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Family History, By William Henry Crandall, written 20 April 1953

My Youth in the North, by William Henry Crandall


Descendants of Wilbur Crandall


Wilbur CRANDALL was born 1717 in Tiverton, Newport Co., RI, and died 1784 in Chester Nova Scotia. He married Mary VAUGHAN 1768 in Tiverton RI, daughter of David VAUGHAN and Dinah BAKER. Mary died in 1783 or 1785 and is also buried in Chester NS.

Children of Wilbur CRANDALL and Mary VAUGHAN are:


David Wilbur CRANDALL, born about 1767 in Rhode Island; died June 25, 1829, Chester NS. He married Lucy ELLIS on 1 Sept 1796, d/o David & Sarah. Lucy was born in Chester NS on 6 Feb 1780. David & Lucy had had 9 children:

  • John Ellis Wilbert, b. July 15, 1798 at 10 o'clock at night, in Chester NS
  • Mary Magdalene, b. 18 Nov 1800 at 3 o'clock in the morning, in Chester NS.
  • Rebecca Sherman, b. May 29, 1803 at 8 o'clock in the morning in Chester NS
  • Lucy Lilis, b. August 25, 1805 at 6 o'clock in the morning, in Chester NS.
  • Ann Armstrong Vaughan, b. May 30, 1808 on Monday night, eleven o'clock and 40 minutes in Chester NS
  • Elizabeth Dimmock, b. November 23, 1810, two o'clock and 30 minutes in the morning, in Chester NS
  • Martha Hopper, b. December 16, 1813 at 2 o'clock in the morning, in Chester NS
  • Joseph, b. April 12, 1820 in Chester NS
  • David William, b. May 02, 1816 in Chester NS

Peter (Rev), b. 1770 Tiverton RI; d. August 02, 1838, Trout Cove, Digby Neck, Nova Scotia; m. Rebecca VAUGHAN, Bef. 1810. In 1808 Rebecca inherited 3 pounds from her father. Rebecca was d/o Daniel VAUGHAN & Lydia HERRINGTON.

Joseph S. (Rev) b. 1772, Tiverton, Rhode Island; d. February 20, 1858, Salsbury, New Brunswick. See part 2

Mercy, b. September 05, 1774, Chester, Nova Scotia; m. David WEBBER, September 02, 1798, Chester, Nova Scotia.

  • Mary Webber, Daughter of David, and Mercy Webber, was born in Chester on the Ninth day of Febuary, 1799
  • James Webber, Son of David, and Mercy Webber, was born in Chester on the tenth day of December, , 1802
  • Anthony Webber, Son of David, and Mercy Webber, was born in Chester on the Second day of November, 1802

Mary b. Abt. 1775.

John David, b. April 06, 1776, Chester NS; d. 1798 lost at sea

Benjamin, b. May 14, 1777, Chester NS; d. 1798 lost at sea


The 1783 census of Chester NS lists 3 families of Vaughans & 1 Webber family - no Crandalls.

Joseph DIMMOCK (1768-1845) was a Baptist minister in Chester NS.

PART 2 - Descendents of Rev. Joseph S. Crandall


Joseph was born 1772 in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and died February 20, 1858 in Salsbury, New Brunswick.

He married (1) Rebecca SHERMAN Abt. 1796 in Salisbury NB, daughter of Young SHERMAN.

He married (2) Martha HOPPER October 10, 1811, daughter of John & Margaret.

His family in the 1851 census (Salisbury NB)


Joseph Crandall was one of the founders of Acadia University.

He is buried at Salisbury Pioneer Cemetery, NB along with and son John.

Children of Joseph & Rebecca (Sherman):

1. David, b. October 30, 1796, Salsbury, New Brunswick; d. 1881, Springfield, New Brunswick. He married Elizabeth HOPPER December 09, 1816, d/o John & Margaret. In 1881 census David was a Baptist minister & he and Elizabeth were living in Springfield NB. One "child" (illegible name in the LDS online transcription of the census), age 62 was with them.

Children of David & Elizabeth:

a) Joseph A., b. February 16, 1822, St. Martins, New Brunswick. (see part 3)

b) Young Anthony, b. about 1820 in St. Martins NB, married Henrietta NOBLE (8 children)

c) David H. married Mrs. Caroline RICKETSON, nee STEADMAN. In the 1881 census, David is a farmer and he & Caroline are in Salisbury NB. Both are 55 years old. Living next door are James (31, b NS) & Anna (29, b NB) RICKETSON, and next to them are David Sr. & Elizabeth CRANDALL.

d) Rebecca married William? TOOLE

e) Thomas Vaughan, b. 29 Dec 1839 in St. Martins NB, died in Philadelphia 22 Sept 1922. Married on 11 Oct 1866 to Mary Adelaide PARMALEE, in Freehold NJ. Mary's father was Rev. Daniel Steele PARMALEE and her mother was Syrena SCOTT. Mary was born 27 Dec 1843 & died 29 Nov 1908 in Philadelphia.

Thomas was educated at the Baptist College in St. John NB & graduated from medical school at Columbia University in NY in 1865. He served as a medical doctor with the US army in the civil war and then with the US Navy, before practising medicine in Philadelphia.

