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Cody Family

Although the Cody's are not direct ancestors of mine, I keep encountering this family as they marry into my Vining, Bodwell and Barker families. The following is what I have learned about them.


Descendants of Elijah Cody & Philea Staples

Elijah CODY (JOSEPH3, ISAAC2, PHILIP1 LE CODY) was born in Milford, MA, in 1775 and died Bef. 1872. He married (1) Philea STAPLES, daughter of Isaac STAPLES and Esther BENSON. He married (2) Sarah CHAPMAN.

An obituary for Philea STAPLE appears in the Ingersoll Chronicle of 11-21-1872: "In W. Zorra 14th inst., Philia, relict of Mr. Elijah Cody, age 83"

Children of Elijah CODY and Philea STAPLES are:

John CODY, b. Oxford County, Ontario. He married Joanna SUTHERLAND, daughter of Henry SUTHERLAND and Ann ROSS. They had two children: Elijah John (see section 2 below) and Laura (maybe) - a lack of evidence exists here.

Mervin CODY, 1815 - 1916, married Mary Jane VINING (see section 4 below)

Charles Grandison CODY, b. 1817, USA; d. 1890. He married (1) Abigail Euseba BODWELL July 06, 1842 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co., Ontario, daughter of James BODWELL and Abigail VINING. He married (2) Hannah Agnes BODWELL July 27, 1870 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co., Ontario, younger sister of his first wife. His first marriage was performed by Rev. Salmon VINING and the witnesses were James BODWELL & Hiram BODWELL. He was living in Dereham in 1842. Abigail died of typhoid in 1869. Charles Grandison died in Bradford PA in 1890.

Children of Charles & Abigail: Mervin Bodwell, James, Miles Staples, Abigail, Mary (d. age 17 on November 04, 1869, Dereham, Ontario of typhoid. Buried at Mt. Elgin), Charles Paxton, Martha and Ebenezer Vining

  • Mervin Bodwell CODY was born 9 June 1843. I haven't found him in 1881 census
  • There was a Miles S. CODY, age 32, born Canada, insurance agent living in Bradford Pennsylvania in 1881, along with his wife Myra (age 31, born Ohio) and their son Don age 8, born in Virginia. Same Miles Cody?
  • Ebenezer Vining CODY was born 18 April 1862 and he married Sarah Jane RENINGER on December 06, 1893 in Bradford PA. Sarah was born 7 Feb 1858 in Pennsylvania, d/o James L. RENINGER & Susan WOLFINGER.

Children of Charles & Hannah: Gertrude Agnes, b. July 28, 1871; Ross Bryant b. November 28, 1872.; and Andrew Murray b. November 18, 1875. Gertrude married Wiliam A. KING and had two children - Ruth KING and Constance Cody KING.

1881 census, London Ont. (LDS online)

  • Charles CODY Sr. is head of household, age 64, born USA, insurance inspector, Baptist.
  • Hannah CODY, wife, 46, born Ontario
  • Martha CODY, 21,
  • Ebenezer, 18
  • Gertrude 10
  • Rosa 8 [should be Ross]
  • Murray 5
  • Abigail BODWELL, widow, 81, born USA [Hannah Bodwell CODY's mother]
  • Mary BODWELL, 52, born Ontario [Hannah Bodwell CODY's sister]


Elijah CODY, b. 1807, Toronto; d. 1866, Denver, CO.

Joseph CODY, b. 1813, Toronto; d. 1878, Cleveland OH.

Philip CODY, b. 1816; m. Harriet SHERWIN.

Isaac CODY

Franklin CODY, married Honor (maiden name unknown).

Children of Franklin & Honor:

  • Alfred Ernest. born about 1852 in West Oxford twp, Ontario. Married Mary Ann CARR on 12 May 1875 in Sweaburg, Oxford Co., Ontario (marr reg # 6895-75). Alfred E. CODY, age 49, is in the 1901 census with a widowed 72 yr old Ann B. CODY; he is a farm laborer, and married but no sign of his wife.
  • Warren Henry. born about 1857 in Oxford Co. Married Alena Effie WILKINS on 6 July 1886 in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth Co., Ontario (marr reg # 12556-86). Alena was born about 1858 in Lynden, Ancaster twp. Warren & Alena had at least 3 children, although only 2 were with them in the 1901 census (in West Oxford), Stewart W. born 27 Nov 1887 and twins born 25 Feb 1890, Alma Burs--? & Gordon Ferrier CODY. I haven't found Gordon in the 1901 census.
  • Edith A., unmarried in 1886, at home in the 1881 census
  • Franklin and
  • T. Walter.
  • Charles Grandison Cody b. 1853, married Laura Adeline GRANT on 15 Dec 1875 in Harwich Kent. Laura was d/o Allan & Lucinda and she was born in Harwich twp about 1848. Marriage registration 4548-75. In 1875 Charles was a farmer in Oxford Co. Charles & Laura had at least one daughter, Ethel Grant CODY who was born about 1876 in Woodstock, d/o Chas Grandison CODY & Maura Adeline GRANT. Ethel was age 29 when she married Robert Charles STODDARD on 21 Aug 1905 in Toronto. Robert was age 28, born in Delhi, s/o Robert STODDARD & Caroline CRYSLER. Both Robert & Ethel were living in Toronto at the time. Marriage reg # 2824-05, witnesses: Robert STODDARD of Delhi & Charles G. CODY of Toronto.

