Durham Co.
Durham County marriages, 1838-1932

(with some Victoria Co marriages)

from various sources, submitted by Steph Eddy

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ALLDREAD, Marion E. - see Richards ARNOT, Marrianne - see Boake
BAIN, Ruby E. - see Harness BATES, Winnifred F. - see Barrett
  BAWKS, Jane - see Kelly
BIGELOW, Sarah M. - see Smith BOYES, Maria A. - see Nichol
BRAY, Maggie M. - see Howden BROADBURN, Margaret A. - see Gibson
BROWN, Sarah E. - see Hall BROWN, Rebecca - see Norton
BROWN, Bena F. - see Patton BROWN, Isabella - see McGlaughlin
CAIN, Martha A. - see Hartley CAMERON, Bertha - see Hunt
CARSCADDEN, Grace - see Boles CARSCADDEN, Effie E.B. - see Elliott
CHAMBERS, Adeline - see Hart CINNAMON, Maria - see Brimacombe
  COOKMAN, Elizabeth - see Harlow
COOKMAN, Jane - see Harlow COUVIERS, Elizabeth H. - see Farrow
COWAN, Nora I. - see Colwill CUNCANNON, Annie - see Gibson
CURRIE, Gladys - see Johnston DASH, Mary A. - see Hardy
EASTMAN, Emily - see Moulton ELLIOTT, Irene I. - see Dunbar
EMMERSON, Emma S. - see McHoull EVANS, Hattie - see Wilson
EVINS, Elizabeth - see Smith FEE, Elizabeth - see Sylvester
FORSITHE, Hilda - see Wilson FORSYTH, Anabella - see Moffatt
FORTH, Sarah - see Hayden FOWLER, Mary L. - see Cruse
GILBERT, Angeline Harriet - see Mackie HALL, Marianne - see Virtue
HALL, Mary - see Dean HANCOCK, Leta A.P. - see Holdaway
HANNA, Elizabeth - see Payne HAY, Harriet M. - see Hardy
HENDERSON, Mary A. - see Hart HENRY, Sarah A. - see Hart
  HIGGINS, Elizabeth - see Harris
HOLDAWAY, Lila P. - see Walkey INGRAM, Sally - see Gibson
JACOBS, Jane - see Helson JACOBS, Mary - see Harman
JOB, Elizabeth - see Jackson JOHNSTON, Catherine - see Hannah
LANCASTER, Evelyn R. - see Buttery LEARY, Jane - see Harrison
LUXON, Mabel M. - see Mercer  
MAGILL, Isabella - see Johnston MAUNDER, Elizabeth - see Harris
McGILL, Susannah - see Armstrong McGILL, Minerva - see McMullen
McLAUCHLIN, Florence - see Bruce McMULLEN, Ann - see Brown
MILLS, Priscilla - see Alldred NICHOLSON, Anna - see Steele
PANE, Mary - see Carscadden PATTERSON, Jane - see Wilson
PATTERSON, Ethel - see Jones PATTERSON, Ada M. - see Allin
PERRY, Hannah M. - see Davey POTTS, Catheine A. - see Forsyth
POWERS, Bertha - see Rainey QUANTRILL, Ethel M. - see Harbottle
RICHARDSON, Mary - see Hawkins SANDY, Clara - see Byers
SHEPPARD, Rena V. - see Petick SHERIDAN, Eliza - see Hays
SKELDING, Mary A. - see Green SMITH, Linda V. - see Stone
SMITH, Mary J. - see Harlow SPINKS, Emma- see Carscadden
SPROUL, Florence - see Greenwood STARR, Sarah A. - see Hay
STEVENS, Mary - see Harmon  
SUMMERVILLE, Sarah J. - see Biglow SUTTON, Ann - see Harrison
SWARBRICK, Edna M. - see Garbutt THOMPSON, Anna - see Patton
TILLEY, Mary E. - see Rowe TOMKINS, Ann - see Hawkins
  WALKEY, Gertrude M. - see Rupert
WALLACE, Hilda M. - see Alexander WANNAN, Ethleen W. - see Stone
WEATHERILT, Cynthia M. - see Bell WHITE, Christina - see Milne
WHITFIELD, Sarah - see English WILSON, Margaret - see Sutton
WOOD, Sarah - see Hart  

