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Deaths Registrations

from Ontario Archives microfilm MS 935

These are arranged alphabetically by surname. Use the links in the box below to find the surname that you are interested in.  I am not adding any new deaths to these pages

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Death Registrations, surnames A - Ch


Florida blank, d Jan 27, 1897 at age 2 yrs. Born at Lafontaine. Informant was Rev J. E. BEAUDOIN #019728-98 (Simcoe Co)

Child, f, died January 29, 1883, at birth (4 hrs old) at Sault. Ste. Marie Ont. Informant Joseph W. BUTTER, town of Sault Ste Marie. Reg. #001080-83 (Algoma Dist)

Sister M. Clare, died at age 42 yrs at St. Josephs Hospital in Chatham, on 7 Feb 1902 of pneumonia. Single, sister of St. Joseph, born in Tilsonburg. #12542-02 (Kent Co)

?? no name, m, d. Aug. 25, 1902, still born, b. Burk’s Falls, still born, infm - Mary Francis DANIELS, Cameron St, Burk’s Falls, 020234-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Child, m, died August 31, 1883, due to Stillbirth. Born at Sault Ste Marie; informant Robt. WATT, of Sault Ste Marie. Reg. # 001093-83 (Algoma Dist)

Charles Arthur ABRAHAM , died Oct 14 1905 at age 1 year , 29 days, of marasmus ( ailing from birth ) at conc.1 lot 13 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 21329-05 (Oxford Co)

Almeta ACKER, died at age 46 years, on 10 July 1928, of surgical shock & chronic myocarditis, at St. Josephs Hospital in Peterborough. Born in Lake twp on 25 Feb 1882, d/o Sidney NICHOLSON (b. Lake twp) & Ella LAKE (b. Blairton). Married. Aunt was Mrs. Sydney NICHOLSON of Havelock. Buried at Rockdale cemetery in Hastings Co. reg # 28807-28 (Peterborough Co)

ACKNEY, Ann, f, d. 18 Apr. 1891, age 64 years, b. England, of general debility, Methodist, no informant listed, Markham Twp (York Co) #018672-91

Mary Ann ADAMS, d Sept 25, 1898 at age 76 yrs, of bronchitis and asthma, at 6th Con, Tecumseth. Born Ireland. Informant was A. McLEAN. #019718-98 (Simcoe Co)

Mary Davidson ADAMS died 10 May 1870 at age 4 months. Born in Montreal. Informant was Alex Adams of Graysons Lane, Queen St. in Toronto. #7109-70 (Toronto)

Margaret McR. ADELL, died 9 Nov 1898 at age 34 yrs, of TB. Born in Quebec; resident of 264 Markham, Toronto. Married. #26955-98 (Toronto)

James Ellison AGNEW, farmer, d 25 July 1898 at age 26 yrs, hanging suicide, at Tecumseth. Born in Tecumseth. Informant was James CAMPBELL. #019711-98 (Simcoe Co)

Cecil Roderick AINSLIE died 31 Aug 1896 of diarrhea at age 1 year. Born at 11th con of Tilbury West; death registered in Tilbury West. Informant was J.W. Sifton. # 7639-96

James AITKEN, died on 30 Nov. 1929, at age not given, at 100 Winnett St. in Woodstock, of myocarditis & chronic bronchitis. Married, Scotch origins, miner. Born in Scotland on 12 April 1851, s/o James AITKEN & Isabella McKENZIE (both born in Scotland). Informant was son-in-law, Roderick CAMPBELL of 100 Winnett St. Buried in Hespeler. Reg # 27992-29 (Oxford Co)

Sarah AITKEN, died 14 Feb 1921 of senility at age 88 yrs. Widow. Born in Scotland on May 3, d/o Adam WATTERS & Marion STARK (both b. Scotland). Informant was son-in-law, N. QUESNEL of 130 Grace St., Toronto. Buried at Mt. Pleasant. Reg # 1865-21 (Toronto)

James William ALBERTSON, died 5 July 1905, of cerebral spinal fever, at age 60 yrs, at Lorne Park. Married, farmer, born in Trafalgar twp. Reg # 22566-05 (Peel Co)

Gladys Hyatt ALBRIGHT died 14 Aug 1900 at age 8 months of cholera infantum. Born in Canada & living at 289 Church in Toronto. Reg # 3285-00 (Toronto)

Baby ALCOCK, stillborn on 15 Feb 1921 at Wicker? Hospital, 22? Hepworth Ave. Son of Roy Alexander ALCOCK & Hilda Madeline CONSTABLE (both b. Toronto). Informant was father, of 75 Wineva Ave., Toronto. Buried at St. Johns. Reg # 1869-21 (Toronto)

Francis ALFRED, d Jan 25, 1897 at age 15 m. Born at Lafontaine. Informant was Rev J. E. BEAUDOIN. #019727-98 (Simcoe Co)

Florence ALLAN died 1 May 1919 at age 15 yrs + 9 months, of TB. Born, died, and is buried in, Princeton. Daughter of David ALLAN & Maud DAVIS. Informant was W.H. DAVIS of Princeton. #24468-19 (Oxford Co)

Fanny ALLEN died 12 Jan 1872 at age 63 yrs. Born in Devonshire England; farmer's wife. Informant was George ALLEN, farmer, of Smith twp.. #24534-71 (Peterborough Co)

George Francis ALLEN died 6 Oct 1901 at age 14 months of bronchitis & whooping cough. Born in Toronto, resident of 6 Peel Ave in Toronto. #3692-01 (Toronto)

William Harris ALLEN, died 31 July 1881 at age 5 months + 11 days of diarrhea, at Peterborough. Informant was father, E.R. ALLEN. #15809-81 (Peterborough Co)

Frances Winnifred ALLINGHAM, died of streptococcal tonsilitis at the age of 1 yr + 4 months at Cottage Hospital. Born in Toronto on 13 Oct 1919, d/o Robert George ALLINGHAM (Irish) & Elizabeth HARROLD (b. Scotland). Informant was father, of Melbourne Apts. Buried at Park Lawn cemetery. Reg # 1868-21 (Toronto)

Emma Augusta ALLWARD, b. Toronto, d. March 1879 of meningitis at age 6 mon + 14 days. #17216-79 (Toronto)

21362-12 Catherine ALSTON died 16 May 1912 at age 70, at East St. in London twp. Born in Canada. Widow

Bruce ALTON, died 2 Nov 1912 at age 8 weeks, of malnutrition, at 19 Kenneth Ave in Toronto. Born in Toronto, s/o Agnes ALTON & not given. #6385-12 (Toronto)

Frederick ALWAY died 9 Dec 1917 at age 85 + 1 + 27, of pneumonia. Born in Ontario, s/o Robert ALWAY & Sarah STAFFORD. Married, gentleman. Died in Waterford. Attending physician was Dr. ALWAY. #22442-17 (Norfolk Co)

Ada ANDERSON died 24 Dec 1871 at age 3 yrs + 8 months, of scarlet fever. Born in Churchville. Informant was James ANDERSON. Registered in Brampton. #24508-72 (Peel Co)

Bernard Bailey ANDERSON died 30 March 1881 at age 26 yrs of tubercular meningitis. Born in USA, medical student. Roman Catholic. #23404-81 (Toronto)

ANDERSON, Charles, English origins, single, age 44, b. Ontario on 4 Oct 1880, gardener, lived 10 years at pod, s/o John ANDERSON & Mary GUMMERSON (both b. Ontario), uncle is Adolph GUMMERSON of Port Credit, buried at Brampton, d. 30 Aug of exhaustion from prolonged asthma attack Reg #25239-24 (Peel Co)

Emma ANDERSON died at age 46 yrs + 9 months, on 8 May 1928 of septic sore throat & septic meningitis, at hospital in Perth, Lanark Co. Born in Dalhousie on 4 July, d/o John SCOTT (b. Dalhousie) & Mary McNICOLL (b. Dalhousie). Husband was Robert ANDERSON. Buried at Elmwood. reg # 20469-28

Ebenezer ANDERSON, died 23 Jan 1872 at age 48 yrs of apoplexy. Farmer. Born in Perth Ont. Informant was Dr. Harvey. Registered in Plympton twp. Reg # 22791-72 (Lambton Co)

Eva Marshall ANDERSON died 9 Aug 1896 at age 8 months of cholera infantum. Born in Galt. Informant was John ANDERSON of Galt. #19716-96 (Waterloo Co)

Jane ANDERSON died 27 May 1919 at age 93 yrs of old age. Born in Glasgow Scotland, d/o James HART & Jane BUCHANAN; died at Blenheim. Widow. Informant was David ANDERSON of Richwood. Buried at Caledonia cemetery. #24475-19 (Oxford Co)

Jane P. ANDERSON died 31 May 1919 at age 77 yrs of carcinoma. Born in Scotland, d/o William ANDERSON & Margaret LERP. Single. Died at lot 1, con 1 of Esquesing & buried at Milton. Informant was C. R. Turner of Milton. #15132-19 (Halton Co)

Kate ANDERSON died 24 Jan 1872 at age 2 yrs, of scarlet fever. Born in Brampton. Informant was James ANDERSON. Registered in Brampton. #24511-72 (Peel Co)

Lloyd Chester ANDERSON died 3 Nov 1896 at age 4 weeks, of diphtheria. Born in Galt. Informant was Thomas ANDERSON of Galt. #19728-96 (Waterloo Co)

Victoria Adelaide Louisa ANDERSON died 13 Jan 1872 at age 1 yr + 1 month.. Born in Brampton. Informant was James ANDERSON. Registered in Brampton. #24510-72 (Peel Co)

William Ira ANDERSON died 13 Sept 1896 at age 54 years, of abscess of brain. Framer. Born in Beverly twp. Informant was Nelson ANDERSON. #9723-96 (Waterloo Co)

Mary Ellen ANDREWS died 14 Aug 1900 at age 6 months of asthma & TB. Born in Toronto & Living at Infants Home in Toronto. Reg # 3286-00 (Toronto)

Mary ANGUISH died 1 June 1889 at age 29 yrs, of child birth fever. Married woman, born in Haldimand county. Informant was David ANGUISH, apiarist, of Brantford twp. #1563-89 (Brant Co)

Eliza ANSCOMB, f, died April 14, 1883, at the age of 49 yrs of Gradual Decline. Born in England; informant James Dickson M.D. of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001307-83 (Brant Co)

John ANSON, died 13 Feb 1921 of pericarditis at age 79 years. Single. Born in Ontario on May 24th, s/o not given. Farmer. Informant was Dr. H. E. W. RICHARDSON, neice, of 708 Dovercourt Rd. Buried at Ashburn. Reg # 1867-21

John ANTHONY died 21 May 1894 at age 80 yrs of senile debility. Born in Ireland, farmer. Informant was W. Cartes. Registered in King twp. #20603-94 (York Co)

Herbert Joseph ANTHONY died 11 May 1917 at age 27 yrs + 6 months + 27 days, of TB & cardiac failure. Born in Townsend, s/o Joseph ANTHONY & Annie SMITH. Single, clerk. Died in Waterford. #22434-17 (Norfolk Co)

Christena ANTIKNAP died 9 April 1870 at age 50 of exhaustion of mania of several yrs duration. Farmer’s wife, born in Upper Canada. Informant was Dr. Workman of PLA [Provincial Lunatic Asylum]. #7097-70 (Toronto)

Charles Overy APPS died 10 May 1889 at age 53 yrs of premature old age of 10 weeks duration. Miller. Born in England. Informant was Charles W. APPS, miller, of Brantford twp. #1561-89 (Brant Co)

Sarah APPS, died 9 Feb 1921 of broncho pneumonia at age 74 years. Born in England, widow. Informant was Miss APPS, daughter, of 60 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto. Buried at Mt. Pleasant. Reg # 1864-21

