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3714-82, Charles John ALLISTER, 26, farmer, Ontario, Osprey, s/o George & Sarah Jane ALLISTER, married Mary STOUTENBURG, 23, Ontario, Osprey, d/o Peter & Caroline STOUTENBURG, wtn: Robert J. ALLISTER of Osprey & Ann McKEAN of Collingwood, 13 Feb 1882, Collingwood

3753-82 Charles ATKINS, 24, farmer, USA, Proton, s/o William & Mary, married Eliza Ann GOODFELLOW, 20, Cartwright Ont., Proton, d/o James & Maria, witn: Thomas ROBINSON & Mary GOODFELLOW, both of Proton, 17 Oct 1882 at Dundalk

3601-82, William James Skirrow ATKINSON, 27, farmer, Hornsby, Manitoba, s/o Robert T. ATKINSON & Helen NEILSON, married Esther R. BROWN, 23, Durham, Owen Sound, d/o Oliver BROWN & Ann J. CLENDENNING, wtn: Alexander ANDERSON of Chesley & Agnes R. BROWN OF Owen Sound, 7 Mar 1882, Owen Sound

3703-82, Wesley BAKER, 26, yeoman, St. Vincent, Sydenham, s/o William & Eliza BAKER, married Mary McTAVISH, 25, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Dugald & Ann McTAVISH, wtn: David BERRIDGE & Ann Catherine McTAVISH both of Sydenham, 29 May 1882, Sydenham

3619-82, William E. BATEMAN, 23, clerk, Brussels Ont, Algoma, s/o William & Eliza BATEMAN, married Margaret E. HAGAN, 21, Dungannon Ont, Algoma, d/o James & Margaret HAGAN, wtn: George SANDERSON & Minnie E. RIARDON both of Algoma, 19 May 1882, Owen Sound

3681-82, William BELL, 76, widower, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck, s/o Benjamin & Jane BELL, married Janet HENDERSON, 55, Scotland, Bentinck, d/o John HENDERSON & Elizabeth BELL, wtn: Finly McRAE & Agnes DUNLOP both of Durham, 1 Sept 1882, Durham

3586-82, William James BLAKELY, 22, farmer, Marmora, Euphrasia, s/o William John & Margaret BLAKELY, married Livinia Jane EAGLES, 18, St. Vincent, Euphrasia, d/o Frederick & Mary EAGLES, wtn: R.W. BLAKELY & Mary EAGLES both of Euphrasia, 12 July 1882, Markdale Glenelg

3691-82, Henry Edward BOWMAN, 28, farmer, Canada, Derby, s/o John BOWMAN & Mercy SLACK, married Margaret Ann MILLS, 21, Canada, Keppel, d/o Francis MILLS & Margaret GARDNER, wtn: Samuel W. BOWMAN of Derby & Letitia MILLS of Keppel, 28 June 1882, Keppel

3664-82, James BRIGGAM, 21, farmer, Canada, Hepworth, s/o William BRIGGAM & Mary GRAFTIN, married Eliza DRIFFIL, 19, Canada, Hepworth, d/o William DRIFFIL & Elizabeth SPENCER, wtn: Charles EVERETT of Owen Sound & Alice DRIFFIL of Hepworth, 25 Dec 1882, Owen Sound

3709-82, George BROWN, 27, merchant, Sydenham, Meaford, s/o William & Janet BROWN, married Christina Laidlaw McGILIVRAY, 25, Saugeen, Sydenham, d/o Archibald & Ellen McGILIVRAY, wtn: Christina McGILIVRAY & D. ROWAND both of not given, 20 Dec 1882, Apple Grove, Arran

3659-82, Thomas Henry BUMSTEAD, 27, yeoman, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Edward BUMSTEAD & Harriet MOLE, married Elizabeth ROSS, 18, Sarawak, Keppel, d/o Murdock ROSS & Margaret McKENZIE, wtn: John ROSS of Keppel & Clara MATTHEWS of Sarawak, 6 Dec 1882, Owen Sound

3414-82, John H. CAMPAIGNE, 21, blacksmith, Melancthon, Artemesia, s/o James CAMPAIGNE & Mary LORD, married Mary Jane BROWN, 22, Artemesia, same, d/o John BROWN & Lydia McNALLY, wtn: William FISHER of Artemesia & Mary WRIGHT of Osprey, 15 Nov 1882, at blank 3602-82, James CARSON, 26, yeoman, Holland, Holland, s/o Samuel & Ann CARSON, married Margaret PAGE, 23, Holland, Holland, d/o James & Isabella PAGE, wtn: W. J. PAGE & Barbara CARSON both of Holland, 14 Mar 1882, Owen Sound

3644-82, Moses COOK, 34, widower, farmer, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o Francis COOK & Mary HOLMES, married Janet Karr COOK, 21, Holland, Sydenham, d/o John COOK & Janet McKISSOCK, wtn: William George COOK & Hannah Jane COOK both of Holland, 25 May 1882, Owen Sound

3657-82, James COUTCH, 26, farmer, Near Durham, Sydenham, s/o mark Bishop COUTCH & Mary BRENNAN, married Janet McLEOD, 25, Sullivan, Sullivan, d/o Donald McLEOD & Betsy GILCHRIST, wtn: Ezra FERGUSON of Sydenham & Lizzy McLEOD of Sullivan, 29 Nov 1882, Owen Sound