Alphabetical by Groom's Surname

Herbert Edward ALEXANDER, 29, lineman, Burks Falls, Maple, s/o Edward Herbert ALEXANDER & Mary Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Hilda May WALLACE, 28, England, Newtonville, d/o Thomas WALLACE & Annie JONES, witn: Ivan H. Wesley ALEXANDER of Burks Falls & Elsie WALLACE of Clarke, 9 Sept 1931 at Newtonville

Thomas ALLDRED, 28, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o John ALDRED & Sarah MORROW, married Priscilla MILLS, 19, Manvers, same, d/o James MILLS & Maggie BROWN, witn: Fred ALLDRED & Minnie CAMPBELL, 1 July 1903

John Gilbert ALLIN, 27, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o John ALLIN & Mary KILKADE, married Ada May PATTERSON, 23, Clarke twp., same, d/o Thomas PATTERSON & Mary A. CARSCADDEN, witn: Samuel E. ALLIN of 12 William St. Toronto & Effie CARSCADDEN of Pontypool, 17 Oct 1906 at res of the bride's parents, Clarke twp

James ARMSTRONG, 29, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Chris. & Jane, married Susannah McGILL, 27, Canada, Manvers, d/o James & Catherine, witn: John McGILL & William REHILL of Manvers, 24 Nov 1880 at Pontypool/Janetville

Wentford James BARRETT, 21, farmer, Newcastle, Clarke twp., s/o Richard BARRETT & Rachel SOULE, married Winnifred Frances BATES, 22, Dublin Ireland, Clarke twp., d/o James BATES & Mary BURNETT, witn: Lanson Elyar MILLSON of Clarke twp & Emma BARRETT of Newcstle, 19 Sept 1906 at res of Richard BARRETT, Clarke twp

Lawrence David BELL, 30, farmer, Tyrone - Darlington twp., Leskard, s/o David BELL & Sarah HENDERSON, married Cynthia Maude WEATHERILT, 24, Osaca - Hope twp., same, d/o John S. WEATHERILT & Hannah BAXTER, witn: Alma Pearl WEATHERILT of Osaca & Goerge Milton GLASS of Oak, 7 Dec 1910, at res of bride's parents, Hope twp.,

Robert Henry BIGLOW, 28, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o John BIGLOW & Mary COLEMAN, married Sarah Jane SUMMERVILLE, 28, Manvers, same, d/o William SUMMERVILLE & Margaet GALLAGHER, witn: George BIGLOW & blank SUMMERVILLE, 14 Feb 1900

William BOAKE, yeoman of Emily twp., married Marrianne ARNOT of Clarke twp., witn: James BOATE & Frances BOATE (mother), 27 March 1843 at St. George's Church, Clarke

Thomas BOLES, farmer, of Clarke twp., married Grace CARSCADDEN of Clarke twp., witn: Robert CARTER & John CARSCADDEN, 10 Oct 1838? (or 1839?), at Clarke

James George BRIMACOMBE, 38, farmer, Hope twp., same, s/o Thomas BRIMACOMBE & Margaret PENNY, married Maria CINNAMON, 45, Hope twp., same, d/o John CINNAMON & Ellen MOLLOW, witn: Nellie BUNNER & Alice REID, both of Newtonville, 23 May 1906 at Methodist Parsonage, Newtonville

Robert I. BROWN, 24, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o James & Jane, married Ann McMULLEN, 16, Canada, Manvers, d/o William & Dorothy, witn: Annie WHITLOCK & Mary WHITLOCK, 16 March 1880 at Pontypool/Janetville

