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3099-80 Christian ABERLE, 25, lawyer, Germany, Normanby, s/o John & Christine ABERLE married Anna May GERTRACHT, 26, Germany, Normanby, d/o Henry & Elizabeth GERTRACHT, Wtn: Valentine GERTRACHT & David GLEBE both of Normanby January 1, 1880 at Normanby 3275-80 Samuel ALEXANDER, 24, farmer, Collingwood, Euphrasia, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Jane BELL, 21, Euphrasia, same, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: James BELL of Euphrasia & Susan ALEXANDER of Collingwood, 10 Nov 1880 at Euphrasia
3445-80 (Grey Co): William ALEXANDER, 24, yeoman, Scotland, Sydenham, s/o Robert & Janet, married Mary Ann CLENDINNING, 16, Sydenham twp., same, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: blank GUNN & Annie ALEXANDER, of Sydenham, 15 May 1880 at Owen Sound 003284-80 (Grey Co.) George ALGIE, 27, farmer, Churchill Canada, Glenelg, s/o Robert and Ann ALGIE married Selina Venitia? ARMOUR, 23, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o William and Sarah ARMOUR, witn; William John ALGIE and Mary Ann McGIRR? both of Glenelg, 25 October 1880 at Durham
003304-80 (Grey Co) Irving ANDERSON, 30, farmer, Scotland, Glenelg, s/o Thomas. ANDERSON and Devina? HARE?, married Annie Fraser McCORMACK, 24, Glenelg, Glenelg, d/o Angus McCORMACK and Catherine BLACK, witn; Don. McCORMACK and George McRAE, both of Glenelg, 19 March 1880 at Durham. 003315-80 (Grey Co) Charles Robert ANDREW, 25, farmer, Ontario, Mulmur Ont, s/o William ANDREW & Mona PELLAH, married Elizabeth KNIELEY (Kneeley? Knively?), 25, Markham, Bentinck twp, d/o Abraham KNIELEY & Rachel SMITH, witn: Abraham & Susannah KNIELEY, both of Bentinck, 3 June 1880 at Bentinck
3248-80 Alfred Argalus ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, Ontario, Vespra twp., s/o Thomas & Laura, married Annie ADAIR, 20, Osprey twp., same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Robert & Emaline ADAIR of Osprey, 24 May 1880 at Osprey 003345-80 (Grey Co) William ARMSTRONG, 37, widower, farmer, Haldimand Twp. Northumberland Co., Keppel, s/o Adam ARMSTRONG and Alice POGUE, married Elizabeth MOORE, 39, widow, Trafalgar Twp. Halton Co., Keppel, d/o Henry WALKER and Margaret BEATY, witn; John KILARY and Florence KILARY both of Keppel, 10 February 1880 at Keppel.
003402-80 (Grey Co.) Charles Hirst BAILLIE, 28, mechanic, Belfast Ireland, Shelburne, s/o William BAILLIE and Rose Ann McGHEE, married Ellen CAMPBELL, 20, West Garafaxa, Shelburne, d/o William CAMPBELL and Elizabeth LOUDEN, witn; Andrew TEAD and Jane GILLESPIE both of Shelburne, 16 November 1880 at Shelburne. 3205-80 John BARR, 38, doctor, Canada, Ontario, s/o William & Ann, married Eremina Elizabeth PALMER, 20, Canada, Ontario, d/o John & Melzina P., witn: Dr. Thomas NORTON & Josey DUNBAR, both of Shelburne, 26 May 1880 at Melancthon twp
3120-80 James BARTON, 25, farmer, Quebec, Normanby, s/o George & Sarah BARTON married Louisa GAUKEL, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Jacob & Marie GAUKEL , Wtn: William FRIZZELL & Sarah Ann BARTON both of Normanby October 13, 1880 at Normanby 003310-80 (Grey Co) Adam BAUER, 37, farmer, Germany, Bentinck, s/o John & Margaret BAUER, married Maria LONG, 21, Bentinck Twp, same, d/o Henry & Maria LONG, witn: George BAUER & Lubing? LONG, both of Bentinck, 7 Dec 1880 at Bentinck Twp
003361-80 (Grey Co.) William BAYLY 29, farmer, England, Sydenham, s/o Edward BAYLY and Ann STEADMAN, married Agnes GARRET? 25, Canada, Holland, d/o John GARRET? and Sarah LYLE, witn; G. S. BAYLY of Sydenham, no date given, at Chatsworth 003354-80 (Grey Co.) Robert Henry BEATTY, 32, commercial man, Trafalgar, Toronto, s/o William BEATTY and Mary McKEOUGH, married Fanny WALKER, 21, Mormington?, Keppel, d/o Henry F. WALKER and Margaret BEATTY, witn; Abraham PEACOCK and Ellen Rebecca WALKER, both of Keppel, 25 August 1880 at Keppel
3109-80 Louis BECKER, 27, shoemaker, Clifford, Clifford, s/o Henry & Anna BECKER married Mina GRAEF, 19, Clifford, Clifford, d/o Fred & Maria GRAEF, Wtn: Maria GRAEF of Clifford & Louisa MACHHOLZ of Normanby June 5, 1880 at Normanby 3125-80 Jacob BECKER, 24, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John & Sophia BECKER married Wilhelmina KUHN, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Wilhelm & Catherina KUHN, Wtn; Jacob & John HERTZBERGER both of Normanby January 15, 1880 at Normanby.
#003452-80 (Grey Co): Thomas BELL, 25, cabinet maker, Owen Sound, same, s/o John BELL & Agnes MILLIKEN, married Annabella McKENZIE, 27, Aberdeen Scotland, Owen Sound, d/o George McKENZIE & Ellen ROBINSON, witnesses were Joseph McCLELLAND of Orangeville & Samuel McGRATH of Owen Sound, 18 June 1880 at Owen Sound 003323-80 (Grey Co) William BELL, 74, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck Twp, widower, s/o Benjamin & Jane BELL, married Marion GILCHRIST, Scotland, Bentinck Twp, d/o Alex GILCHRIST & Marion CAMPBELL, witn: Nil? CAMPBELL & Dugald GILCHRIST, both of Bentinck Twp, 28 July 1880 at Bentinck Twp
003378-80 (Grey Co.) John BETCHEL, 26, wagon maker, Canada, Williamsford Sullivan , s/o Jacob BETCHEL and Catherine PHE--? (Cha--?), married Levina HINES, 19?, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Richard HINES and Amy FLACK, witn; Albert KRAUS and Cath BECHEL (sic) both of Sullivan, 9 March 1880 at Chatsworth 3309-80 Peter BLACK, 28, farmer, Egremont, same, s/o Alex & Catherine BLACK married Elizabeth CHAPMAN, 21, Egremont, same, d/o William & Arian CHAPMAN, Wtn: Henry VOLLETT of Normanby & Mary CHAPMAN of Egremont April 22, 1880 at Durham.
3338-80 Frederick BOLDT, 21, farmer, Brant Twp, same, s/o John & Dorothy BOLDT married Elizabeth LAHN, 20, Brant Twp, same, d/o Henry & Sophia LAHN, Wtn: August & Amena LAHN both of Brant Twp March 9, 1880 at Hanover. 003146-80 (Grey Co.) Hector BOLTON, 30, farmer, Canada, Albion, s/o Charles and Ann BOLTON, married Matilda WATSON, 21, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Joseph and Lisa Jane WATSON, witn; Robert A. BANNON and Isabella WATSON, both of Artemesia, 22 September 1880 at Artemesia.
003311-80 (Grey Co) James J BONBER, 26, farmer, Canada, Minnesota U.S., s/o not given, married Fanny MCGREGOR, 22, Canada, Bentinck Twp, d/o Peter & Sarah Ann MCGREGOR, witn: James & Jane MCGREGOR, both of Bentinck, 22 Dec 1880 at Bentinck Twp 3264-80 Campleman BOWES, 39, widower, Yorkshire England, Osprey, s/o John & Sarah, married Margaret THOMPSON, 36, widow, Scotland, Osprey, d/o William & Marian DAND, witn: Thomas & Jennet MONAGHAN of Osprey, 6 Jan 1880 at Osprey
003163-80 (Grey Co.) William BOYD, 24, yeoman, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, s/o James BOYD and Maria WARD, married Rebecca Ann FREE, 20, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Henry FREE and Letitia CRONSBERG, witn; James CLUGSTON and Esther BOYD both of Euphrasia, 3 March 1880 at St. Vincent 003417-80 (Grey Co.) Samuel Kennedy BOYD, 26, coach builder, Uxbridge, Uxbridge, s/o James BOYD and Mary KENNEDY, married Jane BRUNNER? (Bremner?), 29, Scotland, d/o James BRUNNER? and Barbara HENDERSON, witn; John HENDERSON and George HENDERSON, both of Sullivan, 9 June 1880 at Sullivan
#003390-80 (Grey Co): Robert John BOYDE, 27, farmer, Cartwright, Holland, s/o James BOYDE & Elizabeth HARKNESS, married Mariah SPEIRS, 19, Holland, same, d/o Robert SPEIRS & Mariah LAUTT?, witn: Edward BROWN & Margaret SPEIRS, 10 March 1880 at Holland Centre 3439-80 (Grey Co): John BOYLE, 31, farmer, Canada, Holland, s/o James BOYLE & Mary BRENNAN, married Jane DOYLE, 26, Sydenham, Owen Sound, d/o John DOYLE & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: James HATTON of Owen Sound & Margaret BRENNAN of Owen Sound, 12 Jan 1880 at Owen Sound (Rom Cath)
3253-80 William BRISTOW, 24, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o William & Mary, married Sarah Ann LUSH, 21, Osprey, same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Thomas BRISTOW & Sarah HUDSON, both of Osprey, 13 Oct. 1880 at Osprey #003453-80 (Grey Co): George B. BROWN, 26, widower, farmer, Ring Ont., Sydenham, s/o Joseph BROWN & Harriet RING, married Elizabeth HILLYARD, 21, Wilmot Waterloo Co., Eastnor, d/o Valentine HILLYARD & Christina WOLFE, witnesses were T. CORKERY of Romoka & Mary E. LEVENS of Sydenham
3449-80 (Grey Co): Donald BROWN, 48, yeoman, Scotland, Keppel, s/o Duncan & Elizabeth, married Catherine McARTHUR, 32, Scotland, Derby, d/o Ronald McARTHUR & Janet BROWN, witn: C. BROWN of Keppel & J. CORKINDALE of Derby, 8 July 1880 at Owen Sound 3183-80 Henry BROWN, 26, farmer, England, St. Vincent, s/o Edward & Jane, married Annie BLACKSHAW, 22, Sydenham, same, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: Robert GOVITT of St. Vincent & Kate McLAREN of Sydenham, 3 March 1880 at Meaford
3233-80 William BROWN, 23, blacksmith, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Peter & Margaret, married Mary MITCHELL, 19, Nicol twp., Egremont, d/o John & Jane, witn: William CALDWELL & Jane MITCHELL, both of Egremont, 1 Jan 1880 at Egremont 3111-80 William M. BROWN, 22, teacher, Toronto, Toronto, s/o ohn & Johanna BROWN married Regina WINKLER, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o David & Barbara WINKLER, Wtn: Valentine WINKLER & Laura EULER both of Normanby September 16, 1880 at Normanby
3307-80 James Irvine BROWN, 23, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o George BROWN & Faith IRVINE married Clara SHERMAN, 18, Bentinck, same, d/o George SHERMAN & Mary Ann BOYCE, Wtn: L. HOPKINS & Maria SHERMAN both of Bentinck June 16, 1880 at Durham 3254-80 Angus BUIE, 28, lumbering, Osprey, Michigan USA, s/o Archibald & Sarah, married Isabella McMILLAN, 21, Osprey, same, d/o Alexander & Ann, witn: Duncan McDUGALD & Maggie McMILLAN, both of Osprey, 19 Oct 1880 at Osprey
#003192-1880 (Grey Co) Thomas BULLEYMENT, 22, harness maker, Owen Sound, Meaford, s/o Robinson & Caroline BULLEYMENT, married Margaret McRAE, 16, St Vincent, Meaford, d/o John & Sarah Jane McRAE; witnesses John Wesley CORLEY & Elizabeth JOHNSON, of Meaford. 17 Nov 1880 at Meaford. 003168-80 (Grey Co.) William Edwin BUMSTEAD, 24, farmer, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Charles BUMSTEAD and Sarah YORK, married Phoebe EMERY, 21, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Joseph EMERY and Mary McDONALD, witn; Thomas YORK and Seymour BUMSTEAD, blank, 17 November 1880 at St. Vincent
3182-80 Jesse BURLEY, 22, yeoman, Kingston, St. Vincent, s/o Jesse & Elizabeth, married Rachel Catherine LONG, 19, Ontario, St. Vincent, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: John LOWE & Mary Jane LONG, both of St. Vincent, 1 March 1880 at Meaford 3224-80 William BURR, 30, farmer, Fergus, Annan, s/o James & Ann, married Catherine SPENCE, 25, Sydenham, same, d/o Peter & Catherine, witn: Maggie LANG & Robert SPENCE, both of Sydenham, 23 Dec 1880 at res of Peter Spence, Sydenham
3236-80 Peter Charles BYE, 21, farmer, Pilkington, Egremont, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Lydia HODGSON, 20, Etobicoke, Egremont, d/o John & Mary, witn: James DRUMMOND & Hannah BYE, both of Egremont, 14 April 1880 at Egremont 3218-80 William BYERS, 50, widower, farmer, Scotland, Sydenham, s/o Michael & Barbara, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 35, widow, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o James & Jane, witn: Christena BYERS & Ellen MARTIN, both of Sydenham, 22 Oct 1880 at Sydenham
3185-80 Thomas CAMACK, 31, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia, s/o John & Ann, married Maggie FERGUSON, 21, Canada, Kimberly, d/o Matthew & Isabella, witn: Robert FERGUSON of & Sarah CAMACK, both of Thornbury, 16 March 1880 at Flesherton 003144-80 (Grey Co) Malcolm CAMERON, 32, farmer, Scotland, Artemesia, s/o Alexander and Maggie CAMERON, married Mary Ann McMILLAN, 22, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John McMILLAN and Ann CAMERON, witn; Donald McARTHUR and James McARTHUR both of Artemesia, 15 June 1880 at Artemesia.
