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Part A

  1. Grieves of Huron County, Ontario
  2. Grieves in the Brantford Directory of 1925
  3. John Grieve, 1808-1838
  4. Ontario births, deaths & marriages
  5. Marg Hulbert's Grieve line: starting with Adam, born in 1822, Castleton
  6. 1841 census: Grieves in some Lanarkshire parishes
  7. Fifeshire monumental inscriptions (Grieves)
  8. Alexander Grieve, miller of Balbirnie
  9. Scottish Birth, Death & Marriage records, received from Alison DeCaen
  10. Commonwealth War Graves

    Part B

    1. Grieve Deaths, Hawick 1825-1853
    2. lines of one of the Walter Grieves buried near Hawick
    3. Another Roxborough, Melrose Grieve line
    4. Robert G. Grieve (b.1750 ) + Jean Thorburn (b.1757)
    5. lineage for two different Adam Grieve's
    6. the family of Gilbert Grieve and Alison Darling
    7. James Grieve of Bowden, c1817-c1880
    8. a Renfrew Grieve line
    9. a Fifeshire Grieve line
    10. Grieve's of England (Newcastle)
    11. Robert Grieve married Isabella Laidlaw

Melrose Abbey cemetery

In Memory of James Usher Esq. of Toftfield who died 14 Nov 1816 aged 78 years and Margaret Grieve his Wife who died 16th Oct 1825 aged 89 years. Also John Usher Farmer Leaderfoot eldest son of the above pair who died 11th July 1847 aged 81 years and Agnes Blakie his Wife who died 12 Sept 1850 aged 71 years


1. Grieves of Huron County

from James and Susan Grieve,

William Grieve and his wife Rachel Thompson, of Mintodeanfit (by Hawick) and of Barnbills (parish of Minto), Roxburgh. left Scotland with their six children, and settled in Huron County. William was born about 1780. He died around 1839 in Huron Co., Ontario, and is buried at Harpurhay cemetery, Seaforth, Ontario. All children were born in Scotland and they are:

1. James, born 1800, died 19 Oct., 1882, m. Isabelle SCOTT (Oct 1803 - 27 Aug 1883)

2. Catherine, born 1802, d. 15 Mar 1891, m James CLOWTHING on 15 April 1844

3. Agnes, born 1804, d. 24 Nov 1874, m. James GOSMAN (1799- 28 Feb 1887)

4. John, b. May 1809, d. 28 July 1889, m. Agnes (Nancy) SCOTT (Feb 1809 - 2 May 1903)

5. Hugh, b. Nov 1811, d. 11 May 1884, married on 28 Nov 1845, Jennet B. GOVENLOCK (17 Apr 1824 - 24 July 1874)

6. Thomas, b. 1814, d. 24 May 1885, m. 26 June 1845 to Catherine CALDER (30 Dec. 1829 - 1 Nov 1856), 2nd marriage: 11 Mar 1858 to Anna ROSS (1830-1860), 3rd marriage: 14 Nov 1862, to Agnes MCMARTIN (1829-1908).

Thomas (1814-1885) farmed at Cauld Cleuch Farm, conc 2, lot 23, McKillop twp., Huron County. He is buried in Harpurhay cemetery with his father. His first wife, Catherine Calder, was the daughter of Robert CALDER and Christina MUNRO. She was born 30 Dec 1829 and baptised at Criech parish near Dornoch, Sutherlandshire, Scotland. She died in McKillop twp., Ontario. They had 5 children: #1. William, born 1846 who married Ann FERGUSON on 18 Sept 1873.

#2.Robert, b. 3 Oct 1848, died 17 Nov 1917, married on 17 Oct 1874 to Johannah DORSEY (15 Feb 1850 - 3 Apr 1917)

#3.Rachel, born Dec 1850, died 15 Sept 1924, unmarried

#4. Christena, born Aug 1853, died 12 Mar 1924, unmarried

#5. Thomas, born 1856, died 27 May 1929 and married on 3 June 1890 to Janet KERR (1866-1948).

Thomas (1814-1885) was married second to Anna ROSS who was born in Scotland. They had 2 children: #1. Catherine, born 1858 who married Joseph SCOTT on 6 Nov 1878 and #2 Agnes who was born in 1860 and who married John SPIERS on 10 Jan 1883.

2. Brantford Directory of 1925 (Grieves)

2. John Grieve, 1808-1838

From, Pioneer Days in London by Cl. T. Campbell, published by Advertiser Job Printing Co., London, Canada, 1921, page 107-108

"John Grieve was born in Roxboroughshire, Scotland, in 1808. When eight years old he came out with his father, who settled on the third concession of Westminster. Here John married and established his home; an honorable and religious man, and a good citizen, but like many others, an advocate of political reform. He never joined the insurgents, nor took up arms, but at a logging bee one day he spoke strongly against the evil courses of the ruling powers. That was enough to bring him under suspicion. His language was reported, and Capt. Robson, of London township, drove out with a constable and arrested him. He was turned into prison with the rest of the suspects. Here for six months he lay, awaiting trial. I have seen a letter he wrote his wife, under date of January 4th, 1838, an old time-worn sheet, yellow with age; but the ink as black and the writing as distinct as though written yesterday. And so he said to his wife, dating his letter from London jail, January 4th, 1838:

My Dear Wife: I am informed by the magistrate that I, with other prisoners, will be taken to Toronto immediately; the handcuffs are now a-making for us, and we expect to start tomorrow. I do not know for what purposes they are taking us; but I was told by Mr. Lawrason that we will probably be tried before we are brought back. I have no idea what the time will be; but do not be disheartened, my dear Jane, but trust to a kind Providence who ordereth all things well, that we will again enjoy domestic happiness together. My heart is with you though I will be far away. Little Ann, poor thing, will forget me; but you will mention me sometimes to her. Above all, as soon as she is capable of understanfing anything, speak to her of her Heavenly Father. remember while I am gone, the is a double duty devolves on you. (Private affairs follow. Nothing about politics, of course, save indirectly in his closing words): I wish that all my friends at this critical juncture may take good heed to their way and walk strictly according to that which they consider their duty.

And he signs himself: Your affectionate husband, John Grieve

At his trial nothing could be proved, and he was discharged. But his health had broken down under confinement. Gray-haired and feeble, an old man while still in his youth, he went home and died in less than two months."

Note from Marg Hulbert: This John Grieve b. 1808 is in my Tree.  His father was Elliot Grieve, s/o John and Lizzie Paisley Grieve of Castleton Parish. The birth year for John Grieve, who was jailed, should be Oct. 6, 1806 and he died June 1, 1838.  He is buried in Pond Mills Cemetery, London, ON.  His parents were Elliot Grieve and Jannet Elliot.  His mother died in 1825 and was the first person buried in Pond Mills Cem.  John married Jean (Jane) Murray b. 1813 in Aberdour Parish, Aberdeen, Scot. She died 1900 Westminster and is buried with her second husband, William Duguid.  John and Jane had two daughters, Ann m. Adam Lind and Janet m. James Walker. They are also buried in Pond Mills Cem.  John and Jane had a child who died in infancy in 1834.

3. Grieves Buried in Ontario (scroll down for births & marriages)

Buried at New Hope Cemetery, Hespeler (now Cambridge)(Ellis Rd. & Cooper St.)

