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Grey 1903

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Grey Co., 1903


8410-03 Charles Joseph ALLAN, 29, widower, contractor, Buffalo, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Ira? ALLAN & Ellen BOWEN, married Bella M. BEATON, 28, Collingwood twp., Niagara Falls NY, d/o Donald BEATON & Sarah McLEOD, witn: Gilbert & Jennie BEATON of Loren, 25 July 1903 at Collingwood twp 8466-03 (Grey Co) Herbert Percivill BALL, 29, wood worker, Dundas Ont. Sparta Mich., s/o George BALL & Elizabeth DENHOLM, married Jennetta BROWN, 26, Durham, same, d/o Charles BROWN & Sarah FERGUSON, witn: Richard BALL of Dundas & Ada BROWN of Durham, 24 Dec 1903 at Durham
008831/03 (Grey Co.) Joseph BARFOOT, 25, farmer, Keppel Co. Grey, Sarawak, s/o William BARFOOT and Margaret BARFOOT, m. Sarah CROZIER, 19, Mount Forest, Presque Isle Sarawak, d/o Robert CROZIER and Janet CROZIER; witn William Robert BARFOOT of Sarawak and Mrs. J.W. FOX of Brookholm, 10 Sep. 1903 at Brookholm, Sarawak #008385-03 (Grey Co): Lawrence A. BARTLETT, 30, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck, s/o Henry & Violet, married Mary M. EWAN, 24, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o Robert EWAN & Jane DUFF, witn: Robert & Jessie EWAN of Bentinck, 24 March 1903 at Bentinck
8843-03 (Grey Co) John Lewis BELL, 23, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Robert & Eliza LEWIS, married Maud McCAUSLAND, 23, St. Vincent, same, d/o Robert McCAUSLAND & Jane GOVIER?, witn: Herman & Jessie McCAUSLAND of St. Vincent, 27 May 1903 at St. Vincent #008388-03 (Grey Co): Robert BENNINGTON, 35, laborer, Ontario, Bentinck, s/o Chris BENNINGTON & Mary WILTON, married Elizabeth BOYD, 28, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o William BOYD & Jane WHITE, witn: William BENNINGTON of Stratford & Nancy BOYD of Bentinck, 24 June 1903 at Bentinck
#008386-03 (Grey Co): Johann BERKINHAUER, 27 (or 37), farmer, Germany, Bentinck, s/o Heinrich BERKINHAUER & Maria MEROS, married Ida LERING, 20, Germany, Bentinck, d/o Karl LERING & Maria WEEK?, witn: H.W. & Riska LIPPERT of Bentinck, 5 May 1903 at Bentinck (Lutheran) #012197-03 (Grey Co): Shirley A. BETTS, 22, clerk, St. Catharines, same, s/o James D. & Jane, married May GOLDMAN, 20, USA, St. Catharines, d/o Fred GOLDMAN & "did not remember", witn: M.C. BARROWMAN & M.M.C. SMITH, both of St. Catharines, 21 Oct 1903 at St. Catharines
#008361-03 (Grey Co) Samuel J. BOWLES, 32, Albion, Artemesia, b, farmer, s/o Daniel BOWLES & Annie MORRISON, married Agnes McDOUGALL, 25, Egremont, Artemesia, s, d/o Malcolm McDOUGALL & Annie McPHAIL, witn: C.A. WEBER, Jessie McPHAIL, both Artemesia, 18 February 1903, Priceville 8845-03 (Grey Co) Alexander BROUGH, 31, stone cutter, Lochiel Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o David BROUGH & Lillias YOUNG, married Alice Blanch GUIDIE?, 20, Owen Sound, St. Vincent, d/o Joseph GUIDIE & Margaret MILBURN, witn: David BIGGAR & Eunice POMFREY, both of Owen Sound, 28 Oct 1903 at St. Vincent
