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3194-79 (Grey Co): John James ALLAN, 22, farmer, Warwick England, Glenelg, s/o John James & Julia, married Ann Agnes BREWSTER, 21, North Crosby, Owen Sound, d/o George & Martha, witn: John James & Mary Ann ALLAN of Glenelg, 1 March 1879 at Owen Sound 2955-79 John ALLINGHAM, farmer, Ireland, St. Vincent, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Annie CROSS, 21, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o William & Mary, witn: George ALLINGHAM of Cookstown & D. M. CROSS of Sydenham, 18 Oct. 1879 at Woodford
3191-79 (Grey Co): John ANKORN, 50, widower, laborer, England, Owen Sound, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Martha ORR, 36, Scotland, Owen Sound, d/o David & Maggie, witn: Robert McINNES & Mary TANNER, both of Owen Sound 3104-79 John ARTLEY, 28, farmer, England, Euphrasia, s/o William & Harriet, married Margaret Hannah CLARKE, 24, Ontario, Euphrasia, d/o Noble & Mary, witn: Jeffry ARTLEY & Margaret Lavina CLARKE, both of Euphrasia, 11 June 1879 at Meaford
3250-79 William ATCHISON, 26, farmer, Trafalgar Twp, Amabel Twp, s/o William ATCHISON & Susan MORROW married Sarah CRUICKSHANKS, 17, Huron Twp, Huron Twp, d/o James CRUICKSHANKS & Sarah JENKINS, Wtn; Thomas HUGHES of Ainabel Twp & Esther CRUICKSHANKS of Arrean Twp June 3, 1879 at Derby Twp #003077-79 (Grey Co.) Robert ATKINS 25, blacksmith, St. Vincent twp., same, s/o James & Maria ATKINS, married Isabella Julia HOWE 20, Clark twp., St. Vincent twp., d/o Andrew & Margaret HOWE, wit: Thomas HOWE of St. Vincent twp. & Mary Jane LEMON of Owen Sound, 1 Oct 1879, at St. Vincent twp.
2984-79 James Johnson ATWELL, 25, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o James & Mary, married Martha Jane CLARK, 23, Osprey, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: John F. ATWELL of Artemesia & Mary Ann CLARK of Osprey, 12 Feb 1879 at not given [reg'd in Artemesia twp] 2945-79 George BAKER, 25, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o William & Eliza, married Janet McGREGOR, 23, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Donald & Flora, witn: Mary McTAVISH of Sydenham & Wesley BAKER of St. Vincent, 25 June 1879 at Sydenham
3201-79 John BARNES, 25, widower, yeoman, Cumberland England, Keppel, s/o Joseph BARNES & Ellen JOHNSTON, married Mary HALLIDAY, 21, Normanby, Keppel, d/o William HALLIDAY & Ellen PETERS, witn: Martha R. SOMERVILLE & Maggie BARCLAY, both of Owen Sound, 3 June 1879 at Owen Sound 2933-79 Alexander BARRY, 25, farmer, Canada, Mulmur, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Esther BEST, 20, Canada, Mulmur, d/o John & Eliza, witn: John BEST & Christiana BARRY, both of Mulmur, 19 Feb 1879 at Melancthon twp
#002996-80 (Grey Co): Andrew BEATTIE, 27, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Francis & Mary, married Calista Jane WHITBY, 22, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John & Eliza Jane, witnesses were Francis BEATTIE & Eliza MILLER of Artemesia, Oct 11, 1879 at Artemesia 3048-79 Heinrich BECKER, 27,farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Conrad & Anna BECKER married Elizabeth PFEIL, 25, Normanby, Normanby, d/o John & Anna PFEIL, Wtn: Phillip Becker & Elizabeth GEBERT both of Normanby December 2, 1879 at Normanby
3233-79 Frederick BEHM, 26, bailer, Germany, Hamilton, (no parents listed) married Hannah WILHIM, 21, Germany, Hamilton, d/o Charles WILHIM, Wtn: Charles WILHIM & Solomon KNECHTEL both of Bentinck Twp. January 17, 1879 at Hanover 3036-79 Ludwig BEHRENS, 43, farmer. Howick, Howick, s/o F. & Caroline BEHRENS married Maria ORTMAN, 21, Germany, Howick, d/o J. & Johanna ORTMAN, Wtn: F. & Anna BEHRENS both of Howick, February 5, 1879 at Normanby
3227-79 William BENEDICT, 40, yeoman, Lennox co, Sullivan, s/o Smedley & Catherine BENEDICT married Alice CASHORE, 30, Peterboro, Kippel Twp, d/o John & Elizabeth CASHORE, Wtn: Mr. & Mrs. David MURRAY of Owen Sound September 12, 1879 at Owen Sound 2907-79 John BESWATHERICK, 22, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o Anthony & Ann Jane, married Elizabeth HUNTER, 22, Ontario, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: William Thomas BESWATHERICK & Ann HUNTER, both of Melancthon, 1 Dec 1879 at Melancthon twp
3035-79 Heinrich BINELE, 24, farmer, Howick, Howick, s/o Christian & Eva BINELE married Maria WEBER, 18, Germany, Normanby, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth WEBER, Wtn: Jacob & Phillip BINELE both of Howick, February 4, 1879 at Normanby 3225-79 James BINGHAM, 22, teacher, Owen Sound, same, s/o Hugh BINGHAM & Janet ORMISTON, married Jennie S. HANNAH, 22, Toronto, Owen Sound, d/o Samuel HANNAH & Jane CLEMENTS, witn: James BROWN & Emma ROBINSON, both of Owen Sound, 16 July 1879 at Owen Sound
3108-79 James BOYD, 30, farmer, King twp., Euphrasia, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mercilla Maria SPARLING, 19, Trafalgar, Euphrasia, d/o William & Maria, witn: S. J. GOULD of Holland & Maria WYLLIE of Euphrasia, 15 Sept 1879 at Euphrasia 3096-79 John BRADEY, 22, farmer, Brock, Euphrasia, s/o John & Ellen, married Sarah E. BLAKELY, 19, Madoc, Euphrasia, d/o William John & Margaret, witn: Andrew F. ARNOTT & Isabella BLAKELY, both of Euphrasia, 15 Oct 1879 at Meaford
3029-79 (Grey Co): Jacob BRAUN, 21, cooper, Canada, Normanby, s/o Michael & Margaret, married Catherine WEBER, 18, Canada, Normanby, d/o Carl & Philip (sic), witn: Phillipe WEBER & Catherine SCHENK, both of Normanby, 7 Jan 1879 at Neustadt 3047-79 George Ernst BREBBER, 35, teamster, Scotland, Mount Forest, s/o George & Catherine BREBBER married Bell CAMERON, 28, Normanby, Normanby, d/o William & Elizabeth CAMERON, Wtn: William CONNOR of Mount Forest & William GRANT of Normanby October 13, 1879 at Normanby
3211-79 William BREEN, 31, farmer, Ireland, Sarawak, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Margaret BREEN, 24, Keppel, Derby, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Anthony ELLIOTT & Edward BREEN, both of Sarawak, 20 June 1879 at Owen Sound 3025-79 (Grey Co): Michael John BRETT, 25, laborer, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Patrick & Jane, married Caroline ROWEN (or Raven), 28, Collington Ont., Sunnidale twp., d/o Frederick & Elizabeth, witn: Frederick ACKROYD & Isabella KERR, both of Holstein, 4 Nov 1879 at Holstein
William Evatt BROWN, 26, book keeper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Adam BROWN & Maria EVATT, married Emily Robertson BARNHART, 22, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John BARNHART & Maria ROBERTSON, witn: Arthur W. CROIL of Toronto & J. C. SOPER of Walkerton, 15 Oct 1879 at Owen Sound 2959-79 Henry BROWN, 21, blacksmith, England, Sydenham, s/o Nelson F. & Elizabeth, married Catherine ROBERTSON, 19, Ontario, St. Vincent, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: David ROBERTSON & Janet BROWN, both of St. Vincent, 3 Dec 1879 at Annan, Sydenham twp
2939-79 Alexander BROWN, 21, farmer, Ontario, Sullivan, s/o Hugh & Margaret Jane, married Elizabeth Anna CLARK, 25, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o James & Isabella Ann, witn: Joseph G. CLARK of Sydenham & Mary Ann BROWN of Sullivan, 20 Jan 1879 at Sydenham 3268-79 James BROWN, 27, carpenter, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o William BROWN & Mary Ann WILSON, married Jane PENNER, 18, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o William PENNER & Catherine COOK, witn: John BROWN of Sarawak & Elizabeth PENNER of Sullivan, 5 Nov 1879 at St. Johns Church, Sullivan
3180-79 Stephen Ezra BROWN, 22, teacher, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o Ezra & Rebecca Ann, married Margaret Ann HUGHES, 19, Ontario, Melancthon, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William John HUGHES of Melancthon & Maggie TAYLOR of Owen Sound, 26 March 1879 at Melancthon 2934-79 Stephen Ezra BROWN, 22, teacher, Owen Sound, same, s/o Ezra & Rebecca Ann, married Margaret Ann BROWN, 19, Melancthon, same, d/o William & Elizabeth HUGHES, witn: William John HUGHES of Melancthon & Maggie TAYLOR of Owen Sound, 26 March 1879 at Melancthon twp [as written]