3637-82, John Thomas CRAWFORD, 27, farmer, Perth Co, Keppel, s/o Samuel CRAWFORD & Elizabeth MIDDLETON, married Alice Harriet FORD, 25, Dunville Ont, Wiarton, d/o William FORD & Mary Ann SMITH, wtn: A. J. SCOTT & A. S. G. SCOTT both of Owen Sound, 8 Sept 1882, Owen Sound

3686-82, John CRUICKSHANK, 24, farmer, Beverly Twp, Keppel, s/o James CRUICKSHANK & Ellen NICOL, married Mary Elizabeth HINDSON, 20, Yorkshire England, Keppel, d/o William HINDSON & Ann COOPER, wtn: Thomas Cooper HINDSON & Jane Ellen CRUICKSHANK both of not given, 1 Mar 1882, Keppel

3670-82, Thomas DAVIS, 32, yeoman, Canada, Glenelg, s/o Benjamin & Margaret DAVIS, married Mary Ann WHITMORE, 20, Canada, Egremont, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann WHITMORE, wtn: R. S. MOFFAT of Glenelg & Abigail WHITMORE of Egremont, 10 June 1882, Egremont

3680-82, Emery Allan DEAN, 30, labourer, Erin, Durham, s/o Thomas DEAN & Sarah Ann WHITMAN, married Abigail VOLLET, 21, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o Henry VOLLET & Abigail SHEPPARD, wtn: George & John VOLLET of Bentinck, 28 Aug 1882, Durham
  3736-82 Lewis DECKER, 28, carriage maker, St. Vincent twp., Dundalk, s/o William H. DECKER & Lydia SMITH, married Jane McKINLEY, 21, St. Vincent twp., Collingwood, d/o Archibald McKINLEY & Mary A. BROWN, witn: Maggie McKINLEY of Collingwood twp & Duncan SHEARER of Ravenna, 3 July 1882 at Collingwood twp

3596-82, Thomas DENTON, 27, farmer, England, Sydenham, s/o James & Mary DENTON , married Ellen McARTHUR, 27, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Alexander McARTHUR & Euphemia McGREGOR, wtn: Alexander CAMPBELL & Jessie LIVINGSTONE both of Sydenham, 11 Jan 1882, Owen Sound

3687-82, Henry J. DISNEY, 22, painter, Normanby, Keppel, s/o George C. DISNEY & Sarah E. CARVETH, married Mary LONEY, 19, Kingston Twp, Keppel, d/o Henry LONEY & Maria WALPOLE, wtn: William WALPOLE of Oxenden & Margaret BEST of Keppel, 13 Mar 1882

3623-82, John DOWNEY, 28, farmer, Canada, Holland, s/o Edward DOWNEY & Mary GALVIN, married Hannah KELLY, 28, Sullivan, Holland, d/o Patrick KELLY & Catherine GODFREY, wtn: Michael KELLY & Mary DOWNEY both of Holland, 22 May 1882, Owen Sound


3683-82, Frances George DOWNS, 26, painter, England, Durham, s/o John DOWNS & Sarah HOLLIDAY, married BUCKINGHAM, 31, Glenelg, Bentinck, d/o Frances BUCKINGHAM & Sarah BRYANS, wtn; Charles BUCKINGHAM & Janet BUCKINGHAM both of Durham, 15 Nov 1882, Durham

3651-82, James DUNGEY, 47, widower, carpenter, Kent England, Owen Sound, s/o George DUNGEY & Maria CARWIN, married Sarah McKENZIE, 38, widow, Scotland, Wiarton, d/o James BUCHANAN & Ann McDONALD, wtn: Lizzie HOGG & Kate McVANNEL both of Owen Sound, 25 Oct 1882, Owen Sound
#003608-82 (Grey Co): Joseph EDGE, 30, minister, Glenelg - Grey Co., Chesley - Bruce Co., s/o Elias EDGE & Lucy CURL, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 24, Holland - Grey Co., Owen Sound, d/o Hugh TAYLOR & Dorothy CARSON, witn: John CARSON of Bentinck & Maggie TAYLOR of Owen Sound, 12 April 1882 at Owen Sound

3589-82, Daniel EDGE, 28, farmer, Bentinck, Glenelg, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth EDGE, married Isabella BINNIE, 24, England, Glenelg, d/o Thomas & Isabella BINNIE wtn: William R. EDGE & Agnes BINNIE both of Glenelg, 28 Dec 1882, Glenelg

3528-82 Richard EWING, 31, agent, Ontario, Holland, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mariah GRAHAM, 26, Ontario, Holland, d/o James & Jane, witn: W. EWENS & Mary Ann MEIR, both of Owen Sound, 1 June 1882 at Chatsworth

3622-82, John EWING, 28, farmer, Brampton, Sullivan, s/o James EWING & Jane McARTHUR, married Elizabeth SCHWANDT, 22, Carrick, Sullivan, d/o August SCHWANDT & Frederich RICKER, wtn: James STEWART & Caroline SCHWANDT both of Sullivan, 17 May 1882, Owen Sound

3705-82, William FARLEY, 40, widower, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o John & Elizabeth FARLEY, married Margaret BRYANT, 22, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o James & Amy BRYANT, wtn: Donald STEWART & Sophia STEWART both of Sydenham, 24 Oct 1882, Sydenham

