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Halton Co, 1879


03503-79 (Halton) Edward ADAMS, 26, leather cutter, Montréal, Toronto, s/o Edward & Mary ADAMS, married Sarah BUZZARD, 21, Oakville, same, d/o Sarah & Ian BUZZARD, witn: R. BUZZARD and L BUZZARD both of Oakville, 15 Oct 1879 at Oakville. 3532-79 (Halton Co): Thomas R. BAILEY, 24, carpenter, Georgetown, same, s/o Thomas BAILEY & Margaret DOWNS, married Mary APPLEBY, 22, Whitby, Georgetown, d/o Allen APPLEBY & Ann CLARK, witn: William WILSON of Georgetown & Mrs. John APPLEBY of Stewartown, 24 Dec 1879 at Georgetown
  3548-79 William BARCLAY, 27, merchant, Georgetown, same, s/o Francis & Isabella, married Margaret MITCHELL, 21, Vaughan twp., Georgetown, d/o William & Isabella, witn: Shennard C. GLASSFORD & Louisa CAMPBELL, both of Georgetown, 14 March 1879 at Georgetown
3513-79 (Halton Co): Raywood BARR, 23, farmer, Flamboro, Nassagaweya, s/o Edward & Anna, married Melinda INGLE, 22, Nassagaweya, same, d/o John & Catherine M., witn: Robert INGLE of Puslinch & Colin CAMERON of Nassagaweya, 26 Aug 1879 at Nassagaweya 03497-79 (Halton) William BELL, 25, bookseller, England, Oakville, s/o John & Matilda BELL, married Jane APPLEBY, 25, Canada, Oakville, d/o Robert & Elizabeth APPLEBY, witn: E. A. ROBERTSON and B. APPLEBY both of Oakville, 14 May 1879 at Oakville
03599-79 (Halton) William BELL, 39, farmer, widower, Toronto Tp., Esquesing, s/o Hugh and Susannah BELL, married Catherine BOVIL, 31, Ireland, Esquesing, d/o Samuel & Hannah BOVIL, witn: Robert BOVIL of Esquesing and Mary A HARDING of Erin, 2 Jan 1879 at Esquesing 3522-79 (Halton Co): Joseph BELISLE, 30, dress cutter, Westport Ont., Georgetown, s/o Angus BELISLE & Catherine McCARROLL, married Maggie HEARIN, 23, Georgetown, same, d/o Patrick HEARIN & Liza BREEN, witn: James & Lizzie HICKEY of Georgetown, 5 Aug 1879 at St. Patricks RC Church, Georgetown
03504-79 (Halton) Henry William BENNETT, 26, agriculturist, England, Michigan Huron Co. US,s/o Jeremiah & Harriett BENNETT, married Alice Mary SARGENT, 20, Canada, Trafalgar, d/oGeorge & Ann SARGENT, witn: Charles COLLINS of Oakville and John PIRIE of Drumquin, 26, Nov 1879 at Oakville  
3616-79 (Halton Co): George BLAIR, 26, carpenter, Wentworth Co., Burlington, s/o George BLAIR & Helen NICOL, married Lorintha PARKINS, 26, Halton Co., Burlington, d/o James PARKINS & Elizabeth BROOKS, witn: Hannah HARPER of Flamboro West & William DELONG of Burlington, 25 June 1879 at Burlington 3520-79 (Halton Co): Gabriel BLEWIN, 18, shoe maker, Wisconsin USA, Georgetown, s/o Gabriel & Virginia, married Susan DEPEEL, 17, Tilsonburg, Georgetown, d/o Lambert & Susan, witn: Thomas DEPEEL & Delphina BLEWIN, both of Georgetown, 19 July 1879 at Georgetown
  3560-79 Francis BOOTH, 33, farmer, Canada, Trafalgar, s/o Robert BOOTH & Catherine McFARLAND, married Mary MOORE, 38, Canada, Trafalgar, d/o James MOORE & Jane WARD, witn: Wellington J. BIGGER & Phoebe BOOTH, 6 Feb 1879 at Trafalgar
03501-79 (Halton) John BOYLE, 45, gentleman, Ireland, Oakville, s/o John BOYLE & Mary KENNEDY, married Vonona? FITZGERALD, 24, Canada, Oakville, d/o Maurice FITZGERALD & Mary KENNA, witn: Patrick FITZGERALD and Shanona? FITZGERALD both of Oakville, 21 Sep 1879 at Oakville 03500-79 (Halton) William T. BROWN, 26, laborer, United States, Hamilton, s/o John & Mary BROWN, married Mary A. SULLIVAN, 23, United States, Hamilton, d/o James & Sarah SULLIVAN, witn: M. A. T. MCALISTER and Eliza GOODSPAN? both of Oakville, 24 May 1879 at Oakville
3546-79 Lanard BROWN, 29, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o William & Hannah, married Sarah McDOWELL, 24, Esquesing, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: John McDOWELL & Eliza McWHIRTER, both of Esquesing, 12 Feb 1879 at Georgetown  
3615-79 (Halton Co): Thomas BURKE, 86, widower, Ireland, Bowmanville, s/o Oliver BURKE & Mary WIGGINS, married Margaret MOORE, 19, Pickering twp., Whitby, d/o Thomas MOORE & Catherine COLEMAN, witn: T. J. GREEN & Mrs. Mary WRAY, both of Burlington, 3 June 1879 at Burlington (** see bottom of page) 3528-79 (Halton Co): John BURNSIDE, 25, laborer, Esquesing, same, s/o John BURNSIDE & Eliza ANTHONY, married Elizabeth HILL, 26, Trafalgar, Glenwilliams, d/o Anderson? HILL & Mary MASON, witn: A. L. PIRRETTE of Georgetown, 8 Oct. 1879 at Georgetown