8513-03 Thomas William J. BRUCE, 29, plasterer, Stratford, Calgary Alta., s/o William BRUCE & Emma CHOWN, married Bela McLACHLIN, 27, Glenelg, same, d/o John McLACHLIN & Mary McCORMICK, witn: Robert McLACHLIN & Mary E. McARTHUR, both of Priceville, 14 Aug 1903 at Glenelg 8570-03 George J. BURNS, 40, widower, Macnaquack? NB, Strathavon, s/o Rev. George BURNS & Sarah HICKS, married Eliza CEASER, 26, Holland, same, d/o Matthew CEASER & Margaret HEGGISON, witn: W. J. STEVENSON of Strathavon & Robert CEASAR of Holland, 27 Oct. 1903 at Strathavon
8413-03 James Hartley DOAN, 36, merchant, Essa twp., Toronto, s/o Lambert DOAN & Mary Ann FYFE, married Amanda BLACKSTOCK, 31, Essa twp., Thornton, d/o Hugh BLACKSTOCK & Mary SHERIDAN, witn: Mrs. R. B. BEYNON of Heathcote & Jessie DOAN of Thornton, 20 May 1903 at Heathcote  
8439-04 James ELLISON, 26, farmer, Glenelg twp., same, s/o John ELLISON & Mary McEACHREN, married Barbara TORRY, 32, Glenelg twp., Markdale, d/o Robert TORRY & Leona ASH, witn: Robert TORRY of Markdale & Mary ELLISON of Glenelg, 23 Dec 1903 at Glenelg 008419-04 (Grey Co.) Robert John FOTHERGILL, 28, farmer, Proton Tp., Euphrasia, s/o Charles FOTHERGILL & Fanny ROGERS married Maria MERRYFIELD, 21, Toronto, Euphrasia, d/o George MERRYFIELD & Maria Ann BROCK, wtn: C. J. FOTHERGILL & Sarah Jane MANAREY, both of Euphrasia, October 21, 1903 at Euphrasia
00008594-04 William George JAMIESON, 28, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o David Wm JAMIESON & Margaret MCKEE, married Jane HILL, 22, Osprey, same, d/o James HILL & Isabella COUTTS, witn: Wesley JAMIESON, Artemesia & Ella HILLL, Osprey, 23 Dec 1903 at Con 3 NDR Osprey 008477-1904 (Grey Co) John KIRK, 30, Farmer, Holland, Holland, s/o James KIRK & Rachel STEPHENSON, married Mary R WHITE, 23, Holland, Holland, d/o Robert WHITE & Elizabeth BOYLE, witn: J S McKISSOCK & Elizabeth WHITE of Holland, 30 Dec 1903 at Holland
008478-1904 (Grey Co) Robert Sherwood LAKE, 23, Ironmoulder, Brantford, Brantford, s/o Robert LAKE & Ellen FOLEY, married Rose Ann CONNELL, 23, Holland, Brantford, d/o David CONNELL & Margaret Jane McAULEY, witn: George & Maggie CONNELL of Holland, 30 Dec 1903 at Holland 008418-04 (Grey Co.) Ezra John LOUGHEED, 30, farmer, Euphrasia, same, s/o Hugh LOUGHEED & Isabella DRINKLE married Mary CLUGSTON, 33, Euphrasia, same, d/o John CLUGSTON & Rachel BELL, wtn: William CLUGSTON, Euphrasia & Ethel BURNS, Toronto on December 29, 1903 at Euphrasia.
