. Wit: Agnes W. SAWERS and Emma T. McINTOSH, both of Brucefield. January 30, 1907 at Brucefield
  011519-07 (Huron) Hugh LOVE, 19, farmer, Hay tp., Hillsgreen, s/o Andrew LOVE & Rebecca YOUNG, to Agnes Ann JARROTT, 19, Hay tp., no residence, d/o Jas. Thomas JARROTT, & Mary Jane HUDSON, wit: Mrs. John BALFOUR & Mrs. Don. URQUHART both of Kippen, 2 April 1907, Kippen
011571-07 (Huron Co): Oliver LUDWIG, 27, finisher, Hawkesville, Wingham, s/o Albert G. LUDWIG & Elizabeth AMENT? married Alice SKEINE, 23, Blanshard, Grey, d/o Christopher SKEINE & Mary SMITH. Wit: B. S. COOK and Mrs. James HUSSAS, both of Fordwich. October 16, 1907 at Fordwich 011572-07 (Huron Co): Finley R. LYNN, 26, farmer, Howick, same, s/o William John LYNN & Isabella FRASER married Elizabeth HAYDEN, 26, Howick, same, d/o William HAYDEN & Ann HERDMAN. Wit: William Henry LYNN of Molesworth and Paul VINES of Kurtzville. October 25, 1907 at Howick
011488-07 (Huron Co): George MACHIN, 23, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Robert & Ellenor Liza MACHIN married Frances Ann McLEAN, 22, Morris, same, d/o Donald McLEAN & Janet HOGG. Wit: Roderick McLEAN of Morris and Reare BIRT of Brussels. April 3, 1907 at Grey 011609 (Huron Co): George T. MANN, 45, farmer, Hay, McKillop, s/o Alexander MANN & Mary THOMPSON married Janet ANDERSON, 27, Blyth, McKillop, d/o James ANDERSON & Emma BUTTON. Wit: Eliza WISHART and Grace STEWART, both of Brussels. May 22, 1907 at Brussels
  011651-07 (Huron Co): John MARSHALL, 28, not given, Blanshard, same, s/o James MARSHALL & Susan McVICAR married Emma EDIGHOFFER, age darkened, d/o Adam HEDIGHOFFER & Mary KEINHARDT Wit: Edgar EDIGHOFFER of Blake and Mrs. A.H. BROWN of Varna. January 26, 1907 at Varna
011573-07 (Huron Co): Samuel MAY, 66, widower, farmer, Ireland, Howick, s/o Robert MAY & Margaret McILWAIN married Agnes SCOTT, 63, widower, housekeeper, Simcoe Co, Gorrie, d/o James HIGGINS & Jane ENGLISH. Wit: Mrs. A. B. DOBSON and Gertrude J. DOBSON, both of Fordwich. October 30, 1907 at Fordwich 011495-07 (Huron Co): Robert McALLISTER, 32, farmer, Howick, Grey, s/o John McALLISTER & Isabella FRASER married Annie Mabel BRYANS, 26, Grey, same, d/o Edward BRYANS & Mary Ann GALLAGHER. Wit: William BRYANS of Toronto and Mary McALLISTER of Grey. June 26, 1907 at Grey
011636-07 (Huron Co): Henry McARTER, 44, farmer, Usborne, Morris, s/o John & Margaret McARTER married Maggie WHITE, 36, Morris, same, d/o John & Margaret WHITE. Wit: Mrs. D. ROGERS and James B. THOMPSON, both of Seaforth. April 7, 1907 at Seaforth 011640-07 (Huron Co): John Edward McCARTHY, 46, railway man, Canada, Toledo Ohio, s/o John McCARTHY & Susan WHALEN married Elizabeth KIERNAN, 32, Ireland, Seaforth, d/o Patrick KIERNAN & Mary CORCORAN. Wit: Thomas McDONALD of LaSalle Ont and Mary McDONALD of Lasallete Ont. October 29, 1907 at Seaforth (RC)
011576-07 (Huron Co): William J. McCLENNAN, 26, farmer, Grey, Gorrie, s/o John McCLENNAN & Rebecca EARLS married Margaret M. MAGUIRE, 26, Howick, same, d/o John MAGUIRE & Matilda PAISLEY. Wit: Andrew McCLENNAN of Chesley and Jane MAGUIRE of Howick. November 20, 1907 at Howick 011528-07 (Huron) James McCLINCHY, 36, farmer, Stanley tp., same, s/o Jas. McCLINCHY & Janet ROWATT, to Sarah SHOEMAKER, 20, Hay tp., same, d/o Charles SHOEMAKER & Minnie RINDHART, wit: Sarah E. McINTYRE & Alice C. HART both of Hensall, 6 March 1907, Hensall
011506-07 (Huron) Samuel John McCLUNG, 31, Farmer, Sullivan, Stanley tp., s/o James McCLUNG & Elizabeth IRVINE, to Regina WELKER, 30, Wallace, Zurich, d/o Valentine WELKER & Marardett WALTER, wit: M. WELKER of Mt. Forest & Joania ELBERT of Zurich, 9 May 1907, Zurich 011607-07 (Huron Co): Dugald McCORMICK, 36, farmer, West Williams Twp, Parkhill Ont, s/o Dugald McCORMICK & Annie McISAAC married Margaret JORDAN, 22, teacher, Hibbert Perth Co, St. Columban, d/o Peter JORDAN & Teresa CARRY. Wit: Michael JORDAN of St. Columban and Annie MORRISON of Parkhill. January 22, 1907 at St. Columban