Harrison Smith CODY married Fidelia DAY. n the 1881 census (LDS website) Harrison was age 53, born Ontario, farmer, Baptist, living in West Zorra with his wife Fidelia age 48, born Ontario, Baptist and their children: "Elmer 21, Benjamin 19, Alice M. 17, Emma (male) 13, Emma (female) 10, and Arthur J. 7.

  • Arthur Jerome, was born about 1875 in West Zorra & he married Ellen Jane FLEMING, d/o James & Margaret (marriage reg # 16551-07), on 25 Dec 1907 in West Zorra. Harrison & Fidelia also had a daughter Laura who married Paul William SUTHERLAND. In the 1901 census Arthur is living with his brother Benjamin in West Zorra.
  • 8522-81( Oxford Co ) John CODY, 25, farmer, West Zorra, same, s/o Harrison & Fidelia , married Catherine TURNER , 24, Ingersoll, Embro, d/o William & Eleanor, witn: Andrew CHAPIN & Alice CODY both of West Zorra, 8 Dec 1880 at Embro
  • John (s/o Harrison) died before 1901 and his widow, Catherine, is living in Woodstock with 4 children: Herbert W. (b. 1882), Ethel M. (b. 1883), Leola (b. 1887) and Harrison E. (b. 1889). Herbert was born in Ontario but the other 3 were born in the USA - year of immigration to Canada given as 1890
  • Benjamin was born 21 Oct 1861 in Ontario & he married Hattie S. [maiden name unknown]. In the 1901 census they were in West Zorra & Benjamin's widowed mother was with them.
  • Elmer was born March 5 1860 & he married Alice Amanda McKIM or McKINE who was born 24 May 1859. In the 1901 census they were in West Zorra with 4 children - Eva E., Carrie F.(birth reg # 24938-90), Andrew Harrison (24546-92) and Blanche C.
  • Andrew Harrison CODY (s/o Elmer) was born 29 July 1892 in West Zorra and he married Henrietta Fern McCORQUODALE who was born in Oxford Co in 1894, d/o Hugh McCORQUODALE & Henrietta McCAUL (both parents born in Oxford Co). Henrietta CODY committed suicide by iodine poisoning & she died 23 May 1925 in Victoria Hospital in London Ont (death reg 20983-25)
  • Another child of Harrison & Fidelia was Laura [those were the parents she gave on her marriage registration, #12331-1899]. She was born about 1871 in West Zorra [from marriage registration] and she married Paul William SUTHERLAND on 8 Feb 1899 at 3rd con of West Zorra twp. In the 1901 census they are living beside Benjamin CODY (Laura's brother) in West Zorra with the eldest child, Gordon Douglas who was 8 months old. Other children are Elizabeth Margaret Rose & Clarence Burke SUTHERLAND. The 1901 census also says that Laura was born in the USA and that she immigrated to Canada in 1898.



Children of Elijah CODY and Sarah CHAPMAN are:

Warren CODY. Warren married Anstress THORNTON and they had two children: James Anstress CODY (see section 3 below) who was born 1836 in Oxford Co & died in 1915, and Julia CODY, b. 4 Aug 1839. Julia married John McWHIRTER on 18 July 1877 in West Oxford. John was a 30 yr old teacher, born in Peel County, s/o Andrew & Ann.

Sophia CODY.

section 2

Desecendants of Elijah John CODY

Elijah John CODY (JOHN5, ELIJAH4, JOSEPH3, ISAAC2, PHILIP1 LE CODY). married (1) Margaret TORRANCE and married (2) Estelle La Farre BARKER September 08, 1885 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co. (Barker residence), daughter of Wright BARKER and Charlotte BODWELL. A wedding announcemet appeared in the Tilsonburg Observer, Sep 1885

In both 1885 and 1904, Elijah John was living in Embro Ont. The evidence for 1904 comes from the probate papers for the will of Wright BARKER.