03499-79 (Halton) John CALLAGHAN, 22, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Patrick CALLAGHAN & Honora LONGE, married Maggie TRAYNOR, 23, Ireland, Waterdown, d/o Patrick TRAYNOR & Mary Jane GREENE, witn: Patrick CALLAGHAN and Jane MARIOTT both of Waterdown ?, 28 May 1879 at Oakville 03607-79 (Halton) Alexander CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Esquesing, Erin, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Elizabeth MCMILLAN, married Caroline Matilda CAMPBELL, 23, Esquesing, same, d/o John CAMPBELL & Abigail COOK, witn: Donald CAMPBELL of Erin and Anne PRICE of Esquesing, 4 Jun 1879 at Esquesing
3619-79 (Halton Co): Alfred CARTWRIGHT, 23, yeoman, Canada, Nelson, s/o William & Ella, married Hannah GOWLAND, 24, Canada, Nelson, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Esther GOWLAND & William HURIN?, both of Nelson, 5 Nov 1879 at not given [reg in Burlington ] 3508-79 (Halton Co): James COLLINS, 22, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Mathew & Mary, married Mary BARR, 18, Yorkshire England, Nassagaweya, d/o Edward & Hannah, witn: James McWAWHETER of Chinguacousy & Matilda EAGLE of Nassagaweya, 27 Feb 1879 at Nassagaweya
3614-79 (Halton Co): John CONNOR, 21, mechanic, Dundas, Hamilton, s/o William & not known, married Ellen PETERS, 21, England, Hamilton, d/o John PETERS & Elizabeth REID, witn: Mary BROWNELL of Burlington & A. COSFORD of Muncey, 23 May 1879 at Burlington 3485-79 (Halton Co): Carson Caughey COOK, 25, bank teller, Welland, Toronto, s/o Gilbert W. & Deborah Jane, married Sarah Elizabeth SMITH, 24, St. Catharines, Acton, d/o George H. & Elizabeth J., witn: Helen F. ALLAN of Acton & Allan B. COOK of Welland, 3 Sept 1879 at Acton
03576-79 (Halton) John W. CRAWFORD, 24, miller, United States, Cheltenham, s/o Gardner & Margaret CRAWFORD, married Grace Warcup McDONALD, 22, Canada, Uxbridge, d/o Daniel & Hannah McDONALD, witn; John W. COTHRA of Chettenham and Jennie ADDISON of Milton, 12 mar 1879 at Milton 3523-79 (Halton Co): Robertson CREELMAN, 30, book seller, Georgetown, same, s/o Robertson CREELMAN & Mary Ann IRVINE, married Lillie McKENZIE, 24, Burford, Georgetown, d/o William McKENZIE & Mary McINNES, witn: Richard DANIEL of Detroit & Elsie RYAN of Georgetown, 20 Aug 1879 at Georgetown
3539-79 William Henry CROSS, 28, tanner & farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o David & Minerva, married Isabella J. BARBER, 22, Georgetown, same, d/o James & Jessie, witn: Joseph B. BESSEY of Esquesing & Aggie BARBER of Georgetown, 1 Jan 1879 at Georgetown 3594-79 Thomas Coulson DALES, 23, farmer, Nassagaweya, Nelson, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Rachel Ann HEWSON, 22, Nelson, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: R. P. & Phebe COULSON of Nelson, 29 Jan 1879 at St. Georges Church, Lowville, Nelson twp
3612-79 (Halton Co): William DEVINS (Downs?), 25, laborer, Scotland, Esquesing, s/o Archibald DEVINS & Ann DUNCAN, married Charlotte E. EDGE, 20, Nelson, Esquesing, d/o William EDGE & Elmira SMITH, witn: William ROBINSON & Betsy IRVINE, both of Esquesing, 14 Oct. 1879 at Esquesing 3557-79 William DOIDGE, 23, farmer, England, Eramosa, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Alice Elizabeth COX, 22, England, Trafalgar, d/o William & Mary, witn: Adam & Mary GRIEVE of Trafalgar, 4 Feb 1879 at res of Mr. A. Grieve of Trafalgar
03584-79 (Halton) Joseph Richard EARL, 31, minister, Ontario, Milton, s/o Theophilus Richard & Eliza Jane EARL, married Charlotte WILLMOTT, 25, Ontario, Milton, d/o Austin & Jane WILLMOTT, witn; R.H. BOWES of Toronto and L. E. WATKINS of Milton, 20 aug [1879] at Milton 03491-79 (Halton) Robert ELLIOT, 25, miller, ? Ont., Caledon Tp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth ELLIOT, married Mary BELL, 23, Esquesing Tp., Acton, s/o James and Mary Jane BELL, witn: Cyrus STAFFORD and Susan BELL both of Acton, 26 Dec 1879 at Acton
03586-79 (Halton) Thomas FARRELL, 27, labourer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Joseph FARRELL & Elizabeth McCOY, married Margret MOLYNEUX, 29, Tp. Nelson, same, d/o Jame MOLYNEUX & Mary ROBERTSON, witn; James STURDY of Hamilton and Mary ROBERTSON of Nelson, 23 jul 1879 at Tp. of Nelson 3530-79 (Halton Co): James FITT, 63, widower, farmer, England, Esquesing, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah KENNEDY, 53, widow, Clinton twp., Esquesing, d/o Silas & Sarah [no surname given], witn: John & Emma CHRISTIE of Georgetown, 3 Nov 1879 at Georgetown
03494-79 (Halton) Henry William FLORIO, 25, laborer, London England, Oakville, s/o Henry William & Mary FLORIO, married Louisa Jane FARR, 21, England, Oakville, d/o Henry Prior & Ellen Mary FARR, witn: Henry P. FARR and Ellen M. FARR, both of Oakville, 21 Nov 1879 at Oakville. 3489-79 (Halton Co): Edward FORBES, 22, farmer, Trafalgar, Eramosa, s/o Nicholas FORBES & Elizabeth McMURRAY, married Emma SOPER, 21, Eramosa, same, d/o James SOPER & Charlotte LAMBERT, witn: Joseph MILLARD of Normanby & Lilly SOPER of Eramosa, 25 Dec 1879 at Manse, Acton