011601-07 (Huron Co): Robert John McCREA, 37, farmer, Belgrave, same, s/o Charles McCRAE & Jemima BURNEY married Caroline Matilda WILKINSON, 31, Morris, Belgrave, d/o James WILKINSON & Jane DOBBS. Wit: C. G. McCRAE and Pearl ANDERSON, res not given. September 18, 1907 at Belgrave Morris 011751-07 (Huron Co): David Stuart MacDONALD, 42, widower, fruit grower, Huron Twp, same, s/o Archibald & Mary MacDONALD married Lillian Jane TIMMERS, 24, Kankawanna Wisconsin, Black Creek Wisconsin, d/o Frank TIMMERS & Minnie GENTRY. Wit: B_? P_? - overwritten and James BURPEE, both of Wingham. October 2, 1907 at Wingham
011494-07 (Huron Co): Peter McEWEN, 44, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o James McEWEN & Christina STEWART married Lizzie STRACHAN, 35, Grey, same, d/o James STRACHAN & Janet McVICAR. Wit: James STRACHAN of Grey and Lizzie ROSS of Brussels. June 19, 1907 at Grey 011606-07 (Huron Co): Alexander W. McEWING, 30, farmer, Palmerston, Hullett, s/o Hugh McEWING & Ann McWilliam SCOTT married Janet Orr SHANNON, 21, McKillop, same, d/o John SHANNON & Margaret FULTON. Wit: John F. SHANNON of McKillop and Mary C. M. McEWING of Palmerston. January 25, 1907 at McKillop
  011555-07 (Huron Co): James Alexander McGOFFIN, 26, Wallace Twp, same, s/o Thomas McGOFFIN & Agnes BARNS married Margaret CAMPBELL, 24, Wallace Twp, Gorrie, d/o John CAMPBELL & Christina STEEDSMAN. Wit: Robert L. McGOFFIN of Wallace Twp and Nellie CAMPBELL of Gorrie. March 27, 1907 at Gorrie
011740-07 (Huron Co): Adam McKAY, 28, printer, East Wawanosh, Teeswater, s/o David McKAY & Jessie HENDERSON married Lydia WOCKS, 28, Culross, Teeswater, d/o John WOCKS & Loyetta KREUGE? Wit: Mabel DOBSON and Janessa PERRIE, both of Wingham. May 8, 1907 at Wingham 011744-07 (Huron Co): John Walton McKIBBON, 27, druggist, Wingham, same, s/o Philip McKIBBON & Elizabeth H. N. CARTER married Veleria KNECHTEL, 19, Wingham, same, d/o Charles KNECHTEL & Mary NICHOLSON. Wit: E. A. HAMMOND of Wingham and Mabel McNEIL of Ailsa Craig. Wit: June 12, 1907 at Wingham
011629-07 (Huron Co): George Arthur McLEAN, 27, clergyman, Farmington Maine, Cooksville, s/o Frank L. McLEAN & Ella COOMBS married Alice DUNDAS, 27, McKillop, same, d/o John DUNDAS & Charlotte WILLIS. Wit: J. P. McLEAN of Hamilton and Hattie A. GIBBON of Stratford. January 5, 1907 at Seaforth 011754-07 (Huron Co): Neil L. McNABB, 28, glover, Trowbridge Ont, Acton Ontario, s/o Archibald McNABB & Margaret SMITH married Julia LINKLATER, 25, East Wawanosh, Acton, d/o Thomas LINKLATER & Christina McKENZIE. Wit: Anthony NICHOL and Eliza HENDERSON, both of Wingham. December 18, 1907 at Wingham
011655-07 (Huron Co): William B. McQUEEN, 25, farmer, Stanley, Pine Lake Alberta, s/o William B. McQUEEN & Mary EWART married Elizabeth W. FOOTE, 25, housekeeper, Bannockburn Ont, Stanley, d/o John FOOTE & Ann J. REID. Wit: Percy WANLESS and Annie M. FOOTE, both of Varna. December 25, 1907 at Stanley 011605-07 (Huron Co): Alvin E. MEGGISON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Waskada Manitoba, s/o George MEGGISON & Mary Ann DEADMAN married Sara E. CLARK, 25, dressmaker, Morris, Belgrave, d/o William CLARK & Elizabeth Ann SCOTT. Wit: William CLARK and Mrs. William CLARK, both of Belgrave. December 26, 1907 at Belgrave
011648-07 (Huron Co): Jabes Irwin METCALF, 48, widower, farmer, Tremont, London, s/o Jabes METCALF & Eliza J. HARVEY married Eliza Jane JOHNSON, 34, Stanley, same, d/o Alexander JOHNSON & Rebecca REID. Wit: John A. JOHNSTON of Varna and _?- off page HARVEY of London. May 22, 1907 at Varna 011745-07 (Huron Co): William James MILLER, 41, widower, farmer, Vaughan Twp, District of Chamberton Saskatchewan, s/o Thomas MILLER & Ann WATSON married Sarah DAVEY, 36, widow, Culross, same, d/o George GAUNT & Rachel BUCHANAN. Wit: Mrs. W. J. HOUSON (Howson) and Miss Jennie HOUSON, both of Wingham. August 6, 1907 at Wingham