3017-79 Neil BROWN, 31, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o John & Catherine, married Mary LAMONT, 22, Egremont, same, d/o James & Janet, witn: Jon BROWN of Arthur & Jenet LAMONT of Egremont, 2 July 1879 at Egremont 3175-79 James H. BRYCE, 34, farmer, Ontario, Proton twp, s/o Adam & Mary, married Letitia CHURCH, 25, Ontario, Proton twp, d/o William & Matilda, witn: Charles CAVANAGH & Annie BRYCE, both of Proton twp, 12 July 1879 at Proton twp
2913-79 Alexander BURT, 30, moulder, Liverpool, Durham, s/o Alexander BURT & Clarissa BUTLER, married Jane MUIR, 27, Scotland, Bentinck, d/o Henry MUIR & Jane MOFFAT, witn: Zenus CLARK of Durham & Janet McNAUGHTON of Normanby, 21 May 1879 at Durham 3009-79 Alexander CALDER, 35, farmer, Scotland, Arthur, s/o Neil & Catherine, married Isabella SINCLAIR, 30, Scotland, Egremont, d/o Duncan & Sarah, witn: Archibald CALDER & Mary HUNTER, both of Egremont, 15 Jan 1879 at Egremont
3046-79 William CAMERON ,27, farmer, Chatham, Normanby, s/o William & Elizabeth CAMERON married Janet MOFFATT, 20, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Thomas & Annie MOFFATT, Wtn: Thomas PETTY & Janise GRIERSON both of Normanby July 1, 1879 at Normanby #002951-79 (Grey Co): Daniel CAMPBELL, 38, shoemaker, Ontario, Annan, s/o Duncan & Jane, married Sarah FAUCET, 24, Ontario, Leith, d/o William & Mary, witnesses were Joseph FAUCET of Leith & Charles LEMON of Annan, 20 Aug., 1879 at Annan
3240-79 Donald CAMPBELL,27, farmer, Cape Breton, Proton, s/o John & Ann CAMPBELL married Mary MCDOUGALL, 22, Scotland, Bentinck, d/o Clark & Isabella MCDOUGALL, Wtn:; Alex MCDOUGALL of Bentinck & Mary CAMPBELL of London, February 27, 1879 at Bentinck 3008-79 Francis CARLE, 29, farmer, Peterborough Ont., Egremont, s/o Robert & Dorothea, married Sarah CONN, 28, Ontario, Arthur, d/o Robert William & Maria, witn: Robert CARLE of Egremont & Mary Ann CONN of Arthur, 1 Jan 1879 at Arthur [reg'd in Egremont twp]
2942-79 Peter CARROL, 22, farmer, Quebec, St. Vincent, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Rachel MORRISON, 22, Scotland, Sydenham, s/o Murdock & Mary, witn: George J. JOHNSTON of St. Vincent & Christena MORRISON of Sydenham, 15 April 1879 at Sydenham Mills 3128-80 George John CARTER, 24, shoemaker, England, Mile Point, s/o F. & Charlotte CARTER married Margaret WATSON, 24, King Twp, Artemisia, d/o Joseph & Eliza WATSON, Wtn: James WATSON, & Mary J. THOMPSON both of Artemesia November 5, 1879 at Artemesia
3016-79 Amos Edward CHISLETT, 24, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o Samuel & Isabella, married Margaret WATSON, 18, Glenelg, Egremont, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: Charles WATSON of Egremont & Evalina CHISLETT of Glenelg, 28 May 1879 at Egremont 2962-79 Samuel Bowes CLARK, 35, farmer, Canada, Manitoulin, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Ann CLARK, 31, Ireland, Osprey, d/o James & Mary, witn: William & Elizabeth CLARK of Osprey, 17 July 1879 at Maxwell
2946-79 Lewis Henry CLOW, 29, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o David & Mary CLOWS (sic), married Mary Jane BROWN, 26, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o William & Janet, witn: George BROWN & Hugh REID, both of Sydenham, 26 June 1879 at res of Mr. Brown, Sydenham #003082-79 (Grey Co.) Thomas Russell COATES 29, commercial traveller, Scarboro Eng., Toronto, s/o George & Jane COATES, married Elizabeth Jane BOICE 21, Guelph Ont., Meaford, d/o Abraham & Fanny BOICE, wit: Arthur MATTHEWS & Ella MUSGROVE both of Meaford, 13 Apr 1879, at Meaford
#003087-79 (Grey Co.) John A. COATES 30, estate agent, Trafalgar, Barrie, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Elizabeth PYE 21, Markham, Meaford, d/o Charles & Mary Ann, wit: J. M. APPLETON of Collingwood & Eliza PYE of Meaford, 15 Apr 1879, at Meaford. 3263-80 Samuel COLQUET, 22, farmer, Toronto, Osprey, s/o Daniel & Mary Ann, married Susann OTTOWELL, 22, Picton, Osprey, d/o George & Susan, witn: S. HORTON of Osprey & Mrs. LOVE of Feversham, 22 Dec 1879 at Feversham
3107-79 Ezra COOK, 28, farmer, Ontario, Euphrasia, s/o John & Sarah, married Mary Jane CRABTREE, 24, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o John Dawson & Mary, witn: Abraham CRABTREE & Mary Jane COOK, both of Euphrasia, 10 Sept 1879 at Euphrasia 3113-79 Charles Franklin Stewart CRAVEN, 25, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o James CRAVEN & Isabella STEWART, married Annie SOWERBY, 24, England, Holland, d/o Thomas SOWERBY & Jane BYERS, witn: Thomas CRAVEN & Jane B. SOWERBY, both of Holland, 1 July 1879 at res of Thomas Sowerby
3114-79 William David CRAWFORD, 22, farmer, Canada, Keppel, s/o Samuel CRAWFORD & Elizabeth MIDDLETON, married Eliza Jane CRUSE, 22, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o William CRUSE & Anny ALLEN, witn: Frederick CRUSE of Owen Sound & Mary Ann MORROW of Derby, 24 Sept 1879 at Chatsworth 3102-79 John CREEPER, 28, blacksmith, Cornwall England, Flesherton, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane EATON, 26, Euphrasia, same, d/o Francis & Ann, witn: Marshall EATON of Flesherton & Mary CONN of Euphrasia, 27 March 1879 at Euphrasia
2993-79 William Potter CROSSLEY, 24, laborer, Ireland, Flesherton, s/o John & Esther, married Charlotte SPIKER, 22, Osprey, Wiarton, d/o Isaac & Lucy, witn: James & Mary SULLIVAN of Flesherton, 18 April 1879 at Flesherton 2926-79 Samuel Judson CROW, 25, farmer, Gainsboro twp., same, s/o Enoch CROW & Ann Elizabeth LAMPMAN, married Mary Elizabeth GREENWOOD, 27, Pelham twp., Melancthon twp., d/o James GREENWOOD & Sophia COMFORT, witn: John VODDEN of Dundalk & Mrs. John VODDEN, 1 Oct 1879 at Shelburne
3253-79 Robert CUMMING, 65, farmer, Roxborough Scotland, Derby, s/o Robert CUMMING & Elizabeth ANDERSON married Ann CUMMING (Wid), 43, Lanark Co, Dalhousie, d/o James ROGERS & Penelope WATSON, Wtn: Richard KILLENHAM & Marion MARSTEN of Derby October 31, 1879 at Derby Twp 3126-80 James C. CURRY, 29, farmer, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, s/o Nathaniel & Margaret CURRY married Mary Clark MCCONNELL, 24, Euphrasia, Euphrasia, d/o John & Ellen MCCONNELL, Wtn: Charles MORROW & Elizabeth CURRY both of Euphrasia October 14, 1879 at Markdale
003297-80 (Grey Co) James CURTIS, 26, cooper, Holland Twp., Chatsworth, s/o George CURTIS and Ann CLARKE?, married Isabella Ann JACKSON, 25, Tecumseth Williamsford, d/o John JACKSON and Marg GREENAWAY, witn; Hugh McKAY and Mary Ann MORROW both of Luchan?, 24 June 1879 at Durham. 2969-79 John DAND, 27, farmer, Canada, Osprey, s/o William & Miriam, married Janet DUNCAN, 20, Osprey, same, d/o John & Janet, witn: William DUNCAN & Elizabeth DAND, both of Osprey, 11 March 1879 at Osprey
3239-79 Shamas DARGAVEL, 32,farmer, Scotland, Bentinck s/o James DARGAVEL & Agness BURGESS married Mary Ann CLARK, 25, Wingham, Bentinck, d/o Douglas CLARK & Mary MCFARLANE, Wtn: John DARGAVEL & Neil CLARK of Bentinck January 1, 1879 at Bentinck 2961-79 Wright DAVITT, 28, furniture dealer, Ireland, Maxwell, s/o Wright & Elizabeth, married Annie KINNEER, 29, King twp., Maxwell, d/o William & Mary, witn: Lizzie KINNEER of Osprey & William HAIMLTON of Maxwell, 20 Aug. 1879 at Maxwell
2948-79 Albert DAY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Thomas & Flora, married Elizabeth BUZZA, 22, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o William & Julia, witn: Daniel DAY & Mary BUZZA, both of Sydenham, 6 Aug 1879 at Sydenham 2914-79 Edwin DISNEY, 27, farmer, Peterborough, Normanby, s/o George C. DISNEY & Sarah CARVETH, married Helen HILLIS, 23, Ireland, Bentinck, d/o William HILLIS & Mary BOYD, witn: George W. HOLLINGER? of Harrisburg? & Peter McLEAN of Glenelg, 7 Jan 1879 at Durham
3039-79 Robert DICKSON, 21,farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John & Hannah DICKSON married Mary CARSON, 21 Normanby, Normanby, d/o James & Elizabeth CARSON, Wtn: Henry CALDWELL & Sarah CAIRNE both of Normanby February 24, 1879 at Normanby. 3038-79 Hamish DIETZ, 23, blacksmith, Germany, Minto, s/o George & Elizabeth DIETZ married Maria HERMAN, 21, Howick, Howick, d/o Elizabeth ATMEIN & John HERMAN, Wtn: H. & E. DIETZ both of Minto February 13, 1879 at Normanby
