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Home District marriages

Home District, volume II, 1839-1848,

Archives of Ontario microfilm MS 248, Reel 2 or Family History Centre microfilm 1030052


page 37.  Transcribed by Marg Hutton

Matthew PARSONS, of York Township and Elizabeth McKAY, of York Township; witnesses Jacob PARSONS, William McKAY. 25 Nov 1841.

John OVERLAND, of Chinguacousy, and Mary Ann TREWMAN, of Chinguacousy; witnesses John ELLIOTT, William TREWMAN.  4 Oct 1841.

Robert SHAW, of Toronto Gore, and Jane McKIN, of Mono; witnesses Allen SHAW, James SHAW.  5 Jan 1842.

Jesse BAKER, of Toronto, and Sarah BYFIELD, of City of Toronto; witnesses Edward BAKER, Joseph RICABY.  15 Mar 1842.

Moses SPENCER, of York, and Elizabeth CAKE, of York; witnesses Jacob PARSONS, Joseph SPENCER. 17 Mar 1842.

George MIDDLETON, of Toronto Gore, and Maria HORSELY, of Toronto Gore; witnesses Richard HORSLEY, Leonard MIDDLETON.  11 Apr 1842.


These few by John Lacey.

William HESSELWOOD, of Vaughan, and Ann HADWICK, of Vaughan; witnesses Richard HODGSON, John CHADWICK. 3 Mar 1840

Lauchlan McLEAN, of Vaughan, and Ann BEATON, of Vaughan; witnesses Allan CAMERON, Niel BEATON.  - Mar 1840.

Solomon PUTERBOUGH, of Vaughan, Jane McGuire, of Vaughan; witnesses Joseph NOBLE, Samuel PUTERBOUGH.  17 Mar 1840.

Joel REAMAN, of Vaughan, and Ann WHITE, of Vaughan; witnesses John DUNCAN, Joseph NOBLE.  14 Apr 1840.

Joseph PARR, of Gore of Toronto, and Hannah LYTTON, of Vaughan; witnesses James HAMILTON, Andrew McGURE.  9 Jun 1840.

James WHITE, of Vaughan, and Ellen WATSON, of Vaughan; witnesses John DUNCAN, John HAMILTON.  20 Oct 1840.

Robert HAZELTON, of Toronto Township, Mary UPTON, of Vaughan; witnesses Archibald STEWART, John HARVEY.  10 Nov 1840.

Thomas HOOVER, of King, Sabrina SALISBURY, of King; witnesses William HUFFMAN, Charles HARMAN.  11 Nov 1840.

unknown pages, transcribed & submitted by Annette Fulford

Hugh ELLIOTT and Jane REVE (s/b Reeve?), both of Scarboro', 16 Decr 1840, in Scarboro, by Proclamation, Walter Elliott and William Forfar, both of Scarboro'

Robert MCCULLY, he of Brock [?], & Eliza HUDSON, she of Scarboro, 15 February 1841, in City of Toronto, By License, James [surname unreadable, possibly McBride], he of Scarboro' and James Mortimer, he of Whitby.

Andrew TINGLE, and Agnes REVE (s/b Reeve?), both of Scarboro', 4 March 1841, in Scarboro', By Proclamation, John Tingle and James Thompson, both of Scarboro'.

Hiram POST, he of Pickering, and Eliza BATES, she of Scarboro', 27th May, in Scarboro, By License, John Stobo and Adna [?] Bates, both of Scarboro'.

James ORMAN, and Hannah SECORD, both of Scarboro, 3rd Nov 1841, in Scarboro', By Proclamation, John Stephens, and Ingla [?] Burton, both of Scarboro'.


William HOUGH, Scarborough and Mary A. MCPHERSON, Markham married on 14 Jany 1846 by License in Scarboro'. Witnesses: William Davenish and John Palmer, both of Scarborough.

William ARMSTRONG, West Gwillimbury and Margaret HASTINGS married on 24 Jany 1846 by License in Markham. Witnesses: Charles Gentie [?], West Gwillimbury and James Hastings, Scarborough.

Thomas PATERSON, Scarborough and Elizabeth THOMSON, Scarborough married on 19 Feby by publication of Banns in Scarborough. Witnesses: John Paterson and Archd Thomson, both of Scarborough.

William CLARK, Scarborough and Helen CRAWFORD, Scarborough married on 26 Feby by License in Scarboro'. Witnesses: John Clark and John Crawford, both of Scarborough.

Fullerton GIBSON, Markham and Mary THOMSON, Scarborough married on 27 Feby 1846 by License in Scarborough. Witnesses: James Gibson, Ancaster and James Ferguson, Markham.

David ELLIOTT, Scarboro' and Sophia DURHAM, Scarboro' married on 5 March 1846 by License in Scarborough. Witnesses: David Thomson and John Muir, both of Scarborough.

William CLARK, Markham and Fanny NOBLE, Markham married on 13 June 1846 [?] by License in Scarboro'. Witnesses: George Millar and John Cameron, both of Markham.