  #008593-04 Hector David MCKENZIE, 38, fire dept, Kincardine, Rat Portage, s/o Wm MCKENZIE & Isabella McL(illegible), married Sarah Tolton INKSTER, 34, Osprey, same, d/o John INKSTER & Jane FLETT, witn: Sam'l Jas ARNOTT & Annie MCCALLUM, both of Osprey, 23 Dec 1903 at Con 8 Osprey
#008541-1904 (Grey Co): Perry SMITH, 26, brick layer, Bruce Co, same, s/o John SMITH & Mary J McCAULEY, married Adeline ADAMS, 26, St. Vincent Tp, same, d/o Joseph ADAMS & Emily HADDOCK; witnesses Laura WALKER, Margaret McCONNELL, of Meaford. 23 Dec 1903 of Meaford #008364-03 (Grey Co) John STEWART, 27, Artemesia, same, b, farmer, s/o Alexander STEWART & Harriett SNOWDEN, married Mary Ann NEIL, 27, Flesherton, same, s, d/o Charles NEAL & Fanny COOPER, witn: C.R. STEWART, Allice JOY, both Flesherton, 16 March 1903, Flesherton
008542-1904 (Grey Co): Charles Tyrell SUTHERLAND, 37, barrister, England, Meaford, s/o John SUTHERLAND & Frances H. SMELT, married Mary Alice HEMING, 32, Meaford, same, d/o Howard Bain HEMING & Mary BIMS; witnesses Joseph JORDAN, H.R. HEMING, of Meaford. 23 Dec 1903 at Meaford #008358-03 (Grey Co) George Andrew THOMPSON, 21, Matilda twp., same, b, furniture finisher, s/o James THOMPSON & Matilda THOMPSON, married Christina McLEAN, 20, Egremont twp., same, s, d/o Hugh McLEAN & Sarah A. LEPPARD, witn: F.C. RICHARDSON, Miss McKECHNIE, both Flesherton, 7 February 1903, Flesherton
#008389-03 (Grey Co): Robert CAIRNS, 24, engineer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o George CAIRNS & Margaret PRINGLE, married Sarah Margaret SCHULTZ, 25, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o Fred SCHULTZ & Louisa MILLER (or Mitler), witn: Samuel SCHULTZ & Mary J. CAIRNS, both of Toronto, 26 June 1903 at Bentinck 8430-03 (Grey Co) George Thomas DUNN, 28, farmer, Egremont twp., Proton twp., s/o Adam DUNN & Sarah SA--, married Catherine BELL, 18, Collingwood, Proton twp., d/o Dougald BELL & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Adam DUNN & Margaret BELL, both of Dundalk, 15 April 1903 at Dundalk
8467-03 (Grey Co) John GREENWOOD, 25, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o William GREENWOOD & Mary Jane ORCHARD, married Margaret May BEATON, 21, Glenelg, same, d/o Archibald & Mary, witn: John G. ORCHARD & Jennie BEATON, both of Durham, 30 Dec 1903 at Durham #008599-03 (Grey Co): Bennett FARROW, 28, laborer, Ontario, Morris twp., s/o Willis & Lizzie, married Margaret FARROW, 23, Ontario, Sullivan twp., d/o Levi FARROW & Lizzie MARTIN, 12 Oct 1903 at Hepworth
8425-03 William E. FARROW, 26, salesman, Canada, Killarney Man., s/o Frederick FARROW & Sarah SHEARE, married Mary TAYLOR, no age given, Canada, Jackson, d/o Francis TAYLOR & Betsy JAVENS?, witn: Francis TAYLOR & Nellie M. WHITE of Jackson, 8 July 1905 at North Derby #008360-03 (Grey Co) Alfred Bloomfield FERRIS, 22, Proton, Artemesia, b, --, s/o Robert FERRIS & Fanny McCAFFEY, married Effie THOMPSON, 19, Artemesia, same, s, d/o Jacob THOMPSON & Sarah IRWIN, witn: A.B. McDONALD, Mary E. McARTHUR, both Priceville, 21 January 1903, Priceville
