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Essex  Co., 1925, part 5

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9911-25 Armond BACON, 29, laborer, St. Joachim, Tecumseh, s/o Joseph BACON & Helene LALIBERTE, married Emma JACQUES, 24, Tecumseh, same, d/o Gustav JACQUES & Celina SYLVESTRE, witn: Walter TOUSIGNAUT & Elmire JACQUES, both of Tecumseh, 23 Feb 1925 at Tecumseh 9905-25 Hector BASTIEN, 26, farmer, Loiselleville, same, s/o Frank BASTIEN & Elizabeth MELOCHE, married Eveline BENETEAU, 20, McGregor, Loiselleville, d/o Albert BENETEAU, farmer, & Christine BRUNETTE, witn: Eugene BASTIEN of McGregor & Beatrice BENETEAU of Loiselleville, 12 May 1925 at Loiselleville
9914-25 Louis BEAUDOIN, 38, farmer, Loiselleville, same, s/o Alex BEAUDOIN & Elizabeth BENETEAU, married Charlotte GIGNAC, 35, Sandwich, La Salle, d/o Albert GIGNAC & Josephine CHARETTE, witn: Harry BEAUDOIN of Loiselleville & Cecile GIGNAC of La Salle, 2 Feb 1925 at La Salle 9906-25 Ulysse BENETEAU, 24, farmer, Loiselleville, same, s/o Remi BENETEAU & Celina DROUILLARD, married Blanche LEFRANCOIS, 21, Stoney Point, Loiselleville, d/o Hormidas LEFRANCOIS & Edwidge LANDRY, witn: Oscar BENETEAU & Louise DROUILLARD, both of Loiselleville, 12 May 1925 at Loiselleville
9909-25 Levis BENOIT, 21, widower, farmer, St. Joachim, McGregor, s/o Elmer BENOIT & Malvina BEAULIEU, married Olive HAMELIN, 18, McGregor, same, d/o Levis HAMELIN & Hermina DORE, witn: Albert HAMELIN of McGregor & Agnes BEAULIEU of St. Joachim, 17 Feb 1925 at McGregor [divorced 3/9/52] 9916-25 Armand BENSEBBE (Beusebbe?), 24, farmer, Windsor, same, s/o Paul BENSEBBE & Alphonsine FORTIER, married Delia DUFOUR, 17, McGregor, same, d/o Pierre DUFOUR & Elmire DICAIRE, witn: Ernest DUFOUR of McGregor & Olive GIORDIN of Loiselleville, 16 Nov 1925 at McGregor
9918-25 Frederic BOUTEILLER, 25, druggist, Tecumseh, same, s/o Frederic BOUTEILLER & Marguerite MERO, married Rita THIBERT, 26, Tecumseh, same, d/o Edward THIBERT & Exerina DESROSIERS, witn: Alphonse THIBERT of Tecumseh & Aileen FINN of Windsor, 28 Dec 1925 at Tecumseh 9910-25 Alfred BOUFFARD, 22, laborer, Noelville, Ford, s/o Jules BOUFFARD & Lida RACINE, married Grace McNAUGHTON, 18, of Sandwich East, d/o Willie McNAUGHTON & Elizabeth LETOURNEAU, witn: Alfred LACHANCE of Elmstead & Emma BOUFFARD of Ford, 24 Feb 1925 at Tecumseh
9913-25 Eugene BOUTET, 20, auto worker, Stoney Point, Windsor, s/o Alexander BOUTET & Louise DESMARAIS, married Lottie MARENTETTE, 19, Walkerville, same, d/o Fred MARENTETTE & Melvina BEAUSOLEIL, witn: Edward MARENTETTE of Walkerville & Cecile BOUTET of Windsor, 3 Feb 1925 at Walkerville 9915-25 David Thomas William BRAITHWAIT, 30, painter, Newcastle Ontario Tyne England, Walkerville, s/o William Henry BRAITHWAIT & Elizabeth DUNCAN, married Elizabeth Gunn WHITE, 29, widow, Teignmouth England, Ford City, d/o Christopher Huntley ELLIS & Mary Gunn WEBSTER, witn: Percy BRAITHWAIT & Amelia ELLIS, both of Walkerville, 19 Sept 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
9908-25 Alphie Leroy BRAY, 25, laborer, Big Point - Kent Co., Ford, s/o Joseph BRAY & Julie MAYAIS, married Marie Laura Christine CHENIER, 17, Thurso, Ford, d/o Nicholas CHENIER & Sophie GIROUX, witn: Eugene BOUCHARD & Beatrice LAMOUREUX, both of Ford, 13 April 1925 at Ford 9958-25 Robert Harold CAIRNS, 24, clerk, Odessa Ont., Walkerville, s/o Robert CAIRNS, b. Canada & Louis TIMMERMAN, married Lillian GRAY, 30, book keeper, Medonte twp., 9 Temple Ave in Toronto, d/o Joseph GRAY, b. Canada & Nellie CAMPBELL, witn: W. MAGWOOD of 93 Lincoln Rd & L. P. MAGWOOD of Walkerville, 1 Aug 1925 at Walkerville
9960-25 Thomas Roch CAMPBELL, 26, salesman, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Robert CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Mary McLELLAN, married Annie HAMILTON, 26, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Henry HAMILTON, b. Scotland & Agnes McCULLOUGH, witn: Barbara STEEL & David CAMPBELL, both of Walkerville, 27 Aug 1925 at Walkerville 9961-25 Alexander CAMPBELL, 21, textile worker, Renton Scotland, Walkerville, s/o James CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Emily McGLASHAN, married Mary HOMME, 22, phone operator, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o Leonard HOMME, b. Scotland & Cecilia PANLEY (Paisley?), witn: Jessie & William SIM of Sandwich, 21 Aug 1925 at Sandwich
9922-25 Clifford John CAMPBELL, 31, street car operator, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Farquhar CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Agnes McLANGAN, married Florence Violet TURNER, 19, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o James TURNER, b. Ont & Jessie HOUGHTON, witn: Frank E. SCOTT of Windsor & Francis TURNER of Walkerville, 8 Sept 1925 at Walkerville 9947-25 Albert CAMPBELL, 29, clerk, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Charlotte BOOTH, married Gertrude May WEBB, 30, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o J.W. WEBB, b. Ont & Edith WING, witn: W. MULL of Walkerville & Vera ARNOLD of Windsor, 27 June 1925 at Walkerville
9925-25 Archie CAMPBELL, 25, farmer, Parry Sound Dist., Colchester South, s/o Donald CAMPBELL, b. Canada & Annie McEACHERN, married Florence Annabell WHITE, 19 (b. 9 June 1906), Colchester South, same, d/o Stephen WHITE, b. Canada & Emma GRANGER, witn: Duncan CAMPBELL of Cottam & Marion DONNELLY of Amherstburg, 12 Dec 1925 at manse, Essex [re bride: "my parents would sign anything relating to my marriage"] 9939-25 John S. CARROLL, 21, teacher, Victoria Co. Ont., Colchester South, s/o Martin CARROLL, b. Ont & Josephine FITZPATRICK, married Lavina BAILEY, 19, Anderdon twp., Colchester South, d/o Frank BAILEY, b. Ont & Margaret HEATON, witn: Tormey & Catherine HAMILTON of Amherstburg, 13 April 1925 at Amherstburg
9955-25 Thomas William CATHERINE, 22, switchman, Deptford - Kent England, Sandwich, s/o Richard William CATHERINE, b. England & Elizabeth COUSINS, married Eliza Ann BAREFOOT, 20, clerk, Greenwich - Kent England, Sandwich, d/o John Thomas BAREFOOT, b. England & Eliza STANDFORD, witn: Richard William & Charlotte CATHERINE of Sandwich, 16 July 1925 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich 9923-25 Frank Albert CAYEA, 24, core maker, Sandwich, same, s/o Frank CAYEA, b. Ont & Emma OIELLETTE, married Laura Hellen WINGES (Winger?), 21, Ottawa East, Sandwich, d/o William WINGES, b. Germany & Harriett SCHLOTSMAN (Schtolsman?), witn: Anthony & May PARE of Sandwich, 8 Aug 1925 at Sandwich
9976-25 Alexis CAZA, 22, laborer, St. Joachim, same, s/o Leon CAZA & Louise PARENT, married Lucia GARAND, 21, Staples, Tilbury West twp., d/o Napoleon GARAND & Louisianna LAPORTE, witn: Noe CAZA of St. Joachim & Eugenie GARAND of Comber, 25 May 1925 at Staples 9985-25 Ben CELOTTO, 30, barber, Italy, Windsor, s/o Henrico CELOTTO & Louisa INFANTI, married Louise FERRARI, 22, machine operator, Sandwich, same, d/o Louis FERRARI & Mary FERRARI, witn: William McINTOSH & Rose FERRARI, both of Sandwich, 25 Nov 1925 at Sandwich
9942-25 Albert Edward CHALCRAFT, 23, laborer, Kent Bridge Ont., Walkerville Junction, s/o Gilbert Hazy CHALCRAFT, b. Canada & Polly DELINE, married Sarah Louise GARROD, 18, domestic, Walkerville, Sandwich East, d/o Samuel James GARROD, b. Canada & Ada Jane PEAREN, witn: Violet & Percy COOMBS of Walkerville, 2 May 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 9927-25 Henry CHAMBERS, 24, printer, England, Windsor, s/o Alfred CHAMBERS, b. England & Dorothy CHILVERS, married Gwendolyn HOWCROFT, 27, England, Windsor, d/o Charles HOWCROFT, b. England & Elizabeth FOLEY, witn; V. DESSARY & Annie GILCHRIST, both of Windsor, 26 Dec 1925 at Walkerville
9978-25 Charles CHAPUT, 26, laborer, St. Prede Bagot Que., Ford, s/o Charles CHAPUT & Delphine DESAUTELS, married Laurina COMARTIN, 21, Temisamingue Nord Que., St. Joachim, d/o Napoleon COMARTIN & Lumina DUPUIS, witn: Azarias CHAPUT of Tilbury & Napoleon COMARTIN of St. Joachim, 19 May 1925 at St. Joachim 9981-25 Leonard CHARETTE, 51, widower, plasterer, Ste. Marguerite du Lac Que., Sandwich West twp., s/o Baptiste CHARETTE & Rose Anne GUENETTE, married Marie Emma TALBOT, 49, widow, Amherstburg, Courtright, d/o John GRONDIN & Mariah RAYMOND, witn: Aldige LAROUX & Leo BROUSSEAU, both of Sandwich West twp., 10 May 1925 at Sandwich
9966-25 John CHAUSSE, 25, farmer, Lethbin? Manitoba, Colchester South twp., s/o Joseph CHAUSSE, b. Quebec & Mary CADIEUX, married Gladys Elien DODGE, 19, Colchester South, same, d/o Henry DODGE, b. Ont & Elizabeth ROCHERY?, witn: Brandon? McFADDEN & Mary A. IRWIN, both of Kingsville, 16 Nov 1925 at Kingsville 9972-25 Alexander CHEVALIER, 21, laborer, Stoney Point, Sandwich, s/o Alexander CHEVALIER & Elizabeth LABADIE, married Mary FIELDS, 14, Sandwich East, same, d/o Daniel FIELDS & Marie BELLANT, witn: Edgar CHEVALIER of South Woodslee & Marie PARENT of Walkerville, 19 Oct 1925 at Ford
9957-25 Robert CLELLAND, 31, mechanic, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James CLELLAND, b. Scotland & Margaret GIBSON, married Jean Rae WYLIE, 27, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o John WYLIE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MORTON, witn: James McARDLE of 1056 Tuscarora St. & Mrs. J. McARDLE of 380 Monmouth Rd., 31 July 1925 at Walkerville 9984-25 Narcisse CLOUTIER, 28, contractor, St. Narcisse Que., Windsor, s/o Joseph CLOUTIER & Josephine LEDOUX, married Laura ALLARD, 27, Central Falls RI, St. Joachim, d/o Octavien ALLARD & Emelie ALLARD, witn: Edmond CLOUTIER of Ottawa & Octavien ALLARD of St. Joachim, 7 Sept 1925 at St. Joachim
9956-25 Russell Clarence COOPER, 24, mechanic, Ontario, Sandwich, s/o Thomas COOPER & Christena GALE, married Ethel Eunice HOENSHELL, 19, Illinois, Windsor, d/o Daniel HOENSHELL & Emma PEACOCK, witn: Fred E. & Mrs. J.E. HOLMES of Sandwich, 24 Aug 1925 at Sandwich 9950-25 Clarence A. COOPER, 22, shipping clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James Russell COOPER, b. Ont & Lillian May ORMSBY, married Lila R. GEAUVREAU, 16, Ontario, Windsor, d/o David GEAUVREAU, b. Ont & Lucille Agnes PATTERSON, witn: Maude E. McCORMICK & Eleanor C. MOORE, both of Amherstburg, 25 June 1925 at Amherstburg
9924-25 James COOPER, 23, mechanic, Eastbourne Sussex England, Kingsville, s/o Frederick W. COOPER, b. England & Minnie KITCHEN, married Ethel Mary RUTTER, 19, Newcastle on Tyne, Kingsville, d/o Errrington MARSH (sic), b. Ireland & Ethel M. DARRITY, witn: Harry COOPER & Mary HIGGINS, both of Kingsville, 31 Dec 1925 at Kingsville 9943-25 George Burton COPELAND, 25, sales manager, Windsor, same, s/o Frank Lyle COPELAND, b. Ont & Clarice WHITE, married Hazel Marguerite NEAL, 24, Windsor, same, d/o William Hughes NEAL, b. Ont & Margaret Belle CURTIS, witn: Elizabeth Ann LUCAS of Petrolia & Minnie E. WESTGATE of Sandwich, 14 April 1925 at Sandwich
