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3928-87, John James AKHURST, 32, farmer, England, Toronto, s/o William & Elizabeth AKHURST, married Miriam WEST, 27, Keppel, Keppel, d/o James & Mary WEST, wtn: James WEST & Sarah Elizabeth WESTAWAY both of Keppel, 14 Dec 1887, Keppel 4036-87 George ALLENSEN, 25, carpenter, Blenheim Oxford Co, Normanby, s/o Conrad ALLENSEN & Margaret KERSHER married Ann Elizabeth WEBER, 21, Normanby, Neustadt, d/o John WEBER & Elizabeth GONDER, Wtn: Valentine WEPPLER of Normanby & John GONDER of Bentinck March 22, 1887 at Neustadt
4030-87 Alfred AMMERMAN, 28, Yeoman, Walsingham Twp. same, s/o David AMMERMAN & Susannah BEDFORD married Henrietta HALLIDAY, 22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o George HALLIDAY & Marion WILTON, Wtn: George KENNY of Doon Waterloo & Harriet PEPPER of Mount Forest, March 1, 1887 at Mount Forest [reg'd in Normanby] 3950-87, George ANDREWS, 60, widower, farmer, England, Melancthon, s/o Lazarus ANDREWS & Elizabeth WEBB, married Mary Ann ROBOTTOM, 26, Melancthon, Melancthon, d/o William ROBOTTOM & Sarah GRAY, wtn: Nat W. CORNETT & Mrs. J.A. ROSS both of not given, 5 Sept 1887, Dundalk
#003800-87 (Grey Co) Thomas H. ARROWSMITH, 30, farmer, Durham Ont., same, s/o Thomas H. ARROWSMITH & Betsy Ann DORREY, married Ida May GRANGER, 22, Glenelg, same, d/o George GRANGER & Clara PHELP, witnesses were David ARROWSMITH & Agnes J. WHITE, both of Glenelg, June 15, 1887 at Priceville 4048-87 Conrad BAETZ, 21, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o John BAETZ & Elizabeth EIDT married Juliana WEIGEL, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Frederick WEIGEL & Rosina SCHLOTZHAUER, Wtn; Martin BENDER OF Normanby & Elisa BAETZ of Carrick September 13, 1887 at Normanby.
004193-87 David BAILLIE, 27, blacksmith, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o Andrew BAILLIE & Jessie HAGUE, married Annie Laura CONNELL, 23, Williamsford, Owen Sound, d/o Robert CONNELL & Elizabeth SNOWDON, witn: William ARMSTRONG & Annie STAPLES both of Owen Sound on Sept. 15, 1887 at Owen Sound.

3815-87, Thomas Maxel BANNON, 31, farmer, Belmont Twp, Artemesia, s/o John & Rachel BANNON, married Maria Ellen WARD, 29, Toronto Twp, Artemesia, d/o Alfred WARD & Mary RIGNOL, wtn: Alfred HARRISON & Jennie BANNON both of Artemesia, 26 Dec 1887, Artemesia

003935-87 (Grey Co.) James A. BANNERMAN, 25, carpenter, Northumberland, Osprey Twp., s/o Adam and Catherine BANNERMAN married Catherine KNUFF (Knapp?), 18, Collingwood Twp., same, d/o George and Catherine KNUFF, wtn., George KNUFF & Martha Ann HUTCHINSON, not given, on September 28th, 1887 at Collingwood Twp. 003898-87 (Grey Co.) Joseph BARBER, 25, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o Charles BARBER and Elonor married Salena BROWN, 24, Osprey, Feversham, d/o Robert and Elizabeth, wtn., Mrs. W. F. FERRIS & Mrs. HALL both of Osprey on January 20, 1887 at Maxwell.
4011-87 William BARBOUR, 24, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Robert BARBOUR & Annie MCPHERSON married Annie MIGHTON,19, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o Thomas MIGHTON &(can't read), Wtn: William WHITFORD of Bentinck October 4, 1887 at Hanover 4078-88 Andrew BARRISTER, 24, cabinet maker, Hanover, Hanover, s/o Andrew BARRISTER & Avis TILLER married Margaret LLOYD, 22, Hanover, Hanover, d/o William & Mary LLOYD, Wtn: John COOL & Mary LEMINE both of Hanover December 28, 1887 at Hanover.
4018-87 Harry BATES, 24, labourer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Harry & Christina BATES married Catherine SCHUL, 25, Germany, Bentinck, d/o Ernest & Anna SCHUL, Wtn: Carl SCHUL & Carl HILDEBRANDT both of Bentinck, December 24, 1887 at Bentinck Twp 004178-87 Charles Henry BAWTENHEIMER, 24, painter, Seaforth, Owen Sound, s/o Rev. Henry BAWTENHEIMER & Martha Amanda BARBER, married Isabella WALLACE, 21, Harriston, Owen Sound, d/o James WALLACE & Jane LAMBERT, witn: Fred & Minnie WALLACE both of Owen Sound on July 11, 1887 at Owen Sound
4205-87 Samuel Weston BEAL , 29, potter, London England, Hamilton, s/o Jesse BEAL & not known, married Eliza MOORE, 19, Pilkington, Keppel, d/o Samuel MOORE & Sarah, witn: Rev. John BALL & Rev. S. C. EDMONDS, 19 Oct.. 1887 at Owen Sound 3926-87, Albert James BEATTIE, 24, farmer, Canada, Keppel, s/o David & Jane, married Elsie LYTTLE, 20, Keppel, Keppel, d/o Elizabeth & Alexander, wtn: John BEATTIE & Sarah GLEN both of Owen Sound, 26 Oct 1887, at residence of bride
4022-87 Frederick BECKER, 26, labourer, Normanby Twp, Hanover, s/o Henry & Anne Elizabeth BECKER married Wilhelmine LUDKY,25, Carrick Twp, Bruce Co. d/o Frederick & Mary LUDKY, Wtn: Adam HOWARD & Elizabeth YAEGER both of Bruce Co. January 19, 1887 at Neustadt 4073-87, James Robert BELL, 28, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia, s/o Joseph & Margaret Jane BELL, married Elizabeth Ann HUTCHINSON, 23, Canada, Collingwood Twp, d/o James & Julia Ann HUTCHINSON, wtn: James Lindsay HUTCHINSON of Collingwood & Araminta IRWIN of Thornbury, 26 Oct 1887, Collingwood Twp
4066-87, John BEST, 26, farmer, Australia, Mulmur Twp, s/o John & Eliza BEST, married Charlotte THOMPSON, 21, Canada, Thornbury, d/o Thomas & Charlotte THOMPSON, wtn: William THOMPSON of Thornbury & Lizzie BEST of Mulmur, 30 Mar 1887, Thornbury 3925-87, William Robert BEST, 22, carpenter, Canada, Keppel, Keppel, s/o James & Anna BEST, married Mary Ann WALPOLE, 18, Canada, Keppel, d/o Richard & Sarah WALPOLE, wtn: James BEST & Phoebe BEST both of Keppel, 17 Aug 1887, Keppel
4023-87 Christian BINKLE, 22, farmer, Howick Twp, Howick Twp, s/o Christian BINKLE & Eve EHRSMANN married Eliabeth WAEGNER, 21, Normanby Twp, Howick Twp, d/o Martin WAEGNER & Elizabeth HOLY, Wtn: John REID & Werner KLUG both of Howick Twp. January 20 1887 at Normanby 3809-87, Thomas A. BLAKELY, 24, mechanic, Artemesia, Maxwell, s/o Thomas BLAKELY & Elizabeth ORR, married Hannah Margaret LEVER, 24, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o Roger LEVER & Rebecca HOLLEY (Halley?), wtn: J.A. LEVER & Maggie BLAKELY both of Artemesia, 27 Sept 1887, Flesherton
4102-88 Robert BLAKY, 22, farmer, Normanby, Owen Sound, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Mary CHALIN, 19, St. Vincent, Owen Sound, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John M. CAMPBELL & Maggie McKILLOP, both of Owen Sound, 21 Dec 1887 at Owen Sound 4002-87 Henry BOHMS, 25,labourer, Brant Twp, Bentinck Twp, s/o Charles & Mary BOHMS married Mary MILLER, 23, Dumfries, Bentinck Twp, d/o Henry & Caroline MILLER, Wtn: John MILLER of Bentinck & Rev. J. G. LITT of Elmwood June 2, 1887 at Bentinck
4208-87 Donald BOLE, 31, contractor, St. Vincent, same, s/o Francis BOLE & Clementina ROBINSON, married Isabella WATT, 26, Meaford, same, d/o Charles WATT & Isabella McGIRR, witn: Agnes G. & Charles A. M. SCOTT of Owen Sound, 3 Dec 1887 at Owen Sound 4103-88 John BOWMAN, 35, widower, carpenter, Walpole twp., Derby, s/o John & Mercy, married Mary Ann PLANTE, 26, Arran, same, d/o Alex & Sarah, witn: Maggie CHRISTIE & Addie CAMPBELL, both of Owen Sound, 21 Dec 1887 at Owen Sound
004212-87 (Grey Co): John M., BRADLEY, 28, Stittsville, Owen Sound, Tinsmith, s/o George & Caroline BRADLEY, married Margaret C. SMITH, 24, Owen Sound, same, d/o John A. & Anne SMITH, wtn: Sidney A. BROWN & Emily M. HARRISON both of Owen Sound, on December 21, 1887, at Owen Sound 4014-87 William BRATTEN, 27, farmer, Bentinck, Bentinck, s/o William BRATTEN & Eliza LIVINGSTON married Charlotte LEMNEY, 18, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o James LEMNEY & Fanny DONNELLY, Wtn: Robert BRATTEN & Harriet LEMNEY both of Bentinck Twp, October 20, 1887 at Bentinck Twp
003915-87 (Grey Co.) David BRISTOW, 22, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o William and Mary married Annie ZIGGEL, 21, Osprey, same, d/o Henry and Isabella, wtn., Donald WILSON & Sarah WILSON, both of Collingwood on November 2, 1887 at Osprey. 3994-87 Daniel BROCKNELL, 23, farmer, Brant twp., Sullivan twp., s/o Robert BROCKNELL & Mary RUNNIONS, married Martha Victoria NOBLE, 19, Prince End Co., Sullivan, d/o John NOBLE & Martha ROLSTON, witn: Richard NICHOLSON of Sullivan, 5 April 1887 at Hanover
3927-87, Henry BROOKBANK, 27, blacksmith, Streetsville, Streetsville, s/o Samuel BROOKBANK & Grace HOWARD, married Maggie McKINNON, 24, Garafaxa, Keppel, d/o Hugh & Grace McKINNON, wtn: J. J. NOBLE & Mary E. NOBLE both of Hepworth, 28 Nov 1887, Hepworth  

4067-87, Thomas BROOKS, 22, barber, Canada, Collingwood, s/o Abraham & Mary BROOKS , married Euphemia BURRETT, not given, Canada, Thornbury, Edwin & Julia BURRETT, wtn: Isaac FAWCETT of Clarksburg & Sophia SHEARER of Thornbury, 12 Jan 1887, Thornbury