011697-07 (Huron Co): William MITCHELL, 32, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o Andrew MITCHELL & Mary A. PEARSON married Margaret H. SCOTT, 28, Turnberry, Glen Annan Turnberry, d/o George B. SCOTT & Grace WALLACE. Wit: Charles MITCHELL and Marion J. SCOTT, both of Turnberry. February 6, 1907 at Turnberry 011499-07 (Huron Co): Allan MITCHELL, 33, merchant, Grey, same, s/o Robert MITCHELL & Maria THOMPSON married Mary ELLIOTT, 23, Grey, same, d/o James ELLIOTT & Lilly McALLISTER. Wit: Edward MITCHELL and Nellie ELLIOTT, both of Grey. October 31, 1907 at Grey
011602-07 (Huron Co): Percy MOIR, 20, blacksmith, Usborne, Brussels, s/o John MOIR & Melissa McTAGGART married Mary FULTON, 18, Grey, Brussels, d/o James FULTON & Janet McINNES. Wit: John CURRIE and James McCRACKEN, res not given. September 21, 1907 at Walton Morris 011522-07 (Huron) Arnold. C. MOIR, 24, station agent, Usborne, New Ontario, s/o John MOIR & Menisse TAGARET, to Villie GOULD, 25, Hay, same, d/o John GOULD & Mary McDONALD, wit: William G. BELL of Hensall & Caroline GOULD of Hay, 23 October 1907, Hay
011624-07 (Huron Co): George Alexander MOODIE, 35, widower, contractor, Mulmur Twp, Wolseley Saskatchewan, s/o William J. MOODIE & Esther HUNTER married Katie Louise SPARLING, 27, Seaforth, same, d/o George W. SPARLING & Catharine CARTER. Wit: Christopher A. SPARLING and Mabel M. YOUNG, both of Seaforth. February 2, 1907 at Seaforth 011598-07 (Huron Co): George Henry MOORE, 25, farmer, Howard Twp Kent Co, same, s/o Richard MOORE & Ruth KEOWEN married Edna Fanny SPENCER, 22, Howard Twp, same, d/o William Henry SPENCER & Rosa A. PARKER. Wit: Mrs. L. PRITCHARD of Wyoming and Lottie M. RIVERS of Belgrave. April 30, 1907 at Belgrave
011652-07 (Huron Co): Joseph MOSSOP, 32, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Thomas MOSSOP & Mary WORTHY married Hannah Mary Ethel WATSON, 23, housekeeper, Stanley, same, d/o John WATSON & Sarah MANN. Wit: Robert WATSON of Stanley and Edith MOSSOP of Varna. June 29, 1907 at Stanley 011690-07 (Huron Co): Mark MOWAT, 22, butcher, Fullerton, not given, s/o John MOWAT & Eliza STOCHTDAL married Elizabeth BAKER, 20, Hay, Blake Hay Twp, s/o Peter BAKER & Nancy McCLINCHEY. Wit: Margaret WATSON and Mark URQUHART, both of Kippen. June 27, 1907 at Kippen
011641-07 (Huron Co): John NANGLE (Naugle?), 36, farmer, Canada, Biddulph, s/o Thomas NANGLE & Jane MURPHY married Margaret NANGLE, 36, Canada, McKillop, d/o Patrick NANGLE & Frances BARRY. Wit: Frank W. NANGLE of Biddulph and Mary L. LONG of Stratford. October 30, 1907 at Seaforth (RC) 011619-07 (Huron Co): John O'BRIEN, 30, farmer, Hay, Honnfield Manitoba, s/o Roswell O'BRIEN & Catherine REGAN married Myrtle Leverne WOODLEY, 25, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, d/o Thomas WOODLEY & Mary Ann RUNDLE. Wit: David REGAN of Chiselhurst Ont and Pearl WOODLEY of Seaforth. January 9, 1907 at Seaforth
  011669-07 (Huron) Joseph W. ORME, 31, physician, Holstein Can., Centralia, s/o J. W. ORME & Ellen HODGINS, to Beula L. A. BEAVER, 25, Crediton, same, d/o Christian BEAVER & Amelia PARSONS, wit: E.B. BEAVER of Crediton & A.T. STOCKWELL of London, 19 June 1907, Crediton
011632-07 (Huron Co): William H. OUGHTEN, 32, mechanic, Grey, Seaforth, s/o Henry OUGHTEN & Margaret KING married Dorothy J. SMITHERS, 27, Seaforth, same, d/o George SMITHERS & Mary Ann PIERCY. Wit: Thomas SMITHERS and Maude WOODLEY, both of Seaforth. June 19, 1907 at Seaforth 011639-07 (Huron Co): Charles Edward Lott PANGMAN, 29, bookkeeper, Collingwood, Toronto, s/o Charles Edward PANGMAN & Harriet LOTT married Violet CASE, 31, McKillop, same, d/o Francis CASE & Mary Ann PATTERSON. Wit: Bona E. R. CASE of Seaforth and C. W. PANGMAN of Toronto. September 12, 1907 at Seaforth
011591-07 (Huron Co): Charles Elias PARSONS, 23, farmer, Port Hope, Hullett, s/o Arthur PARSONS & Elizabeth BOLAND married Ida Elizabeth ADAMS, 21, Hullett, same, d/o Noble ADAMS & Mary MILLER. Wit: Ernest ADAMS and Mary PARSONS, both of Hullett. September 4, 1907 at Hullett  
