Grey 96

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Grey Co., 1896


4829-96 (Grey Co): James ACHESON, 35, farmer, Artemesia twp., Proton twp, s/o William ACHESON & Christena FALLIS, married Louisa WRAGGETT, 31, Richmond Hill, Proton twp, d/o Richard WRAGGETT & Hanna DOUTHWAITE, witn: George JOHNSON & Mary GRIER, both of Proton twp, 15 July 1896 at Proton twp 4716-96 (Grey Co): James AGNEW, 27, farmer, Proton twp, same, s/o John & Prudence, married Elizabeth RITCHIE, 20, Holland twp., same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Robert HANNAH of Markdale & Maggie WALKER of L-iston, 15 Dec 1896 at Berkeley
#011574-96 (Grey Co) Robert Henry Sinclair ALLEN, 22, Mono, Nottawasaga, farmer, b, s/o Thomas & Agnes ALLEN married Minnie ZEIGGEL, 20, Collingwood, same, s, d/o John & Minnie ZEIGGEL, witn: Lawrence ALLEN of Nottawasaga, married 26 February 1896, Collingwood 4763-96 Jacob ALLENSEN, 24, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Conrad ALLENSEN & Margaret KARCHER married Katherine LUEDKE, 24, Carrick, same, d/o Frederick LUEDKE & Maria MOSER, Wtn; John HUHN & William KROELLER both of Normanby October 18, 1896 at Normanby
  4796-96 John Harry ARCHIBALD, 23, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Alex ARCHIBALD & Sarah WILLIS married Sarah MIGHTON, 18, Bentinck, same, d/o Thomas MIGHTON & Mary Ann MATHERS, Wtn: William BACHAUS & Mr. BACHAUS both of Normanby October 13, 1896 at Hanover
4775-96 George ARCHIBALD, 22, carriage maker, Bentinck, Hanover, s/o Alex ARCHIBALD &Sarah WILLIS married Mary W. DAVIS, 19, Bentinck, same, d/o John DAVIS & MargareT MCTAVISH, Wtn: John ARCHIBALD & Aleina DAVIS both of Bentinck February 12, 1896 at Hanover. #004604-96 (Grey Co) George W. ARMSTRONG, 24, Markdale, same, b, manufacturer, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Mary STRAIN, married Margaret RUTLEDGE, 20, Markdale, same, s, d/o Edwd. & Mary A. RUTLEDGE, witn; Chas. E. ARMSTRONG, Amelia RUTLEDGE, both Markdale, married 14 July 1896, Markdale
4714-96 (Grey Co): Robert ATCHESON, 28, farmer, Sydenham twp., Holland twp., s/o Hamilton & Margaret, married Margaret Victoria MURRAY, 17, Holland twp., same, d/o John MURRAY & Mary SEABROOK, witn: William M. ATCHESON of Sydenham & Eliza Jane MURRAY of Holland, 28 Oct 1896 at Holland 4737-96 (Grey Co): William John BAILEY, 28, mason, Norfolk twp., Euphrasia twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Jennie GIBSON, 26, King twp., Euphrasia twp., d/o John & Mary, witn: Edward MADDEN & Mary GRAVETTE, both of Euphrasia, 26 Feb 1896 at Thornbury
6685-99 (Grey Co): Frederick William BARRETT, 40, barrister, Port Hope, Toronto, s/o William BARRETT & Charlotte Elizabeth EYRE, married Frances Mary WIGHTMAN, 27, Owen Sound, same, d/o Robert WIGHTMAN & Jane DAIN, witn: H. BARRETT of Pt. hope & Minnie THOMPSON of Listowel, 28 Oct 1896 at Owen Sound 4708-96 (Grey Co): Edward BELL, 21, wagon maker, Springfield - Peel Co., Holland twp., s/o William & Hannah, married Annie Olive Louisa GIVENS, 19, Holland twp., same, d/o Robert & Mary Jane, witn: William BELL of Sydenham twp & Maggie SHUTE of Holland twp., 1 July 1896 at Rectory, Chatsworth
4742-96 Malcolm BELL, 22, brayman, Eldersley, Wiarton, s/o Arch & Florence BELL married Isabella DEVITT, 25, Manchester, Wiarton, d/o Gavin & Fanny DEVITT, Jane PATTON of Meaford & Mary Edith DEVITT of Thornbury December 23, 1896 at Thornbury #011573-96 (Grey Co) George O. BENNER, 35, Hamilton Ont, Orillia, widower, Minister of Christ, s/o Samuel Stephens & Ursula Hilda? BENNER, married Emma GOURGIS, 26, New Brunswick, Collingwood, s, d/o Thomas & Jane GOURGIS, witn: Christian GOURGIS of Collingwood, Bordland? BENNER of Orillia, married 12 February 1896, Collingwood
004577-96 (Grey Co.) Charles John James BERNARD, 22, plumber, Millgrove - Erie Co NY, Batavia NY, s/o Louis and Christina BERNARD married Christina McLEAN, 20, Artemesia, same, d/o Alexander and Ann McLEAN, wit William BERNARD, Batavia NY and Edna McLEAN of Artemesia on December 24, 1896 at Artemesia. 4734-96 (Grey Co): Angus BLACK, 38, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o Neil BLACK & Mary McDONALD, married Margaret KEYLAND, 22, Glenelg, same, d/o John KEYLAND & Margaret McCANN, witn: John KEYLAND & Sarah BLACK, both of Glenelg, 29 July 1896 at St. Johns Church, Glenelg
#004608-96 (Grey Co) George Henry BLAKLEY, 39, born - "do not know", of Dundalk Ont, b, carpenter, s/o Thomas & Isabella BLAKLEY, married Sarah Frances LUDLOW, age & where born - "do not know", Proton Twp., s, d/o William & Hannah LUDLOW, witn: Thomas SHERIDAN of Dundalk, Jane WATSON of Markdale, married 18 November 1896, Markdale 4698-96 (Grey Co): William BLANCHARD, 22, farmer, Ontario, St. Vincent twp., s/o Archibald & Sarah Jane, married Silva OLMSTEAD, 19, Ontario, St. Vincent twp., d/o David & Jane, witn: Herbert SMITH of Meaford & M.A.C. BROWN of Woodford, 31 Dec 1896 at Woodford
  4753-96 Adam BRAUN, 28, farmer, Normanby, Howick, s/o Philip BRAUN & Elizabeth SEIP married Caroline RIEPERT, 24, Normanby, same, d/o Henry RIEPERT & Christine HEINRICH, Wtn: John RIEPERT of Normanby & Eva BRAUN of Howick March 10, 1896 at Normanby
4699-96 (Grey Co): James BREESE, 22, farmer, Northumberland England, Holland twp., s/o William BREESE & Martha WEBSTER, married Christina CAMPBELL, 18, Holland twp., same, d/o William CAMPBELL & Hughina McDONALD, witn: Stephen H. BREESE of Chatsworth & Hannah CAMPBELL of Holland, 11 March 1896 at Holland #004812-96 (Grey Co) Robert John BRIDAL, 24, Ontario, Mulmer Dufferin Co, b, farmer, s/o Samuel BRIDAL & Bertha Ann MARSHAL, married Ellen SAIGEON, 28, County Grey, Osprey Grey Co, s, d/o Thomas SAIGEON & Mary Ann GARROW, witn: George LYONS of County Simcoe, Rachael Ann SAIGEON of Osprey, Grey Co, married 28 October 1896, Osprey Twp