8424-03 James J. FLEMING, 28, carpenter, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o James FLEMING & Jane PAV--?, married Margaret FLEMING, 26, Canada, Derby, d/o George FLEMING & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: H. E. COOK of Owen Sound & Rachel FLEMING of Derby twp., 24 Jan 1903 at Derby #008598-03 (Grey Co): Frank GUNSON, 32, illegible, Keppel, same, s/o William GUNSON & Elizabeth KENNEDY, married Elizabeth PORTER, 19, Keppel, same, d/o William PORTER, farmer, & Jane BLACK, witn: illegible GUNSON & Phebe Ann PORTER, both of Keppel, 7 Oct 1903 at Keppel
#008528-03 Grey Co.) Harry H. HABERMEHL, 40, Street Car Conductor, Ontario, Farmington U.S.A., s/o Chas. HABERMEHL and Catherine BECKER, married Blanche HORLOCK, 23, Ontario, Hanover, d/o George HORLOCK and Anne HERDWIG, witn: David HABERMEHL & Mable HORLOCK, July 1, 1903 at Hanover  
8427-03 Charles HALL, 29, artisan, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o William HALL & Fannie JEFFREY, married Mary A. BROWN, 28, Canada, Derby, d/o James BROWN & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: Bert HALL of Owen Sound & Sarah BROWN of Derby, 2 Sept 1903 at Derby #008597-03 (Grey Co): Abraham Norton HARRISON, 29, carpenter, Carrick, Shallow Lake, s/o Joseph HARRISON & Annie ROBSON, married Cecilia Ann NOBLE, 23, Keppel, same, d/o Ralph NOBLE & Margaret WILKINSON, witn: James Thomas HOPKINS of Shallow Lake & Dora Jane NOBLE of Keppel, 2 Sep 1903 at Keppel
#008603-03 (Grey Co): David Alexander HILLIS, 28, laborer, Bentinck, Keppel, s/o James HILLIS & Elizabeth WALL, married Edna WATSON, 20, lady, Bentinck, Keppel, d/o Samuel & Sarah, witn: William & Mary HILLIS of Keppel, 20 Nov 1903 at Hepworth #008601-03 (Grey Co): John HOLMES, 22, sailor, Greenwick Ont., Wiarton, s/o James HOLMES & Eliza KILBOURN, married Rachel Josephine GILBERT, 18, Artemesia, Keppel, d/o William GILBERT & Sarah COOPER, witn: John & Mrs. John LANCASTER of Wiarton, 18 Nov 1903 at Keppel
#008596-03 (Grey Co): James Thomas HOPKINS, 20, furniture finisher, Owen Sound, same, s/o Thomas HOPKINS & Charlotte COBEAN, married Dora Jane NOBLE, 20, Keppel, same, d/o Ralph NOBLE & Margaret WILKINSON, witn: Abraham & Cecilia HARRISON of Shallow Lake, 2 Sept 1903 at Keppel #008387-03 (Grey Co): August KASTELLA, 26, laborer, Austria, Bentinck, s/o Nathalm? KASTELLA & Cesilia MULLER, married Caroline WEIS, 23, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o Alex WEIS & Katherine WOELFLE, witn: William WEIS & Emma SHELLING, both of Bentinck, 27 May 1903 at Bentinck (Lutheran)
#008383-03 (Grey Co): Henry KERR, 30, farmer, Ontario, Bentinck, s/o D.J. KERR & E. EG--?, married Emma MATHEWS, 24, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o David MATHEWS & Mary SCHULTZ, witn: illegible SCHWEITZER & Olive MAYWOOD, both of Bentinck, 21 Jan 1903 at Bentinck #008594-03 (Grey Co): William LAWRENCE, 40, laborer, Bentinck, Wiarton, s/o John LAWRENCE & Hannah QUIGLEY, married Mary Ann NOLAN, 19, Minto Ont., Wiarton, d/o John NOLAN & Avis Isabel JOHNSON, 17 Aug 1903 at Hepworth