3773-87 John BROWN, 27, farmer, Newport USA, Sarawak, s/o William BROWN & Mary Ann, married Maria Agnes WILSON, 19, Garafraxa, Sydenham, d/o William WILSON & Mary Ann, witn: John MORTON of Sarawak & Margaret WILSON of Sydenham, 23 March 1887 at Sydenham
4000-88 Thomas BUCKLEY, 22, carpenter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George BUCKLEY & Hannah BOON, married Agnes PATRICK, 21, Ontario, Meaford, d/o Daniel PATRICK & Mary Ann TURNER, witn: Lorenzo BOYD & Louisa PATRICK, both of Meaford, 27 Dec 1887 at Meaford 003887-88 Matthew Thomas BURK, 23, farmer, Ontario, Osprey, s/o John & Margaret Ann, married Catharine MENZIES, 19, Osprey, same, d/o Archibald MENZIES & Mary COUTTS, witn: William J. BURK & Annie MENZIES both of Osprey on Dec. 21, 1887 at Osprey
004209-87 (Grey Co): George Aidew BUZZA, 23, Sydenham, same, Farmer, s/o George BUZZA & Jane JENKINS, married Gabella SCOTT, 21, Sydenham, same, d/o John SCOTT & Mary McGREGOR, wtn: Andrew ROSS & Flora SCOTT both of Sydenham, on December 14, 1887, at Owen Sound 3784-87 John CAD (Ead?), 30, farmer, Scotland, Sydenham, s/o George & Christena, married Catherine McMARTIN, 26, Sydenham, same, d/o Malcolm & Janet, witn: Jane McMARTIN & David HOPE, both of Sydenham, 11 Oct. 1887 at Sydenham
  4009-87 John CAIN, 25, labourer, Brant Twp, Walkerton, s/o Paul CAIN & Catherine SHANE married Margaret BROWN, 21, Brant Twp, Walkerton, d/o Alex BROWN & June ELLIS, Wtn: William WINKLER of Hanover August 27, 1887 at Hanover.
004210-87, (Grey Co) Alexander Smith CAMPBELL, 40, carpenter, widower, Scotland, of illegible, s/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Eliza SMITH, married Janet BEATTIE, 29, Sydenham, Keppell, d/o John BEATTIE & Ann ROBERTSON, wtn: H.H. SCOTT & Charlotte SCOTT both of Owen Sound, on December 19, 1887, at Owen Sound 3990-87 Donald CAMPBELL, 21, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Almira JONES, married Annie SHATZ, 23, Elma twp., Mornington twp., d/o Henry SHATZ & Kate RUPERT, witn: John? W. BROWN of Bentinck & Lizzie SHATZ of Mornington, 23 March 1887 at Bentinck
#004049-88 (Grey Co) James CARRIE, 28, School Teacher, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o Gideon and Hellen CARRIE, married Elizabeth McWHIRTER, 26, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o David and Mary McWHIRTER, witn: Gilbert MCWHIRTER, Jessie CARRIE, Dec. 29, 1887, at Sydenham 4382-89 Robert CASWELL, 26, farmer, Clarke, Sullivan, s/o William & Martha Ellen, married Annie STEVENSON, 23, Ontario, Sullivan, d/o Samuel & Eliza Jane, witn: George STEVENSON & Mary Ann CROSS, both of Sullivan, 5 Oct 1887 at Sullivan
4015-87 James CATTENOCH, 30, bricklayer, Elora, Fordwich, s/o John CATTENOCH & Mary Ann SMART married Lena BECKER, 17, Normanby, Hanover, d/o Henry BECKER & Annie NISFIL, Wtn: Adam DAVIDSON of Listowel November 4, 1887 at Hanover #003792-87 (Grey Co) John CHISLETT, 32, Canada, Glenelg, widower, farmer, s/o Samuel & Isabella CHISLETT, married Catherine IRWIN, 28, Ireland, Artemesia, s, d/o Charles & Effie IRWIN, witn: Samuel IRWIN, Annie SHARP, both Artemesia, 1 February 1887, Artemesia

3806-87, Robert CLARK, 26, lumberer, Streetsville, Canada, s/o Robert CLARK & Jane Ann SMITH, married Rose Ann CUNNINGHAM, 20, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o William CUNNINGHAM & Rose A. REINEY (Rainey?), wtn: William THOMPSON & Bella CUNNINGHAM both of Artemesia, 16 Aug 1887, Artemesia

3794-87, Adam CLARK, 27, farmer, Holland, Holland, s/o Thomas & Ann CLARK, married Catherine NIXON, 25 Proton, Holland, d/o James & Mary NIXON, wtn: John WALLACE of Holland & Barbara ORMSBY of Euphrasia, 13 Feb 1887, Markdale

3783-87 Jonah W. CLARK, 30, England, Sydenham, d/o unknown, married Isabella ARMSTRONG, 29, Sydenham, same, d/o David ARMSTRONG & Agnes, witn: James & Fanny ARMSTRONG of Sydenham, 17 Nov 1887 at Sydenham 3778-87 Joseph CLARK, 30, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o James H. CLARK & Isabella Ann, married Agnes McLEAN, 24, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Robert McLEAN & Mariah, witn: Malcolm BODDY & Sarah Jane McLEAN, both of Sydenham, 22 Aug 1887 at Knox Church, Sydenham
003912-87 (Grey Co.) James CLARK, 30, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o James & Mary CLARK married Alice McNEECE, 33, Chinguacousy, Osprey, d/o James and Jane (nee LOUGHEAD) McNEECE, wtn., John TODD and Mary Ann LOUGHEED, both of Osprey on November 16, 1887 at Maxwell. 4075-88 Duncan James CLARKE, 24, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck, s/o John & Jane CLARKE married Maria REDFORD, 27, Nelson Twp, Bentinck, d/o John & Sarah REDFORD, Wtn: Hugh MCLEAN & Sarah REDFORD both of Bentinck Twp, December 28, 1887 at Lamlash, Bentinck.
4078-87, John CONN, 24, farmer, Garafaxa, Euphrasia, s/o John & Mary Jane CONN, married Mary Grace HORTOP, 20, Whitby, Euphrasia, d/o Thomas & Harriet HORTOP, wtn: William HORTOP & Sarah CONN both of Euphrasia, 15 Feb 1887, Heathcote  
3796-87, William S. COPLEY, 25, lather, England, Toronto, s/o Stephen & Eliza COPLEY, married Sarah Ann NOBLE, 24, Canada, Markdale, d/o James & Esther NOBLE, wtn: E. W. WHITE & Susan NOBLE both of Toronto, 29 May 1887, Artemesia 3949-87, Robert CORNETT, 42, widower, manufacturer, Lansdowne, Dundalk, s/o James & Mary Jane CORNETT, married Hattie E. HYKE, 31, Brooklin Ont, Dundalk, d/o Thomas HYKE & E. A. St. GEORGE, wtn: Nat W. CORNETT & Celinda E. PHILLIPS both of not given, 6 Sept, 1887, Dundalk
#004194-87 (Grey Co): Joseph COULTER, 25, iron moulder, Chatsworth, Toronto, s/o David COULTER & Mary EDGAR, married Christena STEPHENSON, 21, Toronto, Owen Sound, d/o Foster STEPHENSON & Ellen RANKIN, witn: Samuel COULTER of Chatsworth & Mary McKINNON of Owen Sound, 15 Sept 1887 at Owen Sound 004190-87 Horace E. CRAWFORD, 28, barrister, Owen Sound, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Robert CRAWFORD & Mary KNIGHT, married Elizabeth Platt CREASON, 23, Owen Sound, same, d/o D. A. CREASON & Jane PLATT, witn: John PARKER & Margaret WYLIE both of Owen Sound on July 14, 1887 at Owen Sound.
#004100-87 (Grey Co) Archibald Duncan CUMMING, 27, engineer, Meaford, North Bay, s/o Archibald & Caroline, married Mary Jane LAW, 25, Rainham, St. Vincent, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were Joshua & Linda LAW of St. Vincent, 27 Dec. 1887 at St. Vincent

3811-87, James Rae CUNNINGHAM, 31, carpenter, Artemesia, Toronto, s/o William & Rosanna CUNNINGHAM, MARRIED Susan HENRY, 32, Albion, Artemesia, d/o Malcolm & Susan HENRY, wtn: J. M. CUNNINGHAM & Fanny HENRY both of Artemesia, 22 Nov 1887, Artemesia

  004064-88 (Grey Co.) William CULLEN, 24, farmer, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o William and Elizabeth CULLEN, married Isabella McKAY, 31, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o blank, witn: Eliza BALL of Woodford and Polly STONEMAN of Hensall, 3 February 1887 at Woodford
4037-87 Henry DAMM, 27, carpenter, Wellesley Twp, Normanby, s/o George & Anna DAMM married Mary DREIER, 20, Normanby, Normanby, d/o John & Mary DREIER, Wtn: Ernst DREIER & Lydia HOIST both of Normanby March 29, 1887 at Normanby 003910-87 (Grey Co.) Mungo DAND, 35, farmer, widower, Scotland, Osprey, s/o William DAND and Marian WRIGHT married Anne SPENCER, 23, Claremont Ontario, Osprey, d/o William SPENCER and Ann ROOME, wtn., Minnie May SPENCER & William T. JULIAN both of Osprey on September 9, 1887 at Osprey.
003939-87 (Grey Co.) John DEER, 25, farmer, Canada, Collingwood Twp., s/o David and Harriet DEER married Catherine TAYLOR, 22, Canada, Oro Twp., d/o Lauchlin and Catherine TAYLOR , wtn., Angus KNUFF & Eliza DEER on October 26th, 1887 at Collingwood Twp. 004188-87 Robert DELANEY, 23, laborer, Canada, Collins Inlet Algoma Dist., s/o James DELANEY & Elizabeth ELLISON, married Louisa McGILLIVRAY, 23, widow, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John NEALL & Esther BALL, witn: Harvey PRICE & Elizabeth CARR both of Owen Sound on Aug. 24, 1887 at Owen Sound.
4059-87 Geroge Johnston DICKISON, 26, physician, s/o William DICKISON & Jane JOHNSTON married Laura Barbara EULER, 22, Neustadt, Neustadt, d/o Adam & Margaret EULER, Wtn: charles & Rachel DICKISON of Carrick, Emma EULA of Neustadt & Dr. Hauck of Galt December 6, 1887 at Neustadt 4065-87, John Henry DICKINSON, 35, book keeper, England, Thornbury, s/o Edwin & Ellen DICKINSON, married Ellen McCORT, 32, Canada, Thornbury, d/o James & Mary Jane McCORT, wtn: Joseph DICKINSON of Toronto & Rebecca McCORT of Thornbury, 30 Mar 1887, Thornbury
4028-87 John DIEBEL, 24, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Conrad & Maria DIEBEL married Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, 22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Henry & Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, Wtn: Henry & Anna SCHNEIDER both of Normanby February 14, 1887 at Normanby.  
4024-87 John DIETZ, 23, farmer, Carrick Twp, Howick Twp, s/o John DIETZ & Amalie PROCKNOW married Maria BINKLE, 20, Howick , Howick Twp, d/o Christian BINKLE & Eve EHRSMANN, Wtn: Conrad & Ann KUHL both of Carrick Twp January 20, 1887 at Normanby 4051-87 Henry DIETZ, 25, farmer, Normanby, Howick, s/o John DIETZ & Amalia BROCHNOW married Mary GERHARD, 21, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Henry GERHARD & Christine DERBROKER, Wtn: George GERHARD of Normanby & Christine DEITZ of Howick October 11, 1887 at Normanby
4041-87 Johnson Alexander DIXON, 22, Yeoman, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John DIXON & Margaret MCEWAN (s/b McKeown) married Margaret AMMERMAN, 22, Normanby, Waterloo co, d/o Edward AMMERMAN & Eliza HUNT, Wtn: Thomas DIXON of Paisley & Margaret Mickleborough of Holstein May 25, 1887 at Normanby