1. Augusta R. Grieve, nee Gillow, died April 14, 1969, age 95, wife of John C. Grieve, died June 6, 1944, age 75

2. Maude J. Grieve, died April 12, 1989, age 90, and her husband Leonard W. Gordier who died August 27, 1946, age 45.


Old Preston Cemetery, Cambridge, Waterloo County

1. Dorothy Grieve, died May 14, 1912, age 83 years, wife of Charles Eggert who died Aug 12, 1890, age 74.

2. Tennia Grieve, daughter of Charles & Christina, died February 15, 1893, age 18 years.

3. Charles Grieve, died May 20, 1928 in his 81st year, and his wife Christina MYERS who died March 7, 1938 in her 86th year.

4. (beside #3 ), Andrew E. Grieve, died Dec. 26, 1960 and his wife Cresence S. who died 25 Oct., 1967.

5. Frederick Grieve is the name on the burial card, but the tombstone is in German, "Fried. Grieb", died 4 January, 1894, age 60 years, 8 months.

6. Anna Grieve, died April 29, 1902 in her 74th year, wife of John Tilk who died June 21, 1874 in his 60th year

7. John R. Grieve, Dec 13 1879 - April 7, 1963 and his wife Minnie Kirschke, April 25, 1882 - Sep 29, 1965.


Mount View Cemetery, Galt/Cambridge

1. John D. Grieve, died May 16, 1894 in his 79th year; and his wife Jennet JACKSON, died Oct. 20, 1897, age 81. Natives of Roxburghshire, Scotland.

2. John J. Grieve, died April 17, 1918 in his 63rd year. - [death reg #40138-18, John J. Grieve died 17 April 1918 at age 63 yrs of stomach cancer. Born, and died, at Lot 1, con 11 of North Dumfries twp. Son of John GRIEVE & Janet JACKSON. Farmer, single. Informant was G. J. Little of Galt.]

3. Elizabeth Grieve, died April 26, 1919 in her 73rd year.

4. James Grieve, died February 7, 1925, age 67 years.

5. Richard COMMON, b.1847, d.1927 and his wife Janet B. Grieve, 1854-1920

Death reg 37776-20, Andrew Cairns COMMON died 21 Feb 1920 at age 88 yrs, of old age. Born in Scotland on July 6, s/o Andrew COMMON & don't know (both b. Scotland). Single, farmer. Lived in Ontario, and at place of death, since 1854. Died at Galt (37? East Main St.). Informant was nephew, Walter H. TURNBULL, of 237 (207?) East Main St. in Galt. Buried in Mount View cemetery.

Death reg 37832-20 Janet B. COMMON, died 12 June 1920 at age 66 yrs, of ascending paralysis. Born in Huron twp., d/o Hugh GRIEVE & Janet GOVENLOCK (both b. Scotland). Married. Died at Galt Hospital (10 days there). Informant was husband, Richard COMMON of 84 Oak St. in Galt.

6. David McLEOD, d. 30 June, 1914 in his 76th year, native of Ross-shire, and his wife, Isabel Grieve, d. 28 April 1923 in her 77th year (+ McLeod kids buried here).

Death registration for Isabell Grieve McLEOD: #34137-23 Isabell died 28 April 1923 at age 77 yrs, of paralysis & pneumonia. Born in Scotland on 18 March 1923 (sic), d/o John GRIEVE & Ann FORSYTH (both b. Scotland). Widow. Lived 17 yrs at place of death - Water St. North in Galt. Informant was son, John McLEOD of RR#7 Galt.

7. John Grieve, died 26 June 1948 in his 71st year, with his wife Emma LEE who died 15 January 1957 inher 75th year. Their sons: Norman Grieve who died 24 March 1931 in his 23rd year and Gordon Grieve, 1911-1985

8. Other Grieves buried here: Thomas, Rufus, Mary, Elizabeth, Earl Stanley, Annie and Agnes.


Paris Cemetery, Brant County

1. Alex Grieve

2. John Grieve

One other death: death reg # 34021-23 John Henry GRIEVE died 2 Jan 1923 at age 78 yrs, of pernicious anemia. Born in Germany on 16 July (Jany?) 1844, s/o Louis GRIEVE (b. Germany) & "can't find out" Married, farmer. Lived 40 yrs in Canada/Ontario 40 yrs at place of death - Lot 1, con 11 of North Dumfries twp. Buried in Preston. Informant was son, John C. GRIEVE, of Hespeler.


Births in Ontario

1. William & Jane GRIEVE of Windham twp., Norfolk Co., had two daughters. The first, Lydia Isabella GRIEVE was born in Windham on Nov 9, 1843 and baptised 18 Jan 1844 at Middleton by M. Holtby (Wesleyan Methodist). The second, Elizabeth Ann GRIEVE, was born Feb. 11, 1842 and was baptised Jan 12, 1843 at Windham by Rev. Peter Ker.

2. GREIVE, Gordon, male, born Oct 12, 1901, father = Adam GREIVE (farmer, of West Williams, Middlesex Co., Ontario), mother = Elizabeth RANDALL + other details from Marg Hulbert: Gordon Havlock Grieve b. Oct 19, 1901 to Adam Grieve and Elizabeth Randall is in my Grieve Tree.  Gordon's father Adam, is the son of John Grieve, brother of my g grandfather, Adam. Gordon married Anna Grace Mason and they lived in Fruitland, BC along with the rest of the family.  I have all their info and Adam had quite a few descendants.

Marriages in Ontario,

1. From County Marriage Registers of Ontario, vol 10, Wellington Co., 1858-1869:

Isabella GRIEVE of Eramosa, d/o John married in 1864 to David McLEOD of Arthur, s/o Roderick

John GRIEVE of Eramosa, s/o John married in 1866 to Agnes JESTIN of Eramosa, d/o Martin

Margaret GRIEVE of Eramosa, d/o John married in 1867 to Richard WEBB of Eramosa, s/o Richard

Simon GRIEVE of Rockwood, s/o Robert married in 1863 to Mary A. BOTTS of Esquesing, d/o Rizwood

2. County Marriage Registers of Ontario, vol 27, Middlesex Co., 1858-1869 (with other details provided by Marg Hulbert)

Janet GRIEVE, 20, of Westminster, d/o John & Jane (MURRY) married, 27 Jan 1858, James WALKER, 25, of Westminster but born Scotland, s/o William & Elizabeth (BARR) + other details: Janet was born 1837 in Westminster & James was born 1832 in Northumberland, England. Janet's father, John, died in 1838 (see John 1808-1838, above)

Margaret GRIEVE, 20, of Westminster, d/o William and Margaret (BEATTIE) married, 1 Jan 1868, John Paton STEWART, 22, of West Nissouri but born Perthshire, Scotland, s/o Charles & Agnes (PATON) + other details: Margaret was born 1848 in Westminster, John was born 1846 in Perthshire. They later moved to the USA where they had children born in Alabama as well as in Maine

Jane GRIEVE, 18, of McGillvary but born England, d/o Andrew & Eliza (HEASLIP), married, 1 Nov 1864, John GROVES, 35, of McGillivary but born Ireland, s/o John & Helen (FERGUSON)

William JACKSON, 30, s/o Ann GRIEVE & David JACKSON, married on 8 Dec 1865, to Elizabeth LAIDLAW, 19, d/o George LAIDLAW & Catherine GRIEVE, all of Westminster. George & Catherine (GRIEVE) LAIDLAW also had a son Ellitt, who married Elspeth MILNE, 23 Feb 1865. + other details: William Jackson b. 1835 Westminster and Elizabeth Grieve b. 1846 Westminster - they are buried in Pond Mills Cem. 