Child of Elijah John & Margaret:

Henry John CODY, b. December 06, 1868, Embro, Ontario; m. Unknown CLARKE in 1894. Henry attended Galt Collegiate Institute + U of T. He was ordained a deacon in 1893 and a priest 1894. In 1893 he was a prof at Wycliffe College and an evening preacher at St. Pauls Church at 603 Jarvis St. Toronto. His wife was the daughter of H.E. Clarke, MPP in Toronto.

Historical plaques of Ontario - plaque located in Memorial Park, St. Andrew and Argyle St., Embro


Born at Embro and educated at Galt Collegiate Institute, this distinguished churchman and
educationist graduated from the University of Toronto in 1889. Ordained to the Anglican ministry in
1893, he was rector of St. Paul's Church, Toronto, from 1899 to 1932. He was appointed Canon in 1903
and Archdeacon of York in 1909. A member, and later chairman, of the board of governors of the
University of Toronto, he was Ontario's minister of education, 1918-19. He played a vital role in the
administration of the University as president, 1932-45 and chancellor, 1944-47. His outstanding
contributions in the fields of education and religion were recognized in 1943 when he was created a
C.M.G. by King George VI.

Archaeological and Historic Sites Board of Ontario


Mary Sutherland CODY, b. July 02, 1886. She married George Joseph HINDLEY. They settled in Biggar, Saskatchewan. Children of Mary & George: 1. James Cody HINDLEY, b. May 17, 1923; m. Thelma M CARBERRY, farmer in Watrous Sask. and 2. Mary beth Estelle Lutrelle HINDLEY b. March 06, 1929; m. James De MOISSAC, also Biggar Sask..

Frederick Dickson CODY, b. October 08, 1888. He married Hazel D. JUDGE on 24 May 1914 in London (marr reg 15225-14). Hazel was d/o Colon M. JUDGE (merchant) & Mary BROUGHTON.  Frederick's occupation was given as "banking" on his marriage registration, and he was a resident of Embro at the time.

Children of Frederick & Hazel are:

Jean Estelle CODY, b. February 20, 1915; m. William H. BOXALL.

Mary Frederica CODY, b. September 1919; m. Lloyd M. DELAPLANTE.

Elijah John CODY, b. June 10, 1921.

Maxwell Bruce CODY, b. March 11, 1890 (birth reg 24680-90) ; d. February 1957. He married (1) EDITH V MAGUIRE. one child: Margaret ean CODY, b. May 14, 1918, London, Ontario; m. PETER RITTER; Maxwell married (2) Elizabeth F. EMPEY.

Children of Maxwell & Elizabeth are:

Helen Lois CODY, b. April 1930, Regina, Sask; m. Dennis UTLEY, Edmonton, Alberta.

Jean Sutherland CODY, b. July 1933; m. Jim TAYLOR, Victoria B.C.

William Frederick CODY, b. December 1939, Regina, Sask; m. Judy Marie FAULLUS.

Alfred Wayne CODY, b. March 1944, Regina, Sask.

Ernest Adams William CODY, b. January 15, 1900.

section 3

James Anstress CODY (WARREN5, ELIJAH4, JOSEPH3, ISAAC2, PHILIP1 LE CODY) was born 1836 in Oxford Co., Ontario, and died 1915. He married Tryphena BODWELL on September 22, 1858 in Mount Elgin, Ontario, daughter of James BODWELL and Abigail VINING.

In the 1901 census James & Tryphena were in Oxford West. They were beside the family of Alman & Ellen THORNTON (ages 55 & 52) - any relation?

Children of James & Tryphena:

Mary Esther Bodwell CODY, b. August 13, 1866; d. February 06, 1876.

William James CODY, b. June 18, 1872; d. December 31, 1927, bur at Sweaburg, Ontario. He was a witness at sister Mary's wedding, gives residence as Sweaburg at that time

Mary Euseba CODY, b. August 05, 1870, Sweaburg, Ontario; d. October 19, 1937, London, Ontario; m. George Oren BENSON, July 15, 1891, Sweaburg, West Oxford twp., Oxford Co. Marriage reg #8918-91, witnesses were William J. Cody & Mary Doyle, also, Mary was a resident of Sweaburg at the time of her marriage while George was resident of London, Ontario where he was an organ builder

section 4

Mervin CODY was born December 09, 1815, and died December 03, 1916. He married Mary Jane VINING July 24, 1844, daughter of Jared VINING and Charlotte BODWELL. The marriage was performed by S. VINING, witnesses were Wilber and James VINING. Mervin was a farmer in Zorra. Mary Jane's death notice appears in the Ingersoll Tribune of June 16, 1878 pg 3 col 5, age 58, says she died in Ingersoll. In the 1881 census Mervin is a widower living in West Zorra twp., Oxford Co.