9983-25 Ernest Joseph COUVILLON, 23, carpenter, Ojibway, Sandwich, s/o Jean Baptiste COUVILLON & Celestine SOULLIERE, married Cecelia LARIVIERE, 18, Comber, Sandwich, d/o Alfred LARIVIERE & Nellie BEAUSEJOUR, witn: Henry FERRARI & Agnes COUVILLON, both of Sandwich, 22 Sept 1925 at Sandwich 9931-25 Morley Franklin COY, 23, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Richard Alderson COY, b. Ont & Ida Parker GETTY, married Mildred Kathleen BRADLEY, 21, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o John E. BRADLEY, b. Ont & Goldie ROGER, witn: Muriel Elizabeth & Norman MacDONALD of Windsor, 2 Sept 1925 at Sandwich
9979-25 Rossmond Wilfred COYLE, 36, widower, carpenter, Anderdon twp., Sandwich, s/o Patrick COYLE & Emma BONDY, married Josephine Agnes BOUFFARD, 31, Amherstburg, Sandwich, d/o Joseph BOUFFARD & Lucy TOMILSON (Tomlinson?), witn: Joseph PINEAU of Windsor & Patrick COYLE of McGregor, 11 May 1925 at Sandwich 9967-25 Bert George CRACKNELL, 29, machinist, Eye Suffolk, Walkerville, s/o Frederick CRACKNELL & Kate SCRIVNER, married Gladys Isabel CUTTING, 25, Ipswich Suffolk, Windsor, d/o Charles CUTTING & Ellen GARRAND, witn: Frank L. BARBER? & Hester FOX, both of Walkerville, 5 Nov 1925 at Walkerville
9919-25 Morris William CRAFTS, 20, farmer, Kingsville, same, s/o E.W. CRAFTS, b. Chatham Ont & Ella M. BATTERSHIL, married Hazel Susan IRWIN, 22, Maidstone twp., Gosfield South, d/o Everton IRWIN, b. Essex Ont & Sarah M. TOTTEN, witn: Jean LIVINGSTONE of Toronto & Mrs. J. MARSHALL of Kingsville, 18 Aug 1925 at Kingsville 9959-25 Harvey CRANDON, 24, carpenter, Wiarton Ont., Windsor, s/o John CRANDON, b. Ont & Jemima HENRY, married May CLATTENBURG, 24, Halifax NS, Windsor, d/o Charles CLATTENBURG, b. Canada & Margaretta McNEIL, witn: Mrs. A.B. & Jeanne VINCENT of Walkerville, 28 Aug 1925 at Walkerville
9986-25 Loyld (Lloyd?) CRANSTON, 21, auto body builder, Amherstburg, Detroit, s/o Williams CRANSTON & Emma GRONDIN, married Cecile BESSETTE, 18, Loiselleville, same, d/o Louis BESSETTE, farmer, & Eliza GAGNON, witn: Joseph BESSETTE of Loiselleville & Pearl CRANSTON of Amherstburg, 24 Nov 1925 at Loiselleville 9953-25 Herbert Garfield CRAWFORD, Wiarton Ont., Kingsville, s/o Hugh CRAWFORD & Rebecca JOHNSON, married Beatrice Minnie GRENVILLE, 20, Mount Clemens, same, d/o Joseph GRENVILLE & Alvina DUBOY, witn: Viola & E.R. McCAY of Kingsville, 21 July 1925 at Kingsville
9975-25 Stephen CULL, 29, laborer, Fog? Nfld., Kingsville, s/o Elijah CULL & Mary HEWITT, married Mary Ann O'GRADY, 23, Manchester England, Kingsville, d/o John O'GRADY & Mary DELANEY, witn: Charles Frederick SANGER & Miss Jane DARGON, both of Kingsville, 6 June 1925 at Leamington 9929-25 Lawrence Wilfred CUMMINGS, 29, Gosfield South twp., same, s/o Siltz Norman CUMMINGS, b. Colchester twp., & Annie Mary PARSONS, married Annie PEARSON, 20, England, Colchester North, d/o Richard Walter PEARSON, b. Ble--? England & Elizabeth KNIGHT, witn: Hattie CRONMILLER & Mrs. J.E. REID, both of Essex, 20 Aug 1925 at manse, Essex
9921-25 John Alex CUTHBERT, 31, accountant, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Alexander CUTHBERT, b. Scotland & Mary PRANGLEY, married Clare KINKEAD, 31, Iowa, Walkerville, d/o Robert KINKEAD, b. USA & Ida MITCHELL, witn: William & Violet BREWER of 26 Dakotah Drive, 14 Aug 1925 at Walkerville 9954-25 Philippe CYR, 33, cartage, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John CYR, b. Baie St. Paul Que & Catherine FUGERE, married Julia MENARD, 16 on 3 May 1925, New Hampshire, Ford, d/o Trefle MENARD, b. New Richmond Que & Georgianna LECLAIRE, witn: Trefle MENARD & Minnie SHEA, both of Ford, 6 Aug 1925 at Ford
10007-25 George Albert DAVIS, 21, clerk, Adrian Mich., Detroit, s/o George Smith DAVIS & Daisy BAILEY, married Jeanette Marie DONLON, 19, factory hand, Sandwich, same, d/o George DONLON (Doulon?) & Caroline DUFOUR, witn: James A. DONLON & Louise DUFOUR, both of Sandwich, 9 Nov 1925 at Sandwich 9992-25 DeWitt Clinton DERBY, 37, salesman, Selkirk Ont., Detroit, s/o Millard F. DERBY, b. Thorold & Annette SMITH, married Addie M. SHEPLEY, 29, Ontario, Amherstburg, d/o Lawrence W. SHEPLEY, b. Malden twp & Emma AIKIN, witn: P. W. CURRY of Cleveland Ohio & G.F. SHEPLEY of Amherstburg, 15 Aug 1925 at Amherstburg
10010-25 Michael DEVITT, 24, auto worker, Dublin Ireland, Detroit, s/o Michael DEVITT & Catherine FOLEY, married Margaret LYONS, 26, Lancashire England, Walkerville, d/o John LYONS & Margaret FOX, witn: George NORRIS & Rose LYONS, both of Walkerville, 17 Sept 1925 at Walkerville 10001-25 John R. DICKERSON, 23, laborer, Amherstburg, same, s/o John E. DICKERSON, b. Bridge Port NJ & Annie HAMILTON, married Merle WOODSON, 20, Amherstburg, same, d/o Daniel WOODSON, b. New Canaan Canada & Annie DAVIS, witn: Charles MARSHALL & Jennie V. SCOTT, both of Amherstburg, 12 July 1925 at Amherstburg
10013-25 Alessio DIDONE, 25, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Fortunato DIDONE & Manora FAREDA, married Lucy FERRARI, 18, factory hand, Windsor, same, d/o Peter FERRARI & Philomene FERRARI, witn: Marion GIOVANNI & Edith TOUSIGNANT, both of Windsor, 26 Dec 1925 at Sandwich 9993-25 Earl Henry Charles DODDS, 21, laborer, Ontario, Sandwich East twp., s/o James Albert DODDS, b. Ont & Emma Edith PRINCE, married Dorothy Mary MacNAUGHTON, 20, Toronto, Sandwich East, d/o Peter MacNAUGHTON, b. Scotland & Isabella HENDERSON, witn: Russel & Olive SWAN of Ford, 21 March 1925 at 131 Pillette Rd., Ford
9988-25 Philip J. DOLAN, 36, MCRR switch man, Bracebridge Ont., Windsor, s/o Martin DOLAN, b. Windsor & Winifred FENN, married Edith R. MACKINTOSH, 27, stenographer, New York City, Windsor, d/o Edward MACKINTOSH, b. Windsor & Laura CORNETT, witn: Arnold SCHNEIDER of Detroit & William SHEEHAN of Lakewood Ohio, 27 Jan 1925 at Assumption College 9997-25 William DONALDSON, 28, grocer, Teeswater Ont., Kingsville, s/o David DONALDSON & Janet ELLIOT, married Etta Irene COOK, 26, Gosfield North, Leamington, d/o William COOK, b. Essex & Ida BRUNER, witn: Mrs. B.H. ROBINSON & Mrs. Clara BRANTON, both of Leamington, 16 April 1925 at Leamington
10009-25 Wilfrid DORE, 25, Pointe aux Roches, McGregor, s/o Telesphore DORE & Rose GIRARD, married Louise MELOCHE, 16, McGregor, same, d/o Fardine MELOCHE & Marcelline BASTIEN, witn: Raymond MELOCHE & Rose Anna HAMEL, both of McGregor, 21 April 1925 at McGregor 9996-25 David Burns DRUMMOND, 32, widower, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o James DRUMMOND, b. Ont & Jane IMESON, married Annie HYATT, 27, widow, Kent Co. Ont., Wheatley, d/o Alfred WALES & Ida PICKLE, witn: Bessie RAWLINS & Mary O'DELL, both of Leamington, 14 April 1925 at Leamington
10008-25 Joseph William DUCHARME, 24, fisherman, Tecumseh, Riverside, s/o Regis DUCHARME & Sarah SOULLIERE, married Marie Bertha LABUTE (Labrete?), 19, Belle River, Riverside, d/o Maxime LABUTE & Josephine CHAMPAGNE, witn: Real DUCHARME of Tecumseh & Mabel LABUTE of Riverside, 4 Aug 1925 at Ste. Rose Church, Riverside 10011-25 Leo DUFOUR, 26, day laborer, Loiselleville, same, s/o Theodore DUFOUR & Elizabeth DROUILLARD, married Mabel GAGNON, 16, Loiselleville, same, d/o Henri GAGNON & Adeline MENARD, witn: Achille PARE & Eva MENARD, both of Loiselleville, 1 Sept 1925 at Loiselleville
10021-25 Emmett William EADS, 30, laborer, Warsaw Missouri, town of Essex, s/o Thomas J. EADS, b. Virginia & Malinda COX, married Dora EDDS, 20, Conroy Ohio, town of Essex, d/o James Andrew EDDS, b. Kentucky & Sarah Catherine WILSON, witn: James Andrew EDDS & Verda Lucretia EADS, both of Essex, 29 Aug 1925 at manse, Essex 10020-25 Elvin G. EAKES, 23, laborer, North Carolina, Oxford - Grambillle Co NC, s/o Robert EAKES, b. USA & Nannie B. TILLOTSON, married Grace May NELSON, 18, Ontario, Cottam, d/o Rainer NELSON & Gertha M. MONK, witn: Helen TILLOTSON of Leamington & Lawrence NELSON of Cottam, 16 May 1925 at Cottam
10026-25 Harvey Michael ELLERKER, 25, book keeper, Forest Ont., Detroit, s/o George ELLERKER & Emma BYRNE, married Margaret Sylvia Genevieve Teresa Agla McPHERSON, 23, Kingsville, Windsor, d/o Peter S. McPHERSON & Genevieve AGLA, witn: Garfield Ira ELLERKER of Detroit & Jessie M. BUTCHER of Walkerville, 14 Oct. 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10016-25 Durward Bodron ELLIOTT, 24, chauffeur, Mitchell - Perth Co., Rosleand - Essex Co., s/o James Franklin ELLIOTT, b. Ont & Ellen AGAR, married Velma Edna Irene TAYLOR, 18, St. Thomas, Roseland, d/o Frederick John TAYLOR, b. Ont & Rosetta GRAY, witn: Clarence Lloyd ELLIOTT of Windsor & Hazel Lucinda WASHBROOK of Ford, 24 Nov 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
10024-26 Harry ELLIS, 27, checker, Plymouth England, Sandwich, s/o Harry ELLIS, b. Devon England & Mary Ann PARKER, married Florence DENT, 28, machinist, Salford England, Sandwich, d/o Albert DENT, b. Staffordshire England & Martha FAULKNER, witn: James CHAPMAN & Mrs. Phoebe ANCOTT?, both of Sandwich, 14 Nov 1926 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich 10023-25 Murray ELLISON, 23, machinist, Halifax NS, Smith Falls Ont., s/o William ELLISON, b. St. John NB, & Agnes JONES, married Anna WEBB, 22, Smith Falls, same, d/o William WEBB, b. Ont & Mary LETT, witn: George A. ELLIOTT & Charles W. GUNN, both of Sandwich, 15 Sept 1925 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich
10025-25 Leo Ilind EMERY, 23, farmer, Tilbury, Rochester twp., s/o Ambroise EMERY & Clarisse PLANTE, married Frances BEAULIEU, 20, Rochester twp., same, d/o Alexander BEAULIEU & Agnes BROKER, witn: Herby BEAULIEU of St. Joachim & Florence EMERY of South Woodslee, 12 Oct 1925 at St. Joachim 10018-25 George ERVIN, 44, decorator, Liverpool England, Walkerville, s/o Ernest ERVIN, b. England & Maria TAYLOR, married Edith MIKKELSEN, 29, Liverpool England, Walkerville, d/o James MIKKELSEN, b. Denmark & Mary JONES, witn: L.H. THOMPSON of Detroit & Elizabeth BROWN of 97 Lincoln Rd., 26 Jan 1925 at Walkerville
10017-25 Alfred EVANS, 22, salesman, England, Windsor, s/o Alfred EVANS, b. England & Mary COOPER, married Marietta L. FOWLER, 20, England, Windsor, d/o William Alfred COOPER (sic) & Maria WILLIS, witn: Evelyn Abbie BROWN of Detroit & William Alfred FOWLER of Windsor, 5 Dec 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10019-25 Joseph Walter Francis EVANS, 19, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Nelson EVANS, b. Mersea twp & Myrtle McKINSIE?, married Ula Fay SQUIRE, 18 on 14 April 1925, Gosfield South, Leamington, d/o Herbert SQUIRE, b. Essex Co Ont & Jennie HICKNALL, witn: Mr. J.J. CLARK & Mrs. B.H. ROBINSON, both of Leamington, 2 June 1925 at Leamington