3. County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Lennox & Addington, 1858-1869

Esther GRIEVE, 21, of Richmond, d/o William & Isabella married, 7 April 1866, John VADER, 24, of Richmond (born Sophiasburg), s/o William & Mary

4. County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Durham Co., 1858-1869

Jane GRIEVE, of Newcastle (born Hamilton), d/o David and Isabella (DARLING) married, 4 May 1866, Walter YOUNG of Cobourg (born Dumfries Scotland), s/o Walter & Agnes (WILSON)

5. County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Wentworth Co., 1858-1869

Thomas GRIEVE of Hamilton, s/o Charles, married Maria McCOMMIE in 1866

C.M GRIEVE of Hamilton, d/o George, married George WALSER, 1859

6. Grey County Marriages 1869-1873

4 April 1873, in Owen Sound, John GRIEVE, born Scotland, age 34, Presbyterian, residence: Derby, to Flora McFARLANE, age 20, d/o William & Flora.

7. From Ontario Vital Statistics, marriage registers, microfilm MS932.

reg # 014206-86 (Ontario): John Robert GRIEVE, 22, farmer, born in Canada and resident of Erin twp. (Wellington Co), s/o Simon and Mary Ann, married Rachel Sarah USHERIND, 28, born in England & resident of Erin twp., d/o Jesse & Mary Ann, at Toronto, witnessesed by Annie BARTON & Agnes GOODALL. 1886

#004378-76 (Huron Co): Robert GRIEVE, 35, widower, blacksmith, born in McKillop twp., resident of Kinburn in Hullet twp., s/o James & Isabella, married Ellen JOHNSTON, 26, born in Tuckersmith, resident of Kinburn, d/o James & Margaret, witnesses were John GRIEVE of Hullett & Katie JOHNSTON of Kinburn, 16 Aug., 1876 at Hullett

8. Appearing in the "Canadian Post" newspaper on 11 June 1875: By the Rev. W. STENNETT, Rector of St. Peter's church, J.B. MAYNARD of Omemee married Harriet Jane GRIEVE, d/o Mr. George GRIEVE of Cobourg. The marriage took place on June 1, 1845 at the residence of the bride's father in Cobourg.

5. Adam Grieve, b. 1822, from Marg Hulbert,

Adam Grieve b. 1822 Castleton Parish, Roxburghshire.  His obit in 1905 read that he was born in Newcastleton, his birth was not on the Scottish micro fiche.  He was the son of Walter Grieve and Eleanor (Helen) Elliot.  Walter was the oldest son of John and Lizzie Paisley Grieve. Adam married Jean (Jane) Cumming b. 1827 Dalhousie Twp, ON. d. 1908 Downie Twp. Their issue (the first 7 are buried in Avonbank, Cemetery, Downie Twp, Perth Co., ON):.

  1. Walter b. 1853 Downie Twp.  Died in infancy.
  2. John George Grieve b. 1857 Downie Twp, d. 1933 Avonton, ON.  Married to Mary Murray b. 1860 Downie Twp, d. 1941 Wingham, ON, d/o John Murray and Elizabeth Shields.
  3. William Grieve b. 1859 Downie Twp.  Died before 1871.
  4. Jean (Jane) Grieve b. 1861 Downie Twp, d. 1923 Sarnia, ON.  Married to Edward Byers b. 1852 Downie Twp, d. 1916 Avonton, ON, s/o John Byers and Margaret Aitcheson.
  5. Adam Grieve Jr., b. 1863 Downie Twp, d. 1929.  Unmarried and took over the homestead.
  6. Helen (Ellen) Grieve b. 1867 Downie Twp, d. 1916 Downie Twp.  Unmarried and lived with her brother Adam on homestead.
  7. Margaret (Maggie) Anne Grieve b. 1869 Downie Twp, d. 1934 London, ON. This is my maternal grandmother.  She married Robert Clarke Jr. b. 1862 Fullarton Twp, d. 1937 St. Marys, ON, son of Robert Sr. and Elizabeth Leversage.
  8. Robert Grieve b. 1855 Downie Twp, d. 1929 St. Marys, On.  Buried St. Marys Cemetery, St. Marys, ON.  Married Jean (Jane) Warwick Rae b. 1855 Downie Twp, d. 1941 Sarnia, ON, d/o Simon Rae and Mary Murray.
  9. Walter Grieve b. 1865 Downie Twp, d. 1941.  Buried Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, ON.  Married Elizabeth Welsh b. 1874 Downie Twp, d. 1960 St. Marys, ON, d/o William Welsh and Rachel Cairns.

6. 1841 Census, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Bothwell parish, Holytown, Carfin Colliery: William GRIEVE, age 25, mining engineer, withhis wife Harriet, 25, and son George, 1. All three were born outside of Lanarkshire.

Biggar parish, Westrow: Robert GRIEVE age 20, male servant at Candybank (?) stables. Not born in Lanarkshire

Blantyne, Cadder & Crawfordjohn parishes: no Grieve families

7. Fifeshire Monumental Inscriptions

with thanks to Sherylee Eustace for providing this information - taken from from a book, West Fife MIs compiled by John Fowler Mitchell and Sheila Mitchell, produced for the Scottish Genealogical Society in 1972


42  Alex WHYTE, wife Ann INGLIS, died 7.11.1844  age 40; John W. 1.11.1850 wife Chr GRIEVE died 8.11.1835  age 51, son Jas 21.7.1831 age  21, son John who died 25.1.1849 age 29  (broken-off top has crown & hammer)


306  Wm WHYTE, wife Jemima GRIEVE died  22.8.1843 age 41

8. Alexander Grieve, miller of Balbirnie

Taken from Tullis Russell: The History of R. Tullis & Company, 1809-1959, by C.D.M. Kettelbey, published by Tullis Russell & Co., Ltd., 1967, pages 29, 33 & 34

"Robert Tullis's mill was a flour vat mill and probably had simpler equipment. He may have lived at the little mill house.. but more probably Mr. Alexander Grieve, the first manager, described in the co-partnery contract as "now residing at Auchmuty" lived there from the beginning"...

"The last shareholder and partner was "Alexander Grieve, late of the Balerno Paper Mill, now residing at Auchmutie Mill". He had obviously been in the trade himself. and appears to have supplied the expert and technical knowledge, for "it is hereby agreed that the said Alexander Grieve shall be manager at the works while he acts with propriety and for the interest of the concern, carrying on their trade and business, keeping the books of the Company and anything else connected therewith for which he shall receive a yearly salary of seventy pounds sterling, besides a free house and a cow maintained summer and winter, and that over and above the necessary charges he may put to in conducting the affairs of the Company".... he was also to receive his share of the profits pro rata according to the capital he had subscribed. Nominally he was to take up to two shares of 500 pounds each, but it is stated that at the date of the Contract (June 1811) "whereas the hail parties excepting the said Alexander Grieve have already paid up their respective shares of the said Capital Stock" the said Alexander Grieve had paid up to date only 250 pounds out of the 1000 pounds.

