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some Bath (& area) Parish records

1841 Frome census, 1851 Frome census


Deacon Family


just starting to fill in the gaps.......

Elizabeth Horton DEACON was the d/o James DEACON & Ann HORTON and she was chr in Nunney Somerset England on 16 Jan 1816 (or 1817)

Elizabeth married William HEWLETT in Bristol England on 4 July 1839

Family of James & Ann nee Horton DEACON:

James died 19 Dec 1844 in Nunney

Ann died 13 Aug 1848 in Broadway, Frome

children of James & Ann:

Joseph DEACON, b. abt 1806 - unmarried in the 1851 census (Bathford village) and in the 1861 census (Bradford on Avon Wilts, butler)

John DEACON, b. abt 1811 - married Mary

Lydia DEACON, b. 9 Sept 1812 -

Uriah DEACON, 1814 - married Emma who died in 1893.  At least 11 children

Benjamin DEACON, b. 1815 - married Jane COOK and had at least one daughter, Louisa DEACON b. 31 May 1844.   Found in both 1851 & 1861 census

Elizabeth Horton DEACON, 1816

Emanuel DEACON, 1818  - married Elizabeth DOGERELL in 1841 in Frome

Thomas DEACON, abt 1829 - 1861 census, unmarried



At present - trying to find out if the Alfred DEACON, s/o Uriah & Emma is in Toronto in the 1891 census as the following family:

  1. Alfred DEACON, 49, married, b. England, manufacturer of hats

  2. Louisa DEACON, 44, married, wife, b. England

  3. Helen DEACON, 24, daughter, b. England

  4. Percy DEACON, 22, son, b. England, clerk in hat store

  5. Jessie DEACON, 20, daughter, b. England

I have found the above family in the1881 census in Frome where Alfred was a butcher.


marriage reg 15430-96 is Jessie DEACON, 26, b. Frome Somerset, res of 214 Wellesley St. in Toronto, d/o Alfred & Louisa, married Albert Edward PARFETT, 33, architect, b. Frome, res of 183 Amily St. in Brooklyn NY, witn: John J. PETIT of Brooklyn NY & Margaret MOSSOM of Toronto, 19 Aug 1896 at St. Simons Church in Toronto

Albert & Louisa are still in Toronto in 1901, but there are no children with them.  Albert's birth date is given as 26 Jan 1842 and Louisa's is 6 May 1846.

I may have found Percy in the 1901 census - Toronto, age 32, birth date 7 Sept 1865, from England in 1891, head of household, single - I am fairly certain that this is the correct Percy as in the same household is his sister, Heloner R. TONKIN, b, 21 June 1866, age 34, married [but no husband there] and her two children, Rosalie D. TONKIN b. 5 Aug 1893 and Gordon b. 3 Sept 1895

A check of the birth registration show that John Gordon TONKIN was born 3 Sept 1895 to John Johns TONKIN, merchant tailor of 14 Rose Ave in Toronto & Helanor Rosalie DEACON.  Birth reg 41616-95.

This leads to the marriage reg of John Johns TONKIN, 42, widower, merchant, b. Plymouth England, of Toronto, s/o Edward TONKIN & Grace, married to Helanor Rosalie DEACON, 26, b. Somersetshire England, res of Toronto, d/o Alfred DEACON & Louisa, witn: C. W. KNOWLES & Jessie DEACON, both of Toronto, 21 June 1892 at St. Simons Church



Edward Horton Deacon, Calne 1851

1851 Census, Calne (Wiltshire) High St. has the following household:


FreeBMD also births registered in Calne Wiltshire for Caroline Jane DEACON, June quarter of 1851 and Albert John DEACON Sept quarter of 1864

There was also a Rogers DEACON who married (possibly) a Louisa BOND, FreeBMD, Sept 1850, Calne 8 page 463.  Robert DEACON (1841 census) also has a son Roger(s).


Robert Rogers DEACON born June 1869 Frome 5c pg 528 - related?  I am not sure if it is the same Robert R. DEACON, but there is a 12 year old Robert R. DEACON, b. Frome in Frome (Innox Hill) in the following household:

Eliza DEACON, widow, age 39, born Frome

James DEACON, 18, b. Frome, clerk,

William DEACON, 15, b. Frome, engraver

Robert R. DEACON, 12, b. Frome, scholar

F.O. DEACON, 18, male, b. Frome


1880 census, Waukegan, Lake, Illinois US

Caroline DEACON, widow, age 59, born England, milliner

Jane C. DEACON, daughter, single, 25, b. England [b. Wiltshire in June quarter of 1851?]

Martha E. DEACON, daughter, 24, b. England, milliner

Albert E. DEACON, son, 22, born in Illinois, clerk in store

Sidney R. DEACON, son, age 20, born Illinois, carpenter [Sidney Roger DEACON, b. 14 April 1860 in Illinois, mother's maiden name Bond, d. 1 Aug 1952 in California - Calif. Death index online]

Ira R. DEACON, son, 17, b. Illinois, at home,



1851 census

1 Middlesex Place, Islington, London England

Edmund DEACON, head, 33, house painter, b . Somerset Frome

next household, same address

Charles DEACON, head, 40? (41?), married, house carpenter, b. Somerset Frome

Elizabeth DEACON, wife, 44?, married, b. Somerset Bristol


1861 census

Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, London

39 St. Peters St.

Edmund DEACON, 43, head, married, plumber, b. Somersetshire Frome

Eliza B. DEACON, wife, married, 37, b. Middlesex Co., Bethnall Green

Eliza M. DEACON, dau, 7, b. Middlesex Co., Bethnall Green

Louisa S. DEACON, dau, 5, b. Middlesex Co., Bethnall Green

Solomon E. DEACON, son, age, 2, b. Middlesex Co., Bethnall Green

Joseph S. DEACON, son, age 7 months?, b. Middlesex Co., Bethnall Green


FreeBMD - the only Edmund/Edmond Deacon marrying between 1845 and 1855 was Sept 1851, Islington 3 pg 267 to (possibly) Eliza Berger Atkins

FreeBMD - birth, Soloman Ebenezer Deacon, June 1858 Bethnal Green 1c 232

FreeBMD - birth, Louisa Sarah Deacon, Dec 1855, Bethnal Green 1c 293

FreeBMD - birth, Joseph Deacon, Dec 1860, Bethnal Green 1c 230

FreeBMD - death, Edmund DEACON, age 53, March 1871, Bethnel Green 1c 244


I haven't been able to find Edmund's family in the 1881 census.  Edmund probably dies in 1871.  Are these other deaths from this family? (all from FreeBMD)

Louisa Sarah Deacon, age 17, March 1873, London C. 1c pg 26

Joseph Deacon, no age given, March 1863, Bethnal Green, 1c pg 235

Solomon Deacon, age 16, Sept 1874, West Ham 4a pg 43

Eliza Berger Deacon, age 47, June 1871, Shoreditch 1c pg 114