3776-80 David FORD, 22, farmer, Trafalgar, Bronte, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary HINTON, 18, Trafalgar, Bronte, d/o Edward & Catherine, witn: Cyrus SNIDER & David HARRIS, both of Bronte, 26 Oct. 1879 at Bronte 3551-79 Edward Hugh FOSTER, 22, cooper, Milton, same, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Barbara SMITH, 21, Binbrook, Milton, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: H. C. FOSTER of Milton & B. STEWART of Hornby, 1 Jan 1879 at Hornby
3618-79 (Halton Co): Wesley FREEMAN, 30, farmer, Burlington Plains, same, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Minnie J. DAVIS, 24, Burlington Plains, same, d/o Gilbert & Lucy, witn: Smith FREEMAN & Alice DAVIS, both of Burlington, 25 June 1879 at Burlington 3570-79 Cornelius FREEMAN, 34, widower, agriculturist, England, Nelson, s/o Cornelius & Charlotte, married Ana DOWLER, 24, Canada, Trafalgar, d/o John & Catherine, witn: John FEATHERSTONE & Nancy DOWLER, both of Trafalgar, 3 Dec 1879 at Trafalgar
03606-79 (Halton) James FURGECOATT (Furzecoat?), 28, miller, England, Waterdown, s/o John & Ann FURGECOATT, married Isabella ARMSTRONG, 25, Canada, Esquesing, d/o William & Ann ARMSTRONG, witn: David L. MCGINNIS of Waterdown and Esther ARMSTRONG of Esquesing, 30 Apr 1879 at Esquesing  
03579-79 (Halton) Joseph Michael GERATY, 25, labourman, Dublin Ireland, Campbellville, s/o John & Sarah GERATY, married Ettie CONTON, 24, Oakville, Campbellville, d/o Samuel & Jane CONTON, witn; Mrs. Halen and Mrs. Caldwell both of Milton, 20 aug 1879 at Milton 03495-79 (Halton) George GERRIE, 50, carpenter, widower, Scotland, Oakville, s/o John & Mary Jannette GERRIE, married Cecilia GARVEY, 33, widow, Ireland, Oakville, d/o Michael & Ann GARVEY, witn: Maurice WALSH and Letia ROBINSON both of Oakville, 11 Feb 1879 at Oakville
3484-79 (Halton Co): James GRAHAM, 28, farmer, Guelph twp., Sydenham twp., s/o James GRAHAM & Jane LITSTER, married Matilda MILLS, 24, Esquesing, same, d/o William MILLS & Ann NICKESON, witn: Thomas MOORE of Durham & Elizabeth MILLS of Esquesing, 9 July 1879 at The Manse, Acton 3481-79 (Halton Co): Alexander GRANT, 28, salesman, Esquesing, Quebec, s/o Alexander GRANT & Jessie CRUIKSHANK, married Jessie GRANT, 26, Acton, same, d/o Alexander GRANT & Janet KENNEDY, witn: W. H. & Lizzie GRANT of Acton, 7 May 1879 at Acton
3521-79 (Halton Co): Charles GRUBER (Graber?), 29, farmer, Buffalo NY, Esquesing, s/o Frederick GRUBER & Louisa SCHULTZ, married Carey SWINDLEHURST, 27, Guelph, same, d/o William SWINDLEHURST & Rose Ann PARKINSON, witn: George TUBBY & Mary Ann MUSWORTH?, both of Georgetown, 24 July 1879 at Georgetown 3777-80 George H. HALL, 21, farmer, Canada, Trafalgar, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Emily J. CLEMENTS, 21, Canada, Trafalgar, d/o Matthew & Margaret, witn: Hettie A. MUNN & John C. REID, both of Trafalgar, 17 Dec 1879 at Trafalgar
03506-79 (Halton) John HARTNETT, 25, ticket agent railway office, Milton, Glencairn, s/o William HARTNETT & Mary REACHEN?, married Annie CAMPBELL, 21, Palermo, same, d/o James CAMPBELL & Mary CARRIQUE, witn: Patrick HARTNETT of Milton and Susan BRICK of Hamilton, 26 Nov 1879 at Oakville 3609-79 (Halton Co): John HARVEY, 23, miller, Canada, Chinguacousy, s/o Charles & Janet, married Agnes McCLURE, 22, Canada, Esquesing, d/o William & Elizabeth Ann, witn: Samuel McCLURE of Esquesing & Mary Jane MANES of Chinguacousy, 21 May 1879 at Esquesing
03587-79 (Halton) Andrew HENDERSON, 37, farmer, Nelson, same, s/o John & Isabella HENDERSON, married Mary Ann McMASTER, 27, Nelson, same, d/o Henry & Jane McMASTER, witn; James HENDERSON and David HARTLY both of Nelson 1 oct 1879 at Tp. of Nelson 3519-79 (Halton Co): John HENERY, 23, farmer, Canada, Nelson, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Ellen GALAGHER, 20, Canada, Nassagaweya, d/o Thomas & Mary A., witn: Elizabeth BLACKLOCK & William GALAGHER, both of Nassagaweya, 10 Dec 1879 at Nassagaweya
3507-79 (Halton Co): Robert HOLMES, 31, farmer, Esquesing, Nassagaweya, s/o John & Ellen, married Martha BELL, 24, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Thomas & Rachel, witn: Joseph HOLMES & Agnes BELL, both of Nassagaweya, 1 Jan 1879 at Nassagaweya 3569-79 George HORN, 21, agriculturist, England, Trafalgar, s/o Joseph & Phillis, married Hannah Maria BARNS, 19, England, Trafalgar, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: Albert E. McMURRAY & Adelaide ROBINSON, both of Trafalgar, 25 Nov 1879 at Trafalgar