Frank ARCHER, m, died September 15, 1885, at the age of 5 years of Croup after an illness of 5 days. Born Bay City, Michigan, USA, Methodist. Informant Joseph ARCHER, Carpenter of Deseronto;. #006564-85 (Hastings Co)

ARMITAGE, John, married, age 43, soldier, b. England, lived 20 years in Canada/Ontario & 2 years at pod, s/o George ARMITAGE & Harriet VERDAN (both b. England), brother is George HERMITAGE (sic) of 63 Balliol, buried at Bethany, d. 3 Oct of suicide by shooting Reg #25249-24 (Peel Co)

21365-12 John ARMSTRONG died 6 June 1912 at age 83 + 6 + 3 at Ilderton. Born 9 Nov 1828, s/o William ARMSTRONG b. Cumberland England & mother’s name not given

Albert James ARMSTRONG died 18 July 1917 at age 39 yrs, of strangulation. Born in Maplewood, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Annie PORTER. Died at lot 26, con 9 of Dereham. Married, farmer. Buried at Delmer. Informant was Gertrude N. Shearing of Tilsonburg. #23889-17 (Oxford Co)

Alice ARMSTRONG died 18 July 1872 at age 4 yrs, of coup de soleil. Born in Ontario. Informant was doctor; registered in Dummer twp.. #24527-72 (Peterborough Co)

Ebenezer ARMSTRONG died 4 Jan 1889 at age 87 yrs + 6 months, of old age. Born in Dumfrieshire Scotland, weaver. Informant was Robert LILLICO, farmer, of Blenheim # 12866-89 (Oxford Co)

Elias Benjamin ARMSTRONG died 4 Sept 1870 at age 11 months, of heart disease. Born in Markham Ont. Informant was Dr. Smith, of near Sandford. Registered in Scott twp. #6323-70 (Ontario Co)

Mary Ann ARMSTRONG died 13 Aug 1900 at age 77 years of asthma. Born in Ireland & living at 3 Inkerman in Toronto. Single. Reg # 3281-00

Robert ARMSTRONG, died 18 Jan 1920 of senile decay at age 89 yrs + 7 months, at Culross twp. Born in Dumfrieshire Scotland on 24 May 1830, s/o John ARMSTRONG & blank ELLIOTT (both b. Scotland). Widowed, retired farmer. Informant was son, John ARMSTRONG of Teeswater. Buried at Teeswater. # 10399-20

Charles ARNOLD, m, nurseryman, died April 15, 1883, at the age of 64 yrs of Hypertrophy of the heart, after an illness of 2 yrs. Born at Ridgemount Bedfordshire England; informant Mrs Margaret A. Arnold, widow of the deceased, at Paris Ontario. Reg # 001308-83 (Brant Co)

Alfred Charles ARTHUR, died 11 Feb 1921, of obstruction of laryngitis & laryngcal? obstruction (strangulation) at age 16, at 214 Woodbine Ave. in Toronto, Born in Scarboro England on 27 May 1904, s/o Matthew ARTHUR & Gertrude WHITEHEAD (both b. England). Student. Informant was brother, Sydney ARTHUR of 201 Balsam Ave. Toronto. Buried at St. Johns. Reg # 1866-21

Helen E. ARTHURS died 12 Aug 1900 at age 34 of valvular disease of the heart. Born in Ontario & living on Davenport Rd in Toronto. Reg # 3274-00

Edith ASHALL died 3 Dec 1900 at age 22 of meningitis. Born in Canada & lived at 33 Seaton St. in Toronto. Single. Reg # 4350-00

Ashley ASKEW, d. 4 April 1899 at age 80 yrs + 3 months of senile decay, at 1 John St. in Embro. Born in Carlisle England. Widower, tailor. Informant was John ASKEW. # 19691-99

Wilson James ATHERTON, died at age 3 months at 255 Kenilworth Ave. Hamilton, of infective diarrhea & marasmus, on 11 Aug 1925. Born 13 May 1925 in Hamilton, s/o John ATHERTON & Katherine WILSON (both b. England). reg # 35583-25

Elizabeth ATKINS died 4 Dec 1919 at age 75 + 6 of senility. Born in Blenheim twp., d/o Thomas ATKINS & blank; died at Drumbo. Single. Informant was John PASSMORE of Drumbo. Buried at Windfall cemetery. #24493-19

ATKINSON, William, died at lot 31 1st line west Chinguacousy, English origins, married, age 82, b. England 28 May 1842, farmer, lived 66 years in Canada & 36 years in Ontario, s/o unknown, son is Louis ATKINSON of Cheltenham, buried at Boston Mills, d. 4 Nov 1924 of bronchio pneumonia. Reg #25176-24 (Peel Co)

Washington ATWOOD died 14 Jan 1916 at age 73 yrs + 5 months, of cancer of the neck. Born in Dereham twp., s/o William & blank. Widowed, farmer. Died at lot 7, con 3 of Dereham twp & buried at Mt. Elgin cemetery. Informant was Fred W. Keeler of Ingersoll. #25383-16 (Oxford Co)

Andrew AUCHINCLOSS died 11 Aug 1901 at age 22 yrs of typhoid fever. Born in Toronto, resident of 100 Major in Toronto. Teamster. #3230-01 (Toronto)

Mary AYERS died 10 Nov 1898 at age 41 years, of heart failure. Married. Born in England; resident of 91 James St. in Hamilton, but death registered in Toronto. Name of physician in attendance is given as : "Gen Hos staff". #26953-98

no name AYRES stillborn on 10 Sept 1889 at Toronto. #17466-89 (Toronto)


Deaths, Ba - Bl Surnames


Martha Margaretha BAARS, died at age 13 days, on 6 April, 1928, at 164 Gledhill Ave., East York, of "patent foramen ovall". Born 24 March 1928, d/o Albertus Karl BAARS (b. Holland) & Margaretha LUDERS (b. Germany). Buried at Mount Hope cemetery. reg # 39811-28

Charles Lowland BACHE, m, carpenter, died June 8, 1894, at the age of 35 years of general Tuberculosis after an illness of 6 months. Born in England, informant was N. Allen MD. 022090-94 (York Co)

John P. BACON died at Snowdon Tp. on March 3, 1919 at the age of 20 years and 3 months of Epilepsy. Born in Snowdon Tp. Ontario, s/o John James BACON & Ethel Mary JOHNSTON, burial at Kinmount Ontario; informant father, Mr. J. BACON. #015057-1919 (Haliburton County)

BAGULEY, Joseph James, m, d. 13 June 1893, age 64 years, accountant, b. England, of result of an injury 3-1/2 years; infm - J.McB. Woods MD, Methodist (Toronto) #022446-93

John BAHLMAN , died Jan 26 1899 at age 81 years + 1 month + 9 days , of old age , retired farmer , at conc 6 lot 12 of Blenheim twp. Born in Germany. Reg # 19575-99

BAILEY, Lydia, f, d. Mar. 25, 1905, age 75, b. Canada, died of senile dementia, infm - H. W. Archies, Meth, (Toronto) 001953-05

BAILEY, Margaret Ann, f, d, Nov 7, 1902, age 43, b. Ontario, died of typhoid fever, infm - J.C. Bailey, Ontario St. Burk’s Falls, 020233-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Richard BAILEY, m, infant, died October 1, 1881 at the age of 1 year and 8 months of Malignant Scarlet Fever with convulsions. Born in Toronto; informant Frank BENTLEY, MD, of Toronto. Reg # 022539-81 (York County)

Hugh BAIN, d. 20 Sept 1901 at age 85 yrs, of senile disease, at Wellington St. in Goderich. Born in Scotland. Married, retired. #12663-01

Mrs. BAINBRIDGE died 8 April 1870 at age of about 38 years of phthisis. Domestic, born in England. Informant was Dr. J. Kennedy of Toronto. #7095-70 (Toronto)

BAIRD, Rachael, f, d. Jan.3, 1871, age 20, lady, b. Brock, died of not known (sic), infm - Robert Wm Baird, Presb, (Co Ontario) 006466-70

Albert BAKER, m, child, died September 7, 1881 at the age of 8 months of Marasmus after an illness of 3 months. Born in Seaton Village; informant H. F. MACHELL MD., of Toronto. Reg# 022537-81 (York County)

Andrew BAKER, m, Clerk/Bookkeeper, died on September 18, 1881 at the age of 35 yrs due to exhaustion and defective vitality. Born in England; informant A. A. RIDDELL, Coroner, City of Toronto. Reg # 022371-81 (York County)

BAKER, Arthur Henry, single, age 30, b. Ontario on 28 Feb 1894, laborer, lived 23 years at pod, s/o James BAKER (b. Ontario) & Ann McCONNEL (b. Ontario), brother is George BAKER of Port Credit, buried at Port Credit, d. 29? Sept of progressive muscular atrophy. Reg #25243-24 (Peel Co)

BAKER, Neil, died at Toronto twp., married, age 51, b. Scotland on 21 Oct., ship builder, lived 27 years in Canada, s/o Thomas BAKER (b. Scotland) & Ann COOK (b. Ireland), brother is Matthew BAKER of 869 Dovercourt Rd. in Toronto, buried at Prospect cemetery, d. 11 March of athero sclerosis. Reg #25216-24 (Peel Co)

BALDOCK, Walter, married, age 73, b. Ontario on 16 Sept 1851, farmer, s/o Walter Low BALDOCK (b. England) & Sarah DARBY (b. Ireland), son is Emerson BALDOCK of Malton #2, buried at Brampton, d. 12 Oct of pneumonia & stroke Reg #25261-24 (Peel Co)

Ann BALDWIN died 22 April 1870 at age 71 (or 77) yrs, of paralysis. Widow, born in York Upper Canada. #7105-70 (Toronto)

Francis Morgan BALDWIN, d. July 1901 at age 39 yrs of cancer of bowels (had for 3 yrs), at Victoria St. in Ridgetown. Born in Toronto. Married minister. Informant was J.C. LOCKE. # 13829-01

James BALKWILL, d. 10 Sept 1899 at age 86 + 5 + 11, of old age, at lot 7, con 7 of Blenheim twp.. Born in England. Single, farmer. Informant was J.H. BALKWILL. #19624-99

John Wesley BALL died 30 March 1916 at age 28 yrs, of accidental electrical shock. Born in Ontario, s/o Osborne T. & Jennie A. BALL. Died in Drumbo & buried at Ayr cemetery. Andrew K. McKAY was the coroner, #25344-16 (Oxford Co)

Cecilia BALSDON died 23 Dec 1877 at age 2 yrs + 11 months, of diphtheria. Born in & death registered in Usborne twp. Informant was John Butcher, Bible Christian Minister, of Usborne. #5023-77

Lilly Eva BALSDON died 14 Dec 1877 at age 5 yrs., of diphtheria. Born & death registered in Usborne twp. Informant was J.R. Rice, Bible Christian Minister, of Usborne. #5022-77

William BAMBRICK died 29 May 1901 at age 7 yrs of scarlet fever. Born in Canada, resident of 96 Chestnut in Toronto

Reid BAMBRIDGE died 8 Dec 1889 at age 22 yrs of rupture of large blood vessel of lungs. Born in Markham Ont. , dry goods salesman. #17764-01 (Toronto)

John Ernest BAMFORD, m, child, died June 4, 1894, at the age of 2 years of Scarlet Fever after an illness of 1 week. Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. A. F. McKenzie, Toronto. #022084-94 (York Co)

Ann BANKS, died at age 84 years, on 17 Dec 1928 of senile decay at House of Providence in Dundas. Born in Ireland in 1844, d/o Daniel HANLON & Ann MURPHY (both b. Ireland). Widowed domestic. Buried at St. Augustine’s cemetery in Dundas. reg # 39282-28