John BRUCE, 37, farmer, Cartwright, Manvers, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Florence McLAUCHLIN, 21, Manvers, Darlington, d/o John McLAUCHLIN & Elizabeth COX, witn: Robert & Elizabeth McLAUCHLIN, 27 Dec 1899

Samuel Luke BUTTERY, 25, farmer, Bowmanville, same, s/o William Luke BUTTERY & Emily C.F. BELL, married Evelyn Ruth LANCASTER, 23, Clarke twp., same, d/o John W. LANCASTER & Lizzie BEIGHTON, witn: Elsie WALLACE & Mrs. WALLACE, of Clarke, 16 Dec 1931 at Newtonville

Harry J. BYERS, 38, widower, photgrapher, Cavan, Peterborough, s/o Robert & Jane, married Clara SANDY, 22, Manvers, same, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: Thomas BYERS & Mary SANDY, 14 Nov 1900

John D. CARSCADDEN, 30, of Cartwright twp., s/o Robert & Lucinda,married Emma SPINKS, 24, born Canada, res of Cartwright, d/o Robert B. & Elizabeth, witn: Robert & M.A. SPINKS of Cartwright, 16 Oct 1889 at Cartwright

Thomas CARSCADDEN of Clarke twp to Mary PANE of Clarke twp., witn: Thomas BOLES & John COONEY, 6 Feb 1843

Irwin Morris COLWILL, 24, farmer, Newcastle, same, s/o Albert COLWILL & Amelia MORRIS, married Nora Isabel COWAN, 23, Clarke twp., Newcastle, d/o William COWAN & Alberta LENT, witn: Emerson FISHER & Marion ALLIN of Newcastle, 6 Feb 1932 at Newtonville

William James CRUSE, 39, widower, farmer, Hope twp., Hamilton twp., s/o John CRUSE & Margaret Jane FORD, married Mary Louise FOWLER, 24, Clarke twp., same, d/o Robert FOWLER & Ester Annie ELLIOTT, witn: James EAGLESON of Bailieboro & Eliza J. FOWLER of Kendal, 1 Aug 1906 at res of bride's parents, Clarke twp

William Henry DAVEY, of Bath, married Hannah Minerva PERRY of Whitby, d/o Peter PERRY of Whitby twp., no date given (about 1839), at the house of the bride's father, witn: John P. McCRAIG & Jemima L. PERRY

Edward Freeman DEAN, 24, farmer, b. & res.Manvers, s/o Freeman DEAN & Mary HALL, maried Rowena Elizabeth GIBSON, 16, . & res. manvers, d/o George GIBSON & Christena GILBANK, witn: Edith & Mrs. GIBSON, 9 Jan 1901

Milton Warren DUNBAR, 31, farmer, b. & res. Hope twp., s/o Warren DUNBAR & Ida COOPER, married Irene Isabel ELLIOTT, 22, b. & res. Clarke twp., d/o Wesley ELLIOTT & Lucinda M. CARSCADDEN, witn: Alfred ELLIOTT & Eva BEATTY, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1929 at Clarke twp

John B. ELLIOTT, 75, widower, gentleman, Clarke twp., Bowmanville, s/o William ELLIOTT & Eliza CARSCADDEN, married Efffie Elizabeth Beatrice CARSCADDEN, 52, Clarke twp., Bowmanville, d/o John CARSCADDEN & Elizabeth PATTERSON, witn: E.J. & Luella G. WALLACE of Pickering, 2 July 1931 at Newtonville

John ENGLISH, 24, born Canada, res of Cartwright twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Sophia WHITFIELD, 24, born Canada, res of Reach twp., d/o John & Sarah, witn: Robert ARCHERof Cartwright & Ameila SISSON of Manvers, 1 Jan 1890 at Reach