3478-79 (Halton Co): George HYNDS, 22, jeweller, Guelph, Acton, s/o George HYNDS & Ellen COLVIN, married Annie AGNEW, 18, Esquesing, Acton, d/o Robert AGNEW & Mary ROBERTSON, witn: T. Albert MOORE & Jane AGNEW, both of Acton, 17 Jan 1879 at Acton 3563-79 Thomas IRWIN, 31, farmer, Nova Scotia, Shelburne, s/o Joseph IRWIN & Ann JOHNSTON, married Mary SIMPSON, 28, Canada, Trafalgar, d/o Robert SIMPSON & Ann HUGHES, witn: William & Maggie SIMPSON of Trafalgar, 14 April 1879 at Trafalgar
3480-79 (Halton Co): John JACKSON, 23, yeoman, Limrick? twp., Luther twp., s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Margaret M. SOPER, 21, Eramosa twp., Acton, d/o James & Charlotte, witn: James SOPER of Nassagaweya & Maggie JACKSON of Luther, 5 March 1879 at Acton 3525-79 (Halton Co): Thomas JOYCE, 21, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Esther RICE, 20, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Jonathan & Charlotte, witn: John WRIGGLESWORTH & Maggie McLEAN, both of Georgetown, 3 Sept 1879 at Georgetown
3514-79 (Halton Co): Thomas KEMP, 29, farmer, Eramosa, same, d/o Lowy & Annie, married Ellen THOMAS, 29, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Edward & Letitia, witn: John KEMP of Eramosa & Sophia BROWN of Erin, 22 Sept 1879 at Nassagaweya 03591 -79 (Halton) James W. KERNS, 27, farmer, Nelson, same, s/o David & Matilda KERNS, married Alice PEER, 20, Nelson, same, d/o William Henry & Charity PEER, witn; Magowan SMITH and George HARRIS both of Nelson, 29 jan 1879 at Nelson
3561-79 George Arthur KIRBY, 30, farmer, Canada, Trafalgar, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Hannah Ann HOWES, 21, Canada, Trafalgar, d/o John & Joanna, witn: William H. HOWES of Trafalgar & Sarah E. ANDERSON of Milton, 26 March 1879 at res of Mr. Howes, Trafalgar 03582-79 (Halton) Thomas KIRK, 28, fireman r. road, England, Montreal Quebec, s/o George KIRK & Mary NOBLE, married Sarah Ann HEWSON, d/o Thomas HEWSON & Elizabeth MORROW, witn; William WATSON and Margaret WATSON both of Milton, 3 nov 1879 at Milton
  03577-79 (Halton) John LAWSON, 32, clerk, Co. Peel, Milton, s/o William & Jane LAWSON, married Millicent DOWNS, 31, Halton Co., Milton, d/o William & Millicent DOWNS, witn; Miss Bienner and James Robinson both of Milton, 13 may 1879 at Milton
3571-79 Charles William LEA, 30, farmer, York twp., same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Charlotte Georgina PLAYTER, 21, Toronto, Trafalgar, d/o Charles & Maria R., witn: James D. LEA of Toronto & Agnes Evelyn PLAYTER of Trafalgar, 17 Dec 1879 at Trafalgar 3566-79 James LINDSAY, 35, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o James & Rosanna, married Eliza Ann NEELANDS, 23, Canada, Trafalgar, d/o Daniel & Mary Jane, witn: Joseph LINDSAY of Trafalgar & Ann Ethel CARBERRY of Orangeville, 24 Sept 1879 at Trafalgar
3544-789 Alexander LIVINGSTONE, 25, farmer, Bentinck twp., Esquesing, s/o Hugh & Margaret, married Catherine McCORKINDALE, 21, Esquesing, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John McCORKINDALE & Sarah LIVINGSTONE, both of Esquesing, 19 March 1879 at Georgetown 3545-79 John LOGUE, 28, farmer, Ireland, Esquesing, s/o William & Ann, married Ephemia McKECHNIE, 23, Esquesing, same, d/o Gilbert & Jessie, witn: Samuel REED & Jessie WALKER, both of Esquesing, 7 Jan 1879 at Georgetown
3477-79 (Halton Co): Donald MANN, 29, farmer, Glengarry, Acton, s/o Donald MANN & Christy McINTOSH, married Emma MARTIN, 25, Erin Acton, d/o George MARTIN & Hannah SWACKHAMMER, witn: Alexander MANN of Esquesing & Sarah MARTIN of Erin, 25 Dec 1878 at Erin 3531-79 (Halton Co): Peter MARSALIS, 22, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Jacob & Ann, married Sarah CAMERON, 21, Esquesing, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Emma RODGERS & John REID, 5 Nov [1879] at Georgetown
3547-79 Thomas MARSHALL, 21, lime burner, Esquesing, Limehouse, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth DOBBIE, 18, Esquesing, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: James MARTIN of Esquesing & Mary Jane GOTT of Nassagaweya, 23 April 1879 at Georgetown 03597-79 (Halton) Richard Shaw MARSHALL, 23, labourer, Lancashire England, Esquesing, s/o William MARSHALL & Mary SHAW, married Margaret LAWSON, 21, Esquesing, same, d/o William LAWSON & Margaret MCDONALD, witn: A. LAWSON of Esquesing and S. FERGESON of Erin, 25 Dec 1879 at Esquesing