Thomas WHITEHEAD, Chinguacousy, Bachelor, and Mary GARDINER, Chinguacousy, Spinster, married 31 March 1846, by License, Witnesses William Gardiner and Margaret Irwin.

Bernard MARTIN, Toronto, Widower, and Margaret MCKENZIE, Toronto, Widow, married 18 May 1846, by License, Witnesses: Thomas Scott and George Scott.

Adam WISE, Vaughan, Bachelor, and Eve MISHLER, Vaughan, Spinster, married 28 May 1846, by License, Witnesses: Edward Garrett and Joseph Snider.

Hugh ELLIOTT, Scarboro', Widower, and Georgina PARK, Scarboro', Spinster, married 29 May 1846, by License, Witnesses: Thomas Park and Archd Elliott

James SMITH, Vaughan, Bachelor, and Agnes WILSON, Toronto, Spinster, married 18 June 1846, by Proclamation of Banns, Witnesses: Andrew Dairnel [Dannel ?] and Margaret Smith.

James PATTERSON, Toronto, Bachelor, and Margaret FINLAY, Toronto, Spinster, married 18 June 1846, by License, Witnesses: James Ferman [?] and Sarah Carter.


(volume 3, Home District marriages, 1849-1857, also MS 248, reel 2 )

William CLARK, Widower, Scarboro, and Margaret DESIRE *, or CRAWFORD, Widow, Scarboro, married June 7, 1849, by Proclamation, Witnesses: John Crawford and Margt C. Kennedy, married by Thomas Wightman F.P. Minister, York Mills. [ * Margaret's maiden name was RESIDE, not Desire]

Ichabod VRANDENBURGH, Bachelor, Scarboro, and Jane THOMSON, Spinster, Scarboro, married July 12, 1849, by Licence, Witnesses: Andrew Thomson and Sophia P. Laidley [?], married by Thomas Wightman F.P. Minister, York Mills.

John ALLISON, Bachelor, Scarboro, and Agnes BELL, Spinster, Scarboro, married Sept 20, 1849, by Licence, Witnesses: William Johnston and Elizabeth Bell, married by Thomas Wightman F.P. Minister, York Mills.

John WALKER, Bachelor, Scarboro, and Jean STEVENSON, Spinster, Scarboro, Oct 2nd, 1849, by Proclamation, Witnesses: Alex Stevenson and Jane Craig, married by Thomas Wightman F.P. Minister, York Mills.

William CAMPBELL, Bachelor, King, and Marion MCLEAN, Spinster, York, married May 1st, 1849, by Licence, Witnesses, Archd McLean and Helen Graham, married by Thomas Wightman F.P. Minister, York Mills.

Robert BULL, Bachelor, York, and Helen WARDLOW [Wardlaw ?], Spinster, York, married Dec 27, 1849, by Licence, Witnesses: Saml Littlejohn and Alice Bull, married by Thomas Wightman F.P. Minister, York Mills.


David FORFAR, Bachelor, Scarboro, & Elizabeth GALBREATH, Spinster, Scarboro, wit. Alex B. Moyle and Daniel Galbreath, Decr 14, 1854.

James RICHARDS, Widower, Pickering, & Mary MCBEATH, Spinster, Scarborough, wit. David McBeath and James Jack, Decr 21, 1854.

William MUIRHEAD, Bachelor, York Township, & Elizabeth MUIRHEAD, Spinster, Lanark Scotland, wit. Charles Rogers and Gavin Muirhead, Jany 18, 1855.

Hugh CLARK, Bachelor, Scarboro, & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, Spinster, Scarboro, wit. William Crawford and Walter Clark, Feby 20, 1855

George CHARTERS* [Jnr?], Bachelor, Scarboro, & Margaret Ann MADDELL [possibly Waddell], Spinster, Scarboro, wit. Thomas Maddell and James Ross, March 14, 1855. [* I am not certain this is his surname. There is a check mark in the entry after the name, which looks like it could be the abreviation for junior.]

John GRIFFITHS, Widower, Toronto, & Jane SMITH, Spinster, Toronto, wit. Peter McDermid and James Smith, May 23 [?], 1855.

Edward PILKIE, Bachelor, Scarboro', & Jane THOMSON, Spinster, Scarboro', wit. David Forfar & Alex B. Moyle, Sept 20, 1855.


Ontario District Marriage Registers -- MS 248, Reel 2    

submitted by Alison Causton


Volume 10, Home District:   Vol 10 (p. 30) Andrew KIRKPATRICK of Etobicoke, m. Elizabeth CARD of Etobicoke, witn: Simon MABER, Amy Smith, 26 April 1832.  

Vol 10 (p. 114) Aaron CASTON m. Jane HUGGINS, witn: Joseph COCKBURN, John RICHARDSON, 24 Dec 1832, at County of Simcoe.  

Vol 10 (p. 138) William TURNBULL of York, m. Agnes HUGGINS of York, witn: William MARSHALL, Fidelia HARRIS, 24 Aug 1853, at City of Toronto.  

Vol 10 (p. 159) John HAMMELL of Trafalgar, m. Sidney KIRKPATRICK of Esquesing, witn: William KIRKPATRICK, Ephraim Steen, 16 June 1834, at Twp. of Toronto.  