3748-82 William FARRIER (Ferrier?), 35, joiner, England, Harriston, s/o Richard FARRIER & Mary Ann LAKE, married Emily Ann CAVANAGH, 26, Ireland, Proton, d/o James CAVANAGH & Jane WILSON, witn: John PEARSON of Harriston & G. R. MIDDLETON of Dundalk, 22 March 1882 at Proton
3733-82 Henry FLEMING, 49, farmer, Fifeshire Scotland, Collingwood twp., s/o Andrew G. FLEMING & Elizabeth, married Annie WRIGHT, 32, Chinguacousy twp., Collingwood twp., d/o Daniel WRIGHT & Mary, witn; John & Agnes WRIGHT of Collingwood twp., 20 Aug 1882 at Collingwood twp 3587-82, Henry FOSTER, 32, merchant, Lanark, Markdale, s/o Henry & Margaret FOSTER, married Annie Amelia RORKE, 21, Grey Co, Markdale, d/o Thomas & Isabella RORKE, wtn: George W. HASKETT & Laura RORKE both of Markdale, 5 Dec 1882, Markdale

3628-82, James Simpson GRIEVE, 30, tea planter, Scotland, Derby, s/o Robert GRIEVE & Jane SOMERVILLE, married Frances CHISHOLM, 23, Canada, Derby, d/o George CHISHOLM & Mary Ann MILLOY, wtn: C. N. LANG & Josephine SMYTH both of Owen Sound, 7 June 1882, Owen Sound

3595-82, John GUNN, 38, yeoman, Scotland, Keppel, s/o Donald GUNN & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Johanna McKAY, 30, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Alexander McKAY & Betsy GUNN, wtn: Angus McDONALD & Isabella McKAY both of Sydenham, 25 Jan 1882, Owen Sound


3704-82, Robert HALL, 32, widower, farmer, Quebec, Arran, s/o William & Isabella HALL, married Annie L. McARTHUR, 27, Ontario, Sydenham,, d/o Duncan & Catherine McARTHUR, wtn: Peter MUNRO of Tara & Maggie McARTHUR of Bognor, 20 July 1882,

3626-82, Thomas HANBERRY, 25, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o Thomas HANBERRY & Mary CASEY, married Susan McNAB, 20, Canada, Derby, d/o George McNAB & Ann BRENNAN, wtn: William McNAB & Margaret McNAB both of Sullivan, 4 Apr 1882, Owen Sound

3634-82, George HARBOTTLE, 34, farmer, New Dundas Canada, Derby, s/o Ralph HARBOTTLE & Agnes REID, married Mary HARBOTTLE, 22, Canada, Derby, d/o George HARBOTTLE & Sarah HUNTER, wtn: Thomas HARBOTTLE of Derby & Margaret MORRISON of Owen Sound, 4 Sept 1882, Owen Sound

3617-82, John W. HARKNESS, 25, machinist, Arran, Wolcottville Conn USA, s/o Gideon HARKNESS & Margaret SCOTT, married Mary Ann McKENZIE, 22, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o Alexander McKENZIE & Dorothy ELLIOTT, wtn: Mary W. LAMONT & C. J. SCOTT both of Owen Sound, 19 May 1882, Owen Sound


3755-82 Allen J. HENDERSON, 22, carpenter, Waterford, Dundalk, s/o James & Emmeline, married Louisa MONTGOMERY, 20, Mono twp., Melancthon, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Minnie HOWARD & James MONTGOMERY, both of Melancthon, 6 Dec 1882 at Dundalk 3676-82, Thomas James HINES, 28, blacksmith, Sullivan, Dakota USA, s/o Richard HINES & Jane FLOOD, married Quekar? Isabella JOHNSTON, 25, Hamilton, Holland twp, d/o John JOHNSTON & Jessica CLARK, wtn: Henry HESTER of Holland & Flora JOHNSTON of Sullivan, 6 Mar 1882, Durham [faded reg'n]

3724-82, James HUNTER, 32, farmer, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Robert HUNTER & Jane BOLE, married Carrie R. WINTER, 19, Toronto Twp, Euphrasia, d/o John WINTER & Caroline WILCOX, wtn: Erastus J. WINTER & Henrietta VICKERS both of not given, 28 Mar 1882, Clarksburg

3646-82, James HUNTER, 23, wood turner, Huron Co. Canada, Huron Co. Michigan USA, s/o William HUNTER & Elizabeth MANSON, married Elizabeth McGAULEY, 19, Saginaw, Owen Sound, d/o James McGAULEY & Julia SHERMAN, wtn: Frederick ARNOTT of Owen Sound, & Eliz Jane BELL of Williamsford, 3 July 1882, Owen Sound

3682-82, Joseph JAMESON, 29, carpenter, England, Detroit USA, s/o William & Isabella JAMESON, married Jesse LAIDLAW, 22, Glenelg, Durham, d/o James & Elizabeth LAIDLAW, wtn: William & Sarah LAIDLAW both of Durham, 29 Sept 1882, Durham

3713-82, Benjamin Burrows JOHNSTON, 27, merchant, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Emma Amanda ANDREWS, 24, Canada, Thornbury, d/o Thomas & Susan ANDREWS, wtn: George MILLS of Toronto & Maggie SING of Meaford, 19 Jan 1882, Thornbury

  3665-82, Andrew KIRKPATRICK, 29, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o William KIRKPATRICK & Ann McNABB, married Mary McCAFFREY, 25, Canada, Sullivan, d/o John McCAFFREY & Mary LEMOND, wtn: William McNABB & Maria Jane PENN (cut off) both of Sullivan, 27 Dec 1882, at Owen Sound
3645-82, Thomas LAIRD, 31, farmer, Smith Falls Ont, Sydenham, s/o James LAIRD & Sarah HAWTHORNE, married Mary LEAVINS, 18, Sydenham,, Sydenham, d/o Thomas LEAVINS & Eliza PENDLETON, wtn: Mary JOHNSTON & Nettie SOMERVILLE both of Owen Sound, 22 June 1882, Owen Sound