Mr. Alexander Grieve was obviously on a different footing from the rest of the partners; the attitude towards him seems to have been what is now called ambivalent, and it is perhaps not surprising that he was out of the firm by 1816. For in that year he erected a small mill at Balbirnie, on the north bank of the Leven, of two vats and a beater... "

footnote, page 34: "He (Alexander) seems to have died a few years later, for in 1825 the firm was in the hands of Janet Grieve, probably his widow, who took in some partners - or carried over the old ones - and changed the trading name to Janet Grieve & Co. They made different papers from the Auchmuty Mill (which made primariily writings and printings) being described in the late thirties as making, "chiefly two kinds, the one very strong, such as principally used by grocers; the other very thin and transparent for the use of drapers and silk-mercers." Possibly a daughter took on the business, for in an 1862 Directory the firm is described as Miss Janet Grieve & Co., Balbirnie. It later became Grosset & Dixon, then J & W Dixon, and is now the Fife Paper Mills, Ltd., a subsidiary of E.S. & A. Robinson Ltd."

9. Birth, Marriage & Death Records

Alison DeCaen has certificates for the following Grieve births, deaths & marriages.


  1. 2.6.1891 Christina Grieve dau of Michael Anderson Grieve & Margaret(Nichol):Castleton
  2. 23.1.1855 William Grieve son of Thomas & Janet(Nichol):Castleton
  3. 29.3.1858 Jane Grieve(wife of Adam) 45 dau of Walter Anderson & Mgt.(Elliot):Castleton
  4. 18.3.1858 Michael Anderson Grieve son of Adam & Jane(Anderson):Castleton
  5. 15.3.1891 Margaret Ann Grieve dau of Ninian & Jane Hislop(Lymburn):Castleton
  6. 24.10.1891 Thomas grieve son of Thomas & Esther(Elliot):Castleton
  7. 22.1.1872 Adam Grieve Illegitimate son of Adam Grieve(Canonbie) & Jane Johnstone:Castleton
  8. 23.1 .1855 Thomas son of William & Janet(Nichol):Castleton
  9. 12.7.1881 Janet dau of William G & Frances (Craighill):Castleton
  10. 27.1.1869 William son of Elizabeth Grieve illegitimate:Castleton
  11. 20.6.1867 Charles John Grieve son of Mary G illegitimate: Castleton


  1. 4.6.1875 Thomas Anderson son of David & Mary(Martin) & Margaret Grieve dau of William & Mary(Turnbull):Castleton
  2. 20.12.1872 Adam Grieve son of John & Agnes(Hardie) & Mina Nichol dau of James Nichol & Jane(Murray):Castleton
  3. 7.12.1866 Jane Grieve daughter of James * Mgt.(Scott) to Robert Davidson Castleton
  4. 29.12.1871 John Grieve son of Adam & Margaret(Amos) & Janet Nichol dau of William & Agnes(Nichol)
  5. 31.3.1871 Walter Murray son of John & Ann(Jardine) & Mary Beattie dau of Adam Beattie & Isabelle (Grieve):Castleton
  6. 1.7.1870 Isabella Grieve dau of James Grieve & Mgt.(Scott) to James Nichol Castleton
  7. 2.4.1861 Thomas Grieve son of Gilbert & Alison (Darling) & Jane Glendinning dau of Thomas G & Jane (Armstrong):Castleton
  8. 21 December 1859 Walter Grieve son of Elliot & Harriet(Turnbull) & Agnes Kerss dau of James Kerss & Isabella (Gajie ?):Selkirk


  1. 23.6.1874 William Grieve 77 son of John Grieve & Jane Anderson:Canonbie
  2. 21,1,1861 John Grieve 2 son of James Grieve & Janet (Inglis):Castleton
  3. 8.2.1861 Thomas Grieve 11.1/2 son of James & Janet(Inglis):Castleton
  4. 3.7.1868 Walter Grieve 28 son of Adam & Jane(Anderson):Castleton
  5. 18.8.1864 Mary Grieve 85(widow of William)dau of James Elliot & (Helen Glendinning):Castleton 
  6. 4.8.1863 Margaret Grieve 91(widow of John Grieve) dau of John Armstrong & Grace(Young)
  7. 23.8.1864 Charles Grieve 29 son of William & Mary(Turnbull):Castleton
  8. 18.8.1864 Mary Grieve 85 widow of William:Castleton
  9. 10.2.1872 William Grieve 74 son of Charles G & Mgt.(Ogilvie):Castleton
  10. 30.3.1860 James Grieve age 3 weeks son of Walter G & Mary(Tait):Ladhope
  11. 26.6.1875 James Grieve 57 son of William G & Sarah(King)(Father of Isabella)
  12. 27.11.1857 Harriot Grieve 67 widow of farmer dau of Henry Turnbull & Elizabeth Stavert:Kirkhope
  13. 4.11.1859 James Grieve 15 son of William  & (Cecilia Cantley):St Andrew,Edin.
  14. 24.12.1859 James Grieve 84 :Canongate,Edinburgh
  15. 12.7.1859 James Grieve 40 son of Walter & Janet(Veitch):Newington,Edin
  16. 14.12.1860 John Grieve 21 son of John & Janet(Cranston):Kirktown

10. Commonwealth War Graves:

1. Cpl Walter Grieve, 250561, "I" Co 5/6th Brit Royal Scots, d. 27 Feb 1918, age 25, s/o Mary Grieve of Hawick, Rox, and the late Elliot Grieve, at The Tyne COT Memorial, Passchendale, Belgium, panels 11 to 14 (MR30)

2. Lce Cpl Walter Greive, 267241, 2nd/7th Brit Royal Warwickshire Regt, d. 8 Aug 1918, age 20, s/o Andrew and Mary Grieve of Windygates, Fife, at the Merville communal Cemetery Extension, France, Spec Mem at Plot 4 Row D Grave 1, buried near this spot (FR346)

3. Lce Cpl Walter, 2125, 1st/8th Bri Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, d. 16 Nov 1916, age 21, s/o Alexander and the late Agnes Greive of Argyllshire, at Puchevillers British Cemetery, France, Plot 6 Row B Grave 4 (FR74)

Thanks to Laurence Robb for this information.

11. Grieves of Newfoundland:

from 'The Newfoundlander', St. Johns Nfld

Mary Grieve, d/o James J. Grieve married James Ramsey Hall/Hill at Greenock, Nfld., 24 August 1859.

from the 'Royal Gazette & Nfld Advertiser'

1. Walter Grieve of St. John's Nfld, "one of Her Majesty's Executive Council for that Island", to Jane, eldest d/o John Richardson, esq, writer, of Haddington, 28 April 1846, at Haddington, by Rev. Cook.

2. James J. Grieve, esq, merchant, of Greenoch married 13 June 1846 to Anne, d/o Charles J. Hill, esq, of H.M. Dockyard. married at Halifax.

3. William Grieve, esq, merchant, died May 1847, age 29, at his residence, Vauxhall.

4. William Grieve, esq, merchant, married February 1847 to Jane, d/o the late Peter LeMessurier, all of St. Johns, by Rev. Sinclair.

5. James J. Grieve was the executor of the estate of Walter Baine who died in 1851.

6. Jane Sydney Shanks, wife of the late William Grieve, married James Shannon Clift, esq, merchant, at the Cathedral Church by the Lord Bishop, 13 January, 1852.

7. Burial of Charles Hill Grieve,, s/o Hon. James J. Grieve, May 1853, age 4 years, 4 months.

8. Robert John Grieve, second son of Walter Grieve, esq, died at Haddington, February 1860.

9. Harrington Grieve, son of James J. Grieve, esq, Provost of Greenock, died at Thorndean, Greenock, Dec. 13, 1861, age 2 years, 6 months.