3808-87, Henry DOWN, 23, farmer, Zorra, Artemesia, s/o Alfred & Mary DOWN, married Elizabeth L. FAWCETT, 20, Euphrasia, Flesherton, d/o Robert & Elizabeth FAWCETT, wtn: A.R. FAWCETT of Flesherton & Alfred DOWN of Artemesia, 15 Sept 1887, Flesherton

4012-87 Frederick DRENSCH, 24, tinsmith, Hanover, Elmwood, s/o Valentine & Annie DRENSCH married Mary Ann DELLENBACH, 26, Waterloo, Elmwood, d/o George & Magdelina DELLENBACH, Wtn: Cornelius & Elizabeth ELY both of Elmwood October 11, 1887 at Elmwood. 4013-87 Silas Hugh EDMONDS, 24, farmer, Eramosa Twp, Garafraxa Twp, s/o Thomas EDMONDS & June TOMPKINS married Salinda BRATTEN, 25, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o William BRATTEN & Eliza LIVINGSTON, Wtn: Robert BRATTEN OF Bentinck & Mary EDMONDS of Garafraxa October 12, 1887 at Bentinck Twp.
4034-87 John EICHHHOLZ, 21, mason, Carrick, Carrick, s/o John & Mary EICHHOLZ married Mary YOST, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o George & Mary YOST, Wtn: Adam EICHHOLZ of Carrick & Elizabeth PRIESS of Minto March 15, 1887 at Normanby. 003897-87 (Grey Co.) George EMERSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o Francis and Ann EMERSON married Elizabeth GUGINS, 23, Canada, Osprey, d/o George and Elizabeth Ann GUGINS, wtn., Neil McLEAN & Mary GUGINS both of Osprey on January 19, 1887 at Osprey.
4038-87 Charles EVERS, 22, farmer, Carrick, Bentinck, s/o Henry & Maria EVERS married Anna HELWIG, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Henry & Wilhelmina HELWIG, Wtn: John HELWIG & Sarah BICKLE both of Carrick Twp March 31, 1887 at Neustadt #004199-87 (Grey Co): George Edward FARNES, 26, sailor, London England, Owen Sound, s/o Edwin FARNES & Rebecca REEVES, married Fannie Frances COLLISON, 20, Owen Sound, same, d/o George COLLISON & Fannie F. BRESSETT, witn: Jessie M. LAMONT of Owen Sound, 12 Oct 1887 at Owen Sound

3952-87, James FAWCETT, 22, yeoman, Euphrasia, Dundalk, s/o James & Jane FAWCETT, married Ellen Jane LOCKART, 16, Mulmur, Dundalk, d/o Frances LOCKHART sic & Elizabeth MILLSAP, wtn: Jasper P. FAWCETT & Margaret FAWCETT both of Dundalk, 7 Dec 1887, Dundalk

