Haldimand 96

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Haldimand Co., 1896


4870-96 (Haldimand Co): John ARMSTRONG, 24, farmer, South Cayuga, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Mary HOOVER, 18, Rainham twp., same, d/o Leonard & Martha, witn: Tillman HOOVER of Rainham & Catherine ARMSTRONG of S. Cayuga, 20 May 1896 at Jarvis 4839-96 (Haldimand Co): William BAIN, 30, farmer, Stirlingshire Scotland, South Cayuga, s/o Samuel F. & Grace Turnbull BAIN, married Mary Jane WISMER, 25, Lincoln Co., South Cayuga, d/o William G. & Huldah, witn: J. Edward BIGGER of Berlin & Minnie WISMER of S. Cayuga, 16 Dec 1896 at South Cayuga
4847-96 (Haldimand Co): Abraham John BAKER, 20, marble cutter, Harwich, Cayuga, s/o William H. & Sophia, married Ethel Mary BEDFORD, 19?, Chatham, Ridgetown, d/o Ira & Louisa, witn: Charles & R.F. HOWARD of Hagersville, 26 Aug [probably 1896] at Hagersville 4856-96 (Haldimand Co): Adam Spencer BENN, 28, farmer, Walpole twp., same, s/o Adam & Caroline, married Mary Jane JACKSON, 28, Walpole twp., same, d/o William & Phoebe, witn: Lizzie JACKSON & Lizzie MILER, both of Jarvis, 10 March 1896 at Jarvis
4972-96 (Haldimand Co): Sidney Albert BEST, 25, farmer, North Cayuga, same, s/o David Elijah BEST & Cordelia Canes MARTIN, married Lovinia CAMPBELL, 23, North Cayuga, same, d/o Neil CAMPBELL & Ella SMITH, witn: Lydia J. BEST of Walpole & John O. BEST of N. Cayuga, 1 June 1896 at Cayuga 4865-96 (Haldimand Co): Albert BOOTH, 26, carriage builder, Orillia, Walpole twp., s/o Thomas & Mary, married Sarah CARWANE?, 23, Walpole twp., same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Frank ROSS & Lizzie MILLER, both of Jarvis, 3 Feb 1896 at Jarvis
4866-96 (Haldimand Co): William R. BOULTER, 27, druggist, Walpole twp., Hamilton, s/o John & Jane Eliza, married Letitia BROWN, 25, Walpole twp., same, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: Lottie BROWN of Walpole & Robert E. ECHLIN of Hamilton, 17 June 1896 at Walpole 4923-96 (Haldimand Co): John BRENNAN, 28, farmer, Springvale, same, s/o John & Mary, married Margaret Ellen FITZGERALD, 35, Walpole, Hagersville, d/o Richard & Ellen, witn: William BRENNAN of Springvale & Ellen FITZGERALD of Walpole, 28 Jan 1896 at St. Patricks Church, Caledonia (Rom Cath)
4857-96 (Haldimand Co): Joseph BRIDGES, 29, farmer, Binbrook Ont., Walpole twp., s/o Henry & Sarah, married Sarah Emily JAQUES, 24, Woodhouse twp., Walpole twp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Clara & Beatrice P. PARSONS of Jarvis, 4 March 1896 at Walpole 4921-96 (Haldimand Co): William Henry BRIGGLE, 32, banker, Canton Ohio, Breckenridge Colorado, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Kathleen TROTTER, 27, "York Grand River", Caledonia, d/o James & Maria, witn: Robert TROTTER of Caledonia & Lizzie YATES of Stratford, 14 Jan 1896 at St. Paul's Church, Caledonia
4984-96 (Haldimand Co): Frederick W. BROWN, 24, carpenter, London England, York Ont., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Emma COLLINS, 16, Glanford twp., York, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Frederick E. WEIR of York & Elizabeth BROWN of Hamilton, 29 April 1896 at res of J.S. PELET, York 4885-96 (Haldimand Co): Thomas BROWN, 31, farmer, Woodhouse, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary ROBINSON, 27, Walpole, same, d/o Nathan & Jane, witn: Neil BROWN of Woodhouse & Margaret J. MILLER of Walpole, 23 Dec 1896 at Walpole
4926-96 (Haldimand Co): Alfred Henry BURROWS, 22, mechanic, Seneca twp., Caledonia, s/o James H. BURROWS & Elizabeth JEFFREY, married Bella J. LEACH, 20, Caledonia, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Harry SMELSER & Mary LEACH, both of Caledonia, 20 May 1896 at Caledonia 4846-96 (Haldimand Co): Robert CARPENTER, 37, widower, farmer, Walpole, Tuscarora, s/o George & Margaret, married Lily WINKWORTH, 22, Hagersville, same, d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: Lewis KITCHEN of Townsend & Sarah GILES of Hagersville, 9 Aug [probably 1896] at Hagersville
