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My great-grandmother was Mildred Blanche Edy (1886- 1960). Her parents were James Newbury Edy (see below) & Mary Bassett Barker


Ancestors of James Newbury Edy

Generation No. 1

James Newbury Edy, born 1843 in Brantford twp, Brant County, Ontario; died of typhoid or La Grippe on January 31, 1890 in Toronto, and is buried in London, Ontario (Mt. Pleasant cemetery). He was the son of Daniel EDY and Mary Ann MATTHEWS. He married (1) Ellen ("Nannie") PERRY October 28, 1868. She was the daughter of William PERRY and Ann MEAD. He married (2) Mary Bassett (May) BARKER November 19, 1884 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co. She was the daughter of Wright BARKER and Charlotte Matilda BODWELL and was born Oct. 12, 1860 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co.

In the 1871 census, James was age 29, second adventist, photographer, living in Brantford, Ontario. James died in 1890, shortly after moving to Toronto. His death registration gives the cause of death as typhoid, whereas his obituary states that he died of "la grippe". Mary remained in Toronto after James's death - in the Toronto Directories of 1898, 1901 & 1904 she is living at 86 Galley Ave. In 1910 she was living at 119 Balmoral Ave. In the 1911 census she was in Calgary (as Mrs. J.N. Edy),  In 1912 she died at St. John's Hospital in Toronto of malignant disease of liver & gall bladder.

Children of James Edy and Ellen Perry are

i. Emma Alberta, born 22 Nov 1869 in Brantford, eldest child. Alberta, or Bertie, died during an epileptic seizure in 1923, at City Hospital. Woodstock. She had lived in Woodstock for the last 16 years of her life. She was in hospital in the 1911 census.

ii. Lottie May Edy, born 2 Aug 1872 in Brantford (birth reg 1184-72), appears in the 1898 & 1901 Toronto Directories where her occupation is given as tel.opr.

iii. Eveline A Edy, born 22 Nov 1877, appears in the 1898 & 1901 Toronto Directories as a stenographer, living at 86 Galley Ave. In the 1911 census, Eveline is in Calgary with her mother (1016 15th?) and she was a stenographer. Eveline's husband's surname was PORTER and they settled in Biggar, Saskatchewan. They had 4 children: Ellen, Jack, Lois, and another.

iv. Olive Edna Edy, born 9 Sept 1881 in Ontario; married James Brownlee McCRACKEN October 17, 1906 in Toronto. At the time of the marriage, both James & Olive were residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba (where James was a printer). Witnesses at this marriage were Eveline EDY and Harrison DRISCOLL. In 1901 Olive worked for Eatons, and was living at 86 Galley Ave with Mary B Edy


Children of James Edy and Mary Barker are:

i. Mildred Blanche Edy, born January 31, 1886; died March 12, 1960 in Toronto, Ontario, & buried at Prospect cemetery with her husband; married Robert John MARSHALL about 1910 in Alberta. In 1910, before her marriage, Blanche was a teacher at Moulton College, residing there - 34 Bloor St. W., Toronto. In 1911, Robert & Blanche lived at 119 Balmoral Ave (same address as her mother). In the 1942 Toronto Directory, they are living at 11 Glenholme, ph # LL4866, and Robt J is listed as the president of Standard Motor Replacements as well as the president & manager of Gas Accumulator of Canada

ii. Florence Agnes Edy, born July 15, 1887; married John Edward BROWNLEE on December 23, 1912 in Toronto. John Edward Brownlee was the premier of Alberta in the early 1930's, he was also senior partner in law firm Brownlee & Brownlee, Edmonton. In the 1911 census, Florence was with her mother in Calgary; she was a teacher.

iii. Josephine Bryant Edy, born 7 March 1889; died 1964; married (1) Thomas R.C. FLINT; married (2) Silas LAMB 1959, as his second wife. Josephine and Thomas had 3 children: Elizabeth (May 1917 to Aug 1921), T. Bryant (b. Nov 1922, married Lill JOHNSON), and Olive (b. Aug 1918). Olive married William P. JACKSON and they had 4 children: Frances, Kathleen, Mary & Craig. In the 1911 census, Josephine was with her mother in Calgary; she was stenographer.


Generation No. 2

Daniel EDY was born about 1807; and died before 1871. He was the son of Omri EDY and Margaret (maiden name unknown). Daniel married Mary Ann MATTHEWS on April 20, 1831 in Brantford, Ontario. Mary Ann was born 1811 in Ontario; died 1892.

When Daniel & Mary Ann were married in 1831, he was a resident of Brantford, and she was a resident of Burford. In 1851 they were living in Townsend twp., Norfolk Co & they were also there in 1861. On Jan. 6, 1851 they purchased 100 acres at the E 1/2 of lot 24, con 4 (Townsend twp), for 250 pounds. By 1871 Mary Ann was a widow, and she was living with her son James Newbury EDY, in Brantford.

Children of Daniel and Mary Ann are:

i. William Daniel Edy, born Abt. 1832 in Ontario; died of old age on August 01, 1916 in London, Ontario and is buried at Waterford, Ont; married Malinda HAVILAND. William D appears in the 1871 census as an artist with his religion as second adventist. In 1871 William & Malinda were living in Brantford twp and by 1901 they had moved to London.