011760-07 (Huron Co): George PAWLIN (Paulin?), 36, farmer, Wroxeter, same, s/o James PAWLIN & Mary J. POWELL married Elsie McMICHAEL, 28, Belgrave, Wroxeter, d/o Archibald McMICHAEL & Fanny MONTGOMERY. Wit: D. L. WEIR and Mrs. J. H. OSTERHOUT, res not given. May 22, 1907 at Wroxeter 011686-07 (Huron Co): Frederick PEPPER, 22, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Roger PEPPER & Mary FAIRBAIRN married Mary LAYTON, 23, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Francis LAYTON & Elizabeth APPLETON. Wit: Francis LAYTON of Clinton and Mary L. PEPPER of Brucefield. April 3, 1907 at Tuckersmith
011529-07 (Huron) Charles Alfred PERLEY, 26, railroading, Brant Co., Winnipeg Man., s/o Alfred D. PERLEY & Nellie YEO, to Esther CORBETT, 28, Hay tp., same, d/o John CORBETT & Margaret DROVER, wit: Alice DROVER of Hensall & Ellen CORBETT of Hay, 27 April 1907, Hensall 011531-07 (Huron) William Edward PFAFF, 25, engineer, Hillsgreen, Hensall, s/o henry PFAFF & Elizabeth GOETZ, to Alice DROVER, 22, Tuckersmith, Hensall, d/o Wilhelmina DROVER, wit: W.D. THOMSON of Hay & Emily PFAFF of Hensall, 1 May 1907, Hensall
011468-07 (Huron Co): John Alfred POTTER, 24, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Thomas POTTER & Fannie JARVIS married Edith Ellen HULLER, 27, Manitoba, Goderich Twp, d/o Aron HULLER & Mary FLINTOFF. Wit: John HULLER and Francis POTTER, both of Goderich Twp. June 5, 1907 at Goderich Twp 011627-07 (Huron Co): James PURCELL, 44, widower, farmer, Canada, McKillop, s/o John PURCELL & Margaret CARLING married Margaret CLENNAN, Canada, Seaforth, d/o William CLENNAN & Bridget NOLAN. Wit: William CLENNAN of McKillop and Nellie TRACEY of Seaforth. April 23, 1907 at Seaforth (RC)
011563-07 (Huron Co): Thomas W. RALPH, 21, accountant, Sault St Marie, Toronto, s/o Archibald RALPH & Sarah COUGHLIN married Harvey Florence BELL, 23, seamstress, Howick, Toronto, d/o not given & Jane HARVEY. Wit: William HARVEY and Annie HARVEY, both of Gorrie. September 3, 1907 at Gorrie 011604-07 (Huron Co): Victor G. RAPAPORTT, 28, student, St. Petersburg Russia, Detroit Michigan, s/o August RAPAPORTT & Maria LALEND married Sophia Rae DOUGLAS, 32, domestic, Grey, Morris, d/o John R. DOUGLAS & Jane McPHAIL. Wit: Robert S. DOUGLAS and Annie DOUGLAS, both of Morris. October 14, 1907 at Morris
011717-07 (Huron Co): Telfer Merton REA, 22, farmer, Blanshard, same, s/o Robert M. RAE & Hannah J. CROSS married Ellen Maria KNOX, 22, Blanshard, same, d/o Andrew KNOX & Sarah McQUILLAN. Wit: Elmer M. RAE and Sara KNOX, both of Blanshard. December 17, 1907 at Kirkton  
011680-07 (Huron) Mathew REGAN, 45, farmer, Mt. Carmel, same, s/o Cornelius REGAN & Catherine LAVIN, to Mary GLAVIN, 20, Mt. Carmel, same, d/o Patrick GLAVIN & Hanna MURPHY, wit: John LAVIN of St. Columban & Josephine GLAVIN of London, 26 November 1907, Mt. Carmel 011681-07 (Huron) Cornelius REGAN, 30, farmer, Mt. Carmel, same, s/o Cornelius REGAN & Hanna MURPHY, to Mary GLAVIN, 24, McGillivray, same, d/o John GLAVIN & Mary CRONYN, wit: Patrick REGAN of Mt. Carmel & Gertrude GLAVIN of McGillivray, 15 October 1907, Biddulph
011521-07 (Huron) John C. REID, 42, farmer, Stanley tp., Hibbert tp., s/o John REID Sr. & Lizzian REID, to Edna R. HOLTZ, 28, Stanley tp., no residence, d/o Henry & Sideria HOLTZ, wit: George & Mrs. EDIGHOFFER of Dashwood, 10 October 1907, Blake 011516-07 (Huron) Louis John RINKER, 21, carpenter, Germany, Dashwood, s/o Louis RINKER & Cath. GASSMAN, to Lydia M. HARTLEIB, 18, Dashwood, same, d/o Jacob HARTLEIB & Christine SCHROEDER, wit: Arthur WILLERT & Wilhelmine RINKER both of Dashwood, 3 July 1907, Dashwood
011616-07 (Huron Co): Thomas Joseph ROCKETT, 26, lumber dealer, Detroit U.S.A., St. Columban, s/o Edward ROCKETT & Elizabeth BAMRICK married Annie C. CARLIN, 29, McKillop, St. Columban, d/o James CARLIN & Johanna GUINANNE. Wit: Thomas ROCKETT of Thorold and Mary A. CARLIN of Seaforth. June 19, 1907 at St. Columban 011585-07 (Huron Co): John L. ROGERSON, 49, widower, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Solomon ROGERSON & Elizabeth BOWE married Emily BEDFORD, 49, England, Hullett, d/o William BEDFORD & Sarah SQUIRE. Wit: Calista E. CURRY of Londesboro and Amelia F. GIBBS of Hullett. May 23, 1907 at Hullett