4862-96 (Haldimand Co): William Herbert CHURCH, 21, farmer, Walpole twp., same, s/o William & Sophronia, married Margaret Ellen NASH, 19, London England, Walpole twp., d/o Emanuel & Jane, witn: Alice Jane & John JOHNSTON of Jarvis, 1 Jan 1896 at Walpole 4868-96 (Haldimand Co): James CHURCHILL, 26, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o James & Mary A., married Mary Jane THOMPSON, 28, Walpole twp., same, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Ellen THOMPSON of Walpole & Shadrack WITHAM, 16 May 1896 at Walpole
4889-96 (Haldimand Co): John CLARK, 36, farmer, Sherbrooke, Ridgeway, s/o William CLARK & Abigail DODDS, married Della KILMER, 25, Humberstone, Ridgeway, d/o Abraham KILMER & Rachel MICHENER, witn: A.H. McLENNAN & Cora HOUSE, both of Dunnville, 20 Jan 1896 at Dunnville 4883-96 (Haldimand Co): John H. CLARK, 32, farmer, Woodhouse twp., Jarvis, s/o Frederick & Elizabeth, married Carrie A. PARSONS, 35, Townsend twp., Jarvis, d/o Thomas & Catherine HEAD, witn: John RODGERS Jr. of Jarvis & Eliza J. CLARK of Woodhouse twp, 23 Dec 1896 at Walpole [with note: "bride has taken name of adopted parents, Walter Parsons"]
4927-96 (Haldimand Co): Frank George COLE, 24, miller, Somersetshire England, s/o Frank & Sarah, married Elva Jane YOUNG, 21, Caledonia, same, d/o Frederick W. & Eliza Ann, witn: Isaac COLE & Maggie Bell YOUNG, both of Caledonia, 13 May 1896 at Caledonia 4987-96 (Haldimand Co): Andrew E. COLLINS, 41, CPR employee, Toronto, same, s/o Barnard & Margaret, married Mary E. WELSH, 35, North Cayuga, Seneca twp., d/o Lawrence & Maria, witn: Leon IRWIN of Toronto & Maude BRUCE of Canfield, 7 Oct 1896 at Seneca twp
4842-96 (Haldimand Co): Al? DELL, 27, laborer, Rainham, Selkirk, s/o Levi & Martha, married Fannie F. SMELSER, 24, Rainham, same, d/o Christian & Fannie, witn: Wilmer ROBINSON of Selkirk & Carrie SMELSER of Rainham, 4 Nov 1896 at South Cayuga 4901-96 (Haldimand Co): George W. DICKHOUT, 33, farmer, Sherbrooke, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Ida Victoria ALLEN, 26, Moulton, Rainham, d/o Isaac & Mary, witn: T. FREDBRUGHEN & Ula ALLEN, both of Rainham, 1 July 1896 at Rainham
4841-96 (Haldimand Co): Ira Benjamin DICKHOUT, 26, farmer, South Cayuga, Selkirk Ont., s/o "illegitimate", married Anna Maud KNISLEY, 16, Selkirk, same, d/o David & Mary, witn: John RITTENHOUSE & Hattie DOHN, both of South Cayuga, 30 Sept 1896 at South Cayuga 4909-96 (Haldimand Co): Abraham DIETTE, 23, farmer, Dunn, same, s/o John & Nancy, married Vesta CLARK, 26, Crowland, Pelham, d/o Oliver & Annie, witn: Oliver CLARK & May BERKLEY, both of Pelham, 9 Nov 1896 at Dunnville
4840-96 (Haldimand Co): Levi DREHMER, 26, farmer, Rainham twp., same, s/o Abram & Saloma, married Nettie HOOVER, 22, Rainham, same, d/o Joel & Mary, witn: Vernon HOOVER & Lydia DREHMER, both of Rainham, 30 Sept 1896 at South Cayuga 4871-96 (Haldimand Co): Edward DRINKWATER, 21, engineer, Rainham twp., Selkirk Ont., s/o James & Ellen, married Margaret FESS, 22, Rainham twp., same, d/o Frederick & Martha, wit: Mrs. J.R. GARDEN of Nanticoke, 14 Oct 1896 at Nanticoke
4912-96 (Haldimand Co): Milo ECKER, 29, public works, Wainfleet, Sherkston, s/o Abraham & Annie, married Jennie BILLYARD, 21, Dunnville, same, d/o Charles & Rachel, witn: Albert E. & Minnie QUINN of Dunnville, 19 Nov 1896 at Dunnville 4933-96 (Haldimand Co): James Albert EMERSON, 23, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o Joseph EMERSON & Frances OEN?, married Ethel Jane MOORE, 20, Oneida twp., Seneca twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: Nina LIVINGSTON of Caledonia & Mabel McKENZIE of Binbrook, 15 July 1896 at Caledonia