Vol 10 (p. 322) William GRAHAMS m. Ellen KILLPATRICK of Reach, witn: Daniel MASTERS, Mary Ann GRAHAMS, 27 Feb 1838, at Whitby.  

Vol 10 (p. 329) William GRAHAM of New Market, m. Mary Ann FLEWILL of Mobridge, witn: John WALSH, John FLEWELL, 19 Oct 1837, at Toronto.  

Vol 10 (p. 349) Jacob  HENRY m. Elizabeth CASTON, witn: Peter CASTON, Catherine HENRY, 2 Jan 1838, at Richmond Hill.  

Vol 10 (p. 366) James HUGGINS of Whitby, m. Dinah PEARSON of Whitby, witn: Joseph HODGSON, Mary An HOWARD?, 20 Dec 1838.  

Vol 10 (p. 396) Mr. (or William?) BARKER of Brock, m. Margaret KILLPATRICK of Brock, witn: William BRANDON, Marthy BRANDON, 4 Mar 1840.    

Volume 11, Home District:  

Vol 11 (p. 45) George GILMORE m. Mary Ann HEARNES (or Kearnes?), witn: Jos.? PILKIN?, William ATKINSON, 14 Feb 1842, at Scarboro.  

Vol 11 (p. 55) William MACKLIN of Markham, m. Mary Jane GILMORE of Markham, witn: William MACKLIN of Whitechurch, Marshal? MACKLIN of Scarborough, 23 July 1840, at Markham.  

Vol 11 (p. 61) David COLMAN (or Carlman?) m. Sarah GILMORE, witn: Thomas LANDER, Jane Ann COLMAN, 9 July 1842, at Richmond Hill or Thornhill.  

Vol 11 (p. 73) Joseph HIGGINS of Whitby Home D., m. Tamia? HUGHES of Whitby Home D., witn: Thomas N. GIBBS, William H. GIBBS, 27 Oct 1842, at Toronto.  

Vol 11 (p. 89) Henry WALKER of Twp. of Reach, m. Isabell KILLPATRICK of Whitby, witn: Jeremiah SILVER, Ann KILLPATRICK, 12 May 1839, at Whitby.  

Vol 11 (p. 123) John BURGES m. Sarah Ann HOGGINS, witn: Frances BURGES, Jacob CAMPLIN, 27 Dec 1842, at Markham Twp.  

Vol 11 (p. 144) James COALMAN m. Jane GILMORE, witn: David COALMAN, Martha GILMORE, 20 June 1844.    

Volume 12, Home District:  

Vol 12 (p. 31) John THOMSON of Pickering, m. Pricilla GILMORE of Scarboro, witn: John SKELTON of Scarboro, Henry SKELTON of Scarboro, 22 June 1848, at Scarboro.  

Vol 12 (p. 39) William GARFAT of Whitby, m. Jane KILPATRICK of Whitby, witn: William THORNDILL, Euphemia MASON, 3 Mar 1849.  

Vol 12 (p. 40) Mr. Daniel DAYLIN of Reach (age 28), m. Mrs. Elizabeth HIGGINS of Reach (age 19), witn: William H. KELLIKER?, Nancy SUTTON, 11 Oct 1848.  

Vol 12 (p. 110) Robt Scully WILSON of Pickering, m. Margaret GILMOUR of Pickering, witn: James MACAVOY of Pickering, Hugh MACONOCHIE of Pickering, 24 Oct 1850, at Twp. of Pickering.  

Vol 12 (p. 120) James JOHNSTON of Whitby, m. Janet KILPATRICK of Whitby, witn: Reginal YASNDLE?, William GARFAT, 11 May 1851, at Whitby.  

Vol 12 (p. 124) David HIGGINS of Vaughan, m. Mary Ann WALLIS of Etobicoke, witn: William Austin WALLIS, Alfred Wickliffe WALLIS, 22 April 1851.  

Vol 12 (p. 146) Samuel HOGGINS m. Margrett JONES, witn: Richard HORSLEY, Thomas HORSLEY, 22 April 1851, at Albion.  

Vol 12 (p. 193) Robert GILMOUR (fa: John GILMOUR) m. Jane IRVINE (fa: Laurence IRVINE of Brampton), witn: Sarah McNOHNES, Nicholas CALDWELL, 21 July 1852, at Chinguacousy.  

Vol 12 (p. 229) Luke APPLETON of Whitchurch, m. Hannah HOGGINS of Whiteh....t, witn: Robert BENSON, Elizabeth STEEL, 5 Mar 1853, at Markham.  

Vol 12 (p. 253) Charles WHITE, bachelor (age 30) m. Eliząth GILMORE, spinster (age 30), witn: James S. PALMER, William GILMOR, 10 Jan 1854, at Toronto.  

Vol 12 (p. 260) Alfred Wickliffe WALLIS of Etobicoke, m. Eliza HIGGINS of Etobicoke, witn: David HIGGINS, Jane W. LILLIE, 9 Sept 1851, at Toronto.