  011684-07 (Huron) Jacob ROMPHF, 20, farmer, Bosanquet tp., same, s/o William ROMPHF & Mary BRITT, to Susana L. GOWER, 17, McGillivray, Stephen, d/o William & Mary GOWER, wit: Lawrence & M. C. CARRIERE both of Grand Bend, 3 December 1907, Grand Bend
011550-07 (Huron Co): Alexander ROSS, 36, clergyman, Harriston, Culross, s/o William ROSS & Margaret McCRACKEN(?) married Mabel S. FRASER, 27, Howick, same, d/o William FRASER & Janet McDONALD. Wit: William C. ROSS of Culross Manitoba and Sammy FRASER of Howick. January 30, 1907 at Howick 011613-07 (Huron Co): Allan ROSS, 33, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Peter ROSS & Jane GORDON married Sarah L. SIMPSON, 32, McKillop, same, d/o Thomas SIMPSON & Martha McDERMOTT. Wit: Alice H. ROSS and Violet B. SIMPSON, both of McKillop. July 2, 1907 at McKillop
011610-07 (Huron Co): Patrick ROWLAND, 34, farmer, Hullett, McKillop, s/o Michael ROWLAND & Mary LAMBE married Winnifred McGRATH, 21, McKillop, same, d/o Peter McGRATH & Winnifred JORDAN. Wit: Louis McGRATH and Nellie ROWLAND, both of McKillop. June 11, 1907 at St. Columban 011673-07 (Huron) Wellington R. SANDERCOTT, 23, clerk, Dashwood, London, s/o John SANDERCOTT & Barbara SACHS, to Fredericka GASSMAN (or GOSSMAN), 19, Dashwood, same, d/o Frederick GASSMAN & Ellen ZIMMER, wit: Ruby NORMAN & Lizzie GOSSMAN both of Dashwood, 26 September 1907, Dashwood
  011511-07 (Huron) George F. SCHIEDEL, 39, mechanic, Bridgeport, Detroit, widower, s/o Noah SCHIEDEL & Nancy FENICE, to Susan Bean SCHOELLIG, 38, Crediton, Hay tp., d/o George SCHOELLIG & Elizabeth BEAN, wit: George & Louise GRAM of Hay, 1 September 1907, Hay
011514-07 (Huron) Gustaivus A. SCHMIDT, 28, merchant, Sebringville, same, s/o Ernest SCHMIDT & Anna KUNTZ, to Pearl L. NICHOLSON, 23, Hay tp., Blake, d/o William NICHOLSON & Magdalene HARTLIEB, wit: A.E. NICHOLSON of Blake & Myrtle MOTTER of Hickson, 10 July 1907, Blake 011554-07 (Huron Co): William Henry SCOTT, 29, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Adam SCOTT & Matilda HANNAH married Effie RAINEY, 18, Minto Twp, Howick, d/o George RAINEY & Elizabeth BUNT. Wit: Adam SCOTT Jr and Lillian RAINEY, both of Lakelet. March 18, 1907 at Lakelet
011503-07 (Huron) Arthur SCREENAN, 28, day laborer, Drysdale, St. Joseph, s/o Charles SCREENAN & Maria PELLAND, to Anna PLANTE, 22, Drysdale, St. Joseph, d/o Ovide PLANTE & Lea DENOMINE, wit: Leon JEFFREY & Pauline PLANTE both of St. Joseph, 15 January 1907, Drysdale 011597-07 (Huron Co): Milvert SELLERS, 29, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Joseph SELLERS & Margaret OSTER married Margaret CASEMORE, 28, Ontario, Morris, d/o George CASEMORE & Sarah CARROL. Wit: Robert TURNEY of Morris and Kate BALFOUR of Turnberry. March 27, 1907 at Morris
011589-07 (Huron Co): Richard J. SHADDICK, 30, carpenter, England, Hullett, s/o John SHADDICK & Mary HARRIS married Lucy BRUNDY, 24, West Wawanosh, same, d/o William BRUNDY & Elizabeth BENBRIDGE. Wit: Albert KNOX of Hullett and Minnie BRUNDY of Hensall. July 10, 1907 at Hullett 011634-07 (Huron Co): John SHANNON, 24, farmer, Canada, Pulman Oxford Co, Seaforth, s/o John SHANNON & Margaret CLARE married Catharine TAQUEY, 24, Canada, Seaforth, d/o Michael TAQUEY & Mary CRONER. Wit: Michael SHANNON of Putnam Oxford Co. and Nellie TAQUEY of Seaforth. July 23, 1907 at Seaforth (RC)
011663-07 (Huron) David SHEPPARD, 29, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Benjamin SHEPPARD & Rachel SMITH, to Sarah LEWIS, 29, McGillivray, same, d/o William LEWIS & Elizabeth McCALPIN, wit: Estella ANDREWS & Mrs. McMURRAY both of Crediton, 22 May 1907, Crediton  