003289-80 (Grey Co.) Duncan CAMPBELL, 22, spinner, Erin Twp., Chesley, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL and Margaret McINTOSH married Harriet MOORE, 23, Elderslie, Durham, d/o George MOORE and Sarah NICOLS, witn; James CAMPBELL of Teeswater and Melinda CAMPBELL of Durham, 22 December 1880 at Durham 003462-80 (Grey Co.) John CAMPBELL. 25, farmer, Ontario, Proton, s/o John and Jane CAMPBELL, married Harriett DINGWELL, 24, Ontario, Proton, d/o Andrew and Edith DINGWELL, witn; William CAMPBELL and Richard B. HEARD both of Proton, 28 January 1880 at Proton
3234-80 Francis CAMPION, 44, farmer, Queens Co. Ireland, Egremont, s/o Francis & Mary, married Jessie CONNER, 46, widow, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Alexander & Margaret KAY, witn: Alexander KAY & Mary J. SIM, both of Egremont, 28 Feb 1880 at Egremont 3337-80 Oliver CAREY, 32, minister, Williamsford, same, s/o George & Emeline CAREY married Mary Ann McKNIGHT, 21, Hanover, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane MCKNIGHT, Wtn: John CARROLL & William MCKNIGHT of Bentinck February 11, 1880 at Hanover.
003457-80 (Grey Co.) Joseph William CASE, 20, farmer, Blanchard Twp., Keppel, s/o Joseph CASE and Susannah POWELL, married Hannah Martha COLLISON, 20, Sullivan, Owen Sound, d/o George COLLISON and Frances BREZETT?, witn; George COLLISON of Owen Sound and William Thomas WRATHELL? of Keppel, 25 August 1880 at Owen Sound 3442-80 (Grey Co): Charles CAVELL, 25, yeoman, Toronto twp., Sarawak, s/o Edward & Mary Ann, married Marion McPHEE, 24, Liverpool, Sarawak, d/o Alexander & Mary Ann, witn: Samuel CAVELL & Linnie McPHEE, both of Sarawak, 29 March 1880 at Owen Sound
#003391-80 (Grey Co): Augusta CEASER, 24, farmer, Holland twp., same, s/o John CEASER & Elizabeth CALBECK, married Isabella TORIE (could be Lorie), 21, Ontario, Holland twp., d/o Archibald TORIE & Catherine COLEMAN, witn: Effie TORIE & William ATKINSON?, both of Holland, 24 March 1880 at Holland 003287-80 (Grey Co.) William CHAPMAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Egremont, s/o William and Ann? CHAPMAN, married Rebecca ALLAN, 19, Canada, Egremont, d/o Thomas and Mary ALLAN, witn; Samuel ORCHARD and Cisley ALLAN both of Egremont, 23 December 1880 at Durham
003165-80 (Grey Co.) Milnes CLARK, 24, farm servant, England, Griersville, s/o John Milnes CLARKE and Charlotte CLARKE, married Agnes MITCHELL, 20, Griersville, Griersville, d/o Robert and Mary MITCHELL, witn; Archibald HUNTER of Griersville and Agnes MARSH of Sydenham, 4 June 1880 at Griersville 3119-80 George COCHRANE, 22, farmer, Minto, Minto, s/o Robert & Sarah COCHRANE married Annie STINSON, 22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o George & Eliza STINSON, Wtn: Solomon STINSON of Normanby & Elvy COCHRANE of Minto June 4, 1880 at Normanby
3272-80 Robert John COLQUETT, 20, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o Daniel & Mary A., married Grace Elizabeth HERON, 21, York twp., Osprey, d/o Richard & Martha, witn: Sarah E. McGIRR of Feversham & Thomas A. HERON of Maxwell, 31 March 1880 at Osprey 3440-80 (Grey Co): John CONNOR, 28, farmer, Mono, Melancthon, s/o John CONNOR & Catherine HANLEY, married Ellen Margaret MORGAN, 19, Owen Sound, same, d/o William MORGAN & Mary A. DALTON, witn: Martin CONNOR of Melancthon & Mary McCABE of Mono, 28 Jan 1880 at Owen Sound (Rom Cath)
003138-80 (Grey Co.) John CONROY, 25, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Thomas CONROY and Margaret MILLER, married Bridget COCHRAN, 24, United States, Melancthon, d/o James COCHRAN and Mary McHALE, witn; James COCHRAN and Bridget CONROY, both of Melancthon, 3 February 1880 at Priceville 3222-80 James COUPER (s/b Cooper?), 25, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o John & Euphemia, married Janet THOMSON, 23, Sydenham, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Robert RIDDELL & William COUPER, both of Sydenham, 22 Dec 1880 at res of William Thomson, Sydenham
3237-80 Robert COUN, 25, farmer, Arthur, North Elmsley, s/o Robert William & Maria, married Mary Ellen CURLE, 18, Egremont, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: George & Dorothe CURLE of Egremont, 14 April 1880 at Egremont 003281-80 (Grey Co.) Abraham CRABTREE, 27, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia, s/o John Dawson and Mary CRABTREE, married Mary Jane COOK, 20, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o John and Sarah COOK, witn; William COOK of Euphrasia and Jessie ROBINSON of St. Vincent, 11 February 1880 at Euphrasia
3173-80 Abram James CREIGHTON, 21, upholsterer, Owen Sound, same, s/o Abram & Ann CREIGHTON married Jane BURNS, 18, Meaford, Same, d/o Charles & Lucinda BURNS, Wtn: Tom & Lydia HILL both of Meaford January 14, 1880 at Meaford 003382-80 (Grey Co.) Frederick CRUSE, 24, farmer, Canada, Derby, s/o William CRUSE and Amy ALLEN, married Mary A. MORROW, 20, Canada, Derby, d/o Robert MORROW and Ann COLEMAN, witn; John J. Duncan and Johanna MORROW? Both of Derby, 21 January 1880 at Chatsworth.
003325-80 (Grey Co) James CUMMINGS, 36, trader, Scotland, Harriston Ont, widower, s/o George & Mary CUMMINGS, married Margaret MCMAHON, 26, Bentinck Twp, same, d/o William & Mary MCMAHON, witn: James MCMAHON & Mary A. WILLIS, both of Bentinck Twp, 29 Apr 1880 at Hanover #003396-80 (Grey Co) Thomas CUTTELL, 79, Leeds Yorkshire England, Melancthon Twp., widower, yeoman, s/o James CUTTELL & Mary GOMERSON, married Mary Ann MEDDAGH, 51, Ireland, Keppell Twp, widower, s/o Richard ROGERS & Esther FOX, witn: James WEIR, Eliza E. WEIR, both Mulmur, married 8 September 1880, Shelburne
3262-80 George DALE, 22, butcher, Co. Cavan Ireland, Dundalk, s/o Hugh & Elizabeth, married Esther WIGGINS, 21, Chinguacousy, Osprey, d/o Thomas & Esther, witn: Andrew POTTS & Mary Ann LILLEY, both of Osprey, 3 Dec 1880 at res of bride's father, 3rd line, Osprey 003167-80 (Grey Co.) James DAVIDSON, 39, farmer, Linlithgowshire, Scotland, s/o Robert DAVIDSON and Catherine RUSSEL, married Elizabeth BLACK, 37, Edinburghshire Scotland, Euphrasia, d/o William BLACK and Elizabeth SMITH, witn; Gowan DAVIDSON of Euphrasia and Janet W. MACKIE of St. Vincent, 20 September 1880 at St. Vincent
003348-80 (Grey Co.) John DEAKIN, 29, farmer, England, Keppel, s/o Edward DEAKIN and Elizabeth PARKER, married Emily GAULT, 18, Ireland, Keppel, d/o Thomas GAULT and Jane DIXON, witn; Maggie D. REID and Thomas STEWART both of Keppel, 5 December 1880 at Wiarton 3196-80 Salem A. DEAN, 25, minister, Canada, Oakville, s/o Ephraim & Mahala, married Elmira RAYMOND, 27, Canada, Meaford, d/o John & Maria, witn: J. W. LAW & Ida McDONALD, both of Meaford, 3 June 1880 at Meaford
3100-80 George DIETZ, 27, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Henry & Elizabeth DIETZ married Anna Margaret HILL, 20, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Ernst & Elizabeth HILL , Wtn: Conrad HILL & Anna DIETZ both of Carrick February 3, 1880 at Normanby 3339-80 Dietrich DIPPEL, 44, farmer, Germany, Perth Co, s/o Dietrich & Elizabeth DIPPEL married Louisa CHATH(?) 55, widow, Hanover, same, d/o Francis & Rosina LOTTAN, Wtn; John SCHMIDT OF Brant & Maria FINKLINER of Hanover March 30, 1880 at Hanover
  003379-80 (Grey Co.) Thomas DOBBIE, 24, merchant, Canada, Desboro, s/o John DOBBIE and Mary ELLIOTT, married Dora FINDLY, 33, United States, United States, d/o William FINDLY and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, witn; R.T. ANDREWS of Belville and Jesse F. DOBBIE?, February 3 1880 at Chatsworth
3184-80 Jacob DORAN, 25, farmer, St. Vincent, same, s/o Zacharia & Melinda, married Harriet IRELAND, 22, Portland twp., St. Vincent, d/o Robert & Dorothy, witn: Theophelus IRELAND & Elizabeth DORAN, both of Meaford, 3 Feb 1880 at Meaford 003141-80 (Grey Co.) Amos DOUPE, 25, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Charles and Rachael DOUPE, married Eliza BEST, 20 Canada, Artemesia, d/o George and Jane BEST, witn; Joseph A. BLAKELY and Margaret A. BEST both of Artemesia, 11 February, 1880 at Artemesia
#003190-1880 (Grey Co) William DRINKLE, 29, farmer, England, Euphrasia, s/o Thomas & Jane DRINKLE, married Sophia GOVIER, 18, St Vincent, same, d/o George & Margaret GOVIER; witnesses Joseph AUBURN, of Euphrasia, Emily GOVIER, St Vincent. 22 Dec 1880 at Meaford. 003410-80 (Grey Co.) Alexander DUFF, 27, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o James DUFF and Ann FERGUSON, married Sarah A. McKENZIE, 22, Canada, Woodbridge, d/o William McKENZIE and blank McFARLANE, witn; James DUFF of Sullivan, 25 February 1880 at Sullivan
3217-80 John A. DUKE, 22, farmer, Sydenham, St. Vincent, s/o William & Sally, married Christena BROWN, 21, Sydenham, same, d/o George & Eliza, witn: Thomas E. & Cecilia DUKE of Sydenham, 13 Oct 1880 at Sydenham 3227-80 Thomas C. (or E. ) DUKE, 32, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o William & Sally, married Cecilia MOULTON, 20, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Elijah & Caroline, witn: David WILSON & S. CAMERON, both of Sydenham, 30 Jan. 1880 at Sydenham
003416-80 (Grey Co.) Thomas DUNNINGTON, 42, farmer, England, Sullivan, s/o William DUNNINGTON and Nelly GILL, married Elizabeth BROWN, 33, Scotland, Sullivan, d/o Archibald BROWN and Margaret GILLESPIE, witn; Archibald McQUEEN and Mary BROWN both of Sullivan, 7 January 1880 at Sullivan 003463-80 (Grey Co.) James ECCLES, 27, farmer, Ontario, Egremont, s/o William and Martha ECCLES, married Catharine McINNIS, 20, Ontario, Proton, d/o John and Euphemia McINNIS, witn; Donald McDONALD of Proton and William ECCLES of Egremont, 25 February 1880 at Proton.