2998-79 George DODDS, 25, miller, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Joshua & Mary Jane, married Elizabeth Ellenor BOLAND, 25, Canada, Artemesia, d/o James & Ellenor, witn: Thomas McGIRR of Flesherton & Cecilia BOLAND of Artemesia, 28 Oct. 1879 at Artemesia 2912-79 John DORSTANDER (Doxstader?), 24, farmer, Canada, Glenelg, s/o George & Mary, married Ann HOPKINS, 22, Canada, Normanby, d/o Edward HOPKINS & Mary CUFFE, witn: Edward HOPKINS of Normanby & Mary CUFFE of Bentinck, 6 May 1879 at Durham
3229-79 James DOUGLASS, 70, labourer, United States, Derby, s/o James & Lucinda DOUGLASS married Ellen EAMES, 37,Derby, Derby, d/o George EAMES & Rebecca MORTON, Wtn: Victor EAMES of Derby & Ellen SMITH of Owen Sound September 16, 1879 at Owen Sound 3242-79 Walter DOWN, 22, farmer, England, Bentinck, s/o Henry DOWN & Susan BAILEY married Augusta PUST,24, Germany, Bentinck, d/o Louis PUST & Louisa BRANTZ, Wtn: William PAISLEY & Margaret PUST both of Bentinck July 1, 1879 at Bentinck
3203-79 James DUFFEY, 36, widower, yeoman, Whitby twp., Sullivan, s/o Peter DUFFEY & Jane VIRTUE, married Jane THOMPSETT, 25, Holland, Sullivan, d/o William THOMPSETT & Hannah GUESS, witn: William THOMPSETT & Allie SMITH, both of Sullivan, 5 June 1879 at Owen Sound #003094-79 (Grey Co.) John DUTCHER 23, labourer, Whitchurch Eng., Meaford, s/o Samuel & Ann DUTCHER, married Loretta RUGG 16, Meaford, same, d/o Emary & Maria RUGG, wit: Charles JOHNS & Mary Etta RUGG, 10 Dec 1879, at Meaford
003290-80 (Grey Co.) James Widdis ELLIOTT, 28, druggist, Toronto, Chatsworth, s/o William ELLIOTT and Margaret GEE, married Ida Morrison BLACK, 22, Durham, Durham, d/o John BLACK and Agnes HARRIS, witn; Adam Turner? HARRISTON and Mary E. BLACK, both of Durham, 15 October 1879 at Durham 3236-79 Francis ELLIOT, 30, butcher, Scotland, Paisley, s/o William ELLIOT & Mary FRASER married Ellen ATKINSON, 31, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o Robert ATKINSON & Helen NEILSON, Wtn: W. & Fanny ATKINSON of Bentinck Twp, March 3, 1879 at Bentinck
2964-79 Robert Pruner? FAUCETT, 21, farmer, Euphrasia twp., Artemesia twp., s/o James & Jane, married Louisa WARROOT, 18, Markdale, Artemesia, d/o George & Emma WARROT (sic), witn: Thomas & Eliza WHITE, 12 July 1879 at Osprey 3251-79 Alexander FERGUSON, 24, farmer, Sydenham, Sydenham, s/o Archibald FERGUSON & Helen MCDONALD married Teresa Jane MCCANN, 20, Hope Twp, Sullivan, d/o James MCCANN & Annie WRIGHT, Wtn: Eliza FERGUSON of Sydenham & Alex MCGREGOR of Sullivan October 1, 1879 at Derby Twp (also 3267-79)
2906-79 William James FERGUSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o John & Amelia, married Charlotte PEARIN, 20, Ontario, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Western OSTRANDER & Emily PEARIN, both of Melancthon, 4 Nov 1879 at Hornings Mills 2904-79 Justice FERGUSON, 28, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o George & Margaret, married Mary Ann GILLESPIE, 20, Canada, Melancthon, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Dr. John BARR & Lewis A. SMITH, both of Hornings Mills, 15 Oct 1879 at M.E. Parsonage, Hornings Mills
3069-79 Hugh FERGUSON, 27, Vesper Simcoe Co, Vesper Simcoe Co, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth FERGUSON married Sarah Ann FREE, 25, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o William & Mary J. FREE, Wtn: Janet SUTTON & Mary J. FREE of St. Vincent (no date given) at St. Vincent 3020-79 James F. FIELDS, 41, bank manager, Simcoe Co., Mt. Forest, s/o Fulford B. & Mary Ann, married Emily STEVENSON, 23, Egremont, same, d/o F. William & Elizabeth, witn: William Hall KINGSTON of Mt. Forest & Agnes Isabella ORR of Port Hope, 9 Sept 1879 at Egremont
2925-79 James FLETCHER, 35, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o Johnston & Ellen, married Mary Ann LOCKHART, 22, Essa twp., Mulmur twp., d/o Mathew & Margaret, witn: William FLETCHER of Mono & Eliza LOCKHART of Mulmur, 16 July 1879 at Shelburne 3044-79 Frederick FORSTER, 21, farmer,Neustadt, Neustadt, s/o Martin & Elizabeth DIETZ married Caroline DOTZEMOD, 20, Germany, Neustadt, d/o Henry & Margaret DOTZEMOD, Wtn: John FLEISCHMAN of Neustadt & Heinrich RUHL of Brant. June 11, 1879 at Neustadt
3199-80 Hugh Henry GALLAUGHER, 24, farmer, Canada, Proton, s/o William & blank, married Hannah Kilburn JACKSON, 21, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Abraham & Hannah, witn: John JACKSON & Lemanda S. GALLAGHER (sic), both of Melancthon, 25 Dec 1879 at res of Abraham JACKSON 3051-79 Carl GEBERT, 25, farmer, Waterloo, Howick, s/o Christian & Louisa GEBERT married Elizabeth DIETZ, 19, Waterloo, Howick, d/o John & Amelia DIETZ, Wtn: Henry & John DIETZ BOTH OF Howick October 30, 1879 at Normanby.
#002989-79 (Grey Co): John James GENOE, 25, farmer, Artemesia, Eugenia, s/o William & Sarah, married Christina COLLETT, 19, Durham, Eugenia, d/o John & Ellen, witnesses were Richard GENOE & Catherine McNEAL of Artemesia, March 31, 1879 at Eugenia 2944-79 James GIBBONS, 28, hotel keeper, Ireland, Glenelg, s/o William & Susan, married Margaret COREY, 21, Canada, Chatsworth, d/o Elright & Ellen Ann, witn: Richard & Eliza McNAB of Sydenham, 8 May 1879 at Sydenham
2960-79 Matthew GILLESPIE, 21, farmer, Ireland, Osprey, s/o William & Mary J, married Elizabeth CROFT, 18, Osprey, same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Robert POTTS & Ann J. CROFT, both of Osprey, 1 July 1879 at Osprey 2947-79 Michael GILSON, 36, widower, harness maker, Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o James & Ellen, married Sarah Ann DAY, 28, widow, Ontario, Owen Sound, d/o William & Julia BUZZA, witn: Albert & Lizzie DAY of Sydenham, 6 Aug 1879 at Sydenham
3032-79 George GLEBE, 26 carpenter, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Valentine & Catherine GLEBE married Catherine BOULAND, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Michael & Christina BOULAND, Wtn: Bernhard BOULAND of Carrick & David GLEBE of Normanby January 21, 1879 at Neustadt 2957-79 Leander GOLDSMITH, 28, yeoman, Canada, Collingwood twp., s/o Robert & Hannah Maria, married Sarah LOCKE, 28, Canada, Sydenham, d/o Walter & Annie, witn: William LOCKE & Sarah Jane HOPKINS, both of Sydenham, 29 Oct. 1879 at Sydenham
#3279-79 (Grey Co) Gottfried GOLEMBEFSKY, 23, farmer, Prussia, Sullivan, s/o Gottfried & Eva GOLEMBEFSKEY [sic], married Minnie LIPSKY, 30, Prussia, Sullivan, d/o Christian & Eva LIPSKY, witn Fredrick LIPSKY & Johnn GOLEMBEFSKY both of Sullivan, 23 Jan 1879, Sullivan Twp. (Lutheran) 2983-79 George GORDON, 29, farmer, Scotland, Artemesia, s/o Robert & Alice, married Margaret Ann ARMSTRONG, 21, Artemesia, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Elijah & Sarah E. PAUL of Artemesia, 29 Jan 1879 at Flesherton
3252-79 John GORING, 34, farmer, Scotland, Derby Twp, s/o James GORING & Mary CARKNESS married Isabella Catherine MITCHELL, 23, Derby, Derby, d/o Francis MITCHELL & Barbara GRAY, Wtn: Thomas Young & Margaret MITCHELL both of DERBY Twp. October 27, 1879 at Derby Twp 3238-79 Daniel GOTTWALS, 28, carpenter, New York USA, Hanover, s/o A.Z. GOTTWALS & Mary WAGARAISH married Emily KEIFER, 21, Hanover, Hanover, d/o Jacob KEIFER & Emily BARIETH, Wtn: Malcolm CAMPBELL & Mary Ann KARLTHORPE both of Hanover June 4, 1879 at Hanover.
3054-79 Wilhelm GREB, 29, farmer, Germany, Victoria Co, s/o John & Maria GREB married Catherine STEINKE, 18, Carrick, Howick, d/o Gotleib & Wilhelmina STEINKE, Wtn; Mr. & Mrs. S. SERES of Howick, August 27, 1879 at Normanby #003081-79 (Grey Co.) James GREENWAY 25, carpenter, Ont., Euphrasia, s/o William & Mary GREENWAY, married Mary Ellen CLARK 21, Ont., Euphrasia, John & Jane CLARK, wit: William J. GREENWAY & Eliza Jane PERRY of Euphrasia, 12 Feb 1879, at Meaford
3041-79 Joseph GRIMM, 38, shoemaker, Germany, Belaclava Carrick, s/o Joseph & Barbara GRIMM married Wilhelmina GAUKEL, 22, Balae Germany, Belaclava Carrick, d/o Sarah & Fredrica GAUKEL, Wtn; Jacob SEEGMUELLER & Christian FLEISHMAN both of Normanby March 2, 1879 at Normanby 3050-79 Henry Richard HACHNEL, 28, lime burner, Germany, Normanby, s/o John & Ernestine HACHNEL married Catherine Elizabeth WAGNER, 22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o John & Christine WAGNER, Wtn: George WAGNER & Ann HACHNEL both of Normanby November 9, 1879 at Normanby.