Albert Earl BANNISTER, d Mar 19, 1898 at age 14 days, from convulsions, at Tiny. Informant was Charles BANNISTER. #019745-98 (Simcoe Co)

Noah BARGMAN died 13 Aug 1900 at age 11 months of pneumonia. Born in Canada & living at 115 York St. in Toronto. Reg # 3279-00

BARKESS (or Barkiss), Alvina, age 75, born in Ohio, s/o Thomas Henry DUET & Priscilla DEAKEN, great-niece is Mrs. STEWART of Streetsville, buried at Minnesota USA, d. 28 Oct of myocarditis. Reg #25254-24 (Peel Co):

Beatrice BARNES died 6 Feb 1898 at age 1 day. Born in Erin twp & died at lot 2, con 4 of Erin twp. Informant was Mrs. William BARNES. #22196-98 (Wellington Co)

Frederick W. BARNES died 27 May 1901 at age 40 yrs of Brights disease. Born in England, resident of 296 Yonge in Toronto. Married, hair dresser. #2520-01 (Toronto)

Leverett BARNES, m, Bookkeeper, died March 28, 1894, at the age of 69 years of Cardiac Syncope. Born in United States, informant was Dr. H. Wilberforce, Toronto. #021530-94 (York Co)

Precilla BARNES died 5 March 1896 at age 41 years, of pneumonia. Farmer’s wife. Birth place not given; death registered in Maidstone. Informant was Joseph BARNES of Maidstone. #7644-96

Thomas BARNETT died 17 Sept 1893 at age 65 + 6 + 14, of cholera & diarrhea. Born in Yorkshire England. Farmer, Erin twp. Informant was William B. Watson of Erin. #18582-93 (Wellington Co)

no name given (male) BARNWELL, died 12 April 1917 at age 17 days, of marasmus. Born in Toronto, died in Waterford. No parents names given. Informant was Bridget BARNWELL of Waterford. #22431-17

Mrs. Thomas BARRETT died 14 Sept 1896 at age 86, of old age. Widow. Born in Ireland. Informant was E. BARRETT. #19724-96 (Waterloo Co)

John BARRICK, d. 13 Sept 1899 at age 81 + 5 + 3, of probably heart disease, dropped dead at station. Of lot 12, con 7 in Blenheim twp., born in France, single, postmaster. #19625-99

Charlotte BARTRAIN died 23 Sept 1919 at age 79 years, of obstruction of the bowels. Born in England, d/o John SMITH & mother not given; died at lot 9, con 2 of Dereham twp. Married. Informant was Fred. W. KEELER of Ingersoll. Buried at Harris St. cemetery. #24521-19

David BASTEDO died 24 July 1889 at age 66 yrs of general atrophy. Born in Blenheim twp., farmer. Informant was Dr. W. O. Taylor of Princeton. #12898-89 (Oxford Co)

Un-Baptised BATTEN (female) died 23 Sept 1877 at age 5 months, of cholera infantum. Born in & death registered in Usborne twp. Informant was father, John BATTEN of Usborne.

James BATTLER , died Oct 2 1905 at age 45 years , 2 months, of gastritis & inflammatory rheumatism, married , farmer, at conc. 14 lot 6 of Blenheim twp . Born in Waterloo County. Reg # 21327-05 .

Julia BAUGTON (BOUGHTON?), f, nurse, died May 25, 1894, at the age of 69 years of Brain Softening after an illness of 2 years. Born in Ireland, informant was Dr. M. Wallace, Toronto. 022076-94 (York Co)

BAUMAN, Josephine , f, d Apr. 25, 1902, age 59, b Austria, died of Cancer of breast, infm - Rudolph Bauman, Evangelical, lot 29 & 30 conc 13 Machar, 020303-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Leo Joseph BAUMAN, died at age 9 months, at Preston, of cholera infantum, on 28 Sept 1925. Born 27 Dec 1924 at Preston, s/o Jacob BAUMAN (b. Walkerton) & Elmina MOOG (b. Galt). Buried at Preston. reg # 32829-25

Jane BAVIS, died at age 49 years, on 27 May 1928 of pulmonary thrombosis & acute dilation of heart following operation to remove gastric ulcer, at Hamilton General hospital. Born in Scotland on 17 Aug 1878, d/o Alexander TAYLOR (b. Banff Scotland) & not given. Husband was James BAVIS of 29 Garfield Ave. N. in Hamilton. Buried at Woodland cemetery. reg # 37918-28

Chrysler BAWTINHIMER , died Jan 10 1899 at age 3 years + 9 months , of broncho –pneumonia , at Wolverton. Reg # 19570-99 (Oxford Co)

Charles Merritt BAWTINHIMER , died Mar 9 1899 at age 23 years + 1 month + 8 days , of consumption of the lungs , single, farmer, at conc 2 lot 5 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 19594-99 (Oxford Co)

William BAWTINHIMER, d. 5 July 1901 at age 53 + 6 + 8, of TB, at lot 34, con 8 of Grey twp. Born in Brant Co. Married farmer. Informant was Churchill BAWTINHIMER. #12718-01

James BAXTER, d. 27 Feb 1901 at age 30 yrs + 10 months, of pleurisy & empema?, at Warren St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich, single, tailor. #12627-01 (Huron Co)

James Douglas BAXTER died 28 April 1889 at age 1 + 1 + 17 of inflammation of the brain. Born in Blenheim. Informant was Richard BAXTER, farmer, of ????

James H. BAXTER , died July 23 1905 at age 23 , of drowning , single, druggist , of British Columbia. Reg # 21315-05 (registered in Blenheim twp., Oxford Co)

John BAXTER died 11 March 1889 at age 2 days, of bursting blood vessel. Born in Blenheim. Informant was Charles BAXTER, farmer, of Blenheim. #12875-89 (Oxford Co)

Mary Isabel BAXTER died 1 Dec 1917 at age 1 month + 9 days, of acute indigestion. Born, & died, at lot 8, con 11 of Blenheim twp., d/o Hugh M. BAXTER & Audrey E. LANDRETH. Buried at Ayr. Informant was Hugh M. BAXTER of RR#3 Bright. #23865-17 (Oxford Co)

Mary Edith BAXTER , died Oct 7 1929 at age 7 yrs 6 mon & 4 days . Born in Drumbo April 3 1922 , d/o Hugh E. BAXTER & Etta GIVEN. Died of cirrhosis of liver, buried in Drumbo. Reg # 027875-1929 (Oxford Co)

Florence BEAN, f, infant, died August 8, 1883 at the age of 1 month and 5 days of Cholera Infantum after an illness of 1 week. Born at Paris Ontario; informant Henry BEAN, laborer of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001323-83 (Brant Co)

Amos BEAR died 20 Dec 1917 at age 80 yrs, of senile arteries. Born in Canada, died at lot 24, con 9 of Blenheim twp. Married farmer. Buried at Blandford. #23873-17 (Oxford Co)

Andrew Jackson BEASLEY, died 5 Feb 1917 at age 62 yrs, of pneumonia, at 46 Ossington Ave. in Toronto. Born in Canada, s/o Robert & not given. Married, laborer. Informant was N.A. CRAIG of 1255 Queen St. West. Buried at Prospect cemetery. #1659-17

Lucy BEATSON died 7 July 1870 at age 6 months, of summer complaint. Born at 12th con of Biddulph. Informant was Alfred BEATSON of Biddulph. #6315-70 (Middlesex Co)

Richard BEATTIE died 22 Sept 1916 at age 82 + 9 + 13, of heart failure. Born in Scotland, s/o William & blank. Died in Blenheim twp & buried in Chesterfield. Widowed farmer. #25369-16 (Oxford Co)

Rosannah Jane BEATTIE died 24 Oct 1917 at age 65 yrs of heart disease of 1 years duration. Born in Blenheim twp., d/o Edward McLEOD & Mary Ann HUTCHINSON. Resident of Drumbo & buried in Ayr. Married. Informant was W. G. BARR of Drumbo. #23861-17 (Oxford Co)

Elizabeth Joyce BEATTY, died at age 3 months, of malnutrition, at 53 Cameron Ave in Hamilton. Born in Hamilton on 25 May 1928, d/o Allen George BEATTY (b. Fredericton NB) & Clara MOFFATT (b. Glanford twp). Aunt was Mrs. R.W. HOSKING. Buried at Stoney Creek cemetery. reg # 38336-28

BEATTY, William, died at Toronto twp., single, age 92, b. Ireland on 1 March, farmer, s/o John & Mary (both b. Ireland), nephew is William STEED of Brampton #6, buried at Streetsville, d. 4 Dec of atherosclerosis. Reg #25263-24 (Peel Co)

Margaret BEAVER, died at age 71 yrs at King St. in Chatham, on 15 Feb 1902 of apoplexy. Widowed, born in Alsace Lorraine. Informant was Mrs. William BEAVER. #12549-02

Eva BECHLA died 9 May 1881 at age 15 hours of infantile debility. Born in Toronto. Informant was T. H. Shark, medical assistant at Toronto General Hosp. Lutheran. #23400-81 (Toronto)

John BECKER, died at age 75 years, on 10 Aug 1928 of suicide by drowning, in Hamilton Bay. born in Ontario in 1853, s/o not known. Carpenter. Wife was Mrs. Bertha BECKER of 106 Tuxedo Ave. S. in Hamilton. Buried at Woodland cemetery. reg # 38227-28

Thomas BECKTON, died 21 April 1905 at age 81, of apoplexy. Resident of lot N 24, con 2nd R.N. L.W.R. of Ekfrid twp. Married farmer. Born in Scotland. #17470-05

Peter Joseph BEGIN stillborn on 12 May 1928 at Casa Maria Hospital in Hamilton. Son of Charles BEGIN (b. Quebec) & Mary Catherine RYAN (b. England). Parents living at 40 Allan St. in Hamilton. Buried at Holy Sepulchre cemetery. reg # 37856-28

Mrs. George BELL, d. 11 Oct 1901 at age 39, of TB, at Montreal St. in Goderich. Born in Kinloss, married. #12665-01

Mary Ann BELL, d. 24 May 1901 at age 55 yrs of heart failure, at Bayfield Rd in Goderich. Born in England. Married. #12639-01

BELLAMY, Margaret Celina, f, d, Aug. 16, 1870, age 1 year, b. Brock, died of infantile Diarhea 10 days, infm - Dr. D. Gillespis, NC Meth, (Co Ontario) 006463-70

John BELLINGHAM died at age 63 years on 8 Oct 1928, of myocarditis & nephritis + pneumonia, at 192 Stirton St in Hamilton. Born in Scotland on 31 Oct 1865, s/o Joseph BELLINGHAM & Sarah Jane TORRANCE (both b. Scotland). Lived in Canada for 15 years. wife was Mrs. Catherine BELLINGHAM. Buried at Woodland cemetery. reg # 38461-28

Bridget BELLINGHAM, died at Fenelon Falls on 19 Dec 1899 at age 53 yrs, 8 months & 14 days, married housewife, born Canada, died of general disabilty which had for 3 years (death reg # 25525-99)

Alfred D. BENJAMIN died 8 Jan 1900 at age 51 years of syncope. Born in Australia & living at 337 Sherbourne St. in Toronto. Merchant. Reg # 1074-00

BENNESS, Agnes, f, d. 6 Feb. 1891, age 71, widow, b. Cumberland England, of malignant disease of the throat 5 mos, informant - Dr. Washington of Toronto, Methodist, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018899-91

Harvey BENNETT , died Aug 22 1905 at age 1 year ,9 months, of convulsions, at conc 6 lot 22 Blenheim twp. Reg # 21318-05