4863-96 (Haldimand Co): John Henry EVANS, 32, farmer, Walpole twp., same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Agnes G. IONSON, 26, Walpole twp., same, d/o James & Ellen, witn: Ernest EVANS & Margaret IONSON, both of Walpole, 1 Jan 1896 at Walpole 4877-96 (Haldimand Co): Benjamin F. FALLS, 25, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Thomas & Phoebe, married Annie DONNELLY, 26, Walpole, same, d/o d/o Brown & Matilda, witn: Robert & Alicia DONNELLY of Walpole, 4 Nov 1896 at Walpole
#006492-98 (Haldimand Co): Frank C. FEARMAN, 30, Simcoe, Oneida, s/o Charles & Charlotte, married Fanny SENN, 24, Oneida, same, d/o William & Adelaide, 10 Dec 1896 at New Credit 4934-96 (Haldimand Co): Robert FELKER, 21, merchant, Saltfleet twp., same, s/o Henry & Annie, married Minnie E. AIKIN, 20, Barton twp., same, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: William JEROME of Glanford & Rosa FELKER of Elfrida Ont., 12 Aug 1896 at Caledonia
4896-96 (Haldimand Co): Frank FORD, 21, farmer, Stafford NY, Dunnville, s/o John & Annie, married Annie BICKNELL, 21, London England, Dunnville, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: John N. & Mary Ann GREEN, 11 May 1896 at Dunnville 4844-96 (Haldimand Co): William John FORREST, 38, blacksmith, Hagersville, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Margaret Ann JOHNSON, 23, Walpole, Hagersville, d/o George & Margaret, witn: James W. FORREST of Hagersville & Hannah RIDDELL of Caistor?, 26 Feb 1896 at Hagersville
4834-96 (Haldimand Co): James Albert FRANKLIN, 28, farmer, Rainham twp., same, s/o Jacob & Eliza, married Mary Ann VASBINDER, 21, South Cayuga, same, d/o Holmes & Jerusha, witn: Mary MEADOWS & Grace M. JAMES of South Cayuga and Clara C. JAMES of Cayuga, 8 Jan 1896 at South Cayuga 4860-96 (Haldimand Co): Stephen J. FULLER, 38, widower, butcher, Huron Co., Townsend twp., s/o Chauncey & Lucinda, married Annie M. RUSSELL, 26, Houghton twp., same, d/o David & Margaret, witn: E.J. & George E.R. McCARTNEY of Jarvis, 22 Jan 1896 at Walpole
4854-96 (Haldimand Co): Frank FULSOM, 22, farmer, Walpole twp., same, s/o Wesley & Nancy, married Mary Edith GIBBS, 20, Walpole twp., same, d/o Philip & Mary, witn: S. & May TRICKEY of Selkirk, 19 Feb 1896 at Walpole 4904-96 (Haldimand Co): Roland FURRY, 21, farmer, Moulton, same, s/o William H. & Naomi, married Eliza STEVENS, 18, Grantham, Canboro, d/o Walter & Catherine, witn: Wesley STEVENS & Almeda MILWAY, both of Dunnville, 12 July 1896 at Dunnville
4852-96 (Haldimand Co): Charles Nelson GILES, 28, widower, section foreman, Walpole, Windham, s/o Robert & Julia, married Alice Elizabeth NICHOLSON, 23, Walpole, Windham, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Thomas HALLIGAN of Walpole & Mary Jane GILES of Hagersville, 12 Nov [probably 1896] at Hagersville 4874-96 (Haldimand Co): Edward John GINGALL, 25, miller, Bristol England, Canboro, s/o John & Eliza, married Rosena Kathleen WALTERS, 18, Canboro, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: T.E. KNAGGS & Mabel HAZEN, both of Jarvis, 25 Nov 1896 at Jarvis
4895-96 (Haldimand Co): Norris N. GOOLD, 25, farmer, St. Catharines, Moulton, s/o Jacob & Susanna, married Nellie ANGER, 20, Dunn, same, d/o Edward & Amelia, witn: Melvin GAYMEN & Sarah ANGER, 28 April 1896 at Dunnville #006489-98 (Haldimand Co): Josiah GREEN, 27, yeoman, Oneida, same, s/o Nicholas & Hannah, married Emily JOHNSON, 17, Oneida, same, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: Charles GREEN & Bella JOHNSON, both of New Credit, 23 Aug 1896 at New Credit
4916-96 (Haldimand Co): Bevins GREEN, 21, fisherman, Dunnville, same, s/o Martin & Martha, married Amelia DOWNEY, 20, Caistorville, Moulton, d/o Charles & Lizzie, witn: Minnie NELSON & Elizabeth CASSON, both of Dunnville, 2 Dec 1896 at Dunnville 4850-96 (Haldimand Co): George Teodore HADDEN (also written as Hedden), 22, tinsmith, North Cayuga, Rainham, s/o Albert & Elizabeth, married Susan Alice TASKELL, 23, Walpole, Hagersville, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Rhoda & Chevin? HIGGINS of Hartford, 9 Sept 1896 at Hagersville