003366-80 (Grey Co.) E. Frederick EVERS, 25, Christian, Carrick Twp., Holland, s/o Frederick and Charlena EVERS, married Bertha J.? KRANSA, 25, Carrick, Holland, d/o Charles and Augusta KRANSA, witn; Albert GUISE? of Holland and Carl Yer??K? of Carrick, 8 June 1880 at (blank) #003389-80 (Grey Co): William Oscar EWART, 26, farmer, Toronto, Holland, s/o Andrew EWART & Mary RUSSELL, married Mary Alice DRING, 18, Kingston, Holland, d/o Wallace DRING & Jane DAVID, witn: Michael STEELE & Mrs. W. T. HICKS, 6 April 1880 at Holland Centre
3270-80 Jasper Bates FAUCETT, 21, farmer, Ontario, Nottawasega, s/o James & Jane, married Agnes HOLLINGSHEAD, 19, Ontario, Osprey, d/o William & Abigail, witn: R. Irwin & Louise FAUCETT of Nottawasega, 30 March 1880 at Osprey 3268-80 Jacob FAULKNER, 31, laborer, Uxbridge, Osprey, s/o Edward & Lydia, married Elizabeth Ann BLAKEY, 22, Pickering, Osprey, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Thomas & Amelia BLAKEY of Osprey, 17 March 1880 at Maxwell
3207-80 Thomas Henry FAWCETT, 28, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Henry & Ann, married Esther Ann HALL, 23, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Charles & Esther, witn: Nassau W. GOWAN & John McGHEE, both of Melancthon twp., 7 July 1880 at Hornings Mills 3451-80 (Grey Co): James Edward FINN, 27, laborer, Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o James FINN & Mary Ann HEARD, married Sarah Jane FELTIS (Felks?), 25, Sydenham, Owen Sound, d/o Henry FELTIS & Margaret WILSON, witn: John RARL (Karl?) of Owen Sound & Maggie HORAN of Sydenham, 10 Aug 1880 at Owen Sound
003324-80 (Grey Co) John FISCHER, 20, carpenter, Bentinck Twp, same, s/o John FISCHER & Elizabeth SACHS, married Anna WEIDINLARSS? 16, Brant Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o John WEIDINLARSS? & Emily ARNALAH?, witn: John HASHACH & George SACHS, both of Bentinck Twp, 10 Feb 1880 at Bentinck twp  
003407-80 (Grey Co.) William FLETCHER, 28, farrier, Mono Twp., Mono Twp., s/o Johnston and Ellen FLETCHER, married Margaret Ann McGUIRE, 22, Mono Twp., Mono Twp., d/o John and Elizabeth McGUIRE, witn; Robert James McGUIRE and Maggie CONN both of Mono, 31 March 1880 at Shelburne, 3186-80 Edward FOX, 32, laborer, Meaford, same, s/o Nelson & Lucinda, married Henrietta Amelia MATTHEWS, 21, Kingston, Meaford, d/o John & Mary Elizabeth, witn: John & Elizabeth Ann LAMB of Meaford, 29 April 1880 at Meaford
3438-80 (Grey Co): William Clarkson FREEMAN, 26, physician, Scotland - Brant Co., Meaford, s/o William FREEMAN & Mary SMITH, married Jane Margaret SCOTT, 26, Owen Sound, same, d/o Thomas SCOTT & Mary Ann LOVE, witn: Arthur W. MANLEY of Meaford & Charles M. FREEMAN of Toronto, 7 Jan 1880 at Owen Sound 3118-80 William FRIZZELL, 25, labourer, Ireland, Normanby, s/o Gideon & Anne FRIZZELL married Sarah Ann BARTON,19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o George & Sarah BARTON, Wtn: James & Louise BARTON both of Normanby December 28, 1880 at Normanby
003286-80 (Grey Co.) William GADD, 24, farmer, Canada, Normanby, s/o William and Mary GADD, married Mary Ann THOMPSON, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o ?, In parents line the names James P GADD and Eliza THOMPSON both of Normanby are written and witn; area is blank. 22 December 1880 at illegible 3308-80 Charles GADD, 34, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o charles & Eliza GADD married Mary Ann EDEN, 22, Enniskillen, same, d/o Thomas & Kate EDEN, Wtn: William GADD of Normanby March 2, 1880 at Durham.
003282-80 (Grey Co.) Robert GARDNER, 25, farmer, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, s/o Richie and Ann GARDNER, married Martha BOYD, 19, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o James and Maria BOYD, witn; James BOYD of Euphrasia and Rebecca Ann FREE of St. Vincent, 19 February 1880 at Euphrasia 03347-80 (Grey Co.) Elias GAY, 20, farmer, Ontario, Keppel, s/o Eli and Harriet GAY, married Christina REID, 18, Ontario, Keppel, d/o George and Margaret REID, witn; W. CAMPBELL and Martha METS?, both of Keppel, 13 December 1880 at Keppel
003356-80 (Grey Co.) William Reid GILBERT, 33, station master, England, Vaughan Twp., s/o Rick? Henry GILBERT and Gran? WOOKE, married Esther Ann SMITH, 20, Canada, Holland Twp., d/o Moses SMITH and Jane Amelia GOWERS, witn; Baron J. SMITH and Rosella O. SMITH both of Williamsford, 1 September 1880 at Holland Centre 003380-80 (Grey Co.) John GILLESPIE, 24, farmer, Holland, Holland, s/o John and Jane GILLESPIE, married Ann Jane DEAVER, Holland, Holland, d/o William and Catherine DEAVER, witn; Edward. BROWN and Janet BATEMAN, 7 January 1880 at Holland Centre
3102-80 Thomas GLASER, 27, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John & Annie GLASER married Matilda SCHAEFER, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o John & Kathrina SCHAEFER, Wtn: Ludwig NEMER & Elizabeth LONGEL? both of Normanby February 23, 1880 at Normanby. 003320-80 (Grey Co) Markis? GOFFNALS?, 24, carpenter, Hanover Ontario, Hanover Grey Twp, s/o A. Z. & Mary GOFFNALS?, married Charlotte Jane SUTTON, 20, Brant Twp, Hanover, d/o Frederick & Catherine SUTTON, witn: Abram BUCK, Hanover & Jane TRAYNOR, Brant, 16 June 1880 at Hanover
3134-80 Robert GOODFELLOW, 28, farmer, Ireland, Proton, s/o Joseph & Matilda GOODFELLOW married Eliza BRINKMAN, 21, Proton, Proton, d/o Joshua & Margaret BRINKMAN, Wtn: William BRINKMAN & Barbara ARMSLEY both of Proton January 1, 1880 at Markdale 003303-80 (Grey Co) John GORDON, 27, farmer, Ireland, Normanby, s/o William GORDON and Mary McGOWAN, married Julia Anne LAMBERT, blank, Rainham, Egremont, d/o John LAMBERT and Mary Ann McDONALD, witn; James SHEARER of Egremont and Mary Ann GORDON of Nor--?, 6 February 1880 at Durham
#003478-80 (Grey) Charles GORING, 24, Worth England, Ontario Co, carpenter, s/o Stephen GORING & Eliza VAUGHAN, married Eliza Jane DEVLIN, 20, Fermanagh Ireland, Thornbury, d/o William DEVLIN & Hannah WALLACE, witn: Henry GORING, E. GORING, both Thornbury, 19 October 1880, Thornbury 003370-80 (Grey Co.) John R. GOULDING, 23, farmer, Canada, Mery Pona?, s/o Jonathan GOULDING and Sarah ROSST??, married Elisa TURNER, 22, Canada, Sullivan, d/o William TURNER and Mary BERNIE?, witn; John TURNER of Sullivan and Mary E. GOULDING of Mery Posa??, 22 December 1880 at Chatsworth.
003455-80 (Grey Co.) Frank GRANVILLE, 24, sailor, Canada, Saugeen, s/o August GRANVILLE and Delene DECHARME , married Margaret SOREL, 22, Canada, Saugeen, d/o Charles SOREL and Margaret RICHARD, witn; Louis SOREL and Delene GRANVILLE both of Saugeen, 20 September 1880 at Owen Sound 3107-80 Adam GREIN (Green?), 20, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John & Barbara GREIN married Dorothea KAUFMAN, 24, Germany, Normanby, d/o Ludwig & Anna KAUFMAN, Wtn: William SPERLING & Ludwig KAUFMAN both of Normanby april 13, 1880 at Normanby
3203-80 George HAGAN, 27, farmer, Canada, Proton, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary Jane REDMOND, 22, Canada, Proton, d/o Sylvester & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas HAGAN & Rebecca REDMOND, both of Proton, 11 Jan 1880 at Melancthon twp 3243-80 Albert A. HAGERMAN, 32, miller, Ontario, Oshawa, s/o Lorenzo & Mary Ann, married Agnes J. DODDS, 24, Lanark, Egremont, d/o James & Jane, witn: John HAGERMAN of Listowel & Mary DODDS of Egremont, 25 Aug 1880 at Egremont
003328-80 (Grey Co) Ezra Bechtel HALLMAN, 21, weaver, Canada, Hanover, s/o Christian HALLMAN & Leah BECHTEL, married Mary Islena KUCHNER, 22, Canada, Hanover, d/o John KUCHNER & Sophia BERNSHIEL, witn: Benjamin & Sarah HALLMAN, both of Hanover, 5 Oct 1880 at Hanover 003318-80 (Grey Co) George B. HALLMAN, 23, painter, Ontaro, Hanover Grey Co, s/o Christian & Leah HALLMAN, married Charlotte Ellen DISNEY, 18, Ontario, Hanover, d/o George & Sarah DISNEY, witn: Henry DISNEY & Eva HALLMAN, both of Hanover, 24 Jan 1880 at Hanover Grey Co
3115-80 Henry HAMMER, 22, tanner, Listowel, Listowel, s/o Nicholas & Maggie HAMMER married Magdalene KNAPP, 21, Normanby, Normanby, d/o David & Maggie KNAPP, Wtn: David KNAPP of Normanby & Conrad HAMMER of Carrick August 24, 1880 at Normanby 3259-80 John HANBURY, 24, contractor, Artemesia, Proton, s/o William & Jane, married Martha MILES, 19, Toronto, Osprey, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: Richard Henry WHILBY of Markdale & Maggie ROBINSON of Osprey, 10 Feb. 1880 at res of bride's father, Osprey
3342-80 James Edward HANES, 22, farmer, England, Keppel, s/o William HANES & Hannah PLUWS married Eliza Jane ARMSTRONG, 19, Brantford, Keppel, d.o Adam ARMSTRONG & Alice POLLOCK, Wtn: Hiram SMITH & Rev. Andrew CLANK of Anabel January 1, 1880 at Hepworth 003404-80 (Grey Co.) William HANNA, 29, blacksmith, Ireland, Melancthon, s/o Robert and Jane HANNA, married Margaret PARKS, 17, Canada, Dundalk, d/o blank PARKS and Mary blank, witn; Peter GRIFFIN of Melancthon and Molly CAMPBELL of Shelburne, 10 May 1880 at Shelburne
  3246-80 James HATCH, 74, widower, England, Arthur twp., s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Isabella COCKBURN, 68, widow, Scotland, Mt. Forest, d/o Richard IRVINE & Isabella, witn: James & Mrs. James REID of Egremont, 14 Oct 1880 at Holstein
3450-80 (Grey Co): Michael HEAPHY, 26, farmer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Michael HEAPHY & Mary McGINLEY, married Annie LYTLE, 18, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John LYTLE & Catherine RICHARDSON, witn: James McGINLEY & Sarah V. RYAN, both of Owen Sound, 13 July 1880 at Owen Sound (Rom Cath) 3116-80 Joseph HEIMBECKER, 24, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o John & Barbara HEIMBECKER married Elizabeth STRUEKE, 18, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Gotleib & Minnie STRUEKE, Wtn: H, HEIMBECKER of Carrick & H. HOLLINGER of Normanby September 17, 1880 at Normanby
3106-80 James Oliver HENRY, 22, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Francis & Helen HENRY married Annie STEWART, 20, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Peter & Jessie STEWART, Wtn: George HENRY & William NICHOL both of Normanby April 5,1880 at Normanby.  