4777-96 John BRODHESKER, 24, mason, Normanby, same, s/o Henry BRODHESKER & Hannah SCHILLING married Catherine KLAGES, 26, Normanby, Bentinck, d/o Charles KLAGES & Catherine KNAPP, Wtn; John KLAGES & Catherine PRUTER both of Bentinck January 21, 1896 at Bentinck 4719-96 (Grey Co): John BROUGHTON, 30, widower, farmer, Wentworth Co., Melancthon, s/o Joseph BROUGHTON & Hannah SUBY?, married Louisa FISHER, 19, Proton twp, same, d/o Thomas H. FISHER & Susan MORRISON, witn: Thomas McINTYRE of Dundalk & Lillie FISHER of Proton twp, 8 Jan 1896 at Dundalk
4765-96 Matthew Charles BURNETT, 21, farmer, Minto, Calderwood, s/o William BURNETT & Agnes HOLLIDAY married Mary Eliza TYNDALL, 20 Elma Twp, Normanby, d/o Robert & Elizabeth TYNDALL, Wtn: George BURNETT & Laura VANCE both of Normanby November 4, 1896 at Calderwood. 4821-96 (Grey Co): George CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, Proton twp, same, s/o John & Jane, married Marion McMURDO, 22, Proton twp, same, d/o William McMURDO & Mary Ann MILLS, witn: Samuel & Adeline McLEAN of Proton twp, 17 March 1896 at Proton twp
004576-96 William H. CARRUTHERS, 35, merchant, Osprey, Euphrasia, s/o Thomas and Helen CARRUTHERS married Ann Jane LAWSON, 27, Euphrasia, same, d/o George and Margaret LAWSON, wit Benjamin CARRUTHERS of Artemesia and Edith I. LAWSON , of Euphrasia, on November 25, 1896 at Priceville, Ontario.  
4738-96 (Grey Co): Joseph CARSCADDEN, 62, widower, farmer, Ireland, Collingwood, s/o Robert & Flora Jane, married Sarah Jane BADGER, 44, widow, Pickering twp., Thornbury, d/o Oliver & Elizabeth (no surname given), witn: Jane & Rachel BADGER of Thornbury, 19 March 1896 at Thornbury #004436-96 (Grey Co.) Thomas B. CARUTHERS 32, Merchant, Osprey, Kimberly, s/o Thomas and Hellen CARUTHERS, married Margaret Ellen REHILL, 25, Bruce Co, Euphrasia, d/o James and Ellenor REHILL, witn: Alex CARUTHERS, Ellen MADILL, Mar. 4, 1896, at Kimberley
4823-96 (Grey Co): John CORBETT, 21, farmer, Proton twp, same, s/o James & Martha, married Evaline HODGINS, 18, Proton twp, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: John Samuel CORBETT & Lena M. GRIER, both of Dundalk, 15 April 1896 at Proton twp 4750-96 Joseph CORCORAN, 25, farmer, Arthur Twp, same, s/o Thomas CORCORAN & Elizabeth MCCANN married Mary Anne HANEY, 22, Normanby, same, d/o Patrick HANEY & Margaret HANAHAN, Wtn: John CORCORAN of Arthur & Johann HANEY of Normanby January 27, 1896 at Ayton
4741-96 Wilber Elwood CUMMING, 22, tailor, Heathcote, Thornbury, s/oJames & Raechel CUMMING married Kate MCEDWARDS, 22, St. Vincent, Thornbury, d/o (?) & Rebecca MCEDWARDS, Wtn: Sarah SIMPSON & Lavinia HARTMAN both of Thornbury November 26, 1896 at Thornbury 4697-96 (Grey Co): Arthur Leslie DANARD, 27, doctor, Ontario, Woodford, s/o Asa Beverly & Emma, married Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 23, Ontario, Woodford, d/o Elizabeth & Robert Pearce WILLIAMS, witn: Havelock DANARD of Allenford & Ethel J.M. WILLIAMS of Corbeton, 30 Dec 1896 at Woodford
4733-96 (Grey Co): Peter DARCY, 25, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o Miles DARCY & Johanna ROWAN, married Ellen MORAN, 24, Glenelg, same, d/o Thomas MORAN & Catherine HEWETT, witn: Ann MORAN & Frank DARCY, both of Glenelg, 8 June 1896 at St. Pauls Church, Glenelg (Rom Cath) 4752-96 Andrew DERBY, 37, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o William DERBY & Ellen MCGILL married Elizabeth COOPER, 39, Beverley, Normanby, d/o John COOPER & Agnes ROSS, Wtn: William DERBY of Bentinck & John COOPER of Normanby March 4, 1896 at Normanby
4770-96 Nicholas DIEMEL, 25, farm labour, Carrick, Normanby, s/o George DIEMEL & Elizabeth WETTLAUFER married Sarah GOLL, 19, Normanby, same, d/o Frederick GOLL & Margaret SCHAEFER, Wtn; Andrew WETTLAUFER & Emma SCHAEFER BOTH OF Normanby December 21, 1896 at Normanby. 4702-96 (Grey Co): James DIXON, 29, carpenter, Yorkshire England, Holland Center, s/o David & Alice, married Ellen DEAVER, 26, Holland, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Angus CROWSTON of Berkeley & Ellen ANDERSON of Holland, 9 Jan 1896 at Holland
  4792-96 Albert DOEFUL, 25, carpenter, Normanby, Wiarton, s/o Christian DOEFUL & Louisa WISSLEN married Christine ERMEL, 19, Bentinck, Hanover, d/o Henry ERMEL & Elizabeth SCHAUS, Wtn: S.ERMEL & Harry HILLGARTNER both of Hanover June 16, 1896 at Hanover
4831-96 (Grey Co): John DORY, 40, widower, farmer, Mt. Forest, Proton twp, s/o William DORY & Jane THAKES?, married Sarah Ann McINTYRE, 23, Proton twp, same, d/o Nichol McINTYRE & Margaret McPHERSON, witn: Peter McPHERSON & Mary McINTYRE, both of Proton twp, 11 Nov 1896 at Proton twp 4707-96 (Grey Co): Daniel Alfred DOUGLAS, 22, Williamsford Ont., Owen Sound, s/o James & Susan, married Fanny BOWE (or Bonie), 21, Owen Sound, same, d/o Abraham & Rebecca, witn: Richard MORTON & Daisy CONSBY (or Cousby), both of Owen Sound, 10 June 1896 at St. Paul's Rectory, Chatsworth
4827-96 (Grey Co): Robert DUNN, 34, farmer, Puslinch, Proton twp, s/o Adam & Sarah, married Helen FRASER, 27, Proton twp, same, d/o John FRASER & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Adam DUNN & Annie FRASER, both of Proton twp, 12 Aug 1896 at Proton twp #004799-96 (Grey Co): Stephen EBY, 21, laborer, Ontario, Bentinck twp., s/o Isaac & Elizabeth, married Sarah MILLER, 23, Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o Charles & Leah, witn: G. MITCHELL of Normanby twp & Clara EBY of Sullivan, 4 Nov 1896 at Bentinck
4749-96 Moses ECKSTEIN, 22, farmer, Normanby, same, s/oDavid ECKSTEIN & Henrietta REKHOPF married Emilie WIESEMANN, 26, Normanby, same, d/o George WIESEMANN & Dorothea SACHS, Wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Conrad WIESEMANN both of Normanby January 26, 1896 at Normanby.  