4928-96 (Haldimand Co): William HAGAN, 29, farmer, Co. Antrim Ireland, Seneca twp., s/o Thomas & Jane, married Janet YULE, 26, Walpole twp., Oneida twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Isa YULE of Oneida & Hugh HAGAN of Seneca, 17 June 1896 at Caledonia 4988-96 (Haldimand Co): Malcom HEDDLE, 32, blacksmith, Seneca twp., same, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Annie E. INCE, 23, Seneca twp., same, d/o Richard & Rebecca, witn: William LEACH of Caledonia & Ellen INCE of Seneca twp., 30 Sept 1896 at Seneca twp
4858-96 (Haldimand Co): James Frederick HILS, 30, farmer, West Flamboro twp., same, s/o George & Jane, married Sarah Jane IONSON, 29, Walpole twp., same, d/o James & Ellen, witn: William HILS of W. Flamboro & Edith IONSON of Walpole, 18 Feb 1896 at Walpole 4853-96 (Haldimand Co): W. P. HOFFMAN, 20, operator, Moulton, Caledonia, s/o M.B. & S.F., married Mary P. ANGUISH, 23, Nelles Corners, same, d/o Eber & Margaret, witn: John N. SHAW of Caledonia & Jennie ANGUISH of Nelles Corners, 30 Dec [probably 1896] at Hagersville
4893-96 (Haldimand Co): F. C. HORNIBROOK, 32, farmer, widower, Ireland, Byng, s/o Samuel & Annie, married Mary BRADLEY, 18, Toronto, same, d/o John & Lyptha?, witn: W.H. GAMBLE & Ida VANKUREN?, both of Byng, 11 March 1896 at Dunnville 4930-96 (Haldimand Co): John Joseph HYLAND, 38, farmer, Walpole twp., same, s/o Daniel HYLAND & Catherine O'HARA, married Elizabeth HIGGINS, 39, Walpole twp., same, d/o Anthony HIGGINS & Mary McSORLEY, witn: Cornelius ELLIOTT of Simcoe & Margaret McSORLEY of Walpole, 29 June 1896 at St. Patrick's Church, Caledonia (Rom Cath)
4873-96 (Haldimand Co): Charles IVEY, 21, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o Thomas Henry & Mary Ann, married Annie Belle SMITH, 24, Walpole, same, d/o William F. & Catherine, witn: James CULVER of Simcoe & Grace SMITH of Nanticoke, 10 Sept 1896 at Nanticoke 4905-96 (Haldimand Co): William JACKSON, 22, farmer, Cumberland Co - England, Wainfleet, s/o Joseph & Esther, married Margaret GREGSON, 18, Lancashire England, Wainfleet, d/o Richard & Agnes, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. QUINN of Dunnville, 21 July 1896 at Dunnville
4875-96 (Haldimand Co): John JAQUES, 23, farmer, Walpole, same,, s/o Samuel & Martha, married Margaret MILLER, 23, Rainham twp., Walpole, s/o James & Emily, witn: Alfred WRIGHT of Woodhouse & Annie MILLER of Walpole, 7 Oct 1896 at Walpole 4986-96 (Haldimand Co): William H. JONES, 29, newspaper publisher, Huron Co., Rossland BC, s/o William & Ann, married Ann VERTH, 28, York village, same, d/o John & Agnes, witn: A.W. FENBOW? Of Beamsville & Mary VERTH of York, 18 July 1896 at res of Mrs. VERTH, Seneca twp
4983-96 (Haldimand Co): Matthew JONES, 24, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o David & Maria, married Jennie KELLY, 19, Seneca twp., same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Edward KELLY of Seneca twp & Lillian JONES of Caledonia, 11 March 1896 at Seneca twp 4864-96 (Haldimand Co): Robert James KELLY, 25, farmer, Oneida twp., Walpole twp., s/o James & Mary, married Jane Beatrice LINDSAY, 21, Walpole twp., same, d/o David & May, witn: A.M. GARDINER & E. ROGERS, both of Jarvis, 22 April 1896 at Walpole
4911-96 (Haldimand Co): Edward KENDRICK, 23, tinsmith, Rainham, Dunnville, s/o Ephraim & Elma, married Nettie CLEMO (or Clems?), 22, Dunnville, same, d/o Daniel & Lydia, witn: George LINT of Dunnville & Dora WITKOWSKIE of Buffalo, 17 Nov 1896 at Dunnville 4970-96 (Haldimand Co): Robert Edmund KING, 29, farmer, Seneca, North Cayuga, s/o Robert KING & Margaret Jane DECEW, married Margaret GLENNY, 25, North Cayuga, same, d/o Robert GLENNY & Margaret Ann McCLUNG, witn: Thomas David GLENNY & Annie KING, both of N. Cayuga, 2 Jan 1896 at Cayuga