10022-25 Harry Howard EVES, 29, dry cleaner, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Henry EVES, b. Ont & Cynthia Ann WILBUR, married Elizabeth Ann LISCOMBE, 31, England, Windsor, d/o James LISCOMBE, b. England & Martha BRUFORD, witn: Basil & Mabel BENNETT of Walkerville, 26 Aug 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville  
10030-25 Philip Hitsman FADER, 29, printer, Winchester Ont., Leamington, s/o Martin FADER, b. South Mountain Ont & Alice HITSMAN, married Lavinia Beatrice THOMPSON, 28, St. Thomas, Leamington, d/o Frank THOMPSON, b. Essex Co Ont & Nellie ROACHE, witn: Mrs. H. BARNBY & Mrs. E.M. ROBINSON, both of Leamington, 12 March 1925 at Leamington 10032-25 John FAIRHURST, 28, asbestos worker, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph FAIRHURST, b. England & Sarah Ann MEE, married Mabel Ellen WILLOCK, 26, England, Windsor, d/o John Joseph WILLOCK, b. England & Sarah BULLOCK, witn: Henry FAIRHURST & Mrs. Rose E. BREEZE, both of Windsor, 20 June 1925 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich (also 10044-25)
10027-25 William FAIRLEY, 24, auto trimmer, Belfast Ireland, Ford, s/o William FAIRLEY, b. Ireland & Elizabeth MUNRO, married Margaret Elizabeth WORMALD, 19, Leeds England, Ford, d/o William Henry WORMALD, b. Leeds England & Elinor WHIPP, wtn: Charles W. WORMALD & Martha McNeil FAIRLY, both of Ford, 12 Sept 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10038-25 Matthew FAULKNER, 31, marine engineer, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Matthew FAULKNER, b. Scotland & Sarah WILLIAMS, married Alexandria MacKENZIE, 28, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o William MacKENZIE, b. Scotland & Alexandria MacKENZIE, witn: Thomas BREWER of Detroit & Margaret IMRIE of Walkerville, 17 July 1925 at Walkerville
10038-25 Ivan FENNER, 22, farmer, Ruscombe, same, s/o Adam FENNER, b. Ruscombe & Agnes IRWIN, married Edith TOTTEN, 23, Woodslee, same, d/o William A. TOTTEN, b. Maidstone twp & Sarah Jane ELLIS, witn: Mrs. Agnes IRWIN of Ruscombe & Mrs. J. Melvin KEYS of South Woodslee, 28 July 1925 at Woodslee 10028-25 Harold Ray FERRISS, 23, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Herbert A. FERRISS, b. Colchester South & Elmira J. ARNER, married Ethel BARNETT, 22, Gosfield South, same, d/o George M. BARNETT, b. Gosfield South & Phoebe L. McGORMAN, witn: Miss Vera E. BARNETT & Clarence WHITE, both of RR3 Cottam, 25 Jan 1925 at Kingsville
10045-25 John Patrice Enoch FIELDS, 21, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Daniel FIELDS & Marie BELLANT, married Jean Genevieve SZEHENA (Stewart), 18, Poland, Sandwich East, d/o Joseph SZCHENA (Stewart) & Annie, witn: Alex CHEVALIER & Mary FIELDS, both of Sandwich East, 21 Sept 1925 at Ford 10043-25 Joseph Charles FIELDS, 18, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Daniel FIELDS & Olivene BREAULT, married Irene Marie ARQUETTE, 17, Sandwich East, Walkerville, d/o Israel ARQUETTE & Zovide PARENT, witn: Louis ARQUETTE of Walkerville & Adeline FIELDS of Sandwich Eat, 29 June 1925 at Ford
10037-25 Arthur K. FINNIE, 29, driver, Aberdeenshire, Ford, s/o Joseph FINNIE, b. Aberdeenshire Scotland & Annie KEITH, married Charlotte ALEXANDER, 19, clerk, Nottingham England, Ford, d/o James ALEXANDER, b. Tipperary Ireland & Rose WATERMAN, witn: Rose Anna & John Henry BANNISTER of Ford, 29 July 1925 at Ford 10036-25 Thomas FITZPATRICK, 50, widower, laborer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Henry FITZGERALD (sic), b. Ireland & Mary O'KEEFE, married Beatrice Mary BOWSKILL, 40, widow, England, Windsor, /d/o John W. SWITHERNBANK, b. England & Maria EASTBOURNE, witn: Bernard & Margaret BROPHY of Elsmere Ave in Windsor, 1 Dec 1925 at Walkerville
10035-25 Albert Edward FLINT, 22, deck hand, England, Windsor, s/o Albert FLINT, b. England & Margaret PERRY, married Dorothy Louise PARENT, 18, Windsor, same, d/o Joseph PARENT, b. Essex Co & Mary CRAWFORD, witn: Mrs. G. KERSEY of Walkerville & Hester CHERRY of 392 Lincoln Rd., 22 Dec 1925 at Walkerville 10046-25 James Delisle FORBES, 26, merchant, Windsor, same, s/o James Edward FORBES & Olive DELISLE, married Alice Isabel RITCHIE, 26, Westminster Ont., Ford, d/o Arthur RITCHIE & Jennie FLOWERS, witn: Edward MOORMAN of Detroit & Marie RITCHIE of Ford, 15 Sept 1925 at Ford
10047-25 Robert FORREST, 26, salesman, Algoma Co Mich., Walkerville, s/o William James FORREST & Mary Jane SILVERS, married Clara BENSETTE, 31, Walkerville, same, d/o Charles BENSETTE & Mary SHARRON (Sharrow?), witn: Hector C. & Hattie DROUILLARD of Windsor, 2 Sept 1925 at Walkerville 10031-25 Balfour FORTIER, 42, widower, engineer, Ontario, Amherstburg, s/o Edward FORTIER, b. Canada & Annie DOHERTY, married Pearl CORNWALL, 36, Ontario, Amherstburg, d/o Eherman CORNWALL, b. Canada & Rosannah LEPINE, witn: Bessie WRIGHT? & Norman CORNWALL, both of Amherstburg, 4 June 1925 at Amherstburg
10039-25 Reginald FOSTER, 68, widower, farmer, Mersea twp., Leamington, s/o William H. FOSTER, b. Essex Co Ont & Sarah Ann CROW, married Jane HYATT, 63, widow, Kent Co Ont., Leamington, d/o Charles GETTY, b. Ont & Phoebe HEALY, witn: Charles & Estella HYATT of Leamington, 15 Oct 1925 at Leamington 10034-25 Enoch W. FOSTER, 50, widower, carpenter, Pontiac - Oakland Mich., s/o John W. FOSTER, b. Nova Scotia & Malinda SMITH, married Catherine M. KRATZERT, 28, widow, book keeper, village of Blythe Ont., Walkerville, d/o William Portus HABKIRK, b. Huron Co Ont & Christena McNEIDIN, witn: Mrs. George KERSEY & Mrs. Roy GOSLIN, both of Walkerville, 5 Dec 1925 at Walkerville
10042-25 Joseph Leo FOUCHER, 21, machinist, Anderdon twp., Malden twp., s/o Peter FOUCHER & Rose MONGEAU, married Eva A. RENAUD, 25, Anderdon twp., same, d/o Henry RENAUD, farmer, & Annie LANGLOIS, witn: Noe DROUILLARD of McGregor & Marie FOUCHER of Amherstburg, 29 June 1925 at Amherstburg 10040-25 Norman Alger FOX, 28, street car operator, Colchester South, Detroit, s/o Nelson FOX, b. Colchester South & Jennie MARTIN, married Madelin EEDE, 21, Colchester South, same, d/o Leonard EEDE, b. Gosfield South & Mabel ATKIN, witn: Ruth EEDE & Alger B. FERRIS, both of Harrow, 28 Oct 1925 at Harrow
10041-25 Otto Bernard FUERTH, 32, widower, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Francis B. FUERTH, b. Canada & Elizabeth GIESS, married Alma Grace LACHINE, 19, Harwich twp., Maidstone twp., d/o Aloys LACHINE, b. Canada & Rose KEACH, witn: Bernard LACHINE & Lucy FUERTH, both of Woodslee, 31 Oct. 1925 at Woodslee 10029-25 Charles Sydney FYNNEY, 26, electrical engineer, England, Walkerville, s/o Charles Frederick FYNNEY, b. England & Annie BIRCH, married Rose Squibb SQUIRES, 21, England, Windsor, d/o James Squibb SQUIRES, b. England & Agnes YOUNG, witn: Arthur H. & Gertrude STEPHENSON of Detroit, 17 March 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
10078-25 Aeli GAGNIER, 27, farmer, St. Joachim, Pointe aux Roches, s/o Napoleon GAGNIER & Rose MINEAU, married Lillian MAILLOUX, 21, Pointe aux Roches, same, d/o Alfred MAILLOUX & Glorina BRISSET, witn: Edgar MAILLOUX of Pointe aux Roches & Edna GAGNIER of Windsor, 2 Feb 1925 at Pointe aux Roches 10076-25 Hector GAGNIER, 20, farmer, Pointe aux Roches, same, s/o Alfred GAGNIER & Marie GARANT, married Zovilla LE BER, 17, Pointe aux Roches, same, d/o Ovila LE BER & Leonie DUPUIS, witn: Leo LE BER & Rose TREMBLAY, both of Tilbury, 28 April 1925 at Pointe aux Roches
  10057-25 Ernest Melville GALLOWAY, 29, Maidstone twp., Gosfield South, s/o William GALLOWAY, b. Frontenac Co & Eliza WOLTZ, married Orma Maude WHALEY, 27, Gosfield South, same, d/o George WHALEY, b. Essex Co Ont & Mary KNOWLES, witn: Mrs. H. FOSTER & Mrs. E.M. ROBINSON, both of Leamington, 10 Jan 1925 at Leamington
10079-25 Paul GARANT, 29, checker on railroad, Stoney Point, Ford, s/o Paul GARANT & Christine BRUNEL, married Mary Alfreda MARCHAND, 20, Ashton RI USA, Ford, d/o George MARCHAND & Mary, witn: George A. MARCHAND of Ford & Angeline BLAIS of Windsor, 29 Sept 1925 at Ford 10069-25 Ernest GARANT, 21, assembler, Staples, Ford, s/o Joseph GARANT, b. Ont & Elzine CHENE, married Marie Valerie PLANTE, 20, Belle River, same, d/o Alexander PLANTE, b. Belle River & Marie Louise GUILBEAULT, witn: Rita GARANT of Sandwich East & Denis PLANTE of Belle River, 27 Oct 1925 at Ford
10081-25 Joseph Hector GARIEPY, 24, laborer, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o Napoleon GARIEPY & Louisa BONNIER, married Marie Laurea FORGET, 20, seamstress, Eastview Centre Ont., Sandwich, d/o Emery FORGET & Georgina VEZINA, witn: Albert GARIEPY of Windsor & Adrien LEBLANC of Sandwich, 26 Dec 1925 at Sandwich 10060-25 Stanley Ralph GARROD, 19, meat cutter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o George GARROD, b. England & Meretta MASON, married Ethel CABLE, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Robert CABLE, b Detroit & Mary BALL, witn: Roy GARROD of Chatham & Olive Grace DARLING of Windsor, 20 May 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
10059-25 William Norvell GATFIELD, 54, widower, manager, Anderdon twp., Sandwich, s/o William Henry GATFIELD, b. Canada & Jeanette NORVELL, married Joan GOODWILLIE, 18, England, Sandwich, d/o Thomas GOODWILLIE, b. England & Edith CHARMAN, witn: Ruth LAIRD & Olive McBRIEN, both of Essex, 8 April 1925 at Essex 10083-25 Joseph George GAUDETTE, 25, machinist, He--? North Que., Ford, s/o Alexandre GAUDETTE & Exlia BOULANGER, married Lottie Emma TESSIER, 19, North Adams, Ford, d/o Henri TESSIER & Rosa BICARDSON?, witn: Leo BAUDET & Marguerite TESSIER, both of Ford, 29 Dec 1925 at Ford
10077-25 Walter GENDRON, 23, baker, Staples, Windsor, s/o George GENDRON & Rose MASSE, married Lilian MAYVILLE, 18, River Rouge Mich., Windsor, d/o Archie MAYVILLE & Aglaie CHARETTE, witn: Hilton CHARETTE & Lavinia PARE, both of Windsor, 21 April 1925 at Sandwich 10053-25 Achille GERMEAU, 39, farmer, Belgium, South Woodslee, s/o Louis GERMEAU, b. Belgium & Adelaide KINAER, married Amandina DE GRAUVE, 32, Belgium, Detroit, d/o Charles DE GRAUVE, b. Belgium & Marie RUSSLIE, witn: H?, DIEMER & Agnes BYRNE, both of Woodslee, 28 Nov 1925 at Woodslee
10067-25 William Edward GIBSON, 22, machinist, Walkerville, Ford, s/o William GIBSON, b. Scotland & Emma LIVELY, married Edith GOYEAU, 17, Leamington, same, d/o Daniel GOYEAU, b. Ont & Myrtle ADAMS, witn: Leita GRENEY? (ink blot) & Mrs?. Myrtle GOYEAU, both of Leamington, 30 May 1925 at Leamington 10072-25 Ernest Joseph GIGNAC, 30, engineer, Anderdon twp., Amherstburg, s/o Thomas GIGNAC & Zoe MELOCHE, married Frida Rose ROBILLARD, 16, Amherstburg, same, d/o Louis Joseph ROBILLARD & Matilda Rose RENAUD, witn: Ulysses GIGNAC & Louise ROBILLARD, both of Amherstburg, 27 Oct 1925 at Amherstburg