3510-79 (Halton Co): Robert MAY, 23, farmer, Nassagaweya, same, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Mary CHISHOLM, 20, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: John McPHEDERAN & Frances McKENZIE, both of Nassagaweya, 7 March 1879 at Nassagaweya 3482-79 (Halton Co): Dugald McARTHUR, 22, yeoman, Erin twp., same, s/o Duncan & Flora, married Malissa MASALES, 20, Nassagaweya, Esquesing twp., d/o William & Laura, witn: Peter McARTHUR of Erin & Alice DYNES of Acton, 23 May 1879 at Acton
03581-79 (Halton) Joseph Henry McCALLUM, 27, druggist, Ontario, Milton, s/o John Sternby McCALLUM & Eliza HARRISON, married Elizabeth WALLACE, 25, Ontario, Milton, d/o John WALLACE & Susanna BECKWITH, witn; George WALLACE of Brampton and John WALLACE of Milton, 2 sep 1879 at Milton 03603-79 (Halton) Peter MCDONALD, 29 farmer, Invernesshire Scotland, Nassagawega, s/o Graham MCDONALD & Margaret WARREN, married Elizabeth MANN, 27, Esquesing, Acton, d/o Alexander MANN & Elizabeth MCPHERSON, witn: J. MCDONALD of Nassagawega and A. MANN of Esquesing, 19 Mar 1879 at Esquesing
03580-79 (Halton) William McKAY, 27, teacher, Wellesley Tp., Milton, s/o James & Christian McKAY, married Jennie E. MARTIN, 26, Milton, same, d/o John & Margaret MARTIN, witn; Maggie Hume of Esquesint and A. H. MARTIN of Milton, 26 aug 1879 at Milton 3562-79 John Alexander McKAY, 23, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o Donald & Sarah, married Elizabeth McPHERSON, 22, Nassagaweya, Trafalgar, d/o Malcolm & Catherine, witn: William GALER? (Gales?) of Oakville & Esther McPHERSON of Trafalgar, 1 Jan 1879 at Trafalgar
3509-79 (Halton Co): John McFARLANE, 23, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth NORRISH, 27, Nassagaweya, same, d/o Nicholas & Ann, witn: William McFARLANE of Eramosa & Mary Ann NORRISH of Nassagaweya, 4 March 1879 at Nassagaweya 3558-79 Malcolm McKINNON, 24, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o Alexander & Ellen, married Annie SANDFORD, 28, Esquesing, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Archibald McKINNON of Esquesing & Ellen SCOTT of Hornby, 5 March 1879 at Hornby
03505-79 (Halton) Joel McKINDER, 27, farmer, Canada, Trafalgar Ont., s/o Joseph & Mary MCKINDER, married Emma IAN, 22, Canada, Oakville, adopted d/o John & Mary IAN, witn: Isaac WARCUP and William WHITTAKER, both of Oakville, 18 Jul 1879 at Oakville  
03492-79 (Halton) Samuel McLAW, 30, miller, Norwood Ont., Acton, s/o Thomas & Esther MCLAW, married Eliza Jane WATSON, 27, Acton, Acton, d/o William and Elizabeth S. WATSON, witn: James MACKLIN of Acton and Rachel WATSON of Milton, 31 Dec 1879 at Acton 3533-79 (Halton Co): Donald McLEAN, 29, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Donald McLEAN & Christena McLACHLAN, married Mary BINNIE, 28, Erin, same, d/o Alexander BINNIE & Elizabeth FADE, witn: Duncan McLEAN & Janet BINNIE, both of Erin, 24 Dec 1879 at Georgetown
03578-79 (Halton) Hugh McNAIR, 30, shoemaker, Canada, Milton, widower, s/o Angus & Christeena McNAIR, married Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, 19, Canada, Milton, d/o William & Isabella ARMSTRONG, witn; Isabella ARMSTRONG and Joseph ARMSTRONG both of Milton, 11 apr 1879 at Milton 3476-79 (Halton Co): Michael McPHEE, 26, mechanic, Cape Breton, New Hamburg, s/o Stephen & Mary, married Sarah McMURCHY, 22, Erin twp., Acton, d/o Donald & Sarah, witn: John H. STEPHENSON of Blyth & Lizzie WATSON of Acton, 1 Jan 1879 at Acton
3613-79 (Halton Co): John MEREDITH, 25, farmer, Esquesing, same, s/o Charles MEREDITH & Susan HARDACRE, married Jennie IRVING, 20, Esquesing, same, d/o James IRVING & Mary Ann GARVIN, witn: John MERRITT & Lizzie IRVING, both of Esquesing, 16 Oct 1879 at Esquesing 3559-79 Hugh MILES, 28, farmer, Milough? Ireland, Milton, s/o John & Sarah, married Martha Ann ANDERSON, 25, England, Milton, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Ellen SCOTT & Jemima STEWART, both of Hornby, 6 March 1879 at Hornby
3488-79 (Halton Co): Joseph MILLARD, 23, farmer, Eden Mills, Normanby, s/o John MILLARD & Phebe SPRAGUE, married Elizabeth FORBES, 21, Trafalgar, Eramosa, d/o Nicholas FORBES & Elizabeth McMURRAY, witn: Edward & Emma FORBES of Eramosa, 25 Dec 1879 at The Manse, Acton 3517-79 (Halton Co): James MILLER, 43, farmer, Scotland, Nassagaweya, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Ellen CARR, 33, Canada, Nassagaweya, d/o William & Ally, witn: Malcolm McMILLAN of Nassagaweya & C. WILLIAMS of Garafraxa, 1 Oct 1879 at Nassagaweya