011594-07 (Huron Co): John W. SHORTREED, 25, farmer, Morris, same, s/o James SHORTREED & Caroline BRADY married Alice A. KIRKBY, 28, Morris, same, d/o George KIRKBY & Margaret McARTER. Wit: Henry A. KIRKBY of Belgrave and Carrie SHORTREED of Seaforth. January 1, 1907 at Morris 011743-07 (Huron Co): Ernest SIMMONS, 21, mechanic, Wingham, same, s/o Archibald E. SIMMONS & Rachael E. RANKIN married E. A. N. CLARK, 18, Tysley England, Wingham, d/o Joseph & Mary Jane CLARK. Wit: H. E. SIMMONS and Lena L. TAYLOR, both of Wingham. March 4, 1907 at Wingham
011565-07 (Huron Co): Richard Wesley SMALL, 21, laborer, Drew Ont, same, s/o William SMALL & Hattie MASLAND married Mary Elizabeth ROBERTS, 20, Allandale Ont, Drew Ont, d/o Henry ROBERTS & Elizabeth QUANCE. Wit: William Henry ROBERTS and Margaret Ann ROBERTS, both of Howick. September 9, 1907 at Howick 011586-07 (Huron Co): John C. SMALL, 38, clergyman, Wellington Co, Blyth, s/o Joseph SMALL & Janet MORRIS married Edna McDONALD, 18, Hullett, same, d/o Andrew McDONALD & Louisa A. McDOUGALL. Wit: Walter McLEAN of Goderich and Jannet McDOUGALL of Maxville Ont. June 5, 1907 at Hullett
011668-07 (Huron) James Ashton SMITH, laborer, McGillivray tp., Thedford, widower, s/o Andrew SMITH & Anna CURTIS, to Emeline McINTOSH, 37, Thedford, same, d/o Roderick McINTOSH & Lucy McPHERSON, wit: Alma BOSSENBERRY & Margaret CARRIERE both of Grand Bend, 3 June 1907, Grand Bend 011557-07 (Huron Co): Milton J. SMITH, 31, farmer, Bluevale, same, s/o William L. SMITH & Emma FARROW married Lucy R. RUTTAN, 24, Morris, Lakelet, d/o Bennett RUTTAN & Enretta DALMAGE. Wit: Leonard RUTTAN of Howick and Lucy BRAY of Brussels. May 22, 1907 at Lakelet
011759-07 (Huron Co): William SMITH, 27, farmer, Wawanosh, same, s/o Joseph SMITH & Mary J. WATSON married Charlotte McMICHAEL, 24, Turnberry, same, d/o Archibald McMICHAEL & Fanny MONTGOMERY. Wit: W. J. SMITH of Turnberry and Louisa HIGGINS of Belgrave. February 28, 1907 at Wroxeter 011633-07 (Huron Co): George Frederick SMITH, 24, farmer, Logan Twp, same, s/o William P. SMITH and Mary G. SLOMAN married Ida J. HOWARD, 23, Egmondville, Seaforth, d/o Richard HOWARD & Susanna VANEGMOND. Wit: John McLENNAN and Alice McLENNAN, both of Seaforth. June 26, 1907 at Seaforth
011622-07 (Huron Co): William Henry SMITHERS, 25, machinist, Seaforth, same, s/o George Henry SMITHERS & Mary Ann PIERCY married Lily ROBERTS, 23, Seaforth, same, d/o Robert Samuel ROBERTS & Annie Maria STEVENS. Wit: Minnie ROBERTS and Thomas SMITHERS, both of Seaforth. January 30, 1907 at Seaforth 011623-07 (Huron Co): William SMITHERS, 24, fireman, Sheldon North Dakota, Enderly North Dakota U.S.A, s/o Thomas SMITHERS & Ann FOWLER married Mary Jane BENNETT, 24, Tuckersmith, McKillop, d/o William BENNETT & Maria PHILLIPS. Wit: Laurie B. HOLMES and Marion WALLWIN of Seaforth. January 23, 1907 at Seaforth
011479-07 (Huron Co): Owen SPARROW, 25, clerk, New Ireland Quebec, Ethel, s/o John SPARROW & Mary HENDERSON married Lillian Reid SIMPSON, 19, Ethel, same, d/o Thomas SIMPSON & Catherine CHRISTIE?. Wit: Delba W. SPARROW and J. WILLISCROFT of Ontario & Jeannette SIMPSON of Ethel. January 23, 1907 at Ethel  
011564-07 (Huron Co): Robert Alexander SPORLTON, 26, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Arthur SPORLTON & Sarah Jane JOHNSTON married Susan Melinda HICKS, 25, Minto Twp, Howick, d/o Simon HICKS & Annie VOGAN. Wit: John STRONG of Howick and Delina WERNER of Mitchell. September 4, 1907 at Gorrie 011491-07 (Huron Co): Julius STADELBAUR, 26, cheese maker, Wellesley Twp, Howick, s/o Casper STADELBAUR & Pauline ERDMAN married Ina Margaret ELLIOTT, 20, Grey, same, d/o James ELLIOTT & Lily McALLISTER. Wit: Allan MITCHELL and Mary ELLIOTT , both of Grey. April 3, 1907 at Grey
011670-07 (Huron) Franklin STATTON, 21, farmer, Usborne tp., Stephen tp., s/o John STATTON & Maria STEPHENS, to Emma WILD, 20, Hay tp., same, d/o George WILD & Mary HEWITT, wit: M.C. CARRIERE of Grand Bend & Marjorie GRIEVE of Parkhill, 14 August 1907, Grand Bend 011509-07 (Huron) S. Edward STELCK, 28, farmer, Hay tp., same, s/o Heinrich STELCK & Maria SOLDEN, to Annie HEY, 24, Hay tp., same, d/o John HAY & Maria DECKER, wit: William HEY & Maggie STELCK both of Hay, 12 June 1907, Zurich