003901-87 (Grey Co.) Angus FERGUSON, age not given, farmer, Scotland, Duntroon, s/o Archibald and Jane FERGUSON married Mary THOMPSON, 21, Canada, Osprey, d/o William and Margaret THOMPSON, wtn., Alex BROWN of Collingwood & Janet THOMPSON of Osprey on March 23, 1887 at Osprey.
3989-87 John FILSINGER, 22, tinsmith, Carrick twp., Hanover, s/o Fred FILSINGER & Sarah, married Matilda HAMEL, 17, Waterloo Co., Hanover, d/o Jacob HAMEL & Sophie, witn: B. W. & Sophie HAEFLIN of Hanover, 16 March 1887 at Hanover 03941-88 (Grey Co) John FINCH, 28, carpenter, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o Samuel & Annie, married Eva LAMBE, 23, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o Francis & Mary Ann, witn: W. D. McREYNOLDS of St. Vincent & Mary A. LAMBE of Thornbury, 19 Apr 1887 at St. Vincent
4265-89 John FINDLAY, 27, merchant, Ceylon, Egremont, s/o John & Christena, married Jean SCOTT, 21, Egremont, same, d/o William & Jean, witn: Walker HASTIE & Mary LEASK, both of Egremont, 16 Nov 1887 at Egremont 4057-87 Valentine FISCHER, 24, carpenter, Waterloo Co, Ayton, s/o Henry & Barbara FISCHER married Anna VOIGT, 21, Waterloo Co, Ayton, d/o Gottfried & Margaret VOIGT, Wtn: Philip FISCHER, Pauline VOIGT, Frederick NORTH & Mary SCHENK all of Ayton November 15, 1887 at Ayton
3894-87 Robert FITZSIMONS, 26, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Mary Annie BLACK, 23, Bentinck, same, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: William J. BLACK & George FITZSIMONS, both of Bentinck, 28 Dec 1887 at Durham 3779-87 Robert J. FLUMERFELT, 26, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Charles & Jane, married Margaret BYRES (Byers?), 22, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o William BYRES & Margaret, witn: Mrs. Robert McLEAN & Alice Jane CLARK, both of Sydenham, 12 Sept 1887 at Sydenham
4035-87 Ferdinand FORSTER, 24, finisher, Berlin Waterloo, Neustadt, s/o Martin & Elizabeth FORSTER married Bertha ASHLEY,21, Neustadt, Neustadt, d/o John & Sophia ASHLEY, Wtn: Thomas & Letitia ASHLEY both of Neustadt March 16, 1887 at Neustadt 4202-87 John Henry FRAME, 25, farmer, Kinloss twp., Owen Sound, s/o Joseph FRAME & Ellen, married Elizabeth MILLER, 25, Colborne twp., Owen Sound, d/o John MILLER & Margaret, witn: Mally & Morley CAMPBELL of Owen Sound, 20 Sept 1887 at Owen Sound
004192-87 Lorenzo Dow FRAZEE, 23, grocer, London Ontario, Toronto, s/o David FRASEE & Emma ALLEN, married Rhoda Jane ANGEL, 21, Oshawa, Owen Sound, d/o John ANGEL & Mary SPAVIN, witn: John CRICHTON & Alice JONES both of Owen sound on Sept. 7, 1887 at Owen Sound 003914-87 (Grey Co.) George FREETHY, 22, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o John and Elizabeth married Mary McMILLAN, 16, Osprey, same, d/o Alexander and Ann, wtn., Joseph FREETHY & Ann McMILLAN both of Osprey on October 12, 1887 at Osprey.
3992-87 Hugh FULTON, 26, farmer, Normanby twp., same, s/o Thomas FULTON & Jane, married Elizabeth BYERS, 23, Normanby twp., same, d/o Thomas BYERS & Isabella HUDSON, witn: William FULTON of Normanby, 23 March 1887 at Hanover 4042-87 John GARVEY, 22, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Michael GARVEY & Johanna SHEA married Alice TAYLOR, 21, Grey Co, Grey Co, d/o John TAYLOR & Jane HEENEY, Wtn: Joseph TAYOR & Mary HEENEY both of Normanby January 11, 1887 at Ayton
4033-87 Henry GEIL, 28, farmer, Normanby, Minto Twp Wellington co, s/o Frederick & Margaret GEIL married Margaret DAMM, 22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o John & Juliana DAMM, Wtn: Conrad KOCHLER, Elizabeth DAMM, George DAMM & Mary GEIL all of Normanby March 3, 1887 at Normanby 4064-87 Conrad GEIS, 20, farmer, Woolwich Waterloo Co, Woolwich Waterloo Co, s/o Charles & Elizabeth GEIS married Sarah FILSINGER, 18, Elmira Waterloo Co, Normanby, d/o Conrad & Elizabeth FILSINGER, Wtn: Frederick KILLINGER of Howick Twp & Elizabeth FILSINGER of Normanby Twp. December 27, 1887 at Normanby
4003-87 George GIBBON, 22, carpenter, Walkerton, Walkerton, s/o Charles GIBBON & Maryann JASPAR married Adeline CARTER, 20, Howick Twp, Harriston, d/o Henry & Margaret CARTER, Wtn: Arlt RIMSTEDLER of Walkerton July 6, 1887 at Hanover 4043-87 Michael GILLEN, 26, farmer, Wellington Co, same, s/o William GILLEN & Bridget MORIARTY married Mary Agnes FLYNN, 22, Grey Co, Grey Co, d/o James FLYNN & Mary REGAN, Wtn: Patrick FLYNN of Normanby & Lucy GILLEN of Wellington Co. February 21, 1887 at Ayton
003804-87 (Grey Co) John Irving GRAHAM, 32, Scotland, Artemesia, s/o Andrew GRAHAM & Elizabeth IRVING, married Margaret BLAIR, 24, Artemesia, same, d/o William BLAIR & Mary RAMSY, witnesses were William BURNETT & Jessie BLAIR, both of Artemesia, July 12, 1887 at Artemesia 4005-88 Richard B. GRAY, 26, clerk, Thorold Ont., Meaford, s/o George & Margaret, married Jean STEWART, 23, Meaford, same, d/o William & Christena, witn: John DOLL? of Thorold & Bell STEWART of Meaford, 15 Dec 1887 at Meaford
#004137-87 (Grey Co.) John GREEN, 40, b. Scotland, of Keppel Grey Co., Widower, Farmer, s/o Donald & Elizabeth GREEN, married Margaret IRELAND, 28, b. Grey Co., of Sarawak, d/oStephen & Christina IRELAND, witnesses: Chas. CASELL & Christina IRELAND, both of Sarawak, on 7 December 1887 at Sarawak 3988-87 Alex Calder GREEN ,23, farmer, Grey Co., same, s/o Alexander GREEN & Annie CALDER, married Margaret Jane DERBY, 22, Grey Co., same, d/o Joseph DERBY & Sarah A. MILLIGAN, witn: Annie GREEN & Andrew MILNE, both of Bentinck, 13 April 1887 at Bentinck
  004189-87 Alexander GRINSON, 27, farmer, Glanford Tp., Keppel Tp., s/o William GRINSON & Eliza KENNEDY, married Grace YOUNG, 25, King Tp. York Co., Keppel Tp., d/o Robert YOUNG & Grace GILLIER, witn: W. George DOW of Owen Sound & Minnie GRAHAM of Peel Co. on July 12, 1887 at Owen Sound.
#004097-87 (Grey Co): Franklin HALLOCK, 20, barber, Meaford, same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Annie BAXTER, 20, England, St. Vincent, d/o Joseph & Emma, witnesses were Harvey DOHERTY & Ada BAXTER, Sept. 6, 1887 at St. Vincent 004185-87 William J. HAMILTON, 22, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o Thomas & illegible, married Anna M. BUCKLEY, 22, Whitby, Owen Sound, d/o James & Jane, witn: John MENBRY of Sydenham & Mary J. BUCKLEY of Owen Sound on July 1, 1887 at Owen Sound.
3780-87 William HASTINGS, 26, blacksmith, Snake Island Canada, Oro twp., s/o John Davidson & Mary Ann HASTINGS, married Catherine McKAY, 32, Sydenham, same, d/o Alexander McKAY & Ann, witn: Margaret McINTYRE of Owen Sound & Hugh McKAY of Sydenham, 27 Sept 1887 at res of bride's mother, Sydenham 3807-87, Jarvis HAZARD, 27, farmer, Artemesia, Artemesia, s/o John & Levinia HAZARD, married Martha J. STONE, 21, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o Henry & Margaret STONE, wtn: Frederick GEE of Artemesia, 24 Aug 1887, Artemesia
4006-87 John HELWIG, 24, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o George & Ann HELWIG married Sarah BICKLE , 18, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Mathew & Catherine BICKLE, Wtn: John & Christine BICKLE of Carrick September 11, 1887 at Hanover.  
4029-87 Charles HERBST, 25, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Frederick HERBST &Juliana HOFFMEISTER married Elizabeth OEHM, 20, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Frederick OEHM & Margaret FISCHER, Wtn: Henry OEHM & Catherine HERBST both of Normanby February 14, 1887 at Normanby 4058-87 John HICKEY, 34, Yeoman, Kitley Co, Kitley Co, s/o Patrick HICKEY & Ellen BOYLE married Eliza Ann KAIS, 32, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Hugh KAYS (sic) & Bridget MCCARTHY, Wtn: William KAIS & Katherine MULLIGAN both of Normanby November 15, 1887 at Ayton.
3998-87 James Wilson HICKS, 26, farmer, Egremont, Keppel, s/o James HICKS & Eliz WILSON, married Rachel KENNEDY, 18, Bentinck, same, d/o Robert KENNEDY & Annie BLYTHE, witn: Robert KENNEDY of Keppel & Susannah KENNEDY of Bentinck, 5 July 1887 at Hanover 3997-88 Robert HILL, 22, butcher, Guelph, Meaford, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Sarah Elizabeth HANSON, 18, Ontario, St. Vincent, d/o George HANSON & Sarah GRAINGER, witn: H. A. CHANNER? of Meaford & Emma HANSON of St. Vincent, 23 Nov 1887 at Meaford
003937-87 (Grey Co.) Thomas HOCKLEY, 22, farmer, Canada, Collingwood Twp., s/o Ebenezer and Ann HOCKLEY married Martha DUKE, 22, Canada, Collingwood Twp., d/o John and Margaret DUKE, wtn., Thomas CAREFOOT & Rebecca DUKE on October 12, 1887 at Clarksburg, Collingwood Twp.  
3951-87, Nicholas Bernard HODGINS, 20, news agent C.P.R., Yorkshire England, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth HODGINS, married Mary Jane PEERS, 18, London, Flesherton, d/o James & Nancy PEERS, wtn: Harry SPICER & Mary McPHAIL both of Dundalk , no date given, Dundalk #003790-87 (Grey Co) John HODGINS, 28, Proton, Proton, b, labourer, s/o Hugh & Mary HODGINS, married Elizabeth LYONS, 23, Artemesia, Artemesia, s, d/o John & Jane LYONS, witn: William MAXWELL, Mary MAXWELL, both Dundalk, 1 Feb 1887, Flesherton
  4053-87 William HOEGE, 22, blacksmith, McKillop, Clifford, s/o Henry & Mary Christ HOEGE married Mary MEYER, 18, Howick, Howick Twp, d/o Jacob & Caroline MEYER, Wtn: Charles BERSCHE of Normanby & Horlinda MEYER of Howick October 25, 1887 at Howick Twp.
3774-87 Thomas HOGG, 23, farmer, Ireland, Holland, s/o Henry HOGG & Sarah, married Jessie Isabella FERGUSON, 20, Canada, Sydenham, d/o Archibald FERGUSON & Helen, witn: Joseph HOGG of Tottenham & Isabella FERGUSON of Sullivan, 6 April 1887 at Sydenham 003880-86 (Grey Co) David HOGG, 26, farmer, Ireland, Derby s/o Henry & Sarah HOGG married Mary HENDERSON, 29, Scotland, Holland d/o John & Elisabeth Henderson Wtn: Margaret HENDERSON & Thomas HOGG. Jan. 4, 1887 at Holland
3995-87 George Samuel HOPKINS, 24, farmer, Bentinck twp., same, s/o Edward HOPKINS & Mary CUFF, married Elizabeth TOCHER, 20, Bentinck, Wiarton, d/o William TOCHER & Mary STRACHAN, witn: Marshall TOCHER of Chesley, 21 May 1887 at Hanover 4100-88 John Joseph HOPKINS, 29, merchant, Canada, Chatsworth, s/o John HOPKINS & Mary BUTLER, married Ida FOX, 19, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Nelson FOX & Lucretia RICHMOND, witn: Samuel OLDHAM & Sarah COBEAN, both of Chatsworth, 26 Dec 1887 at Owen Sound
4061-87 William HUBER, 30, painter, Waterloo, Carrick, s/o Henry & Margaret HUBER married Mary DAMM, 24, Waterloo, Normanby, d/o George & Anna Maria DAMM, Wtn: charles & Lizzy DAMM both of Normanby December 15, 1887 at Normanby. 003886-88 Alexander HUDSON, 42, farmer, Albion Ontario, Osprey, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Sarah KERNAGHAN 34, Toronto, Osprey, d/o Robert & Sarah Ann, witn: Robert KERNAGHAN & Annie DRUMMOND both of Osprey on Oct. 4, 1887 at Osprey
4074-87, Robert Watson HUMPHRIES, 23, painter, Leeds Ont, Town of Collingwood, s/o John HUMPHRIES & Susanna LOCKER, married Emiline EATON, 15, Thornbury, Collingwood Twp, d/o Richard EATON & Maggie WOODRUFF, wtn: John RICE & Elizabeth RICE both of Collingwood Twp, 12 July 1887, Thornbury  
003936-87 (Grey Co.) George William HUNT, 27, bricklayer, England, Collingwood Twp., s/o John Henry and Mary Ann HUNT to Mary Elizabeth LAKE, 20, England, Collingwood twp., d/o John and Ann LAKE, wtn., John and Ann LAKE , on November 9, 1887 at Collingwood twp. #004139-87 (Grey Co.) William HUSTON, 27, b. Ireland, of Sarawak, Farmer, s/o William & Esther HUSTON, married Alzina STEWART, 21, b. Carthage U.S., of Presquisle Grey Co., d/o John & Louisa STEWART, witnesses: John H. STEWART & Barbara CO--? both of Presquile Sarawak, on 28 December 1887 at Sarawak
004027-88 Robert John IRWIN, 30, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o John & Nancy, married Margaret COOPER, 18, Euphrasia, same, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel IRWIN of Euphrasia & Isabella M. COOPER of Artemesia on Nov. 2, 1887 at Artemesia 003942-87 (Grey Co.) John JACK, 40, widower, yeoman, Peterboro, Melancthon, s/o Thomas and Mary JACK married Margaret Ann MONTGOMERY, 36, Melancthon, same, d/o James and Ann MONTGOMERY, wtn.., Titus WILLIAMS & Sarah J. MONTGOMERY on March 16, 1887 at Dundalk.
3782-87 Isaac JOHNSON, 30, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Isaac JOHNSON & Jane, married Amelia SCOTT, 20, Sydenham, same, d/o George SCOTT & Jane, witn: William & Bell SCOTT of Sydenham, 26 Oct. 1887 at Daywood 3947-87, Robert KAY, 34, farmer, Scarboro, Osprey, s/o James KAY & Mary YELLOWLEES, married Sarah KINGSLEY, 32, Toronto, Osprey, d/o Thomas KINGSLEY & Sarah ROBINSON, wtn: George BROWN of Markham & Martha STRONGMAN of Dundalk, 21 Sept 1887, Dundalk
  004180-87 John KELLY, 23, blacksmith, Eramosa, Wiarton, s/o Thomas KELLY & Mary CULLIN, married Cecilia LACEY, 24, St. Catharines, Wiarton, d/o John LACEY & Mary HOOVER, witn: Daniel & Mary KENNY both of Owen Sound on July 25, 1887 at Owen Sound.
3785-87 Frank J. KERR, 22, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o S.L. & Susan, married Maggie PHILLIPS, 20, Sydenham, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Jennie PHILLIPS & D. F. DICKSON, both of Sydenham, 9 Nov 1887 at Sydenham 4050-87 James KERR, 25, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o James KERR & Jane MCCRIE married Mary DERBY, 23, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Andrew DERBY & Janet GEDDES, Wtn: John KERR of Normanby & Andrew HENRY of Priceville November 9, 1887 at Normanby
3955-87, William W. KINNEY, 25, farmer, New Brunswick, Holland, s/o Asa KINNEY & Sarah Jane MARSHALL, married Agnes Bell RAE, 24, Sydenham, Holland, d/o Thomas RAE & Marjorie CAMERON, wtn: Angus C. RAE & Jennie McNEIL both of Euphrasia, 23 July 1887, Holland  
4054-87 William KLEIST, 26, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o August KLEIST & Wilhelmina KUTZ married Augusta KAMMRATH, 25, Dramburg Prussia Germany , Carrick Twp, d/o William KAMMRATH & Albatine HELWICK, Wtn: Franz KAMMRATH & Emma KLEIST both of Carrick Twp, October 25, 1887 at Normanby 4039-87 - John Frederick KLEIST , 24, mason, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Frederick KLEIST & Maria ROWER married Louise KAMMRATH, 23, Germany, Carrick Twp, d/o William KAMMRATH & Bertha HELWICK, Wtn: Julius DAMS & Emma KLEIST both of carrick Twp April 26, 1887 at Normanby
  3814-87, Robert Henry KNIGHT, 26, merchant, Canada, Markdale, s/o Horace & Elizabeth KNIGHT, married Laura Elizabeth RORKE, 23, Collingwood Twp, Markdale, d/o Thomas & Isabella RORKE, wtn: Dr. BRODIE of Markdale & Edith RICHARDSON of Flesherton, 16 Nov 1887, Markdale
4049-87 George KOCH, 28, farmer, Stratford, W. Brant Michigan USA, s/o Frederick KOCH & Elizabeth WEBER married Eva HOLLINGER, 23, Bridgeport, Clifford, d/o Philip HOLLINGER & Kati HOFFMANN, Wtn: Jacob & Ann HOLLINGER both of Clifford November 9, 1887 at Normanby. 4027-87 Theodore KOFRASS, 24, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Theodore & Anna KOFRASS married Mary VOLKMAN,23, Galt, Carrick Twp, d/o Christopher & Maria VOLKMAN, Wtn: Felix & Catherine KOFRASS both of Carrick Twp, February 14, 1887 at Neustadt
4000-87 August LAHN, 23, farmer, Brant twp., same, s/o Henry LAHN & Mary, married Sophia KUEHN, 21, Bentinck twp., Brant twp., d/o not given, witn: Henry LAHN & L. KUEHN of Brant twp and C. & Mary LAHN, 22 April 1887 at Hanover 003930-87 (Grey Co.) William T. LAMB, 40, widower, farmer, England, St. Vincent, s/o William and Ann LAMB married Ann PAGE, 27, England, Meaford, d/o Thomas and Rhonda PAGE, wtn., E. K. BROWN & Mary A. BROWN both of Clarksburg on January 29, 1887 at Clarksburg.