William Arthur FARROW, 22, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o Robinson FARROW & Eliza BRAY, married Elizabeth Henrietta COUVIERS, 18, Clarke twp., same, d/o Alexander COUVIERS & Dianne KING, witn: Arthur BEDWIN & Emma COUVIERS, both of Clarke, 26 March 1906 at Methodist Parsonage, Newtonville

William Henry FORSYTH, 30, laborer on S. Railway, Michigan USA, Manvers, s/o not given, married Catherine A. POTTS, 35, Manvers, same, d/o not given, witn: Milton FALLIS of Cavan & Sarah WHITE of Manvers, 30 June 1903

Truman GARBUTT, 33, laborer, b. Ontario, res. Toronto, s/o James & Susannah, married Edna Mae SWARBRICK, 25, England, Toronto, d/o James SWARBRICK & Mary COLIER, witn: James W. SWARBRICK of 182 Craighurst & Elva DAVISON of 206 Pacific Ave. Toronto, 6 June 1929 at Toronto

James GIBSON, married Sally INGRAM, d/o Samuel of Darlington twp., 6 Feb 1840 at St. John's church, Darlington, witn: Margaret TAYLOR & Henry PETERS

John H. GIBSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Cartwright, s/o James & Esther, married Margaret Ann BROADBURN, 18, Canada, Cartwright, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Alfred GIBSON & William VENNING of Cartwright, 22 Dec 1880 at Poontypool/Janetville

Charles Henry GIBSON, 29, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o W. Henry GIBSON & Mary Elizabeth BULLIED, married Annie CUNCANNON, 28, Clarke, Manvers, d/o Jeremiah CUNCANNON & Ann HENWOOD, witn: Thomas H. ASHBY of Havelock & Bella CUNCANNON of Manvers, 14 Jan 1903

Stanley Alexander GREEN, 33, farmer, b. Scotland, res. Darlington twp., s/o Peter GREEN & Janet RITCHIE, married Mary Adeline SKELDING, 28, b. & res. Orono, d/o George SKELDING & Mary Ann MERCER, witn: George W. SKELDING of Clarke, 27 March 1929 at Newtonvillle

William George GREENWOOD, 33, farmer, Manvers, Clarke, s/o Job & Elizabeth, married Florence SPROUL, 20, Darlington, same, d/o James & Faithful, witn: Robert WHITE & Ethel SPROUL, 2 Dec 1900

George Abner HALL, 21, farmer, b. & res. Scugog, s/o Elizabeth REARDON & not given, married Sarah Evelyn BROWN, 22, b. & res. Manvers, d/o William & Maggie, witn: William & Elizabeth BROWN, 16 June 1901

Edward HANNAH, 59, b. Ireland, res. Emily, s/o Edward & Jane, married Catherine JOHNSTON, 21, b. Ireland, res. Emily, d/o John & Elizabeth, 24 Sept 1862

Robert John HARBOTTLE, 31, barber, Grey Co., Carival - Sask., s/o Thomas HARBOTTLE, deceased, & Elizabeth YEO, married Ethel Maud QUANTRILL, 27, Hope twp., Kendal - Clarke twp., d/o George QUANTRILL & Margaret MILLER, witn: Cecil & Pearl QUANTRILL of Kendal, 11 Jan 1911 at res of bride's parents, Clarke twp.

George HARDY, 25, b. England, res. Mariposa, s/o William & Kezia, married Harriet Maria HAY, 18, b. Canada, res. Mariposa, d/o John & Agnes, 5 March 1863

Isaac HARDY, 24, b. Isle of Wight, res. Mariposa, s/o William & Kezia, married Mary Ann DASH, 19, b. Isle of Wight, res. Mariposa, d/o Bejamin & Jane, 3 Aug 1858

James HARLOW, 24, b. Mariposa, res. Somerville, s/o John & Jane, married Jane COOKMAN, 31, b. Cavan, res. Somerville, d/o Harvey & Ellen, 24 Sept 1865