2900-79 Alfred West HADENBY, 30, farmer, Bruce, same, s/o Henry & Eliza, married Catherine A. COOK, 23, Glenelg, same, d/o Abraham & Eliza, witn: John COOK & George WHITMORE, 31 Dec 1879 at Durham 003301-80 (Grey Co) Alfred W. H. HALKABY (Hadenby?), 30, farrier, Canada, Bruce, s/o Henry and Eliza HALKABY, married Catherine COOK, 23, Canada, Glenelg, d/o Smith and Eliza COOK, witn; John COOK of Glenelg, 31 December 1879 at Durham
#003095-79 (Grey Co.) Robert Thomas HALL 25, carpenter, Peel co., Gore Bay Gordon twp. Manitoulin, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth HALL, married Mary [GRIFFITH] 20, Euphrasia, same, d/o George & Martha GRIFFITH, wit: John GRIFFITH & Sarah WILSON of Euphrasia, 6 Oct 1879, at Meaford 003089-79 (Grey Co.) Archibald HAMILTON 61, wid., farmer, Co. Antrim, Sydenham twp., s/o Archibald & Ann HAMILTON, married Margery ATKINSON 40, wid., Northampton Eng., Sydenham twp., d/o John & Sarah ROBINSON, wit: Clara HILL & Mary SMITH both of Meaford, 3 Sep 1879, at Meaford.
2930-79 James HAMILTON, 25, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Eliza Jane McAULAY, 23, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Samuel & Eliza, witn: John POLLEY, farmer, & Henrietta McAULAY, both of Melancthon, 22 Jan 1879 at Melancthon 2931-79 Andrew HAMILTON, 22, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Archibald & Mary Jane, married Martha McQUARY, 21, Canada, Osprey, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: Samuel & Letitia SRIGLEY of Osprey, 20 Jan 1879 at Melancthon twp
2941-79 Robert HARKNESS, 27, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Gideon & Margaret, married Mary COUPER (s/b Cooper?), 27, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o John & Euphemia, witn: James & William COUPER of Sydenham, 26 March 1879 at res of W. Couper, Sydenham 3002-79 William HARRISON, 28, farmer, England, Artemesia, s/o John & Ann, married Ann STEWART, 25, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Roderick & Ann, witn: Alexander STEWART & Alice HARRISON, both of Artemesia, 18 Dec 1879 at Artemesia
3042-79 Andrew HAUFIELD (Hanfield?), 25, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Andrew & Wilhelmina HAUFIELD married Rebecca LYDGE, 21, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Frederick & Catherine LYDGE, Wtn: Jacob SCHAUSS & Elizabeth SEIP both of Normanby, April 17, 1879 at Neustadt 3034-79 William HAWKINS, 26, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John & Margaret HAWKINS married Mary MALOY, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Patrick & Mary MALOY, Wtn: Patrick MALOY & Mary A. HAWKINS both of Normanby, February 3, 1879 at Ayton.
2971-79 John HODGSON, 21, mechanic, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Thomas P. & Sarah, married Ruth DOWN, 22, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Alfred & Mary, witn: Alfred DOWN of Artemesia & Clarinda MASON of Port Hope, 4 Feb 1879 at Artemesia 2949-79 Joseph HORAN, 30, farmer, Ontario, Michigan USA, s/o Michael & Rose Ann, married Bridget Ellen MATTHEWS, 18, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Patrick & Mary, witn: Charles MATTHEWS & Rose Ann HORAN, both of Sydenham, 17 July 1879 at St. Michaels Church, Sydenham
3231-80 Alfred HORNING, 25, farmer, Guelph, Arthur twp., s/o George & Emma, married Jane GOLEIFTLY (Golightly?), 19, Luther, same, d/o John & Margaret, 25 Dec 1879 at Holstein 2966-79 Thomas HORTON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Osprey, s/o Edward & Jane, married Martha PENGO, 21, Kingston, Osprey, d/o Thomas & Esther, witn: William PENGO & Susan HORTON, both of Collingwood, 12 Feb 1879 at Osprey
003296-80 (Grey Co) John JOHNSTON, 35, miller, Canada, Wandemar?, s/o John and Christina JOHNSTON, married Lavina FERRSON, 29, Canada, Oak Park, d/o John and E. FERRSON, witn; J. WILKINSON and C.F. GOODEY? both of Allan Park, 18 December 1879 at Oak Park #002990-79 (Grey Co): David JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, Caledon Ont., Artemesia, s/o David & Sarah, married Elizabeth TRUMAN, 17, Chinguacousy, Artemesia, d/o John & Dinah, witnesses were M.L. JOHNSTON of Flesherton & N. HAMBLY of Drayton, April 7, 1879 at Flesherton
#002995-79 (Grey Co): John JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o David & Sarah, married Sarah Ann TRUEMAN, 22, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John & Dinah, witnesses were George TRUEMAN & Amelia JOHNSTON, both of Artemesia, Sept. 7, 1879 at Flesherton 2899-79 John JOHNSTON, 25, mill owner, Canada, Windemere?, s/o John & Christena, married Lavina FENSON, 29, Canada, Allan Park, d/o John & Mary, witn: L. WILKINSON & Charles GOODINS?, both of Allan Park, 18 Dec 1879 at Durham
003299-80 (Grey Co) John William KARL, 33, stone cutter, England, Holland Twp., s/o John William KARL and Bessie JOHNSTON, married Anne CROWTHER, 34, widow, England, Holland twp., d/o John CROWTHER and Ruth HOUSTWIT--?, witn; James SHEERS? and Ruth CROWTHER both of Holland, 25 December 1879 at Durham. 3254-79 Donald KENNEDY,30, farmer, Scotland, Keppel, s/o Allen KENNEDY & Christine CAMERON married Margaret Mary COLEMAN, 16, Peel Co, Peel Co, d/o William COLEMAN & Mary Ann BRADLEY, Wtn: William BARNARD of Derby & Ann MCBRINE of Sullivan November 26, 1879 at Derby Twp.
3193-79 (Grey Co): Alexander KENNEDY, 27, fisherman, St. Vincent, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Mary McINNIS, 20, widow, St. Vincent, same, d/o Donald & Isabella McINNES, witn: Richard DORAN & Sarah McINNIS, both of St. Vincent, 4 Feb 1879 at Owen Sound 003280-80 (Grey Co.) Thomas KING, 35, farmer, Ireland, Euphrasia, s/o Thomas and Letitia KING, married Elizabeth CURRY, 25, Ontario, Euphrasia, d/o James and Ann Jane CURRY, witn; Nelson CURRY and Noble STITT, both of Euphrasia, 20 October 1879 at Euphrasia
3247-79 Thomas KLIPPERT, 24,shoemaker, Waterloo co, Bentinck, s/o Thomas KLIPPERT & Christina WETTLAUFER married Rosina REICHLE, 22, New York USA, Brant Twp, d/o George & Anna REICHLE, Wtn: Glen REICHLE of Brant & John SLADE of Brant April 3, 1879 at Hanover #003073-1879 (Grey Co) Elijah Edward KNOTT, 23, farmer & land adjuster, Euphrasia, same, s/o James & Rachel KNOTT, married Annie Maria REYNOLDS, 21, St Vincent, same, d/o James & Sarah REYNOLDS; witnesses Arthur R REYNOLDS, of United States, Phebe M McARTHUR, of St Vincent. 1- May 1879 at St Vincent.
2938-79 Charles KNOULTON, 30, horse doctor & trainer, New York, Melancthon, s/o Abraham & Mary, married Catherine WOOD, 22, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Mary Sophia WOOD & Elizabeth REDPATH, both of Melancthon, 24 June 1879 at Melancthon twp 3244-79 William KUTZ, 31, farmer, Germany, Brant Twp, s/o Chrisopher & Wilhelmina KUTZ married Caroline BROWN, 29, Germany, Hanover, d/o Adam & Margaret BROWN, Wtn: August BOHMENDT of Brant & Christian KILLEN of Hanover September 23, 1879 at Hanover.
3068-79 Arthur S. LAMKIN, 27, carpenter, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o George & Aberiah LAMKIN married Anna Sophroria BALKER, 20, England, Meaford, d/o John & Mary BALKER, Wtn: T. & Rebecca HAMILTON of St. Vincent (no date given) at St. Vincent. 3106-79 Richard LANGTRY, 28, farmer, Amaranth, same, s/o James & Eliza, married Margaret Ann LANGTRY, 20, Euphrasia, same, d/o Richard & Margaret, witn: John CLARK & Martha GRIFFITH, both of Euphrasia, 30 June 1879 at res of Richard Langtry, Euphrasia
##003083-79 (Grey Co.) William Thomas LANKTREE 21, carpenter, Meaford, same, s/o Thomas & Isabella LANKTREE, married Amelia SHULER 18, Southampton, Meaford, d/o Joseph & Harriett SHULER, wit: James Philip HAINES & Mrs J. C. WILLMOTT both of Meaford, 2 May 1879, at Meaford. 3057-79 George LANTZ, 24,farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John & Elizabeth LANTZ married Kathrina PETER, 22, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Just & Phillipina PETER, Wtn: Elizabeth LANTZ & Jacob PETER both of Normanby June 17, 1879 at Normanby
2905-79 Thomas Henry LARGE, 20, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o Robert & Jane, married Hannah Louise LARGE, 23, Ontario, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Samuel LUDLOW of Tossorontio & Mary Jane CUNNINGHAM of Mulmur, 29 Oct 1879 at M.E. Parsonage, Hornings Mills #003074-79 (Grey Co.) Bryan LAYCOCK 22, farmer, St. Vincent twp., same, s/o James & Martha LAYCOCK, married Louisa SUTTON 22, Mount Forest, St. Vincent twp., d/o William & Sarah SUTTON, wit: Abraham WATSON & Sarah SUTTON both of St. Vincent, 10 Sep 1879, at St. Vincent twp.