8844-03 (Grey Co) Charles LONG, 22, furniture finisher, Uxbridge, Meaford, s/o David LONG & Laura VANBURAND, married Mahetabel Hannah TAYLOR, 20, Walters Falls, same, d/o John Elijah TAYLOR & Maria WALKER, witn: Fred W. & Mrs. Fred W. OLIVER of Meaford, 6 Oct 1903 at St. Vincent #008690-03 (Grey Co.) Charles Wesley LONG, 30, Farmer, Maxwell, Maxwell, s/o Wesley LONG and Dinah MUNDY, married Annie Melissa WRIGHT, 24, Co. York, Maxwell, d/o William WRIGHT and Henrietta FIELDS, witn: George LONG & Alice FIELD(S), Mar. 4, 1903, at Maxwell
#008600-03 (Grey Co): Norman LOUGHLEAN, 24, farmer, Keppel, same, s/o Robert LOUGHLEAN & Jane McILVEAN, married Ada CAMMIDGE, 18, lady, Keppel, same, d/o Robert CAMMIDGE & Janet SCOTT, witn: James Albert KEYES (or Heyes) & illegible McILVEEN, both of Amabel, 28 Oct 1903 at Hepworth #008595-03 (Grey Co): Norman McAULEY, 28, machinist, Proton, Owen Sound, s/o Angus McAULEY & Margaret McGILIVRAY, married Ruth Jane WALLACE, 25, lady, Uxbridge, Owen Sound, d/o John WALLACE & Margaret MARSHALL, witn: Mary GALBRAITH of Chatsworth & Cora THOMPSON of Cobourg, 26 Aug 1903 at Hepworth
#008357-03 (Grey Co) Malcolm McINTRYE, 27, Proton, same, b, farmer, s/o Neil McINTYRE & Janet BROWN, married Ethel Victoria MOODY, 19, Proton, same, s, d/o William MOODY & Mary WATKINS, witn: W.A. MOODY of Birdell, Sadie McFADYEN of Dromore, 7 January 1903, Priceville 008826/03 (Grey Co.) Donald McINTYRE, 38, farmer, Scotland, Sarawak, s/o Donald McINTYRE and Mary BELL, m. Carrie Blanch HEMSTREET, 27, Lambton, Sarawak, d/o William HEMSTREET and Abigal INKSTER; witn Malcolm McINTYRE and Abbie M. HEMSTREET, both of Sarawak, 17 June 1903, at Sarawak
08827/03 (Grey Co.) Francis McKEE, 26, laborer, Cooksville, Owen Sound, s/o John McKEE and Mary Ann DUNLET(?), m. Susan B. WILSON, 27, Sarawak, same, d/o William WILSON and Mary Ann GAMBLE; witn Joseph HARPER and Mary HAWKEN, both of Markdale, 24 June 1903, at Sarawak 8468-03 (Grey Co) Allen McKINNON, 29, carpenter, Bentinck, Durham, s/o John McKINNON & Flora McCORMACK, married Jennie NEWELL, 25, Bentinck, same, d/o George NEWELL & Margaret STEWART, witn: John A. McKINNON of Toronto & Annie VESSIE of Bentinck, 30 Dec 1903 at Durham
8755-04 Charles McLENNAN, 25, setter?, Sarawak, Brookholm, s/o Duncan McLENNAN & Isabella McPHERSON, married Catherine KIRK, 25, Sarawak, same, d/o Henry KIRK & Mary SMITH, witn: J. A. IRELAND of Keppel & Victoria LARTER of Sarawak, 25 Dec 1903 at Sarawak 8509-03 William McLEOD, 30, farmer, Glenelg, same, s/o William McLEOD & Sarah CLARK, married Mary Ann McDONALD, 24, Glenelg, same, d/o Neil McDONALD & Ann GRAHAM, witn: Archie McLEOD & Christena McDONALD, both of Priceville, 18 Feb 1903 at Glenelg