#006258-97 (Haldimand Co): Edward E. KLINE, 26, cheese maker, Gainsboro twp., Canboro twp., s/o Leonard & Barbara, married Aggie ROSS, 25, Moulton twp., same, d/o David ROSS & Mary KINNEY, witnesses were Curtis SUNDY & Rosa ROSS, both of Moulton twp., Dec. 23, 1896 at Moulton twp 4975-96 (Haldimand Co): Timothy LEAVEY, 27, yeoman, Canada, North Cayuga, s/o Michael LEAVEY & Ellen McKENNA, married Mary CRAVEN, 33, Canada, North Cayuga, d/o John CRAVEN & Johanna WALLACE, witn: Michael LEAVEY & Alice CRAVEN, both of North Cayuga, 21 Oct 1896 at Cayuga
4903-96 (Haldimand Co): George Washington LEVER, 22, farmer, Caistorville, same, s/o John & Prudence, married Addie MUNN, 21, Binbrook, Caistorville, d/o William & Maria, witn: Mary E. & Elizabeth CASSON of Dunnville, 6 May 1896 at Dunnville 6281-97 David C. LINDSAY, 38, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o David & Almira, married Susan TURNER, 21, teacher, Seneca twp., same, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: Kate VERTH & James G. LINDSAY, both of Seneca twp., 29 Dec 1896 at York
  4974-96 (Haldimand Co): James Henry LOCKIE, 23, farmer, North Cayuga, same, s/o John & Mary, married Marie C. ETHERINGTON, 27, South Cayuga, same, d/o Christopher & Mary Jane, witn: Elizabeth M. CAMPBELL & Mrs. J.J. FOOTE, both of Cayuga, 30 Sept 1896 at Cayuga
4919-96 (Haldimand Co): Henry LOGAN, 46, farmer, Moulton, same, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Mary CARSON, 39, Dunnville, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Charles CARSON of Dunnville & Emma MAIN of Moulton, 3 Dec 1896 at Dunnville 4907-96 (Haldimand Co): John D. MARLATT, 19, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Daniel & Diana, married Almeda HORTON, 20, Wainfleet, same, d/o Thomas & Sully Adelia, witn: Daniel & Diana MARLATT of Wainfleet, 9 Sept 1896 at Dunnville
4884-96 (Haldimand Co): James McCLELLAND, 29, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o John & Joanna, married Malvina ANDERSON, 26, Walpole, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: William ANDERSON & Fanny McCLELLAND, both of Walpole, 29 Dec 1896 at Walpole 4969-96 (Haldimand Co): James Francis McGREGOR, 25, vet surgeon, Caradoc twp., Delaware village, s/o James McGREGOR & Ellen McMULLEN, married Maggie THOMPSON, 18, Cayuga, same, d/o John THOMPSON & Mary McGREGOR, witn: John THOMPSON of Oneida twp & Mary THOMPSON of Cayuga, 1 Jan 1896 at Cayuga
4881-96 (Haldimand Co): John B. McKENZIE, 28, farmer, Middlesex Co., Walpole, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Lucy Olivia SANDERS, 27, Walpole, same, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: John W. SANDERS of Nanticoke & Christena McKENZIE of Varench?, 30 Sept 1896 at Walpole 4872-96 (Haldimand Co): Thomas McKNIGHT, 23, clerk, Norfolk Co., Callender Ont., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Annie M. LEMON, 22, Norfolk Co., Charlotteville, d/o Alonson & Annie, witn: Mrs. Thomas BOYD & Miss J. DIAMON, both of Jarvis, 19 Aug 1896 at Jarvis
4900-96 (Haldimand Co): George James McKNIGHT, 29, foreman, Hamilton, same, s/o John W. & Barbara, married Annie STROHM, 24, Dunnville, same, d/o Garrett D. & Jane, witn: John J. ASHER & Lizzie STROHM, both of Dunnville, 3 June 1896 at Moulton 4917-96 (Haldimand Co): Mathew McQUILLAN, 26, farmer, Ireland, Moulton, s/o Mathew & Amelia, married Margaret NEWLAND, 25, Moulton, Canboro, d/o William & Bridget, witn: T.B. & Katie MOTHERWELL of Dunnville, 4 Nov 1896 at Dunnville