3269-80 Adoniram HERON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Osprey, s/o Richard & Martha, married Sarah H. BROWN, 19, Ontario, Osprey, d/o Robert & Elizabeth A., witn: Robert COLQUETT & Grace HERON, both of Osprey, 1 Jan 1880 at Osprey 3251-80 Richard Miles HERON, 26, merchant, Canada, Osprey, s/o Thomas & Lavinia, married Helen Scott Blackie HAMLIN, 23, Canada, Osprey, d/o William B. & Mary Blake Blackie HAMLIN, witn: William B & Eliza B. HAMLIN of Osprey, 7 July 1880 at Maxwell
3562-81 John HERRON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Artemsia, s/o William & Jane, married Eliza Ann GAMEY, 23, Ontario, Osprey, d/o Thomas & Rachel, witn: Hamilton HERRON of Artemesia & Maria GAMEY of Osprey, 29 Dec 1880 at res of bride's father, Osprey 003355-80 (Grey Co.) Robert HEWITSON, 25, farmer, Hamilton, Keppel, s/o Robert HEWITSON and Rachel STEEN?, married Helen WILSON, 20, Keppel, Keppel, d/o George WILSON and Helen FRAZER, wit; James CRUICKSHANK and John HEWITSON, both of Keppel, 21 September 1880 at Keppel
003456-80 (Grey Co.) John HEWITSON, 27, blacksmith, Ayrshire Scotland, Bentinck, s/o John HEWITSON and Catherine MARTIN, married Margaret CLARK, 19, Aberdeenshire Scotland, d/o William CLARK and Ann STEWART, witn; E. R. CHILLAS and C. J. HICKS, both of Owen Sound, 29 September 1880 at Owen Sound. 003279-80 (Grey Co.) James HODGSON, 21, farmer, Gore of Toronto, Euphrasia, s/o Tobias and Sarah HODGSON, married Margaret Ann CRAIG, 19, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o John and Catherine CRAIG, witn; William FAWCETT and John ALEXANDER both of Euphrasia, 1 January 1880 at Euphrasia
3123-80 Joseph HOFFMAN, 26, labourer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Jonathan & Mary HOFFMAN married Catherine SMITH, 22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o John & Barbara SMITH, Wtn: James REDDICK of Mount Forest & Lizzie SMITH of Normanby January 5, 1880 at Normanby. 3193-80 James HOGG, 40, widower, artist, Toronto twp., Meaford, s/o James & Ann, married Amanda B. DAVIDSON, 24, Nelson twp., Meaford, d/o James A. & Annie, witn: Dr. John G. CLARKE & M. L. JOHNSTON, both of Meaford, 6 Oct 1880 at Meaford
003321-80 (Grey Co) Richard HOPKINS, 22, farmer, Bentinck Twp, same, s/o Echnerel? & Mary HOPKINS, married Rachel RINNLEY, 20, Nelson Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o Jacob & Jennet RINNLEY, witn: John RINNLEY, Bentinck & Jennet BARBOUR, Normanby, 6 Aug 1880 at Hanover 003418-80 (Grey Co.) Thomas HOPKINS, 22, druggist, Canada, Chatsworth, s/o John HOPKINS and Mary BUTTIL, married Valena Jane PEARCE, 20, Canada, Sullivan, d/o William PEARCE and Jane WILCOX, witn; John J. HOPKINS of Chatsworth and Emma PEARCE of Sullivan, 14 September, 1880 at Sullivan
  003171-80 (Grey Co.) Hamilton HOWE, 27, yeoman, Clarke, St. Vincent, s/o Andrew and Margaret HOWE, married Alice Rosetta McWILLIAMS, 20, Hamilton Twp., St Vincent, d/o James and Catherine McWILLIAMS, witn; Thomas J. HOWE and Lucy J. McWILLIAMS both of St. Vincent, 5 October 1880 at St. Vincent
003357-80 (Grey Co.) James Henry HOWEY, 23, farmer, Holland, Holland, d/o William and Eliza McCAULY, married Mary Ann NORTON, 20, Holland, Holland, d/o William NORTON and Elisabeth SILVERLOCK, witn; Henry NORTON and Rebecca? HOWEY, blank, 7 July 1880 at bride's father’s (Holland Centre is crossed out) 003302-80 (Grey Co) Arch. Sinclair HUNTER, 29, farmer, Bentinck, Durham, s/o William HUNTER and Mary SINCLAIR, married Elizabeth Agnes OLIVER, 26, Waterloo, Durham, d/o Robert OLIVER and Mary SAUDER, witn; Jas. P. HUNTER and Artina GUSSIE?? both of Durham, 6 December 1880 at Durham
3197-80 John HUTCHISON, 59, farmer, widower, England, Euphrasia, s/o William & Susannah, married Alice McDONALD, 43, widow, England, Meaford, d/o Thomas & Martha YORK, witn: Motson & Ann BROWN of Meaford, 21 June 1880 at Meaford  
003367-80 (Grey Co.) Robert IRETON, farmer, 21, Canada, s/o Samuel IRETON and Margaret WILCOX, married Mary Ann TROUGHLIN, 22, Canada, Holland, d/o Thomas TROUGHLIN and Hannah JOHNSTON, witn; Samuel HOGAN of Markdale and Abigail TROUGHLIN of Holland, 16 September 1880 at Chatsworth 003170-80 (Grey Co.) William IRWIN, 26, farmer, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, s/o John and Nancy IRWIN, married Mary Ann HEMMING, Essa Twp., Euphrasia, d/o John and Martha HEMMING, witn; Samuel Shannon IRWIN and Mary MATHERS both of Euphrasia, 1 December 1880 at St. Vincent
3103-80 Conrad JACOBI, 26, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Hartman & Elizabeth JACOBI married Elizabeth HARPER, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John & Maria HARPER, Wtn: Isaac HARPER & Caroline WIEKE both of Carrick February 25, 1880 at Normanby 003145-80 (Grey Co.) George JOHNSON, 32, farmer, Ireland, Artemesia, s/o George and Harriet JOHNSON married Margaret SHARP, 22, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John and Jane SHARP, witn; John and Jane SHARP of Artemesia, 23 June 1880 at Artemesia.
3208-80 Robert JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o John & Rachel, married Jane OUTHWAITE, 21, Canada, Melancthon, d/o William & Frances, witn: William & Elizabeth JOHNSTON of Melancthon, 1 Sept 1880 at Hornings Mills 003352-80 (Grey Co.) John JOYNT, 25, farmer, Ontario, Keppel, s/o Thomas and Margaret JOYNT, married Sarah Ann MOORE, 24, England, Keppel, d/o Richard and Elizabeth MOORE, witn; Charles WHITE and Mariah WHITE both of Keppel, 8 December 1880 at Wiarton.
3121-80 Robert KAHL, 24 , farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Karl & Agnes KAHL married Catherine KREUTZER,22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o George & Catherine KREUTZER, Wtn: Karl & Christina KAHL both of Normanby November 9, 1880 at Normanby 003346-80 (Grey Co) William KINCH, 21, farmer, Canada, Keppel, s/o Henry and Elizabeth KINCH, married Mary Louisa KINCH, (sic) 16, Cartwright Twp., Keppel, d/o Samuel and Mary HOPPER, witn; Matilda HOPPER and Thomas WILCOX, 24 March 1880 at residence of Samuel HOPPER, Keppel
  003420-80 (Grey Co.) Daniel KNAPP, 25, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o Peter KNAPP and Elizabeth BUESHTEL, married Auguste HOEFT, 17, Sullivan, Sullivan, d/o Carl HOEFT and Louisa PRIEBE, witn; Gottfried HOEFT, Julia HOEFT and Auguste STATLANDER all of Sullivan, 2 December 1880 at Sullivan
003143-80 (Grey Co.) Christopher KNOTT, 31, widower, farmer, Ireland, Euphrasia, s/o Hugh and Jane KNOTT, married Mary BEST, 19, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o William and Ellen BEST, witn; William BEST and James KNOTT both of Euphrasia, 11 May 1880 at Flesherton. 3274-80 James KNOTT, 25, farmer, Canada, Euphrasia twp., s/o Hugh & Jane, married Mary Ann GARBUTT, 22, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o David & Eliza, witn: Robert GARBUTT & Christopher KNOTT, both of Euphrasia, 12 July 1880 at Christs Church, Meaford
003300-80 (Grey Co) George KRAUSS, 23, carpenter, Canada, Durham, s/o George and Catherine KRAUSS, married Catherine DAVIS, 25, Canada, Glenelg, d/o David and Ellen DAVIS, witn; Richard KRAUSS and William DAVIS both of Durham, 19 January 1880 at Glenelg. #003392-80 (Grey Co): John LAKING, 24, farmer, Mono, Mulmur, s/o William LAKING & Margaret SHORTT, married Mary Ann BRETT, 20, Mono Mills, Mulmur, d/o Thomas BRETT & Sarah SMITH, witn: William James LAKING & Sarah OLIVER, both of Mulmur, 8 July 1880 at Shelburne
003351-80 (Grey Co.) Richard James LAMBKIN, 20, farmer, Osborne Ont., Keppel. s/o John and Mary Ann LAMBKIN, married Charlotte BROOKS, 18, Ontario, Keppel, d/o Charles William and Arminda BROOKS, witn; George LAMBKIN and Mary M LAMBKIN both of Keppel, 24 November 1880 at Keppel 003327-80 (Grey Co) Donald LAMONT, 29, farmer, Canada, Bruce Twp, s/o Archibald LAMONT & Margaret MCKECHNIE, married Margaret McCOLLUM, 20, Canada, Bentinck Twp, d/o John MCCOLLUM & Ann MORRISON, witn: Archibald CAMPBELL & Donald MCGILVREY, both of Bentinck Twp, 28 Apr 1880
3341-80 A.K. LANZ, 23, broom maker, Germany, Walkerton, s/o Fred & M. LANZ & married Matilda FLEISCHER, 27, Germany, Hanover, d/o William & Willhelmina FLEISCHER, Wtn: Ida BECKER of Hanover May 30, 1880 at Hanover 3136-80 Cook LECTS, 40, farmer, United States, Artemesia, s/o John & Margaret LECTS married Ann Jane SARGENT, 21, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o Thomas & Catherine SARGENT, Wtn; Edward & Martha WATTS both of Artemesia January 31, 1880 at Flesherton.
