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5855-13 (Hastings Co): William AKEY, 23, miner, Hungerford twp., Queensboro Ont., s/o Joseph AKEY & Mary McMULLEN, married Dorothy EATON, 19, Huntingdon twp., Queensboro, d/o William EATON & Mary Jane ROBERTSON, witn: Nellie SEXSMITH & Eva R. THOMPSON, both of Madoc, 16 July 1913 at St. Johns Rectory, Madoc


9651-17 Arthur Albion BOWEN, 22, fireman, Belleville, Point Anne, s/o Alfred BOWEN & Emma RAWLINSON, married Alice BRINKLOW, 18, Ormsby, same, d/o Henry BRINKLOW & Elizabeth PETERS, witn: Percy SWEET & Susie SWEET, both of Point Anne, 18 Sept 1917 at Point Anne 7586-14 Patrick BRAWLEY, 29, widower, laborer, of Marmora, s/o John BRAWLEY, laborer, & Anne PYE, married Rose Lev DOYLE, 25, of Marmora, d/o Thomas DOYLE, farmer, & Margaret DARRAH, witn: Joseph & Loretta DOYLE of Marmora, 22 April 1914 at Marmora

12295-14 James F. BRENNAN, 26, Read, same, s/o James BRENNAN, farmer, & Jane McKEY, married Sarah H. McGINNIS, 24, Read, same, d/o Bernard McGINNIS, farmer, & Catherine BUCKLEY, witn: Richard BRENNAN & Ellen McGINNIS, both of Read, 26 Oct 1914 at St. Charles Church, Read

12293-14 (Hastings Co) Archie BRUCE, 27, farmer, Mayo, Herman, s/o Thomas BRUCE & Jennie CREIGHTON married Margaret STRINGER, 27, Carlow, Herman, d/o Peter STRINGER & Jane STEWART, witn; Peter J. STRINGER & Lizzie Jane BRUCE of Herman, 28 Dec 1914, Bancroft
5872-13 (Hastings Co): James Ernest BRUNTON, 33, widower, Seymour, same, s/o Thomas BRUNTON, farmer, & Maria TODD, married Ellen ARMSTRONG, 32, Norwood, Belmont, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG, farmer, & Ellen MATHESON, witn: Mary R. CLARKE & Willis FAY?, both of Marmora, 14 May 1913 at Marmora 5874-13 (Hastings Co): Charles Thomas BRUNTON, 45, laborer, Nova Scotia, Northumberland Co., s/o John BRUNTON & Mary ADKINSON, married Ethel CRANDALL, 23, Trenton, same, d/o Henry CRANDALL & Tressie MILLER, witn: Gladys L. & Kelvin BRENNER of Trenton, 14 May 1913 at Trenton
  5873-13 (Hastings Co): Levi P. BULLIED, 28, farmer, of Chandos, s/o John BULLIED, farmer, & Catherine WILSON, married Martha L. BULLIED, 28, teacher, of Coe Hill, d/o George A. BULLIED, boarding house keeper, & Sarah LOWERY, witn: Annie BULLIED of Coe Hill & Archie DOWNING of Apsley, 14 May 1913 at Coe Hill

12297-14 William Kenneth CAMPBELL, 31, engineer, Queensboro, Toronto, s/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Lucy ADAMS, married Pearl NICOLSON (Nicholson?), 22, Madoc, Sidney, d/o James NICOLSON & Alena (Alma?) McMEEHAN (McMichael?), witn: John J. O. DONOGHUE of Toronto & Clara E. McMEEHAN, 14 Jan 1914 at Sidney

9509-12 Marshal CARD, 25, Kennybeck twp (sic. Kennebec?), Faraday twp., s/o William Henry CARD, farmer, & Unice BOEMHOURED (Boomhour?), married Maud May COLEMAN, 21, Mayo twp., same, d/o Charles COLEMAN, farmer, & Mary Ann STEPEHNS, witn: Evilen Roda SWEET of Vandash Lake & Frank CARD of Faraday twp., 2 Aug 1912 at Faraday twp

12296-14 James Stanley CARTER, 25, farmer, of Roslin, s/o E. C. CARTER, farmer, & Elizabeth COPELAND, married Annie May SAYERS, 19, of Roslin, d/o John SAYERS, farmer, & Emma KETCHESON, witn: H. W. GOULD of Plainfield & Amanda HEARNS of Roslin, 7 Jan 1914 at res of the bride, Hungerford