011693-07 (Huron Co): Arna H. STELH, 23, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Charles STELH & Mary LUKER married Lizzie C. REICHERT, 22, Stanley, same, d/o John REICHERT & Katherine CLAUSIUS. Wit: Mrs. H. URQUHART and Mrs. John BALFOUR, both of Kippen. November 20, 1907 at Kippen 011468-07 (Huron Co): Wesley J. STEVENS, 35, farmer, Colborne, Goderich Twp, s/o James STEVENS & Maria A. MITCHELL married Tessie A. JENKINS, 35, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Roland JENKINS & Elizabeth HOLLAND. Wit: Thomas K. WALLACE of Goderich Twp and Jezrel TYLER of London. June 12, 1907 at Goderich Twp
011698-07 (Huron Co): John STEWART, 23, laborer, Bluevale, same, s/o Thomas STEWART & Isabel THYNNE married Eva May SOUCH, 19, Morris, same, d/o William James SOUCH & Charlotte JEWETT. Wit: Nina? STEWART of Bluevale and Emma SOUCH of Wingham. February 27, 1907 at Bluevale 011672-07 (Huron) Nicholas STIRE, 24, workman, Germany, Dashwood, s/o Nicholas STIRE & Christine NUKEL, to Christine BRENNER, 21, Dashwood, same, d/o Alois BRENNER & Maria OTTO, wit: Fred STIRE of Dashwood & Bertha BRENNER of Dashwood, 11 September 1907, Dashwood
  011526-07 (Huron) Edward W. STOSHOFF, 26, vet. surgeon, Sebringville, Zurich, s/o Adam STOSHOFF & Mary Ann SEBACH, to Adaline K. JOHNSON, 31, Tavistock, Zurich, d/o Thomas JOHNSON & Mary Ann KLEIN, wit: George W. STOSHOFF of Sebringville, & Matilda JOHNSON of Zurich, 28 December 1907, Zurich
011467-07 (Huron Co): Thomas Leith STURDY, 23, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o George W. STURDY & Elizabeth RUTLEDGE married Lillie May PROUSE, 23, Goderich Twp, same, d/o David PROUSE & Mary J. GRIGG. Wit: Howard STUDY and Mable PROUSE, both of Goderich Twp. April 3, 1907 at Goderich Twp 011688-07 (Huron Co): Nelson Herbert SUTHERBY, 24, blacksmith, Hay, Clinton, s/o Charles SUTHERBY & Marion DROVER married Margaret Wilhelmina CHESNEY, 26, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Andrew CHESNEY & Catherine DALLAS. Wit: Annie SHAW and Donald SHAW, both of Egmondville. May 1, 1907 at Egmondville
011593-07 (Huron Co): Absolom TAYLOR, 25, farmer, Wawanosh, Morris, s/o William Thomas TAYLOR & Mary Ann JAMES married Gertrude May LEAR, 21, Hullett, same, d/o Edward LEAR & Hannah BALL. Wit: Joseph TAYLOR of Morris and Minnie LEAR of Hullett. December 18, 1907 at Hullett 011603-07 (Huron Co): Frederick Charles TAYLOR, 38, farmer, Ontario, Morris, s/o Thomas TAYLOR & Sarah Ann MILLMAN married Isabella Catherine RAE, 40, Ontario, Morris, d/o John RAE & Mary Ann SPENCER. Wit: J. W. TAYLOR of Rockwood and Martha L. RAE of Morris. September 25, 1907 at Morris
011493-07 (Huron Co): Martin THORNTON, 24, laborer, McKillop, same, s/o George THORNTON & Mary NURSE married Sarah Ann RITCHIE, 24, Leadbury, Walton, d/o James RITCHIE & Elizabeth BEIRNES, Wit: Robert RITCHIE and Eleanor RITCHIE, both of Ethel. May 24, 1907 at Ethel 011599-07 (Huron Co): George A. THORNTON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Morris, s/o Nelson THORNTON & Susan WATSON married Eleanor Mary PEACOCK, 26, Ontario, Morris, d/o George PEACOCK & Eleanor OWENS. Wit: Mary MATHER and Blanche THORNTON, both of Morris. June 4, 1907 at Morris
011471-07 (Huron Co): Herbert A. TRICK, 32, engineer, Chippenco, Sault St Marie, s/o Jacob TRICK & Me--? HAROLD married Agnes McILWAIN, 26, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Robert McILWAIN & Isabella KIRKPATRICK. Wit: George A. McILWAIN and Margaret McILWAIN, both of Goderich Twp. September 19, 1907 at Goderich Twp  
011671-07 (Huron) Thomas TUGS, 34, teamster, Hampshire England, London Ont., widower, s/o Edward TUGS & Fanny DEACON, to Bertha FINKBEINER, 23, Shipka, same, d/o Michael FINKBEINER & Fredericka ROTHFUSS, wit: Charlie TUGS of London & Leah FINKBEINER of Shipka, 11 September 1907, Shipka 011552-07 (Huron Co): Hugh E. WARNOCK, 27, farmer, Garafraxa, Marsville, s/o John WARNOCK & Sarah J. BURKE married Ella CAMPBELL, 22, Garafraxa, Fordwich, d/o Edward & Mary CAMPBELL. Wit: William E. CAMPBELL of Belwood and Maggie M. WARNOCK of Waldemar February 20, 1907 at Fordwich