#008359-03 (Grey Co) Archibald M. McPHATTER (McPhadden?), "age not given", Artemesia, Owen Sound, b, tailor, s/o Arch'd McPHATTER & Sarah McPHAIL, married Mary Ellen WRIGHT, "age not given", Artemesia, same, s, d/o William WRIGHT & Margaret GILLESPIE, witn: B. COATS of Owen Sound, Jennie HEMPHILL of Toronto, 24 February 1903, Artemesia #008591-03 (Grey Co): William MERCHANT, 26, farmer, Keppel same, s/o John MERCHANT & Jane BELL, married Sarah McEACHIN, 33, Bruce Mines, Keppel, d/o Alex McEACHIN & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: David CLARK & Mary A. MERCHANT, both of Keppel, 8 April 1903 at Keppel
008829/03 (Grey Co.) Fredk. MILLMAN, 21, laborer, Cruickshanks Keppel, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas MILLMAN nad Mary MILLMAN, m. Mary McGASKELL, 18, Amabel Twp., Owen Sound, d/o Daniel McGASKELL and Rebeca BELL; witn William PEARSON and Lizzie MILLMAN, both of Owen Sound, 28 Oct. 1903 at Brooke, Sarawak  
8555-03 (Grey Co) James MORTON, 31, cook, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o William MORTON & Lucy HILL, married Nellittia McGILLIVRAY, 22, Owen Sound, same, d/o Neil McGILLIVRAY & Louisa HALL, witn: Joshua & Mrs. Joshua EARLS of Holland, June 17 1903 at Chatsworth #008362-03 (Grey Co) Alexander MURICHISON, 63, Scotland, Glenelg, b, farmer, s/o William (?) MURICHISON & Catherine (illegible), married Mary STEWART, 57, Scotland, Proton, s, d/o Robert STEWART & Catherine McKELLAR, witn: J. McMANCE (?)of Manitoba, Catherina McQUANIE of Priceville, 19 March 1903, Priceville
  008828/03 (Grey Co.) Donald NICHOLSON, 40, painter, Kincardine, Port Arthur, s/o Alex NICHOLSON and Christina NICHOLSON, m. Margaret MUNROE, 34, Owen Sound, same, d/o Donald MUNROE and Margt. ELLIOT; witn William McLENNAN and Mary MUNROE, both of Owen Sound, 7 Oct. 1903 at Sarawak
8510-03 Charles Wesley NOBLE, 30, blacksmith, Canada, Markdale, s/o John NOBLE & Matilda SHEILDS, married Elizabeth SYMES, 24, Canada, Glenelg twp., d/o Thomas SYMES & Lizzie PELKEY, witn: Willie NOBLE of Markdale & Nellie SYMES of Glenelg, 11 March 1903 at Glenelg 8511-03 Thomas O'NEIL, 34, brick layer, Glenelg, same, s/o Patrick O'NEIL & Margaret CONNELLY, married Sarah QUILLMAN, 32, Glenelg twp., same, d/o John QUILLMAN & Catherine SLATTERY, wit: William O'NEIL of Toronto & Mary A. RYAN of Edge Hill, 13 May 1903 at Glenelg
#008365-03 (Grey Co) Levi PALLISTER, 28, Osprey, same, b, farmer, s/o George PALLISTER & Rachel BROWN, married Julia GUY, 24, Osprey, same, s, d/o W.H. GUY & Flora CAMERON, witn: Andrew PALLISTER, Clair GUY, both Osprey, 24 March 1903, Flesherton #020856-03 (Grey Co): William George RIEHL, 23, machinist, Ontario, Bruce, s/o John RIEHL & Margaret --KE, married Agnes REDFORD, 19, Ontario, Bentinck, d/o Thomas REDFORD & Phebe WHITE, witn: John & Margaret RIEHL, both of Bentinck, 24 June 1903 at Bentinck
8571-03 Edward George ROE, 23, laborer, Bristol England, Owen Sound, s/o George Edward ROE & Caroline BUDGE, married Clara Maud GREEN, 26, Cannington - London England, Holland, d/o Charles GREEN & Susannna GOLDING, witn: Charles John GREEN of Holland & Albert Henry ROE of Owen Sound, 11 Nov 1903 at Chatsworth 8411-03 James Richardson RORKE, 32, farmer, Heathcote, Brandon, s/o Thomas Jacob RORKE & Sarah V. RICHARDSON, married Annie Bela RECKIE (Reekie?), 24, Heathcote, same, d/o George RECKIE & Eliza MILNE, witn: Thomas C. FOSTER of Clarksburg & Edith REEKIE of Heathcote, 5 Aug 1903 at Heathcote