Helen Forsyth BENNETT, died 9 March 1891 at age 26 yrs, of phthisis. Born in Toronto. Informant was Dr. C.H. Cooke of Toronto. #19738-91 (Toronto)

BENNETT, John, male, died 15 May 1900, age 60 years, at Lot 6, Conc.7, married, farmer, born Vaughan Twp, died of cancer of the liver 1year, infm - Dr. Sisley, Vaughan twp. (York Co) #030391-00

Thomas BENNETT died 13 Aug 1901 at age 42 yrs of pulmonary TB. Born in Canada, resident of 13 Rebecca in Toronto. Varnisher. #3224-01 (Toronto)

Thomas Joseph BENNETT, died 12 March 1917 at age 57 years, at 19 Moss Park Place in Toronto. Cause of death was liver cancer. Single, miller. Born in England, s/o not known. Informant was Norman RICHARDSON of 19 Moss Park. #2389-17

John BENSON, died 12 Sept 1873 at age 21 yrs of gravel or stone. Born in Ameliasburgh. Informant was Henry J. Shears of 2nd con of Ameliasburgh. Reg # 9929-73

Priscilla BENSON, f, spinster, died Mary 15, 1894, at the age of 49 years of Lateral Sclerosis after an illness of 8 years. Born in England, informant was Dr. M. Wallace, Toronto. #022077-94 (York Co)

Herman BERNSTEIN, died 7 Nov 1912, at age 7 yrs + 5 days, of dysentery & toxemia, at Sick Childrens Hospital. Born 2 Nov 1902 in not given, s/o Leo BERNSTEIN & Sarah STEIN (both b. Switzerland) #6390-12

Arthur BERRIDGE died 26 Nov 1900 at age 14 of meningitis. Born in England & lived at 930 (or 950?) Bloor St. in Toronto. Single, clerk. Reg # 4335-00

Jane BERRY died 4 Feb 1917 at age 93 yrs + 8 months of gangrene. Born in Ontario, s/o Charles McCARTY & blank. Resident of, & buried at, Drumbo. Widow. #23834-17 (Oxford Co)

George BERTHAUME , died Mar 26 1899 at age 24 years, struck bridge while train passing under, single, brakeman, resident of Windsor. Born in Essex Co. Reg # 19598-99 (registered in Blenheim twp)

Henry BESKNER died 26 April 1870 at age 54 of general paralysis of 9 yrs duration. Born in Germany, farmer. Informant was Dr. Workman of PLA [Provincial Lunatic Asylum]. #7102-70 (Toronto)

William BEST died 23 March 1900 at age 69 years of probably cerebral hemorrhage. Born in England & living at 74? Raslen in Toronto. Married, organ builder. Reg # 1747-00

Allen (or Alton) Joseph BETTINGER, infant, died 23 Feb 1920 of convulsions & meningitis. Born 8 Oct 1919 in Culross twp., s/o John T. BETTINGER & Anna HEIDMILLER (both b. Ontario). Informant was father, John T. BETTINGER of RR#1 Formosa. Buried at Formosa.

male BETTS stillborn 20 June 1919 at Osprey, s/o William Edgar BETTS & Mary A. THOMPSON. Buried at Eugenia. Informant was Mrs. Edgar BETTS of Eugenia. #14487-19 (Grey Co)

Kate BEUISETT (BENISETT? Bennett?), f, died October 6, 1883 at the age of 34 years, of heart disease. Born in Cornwall England; informant J. A. Reid of Sault Ste Marie. Reg. # 001091-83 (Algoma Dist)

BILLINGS, Osgoode Sylvester, died at Toronto twp., age 46, b. USA, married, furniture merchant, s/o E. (father) & not given, wife is Daisy BILLINGS of 23 Brookmount Rd. Toronto, buried at Mt. Pleasant, d. 16 July of multiple fractures of skull, instant death in motor accident. Reg #25233-24 (Peel Co)

Frederick Charles BINATHAN died 30 July 1919 at age 12 yrs + 3 months of unknown causes but with sudden paralysis of heart. Born in Acton, s/o Fred C. BINATHAN & Vera COLE. Died at Stewarton & buried in Georgetown. Informant was Dr. W. H. Wilson of Georgetown. #15138-19 (Halton Co)

Margaret BINATHAN died 16 Aug 1919 at age 10 months of diphtheria. Born in Stewartown, d/o Fred BINATHAN & Vera COLE. Died in Stewartown & buried in Georgetown. #15140-19 (Halton Co)

David BINGAMAN died 28 Sept 1919 at age 69 yrs, of fatty heart. Born in Waterloo Co., s/o John BINGAMAN & Judith SNYDER; died at lot 14, con 12 of Blenheim twp. Widowed. farmer. Informant was Irvin BINGAMAN of RR (number not given) Bright. Buried in Wilmot twp. #24486-19

Eliza BINGAMAN died 20 Jan 1916 at age 67 + 3 + 23, of diabetes. Born in Waterloo county, d/o Samuel SNYDER & Susannah EBY. Died at lot 14, con 12 of Blenheim twp. Married, housewife. #25348-16 (Oxford Co)

Mary BINGAMAN died 18 Dec 1917 at age 59 + 10 + 22, of lobor pneumonia. Born in New Dundee, d/o Samuel & Barbara CRESSMAN. Died at Blenheim twp. Married, housewife. Informant was Titus BINGAMAN of New Dundee. #23872-17 (Oxford Co)

Eliza BINGHAM, farmer's wife, d Nov 21, 1898 at age 74 yrs, of pneumonia illegible, at 6th Con, Tecumseth. Born Ireland. Informant was James A. CR--? #019724-98 (Simcoe Co)

Harriet B. BINGHAM died 6 June 1872 at age 30 yrs, of anemia connected with tubercular disease of the chest. Wife of Dr. James BINGHAM. Informant was husband, of Warsaw. #24516-72 (Peterborough Co)

Richard W. BINGHAM died 3 Sept 1872 at age 3 months. Born in Warsaw. Cause of death given as exposed to cold, connected with phthisis. Informant was Dr. James BINGHAM of Warsaw. #24525-72 (Peterborough Co)

Allan Edward BIRD, died at age 4 months & 8 days, at 39 Martimas Ave., Hamilton, on 12 Aug 1925, of dysentery & exhaustion. Born 15 Dec 1924 at Hamilton, s/o William Henry BIRD (born Hamilton) & Mary FORSYTHE (born Belfast Ireland). Buried at Woodland cemetery. reg # 35586-25

BIRD, Harold, m, d. 15 Jun.1893, age 14 mos, b. Toronto, measles, 4 or 5 days, infm - W. Nattrass MD, Church of England (Toronto) #022455-93

BIRD, Mabel May Duretta, died at Toronto twp., single, age 31, b. Ontario on 4 July 1892, lived 8 years at pod, d/o Adam BIRD & Hannah PIKE (both b. England), brother is Oscar BIRD of Brampton, buried at Brampton, d. 7 Dec of heavy cold followed by pneumonia. Reg #25211-24 (Peel Co)

Baby BIRKS, stillborn 2 Nov 1912 at 676 St. Clarens Dr. in Toronto, s/o Cecil BIRKS (b. England) & Eliza FRANCIS (b. Canada). #6386-12

Baby BIRMINGHAM, stillborn at Grace Hospital on 10 March 1917, d/o Joseph BIRMINGHAM & Mary BECKER. Buried at St. Michael's cemetery. #2390-17

Elizabeth BIRRELL died 1 April 1901 at age 74 yrs of heart failure & complications of rheumatoid arthritis. Born in Scotland, res of 395 Parliament in Toronto. Married. #2126-01 (Toronto)

BISHOP, William H., m, d. Apr. 2, 1870, age 32, b. Hamilton, died of consumption about 12 months, infm - Leonard Wilson, Lot 3 front conc Rama, Episc., (Co Ontario) 006456-70

George BLACK , died Mar 5 1899 at age 83 years, of prostatic & kidney disease, married , farmer , at conc 8 lot 1 of Blenheim twp. Born in Scotland. Reg # 19593-99

Helen BLACK died 30 March 1889 at age 68 yrs + 10 months, of sciatic rheumatism. Born in Sterlingshire Scotland, farmer's widow. Informant was John BLACK, farmer, of Blenheim. #12881-89 (Oxford Co)

James BLACK, m, Gentleman, died June 9, 1894, at the age of 88 years of Old Age & General Debility after an illness of about 1 month. Born in Enniskillin Ireland, informant was A. Jones MD. Registered at Toronto Tp. #022103-94 (York Co)

William BLACK, died 10 Feb 1905, at age 4 months, of indigestion & convulsions. Resident of lot N 1.2 7, con 3 of Ekfrid twp. Born in Ekfrid. # 17471-05

21364-12 Thomas BLACK died 9 June 1912 at Hospital for the Insane in London, at age 53. Son of Alexander BLACK & Jessie? McINTOSH, both b. Scotland

Wilfred BLACKALL, died 29 Aug 1905, of diarrhea & heart failure, at age 4 yrs, at Toronto twp. Born in Toronto twp Reg # 22574-05 (Peel Co)

George J. BLACKSILL, died at age 40 yrs at Chatham, on 8 Jan 1902 of heart failure. Single, clerk, born in Scotland. Informant was James HOLMES, #12529-02

Eliza BLAGRAN died 23 May 1870 at age 76 yrs of cardiac dropsy. Born in Kings Co. Ireland. #7133-70 (Toronto)

Andrew James BLAIN, died 9 Oct 1905, of diarrhea, at age 77 yrs, at Toronto twp. Married, farmer, born in Canada. Reg # 22583-05 (Peel Co)

Janet BLAIR died 17 Jan 1917 at 101 (102nd birthday was 2 March 1917), of old age. Born in Scotland, d/o Andrew BAIRD & blank. Resident of Lot 12, con 2 of Blenheim. Widow. #23831-17 (Oxford Co)

Sarah Clarkson BLAKE, died 12 Dec 1929 of tetanus, at age 42 + 6 months, at 59 Reeve St. in Woodstock. Married, of English origins. Born 15 June 1887 in East Zorra, d/o J.C. ROWE & Margaret J. SKELTON, botn born in East Zorra. Informant was Percy BLAKE, husband, of Woodstock. Buried in Woodstock. Reg # 28001-29

Rachel E. BLAKELY, d Sept 21, 1898 at age 51y, 8m, 17d, of Cancer, 6m sick, at 15th Con Tecumseth. Born Twp York. Informant was W. F. KENZEY. #019714-98 (Simcoe Co)

no name BLANEY, female, stillborn, d/o John BLANEY & Minnie BARR, b & d at Paris 21 July 1914, (death reg # 8392-1914)

Angus BLAY, painter, d Mar 7, 1898 at age 32 yrs, of bronchitis & asthma, at Con 2, Tiny. Born South Finch. Informant was Fredric BLAY. #019742-98 (Simcoe Co)

Benjamin BLESMAN died 9 March 1917 at age 2? days of enteritis. Died at 41 Baldwin St. in Toronto. Son of Izrau BLESMAN & Mirol TOPPEL. #2385-17

Charles BLEWITT died 14 Dec 1917 at age 86 yrs, of asphyxiation from coal gas - lived for 3 days. Born in England, died in Gobles & buried at Princeton. Married, retired. #23871-17 (Oxford Co)

Eliza BLEWITT died 11 Dec 1917 at age 83 yrs of asphyxiation from coal gas. Born in England, died at Gobles, buried at Princeton. Married. #23870-17 (Oxford Co)

Eliz. L. BLOCK, died 23 Oct 1905, of consumption, at age 31 yrs, at Port Credit. Married, born in Ontario. Reg # 22587-05 (Peel Co)