2902-79 George LEITCH, 25, carpenter, Scotland, Melancthon, s/o John & Jane, married Lavina HOUSE, 19, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Philip & Matilda, witn: Hiram HOUSE & Agnes HOOD, both of Melancthon twp., 30 June 1879 at Melancthon twp 3003-79 William LESTER, 24, farmer, England, Egremont, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Ann HAY, 23, Scotland, Egremont, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: William & Mrs. William HAY of Egremont, 25 Dec 1879 at Priceville
#003111-79 (Grey Co) William LEWIS, 24, Ireland, Euphrasia, farmer, s/o Owen & Margaret LEWIS, married Margaret CLOCK, 19, Ontario, Euphrasia, s, d/o William & Eliza CLOCK, witn: James NORWOOD, Ellen CLOCK, both Euphrasia, married 24 December 1879, Euphrasia 2994-79 Thomas LEWIS, 21, farmer, Ontario, Kimberley, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Eliza WIGGINS, 21, Thornbury, Kimberley, d/o Thomas & Emma, witn: William Potter & Charlotte CROSSLEY of Flesherton, 8 May 1879 at Flesherton
3234-79 John LIGHTBODY, 55, physician, Scotland, Hanover, (no parents listed) married Margaret WIGHTMAN, 45 Ireland, Bentinck, (no parents listed) Wtn: James RUTHERFORD & William PATTERSON both of Hanover January 17, 1879 at Hanover. 3245-79 Frederick LIPPERT, 23, shoemaker, Waterloo co, Hanover, s/o Isaiah & Hilda LIPPERT married Mary SPEIS, 18, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o Henry & Mary SPEIS, Wtn: Edmond SPIESMAN of Hanover & Catherine SPEIS of Bentinck September 27, 1879 at Hanover
3241-79 Neil LIVINGSTONE, 32, farmer, Scotland, Glenelg, s/o John LIVINGSTONE & Catherine CAMPBELL married Janet MCQUARRIE, 21, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o Donald MCQUARRIE & Ann CAMPBELL, Wtn: Duncan CAMPBELL & Donald MCQUARRIE both of Bentinck, March 30, 1879 at Bentinck #003072-1879 (Grey Co) Joseph Switzer LONG, 45, farmer, widower, West Gwillimbury, same, s/o John & Eliza LONG, married Malinda WILCOX, 35, St. Vincent, same, d/o Stephen J & Mary A WILCOX; witnesses Benjamin LONG, Mary E WILCOX, of St Vincent. 18 Jun 1879 at St Vincent.
#3276-79 (Grey Co) James MAGEE, 23, farmer, Canada,, Sullivan, s/o James MAGEE & Elisabeth BRADY, married Sarah Jane COULTER, 18, Sullivan, Sullivan, d/o James COULTER & Isabella DUFFEY, witn Thomas MAGEE & wife Wealthy Ann COULTER both of Sullivan, 11 Feb 1879, Keady (Manse), Sullivan Twp. 3190-79 (Grey Co): Thomas MAGUIRE, 22, blacksmith, Adjala Ont., Sydenham, s/o Thomas MAGUIRE & Ellen O’CONNOR, married Margaret Jane CLARKE, 19, Holland Ont., same, d/o Robert CLARKE & Martha McGILL, witn: Timothy BINANE & Mary BURNHAM, both of Owen Sound, 24 Feb 1879 at Owen Sound (Rom Cath)
#3270-79 (Grey Co) Gottfried MALINOWSKIE, 22, farmer, Prussia, Sullivan, s/o Christian & Christine MALINOWSKIE, married Agusta BLUHM, 20, Prussia, Sullivan, d/o Christian & Charlotte BLUHM, witn Gottfried BLUHM, Julius SLOMKE & Elisa BLUHM all of Sullivan, 15 Nov 1879, Sullivan Twp. (Lutheran) 3109-79 John MANARY, 24, yeoman, Canada, Euphrasia, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary Elizabeth MUXLOW, 21, Canada, Euphrasia, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph MUXLOW & Amitha SHEPHERDSON, both of Euphrasia, 7 Dec 1879 at Euphrasia
3011-79 William MARRIOTT, 32, widower, carpenter, New York, Listowel, s/o William & Eliza, married Mary Jane ROBERTS, 19, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: William LAWSON & Elizabeth ROBERTS, both of Egremont, 5 Feb 1879 at Holstein 3189-79 (Grey Co): David MASON, 33, barber, USA, Owen Sound, s/o David MASON & Charlotte WORKMAN, married Victoria HALL, 22, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John HALL & Esther BULL, witn: Joseph & Lucinda JACKSON of Owen Sound, 6 Jan 1879 at Owen Sound
2982-79 William Whittaker MATTHEWS, 26, farmer, England, Euphrasia, s/o John & Josephine, married Mary Ann RUSK, 21, Tossorontio, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Thomas Henry MATTHEWS & Esther Jane GORDON, both of Euphrasia, 29 Jan 1879 at Flesherton 003298-80 (Grey Co) George MATTHEWS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg, s/o John and Eliz. MATTHEWS, married Isabella ELLIOTT, 24, Ontario, Durham, d/o John and Sarah ELLIOTT, witn; Mary J. GODFREY of Luchan? and William MATTHEWS of Glenelg, 25 December 1879 at Durham
3202-79 William A. McCLEAN, 35, merchant, Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o Daniel McCLEAN & Jane ARNOLD, married Elizabeth DUNCAN, 19, Owen Sound, same, d/o Archibald DUNCAN & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Peter DUNCAN & Martha BROWN, both of Owen Sound, 4 June 1879 at Owen Sound 3065-79 Thomas McCOMB,28, carpenter, Meaford, Meaford, s/o John & Mary MCCOMB married Mary Jane SHUNK, 22, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Abraham & Sarah Ann SHUNK, Wtn: William LOUNDRY of Meaford & Sarah Ann SHUNK of St. Vincent April 25, 1879 at St. Vincent.
2920-79 David Arthur McCRIE, 32, farmer, Scotland, Normanby, s/o William McCRIE & Margaret MILLAN, married Emily Elizabeth TUCKER, 19, Durham, same, d/o Walter TUCKER & Mary McCALLUM, witn: John A. ALDRED of Bentinck & Walter A. TUCKER of Durham, 29 Oct 1879 at Durham 3023-79 James McCULLOCH, 28, carpenter, Ontario, Arthur twp., s/o William & Rachel, married Elizabeth LESLIE, 20, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Jon CAMERON & George DOWLING, both of Egremont, 30 Oct 1879 at Egremont
2928-79 Robert McDONALD, 25, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o Stewart McDONALD & Jane SMALL, married Eliza Ann SPRING, 18, Markham twp., Amaranth, d/o William SPRING & Cecilia HERON, witn: Charles ROBERTSON & Elizabeth BEAVIS?, both of Shelburne, 1 Dec 1879 at Shelburne #3281-79 (Grey Co) Robert McDONALD, 28, farmer, Canada, Sullivan, s/o John & Wilhamenia McDONALD, married Mary AITKIN, 25, Canada, Sydenham - Grey Co, d/o Walter & Margret AITKIN, witn Joseph SPROULE & Margret SPROULE both of Markdale, 28 Feb 1879, Markdale, Sullivan Twp.