3487-79 (Halton Co): Henry P. MOORE, 22, editor, Acton, same, s/o Edward & Elizabeth, married Harriet SPEIGHT, 25, Acton, same, d/o John & Susan, witn: T. A. MOORE & Lottie SPEIGHT, both of Acton, 3 Dec 1879 at Acton 3611-79 (Halton Co): James MOORE, 39, farmer, Ireland, Esquesing, s/o James & Fanny, married Catherine McINTOSH, 34, Canada, Esquesing, d/o John & Isabella, witn: John GOLLAP & Eliza McINTOSH, both of Esquesing, 17 Sept 1879 at Esquesing
03493-79 (Halton) Abraham Robert NELLES, 24, farmer, Nelson, Nelson, s/o George & Julia NELLES, married Elizabeth STUART, 21, Purlington, Nelson, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth STUART, witn: Jennie MITCHELL and Bernard DALY both of Oakville, 20 Jan 1879 at The Parsonage Oakville 3535-79 (Halton Co): Henry H. OGDEN, 27, teacher, Adelaide twp., Strathroy, s/o John OGDEN & Susannah HARNER, married Mary Jane AUSTIN, 25, Georgetown, same, d/o William AUSTIN & Christiana CRUIKSHANKS, witn: John SMITH of Warwick & Martha AUSTIN of Georgetown, 25 Dec 1879 at Georgetown
3553-79 Alexander H. OLIVER, 22, porter Canada, Palmero, s/o James & Isabella, married Kate M. FLOYD, 19, Bronte, Palmero, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: David OLIVER of Ayr & William C. FLOYD of Palmero, 29 Jan 1879 at Palmero 3542-79 Charles W. PAPST, 21, stationer, Goderich, Seaforth, s/o William T. & Elmina, married Isabella GRANT, 23, Glenwilliams, Seaforth, d/o William & Sarah, witn: John GRANT of Georgetown & Eliza CAMERON of Acton, 19 Feb 1879 at Georgetown
3524-79 (Halton Co): John PEAVMAN (Pearman?), 29, gardener, New York, Georgetown, s/o George PEAVMAN & Catherine HUHN, married Mary GEAR, 20, Georgetown, same, d/o Charles GEAR & Sophia BENKE, witn: William & Mary MILLER of Georgetown, 18 Aug 1879 at Georgetown 03583-79 (Halton) Stephen E. PEER, 26, carpenter, Ontario, East Flamboro, s/o Levi & Jane PEER, married Elizabeth POLLICK (Pollock?), 19, Ontario, East Flamboro, d/o Isaac & Liddy POLLICK, sitn; Emeline PRESTON and Augusta E. PRESTON both of Milton, 12 jul 1879 at Milton
3593-79 George N. PEER, 24, farmer, Nelson, same, s/o William H. & Charity, married Margaret E. DYNES, 23, Nelson, same, d/o Samuel E. & Mary, witn: Ralph LITTLE & Fanny DYNES, both of Nelson, 14 July 1879 at St. Johns Church, Nelson 3572-79 Wilford Woodruff PEGG, 34, farmer, East Gwillimbury, same, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann, married Annie TASKER, 22, Trafalgar, same, d/o Mark & Elizabeth, witn: Robert MARSHALL of Trafalgar & Miss H. S. TRENT of Newmarket + 2 other, 24 Dec 1879 at Trafalgar
3483-79 (Halton Co): Thomas PERRYMAN, 29, mechanic, Acton, Esquesing twp., s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Fannie M. CHRISTIE, 18, Mitchell, Acton, d/o John & Matilda, witn: W. H. STRONG of Acton & Agnes PERRYMAN of Georgetown, 18 June 1879 at Acton 3610-79 (Halton Co): James PETCH, 22, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o William & Hannah, married Agnes FRAZER, 20, Canada, Esquesing, d/o David & Sarah, witn: Alexander McNab FRAZER & Janet Starret FRAZER, both of Esquesing, 11 June 1879 at Esquesing
03588-79 (Halton) Charles PORTER, 29, farmer, Trafalgar, Nelson, s/o Charles & Margaret PORTER, married Martha Jane HUSBAND, 18, Nelson, same, d/o Hugh & Ann HUSBAND, witn; R.J. HUSBAND of Hamilton and Lititia W. PORTER of Trafalgar, 26 nov 1879 at Tp. of Nelson  
3596-79 Henry POWELL, 24, farmer, Nelson, same, s/o H.H. & Sarah, married Sarah BELL, 20, Nelson, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Robert BELL of Nelson & Lizzie BOWER of Zimmerman, 17 July 1879 at Nelson 3527-79 (Halton Co): Alfred George PRITCHARD, 24, freight clerk, England, Georgetown, s/o Alfred Octavius PRITCHARD & Sarah CHARLES, married Margaret McLEAN, 20, Canada, Georgetown, d/o Duncan McLEAN & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: Mrs. M. MacGREGOR of Georgetown & Mrs. T. S. McCALL of Woodstock, 25 July 1879 at Georgetown
  03605-79 (Halton) James QUANTICK, 29, farmer, England, Esquesing, s/o Charles QUANTICK & Maryann ABBOTT, married Margaret Levinia MARIN, 27, d/o Peter, MARIN & Ann MOFFAT, witn: Alexander LAWSON and Annie J. MARIN both of Esquesing, 16 Apr 1879 at Esquesing
3479-79 (Halton Co): Alexander RAE, 29, farmer, Scotland, Eramosa, s/o Alexander RAE & Isabella AITKENS, married Sarah McLEAN, 25, Canada, Erin, d/o Lauchlan & Sarah, witn: Thomas AITKIN of Eramosa & Archibald McLEAN of Erin, 8 Dec 1878 at Acton 3511-79 (Halton Co): Alexander RAMSEY, 34, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o Henry & Mary, married Elizabeth PATTERSON, 23, Nassagaweya, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Robert A. RAMSAY & Mary PATTERSON, both of Nassagaweya, 18 June 1879 at Nassagaweya