4971-96 (Haldimand Co): Daniel MILLER, 24, farmer, Canboro, Wainfleet, s/o Gennie & Mary, married Margaret BROUGHTON, 17, Canboro, same, d/o Ephraim & Martha, witn: Jay & Mrs. Jay QUIDER of Canboro, 1 May 1896 at Cayuga 4845-96 (Haldimand Co): David MILLIGAN, 28, farmer, Onondaga, Walpole, s/o William & Isabella, married Jessie Isabella SLOAT, 19, Walpole, same, d/o George & Martha, witn: Susan C. & Emily G. POTTER of Hagersville, 2 April 1896 at Hagersville
4929-96 (Haldimand Co): Thomas Joseph MURPHY, 28, city buyer, Oneida twp., Chicago, s/o Simon MURPHY & Bridget HALEY, married Ellen Catherine FEENEY, 21, Rainham twp., Oneida twp., d/o James FEENEY & Catherine WALSH, witn: Mercella BARRINGTON of Seneca & Simon MURPHY of Oneida, 17 June 1896 at St. Patrick's Church, Caledonia (Rom Cath) 4836-96 (Haldimand Co): William NABLO, 35, widower, farmer, Ontario, North Cayuga, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth, married Annie E. TAIT, 25, Ontario, North Cayuga, d/o Alexander & Ellen, witn: Parker TAIT & Sybilla NABLO, both of North Cayuga, 16 Sept 1896 at North Cayuga
4892-96 (Haldimand Co): John NEWBY, 28, carpenter, of Wellandport, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Annette BURK, 25, of Wellandport, d/o James & Edna, witn: Jennie BURK of Wellandport & T.B. MOTHERWELL of Dunnville, 19 Feb 1896 at Dunnville 4843-96 (Haldimand Co): Archie PAISLEY, 24, farmer, Moulton, same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Mary Jane PHILLIPS, 21, Caistor, Moulton, d/o Joseph C. & Elizabeth, witn: George GORRELL & Maggie PAISLEY, both of Moulton, 14 Oct 1896 at Moulton twp
4880-96 (Haldimand Co): Michael POOLE, 34, farmer, Island of Jersey, Port Dover, s/o Michael & Mary, married Catherine McCARTHY, 26, Walpole, same, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: Cornelius O. MAHONY of Norfolk Co & Ellen McCARTHY of Walpole, 2 Sept 1896 at Walpole (Rom Cath) 4922-96 (Haldimand Co): George Henry POPHAM, 35, merchant, Osgoode - Russell, Ottawa, s/o William & Sarah, married Eleanor OLD, 25, Caledonia, same, d/o Francis W. & Angelina, witn: A.E. RICHARDS & Hattie OLD, both of Caledonia, 15 Jan 1896 at Caledonia
4879-96 (Haldimand Co): Robert PRESTON, 22, laborer, Oneida twp., Walpole, s/o John & Margaret, married Elizabeth Beatrice RICHARDS, 21, London England, Jarvis, d/o William L. & Elizabeth, witn: John & Alice JOHNSTON of Walpole, 14 Oct 1896 at Jarvis 4931-96 (Haldimand Co): Thomas Joseph QUINSEY, 33, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Martha JEFFREY, 30, Seneca twp., Caledonia, d/o George & Ann, witn: Dr. S.N. DAVIS of York & Jennie QUINSEY of Blacksheath, 14 Oct 1896 at Caledonia
4869-96 (Haldimand Co): John RICHARDSON, 36, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Victoria DAVIS, 24, Woodhouse twp., Walpole twp., d/o John & Martha, witn: John MEADE & Adelaide DAVIS, both of Nanticoke, 17 June 1896 at Nanticoke, Walpole twp 4902-96 (Haldimand Co): Edward Wright RIGG, 26, stone cutter, England, Wainfleet, s/o Clement & Margaret, married Clara MOORE, 22, Ontario, Wainfleet, d/o Radford & Martha, witn: Elizabeth CARSON of du, 23 April 1896 at Dunnville
4932-96 (Haldimand Co): Samuel ROADHOUSE, 58, widower, Grimsby Ont., Hamilton, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Mary FENNEY, 28, Canfield, Caledonia, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: William MARR & Conduce FORD, both of Caledonia, 4 Nov 1896 at Caledonia 4913-96 (Haldimand Co): Michael Enright RYAN, 29, farmer, Moulton, same, s/o Michael & Margaret, married Mary Alice BARRY, 19, Canboro, same, d/o David & Ellen Jane, witn: Daniel O'KEEFE & Ann DAVIS, both of Canboro, 25 Nov 1896 at Dunnville (Rom Cath)
4899-96 (Haldimand Co): John SCULLY, 38, widower, lumber merchant, Addison NY, Dunkirk, s/o Dennis SCULLY & Mary HAUGHNEY, married Alice RENNY, 24, Cayuga (Indiana), Dunnville, d/o John KENNY & Elizabeth CARROLL, witn: Thomas KENNY & Emma BARKER, both of Dunnville, 23 June 1896 at St. Michael's Church, Dunnville (Rom Cath) 4976-96 (Haldimand Co): Henry SIMINGTON, 22, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o James & Mary, married Emalina ANDERSON, 21, Townsend, same, d/o Marshall & Amy ANDERSON, witn: James ANDERSON of Bealton & Aggie JOHNSTON of Fingal, 25 Nov 1896 at Cayuga