2922-79 William McGILVRAY, 28, farmer, Bentinck, same, s/o Duncan McGILVRAY & Ann McPHAIL, married Mary BOYD, 22, Glenelg, same, d/o Allan BOYD & Mary McFARLANE, witn: John STEWART & Margaret McDONALD, both of Bentinck, 19 June 1879 at Durham 3175-80 Joseph McGIRR, 25, hotel keeper,Tecumseh Twp, Meaford, s/o Joseph & Mary MCGIRR married Abigail HAINES, 28, Streetsville, Meaford, d/o Robert & Elizabeth VANWYCK, Wtn: Robert & Esther VANWYCK both of Meaford December 30, 1879 at Meaford
#003093-79 (Grey Co.) William McHATTIE 27, farmer, Elgin Scotland, St. Vincent twp., s/o Alexander McHATTIE & Margaret TAYLOR, married Margaret STOREY 27, St. Vincent twp., same, d/o Walter STOREY & Janet DOUGLASS, wit: Walter STOREY Jr. & Annie McNAUGHTON both of St. Vincent, 8 Oct 1879, at St. Vincent. 2954-79 Robert J. McINTOSH, 26, farmer, Ontario, Carrick, s/o Alexander & Barbara, married Jessie McKAY, 21, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Neil & Mary, witn: Annie GARDNER of Sydenham & Alexander McINTOSH of Carrick, 1 Oct 1879 at Sydenham manse
3192-79 (Grey Co): Richard McINTYRE, 32, widower, barber, Orleans Co. NY, Owen Sound, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary Emma CONSBY (or Cousby), 18, Owen Sound, same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: David HALL & Abraham BOWIE (or Bowe), both of Owen Sound, 28 Jan 1879 at Owen Sound 2958-79 Alexander McKAY, 29, yeoman, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Alexander & Betsy, married Marjory DOIG, 19, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Andrew & Ann, witn: James & Johanna McKAY of Sydenham, 28 Nov 1879 at Sydenham
3176-80 John McKINLEY, 27, farmer, Pennsylvania USA, Sydenham, s/o William & Beatrice MCKINLEY married Margaret Jane MILLER, 21, Halton Co, Sydenham, d/o John & Eliza MILLER, Wtn: John & Fanny MILLER BOTH OF Sydenham December 27, 1879 at Meaford 3014-79 Alex McLACHLAN, 35, farmer, Ontario, Egremont, s/o Donald & Catherine, married Elizabeth BUCHANAN, 26, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Alex & Jennet, witn: Alex McARTHUR & Catherine BUCHANAN, both of Egremont, 12 March 1879 at Egremont
003292-80 (Grey Co.) Charles McLARTY, 35, carpenter, Quebec, Egremont, s/o Arch. and Catherine McLARTY, married Kate McFARLANE, 25, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Hugh and Flora McFARLANE, witn; Jenny PATTERSON and Mary PATTERSON both of Durham, 1 October 1879 at Durham 2965-79 Donald McLEOD, 33, widower, blacksmith, Scotland, Singhampton, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Sarah GILCHRIST, 21, Ontario, Singhampton, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: Peter McMULLEN & Christena GILCHRIST, both of Osprey, 16 April 1879 at Singhampton
3021-79 Peter McQUEEN, 53, widower, farmer, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Peter & Catherine, married Flora CAMERON, 34, Scotland, Egremont, d/o Duncan & Mary, witn: Neil CAMERON & Charles McQUEEN, both of Egremont, 9 Oct 1879 at Egremont 3174-80 Richard MELLAFANT, 21, farmer, Holland Twp, same, s/o William & Mary MELLAFANT married Mary A. LEMONS, 22, England, Holland Twp, d/o James & Mary LEMONS, Wtn: George & Fanny THOMPSON both of Kincardine December 28, 1879 at Meaford
3249-79 W.H. MILLER, 32, famer, Brantford, Bentinck, s/o John & Catherine MILLER married Barbara WEISS, 31, Waterloo Co, Bentinck, d/o Peter WEISS & Catherine WOELFLE, Wtn: not given, November 24, 1879 at Bentinck 2935-79 Watson MILLS, 23, farmer, Melancthon, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Christena WATSON, 23, Melancthon, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Christina SILK & John P. MILLS, both of Melancthon, 8 May 1879 at Melancthon
3049-79 James MOLETOR, 24, farmer, Waterloo Co, Normanby, s/o Phillip & Catherine MOLETOR married Magdalen HORST, 17, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Casper & Augusta HORST, Wtn: George VOLKER & Louisa HORST both of Normanby November 2, 1879 at Normanby. 3103-79 Henry H. MORE, 33, farmer, Nottawasega, same, s/o John & Mary, married Maggie WHITE, 23, Euphrasia, same, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: Robert A. KERR & Mary RUTHVEN, both of Collingwood, 4 June 1879 at Euphrasia
3127-80 George MUTRIE, 26,miller, Eramosa, Priceville, s/o William & Jane MUTRIE married Anita Ann CLARK, 17, Durham, Priceville, d/o Henry & Bella CLARK, Wtn: Thomas NICHOLL of Priceville & Flora MCDOUGALL of Durham, October 24, 1879 at Priceville 2911-79 George NEIL, 39, widower, farmer, of Egremont, s/o George & Susan, married Ann MORRISON, 24, Canada, Egremont, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: Richard MORRISON & Ellen HAZLET, both of Egremont, 21 Jan 1879 at Durham
3235-79 Jacob NUHN, 24, Germany, Bentinck, s/o Frederick NUHN married Caroline PUSTZ, 22, Germany, Bentinck, d/o Louis PUSTZ, Wtn: Valentine & John NUHN both of Bentinck January 31, 1879 at Hanover. #003088-79 (Grey Co.) James Leehook? QUINTON 25, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Herbert & Mary QUINTON, married Sarah McLEOD 20, St. Vincent twp., same, d/o Alexander & Sarah McLEOD, wit: Joseph PATTON & Catherine Ann QUINTON, 6 Aug 1879, at Christ Ch. Meaford.
3040-79 Joachim ORTMAN,22, farmer, Germany, Howick, s/o John & Elizabeth ORTMAN married Wilhelmina MUEGNER, 21, Germany, Howick, d/o Martin & Wilhelmina MUEGNER, Wtn: John ORTMAN & Margaret MUEGNER both of Howick February 26, 1879 at Normanby. 2903-79 Joseph PINCH, 47, widower, mail carrier, England, Shelburne, s/o William & Grace, married Mary Jane HANNAH, 29, Canada, Melancthon, d/o James & Mary, witn: S. M. & Mrs. William WILLMOT of Toronto, 22 Sept 1879 at Hornings Mills
3101-79 Samuel POWLEY, 25, laborer, Yarmouth England, Euphrasia, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Susan QUINTON, 21, Euphrasia, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: William WALTER & Margaret Hannah CLARK, both of Euphrasia, 5 Feb 1879 at Christ Church, Meaford 3248-79 Heinrich PRASH, 22, mason, Bentinck, Bentinck, s/o John & Frederica PRASH married Mary HAAS, 21, Wilmot, Brant, d/o Gotleib & Charlotte HAAS, Wtn: not given, November 22, 1879 at Hanover.
3436-80 (Grey Co): David QUAIL, 20, farmer, Canada, Sydenham, s/o John QUAIL & Bridget MORISON, married Sarah ATKINSON, 18, Canada, Sydenham, d/o Thomas ATKINSON & Marjory ROBSON, witn: George GARDHOUSE of Beeton & Elizabeth DUNSON of Owen Sound, 15 Nov 1879 at Owen Sound 3055-79 James RALLEY, 23,farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o William & Rose RALLEY married Bridget FINNIGAN, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o Owen & Catherine FINNIGAN, Wtn: Patrick FINNIGAN & Catherine HAWKINS both of Normanby October 6, 1879 at Normanby
2981-79 Samuel RANTON, 29, teacher, Ontario, Darlington, s/o John & Jane, married Emily Ada Taylor LEITCH, 24, London England, Artemesia, d/o Thomas & Marian H., witn: Robert & Clara LEITCH of Flesherton, 9 Jan 1879 at Flesherton 3255-79 William RIDDELL, 28, farmer, Peterboro, Sullivan, s/o Robert RIDDELL & Mary Ann HILL married Wealthy Ann COULTEN, 18, Sullivan, Sullivan, d/o James COULTEN & Isabella DUFFY, Wtn: Robert RIDDELL of Sullivan & Mary McLEER of Desboro December 24, 1879 at Derby Twp.
2940-79 George RIDDELL, 34, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o William & Janet, married Ann COUPER (s/b Cooper?), 25, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o John & Euphemia, witn: Robert RIDDELL & Robert HARKNESS, both of Sydenham, 19 Feb 1879 at Sydenham 3343-80 Jacob Cecil RIMMER, 23, farmer, Bloomingdale Waterloo Co, Clinton Huron Co, s/o John RIMMER & Ellen SMITHERS married Charlotte HAMBLEY, 23, Ontario Co, Keppel, d/o William HAMBLEY & May AMILSAGG(?) Wtn: William SINCLAIR & Sarah HAMBLEY both of Keppel December 31, 1879 at Hepworth
2897-79 William RITCHIE, 27, farmer, Canada, Glenelg, s/o John & Cath, married Catherine EDGE, 24, Canada, Glenelg, d/o James & Maria, witn: William & Robert EDGE of Glenelg, 25 June 1879 at Durham 3024-79 Charles ROBBIE, 22, farmer, Preston Ont., Normanby, s/o John & Catherine, married Matilda HILLIARD, 24, of Egremont, d/o Edward & Fanny, witn: John KOHLES? & E. SMYTH, both of Egremont, 4 Nov 1879 at Egremont
3026-79 (Grey Co): William ROBBIE, 31, stone mason, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth A. GARDINER, 20, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann, witn: John THOMAS & John McQUEEN, both of Egremont, 17 Dec 1879 at Egremont 3063-79 Samuel ROBINSON, 34, shoemaker, Stormont Co, Meaford, s/o George ROBINSON & Esther BAXTER married Jessica BELL, 35, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Robert BELL Eleanor BALE, Wtn: Amos CUNNINGHAM of Meaford & Margaret BELL of St. Vincent February 11, 1879 at St. Vincent
3230-79 John ROBINSON, 23, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o John ROBINSON & M?. HOMLERSON married Rebecca WALKER, 24,Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o William WALKER & Elizabeth NICHOL, Wtn: William NICHOL of Normanby & Elizabeth WALKER of Bentinck January 16, 1879 at Bentinck #003091-79 (Grey Co.) John Barry ROBINSON 21, railway employee, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James & Eliza ROBINSON, married Mary CLARK 21, Holland twp., same, d/o Robert & Martha CLARK, wit: Sydenham CLARK of Holland twp. & M. C. JOHNSTON of Meaford, 24 Jul 1879, at Meaford
2915-79 Lionel Ezra ROBSON, 33, farmer, Beverly twp., Bentinck, s/o Adam ROBSON & Mary WINGATE, married Annie PETTY, 28, Bentinck, same, d/o John PETTY & Margaret STUBBS, witn: Sarah McARTHUR & Aleatha PARK, both of Durham, 13 March 1879 at Durham #003075-79 (Grey Co.) William ROUSE 21, farmer, St. Vincent twp., Meaford, s/o John & Charlotte ROUSE, married Susan BELL 22, St. Vincent twp., Meaford, d/o John & Margaret BELL, wit: R. VANWYCK & Sarah FINCH, 7 Aug 1879, at residence J. HAMILTON.