10063-25 Lawrence Albert GILLANDERS, 22, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o James Edward GILLANDERS, b. Ont & Elizabeth WOLFE, married Clara Maud HAMMOND, 20, Scotland Ont., Leamington, d/o John Wilfred HAMMOND, b. Ont & Mabel MALCOLM, witn: Albert HAMMOND & Eva GILLANDERS, both of Leamington, 22 Aug 1925 at Leamington 10052-25 Eric Murray GILLANDERS, 19, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o William GILLANDERS, b. Kent Co Ont & Ellen DERBYSHIRE, married Mabel SHELDON, 20, Henry Co Ohio, Tilbury West, d/o Elsworth SHELDON, b. Michigan US & Catherine SNYDER, witn: Nelson SHELDON & Edith McKENZIE, both of Staples, 9 Dec 1925 at Wheatley
10073-25 Leo GIRARD, 24, laborer, McGregor, Windsor, s/o Jean GIRARD & Emilie POUGET, married Pearl PRIEUR, 17, McGregor, same, d/o Patrice PRIEUR & Delima MELOCHE, witn: Edouard PRIEUR & Almina GIRARD, both of Windsor, 28 July 1925 at McGregor 10068-25 Kenneth GLENDENNING, 45, widower, baker, Streetsville Junction Ont., Windsor, s/o John Henry GLENDENNING, b. Streetsville Junction & Emily ATKINSON, married Mrs. Sarah Smith BLAND, 28, widow, dress maker, Parton Cumberland England, Sandwich, d/o John BENSON, b. Parton Cumberland & Ann DOUGLAS, witn: John & Edith BURNS of Sandwich, 17 Oct 1925 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich
10080-25 Joseph Antoine Harold GODIN, 22, laborer, Cabano Que., Detroit, s/o Stanley GODIN & Addie WHITE, married Marie Florina CHIASSON, 26, Lamique NB, Ford, d/o Aime CHIASSON & Sarah LANTEIGNE, witn: J.W. McMANUS & Blanche GODIN, both of Detroit, 13 Aug 1925 at Ford 10061-25 Sidney Alexander Leonard GODWARD, 30, laborer, England, Kingsville, s/o not known, married Ada Elizabeth FORTESCUE, 33, widow, Northampton England, Kingsville, d/o John Henry SCHARPE (Scharfe?), b. England & Frances WILLIAMS, witn: William & Mrs. Bertha VINTER of Tilbury, 15 June 1925 at Tilbury North
10048-25 Denis GOODCHILD, 51, divorced widower, mariner, Colchester South, Amherstburg, s/o John Robert GOODCHILD, b. Canada & Mary Jane CALDWELL, married Emily BOLTON, 34, widow, Scotland, Amherstburg, d/o Joseph COLINSON, b. Scotland & Emily JARVIS, witn: Mary C. GOODCHILD & Mary BERNARD, both of Amherstburg, 22 Dec 1925 at Amherstburg 10062-25 William Henry GOODE, 23, shipper, Toronto, Niagara Falls NY, s/o Harry GOODE & Marie HOGEN, married Hazel GARROD, 18, Windsor, Ford, d/o Ernest GARROD, b. Canada & Mildred CROUCHMAN, witn: Floyd & Mrs. Floyd BUCHANAN of Sandwich, 27 June 1925 at Ford
10071-25 Thomas GORBOLD, 22, baker, East Plumstead - Essex England, Leamington, s/o Thomas GORBOLD, b. England & Elizabeth HOVIS, married Gladys May HARRISON, 18 on 1 Dec 1925, Burton on Trent England, Leamington, d/o Joseph Henry HARRISON, b. England & Sarah Elizabeth GREEN, witn: Mr. & Mrs Edward ASCOTT of Leamington, 12 Dec 1925 at Leamington [divorced 7 Dec 1933] [re bride: "my father objects to my marrying until I am older"] 10049-25 James Brouse GORDON, 41, machinist, Scotland, Detroit, s/o David GORDON, b. Scotland & Mary Ann BROWN, married Mary Cree BEATT, 30, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Alexander BEATT, b. Scotland & Jessie CREE, witn: Norman SHAND of Windsor & Eva WILLCOCKS of Detroit, 19 Sept 1925 at Walkerville
10082-25 Louis GOUDREAU, 23, laborer, Cap des Rosiers Gaspe Que., Sandwich, s/o Louis GOUDREAU & Rosa Belle COULOMBE, married Marie Louise Florence LAJOIE, 19, maid, Belle River, Sandwich, d/o Harry LAJOIE & Emelie L'ESPERANCE, witn: Wilfred KAVANAUGH & Albina GOUDREAU, both of Sandwich, 24 Nov 1925 at Sandwich 10084-25 Raymond GOUIN, 31, Sandwich East twp., Tecumseh, s/o Joseph GOUIN & Helene HEBERT, married Bertha DENOMEY, 23, Rochester twp., same, d/o Cyrille DENOMEY & Marselline MOUSSEAU, witn: Aurela DENOMEY of Rochester twp & Marguerite GOUIN of Tecumseh, 15 Sept 1925 at Belle River
10075-25 Robert GRAHAM, 26, lay out man, Scotland, Highland Park in Detroit, s/o William GRAHAM & Mary McGOVERN, married Hannah BOYLE, 27, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o James BOYLE & Catherine ALEXANDER, witn: Samuel GRAHAM of Detroit & Jean BOYLE of Walkerville, 2 June 1925 at Walkerville 10058-25 Orville GRANT, 32, laborer, Kingsville, Gosfield South, s/o John GRANT, b .Ont & Susan ROGERS, married Gertrude CUMMINGS, 25, Cottam, Gosfield North, d/o Celsus CUMMINGS, b. Ont & Mary Ann PARSONS, witn: Russel GRIGGS & Pearl CUMMINGS, both of Leamington, 14 Jan 1925 at Kingsville
10050-25 Abraham Franklin GREEN, 24, clerk, North Carolina, Walkerville, s/o George Edgar GREEN, b. Ont & Minnie FAGAN, married Helen Cornelia COLBY, 24, Detroit, Walkerville, d/o Archie Lyman COLBY, b. USA & Adda Margaret CLARK, witn: Herbert TILLMAN of Walkerville & Carol Mary RAEHM of Pontiac Michigan, 5 Sept 1925 at Walkerville 10066-25 Robert GREGORIEFF, 29, laborer, Klency Russia, Ford, s/o John GREGORIEFF, b. Russia & Warvara EFEMOWA, married Annie JEREMICKZ, 28, Grodno Russia, Ford, d/o Adam JEREMICKZ, b. Poland & Elva POTZACZALO?, witn: Alex PWANOWSKY of Cara Mich & Laura KOLENDA of Detroit, 1 Aug 1925 at St. Marys Church, Windsor
10056-25 Raoul GRENIER, 24, fireman, St. Flour Que., Ford, s/o Joseph GRENIER, b. Quebec & Georgianna BOURNIVAL, married Delia THIBERT, 17m Tilbury North, Ford, d/o Noe THIBERT, b. Quebec & Clara PELLETIER, witn: Noe THIBERT & Fortunat RICHARD, both of Ford, 9 March 1925 at Ford 10065-25 Ernest GROULX, 22, laborer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Alcid GROULX, b. Stoney Point & Josephine BLAIN, married Blanche PARE, 16, Ontario, La Salle, d/o Marie? PARE & Victoire BEAUSOLEIL, witn: Henry & Bella GROULX of Windsor, 29 July 1925 at La Salle
10054-25 Joseph Leo GUERIN, 22, laborer, Pointe aux Roches, Wallaceburg, s/o Isaac GUERIN & Marie TRUDEL, married Marie Violet DUFRESNE, 18, Pointe aux Roches, Ford, d/o Noe DUFRESNE & Marie LAWRENCE, witn: Clara & Raphel GUERIN of Wallaceburg, 30 Nov 1925 at Ford 10074-25 William GUERIN, 26, electrician, Standish Mich., Ecorce Mich., s/o Alfred GUERIN & Marcella DROUILLARD, married Helen CADORETTE, 18, McGregor, Amherstburg, d/o Frank CADORETTE & Alice DROUILLARD, witn: William & Cecile CADORETTE of Amherstburg, 15 June 1925 at Amherstburg
10055-25 John Wilfred GUNN, 21, laborer, Leamington, same, s/o Alexander GUNN, b. Essex Co Ont & Katherine MacAULEY, married Lila Mae DE LAURIER, Leamington, same, d/o David DE LAURIER, b. Essex Co Ont & Pearl SMITH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Carlyle DE LAURIER of Leamington, 24 Jan 1925 at Leamington 10070-25 Arthur Gerald GUNNING, 22, farmer, Ruthven, same, s/o William GUNNING, b. Ruthven & Grace SCRATCH, married Hazel May HICKEY, 19, Leamington, same, d/o Gordon HICKEY, b. Ont & Rosa SHEPHERD, witn: A.C. GUNNING of Ruthven & Miss W.G. ELLWOOD of Windsor, 5 Dec 1925 at Leamington
10064-25 Sydney Joseph GURR, 23, machine hand, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas GURR, b. England & Sarah Jane MILLINGTON, married Gertrude REX, 19, England, Windsor, d/o George James REX, v. England & Eliza Mary Ann LOVICK, witn: George GURR & Eliza M.A. REX, both of Windsor, 22 Aug 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10051-25 Frederick GUY, 32, machinist, Cornwall England, Windsor, s/o Benjamin GUY & Amelia HOCKING, married Lillian GORDON, 22, Ireland, Windsor, d/o George GORDON & Margaret CURRIE, witn: Keitha FISTER & Mrs. M. REEVES, both of Sandwich, 12 Oct. 1925 at Sandwich
10091-25 Percival HALL, 26, engineer, Dunston on Tyne England, Walkerville, s/o George Oliver HALL, b. England & Mary DAWSON, married Florence Agnes MADDEN, 27, dress maker, Blackpool England, Walkerville, d/o William John MADDEN, b. England & Annie HAYWARD, witn: A.E. Victor & Felcia GALLON of Walkerville, 5 Sept 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10103-25 Walter Herbert HALL, 24, seaman, England, Windsor, s/o Walter Herbert HALL, b. England & Annie OLDFIELD, married Sarah C. RICHARDSON, 22, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Michael Joseph RICHARDSON, b. Ireland & Wilhelmine O'NEIL, witn: Archibald MacKAY & Alice Maud PURDY, both of Windsor, 11 April 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
10107-25 John HALLEWICK, 26, railroad signal operator, Chernowitz Roumania, Ford, s/o George HALLEWICK, b. Roumania & Fanny MARDICK, married Fanny BORDIAN, 18, Chernowitz Roumania, Windsor, d/o John BORDIAN, b. Roumania & Mary SHINE, witn: Helen E. GOSLIN of Walkerville & Carslani YOROSHUK of Windsor, 11 June 1925 at Walkerville 10097-25 Frederick Gardiner HARRIS, 26, commercial traveller, Toronto, 264 Dunn Ave in Toronto, s/o J.J. HARRIS, b. USA & Wendredas MEEN, married Gretta Hudson O'NEIL, 25, nurse, Ontario, Oldcastle Ont., d/o Frank O'NEIL, b. Ont & Bertha CHURCH, witn: Chalmers Harper WEIR of Toronto & Dorothy O'NEIL of Paquette, 24 Sept 1925 at Sandwich
10095-25 Harry Wilfred HAVENS, 18, farmer, Leamington, same, s/o Eric HAVENS, b. Gosfield North & Lula WALES, married Dorothy HILLIER, 17, Gosfield North, Leamington, d/o James HILLIER, b. Gosfield North & Esther SHERK, witn: Florence Mark JONES of Windsor & Iva M. OXLEY of Kingsville, 30 Dec 1925 at Kingsville 10098-25 Nick HAWCHUK, 36, laborer, Bucowana Roumania, s/o Mick HAWCHUK, b. Roumania & Paraskeva KEFUK, married Katrina STAICHUK (or Strelchuk - both given), 29, Bucowana Roumania, Sandwich, d/o Alex STRELCHUK, b. Roumania & Efemia GARLICHUK, witn: George & Mary KARLECHUK of Windsor, 21 Feb 1925 at Russian Church Orthodox Greek
10105-25 Edward HEELEY, 27, tool machinist, England, Windsor, s/o John HEELEY, b. England & Clara EADS, married Violet HOLMES, 29, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Alfred PRUIET? (Prewett?), b. England & Ada Maud GAUDE, witn: Albert & Ethel ARKWELL of Amherstburg, 11 April 1925 at Amherstburg 10092-25 Harvey Gustave HEHN, 24, book keeper & clerk, Ontario, Elmira Ont., s/o George HEHN, b. Ont & Louisa HAMEL, married Alice Lenora BURKE, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Andrew BURKE, b. Ont & Levinia JOHNSTONE, witn: M.R. & Mrs. Angela WINTERS of Windsor, 2 Sept 1925 at Walkerville