4894-96 (Haldimand Co): Judson SMITH, 23, farmer, South Cayuga, same, s/o John B. & Mary M., married Martha Ellan BUCKMASTER, 19, Dunn, same, d/o Jesse & Victoria, witn: Minnie & Victoria BUCKMASTER of Dunn, 22 April 1896 at Dunnville 4910-96 (Haldimand Co): Herman W. SMITH, 21, blacksmith, Pelham, Caistor, s/o Frederick R. & Sarah, married Jennie SWARTZ, 17, Dunnville, same, d/o Harry & Emma, witn: Frank & Fanny SWARTZ of Dunnville, 11 Nov 1896 at Dunnville
4935-96 (Haldimand Co): Jasua Dewitt SMITH, 24, fruit grower, Saltfleet twp., same, s/o John Wesley & Phebe, married Sadie Cartwright SMITH, 23, widow, Binbrook twp., Barton twp., d/o Dr. Enoch ALWAYS & Esther, witn: Thomas MYERSCOUGH & Mina LIVINGSTON, both of Caledonia, 26 Sept 1896 at Caledonia 4848-96 (Haldimand Co): James Elgin SMUCK, 43, widower, Wentworth, Hagersville, s/o James & Lucinda, married Sarah Alida SMUCK, 31, widow, Walpole, same, d/o Adam & Caroline BENN, witn: S. C. & Jessie C. POTTER of Hagersville, 6 Aug [probably 1896] at Hagersville
4973-96 (Haldimand Co): William Wise SPAVEN, 36, farmer, Oneida twp., same, s/o Robert & Huldah M., married Margaret PARKER, 30, London England, Cayuga, d/o William & Margaret C., witn: George SPAVEN of Buffalo & Mary PARKER of Cayuga, 25 Aug 1896 at Cayuga 4914-96 (Haldimand Co): John SPECK, 28, farmer, Sherbrooke, same, s/o William & Barbara, married Susan Frances DOEL, 18, Marshville, same, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: William SPECK of Sherbrooke & Maggie SPECK of Woodstock, 30 Dec 1896 at Dunnville
4918-96 (Haldimand Co): William SPORBECK, 27, laborer, Canboro, Dunnville, s/o Isaac & Eliza, married Fannie VANSLACK, 19, North Cayuga, same, d/o George & Matilda, witn: John VANSLACK & Matilda QUINN, both of Dunnville, 3 Dec 1896 at Dunnville 4915-96 (Haldimand Co): Elias STEEN, 30, farmer, South Cayuga, same, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Sophia YOUNG, 21, South Cayuga, same, d/o Henry & Barbara, witn: Simon N. MOYER & Maria CASSON, both of Dunnville, 25 Nov 1896 at Dunnville
4891-96 (Haldimand Co): Jesse F. SWARTZ, 22, machinist, Dunnville, same, s/o Jesse & Helena, married Shophie NIE, 18, South Cayuga, Moulton, d/o Martin & Mina, 3 Feb 1896 at Dunnville 4876-96 (Haldimand Co): John G. THOMPSON, 28, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o Henry & Ursula, married Matilda DONNELLY, 28, Walpole, same, d/o Brown & Matilda, witn: Robert & Alicia DONNELLY of Walpole, 4 Nov 1896 at Walpole
6263-97 Albert THOMPSON, 29, farmer, Glanford, same, s/o Thomas & Harriet, married Jane NICHOL, 31, Oneida, same, d/o Walter & Sarah, witn: James NICHOL of Oneida & Elizabeth HUNTER of Walpole, 30 Dec 1896 at Oneida  
4882-96 (Haldimand Co): Charles A. WALKER, 25, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o Philip & Eliza Jane, married Libbie Ann BOWMAN, 21, Walpole, same, d/o Richard & Catherine, witn: Asa A. BOWMAN of Walpole & Jennie WALKER of Villa Nova, 30 Dec 1896 at Walpole 4837-96 (Haldimand Co): William C. WALLACE, 30, printer, Ontario, Crosswell Michigan, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Rose Bell COVERDALE, 20, North Cayuga, same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: Fletcher WALLACE of Crosswell Mich & Alice McARTHUR of St. Thomas, 23 Dec 1896 at Canfield, North Cayuga