3793-87, James Leslie LAWRENCE, 22, farmer, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, s/o George & Catherine LAWRENCE, married Mary Esther BARRETT, 17, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o Edward & Julia Ann BARRETT, wtn: Stephen S. BARRETT & Maggie LAWRENCE both of Euphrasia, 8 Feb 1887, Markdale

003934-87 (Grey Co.) George W. LAWRENCE, 26, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia Twp., s/o John and Mary Ann LAWRENCE married Mary Ellen WRIGHT, 25, Canada, Collingwood Twp., d/o Richard & Margaret WRIGHT, wtn., James THOMPSON of Thornbury & Mary Ann WRIGHT of Collingwood Twp., on January 10, 1887 at Collingwood twp.
#004197-87 (Grey Co): William George LITTLE, 28, painter, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o William LITTLE & Elizabeth MOORE, married Josephine HORTON, 28, Owen Sound, same, d/o T.B. HORTON & Elizabeth DAVIS, witn: Robert EDGAR & Emily E. MOORE, both of Owen Sound, 29 Sept 1887 at Owen Sound 4080-87, Edward LOMAS, 32, widower, farmer, Derbyshire England, Artemesia, s/o John & Eliza LOMAS, married Elizabeth COOPER, 42, widow, Toronto Twp, Euphrasia, d/o William & Elizabeth COOPER, wtn: Robert McCULLOUGH & Martha COOPER both of Euphrasia, 9 Feb 1887, Euphrasia
#004098-87 (Grey Co): James Adam LONDRY, 22, tanner, Collingwood, St. Vincent, s/o John & Esther, married Susan McCARTNEY, 22, St. Vincent, same, d/o John & Catherine, witnesses were George McCARTNEY of St. Vincent & Annie LONDRY of Staynor, Sept. 20, 1887 at St. Vincent twp 003900-87 (Grey Co.) William James LOUGHEED, 26, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o William LOUGHEED and Eliza SMITH married Jessie Ann WISDOM, 22, Osprey, same, d/o John WISDOM and Ann HEWSON, wtn., Mary M. MILNE and David LOUGHEED both of Osprey on March 9, 1887 3rd Con. Twp. of Osprey
003984-88 (Grey Co.) Patrick LOWE, 30, hotel keeper, Glenelg, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Robert LOWE and Sarah McFARLAND, married Elizabeth FOGARTY, 26, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o Andrew FOGARTY and Mary CALLACHAN, witn; John McAULIFF and Mary FOGARTY, both of Glenelg, 19 October 1887 at Glenelg.. 4062-87 Ludwig LUESCH, 24, labourer, Germany, Howick Twp, s/o Jophn LUESCH & Elizabeth KOCH married Hannah DETTMAN, 21, Howick, Howick, d/o Frederick DETTMAN & Anna MOLL, Wtn: Henry & John DETTMAN both of Howick Twp. December 22, 1887 at Normanby
003905-87 (Grey Co.) John Robert LUSH, 24, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o George LUSH and Sarah BROWN married Annie HAWTON, 20, Bruce Mines, Osprey, d/o Isaac and Sarah, wtn., Thomas HAWTON & Richard HAWTON both of Osprey on March 24, 1887 at Osprey. 004179-87 Charles M. MARTINE (McMartin?), 38, coach painter, Philadelphia USA, same, s/o George B. M. MARTINE & Elizabeth BELL, married Martha Minerva Jane KETCHISON, 32, widow, Sidney Hastings Co., Belleville, d/o Elija KETCHISON  & Minerva ASHAM, witn: Seaman N. LAIRD of Brussels & A. J. SCOTT of Belleville on July 12, 1887 at Owen Sound.
004181-87 William MASSON, 33, solicitor, Seymour Northumberland Co., Owen Sound, s/o Thomas Wriggleworth MASSON & Margaret GREIG, married Mary J. PARKER, 22, Owen Sound, same, d/o Joseph Wilcox PARKER & Isabella FOSTER, witn: George INGLIS & Annie PARKER both of Owen Sound on July 6, 1887 at Owen Sound. 3998-88 John Henry MATHEWS, 27, hotel keeper, Ontario, Meaford, s/o John MATHEWS & Mary Jane McDERMOTT, married Susan CARNAHAN, 21, Ontario, Meaford, d/o Robert CARNAHAN & Sarah WILSON, witn: George GARLICK & Effie CARNAHAN, both of Meaford, 13 Dec 1887 at Meaford
004029-88 John MATHEWSON, 25, blacksmith, Vaughan, Euphrasia, s/o Gilbert & Ann, married Mary Eleanor BALL, 23, Euphrasia, same, d/o Richard & Amelia, witn: George MATHEWSON & Catherine BALL both of Euphrasia on Dec. 21, 1887 at Euphrasia #004198-87 (Grey Co): William MATHIESON, 26, carpenter, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, s/o William MATHIESON & Jane STEPHEN, married Rachel LYMBURNER, 23, Big Bay - Grey, Owen Sound, d/o Horace LYMBURNER & Mary Electa MERRITT, witn: Arza LYMBURNER & Mary HAWTHORNE, both of Owen Sound, 3 Oct 1887 at Owen Sound
#003791-87 (Grey Co) William MAXWELL, 25, England, Dundalk, b, farmer, s/o James & Eliza MAXWELL, married Mary LOCKHART, 21, Proton, same, s, dau. of William & Charlotte LOCKHART, witn: John HODGINS of Proton, Elizabeth LYONS of Artemesia, 1 Feb 1887, Flesherton 004182-87 Finlay McALLISTER, 32, bricklayer, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o Duncan & Rose, married Hannah PHILLIPS, 23, Wales, Owen Sound, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas SYKES & Ellen TELFORD both of Owen Sound on July 27, 1887 at Owen Sound
003945-87 (Grey Co.) Thomas McAULEY, 36, farmer, widower, St. Vincent Twp., Proton, s/o Thomas McAULEY and Susan Ann HOWELL married Mary McKENZIE, 37, widow, Scotland, Proton, d/o Alex McCANNELL and Janet McNEVIN, wtn., Neil McCANEL and Mary E. McAULEY on June 29, 1887 Proton Twp. 003803-87 (Grey Co) John McCALL, 34, widower, saw miller, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Colan McCALL & Ann McDONALD, married Margaret LONG, 24, Egremont, same, d/o Robert LONG & Isabella BROWN, witnesses were Duncan & Elizabeth LAMONT of Priceville, July 11, 1887 at Priceville
4206-87 Alexander McCLELLAN, 28, farmer, Woodstock, Holland, s/o Angus McCLELLAN & Mary McDONALD, married Bridget WHITE, 23, Sullivan, same, d/o Donald WHITE & Ellen CLARKE, witn: John McCLELLAN Of Sydenham & Anna WHITE of Sullivan, 22 Nov 1887 at Owen Sound 003904-87 (Grey Co.) Malcolm McDIARMID, 27, farmer, Derby, same, son of Archibald and Catherine married Mary A. MYERS, 25, Osprey, same, d/o Joseph and Harriet, wtn., Mrs. FERRIER & William FERRIER both of Osprey on March 17, 1887 at Maxwell.
4005-87 John McDONALD, 28, farmer, Bentinck, Bentinck, s/o James MCDONALD & Jane IBEIR married Mary Jane SMITH, 24, Dumfries Twp, Bentinck, d/o John SMITH & Mary Ann WHITE, Wtn: William BOYD & Annie HOFLINK both of Bentinck July 12, 1887 at Bentinck. #003802-87 (Grey Co) Donald McDONALD, 33, farmer, Vaughan, Proton, s/o John McDONALD & Jennett BLACK, married Elizabeth FISHER, 28, Glenelg, same, d/o James FISHER & Ann HARE, witnesses were Neil McMILLEN of Artemesia & Sarah McDONALD of Egremont, July 13, 1887 at Priceville
004186-87 William McDONELL, 24, farmer, Metcalf Tp., Owen Sound, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Annie N. QUINN, 25, Owen Sound, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: Albert QUINN & Maria VANDUSEN both of Owen Sound on July 13, 1887 at Owen Sound. #003801-87 (Grey Co) Alexander McEACHERN, 29, widower, farmer, Canada, Proton, s/o Neil & Jane, married Margaret HOOPER, 22, Canada, Glenelg, d/o William & Betsy, witneses were Daniel McEACHERN of Glenelg & Agnes H-- of Artemesia, June 21, 1887 at Flesherton
004211-87 (Grey Co) John McEWEN, 28, Sullivan, Owen Sound, Lime-burner, s/o Andrew & Mary McEWEN, married Fanny CONNELL, 21, Sullivan, Owen Sound, d/o Robert & Elizabeth CONNELL, wtn: Samuel McEWEN of Sullivan & Annie Soug MAPLES of Owen Sound, on December 21, 1887, at Owen Sound #003788-87 (Grey Co) Duncan McGILVERY, 26, Glenelg, Elderslie Twp., b, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth McGILVERY, married Jane Ann CLARK, 27, Mosmosia, Artemesia, s, d/o John & Ann CLARK, witn: Archy McGILVERY, of Elderslie, Eliza CLARK of Artemesia, 9 March 1887, Artemesia
003879-86 (Grey Co) James B. McILROY, 26, farmer, Canada, Sullivan s/o James & Mary Jane McILROY Wtn: Margaret Ellen McDONALD, 27, Canada, Sullivan d/o John & Wilhemena McDONALD Wtn: James MITCHEL & Ann McDONALD both of Sullivan, Jan 7, 1987 4104-88 Gilbert McILVEEN, 24, farmer, Chinguacousy, Keppel, s/o Gilbert & Frances, married Temperance CASE, 19, Keppel, same, d/o Joseph & Susannah, witn: Mrs. Anna HOPKINS of Owen Sound & Plummer McILVEEN of Keppel, 24 Dec 1887 at Owen Sound

3957-87, Robert John McINTOSH, 32, widower, farmer, Canada, Strathaven, s/o Alex & Barbara McINTOSH, married Mary McMULLEN, 29, Canada, Holland, d/o James & Mary McMULLEN, wtn: Isabella McMULLEN & John BURR both of Strathaven, 8 Feb 1887, Holland twp