3543-79 Thomas RAMSHAW, 23, carpenter, Acton, same, s/o William & Isabella, married Catherine AULD, 19, Erin, same, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: William AULD of Erin & Louisa CAMPBELL of Georgetown, 13 March 1879 at Georgetown 3555-79 John Mills RANKIN, 29, farmer, King twp., Oakville, s/o John & Lavina, married Christena STEWART, 20, Chatham illegible (Miramichi?) NB, Hornby, d/o William & Ellen, witn: William RANKIN of Toronto & Jamima STEWART of Hornby, 29 Jan 1879 at Hornby
3512-79 (Halton Co): Duncan REID, 27, farmer, Scotland, Nassagaweya, s/o William & Catherine, married Sarah AGNEW, 18, Nassagaweya, same, d/o George & Janet, witn: William AGNEW & Catherine REID, both of Nassagaweya, 15 July 1879 at Nassagaweya 03600-79 (Halton) Robert Bessey ROOT, 23, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth ROOT, married Agnes REID, 22, Esquesing, same, d/o Henry & Eliza Jane REID, witn: Alexander HYNDMAN of Tp. Erin and Jane R. Reid Tp. of Esquesing, 13 Jan 1879 at Esquesing
3552-79 John ROSS, 38, farmer, Streetsville, Toronto twp., s/o David & Martha, married Agnes McGREGOR, 28, Glasgow, Trafalgar twp., d/o Dougald & Christena, witn: Malcolm McGREGOR of Toronto & Catherine GRIEVE of Georgetown, 15 Jan 1879 at Trafalgar twp  
03601-79 (Halton) John RUSSELL, 27, farmer, Erin Tp., same, s/o Alexander RUSSELL & Ann BARCLAY, married Sarah MCLEAN, 23, Esquesing, same, d/o Simon MCLEAN & Catherine BOYLE, witn: John MCLEAN of Esquesing and Alexander RUSSELL of Erin, 5 Feb 1879, at Esquesing 3486-79 (Halton Co): Hugh RYDER, 21, farm laborer, Esquesing twp., Acton, s/o George & Ann Jane, married Sarah Orsola? McCAINCH, 18, Esquesing twp., same, d/o Peter Donald & Margaret N., witn: George & Mary Catherine FORBES of Acton, 18 Sept 1879 at Acton
03575-79 (Halton) James SHEPPARD, 27, tailor, Scotland, Milton, s/o John & Mary SHEPPARD, married Mary M. SMALL, 17, Canada, Milton, d/o John & Ann SMALL, witn; Richard TRICK and Rebecca TRICK both of Milton, 21 feb 1879 at Milton. 03585-79 (Halton) Daniel SHOULDICE, 32, baker, Ontario, Nelson, s/o Thomas & Bessie SHOULDICE, married Lucy TOLMIE, 32, Ontario, Nelson, d/o Thomas & Hannah TOLMIE, witn; J. W. FIELD and Mary FIELD both of Milton, 16 oct 1879 at Milton.
3516-79 (Halton Co): George SIMPSON, 26, farmer, Nassagaweya, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane LEACHMAN, 22, Nelson, Nassagaweya, d/o John & Margaret, witn: John LEACHMAN & Mary Jane TAYLOR, both of Nassagaweya, 30 Sept 1879 at Nassagaweya 3608-79 (Halton Co): John SINCLAIR, 29, farmer, Erin, same, s/o Donald SINCLAIR & Christena McKECHNIE, married Clara Elizabeth McHENRY, 23, Esquesing, same, d/o William McHENRY & Elizabeth YEAMAN, witn: Donald TAIT of Toronto & Esther McHENRY of Esquesing, 9 July 1879 at Esquesing
03598-79 (Halton) Archibald SLOAN, 26, Sawyer, Esquesing, Erin, s/o John & Janet SLOAN, married Annie TOST 19, Esquesing, same, d/o Henry & Margaret TOST, witn: William SLOAN of Mansfield, and Mary TOST of Glen Williams, 1 Feb 1879 at Esquesing 03496-79 (Halton) Henry William SMITH, 21, fitter, Canada, Oakville, s/o William & Flora SMITH, married Rhoda Jane BROWN, 18 Canada, Oakville, s/o Samuel & Rhoda BROWN, witn: Stephen WAGGONER of Oakville and Celestia JOHNSON of Port Credit, 19 Mar 1879 at James ? Oakville
03604-79 (Halton) John SMITH, 47, farmer, widower, Inverness Shire Scotland, Chinquacousy, s/o Andrew & Catherine SMITH, married Hannah HAGGART, 36, Yorkshire England, Chinquacousy, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth HAGGART, witn: William SMITH and Lizzie SHARP both of Chinquacousy, 3 Apr 1879 at Esquesing 3567-79 William Henry SMITH, 37, yeoman, St. Jacobs – Waterloo, Trafalgar, s/o Philip & Wilhelmina, married Eliza Jane MITCHELL, 23, Nassagaweya twp., Nelson twp., d/o John & Eliza, witn: William H. & Elizabeth Ann DORLAND of Trafalgar, 12 Nov 1879 at Trafalgar
3526-79 (Halton Co): Thomas STEEL, 38, stone mason, Scotland, Georgetown, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Jemima CREECH, 31, Hamilton, Georgetown, d/o Samuel & Sophia, witn: John & Mary Jane CRAWFORD of Georgetown, 8 Sept [1879] at Georgetown 03490-79 (Halton) Fred H. STOREY, 21, manufacturer, Acton, Acton, s/o W. H. & Hannah J. STOREY, married Annie COLLIE, 21, Brantford, Acton, d/o William & Annie COLLIE, witn: Fred SECORD and Minerva STOREY both of Acton, 23 Dec, 1879 at Acton