From the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol XI, page 376

"Walter Grieve, merchant and office-holder, born about 1809, son of Robert Grieve and Margaret Johnston of Killater (Strathclyde), Scotland; m. in April 1846 Jane Richardson, and they had two sons; d. 26 March 1887 at Greenock, Scotland.

"Walter Grieve apparently came to St. John's Newfoundland in the late 1820's to join his elder brother James Johnston Grieve.
James, who had arrived in Newfoundland in 1828 was working for the firm Baine, Johnston and Company, in which
their maternal uncle, William Johnston, was a partner. This firm was engaged in the traditional import-export trade and had
branches at Greenock and St. John's. Walter joined it, and after the death of William Johnston in 1837 he effectively ran
the St. John's branch, with James usually resident in Greenock. The brothers gained full control of the firm when Walter
Baine died in 1851. Four years later Walter Grieve relinquished the management of Baine, Johnston and Company to his
nephew, Robert Grieve, (son of Alison Grieve & -----) and established his own firm, Walter Grieve and Company, at St.
John's, and another firm in partnership with Alexander Bremner at Trinity. During the 1860's Grieve began to spend most of
the year in Scotland, and he therefore transferred the management of Walter Grieve and Company to another nephew,
Robert Thorburn, who was also made a partner. In 1863 the two firms...combined to send the first steamers to the
seal-fishery from St. John's.
"Walter Grieve had held various local offices in St. John's: road commissioner in the late 1830's, justice of the peace,
president of the Chamber of Commerce of St. John's for the years 1847-48, 1855-56 and 1857-58, president of the
Scottish Society, one of the four-member Board of Revenue in 1855 and director of the privately owned gas and water
companies. Through choice he did not play a prominent role in elective politics. He had refused to run for the legislature in
1842, despite the fact that a large number of St. John's citizens had tried to conscript him. He was however appointed by
Governor Sir John Harvey to the Executive Council as surveyor general, though he sat only for a short period between the
years 1845 and 1848. His retirement from the council coincided withthe introducyion of the bicameral legislature. His
political attitudes appear to have been liberal; he had supported the campaignfor the grant of a constitution in the late
1820's and his friendship with Philip Francis Little, leader of the Liberals in the 1850's, suggests that unlike most St. John's
merchants he favored the granting of responsible government. He made his one noteworthy entry into Newfoundland
politics in 1869 whne he joined Charles James Fox Bennett in his anti-confederation campaign. His influence in the
mercantile community and among those fishermen and planters who dealt with his firms, as well as his money, were
important factors in Bennett's electoral victory.
Though a Presbyterian, Grieve was sympathetic towards the aspirations of the local Roman Catholic church. Non-Anglican
Protestants and Catholics of Newfoundland often aligned to oppose the Church of England. They supported each other
over such contentious issues as the educational grant, responsible government and patronage. A friend of the Catholic
Bishop, Michael Anthony Fleming, Grieve contributed generously to the building of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist,
completed in St. John's in 1855. Patrtick Kevin Devine records that Grieve donated all the ropes and scaffolding, and in
gratitude, Fleming gave Grieve his farm, Carpasia, located outside St. John's.
Grieve emerged from his Newfoundland career wealthy and popular. The native prejudice against businessmen who
viewed their stay in Newfoundland as temporary was mitigated by his public spirit, generosity and refusal to to become
embroiled in local quarrels. An anonymous diarist noted in 1863 that, "As a merchant and as a man, Walter Grieve, Esq.,
has, in my opinion, no competitor in this community. He is one of nature's noblemen.""

Transcribed from the Apr. 2000 issue of the Downhomer magazine April 10, 1919 -  Hawker and Grieve made the first airplane flight in Newfoundland.

Part B

1. Deaths of Grieve's (Hawick), from Index to James Wilson's Registry of Deaths, 1825-1853 (obtained through GENUKI).

24 August 1849, George Grieve of North Toll Bar

20 July, 1855, James Grieve of Branxholme Braes

24 Feb 1860, Marion Grieve, Skelfhill, widow

9 June, 1853, Robert Grieve, Crown Inn

18 May, 1848, Thomas Grieve, Skelfhill

30 June, 1856, Walter Grieve, no residence given, slater

3/4 August, 1861, Walter J. Grieve, Southfield, farmer

10 May 1851, William Grieve, no residence given, grocer

2. The lines of one of the Walter Grieves buried near Hawick, from Dian Maney,

The earliest records we have found of our GRIEVE lineage commence with Robert GRIEVE of Deanburnhaugh, Roberton, Selkirkshire. Walter, second son of Robert GRIEVE of Deanburnhaugh, was a tenant farmer in Hungryhill circa 1763, Easter Alemuir in 1768, Hangingshaw around 1771, then to the north country about 1775 to Gillon, Parish of Fortingall, Perthshire. On the 18th May, 1762 Walter married Jannet GRIEVE after Proclamation of Banns at his parish at Roberton, Roxburghshire and at Jannet's parish of Cavers.  He and Jannet had seven children. Jannet was baptised on 12th December, 1737  at "Suddonrig" (daughter of James GRIEVE of "Commonside" and "Southdean"  who was born circa 1694 and died on 28th April, 1772 aged 78, and Helen ELLIOT who died at Broadlie on 30th March, 1784, aged 84).

In 1775 Walter was in the north country and later in Hangingshaw.  A document dated 29th June, 1778 authorises Walter GRIEVE, tenant in Gillon (Galine) in the parish of Fortingall, Perthshire, to continue sheep management survey over the whole of the estate or Barony of Glen Lyon, and is signed by A. REID of Miggerney, and also mentions Walter GRIEVE and Adam DALGLEISH. By 1784 he had moved to "Overhuntly", where on the death of his mother-in-law, Helen ELLIOT, he took over the tenancy.  They remained there until Jannet's death on 16th June, 1816 aged 78.  Walter died on 27th May, 1822 aged 85. Both James and Helen are buried at Borthwick Wa'as, as are Helen's paternal grandparents.

Walter and Jannet are also buried in Borthwick Wa'as, a little kirkyard in Roberton Parish, near Hawick.  It is the final resting place for many GRIEVEs.  In "Borthwick Wa'as, An Historical Record of Borthwich Wa'as", author, Kathleen STEWART advises that due to the big families of long ago the following unwritten rule on who may be buried in the ground had to apply"  "Eldest son and wife/wives and all unmarried children".  Of course, Kathleen relates, anyone can record deaths on family stones even if they are not buried there.  A little ditty of other days relates:"The Grieves, the Potts and the Craws a'lie thegither in Borthwick Wa'as"  (Walls)

I descend thru their son Walter, his son Walter (a long line of Walters), to my grandfather, Thomas, born 15th December, 1862 in Queensland.

3. Another Roxborough, Melrose Grieve line. From Doug Leitch.

5X great GRANDFATHER Thomas GRIEVE.  He had at least 1 child (Robert):

4X great GRANDFATHER Robert GRIEVE, born in Roxborough ROX the 23 January 1745, married Agnes DARLING, in 1778 in Roxborough ROX.  They had at least 1 child (James):

3X great GRANDFATHER James GRIEVE, born in Melrose ROX in 1770, married Janet BRYDEN, the 7 November 1795 in Melrose ROX (born in 1774 in Melrose ROX They had at least 2 children (Robert & Walter):

Robert GRIEVE, born in Melrose ROX the 10 January 1798, was christened in Melrose ROX the 10 June 1798.