Ernest Reginald BLOCK, died 4 May 1905, of bronchitis, at age 3 months, at Port Credit. Born in Port Credit Reg # 22554-05 (Peel Co)

James BLOOMFIELD died 13 Dec 1888 at age 21 yrs from being kicked to death by a horse. Born in England, laborer. Registered in West Oxford twp. #12932-89 (Oxford Co)

9253-24 Rebecca Ann BLOOR died 1 Sept 1934 at Kincardine, at age 71 + 4 + 15. Born in Ontario on 15 April 1863?, d/o Adam HODGINS & Jane COURCEY, both b. Ont. Married.. Son was Fred BLOOR of Kincardine

BLOWER, Diantha, died at Front St. Port Credit, English origins, married, age 62-8-14, b. Clarkson 24 May 1862, d/o Joseph JOHNSTON (b. England) and "Mrs. JACKSON" (b. England), husband is George BLOWER of Port Credit, buried at Clarkson, d. 7 Feb 1924 of TB. Reg #25177-24 (Peel Co)

George Evered BLOWER, died 20 July 1905 of congenital spina bifida, at age 3 months, at Port Credit. Born at Port Credit. Reg # 22569-05 (Peel Co)

John BLOXOM , died Sept 14 1905 at age 43 years + 6 months ,of railway accident , married , track foreman , at conc. 1 lot 3 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 21324-05


Deaths Bo - Bz

Mary Jane BOAL, died ate age 65 on 2 Feb 1923 at lot 7, con 5 Pakenham in Lanark Co., of stomach cancer. Born in Pakenham in 1808, d/o Richard STANLEY & blank OWENS (both b. Ireland), married. Son is George W. BOAL of Pakenham. Buried at 8th line, Ramsay (reg # 19810-23)

BODIE, name?, died at Toronto twp., 1 month, b. Cooksville on 13 March 1924, s/o Stanley BODIE (b. USA, of Cooksville) & Ailie ALDEN (b. Ontario), buried at Streetsville, 16 April of diarrhea & acute enteritis. Reg #25223-24 (Peel Co)

Leo BOISSEAU died 13 April 1901 at age 14 of chronic endocarditis. Born in Canada, resident of 652 Parliament St. in Toronto. #2111-01 (Toronto)

Margaret BOLGER, died at age 83 years + 9 months + 9 days, of cancer of the bowel, on 21 Dec 1928 at 38 Sydenham St. in Dundas. Born in Dunnville Ont on 12 March 1845, d/o Thomas CARROLL & Sarah MARTIN (both b. Ireland). Widowed. Son was J.B. BOLGER of Shedden? Ont. Buried at Dunnville. reg # 39286-28

no name BOLTON died 14 April 1872 at age 1 week, of inflammation of the bowels. Born in Lakefield. Informant was doctor. Registered in Douro twp #24539-72 (Peterborough Co)

Jane BOND , died Nov 26 1921 at age 83 yrs & 5 months , widow , at conc 13 Plattsville , lived there for 3 years . Born in Hespeler June 1838 , d/o John PENEBACKER b.England & Mary SMITH . Informant was Mrs Jonathan ELLIS daughter from Bright. Died of general debility & heart disease (dropsy) , buried in Plattsville. Reg # 025039-1921 .

BONE, Phylis, f, d. 10 Nov. 1891, age 75 years, b. England, of old age, informant - blank, Presbyterian, Markham Twp (York Co) #018653-91

Margaret BONHAM died 10 April 1916 at age 76 + 8 months, of cardiac failure. Born in Glenmorris & Died at lot 18, con 4 of Blenheim twp. Buried at Princeton. Widow. #25352-16 (Oxford Co)

Annie BONNELL, f, Widow, died June 8, 1894, at the age of 57 of Heart Disease after an illness of 4 weeks. Born in St. John New Brunswick, informant was F. C. Hood MD, Toronto. #22098-94 (York Co)

William Leslie BOOK, died at age 1 yr + 6 months + 4 days, on 24 June 1886 of intestinal fever, at Clinton twp. Also born in Clinton twp. Informant was J.M. CHAPMAN. reg # 10388-86

No name BOOTH, stillborn 20 July 1902, at West Milton St., Sarnia. Reg # 13681-02

BOSSART, not named, m, d Jun. 27, 1902, still born, b Machar Twp, still born, infm - Adolph Bossart, lot 34 & 35, con 2, Machar Twp, 020305-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Samuel D. BOSSOLT died 18 May 1889 at age 13 yrs + 7 months of inflammation of the lungs. Born in Woodhouse twp. Informant was John BOSSOLT, carriage maker, of Brantford twp. #1562-89 (Brant Co)

Fremont? BOUGHNER, died 4 Aug 1902 at County Goal in Sarnia, at age 56 yrs, of TB. Married. Unknown occupation & unknown birth place. Reg # 13686-02

Charlotte BOURCHIER , died Jan 29 1899 at age 78 years , of old age , widow , at Washington. Born in England. Reg # 19577-99

Sarah BOWEN, farmer's wife, d Oct 31, 1898 at age 78 yr, 2m, of softening of the brain, ill 2 yrs, at 4th Con, Tecumseth. Born Ireland. Informant was W. J. BRERETON. #019721-98 (Simcoe Co)

Susan A. BOWEN, f, farmer's wife, died October 26, 1885, at 62 years of age of phthisis pulmonatis after an illness of about 15 years. Born Sidney twp., Church of England. Informant Alex C. BOWEN, Farmer, Deseronto # 006558-85 (Hastings Co)

Julia Ann BOWERMAN, died 29 April 1873 at age 41 yrs of enteritis. Born in Hillier twp. Informant was Dr. Thomas MOORE of Demorestville. Registered in Sophiasburgh twp. Reg # 9919-73

James BOWES, d. 22 Dec 1901 at age 81 of heart failure, at lot 35, con 3 of Grey twp. Born in Ireland. Widower & retired farmer. Informant was Thomas BOWES. #12734-01

Anne Finlayson BOWIE , died Feb 3 1921 at Washington at age 74 yrs , 10 months & 12 days lived there 3 yrs . Born Mar 22 1846 in Scotland, nurse, d/o Thomas BOWIE b. Scotland & Mary ROBERTSON b. Scotland . Informant was Mrs PRINGLE , sister , from RR#4 Bright .Died from cancer of the breast , buried at Mt. Forest. Reg # 024994-1921

Janet BOWKER, died 10 Dec 1929 of apoplexy, at 54 Center St. in Woodstock, at age 61 years. Married. Born in Scotland on 7 May 1868, d/o William WILTSHIRE & Catherine McKINNON, both born in Scotland. Informant was son, S.W. BOWKER of Woodstock. Buried in Woodstock. Reg. # 27999-29

Margaret Chrysler BOWLBY died 14 July 1917 at age 86 + 3 + 22, of senile decay & heart failure. Born in Ontario, d/o George & Matilda CHRYSLER. Widow, lady. Died in Waterford. #22437-17 (Norfolk Co)

Cecil Roy BOWMAN died 10 June 1917 at age 7 + 5+ 16, of pneumonia. Born in Windham, s/o J. Alexander BOWMAN & Mabel POOLE. Died in Windham, buried in Vanessa. #22458-17 (Norfolk Co)

BOWMAN, Dinah B., died at lot 1 con 9 in Toronto Gore, British origins, widow, age 85-4-8, b. Canada on 21 Oct 1838, lived 65 years at pod, d/o Isaac MAXWELL & Martha HARRIS (both b. Yorkshire England), son is W.M. BOWMAN of 42 Simpson Ave in Toronto, buried at Woodbridge, d. 29 Feb of auricular fibrillation & shock from fracture of femur. Reg #25203-24 (Peel Co)

Joseph S. BOWMAN died 3 July 1889 at age 68 + 1 + 22 of shock after amputation. Born in Waterloo Co., farmer. Informant was Dr. A. H. Miller of New Dundee #12896-89 (Oxford Co)

Alexander BOYCE, d. 20 May 1901 at age 52 of carcinoma of stomach, at East St. in Goderich. Born in Ontario. Married farmer. #12642-01

Dorcas BOYCE died 28 May 1901 at age 75 yrs of cancer. Born in Ireland, resident of 57 Homewood in Toronto. Married. 2517-01 (Toronto)

Ada Jane BOYD died 11 July 1896 of dropsy at age 15 years. Born in Londonderry Ireland; death registered in Tilbury West. Artist. Informant was Adam BOYD. # 7638-96

BOYD, Gardener, m, d. 22 June 1898, age 53 years, broker, b. Prov Ont, of cerebral hemorrhage 7 mos; infm - J.A. Temple MD, Episcl., York Twp (York Co) #024481-98

Robert BOYD died 23 March 1900 at age 24 of traumatic pneumonia. Born in Canada & living in Toronto. Single, laundry man. Reg # 1756-00

Edith May BOYNES, f, child, died June 7, 1894, at the age of 6 years of Scarlet Fever after an illness of 14 hours. Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. W. Britton, Toronto. #022082-94 (York Co)

Walter Lawson BRACKENREED, died 2 Nov 1880 at age 5 years, at Toronto, of "membranous croup" of 11 days duration. Bornat Toronto. reg # 20288-80

Georgiana BRADFORD, died at age 15 days, on 28 Nov 1880 at Toronto, Born at Toronto. reg # 20291-80

Annie BRADSHAW, died 7 Feb 1917 at age 39 yrs, of pleurisy & pneumonia, at Toronto General hospital. Born in England, d/o blank BLACKWELL (maiden name). Married. Buried at St. Johns. Informant was N.B. COBBLEDICK of 1508 Danforth Ave. # 1663-17

Chauncey Osmon BRADSHAW died 26 Nov 1917 at age 49 + 1 + 19. Cause of death was an accident on the MCR. Born in Wainfleet twp., s/o John H. BRADSHAW & Harriet F. OSMAN. Conductor on MCR. Died in Waterford. #22441-17 (Norfolk Co)

George BRAIN died 18 May 1919 at age 85 yrs, of uraemic poisoning. Born at lot 2, con of Esquesing twp., s/o John BRAIN & Catherine HAND. Widower. Died at 10th line Esquesing & buried at Hornby. Informant was Walter W. BRAIN of Norval. #15131-19 (Halton Co)

Paul BRANCIER, died 5 Feb 1917 at age 56 yrs, of liver cancer, at 111 McCaul St. in Toronto. Born in Italy, s/o not given. Widower, musician. Informant was Ben D. HUMPHREY of 1058 Yonge St. Buried at Mt. hope cemetery. #1660-17

James BRAND, d. 29 Dec 1899 at age 52 yrs, of dropsy, at 5 Commissioner St. in Embro. Born in parish of Duffus in Scotland. Married merchant. Informant was Alexander BRAND. #19701-99

Beline BRASSEUR, d Mar 27, 1897 at age 41 yrs. Informant was Rev. J. E. BEAUDOIN #019732-98 (Simcoe Co)

Julia A. BRAWLEY, died 7 Nov 1905 at age 83 yrs, of fractured hip. Single, house keeper. Resident of lot 8, con R. 1st S, L.W.R., Ekfrid twp. Born in New York. #17487-05

BRETT, Mary, f, d. 27 Apr. 1891, age 76 years 7 mos 22 days, widow, b. Canada, of rheumatism 4 wks, informant - John Clark, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018673-91

BRIDAL, John, male, died 16 August 1883, age 70 years, labourer, born England, died of senile debility, infm - Dr. David Gould, Episcopalian, King Twp. (York Co) #021636-83

William BRIEGEL, d. 24 July 1901 at age 54 yrs of pleurisy, at Waterloo St. in Goderich. Born in Germany. Married, tel. operator. #12658-01

Robert BRIGGS died 8 May 1870 at age 60 yrs. Carpenter & builder, born in Hull Yorkshire England. #7118-70 (Toronto)

Susan BRIGHT died 12 April 1894 at age 42, of dropsy. Born in Toronto, housewife. Informant was Dr. Norman Allen of Toronto. #21628-94 (Toronto)

Ann BRISTOW, d. 18 Dec 1899 at age 74 yrs of aneurysm of aorta, at Bright. Born in England. Married. Informant was George BAIRD. # 19638-99

Hannah BRISTOW died 7 Feb 1917 at age 78 + 7 + 19, of old age. Born in Ontario, d/o Edward BROUGHTON & Elizabeth REMMINGTON. Resident of, & buried at, Plattsville. Widow. #23835-17 (Oxford Co)

May BRITTAIN , died Sept 16 1921 at age 7 months & 15 days . Born at Woodstock Mar 2 1921 , d/o Glen BRITTAIN b. Blenheim twp & Ella FISHBACK b. Eden .Died of dysentry & meningitis , buried Princeton. Reg # 025031-1921 .