003908-87 (Grey Co.) Malcolm McINTYRE, 23, farmer, McIntyre, same, s/o Archibald McINTYRE and Isabella CAMPBELL marrried Grace McINTYRE, 23, McIntyre, same, d/o Aexander McINTYRE and Catharine McFARLANE, wtn., Neil D. McLEAN of Osprey & Mary McINTYRE of McIntyre on June 22, 1887 at McIntyre,Osprey.
003903-87 (Grey Co.) Alexander McKINNON, 35, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, s/o Donald and Isabella McKINNON married Sarah WILLIAMS, 28, Canada, Osprey, d/o William and Sarah WILLIAMS, wtn., David Henry LOUGHEED and Sarah Ann McKINNON both of Osprey on April 6, 1887 at Osprey. #004138-87 (Grey Co.) David McLEAN, 34, b. Sydenham Grey Co., of Holland Grey Co., Carpenter, s/o William & Eliza McLEAN, married Jane DODDS, 26, b. Canada, of Sarawak, d/o James & Mary A. DODDS, witnesses: William DODDS of Sarawak & Sarah McLEAN of Holland, on 28 December 1887 at Sarawak
3777-87 Alexander McLEAN, 32, farmer, Scotland, Sydenham, s/o John McLEAN & Mary, married Flora McQUEEN, 17, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Malcolm McQUEEN & Margaret, witn: Dugald McLEAN & Jessie McNAB, both of Sydenham, 3 Aug 1887 at Knox church, Sydenham 3776-87 Thomas McLEAN, 21, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o Robert & Mariah, married Caroline MELLAFONT, 23, Prescott Ont., Bognor village, d/o William & Mary, witn: David CAMPBELL of Sydenham & Mary MELLAFONT of Bognor, 24 May 1887 at Knox Church, Sydenham
  3956-87, Alexander McLUNG sic (McCLUNG), 37, farmer, Canada, Glenelg, s/o James McCLUNG & Mincie CROZIER, married Mary AITKEN, 28, Canada, Holland, d/o John AITKEN & Elisabeth McRAE, wtn: M.A. McDERMID of not given, 2 Mar 1887, Latona Manse
#003799-87 (Grey Co) Malcolm McMILLEN, 30, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o Murdock McMILLEN & Euphemia MONK, married Annie CAMERON, 23, Glenelg, same, d/o Allen CAMERON & Christina McARTHUR, witnesses were Donald CAMERON & Christina McMULLEN, both of Glenelg, Feb. 22, 1887 at Artemesia (Rom Cath) #004123 -87 ( Grey Co.) William McWHIRTER, 26, farmer, Collingwood Tp., same, s/o Gilbert and Margaret McWHIRTER, married Ida DUTCHER, 18. Collingwood Tp., same, d/o John and Ellen DUTCHER, witn: John SMITH & Minnie BOON, Oct. 5, 1887, at Meaford
4017-87 Earnest MENDELSLOH, 26, painter, Waterloo Co, Hanover, s/o Alfred MENDELSLOH &Theresa KNOBLOCK married Annie IBERTZ, 21, Elmira, Neustadt, d/o Adam IBERTZ & Hannah UMBACH, Wtn: Arthur MENDELSLOH of Hanover & Kate IBERTZ of Neustadt November 23, 1887 at Hanover 4063-87 Theodore Henry MILLER, 30, tinsmith, Berlin Waterloo Co, Ayton, s/o John & Katherine MILLER married Emma Barbara EULER, 19, Neustadt, Neustadt, d/o Adam & Margaret EULER, Wtn: John BERSCHE of Wiarton & Letitia ASHLEY of Neustadt December 26, 1887 at Neustadt
#003913-87 (Grey Co) Thomas MILLS, Melancthon Twp., same, b, farmer, s/o James & Margaret MILLS, married Maria GRUMMETT, England, Osprey Twp., s, d/o Thomas & Sarah GRUMMETT, witn: Edward MILLS of Melancthon Twp, Mary GRUMMETT of Osprey Twp., married 14 December 1887, Osprey Twp 004183-87 Ervin MONCK, 29, laborer, Prince Edward Co., Owen Sound, s/o William MONCK & Jane WILLIAMS, married Agnes T. GRIEVE, 21, Arran, Owen Sound, d/o William GRIEVE & Agnes DUNBAIRN (?) , witn: William BROWN & Pauline HETHERINGTON both of Owen Sound on July 27, 1887 at Owen Sound
4056-87 Charles MORAL, , 24, harness maker, New York USA, Neustadt, s/o Anton MORAL & Elizabeth ZUBER married Maria HEIMBECHER, 21, Neustadt, Neustadt, d/o Henry HEIMBECHER & Ann Catherine SCHAEFER, Wtn: John HEIMBECHER & August ECKSTEIN both of Normanby November 8, 1887 at Neustadt.

4077-87, Charles MORGAN, 29, farmer, Sullivan , Holland, s/o Charles & Sarah MORGAN, married Catherine MURDOCH, 27, Erin Wellington Co., Euphrasia, d/o John & Jennet MURDOCH, wtn: William MORGAN of Holland & Jannet MURDOCH of Euphrasia, 25 Jan 1887, Euphrasia Concession 12

#004096-87 (Grey Co): Norman MORRISON, 28, farmer, St, Vincent, same, s/o Kenneth & Ann, married Emma DEAN, 23, Griersville, same, d/o James & Ellen, witnesses were George CAMPBELL of St. Vincent & Sarah DEAN of Griersville, June 15, 1887 at Griersville, St. Vincent twp 3958-87, Albert A. MORRISON, 27, farmer, Haldimand, Holland, s/o John & Lucele MORRISON, married Sarah Elisabeth MARQUIS, 22, Holland, Holland, d/o John & Sarah MARQUIS, wtn: John MORRISON & Sarah MARQUIS both of Holland, 6 Jan 1887, Holland twp
  4032-87 John MUELLER, 25, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Henry & Catherine MUELLER married Mary BECKER, 24, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Conrad & Anna Martha BECKER, Wtn: Conrad BECKER & Martha Mueller both of Normanby March 3, 1887, at Normanby
3781-87 Matthew MURPHY, 35, farmer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Charles MURPHY & Mary, married Flora Jane CURRIE, 23, Sydenham, same, d/o Gillian CURRIE & Flora, witn: John CURRIE & Mary Jane REILLEY, both of Sydenham, 18 Oct. 1887 at Sydenham #004136-87 (Grey Co.) Alexander MURRAY, 34, b. Canada, of Sarawak, Farmer, s/o David & Mary MURRAY, married Mary ROSEBOROUGH, 28, b. Grey Co., of Owen Sound, d/o John & Agnes ROSEBOROUGH, witnesses: Josiah ROSEBOROUGH & Emily ROSEBOROUGH, both of Sarawak, on 18 October 1887 at Sarawak
3954-87, Joseph MUXLO, 26, farmer, Orangeville, Euphrasia, s/o Thomas MUXLO & Elisabeth KEY, married Mary SHEPHERDSON, 26, Thornhill, Euphrasia, d/o George SHEPHERDSON & Sophia GREEN, wtn: Joseph SHEPHERDSON & Emily MUXLO both of not given, 5 May 1887, Walter's Falls 4068-87, William C. MYERS, 22, merchant, New York State, Thornbury, s/o John & Jane MYERS, married Annie E. BULL, 21, Canada, Thornbury, d/o Henry J. A. & Mary BULL, wtn: W.J. FLETCHER of Alliston & B. MALONEY of Collingwood Twp, 5 Jan 1887, Thornbury
003940-87 (Grey Co.) Robert NOBLE, 29, farmer, St. Vincent Twp., same, s/o Robert NOBLE and Rebecca MORRIS married Margaret J. DINSMORE, 21, Collingwood Twp., same, d/o Andrew DINSMORE and Jane AGNEW, wtn., Andrew Morris NOBLE & Mary DINSMORE of Thornbury, on September 21, 1887 Collingwood Twp.. 4044-87 Henry O'BRIAN, 30, farmer, Port Credit, Michigan USA, s/o Thomas O'BRIAN & Anne MCNAMARA married Margaret BURKE, 23, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Michael BURKE & Alice SHEEHEY, Wtn: Michael O'BRIAN & Alice SHEEHEY both of Grey Co. April 25, 1887 at Ayton

3948-87, Robert Boikhead (Birkhead?) OLDFIELD, 26, yeoman, Melancthon, Melancthon, s/o Michael OLDFIELD & Elizabeth MARSHALL, married Isabella HENDERSON, 23, Mulmur, Melancthon, d/o Edward HENDERSON & Mary Ann BRADLEY, wtn: W. A. STRONGMAN & Martha STRONGMAN both of Dundalk, 7 Sept 1887, Dundalk