2987-79 William ROWBOTHAM, 47, widower, farmer, England, Melancthon, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Ann MORDEN, 26, Ontario, Melancthon, d/o Hiram & Harriet, witn: A. G. CAMPBELL & M.L. JOHNSTON, both of Flesherton, 22 March 1879 at Flesherton 3177-80 Robert ROWED, 22, mechanic, Nottawa Village, same, s/o Henry & Agnes ROWED married Rachael CARNAHAN, 20, Meaford, same, d/o Robert & Rachael CARNAHAN, Wtn: Frederick & Harriet CARNAHAN both of Meaford December 24, 1879 at Meaford
3052-79 Heinrich RUSSWURM, 25, farmer, Wellesley, Carrick, s/o Valentine & Kathrina RUSSWURM married Marie RINGEL, 20, Normanby, Carrick, d/o Adam & Marguertta RINGEL, Wtn: Adam & Barbara RINGEL both of Normanby November 4, 1879 at Normanby 3112-79 James SANDERSON, 26, harness maker, England, Owen Sound, s/o Peter SANDERSON & Mary Jane HINE, married Mary Jane MORROW, 19, Canada, Chatsworth, d/o Allen MORROW & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Thomas MORROW of Chatsworth & Bessie KEMP of Owen Sound, 31 July 1879 at Chatsworth
#003071-1879 (Grey Co) W. Burton SAUNDERS, 23, yeoman, St. Vincent, same, s/o George W & Mahala, married Louisa MALLORY, 23, St. Vincent, Meaford, d/o Wilson & Catherine; witnesses Mrs C J LISTER, Miss Nellie McCORT, St. Vincent; 6 Apr 1879 at St Vincent. 3056-79 Heinrich SCHMIDT, 23, farmer, Waterloo, Wallace Twp, s/o Conrad & Maria SCHMIDT married Bertha PLEOTHNER, 24, Waterloo, Normanby, d/o Frederick & Augusta PLEOTHNER, Wtn: Henry WERNER & Caroline PLEOTHNER both of Normanby October 16, 1879 at Normanby.
3061-79 David L. SEAMAN, 24, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o David & Hilda SEAMAN married Hannah S. LEAVENS, 23, St. Vincent, St, Vincent, d/o R. B. & F. A. LEAVENS, Wtn: Allen SEAMAN of Sydenham & Minnie LEAVENS of St. Vincent January 27, 1879 at St. Vincent. 2956-79 David H. SEAMAN, 24, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Theodore & Elizabeth, married Angeline CASWELL, 21, Ontario, Sydenham, d/o Henry & Eliza J., witn: William B. SEAMAN & Harriet CASWELL, both of Sydenham, 4 Nov 1879 at Sydenham
2992-79 William SEWELL, 22, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Arthur & Ann, married Mahalah FREEMAN, 18, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Simon & Mary, witn: Robert WILSON of Euphrasia & Susan McNALLY of Holland, 8 April 1879 at Artemesia 3230-80 William SHARP, 27, farmer, Chinguacousy twp., same, s/o William & Eliza, married Isabella McARTHUR, 20, Egremont, same, d/o Alexander & Isabella, witn: Andrew MACNICOL of Chinguacousy & Catherine McARTHUR of Egremont, 22 Oct 1879 at Egremont
2916-79 John Adam SHAW, 32, manufacturer, Hespeler, Sullivan, s/o Adam SHAW & Margaret FORBES, married Annie McMITCHELL, 25, Sullivan, same, d/o David McMITCHELL & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Jemima GRANT & Aleatha PARK, both of Durham, 29 March 1879 at Durham 3012-79 Hugh Nelson? SHIELS, 26, farmer, Scotland, Egremont, s/o James & Ellen, married Annie GROAT, 24, Ontario, Egremont, d/o William & Phebe, witn: William GROAT & Martha SHIELS, both of Egremont, 12 Feb 1879 at Egremont
#3271-79 (Grey Co) Christian SHILDROTH, 24, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Sullivan, s/o George & Marie SHILDROTH, married Auguste POLLAKOWSKE, 19, Prussia, Sullivan, d/o Christian & Wilhelmine POLLAKOWSKE, witn Carl SHILDROTH, William WIPPLER (?Weppler), & Walter SHILDROTH all of Sullivan, 14 Sep 1879, Sullivan Twp. (Lutheran) #003078-79 (Grey Co.) Jacob SHUNK , 31, yeoman, St. Vincent twp., same, s/o Jacob SHUNK & Temperence WILCOX, married Margaret Ellen COLEMAN 23, Cookstown, St. Catherines, d/o Andrew COLEMAN & Elizabeth WARKE, wit: George ALLAN & Elizabeth ABBOTT both of St. Vincent twp., 24 Dec 1879, at residence of minister Charles Harford SILCOX
  3105-79 - S. J. Harford SILCOCKS, 26, clerk, Gloucestershire England, St. Vincent, s/o Charles Harford & Mary, married Ann CLARKE, 24, Toronto twp., Euphrasia, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Alexander CLARKE of Euphrasia & Jane McEDWARDS of St. Vincent, 27 Aug 1879 at Euphrasia
3097-79 Thomas SILVERTHORN, 30, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Maggie S. BEATTY, 22, Sydenham, same, d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: Adam BROWN & Mary JOHNSTON, both of Sydenham, 14 Oct 1879 at Meaford 2988-79 Jacob Charles SLOAN, 22, carpenter, Artemesia, Eugenia, s/o Jacob B. & Margaret, married Lucy Ann WALKER, 18, Artemesia, same, d/o John & Mary, 27 March 1879 at Artemesia
#3278-79 (Grey Co) Fredrick SLOMSKE, 22, farmer, Prussia, Sullivan, s/o Ernst & Charlotte SLOMSKE, married Christena PRIEBE, 25, Prussia, Sullivan, d/o Christian PRIEBE, witn Julius SLOMSKE, Carle PRIEBE & Caroline BLEICH all of Sullivan, 23 Jan 1879, Sullivan Twp. (Lutheran) 3100-79 Eber SMITH, 26, farmer, York twp., Artemesia, s/o William & Ellenor, married Elizabeth SHERWOOD, 21, Albion twp., Euphrasia, d/o Moses & Margaret, witn: Joseph SHERWOOD of Euphrasia & Hariet SHERWOOD of Artemesia, 14 Jan 1879 at Euphrasia
3018-79 George S--? SMITH, 23, farmer, Normanby, same, s/o John & Barbara, married Lilly DUFF, 17, Hamilton, Egremont, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: James REDDICK of Egremont & Lizzie SMITH of Normanby, 1 July 1879 at Egremont 2970-79 William SMITH, 22, farmer, Ontario, Osprey, s/o William & blank, married Sarah Jane LAING, 17, Nottawasega, Osprey, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Mathew DAVIDSON & Agnes BELL, both of Singhampton, 22 Jan 1879 at Osprey
3010-79 George SNELL, 27, farmer, Ontario, Egremont, s/o George & Jane, married Martha SPENCE, 19, Ontario, Proton, d/o George & Caroline, witn: George SNELL of Holstein & Caroline SPENCE of Proton, 15 Jan 1879 at Holstein 3015-79 George SNELL, 24, blacksmith, Ontario, Egremont, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Agnes BROWN (Brewer?), 19, Ontario, Egremont, d/o Robert & Isabella, witn: William SEAMAN & Jannet BROWN, both of Egremont, 7 May 1879 at Egremont
3229-80 Robert Scott SNELL, 25, farmer, Mono twp., Adjala, s/o George & Jane, married Mary Elizabeth CONNOLLY, 18, Beverly twp., Egremont, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Robert SCOTT of Adjala & Elizabeth LAWSON of Egremont, 22 Oct 1879 at Egremont 3037-79 Frederick STEINACKER, 25, labourer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Frederick & Margaret STEINACKER married Ida HOPF, 19, Normanby, Normanby, d/o George & Emma HOPF, Wtn: Charles & Wilhelmina HOPF both of Normanby February 11, 1879 at Neustadt
3027-79 (Grey Co): Robert STERRATT, 22, farmer, Garafraxa, Normandy, s/o Hamilton & Ann, married Mary Ann NEAL, 18, Egremont, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: William CHAPMAN & Samuel NEAL, both of Egremont, 19 Dec 1879 at Egremont 2985-79 James SULLIVAN, 35, widower, tin smith, Ontario, Flesherton, s/o Perrie & Catherine, married Mary CROSSLEY, 21, Belfast, Flesherton, d/o John & Esther, witn: W. P. CROSSLEY & Charlotte DOLL, 3 March 1879 at Flesherton
3067-79 James SUTTON, 28, farmer, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o William & Sarah SUTTON married Mary Ann FREE, 23, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o William & Elizabeth FREE, Wtn: John LAYCOCK & Miss SUTTON both of St. Vincent March 5, 1879 at St. Vincent. 3437-80 (Grey Co): Joseph SUTTON, 24, farmer, Canada, Sydenham, s/o Ralph SUTTON & Elizabeth MINER, married Mary Jane CRANNEY, 17, Canada, Sydenham, d/o Thomas CRANNEY & Catherine DOYLE, witn: Albert & Mary Ann SUTTON of Sydenham, 25 Dec 1879 at Owen Sound
#3280-79 (Grey Co) Gottfried SWARTZ, 23, labourer, Prussia, Sullivan, s/o Wilhelm Swartz & Wilhelmina SAWATSKY, married Sarah PAMPERENE, 23, Waterloo, Sullivan, d/o Christian & Maria PAMPERENE, witn Fredrick SWARTZ & Evan PAMPERENE both of Sullivan, 30 Jan 1879, Sullivan Twp. (Lutheran)  
2921-79 William Conn TAYLOR, 43, farmer, Scotland, Bentinck, s/o James TAYLOR & Janet PATTERSON, married Jane LOW, 21, Sullivan, Bentinck, d/o John LOW & Isabella PENNYCOCK, witn: Finlay & Agnes McRAE of Durham, 9 June 1879 at Durham 2924-79 William Arnold TAYLOR, 28, farmer, Dundas, Garafraxa twp., s/o John TAYLOR & Sarah Jane NELSON, married Georgina Bertha ARNOLD, 27, Pickering, Melancthon twp., d/o Bowhy ARNOLD & Maria HAMLIN, witn: George A. PRICHARD & E. ARNOLD, both of Shelburne, 4 June 1879 at Shelburne