2X great GRANDFATHER Walter GRIEVE, was christened in Melrose ROX the 16 October 1796, died in Castleton ROX in 1872, married Isabella CLARK (born the 7 October 1791 in England and died the 2 June 1882 in Hobkirk ROX, daughter of Thomas CLARK and Betty WHILLANS?). They had 7 children #1. Betty GRIEVE, born in ROX the 30 May 1822, was christened in Jedburgh ROX the 26 June 1822, married Andrew TURNBULL (born in 1825 in Kelso) . #2 - Jennett Brydon GRIEVE, born in ROX the 16 October 1824, was christened in Jedburgh ROX the 2 January 1825, died in Roxborough ROX the 12 June 1888, married Michael MERCER, in 1850 in Coldstream BER (born in 1825 in Melrose ROX). They had 6 children

#3 Isabella GRIEVE, born in ROX the 27 September 1826, was christened in Jedburgh ROX the 29 October 1826.

#4 OUR GREAT GRANDMOTHER Ann GRIEVE, born in Ancrum ROX the 28 August 1829, was christened in Jedburgh ROX the 4 October 1829, died in Sprouston ROX the 7 October 1912, married Alexander CHISHOLM, the 26 April 1850 in Kelso ROX. They had 12 children (we have the CHISHOLM family Tree)

#5 Helen GRIEVE, born in ROX the 25 February 1832, was christened in Jedburgh ROX the 8 April 1832.

#6 James GRIEVE, was christened in Jedburgh ROX the 6 March 1836.

#7 Thomas GRIEVE, born in ROX the 29 April 1838, was christened in Jedburgh ROX the 15 July 1838.

4. Robert G. Grieve (b.1750 )+ Jean Thorburn (b.1757) Robert Grieve was born in Yarrow, Selkirkshire. On Jan 1, 1775 he married Jean THORBURN (daughter of John Thorburn and Helen Bulloch). Their 7 children: Nellie, Thomas, Robert, James, Adam born 1786 in Tweedsmuir district; Jean, born 1793 in Sandbed, near Hawick; and Mary, born 1792 in Turiff district. Both Robert G. Grieve and his wife died in 1820 and are buried in Ettrick churchyard.

There was a Robert Grieve, christened 10 Nov 1750, son of Walter Grieve and Agnes Fletcher (parish records from "Origins"). Walter and Agnes, who were married on 21 October, 1745, Selkirk area, had at least three other children: Agnes,, January 1747, Margaret, May 1754 and Walter Jr, Dec 1755 (christening dates).

5. From Joyce Grieve (not online), the lineage for two different Adam Grieve's:

1. Adam Grieve, b.1786, Tweedsmuir, married Jean REID on Aug. 7, 1816. From Yarrow parish records, their children: Robert (b. Oct 1, 1816), William (b. Dec 8, 1817), James (b. July 23, 1819), Jean (b. May 31, 1821), Adam (b. Oct 1, 1823), Mary & Betsey (b. Jan 31, 1827) and a son b. Aug 27, 1830

2. Adam Grieve married Margaret PATERSON, Sept. 22, 1805 at Yarrow and they had 13 children, most born at Bowhill, Selkirkshire. The eldest two were born at Yarrow, the third child, James, was born at Broadlee, Selkirkshire. The children: John (b. July 26, 1806), Charles (b. Aug 15, 1808), James (b. May 5, 1810 - married Margaret Moore, see below), Agnes (b. Mar 5, 1812), Adam (b. July 25, 1814), Walter (b. Aug 27, 1816), William (b. Nov 27, 1818), John (chr. Sep 30, 1820), thomas (chr. Oct 30, 1822), Edward (chr. Mar 28, 1825), Atchison (chr. Aug 7, 1828), Atchison (chr. Aug 7, 1828) and Henry (chr. Apr 17, 1830).

James Grieve (above), born May 1810, married Margaret MOORE and their 7 children, born at Lilliesleaf, Rox., are: Adam (b. May 24, 1841), Robert (b. Jan 4, 1844 - married Catherine GIBSON on 10 June, 1873, and had a son James Gibson Grieve b. 15 Feb 1875 at Berwick), Margaret (b. Apr 5,, 1846), John Sprot (b. Oct 20, 1850), William (b. June 26, 1854), Andrew More (b. Feb 28, 1857, d. 1928) and James (b. Apr 19, 1860). The younger two were born at Riddell, Lilliesleaf.

6. From Barbara Dorsey, , the family of Gilbert Grieve and Alison Darling (b.1785): William (June 1810), Thomas (March 1812), Helen (Sept 1813), Gilbert (June, 1816), Andrew (May 1818) and Charles (August 1820). "There is reason to believe that this family lived at Castleton, Roxborough."

7. James Grieve of Bowden, c1817-c1880, from: Laurence Robb,

1.  James Greive (Grieve)b.c. 1817 Bowden, Rox., d. c. 1879-1881 m. Margaret Tully (Tillie) d.c. 1863-71

2.  Mary Scott Greive b. 12 Aug 1849  Bowden, Rox.

2.  H. James Greive b.c. 1852 Bowden, Rox. d. 13 May 1929  Howden, Selkirk m. 7 Feb 1879 Newmill on Teviot, Margaret Robb (Maggie)b.c. 1854 Portlogan, Kirkmaiden, Wig. D. 16 Dec 1924 Howden, Selkirk. ------ 3. James Greive b.c. 1880  Borthwickbrae, Burnfoot, Roberton d. 2 Feb 1908 Howden, Selkirk.-------- 3. George Greive b.c. 1881 Borthwickbrae, Burnfoot, Roberton d.c. 1907 Howden, Sekirk. -------3. Elizabeth Greive b.c. 1883 Borthwickbrae, Burnfoot, Roberton d. 26 Jan 1960 ----- 3. William (Willie) b.c. 1885 d.c.1887 ----- 3. John Greive b.26 Jun 1886 Howden, Selkirk, d. 7 Jun 1971 Selkirk. ------- 3. William Greive b.c. 1888 Howden, Selkirk d.o.w.17 Jul 1916 France & Flanders ----- 3. Walter  Greive b.c.  1891 Howden, Selkirk a. 1 Apr 1917 France & Flanders ------- 3. Margaret (Peggy) Greive b. 31 Jul 1897 Howden, Selkirk d.. 27 Feb 1977 Galashields.

2. Christian Greive b.c. 1855 Bowden, Rox.

2. George Greive b.c. 1858  Bowden, Rox.

2.  John Greive b. 13 Jul 1860 Borthwickbrae, Burnfoot, Roberton.

2. Margaret Douglas Greive 25 Jun 1863 Borthwickbrae, Burnfoot, Roberton.

8. A Renfrew Grieve line: The following is a line submitted by Janet Tennent,

1. William Grieve b. ? in ? married Margaret Crawford c. 22 Jun 1794 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. They married on 26 Sep 1813. They had the following children:

2. William Grieve c. 18 May 1817 in Greenock, Renfrew, Sct.

2. Thomas Grieve c. 18 Mar 1819 in Greenock, Renfrew, Sct.

2. David Grieve c. 22 Aug 1820 in Greenock, Renfrew, Sct.

2. Alexander Allan Grieve c. 29 Dec 1822 in Greenock, Renfrew, Sct

2. James Grieve c. 29 Oct 1829 in Greenock, Renfrew, Sct.


2. William Grieve (c. 18 May 1817 Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland) married Isabella McNeill (b. circa 1817 Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. They married on 2 Aug, 1839 in West or Old Parish, Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. They had the following children:

3. William Grieve (b. 10 Jun 1846 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

3. William Grieve (b. 6 Dec 1848 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

3. Isobella Grieve (b. 23 Dec 1850 Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

3. Margaret Grieve (b. 11 Aug 1855 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

3. Hannah Grieve (b. 27 Oct 1857 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

3. Alexander Grieve (b. 24 May 1859 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

3. Agnes Grieve (b. 8 Jul 1862 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)


3. William Grieve (b. 6 Dec 1848 in Greenock, Renfrew, Sct. ) married Agnes ? b. ? in 1852 in Girvan, Ayr, Sct. They married on ? in?. They had the following children:

4. Mary H. Grieve b. 1872 in Glasgow, Lanark, Sct.

4. Thomas Grieve b. 1873 in Glasgow, Lanark, Sct.

4. Isabella Grieve b. 1875 in Helensburgh, Dunbarton, Sct.

4. Agnes Grieve b. 1877 in Helensburgh, Dunbarton, Sct.

4. Jane G. Grieve b. 1878 in Helensburgh, Dunbarton, Sct.

4. Jamima G. Grieve b. 1881 in Helensburgh, Dunbarton, Sct.


3. Agnes Grieve (b. 8 Jul 1862) married Robert Stewart Gourlay (b. 12 Mar 1859 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland). They married on 7 Dec 1881 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. Agnes died in 1922 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. Robert died in 1921 in Washington DC, USA. They had the following children:

4. Isabella Grieve Gourlay (b. 1882 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland died within hours of birth)

4. Robert Stewart Gourlay (b. 25 Nov 1883 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

4. William Grieve Gourlay (b. 1886 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

4. James Gourlay (b. 1891? in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

4. Thomas Grieve Gourlay (b. 1892 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

4. Angus Gourlay (b. ? in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland died aged 2)

4. Agnes Grieve Gourlay (b. 21 May 1894 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

4. Catherine (Kate) Gourlay (b. ? died 3 days after birth in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

4. Alexander Grieve Gourlay (b. circa 1902 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

4. Mary Stewart Gourlay (b. 14 Dec 1904 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland)

9. A Fifeshire Grieve line:

From: Sheila Byrne

I have on my tree: William GRIEVE, b ?, m Elizabeth ADAMSON in Beath, Fife, Scotland in 1757 Jun 16. They had 8 children: George Grieve b. 1758, Jean Grieve b. 1760, James Grieve b. 1763, Jannet Grieve b. 1765, Elizabeth Grieve 1767-1856(m. Henry Wright in Beath), Cathrine Grieve b. 1770 (twin), William Grieve b. 1770 (twin must have died), William Grieve b. 1771. I am descended from Elizabeth Grieve and would be happy to hear from others who may have contacts with the Grieves of Fife.

10. Grieve's of England

GRIEVES  Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland from Steph:

1881 Census  RG11/5062/35/10  All Saints Parish, Newcastle u Tyne

 for 234 Pilgrim St and clothes shop:

Ann Grieves     widow   Age 43 Clothes Dealer, born  Ireland

John Grieves    son   Age 25  Engine Fitter   born   N/cle

Mary Grieves    Dau in law    Age 23    born  Bedlington

Ann  Grieves     Dau   Age 4   born N/cle

William Grieves Son Age 10m born N/cle

Copies of Birth Certificate, Registration District Newcastle upon Tyne, All Saints Born 16 June 1882 at 224, Pilgrim St: Birth registered 8 Aug 1882 George son of John Grieves, furniture broker & Mary (nee Turnbull)

Copies of Marriage Certificates,

1 .Registration District Newcastle upon Tyne, St Andrew 21 Jan 1878  John Grieves age 22,Bachelor,  Furniture Broker of Nun St,  son of John Grieves, furniture broker + Mary Turnbull  age 20   Spinster, of Nun St, daughter of George Turnbull, joiner,

2. Registration District Morpeth 2 Jan 1904 George Grieves  age 20  Bachelor, Coalminer of 38, Boathouse Terrace, Cambois. son of John Grieves, Waterworks Secretary. +Annie Wall   age 19 Spinster of 39 Boathouse Terrace, Cambois daughter of Dennis Wall, Coalminer.

3. Registration District Newcastle upon Tyne, St Dominics church, Red Barns. 26 April 1908 George Grieves age 25 Widower, Coalminer of 8, Millers Hill, City Road, N/cle. son of John Grieves, deceased, Bill Inspector. + Jane Eleanor O'Neill age 28 Spinster of 28 Millers Hill, City Rd, N/cle daughter of Patrick O'Neill, deceased, Tailor.

In Short, John Grieves m Ann ? circa 1858, son John  born circa 1858 who marries Mary Turnbull in 1878. John and Mary's three children: Ann  born circa 1877/8; William  born 1880 and George born 1882. George m Jane Eleanor O'Neill 26 April 1908. George, a soldier in the 6th Northumberland Fusiliers died on 26 April 1915 at the Battle of St Julien.

11. Robert Grieve married Isabella Laidlaw

The following lineage was provided by Marjorie Gavin,

  1.  Isabella Laidlaw m. Robert Grieve at Roberton on 20th May 1785

Children Walter : Baptised on 6th March 1786 - 30th June 1856   70 years Robert : Baptised on 28th March 1790 - 3rd April 1862  72 years Margaret : Baptised on 17th Nov. 1792 Isabel : Baptised  on 21st Dec.1794 - 18th June 1871   75 years David : Baptised on 7th Jan. 1788 - 11th Dec.1851   53 years Agnes : 1797 - 11th May 1881      84 years John : 1800 - 5th April 1880      80 years

Robert Grieve and Isabella Laidlaw were married at Roberton on 20th May 1785. Robert was a  shepherd. The couple seem to have moved about a lot as their children were born in different places and parishes.

It is assumed that Robert died in 1814 and  was buried in Old Wilton Churchyard as an entry in Wilton O.P.R. states : -  October 16, 1814 : Mortcloth for Robert Grieve : Alton : 2/6d If this is indeed the right Robert Grieve, then his wife Isabella, was destined to be a widow for 43 years until her death in October 1857, at the age of 92 years 11 months.This would have made her 49years old when her husband died.

The children of Isabella Laidlaw and Robert Grieve included :

WALTER  (1786 - 1856) was the eldest son of Robert Grieve, farmer at Harden and Isabella Laidlaw and was baptised at Roberton on 6th March 1786.  He was a plumber and slater in Hawick, having  learned his trade with Thomas Catrae, a slater and slate merchant, who lived at Wilton Grove but had his slate yard at Upper Damside. He started business for himself about 1804/5. Walter married Jannet Scott in Wilton on 4th February 1816. She died 27th September 1821 aged 27 years. Their known children were : -   1. Agnes, born on 27th January 1817 in Wilton.

Walter Grieve's second wife was Agnes Scott of Milsington, near Roberton. She died at Gilmour House, Liberton, Edinburgh on 2nd October 1865, aged 81 years.

ROBERT was christened on 28th March 1790. He married Janet Glendinning, daughter of Robert Glendinning, farm servant,  and his wife Isabella Murray at Yarrow on 9th November 1817, although Janet had been born in Hobkirk. Robert and Janet had the following children : -   1. Robert : 1826 - 28th November 1902. His first wife Margaret Allan, died. He then married Sarah Cunningham who was still alive at the time of his death. He was a shepherd and died in the Poorhouse, Hawick, aged 77 years.