BROCK, still born, m, d. 13 Jun.1893, b. Toronto, still born, infm - William Kerr MD, Methodist (Toronto) #022452-93

Catherine BROCK, died 3 Feb 1872 at age 22 years, of pyrenia. Laborer’s wife. Born in Galt Ont. Informant was Dr. Harvey. Registered in Plympton twp. Reg # 22793-72

Margaret BRODERICK died 2 Dec 1900 at age 96 years of old age. Born in Ireland & lived at 233 Lansdown in Toronto. Reg # 4345-00

BRODIE, Mary Helen, f, d. 28 Apr (1896), age 24 years, farmer's daughter, b. Whitchurch, of consumption 18 mos, informant - C.J. Brodie, father, Presbyterian, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022404-96

Harold BROOKES died 13 Aug 1900 at age 2 months of heart failure. Born in Toronto & Living at Infants Home in Toronto. Reg # 3285-00

Charles BROOKS, died 6 Sept 1873 at age 18 yrs of consumption. Born in Ameliasburgh. Reg # 9930-73

Margaret BROOKS died 28 May 1901 at age 4 days of meningitis. Born in Toronto, resident of 31 Allen Ave in Toronto. #2516-01 (Toronto)

Sophia Ann BROOMHALL died 1 Dec 1900 at age 63 of Brights disease. Born in England & lived at 151 First Ave Toronto. Married. Reg # 4353-00

Mary BROUGHTON , died Jan 25 1929 at age 78 yrs 5 mon & 11 days at Blenheim Twp, lived there 58 yrs. Born Blenheim Twp Aug 11 1831, widow , d/o James BULLOCK b. England & Elizabeth HEWITT b. England . Informant was William GRACEY , son in law from RR#4 Bright . Died from old age & inflenza, buried at Plattsville. Reg # 027400-1929

BROUSE, James Alden, m, d. 16 Jun.1893, age 34 year, carpenter, b. Canada, died of peritonitis, about 3 weeks, infm - H. Wilberforce MD, Church of England (Toronto) #022454-93

No name BROWN died 10 Nov 1898 at age 1 days, premature birth. Residence was 334 Adelaide St. in Toronto. #26966-98

Edgar BROWN, m, infant, died August 19, 1883, at the age of 7 days of Entero-colitis after an illness of 6 days. Born in Paris Ontario; informant Richard BROWN of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001330-83 (Brant Co)

Elina B. BROWN died 15 Feb 1876 at age 24 years of consumption that she’d had for 3 years. Born in Woodstock. Informant was Homer P. Brown, County treasurer, of Woodstock. Reg # 11078-76

9494-34 Rebecca BROWN died 8 March 1934 at Torbolton (Woodlawn) at age 61 + 7 + 5. Born in Torbolton on 3 Aug 1872, d/o Sam (Tom?) HODGINS & Jane MORDY, both b. Huntley. Half brother was Hagel HODGINS of Woodlawn

Emily BROWN died 6 Oct 1901 at age 85 yrs of fracture of the thigh & heart failure. Born in Haldimand & resident of 138 Major in Toronto. Married. #3698-01 (Toronto)

Ephraim BROWN, died 31 March 1872 at age 59, of injuries from team. Farmer. Born in USA. Informant was Dr. Bice. Registered in Bosanquet twp. Reg # 22786-72

Flora Erskine BROWN died 26 Dec 1875 at age 15 years of consumption that she’d had for 2 years. Informant was Homer P. Brown, Co. Treasurer, of Woodstock. Reg # 11077-76

Frederick William BROWN, m, clerk, died June 5, 1894, at the age of 24 years, of Tuberculosis (bowels & lungs). Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. B. S. Reardon, Toronto. #022086-94 (York Co)

Gordon Harcourt BROWN died 24 March 1919 of premature birth. Born (& died) at lot 17, con 7 of Esquesing twp., s/o Gordon O. BROWN & Mary Aileen BARBER. Informant was Gordon O. BROWN of RR2 Georgetown. Buried at Norval. #15129-19 (Halton Co)

BROWN, Henry, m, d. 19 Nov. 1891, in her 43rd year, merchant, b. Whitchurch Twp, of typhoid fever 28 days, informant - G.M. Farwell, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018651-91

James BROWN, died 17 Sept 1884 at age 44 years, of cancer, at Goderich. Born in Scotland, engineer. Informant was Mary BROWN. #006898-84

James BROWN, d. July 1901 at age 81 yrs, of old age, at Main St. in Ridgetown. Born in --mouth NS. Married, gentleman. Informant was George BROWN. #13828-01

John BROWN died 3 June 1917 at age 63 + 8 + 6 of prostate cancer. Born in Blenheim twp.., s/o John BROWN & Margaret KNOX. Single, retired farmer. Resident of Plattsville & buried at Chesterfield. #23846-17 (Oxford Co)

John BROWN, farmer, d Oct 13, 1898 at age 93 yr 10 m., of old age, ill one day, at 4th Con. Tiny. Born Ireland. Informant was John BROWN. #019753-98 (Simcoe Co)

John BROWN , died Jan 17 1899 , at age 86 years, of apoplexy & diarrhea ,at conc 12, lot 20 of Blenheim twp. Married , farmer. Born in Scotland. Reg # 19571-99

John BROWN died 2 Nov 1870 at age 66, of stroke. Born in England. Informant was Simeon TIFFIN of lot 29, con 7 of Scott twp. #6333-70 (Ontario Co)

John Edward BROWN, d. 30 Oct 1901 at age 1? yr of appendicitis, at 17th con of Grey twp. Born in Ontario. #12731-01

Louis Edmund BROWN died 8 March 1870 at age 7 yrs + 1 month of heart disease. Born in Toronto. #7134-70 (Toronto)

BROWN, Martha, f, d 10 Nov.1896, age 76 yrs, born Whitchurch, died of influmation of lungs, paralysis 2 wks, Dr. Coulter, infm - Bryon G. Brown of Newmarket, English Church, died Con3, Lot 25, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022409-96

Mary Margaret BROWN, died 4 Feb 1917 at age 36 + 2 + 4, of appendicitis, peritonitis & pneumonia, at Western Hospital in Toronto. Born in England, d/o George [mother’s name not given]. Single, tailoress. Buried at Prospect cemetery. #1658-17

Nellie BROWN, died 8 Feb 1917 of heart disease, at age 1 day, at 508 Quebec Ave. in Toronto. Born in Toronto, d/o George W. BROWN & Nellie KENNARD. Buried at Prospect cemetery. #1662-17

BROWN, Robert Nelson, m, d. 19 Sep. 1896, age 26 years 5 mos, farmer, b. Whitchurch, of paralysis 4 days, informant - D. Stevenson of Aurora, Methodist, resided Conc 2 Lot 15, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022417-96

Thomas BROWN died 15 June 1894 at age 80 yrs of old age. Born in England, inmate of home. Registered in King twp.. #20623-94 (York Co)

David BROWNLEE died 1 Jan 1872 at age 37 yrs, of inflammation of bowels. Millwright. Born in Quebec. Informant was doctor; Registered in Douro twp. #24538-72 (Peterborough Co)

John Hamilton BROWNLEE, b. not given, stone mason & plasterer, d. 17 Aug 1880 of rupture of blood vessel - 4 months, at age 24. #20708-80 (Toronto)

BRUCE, William, m, d. 19 Nov. 1891, age 80th year, farmer, b. Monquhitter Aberdeenshire Scotland, of weakness of hearts action last illness 3 wks, informant - H.E.A. Reid, Presbyterian, Markham Twp (York Co) #018654-91

BRYSON, Elizabeth Ann, f, d. 24 Dec.1892, age 24 years, housewife, b. Canada, died of perdonitis 7 days; infm - W.H. Harris MD of Davenport Rd, Methodist, Toronto Junction (York Co) #020322-93

no name BUCHANAN, d. 9 July 1901 at age 30 hrs of cardiac failure, at Victoria St. in Goderich. #12653-01

John Edward BUCHNER died at age 3 years + 8 months of diphtheria. Born in Hamilton Ont. Informant was N. H. Buchner, merchant, of Hamilton. Registered in Woodstock, # 11073-76

Charles BUCK died 10 March 1916 at age 90 yrs., of old age. Born in Germany, died at lot 18, con 2 of Blenheim & buried in Princeton. Widower, retired, farmer. #25342-16 (Oxford Co)

Sophia BUCK died 29 Feb 1916 at age 87 yrs, of arterio sclerosis. Born in Germany, died at lot 18, con 2 of Blenheim twp & buried at Princeton. #25340-16 (Oxford Co)

Peter S. BUCKERO , died Nov 9 1929 age 68yrs 11 mon & 18 days, widower , at conc. 14 Blenheim Twp., lived there 30 yrs . Born Canada Nov 27 1860 , s/o Isaac BUCKERO & Lydia SNYDER. Informant was Eldon BAER, son in law, from Plattsville. Died heart disease & gall bladder indigestion, buried New Dundee. Reg # 027916-1929

BUCKINDALL, Jane, f, d. 16 Oct.1893, age 24 years, wife of a farmer, b. East Gwillimbury Ont, died of inflamation of bowels 2 mos; Dr. Stephenson, infm - H. McDowel, Methodist, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #020616-93

Ann BUCKLE , died Jan 9 1905 at age 86 years , of congestion of the lungs.,widow , at 259 Graham St. Woodstock. Born in England. Reg # 21723-05

Alice BUCKLEY, died 4 Nov 1912 at age 28 yrs, of poisoning by illuminating gas & mental depression, at 266 Jarvis St. in Toronto. Born in England, d/o not given. Single, domestic. #6388-12

John BUCKLEY died 4 June 1881 at age 2 months, of marasmus & inanition. Born in Aylmer Ontario. #23574-81 (Toronto)

BUGG, James Frederick , m, d. Nov. 30, 1902, age 2 , b. unknown, died of measles 3-4 days, infm - H.L. Barker, High St. Burk’s Falls, 020236-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Marie Louisa BUILLE, died 16 Aug 1873 at age 3 yrs + 6 months, of measles. Born in La Ange Guardian, Longueil. Informant was Euzebe BUILLE, farmer, of Caledonia twp. Reg # 37744-73

John BULLERS died May? 1870 at age 43 yrs of inflammation of the lungs of 9 days duration. Born in England, laborer. #7116-70 (Toronto)

Esther BULLOCK died 3 Aug 1889 at age 9 months of cholera infantum. Birth place not given. #16820-89 (Toronto)

Jane BULLOCK died 17 Nov 1896 at age 5 weeks, of pneumonia. Born in Galt. Informant was Joseph BULLOCK of Galt. #19731-96 (Waterloo Co)