#4615-96 (Grey Co) Christian EICHOLD, 27, farmer, Germany, Sullivan Tp, s/o Christian EICHOLD & Christene KRACH, married Auguste MUSALL, 26, Guelph Tp, Sullivan Tp, d/o Karl MUSALL & Wilhelmine MISCHKE; Witn Frederick MUSELL [sic] & Luise MALINOVSKI, both of Sullivan, 9 Jan 1896, Sullivan Twp. 4754-96 Daniel EICKMEIER, 33, farmer, Carrick, same, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Henry EICKMEIER married Lydia DAMM, 21, Normanby, same, d/o John & Julia DAMM, Wtn: Catherine EICKMEIER of Carrick & John DAMM of Normanby March 18, 1896 at Normanby.
4709-96 (Grey Co): Thomas J. ELLIOTT, 34, miller, Burgess - Lanark Co., Williamsford, s/o William ELLIOTT & Margaret DOBBIE, married Mary ECKEL, 23, Carrick, Williamsford, d/o Peter ECKEL & Sophia BECHTEL, witn: Peter ECKEL & Hannah STONESKAUGH?, both of Williamsford, no date given, Williamsford 4779-96 Christof ENGEL, 24, farmer, Brant, same, s/o Christof ENGEL & Maria BULL married Caroline AHRENS, 21, Brant, same, d/o John AHRENS & Maria MONTO, Wtn: John AHRENS of Brant & Fritz ENGEL of Sullivan February 4, 1896 at Bentinck.
#004437-96 (Grey Co.): Joseph ERSKINE, 32, farmer, Luther Tp. , Euphrasia, s/o Samuel and Margaret ERSKINE, married Margaret J. BREADNER, 27, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o William and Jane BREADNER, witn: John Albert ERSKINE & Mary Helen BREADNER, March 18, 1896, at Euphrasia 4717-96 (Grey Co): Theophilus FANNING, 30, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Joseph & Maud, married Alma Maude SMITH, 27, Ontario, Holland Centre, d/o Moses & Jane, witn: A.H. SMITH & Lottie PRICE, both of Holland Centre, 22 July 1896 at Holland Centre
#004798-96 (Grey Co): William FITZSIMMONS, 39, widower, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg twp., s/o David FITZSIMMONS & Elizabeth DAWLING, married Isabella LAUGHLIN, 33, widow, Ontario, Glenelg twp., d/o James & Ellen HUNTER, witn: John E. FITZSIMMONS & Maggie HANNA, both of Holland, 28 Oct 1896 at Bentinck twp 4756-96 Henry FORD, 40, farmer, York Co, Normanby, s/o William FORD & Rachel BOYLE married Agnes COOPER, 31, Normanby, same, d/o John COOPER & Agnes ROSS, Wtn; Jennie COOPER & Albert FORD both of Normanby April 8, 1896 at Normanby
4745-96 Walter FORD, 25,upholsterer, Toronto, same, s/o James FORD & Kate POOLE married Agnes Minnie SCOTT, 25, Howick, Nuestadt, d/o William SCOTT & Esther INGSOBERER, Wtn: Harry FORD OF Bindlock Pennsylvania & Emma SCOTT of Nuestadt December 25, 1896 at Nuestadt 4764-96 William Dawson FOYL, 31, telegraph operator, Toronto, same, s/o Charles FOYL & Ellen DAWSON married Sarah Eliza MCFARLAN, 28, Normanby, Letter Breen, d/o Thomas MCFARLEN & Ruth MONKMAN, Wtn; W. WIGGINS of Toronto & Sophia MCFARLEN from Mount Forest October 21, 1896 at Mount Forest
#004817-96 (Grey Co): John FRANCIS, 27, farmer, Dummer twp., Proton, s/o Jacob & Mary Ann, married Esther LOWRY, 22, Proton, same, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: David LOWRY & Jemima FRANCIS, both of Proton, 8 Jan 1896 at Proton twp #4546-96 (Grey Co) Hugh James FRASER, 32, mariner, Canada, Buffalo – New York, s/o John FRASER & Isabella McPHAIL, married Lizzie ROBERTSON, 29, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o James ROBERTSON & Isabella BREEN; Witn James FRASER of Buffalo – New York & Jennie ROBERTSON of Owen Sound, 13 Feb 1896, Owen Sound.
4743-96 Henry GAISER, 24, shoe maker, Nuestadt, same, s/o Leonhard GAISER & Elizabeth RAN married Dorothea METZGER, 21, Carrick, same, d/o (?) METZGER & Anna REIS, Wtn: Henry RAHN of Normanby & Barbara METZGER of Carrick December 3, 1896 at Normanby. #004816-96 (Grey Co): Gilbert GILLIES, 28, farmer, Proton, same, s/o Alexander GILLIES & Flora McFADYEN, married Susan McAULEY, 20, Proton, same, d/o Thomas McAULEY & Mary Jane HUNTER, witn: Thomas G. & Flora G. McPHAIL of Proton, 1 Jan 1896 at lot 14, con 7, Proton twp
4744-96 John GLASER, 23, carpenter, Perth Co, same, s/o John GLASER & Katharine SCHAEFER married Mary SCHILLING, 27, Normanby, same, d/o William SCHILLING & Mary KUHL, Wtn: Jacob ORTWEIN & Louise SCHILLING both of Normanby December 8, 1896 at Normanby. #004803-96 (Grey Co) Theodore GLENN, 32, Melancthon, Collingwood Twp., b, farmer, s/o John & Jane GLENN, married Annie MOORE, 26, Osprey Twp., same, s, d/o George & Annie MOORE, witn: James GLENN of Collingwood Twp., Ellen VOILET of Osprey Twp., married 11 March 1896, Osprey Twp
#004605-96 (Grey Co) Robt. H. GORDON, 33, Parkhill Ont, Toronto, b, clerk, s/o James M. & Margaret GORDON, married Margaret BURNETT, 24, Artemesia Twp., Markdale, s, d/o William & Isabella BURNETT, witn: James GORDON of Toronto, Mary BURNETT of Markdale, married 14 July 1896, Markdale 4761-96 William GRANT, 35, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o William GRANT & Margaret STEWART married Robina WATSON, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Robert WATSON & Dinah GADD, Wtn; Mrs. W. GRANT & Mary MACK both of Normanby September 29, 1896 at Normanby
#004804-96 (Grey Co) James GRUMMETT, 23, County Grey, Proton Twp., farmer, s/o Thomas GRUMMETT & Sarah RISK, married Mary MILLS, 21, Mulmur twp., Mulmur Twp., s, d/o Charles MILLS & Sarah EVINS, witn: Joseph MILLS of Mulmur, Sarah CRISP of Mulmur, married 25 March 1896, Osprey Twp #004801-96 (Grey Co): Heinrich L. HABEL, 34, farmer, Canestoga, Hanover, s/o Heinrich & Elizabeth, married Catherine HERZBERGER, 32, Blenheim twp., Normanby twp., d/o Jacob & Maria, witn: Andrew HERZBERGER & Mary BEAKER, both of Normanby twp., 27 Oct 1896 at Hanover
4784-96 Jacob HAHN, 30, stone mason, Elmira, Hanover, s/o Henry HAHN & Margaret PEPPLER married Frederika HOFFMAN, 26, Nuestadt, Hanover, d/o Harry HOFFMAN & Maria HERMAN, Wtn: Alex PEPPLER of Hanover & Anna HAHN of Elmira May 20, 1896 at Hanover.  