MARGARET was baptised on 17th November 1792 when her parents were living at Heap, in the parish of Wilton.

ISABEL was baptised on 21st December 1794 when her parents were living at Todshaw in the parish of Wilton. She married ROBERT ANDERSON, a shepherd, on 19th August 1821 in the parish of Wilton. They had one known child : -

DAVID was baptised on 7th January 1788 when his parents were living at Greensidehall, in the parish of Wilton. He married Margaret Murray at Selkirk on 11th February 1820 where he was a slater and glazier, employing 3 men in 1851. He died in Backrow, Selkirk on 26th October 1856, aged 67 years. This was four months after his elder brother Walter's  death and the year before his mother's death.The cause of death was cancer of the ear and his death was registered by his brother-in-law, Thomas Murray. He is buried in Ashkirk Churchyard.

JOHN was born in 1800 in the parish of Wilton. He married Elizabeth Glendinning on 22nd October 1820 at Wilton and they had six children : -   1. Isabella : 1822 - 1901   2. Agnes : 1825 - 1847   3. Robert : 1826 - 1907   4. Hellen : 1829 - 1847   5. Elizabeth (Betsy) : 1831 - 1894   6. Margaret : 1834 - After his first wife died, John married Janet Cranston and they had  eight children :   7. John : 1839 - 1860   8. David : 1851 - 1873   9. Christina : 1858 - 1862   10. Catherine : 1839 :   11. James : 1841 -   12. Walter : 1843 - 1934   13. Helen : 1847 - 1926   14. William : 1849 - 1872

AGNES  was born in Roberton around 1797. She married WILLIAM SCOTT, a slater, in Wilton  on 22nd October 1815


2. John Grieve m.a) Elizabeth Glendinning on 22nd October 1820 at Wilton.                           b)  Janet Cranston on 29th July 1838 at Wilton.

Children of John and Elizabeth   Isabella :12th May 1822 - 26th April 1901   78 years   Agnes : 1825 - April 1847     22 years   Robert : 21st Sept. 1826 - 28th Aug. 1907   80 years   Hellen : 1829 - 23rd Jan. 1847     18 years   Elizabeth (Betsy) : 7th Nov. 1831 - 13th May 1894  62 years   Margaret : 7th June 1834

Children of John and Janet   John : 8th Oct.1839 - 14th Dec. 1860    21 years   Catherine : 1839 -   James : 2nd June 1841 -   Walter : 29th Nov.1843 - 14th Dec. 1934   91 years   Helen : 13th Jan.1847 - 15th June 1926   81 years   William : 18th Sept. 1849 - 16th Aug. 1872   23 years   David : 11th July 1851 - 1st Dec. 1873    22 years   Christina : 1858 - 1862        4 years

  John Grieve married his first wife, Elizabeth Glendinning, on 22nd October 1820 at Wilton. Both were living in the parish of Wilton. Elizabeth died on 6th April 1836, aged 39 years and is buried in Kirkton Churchyard. This suggests that she was 23 years old when she married. Their children included :

ISABELLA (12th May 1822 - 26th April 1901) was born at Appletreehall in Wilton on 12th May 1822 . She married ANDREW SCOTT, a joiner, at Kirktown on 17th December 1843. and  died from pleurisy at Woodfoot, Stobs on 26th April 1901, aged 78 years.

AGNES was the daughter of John Grieve and his first wife, Elizabeth Glendinning. She was born about 1825 and died in April 1847, aged 22 years.

ROBERT( 21st September 1826 - 28th August 1907) was the son of John Grieve and Elizabeth Glendinning and was born in Wilton on 21st September 1826. He married Elizabeth Turnbull at Hobkirk on 17th July 1853. She was the daughter of James and Margaret Turnbull of Billerwell and  Prieston.

HELLEN ( 1829 -1847) was the daughter of John Grieve and his wife Elizabeth Glendinning.She was born in 1829 and died on 23rd January 1847, aged 18 years.

ELIZABETH (BETSY) was the daughter of John Grieve and Elizabeth Glendinning. She was born on 7th November 1831 in Wilton. She married JOHN LEWIS about 1852. He was a joiner/journeyman and  the son of Walter Lewis, ploughman, and his wife Barbary Lewis, M.S. Dryden.   On 7th February 1862, Betsy married JOHN FLEMING, a joiner, who had been born in Berwickshire.

MARGARET was the daughter of John Grieve and Elizabeth Glendinning and was born in the parish of Kirkton on 7th June 1834. She married JAMES  CHRISTIE on 13th November 1854 in Hawick.

After Elizabeth's death, John(the father) married Janet Cranston on 29th July 1838 at Kirkton. She was a general  domestic servant and had been born in Jedburgh, the daughter of James Cranston and his wife, Margaret Mitchelhill. She died at 3, Mansfield Square, Hawick on 9th September 1891, aged 76 years, having suffered from gangrene for one month. Their children : -

JOHN was the son of John Grieve and his second wife, Janet Cranston and was born on 8th October 1839.   John died of consumption after a lingering illness of nearly three years.

CATHERINE was the daughter of John Grieve and Janet Cranston and was born in the parish of Kirkton about 1836. She may have married DAVID BALLANTYNE  on 28th  February 1853, at Hawick.

JAMES was the son of John Grieve and Janet Cranston and was born on 2nd June 1841 in the parish of Kirkton. According to the 1861 census, he was living with his parents at Stobs, Woodfoot.

WALTER was the son of John Grieve and Janet Cranston and was born in the parish of Kirkton on 29th November 1843. According to the 1861 census, he was a carpenter and was staying with his parents at Woodfoot, Stobs. He emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1864 on "Great Britain". He married Elizabeth Miller

HELEN(ELLEN) was the daughter of John Grieve and Janet Cranston and was born in the parish of Kirkton on 13th January 1847, around the time of  death of her half-sister, Hellen, who was the daughter of John Grieve and his first wife, Elizabeth Glendinning. She was named after Hellen. Helen married THOMAS SIMPSON, who was a gamekeeper

WILLIAM  was the son of John Grieve and his wife, Janet Cranston and was born in Kirkton on 18th September 1849. He was a joiner and  died at Havelock Street, Hawick on 16th August 1872, aged 23 years.

DAVID was the youngest son of John Grieve and Janet Cranston and was born in the parish of Kirkton on 11th July 1851. He was a joiner/journeyman and died at 16, Havelock Street, Hawick on 1st December 1873 aged 22 years of phthisis, from which he had been suffering for two years.

CHRISTINA was the youngest daughter of John Grieve and Janet Cranston. She was born in 1858 and died on 29th April 1862, aged 4 years. She is buried at Kirkton Churchyard.                  


3. Robert Grieve m.a) Elizabeth Turnbull at Hobkirk on 17th July 1853     m. b) Isabella Ballantyne at Hawick on 23rd May 1865

Children of Robert and Betty   Margaret : 1854 - 27th Nov. 1929      75 years   John : 26th Dec.1859 - 1st June 1931      71 years

Children of Robert and Isabella   Henry :  May 1867 - 22nd Aug. 1875      8 years 3 months   Robert Ballantyne : 27th Oct. 1873 -   William Henry : 11th June 1877 - 11th April 1957 79 years   Annie Mary Jane :  30th Nov. 1879 -  13th Dec.1881  2years   Annie Mary Jane : 5th June 1883 - 13th Oct. 1969 86years   Elizabeth (Lizzie) : 23rd Nov.1886 - 23rd Feb. 1971 84years


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