Ernest Wilmer BUNDY died 18 Aug 1889 at age 6 weeks of malformation. Born in Toronto. #17078-89 (Toronto)

John BURCHALL, died 12 March 1917 at age 54 years, of pneumonia, at Base Hospital (400 Gerrard St. East in Toronto). Born in Everton England, s/o John & Elizabeth. Soldier, married. Informant was Mrs. John BURCHALL of 15 Ashdale Ave., Toronto. Buried at St. Johns cemetery. #2386-17

Andrew Wager BURGESS , died Feb 19 1921 at age 78 yrs & 6 months.Born Sept 20 1847 at Drumbo, carpenter, s/o Richard BURGESS b. New Brunswick & Rhoda SHECK b. New Brunswick. Informant was Arthur A. BURGESS , son , from Flint Michigan . Died from apoplexy, buried in Drumbo. Reg # 024999-1921

BURGESS, Jane, died at 6th line Elmbank, single, age 70, b. Durham, house keeper, d/o James (b. Scotland) and not given, buried at Moores cemetery, b. 8 Nov of heart disease. Reg #25206-24 (Peel Co)

Jane BURGESS died 27 Nov 1889 at age 73 yrs of paralytic stroke. Born in Hampton New Brunswick, farmer's wife. Informant was William PINKHAM, farmer, of Blenheim. #12931-89 (Oxford Co)

Louisa BURGESS died 23 March 1900 at age 53 years of consumption & heart failure. Born in England & living at 276 Westmoreland in Toronto. Married, wife of piano agent. Reg # 1738-00

Robert Clayton BURGESS , died Jan 21 1899 , at age 18 days , of fits, at conc 6 lot 13 (Blenheim twp). Reg # 19572-99

William BURGESS, died 17 March 1884 at age 78 yrs, of cancer of the leg, at Goderich. Born in Scotland, laborer. Informant was William WATT and Matthew illegible SEATON [those 2 names are the most likely interpretation]. #006882-84

BURGESS, William, m, d. 12 Apr. 1891, age 82, gardener, b. Sussex England, of cardiac dropsey 6 mos, informant - J.M. Cotton MD of Lambton Mills & Jas. Rush his son-in-law of Etobicoke, Non conformist, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018909-91

BURK, George Frederick, m, d. Jan. 27, 1870, age 61 days, father yeoman, b. Pickering, died of dropsey in the head 10 days, infm - Dr. Robert Hall, Claremont, (Co. Ontario) 006471-70

BURK, Walter Frederick , m, d Aug, 2, 1902, age 24 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, farmer, b Burke’s Falls, died of injuries received in accident, infm - Thomas Liverspoon, ME, Huston Ave Burk’s Falls, 020229-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Elizabeth BURKE died 2 Dec 1900 at age 80 of senile decay. Born in Scotland & lived at house of Providence in Toronto. Reg # 4340-00

BURKETT, William, m, d. Mar. 26, 1905, age 27, waiter, b. England, died of ulceration of transverse colon, infm - J.E.M.DeHarte, RC, (Toronto) 001962-05

Charles BURKHARDT died 24 Dec 1916 at age 93 + 5 + 14 of senility & la grippe. Born in Germany & resident of Blenheim twp. Widowed farmer. #23828-17 (Oxford Co)

BURKHOLDER, Claude, died at Brampton, married, age 30-2-15 (or 18), b. Hamilton 9 July 1894, brakeman on train, s/o Cyrus BURKHOLDER (b. Otterville) & Jemima PELLITE (b. Pembroke), wife is Mrs. BURKHOLDER of 763 King St. West - Toronto, buried at Prospect cemetery Toronto, d. 24 Sept 1924, accidentally killed by CNR freight train while at work, an inquest is being held. Reg #25084-24 (Peel Co)

Alice Jean BURNESS, died at age 8 months, at 350 Lumsden Ave., East York, on 17 April 1928 of convulsions & measles. Born 17 Aug 1927, d/o Alexander Napier BURNESS (b. Stonehave Scotland) & Alice Mary CRATE (b. Surrey England). Buried at St. John's cemetery. reg # 39816-28

BURNETT, Agnes Maud, f, d. 19 Oct. 1891, age 12 years 2 mos 16 days, b. Whitby Twp, of typhoid fever, informant - G.M. Farwell, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018647-91

Hannah M. BURNETT, died 6 Nov 1912 at age 42 yrs of hemiplegia, at Home for Incurables in Toronto. Born in Ireland, d/o William BURNETT & Maria McCANN. # 6389-12

Wilton BURNHAM, stillborn on 6 Jan 1917 at Windham. Son of Ross BURNHAM & Annie WARD. Buried at Delhi. #22447-17 (Norfolk Co)

Charlotte BURNS died 11 March 1917 at age 57 years, at 283 Gerrard St. East in Toronto. Born in England, d/o not given. Married. Informant was A.P. McCABE of 222 Queen St. East. Buried at Mount Hope cemetery. With note: " said party was dead when he arrived & that heart failure was the only cause he could say". #2387-17

Janett BURNS, d. 25 Jan 1901 at age 64 yrs of diarrhea, at lot 24? con 14 of Goderich twp. Born in Ireland. Married, farmer's wife. #12677-01

John BURNS died 19 Jan 1919 at age 64 + 7 + 1, of heart failure. Born in Ontario, s/o Dorwidee? BURNS & Mary MARTIN; died at lot 16 con 4 of Blenheim. Informant was Herman RADLOFF. Buried at Burford. # 24457-19

BURNS, Martha, widow, age 91, b. Ontario on 27 Nov 1833, d/o George WATSON & Eliza Ann (both b. Ireland), son is Edward BURNS of Port Credit, buried at Mt. Pleasant, d. 19 Nov of "rodent ulcer". Reg #25260-24 (Peel Co)

William BURTON, d. 7 Nov 1901 at age 68 yrs of senile dementia. No residence given, but registered in Goderich. Pauper. #12670-01

Samuel BUTCHER died 9 Dec 1889 at age 5 yrs, of suffocation from diphtheria. Born in Toronto. #17767-89 (Toronto)

BUTTY (Batty?), Annie, f, no death date, no age, wife, no birthplace, of pneumonia following child birth 1 wk, informant - J.M. Cotton MD of Lambton Mills & Janet McDonald MD, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018910-91

BYER, unnamed, f, d. 14 Aug. 1896, age 5 weeks, b. Canada, of cholera infantum 10 days, informant - R. Rowan, Stouffville, Markham Twp (York Co) #022796-96


Deaths Ca - Ch

Elizabeth CACKER died 12 April 1870 at age 58 of exhaustion of mania. Tailor’s wife, born in England. Informant was Dr. Workman of PLA [Provincial Lunatic Asylum]. #7099-70 (Toronto)

Watson CADMAN died 13 Sept 1919 at age 35 (or 30) years, of septic intoxication & rheumatic phlebitis. Born in Manitoba, s/o Richard CADMAN & Louisa GAMBELL; died at lot 16, con 4 of Dereham twp. Single, farmer. Informant was D.A. BONSTEEL of Ingersoll. Buried at Ingersoll. #24520-19

no name CAIRNS stillborn 11 Aug 1901 at 85 Major in Toronto. #3231-01 (Toronto)

CAIRNS, Bridget, died at Toronto twp., widow, age 86, b. Ireland in 1838, lived 68 years in Canada/Ontario & 48 years at pod, d/o blank CURRAN & blank MARTIN (both b. Ireland), son is Peter CAIRNS of Dixie, d. 31 May of old age & acute dilation of heart. Reg #25231-24 (Peel Co)

James CAIRNS, died 18 Dec 1871 at age 57 yrs, of dropsy. Farmer. Born in Scotland. Informant was Thomas CAIRNS (son), no residence given. Registered in Plympton twp. Reg # 22790-72

Mrs. Alex CALDER died 26 June 1872 at age 67 yrs, of dysentery. Born in Scotland. Informant was doctor; registered in Dummer twp. #24518-72 (Peterborough Co)

CALDWELL, Charlotte, f, d. 21 June 1898, age 68 years, house keeper, b. England, of carcinoma of liver 4 mos, infm - O. Sisley MD, York Twp (York Co) #024480-98

Joseph CALDWELL died 11 June 1917 at age 65 + 2 + 27, of pneumonia. Born in Ontario, s/o John & not known. Died in, & buried in Kelvin. Informant was William ALMAS of Kelvin. #22459-17 (Norfolk Co)

CALVERT, Elizabeth, f, d. 10 Feb. 1891, age 20 years 1 mos 27 days, b. Canada, of peritonitis, informant - William Calvert, Presbyterian, Markham Twp (York Co) #018662-91

Elizabeth CAMERON died 29 May 1901 at age 1 day of asthma. Born in Toronto & resident of 157 Lisgar in Toronto. #2534-01 (Toronto)

CAMERON, Julia Ann, f, d. 9 Jul.1883, age 54 years, matron, born State of New York, died of cancer of womb 14 mos; infm - Alex. Grant, minister, Methodist, London. (Middlesex Co) #009864-83

Moses Levern Roy CAMERON , died May 19 921 at age 11 months & 4 days at Richwood. Born June 17 1920 at Blenheim twp., s/o Frank CAMERON b. Blenheim & Isabelle TRIMBLE b. Blenheim . Died of Catarrlal pneumonia with reflux spasm in the larynx , buried in Drumbo. Reg # 025016-1921

Edward N. CAMPAIGNE, d. 24 Jan 1901 at age 33 yrs of enteric fever. Born in Goderich. Single, sailor. #12621-01

Allie CAMPBELL died 7 May 1919 at age 52 + 10 + 13, of erysepiles. Born in Preston, d/o David HAGEY & Hannah CORNELL; died at lot 9, con 10 of Blenheim twp. Married. Informant was James CAMPBELL of Bright. Buried at Ayr. #24470-19

CAMPBELL, Edward Clark, m, d. 4 Aug. 1896, age 59 years 3 mos, lawyer, b. Niagara Ont, of cancer 6 mos, informant - Stewart Campbell, son, English Church, died Conc 6, Lot 16, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022413-96

Jessie CAMPBELL died 25 March 1900 at age 37 years of apoplexy. Born in Scotland & living at 6 Regent St. in Toronto. Widow. Reg # 1737-00

John C. CAMPBELL, died 22 Feb 1905, at age 49 yrs, of pneumonia. Married farmer. Resident of lot S 5, con 2nd R.N., L.W.R. Ekfrid twp. Born in Wardsville. # 17473-05

Mabel Christena CAMPBELL died 24 March 1900 at age 6 months of pneumonia. Born in Toronto & living at 30 Henderson in Toronto. Reg # 1745-00

Mary CAMPBELL, died 1 Feb 1905, at age 77 yrs, of anemia. Widow. Resident of lot N 9, con 5, Ekfrid twp. Born in Scotland. Informant was R.H. HOWARD. # 17472-05

CAMPBELL, Mary McGregor, f, d. Aug. 18, 1870, age 69, b. Argyleshire Scotland, died dysentry 12 days illness, infm - Dr. D. Gillespie, Cannington, Church of Scotland, (Co. Ontario) 006458-70

CAMPBELL, Murven McGumary, m, d. 2 May 1896, age 15 days, b. Ontario, of convulsion, informant - J.W. Hutchinson MD, Richmond Hill, Markham twp. (York Co) #022788-96

Robert Brown CAMPBELL died at age 49 years, on 7 May 1928 of chronic myocarditis at Davey St in town of Perth. Born in Admaston on 8 April 1858, s/o William CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Mary BROWN (b. Admaston). Grocer. Wife was "Mrs. R.B. CAMPBELL" of Perth. Buried at Admaston. reg # 20468-28

