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Haldimand Co, 1911 - 1922

Haldimand 1913

Haldimand 1918

birth place is given before residence


009094-1912 (Haldimand Co.) Daniel BRADT, 67, not given, Louth Twp., Bertie Twp., widower, s/o Aaron BRADT & Sarah Ann RUNCHEY?, married Phoebe R. SCHRAM, 63, Pelham Twp., Dunnville, d/o Abraham WILLS & Eliza Ann BOOK, witn: John C. & Emma L. COVERDALE, both of Dunnville, 5 Aug 1912 at Dunnville  
03496-13 (Haldimand Co) Clarence A. FINCH, 21, street work, Brantford, same, s/o Alfred FINCH & Ida YOUNG, married Maggie Eda McLEOD, 20, Teeswater, Brantford, d/o John McLEOD & Catherine HASTINGS, witn: Emily YOUNG of Brantford & Bessie SORLEY of Hagersville, 30 Aug 1913 at Hagersville  
10393-16 William Arthur IRVINE, 36, farmer, Seneca twp., same, s/o George IRVINE & Mary BURGESS, married Josephine HEWLETT, 26, Seneca twp., same, d/o Thomas HEWLETT & Mary OVEREND, witn: Clarence HEWITT of Caledonia & Essie HEWITT of Brantford, 25 Dec 1916 at Seneca twp  
5649-15 Wilford SACKRIDER, 31, carpenter, Burgessville, same, s/o Robert SACKRIDER & Adeline LAWSON, married Alice KILLICK, 19, Herrington - Oxford Co., Nanticoke, d/o "orphan, father & mother unknown", witn: George HOWEY & Hetty M. BRAND, both of Nanticoke, 15 Feb 1915 at Nanticoke 5652-15 William R. SMEES, 22, clerk, of Hamilton, s/o Alfred SMEES & Louise ANDERSON, married Margaret Teresa O'KEEFE, 24, of Canboro twp., d/o James O'KEEFE & Ellen BARRY, witn: Francis O'KEEFE of Canboro twp & Margaret McNALLY of Hamilton, 8 June 1915 at Dunville
5650-15 Stafford SMITH, 22, Rockford, Waterford, s/o George SMITH, retired farmer, & Christena McLELLAN, married May L. CLINE, 21, Boston, same, d/o Frank W. CLINE, farmer, & Emma J. HURSELL, witn: Edith KINGSTON & Hugh McLELLAN, both of Caledonia, 7 Jan 1915 at Seneca 5651-15 George F. STEPHENSON, 33, farmer, Middlesex Co., Rapid City Manitoba, s/o Alfred STEPHENSON & Maria BURNETT, married Alma WALKER, 34, North Cayuga, same, d/o William WALKER & Elizabeth ACHESON, witn: James L. STEPHENSON of Longwood & Vera L. WALKER of Canfield, 10 Feb 1915 at North Cayuga
  10477-16 John Calvin THOMAS, 23, knitter, Caistor, Dunnville, s/o Calvin Henry THOMAS & Mary Ann GIRLER, married Effie McPHERSON, 20, Silverdale, same, d/o William McPHERSON & Charity CROW, witn: Mrs. Charles SWAYZE & Mrs. S. A. LAIDMAN, both of Dunnville, 24 May 1916 at Dunnville
10478-16 Henry URQUHART, 40, widower, Kilmans Scotland, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Alexander URQUHART & Marion MITCHELL, married Ruby Catherine BURWASH, 34, Jarvis, same, d/o James A. BURWASH & Isabella SMITH, witn: Frederick & Jennie MARSH of Stamford, 17 May 1916 at Jarvis 10479-16 Albert St.Clair VOSBURGH, 24, butcher, Beamsville, Dunnville, s/o William A. VOSBURGH & Sarah WARDELL, married Irene Laurel HANEY, 24, Dunnville, same, d/o James H. HANEY & Florence STRINGER, witn: Harold B. GORMAN & Mrs. H.B. GORMAN, both of Buffalo, 17 Feb 1916 at Dunnville
5669-15 Robert Richard WARREN, 24, railroad employee, Gainsboro twp., Moulton twp., s/o Thomas WARREN & Ida Jane STEWART, married Lizzie Jane DOLAN, 25, Moulton twp., same, d/o Charles DOLAN & Melissa BRADT, witn: Richard & Anna CONWAY of Dundas, 14 July 1915 at Dilty Rd., Moulton twp 5668-15 John Bowers WIDDIS, 40, widower, doctor, of Fisherville, s/o William WIDDIS, blacksmith & Jane Juliet HALL, married Wilhelmine Caroline SCHUMACHER, 24, of Fisherville, d/o Charles SCHUMACHER, farmer, & Magdaline TILTZER, witn: Luella BENNER & Val SCHUMACHER, both of Fisherville, 14 July 1915 at Fisherville
10481-16 John WIDERICK, 49, farmer, widower, Rainham twp., same, s/o Frederick WIDERICK & Lena ARNOLD, married Mrs. Rosie KLINE, 39, widow, Berlin Germany, Moulton twp., d/o Joseph KLINE & Elizabeth SCHELTZ, witn: Mrs. Ephraim SHERK & Mrs. HENDERSHOT, both of South Cayuga, 29 April 1916 at South Cayuga 10480-16 Albert Bitter WOLF, 34, lawyer, Green Island NY, Canboro twp., s/o Leo WOLF & Lottie MALTHUSE, married Eugenia Clara DEINER, 19, Moulton twp., Canboro twp., d/o Eugene F. DEINER & Elizabeth CROUSET?, witn: Maud DEINER of Canboro & Nettie Mae FAIR of Welland, 10 Dec 1916 at Canboro