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10737-22 James AMO, 23, mechanic, Gananoque, same, s/o Nelson AMO & Josephine ILROY, married Laura Bernadette HUGHES, 18, Kingston, same, d/o John Joseph HUGHES & Mary Louise SMALL, witn: John & Mary Louise HUGHES of Kingston, 24 July 1922 at Kingston 10736-22 Ross Douglas ANDERSON, 22, clerk, Gananoque, same, s/o Richard ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Christena CLENDENNING, married Gladys Mary FREDERICK, 22, stenographer, Kingston, same, d/o Francis Leonard FREDERICK (b. Canada) & Margaret BRIGGS, witn: Sandford & Marion RAWLEY of 156 York St., 25 Jan 1922 at Kingston
4703-15 James Clifford BELL, 21, motor driver, Kingston, same, s/o James H. BELL & Rhoda PARROTT, married Lelila Dorothy JOYNER, 19, Colebrook, same, d/o Barney JOYNER & Lefy ESTES, witn: J. L. FITZGERALD & Helen JOYNER, both of Kingston, 29 Nov 1915 at Kingston 4701-15 Langley BIRD, 24, hosier mill?, Kingston, same, s/o Langley BIRD & Caroline GRINTON, married Mabel Agnes FARRELLY, 21, Pittsburg, same, d/o Bernard FARRELLY & Elizabeth Maud MARTIN?, witn: Vincent & Gertrude FARRELLY of Pittsburg twp., 23 Nov 1915 at Kingston
4700-15 Glen BRILL, 23, miner, Tweed, Kingston, s/o James W. BRILL & Florence HARDY, married Edith THOMPSON, 18, Tweed, same, d/o Archie THOMPSON & Minnie JOHNSON, witn: Jane RUTHERFORD & Margaret BROWN, both of Kingston, 1 Oct 1915 at Kingston 4702-15 Harold Ernest BROWN, 30, marine, Newcastle Ont., Kingston, s/o George H. BROWN & Mary REDFERN, married Selina Hilda MANNING, 28, Kingston, same, d/o Edward John MANNING & Agnes DOHERTY, witn: Charles WESTCOTT & Nora M. MANNING, both of Kingston, 10 Nov 1915 at Bishop's residence, Kingston
  10738-22 Frederick Percy BUTTERILL, 24, brakeman, Olden twp., Kingston twp., s/o Joseph BUTTERILL & Annie McKE--?, married Hilda Cordelia ORSER, 21, Kingston twp., same, d/o Frederick ORSER, farmer, & Mary ?--BECK, witn: Mildred M. ORSER of Glenvale & Annie J. PULLENHAM (Puttenham?) of Elginburg, 18 Oct 1922 at Elginburg

4747-15 Thomas Howard CHARLTON, 23, farmer, Zealand, Olden twp., s/o Robert & Margaret nee BUCHANAN, married Leta May HAWLEY, 23, Olden twp., same, d/o Robert HAWLEY & Helen Christena McPHERSON, witn: Robert G. CHARLTON & Mrs. Alfred LEWIS, both of Sharbot Lake, 3 Feb 1915 at res of the bride, Olden twp


4750-15 Everton CLEMENT, 20, farmer, Long Lake, same, s/o George CLEMENT, farmer, & Sarah BERTRAM, married Blanch Esmie WAGAR, 18, Wagarville, same, d/o Clinton WAGAR, farmer, & Joanna WAGAR, witn: Frank & Myrtle Flaus? SMITH of McClean - Olden twp, 13 June 1915 at Sharbot Lake 4748-15 Marshall Fair COCHRANE, 31, farmer, Glenburnie, Latimer, s/o Charles COCHRANE & Margaret HARLEY, married Laura Luella KELLAR, 24, Walpers, same, d/o Philip KELLAR & Annie MINAKER, witn: Almira CRAFTS & Amy CODLING, both of Elginburg, 8 Feb 1915 at Parsonage, Elginburg