10102-25 James Ross HENDERSON, 25, machinist, Wellington Co Ont., Walkerville, s/o William HENDERSON, b. Ont & Minnie STEINACHER, married Irene May CARNEGIE, 25, bank clerk, Lanark Ont., Windsor, d/o John CARNEGIE, b. Ont & Margaret LEGARY, witn: Mrs. Arthur & Arthur MORDEN of Windsor, 2 April 1925 at Walkerville 10101-25 Raymond Edward HICKS, 22, farmer, Maidstone twp., Gosfield North, s/o Henry HICKS, b. Ont & Carry CROMILLER (Cronmiller?), married Lila Pearl CLAUS, 18, Gosfield South, same, d/o Phillipe CLAUS, b. Cedar Springs Ont & Pearl LOCKWOOD, witn: Everett HICKS of Essex & Gloria CLAUS of Ruthven, 10 March 1925 at Olinda
10096-25 Leslie Gordon HILL, 224, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o William HILL, b. England & Helen HOOPER, married Dorothy Sarah NEWTON, 23, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas Henry NEWTON (deceased), b. England & Jessie Chadwick RYDE, witn: Alice Muriel COY & John Cecil ROWE, both of Windsor, 26 Sept 1925 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10086-25 Donald HILL, 26, machinist, Ben Lamond View - Johnstone Scotland, Walkerville, s/o James HILL b. Scotland & Janet HOLMES, married Annie Thompson PATON, 23 (b. 19 Dec 1901), office work, Greenock Scotland, Windsor, d/o John PATON, b. Scotland & Annie THOMPSON (married 16 June 1899 at Stirling), witn: Peter ARNOTT of Sandwich & Evelyn LINK of Detroit, 19 Dec 1925 at Walkerville
10089-25 Harold HILL, 23, chauffeur, Elmstead Ont., Essex, s/o John D. HILL & Josephine FRANK, married Dorothy MARKHAM, 19, Walkerville, Maidstone twp., d/o George MARKHAM & Anna McGUIRE, witn: Stephen DUNNE & Frances MARKHAM, both of Maidstone, 12 Sept 1925 at rectory, St. Marys Church, Maidstone 10106-25 Elmer HILLIER, 21, laborer at HJ Heinz Co., Cottam, Leamington, s/o James E. HILLER, b. Cottam & Esther Ann SHIRK, married Ruby Ellen KNISTER, 18 on 28 Oct 1925, Comber, Leamington, d/o Charles Henry KNISTER, b. Comber & Isabella HOPE, witn: Harry HAVENS & Dorothy HILLIER, both of Leamington, 20 May 1925 at Leamington
10090-25 George HOGAN, 47, farmer, Woodslee, same, s/o John HOGAN, b. Perth & Julie DONOVAN, married Veronica MULLINS, 40, widow, Woodslee, same, d/o John FOLEY, b. Peterborough & Julia DONNELY, witn: Aloysius & Stella McPHARLIN, of Woodslee, 4 Sept 1925 at Woodslee 10087-25 George Wilson HOLMES, 25, salesman, Windsor, same, s/o George Henry HOLMES, b. Ont & Margaret MacPHERSON, married Eula May CHURCH, 25, nurse, Sandwich, Sandwich West twp., d/o Charles Winchester CHURCH, b. Ont & Ada Belle GREENWAY, witn: Howard & Violet Irene HAYS of Walkerville, 11 Sept 1925 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich
10093-25 John HORNICK, 25, mechanic, Tilbury, Comber, s/o Johnson HORNICK b. Dresden Ont & Sarah LECHMAN, married Lilly Olive DODDS, 26, machine hand, Raleigh Ont., Windsor, d/o Edmund DODDS, b. Wroxeter Ont & Mary Elizabeth MALLORY, witn: George & Mrs. George WRIGHT of Comber, 26 Dec 1925 at Comber 10088-25 Stanley Victor HOUGH, 22, tool maker, England, Windsor, s/o Frank HOUGH, b. England & Ada LETHIERE, married Miriam Alice DENT, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Edward DENT, b. England & Miriam TAYLOR, witn: Hazel E. ADOLPH of Sandwich & Elsie M. CHAPMAN of Windsor, 5 Sept 1925 at Sandwich
10094-25 William George HOUGHTON, 24, clerk, London England, Harrow, s/o not known, married Winnifred Arleen HINSHAW, 20, Indiana, Harrow, d/o S.A. HINSHAW, b. Indiana US & Clara MOFFATT, witn: Mildred Elizabeth RICHARDSON & Leslie L. HINSHAW, both of Harrow, 13 Oct. 1925 at Harrow 10104-25 George Franklin HUFFMAN, 22, farmer, Raleigh twp., Harwich twp., s/o Archibald D. HUFFMAN, b. Canada & Rose SMITH, married Bertha Alice CLEVELAND, 19, Harwich twp., Cedar Springs, d/o George CLEVELAND, b. Canada & Margaret LANCASTER, witn: Christopher LESTER & Ann HUFFMAN, both of RR1 Blenheim, 18 April 1925 at Sandwich
10085-25 John Wesley HUGGARD, 25, farmer, Colchester North twp., same, s/o John HUGGARD & Mary NEIL, married Lillian Ann McLELLAN, 19, Hamilton Ont., town of Essex, d/o John McLELLAN & Annie L. SCHRAM, witn: William & Mrs. William HUGGARD of Essex, 28 Nov 1925 at Kingsville 10100-25 Carlisle HUNTER, 21, laborer, town of Essex, same, s/o Thomas HUNTER, b. Woodslee & Ellen KENNEDY, married Evelyn DEVEAU, 19, town of Essex, same, d/o Benjamin DEVEAU, b. St. Catharines & Amelia FOUNTAIN, witn: Herbert CADORETTE & Josephine DEVEAU, both of Essex, 16 Jan 1925 at manse, Essex
10099-25 Thomas Russel HURL, 23, mechanic, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Edward HURL, b. Ont & Isabelle KIDD, married Jean Lilian McGINNIS, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John McGINNIS, b. Scotland & Isabella ROACH, witn: Mrs. J. B. & J. Wendell CHAMPION, both of Maidstone, 30 Jan 1925 at Maidstone [divorced 19 May 1934] 009738-25 (Essex Co) Albert ST. ARMAND, Fireman, Port Arthur, Windsor, s/o Francis Xavier ST. ARMAND & Emma DUMAS; married Alice LANGFORD, 18, Sudbury, Windsor, d/o Julien LANGFORD & Amanda GUIMOND, wit Arthur ST. ARMAND & Jean MARCOTTE, both no place given, 10 Nov 1925, Windsor
010462-25 Francois Romuald STE. CROIX, 22, Labourer, Gaspe Quebec, Sandwich, s/o Eugene STE. CROIX & Adeline DUNN; married Marie Marceline O'CONNOR, 20, Maid, Gaspe Quebec, Sandwich, d/o Alphonse O'CONNOR & Eugene FORTIN; wit Louis GOUDREAU & Florence LAJOIE, both Sandwich, 6 Oct 1925, Sandwich 010463-25 Jermie ST. DENIS, 27, Labourer, Tilbury, Ford, s/o Avila ST. DENIS & Emma DUQUETTE; married Marie Diana Leontine LABONTE, 19, Tilbury, Ford, d/o Jacob LABONTE & Georgina DINELLE; wit Emily PATREZ, Ford City & Anna DUQUETTE, Tilbury, 14 Apr 1925, Ford
010451-25 George Arthur ST. JULIEN, 23, Farmer, Mersea twp, Gosfield North, s/o George ST. JULIEN (b. Quebec) & Mary HAYES; married Edna Nina McLENON, 22, Defiance Co. Ohio, Rochester, d/o Sylvester John McLENON (b. Mersea) & Mary SMITH; wit John Stanley PARKER & Marion Bernice McLENON, both Essex, 27 Jun 1925, Gosfield North 010454-25 Ernest ST. LOUIS, 38, Farmer, Tecumseh, Tecumseh, s/o William ST. LOUIS & Fanny BELLEPECHE; married Virginia LAROCQUE, 26, Windsor Mills Quebec, Walkerville, d/o Murat LAROCQUE & Exilda THERIAULT; wit Denis RIVARD, Maidstone & Marie LAROCQUE, Walkerville, 30 Jun 1925, Walkerville
010460-25 Armand ST. ONGE, 21, Labourer, Belle River, Belle River, s/o Adelard ST. ONGE & Delina GIRARD; married Martha DESJARDINS, 21, Tecumseh, Tecumseh, d/o John DESJARDINS & Adeline NANTAIS, wit Arthur ST. ONGE, Belle River & Catherine BEAUDOIN, Tecumseh, 6 Oct 1925, Tecumseh 010457-25 Joseph Alexis Walter ST. PIERRE, 22, Farmer, St. Joachim, Staple, s/o Joseph ST. PIERRE & Armene RISET; married Irene Rise Marie CHERNIER, 20, Thurso Que, Ford, d/o Nicholas CHERNIER & Sophie GIROIX; wit Joseph ST. PIERRE, Staples & Fred LAUZON, Windsor, 5 Jan 1925, Ford
010449-25 John Milton SADLER, 26, Labourer, Harrietsville, Detroit, s/o William SADLER (b. Harrietsville) & Matilda CHOATE; married Kitty Christina DALES, 28, Mersea twp, Mersea twp, d/o Wesley DALES (b. Mersea Twp) & Amelia OGLE; wit Annie E. SADLER, Mossley & Austin E. DALES, Blytheswood, 17 Aug 1925, Mersea 010432-25 Adam SALAS, 35, Moulder, Wid, Letvania Europe, Detroit, s/o George SALAS (b. Letvania) & Elizabeth GOLDERIAS; married Monika ROMANATO, 23, Letvania, Ford, d/o John ROMANATO, (b. Letvania) & Anna ROUBAS?; wit Joseph WEGANANSKAS & Regina RATKAS, both Detroit, 26 Dec 1926, Ford
009730-25 (Essex Co) Emil SANTIN, 24, Carpenter, Assana Italy, Ford City, s/o Angelo SANTIN & Madalina MESAROBO; married Corinna GREGNOL, 20, Meduno Italy, Ford City, d/o Angelo GREGNOL & Diana MESIA; wit Guiseppe TARARIOL, Windsor & Antoinetta GREGNOL, Walkerville, 25 Apr 1925, Windsor  
010436-25 Charles Benjamin Isaac SAUNDERS, 37, Painter, England, Ford, s/o Charles Richard SAUNDERS (b. England) & Sarah DREW; married Harriett DEAN, 47, Wid, England, Ford, d/o Charles WHYMARK, (b. England) & Agnes COLE; wit Albert Harry NEEB & Violet NEEB, both Ford City, 18 Apr 1925, Walkerville 009735-25 (Essex Co) Albert SAUNDERS, 23, Labourer, England, Windsor, s/o Leonard SAUNDERS & Winnifred NIGHTINGALE; married Pearl ARQUETTE, 18, Windsor, Walkerville, d/o Solomon ARQUETTE & Melvina LANGLOIS; wit Wilfred ARQUETTE, Windsor & Madeline SMITH, Walkerville, 11 Aug 1925, Windsor
010456-25 Frank SCHREMSER, 30, Forman USA Rubber Co, Fort Wayne Indiana, Detroit, s/o John SCHREMSER & Eva GRAEHL; married Cecilia GIGNAC, 22, McGregor, LaSalle, d/o Frank GIGNAC & Emma LAFRAMBOISE; wit Archelle GIGNAC & Coralie DUROCHER, both LaSalle, 1 Jun 1925, LaSalle 009726-25 (Essex Co) George Henry SCHULER, 40, Tool and Die Worker, Wid, New York State, Bridgeport Con, s/o Frederick SCHULER (b. New York State) & Catherine WANNAMAKER; married Elsie May WILLIAMSON, 34, Ontario, Point Edward, d/o Albert WILLIAMSON (b. Ontario) & Esther MARSH; wit Molly MACFARLANE of the Rectory & Thomas F. WRIGHT, Sandwich, 2 Feb 1925, Windsor
010448-25 Henry SCHWARZ, 27, Auto Worker, Massachusetts, Detroit, s/o Richard SCHWARZ (b. Germany) & Ernestine RIEDEL; married Beulah B. HUMPHREY, 20, Ontario, Essex, d/o James Henry HUMPHREY (b. Ontario) & Alice M. COLE; wit Alice & James H. HUMPHREYS (sic), both Essex, 25 Jul 1925, Essex 009734-25 (Essex Co) George Stephen SCOTT, Motorman, Vanneck, Windsor, s/o Edgar Andrew SCOTT & Mary Bell JOHNSON; married Christine Elizabeth RENAUD, 22, McGregor, Windsor, d/o Felix RENAUD & Josephine BERGERON; wit John VAN CISE & Bella RENAUD, 23 Jun 1925, Windsor
010435-25 Hamilton SCOTT, 28, Woodworker, Glasgow Scotland, Chicago, s/o Edward SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Annie GREENWOOD; married Christina DIAS, 25, Domestic, Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Alex DIAS (b. Scotland) & Rosina WILSON; wit Mrs. Isabella HUGHES & Stephen HUGHES, both Walkerville, 20 Nov 1925, Walkerville 009736-25 (Essex Co) Clayton Carlyle SCOTT, 22, Hardware Clerk, Highgate, Walkerville, s/o William Leslie SCOTT & Ida LANDON; married Irene ANDERSON, 19, Stenographer, Thamesville, Windsor, d/o William St. George ANDERSON; wit Ernest Charles CASSIDY, Detroit & Marion Jean STARK, London, 3 Sept 1925, Windsor
009731-25 (Essex Co) William Francis SCULLION, 23, Ford Motor Co, Ireland, Windsor, s/o Patrick SCULLION & Hannah DOHERTY; married Bridget McFADDEN, 26, Maid, Ireland, Windsor, d/o John McFADDEN & Mary McCAFFERTY; wit Ina BOURKE & Irene O'DOHERTY, both Windsor, 30 Apr 1925, Windsor 009732-25 (Essex Co) Ferdynand SEBERA, 44, Labourer, Checo Slovakia, s/o Frank SEBERA & Catharine SADZILEK; married Antoinne GABOZAZEUSKA, 44, Wid, Gostyn Poland, Windsor, d/o Anthony ZOLTOIWICZ & Mary DOLEWSKA; wit Ignatius KOLACZYNSKI , 404 Perth Ave in Toronto & Mary MAZNORK of 1053 Langlois Ave, 21 Mar 1925, Windsor