3675-82, James LANDER (Lauder?), 25, farmer, Welland, Glenelg, s/o James LANDER & Helen NOBLE, married Isabella JAMIESON, 17, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o William JAMIESON & Isabella BEST, wtn: Joseph JAMIESON & Jesse LUDLAW both of Durham, 5 Apr 1882, Durham

3716-82, Robert LANGTRY, 30, farmer, Ontario, Dufferin Manitoba, s/o George & Elizabeth LANGTRY, married Sarah Ann PARKINSON, 24, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Joseph & Emily PARKINSON, wtn: Joseph PARKINSON & Joseph CARSCADEN both of Collingwood, 15 Feb 1882, Collingwood


3582-82, Henry LAWRENCE, 38, farmer, Ireland, Glenelg, s/o John & Martha LAWRENCE, married Margaret COOK, 31, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o Smith & Eliza COOK, wtn: William F. COOK & Eliza COOK both of Glenelg, 25 Jan 1882, Glenelg

3636-82, Edward LEE, 28, farmer, Pickering, Arran, s/o Hudson LEE & Mary GIBSON, married Martha POLLARD, 19, Arran, Arran, d/o William POLLARD & Sarah BRYAN, wtn: Laban POLLARD & Lottie LEE both of Arran, 12 Sept 1882, Owen Sound

3662-82, Frederick N. Le PAN, 22, merchant, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o Frederick N. D’Orr & Nancy Le PAN, married Mary Kate McDOUGALL, 21, Thorold, Owen Sound, d/o John & Mary McDOUGALL, wtn: Harold Le PAN & Hattie McDOUGALL both of Owen Sound, 26 Dec 1882, Owen Sound

3672-82, Edwin William LERNIER, 22, butcher, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Charles William LERNIER & Selena McCLOCKLEN, married Mary Dorothy BANKS, 23, Durham, Durham, d/o Jabez BANKS & Ann WASS, wtn: John HAGERMAN & Annie A. BANKS, 14 Sept 1882, Durham

3590-82, David LEVINS, 26, oil dealer, Sydenham, Owen Sound, s/o John LEVINS & Eliza SPEERS, married Rebecca Ann McNALLY, 25, Artemesia, Owen Sound, d/o James McNALLY & Rebecca WALLACE, wtn: L.R. SIMMONS & Jennie NICHOL both of Owen Sound, 9 Jan 1882, Owen Sound

3650-82, George LOCKWOOD, 42, widower, horse farrier, Shipton England, Owen Sound, s/o Matthew LOCKWOOD & Elizabeth ALLISON, married Mary Ann FARLEY, 33, Sydenham, Owen Sound, d/o David FARLEY & Frances LEAVINS, wtn: William HICKS of Owen Sound & Martha FARLEY OF Sullivan Twp, 26 Sept 1882, Owen Sound

3656-82, Samuel MALTBY, 23, sawyer, Flamboro, Proton, s/o George MALTBY & Margaret JOHNSON, married Jemima TROTTER, 22, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o James TROTTER & Jane McARTHUR, wtn: William PATTERSON of Proton & Mary Ann TROTTER of Sydenham, 23 Nov 1882, Owen Sound

3624-82, John MATHISON, 23, farmer, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o John MATHISON & Hughena McKAY, married Margaret MORRISON, 23, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Gilbert MORRISON & Janet McINTYRE, wtn: Margery McMILLAN of Sydenham & James JACKSON of Owen Sound, 26 Apr 1882, Owen Sound

3699-82, James MAYNARD, 32, farmer, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o Thomas MAYNARD & Christina BROWNLIE, married Elizabeth DICKSON, 18, Fergus, Sydenham, d/o James DICKSON & Agnes CAMERON, wtn: James A. DICKSON & Ellen MAYNARD both of Sydenham, 15 Mar 1882, Sydenham

3692-82, George McCLARY, 22, blacksmith, Ontario, Wiarton, s/o Michael McCLARY & Mary BOX, married Flora Ann CRUICKSHANK, 19, Ontario, Keppel, d/o Alexander CRUICKSHANK & Ann BROWN, wtn: Charles McINTOSH of Arran & Mary Ann BROWN of Keppel, 31 July 1882, Hepworth

3655-82, Daniel McCORQUODALE, 22, railway conductor, Greenock Twp, Winnipeg, s/o Alexander McCORQUODALE & Jane McPHADYEN, married Catherine HANLEY, 23, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Daniel HANLEY & Helen BURNS, wtn: Catherine BOWIE of Desboro & Mary DIXON of Arran, 15 Nov 1882, Owen Sound

3679-82, John McCULLOCH, 50, widower, carpenter, Scotland, Osprey, s/o James McCULLOCH & Helen CUBBEN, married Helen HOGAN, 36, widow, York Co, Artemesia, d/o John & Sarah SHARP, wtn: Nathan DUMMERS (Drummond?) of Glenelg & Jesse DUMMERS of Durham, 30 June 1882, Durham

3695-82, William John McCUTCHEON, 36, farmer, Vaughan, Tecumseth, s/o William & Letitia McCUTCHEON, married Fanny KEEFER (Keifer?), 37, Guelph, Sydenham, d/o Jacob & Mary KEEFER, wtn: William KEEFER & Clara OSBURN both of Sydenham, 9 Jan 1882, Arran