Thomas & Mary had 3 children

  • Adelaide Vaughan, born 4 Sept 1869, married William Wilson CHAMBERS
  • Rena May, born 16 May 1871, d. 24 Jan 1876
  • Claire Everard, born 4 April 1874, died 27 Aug 1875

Thomas is a doctor in Philadelphia in the 1881 census, age 40, born NB. Gives birthplace of both of his parents as Rhode Island. Daughter Annie is 11, born in in NJ. Mary is age 34, born in NY

f) Martha Ann, unmarried, 1827 - 1927

g) Ebenezer Vaughan was born in St. Martins NB on 22 June 1831. He married Hannah D. TUCKER of 22 June 1867. Ebenezer & Hannah lived in Brooklyn NY where Ebenezer was a manufacturer of whiting. They had three children: Edith Daisy, Florence, and Hattie Vaughan according to the Crandall family history book. In the 1881 census (LDS online), this family is found in Brooklyn NY with Ebenezer appearing as Eben T. Crandall with occupation as whiting fly (whatever that is!). Hannah is age 40 & born in Maine in the 1881 census. Eben gives the birth place of both of his parents as Canada. Their children:

  • Edith D., age 20, born Canada
  • Florence J., age 11, born NY
  • Hattie, age 2, born NY
  • Richard E., age 6 months, born NY

h) Henry Vaughan was born in St. Martins NB on 1 April 1838. He married Margaret Letitia RAND on 21 Sept 1864 in Cornwallis NS. Margaret was born in Moncton, d/o James & Sarah.

i) Benjamin, died age 2 yrs, 6 months

j) William B., d. Oct 1869, US Army surgeon [check Civil War records?]

k) Warren P. , b. 1841. married Nina TERRETT & had one son, Chauncey W.

2. John, b. July 17, 1799; d. Salisbury NB; m. Olivia CUTLER. In the 1881 census Olive was a 72 yr old widow in Salisbury NB, living with Newton CRANDALL, farmer, age 31, born in NB and S--? CRANDALL, male, age 46 also born NB (next door to Olive was Abner? & Olivia JONES both age 38, and next to them were Jordan & Annie CRANDALL - Jordan was 51, born in NB and Annie was age 46 born in England)

The Crandall family history book says that Jordan Cutler CRANDALL was s/o John & Olive. He was born in Salisbury NB on 27 Aug 1829 and he married Annie JORDAN on 23 Feb 1855, with his grandfather Joseph CRANDALL performing the marriage. Annie was born in London England on 16 April 1833 and she died 4 July1911. Jordan & Annie had 10 children. Jordan C. & Annie Crandall are buried in Pettitcodiac Baptist cemetery: transcription of stone: Jordan C. Crandall 1829 - 1916, h/w Annie Jordan of London, Eng 1833 - 1911

John died in 1864 at the age of 68 years, according to his tombstone in Salisbury (First Baptist cemetery)

Further evidence that the above Jordan is s/o John & Olive is from the 1851 census for Salisbury NB.

  • John CRANDALL, head, 52, farmer, born in "the Colony"
  • Olive, wife, 42,
  • Jordan, son, 22
  • Eleanor, daughter, 18
  • Seraphine, daughter, 16
  • Rebecca, daughter, 14
  • John, son, 12
  • Henrietta, son, 9
  • Mary, daughter, 6
  • James C., son, 3
  • Oliver N., son, 1

Birth records for the children of Jordan C. CRANDALL of Petitcodiac & his wife Ann JORDAN appear in a ledger from Comte Westmoreland, Bureau de Sante de Moncton, as the following (all were born in Salisbury):

  • Roy CRANDALL, 18 April 1873
  • Ernest CRANDALL, 11 Oct 1876
  • Grace Constance CRANDALL, 30 June 1875
  • Winnifred CRANDALL, 21 May 1871
  • Edward Arthur CRANDALL, 15 May 1870
  • Charles Eben CRANDALL, 15 March 1869
  • Jessie CRANDALL, 8 June 1867
  • Percival CRANDALL, 22 Sept 1865

Same family, different ledger (also given as children of Jordan CRANDALL & Ann JORDAN, also of Petitcodiac, all born Salisbury)

  • John W. CRANDALL, 16 April 1864
  • Annie Olivia CRANDALL, 1 Dec 1858
  • Jordan S. CRANDALL, 24 Feb 1862
  • Florence CRANDALL, 20 Sept 1860

3. Mary, d. Salisbury NB; m. John FULLER.

4. James B. , b. 1802, Salisbury NB; d. St. Martins NB. He married Eliza FOWNES March 16, 1827. In the 1881 census, Eliza is a widow living in St. John NB, age 76, born in NB. She is living beside the family of a widowed Mary L. FOUNDS. Children of James & Eliza:

a) Mary J., (b. about 1835) married William Evans KEILLOR (b. about 1837). In the 1881 census they were in Hopewell, Albert Co. NB with 6 children: Rebecca (22, b. NS), James (20, b. Ont) , Thomas (19, b. Ont), Elizabeth (18, b. Ont), Amelia 11 (b. NS) & Alfred (8, b. NB).... Amelia later married William Elbin LOUCKS. This family ends up in Minnesota, except Thomas who went to Washington state, then Minnesota, then back to Albert Co. NB, and finally to England where he died in 1935.

The oldest daughter, Mary, was not with the family in 1881 as she had already married James HUNT and moved to Anoka Co., Minnesota.

James Crandall KEILLOR was born in Kingston, Ontario on 4 July 1860. He married Dora Edith POWELL in 1906 in Ramsey Minn. James died 4 Nov 1933 and is buried in Trout Brook Cemetery, Ramsey Minn.