9508-12 (Hastings Co) John CHATTERTON, 24, Mayo, Carlow, s/o Joseph CHATTERTON, farmer & Elizabeth BANDY married Elizabeth Agnes STRINGER, 23, Carlow, Carlow, d/o William STRINGER, farmer & Catherine MCWHIRTER, witn: Jennet STRINGER of Carlow & Martal W. CHATTERTON of Mayo, 21 Aug 1912, Bancroft

9510-12 Robert Henry CHESTNUT, 27, engineer, of Vancouver BC, s/o William Alexander CHESTNUT & Margaret DICKIE, married Ruth Augusta BENSON, 20, of Northport Ont., d/o William Allen BENSON & Jennie BARKER, witn: Ruth & Reitta BARKER of Northport, 20 Sept 1912 at Belleville

9513-12 Wellington Roy COONEY, 19, Murray twp., same, s/o William COONEY, farmer, & Mary KILBANK, married Lita May CASEMENT, 19, Murray twp., same, d/o Philip CASEMENT, farmer, & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: F.L. FAREWELL of Toronto & Blanche ROGERS Of Trenton, 27 Dec 1912 at Trenton

9512-12 Daniel COTTER, 43, plasterer of Belleville, s/o John COTTER, plasterer & Mary BUCKLEY, married Margaret POWERS, 46, nurse, of Belleville, d/o John POWERS, farmer, & Bridget KEENAN, witn: Edward BRITTON & Ellie COTTER, both of Belleville, 9 Oct. 1912 at Belleville

9511-12 Jennings CRAWFORD, 29, doctor, of Cedar Rapids Iowa, married Grayce Elizabeth MAIR, 23, of Belleville d/o illegible BLAIR & Margaret O. REDDIE, witn: illegible MAIR of Belleville, 25 Sept 1912 at Belleville [very faded reg'n, other info not legible]