#008384-03 (Grey Co): C.G. SCHUARMAN, 34, sailor, Ontario, Bentinck, s/o W.G. SCHUARMAN & Caroline KL--?, married Clara E. LAKE, 16, William R. LAKE & Mary Ann MANLEY, witn: William HILL & Minnie SCHUARMAN, both of Bentinck, 19 Feb 1903 at Bentinck #008592-03 (Grey Co); John SHAW, 41, teacher, Keppel, Owen Sound, s/o Gavin SHAW & Susan GOSS, married Eva McGREGOR, 20, Keppel, same, d/o Donald McGREGOR & Elizabeth McRAE, witn: Henry McCRAE & Jessie McGREGOR, both of Keppel, 11 Aug 1903 at Keppel
#008593-03 (Grey Co): Neil SPICER, 20, farmer, Keppel, same, s/o William SPICER & Catherine McPHEE, married Imelie McMULLEN, 18, Chesley, Keppel, d/o William McMULLEN & Hannah WARD, witn: John WRIGLEY & Susan SPICER, both of Keppel, 12 Aug 1903 at Keppel #008363-03 (Grey Co) Joseph N. STEPHENS, 23, Ontario, Proton, b, farmer, s/o John STEPHENS & Louisa PIERSON, married Ida May HODGINS, 18, Ontario, Artemesia, s, d/o William HODGINS & Margaret PATTON, witn: Joe PARK of Artemesia, Margarite QUINN of Proton, 25 March 1903, Artemesia
008830/03 (Grey Co.) Paul James STEWART, 35, widower, RR Employee, Scotland, Owen Sound, s/o James PAUL and Helen STEWART, m. Annie STADEY, 24, Domestic Servant, Ontario, Owen Sound, d/o John STADEY and Sophia SCHU??NEY; witn C.A.H. and F. Carlyle FRANKLIN, both of Owen Sound, Dec. 1903 at residence of officiating clergyman (Rev. George M. Franklin) 008832/03 (Grey Co.) George SUTTON, 22, laborer, Brooke, Brookeholm, s/o Albert SUTTON and Annie SUTTON, m. Susannah HUTTON, 22, Chatsworth, Owen Sound, d/o James HUTTON and Rachel HUTTON; witn Miss Hannah CAVELL and Mrs. J.W. FOX, both of Brookholm, 6 Oct. 1903 at Brookholm
8426-03 Francis TAYLOR, 27, farmer, Canada, North Derby, s/o Francis TAYLOR & Betsy JAVENS, married Nellie WHITE, 23, Canada, North Derby, d/o John WHITE & Louisa MAPLES, witn: MR. & Mrs. W. E. FARROW of Killarney, 5 Aug 1903 at North Derby 8412-03 John THOMPSON, 43, farmer, Ireland, Carling, s/o Thomas THOMPSON & Agnes ANDREW, married Rebecca WRIGHT, 40, Canada, Collingwood, d/o Richard WRIGHT & Margaret GRIER, witn: John LAWRENCE & Ethel KEYS, both of Clarksburg, 27 Aug 1903 at Clarksburg
8429-03 (Grey Co) William Martin THOMSON, 23, farmer, Luther twp., Melancthon, s/o William THOMSON & Mary THOM, married Elizabeth E. JOHNSON, 18, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Frank JOHNSON & Sydney KINNEER, witn: John THOMSON & Mary JOHNSON, both of Melancthon, 8 April 1903 at Dundalk 8428-03 W. A. THOMSON, 34, widower, physician, Canada, Regina Assa., s/o Alex THOMSON & Mary HERBISON, married Mary A. WITHERSPOON, 35, matron, Canada, Derby, d/o James WITHERSPOON & Mary STRUTHERS, witn: F. WHTIMORE & Jessie WITHERSPOON, both of Derby, 31 Dec 1903 at Derby