Daughter Elizabeth Ann (who was 18 in 1881) married Herbert Benjamin CRANDALL. They left NB in 1893 and also settled in Anoka Co. Minn. They had 7 children. Herbert was born 29 May 1861 and died in 1948. He was son of Stephen Chapin CRANDALL & Frances KNIGHT.

b) Young Sherman, born 1823 in Salisbury NB, m. Elizabeth Jane DIMOCK who died in 1879. He then married Phebe E SLIPP in 1881. Young & Phebe had 2 children: Sadie E. born in 1884 and William S. I can not find Young Sherman in the 1881 census, either in Canada or in the US.. nor have I been able to find them in 1901.

c) William A. (Rev). born in Salisbury in 1825 and died in Lutes Mt. NB on 17 Dec 1875. He married Patience Emiline ALLEN and they had 8 children. In the 1881 census, Emiline (as she is called) is a widow in Moncton with the following at home

  • Wilford, age 25, born NS, farmer, (James William Wilford)
  • Sherman, age 22, born NS, farmer (Charles Sherman)
  • Ida, age 19, born NB (Mary Ida - who later married George STILES)
  • John, age 17, born NB, (John Harding - who married Bertha A. ROBERTSON in 1897 in Smithtown NB)
  • Allan, age 15, born NB (Henry Allen)
  • Leoronia, age 13, bon NB (Ellen Levina)
  • Leonard, age 8, born NB (Leonard Harris)

d) Melissa

e) James Thomas born in Salisbury about 1832, married Fanny FAGE, 10 children

f) David Warren (Rev) born in Salisbury in 1841, died in Wolfville NB on 26 March 1926. He married Mary K. McHENRY in March 1870 in Calasis Maine. Apparently she was his second wife, but there is no mention of who his first wife is. Mary was born 4 Feb 1854, d/o Thom McHENRY & Mary Ann BILL and she died 1913 in Bridgewater.

David went to school in Woodstock Ont., and lived in Mt. Brydges Ont. until 1867 when he returned to the Maritimes. He was pastor at Digby, Pugwash, Milton, Mahone Bay, Guysboro & Murry River.

David & Mary had three children:

  • Ella Dove, born 14 Nov 1873, married Wm HAYWARD
  • Elizabeth McHenry, born 25 Feb 1877, married 1. Dr. Nelson P. FREEMAN on 21 Feb 1898 (one daughter, Dorothy Dean FREEMAN) and married 2. Frederick A. COLDWELL in Sept 1921.
  • Minetta Vaughan, born 21 May 1880 and d. 1926. She married Dr. Leslie E. EATON on 28 Oct 1905. They lived in India, where there children were born, until1920 when they lived in Wolfville NS. Four children: Gerald E., Elizabeth (m. Donald STEWART, Dumont NJ), Isabelle (d. age 2) and Barbara (of Moncton NB)

g) Joseph Bradbury . He was born about 1843 in Amherst NS & he married Arletta FOWNES. They had 6 children (plus 2 twin sons who died in infancy): Caroline, Georgia, Blanche, Charles E., Ethel & Beatrice.

h) Alexander F. - there was an Alex F. Crandle in the 1881 census, a mason in St. John NB, born about 1848 in NS, Baptist. His wife's name was Mary E. and they had three children: Leanette (6), Celia (2) & Clarence B. (b. July 1880). Then in 1901, this family is in Carleton NB:

  • Alex, 53, born Apr 17 1848
  • Mary, Nov 1 1849, age 51
  • Leonettee Daughter Sep 18 1876, age 24
  • Celia M, Jan 20 1880, 20 (There was a Celia Crandall who married Charles T. Gross in Carleton NB on 19 Dec 1905 - same one??)
  • Olive R, Jul 11 1882, 18
  • Hope E, Dec 20 1884, 16
  • Josephine, Apr 24 1888, 12
  • Lulu L, Oct 16 1892, 8

Crandall family history books says that Alexander F. was born in Amherst NS about 1845. He married Mary BRADSHAW. They ended up in Caribou Maine.


5. Lucy, d. Petitcodiac NB; m. David BOYD. David BOYD died in 1875 at age 73, and is buried in First Salisbury Baptist cemetery along with Lucy who died in 1849 at the age of 40 years. David had a brother John who is buried with David & Lucy - John BOYD died in 1873 at the age of 76 and his wife Ann died in 1842 at the age of 29 years.

6. Rebecca, d. Moncton NB; m. Warren PERRIGO.


Children of Joseph & Martha are:

1. Joseph Jr. , b. July 14, 1805; d. Aroostock, ME; m. Catherine WHEATON.

In 1851, Joseph & Catherine are in Salisbury NB with the following children: Washington (12), Martha A. (10), Matilda (8), Napoleon (6), James (4) and John (3).  Joseph was a lumberer, age 38.  Catherine was age 34.  Both were of English ancestry. The next household in the census is that of Josiah Shearman (49, farmer) and his wife Margaret (45).

2. Benjamin (Rev), m. Mary Ann SCOTT. Crandall family history book gives his birth year as 1768 but this is impossible. Benjamin & Mary had a son, Henry.

3. William, d. Salisbury NB; m. Elsie (Alice) MILLER. William was a commission merchant. They had three children: David, Ella & Clara. Clara was born in 1866 and she married Samuel ALLEN, his 2nd wife. Samuel was born in 1861, s/o William & Mary.