3701-82, John McDONALD, 27, farmer, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o William & Catherine McDONALD, married Anna Bella EAD, 27, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Archibald & Flora EAD, wtn: John EAD & Janie McDONALD both of Sydenham, 12 Apr 1882, Sydenham

3673-82, Edward McGEE, 27, blacksmith, Ireland, Wireton (Wiarton?), s/o George & Jane McGEE, married Charlotte CROZIER, 19, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o William & Mary Jane CROZIER, wtn; Lizzie CROZIER & . M. DARGAVAH, both of Bentinck, 15 Feb 1882, Durham

3653-82, Duncan McGILLIVRAY, 51, widower, miller, Scotland, Buffalo New York, s/o William McGILLIVRAY & Christina McKAY, married Janet CLARK, 39, Prescott Ont, Owen Sound, d/o Alexander CLARK & Agnes HISLOP, wtn: George KENNEDY & Thomas William KENNEDY both of Owen Sound, 15 Nov 1882, Owen Sound

3621-82, Thomas E. McGIRR, 28, merchant’s clerk, Vaughan, Markdale, s/o James McGIRR & Margaret FOX, married Laura A. CRISPIN, 19, Hanover, Owen Sound, d/o James CRISPIN & Annie LUSCOMBE, wtn: George FERGUSON & Clara CRISPIN both of Owen Sound, 11 Apr 1882, Owen Sound

3689-82, Duncan McIVER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Albemarle, s/o Robert McIVER & Isabella FRASER, married Mary HOGG, 20, Ontario, Albemarle, d/o James HOGG & Mary Jane BLAIR, wtn: Sarah Jane OTTWELL of Amabel, 9 Feb 1882, not given

3698-82, James McKAY, 34, carpenter, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o Angus McKAY & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Mary Jane McELHERON, 26, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Neil McELHERON & Mary McLARTY, wtn: Hugh McELHORN & David McKAY both of Sydenham, 18 Jan 1882, Sydenham

3620-82, Alexander McKENZIE, 25, farmer, Rosshire Scotland, Darlingford Manitoba, s/o Simon & Mary McKENZIE, married Mary Jane WILSON, 18, Garafaxa Wellington Co, Brooke, d/o John & Margaret Jane WILSON, wtn: Charles C. GRANT & Hannah McKENZIE both of Sarawak, 26 May 1882, Owen Sound

3707-82, William McKISSOCK, 27, mechanic, Brantford, Derby, s/o Thomas & Susan McKISSOCK, married Margaret ELLIOTT, 19, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Robert & Mary ELLIOTT, wtn: John BLACK of Derby & Hannah ELLIOTT of Sydenham, 19 July 1882, Sydenham

3696-82, Allan MacLEAN, 24, farmer, s/o John & Mary MacLEAN, married Elizabeth McNAB, 22, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o William & Janet McNAB, wtn: Alexander MacLEAN & Elizabeth McNAB both of Sydenham, 1 Feb 1882, Sydenham

3722-82, Samuel McLEOD, 30, farmer, Scotland, Collingwood, s/o Hugh & Jannet McLEOD, married Elizabeth CARMICHAEL, 25, Scotland, Collingwood, d/o Dougald & Catherine CARMICHAEL, wtn: John CARMICHAEL of Collingwood & Margaret CAMPBELL of Nottawasaga, 1 Mar 1882, Collingwood

3597-82, Alexander G. McLEOD, 32, mariner, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o Donald MCLEOD & Elizabeth GILCHRIST, married Alexina REID, 28, Scotland, Owen Sound, d/o Alexander REID & Helen BRUCE, wtn: Henry E. SMITH & Margaret MITCHELL both of Owen Sound, 31 Jan 1882, Owen Sound

3708-82, Archibald McMILLAN, 26, yeoman, St. Vincent, Sydenham, s/o William & Jane McMILLAN, married Marjory McLEOD, 22, Owen Sound, Sydenham, d/o Norman & Christina McLEOD, wtn: John McMILLAN of St. Vincent & Catherine J. McLEOD of Sydenham, 20 Sept 1882, Sydenham

3648-82, John McMILLAN, 28, farmer, Stormont Co, St. Vincent, s/o John & Sarah McMILLAN, married Eliz. CAMERON, 27, Sydenham, Owen Sound, d/o John & Bella CAMERON, wtn: Donald McMILLAN of St. Vincent & Ann McMILLAN of Sydenham, 18 Oct 1882, Owen Sound

3625-82, William McNAB, 25, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o Robert McNAB & Elizabeth HANBERRY, married Margaret McNAB, 20, Canada, Sullivan , d/o John McNAB & Mary CASEY, wtn: Thomas HANBERRY of Sullivan & Susan McNAB of Derby, 4 Apr 1882, Owen Sound

3642-82, John D. McNAB, 23, surveyor, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o Alexander McNAB & Margaret McARTHUR, married Mary HUTCHINSON, 22, Wentworth Co, Owen Sound, d/o Thomas HUTCHINSON & Jessie DICKSON, wtn: William R. ALLEN of Owen Sound & Mary McARTHUR of Sydenham, 12 Apr 1882, Owen Sound

3584-82, John McNALLY, 23, Glenelg, Glenelg, s/o John & Catherine McNALLY, married Martha COOK, 25, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o Abraham & Mary Jane COOK, wtn: Thomas COOK of Glenelg & Samuel PUTHERBOUGH of Bentinck, 31 May 1882, Glenelg