Daniel W. HARLOW, 28, b. Whitby, res. Somerville, s/o illegible & Rose L., married Elizabeth COOKMAN, 24, b. Cavan, res. Somerville, d/o Henry & Ellen, 5 Sept 1863

Edward Thomas HARLOW, 22, b. & res. Birmingham, s/o John & Martha, married Mary Jane SMITH, 16, d/o William & Ann, 18 Sept 1867

Jesse HARMAN, 24, b. Mariposa, res. Lindsay, s/o Charles & Rebecca, married Mary JACOBS, 25, b. Mariposa, res. Lindsay, d/o John & Jane, 23 July 1867

Robert HARMON, 22, b. Canada, res. Mariposa, s/o Henry & Nancy, married Mary STEVENS, 22, b. Canada, res. Mariposa, d/o David & Clency, 25 Dec 1861

James Howard HARNESS, 25, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o Thomas HARNESS & Elizabeth CLARKE, married Ruby Evelyn BAIN, 25, Smith Falls, Bowmanville, d/o Robert J. BAIN & Minnie OAKES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. & RICHARDS of Newcastle, 28 May 1932 at Newtonville

William HARRIS, 26, England, Mariposa, s/o William & Susan, married Elizabeth MAUNDER, 21, Mariposa, Whitby, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, 29 June 1859

Thomas HARRIS, 21, b. Hope, res. Lindsay, s/o Almon & Phoebe, married Elizabeth HIGGINS, 19, b. Cavan, res. Lindsay, d/o William & Fanny, 7 Jan 1861

Robert HARRISON, 37, b. Ireland, res. Manvers, s/o James & Jane, married Jane LEARY, 30, b. Ireland, res. Manvers, d/o Richard & Mary, 13 Jan 1868

Thomas HARRISON, full, b. Brock US?, res. Georgina, s/o James & Eliza, married Ann SUTTON, full, b. Markham?, res. Brock, d/o William & Jane, 7 Jan 1861

Humphrey HART, 21, Manvers, same, s/o Harman & Margaret, married Mary Ann HENDERSON, 18, East Indies, Manvers, d/o James & Esther, 3 June 1858

Andrew HART, 27, farmer, b. Canada, res. Manvers, s/o Herman & Jane, married Elizabeth PAYNE, 21, b. Canada, res. Manvers, d/o William & Ann, witn: Joseph HART & Christiana PAYNE, 30 Sept 1879 at Pontypool - Janetville

Herman HART, 22, Manvers, same, s/o Herman & Margaret, married Sarah WOOD, 24, Osnabruck, Manvers, d/o Winslow & Catherine, 8 June 1864

Thomas HART, 36, widower, motorman, b. Vaughan, res. Toronto, s/o William HART & Isabella CUNNINGHAM, married Adeline CHAMBERS, 29, b. & res. Manvers, d/o James CHAMBERS & Ann Jane BYERS, witn: James & Loula CHAMBERS, 27 Jan 1904

David HART, 21, Manvers, same, s/o Herman & Margaret, married Sarah A. HENRY, 19, Hope, Manvers, d/o Michael & Nancy, March 1862

John HARTLEY, 36, farmer, b. Ireland, res. Manitoba, s/o William HARTLEY & Jane HARPER, married Martha Ann CAIN, 30, b & res. Manvers, d/o Sam CAIN & Mary Ann RIDGE, witn: Richard CAIN & Lettie LEE, 31 Jan 1900

Joseph HAWKINS, Ops, same, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Ann TOMKINS, Gloucester, same, d/o Peter & Sarah, 19 Jan 1865

George HAWKINS, 23, Montreal, Omemee, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary RICHARDSON, 22, Ireland, Omemee, d/o William & Sarah, 6 Aug 1863

David HAYDEN, 39, England, Ops, s/o John & Ann, mrried Sarah FORTH, 25, England, Ops, d/o John & Matilda, 23 Oct 1866