The only Clara Crandall that I can find in the 1881 census, of the right age, is 14 yrs old & living in Havelock NB with the family of widowed Anson FREEZE; the only Ella that I can find is age 17, born in NB, living with the family of William & Frances STEVENSON in St. John NB

4. Stephen Chapin, born about d. Hillsboro NB; m. Frances KNIGHT. Children of Stephen & Frances:

  • Emma F., born 1860, married David H. PIERCE on 14 May 1885 in New Bedford Mass. David was b. 1858, s/o Zebian PIERCE & Harriet Hall
  • Viola, born 1862, married Owen D. COOMBS on 9 April 1894 in New Bedford Mass., s/o Octavius & Caroline
  • Jennie
  • Lottie A., born 1867, married Orren S. BAKER on 20 June 1888, s/o of Nathan C. and born in 1866
  • Ada M., born 1867, married Storrs T. YOUNG who was born 6 Oct 1889
  • Hibbard [should be Herbert!]

The above family is what is given in the Crandall family history book. After a lot of searching, this is the family that I found in the 1881 census, in Harvey, Albert Co. NB. Stephen C. CRANDALL, age 50, widower, lumberman, Quaker, born NB and his children (all Baptists):

  • Theresa V., age 19, (Viola?)
  • Frances E., age 22 (Emma F.?)
  • Jennie S., age 23
  • Martha A. age 13 (Ada M?)
  • Benjamin, age 18 - married Elizabeth Ann KEILLOR. [Benjamin Herbert or Herbert Benjamin - his names appears both ways].  Elizabeth was d/o William Evans KEILLOR & Mary Jane CRANDALL (d/o James & Eliza nee Fownes, see above)

By the time of the 1891 census, Stephen is a widower, age 65.  He is living in parish of Harvey with his daughter Jane, age 30. 

Also in the 1891 census, Benjamin H. CRANDALL is with his wife Elizabeth A., along with 3 children: Clara 2, Joseph 1 and Henrietta? age 1 month.


5. Henry Vaughan, born abt 1827 in NB, d. Salisbury NB; m. Catherine WHEATON (b. about 1834 & neice of the Catherine WHEATON who married Joseph Jr.) . In 1881 Henry is a surveyor in Salisbury, Westmorland (Baptist). He & Catherine have 7 children: Selia age 27, Joseph 24, Laura 22, Florence 19, Blanch 17, Lillice 13 & Harry 7.

In the 1891 census (also in Salisbury) 4 of the children are still at home:  Joseph (33), Laura (31), Lilla L. (22), Harry N. (16).  Henry is now a railway contractor.  He gives his father's birthplace as the US & his mother's birthplace as England.

6. Lillias, b. May 30, 1816; d. Salisbury NB 21 Sept 1887; m. Asa Page PERRIGO (Parrigo). Asa & Lillias had 2 children, both born in Salisbury - Alberta O. who married Joseph (should be John) W. LITTLEFIELD and Love who married William BUZZELL. Asa died in 1878 at the age of 71, and he is buried in First Baptist cemetery in Salisbury.

  • In the 1881 census, Alberta & John LITTLEFIELD are in Boston Mass. Alberta was born about 1855 in NB and John was age 28, born in Maine, and was a wire business salesman. They had one daughter, Marion, age 1 & born in Mass.
  • In the 1881 census Love & William BUZZELL are in Wells, York Co. Maine. Love was born about 1853 in NB and William was born abt 1851 in Maine. They are living with William's widowed mother, Olive, age 76, born in Maine. William was a machinist, and there were no children.

7. Mercy, was born about 1824 in NB, d. Tatamagouche NB (or Deer Creek Falls Washington?); m. George SHEARER who was born in NS about 1826. In the 1881 census they were in New Annan, Colchester, NS. George was a farmer. Living with them was George's widowed mother, Jane SHEARER, age 90, born in Scotland. George & Mercy had a son John, age 23, farm laborer, born in NB. Also with them in the 1881 census is a Charlotte CRANDALL, age 17, born in NB (possibly Charlotte Crandall SHEARER?).

8. Ann, m. Robert PERRIGO. Ann & Robert had 2 children: Joseph Crandall & George F. who married Mrs. Nettie E. LUCAS nee CRANDALL. Buried with Asa Perrigo in Salisbury, is a "Nercg Atln Perrigo d/o Robert & Ann Perrigo d. 1847 ae 3 yrs" (online transcription of tombstones from this cemetery)


PART 3 - Descendents of Joseph A. Crandall (s/o David & Elizabeth nee Hopper)


Joseph was born February 16, 1822 in St. Martins, New Brunswick. He married Frances STEADMAN, daughter of William STEADMAN and Hannah COUTCH.

In 1845, Joseph owned a store, began accepting letters to place on the stagecoach and in 1847, officially became postmaster. In the 1861 census he was age 40, postmaster (this was the year that he was elected Mayor of Moncton). He retired from the job of postmaster in 1907, at the age of 71. In 1958, his store, on the north side of Main St., Moncton NB, was torn down. Joseph was a member of the Moncton division of the Temperance Society.

1851 census:

Joseph & Frances were in Moncton in the 1881 census, along with their two youngest children, Avola & Frank. Also living with them was a Mary STEADMAN, age 30, born in NB

Joseph & his wife were living with their daughter Avola in Moncton in 1901 - Joseph gives his birth date in the census as 9 Feb 1821, and Frances as 13 March 1838.