4201-87 Thomas Alfred OLIVER, 22, CPR station agent, Adelaide twp., Holland Centre, s/o Thomas Gordon OLIVER & Jane CROCKER (Crooker?), married Jane ROBINSON, 22, Harwich twp., Ridley, d/o Adam ROBINSON & Melissa ROWE, witn: John GAWLEY & Georgina BLADES, both of Holland Centre, 1 Nov 1887 at Owen Sound
3999-87 Archibald PARK, 25, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o James PARK & Rebecca NICHOL, married Eleanor HERD, 21, Bentinck, same, d/o William HERD & Sarah REAY, witn: William HERD & James PARK, both of Bentinck, 20 April 1887 at Hanover 003907-87 (Grey Co.) William PARK, 32, farmer, Artemesia, Collingwood Twp., s/o James PARK and Margaret BROWN married Janet INKSTER, 31, Niagara Ontario, Osprey, d/o John INKSTER and Jane SPENCE, wtn., Eliza INKSTER & John PARK, both of Osprey on April 13, 1887 at Osprey.
#004099-87 (Grey Co): Byron PARKER, 25, Clark twp., St. Vincent, s/o Donald & Amy (or Anny), married Sophia DEAGON, 19, St. Vincent, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witnesses were John & Emma DEAGON of St. Vincent, Oct. 12, 1887 at St. Vincent 4004-87 Nathaniel PATERSON, 56, Clergyman, Scotland, Hanover, s/o Nathaniel PATERSON & Margaret LAIELLARY? married Elizabeth WILKER (Wilkes?), 30, Hanover, Hanover, d/o John ILLYER & Jane GIBBS, Wtn: George HARRIUM of Pinkerton & Christopher ILLYER of Hanover August 4, 1887 at Hanover
004187-87 George Snider PATERSON, 22, physician, Owen Sound, same, s/o Robert PATERSON & Ann J. FOSTER, married Frank (sic) A. McDOUGALL, 23, Thorold, Owen Sound, d/o John & Mary, witn: John R. McDOUGALL & Maggie PATERSON both of Owen Sound on Aug. 17, 1887 at Owen Sound. 4007-87 William PATTERSON, 26, farmer, Bentinck, Bentinck, s/o James PATTERSON & Hannah HOLLMEYER married Nancy MAYCOCK, 20, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o Thomas MAYCOCK & Ida MORRELL, Wtn: Hugh SYMINGTON OF Brant & Victoria PATTERSON September 28, 1887 at Hanover
4025-87 George PFEFFER, 23, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Bartholemeus PFEFFER & Catherine CROLL married Maria SCHLEGEL,17, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Edward SCHLEGEL & Caroline JUNG, Wtn: Philipp & Elizabeth SCHLEGEL both of Carrick Twp, January 23, 1887 at Normanby. 4060-87 John PILGER, 30, farmer, Wholpool, Carrick, s/o Jacob & Ursala PILGER married Wilhelmina KOENIG, 24, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Wiegard & Katherine KOENIG, Wtn: Otto KOENIG of Normanby & Barbara PILGER of Carrick December 6, 1887 at Ayton
3816-87, Henry PIPER, 28, carpenter, Artemesia, Artemesia, s/o Jeremiah PIPER & Jane WOOD, married Delila HILL, 23, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o John HILL & Mary COPELAND, wtn: Wilson McMULLEN & Elizabeth RADLEY both of Artemesia, 26 Dec 1887, Artemesia 4111-88 Arthur PLANTE, 26, painter, Coventry England, Owen Sound, s/o Henry & Sarah, married Mary M. THOMPSON, 22, Goderich, Owen Sound, d/o John & Sarah A., witn: William THOMPSON & Clara H. PLANTE, both of Owen Sound, 22 Dec 1887 at Owen Sound
4026-87 Conrad PLANZ, 26, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Henry & Mary PLANZ married Mary PLETSCH, 24, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Henry & Catherine PLETSCH, Wtn: William HEHN & Catherine WARNKO both of Normanby January 25, 1887 at Normanby. 4040-87 William POHLFUS, 30, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Gottleib POHLFUS & Wilhelmina FALK married Catherine FISCHER, 21, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John FISCHER & Barbara ROSWURM, Wtn: John POHLFUS & Valentine FISCHER both of Carrick Twp May 17, 1887 at Normanby.
4019-87 Daniel PROCTOR, 24,mechanic, Brant Twp, Walkerton, s/o Joseph PROCTOR & Martha WALLACE married Patricia Pina CURTIS, 27, Brant Twp, Walkerton, d/o Urich CURTIS & Agnes PATERSON, Wtn: Gordon LEE of Walkerton & Kate RUDOLF of Brant Twp, December 21, 1887 at Hanover. 3812-87, William PURDY, 45, widower, postmaster, Kingston, Artemesia, s/o Micha & Ann PURDY, married Isabella SINCLAIR, 40, widow, Scotland, Artemesia, d/o Donald & Isabella McLEAN, wtn: Dr. SPROUL M. P. & Mrs. WILSON both of Markdale, 16 Nov 1887, Artemesia
4204-87 Watkin William REDFERN, 23, machinist, Owen Sound, same, s/o William REDFERN & Eliza, married Pairlinah SUNDERLAND, Virginia, Owen Sound, d/o Joseph SUNDERLAND & Susan, witn: Charles PRATT & Maggie SUNDERLAND, both of Owen Sound, 29 Oct. 1887 at Owen Sound 3786-87 Macolm (Malcolm?) REID, 25, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o George REID & Flora, married Bessie BUZZA, 26, Sydenham, same, d/o George BUZZA & Janet, witn: Robert REID of Leith & Mary Ann BUZZA of Annan, 21 Dec 1887 at Leith, Sydenham
3813-87, William James RICHARDSON, 27, farmer, Scarboro, Euphrasia, s/o George & Mary RICHARDSON married Margaret BUCHANAN, 28, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o William & Matilda BUCHANAN, wtn: George WRIGHT & Annie BUCHANAN both of Artemesia, 2 Nov 1887, Artemesia 004184-87 John RICKARD, 21, painter, England, Owen Sound, s/o Peter RICKARD & Ellen SELDON, married Alice FERGUSON, 17, Cobourg, Owen Sound, d/o Thomas FERGUSON & Jane GRIEVE, witn: John CREIGHTON & Alice JONES both of Owen Sound on Aug. 16, 1887 at Owen Sound.
#004195-87 (Grey Co): George Henry RILLACKEY, 23, "juller", Canada, Meaford, s/o William RILLACKEY & Ann CUMMINGS, married Amelia PAUL, 28, Canada, Meaford, d/o John PAUL & Salome UPLAND, witn: Mary McGRATH of Owen Sound, 19 Sept 1887 at Owen Sound (Rom Cath) 3798-87, Joseph W. RINN, 26, blacksmith, Toronto Twp, Mulmur, s/o James & Sarah RINN, married Hester SILK, 22, Melancthon, Melancthon, d/o John & Ann SILK, wtn: J.A. RINN of Mulmur & Lizzie SILK of Melancthon, 23 Mar 1887, Flesherton
003944-87 (Grey Co.) August RITZ, 23, yeoman, Sullivan Twp., Proton, s/o John RITZ and Caroline FOURIFF married Margaret McKINNETT, 27, Holland Twp., same, d/o Andrew McKINNETT and Margaret MONTGOMERY, wtn., William RUTHERFORD & Elizabeth McKINNETT on May 6, 1887 at Dundalk. 3810-87, Charles ROBBIE, 26, farmer, Egremont, Proton, s/o Charles & Elizabeth ROBBIE, married Margaret DILLABOUGH, 24, widow, Brantford, Proton, d/o George & Catherine WILTSHIRE, wtn: John REID & Susan WILTSHIRE both of Proton, 24 Oct 1887, Flesherton
4207-87 William Wallace ROBERTSON, 25, engineer, Keppel, Gravenhurst, s/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Ellen SCOTT, married Jeanie Moir TASSIE, 24, Marmora Ont., Owen Sound, d/o James TASSIE & Ann INKSTER, witn: James ROBERTSON of Keppel & Isabella TASSIE of Owen Sound, 23 Nov 1887 at Owen Sound 3805-87, James Newton RODMAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia, s/o Henry & Harriet RODMAN, married Hattie Jane RENNIE, 19, New Brunswick, Holland, d/o Asa & Jane RENNIE, wtn: Joseph COVENTRY of Holland & Margaret TAYLOR of Euphrasia, 6 July 1887, Artemesia
  03906-87 (Grey Co.) Frederick ROOME, 29, farmer, Preston Lane England, Osprey, s/o Joseph ROOME and Mary PENGOE married Eliza Ann FENWICK, 27, York Ontario, Osprey, d/o James FENWICK and Rachel HEWSTON, wtn., Annie ROOME & Firmen IRISH both of Osprey on March 16, 1887 at Osprey.
003943-87 (Grey Co.) John A. ROSS, B. A., 31, Minister, Ont. Co., Dundalk, s/o Alex ROSS and Jessie FRASER married Phoebe S. McGREGOR, 19, Halton Co., Dundalk, d/o Peter McGREGOR and Mary Ann WILSON, wtn., Albert E. DOHERTY of Toronto & Jennie McGREGOR of Dundalk on April 20, 1887 at Dundalk. 4047-87 John RUEHL, 32, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Conrad RUEHL & Christina MUELLER married Margaret WEIGEL, 24, Kemnat Bavaria Germany, Harriston, d/o John WEIGEL & Kati BALZAR, Wtn: Henry & Mary Ruehl both of Normanby August 25, 1887 at Normanby
4200-87 David RUMLEY, 21, fisherman, Canada, Meaford, s/o David RUMLEY & Olive KNOX, married Emma Amelia COATES, 21, Canada, Owen Sound , d/o John COATES & Sarah Jane DUGARD, witn: Helen COATES & John Harold CALLARD, both of Owen Sound, 2 Nov 1887 at Owen Sound  
003932-87 (Grey Co.) Francis SAYRES (Sayers?), 27, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o Aaron and Elydia SAYRES married Hellen WELDRICK, 26, Canada, Osprey, d/o John and Rachel WELDRICK, wtn., Alexander McGOWAN & Mary E. WELDRICK both of Collingwood Twp., on March 2, 1887 at Ravenna. 4055-87 Frederick SCHAUSS, 25, mason, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Jacob SCHAUSS & Christine DAHMER married Augusta BRUITIGAM, 23, Wilmot Twp, Normanby, d/o Michael BRUITIGAM & Ann Elizabeth SCHULTZ, Wtn: Henry BRUITIGAM & Jacob SCHAUSS both of Normanby November 8, 1887 at Neustadt
4016-87 Harry SCHENK, 24, farmer, Jacob SCHENK & Elizabeth ROSSILL married Mary Ann BLAKE, 20, Bentinck, Brant, d/o William BLAKE & Mary HOPKINS, Wtn: William BLAKE & Levina LYNN both of Brant Twp, November 21, 1887 at Hanover 4020-87 Klaus SCHILDINGER, 24,labourer, Germany, Hanover, s/o (parents names not given ) married Matilda BRUSSO, 17, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Fred & Catherine BRUSSO, Wtn: Henry SCHENK & Mary BLAKE both of Brant Twp, October 19, 1887 at Hanover.
4021-87 Adam SCHINBEIN, 34, farmer, Wallace Twp, same, s/o Nicholas & Catherine SCHINBEIN married Catherine BOHLANDER, 22, Bentinck Twp, same, d/o William & Christina BOHLANDER, Wtn: George & William BOHLANDER both of Bentinck Twp, December 30, 1887 at Bentinck Twp. 4077-88 William Thomas SHEARER, 30, carpenter, Oakwood, Oakwood, s/o (no information [probably s/o Thomas R. SHEARER & Fanny DEGEER]) married Emma BEHLEL, 26, Hanover, Hanover, d/o (no Information) Wtn: William HASINGAGER & Carl KNECHTEL both of Hanover, December 27, 1887 at Hanover.
4008-87 William Peter SMITH, 24, plumber, Statford, Stratford, s/o Henry SMITH & Emily DIEMAN married Maggie McCULLOCH, 19, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o William MCCULLOCH & Christina CLARKE , Wtn: Jennie LINDSAY & T. MCCULLOCH both of Bentinck October 11, 1887 at Durham. 4076-88 Edward Thomas SMITH, 24, slader(?), England, Bentinck, s/o Edward SMITH & Annie CLARKE married Jane Johanna HASTIE, 24, Sullivan, Toronto, d/o Archibald HASTIE & Annie RAC, Wtn: Walter BURGER & Margaret HASTIE both of Bentinck Twp, November 2, 1887 at Durham.
4266-89 Joseph SNELL, 23, teacher, Egremont, Stirling Co. (sic), s/o William & Mary, married Mary LEASK, 23, Egremont, same, d/o James & Annie, witn: John SNELL & Maggie DOWYER, both of Egremont, 28 Dec 1887 at Egremont 03899-87 (Grey Co.) James SPEERS, 25, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o John and Matilda married Mary FLANNIGAN, 27, Glasgow Scotland, Osprey, d/o Robert and Mary, wtn., Thomas FLANNIGAN & Margaret Jane SPEERS both of Osprey on February 23, 1887 at Osprey.
  4079-87, Henry SPIES, 24, butcher, Markham, Clarksburg, s/o Frederick & Mary SPIES, married Margaret E. DALES, 22, Simcoe Co, Euphrasia, d/o William & Jane DALES, wtn: Thomas DALES & Laura Jane DALES both of Euphrasia, 2 Feb 1887, Euphrasia
4001-87 Fred SPRING, 20, Labourer, Germany, Brant Twp, s/o John SPRING & Mary MONK married Mary MONK, 23, Germany, Brant Twp, d/o (can't read) MONK, Wtn: Caroline SPRING of Brant Twp. May 18, 1887 at Hanover. 003909-87 (Grey Co.) John STAFFORD, 26, farmer, Euphrasia Twp., same, s/o John STAFFORD and Elizabeth RUTLEDGE married Sarah Maria LINTON, 18, Ellenwhich Northumberland Co., Artemesia Twp., d/o William LINTON and Jane HEUSHOON, wtn., N. S. d'ARGENT & Margaret WHITE both of Osprey on April 26, 1887 at Maxwell.
4006-88 William STEWART, 24, mason, Mono, Sydenham, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Mary RAMSAY, 19, Sydenham, same, d/o Maxwell & Jennie, witn: Mrs. & Willie COLTER of Meaford, 28 Dec 1887 at Meaford

3946-87, Robert Joel STOCK, 28, farmer, Markham York Co, Osprey Twp, s/o William & Mary Ann STOCK, married Matilda BEATTY, 19, Osprey, Osprey, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth BEATTY, wtn: J. Thomas BEATTY & Sarah BEATTY both of Osprey, 28 Sept 1887, Dundalk St. James Church