#4545-96 (Grey Co) Francis HALL, 29, merchant, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Francis HALL & Ann WHITNEY, married Ida Maud FRASER, 22, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Matthew FRASER & Mary WILKIE; Witn Thomas HALL of Owen Sound & Annie BEATON of Kilsyth, 5 Feb 1896, Owen Sound. 4703-96 (Grey Co): Samuel HAMMELL, 30, farmer, Holland, same, s/o Robert & Isabella, married Susan Etta WALKER, 20, Holland, same, d/o Robert & Martha, witn: Robert N. MATHESON of Holland & Maggie J. WALKER of Shelburne, 19 Feb 1896 at Holland
4832-96 (Grey Co): William HANSON, 32, lineman, Luther twp., Buffalo USA, s/o Thomas HANSON & Mary HANLAN, married Margaret RYAN, 30, Proton twp, same, d/o William RYAN & Winifred HOGAN, witn: Martin RYAN of Proton twp & Ellen HANSON of Dundalk, 24 Nov 1896 at St. Patricks RC Church, Proton twp 4739-96 (Grey Co): Edward HARBOTTLE, 26, farmer, Pinkerton twp., Euphrasia twp., s/o George & Sarah, married Agnes BARRON, 20, Arran twp., Thornbury, d/o James & Agnes, witn: James BARRON of Thornbury, 6 April 1896 at Thornbury
4781-96 Heinrich L. HEBEL, 34, farmer, Conestoga, Hanover, d/0 Heinrich & Elizabeth HEBEL married Catherine HERZBERGER, 32, Blenheim, Normanby, d/o Jacob & Maria HERZBERGER, Wtn: Andrew HERZBERGER & Mary BECKER both of Normanby October 29, 1896 at Hanover 4822-96 (Grey Co): Hector HENDERSON, 42, farmer, Cumberland Co NS, Rama twp., s/o Alexander HENDERSON & Isabella McTAGGART, married Margaret KNOX, 38, Valcartier Quebec, Proton twp, d/o William KNOX & Margaret GOODFELLOW, witn: John RICHARDSON & Mary KNOX, both of Proton twp, 25 March 1896 at Proton twp
4766-96 Andrew Edmund HENRY, 29, physician, Sydenham, same, s/o Andrew HENRY & Eliza ALLEN married Annie YOUNG, 27, Normanby, same, d/o John YOUNG & Jean SHEPHERD, Wtn; Florence HENRY of Dufferin & Alexander YOUNG of Normanby November 11, 1896 at Normanby 4735-96 (Grey Co): Peter Charles HERSER?, 36, widower, carpenter, Collingwood, same, s/o Peter Charles & Ann, married Lizzetta ZIGLER, 32, Collingwood, Thornbury, d/o Phillip & Margaretta, witn: John WILSON of Collingwood & Annie PRIDWELL of Thornbury, 20 Nov 1896 at Thornbury
#4623-96 (Grey Co) John HESLOP, 26, keeper of living stable, Chesley, Chesley, s/o John HESLOP & Elizabeth GILLESPIE, married Maggie BARSS, 25, Sullivan Tp, Sullivan Tp, d/o Caleb BARSS & Catherine ROSS; Witn Robert J. BARSS of Sullivan & Sarah HESLOP of Chesley, 6 May 1896, Sullivan Twp. 4814-96 (Grey Co): John HICKS, 27, yeoman, Grey Co., near Carberry Manitoba, s/o William HICKS & Mary McCAULEY, married Nettie Florence HAWTON, 21, Osprey, same, d/o Richard HAWTON & Agnes TENNANT, witn: William James HAWTON of Osprey & Dora Maria HICKS of York Co., 23 Dec 1896 at 11th con, Osprey
007488-96 Abraham HOLDEN, 34, farmer, Nottawasaga Tp., Collingwood Tp., s/o John & Jane, married Jennetta Ormiston WEIR, 28, Cobourg, Ravenna, d/o William & Ann, witn: E. & May KEIMEAR both of Osprey on Feb. 5, 1896 at the manse at Maxwell, Osprey Tp #004808-96 (Grey Co) Albert HOLLINGSHEAD, 31, Osprey, same, b, farmer, s/o William & Abigail HOLLINGSHEAD, married Martha BOWENS, 20, Coboconk Ont, Osprey, s, d/o Isaac & Mary Jane BOWEN, witn: William PRATT of Collingwood, Ellen Mary BOWENS of Osprey, married 2 December 1896, Osprey Twp
#004802-96 (Grey Co): John HOPKINS, 28, farmer, Bentinck twp., same, s/o John & Margaret, married Rachel CAPLE, 19, Southampton, Bentinck twp., adopted d/o Mrs. BEATTON, witn: Thomas HOPKINS & Maude CUFF, both of Bentinck twp., 23 Dec 1896 at Bentinck twp (also 4782-96) 4757-96 William HORST, 26, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Henry HORST & Margaret EULA? married Amalie FEICK, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Leonhard FEICK & Magdalene LANG, Wtn: Daniel KRAFT & George FEICK both of Normanby April 28, 1896 at Ayton.