John HAY, 23, Cavan, Mariposa, so John & Agnes, married Sarah Ann STARR, 21, Mariposa, Fenelon, d/o Wiliam & Unice, 24 Dec 1864

James HAYS, 31, Ireland, Emily, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Eliza SHERIDAN, 29, Emily, same, d/o Henry & Sarah

William G. HELSON, 24, England, Mariposa, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Jane JACOBS, Canada, Mariposa, d/o John & Jane, 5 Feb 1861

Frederick William HOLDAWAY, 46, widower, moulder, b. Port Hope, res. Detroit, s/o George HOLDAWAY & Sarah Jane MULVEY, married Leta A.P. HANCOCK, 27, b. Kirby, res. Orono, d/o H. Egerton HANCOCK & Nora J. WANNACOTT, witn: Wesley R. WOOD & Mrytle I. WOOD, of Oronto, 20 Aug 1929 at Orono

Robert Hughes HOWDEN, 25, RR laborer, born Monaghan, res of Manvers, s/o Thomas HOWDEN & Elizabeth McBRIEN, married Maggie Maud BRAY, 20, born Manvers, res of Manvers, d/o Christopher BRAY & Ann Jane KELLETT, witn: Mrs. MARVIN & Lettie LEIGH, 22 April 1903

Rensilus Wilkinson HUNT, 32, born Canada, res of Port Perry, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married bertha CAMERON, 23, born Canada, res of Port Perry, d/o George & Hannah, witn: H. & Nellie CAMERON of Port Perry, 4 Aug 1891 at Cartwright

Charles JACKSON, of Cartwright twp., married Elizabeth JOB of Cartwright twp., witn: Andrew EVANS & William CROZIER, 4 April 1843

Jack JOHNSTON, 32, farmer, b. Castleton, res. Roseneath, s/o William JOHNSTON & Sarah Jean COUCH, married Gladys CURRIE, 17, b. Cobourg, res. Kendal, d/o David CURRIE (Dead) & Blanche McDOUGAL, witn: Mr. & Mrs, George LANGSTAFF of Kendal, 4 may 1929 at Newtonvillle

Robert JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Isabella MAGILL, 20, Canada, Manvers, d/o Hugh & Jane, witn: Richard McGILL & Thomas CUNNINGHAM of Manvers, 26 Dec 1879 at Pontypoll/Janetville

Giddus JONES, 38, widower, farmer, Newtonville- Clarke twp., same, s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Ethel PATTERSON, 26, Kendal, same, d/o Thomas PATTERSON & Mary A. CARSCADDEN, witn: Percy PATTERSON of Kendal & Catherine M. KNOX of Peterborough, 15 Nov 1911 at res of bride's parents, Kendal

James KELLY, of Darlington twp., married Jane BAWKS of Clarke twp., witn: Hugh O'NEIL and Margareet BAWKS, 27 Nov 1838 at Clarke

Robert Roy MACKIE, Yarmouth twp., married Angeline Harriet GILBERT of Darlington twp., witn: Harvy GILBERT & S.N. BIGELOW, 15 Nov 1838 at Darlington

Thomas McGLAUGHLIN, yeoman, of lot 23 con 7, married Isabella BROWN, of lot 21 con 7, d/o William BROWN, 22 Nov 1839 at the home of the bride's father, witn: James McGLAUGHLIN & Jane BROWN

James McHOULL, 25, harness maker, Canada, Cartwright, s/o Robert & Mary, married Emma Sophia EMMERSON, 25, Canada, Cartwright, d/o Mathew & Mary Ann,witn: Thomas EMMERSON & Francis William CROZIER of Cartwright, 8 Nov 1880 at Pontypool/Janetville

Thomas William McMULLEN, 31, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o William McMULLEN & Dortha J. NELSON, married Minerva McGILL, 21, Manvers, same, d/o David & Sarah, witn: Mrs. MARVIN & Jean KENNEDY, 4 March 1903