011654-07 (Huron Co): James L. WEBSTER, 30, farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o James WEBSTER & Grace REID married Rachel REID, 25, housekeeper, Stanley, Varna, d/o John REID & Eliza CLARK. Wit: Robert REID and Laura RICHARDSON, both of Stanley. November 6, 1907 at Stanley 011507-07 (Huron) Jacob WIDON (Widow?), 49, farmer, Dashwood, same, widower, s/o Jacob WIDON & Magdalena VOGG, to Annie RUMMEL, 45, Zurich, same, d/o Herman & Elizabeth RUMMEL, wit: A. McLEOD of Bayfield & Mrs. A.D. GISHLER of Zurich, 15 May 1907, Zurich
  011590-07 (Huron Co): John WIKENS, 29, machinist, London England, Goderich, s/o John WIKENS & (could not find out) married Barbara Jane DAWSON, 28, West Wawanosh, Auburn West Wawanosh, d/o George DAWSON & Mary GLUYAS. Wit: George W. DAWSON and Hattie M. DAWSON, both of Hullett
011618-07 (Huron Co): Valentine WILDE, 39, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Joseph WILDE & Frederica BICKELL married Agnes O'SULLIVAN, 30, McKillop, same, d/o Peter O'SULLIVAN & Bridget BROWN. Wit: P. A. O'SULLIVAN of McKillop and Florence WILDE of Stanley. November 27, 1907 at St. Columban 011620-07 (Huron Co): Franklin Lewis WILLIS, merchant, Seaforth, same, s/o Robert WILLIS & Lewanne BREWER married Adeline RATHWELL, 26, Stanley, Seaforth, d/o John RATHWELL & Eliza TAYLOR. Wit: Roy E. WILLIS of Seaforth and Grace TORRANCE of Clinton. January 9, 1907 at Seaforth
011666-07 (Huron) Rufus Ruben WILSON, 23, farmer, Stephen tp., same, s/o James M.C. WILSON & Margaret CHURCHILL, to Victoria GILL, 20, Stephen tp., Grand Bend, d/o Joseph GILL & Elizabeth PAGE, wit: Charles GRIEVE of Duncrief & Edith GEAKE of Grand Bend, 12 June 1907, Grand Bend  
011642-07 (Huron Co): Harvey WILTON, 21, barber, Walton, Seaforth, s/o James & Agnes WILTON married Winnifred McNAUGHTON, 18, Varna, Seaforth, d/o David McNAUGHTON & Charlotte PERDIE. Wit: Joan McNAUGHTON and Martha WILTON, both of Seaforth. October 14, 1907 at Seaforth 011689-07 (Huron Co): John C. WOOD, 48, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o William WOOD & Janet McFARLANE married Rebecca FORSYTHE, 43, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, d/o James FORSYTHE & Annie MUSTARD. Wit: John A. WOOD and Maggie CHESNEY, both of Tuckersmith. June 26, 1907 at Egmondville
011518-07 (Huron) David WORKMAN, 31, farmer, no birthplace, Stanley, s/o John WORKMAN & Mary Jane MOFFET, to Hannah THOMPSON, 25, Hay, same, d/o George THOMPSON & Hannah DROVER, wit: Robert & Mrs. THOMPSON of Kippen, 2 May 1907, Hay  
011553-07 (Huron Co): William WRIGHT, 34, farmer, Howick, same, s/o James WRIGHT & Flora McDONALD married Ann Jane BELL, 24, Howick, same, d/o James BELL & Maggie McILWAINE. Wit: Garnet WRIGHT and Maggie BELL, both of Lakelet. March 6, 1907 at Howick 011551-07 (Huron Co): James William WYNN, 34, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Anthony & Barbara WYNN married Sarah J. SANDERSON, 31, Howick, same, d/o Joseph SANDERSON & Margaret IRELAND. Wit: H. E. FARR and Alma ARDELL, both of Gorrie. February 6, 1907 at Gorrie
011691-07 (Huron Co): John YOUNG, 42, farmer, Tuckersmith, Manitoba, s/o Thomas YOUNG & Annie McDOUGAL married Elsie Jane KETTLETON, 27, Stanley, Tuckersmith, d/o John KETTLETON & Katherine McDOUGAL. Wit: John McGREGOR of Kippen and Margaret McIVER of Clinton. February 27, 1907 at Kippen 011747-07 (Huron Co): Joseph Henry YOUNG, 20, merchant, Pembroke Ont, Wingham, s/o Alexander YOUNG & Sarah HANNA married Janetta LINKLATER, 21, Wingham, same, d/o Peter LINKLATER & Janet HELM. Wit: Maud HANNA of Wingham and H. H. WIGHTMANof Winnipeg Manitoba. August 14, 1907 at Wingham
011628-07 (Huron Co): John Fletcher YOUNG, 18, cabinet maker, Lucknow, Seaforth, s/o Henry YOUNG & Ann BOTTRELL married Isabell COOK, 19, Clinton, Hullett, d/o Henry COOK & Agnes HANCOCK. Wit: Leonard COOK of Hullett and Charles GOLDING of Seaforth. May 15, 1907 at Seaforth