3660-82, Robert Walker McNAUGHT, 40, widower, farmer, s/o William McNAUGHT & Ann WALKER, married Maud Augusta LUNDY, 28, Bayham Ont, Owen Sound, d/o Joseph LUNDY & Esther SILVERTHORN, wtn: James CATT of Owen Sound & Esther McNAUGHT of Sarawak, 12 Dec 1882, Owen Sound

3661-82, James McNEIL, 31, farmer, Brock Twp, Sydenham, s/o John McNEIL & Elizabeth MILLER, married Mary Ann WALKER, 21, England, Sydenham, d/o William WALKER & Ann FOX, wtn: Robert WALKER & Henrietta MATHEWSON, both of Sydenham, 25 Dec 1882, Owen Sound

3671-82, Herbert William MECKLAR, 33, merchant, Ipswich England, Durham, s/o William & Ann A. MACKLAR?, married Catherine Victoria JONES, 31, Canada, Durham, d/o Thomas & Harriet C. JONES, wtn: H. GURNEY & Eva JONES both of Durham, 8 Feb 1882, Durham

3663-82, Robert MILLER, 24, yeoman, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o John MILLER & Eliza Jane McNULLEY, married Maggie McARTHUR, 24, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Angus McARTHUR & Margaret FERGUSON, wtn: Peter McARTHUR & Fanny MILLER both of Sydenham, 27 Dec 1882, Owen Sound

3633-82, John MILLMAN, 22, farmer, Canada, Derby, s/o William MILLMAN & Sarah TUPPER, married Mary JAMESON, 21, Canada, Arran, d/o Thomas JAMESON & Mary CROOM, wtn: William JAMESON of Arran & Lidya MILLMAN of Derby, 24 Aug 1882, Owen Sound
3745-82 Francis MILSAP, 30, farmer, Ireland, Artemesia, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Eunice ROLPH, 28, Whitchurch, Artemesia, d/o Bartholomew & Melinda, witn: Richard & Charlotte CAMPBELL of Artemesia, 20 Jan 1882 at Dundalk

3697-82, Robert MONAHAN, 23, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o James & Caroline MONAHAN, married Ellen NELSON, 23, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o John K. & Margaret NELSON, wtn: Charlotte MONAHAN & John CABLE both of Sydenham, 20 Feb 1882, Sydenham

3606-82, Michael MOORE, 33, farmer, Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o Michael MOORE & Margaret SHEREDON (Sheridan?), married Elizabeth MURRAY, 23, Sydenham, Owen Sound, d/o James MURRAY & Mary McCONNELL, wtn: Robert HALLON (Hatton?) of Owen Sound & Mary MOORE OF Sydenham, 31 Jan 1882, Owen Sound

3635-82, John E. MOYLE, 31, clergyman, Paris Ont, St. Andrews Quebec, s/o Henry MOYLE & May Emily EVANS, married Eliza A. BROWN, 33 Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o Ezra BROWN & Rebecca A. WHITE, wtn: John CULBERT & Martha BROWN both of Owen Sound, 24 Aug 1882, Owen Sound

3631-82, George NIXON, 26, farmer, Quebec, Sydenham, s/o William NIXON & Mary GALLAGHER, married Mary Jane MONAHAN, 20, Orillia, Sydenham, d/o James MONAHAN & Mary FRASER, wtn: John CABLE of Sydenham & Agnes LANKTREE, of Keppel, 19 July 1882, Owen Sound

3693-82, Samuel OTTEWELL, 32, yeoman, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Richard OTTEWELL & Jane TOWLE, married Hannah Rebecca CRAGG, 24, Oxford Co. Ont, Keppel, d/o Appleyard CRAGG & Jane ADAMSON, wtn: George CRAGG of Hepworth & Mary Ellen OTTEWELL of Amabel, 28 Aug 1882, Hepworth

3715-82, William PARKINSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Joseph & Emily PARKINSON, married Susan WRIGHT, 25, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Arthur & Elizabeth Ann WRIGHT, wtn: John WRIGHT & Arthur WRIGHT both of Collingwood, 13 Feb 1882, Collingwood

3725-82, Thomas PATTERSON, 27, farmer, Clark, Clark, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth PATTERSON, married Mary A. CARSCADEN, 23, Otonobee, Collingwood Twp, d/o Joseph & Mary CARSCADEN, wtn: Thomas D. CARSCADEN & Anne CARSCADEN both of Collingwood Twp, 29 Mar 1882, Collingwood

3630-82, Charles PHIPPS, 24, lumberman, England, Owen Sound, s/o Charles PHIPPS & Elizabeth KELSIE?, married Susan LEE, 19, Pickering Ont, Arran, d/o Hudson LEE & Mary GIBSON, wtn: Edward LEE of Tara & Charlotte S. LEE of Owen Sound, 18 July 1882, Owen Sound

3629-82, Ernest William PIKE, 26, farmer, England, Sullivan, s/o William PIKE & Charlotte LIPPIATT, married Catherine GROSVENOR, 22, England, Sullivan., d/o Samuel GROSVENOR & Ann PAINE, wtn: Robert J. J. HAMLETT & Jane Elizabeth HAMLETT both of Sullivan, 20 June 1882, Owen Sound