John Bryan MERCER, 26, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o George MERCER & Jennie LOWERY, married Mabel Maud LUXON, 21, Clarke twp., same, d/o George LUXON & Jennie SOUCH, witn: Cecil MERCER & Joanna E. BURGESS, both of Clarke twp., 4 July 1906 at Newtonville

Calvin MOULTON Jr., farmer, of Clarke twp., married Emily EASTMAN, of Clarke twp., d/o Jeremiah EASTMAN & Martha HARVY, witn: William H. HARTSHORN & Truman HALL, 10 March 1839 at Clarke

David MILNE, 28, clerk, born Dundee Scotland, res of Port Perry, s/o David MILNE & Euphemia SMALL, married Christena WHITE, 22, born Clarke, res Manvers, d/o John WHITE & Mary J. JOHNSTON, witn: Sarah WHITE & G.H. MILNE, 26 Dec 1903

James MOFFATT, 29, farmer, Clarke twp., Orono, s/o not given, married Anabella FORSYTH, 29, Manvers, Pontypool, d/o Wiliam FORSYTH & blank MARSHALL, witn: William & Mrs, FORSYTH, 2 Oct 1903

William Bulmer NICHOL, surgeon, of Darlington twp., married Maria Alves BOYES of Whitby twp, d/o Henry BOYES, physician, of Whitby twp., 17 April 1839? (or 1838?) at Darlington

Robert NORTON, yeoman, of Clarke twp, married Rebecca BROWN, of Clarke twp., witn: William, Eliza & Richard BROWN, 15 Jan 1843

Harold PATTON, 26, clerk, b. Kendal Ont., res. Toronto, s/o William PATTON & Eva M. WESTON, married Bena Frances BROWN, 20, b. & res. Millbrook, d/o Richard R. Kegan BROWN & Jane F. MITCHELL, witn: Goldie BROWN of Millbrook & Olive E. LANE of Clarke, 15 Aug 1929 at Newtonville

Robert James PATTON, 34, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Robert PATTON & Susannah JONES, married Anna THOMSPON, 23, Manvers, same, d/o Joseph THOMPSON & Margaret REYNOLDS, witn: George PATTON & Ethel THOMPSON, 4 Feb 1903

Robert George PAYNE, 29, farmer, b. & res. manvers, s/o John & Esther, married Elizabeth HANNA, 31, b. Manvers, res. Pontypool, d/o John & Isabella, witn: Thomas J. CARSCADDEN & Annabella HANNA, 2 Sept 1896

Sheldon Rel-? PETICK, 27, blacksmith, Newtonville, same, s/o John PATRICK & Lizzie Mc-?, married Rena Violette SHEPPARD, 18 or 19, Clarke twp., same, d/o William SHEPPARD & Barbara TAYLOR, witn: Elmer J. DICKINSON of Zion & Florence SHEPPARD of Kendal, 2 March 1912 at Methodist Parsonage, Newtonville

George Everet RAINEY, 24, farmer, Manvers twp, Clarke twp., s/o John RAINEY & Emeline GILBANK, married Bertha POWERS, 18, Clarke twp., same, d/o John POWERS & Alice MALORY, witn: Allie REID & Fanny PIPER, both of Newtonville, 19 Sept 1906 at Methodist Parsonage, Newtonville

Norman James RICHARDS, 26, motor mechanic, Toronto, Bowmanville, s/o Thomas Alfred RICHARDS & Rachel ALLEN, married Marion Eileen ALLDREAD, 17, Newcastle, same, d/o Matthew ALLDREAD & May HARNESS, witn: Alma Bernice RICHARDS of Bowmanville & Hazel Arlene HARNESS of Orono, 26 Sept 1931 at Newtonville

George ROWE, 33, born Canada, res of Walkerton, s/o Fred William & Sabina, married Mary Elizabeth TILLEY, 29, born Canada, res of Burketon village, d/o Frederick & Sarah, witn: Thomas H. BELL of brampton & Nellie ELMES of Burketon, 22 Oct 1889 at Burketon