4749-15 Clarence Arthur COPP, 26, station agent, Havelock Ont., Harrowsmith, s/o Arthur John COPP & Christena STEVENSON, married Ida Irena BOYCE, 25, Petworth, Harrowsmith, d/o George BOYCE & Eva SMITH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. WARD and Mrs. A. A. ACTON, all of Harrowsmith, 21 Jan 1915 at Harrowsmith

  10837-22 John GREEN, 59, butcher, widower, Ireland, Kingston twp., s/o John GREEN (b. England) & Eliza HUNTER, married Emma JONES, 63, cook, d/o John Grant JONES (b. Canada) & Margaret TREMEER, witn: Mabel Emily & Harry James McCoy JONES of 314 Brock St. Kingston, 20 Dec 1922 at Kingston

12452-20 (Frontenac Co) Harold Gordon HAFFNER, 23, Dexter New York, Sunbury, s/o William Henry HAFFNER, b. Kingston & Emma GORDON married Lily Mae HUGHSON, 19, Latimer, Elginburg, d/o Cornelius W. HUGHSON, b. Latimer & Mary ALLISON, witn: Margaret R. HUGHSON of Elginburg & Preston GIBSON of Inverary, 8 Sept 1920, Kingston

4858-15 William Gardiner HAMILTON, 25, clerk, Kingston, same, s/o William L. HAMILTON & Margaret McCONNELL, married Alice Ellen PURVIS, 23, Kingston, same, d/o John PURVIS & Ellen AULT, witn: William H. WOOD & Phyllis PURVIS, both of Kingston, 20 July 1915 at Kingston

4855-15 R. W. HAWLEY, 24, miner, Barrie, Northbrook, s/o Philo HAWLEY & Lorinda ROGERS, married Ida Minnie WINTERS, 24, Cloyne, same, d/o John WINTERS & Rillie MEEKS, witn: G. & Trassia LEVEAIR of Cloyne, 7 April 1915 at Cloyne

4856-15 James HAY, 21, plumber - soldier with 21st Batt., Kingston, same, s/o David HAY & Mary Ann McCLURE, married Lulu May SNYDER, 20, Verona, Kingston, d/o Myles SNYDER & Henrietta WALROTH, witn: Frederick & Martha ANSON of Kingston, 22 April 1915 at Kingston

4857-15 Robert Maxam HAZELTON, 38, soldier, Kingston, same, s/o Robert HAZELTON & Hannah A. MAXAM, married Ella Jane CAMIC, 31, Goulburne, Kingston, d/o William J. CAMIC & Sarah SPOONER, witn: Maude BLAKE & Wilhelmina CAMPBELL, both of Kingston, 13 Feb 1915 at Kingston

4849-15 Russell Charles HETHERINGTON, 26, decorator, Norwood Ont., Kingston, s/o Charles HETHERINGTON & Louise McCAY, married Frances HARTMAN, 31, Frontenac Co., Kingston, d/o David HARTMAN & Emily LASHER, witn: Margaret BROWN & Allan BROWN, both of Kingston, 24 Aug 1915 at Kingston

4848-15 Reuben HICKS, 74, widower, farmer, Hallowell twp., Clarendon, s/o Joseph HICKS & Mary PRINGLE, married Mary MILLS, 68, widow, England, Clarendon, d/o John CAMPBELL & Eliza SHEPHERD, witn: Claribel M. OSTLER & Elizabeth SMITH, both of Plevna, 17 Nov 1915 at Holy Trinity Church, Plevna

4859-15 Albert Hartman HINCH, 21, clerk, Odessa, Kingston, s/o Thomas Albert HINCH & Georgina HARTMAN, married Helen BUCK, 18, Sydenham, Kingston, d/o William BUCK & Emma CUMMINGS, witn: Thomas REDMUND & Lillian SCOTT, both of Kingston, 3 May 1915 at Kingston