2963-79 Samuel TAYLOR, 29, farmer, Canada, Singhampton, s/o John & Mary, married Mary McKINNON, 22, Canada, Singhampton, d/o Donald & Isabella, witn: Neil McKINNON & Mary Ann TAYLOR, both of Singhampton, 15 July 1879 at Maxwell 3062-79 John Ingles THOM, 26, farmer, Aberdeenshire Scotland, St. Vincent, s/o William THOM & Helen INGLES married Martha Maria STOREY, 22, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Walter STOREY & Janet DOUGLAS, Wtn: James THOM & Margaret STOREY both of St. Vincent February 26, 1879 at St. Vincent
3232-80 Elijah TOWNSEND, 23, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Edward & Emeline, married Jemima BAIRD, 20, Egremont, same, d/o John & Agnes, witn: Edward SMITHSON of Chinguacousy & Catherine BAIRD of Egremont, 25 Dec 1879 at Egremont 2999-79 James TRYON, 23, butcher, Canada, Priceville, s/o Sager & Ann, married Catherine FLETCHER, 21, Canada, Artemesia, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Angus McDONALD of Priceville & Mary FLETCHER of Artemesia, 29 Oct. 1879 at Artemesia
3019-79 Robert A. VANCE, 24, farmer, Waterloo Ont., Egremont, s/o Archibald & Ann, married Mary Adeline CAULFIELD, 17, Egremont, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William HAINES of Guelph & Rachel A. ILES, 27 Aug 1879 at Egremont #002950-79 (Grey Co): Cornelius VANWYCKE, 22, farmer, Ontario, Sydenham, s/o Veart & Esther, married Margaret Ann SCHULER, 18, Ontario, Southampton, d/o Thomas & Charlotte, witnesses were Thomas & Mariah GIBBONS of Woodford, 11 July, 1879 at Sydenham
  003291-80 (Grey Co.) James VAUGHN, 22, farmer, Ontario, Glenelg, s/o James and Mary VAUGHN, married Christina McGILLVRAY, 19, Ontario, Glenelg, d/o Dugald and Flora McGILLVRAY, witn: William KINGSTON and Mary McGILLVRAY both of Glenelg, 24 September 1879 at Durham
2927-79 John VODDEN, 26, carpenter, Brampton, Dundalk, s/o Thomas VODDEN & Mary BLACKMORE, married Fanny OUTHWAIT, 21, Tecumseth, Mulmur, d/o William OUTHWAIT & Fanny SPENCE, witn: Samuel Judson CROW of Gainsboro & Mary Elizabeth GREENWOOD of Melancthon, 1 Oct 1879 at Shelburne 3200-80 John Francis WARD, 23, farmer, Canada, Amaranth, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Mariah HOSLER, 21, Canada, Amaranth, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Thomas HOSLER of Amaranth & Mary Ann CURRY of Shelburne, 24 Dec 1879 at M. E. Parsonage, Hornings Mills
#003084-79 (Grey Co.) Alfred Henry WATSON 24, printer, Georgetown, Meaford, s/o James B. & Ann WATSON, married Bertha Elizabeth BURCHILL 21, St. Vincent twp., same, d/o Wesley & Margaret BURCHILL, wit: W. W. STEPHENS of Meaford & Matilda BURCHILL of St. Vincent twp., 18 Jun 1879, at Meaford. 3066-79 Charles H. WATSON, 26, farmer, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, s/o Charles & Mary WATSON married Ellen DRUMMOND, 20, St. Vincent, St. Vincent, d/o Peter & Margaret DRUMMOND, Wtn: John DRUMMOND & Margaret JAKE both of St. Vincent February 25, 1879 at St. Vincent.
3060-79 Campbell WATT, 26, farmer, Kent Co. England, Collingwood Twp, s/o John Robert & Mary WATT married Levina BROOKS, 24, Whitchurch York Co, St. Vincent, d/o Peter LYON & Margaret THOMPSON, Wtn: Benjamin & Jennie LINE both of St. Vincent January 22, 1879 at St. Vincent. 3053-79 Carl WEBER,29, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Phillip & Salome WEBER married Karoline KUHL, 23, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Kasper & Kauline KUHL, Wtn: Ludwig PERBIRS of Normanby & Phillip GUILTAR of Carrick November 28, 1879 at Normanby
3033-79 Peter WEBER , 36, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o George & Catherine WEBER married Marie WEISMAN, 24, Carrick, Carrick, d/o George & Dorthea WEISMAN , Wtn: Henry & Caroline WEISMAN both of Carrick January 26, 1879 at Normanby 3059-79 George WELTZ, 34, farmer, Germany, Normanby, s/o Jacob & Margaret WELTZ married Catherine DEMMERLING, 24, Germany, Normanby, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth DEMMERLING, Wtn; Henry & John DEMMERLING both of Howick August 31, 1879 at Normanby
2901-79 Thomas WHITE, widower, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie Elizabeth WARDEL, 20, Canada, Melancthon, d/o John & Maria, witn: William WHOTE & Rebecca WARDELL, both of Melancthon, 24 July 1879 at Melancthon twp 2980-79 Thomas WHITE, 22, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Abraham & Martha, married Eliza FAWCETT, 20, Canada, Artemesia, d/o James & Jane, witn: Robert FAWCETT & Louisa WORROD, both of Artemesia, 1 Jan 1879 at Markdale
#003080-79 (Grey Co.) Jacob WILCOX 27, yeoman, St. Vincent twp., same, s/o Stephen J. & Mary Ann WILCOX, married Sarah Jane JOHNSON 25, York twp., Meaford, d/o William & Rachel JOHNSON, wit: William JOHNSON & Bryan F. WILCOX both of Meaford, 19 Mar 1879, at Meaford. #002997-79 (Grey Co): Robert Bird WILCOX, 28, drover, Canada, Shelbourne, s/o Abiather & Elizabeth, married Jane MORRISON, 23, Canada, Shelbourne, d/o Archibald & Mary, witnesses were William ELDER of Flesherton & Edwin D. WILCOX of Markdale, Oct 27, 1879 at Flesherton
2968-79 Abraham WILDER, 25, farmer, Canada, Nottawasega, s/o John & Sarah Ann, married Georgina H. GRIFFIN, 19, England, Nottawasega, d/o Edward & Matilda, witn: Jess WILDER & Mary E. FREE, both of Nottawasega, 24 March 1879 at Nottawasega 2923-79 William Allan WILKINSON, 20, laborer, Guelph, Durham, s/o Charles WILKINSON & Margaret ALLAN, married Julia LEPPARD, 18, Egremont, Durham, d/o Joseph BRECKSON & Eliza LEPPARD, witn: John SAUNDERS & Mathew DOUGLAS, both of Durham, 25 June 1879 at Durham
  003293-80 (Grey Co.) William Ed. WILLIAMS, 24, mason, Ontario, Durham, s/o Christopher and Eliza WILLIAMS, married Sarah FISHER, 23, Durham, Durham, d/o James and Ann FISHER, witn; Thomas SAUNDERS and Elizabeth McPHAIL both of Durham, 9 December 1879 at Durham
2986-79 Henry WILLIAMS, 26, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary CAMPBELL, 23, Scotland, Artemesia, d/o Duncan & Jane, witn: Eliza WILLIAMS & James CAMPBELL, both of Artemesia, 5 March 1879 at Artemesia #002991-79 (Grey Co): Henry WILLIAMS, 35, widower, farmer, England, Artemesia, s/o John & Catherine, married Elizabeth Ann SMITH, 36, widow, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John & Mary MITCHELL, witnesses were Joseph R. & Hannah WATSON, both of Markdale, April 8, 1879 at Markdale
3435-80 (Grey Co): William WILLIAMSON, 26, yeoman, Albion, Amabel, s/o James & Margaret, married Ann A. PARKER, 17, Amabel, same, d/o John & Julia, witn: T?. B. MILLER & William HALL, both of Owen Sound, 1 Sept 1879 at Owen Sound 3043-79 James WILSON, 25, farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o Elsie & Charles WILSON married Margaret BOGLE, 23, Normanby, Normanby, d/o James & Jane BOGLE, Wtn: John BOGLE & Elsie WILSON both of Normanby April 2, 1879 at Normanby
3013-79 William WILSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Egremont, s/o James & Ann, married Ann GALBRAITH, 21, Egremont, same, d/o Neil & Jannet, witn: Walter SWANSTON & Betsy GALBRAITH, both of Egremont, 19 Feb 1879 at Egremont 3001-79 James Thomas WILSON, 28, farmer, Canada, Egremont, s/o James & Ann, married Margaret WEIR, 18, Canada, Nottawasega, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth, witn: Robert BELL of Egremont & Jane WEIR of Nottawasega, 4 Nov 1879 at Priceville
3237-79 Charles WILSON, 33, mechanic, Listowel, Listowel, s/o William WILSON & Margaret CLEMONT married Eliza Ann WILSON, 34, Bentinck, Bentinck, d/o William WILSON & Isabella MARSHALL, Wtn: Alfred COLLELB & Isabella WILSON of Bentinck March 11, 1879 at Hanover 003294-80 (Grey Co.) Joshua WOODLAND Jr., 26, merchant, Ireland, Durham, s/o Josh. WOODLAND and Ellen MANDERS, married Ada Fawcett COCHRANE, 22, Durham, Durham, d/o Alex COCHRANE and Mary Anne JACKSON, witn; David JAMIESON and George WOODLAND both of Durham, 11 November 1879 at Durham
3110-79 John WOODS, 24, farmer, Chinguacousy, Euphrasia, s/o George & Margaret, married Ann CORNFIELD, 19, Chinguacousy, Euphrasia, d/o William & Jane, witn: William DRINKALL & Catherine LOUGHEAD, both of Euphrasia, 4 Nov 1879 at Euphrasia 3130-80 George WRIGHT, 36, cabinet maker, Artemesia, Artemesia, s/o Joseph & Martha WRIGHT married Margaret COLEMAN, 32, Markdale, Markdale, d/o, Samuel & Sarah COLEMAN, Wtn: Samuel COLEMAN & Susan CONWAY December 17, 1879 at Markdale