010447-25 Clarence Howard SEGUINE, 26, Farmer, Findlay, Pelee Island, s/o Joseph Henry SEGUINE (b. New York State) & Nellie LATHAM; married Ella May PARSONS, 28, Pelee Island, Pelee Island, d/o Charles PARSONS (b. Jeannettes Creek) & Isabel FERGUSON; wit Mrs. A.J. OUELLETTE & Mr. A.J. OUELLETTE, both Pelee Island, 11 Dec 1925, Essex 009716-25 (Essex Co) James SHANNON, 24, Carpenter, Ireland, Windsor, s/o Joseph SHANNON (b. Belfast Ireland) & Amelia TODD; married Violet Geraldine CARSON, 21, Wisconsin, Windsor, d/o William T. CARSON (b. Hamilton) & Fanny SKINNER; wit Hazel CARSON & Elmore CARSON, both Windsor, 24 Jun 1925, Windsor
009733-25 (Essex Co) Joseph Stanley SHARON, 25, Plumber & Tinsmith, USA, Windsor, s/o Joseph SHARON & Marie FECTEAU, married Dorothy BADGER, 19, England, Windsor, d/o Charles BADGER & Emma AILING; wit Robert RANKIN, Windsor & Hilda JONES, Ferndale Mich, 6 Jun 1925, Windsor 009714-25 (Essex Co) Lorne Wiley SHAW, 24, Mechanical Inspector, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Leslie SHAW (b. Ontario) & Maud THOMPSON; married Thelma Bernice THOMPKINS, 22, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Marshall TOMPKINS (b. Ontario) & Frances McNEIL; wit Alla KAY, Detroit & Mildred TOMPKINS, Blenheim, 20 Jun 1925, Windsor
010434-25 John SHEKER, 22, Hotel Business, Turkey, Ford City, s/o Foti SHEKER (b. Turkey) & Yersinnan PACKARLIDIS; married Olga GROFOPOULS, 23, Constantinople, Ford City, d/o John GROFOPOULS (b. Turkey) & Mary TOKAS; wit Lahag HAVANLICH, Ford City & Mrs. Mary MELNIN, Walkerville, 14 Nov 1925, Walkerville 009727-25 (Essex Co) Charles Guy SHIER, 20, Clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John Wesley SHIER (b. Ontario) & Edith Elizabeth COXALL; married Eva May SMITH, 19, United States, Windsor, d/o George Leslie SMITH (b. Ontario) & Edith Maud WRIGHT?; wit Mrs. M.C. DAVIS & Mrs. W.L. CARTER, both Windsor, 19 Mar 1925, St. Georges Rectory
010440-25 George Michael SHRUMM, 25, Stone planer, Gosfield North, Windsor, s/o Jacob A. SHRUMM (b. Canada) & Charity MAYES; married Alberta HENRY, 22, Bookkeeper, divorcee, Dawson City - Yukon Territory, Windsor, d/o Samuel HENRY (b. Canada) & Josephine SMITH; wit Robert GILLETT, Walkerville & Lila MARSHMAN, Windsor, 10 Jun 1925, Essex 009711-25 (Essex Co) Eino SIMOLA, 25, Carpenter, Veljakkala Finland, Ford Ontario, s/o Viktore SIMOLA (b. Veljakkala Finland) & Runsa SAARILAHTI; married Enuni Kerttn VAINO, 24, Veljakkala Finland, Ford, d/o Taavetti VAINO (b. Veljakkala Finland) & Minna HUNOLA; wit Leona CAMPBELL of 191 Cadillac St. & Salim A. KARI, Michigan, 25 Jul 1925, Windsor
010458-25 August SINASAC, 34, Machinist, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o Albert SINASAC & Alvina BOUDY; married Elizabeth BEZAIRE, 27, Loiselleville, Loiselleville, d/o Noe J. BEZAIRE & Mary RENAUD; wit Lewis SINASAC, Windsor & Claire BEZAIRE, Loiselleville, 3 Oct 1925, Loiselleville 009739-25 (Essex Co) Louis SINASAC, 25, Machinist, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o Albert SINASAC & Lavina BONDY; married Pearl MASSON, 16, Ford City, Windsor, d/o Arsene MASSON & Josephine RANDALL; wit Guy SINASAC & Mae MASSON, both no place given, 24 Nov 1925, Windsor
009722-25 (Essex Co) Edward J. SKIDMORE, 57, Railroad Employee, Wid, Ontario, Windsor, s/o David SKIDMORE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann GIBBONS; married Laura May READ, 47, Ontario, Oxford, d/o William READ (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth COLLINS; wit Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both Windsor, 9 Mar 1925, Windsor 009723-25 (Essex Co) John Frederick SKOGH, 27, Draughtsman, Sweden, Detroit, s/o Francis SKOGH (b. Sweden) & Kerm OGREN; married Elsa Matilda MALMGREA, 21, Sweden Detroit, d/o Charles MALMGREA (b. Sweden) & Matilda SKOGH; wit Albert RUDD & Mrs. D. HUGHES, both Detroit, 28 Mar 1925 at Windsor
010445-25 Melvin Raye SLOAN, 29, Foreman Automobile Industry, Chatham, Walkerville, s/o Samuel SLOAN (b. Canada) & Mary Jane LANEY; married Phyllis THORBURN, 25, Bookkeeper, Windsor, Walkerville, d/o William THORBURN (b. Canada) & Margaret BENNETT; wit Samuel Gordon SLOAN, Chatham & Elizabeth T. BLACKMOND, Detroit, 5 Aug 1925, Walkerville 010452-25 Carp SLOBODERNIK, 33, Merchant, Russia, Ford City, s/o Jaed? SLOBODERNIK (b. Russia) & Dora BOHAINKA; married Naida KORMAN, 16, Russia, Ford City, d/o Alex KORMAN (b. Russia) & Naida STORJUCK; wit William DUBONSKY & Winnie RYMAR, both Ford City, 7 Aug 1925, Walkerville
009725-25 (Essex Co) Paul SLOBODIAN, 22, Carpenter, Romania, Detroit, s/o Michael SLOBODIAN (b. Russia) & Mary PACKAR; married Stella RYMAR, 17, Nova Scotia, Ford City, d/o John RYMAR (b. Poland) & Mary ZAGWOLSKA; wit Michael RYMAR & Minnie RYMAR, both Ford, 3 Jan 1925, Windsor 010450-25 Timothy Foma SLOBODIN, 32, Cabinet Maker, Russia, Ford City, s/o Foma SLOBODIN (b. Russia) & Eva SHIPELYK; married Olga OTURINOVSKY, 17, Russia, Ford City, d/o Sava OTURINOVSKY (b. Russia) & Olga BODNAR; wit Anton DUBINSKY & Janny GRAIVZKA, both Maidstone, 5 Jul 1925, Walkerville
010431-25 Powell Harold SMITH, 30, Pattern Maker, Dunnville, Sandwich, s/o William Joseph SMITH (b. Ontario) & Cassie MITCHELL; married Grace Christina MARTIN, 29, Ontario, Malden twp, d/o Thomas MARTIN (b. Essex Co) & Ida Matilda ATKINSON; wit Russel MARTIN & Mrs. Russel MARTIN, both Detroit , 24 Oct 1925, Essex 010433-25 Lincoln G. SMITH, 21, Comber, Windsor, s/o Isaac SMITH (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BRAIN; married Ruth KING, 20, Bookbinder, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o William KING (b. Ontario) & Theresa BURKE; wit Sidney BUTCHER & Elizabeth BUTCHER, both Sandwich, 1 Dec 1925, Sandwich
009729-25 (Essex Co) Ralph Colbrath SMITH, 49, Contractor, Saginaw Mich, Chicago, s/o Rufus Z. SMITH (b. USA) & Olive H. COLBRATH; married Bertha Lucille VALIARD, 51, Waterville NY, Detroit, d/o Fred VALIARD (b. USA) & Josephine BIGELOW; wit Mrs. L.R. WATTS & Lear R. WATTS, both Detroit, 21 Jan 1925, Windsor 009728-25 (Essex Co) Albert Duncan SMITH, 23, Sailor, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Harry SMITH (b. Scotland) & Jessie HENDRICKSON; married Marie Jane HAZARD, 24, Parry Sound, Windsor, d/o George HAZARD (b. Ontario) & Martha HARRISON; wit Mrs. Lillian STARKOFSKY & J.C. MILLER, both Detroit, 21 Jan 1925, Windsor
009715-25 (Essex Co) Wilfred Lewis SMITH, 27, Butcher, Yarmouth Twp, Southwold Twp Elgin Co, s/o Albert SMITH & Mary LOCKE; married Elsie Beatrice STEVENSON, 21, Clerk, Dunwich Twp, Windsor, d/o James STEVENSON & Lydia MITCHELL; wit Robert J. BURTON & Minnie E. BURTON, both Windsor, 16 Jun 1925, Windsor 009713-25 (Essex Co) William SMITH, 37, Steam Fitter, England, Detroit, s/o William SMITH (b. England) & Sarah SPENCER; married Cecelia CHIDLEY, 25 (May 1926), Ontario, Jacksons Point, d/o Joseph CHIDLEY (b. England) & Frances MURPHY; wit Margaret SMITH & Mrs. A.E. EDGAR, both Windsor, 10 Aug 1925, Windsor
009720-25 (Essex Co) James Leslie SMITH, 24, Brick Mason, Ontario, Windsor, s/o George L. SMITH (b. Canada) & Edith May WRIGHT; married Eva May ANDERSON, 19, Alberta, Windsor, d/o Robert ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Susan ARMSTRONG; wit R.A. ANDERSON & Mrs. V.E. PHINNEY, both of 845 Gladstone Ave, 6 Jun 1925, Windsor 009710-25 (Essex Co) Carl M. SMITH, 25, Meat Cutter, Nova Scotia, Windsor, s/o William Morton SMITH (b. Nova Scotia) & Caroline McKEAN; married Valmai MOORE, 22, Saskatchewan, Windsor, d/o William Harvey MOORE (b. Ontario) & Elleanora YARRINGTON; wit Kate BECKETT & Jessie ASHBY, both Windsor, 7 Dec 1925, Windsor
010453-25 William Gordon SNELGROVE, 23, Carpenter, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o George SNELGROVE (b. Ontario) & Agnes Isobel FINDLATER; married Alice Angeline BELL, 19 (b. 17 Dec 1905), Tilbury West, Walkerville, d/o William BELL (b. Ontario) & Alice Anna WALKER; wit G.M. SNELGROVE, Chatham & Dorothy BELL, Walkerville, 29 Aug 1925, Walkerville 009724-25 (Essex Co) Wilfred V. SNYDER, 27, Attorney at Law, Ontario, Detroit, s/o George H. SNYDER (b. Ontario) & Emma Jane JACKSON; married Sue JACKSON, 24, Ontario, Comber, d/o Robert James (b. Ontario) & Emma Jane SMITH; wit Matilda JACKSON, Comber & Leonard SNYDER, Detroit, 9 Jan 1925, Windsor
  009721-25 (Essex Co) Sigund Olaf SOLHEM, 30, Machinist, Norway, Windsor, s/o Karl SOLHEM (b. Norway) & Alida JAKOBSEN; married Borzheld WILHEMSEN, 22, Norway, Windsor, d/o John WILHELMSEN (b. Norway) & Christina BJORNSEN; wit Hjalmer STENMAN & Mrs. Hjahner STENMAN, both Windsor, 5 Jun 1925, Windsor
010459-25 Leo SOULIGNY, 24, Labourer, St. Joachim, McGregor, s/o Donus SOULIGNY & Elisabeth CAZA; married Madona BONDY, 21, McGregor, McGregor, d/o Edouard BONDY & Cecile REAUME; wit Lionel SINASAC, Windsor, Marie BONDY, Auld, Rerford BONDY, Auld & Luella LINDONNEAULT, St. Joachim, 18 Aug 1925 McGregor 009737-25 (Essex Co) Eugene SOULLIERE, 23, Mechanic, Belle River, Windsor, s/o David SOULLIERE & Louise MAILLOUX; married Margaret WALKER, 24, Telephone Operator, London England, Sandwich, d/o James WALKER & Louisa TAYLOR; wit James WALKER, Sandwich & Lottie CAMPEAU, Windsor, 2 Sept 1925, Windsor
010443-25 Walter SPLULACK, 35, Labourer, Austria, Ford, s/o Thomas SPULACK (b. Austria) & Sofia TEPIA; married Mary CZORNOMAZ, 28, Austria, Ford, d/o Wolikas CZORNOMAZ (b. Austria) & Pactona DOMINICZAK; wit Feodor WASYLYKYN & Anna GOTTER, both Ford, 23 Jun 1925, Walkerville 010444-25 Douglas Raymond SRIGLEY, 24, Auditor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Edgar Cooper SRIGLEY (b. Ontario) & Lilian Hutchison WHYTOCK; married Marion Lilada JOHNSTON, 24, Essex, Essex, d/o William James JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Olive Bessie LEE; wit Robert James SRIGLEY, Windsor & Mabel Florence JOHNSTON, Essex, 29 Jun 1925, Essex
010442-25 Wilfred STAFFORD, 23, Toolmaker, King's Norton England, Detroit, s/o Joseph STAFFORD (b. England) & Mary HORNBUCKLE; married Bella RALSTON, 19, Radio Assembler, Kirkintilloch Scotland, Ford, d/o Robert RALSTON (b. Scotland) & Margaret WHITE; wit Margaret RALSTON, Ford City & William MONK, Detroit, 19 Jun 1925, Ford City 009718-25 (Essex Co) John Abraham STAFFORD, 48, Barber, Wid, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Cyrus W. STAFFORD (b. Ontario) & Mary E. McINTYRE; married Jane Maud GOODWIN, 40, Prince Edward Island, Windsor, d/o Jacob L. GOODWIN (b. New Brunswick) & Mary Ann CAMERON; wit Mrs. C.D. FARQUHARSON & Mrs. Thomas STEELE, both Windsor, 9 Jun 1925, Windsor
009712-25 (Essex Co) Julius Christian STALL, 39, Barber, Michigan USA, Detroit, s/o Carl C. STALL (b. Germany) & Katharine STOPPER; married Dorothy SIDELL, 30, Divorced, South Wales, Windsor, d/o William VILE (b. England) & Edith REID; wit Lillian THOMPSON & Duncan McKENZIE, both Windsor, 17 Aug 1925, Windsor  