Children of Joseph & Frances:

1. William Henry, b. March 16, 1858, Moncton, New Brunswick; d. March 20, 1920, Moncton, New Brunswick; m. (1) Rebecca (BESSIE) TOOLE; Rebecca was William Henry Crandall's first cousin - her mother was Rebecca Crandall. She died abt 1879, along with infant twin sons. He married (2) in 1883, Kate HUNTER.

In 1881 William was a telegraph operator in Moncton, and was living with his brother Gilbert & his wife Annie.

Kate HUNTER was born in St. John NB on 6 Jan 1863, d/o Francis D. HUNTER & Margaret nee SMITH. In the 1881 census Kate is living in St. John with the family of John & Phebe SMITH (any relation?) and their daughter Minnie who is a 21 yr old teacher.

In the 1901 census William & Kate are in Moncton. This is how the information appears on the 1901 census:

William CRANDALL - head - born 14 March 1858 in NB - age 43 - Dutch origins
Kate CRANDALL - wife - born 6 Jan 1860 in NB - age 39 (crossed out) - Irish origins
Beatrice CRANDALL - daughter - born 5 Jan 1886 in NB - age 15
Jean CRANDALL - daughter - born 17 July 1888 in NB - age 12
Harry CRANDALL - son - born 16 June 1892 in NB - age 8
Dorothy CRANDALL - daughter - born 10 Nov 1896 in NB - age 4 [Dorothy Estabrooks CRANDALL]
Edmund CRANDALL - son - born 5 Dec 1881 in NB - age 19
Grace CRANDALL - daughter - born 22 June 1883 in NB - age 17
Frank HUNTER - father in law - born 9 June 1821 in Ireland - age 79 - widower - Irish origins

NB has some of their birth, death & marriage registrations online, including: Margaret Deacon CRANDALL, d/o William Henry CRANDALL, Kathryn HUNTER, born 24 March 1902.

Crandall family history book says that

  • there was a son Frank, 1883-1885.
  • Jean's full name was Emma Jean, she married Frank M. DAYTON in 1912, she died in 1917.


2. Steadman, b. July 11, 1847, St. Martins, New Brunswick; d. August 12, 1915, Moncton, New Brunswick; m. Abigail LEWIS, September 15, 1869. Steadman took over his father's job as postmaster. Abigail was born 30 March 1848, d/o James LEWIS & Mary WHITE. Steadman & Abbey are in Moncton NB the 1901 census, but living with them is a Mary Beaty who is listed as "mother-in-law" (she was born 25 June 1808). Steadman was postmaster in 1901. Steadman & Abbey had a son Frederick.

3. Gilbert Thomas, b. May 21, 1855, Moncton, New Brunswick; d. March 22, 1922, Hatfields Point, New Brunswick; m. Annie Bell HENDERSON, April 22, 1879, St. John, New Brunswick. Annie was born in Moncton 26 Sept 1853, d/o John & Sarah.  [note: this birth date for Gilbert is incorrect as he is age 2 in the 1850/1852 census - unless there were 2 Gilberts and the older one died when young]

Gilbert & Annie are in Moncton in 1881 - Gilbert gives his occupation as vender trader in the 1881 census. Baptist.

Gilbert & Annie are in Springfield, Kings Co NB in the 1901 census, along with daugters, Abola C. (should be Avola Caroline and she was b. 3 Aug 1889) & Frances Ethel (b. 29 March 1891)

  • Avola married Rowland H. WEBSTER on 9 Nov 1920 and had one daughter, Frances Crandall WEBSTER, born 9 Oct 1921
  • Frances Ethel married John G. STENHOUSE on 18 Nov 1912, resided in Union NJ, had 2 daughters. First, Mary Crandall b. 13 Sept 1915 and second, Elizabeth Avola born 24 Nov 1918 who married Edward Joseph MULLER on 3 Feb 1940.

4. Avola Lyneska, b. April 30, 1863, Moncton, New Brunswick; m. Joseph Howe ROGERS, September 19, 1883. Joseph was born 7 Sept 1861 in Hillsborough NB, s/o Oliver ROGERS & Elizabeth GROSS.

Avola & Joseph are also in Moncton in the 1901 census, are neighbors of Steadman & Abbey. Joseph's birthday is given as 7 Sept 1862. With them in the 1901 census are children: Guy (b. 16 June 1885), Greta Lyneska (b. 9 Jan 1887), Hazel (b. 22 Jan 1889) & Kathleen Frances (b. 22 Feb 1893).

Avola died 20 Sept 1957 in Westmoreland Co.

5. Frank Arneska, b. 1866; m. Elizabeth May WRIGHT, November 04, 1886, Moncton, New Brunswick. Elizabeth was d/o John WRIGHT & Charlotte LEWIS. They had a daughter, Marjorie Jean on 2 June 1898. She married Milfred STEEVES on 24 March 1933. Marjorie & Milfred had 2 children: Richard Douglas on 13 Oct 1933 and Steadman Crandall on 14 March 1936.  According to the NB Provincial Archives website (death registrations) Frank died 2 Feb 1957 in Westmoreland Co.




From sinners to saint, no account of the Maritimes would be complete without
reference to the evangelicals and the acknowledged patriarch of the Baptist
Church, Elder Joseph Crandall ( c1772-1858). He wrote his memoirs when
elderly. Copies of these memoirs are held at the recently established Crandall
room at the Atlantic Baptist University, Moncton.

Crandall’s memoirs are largely self serving and religion-based, but provide an
invaluable insight into the religious fervour and the revivalist meetings of the
era complete with hell, fire and brimstone.