004860-15 Pat HOGAN, 29, Pittsburgh Twp, same, farmer, s/o Patrick HOGAN & Ellen KEENAN, married Annie Tressa BURNASH, 20, Pittsburgh Twp, same, d/o John BURNASH & Hattie MARSH, witn John HOGAN of Pittsburgh, Lena BURNASH of Dufferin, married 9 Nov 1915, Kingston Mills (Cath) 4847-15 John HOGAN, 20, Gillamburg? Ont., Kingston, s/o William HOGAN & Jane ACKLEY, married Gladys BARROW, 18, Stirling, Kingston, d/o Din BARROW & Hannah BOWEN, witn: Ernest WEAVER of 165 Victoria St. & Bessie HANAH (Hannah?) of 106 Montreal St., 24 Nov 1915 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
4873-15 Alfred Edward JOHNSON, 26, teacher, Kingston, same, s/o George JOHNSON & Annie Jane JACKSON, married Mabel Marie SELBY, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Charles SELBY & Sarah Ann DUNN, witn: Chris & Edythe SELBY of 104 Gore St., 28 April 1915 at Kingston 4877-15 James KELLY, 39, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o Patrick KELLY & Ellen SIDLEY, married Elizabeth SMITH, 25, Pittsburgh twp., same, s/o James SMITH & Mary FAHEY, witn: Justin Flood WARBURTON of Lees Co. & Rose SMITH of Brewers Mills, 26 Jan 1915 at Brewers Mills Church