13684-19 Adam Henry DEAN, 21, Thurlow, Madoc, s/o Adam DEAN & Nellie May HAGARTY, married Luella GORDON, 22, widow, Madoc, same, d/o James ROSE & Elizabeth HOUSER, witn: Mrs. T. FOSTER of Frankford & Mrs. W. HIGGS of Madoc, 8 Oct 1919 at Madoc #00552-11 (Hastings Co): William James DUMINIE, 27, baker, of Belleville, s/o Angus DUMINIE (laborer) & Matiilda DUESBURY, married Ann Maria O'NEIL, 21, housekeeper, of Belleville, d/o George O'NEIL (railway foreman) & Rose SCULLIN, witnesses were Francis O'NEIL & Elizabeth O'BRIEN, both of Belleville, 5 June 1911 at Belleville (Rom Cath) [check number]
  9552-12 George W. FRANKLIN, 26, Queensboro, Prov. of Saskatchewan, s/o William John FRANKLIN, carpenter, & Annie DOUGHTY, married Stella V. WAY, 24, Queensboro, same, d/o John WAY, farmer, & Nancy MOUNTENY, witn: Charles Wesley FRANKLIN of Rimmington & Effie HOLMES of Queensboro, 1 Jan 1912 at Eldorado
05664-11 (Hastings Co) Robert Nelson LINNELL, 43, farmer, of Twp of Wallaston, s/o William LINNELL farmer & Mary LESFEST(?), married Emma FINCH, 22, domestic, of Twp of Wallaston, d/o John FINCH farmer & Hannah Jane WOODCOCK, witn: Mary LEACH of L'Amable & Mary J HALL of Bancroft Ont, 7 Jun 1911 at Village of Bancroft 6097-13 (Hastings Co): Albert George LOUNT?, 21, laborer, England, Hungerford twp., s/o William LUNT (sic) & Frances ADAMS, married Rose PURCHASE, 25, England, Hungerford twp., d/o Albert George PURCHASE & Harriet RENDELL, witn: Charles & Olivia PURCHASE of Sulphide Ont., 7 July 1913 at Tweed
#009765-12 (Hastings Co): Fred Bruce PHILLIPS, 31, Stirling Ont., Sidney twp., s/o John PHILLIPS, farmer, & Celia, married Theda May BARLOW, 25, Rawdon twp., same, d/o Jesse BARLOW, farmer, & Mary, witn: George A. & Pearl MUMBY of Stirling, 16 July 1912 at Rawdon twp 6265-13 (Hastings Co): Bruce SPAFFORD, 23, laborer, of Trenton, s/o Harvey SPAFFORD, farmer, & Carrie SQUIRES, married Sadie Sarah HAMILTON, 21, of Peterborough, d/o William HAMILTON, yeoman, & Sarah PEEL, witn: Arthur & Bessie SPAFFORD of Trenton, 4 Feb 1913 at Trenton
13978-19 Nicholas Ridley STOUT, 26, clergyman, Rawdon twp., Frankville, s/o James STOUT & Sarah RIDLEY, married Mary Myrtle KEENE, 26, teacher, Madoc twp., Madoc, d/o Leonard KEENE & Nellie COONEY, witn: Agnes STOUT of Harold? & William KEENE of Madoc, 29 Oct 1919 at Madoc 13996-19 (Hastings Co) Peter Joseph STRINGER, 30, merchant, Carlow, Carlow, s/o Peter STRINGER & Jane STEWART married Thelma Married. TOWNS, 18, Mayo, Mayo, d/o Lorenzo TOWNS & Catherine MACKIE, witn; Catherine MACKAY & Matthew E. WILSON of Bancroft, 19 April 1919, Bancroft
12080-22 Earl Lesley SUTHERLAND, 20, farmer, Monteagle twp., Herschel twp., s/o Pomeroy SUTHERLAND (b. Pembroke) & Jane SUTHERLAND, married Alma Hazel BRINKLOW, 18, Dingman? twp., Herschel twp., d/o Charles BRINKLOW (b. Hastings Co) & Dorothy TOWSE, witn:  Harry & Annie ROBBINS of Baptiste, 24 Aug 1922 at Bancroft 10055-17 John TAYLOR, 25, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o George TAYLOR & Elsie SUTHERLAND, married Eileen BUCHANAN, 24, Manitoba, Belleville, d/o Alexander BUCHANAN & Martha SIMPSON, witn: Arnold George TAYLOR of Toronto & Elva BUCHANAN of Belleville, 9 June 1917 at Belleville
10056-17 George Wesley TERRY, 34, widower, farmer, Brighton twp., Murray twp., s/o Andrew Denike TERRY & Hannah STENABOUGH, married Olive Cosena HANNA, 19, Murray twp., same, d/o John HANNA & Susan McPHAIL, witn: Robert & Lois Rose WRIGHT of Nicholville NY, 15 Aug 1917 at Trenton  
10057-17 Arthur Robert THOMPSON, 32, farmer, Huntingdon twp., same, s/o Robert THOMPSON & Adeline McCURDY, married Margaret MITTS, 23, Thomasburg, same, d/o Martin MITTS & Jane FISHER, witn: Herbert & Allie MITTS of Crookston, 18 July 1917 at Ivanhoe 10054-17 William Ralph THOMPSON, 23, farmer, Madoc, Demorestville, s/o William E. THOMPSON & Mary SEXSMITH, married Jane CARSON, 25, Hastings Co., Belleville, d/o James CARSON & Ruth TROUMPER, witn: Charles S. THOMPSON of Darcy Sask & Edna CRANDALL of Trenton, 14 Feb 1917 at Belleville
  6322-13 (Hastings Co): Edgar TOMPKINS, 21, Deseronto, same, s/o Nelson P. TOMPKINS, laborer, & Lucy Ann LOUIS, married Lucy HARRISON, 21, Manchester England, Deseronto, d/o unknown [English emigrant child], witn: Frank DONNELLY & Margaret POSTE, both of Deseronto, 31 Dec 1913 at Deseronto
6356-13 Frederick E. WRIGHT, 27, lumberman, Madoc, Madoc twp., s/o Murchison WRIGHT & Margaret SHAW, married Hannah L. BROADHURST, 16, Manchester England, Madoc, d/o James BROADHURST & Sarah CHARLTON, wtn: Charles Percy & Mrs. Percy SAGER of Madoc, 22 Oct 1913 at Madoc village 14053-19 John Henry WYLIE, 29, engineer, Montreal, Toronto, s/o William WYLIE & Ella GLENDENNING, married Gertrude KEENE, 27, Huntington, same, d/o Leonard KEENE & Helen COONEY, witn: John BAILIE & Maud B. KEENE, both of Madoc, 10 Sept 1919 at Madoc