  3738-82 William PRINGLE, 32, farmer, King twp., Euphrasia, s/o John PRINGLE & Maria PAIN, married Charlotte GRAY, 28, Scott twp., Uxbridge, d/o James GRAY & Sarah Ann HULL, witn: Henry PRINGLE of King & Jemima GRAY of Euphrasia, 29 Aug 1882 at Clarksburg

3632-82, Beniah A. REID, 24, merchant, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o James & Susannah REID, married Ida Elizabeth PRICE, 21, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, d/o George & Amelia PRICE, wtn: Edwin B. REID of Alliston & Minnie McCRACKEN of Owen Sound, 23 Aug 1882, Owen Sound

3684-82, Peter REID, 44, widower, farmer, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Gavin REID & Mary EATON?, married Anne E. WATT, 30, Port Robson (Robinson?), Egremont, d/o John WATT & June MARR, wtn: Robert TENNYSON & Agnes illegible, 28 Nov 1882, Durham [faded reg'n]

3710-82, James REID, 26, farmer, St. Catharines, Sydenham, s/o David & Elizabeth REID, married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 27, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Thomas & Margaret ARMSTRONG, wtn: William REID & Mary ARNSTRONG both of Sydenham, 24 Dec 1882, Sydenham

3694-82, William Sylvester RICHMOND, 30, widower, sailor, St. Vincent, Owen Sound, s/o Sylvester RICHMOND & Mary ACHART, married Emma ROBINSON, 18, Wellington Co, Hepworth, d/o James ROBINSON & Nancy RUTTLEDGE (Rutledge?), wtn: Thomas PLAYFORD & Anna ROBINSON both of Hepworth, 1 Nov 1882, Hepworth

3643-82, David ROBERTSON, 25, farmer, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Charles ROBERTSON & Isabella HOAG, married Jane FELTIS, 23, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Michael FELTIS & Margaret CULLEN, wtn: William LEFLER & Catherine FELTIS both of Sydenham, 25 Apr 1882, Owen Sound

3685-82, Alex McLachlan ROBERTSON, 25, tailor, Glenelg, Durham, s/o John ROBERTSON & Ann McLACHLAN, married Letitia GAGNON, 21, Durham, Durham, d/o Owen GAGNON & Hannah O’DONNEL, wtn: Thomas TURNBULL & Agnes DUNLOP both of Dundas, 14 Dec 1882, Durham

3669-82, John RODWELL, 27, labourer, Weston Twp, Owen Sound, s/o William & Mary RODWELL, married Jannet CONNEL, 20, Sullivan, Sullivan, d/o James & Ruth CONNEL, wtn: Miss TANSLEY? & Bella HUSTON both of Durham, 17 May, Durham

3638-82, James H, RUTHERFORD, 22, salesman, Owen Sound, Toronto, s/o John & Margaret RUTHERFORD, married Elizabeth Ann WEEKES, 22, Fort Erie, Owen Sound, d/o David & Susan WEEKES, wtn: Peter RUTHERFORD & Isabella CLARKE both of Owen Sound, 18 Oct 1882, Owen Sound

3723-82, George B. SAYERS, 22, farmer, Ontario, Erin Twp, s/o William & Christina SAYERS, married Sarah Ann LONG, 22, Ontario, Collingwood Twp, d/o William & Mary LONG, wtn: James F. LONG of Collingwood & Mary C. SAYERS of Osprey, 30 Jan 1882, Collingwood

3654-82, John SCOTT, 27, farmer, England, Dyer Bay, s/o William SCOTT & Hannah WARREN, married Cynthia WATSON, 26, Brockville, Brockville, d/o James WATSON & Emmeline EDGELEY, wtn: Margaret WYLLIE & Margaret MORRISON both of Owen Sound, 8 Nov 1882, Owen Sound 3599-82, John SHEA, 25, yeoman, Holland, Holland, s/o John SHEA & Catherine McCANN, married Margaret Jane JACKSON, 25, Tecumseth, Holland, d/o John JACKSON & Margaret GREENAWAY, wtn: James CURTIS & Honora SULLIVAN both of Holland, 13 Feb 1882, Owen Sound

3688-82, William Albert SIMPSON, 24, farmer, Park Head, Park Head, s/o William SIMPSON & Janet MUIRHEAD, married Bella BURR, 23, Arran, Arran, d/o Henry BURR & Mary SPEER, wtn: Duncan McKINNON & Martha BURR both of not given, 8 Mar 1882, Keppel

3649-82, William Henry SINCLAIR, 27, bricklayer, Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o John SINCLAIR & Martha CHRISTIE, married Charlotte STRUTHERS, 22, Waterloo Co, Owen Sound, d/o Alexander STRUTHERS & Jane EVANS wtn: John ROSS & Jane STRUTHERS both of Owen Sound, 18 Oct 1882, Owen Sound

3748-82 James SKINNER, 26, farmer, Wentworth Ont., Melancthon, s/o James & Margaret, married Catherine McKAY, 20, of Culross, d/o Duncan & Elizabeth, witn: William McKAY of Melancthon & Margaret McLAUGHLIN of Osprey, 28 Feb 1882 at Dundalk

3706-82, William SUTTON, 23, yeoman, Sydenham, Woodford, s/o Ralph & Elizabeth SUTTON, married Sarah Jane SPENCE, 24, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Colin & Christina SPENCE, wtn: Malcolm McTAVISH & Catherine A. McTAVISH both of Sydenham, 12 July 1882, Woodford