3213-80 John LEITCH, 31, farmer, Scotland, Melancthon, s/o George & Jane, married Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, 25, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: William POLLEY & Janet LEITCH, both of Melancthon twp., 27 Dec 1880 at Hornings Mills 3211-80 Alexander LEITCH, 29, farmer, Scotland, Melancthon, s/o George & Jane, married Sarah FEWSTER, 30, Canada, Melancthon, d/o William & Esther, witn: Albert GRICE & Frances FEWSTER, both of Melancthon, 22 Dec 1880 at Melancthon twp
3225-80 Alfred Harrison LEMON, 26, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o John & Olive, married Agnes Bell RAE, 28, Galt, Sydenham, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn: Elias LEMON & William BURR, both of Sydenham, 3 March 1880 at res of B. Rae, Sydenham 003142-80 (Grey Co.) Roger LEVER, 60, widower, farmer, United States, s/o James and Mary LEVER, married Rebecca HOLLEY, 48, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Adam and Sarah HOLLEY, witn; J. W. ARMSTRONG and R. E. SMYTH both of Flesherton, 15 March 1880 at Flesherton
3209-80 William John LEWIS, 22, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o William & Ann, married Sarah Elizabeth COCKELL, 19, England, Melancthon, d/o Robert M. & Susan, witn: Henry W. & Emily COCKELL of Melancthon twp., 27 Sept 1880 at Hornings Mills 003169-80 (Grey Co.) John Burke LISTER, 36, farmer, Bowmanville, St. Vincent, s/o Charles John and Abigail LISTER, married Mary Stewart SYMES, 20, Meaford, St. Vincent, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth SYMES, witn; David M. LISTER and Carrie BROWN both of St. Vincent, 21 September 1880 at residence of G.S. Brown, St. Vincent
3276-80 George L. LOGAN, 26, farmer, Mariposa, Euphrasia, s/o James & Lucinda, married Annie ELLIOTT, 21, Durham, Euphrasia, d/o Robert & Flora, witn: John LOGAN of Euphrasia & Christena BYERS of Sydenham, 1 Dec 1880 at Euphrasia 003350-80 (Grey Co.) Cornelius LONGFORD, 20, mechanic, Middlesex Co. Ont., Weston , s/o Isaac and Jane LONGFORD, married Nancy FLARITY, 22, Bruce Co., Keppel, d/o William and Martha FLAHERTY, witn; Eli BIRCH of Bruce Co. and Alice FORD of Keppel, 28 September 1880 at Keppel
  3216-80 Frederick W. LUCK, 23, farmer, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o John & Sarah A., married Henrietta MOULTON, 17, Sydenham, same, d/o Elijah & Caroline, witn: John LUSK & Maggie McMILLAN, both of Sydenham, 22 Sept 1880 at Woodford
003288-80 (Grey Co.) William Thomas LUNEY, blank, farmer, s/o George LUNEY And Sarah CARNLEY?, married Emily BRYANS?, 21, Egremont, Egremont, d/o James BRYANS? And Emily SMITH?, witn; George C. MITCHELL and A. DUNLOP? both of Durham, 23 December 1880 at Durham 003283-80 (Grey Co.) John MARTIN, 22, farmer, Canada, Brampton, s/o Joseph and Jane MARTIN, married Mary Jane ELLIOTT, 23, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o John and Mary ELLIOTT, witn; Robert JOHNSTON and Rebecca Ann WILEY both of Euphrasia, 24 May 1880 at Euphrasia.
#003397-80 (Grey Co) John Henry MARTIN, 21, Canada Co Durham, Mono Twp., b, yeoman, s/o John MARTIN & Mary LEAY, married Margaret BROWN, 20, Mono Twp., same, s, d/o Andrew BROWN & Esther MONTGOMERY, witn: William MARTIN of Caledon, Ann Jane GRAY of Armaranth, married 8 September 1880, Shelburne 3260-80 Henry MARTIN, 22, blacksmith, Quebec, Osprey, s/o John & Mary, married Jessie McLEAN, 21, Ontario, Osprey, d/o Laughlan & Mary, 24 Feb 1880 at Maxwell
003464-80 (Grey Co.) Andrew MATCHETT, 25, farmer, Canada, Proton, s/o Albert and Jane MATCHETT, married Margaret McAULAY, 27, York Co., Proton, d/o John and Janet McAULAY, witn; blank McAULAY of Dundalk and F. MATCHETT of Maryborough, 28 January 1880 at Proton. 003166-80 (Grey Co.) Richard MATTHEWS, 30, widower, clerk, England, Meaford, s/o William and Mary MATTHEWS, married Charlotte Edith BURCHILL, 24, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Wesley and Margaret BURCHILL, witn; W.W. STEPHEN of Meaford and Myrtilla BURCHILL of St. Vincent, 4 August 1880 at St. Vincent
3261-80 Richard MAXWELL, 24, farmer, Maxwell, same, s/o Joseph & Fannie, married Elmira SCHINEMAN, 19, Bond Head, Maxwell, d/o Ferdinand & Ann, witn: John MAXWELL & Priscila GUY, both of Maxwell, 3 March 1880 at Maxwell 3137-80 Thomas MCARTHUR, 28, farmer, Artemesia, Artemesia, s/o John & Sarah MCARTHUR married Margaret CAMPBELL, 22, Proton, Proton, d/o George & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Wtn: Angus MCLEOD of Artemesia & Mary Cam JOBELL of Proton February 3, 1880 at Flesherton
3195-80 Donald McARTHUR, 24, farmer, Canada, Sydenham, s/o Alexander & Jennett, married Mary LEE, 22, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: Hughy McGINNES & Susan BRAY, both of St. Vincent, 15 Oct 1880 at Meaford 3242-80 James McARTHUR, 60, farmer, widower, Scotland, Bruce twp., s/o John & Ann, married Ann McCOLL, 60, widow, Scotland, Proton, d/o Donald McDONALD & Mary, witn: Alex McDONALD & Mrs. John McCOLL, both of Egremont, 12 Aug 1880 at Egremont
003313-80 (Grey Co) Norman McCLURE, 26, waggon maker, Stratford Ont, Tiverton, s/o Archibald MCCLURE & Mary BEATON, married Martha BROWNLOW, 24, Garafraxa Ont, Bentinck Twp, d/o John BROWNLOW & Catharine MCLEAN, witn: Na-? MCCLURE, Bruce & Mary Ann MCCARTHUR, Bentinck, 13 Jan 1880 at Bentinck 3097-80 Joseph MCCOMB,30, farmer, Ireland, Durham, s/o Thomas & Eliza MCCOMB married Mary J. RIELY, 26, Ireland, Durham, d/o Edward & Eliza RIELY, Wtn: M. J. MCCOMB & Sydney PORELY both of Durham November 5, 1879 at Normanby.
003414-80 (Grey Co.) Hugh A. McCULLOCH, 29, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Twp., s/o John and Elizabeth McCULLOCH, married Sarah BURTON, 24, England, Sullivan, d/o Joseph and Mary Ann BURTON, witn; James McCULLOCH of Port Elgin and Henry J. BURTON of Sullivan, 30 march 1880 at Sullivan.  
#003394-80 (Grey Co): Samuel McCUTCHEON, 24, farmer, Canada, Mulmur twp., s/o David McCUTCHEON & Mary HICKS, married Annie ROBB, 18, Canada, Mulmur, illegitimate d/o not given, witn: John HAMILTON & Ann LLOYD, both of Mulmur, 12 July 1880 at Shelburne 3202-80 Charles McCUTCHEON, 25, farmer, Canada, Mulmur, s/o Charles & Eliza Amelia, married Ellen McCUTCHEON, 20, Canada, Mulmur, d/o William & Mary, witn: William ROBINSON & Margaret McCUTCHEON, both of Mulmur, 8 Jan 1880 at Hornings Mills
  3334-80 John McDONALD, 32, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o John & Mary MCDONALD married Mary MCGILVARY, 24, Bentinck, same, d/o John MCGIVARY & Janet MCKECHNIE, Wtn: Hugh MCDONALD & Donald MCGILVARY both of Egremont January 1, 1880 at Bentinck
3238-80 William McDOUGAL, 25, farmer, Peterborough, Egremont, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary McLACHLIN, 20, Egremont, same, d/o Duncan & Mary, witn: Donald STEWART of Arthur & Christena McLAUGHLIN of Egremont, 14 April 1880 at Egremont 3257-80 Duncan McDOUGALD, 28, farmer, Canada, Amabel twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Annie SMITH, 28, Scotland, Osprey, d/o Donald & Margaret, witn; Donald BELL & Katty SMITH, both of Osprey, 20 Jan. 1880 at Osprey
003358-80 (Grey Co.) John McEWEN, 30, farmer, Sullivan, Elderslie, s/o James McEWEN and Anne MAHARRY ?, married Maggie HOWEY, 24, Holland, Holland, d/o William HOWEY and Elisa McCAULY, witn; James HOWEY and Mary Ann NORTON (blank), 6 July 1880 bride's father’s Holland  
3250-80 Robert Thomas McGIRR, 20, gentleman, Ontario, Osprey twp., s/o Andrew & Susan, married Headith McALEAR, 16, Ontario, Osprey twp., d/o John & Frances, witn: David & Martha A. BURKE of Osprey, 3 July 1880 at Feversham 3188-80 Angus McINTOSH, 38, merchant, Scotland, Meaford, s/o John & Bell, married Mary CAMERON, 22, Canada, Meaford, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Charles BURNS & Mary ROSEBERY, both of Meaford, 29 Dec 1880 at Meaford
#003474-80 (Grey) Hector McKAY, 32, Scotland, Michigan, b, machinist, s/o Duncan & Elizabeth McKAY, married Hannah MILLS, 24, Ontario, Melancthon, s, d/o James & Margaret MILLS, witn: James MILLS, Catharine McKAY, both Melancthon, 15 November 1880, Dundalk 3240-80 David McKIBBAN, 23, fireman on railroad, Ireland, Toronto, s/o David & Dorothea, married Agnes McMEEKIN, 19, Egremont, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John McKIBBAN of Toronto & Jennet BARBER of Egremont, 12 May 1880 at Egremont
3113-80 John MCKINLAY, 45, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John & Jane MCKINLAY married Marie EURICH, 37, Germany, Normanby, d/o John & Margaret HAHN, Wtn; Walter HISBURGH of Minto & Jacob BRAUN of Normanby October 5, 1880 at Normanby  
003415-80 (Grey Co.) Alexander McLEAN, 38, farmer, Scotland, Sullivan, s/o Hector and Catherine McLEAN, married Mary BOYD, 25, Canada, Sullivan, d/o John and Flora BOYD, witn; Archie McLEAN of Chesley and Annie BOYD of Sullivan, 7 April 1880 at Sullivan. 3273-80 Charles McLEAN, 27, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o Archey & Ann, married Isabella Alice McLEAN, 22, Ontario, Osprey, d/o Hector & Alice, wtn: Alexander McDOUGAL & Christian McLEAN, both of Osprey, 7 April 1880 at McIntyre
#003454-80 (Grey Co): John McLEOD, 22, yeoman, Sydenham Ont., Sarawak, s/o Donald McLEOD & Betsy CAMERON, married Jessie RITCHIE, 18, Keppel, same, d/o John RITCHIE & Margaret SCOTT, witnesses were Henry BREEN of Derby & Catherine McLEOD of Sarawak 3255-80 Daniel McMULLEN, 24, well drilling, New York, Osprey, s/o Louis & Mary A., married Millicent BOWERMAN, 20, Ontario, Osprey, d/o Joseph & Abigail, witn: John BOWERMAN & Annie McLEAN, both of Osprey, 26 Oct 1880 at Osprey