  4830-96 (Grey Co): Robert HOWELL, 29, farmer, Wellington, Proton twp, s/o Henry HOWELL & Ellen HALL, married Becca Amelia IRELAND, 27, South Elmslie, Proton twp, d/o Isaac IRELAND & Rebecca COPELAND, witn: James A. IRELAND & Carrie HOWELL, both of Proton twp, 29 July 1896 at Proton twp
#004603-96 (Grey Co) John D. HOWELL, 20, Chinguacousy Twp., Proton Twp., blacksmith, b, s/o Richd & Elizabeth HOWELL, married Alice J. JOHNSTON, 19, Proton Twp., same, s, d/o Christopher & Mary J. JOHNSTON, witn: George A. JOHNSTON of Proton Twp., A.J. SIMPSON of Markdale, married 22 July 1896, Markdale 4732-96 (Grey Co): John HUDSON, 31, farmer, Bentinck twp., same, s/o James & Phebe, married Mary Ann PEART, 27, Glenelg, same, d/o Emerson & Mary Ann, witn: J.J. PEART of Brantford & Isabella HUDSON of Bentinck, 27 May 1896 at Glenelg
4828-96 (Grey Co): George Alexander HUTCHINSON, 39, farmer, widower, Artemesia twp., same, s/o Thomas HUTCHINSON & Mary McDOWELL, married Catherine ACHESON, 28, Proton twp, same, d/o William ACHESON & Christena FALLIS, witn: Thomas HUTCHINSON of Artemesia & Mabel DUNCAN of Proton twp, 14 July 1896 at Proton twp 4783-96 Thomas George HUTTON, 23, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Edward & Eleanor HUTTON married Margaret Ann BARTMAN, 25, Bentinck, same, d/o Henry & Ann BARTMAN, Wtn: Alex HOPKINS & Maria BARTMAN both of Bentinck April 8, 1896 at Durham
4705-96 (Grey Co): John IRVINE, 27, farmer, of Holland twp., s/o Andrew & Eliza, married Jane FRASER, 29, of Holland twp., d/o James FRASER & Jane MITCHELL, witn: George IRVINE & Maggie FRASER, both of Holland twp., 18 March 1896 at Holland  
#004610-96 (Grey Co) James Lawrence IRVING, 26, born "not given", of Markdale Ont, farmer, s/o James L. IRVING & Sarah Wilson IRVING, married Bedalia Annie BENNETT, 26, born "not given", of Holland Twp., d/o William & Mary Ann BENNETT, witn; Madge LUCAS, Annie Ella GOLDBERG, both Markdale, married 2 December 1896, Markdale #004809-96 (Grey Co) Samuel IRWIN, 34, Artemesia, same, b, farmer, s/o Charles & Jane IRWIN, married Martha WRIGHT, 30, Osprey, same, s, d/o Hugh & Margret WRIGHT, witn: Hugh WRIGHT of Osprey, Maggie IRWIN of Artemesia, married 13 October 1896, Osprey Twp
#004818-96 (Grey Co): Alexander JAMIESON, 27, farmer, Melancthon twp., same, s/o Andrew JAMIESON & Jane ROOME (or Roorne), married Sarah Jane WILTSHIRE, 20, Proton twp., same, d/o James WILTSHIRE & Mary Ann PALLISTER, witn: George & Ollie WILTSHIRE of Proton twp., 1 Jan 1896 at Proton twp #004800-96 (Grey Co): John JOHNSTONE, 24, farmer, Bentinck twp., Hanover, s/o John C. JOHNSTONE & Margaret LEMMEY, married Eliza WINTER, 21, Bentinck twp., Hanover, d/o Edward WINTER & Mary Jane CARSON, witn: James & Mary ARROL, both of Hanover, 10 Nov 1896 at Hanover
4780-96 John JOHNSTONE, 24, farmer, Bentinck, Hanover, s/o John JOHNSTONE & Margaret LUMNIG married Eliza ??TELINTER, 21, Bentinck, Hanover, d/o Edward ??TELINTER & Mary Jane CARSON, Wtn: James A& Mary ARIAL both of Hanover November 10, 1896 at Hanover 4723-96 (Grey Co): James KEATING, 24, farmer, of Melancthon, s/o Patrick KEATING & Mary CRENAN?, married Ellen McCULLOUGH, 25, Adjala twp., Badger - Osprey, d/o James McCULLOUGH & Catherine DOYLE, witn: Michael & Annie KEATING of Melancthon, 7 Sept 1896 at Dundalk (Rom Cath)
4762-96 Henry KELLER, 26, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Adam KELLER & Christine HOFFMAN married Maria PFEIL, 30, Normanby, same, d/o John PFEIL & Anna WAGNER, Wtn; Henry SCHEIFELE & Christina GERHARD both of Normanby October 13, 1896 at Normanby. 4776-96 Henry KENNEDY, 22, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Robert & Annie KENNEDY married Mary BOOKES (Booker? Boakes?), 19, Osprey, Muskoka, d/o Goerge & Annie BOOKES, Wtn: John MILLIGAN & Sarah MERVYN both of Bentinck, February 19, 1896 at Durham
4713-96 (Grey Co): Reginald J. KNIGHT, 23, cabinet maker, Sydenham twp - Grey Co., Meaford, s/o George & Sarah, married Hannah CASWELL, 20, Euphrasia twp., Walters Falls, d/o Samuel & Maria, witn: Noble BAILEY of Meaford & Jane McAULEY of Holland twp., 23 Sept 1896 at Walters Falls 4793-96 John KRUEGER, 30, farmer, Sullivan, Brant, s/o Christian & Mary KRUEGER married Elizabeth FENSKE, 31, widow, Normanby, Hanover, d/o J. & Margaret BAUER, Wtn: Peter & Margaret SPRAIKEL both of Hanover August 19, 1896 at Hanover.
4760-96 John KUHL, 25, farmer, Peel, Clifford, s/o Peter KUHL & Minna RAHN married Christina KUHL,33, Carrick, same, d/o Caspar KUHL & Katherine KRESSMAN, Wtn: Ernest & Julius NEUDORFFER both of Normanby June 30, 1896 at Normanby 4788-96 Jacques KUHLMANN, 50, labourer, Germany, Preston, s/o Joseph & Lucia KUHLMANN married Sophia BRUSSO, 43, widow, Germany, Hanover, d/o John & Pamprina DANCIAD?, Wtn: A. Brusso of Hepworth & Carrie DANCIAD of Brant June 15, 1896 at Hanover
  4740-96 Henry LAWRENCE, 31,barber, Euphremia, Thornbury, s/o John & Mary Anne LAWRENCE married Edith B. CARNAHAN, 25, Euphremia, Collingwood, d/o James & Jane CARNAHAN, Wtn: David LAWRENCE & Mary ELLISON both of Collingwood June 9, 1896 at Thornbury.
