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Hunter Family


In 1883 Kate HUNTER married William Henry CRANDALL (b. March 16, 1858, Moncton, New Brunswick; d. March 20, 1920 also in Moncton).  From the Daily News (St. John) of 28 Sept 1882: "m. At residence of bride's uncle, corner Pitt and Leinster Streets, Saint John, 27th inst., by Rev. J.E. Hopper, D.D., William H. CRANDALL, Moncton / Katie HUNTER youngest d/o F.D. HUNTER, St. John."

Kate was born 6 Jan 1863 in St. John NB, d/o Francis D. HUNTER & Margaret SMITH (Margaret died Sept 1877 at the age of 54 at her residence, Paradise Row, Portland, St. John)


Frank D. HUNTER, 46, born Ireland, Baptist, clerk
Maggie HUNTER, 46, born Ireland, Baptist
John M. HUNTER, 21, born NB, Baptist, post office clerk
William L. HUNTER, 18, born NB, Baptist, carriage trimmer
Sarah A. HUNTER, 16, born NB, Baptist
Frank D. HUNTER, 14, born NB, Baptist
Annie S. HUNTER, 12, born NB, Baptist
Kate HUNTER, 9, born NB, Baptist
Robert HUNTER, 7, born NB, Baptist
Samuel HUNTER, 4, born NB, Baptist


Walter B. DICKSON, head, M, b. 26 Dec 1847 in NB, age 53, Scotch origins, lumber agent [Walters middle name was Brittain]
Margaret DICKSON, wife, M, b. 22 Oct 1851 in NB, age 49, Irish origins
Hattie A. DICKSON, daughter, b. 28 March 1882 in NB, age 19 [Hattie was born in St. John - source: PANB]
Roy S. DICKSON, son, b. 1 Feb 1885 in NB, age 16
Fannie S. DICKSON, daughter, b. 10 April 1887 in NB, age 14
Vera M. DICKSON, daughter, b. 16 Aug 1890 in NB, age 10
Frank H. DICKSON, son, b. 27 Aug 1891 in NB, age 9
Jessie W. DICKSON, daughter, b. 2 Dec 1894 in NB, age 6

In the 1901 census, Percy DICKSON is single, age 29, clerk, lodging in Moncton with James & Amelia Bradley

From the Saint Croix Courier (St. Stephen NB), 20 Oct 1870: "m. 13th inst., at residence of bride's father, by Rev. J.E. Hopper, A.M., Walter B. DICKSON / Maggie HUNTER second d/o F.D. HUNTER, Esq., both of Saint John."


Children of Walter & Margaret DICKSON:

Jessie W. DICKSON married Harold Price FLEMING on 28 Sept 1920 in Moncton (PANB) - they had one son, Harry.

Frank Hunter DICKSON who married a Mabel C. STEVENS on 3 June 1919 (PANB). There was a Mabel STEVENS on the same page of the 1901 census. Lived in Campbellton NB - 5 or 6 children (including Lois)

Fanny did not marry.

There was also a son, Percy DICKSON, who was Manager of a large Hardware store in Moncton called Sumners. Fannie DICKSON had a branch store of  Sumners selling beautiful china and crystal. Percy's wife's name was Cora. Percy is in the 1881 census with his parents (Walter & Margaret), but I haven't found him yet in 1901. While I am dealing with the Dicksons of the 1881 census, there was also a daughter Maggie (age 4 in 1881) and La Barn ( age 2 in 1881). Le Baron DICKSON appears in the 1901 census in Moncton, birth date of Feb 1879, Baptist, clerk, as a boarder in the household of John & Ann FERGUSON

Vera Muriel DICKSON married George Herbert BAIN on 17 Sept 1912 (PANB), and they had a son Jack


  1. There was a Roy DICKSON who married a Roberta COLTART in Nov of 1910 (PANB) and a Roy DICKSON who died 24 Nov 1939 - s/o Walter & Margaret?


back to children of Francis D. & Margaret HUNTER:

Another daughter not at home in the 1871 census, is Mary HUNTER who was age 2 in the 1851 census. She was born 24 Dec 1849 in St. John & died 8 Jan 1933. She married George Judson EASTABROOK. They had 6 children: Isabel Titus, Leslie Maude, Edna Grace, Hannah Ann, Marjorie & Charles Henry.

In the 1891 census they are in Victoria Ward of St. John NB as:


Trying to find Kate Hunter's brothers & sisters:

1881 - William HUNTER is an engineer in St. John (Ward No. 4, Portland, Saint John) with his wife Sarah M., age 32, Baptist, born in NB. No children in 1881. There was a William HUNTER who married a Sarah COMPTON in St. John NB in 1874 (NB online records) - but there was another Wm HUNTER who married a different Sarah

In the 1881 census, there are 3 John HUNTERs of the right age (all born about 1851) - one is a farmer in Wilmot NB, one is a rail postal clerk in St. John & one is an engine driver in Moncton. This is assuming that John stayed in New Brunswick! If John has moved to the US, there are a couple of possible John HUNTERs there, including one working as a laborer in Mecosta Co. Michigan, living with Isaac & Mary BENNETT.


The correct Frank HUNTER was in Billings Montana in the 1920 census, and retired in Milwaukee in the 1930 census. He worked for a railroad. His wife's name was Marie and they had one daughter, Marguerite who was born in Kansas about 1900.


There was a Robert HUNTER, born in St. John NB, s/o Francis D. HUNTER, who married a Sarah MacKENZIE on 12 April 1893 in Manhatten NY (LDS film M001695). Sarah was born in New York, d/o William. Her mother's name given as Fisk (maiden name?). [correct Robert - no children. Sarah outlived Robert]


Sarah A. HUNTER - married Luther E. WORTMAN, 4 Aug 1875 in Burlington Iowa where Luther was a Prof at Burlington College; marriage took place at the residence of Uncle Rev. Robert Duncan in Burlington, Iowa.

Children of Sarah & Luther:

  1. Frank M. born about 1876, age 5 in the 1881 census, born USA, not with parents in 1901 census
  2. Mabel, born about 1878, age 3 in the 1881 census, born USA - birthdate is 2 June 1877 (1901 census)
  3. Luther E., born Jan 1881 in New Brunswick
  4. Hazel, 17 Feb 1884 (PANB + 1901 census)
  5. Kathleen Margaret, born 13 Aug 1887 in St. John NB (spelled Cathlene in 1901 census)
  6. Elise, born 22 Feb 1891 (1901 census)
  7. Karl, born 17 Nov 1893 (1901 census)

from the Daily News (of St. John) 4 Aug1875: "married - Burlington, Iowa, 20th July, at residence of bride's uncle, by Rev. J.E. Hopper, Prof. L.E. WORTMAN, Burlington College / Sarah A. HUNTER d/o Frank D. HUNTER of (St. John) city "

from the Daily News (of St. John) 24 Aug1876: " Prof. L.E. WORTMAN, wife and child, and Frank D. HUNTER, jr., left Tuesday morn. for Burlington, Iowa."