4924-96 (Haldimand Co): William L. WALTERS, 25, painter, Hagersville, Townsend twp., s/o Luther & Ann, married Hattie GILSON, 20, Canfield, same, d/o Nelson & Maria, witn: Mrs. SPARLING of Caledonia & C.W. COSENS of Beamsville, 11 March 1896 at Caledonia 4855-96 (Haldimand Co): Webster WARDELL, 38, farmer, Rainham twp., Walpole twp., s/o John & Mary, married Doretta FESS, 22, Rainham twp., Walpole twp., d/o Samuel & Annie, witn: Ashton EVANS & Mrs. J.R. GARDEN, both of Nanticoke, 18 March 1896 at Walpole
4890-96 (Haldimand Co): Eugene E. WARREN, 24, farmer, Canboro, same, s/o James W. & Rachel, married Rachel Ann FOLLICK, 28, Canboro, same, d/o Smith F. & Mary Jane, witn: J.H. ROWE & Mrs. A. QUINN, both of Dunnville, 26 Jan 1896 at Dunnville #006491-98 (Haldimand Co): Elijah WASSON, 36, yeoman, Oneida, same, s/o Elijah & Sarah, married Sarah ROBBINS, 19, Waterford, Oneida, d/o Job & Annie, witn: Mary Ann CLOUSE of New Credit, 13 Oct 1896 at New Credit
4851-96 (Haldimand Co): James WILKINS, 24, farmer, Crowland, Townsend, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Jane Ann PADDEN, 22, Townsend, same, d/o Horace & Rachel, witn: Susan POTTER & Kate SMITH, both of Hagersville, 4 Nov [probably 1896] at Hagersville #006490-98 (Haldimand Co): Jeremiah WILSON, 26, widower, laborer, Tuscarora, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Hannah JONATHAN, 17, Tuscarora, same, d/o Simon & not given, witn: Albert E. & Effie TAYLOR of New Credit, 29 Aug 1896 at New Credit
4838-96 (Haldimand Co): Nicholas WINDECKER, 26, farmer, North Cayuga, same, s/o George A. & Catherine, married Eliza WALTON, 23, North Cayuga, same, d/o Cuthbert & Martha, witn: William WALTON & Mary C. WINDECKER, both of North Cayuga, 28 Oct 1896 at Gypsum Mines, North Cayuga 4898-96 (Haldimand Co): George Albert WINDECKER, 46, widower, farmer, North Cayuga, same, s/o George F. & Alice, married Annie BARKER, 45, England, Canboro, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: George DOONER & Winifred HODGES, 28 June 1896 at Canboro twp
4867-96 (Haldimand Co): Edward WINGER, 28, laborer, Walpole twp., same, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Edith Jane NASH, 17, London England, Walpole twp., d/o Manuel & Edith J., witn: Alice J. & John JOHNSTON of Jarvis, 4 Feb 1896 at Walpole 4906-96 (Haldimand Co): Frederick WINTER, 24, baker, Norfolk England, Dunnville, s/o William WINTER & Mary HUMPHREY, married Elizabeth EGAN, 20, Wainfleet, Dunnville, d/o Joseph EGAN & Mary MOORE, witn: M.J. & Mary CLEARY of Dunnville, 3 Sept 1896 at Dunnville
4897-96 (Haldimand Co): Squire Francis WINTERS, 35, farmer, South Cayuga, North Cayuga, s/o William & Sarah, married Jessie Bruck ELLIOTT, 24, North Cayuga, same, d/o James & Jennie, witn: Frank F. ELLIOTT of N. Cayuga & Aggie KINEAR of Canboro, 3 June 1896 at North Cayuga 4878-96 (Haldimand Co): Watson WOOLLEY, 40, widower, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o Alvin & Annie, married Jessie Louisa PELLY, 29, Newfoundland, Walpole, d/o John B. & Dinah, witn: Annie PELLY of Jarvis & Harry WATSON of Simcoe, 28 Oct 1896 at Jarvis
4835-96 (Haldimand Co): Robert YOCOM, 26, painter, Selkirk, same, s/o William H. & Elizabeth, married Almeda FESS, 21, Rainham twp., Selkirk, d/o Adam & Jannie, witn: Mrs. J.C. & Loretta MORLOCK of South Cayuga, 19 Feb 1896 at South Cayuga 4849-96 (Haldimand Co): Alexander YOUNG, 20, farmer, England, Walpole, s/o Marie & Alex Charles, married Susanney YOUNG (sic), 22, North Cayuga, Rainham, d/o Adam & Ruth STEWART, witn: Walter STEWART & Emma PROBST of Rainham, 4 Oct 1896 at Hagersville
4925-96 (Haldimand Co): John YOUNG, 30, farmer, Oneida, Ancaster, s/o William & Fanny, married Maria THOMPSON, 30, Glanford, same, d/o Thomas & Harriet, witn: Emily & H.C. SPARLING of Caledonia, 25 March 1896 at Caledonia 4985-96 (Haldimand Co): Charles Alex YOUNG, 33, railway employee, Caledonia, Windsor, s/o Abel & Mary, married Mildred E. MARTINDALE, 20, York, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: C.J. MARTINDALE of Oneida twp & Ellen MARTINDALE of village of York, 18 June 1896 at York