There is a death notice for Melinda EDY in the Brantford Expositor of 27 June 1873: "Died - Edy, Melinda, at Brantford on Wed. June 25, at Eagle Place, beloved w/o W.D. Edy in her 42nd years"

William is in London in the 1881 census (with religion as Pymouth Brethern). Children in 1881: Mary 19, Leslie 17, Nellie 14, and Franklin 7. William's wife is given as Mary (re-married?), age 47, born in Ontario. Mary is Mary HOWELL. There is a very faded marriage announcement in the Brantford Expositor of 11 Sept 1874 for a Mary? HOWELL and a William? EDY, married on the 9th of Sept. 1874. Also, civil registration - reg # 6653-74. Mary was of Port Dover, d/o Henry & Elizabeth Howell. She was born 14 Nov 1833.

ii. Maria Jane Edy, born Abt. 1838 in Oakland, Ontario; died August 25, 1916 in Townsend twp., Norfolk Co.; married Willis HAVILAND October 26, 1858 in Norfolk Co., Ontario. Both are buried at the Haviland Family Cemetery, Townsend twp. Witnesses at their wedding in 1858 were Solomon CLINE & Simon McMICHAEL.

iii. James Newbury Edy, born 1843 in Brantford twp, - see above

iv. Silvinia H Edy, born on 20 Aug 1845 in Brantford; married Silas Skege HAIGHT on March 08, 1871 in Brantford, Ontario. Prior to her marriage Silvina was age 26, living with her brother James (1871 census). She died Feb. 8th 1921 in Hamilton but she is buried at Greenwood cemetery Brantford with her husband and his parents. There was a marriage announcement in the Brantford Expositor of 10 March 1871; "by Rev. GUNNER at his residence, Sylvina, 3rd daughter of the late Daniel EDY, to Mr. Skey HAIGHT, all of Brantford."

In the 1881 census, there is a Cyrus HEIGHT (on LDS website) in Brantford age 35 and his wife Syl--na also age 35. With them is an Albert HEIGHT age 8.

Eliza Ophelia Edy, born Abt. 1850. appears in the 1871, census, age 19, living with her brother James. On 6 June 1876, Eliza married James Buckley HARPIN (a widower) who was born 29 June 1838 in England, s/o John & Minerva.

  • James & Eliza had at least 2 children: Maud Evelyn Harpin (1881) & Constance Harpin (1877)
  • James Buckley Harpin's first wife was Ann Burrill and they had a number of children: Charles Harpin 1863, John Henry Harpin 1865, Mary Harpin 1868, Amelia Buckly Harpin 1869, Arthur Egerton Harpin 1872 and Norman Harpin 1871. These children (except the younger 2) are with James & Eliza in the 1881 census.
  • In the 1881 census James Harpin was a music teacher in Brantford
  • James died in London (718 William St) on 24 Jan 1908. His death reg'n, 18135-08 says that he was a book keeper, born in England, widower
  • in the 1901 census, the family was in London - James was a widower & lithographer, & with him was Maud age 19
  • Maud married Adam Thomas Johnstone & they had at least three children: James Irving Johnstone (1904) & Adam Maxwell Johnstone (1905) & Donald W. (Jan 1911)
  • there is a marriage for a Beatrice Harpin, 1899 in London, to Thomas Langford PARTRIDGE, age 25, born South Wales, of London, plumber, s/o George & Angeline nee Langford. Beatrice was 21, born Brantford, of London, d/o James B. Harpin & Eliza Edy. Their children:
    1. Marjorie Eva Irene Patridge was born 20 Oct 1900, d/o Thomas L. Partidge & Constance Beatrice Harpin.
    2. Edna Helena, born 22 July 1899
    3. Freda Hazel, born 2 Jan 1905
    4. Thomas Harold, born 19 April 1902
  • Constance Beatrice PARTRIDGE died 12 Oct 1933 in London (69 Grand Ave) Death reg 23733-33

vi. Paulina Ann Edy, born Abt. 1845 in Oakland, Brant Co. She married Thomas BATTYE on Aug 1st 1872 in Brantford. Thomas was born 6 Aug 1844 in either Hinchley Mill, Yorkshire, England or in Ontario, depending on the source of the information. He was the son of George and Sarah Ann. In 1872 Thomas was a machine wood worker in Brantford.

Paulina died 16 Aug 1873 of typhoid fever. Death reg # 1238-73. Her son Frederick (4 July 1873 to 15 Oct 1873), death reg # 1239-73, also died of typhoid fever. They both died in Brantford.

In the 1881 census, there is a Thomas BATTYE on his own in St. Andrews Ward of Toronto - occupation as machinist, status as married (but no wife given). Living beside him is Sarah STEPHENSON, a widow, and two children: George E. & Sarah A. LUCAS, ages 7 & 5.

I have found a Thomas BATTY - also a machine wood worker and of the same age, living in Toronto in 1901 (1901 census - gives birth place as England, and date of arrival in Canada as 1848). Living with him in 1901 is his widowed mother Sarah (now Battye) as well as two children, George & Sarah LUCAS. But Thomas is now married to an Anna, who was born 31 Oct 1851 in England - coming to Canada in 1861.

Thomas BATTYE died 4 Feb 1917 at 72 Coolmine Rd., Toronto. His mother was Sarah FITTON, death reg # 6387-12, died at age 90, also at 72 Coolmine Rd.



from The Hannums of Massachusetts and Their English Forbears.... on page 455:

"She was the illegitimate child of Sarah Jones of Wilbraham, Massachusetts, now published to Daniel Edy [sic] of Belchertown, whom Gideon and Abiah had adopted {FORWARD page 10}"