John Vernon RUPERT, 23, signal helper CPR, Havelock twp., Newtonville, s/o John W. RUPERT & Jean YOUMENS, married Gertrude May WALKEY, 19, Newtonville, same, d/o Cecil WALKEY & Lynah? HOLDAWAY, witn: Jessie Irene WALKEY of Port Hope RR #3 & Howard Earl WALKEY of Clarke, 22 April 1931 at Newtonville

Robert Charles SMITH, gentleman, of Port Hope, married Sarah Mariah BIGELOW, of Darlington twp., d/o Levi, 24 Nov 1839 at bride's father's home, Bowmanville, witn: Robert MOTHERSGILL & Margaret Catherine BIGELOW

Alexander SMITH, 22, farmer, Canada, E. Whitby, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth EVINS, 19, Canada, Manvers, d/o William & Margaret, witn: John W. GREY of Williamsburg & John McLAUGHLIN of Tyrone, 4 Feb 1880 at Pontypool/Janetville

Lawrence STEELE, 35, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Fred STEELE & Mary CULLEN, married Anna NICHOLSON, 24, Manvers, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: John & Bertha NICHOLSON, 14 Feb 1900

John William STONE, 22, farmer, b. & res. Clarke twp., s/o Frank STONE & Edith BOYD, married Ethleen Winnifred WANNAN, 22, b. & res. Clarke twp., d/o Robert WANNAN & Ada WRIGHT, witn: Charles HOLT of RR#3 Newcastle & Pearl STONE of RR#1 Clarke, 14 Sept 1929 at Newtonville

James STONE, 29, farmer, Clarke twp., Cobourg, s/o William STONE & Matilda COSSLEY, married Linda V. SMITH, 26, Manitoba, Clarke, d/o John SMITH & Lucy PAYNE, witn: Mrs. C. ADAMS of Clarke & Florence COBBLEDICK of Orono, 8 Feb 1911 at Parsonage, Newtonville

James SUTTON, 60, widower, farmer, Ireland, Emily, s/o Edward & Susan, married Margaret WILSON, 35, Canada, Emily, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: Robert WILSON & Silas WHITLOCK, 7 Jan 1880 at Pontypool/Janetville

Henry SYLVESTER, yeoman, of Darlington twp., married Elizabeth FEE, of Darlington twp., witn: Frances ROGERS & Lloyd SYLVESTER, 24 Jan 1843 at St. John's church, Darlington

Edward VIRTUE of Darlington twp married Marianne HALL of Darlington twp., witn: William SPROUL, James HALL & others, 18 July 1843 at the brode's father's residence, 8th con Darlington twp

Cecil Howard WALKEY, 25, mechanic, Hope twp., Oshawa, s/o William WALKEY & Tammy GREENWOOD, married Lila Phiminta HOLDAWAY, 27, Port Britain - Hope twp., Hope twp., d/o George HOLDAWAY & Sarah MULVEY, witn: Goerge WALKEY of Clarke & Vera HOLDAWAY of Port Hope, 28 Dec 1910 at res of bride's parents. Hope twp

William WILSON, yeoman, of Whitby twp., married Jane PATTERSON, of Darlington twp., 11 July 1839 at St. John's church, Darlington, witn: John PATTERSON, Betsy RYAN and James COUSINS

Richard WILSON, 25, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Archibald & Susanna, married Hattie EVANS, 21, Canada, Manvers, d/o William & Margaret, witn: John EVANS of Newry & John SMITHof Whitby, 30 March 1880 at Pontypool/ Janetville

Charles WILSON, 20, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o Joseph WILSON & Mary Ann BLUMER, married Hilda FORSITHE, 21, Manvers, same, d/o William & Matilda, witn: Thomas GREENWOOD & Mary McCULLOUGH, 20 March 1900