4010-87 Donald SUTHERLAND, 30, baker, Galt, Hanover, s/o John SUTHERLAND & Maggie DUNCAN married Amy LAURIE, 23, Brant Twp, Elmwood, d/o John LAURIE & Sarah DANIEL, Wtn: Alex MCLELLAN & Mary LAURIE both of Elmwood September 6, 1887 at Elmwood. 003983-88 (Grey Co.) Dennis SWEENY, 23, farmer, Glenelg, Glenelg, s/o Patrick SWEENY and Mary McCREHAN, married Annie SMITH, 19, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o William SMITH and Mary Annie O'BRIEN, witn; Martin SWEENY of Glenelg and Jane KING of Toronto, 13 July 1887 at Glenelg.
004065-88 (Grey Co.) John W. TAYLOR, 23, blank, Canada, Walters Falls, s/o S.E. and Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Sarah A. HOLDAWAY, 22, Canada, Walters Falls, d/o James and Catherine HOLDAWAY, witn: W.J. HOLDAWAY of Sydenham and Marjory Amie CULLEN of Owen Sound, 3 August 1887 at Woodford. 3775-87 Jesse TAYLOR, 34, widower, pump maker, St. Vincent, Meaford, s/o Joseph TAYLOR & Nancy, married Eliza Ann ELLIOT, 25, Sydenham, same, d/o Robert ELLIOT & Mary Jane, witn: John LIVINGSTONE & Matilda ELLIOT, both of Sydenham, 13 April 1887 at Sydenham
004176-87 William TELFORD, 29, laborer, Sutherland Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o Gilbert TELFORD & Elizabeth MURRAY, married Mary Elizabeth MORROW, 28, Artemesia, Owen Sound, d/o Joseph MORROW & Margaret ROBE, witn: Thomas SYKES & Ellen TELFORD both of Owen Sound on June 29, 1887 at Owen Sound 3999-88 Adolphus Richard THOMAS, 30, bank clerk, England, Meaford, s/o Richard Robert G. THOMAS & Mary Elizabeth BISSEL?, married Alice Mary Blair POLLARD, 29, Ontario, Meaford, d/o William Barley POLLARD & Mary STRONG, witn: H. B. & E. C. POLLARD and Peter FULLER, all of Meaford, 22 Dec 1887 at Meaford
004177-87 Herbert THOMPSON, 22, teacher, Norfolk Co., St. Williams, s/o Amos & Jane, married Margaret CARSON, 26, Cape Rich, St. Vincent, d/o James & Margaret, witn: John CARSON of Cape Rich & Minnie Jane LOCKE of Sydenham on July 5, 1887 at Owen Sound. 4105-88 William THORPE, 23, railway engineer, Malton - Yorkshire England, Owen Sound, s/o William & Kate, married Henrietta TREVARTHEN, 26, Clifton on Lake Superior, Owen Sound, d/o William & Maria, witn: Bertie MILES (Mills?) of Rush--ton? & Carrie TREVARTHEN of Owen Sound, 28 Dec 1887 at Owen Sound
4031-87 Levi VOGT, 23, farmer, Normanby, Conway Twp Livingston Co. Michigan, s/o Sebastian & Elizabeth VOGT married Louise ANGST, 23, Howick Twp Huron co, Howick, d/o Alrick & Louise ANGST, Wtn: Henry ROEDDING of Normanby & Sarah ANGST of Howick March 3, 1887 at Normanby. 4071-87, Walter W. WAGG, 29, farmer, Canada, Collingwood, s/o Francis & Hannah WAGG, married Mary Ann LOUGHEED, 23, Canada, Collingwood Twp, d/o William & Margaret LOUGHEED, wtn: James H. IRWIN & Martha E. LOUGHEED both of Collingwood Twp, 24 May 1887, Thornbury
4052-87 Charles WAGNER, 22, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Frederick & Sophia WAGNER married Katherine SCHAUSS, 22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Jack & Christine SCHAUSS, Wtn: Jacob & Fred SCHAUSS, Elizabeth BRUITIGAM all of Normanby & Christine DAHMER of Carrick October 20, 1887 at Normanby 4099-88 Samuel Jackson WALLACE, 23, vet surgeon, Canada, Warren Penn. USA, s/o Samuel WALLACE & Susan MEREDITH, married Victoria WARRILOW, 23, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John WARRILOW & Fanny WILSON, witn: L. A. RELLER (Keller?) of Warren Penn. & Suley B. WALLACE of Orangeville, 21 Dec 1887 at Owen Sound
3996-87 John W. WALLACE, 33, mechanic, Walkerton, same, s/o Robert WALLACE & Delilah NELLES, married Martha A. McKAY, 22, King twp., Walkerton, d/o Donald McKAY & Eliza WATSON, witn: Joseph WALLACE & Flora McKAY, both of Walkerton, 15 June 1887 at Hanover 004191-87 Thomas WALTER, 30, farmer, Hope Tp., St. Vincent, s/o Richard WALTER & Mary DAYMEN, married Marion BEATTY, 24, Sydenham Tp., Sarawak Tp., d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: Martha R. SOMERVILLE & Ada L. BROWN both of Owen Sound on Sept. 5, 1887 at Owen Sound.

3797-87, George WARLING, 34, carpenter, King Twp, Artemesia, s/o Robert & Sarah WARLING, married Josephine GILBERT, 22, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o Thomas & Rosanna GILBERT, wtn: Samuel GILBERT & Sarah Ann GILBERT both of Artemesia, 28 Apr 1887 Artemesia

4203-87 Henry B. WEAGANT, 29, dentist, Morrisburg Ont., Owen Sound, s/o Herman WEAGANT & Anna, married Maggie Helen McDOUGAL, 20, Owen Sound, same, d/o John McDOUGAL & Mary, witn: Maggie PATERSON & Russell A. McDOUGAL, both of Owen Sound, 19 Oct. 1887 at Owen Sound
003902-87 (Grey Co.) George WEIR, 28, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, s/o Alex and Elizabeth WEIR married Margaret Emily HAMILTON, 18, Canada, Singhampton, d/o William and Sarah HAMILTON, wtn., George TAYLOR of Nottawasaga & Maggie HAMILTON of Glen Huron on February 16, 1887 at Singhampton. 003985-88 (Grey Co.) William WEIR, 22, farmer, Glenelg, Glenelg, s/o John and Elizabeth WEIR, married Margaret Ann RITCHIE, 23, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o William RITCHIE and Margaret KELLY, witn; William RITCHIE and Lizzie WEIR both of Glenelg, 29 December 1887 at Glenelg
4069-87, William WENSLEY, 22, painter, Town of Collingwood, Collingwood Twp, s/o William H. & Eunice Munsby WENSLEY, married Rebecca Jane SMITHSON, 20, Collingwood, Collingwood, d/o Thomas SMITHSON & Sarah MATTICE, wtn: Albert CARNAHAN & Prudence SMITHSON both of Collingwood Twp, 16 Aug 1887, Thornbury #004196-87 (Grey Co): Thomas WHITE, 23, laborer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Jacob WHITE & Elizabeth EDDY, married Rachel Annie GREEN, 21, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John GREEN & Mary Ann GORDON, witn: Mary MILLER & James GREEN, both of Owen Sound, 28 Sept 1887 at Owen Sound
#004095-87 (Grey Co): Archibald WHITFIELD, 21, farmer, Newfoundland, St. Vincent, s/o Alfred Henry & Mary Ann, married Annie DOUGHERTY, 17, Keppel, St. Vincent, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, wit: John & Martha DOUGHERTY of St. Vincent, 6 July, 1887 at St. Vincent #003789-87 (Grey Co) Daniel WHYTE, 25, Durham Ont, Artemesia, b, farmer, s/o John & Janet WHYTE, married Sarah Ann DUNCAN, 20, Ramsay Ont, Artemesia, s, d/o John & Catherine DUNCAN, witn: Alexander. WHYTE of Artemesia, Mary BRADLEY of Rosemarch, 23 March 1887, Artemesia
003941-87 (Grey Co.) Dick WILLIAMS, 31, yeoman, near Hamilton Ont., Melancthon, s/o Joseph and Anne WILLIAMS married Sarah J. MONTGOMERY, 30, Melancthon, same, d/o James and Ann MONTGOMERY, wtn., John JACOB of Corbetton & Marg. A. JACOB of Corbetton, on March 16, 1887 at Dundalk.

4072-87, George WILSON, 30, farmer, Simcoe Co, St. Vincent, s/o John WILSON & Ellen WILSON McGOWAN, married Maria Hayden MARTIN, 32, Ireland, St. Vincent, d/o John MARTIN & Mary HAYDEN, wtn: Margaret S. WASHINGTON & John H. HILL both of Thornbury, 22 Nov 1887, Thornbury

004213-87 - Henry WILSON, 45, Victoria Ont, Eastnor, Farmer, Widower, s/o William WILSON & Jane WOODS, married Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 40, Ottawa, Eastnor, wtn: Robert & Frances Ann ARMSTRONG both of Owen Sound, on December 22, 1887, at Owen Sound 3993-87 Adam H. WINDRUM, 26, agent, Fenelon Falls, Toronto, s/o Alexander WINDRUM & Eliza REDNER, married Mary M. ACTON, 25, Bentinck twp., same, d/o Abram ACTON & Eliza Ann KEATING, witn: Sarah ACTON of Bentinck, 30 March 1887 at Hanover
3997-87 Harry WINNENBERY, 22, laborer, Ontario, Hanover, s/o Fred WINNENBERY & Mary METZGER, married Matilda LIEBLER, 23, Ontario, Hanover, d/o Johann LIEBLER & Catherine DOERING, witn: Edmond LIEBLER & Catherine WINNENBERY, both of Hanover, 24 May 1887 at Hanover 003911-87 (Grey Co.) John WINTERS, 28, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o William WINTERS and Rebecca SILLEY married Margaret HILL, 24, Haldimond Ont., Osprey, d/o David HILL and Margaret MOORE, wtn., Donald BELL and Jessie HENDERSON both of Osprey on October 25, 1887 at Maxwell.
3996-88 Oliver WRIGHT, 21, jeweller, Ontario, Meaford, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Sarah GUGINS, 17, Ontario, Meaford, d/o Joseph GUGIN & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Elizabeth J. WRIGHT & George GUGIN, both of Meaford, 28 Dec 1887 at Meaford 003888-88 Henry WRIGHT, 30, farmer, Scarboro, Osprey, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Jessie HENDERSON, 20, Eramosa Ontario, Osprey, d/o William & Jennet, witn: Johnson WRIGHT & Nellie HENDERSON both of Osprey on Dec. 21, 1887 at Osprey
4045-87 William Bell YOUNG, 20, merchant, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o William Bell & Mary YOUNG married Augusta HOPF, 20, Normanby, Normanby, d/o George HOPF & Emma SCHMIDT, Wtn: George HOPF & Margaret HOLM both of Normanby July 3, 1887 at Neustadt 4046-87 John ZIMMERMANN, , 20, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o John ZIMMERMANN & Mary SEIP married Emilie FEICK, 20, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Henry FEICK & Catharina HUNIKE, Wtn: Jacob FEICK & Catherine SEIP both of Normanby July 21, 1887 at Normanby