3603-82, Henry A. TAYLOR, 22, yeoman, Portland Twp, St. Vincent, s/o Jesse & Jane TAYLOR, married Johanna BURNS, 22, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Patrick & Catherine BURNS, wtn: William A. FISH & James G. FISH both of Owen Sound, 22 Mar 1882, Owen Sound

3674-82, John TINKHAM, 27, farmer, Devonshire England, Egremont, s/o Peter TINKHAM & Annie HUNT, married Jane BRYAN, 19, Egremont, Egremont, d/o James & Emily BRYAN, wtn: Edward BRYAN of Egremont & Agnes DUNLOP of Durham, 15 Mar 1882, Durham

3735-82 Levi TREVELYON, 28, farmer, Devonshire England, Penetanguishene, s/o James TREVELYON & Mary WRIGHT, married Eliza LAKE, 25, Devonshire England, Thornbury, d/o John LAKE & Ann SLOMAN, witn: Robert BERRY of Collingwood twp & Katie CHADWICK of Thornbury, 25 Oct 1882 at Clarksburg  
3604-82, William T. TROTTER, 25, mechanical engineer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Richard TROTTER & Mary Jane LYTTLE, married Mary Ann CARR. 23, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o Edward CARR & Mary CASEY, wtn: Robert WYLLIE & Margaret Jane CARR both of Owen Sound, 18 Jan 1882, Owen Sound 3690-82, David TROUT, 23, farmer, Elderslie, Wiarton, s/o John E. TROUT & Frances HUNTER, married Eleanor SCOTT, 24, Listowel, Oxenden, d/o John SCOTT & Mary Ann WINTER, wtn: blank CAMMIDGE & Jeanette SCOTT both of not given, 16 May 1882, Oxenden

3677-82, Adam TURNER, 29, druggist, Sydenham, Artemesia, s/o William TURNER & Margaret BEATTIE, married Mary Elizabeth BLACK, 23, Durham, Durham, d/o John BLACK & Agnes HARRIS, wtn: William BENNET of Chatsworth & Jennie McKERLIE? of , 14 Jan 1882, Durham [faded reg'n]

3711-82, John VICKERS, 25, farmer, Euphrasia, St. Vincent, s/o Thomas & Alice VICKERS, married Mary QUINN, 24, Cartwright Ont, St. Vincent, d/o Robert QUINN & Sarah SHOREY, wtn: John QUINN & Alice VICKERS both of St. Vincent, 1 Feb 1882, Collingwood

3585-82, William Humphrey WATERS, 25, farmer, Niagara, Niagara, s/o John & Sarah WATERS, married Barbara Ann KNOWLES, 19, Durham Ont, Niagara, d/o John & Catharine KNOWLES, wtn: Samuel J. McGILL? & Matilda Jane KNOWLES both of Glenelg, 21 June 1882, Glenelg

3702-82, John WATERTON, 26, yeoman, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o William & Sophia WATERTON, married Elizabeth MILLS, 21, Esquesing, Sydenham, d/o William & Jane MILLS, wtn: James JOHNSTON & Charlotte WATERTON both of Sydenham,, 10 May 1882, Woodford

3415-82, James WATSON, 21, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o John WATSON & Mary WATSON, married Margaret McNALLY, 21, Ireland, Glenelg, d/o James McNALLY & Elenor McNALLY, wtn: James GILBERT & Margaret CLARKE both of Artemesia, 21 Nov 1882, Artemesia 3580-82, Alfred WILKINS, 28, sawyer, England, Paisley, s/o John & Mary WILKINS, married Mary Ann ALLEN, 25, England, Glenelg, d/o James J. & Julia ALLEN, wtn: James J. ALLEN & William McDONALD both of Glenelg, 9 Jan 1882, Latona Glenelg

3639-82, David WILLIAMS, 26, shoemaker, Wales, Chesley Bruce Co, s/o David WILIAMS & Sarah MORRIS, married Mary Ann COLLINS, 24, Arran, Chesley, d/o Henry COLLINS & Catherine BROOKS, wtn: Maggie MORRISON & Robert McDONALD both of Owen Sound, 25 Oct 1882, Owen Sound

3581-82, Mark WILLIS, 24, farmer, Bentinck, Bentinck, s/o Henry & Eliza WILLIS married Rebecca NICHOL, 23, Bentinck, Glenelg, d/o William & Elizabeth NICHOL, wtn: Archibald PARK of Bentinck & Mary NICHOL of Priceville, 20 Jan 1882, Glenelg

3592-82, James N. WILSON, 25, engineer, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, s/o David WILSON & Elizabeth MILLER, married Margaret A. LEWIS, 23, Caledon Peel Co, Owen Sound, d/o William J. & Agnes B. LEWIS, wtn: John N. WILSON of Owen Sound, & Agnes B. HENRY of Mono Mills, 17 Jan 1882, Owen Sound

3658-82, Andrew WILSON, 37, farmer, Galt, Owen Sound, s/o John & Isabella WILSON, married Hannah Maria KIRK, 37, widow, England, Owen Sound, d/o Abraham & Sarah NICHOL, wtn: Isabella RODMAN & Henry RODMAN both of Owen Sound, 6 Dec 1882, Owen Sound

3640-82, William YOUNG, 21, labourer, Belleville, Sarawak, s/o William & Mary A. YOUNG, married Maria ROSBOROUGH, 23, St. Vincent, Sarawak, d/o John ROSBOROUGH & Agnes CAMERON, wtn: John L. ROSBOROUGH of Sarawak & Martha J. HICKS of Keppel, 30 Oct 1882, Owen Sound