009719-25 (Essex Co) Albert Earl STEELE, 52, Farmer, Wid, Ohio USA, Freemont Indiana, s/o Samuel STEELE (b. USA) & Margaret BITTINGER; married Annie SHEELY, 55, Wid, Ohio, Plymouth Ohio, d/o George BITTINGER (b. USA) & Ann MOULTON; wit Nellie MACFARLAN of All Saints Rectory & Arthur BOLTON of 209 Langlois Ave, 9 Jun 1925, Windsor 009717-25 (Essex Co) Jack STEELE, 21, Machinist, Ireland, Windsor, s/o William McCausland (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth STEELE; married Margaret McDERMOTT, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Francis McDERMOTT (b. Scotland) & Margaret FERNS; wit Thomas NEIL, Detroit Mich & Anne McDERMOTT, Redford Mich, 10 Jun 1925, Windsor
  010461-25 Edward George STEEP, 24, Automobile Dealer, Detroit, Detroit, s/o John Edward STEEP & Anna Mary THEISEN; married Dorothy Charlotte HEBERT, 19, Sandwich East, Riverside, d/o Albert HEBERT & Margaret CALLAGHAN; wit Alfred HEBERT, Riverside & Evelyn STEEP, Detroit, 17 Oct 1925, Riverside
010437-25 Kosta STEFANOVICH, 42, Foreman Ford Co, Servia, Windsor, s/o Meta STEFANOVICH (b. Servia) & Mela MELATOVAH; married Amelia GRENCORSKI, 26, Servia, Windsor, d/o John GRENCORSKI (b. Servia) & Katrica MARSHALHEVICH; wit Adam OHNENOWICH & Drakica MARKA, both Windsor, 19 Apr 1925, Essex Co 010446-25 William STOREY, 35, Ford Motor Co. Employee, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John STOREY (b. England) & Jeanette CONN; married Elizabeth LIGHTBODY, 46, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William LIGHTBODY (b. Scotland) & Mary McCREADIE; wit William WALLACE of 1084 Howard Ave & Margaret LIGHTBODY of 782 Gladstone Ave, 24 Jul 1925, Walkerville
010441-25 John Alexander SUTHERLAND, 30, Salesman, Bracebridge, Walkerville, s/o Donald J. SUTHERLAND (b. Ontario) & Isabella BELL; married Thelma FORD, 23, Stenographer, Rodney, Walkerville, d/o Henry FORD (b. Ontario) & Mary McCALL; wit Carland CAMPBELL, Toronto & Pearl SUTHERLAND, Windsor, 5 Jun 1925, Walkerville 010438-25 James SWABEY, 29, Farmer, Surrey Co England, Pelee Island, s/o George Henry SWABEY (b. England) & Susan PERFECT; married Frances Ardell VANDER DASSON, 16 (in May 1924, consent of father), Pelee Island, Pelee Island, d/o George Emerson VANDER DASSON (b. Pelee Island?) & Hulda NAGELERSEN; witn: War--? DAGELIENA & Juanita VANDER DASSON, both Pelee Island, 25 Apr 1925
010439-25 Joseph SYKES, 64, horse shoer, Wid, Leeds Yorkshire England, Sandwich, s/o William SYKES (b. England) & Mary WILDEN (MILDEN?); married Margaret CLARK, 42, Wid, Bolton Lancashire England, Sandwich, d/o Patrick BARRETT (b. Ireland) & Anne BARNES; wit Emily NORTON & Kathleen NORTON, both Sandwich, 14 May 1925, Sandwich 010455-25 Raymond SYLVESTRE, 24, Druggist, Rochester twp, Detroit, s/o Stephane SYLVESTER & Julienna TREPANIER; married Yvonne MEUNIER, 19, Rochester twp, Rochester twp, d/o Arsene MEUNIER & Malvina SYLVESTRE; wit Raymond STRONG, Woodslee, 16 Jun 1925, St. Joachim
  010474-25 Cecil Garwood TAGGART, 21, Labourer, Gosfield South, Gosfield South, s/o Darius TAGGART (b. Kingsville) & Rosella SANFORD; married Iva May MILLER, 18, Ohio USA, Essex, d/o Emmett MILLER (b. Ohio USA) & Mary K. TAYLOR; wit Clara Lucille TAGGART, Kingsville & Arthur John WOODHOUSE, South Woodslee, 2 May 1925, Kingsville
010491-25 Henry Robert TATE, 25, Box Maker, Isle of Man, Riverside, s/o Godfrey TATE & Elizabeth FARGHER; married Florence Irene BROWN, 19, Wadsworth England, Riverside, d/o Edward Samuel Joseph BROWN & Maria Isabel RUMBALL; wit Albert Henry BROWN, Riverside & Elizabeth FAIRLEY & May FAIRLEY, both Walkerville, 30 May 1925, Ford 010488-25 Joseph TATREAU (Tetreau?), 30, Clerk, Jackson Mich, Walkerville, s/o Joseph TATREAU & Mary MACKAY; married Alfreda DENEAU, 25, Malden, Walkerville, d/o Albert DENEAU & Emily ARQUETTE; wit Everitt DENEAU, Walkerville & Mrs. R.J. DENEAU, Los Angeles California, 29 Jun 1925, Walkerville
009753-25 (Essex Co) Theodore TAYLOR, 21, Farmer, Ontario, Essex, s/o Isaac TAYLOR & Charity MIRCALE; married Maggie TOFFLEMIRE, 18, Ontario, Essex, d/o unknown & Annie TOFFLEMIRE; wit Eleanor CHAPMAN, sandwich & Nellie McGHIE, Essex, 12 May 1925, Windsor 009747-25 (Essex Co) Charles Emmanuel TAYLOR, 27, Men's Designer, England, Windsor, s/o Emmanuel TAYLOR (b. England) & Ellen LEYLAND; married Daisy LITTLE, 26, England, Windsor, d/o James Langley LITTLE (b. England) & Margaret HILL; wit Arthur WHITMORE & Elizabeth Ellen BARLOW, both Detroit Mich, 6 Oct 1925, Windsor
009761-25 (Essex Co) Delbert Carl TAYLOR, 20, Automobile Mechanic, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Gilbert TAYLOR & Sadie E. DEW; married Gertrude Pauline WARD, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Lorne A. WARD & Mabel WOODFORD; wit Rose B. REDDICK, Toronto & Mildred Irene TAYLOR, Windsor, 10 Jun 1925, Windsor 009760-25 (Essex Co) Albert Lee TAYLOR, 36, Driller, Wid, Virginia USA, Windsor, s/o Alexander TAYLOR (b. USA) & Nellie STRANGE; married Claudia B. WHITMORE, 38, Augusta GA, Augusta GA, d/o John B. WHITMORE (b. USA) & Hattie SHIVERS; wit Essie Theresa SHAW & Burwood Albert SHAW, both North Buxton, 17 Jun 1925, Windsor
010471-25 John Wesley TAYLOR, 21, Mechanic, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Thomas D. TAYLOR (b. Mull) & Caroline DEZILE; Hazel Irene KISSINER, 19, Gosfield South, Kingsville, d/o John KISSINER (b. Harrow Ont) & Christina PETERSON; wit Mrs. Clarence ROLLO & Mr. Clarence ROLLO, both Kingsville, 4 Feb 1925, Kingsville 010479-25 Alexander TAYLOR, 22, Laundry Proprietor, Tilbury, Windsor, s/o Hooper King TAYLOR (b. Tilbury) & Henrietta ALDRED; married Rita LEE, 17, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Joseph LEE (b. Guelph) & Annie DORAN; wit Luke BRODERICK, Windsor & Eva M. LEE, Buffalo NY, 9 Jul 1925, Walkerville
009745-25 (Essex Co) Samuel Melville TAYLOR, 40, Brick Layer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James TAYLOR (b. England) & Jane CLELLAND; married Ada Mary HOPKINS, 45 last November, Wid, England, Windsor, d/o Edward WALLIS (b. England) & Mary SMITHERS; wit Winifred RUSSELL & William RUSSELL, both Windsor, 21 Oct 1925, Windsor 009741-25 (Essex Co) Jeremy TAYLOR, 31, Wholesale Grocer, Frederick NB, Windsor, s/o Jeremy TAYLOR (b. Kingston) & Mary ELDER; married Margaret E. MACLENNAN, 26, Kintail, Windsor, d/o Dr. Farquhar MACLENNAN (b. Canada) & Christina Jane MACDONALD; wit Mrs. Jeremy TAYLOR (Sr), Montreal & Dr. F. MACLENNAN, Windsor, 25 Nov 1925, Windsor
010478-25 John J. TEAHAN, 24, Traveler, St. Mary's, Riverside, s/o John TEAHAN (b. St. Mary's) & Julia DAGAN ; married Clara Julie GROOM, 22, Stenographer, illegible Ont, Riverside, d/o William GROOM (b. Halifax NS) & Clara HERRES; wit Adolphe JANISSE & Elizabeth MOLLOY, both Riverside, 29 Jun 1925, Riverside 009743-25 (Essex Co) Otto William Waldeman TERP, 35, Salesman, Russia, Windsor, s/o Julius TERP (b. Denmark) & Ulla PYE; married Erikka POLSGAARD, 37, Denmark, Windsor, d/o Emanuel POLSGAARD (b. Denmark) & Maria SORENSEN; wit Betty BAUER & Mrs. H. FEHNER, both Windsor, 31 Oct 1925, Windsor
  010493-25 Adelard TETREAULT, 40, Labourer, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o J.B. TETREAULT & Adelaide DONAIS; married Anna DUCHENE, 27, Tecumseh, Tecumseh, d/o Patrice DUCHENE & Philomene AUBIN; wit Philia TETREAULT, Tilbury & Aline DUCHENE, Tecumseh, 23 Feb 1925, Tecumseh
010490-25 William THIBERT, 26, Labourer, Tilbury, Ford, s/o Noe THIBERT & Clara PELLETIER; married Pearl TESSIER, 15yrs 9 mo, Factory, St. Joachim, Sandwich, d/o Alcide TESSIER & Nellie LACOMTE; wit Charles THIBERT & Laura GARANT, both Ford, 27 Jul 1925, Sandwich 010489-25 Moise Joseph THIBERT, 21, Labourer, St. Elpheze Quebec, Ford, s/o Moise THIBERT & Olive HAMEL; married Marie Eva Irene RAINVILLE, 18, Montreal Quebec, Ford, d/o Victor RAINVILLE & Emma GAGNON; wit Sam HAMEL, & Stephen OUELLETTE, both Ford, 25 Jul 1925, Ford
010475-25 Albert THIBERT, 21, Labourer, Merlin, Ford City, s/o Louis THIBERT (b. Tilbury) & Albina TRUDELLE; married Odele GARANT, 17, Stoney Point, Ford City, d/o Telesphore GARANT (b. Stoney Point) & Marie JACQUES; wit Francois GABINEAU of 127 Albert Rd & Lena GARANT of 338 St. Luke, 16 May 1925, Ford City 009759-25 (Essex Co) Percy Shire THOMPSETT, 20, Machinist, England, Windsor, s/o James THOMPSETT (b. England) & Margaret SHIRE; married Grace Beatrice TAYLOR, 19, Welland, Bryletmore Mich, d/o Edward TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Harriet MOORE; wit Gladys SWISHER, Bryletmore Mich & Ernest CHRISTIE, Windsor, 20 Jun 1925, Windsor
009756-25 (Essex Co) Charles Edward THOMPSON, 26, Blacksmith, England, Windsor, s/o deceased (b. England) & deceased; married Violet MATTHEWS, 29, England, Windsor, d/o George MATTHEWS (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann CARNE; wit Lena? NELSON & Mrs. Thomas NELSON, both Windsor, 29 Aug 1925, Windsor 010467-25 Venanstine Edward THOMPSON, 29, Mechanical Engineer, Grand Rapids Mich, Detroit, s/o Frank Walter THOMPSON (b. USA) & Anne MORZE; married Charlotte Ann HANNENT, 20, Stenographer, Walkerville, Walkerville, d/o Edward HANNENT (b. England) & Charlotte BROWN; wit Thurdon Thaddeus TORRINGTON, Detroit & Charlotte Ann HANNENT, Walkerville, 22 Jan 1925, Walkerville
010472-25 Alvin THOMPSON, 42, Farmer, Romney twp, Romney twp, s/o William THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Sarah Ann PAINE; married Tillie SHUEL, 42, Petrolia, Essex, d/o Francois LECOIS (b. Canada) & Isabel STINSON; wit Dr. J.W. BRIEN & Mrs. J.W. BRIEN, both Essex, 7 Apr 1925, Essex 010480-25 Robert A. THOMPSON, 31, Salesman, Portage La Prairie, Windsor, s/o Robert L. THOMPSON (b. Listowel) & Elizabeth INGRAM; married Ella McKENZIE, 26, Book keeper, Portage La Prairie, Ford City, d/o Kenneth McKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McLEAN; wit Mrs. F.H. INGRAM & Mrs. F.H. INGRAM, both Ford, 22 Jul 1925, Ford
009750-25 (Essex Co) Robert Warren THOMPSON, 39, Clerk, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Joseph THOMPSON (b. Scotland) & Martha DURHAM; married Daisy LANCASTER, 43, Wid, Bothwell, Windsor, d/o William DUNCAN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth TAYLOR; wit William ASH & M.L. PAULIN, both Windsor, 22 Dec 1925, Windsor 009749-25 (Essex Co) Wilfred A. THOMPSON, 24, Electrician, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, s/o Jerome THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Annie SUDDS; married Katherine MISSON, 23, Waverly Penn USA, Wallaceburg, d/o Alonzo MISSON (b. USA) & Katie HEALY; wit Lena RUDLING, Windsor & Charles GYLER, Walkerville, 25 Sept 1925, Windsor