One such meeting described by Crandall illustrates: “ There (in Pollet River,
N.B. about 1799) the cloud of darkness that had for so long obscured my mind
disappeared and the Lord so blessed my speaking that a number of the people
were brought to cry to the Lord for mercy and the meetings continued for
several days. Oh it was wonderful to see groups of people at the midnight
hour returning home from the meetings with their torchlights, and making the
wilderness echo with the praises of God.”

Article Published Feb. 24, 1999

By: Sandra Devlin

Extras # 1

I am not sure how this fits in, but they are definitely related: Wedding Announcement from The Moncton Transcript, Monday, 12 June 1916, p. 6: JONES - BRADSHAW - Fawcett Hill, June 12 -- (Special)
On the evening of the 7th inst., at 8,30, at the home of the bride's parents, Thomas DeW. Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Jones, of Lower Petitcodiac, was united in marriage to Merle, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bradshaw, of Petitcodiac.

- grandparents of bride: Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Crandall of Moncton
- Gladys V. Jones -- sister of groom

Mr. and Mrs. Jones will reside at Lower Petitcodiac, where Mr. Jones is operating the farm adjoining his father's.

>>> 1901 census shows Leonard & Lillian BRADSHAW living in Moncton with their 4 children, Merle being the youngest. NB Vital stats confirms the mother to be Lillian May CRANDALL. Also, according to NB Vital stats, there is Lillian May CRANDALL, d/o Benjamin Peter CRANDALL & Elizabeth Mary COLLICUTT who was born 7 Sept 1866 at Hopewell Cape.

In the 1901 census, there is a Benjamin CRANDALL & his wife Mary, living in Moncton. Benjamin is 60 yrs old, born 2 Aug 1840. Mary was born 22 Nov 1841...... This couple is in Elgin, Albert Co NB in 1881 with son David age 17 and daughter Mary age 14.

I have found this Benjamin CRANDALL in Elgin in the 1851 census in the following family:

  • Daniel CRANDALL, husband, 44, farmer,
  • Rebecca, wife, 41
  • John, son, 18
  • William, son, 13
  • Benjamin, son, 12,
  • Eliza, daughter, 10
  • Joseph, son, 9
  • Lucy, daughter, 5
  • Elizabeth, daughter, 3
  • Karen, daughter, 2 

Extras # 2

Obituary [excerpt], The Daily Times, Wednesday, 17 August 1927, p. 7:

Mrs. William W. Rayworth

The death of Mrs. W.W. Rayworth a well known and highly esteemed resident of Upper Cape, W. Co., occurred in the Moncton City Hospital about 7.15 last evening at the age of 69 years. Mrs. Rayworth underwent a serious operation in the City Hospital on August 1st, and from this, she rallied. Yesterday, however, a minor operation was found necessary and from this the patient failed to rally.

The late Mrs. Rayworth before her marriage was Miss Minerva Davidson of River Philip, Cumb. Co., N.B., but during her married life she resided many years at Upper Cape, this county. [....]

She is survived by her husband, 1 son, J. Herbert Rayworth, Upper Cape, and 2 daughters, Mrs. Miner Purdy, and Mrs. J.M. Crandall, both of this city. One brother, Charles Davidson, of Winnipeg, and 1 sister, Mrs. Sutherland, of Pennsylvania, also survive.

>>> 1901 census shows the 2 daughters names to be Alice Rayworth & Mary D. Rayworth. Also NB Vital Stats shows:

  • Alice Schurman RAYWORTH married to Miner Ives PURDY on 10 Sept 1913 and
  • Mary Frances RAYWORTH, d/o William Wells RAYWORTH & Minerva Faulkner DAVIDSON, born 12 July 1896 at Upper Cape
  • but I can not find a marriage of Mary Frances & a J.M. CRANDALL

Extras #3

There was an Ernest Edward CRANDALL married in Kenora Ontario in 1924: 

11805-24 Ernest Edward CRANDALL, 21, foreman in pulp mill, 21, Moncton NB, Kenora, s/o James Edgar CRANDALL (b. Moncton NB) & Matilda SOMERS, married Sarah Helen McLAUGHLIN, 21, Jamiston? NY, Kenora, d/o W.J. McLAUGHLIN (b. St. Catharines Ont) & Matilda CRAWFORD, witn: W.J. & Matilda McLAUGHLIN of Kenora, 15 Nov 1924 at Kenora

A search of the NB Provincial Archives website produced a birth record for Ernest Edgar - he was born 4 Sept 1903 at Ammon Westmoreland, s/o James Edgar Crandall & Maud Somers.  I couldn't find a record for the marriage or the birth of a James Edgar Crandall on that site.

Extras #4

Horace King CRANDALL was born in Chipman NB on 10 Feb 1896.  His CEF (WW1) attestation papers of 15 July 1915 give his next-of-kin as his father, Elmer E. CRANDALL of 1052 Homer St. in Vancouver BC.  Horace was 5'6" tall with brown eyes & black hair. [NB Prov Archives - birth record of Horace King shows that he was s/o Elmer Eugene CRANDALL & Ida Geraldine KING]

Dallas Arthur CRANDALL was born in Gowland Mountain, Albert Co NB on 9 June 1897.  His CEF (WW1) attestation papers of 3 May 1916 give his next-of-kin as his father, Hiram CRANDALL of Elgin NB.  Dallas was 5'7" tall with red hair & blue eyes.