Ruby M. CANN , died Oct 30 1921 at age 27 yrs & 25 days at Plattsville . Born at Plattsville Oct 2 1894 , music teacher, d/o William John CANN b. Plattsville & Amelia MOTHERAL b. Washington .Died of pulmonary tuberculosis over 10 months , buried in Plattsville. Reg # 025034-1921 (Oxford Co)

CANNING, Letitia, f, d. 19 May 1891, age 38 years 1 mo, farmer's wife, b. Caledon Canada, of heart failure 8 wks, informant - William S. Canning her husband of Richview, Methodist, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018919-91

Mary S. CAPRON, widow, died September 28, 1883 at the age of 63 yrs of Chronic Cerebral Disease following Apoplexy of over a year. Informant Chas B. CAPRON, son of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001338-83 (Brant Co)

infant CARDWELL, stillborn ("a large child in a very small pelvis") on 26 Jan 1928 at Forest, d/o Wilson (or Nelson) CARDWELL & Mary SOMERVILLE (both b. Scotland). Buried at Beechwood cemetery in Forest. reg # 19779-28

James CARLESS died 26 April 1870 at age 80 of old age. Worked for bible depository. Born in London England. Informant was John Watson of Toronto. #7119-70 (Toronto)

Susan CARLOW died 17 April 1870 at age 30 yrs of exhaustion of mania of 2 weeks duration. Cashier’s wife. Born in Lower Canada. Informant was Dr. Workman of PLA [Provincial Lunatic Asylum] # 7101-70 (Toronto)

Robert CARMAN, died 4 April 1884, at age 71 yrs, of softening of the brain, at Goderich. Born in England. Informant was George GRAHAM of Port illegible (off page). #006880-84

John CARNEGIE died 31 Aug 1871 at age 64 yrs, of general debility. Born in Scotland, gentleman. Informant was John CARNEGIE, editor, of Peterborough. Registered in Douro twp. # 24537-72 (Peterborough Co)

Jane Ann CARNRIKE, died 28 Sept 1873 at age 20 yrs + 4 months, of consumption. Born in Ameliasburgh. Wife of J.J. CARNRIKE. Informant was Jacob CARNRIKE of 3rd con of Ameliasburgh twp. Reg # 37752-73

Charles CARRICK died 28 May 1901 at age 35 yrs of pulmonary TB. Born in Ireland, resident of 43 Poulett in Toronto. Married, carriage maker. #2529-01 (Toronto)

James CARRIE, d. 2 Nov 1901 at age 63 yrs, of heart disease, at Cambria St. in Goderich. Birthplace not given. Married minister. #12668-01 (Huron Co)

CARRIGAN, Dennis, died at Toronto twp., widower, age 84, born in Ireland, market gardener, lived 75 years in Ontario & 27 years at pod, s/o Thomas CARRIGAN & Ann CUSICK (both b. Ireland), son is Dennis Jr. of Dixie, d. 19 Feb of bronchitis & old age. Reg #2521324 (Peel Co)

Margaret CARROLL, f, widow, died August 9, 1883 at the age of 82 yrs (no cause of death given). Born in Limerick Ireland; informant P. CARROLL, wagon maker, of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001325-83 (Brant Co)

Timothy CARROLL, died at age 72 yrs + 9 months + 11 days, on 15 June 1928, of heart disease, at 4 Trafalgar St in St. Catharines. Born in St. Catharines on 4 Sept 1855, s/o Dennis CARROLL & Mary SHEA (both b. Ireland). Widowed gardener. Daughter was Mrs. L.W. GUNN of 4 Trafalgar St. Buried at Victoria Lawn cemetery. reg # 22006-28

Elizabeth Ann CARTHEW, died 24 June 1905, of debility of age, at age 99 yrs, at Clarkson. Widow, born in England. Informant was Harry COWAN, Reg # 22567-05 (Peel Co)

James CARUTHERS, d. 29 May 1901 at age 82 of La Grippe, in Goderich. Born in Scotland. Farmer. #12644-01

Richard James CASEY, b. Toronto, d. 2 Dec 1880 of effects of suffocation (verdict of the jury), at age 5 months. #20321-80 (Toronto)

Bridget Ann CASEY, b. Toronto, d. 2 Dec 1880 of effects of breathing blast of hot burning air (verdict of the jury), at age 3 yrs #20322-80 (Toronto)

Ann CASEY, b. ? , d. 3 Dec 1880 of effects of breathing noxious gas (verdict of the jury), age 41. #20323-80 (Toronto)

CASLEY, Clement, m, d. 24 June 1896, age 77 years, farmer, b. England, of Brights Disease 3 mos, informant - William. Casely (sic) of Unionville, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #022792-96

Allan CASSADY died 8 Jan 1917 at age 6 months + 4 days of pulmonary TB. Born in Paris, s/o Allan Hunter CASSADY & Marie EDWARDS. Resident of Lot 3, con 6 of Blenheim twp. Informant was Roy CASSADY of RR#1 Drumbo. #23829-17 (Oxford Co)

Lydia CASSADY died 10 Sept 1889 at age 54 yrs of heart disease. Born in Dumfries Ont., farmer's widow. Informant was John W. Sutton, farmer, of Drumbo. #12908-89 (Oxford Co)

Jacob CASSELMAN died 8 April 1870 at age 60 yrs of compound fracture (2 days in hospital). Merchant, born in Canada. Informant was Dr. Hampton of TGH. #7082-70 (Toronto)

John CASSIDY, m, Farmers child, died March 4, 1885 at the age of 3 years of a Cold. Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Roman Catholic. Informant William CASSIDY, Mounteagle; #006578-85 (Hastings Co)

Leah Martha CASTLE died 15 Aug 1900 at age 75 years of anemia & Peritonitis. Born in England & living at 298 Robert in Toronto. Widow. Reg # 3289-00

CATERINE, Florinols (male), died at Toronto twp., 4 months, b. Streetsville on 2 Dec 1923, s/o Giovanni CATERINE (of Streetsville) & Augusta GABBOTO (both b. Italy), d. 3 April of convulsions. Reg #25218-24 (Peel Co)

Rebecca CATHERWOOD, died 29 Jan 1916 at age 78 yrs., of asthma. Born in Belfast Ireland, d/o Robert SMITH & Mary NIXON. Married. Died at lot 5, con 1 of Blenheim twp. #25334-16 (Oxford Co)

Robert W. CATTS died 14 Nov 1898 at age 6 yrs of appendicitis. Born in Toronto; resident of 142 West Lodge, Toronto. #26977-98

Hugh CAVAN, died at age 85 yrs, of old age, on 23 Oct 1905. Married farmer. Resident of lot 4, con 1, Caradoc. Born in Canada. # 17488-05

CAVAN, Matthew, died at Toronto St. Port Credit, Irish origins, married, age 65, b. Ireland 10 June 1859, carpenter, lived 15 years in Canada, s/o James (b. England) and not given, buried at Clarkson, d. 24 March 1924 of dilation of stomach & myocardial failure. Reg #2517924 (Peel Co)

Charles CAVERS stillborn 14 Jan 1916 at lot 15, con 7 of Dereham twp. Son of John Thompson CAVERS & Edith May FULLARTON. Informant was J. T. CAVERS of RR#1, Mount Elgin. #25381-16 (Oxford Co)

William CAWTHRA, died at age 79 years, on 26 Oct 1880, of secondary collapse after operation, at Toronto. Born in England. reg # 20304-80 (Toronto)

Gertie Ellen CEIGLER, f, died December 11, 1885, at 3 months of age of Apoplexia Pulmonalis after an illness of 4 days. Born Deseronto, Methodist. Informant George W. CEIGLER, Laborer, Deseronto #006561-85 (Hastings Co)

Frederick CHAMBERS , died Sept 29 1905 at age 33 years , of suicide by carbolic acid , married , hotel keeper at conc. 1 lot 12 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 21326-05 (Oxford Co)

CHAMBERS, Horace, stillborn in Streetsville on 14 Oct., s/o Horace CHAMBERS & Florence Ellen SULLIVAN (both b. England). Reg #25253-24 (Peel Co)

James Arthur CHAMBERS, d. 11 Feb 1901 at age 16 yrs of accidental death, residence: Erie St. in Ridgetown. Born in Burford twp. Informant was Joseph CHAMBERS. #13817-01 (Kent Co)

Robert CHAMBERS died 6 Oct 1893 at age 73 yrs of old age. No birth place given, inmate of home. reg in King twp. #20613-94 (York Co)

Mary Ellen CHANDREW, died 7 Feb 1873 at age 3 yrs + 11 months, of consumption. Born in Kennebec. Informant was Joeph CHANDREW of Kennebec. Reg # 2379-73 (Frontenac Co)

Emeline M. CHAPIN, f, widow, died on April 10, 1883, at the age of 65 yrs of Bright’s disease. Informant William DRUMMOND of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001305-83 (Brant Co)

Armand CHARLEBOIS, d Aug 3, 1897 at age 1 m, in Tiny Twp. Born Lafontaine. #019735-98 (Simcoe Co)

Sarah CHARLEBOIS, d July 13, 1898 at age 1 yr. of dysentery, at St. Patrick PO. Born St. Patrick PO. #019766-98 (Simcoe Co)

George CHARLTON died 19 April 1870 at age 15 months (?) of inflammation of the lungs of 2 weeks duration. Born in Toronto. Informant was Dr. A. R. Buchanan of Toronto. #7080-70 (Toronto)

CHASE, illegible May, f, d. Mar. 25, 1905, age 4 months, b. Toronto, died of intestinal hernias, infm - T.B. MacDonald, Meth, (Toronto) 001958-05

CHIDLEY, Mary Deacon, f, d. 13 June 1893, age 77 years, housewife, b. Devonshire England, of senile decay 5 yrs; infm - R.J. Wilson MD, Congregationalist (Toronto) #022440-93

John CHIPMAN, d. 5 Oct 1899 at age 79 yrs + 9 months, of paralytic stroke, at lot 13, con 6 of Blenheim twp. Born in England, married tinsmith. Informant was W.G. BARR. # 19629-99 (Oxford Co)

CHISHOLM, Emily, f, d. 4 Nov. 1891, age 39 years, servant, b. Toronto Twp Ont, of insanity 3 mos, informant - W.J. Charlton MD of Weston, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018893-91

Harriet CHISSUS, f, wife of William CHISSUS, died May 28, 1883 at the age of 27 yrs of Phthisis Pulmonalis after an illness of 12 months. Born in Surrey England; informant William CHISSUS of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001317-83 (Brant Co)

Margaret CHRISTY died 1 Sept 1872 at age 84 yrs, of old age. Born in Mayo Ireland. Informant was Charles CHRISTIE (sic). Registered in Dummer twp. #24523-72 (Peterborough Co)

Allan CHURCH , died July 1 1929 at age 68 yrs & 9 mon & 29 days , widower, at Bright . Born in Burford Sept 2 1861 , laborer , s/o Alanson CHURCH & Agnes BAILEY . Informant was James CHURCH, son from 45 Ottawa St. Hamilton. Died of myocarditis & valvular trouble , buried at Woodstock .Reg # 027737-1929. (Oxford Co)

Acord CHURCHILL died 12 April 1916 at age 86 yrs of senility. Born in Pickering twp., s/o not given. Married. Died & buried at Princeton. #25354-16 (Oxford Co)

Mary Esther CHURCHILL, age 80, widow, d/o James JONES & Rhoda MANN, died at paris, 24 July 1914 of acute rheumatism. Informant was Mrs. Ellen CHURCHILL of Paris, (death reg # 8393-14) Brant Co

Rebecca J. CHURCHILL died 10 Aug 1901 at age 22 yrs of endocarditis. Born in Toronto, resident of 188 Chestnut in Toronto. Married housewife. #3216-01 (Toronto)