003405-80 (Grey Co.) Henry McNABB, 23, yeoman, Mono, same, s/o William McNABB and Jane COTTON, married Martha McLENNAN, 22, Caledon, Mulmur, d/o William McLENNAN and Maria McKINNEY, witn; William Montgomery of Mono and Annie McLENNAN of Mulmur, 25 February 1880 at Shelburne. 3124-80 Hector MCPHEE, 24, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John & Catherine MCPHEE married Catherine MCPHEE, 20, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Malcolm & Helen MCPHEE, Wtn; Archibald MCPHEE & Sarah JAMES both of Normanby January 12, 1880 at Normanby
3214-80 William MITCHELL, 27, farmer, Grierville, same, s/o Robert & Susanna, married Elizabeth Charlotte LUTON, 27, Canada, Sydenham, d/o Thomas & Rhoda, witn: William LUTON of Sydenham & Lydia MITCHELL of Griersville, 23 June 1880 at Sydenham 003424-80 (Grey- Co.) William MONAHAN, 25, farmer, Canada, Keppel, s/o John and Catherine MONAHAN married Sarah GOODFELLOW, 22, Canada, Sarawak, d/o John and Jane GOODFELLOW, witn; John GOODFELLOW of Sarawak and Sarah Ann CRAMPTON of Keppel, 12 May 1880 at Sarawak
003401-80 (Grey Co.) William James MONTGOMERY, 24, farmer, Mono, Parry Sound, s/o George MONTGOMERY and Mary MOFFAT, married Livina NEWTON, 20, Mono, Mono, d/o Samuel NEWTON and Margaret BROWN, witn; John THOMPSON and Margaret NEWTON, both of Mono, 5 November 1880 at Shelburne 3215-80 John MORDY, 30, minister, Ross Ont., Sydenham, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Jane GARDINER, 18, Sydenham, same, d/o James & Isabella, witn: Mary Ann STEWART of Meaford & George GARDINER of Sydenham, 18 Aug. 1880 at Sydenham
3204-80 Joseph MORGAN, 22, farmer, Canada, Mulmur, s/o James & Frances, married Mary Ann SHAW, 23, England, Mulmur, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Matthew RIDLEY of Mulmur & Hannah TAYLOR of Toronto, 25 Jan 1880 at Hastings Hotel, Shelburne 3132-80 Thomas MORROW, 24, farmer, Mono, Glenelg, s/o Thomas & Ellen MORROW married Margaret STINSON, 22, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o David & Rebecca STINSON, Wtn: James MORROW & Mary Jane BLEAKLY both of Artemesia January 27, 1880 at Artemesia
003377-80 (Grey Co.) Thomas MULART, 25, farmer Canada, Normanby, s/o Norden? MULART and Catherine JORDAN, married Helena M. P. MOORE, 19, Canada, Holland, d/o Ebenezer W. MOORE and Elisa J. MARKLAND, witn; Thomas DAVIS of Glenelg and Marie Emily MOORE of Holland, 15 March 1880 at Holland 3122-80 Conrad NESS, 21, mason, Germany, Normanby, s/o Yost & Anna NESS married Mary LIPPERT, 21, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Conrad & Anna LIPPERT, Wtn: Daniel LIPPERT & Henry MILLER both of Normanby November 23, 1880 at Normanby
3104-80 James NICHOL, 28, farmer, Scotland, Normanby, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth NICHOL married Sarah Ann DERBY, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Joseph & Sarah DERBY, Wtn: William NICHOL & Thomas DERBY both of Normanby February 26, 1880 at Normanby 003429-80 (Grey Co.) John NICHOLS, 33, yeoman, England, Keppel, s/o William and Elizabeth NICHOLS, married Caroline DODD, 37, widow, Kingston, Keppel, d/o R. and Hannah RUNNING, witn; G. MALONEY and J. HAMMILL both of Keppel, 4 November 1880 at Owen Sound
003139-80 (Grey Co.) Robert NIXON, 24, farmer, Canada, Proton, s/o James and Mary NIXON, married Jane HENNING, 21, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o John and Martha HENNING, witn; William H. MANERY and Mary MATHERS, blank, 12 February 1880 at Markdale 3198-80 Stewart NOBLE, 26, farmer, Mulmur, St. Vincent, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Sarah Jane CORLEY, 23, Collingwood twp., St. Vincent, d/o William & Martha Jane, witn: Ben & Margaret CORLEY of St. Vincent, 15 Sept 1880 at Meaford
003364-80 (Grey Co.) George. OSBORNE, 25, farmer, Canada, Sullivan. s/o William OSBORNE and Janet KEEFER, married Mary Jane STURGEON, 26, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Andrew STURGEON and, Susannah McPEABLER??, witn; John McBAINE and Elisabeth OSBORNE both of Sullivan, 8 December 1880 at Chatsworth 3210-80 Robert OUTHWAITE, 23, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o William & Frances, married Margaret CURRY, 20, Canada, Melancthon, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn: Thomas OUTWAITE & Charlotte S. CURRY, both of Melancthon, 6 Oct 1880 at res of William MUNN, Melancthon twp
#003399-80 (Grey Co) Robert OUTHWAIT, 23, King York Co Ont, Shelburne, b, mechanic, s/o William OUTHWAIT & Frances SPENCER, married Margaret Ann CURRY, 20, Orangeville Ont, Melancthon, s, d/o James CURRY & Mary Jane WALLACE, witn: Thomas OUTHWAIT, Charlotte L. CURRY, both Melanchton, married 6 October 1880, residence of William Munn, Melancthon 003314-80 (Grey Co) John PARK, 33, blacksmith, Scotland, Redford Michigan., s/o Andrew PARK & Catherine CLOW, married Mary PARK, 19, Bentinck Twp, same, d/o James Brechin PARK & Rebecca NICHOL, witn: Sarah PARK, Bentinck & Thomas NICHOL, Priceville, 17 Mar 1880 at Bentinck
3265-80 Smith PARKS, 23, farmer, Napanee, Collingwood twp., s/o Milo & Sarah, married Hannah VANMEER, 18, Osprey, same, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Alfred VANMEER & Martha ADAIR, both of Osprey, 28 Jan 1880 at Osprey 3220-80 William PARTRIDGE (spelled Partrage), 30, farmer, state of Delaware, Sydenham, s/o Philip & Elizabeth, married Jane Elizabeth MINOR, 17, Erin Ont., Sydenham, d/o Timothy & Mary Ann, witn: Alexander SPENCE & Elizabeth PATRIDGE, both of Sydenham, 18 Nov 1880 at Sydenham
003381-80 (Grey Co.) Joseph PATTERSON, 25, farmer, illegible, Holland, s/o Robert and Mary, married Sarah IRWIN 20, d/o Thomas And Elisa Ann, witn; William ARCHER and Elisa LAMBERT, 5 January 1880 at Holland Centre. 003386-80 (Grey Co.) James L. PATTERSON, 23, blacksmith, Nassagaweya, Nassagaweya, s/o John PATTERSON and Sarah E. LOUIS?, married Sarah Ann EAGLE, 19, Canada, Holland, d/o William EAGLE and Sarah COOPRE (Cooper?) (sic) , witn; May EAGLE and Jas. KENNEDY both of Holland, no date given, at Chatsworth.
3135-80 Mathew PATTON, 21, farmer, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, s/o Daniel & Mary Jane PATTON, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 21, Mariposa, Euphrasia, d/o Robert & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Wtn: Joseph PATTON & Elizabeth JOHNSTON both of Euphrasia, January 13, 1880 at Markdale 003368-80 (Grey Co.) William PEARER, 29, farmer, Canada, Elderslie, s/o Edward PEARER and Ann HEMLIUFF??, married Nina STEPHENS, 22, Canada, Elderslie, d/o William A. and Elizabeth STEPHENS, witn; Edward PEARER and Mary STEPHENS of (blank) 29 October 1880 at Chatsworth.
003317-80 (Grey Co) Henry PEPPLER, 24, cabinet maker, Canada, Hanover, s/o Jacob & Anna PEPPLER, married Mary WIEGANT, 33, Ontario, Normanby Twp, d/o William & Margaret WIEGANT, witn: Jane (illegible), Hanover, 6 Jan 1880 at Hanover 003285-80 (Grey Co.) Thomas PETTY, 28, farmer, Bentinck, Normanby, s/o John and Marg PETTY, married Maria WILKINSON, 18, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Sarah Jane and Isaac WILKINSON, witn; Charles PETTY of Bentinck and Sarah Jane WAKEFIELD of Guelph?, 16 December 1880 at Normanby
#003393-80 (Grey Co): George Arthur PRICHARD, 23, tinsmith, Brockville, Shelburne, s/o Joseph PRICHARD & Rebecca WHITE, married Eliza Jane ARNOLD, 22, Melancthon, same, d/o Rowley ARNOLD & Mariah HANLAN, witn: Robert GALBRAITH of Shelburne & Mary Jane THOMPSON of Rosemont, 21 July 1880 at Shelburne 003278-80 (Grey Co.) William PROCTOR, 26, farmer, Canada, Peel, s/o Joseph Overland and Susan PROCTOR, married Susan LOUGHEAD, 18, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o John and Catherine LOUGHEAD, witn; Joseph O. DRINKAL and Catherine LOUGHEAD both of Euphrasia, 1 January 1880 at Euphrasia.
003409-80 (Grey Co.) Thomas PROUD, 39, widower, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o Nicholas PROUD and Fanny THOMPSON, married Ann McBRINE, 24, Ireland, Sullivan, d/o Edward McBRINE and Eliza CARSON, witn; Eliza McBRINE and Susan PROUD both of Sullivan, 8 January 1880 at Sullivan  
003329-80 (Grey Co) John PULLOCK, 21, shoemaker, Canada, Walkerton, s/o Jesse PULLOCK & Janet CALELER, married Martha CALLAN, 22, Ireland, Walkerton, d/o William CALLAN & Christina ARCHER, witn: Mr & Mrs KINGSHOT, both of Hanover, 27 Oct 1880 at Hanover [Pollock?] 003326-80 (Grey Co) Stephen RADFORD, 23, farmer, Tinnto? Twp. Bentinck Twp, s/o Thomas RADFORD & Sarah CARN, married Ruth Jemima HYATT, 23, Chinguacousy Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o James HYATT & Jane SIMPSON, witn: S. J. PATERSON & B. M. WOODS, both of Hanover Ont, 3 Oct 1880 at Hanover
#003476-80 (Grey) John Reid RAWLINGS, 27, York Twp, Euphrasia, b, farmer, s/o Daniel RAWLINGS & Ann WHITNEY, married Mary Jane CAREFOOT, 23, Albion Twp., Euphrasia, s, d/o Richard CAREFOOT & Mary Jane HARRISON, witn: Peter RAWLINGS of King Twp, Hannah CAREFOOT of Euphrasia, 13 October 1880, Clarksburg 003422-80 (Grey Co.) James READ, 28, labourer, Canada, Sarawak, s/o John and Elizabeth READ, married Charlotte PARTRIDGE, 23, Canada, Sarawak, d/o Philip and Elizabeth PARTRIDGE, witn; John PARTRIDGE and Elizabeth PARTRIDGE both of Sarawak, 8 January 1880 at Brooke
  #003477-80 (Grey) Charles REAR, 22, Vaughan Twp., Euphrasia, b, farmer, s/o John REAR & Ann SHUTTLEWORTH, married Matilda Ann BATH, 22, Reach Twp, Euphrasia, s, d/o George BATH & Ann THOMS, witn: Daniel BATH, Ann BATH, both Euphrasia, 15 October 1880, Clarksburg
003365-80 (Grey Co.) William Henry REID, 25, farmer, Holland, Holland, s/o William REID and Jane BROWN, married Elisa Jane FOSTER, 19, Holland, Holland, d/o Alex FOSTER and Margaret DOWNY, witn; Edward BROWN and Lillie GILLESPIE both of Holland, 21 September 1880 at Holland Centre. 003140-80 (Grey Co.) James Stewart REID, 23, stone cutter, England, Caledon, s/o Robert and Jane REID, married Catherine McDOUGALL, 21, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o James and Mary McDOUGALL, witn; Archibald CURRIE and Jessie BELL both of Artemesia, 5 February 1880 at Priceville.