Fielding Hugh CRANDALL was born 5 April 1898 at Elgin NB.  His CEF (WW1) attestation papers of 2 Feb 1916 (at Moncton) give his next-of-kin as his mother, Martha CRANDALL of Elgin NB.  Fielding's address was given as 132 Albert St. in Moncton. [NB Prov Archives - marriage of Fielding Hugh CRANDALL & Edith May LUTES on 5 Feb 1923 at Moncton]

John Warren CRANDALL was born in Moncton on 9 Jan 1893.  His CEF (WW1) attestation papers of 19 Nov 1914  (at St. John) give his next-of-kin as his mother, Mrs. J.A. CRANDALL of 132 Albert St. in Moncton,

Percival Harold CRANDALL was born at Gowland Mountain - Albert Co NB on 30 April 1892.  His CEF (WW1) attestation papers of 3 May 1916 (at Moncton) give his next-of-kin as his father, Hiram CRANDALL of Elgin NB.  Percy was 5'8" tale with blue eyes & auburn hair.  He appears to have enlisted on the same day as his brother Dallas.  [NB Prov Archives: Percy Harold born at Albert Co was s/o Hiram CRANDALL & Susan LEWIS]

Henson Herbert CRANDALL was born in Portland Maine on 27 June 1896 but his residence at the time of enlistment was Wilsford NB.  Next of kin is given as his father, Alexander Crandall of Welsford - Queens Co NB.  Henson was a Baptist and a farmer.  He was 5' 8 3/4" tall with brown hair & blue eyes. 

Vaughan James CRANDALL of 132 Albert St. in Moncton enlisted on 18 Jan 1916.  He was born in Little River, Albert Co NB on 25 Jan 1890.  His next of kin was Rev. Joseph A. CRANDALL of 132 Albert St.  He was 5' 9 1/4" with brown hair & brown eyes

Extras #5

Records from: Bureau de Sante Fredericton NB

Benjamin CRANDALL of the parish of Wakefield and County of York and Sarah WOODWORTH of the same parish and county, were married by license with consent of parents the twenty second day of January in the year one thousand eight hundred and 24 by me, F. Dibble, Rector of Woodstock in presence of Ebenezer Estey and Ann Estey

Young CRANDALL of Caribou Main and Phoebe SLIPP of Queensbury York Co were married... on the twenty second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty one, signed J.E. Reid, Free Baptist minister, in the presence of J.W. & Mary C. SLIPP

Tilly CRANDALL, 28, born in & res of Birdton, farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth CRANDALL, married Ethel Maud BIRD, 19, b. Birdton, res of Keswick Ridge [rest of registration not included]

no name given CRANDALL, born 11 March 1894 at North Lake, child of Edward CRANDALL, farmer & blank McINTYRE

no name given CRANDALL, born Keswick Ridge, 11 Sept 1917, d/o Tilly CRANDALL, laborer, & blank BIRD

Benjamin F. GRIFFITHS, 30, born in & res of Burtts Corner, farmer, s/o Lemuel GRIFFITHS & Louisa, married Annie L. CRANDELL, 26, born in & res of Birdton,  [rest of registration not included]

Leslie WHITE, 29, born in & res of Birdtown, farmer, s/o Peter WHITE & Maggie, married Agnes CRANDALL, 22, born in & res of Birdton, d/o William [rest of registration not included]


 Records from: Bureau de Sante, Moncton NB

family of Rev. Wm Alfred CRANDALL entered in 1892.  At the time he was of Stiles village.

  • James William Winfred CRANDALL, b. Amherst NS on 24 July 1856
  • Charles Sherman CRANDALL. b. Amherst NS on 26 March 1858
  • Catherine Eliza CRANDALL, b. Campbellton on 10 March 1860
  • Mary Ida CRANDALL b. Campbellton on 5 Feb 1862
  • John Harding CRANDALL b. Campbellton on 10 Jan 1864
  • Henry Allan CRANDALL b. Campbellton on 5 Sept 1865
  • Ellen Lavinia CRANDALL b. Norton on 6 Feb 1868
  • Leonard Harris CRANDALL b. Elgin NB on 2 April 1873

first name not given, born 14 March 1889 at Moncton, s/o Jonathan CRANDALL, yard master & Miss MILLAR

Percy Robert CRANDALL, b. 1 July 1895 in Moncton, s/o Percy CRANDALL, photographer & Maud DUFFY [from Westmoreland registers: Percival CRANDALL, 28, b. Petitcodiac, of Moncton, photographer, s/o Jordan CRANDALL & Ann JORDAN, married Ella Maud DUFFY, 24, b. Hillsboro, of Moncton, d/o Robt J. DUFFY & Susan [rest of information not included]




1. Chester twp book of deaths, births & marriages

2. Transcription of tombstones, First Baptist cemetery, Salisbury NB, with the following description:

The earliest burial ground to be established in the eastern end of Salisbury Parish. It is located across the Petitcodiac River from Salisbury Village - on the south side of the highway leading from the bridge over the Petitcodiac to the Pollet River settlements. Not many rods west of this cemetery, on the opposite side of the highway, was established in 1800, the earliest Baptist Church between Sackville and the St. John River. Rev. Joseph Crandall, who was ordained over this early Baptist log church in 18[00], was intered in this cemetery. The church supplanting this early log church was built on the south bank of the Petitcodiac, directly opposite [ ]. Later, a church was built in Salisbury village. The land on which the cemetery is located, was donated by Young Sherman, father-in-law of Rev. Joseph Crandall.