4875-15 Karl KESSLER, 35, soldier in 74th Hussars, Leyden Holland, Kingston, s/o Peter KESSLER & Elizabeth STURM, married Madeline WILSON, 23, North Kensington England, Kingston, d/o James WILSON & Annie CAVANAGH, witn: W. J. & Sarah Jane PENFOLD of 20 Earl St. Kingston, 1 March 1915 at Kingston
4876-15 Michael Patrick KEYES, 34, barber, widower, Brewers Mils, Kingston, s/o Michael KEYES & Elizabeth CURTIS, married Ethel Mary PRIOR, 29, Howe Island, Kingston, d/o Thomas PRIOR & Adelia KELLY, witn: Minnie KEYES of Kingston & Aloysius KEYES of Brewers Mills, 18 Jan 1915 at Kingston 4878-15 Percy KILLINGBECK, 22, farmer, Clarendon twp., Plevna, s/o Daniel KILLINGBECK & Margaret Ann THOMPSON, married Clara May JOHNSON, 19, Perth Road, Plevna, d/o George Edward JOHNSON & Marian LYONS, witn: Herman? KILLINGBECK of Plevna & Eva BOOTH of Denbigh, 15 July 1915 at Holy Trinity Church, Plevna
4874-15 Albert Ernest KNAPP, 47, dentist, Kepler? Ont., Kingston, s/o James F. KNAPP & Ann E. MURTON, married Sarah Harriet ANGLIN, 39, Kingston, same, d/o Samuel ANGLIN & Rebecca H. PHILLIPS, witn: M. E. BINNINGTON of Cataraqui & Carrie BEGINS? of Kingston, 22 Dec 1915 at Kingston  
4933-15 Alfred Charles MANN, 27, blacksmith's help, London England, Kingston, s/o Alfred William MANN & Elizabeth BOUDIER, married Emily Louise HAYTER, 24, Stratford England, Kingston, d/o Harry John HAYTER & Amelia illegible, witn: Walter John & Mabel HAYTER of 7 Cowdy St. in Kingston, 13 March 1915 at Kingston 4934-15 Charles Vincent MASSEY, 28, reporter, Toronto, same, s/o Chester Daniel MASSEY & Anna VINCENT, married Alice Stuart PARKIN, 35, Fredericton NB, Toronto, d/o George Robert PARKIN & Annie FISHER?, witn: George M. SMITH of Toronto & Maude E. GRANT of Kingston, 5 June 1915 at St. Georges Cathedral, Kingston
4937-15 James Francis McCANN, 27, mechanic, widower, Westport, Kingston, s/o Thomas McCANN & Elizabeth O'HARE, married Helena CASHMAN, 23, Railton, Kingston, d/o Michael CASHMAN & Sarah GAULEY, witn: Earl McCANN & Lucy MILNE, both of Kingston, 11 Oct 1915 at Kingston 4936-15 George Clatus McGOWAN, 25, mail clerk, Glenvale Ont., Kingston, s/o George McGOWAN & Eliza Jane PEW, married Elsie Pearl SHERMAN, 24, Hay Bay, Kingston, d/o John SHERMAN & Agnes GALT, witn: William SHERMAN of Napanee & illegible SHERMAN of 247 Montreal St., 25 Dec 1915 at 247 Montreal St., Kingston
  11438-21 Charles Earl McGUIRE, 21, soldier, Toronto, Kingston, s/o James Earl McGUIRE (b. Kingston) & Margaret Jane FLINT, married Mary Ellen KIRKHAM, 18, Mississippi Ont., Kingston, d/o William KIRKHAM (b. Mississippi) & Maudina FERGUSON?, witn: H. FURNEY? of Kingston & Kathleen CORNLETTE? of Belleville, 7 Dec 1921 at Kingston
#009700-16 (Frontenac Co): John McKINNON, 28, clergyman, Lake Ainslie NS, Halifax NS, s/o John McKINNON & Katherine MacLEAN, married Eileen WRIGHT, 23, Kingston, same, d/o John WRIGHT & Elizabeth GALBRAITH, witn: Myra F. DYDE of Kingston & A.J. WILSON of Napanee, 29 June 1916 at Kingston 4932-15 William Henry MELLOW, 58, widower, blacksmith, Mount Burgess Ont., Deseronto, s/o William J. MELLOW & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, married Charlotte RUEDY, 54, Ravenna Ohio, Kingston, d/o Conrad RUEDY & Barbara SCHMEIDLE, witn: Mary MITCHELL of Stewart St. & Agnes ANSLY of King St., (both Kingston), 31 March 1915 at Kingston
11437-21 Rupert Paul MILLAN, 27, dentist, of Kingston, s/o Denis J. MILAN (sic), business, & Mary BYRNE, married Mary Kathleen McCLAREN, 21? (24?), of Wolfe Island, d/o Daniel McLAREN (sic), farmer, & Mary MURPHY, witn: Norman MILAN of Kingston & Edna McLAREN of Wolfe Island, 1 Sept 1921 at Sacred Heart Church, Kingston 4935-15 Steward MURPHY, 25, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Jeremiah MURPHY & Clare MORGAN, married Loretto O'BRIEN, 20, Wolfe Island, same, d/o James O'BRIEN & Mary DEE, witn: Howard MURPHY & Mabel HOGAN, both of Wolfe Island, 9 Nov 1915 at Wolfe Island
4989-15 Harvey PELLETIER, 22, cook, Saint Esprit Que., Kingston, s/o Ludger PELLETIER & Valrie THOUIN, married Elizabeth FLINT, 18, Kingston, same, d/o Charles FLINT & Mary CRAWFORD, witn: Ludger & Rose PELLETIER, both of Kingston, 8 July 1915 at Kingston #009800-16 (Frontenac Co): James A. TRUEMAN, 38, widower, soldier, Kent England, Kingston, s/o Henry TRUEMAN & Rose BURROWS, married Violet REID, 37, Kent England, Kingston, d/o Samuel REID & Liza COSEL, witn: William TURNER of Artillery Pk Barracks & Violet CLARK of 24 Elgin St., 17 Oct 1916 at Kingston
11005-22 Joseph Franklin VANHOOSER, 20, laborer, Loughboro twp., Kingston, s/o Orval James VANHOOSER (b. Canada) & Mary DOCTEUR, married Violet Ann WHAN, 21, Sharbot Lake, same, d/o John WHAN (b. Canada) & Violet Ann BABCOCK, witn: Helen CAIN & Nellie M. BELL, both of Kingston, 2 Feb 1912 at Kingston 11003-22 Earl VANKOUGHNETT, 21, laborer, Perth Road, Kingston, s/o George VANKOUGHNETT & Emma GREEN, married Grace WASH, 19, Mason Kent England, Kingston, d/o William WASH & Anna BAHEN (s/b Bacon), witn: Charles & Pearl WHITMORE of 215 Lower Rideau St. Kingston, 3 Feb 1922 at 91 Colborne St., Kingston