#003395-80 (Grey Co) Daniel REID, 21, Innisfil Twp., Proton Twp., b, farmer, s/o James REID & Cathrine DUNN, married Emma BOWLER, 20, Proton Twp., same, s, d/o William BOWLER & Hannah FISH, witn: William James TAGGART of Dundalk, Cathrine REID of Shelburne, married 6 August 1880, Shelburne 003319-80 (Grey Co) Robert REID, 62, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck Twp, widower, s/o William & Jennett REID, married Catharine NEWELL, 63, Maine United States, Bentinck Twp, d/o Peter & Betsy BROWN, witn: Charles & Annie LEAVONS, both of Durham Ont, 1 July 1880 at Bentinck Twp
003330-80 (Grey Co) William K. REID, 44, school teacher, Scotland, Egremont Twp, widower, s/o Robert & Elizabeth REID, married Emily Edna VAYSON, 21, Bentinck, same, d/o John & Elizabeth VAYSON, witn: John GARGAMP, Egremont & Charlotte VAYSON, Bentinck, 23 Aug 1880 at Bentinck 3271-80 James C. REID, 24, hotel keeper, Innisfil twp., Dundalk, s/o James & Catherine, married Mary Jane LITTLE, 19, Clarke Ont., Osprey, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William LITTLE of Osprey & Catherine REID of Dundalk, 28 April 1880 at Osprey
3245-80 Christopher RENWICK, 21, farmer, Fergus, Egremont, s/o James & Jane, married Margaret HENRY, 17, Ontario, Egremont, d/o James & Jane, witn: John HENRY & Mary J. RENWICK, both of Egremont, 7 Oct. 1880 at Egremont 3441-80 (Grey Co): James REYNOLDS, 42, widower, Brockville, same, s/o Samuel REYNOLDS & Frances BRANDON, married Annie M. BARNHART, 33, Streetsville, Owen Sound, d/o John & Maria, witn: Frank ARNOLDI of Toronto & W. E. BROWN of Hamilton, 4 Feb 1880 at Owen Sound
003322-80 (Grey Co) John RINNLEY, 24, farmer, Bentinck Twp, same, s/o Jacob & Jennet RINNLEY, married Jennet BARBOUR, 25, Bentinck Twp, Egremont Twp, d/o Robert & Jane BARBOUR, witn: Richard & Rachel HOPKINS, both of Bentinck Twp, 6 Aug 1880 at Hanover 003288-80 (Grey Co.) James ROBINSON, 26, farmer, New York US, Proton, s/o Arthur and Rose Ann ROBINSON, married Margaret HANNAH, 20, Ireland, Holland, d/o Robert and Ann Jane HANNAH, witn; David McMILLAN of Proton and Ann Jane HANNAH of Holland, 21 June 1880 at Holland
#003473-80 (Grey) William ROBINSON, 29, Ireland, Proton, b, farmer, s/o William & Sarah ROBINSON, married Mary Elizabeth NOBLE, 23, Ontario, Proton, s, d/o Edward & Martha NOBLE, witn: Samuel RUNDLE of Melancthon, Margaret HANBURY of Proton, 13 September 1880, Dundalk #003398-80 (Grey Co) Paul William ROGERS, 27, Egremont Co Grey Ont, Mulmur, b, farmer, s/o Benjamin ROGERS & Cathrine DECEW, married Elizabeth CANNING, 23, Co Perth Ont, Shelburne, s, d/o William CANNING & Mary Ann HILLS, witn: George Thomas CANNING, Ellen Elizabeth CANNING, both Shelburne, married 11 September 1880, Shelburne
3249-80 William ROLLING, 31, widower, farmer, Ontario, Collingwood twp., s/o John & Hannah, married Margaret SPENCE, 25, Ontario, Osprey twp., d/o John & Alice J., witn: Thomas SPENCE & Hattie BALL, both of Osprey, 16 June 1880 at Osprey 3201-80 Henry J. ROLSTIN, 30, physician, Canada, Shelburne, s/o Ehaxander & Eliza, married Emily J. AIRTH, 22, Canada, Melancthon, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Dr. James McWILLIAMS of Dundalk & Leslie AIRTH, 1 Jan 1880 at Hornings Mills
3252-80 Richard ROOM, 22, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o John & Hannah, married Margaret Ann LOUND?, 20, Canada, Osprey, d/o William & Ellen, witn: John ROOM & Annie ROOME (sic), both of Osprey, Sept 1880 at Osprey #003191-1880 (Grey Co) Samuel A. SAUNDERS, 21, farmer, Canada, St Vincent, s/o Samuel & Sophronia SAUNDERS, married Emma ABRAMS, 20, Canada, St Vincent, d/o James & Martha ABRAMS; witnesses Charles LITTLE, Sharlotte ABRAMS, of Meaford. 23 Dec 1880 at Meaford.
003421-80 (Grey Co.) George Henry SCHEIK (Scheck?), 21, farmer, Ontario, Sarawak, s/o John and Hannah SCHEIK, married Elizabeth Ann HOPKINS, 18, Ontario, Keppel, d/o John and HOPKINS Hannah HOPKINS, witn; James HINKS and Martha HOPKINS both of Sarawak, 15 June 1880 at Sarawak 003332-80 (Grey Co) August SCHMANTH [Schmauth?], 52, farmer, Prussia, Sullivan Twp, widower, s/o Gotluh? & Wilhelmina SCHMANTH, married Margaret BECKER, 22, New Hamburg Ont, Normanby Twp, d/o John & Catherine BECKER, witn: Frederick & Amelia PHILL, both of Bentinck Twp, 19 Jan 1880 at Bentinck
3101-80 Peter SCHNEIDER, 24, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Henry & Elizabeth SCHNEIDER married Kathrina UMBACH, 21, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Frederick & Margaret KRELLER, Wtn: William UMBACH & Ernestine SCHNEIDER both of Normanby February 17, 1880 at Normanby 003413-80 (Grey Co.) Frederick SCHWARTZ, 24, farmer, West Prussia, Sullivan, s/o Gottfried SCHWARTZ and Caroline TRIANOWSKIE, married Louise ROSS, 18, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Joseph ROSS and Sophie MANNEROW, witn; Elizabeth SPRUNG, Franziska ROSS and Joseph ROSS all of Sullivan, 5 February 1880 at Sullivan.
3223-80 James Marcellus SCOTT, 27, brick maker, Port Hope, Meaford, s/o David & Mary J., married Sarah Elizabeth BUZZA, 25, Sydenham, Leith, d/o George & Janet, witn: George SCOTT & William WILSON, both of Sydenham, 22 Dec 1880 at Leith 003316-80 (Grey Co) Robert James SCOTT, 26, school teacher, Quebec, Sault Ste Marie, s/o John & Jane SCOTT, married Margaret Ann DAVIS, 31, Ontario, Hanover Grey Co, d/o Thomas & Margaret DAVIS, witn: John DAVIS & Susannah SCOTT, both of Hanover, 20 July 1880 at Hanover
3267-80 Mathew SCOUTT, 25, farmer, Whitchurch, Osprey, s/o Waneman & Jane SCUTT (sic), married Jane JAMIESON, 17, of Osprey, d/o John & Lucy, witn: Mark & Isabella TEDFORD, both of Osprey, 17 Feb 1880 at Osprey 3247-80 Smith SEAMANS, 29, farmer, Ontario, Holstein, s/o Smith & Elizabeth SEAMAN (sic), married Janet Scott HAMILTON, 19, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Alex & Ellen, witn: Scott PINNOCK & Kate HAMILTON, both of Egremont, 22 Dec 1880 at Egremont
3244-80 George SHAND, 29, farmer, Scotland, Yeovil - Egremont, s/o Joseph & Isabella, married Agnes GEDDES, 22, Egremont, same, d/o James & Jenet, witn: James GEDDES Jr. & Margaret ROSS, both of Egremont, 25 Sept 1880 at Egremont 3219-80 John SHAW, 23, farm servant, Scotland, St. Vincent, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Agnes Ann McPHERSON, 24, Rocklin, Sydenham, d/o James & Agnes, witn: Archibald McPHERSON & Martha CARNAHAN, both of Sydenham, 25 Oct 1880 at Sydenham
3110-80 John SHEERER, 40, farmer, Germany, Carrick, s/o George & Elizabeth SHEERER married Christina HOLYHAUER, 20, Howick, Howick, d/o John & Elizabeth HOLYHAUER, Wtn: Louisa BRUER of Normanby June 10, 1880 at Normanby 3105-80 Francis SHIELDS, 21, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o James & Helen SHIELDS married Elizabeth NELSON, 16, Normanby, Normanby, d/o William & Mary NELSON, Wtn; John SHIELDS of Egremont & Martha NELSON of Normanby.
3226-80 Andrew SIBBALD, 35, farmer, Dumfries Ont., Carnarvon, s/o Andrew & Ellen, married Agnes ARMSTRONG, 26, Sydenham, same, d/o David & Agnes, witn: Maggie SIBBALD & James ARMSTRONG, both of Sydenham, 10 June 1880 at Sydenham 003403-80 (Grey Co.) William SIDDLE, 23, farmer, Mulmur, Mulmur, s/o George SIDDLE and Mary Ann MARSH, married Rosetta FOSTER, 24, Mulmur, Mulmur, d/o Ralph FOSTER and Amelia HOWSE, witn; Job HUNTER and Susanna FOSTER both of Mulmur, 21 December 1880 at Shelburne.
3446-80 (Grey Co): John G. SIEGRIST, 40, widower, carpenter, Germany, Keppel, s/o John Jacob & Margaret, married Jane MEINERT, 26, Canada, Sarawak, d/o John & Martha, witn: Charles MEINERT of Sarawak & W. A. FISH of Owen Sound, 7 June 1880 at Owen Sound 003387-80 (Grey Co.) William A. SIMPSON, 36, agent, Toronto, Chatsworth, s/o George SIMPSON and Ann THACKERY? (Sharkey?), married Parmella MORRISSON, 24, Canada, Holland, d/o Justis MORRISSON and Caroline HOUNSELL, witn; George SIMPSON of Sullivan and Carrie MERRIAM of Holland, 12 May 1880 at Holland.
003147-80 (Grey Co.) James SKENE, 27, farmer, Canada, Bentinck, s/o George SKENE and Ann SMITH, married Maggie WRIGHT, 24, Canada, Glenelg, d/o William WRIGHT and Margaret LOUDEN, witn; John Bell JACKSON of Glenelg and Annie F. SKENE of Bentinck, 6 October 1880 at Artemesia.  