3. LDS online transcription of the 1881 census (

4. 1901 Canadian census online, index project at

5. New Brunswick vital stats online at

6. A Biography of the Keillor Crandall Hunt Loucks Families, 1st edition, 1992, by Luther Loucks, Boulder Colorado

7. other family websites - to which I have provided links to

8. Crandall family history book, published 1949. The Desecendents of Elder John Crandall


Crandalls mentioned in the St. John Daily Sun (newspaper), 1906


The Saint John Daily Sun, Friday July 27, 1906

Page 2

The anniversary of the Zion Methodist Church occurs on Sunday July 29th, when special services will be held. Rev Dr. Carmen, General Superintendent of the Methodist church in Canada will preach at 11 a.m. Special music will be provided. Harry Crandall of Salisbury will assist the choir and sing a solo in the evening service. On Monday evening a garden concert will be held on the Parsonage grounds…..

[a subsequent newspaper, Sat July 28th, gives the name as Henry N. Crandall of Salisbury]


St. John Daily Sun, Fri Aug 17, 1906

Prof. Benjamin Rand [?] of Harvard, a native of Kentville, and a graduate of Acadia in the class of ’75 [?], visited his sister here [Wolfville], Mrs, Noble Crandall, this week.


St. John Daily Sun Mon Aug 20, 1906

The Womens Baptist Missionary Convention is to be held at Bridgetown N.S. this week, commencing Tuesday. The following ladies leave on the Prince Rupert today to attend the convention: Mrs. D. Hutchinson, Mrs. J. J. Wallace, Mrs. Dr. Black, Mrs. W.W. McMasters, Mrs. W. E. McIntyre, Mrs. E.M. Sippreil [?], Mrs. H. Everett, Mrs. C. E. Crandall, Mrs. W. H. White, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. A. C. Smith, Mts. Buerhans, Mrs. H.H. Roach, Miss E. Estabrooks, Mrs. Wilson, Misses Fullerton.


St. John Daily Sun Sat Aug 25, 1906

Womens Baptist Missionary Union of the Maritime Provinces.. .. treasurers – Mrs. Mary Smith of Amherst NS & Mrs. (Miss?) Ida Crandall of Chipman NB


St. John Daily Sun Fri Sept 7, 1906

Wanted: A capable GIRL for general housework in small family. Apply to Mrs. C. F. Crandall, 26 Crown St. (also ran Mon Sept 10th & Tues Sept 11th Fri Sept)


St. John Daily Sun Fri Sept 14, 1906

WARNING I will not pay a note dated eleventh June 1906 for ten dollars in favour of Arthur Crandall as I have received no value. Hiram Alward


St. John Daily Sun Mon Sept 24 1906

Hiram Alward, a Strait Shire carter, has brought suit against Arthur Crandall of Belldale [?], a lumberman, for the recovery of $10, the amount which he paid the latter for a horse. Mr Alward alleges that the horse was not as represented. Preliminary proceedings took place on Friday before Justice Masson. B.F. Gerow appearing for E. R. Chapman, the plaintiff’s solicitor, and H.H. Pickett for the defense. An adjournment was made until Friday next


St. John Daily Sun Sat Sept 29, 1906


Hence Hiram Alward Wants His Money Back From Arthur Crandall, the Vendor

The case of Alward v. Crandall was begun before Justice Masson at Fairville yesterday afternoon. Both parties to the suit are represented by counsel, E. R. Chapman for the plaintiff, and H.H. Pickett for the defendant. He alleges that the defendant made false representations concerning the horse, hence the suit. A jury was empanelled, consisting of Robert Lawson, James Mills and William. A. Reed. The evidence of Hiram Alward, of Strait Shire, the plaintiff in the case, occupied the morning session. He stated that he had met the defendant, Arthur Crandall, on Douglas avenue, in June last, and had then purchased the horse upon Mr. Crandall’s guarantee that the animal was a strong working horse and a good feeder. He found that night, he stated, that horse could not work nor eat its food, and he took it back to its former owner, who refused to receive it. He left it in the latter’s barn, however, and came away. He had paid $10 cash and given a note for $10. He was suing for the recovery of this amount.

In the afternoon, three other witnesses were examined, including the plaintiff’s wife and son.

The case was adjourned at 5 p.m. until Thursday. It is quite probable the case will take more than another day, as the plaintiff still has another witness to examine and the defendant will put several on the stand.


St. John Daily Sun Mon Oct 29 1906

WHEATON – SIMPSON At the Baptist parsonage, River Hobert N.S., Oct 24th 1906, by Rev. L. H. Crandall, brother-in-law of the bride, H. Ashley Wheaton B. Sc. of Petticodiac to L. Smillie Simpson of River Hobert N. S.


from the Baptist Magazine, by the Baptist missionary society, for 1855, vol XLVII, London

"In 1800 Mr. Harding, united with Thomas Handley Chipman, Enoch Lowner, Joseph Dimoch, Edward Manning, Harris Harding, James Manning, and Joseph Crandall in forming the "Baptist Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Association". The meeting was held in Lower Grenville. Of those who met on that occasion our venerable father Joseph Crandall, of Salisbury NB, is now the only survivor."

further down the same page..... "In the same year Mr. Harding was a m ember of a delegation from this province to attend the ordination of Joseph Crandall at Sackville.... after the ordination, Mr. Crandall and Mr. Harding engaged in a missionary tour, and the Divine blessing rested on their labours. Forty-four persons were baptized in Petitcodiac. "