8440-04 George TORRY, 37, farmer, Glenelg, Markdale, s/o Robert TORRY & Leona ASH, married Mary ELLISON, 27, Glenelg twp., same, d/o John ELLISON & Mary McEACHREN, witn: William ELLISON & Elizabeth TORRY, both of Glenelg, 23 Dec 1903 at Glenelg #008590-03 (Grey Co): Archelius TUPPER, 23 (or 28), saw miller, London Ont., Keppel, s/o John TUPPER & Martha Ann REID, married Ella M. RATHWELL, 22, Presquile Ont., Keppel, d/o Thomas RATHWELL & Christine HERRICKS, witn: R.R. GODDARD & Jessie RATHWELL, both of Keppel, 30 June 1903 at Keppel
8414-03 William VAMPLEN, 74, widower, farmer, England, Heathcote, s/o James VAMPLEN & Mary DIXON, married Jemima MOSCROP, 70, widow, Ireland, Heathcote, d/o Joseph GIBSON & Charlotte BODEN, wtn: Richard & Sarah Ann GREEN of Heathcote, 2 Nov 1903 at Heathcote 8514-03 John William VASSIE, 25, farmer, Glenelg, Bentinck, s/o John VASSIE (Vessie?) & Mary KERR, married Annie Elizabeth RITCHIE, 20, Glenelg twp, same, d/o Andrew RITCHIE & Clara DUNSMORE, witn: Andrew & Mary RITCHIE of Glenelg, 23 Sept 1903 at Glenelg
8557-03 (Grey Co) Richard WARDELL, 25, farmer, Sydenham, same, s/o Joseph WARDELL & Mary SUGGETT, married Eliza McDONALD, 22, Sydenham, same, d/o Thomas McDONALD & Susan GIBSON, witn: illegible McMILLAN & Katie McDONALD, both of Sydenham, 25 March 1903 at Chatsworth #008602-03 (Grey Co): Robert Grey WILLIAMS, 27, physician, Leith Ont., Rocklyn Ont., s/o Robert Ruse? WILLIAMS & Elizabeth BLATCHFORD, married Florence illegible DAY, 24, teacher, Daywood, Shallow Lake, d/o Daniel C. DAY & Jane W. BAZZA?, witn: Margaret SOMERVILLE & Janet GARVIE, both of Owen Sound, 13 Nov 1903 at Shallow Lake
8887-03 (Grey Co) George Purdie? WILSON, 25, farmer, Peel Co., Collingwood, s/o George WILSON & Rachel HENRY, married Eva Emily PLATER, 19, Collingwood twp., same, d/o John PLATER & Mary LOUGHEED, witn: John LENTHORN of Wingham & Elizabeth EDWARDS of Thornbury, 17 June 1903 at Thornbury 008833/03 (Grey Co.) Hugh F. WILSON, 28, carpenter, Hanover Ont., Wiarton, s/o John WILSON and Eliza J. WILSON [nee FRASER], m. Laura BISHOP, 22, Brookholm, same, d/o Sam. J. BISHOP and Mary Ann BLATCHFORD, witn J.C. and Mrs. J.C. GRIFFITHS, both of Brookholm, 23 Nov. 1903 at Parsonage, Brookholm
8512-03 John James WILSON, 24, laborer, Bentinck, Glenelg, s/o John James WILSON & Mary WIGGINS, married Ellen STAPLES, 22, house maid, Glenelg, same, d/o John STAPLES & Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: W. J. WILSON & Jennie STAPLES, both of Glenelg, 8 July 1903 at Glenelg 8507-03 Robert W. WILSON, 30, farmer, Artemesia, same, s/o Henry WILSON & Eliza JAMIESON, married Margary THIBODEAU, 26, Glenelg, same, d/o John THIBODEAU & Jane VENNING, witn: Richard THIBODEAU of Glenelg & Fanny WILSON of Dundalk, 28 Jan 1903 at Glenelg
8409-03 Peter WILSON, 34, mason, Albion twp., Duncan, s/o James WILSON & Mary A. CEARGO, married Annie NEIL, 18, Collingwood, Duncan, d/o James & not known, witn: Robert REAR & Rose HOLMES, both of Duncan, 13 July 1903 at Collingwood twp