003419-80 (Grey Co.) Julius SLUMSKIE, 22, farmer, Prussia, Sullivan, s/o Ernest SLUMSKIE and Charlotte TIMM, married Auguste SUCH, 20, Prussia, Sullivan, d/o Carl SUCH, blank, witn; Carl TESTHSIE, August SLUMSKIE and Elizabeth SUCH all of Sullivan, 23 October 1880 at Sullivan 003172-80 (Grey Co.) Isaac SMITH, 27, farmer, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o George and Catherine SMITH, married Elizabeth BOYCE, 21, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o Joseph and Emma BOYCE, witn; Charles L. BOYCE and Sarah BOYCE both of St. Vincent 22 December 1880 at Centreville St. Vincent
3340-80 James SMITH, 32, painter, Ireland, Burlington, s/o James & Eleanor SMITH married Hannah SHEPPARD, 36, England, Bentinck, d/o John & Martha SHEPPARD, Wtn: Edward & Martha SHEPPARD both of Bentinck May 19, 1880 at Bentinck 3212-80 Martin SNELL, 24, farmer, Canada, Nottawasega, s/o Enoch & Elizabeth, married Margaret ALLEN, 26, Canada, Melancthon, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: William ALLEN & Julia SNELL, both of Melancthon twp., 22 Dec 1880 at Melancthon twp
3306-80 George SOUVRIER, 35,farmer, Ireland, Glenelg, s/o John & Martha SOUVRIER married Anna MACK, 19,Egremont, same, d/o Joseph & Ann MACK, Wtn: John LAWRENCE of Glenelg & Jane NICHOL of Egremont April 13, 1880 at Durham 3442-80 (Grey Co): Jacob SPEERS, 39, widower, cattle dealer, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o William SPEERS & Jane DUKE, married Eliza FRIZZELL, 44, widow, Ireland, Owen Sound, d/o John HOPKINS & Sarah CULLEN, witn: Frederick & Margaret PEETE (Peek?) of Sydenham, 3 May 1880 at Owen Sound
3335-80 Edmond SPIESMAN, 25, cabinet maker, Waterloo co, Hanover, s/o Henry & Carlotta SPIESMAN married Catherine SPIES, 31, Bentinck, same, d/o Henry & Maria SPIES, Wtn; John MORLEY & Catherine BOHLANDER February 23, 1880 at Bentinck.  
003359-80 (Grey Co.) Michael STEELE, 26, merchant, Scotland, s/o Michael STEELE and M. NICOL, married Jessica McLEHER? 24, Canada, Chatsworth, d/o Alex McLEHER? and Susan THOMPSON, witn; S. LILBURN of Williamsford, 18 October 1880 at Chatsworth Station 3277-80 Edmund STEER, 23, farmer, Albion, Euphrasia, s/o George & Mary, married Rebecca Ann WILEY, 21, Vaughan, Euphrasia, d/o John & Mary, witn: Elizabeth STEER of Gore of Toronto & John W. WILEY of Euphrasia, 8 Dec 1880 at res of John Wiley
3336-80 John James STEWART, 30, baker, Hanover, same, s/o Charles & Elizabeth STEWART married Christina NEURST, 32, Hanover, same, d/o Valentine & Phillipina NEURST, Wtn: Thomas MACNAHL & Sophia NEURST April 16, 1880 at Hanover. 003458-80 (Grey Co.) Hugh SUTHERLAND, 24, farmer, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o John and Isabella SUTHERLAND, married Jane McMILLAN, 23, Sydenham, Sydenham, d/o Donald and Ann McMILLAN, witn; Hugh McINNES and Maggie McMILLAN both of Sydenham, 8 December 1880 at Owen Sound.
  3206-80 James SWEET, 22, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Robert & Mary, married Ellen CLAYTON, 23, England, Melancthon, d/o Thomas & Lucy, witn: William Charles & Mrs. Mary Ann HALL of Melancthon, 5 July 1880 at Hornings Mills
3187-80 Robert TAYLOR, 30, teamster, Albion, Meaford, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Margaret Ann DUCHER, 19, King twp., Meaford, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: William TAYLOR of Euphrasia & Sarah DUCHER of Meaford, 1880 at Meaford 3561-81 - A. W. E. THOMPSON, 23, merchant, Seneca, Manitoulin, s/o William & Phebe, married Margaret CHRISTIE, 22, Portsmouth, Osprey, d/o George & Margaret, witn: H. T. THOMPSON of Seneca & Catherine CHRISTIE of Osprey, 17 Nov 1880 at Osprey
3344-80 Thomas Henry TOMLINSON, 24, farmer, Keppel, same, s/o Stephen TOMLINSON & Margaret RIMMING married Sarah Jane DIXON, 22, Ireland, Keppel, d/o George DIXON & Jane SCOTT, Wtn: Joseph ALED & Margaret TOMLINSON both of Keppel February 19, 1880 at Keppel. 3305-80 Joseph TOWNSEND, 38, publisher, Maryboro, Durham, s/o Ralph & Isabelle TOWNSEND married Mary STODDARD, 21, Durham,same, d/o Willard & Matilda STODDARD, Wtn: William TOWNSEND of Garagraxa & Jane MATTHEW of Durham March 24, 1880 at Durham
003333-80 (Grey Co) Charles TRAFFEND, 24, farmer, England, Sullivan Twp, s/o Robert & Eliza TRAFFEND, married Annie CHARLTON, 23, Ontario, Bentinck Twp, d/o James & Mary Ann CHARLTON, witn: Alex MCLEAN & Nelly MANN, both of Bentinck, 22 May 1880 at Bentinck 003353-80 (Grey Co.) William TROUT, 26, farmer, Ontario, Wiarton, s/o John E. and Frances TROUT, married Agnes Augusta SCOTT, 20, Wallace Ont., Oxenden, d/o John and Mary Ann SCOTT, witn; David TROUT of Wiarton and Ellenor SCOTT of Oxenden, 21 July 1880 at Oxenden
  3256-80 Francis Lewis TUCK, 27, gentleman, Ontario, Osprey, s/o James & Harriet, married Annie WRIGHT, 24, Ontario, Artemesia, d/o Ferguson & Elizabeth, witn: Dr. Henry BENNETS & Emily A. WRIGHT of Artemesia, 3 Nov 1880 at Maxwell
3194-80 Hyram VAIL, 22, farmer, Canada, St. Vincent, s/o Thomas VAIL & Mariah MOULTON, married Mandie WARDELL, 17, Canada, St. Vincent, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: David ROBINSON & Emily Jane VAIL, both of Meaford, 13 Oct. 1880 at Meaford 3266-80 Alfred VANMEER, 23, farmer, of Osprey, s/o Samuel E. & Mary, married Martha ADAIR, 22, Stayner, Osprey, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: Smith PARKS of Collingwood & Hannah PARKS of Osprey, 28 Jan 1880 at Osprey
3221-80 James VANWYCK, 22, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o Veart & Esther, married Barbara C. CLIFFORD, 20, Nottawasega, Sydenham, d/o Henry & Fanny, witn: Rodney VANWYCK & Alfred DAY, both of Sydenham, 16 Sept 1880 at Sydenham  
003349-80 (Grey Co.) James VILGAM, 25, fisherman, Trinity Newfoundland, Meaford, s/o William and Elizabeth (sic) VILGAM, married Agnes M. CARSON 24, Cape Rich, Wiarton, d/o David and Catherine CARSON, witn; Isabella HADDON and Elizabeth HARRISON both of Hepworth, 25 December 1880 at Hepworth 3239-80 Thomas WADDELL, 26, farmer, Peterborough twp., Egremont, s/o Thomas & Helen, married Mary Ann Farrell STEWART, 18, Egremont, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Catherine McKENZIE & Robert WADDELL & Thomas STEWART, all of Egremont, 22 April 1880 at Egremont
3235-80 Robert WADDELL, 23, farmer, Port Hope, Egremont, s/o Thomas & Helen, married Mary HUNTER, 27, Caledon, Egremont, d/o John & Mary, witn: Duncan HUNTER & Elizabeth WADDELL, both of Egremont, 10 March 1880 at Egremont 003312-80 (Grey Co) W. G. WATSON, 28, merchant, Scotland, Bentinck, s/o not given, married Sarah Ann MCGREGOR, 19, Canada, Bentinck Twp. d/o Peter & Sarah Ann MCGREGOR, witn: Angus M. EDWARDS & Mary ROCHANTH, 22 Dec 1880 at Bentinck Twp
3228-80 Francis WEAVER, 23, farmer, Beverly twp., Sydenham, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann, married Mary Alice SEAMAN, 18, Sydenham, same, d/o Theodore & Elizabeth, witn: William & Ann FRIZZELL of Sydenham, 16 June 1880 at Sydenham 3098-80 Ludwig WEBER, 23, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth WEBER married Phillipine BINELE, 19, Howick, Howick, d/o Cristen & Eva BINELE, Jacob & Henry BINELE both of Howick December 30, 1879 at Normanby
003369-80 (Grey Co.) John WEBSTER, 29, butcher, Canada, Holland, s/o Robert WEBSTER and Elis. BLACKER, married Sarah BOOTH, 21, Canada, King York County, d/o Ward BOOTH and Elisabeth HARGRAVE, witn; William BOOTH of Mono and Elisabeth WEBSTER of Holland, 20 December 1880 at Annan 3241-80 Thomas WEIR, 30, farmer, Ireland, Egremont, s/o John & Jane, married Ann Jane HOPKINS, 25, Ontario, Egremont, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: David FITZIMMONS & Jane WEIR, both of Egremont, 15 July 1880 at Egremont
3117-80 Frederick WELTZ, 24, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o oh & Margaret WELTZ married Margaret HILL, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Emmerich & Elizabeth HILL, Wtn: John & Margaret WELTZ both of Normanby December 14, 1880 at Normanby. 3133-80 John James WHITE, 33, farmer,St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Robert & Rachel WHITE married Sarah Ann PIPER, 26, Artemesia, Artemesia, d/o Jeremiah & Jane PIPER, Wtn: Henry PIPER of Artemesia & Eliza Jane WHITE OF St. Vincent, January 7, 1880 at Artemesia
3443-80 (Grey Co): James Johnson WHITE, 28, dentist, Hamilton, Owen Sound, s/o William C. WHITE & Mary JOHNSON, married Alice VICK, 24, Stroud Eng, Owen Sound, d/o John Ring VICK & Sarah Ellen CLUTTERBUCK, witn: D. A. AMERON & Bessie VICK, both of Owen Sound, 19 May 1880 at Owen Sound  
3108-80 Moritz WIDMEYER, 24, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Anton & Theresa WIDMEYER married Kathrina SCHENK, 21, Normanby, Normanby, d/o George & Elizabeth SCHENK, Wtn: Andrew SCHENK & Elizabeth LANTZ both of Normanby April 20, 1880 at Normanby. 003331-80 (Grey Co) John WIEGAND, 23, farmer, Carrick Twp, Holland Twp, s/o Jacob & Caroline WIEGAND, married Anna Maria HUMFF (HUMSS?), 31, Carrick Twp, Beninck Twp, d/o Cimad & Marie HUMFF, witn: Solomon WIEGAND, Carrick Twp & Sarah WERNER, Holland Twp, 6 Jan 1880 at Bentinck
3189-80 Alfred WILLIAMS, 23, agent, England, Toronto, s/o James & Susan, married Elizabeth ANDERSON, 16, Lucknow, Meaford, d/o Joseph & Frances, witn: R. WOOD & M. L. JOHNSTON, both of Meaford, 21 Dec 1880 at Meaford 3112-80 John WILLIAMSON, 25, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Joseph & Mary WILLIAMSON married Rebecca ARTHURS, 20, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Robert & Mary ARTHURS, Wtn: Joseph ARTHURS of Normanby & Maggie MAUSON of Arthur October 1, 1880 at Normanby
003363-80 (Grey Co.) Charles WINTERBURNE, farmer, 27, Canada, Sullivan, s/o Charles WINTERBURNE and Annie SHELEN?, married Caroline LOORAN (LOONAN?) 28, Canada, Sullivan, d/o Jo. LOORAN? and C. POMPE??, (PONIPE??) witn; Peter MORRISON and Martha CRANNE? (blank), 12 October 1880 at Chatsworth #003400-80 (Grey Co) John WOOD, 66, Yorkshire England, Luther, widower, farmer, s/o Charles WOOD & Mary WARD, married Elizabeth GOLDIN, 43, Canada, Melancthon, widow, d/o Samuel SMITH & Mary Ann GRAY, witn: John PETTIGREW of Melancthon, Robert L. MARTIN(?) of Shelburne, married 22 October 1880, Mansion House, Shelburne
003362-80 (Grey Co.) James YATES?, 22, farmer, Canada, Holland Twp., s/o Thomas YATES? And O. WORTHINGTON, married Isa McCAULY, 21, Canada, Holland Twp., d/o George. McCAULY and Jane M. MITCHEL?, witn; S.J. GOLD, of Holland, 24 March 1880 at Chatsworth