4826-96 (Grey Co): Elhanan Percy LAWRENCE, 27, ship builder, Proton twp, West Shefford, s/o Isaac & Susannah, married Sarah Elizabeth PARSLOW, 26, Proton twp, same, d/o Richard PARSLOW & Sarah SAMMONS, witn: George W. & Annie M. PARSLOW of Proton twp, 9 June 1896 at Proton twp #004609-96 (Grey Co) David MADILL, 54, born "not given", of Artemesia, b, farmer, parents "not given", married Henrietta JOHNSTON, 35, born "not given", of Artemesia, s, parents "not given", witn: George NOBLE, Annie Ella GOLDBERG, both Markdale, married 30 December 1896, Christ Church, Markdale
4700-96 (Grey Co): Albert MAGEE, 35, farmer, Emily twp., Sullivan twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Minerva WARD, 28, Sullivan twp., same, d/o Edward & Eliza Jane, witn: T.A. ELLIOTT & Annie CARSON, both of Sullivan, 12 March 1896 at St. Pauls Church, Chatsworth 4710-96 (Grey Co): Alexander McCAULEY, 35, farmer, Sydenham twp., same, s/o Alexander McCAULEY & Catherine DEAN, married Martha Elizabeth BAIRD, 28, Holland twp., d/o john BAIRD & Margaret McQUAIG, witn: James BLACK of Sullivan & Agnes BAIRD of Holland, 26 Aug 1896 at Holland twp
4782-96 James L. MCCHESNEY, 26, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o James MCCHESNEY & Jane LAWRENCE married Mary Ann LAIDLAW, 26, Bentinck, same, d/o Robert LAIDLAW & Janet HASTIE, Wtn: Janet LAIDLAW & Robert MCCHESNEY both of Bentinck February 25, 1896 at Bentinck  
4718-96 (Grey Co): Alfred McCLOCKLIN, 20, butcher, Durham, Chatsworth, s/o Thomas McCLOCKLIN & Martha BROOKS, married Carrie Ophleia SUDDEN, 20, Chatsworth, same, d/o Robert SUDDEN & Jane BODDY, witn: Arthur McCLOCKLIN & Mazy SUDDEN, both of Chatsworth, 16 Dec 1896 at Chatsworth 4731-96 (Grey Co): Robert McCLYMENT, 26, farmer, Glenelg twp., same, s/o Alexander McCLYMENT & Isabella APPLEBY, married Sarah Jane VAUGHAN, 29, Glenelg, same, d/o James VAUGHAN & Mary LAUGHLIN, witn: James & Sarah Jane HISLOP of Glenelg, 18 March 1896 at Presbyterian Manse, Dornoch
#004797-96 (Grey Co): William H. McDONALD, 28, farmer, Ontario, Michigan USA, s/o Alonzo A. & Levina, married Elizabeth J. BUCK (or Burk), 21 (or 27), Ontario, Bentinck twp., d/o Thomas G. BUCK & Jane HATTON, witn: Agnes M. FRAME of Brant twp & John J. BUCK of Hamend?, 6 Oct 1896 at Bentinck twp 4833-96 (Grey Co): Alexander McEACHERN, 38, widower, farmer, Priceville, Glenelg, s/o Alexander & Jennie, married Matilda A. STEPHENSON, 18, Toronto, village of Dromore?, d/o John & Mary, witn: Joseph STEPHENSON of Dromore & Ida KENSINAN of Boothville, 11 Nov 1896 at Proton twp
  4780-96 Finlay MCINNES, 29, cheesemaker, Lucknow, same, s/o Martin MCINNES & Isabella CAMPBELL married Agnes MORRISON,18, England, Walkerton, d/o Frank MORRISON & mother deceased, Wtn: Jessie FARQUHARSON of Walkerton & Daniel MCDONALD of Lucknow February 27, 1896 at Hanover
#004438-96 (Grey Co.): William R. McKENZIE, 29, Wagon Maker, Osprey, Euphrasia, s/o John McKENZIE and Amelia Ann McRAE, married Ann Eliza McCONNELL, 28, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o John and Ellen McCONNELL, witn: Thomas SMITH & Barbara McKENZIE, Feb. 19, 1896, at Heathcote #004613-96 (Grey Co) John McKINNON, 33, Greenock Ontario, Keady Ont, b, minister of the gospel, s/o Niel McKINNON & Sarah McNEILL, married Maggie SINCLAIR, 23, Ontario, Sullivan Twp., s, d/o Duncan SINCLAIR & Sarah LINN, witn: L. MUNNS (or Munro) of Gillies Hill, Mary E. LINN of Kilsath?, married 9 January 1896, Keady
6684-99 (Grey Co): Duncan McNABB, 27, telegraph operator, Middlesex Co., Owen Sound, s/o Alexander McNABB & Margaret BROWN, married Margaret May HILL, 20, Meaford, Owen Sound, d/o James HILL & Mary Ann EGEN, witn: Mary Ann HILL of Detroit & Clara EGEN of Owen Sound, 27 Oct 1896 at Owen Sound 4711-96 (Grey Co): William Austin McPHALEN, 27, locomotive engineer, Welland twp., Fort William, s/o Cornelius & Mary, married Effie Isabella SEARLE, 23, Holland twp., Fort William, d/o John & Susan, witn: John SEARLE & Alice KINNIER, both of Holland Center, 2 Sept 1896 at Holland Center
#4625-96 (Grey Co) Henrich MEIER, 25, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o August MEIER & Caroline SABLITZTKI?, married Auguste DRAKE, 24, Germany, Sullivan, d/o Henrich DRAKE & Wilhelmine L???KE (Lipske?); Witn John SCHWEGER & Auguste SCHWEGER, 22 Jul 1896, Sullivan Twp.  
#004815-96 (Grey Co): Robert MENZIES, 25, farmer, Proton, same, s/o Duncan MENZIES & Barbara WALKER, married Deborah HALLIDAY, 21, Proton, same, d/o John HALLIDAY & Mary Ann ROBINSON, witn: James STEPHENS & Martha J. HALLIDAY, both of Proton, 1 Jan 1896 at Rosebank, Proton twp #004606-96 (Grey Co) George MEYERS, 28, Euphrasia Twp., same, b, farmer, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann MEYERS, married Mary Sarah HILL, 22, Garafraxa Twp, Euphrasia Twp, s, d/o Thomas & Mary HILL, wtin: William E. BREADY, Letitia A. HILL, both Euphrasia Twp., married 23 September 1896, Markdale
#004602-96 (Grey Co) William J. MIDDLETON, 25, Holland Twp., same, b, farmer, s/o John & Mary MIDDLETON, married Essie LYONS, 28, Holland Twp., same, s, d/o William & ELizabeth LYONS, witn: Fletcher HAWKINS, Elecia LYONS,both Holland Twp., married 30 June 1896, Markdale #004805-96 (Grey Co) Angus MORRISON, 27, Ontario, Osprey twp., farmer, s/o John MORRISON & Ellen GRIFFIN, married Sarah Ann PALLISTER, 19, Ontario, Maxwell, s, d/o George PALLISTER & Rachael BROWN, witn: Edmund PALLISTER, Julia GREY, both Maxwell, married 1 January 1896, Maxwell
4722-96 (Grey Co): Thomas Albert MORROW?, 27, farmer, Melancthon, Dundalk, s/o J.W. MORROW & Nellie CHARTERS, married Margaret Jane HEMPHILL, 20, Vaughan, Dundalk, d/o Joseph HEMPHILL & Dorothea Letitia WALKINS (or Watkins), witn: Hugh WALKINS of Dundalk & Carrie TAYLOR of Flesherton, 12 Aug 1896 at Dundalk 4712-96 (Grey Co): Wallace NICHOLSON, 23, farmer, Arran twp., Invermay, s/o Thomas & Matilda, married Martha E. WALKER, 19, Holland twp., Berkely, d/o George & Mary Jane, witn: George WALKER of Berkeley & Mrs. G. KERR of Invermay, 9 Sept 1896 at Berkeley
#011575-96 (Grey Co) Lewis NIGH, 28, Markham, Port Elgin, butcher, b, s/o John & Iva NIGH, married Lilly REDWOOD?, 20, Killarney Ireland, Nottawasaga, widow, d/o Michael & Mary McDERMID, witn: John GORDON, Mrs. John GORDON, Nottawasaga, married 12 February 1896, Collingwood 4751-96 Frederick OEHM, 39, farmer, Waterloo co, Normanby, s/o Frederick OEHM & Margaretha FISCHER married Margaretha SCHAUS, 23, Normanby, same, d/o Jacob SCHAUS & Christine DAHMER, Wtn; Frederick & Augusta SCHAUS both of Normanby February 9, 1896 at Normanby.