Children of Mervin & Mary:

Charles Stewart, b. September 18, 1845; d. January 28, 1915, Tremont, Illinois. He married (1) Mary E. ELLIOTT December 13, 1871 at Woodstock. He married (2) Anna L. FINK January 13, 1892. For marriage # 1 - registered in Vol 24, page 471. Mary E. was age 21, born in West Oxford, d/o Thomas & Louisa. The witnesses at the first marriage were J.G. BATES of Chicago US & Sarah BATES of Woodstock

Children of Charles & Anna:

Ralph Millard, b. December 11, 1893.

Elmer Mervin, b. February 24, 1895.

Fred Stilson, b. July 19, 1896.

Frank Elijah, b. May 30, 1902.

Carrie Belle, b. December 13, 1905.

Mary Phila, b. November 02, 1910.

Wilbur Record, b. May 17, 1847; d. November 05, 1869, Embro, Ontario.

Caroline Sabrina, b. June 10, 1849; d. March 22, 1949, Vero Beach, California; m. John A. FERGUSON, July 23, 1879, West Zorra, Ontario. marr reg # 8207-79, witn: Jared V. CODY & Pamelia S.V. YULE. John FERGUSON in 1879 was a Rev., Meth Epis church, resident of Aylmer, Elgin Co.

Charlotte Jane, b. March 30, 1851; d. February 15, 1906, Arizona, buried at Embro, Ontario; m. JOHN CAMPBELL. In the 1881 census she is living with her widowed father, age 30.

Phila Esther, b. May 16, 1853; d. September 15, 1893, Kansas. She married HenryG. FRASER and they had at least 2 children: Henry (12 Jan 1891) and Mildred (Jan. - Sept 1893). Phila was living with her widowed father in the 1881 census (she was a teacher).

Jared Vining, b. June 09, 1855; d. December 03, 1943, Salt Lake City, Utah. He married Lillie Eleanor SMITH, d/o Philip & Mary Jane. Jared was a Baptist minister. In 1879 he was living in West Zorra when he was a witness at his sister Caroline's wedding. Lillie SMITH was from Tilsonburg although she was born in Bayham (about 1856). Jared & Lillie were married on 11 June 1884 (marr reg # 8739-84) and Elijah & Phila CODY were the witnesses. On the marriage registration, Jared is clergyman living in Illinois.

Children of Jared & Lillie:

Charlotte Eleanor CODY, b. January 1885.

Phila Lorraine, b. February 25, 1886; d. December 12, 1962, Warren, Oregon; m. Robert L. GILLETT, July 03, 1907.

Marion, b. November 04, 1887; d. May 18, 1958; m. Frank A. GEARY.

Jared Mervin, b. August 27, 1889; d. August 04, 1955; m. Bertha Elizabeth WEINER.

Edna Tryphena, b. September 28, 1891; m. Mardiros K. STONE.

Ivan Meredith, b. August 28, 1893; m. Vinnie Grace COLEMAN.

Don Max, b. September 25, 1896.

James Bodwell, b. June 09, 1855; d. January 29, 1912, Scranton, Penn. Baptist minister. He married Isabella MULBERRY.

Marriage notice: Jun 14, 1883: "CODY-MULBERRY--At Rapid City, Manitoba, at the residence of the bride's brother, by the Rev. J. Cambell Tibb, assisted by Rev. Dr. Crawford, of Prairie College, Mr. James Bodwell CODY, son of Mr. Mervin Cody, of West Zorra [township], to Miss Bella MULBERRY, daughter of the late James Mulberry of Londonderry, Ireland"

Children of James & Isabella:

Mary Jane Vining, b. March 27, 1884.

Wilbur Lincoln Mulberry, b. October 10, 1885.

Caroline Ferguson, b. January 17, 1887.

Frederick Carey, b. October 27, 1890.

Doll Mabel, b. May 30, 1892.

Ross Montgomery, b. August 25, 1895.

Millard James, b. November 22, 1901.

Tryphena Maria, b. July 28, 1857, W. Zorra, Ontario; d. November 01, 1861.

Elijah Templeton, b. April 12, 1859; d. August 11, 1900, Arizona, buried at Embro, Ontario. Elijah was a doctor. He married Rose Rebecca (McMullen) CRAMER and they had one child: Mary Charlotte born on 14 Nov. 1894

Josiah Millard, b. October 18, 1860; d. January 08, 1927, Vero Beach, Florida. Josiah was a doctor. He married Belle DAVIS and they had 2 children: Beth Ames (b. 19 June 1897) and Esther Frances (b. September 21, 1891; d. October 22, 1891.)

Stilson Hackett, b. April 01, 1863; d. November 24, 1933, Vero Beach, Florida, carpenter