3538-79 Robert C. STRANGE, 23, telegraph operator, Stratford, Georgetown, s/o Robert & Charlotte, married Annie H. BOOTY, 21, Esquesing, Georgetown, d/o William & Annie, witn: Sarah ROBINSON of London & Fletcher SWITZER of Streetsville, 1 Jan 1879 at Georgetown 3595-79 Joseph TANSLEY (Tonsby?), 20, farmer, East Flamboro, Nelson, s/o Joseph & Sarah Ann, married Susannah SIMPSON, 17, Nassagaweya, Nelson, d/o Allen & Mary Jane, witn: James GARDNER of Nelson & Maggie SIMPSON of Milton, 23 April 1879 at Cumminsville?, Nelson twp
3518-79 (Halton Co): William Middleton TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Canada, Nassagaweya, s/o Thomas M. & Mary, married Mary Ann NORRISH, no age given, Canada, Nassagaweya, d/o Nicholas & Ann, witn: David H. WILSON & Susannah SIMPSON, both of Nassagaweya, 4 Dec 1879 at Nassagaweya 03602-79 (Halton) John THOMPSON, 24, printer, Hamilton, same, s/o Gregor & Margaret THOMPSON, married Hattie COOK, 21, Glen Williams, same, d/o John & Margaret COOK, witn: John ?? COOK of Petrolia and Annie THOMPSON of Hamilton, 13, Feb 1879 at Glen Williams, Esquesing
3541-79 John Caleb TRAVIS, 23, carriage maker, Esquesing, Guelph, s/o Warren & Harriet, married Henrietta BAILEY, 22, Georgetown, same, d/o Isaiah & Mary, witn: Mrs. Mary & Byard HILL of Georgetown, 13 Feb 1879 at Georgetown 3529-79 (Halton Co): Morris TRAVIS, 40, laborer, Ontario, Erin, s/o Caleb TRAVIS & Sarah HODSKIN, married Mary Ann RUSSELL, 21, Ontario, Acton, d/o Alexander RUSSELL & Hannah Louise BARTLY, 8 Sept 1879 at Georgetown
3620-79 (Halton Co): James William TURNBULL, 25, machinist, Brantford, Toronto, s/o James TURNBULL & Mary CREYK, married Celia PRIN, 17, Toronto, Hamilton, d/o W. H. PRIN & Susan McDONALD, witn: W. S. BASTEDO & Jennie F. INGRAM, both of Burlington, 13 Nov 1879 at Manse, Burlington 3617-79 (Halton Co): James TURNBULL, 26, cabinet maker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Henry TURNBULL & Elizabeth CALDER, married Margaret Ann SOUTER, 23, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David SOUTER & Annie MITCHELL, witn: William H. TURNBULL & Jennie E. SOUTER, 17 July 1879 at Burlington
03574-79 (Halton) John TURNER, 22, farmer, England, E. Garafraxa, s/o Joseph TURNER & Janet JARDINE, married Mary Jane GALBRAITH, 20, Canada, Milton, d/o John GALBRAITH & Mary Elizabeth BEASSY, witn; S. NEAR and Mary Jane TURNER both of Garafraxa, 1 feb 1879 at Milton 03498-79 (Halton) William Volance TUSCH, 21, moulder, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o James & Mary Jean TUSCH, married Louisa Constance BUTLER, 21, Montréal, Hamilton, d/o Daniel R. & Anne L. BUTLER, witn: S. V. MEIKLE and T. Hamilton MEIKLE, both of Oakville, 7 Jun 1879 at Oakville

3793-80 John VERRALL, 24, laborer, Canada, Tecumseh twp., s/o Robert VERRALL & Emma, married Jemima PHILLIPS, 23, Canada, Tecumseh, d/o Henry PHILLIPS & Ann, witn: Warren & Lizzie PHILLIPS of Tecumseh, 26 Dec 1879 at Georgetown

3565-79 Frederick WALES, 23, farmer, Trafalgar, same, s/o Robert & Mary, married Hannah ELLIS, 17, Trafalgar, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: William MAIN & E. LECKIE of Trafalgar, 8 Sept 1879 at Hornby 3515-79 (Halton Co): George Leonard WATSON, 24, farmer, Nassagaweya, same, s/o George & Ann, married Mary Elizabeth HUSBAND, 23, Nassagaweya, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: William H. HUSBAND & Mary A. WATSON, both of Nassagaweya, 24 Sept 1879 at Nassagaweya
03502-79 (Halton) Walter WILKINSON, 30, farmer, Palermo Ont., Trafalgar Ont., s/o Francis & Clarena WILKINSON, married Jane SPARROW, 19, Esquesing Ont., same, d/o Thomas & Mary SPARROW, witn: Jenny MITCHELL and Frank CONTAMORE?, both of Oakville, 18 Oct 1879 at Oakville 3568-79 Thomas WILSON, 25, teamster, Mimico, Milton, s/o David & Sarah Ann, married Jane HAMILTON, 22, Milton, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: John CAMERON of Omagh & Jemima STEWART of Hornby, 29 Oct 1879 at Hornby
3592-79 George WORTHINGTON, 22, laborer, Quebec, Nelson, s/o John WORTHINGTON & Lucinda GIBSON, married Ellen WALL, 18, Hamilton, same, d/o James WALL & Jane WHITE, witn: Alfred & Lillie DOUGLAS of Nelson twp., 17 Feb 1879 at Nelson twp 3534-79 (Halton Co): George WRIGGLESWORTH, 61, widower, farmer, England, Georgetown, s/o John & Ann, married Ann HALL, 40, Ireland, Georgetown, d/o Joseph & Eliza DUGGAN, witn: Thomas BAILEY & Mary APPELBEE, both of Georgetown, 6 Dec 1879 at Georgetown

** 3615-79 Burke - Moore: with two notes - first groom "married 3 times, 2nd wife being unknown to me at this time" and second note "The above marriage was celebrated by S. W. Fisher who was entirely ignorant that the second wife was still living"