4715-96 (Grey Co): Richard H. OLMSTEAD, 23, lumber merchant, Walters Falls, same, s/o Richard? & Eliza, married Olive Elholina BROWN, 20, Meaford, Walters Falls, d/o David & Christena, witn: Frank OLMSTEAD & Matilda SAUNDERS, both of Walters Falls, 28 Oct 1896 at Walters Falls #004811-96 (Grey Co) Edmund PALLISTER, 24, Osprey, same, b, farmer, s/o George & Rachael PALLISTER, married Catherine McQUEEN, 21, Osprey, same, s, d/o Sandy & Flora McQUEEN, witn: Levi PALLISTER, Emma McQUEEN, both Osprey, married 12 August 1896, Manse, Maxwell
4759-96 James Brechen PARK, 29, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o James PARK & Rebecca NICHOL married Mary Jane GEDDES, 28, Normanby, same, d/o Walter GEDDES & Elizabeth LEONARD, wtn; Daniel SMITH of Bentinck & Lizzie GEDDES of Normanby May 6, 1896 at Hampden 4795-96 Alexander PEPPLER, 23, mechanic, Waterloo, Hanover, s/o George PEPPLER & Catherine SCHAEFER married Merelda C. ROGERS, 20, Normanby, Hanover, d/o Gabriel ROGERS & Ellen ARMITAGE, Wtn: Selina PEPPLER of Listowel & Jacob MUTER of Hanover September 22, 1896 at Hanover.
#004806-96 (Grey Co) Chas. W. PRIDDLE, 29, Nottawasaga Twp., Osprey Twp., b, farmer, s/o John PRIDDLE & Jane MITCHEL, married Emma D.E. CLAYTON, 23, Osprey Twp., Badjeros, s, d/o Caleb CLAYTON & Ann CLAYTON, witn: Wilfred PRIDDLE of Osprey, Mary T. CLAYTON of Badjeros, married 1 January 1896, Badjeros 004575-96 (Grey Co.) William John RADLEY, 26, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o George and Jane RADLEY married Margaret Rebecca WHITE, 17, Artemesia, same, d/o William and Margaret WHITE, wit; None given, on November 1, 1896 at Artemesia.
#004607-96 (Grey Co) William H. RICKETTS, 20, Scarboro, Markdale, b, clerk, s/o William & Chloe RICKETTS, married Selena E. LEE, 18, York England, Markdale, s, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth LEE, witn: Ernest SYMES, Elizabeth LEE, both Markdale, married 21 October 1896, Markdale 4746-96 Louis ROEDDING, 29, teacher, Alsfeldt, same, s/o John & Anna ROEDDING married Minnie DIPPEL, 17, Carrick, Alsfeldt, d/o Henry DIPPEL & Dora RUEBER, Wtn; L. DIPPEL & Mary ROEDDING December 31, 1896 at Alsfeldt.
4790-96 Gabriel L. ROGERS, 54, dentist, Hanover, same, s/o Dennis ROGERS & Corinna HAUCK married Annie BAULAND, 44, widow, Hanover, same, d/o George HARRISON & Matilda WARHN?, Wtn; Alex PEPPLER & Claribel ROGERS both of Hanover July 7, 1896 at Hanover. 4724-96 (Grey Co): Alexander RUSSELL, 25, farmer, Proton twp, same, s/o George RUSSELL & Annie ST--?, married Eliza C. BITTORF, 22, Ellice twp., Proton twp, d/o George BITTORF & Mary LOH--?, witn: Walter N. CARR & Kate QUIGG, 21 Oct 1896 at Dundalk
4758-96 John SACHS, 60, farmer, Germany, Bentinck, s/o George SACHS & Anna KESSLER married Mary OHLBRECHT, 40, widow, Germany, Normanby, d/o Nicholas & Ann Marie HUEHN, Wtn: John OHLBRECHT & Charles HARMEL both of Normanby May 5, 1896 at Nuestadt. 4771-96 John SCHRANDT, 57, farmer, Germany, Bentinck, s/o Gotfried & Wilhelmina SCHMRANDT married Sophia PRAST,36, Bentinck, same, d/o Christian & Johann PRAST, Wtn; John & Christine MCGILLIVARY January 1, 1896 at Hanover.
4794-96 Edward SCHTULER, 26, merchant, New York USA, Toledo Ohio, s/o E. & Catherine SCHTULER married S. A. MUELLER, 24, Bentinck, same, d/o Henry & Catherine MUELLER, Wtn: W. CLASTEN of Toledo Ohio & Christine MUELLER of Bentinck, September 23, 1896 at Bentinck 4787-96 Isaac SCOTT, 31, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah SCOTT married Emma W. KINGSHOT, 26, Brant, Hanover, d/o William & Ann KINGSHOT , Wtn: John PROCTOR & Elizabeth GARNER both of Hanover June 30, 1896 at Hanover
4736-96 (Grey Co): Howard SCRATCH, 34, widower, boating, Canada, Collingwood, s/o Leonard & Mary, married Margery McELVOY (or McElroy), 24, Canada, Thornbury, d/o John & Ellen, witn: William C. & Ellen SIMPSON of Thornbury, 21 Jan 1896 at Thornbury 4721-96 (Grey Co): Abraham SHEARSON, 27, farmer, Co Cavan Ireland, Proton twp, s/o Samuel SHEARSON & Mary BEST, married Catherine QUIGG, 25, of Artemesia twp., d/o Patrick QUIGG & Mary STUART, witn: George SHEARSON of Proton Station & Jane QUIGG of Flesherton, 30 Dec 1896 at Dundalk
#004820-96 (Grey Co): George SPENCE, 29, farmer, Egremont twp., Proton twp., s/o George SPENCE & Caroline BRETT, married Margaret STEWART, 28, Egremont twp., same, d/o John STEWART & Catherine McAINISH, witn: Maggie SPENCE of Proton & Andrew STEWART of Egremont, 26 Feb 1896 at Proton twp 4824-96 (Grey Co): Thomas Bell SPENCER, 33, farmer, Egremont twp., same, s/o George SPENCER & Caroline BRETT, married Euphemia McPHAIL, 25, Proton twp, same, d/o Alexander McPHAIL & Jane JACK, witn: D.J. McDONALD & Emily P. MORRISON, both of Proton twp, 18 March 1896 at Proton twp
#4624-96 (Grey Co) John David SWEAGER, 23, farmer, Sullivan, Sullivan, s/o Christian SWEAGER & Christine MOHNKE, married Auguste LIENAU, 22, Germany, Sullivan Tp, d/o John LIENAU & Matilda BREITFELD; Witn Alfred EIHOLD & Wilhelmine EIHOLD, both of Sullivan, 12 May 1896, Sullivan Twp.  