010464-25 William THORBURN, 33, Labourer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert THORBURN (b. Scotland) & Catherine HUTCHISON; married Catherine W. HUNTER, 27, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Robert HUNTER (b. Scotland) & Catherine WARDLAW; wit Betty Grey HUNTER, Sandwich & John THORBURN, Ford City, 11 Sept 1925, Ford City 010481-25 Harold THORNDYKE, 20, Electrician, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Albert THORNDYKE (b. Ontario) & Jennie BEAM; married Ivy Ethel VEENMAN, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Alfred VEENMAN (b. England) & Lucy GOODY; wit W.M. MAGWOOD of 93 Lincoln Rd & Mrs. L.S. JACKSON of 225 Gladstone Ave, 3 Jul 1925, Walkerville
010495-25 Charles Robert THORNTON, 22, Motor Truck Driver, England, Windsor, s/o Robert THORNTON & Mary COATES; married Marguerite Catherine MAITRE, 19, Sandwich, Sandwich, d/o Samuel MAITRE & Adelle CHARBONNEAU; wit Arthur F. THORNTON , Windsor & Loretta M. MAITRE, Sandwich, 010431-25 21 Sept 1925, Sandwich 009762-25 (Essex Co) John THORNTON, 23, City Fireman, Salisbury England, Windsor, s/o Robert (b. England) & Eliza THORNTON; married Olive KINGSLEY, 20, Engsdine Mich USA, Windsor, d/o Henry Albert KINGSLEY (b. Mich USA) & Elsie EDWARDS; wit Patrick McKAY & Charles BURTIN, both Windsor, 3 Jun 1925, Windsor
009755-25 (Essex Co) David Baxter THORNTON, 32, Salesman, USA, Windsor, s/o Able THORNTON (b. USA) & Emily BROWN; married Genevieve R. BROVARNAY, 22, USA, Detroit, d/o Martin BROVARNAY (b. Poland) & Mary BAVANSKI; wit Blanch LENGS & Dayton LENG, both of All Saints Rectory, 23 May 1925, Windsor 010468-25 Onsefry TICHOLIS, 41, Labourer, Wid, Janow Galicia, Sandwich, s/o Poll TYCHOLIZ (sic) (b. Jannow Galicia) & Mary MKOSH; married Katyryne OBLUKOWSKIE, 26, Janow Galicia, Sandwich, d/o Tony OBLUKOWSKE (sic) (b. Jannow Galicia) & Mary PRUS; wit Stev ONYSCYNK & Herygt SKUHRO, both Sandwich, 20 Jan 1925, Sandwich
010477-25 Fred TILLEY, 39, Machine Operator, England, Windsor, s/o Frank TILLEY (b. England) & Elizabeth CRYER; married Jane McGill DOUGLAS, 33, Scotland, sails on 12th from Scotland to Windsor, d/o Daniel DOUGLAS (b. Scotland) & Margaret DOUGALL; wit Arthur P. HERBERT, Windsor & Isabel CROSS, Redford Mich, 24 Jun 1925, Walkerville  
009744-25 (Essex Co) Thomas TILSON, 32, Street Car Repairer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John TILSON & unknown ROBINSON; married Margaret FITCH, 28, Wid, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Ira FITCH & Maggie DAVIS or DAVIE; wit Ernest HEATH & Ethel SPRAGUE, both Windsor, 24 Oct 1925, Windsor 010473-25 John Robert TILSON, 21, Farmer, Woodslee, Woodslee, s/o John TILSON (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann REID; married Verna LAFAVRE, 18, Woodslee, Woodslee, d/o Ernest LAFAVRE (b. Ontario) & Elvia Jane DEWHURST; wit Flossie BOYLAN, South Woodslee & Horace NORTHAGE, Ruscombe, 29 Apr 1925, South Woodslee
009742-25 (Essex Co) William Orville TIMBERS, 21, Farmer, Raleigh Twp, Raleigh Twp, s/o Robert TIMERS (b. North Buxton) & Mary HARRIS; married Prudie Alberta DAVIS, 25, Domestic Help, Dover Twp, Chatham Twp, d/o John DAVIS (b. Dresden) & Victoria SNOOKS; wit Mrs. Florence DAWSON, no place given & Vivian FOSTER, Windsor, 29 Oct 1926, Windsor 010484-25 Anthony TIMOSCHUK, 30, Blacksmith, Russia, Ford, s/o Zasema TIMOSCHUK (b. Russia) & Olga WOZNICK; married Olga TOURCHIN, 18, Saskatchewan, Ford, d/o Jeseff TOURCHIN (b. Russia) & Efimia KUZNECOFF; wit Dimetrius HOLUBEOFF Windsor & Mary AOMANOFF, Ford City, 29 Aug 1925, Armenia Orthodox Church
010465-25 David Moore TIPPETT, 26, Farmer, North Carolina USA, Leamington, s/o Uris? David TIPPETT (b. North Caroline USA) & Fanny Joseph CASH; married Stella Adelaide HAIRSINE, 18, Mersea twp, Mersea twp, d/o Percy Elliot HAIRSINE (b. Essex Co) & Jessie May FISH; wit George Sanford NESBITT & Mrs. F.S. DHILL?, both Leamington, 15 Jan 1925, Leamington 009751-25 (Essex Co) Laurie TISLA, 27, Draughtsman, Finland, Windsor, s/o Herman TISLA (b. Finland) & Alma RANTS; married Elizabeth PELTONEN, 24, Finland, Windsor, d/o William PELTONEN (b. Finland) & Pauline JOKI; wit Mrs. H.B. FEHNER & Elenore MARSHALL, both Windsor, 12 Dec 1925, Windsor
009740-25 (Essex Co) Arthur TOFFLEMIRE, 52, Farmer, Wid, Ontario, Essex, s/o Moise TOFFLEMIRE (b. Ontario) & Mary IRWIN; married Eliza TREWIN, 45, England, Essex, d/o Thomas TREWIN (b. England) & Mary DAWE; wit James BROWN & Bessie BROWN, both Essex, 28 Mar 1925, Windsor 010476-25 Arthur William TOMPKINS, 21, Clerk, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Arthur TOMPKINS (b. Essex Co) & Emma Mary BOND; married Blanche Priscilla LAUR, 20, Staffordville Ont, Windsor, d/o William LAUR (b. Elgin Co) & Mary Albert DICKOUT; wit William STOREY, Windsor & Margaret MILLER, Cottam, 30 May 1925, Cottam
009752-25 (Essex Co) Royce Brock TONER, 23, Truck Driver, Toronto, Napanee, s/o James B. TONER (b. Ontario) & Theresa O'BRIEN; married Esther Elizabeth LAMP, 19, Wisconsin USA, Detroit, d/o Charles F. LAMP (b. Germany) & Anna LANDT; wit Carl LAMP & Mrs. Margaret LAMP, both Detroit, 5 Sept 1925, Windsor 010466-25 Joseph TOTH, 34, Iron Molder, Hungary, Windsor, s/o Joseph TOTH (b. Hungary) & Mary MEGYIESE; married Katy ANTOL, 28, Wid, Hungary, Windsor, d/o John ANTOL (b. Hungary) & Mary SASY; wit M MAGYARI & Leslie KONACH, both Windsor, 4 Jan 1925, Walkerville
009754-25 (Essex Co) Adolphe TOULOUSE, 24, Steward, Dover Twp, Windsor, s/o Peter TOULOUSE (b. Ontario) & Olivine GENEREUX; married Mary GUIDON, 19, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, d/o John GUIDON (b. USA) & Ann JARVIS?, wit Mrs. T.W. METCALFE & Elizabeth WOODEND, both Windsor, 27 Apr 1925, Windsor 009758-25 (Essex Co) William Cecil TOZE, 25, Labourer, England, Windsor, s/o William Henry TOZE (b. England) & Elizabeth FARR; married Esther Mary BOWERS, 26, Tailoress, England, Windsor, d/o Harry BOWERS (b. England) & Emily HINCLIFFE; wit Violet HEELEY & Frank TOZE, both Windsor, 13 Jun 1925, Windsor
010492-25 Gordon TREAHOUT (Trealout?), 21, Carpenter, Anderdon twp, Sandwich, s/o Joseph TREAHOUT & Mary MORENCY; married Edna MORENCY, 17, Sandwich, Anderdon twp, d/o Stevey MORENCY & Rose OUELLETTE; wit Roy MORENCY & Alice FAUTEUX, both Sandwich, 23 Feb 1925, Amherstberg 009746-25 (Essex Co) Roman TROGAN, 30, Decorator, Berlin Germany, Windsor, s/o Rudolph TROGAN (b. Germany) & Teekla ALASKA; married Julia GUIRADELLE, 27, Austria, Windsor, d/o John GUIRADELLE (b. Germany) & Louise WISHEBER; wit Clemens TROGAN & Mrs. Gertrude GUIRADELLE, both Detroit Michigan, 28 Nov 1925, Windsor
010487-25 Scott Ann TROUTMAN, 19, Mechanic, Kingsville, Kingsville, s/o George K. TROUTMAN (b. Pa USA) & Bertha H. SCRATCH; married Elsie May TAGGART, 18, Kingsville, Kingsville, d/o Angus S. TAGGART (b. Ontario) & Mary E. LAMBIER; wit Mrs. W. SHERMAN & Mr. W. SHERMAN, both Kingsville, 5 Oct 1925, Leamington 009757-25 (Essex Co) Clarence TRUAX, 22, Body Trimmer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Solomon TRUAX (b. Canada) & Mary BRYSON; married Ada Mae MYERS, 21, England, Oshawa, d/o William George MYERS (b. England) & Florence BAKER; wit William George MYERS, Oshawa & George COGHILL, Windsor, 4 Jul 1925, Windsor
010483-25 Francis William TRUAX, 23, Painter, Leamington, Leamington, s/o Arza Merrit TRUAX (b. Leamington) & Ida May McGURR; married Eva Viola SUMMERFIELD, 19, Mersea twp, Leamington, d/o William SUMMERFIELD (b. Essex Co) & Madessa FOSTER; wit Annie HALL, Windsor & Clifford FERGUSON, Leamington, 26 Aug 1925, Leamington

010470-25 Albert L. TRUAX, 43, Farmer, Gosfield South, Gosfield South, s/o William (b. Ontario) & Mandia nee STOCKWELL; married Dency BRUNER, 33, Gosfield South, Gosfield South, d/o Theodore (b. Ontario) & Sarah E. nee DAWSON; wit Katherine JOHNSTON & Alicia TWEEDALE, both Essex, 18 Feb 1925, Essex

009763-25 (Essex Co) Daniel A. TUBBS, 40, Painter, Wid, Arner?, Riverside, s/o William TUBBS & Eliza Ann DENNIS; married Dora LARGE, 27, Wid, England, Windsor, d/o David BARTON & Hattie FOSTER; wit H.W. HALLSTZ & Mrs. M. HALLSTZ, both Windsor, 10 Jun 1925, Windsor 009765-25 (Essex Co) Joseph William TUCKER, 21, Driver, Ontario, Chatham, s/o William TUCKER (b. Ontario) & Eliza LONGLEY; married Nine WHITE, 19, Leamington, Leamington, d/o Fred WHITE (b. Ontario) & Clara ROACH; wit Thomas William NICHOLLS & Mrs. Violet NICHOLLS, both Windsor, 10 Mar 1925, Windsor [Divorced 30 Oct 1933, Chatham)
010486-25 George Ernest TUDOR, 25, Salesman, Parkhill, Detroit, s/o J. George TUDOR (b. Parkhill) & Annie FRASER; married Ruby Alta GILLANDERS, 24, Mersea twp, Leamington, d/o J. Ed. GILLANDERS (b Mersea Twp) & Elizabeth WOLFE; wit G.A. HENRY, London & Jessie GILLANDERS, Detroit, 17 Oct 1925, Leamington 010485-25 William Inglis TURNBULL, 28, Real Estate Agent, Detroit, Riverside, s/o John TURNBULL (b. Ontario) & Mary Woodworth FERGUSON; married Jean Elizabeth FORRESTER, 18, London, London, d/o James FORRESTER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MAY; wit Robert GRAY & Lilian GRAY, both Detroit, 1 Oct 1925, Ford
010469-25 Tom TURNER, 24, Machinist, England, Turtle Creek Pa, s/o Edward TURNER (b. England) & Isabella ASHWORTH; married Elizabeth Jane JOHNSON, 23, England, Riverside, d/o Richard JOHNSON (b. England) & Margaret LAURENCE; wit Eva HAWKEN & Richard JOHNSON, both Riverside, 26 Feb 1925, Riverside 010494-25 Percival Charles TURNER, 21, Machinist, London England, Brantford, s/o Charles William TURNER & Virtue WILSTEAD; married Edith DEAN, 20, London England, Windsor, d/o George William DEAN & Rebecca GUNTON; wit George William DEAN, Windsor & Henry Cyril LEMAN, Toronto, 26 Sept 1925, Windsor
009764-25 (Essex Co) William George TURNEY, 33, Soldier, England, Ingersoll Ont, s/o William Nettlefold TURNEY (b. England) & Emily L.A. DENFORD; married Ellen Louise PAVEY, 27, England, Ingersoll Ont, d/o Thomas PAVEY (b. England) & Harrietta BONIFACE; wit Emily L.A. TURNEY & S.F. SAWLE, both Flint Mich, 8 Jun 1925, Windsor 010482-25 Simeon TUSTANOSKY, 37, Labourer, Kugminchec Podolsk Russia, Ford, s/o Fidean? TUSTANOSKY (b. Russia) & Mava ?; married Helen RENO, 27, Seamstress, Rouno Russia, Ford, d/o Stinslaw RENO (b. Russia) & Vicinita ROMAKO; wit S. PANLENKO, Ford City & D. DEMBICKI, Windsor, 31 Jul 1925, Walkerville
009748-25 (Essex Co) John Ferguson TWIGG, 35, Barrister, Kingston, Windsor, s/o John Edward TWIGG (deceased) & Sarah Agnes PORTER; married Gwendolyn M. REID, 27, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Robert REID & Margaret MARSALES; wit Margaret REID & A. A. MACKINNON, both Windsor, 26 Sept 1925, Windsor