4701-96 (Grey Co): Francis Edward TEDFORD, 21, teacher, Sullivan twp., Derby twp., s/o William & Ann Jane, married Susan McCLELLAND, 20, Sullivan twp., same, d/o John & Fanny, witn: Fred J. McCLELLAND & Minnie TEDFORD, both of Sullivan twp., 16 March 1896 at St. Pauls Rectory, Chatsworth 004807-96 (Grey Co) William THOMPSON, 26, Osprey Twp., same, b, farmer, s/o William THOMPSON & Margret BOWES, married Christena McARTHUR, 21, Osprey Twp., same, s, d/o D. & Ann McARTHUR, witn: Hugh McFADDEN, Jesse McARTHUR, both Osprey, married 5 February 1896, Manse, Maxwell
#4616-96 (Grey Co) Joseph TRIANOVSKI, 29, farmer, Germany, Sullivan Tp, s/o Henry TRIANOVSKI & Anna SIEG, married Wilhelmine SUCH, 26, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o Karl SUCH & Luise SALEVSKI; Witn Julius LANGE & Susannah SUCH, both of Sullivan, 23 Jan 1896, Sullivan Twp. #4544-96 (Grey Co) Frederick James TRIST, 28, marine architect, Dartmouth England, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Edmund TRIST & Mary A. EASTERBROOK, married Evalyn Jane ALEXANDER, 26, Brampton, Ottawa, d/o Robert ALEXANDER & Amy Jane WILKINSON; Witn J.S. BANNERMAN & M. Ida MILLER, both of Owen Sound, 27 Jan 1896, Owen Sound.
4781-96 James TURNBULL, 31, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o George TURNBULL & blank, married Margaret HASTIE, 29, Sullivan, Bentinck, d/o Arch HASTIE & Annie MCRAE, Wtn: George TURNBULL & Bella HASTIE both of Bentinck February 26, 1896 at Crawford 4825-96 (Grey Co): Luther VERT, 26, farmer, Proton twp, same, s/o John VERT & Christena STEPHENS, married Elizabeth ELLIS, 18, Egremont, Proton twp, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: John ELLIS & Alice Jane MORLEY, both of Proton twp, 1 July 1896 at Proton twp
4755-96 Louis VOELZING, 28, farmer, Carrick, Brant, s/o Valentine & Elizabeth VOELZING married Christina MUELLER, 24, Normanby, same, d/o Henry & Christine MUELLER, Wtn: George VOELZING OF Carrick & C. MUELLER of Normanby March 24, 1896 at Normanby. 4704-96 (Grey Co): Alfred WARD, 28, yeoman, of Sydenham twp, s/o William & Sarah, married Lollet BROWN, 20, Meaford, Walters Falls, d/o David & Christena, witn: Richard H. OLMSTEAD & Olive BROWN, both of Walters Falls, 19 Feb 1896 at Walters Falls
4786-96 Robert D. WASHBURN, 23,engineer, Listowel, same, s/o Joseph & Alice WASHBURN married Edith L. L. WAKEFORD, 18, Listowel, same, d/o James & Mary WAKEFORD, Wtn: Anna & Emma WAKEFORD both of Hanover June 16, 1896 at Hanover 4720-96 (Grey Co): Robert Andrew WATSON, 24, farmer, Egremont twp., Proton twp, s/o John WATSON & Margaret RANDELS, married Laura RIDDELL, 19, Vaughan twp., Proton twp, d/o Andrew RIDDELL & Louise PHILIP, witn: Luther VERT of Hopeville & Lottie PERKINS of Dundalk, 18 Feb 1896 at Dundalk
4747-96 Louis WEBER, 23, carpenter,Normanby, same, s/o Charles WEBER & Philipina KNORR married Wilhelmina WITTICH, 21, Normanby, same, d/o Andrew WITTICH & Augusta GUTJKE, Wtn; Louis WEBER & Margaret WITTICH both of Normanby January 7, 1896 at Normanby 4785-96 Adam WEIR, 32, book keeper, Puslinch, Port Credit, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth WEIR married Kate Julian MCLEAN, 30, Bentinck, same, d/o John & Julian MCLEAN, Wtn; Donald & Annie MCLEAN both of Bentinck June 10, 1896 at Bentinck.
4768-96 Jacob WELTZ, 22, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o George WELTZ & Elizabeth NUEGARTH married Katharine RAHN, 20, Normanby, Carrick, d/o Louis RAHN & Louise KOSSLER, Wtn; Frederick SCHAUS & Arthur RAHN both of Carrick November 24, 1896 at Carrick. 4767-96 John WEPPLER, 25, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Andrew WEPPLER & Helene BRUSSO married Elizabeth WALTER, 19, Normanby, same, d/o Frederick WALTER & Anna WETTLAUFER,, Wtn; Ludwig WEPPLER & Henry WALTER both of Normanby November 7, 1896 at Nuestadt
. 4789-96 Richard WHITEMAN, 27, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Joseph WHITEMAN & Margaret CORRIGAN married Rose MEYERS, 19, England, Bentinck, d/o James MEYERS & Jane WOMI? (Warne?), Wtn: Joseph & Annie WHITEMAN both of Bentinck July 6, 1896 at Hanover.
4748-96 Engelbert WIDMEYER, 62, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Moritz WIDMEYER & Waldburga GUBER married Elizabeth JUCKSCH, Germany, Nuestadt, d/o William BRUMMER &(?), Wtn: William BRUMMER & Hannah HUETHER both of Nuestadt January 21, 1896 at Nuestadt. 4778-96 Henry WIEDENDORF, 27 , carpenter, Bentinck, same, s/o John WEIDENDORF & Emily ARMSTADT married Lena MINTO, 22, Brant, same, d/o John MINTO & Caroline MILLER, Wtn: Noah MINTO of Brant & John WEIDENDORF of Bentinck January 28, 1896 at Bentinck.
4791-96 Herman WIEGARD, 24, labourer, Bentinck, same, s/o Gotlieb WIEGARD & Pauline LINSTADT married Emily GUSE (Geise?), 27, Germany, Hanover, d/o Francis GUSE & Emily REGAL, Wtn; Herman GUSE & Herman MESSERSCHMIDT both of Hanover April 28, 1896 at Hanover 4706-96 (Grey Co): William Albert WIGGINS, 24, farmer, of Holland twp., s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary Jane RAE, 35, Sydenham, Holland twp., d/o Thomas & Marjory, witn: James WIGGINS of La--? & Maggie RAE of Harkaway, 7 April 1896 at Holland
4769-96 William YANDT, 21, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o Frederick YANDT & Elizabeth DICKERT married Dorothy KRUEGER, 20, Egremont, Mount Forest, d/o Christian KRUEGER & Elizabeth WILSON, Wtn; Jacob & Anna YANDT both of Normanby December 2, 1896 at Nuestadt.