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Carleton Co., 1895, part 2

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002018-95 (Carleton Co): William Wroley ADAMS, 23, merchant tailor, Wellington Co , Russell Co, s/o William ADAMS & Margaret WOODS married Jessie Marie PILLAR, 19, Russell, same, d/o Edwin PILLAR & Sarah FITZPATRICK. Wit: Frederick LATIMER of Osgoode and Amelia CLARK of Metcalfe. June 12, 1895 at Metcalfe 002595-95 (Carleton Co): George Henry ADAMS, 36, carpenter, Russell, Cumberland, s/o Robert ADAMS & Dolly PAGET married Mary McADAM, 35, Cumberland, same, d/o Michael McADAM & Ellen WALKER. Wit: William C. GROVES of Ottawa and Ellen MOFFATT of Bearbrook. December 18, 1895 at Ottawa.
002118-95 (Carleton Co): Andrew ADAMS, 21, coachman, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Andrew ADAMS & Margaret PRINGLE married Mary Elizabeth FRIEND, 19, Sydenham England, Ottawa, d/o David FRIEND & Ellen WINMELL. Wit: David FRIEND and Ellen FRIEND, both of Aylmer. June 29, 1895 at Ottawa 001943-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph ALBERT, 23, laborer, Ottawa, Hintonburg, s/o John Albert & Delina LECUYER married Marie Louise ROBILLARD, 16, Clarence, Hintonburg, d/o Francis Carer ROBILLARD & Marie BEAULEAU. Wit: Ferdinand LESSART and Francis ROBILLARD, both of Hintonburg. August 26, 1895 at Hintonburg.
002099-95 (Carleton Co): James ALBERTE, of age, labourer, Gloucester, not given, s/o Edward ALBERTE & Elizabeth SHAFFER married Mary Agnes SPEARS, of age, not given, Gloucester, d/o William SPEARS & Alice SHARMER. Wit: Lena SPEARS of Ottawa and Cliamas SPEARS res not given. July 1, 1895 at Gloucester. (RC) 002153-95 (Carleton Co): Frederick William ALLAN, 24, farmer, Hull PQ, same, s/o William ALLAN & Edith Lenore MOORE married Nettie Burrell SAYER, 20, Aylmer Que, same, d/o Robert H. SAYER & Caroline WATTS. Wit: Minnie FOSTER of Nepean and Sarah Isabella GARLAND of Hintonburg. May 24, 1895 at Ottawa
002567-95 (Carleton Co): James ANDERSON, 28, stone cutter, Banffshire Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John ANDERSON & Margaret ALEXANDER married Orpha ENSLOW, 26, Leon Illinois, Ottawa, d/o Abayan? & Augustine ENSLOW. Wit: Emmanuel LAUZON and M. MACKAY, both of Ottawa. December 24, 1895 at Ottawa 002154-95 (Carleton Co): Frederick William J. ARGUE, 27, clerk, Huntley, Carp, s/o William & Elizabeth ARGUE married Armanella H. MILFORD, 22, Carp, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth MILFORD. Wit: Julia BENSON and Sarah McKNIGHT, both of Ottawa. March 20, 1895 at Ottawa
002523-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas ARIAL, 20, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean Bte. ARIAL & Adeline BRUNEAU married Amanda MONETTE, 20, Ottawa, d/o Hormisdas Jos. MONETTE & Euphemie BEAULIEU. Wit: Telesphone BRUNEAU and Hormisdas Jos. MONETTE, both of Ottawa. October 28, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002522-95 (Carleton Co): Francis Joseph ARMSTRONG, 24, printer, Ottawa, Montreal, s/o William Henry & Catherine ARMSTRONG married Florence Ethel GORDON, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o John & Mary GORDON. Wit: Minnie GALLAGHER and A. M. POLLARD, both of Ottawa. September 24, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002596-95 (Carleton Co): John ASHENHURST, 29, operator, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o George & Eliza ASHENHURST married Mary Jane ROPER, 37, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o Robert Morgan & Margaret GILPIN. Wit: George H. HARRIS and Belina HARRIS, both of Ottawa. December 7, 1895 at Ottawa 002544-95 (Carleton Co): Henry Clinton AVERY, 24, carpenter, New Edinburgh, same, s/o Henry & Jane AVERY married Charlotte Agnes LESLIE, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Harry & Carrie LESLIE. Wit: Harry A. LESLIE and Mary KEARNES, both of Ottawa. November 24, 1895 at Ottawa
002166-95 (Carleton Co): William Chauncey BANGS, 45, forwarder, Ottawa, same, s/o Chauncey Ward & Elizabeth Jane BANGS married Martha Rebecca PERKINS, 39, Shannonville Ont, Ottawa, d/o Edward & Agnes PERKINS. Wit: Margaret RING and Richard J. CARVER, both of Ottawa. May 20, 1895 at Ottawa 001932-95 (Carleton Co): William BASKIN, 28, farmer, March, same, s/o James & Alice BASKIN married Letitia Ann DARRAUGH, 25, March, same, d/o William & Catherine DARRAUGH. Wit: Frank BASKIN and Ellen A. DARRAUGH, res not given. February 10, 1895 at March
002193-95 (Carleton Co): James BAYNE, 24, tailor, Merrivale, Ottawa, s/o Robert & Margaret BAYNE married Lucy HARBOUR, 21, England, Ottawa, d/o Jacob & Mary Lucy HARBOUR. Wit: Maud BURGESS and W. DEACON, both of Ottawa. April 24, 1895 at Ottawa. 001942-95 (Carleton Co): Nathan BEAVER, 24, bricklayer, La Salsburg PQ, Ottawa, s/o Edwin BEAVER & Sarah BATES married Margaret BURNSIDES, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o James BURNSIDES & Margaret HEWITT. Wit: Bertha WRIGHT and Herbert WALKER, both of Ottawa. August 14, 1895 at Hintonburg.
002054-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph BELLEFEUILLE, 32, journalist, St. Polycarpe Que, Ottawa, s/o Antoine BELLEFEUILLE & Dina MORAULT married Bridgitta RACETTE, 27, Orleans, same, d/o Elie RACETTE & Constance MARTIN. Wit: Cyril RACETTE and Felix BELLEFEUILLE, both of Ottawa. January 8, 1895 at Orleans Gloucester 002182-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas J. BENBOW, 23, carpenter, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas James BENBOW & Elizabeth SMITH married Ada RYAN, 22, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Michael RYAN & Catherine MORAN. Wit: Matthew O'CONNOR and Mary O'CONNOR, both of Ottawa. February 5, 1895 at Ottawa
002241-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas French BENBOW, 22, carpenter, Chelsea England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas John & Elizabeth BENBOW married Adelaide RYAN, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Michael Allen RYAN & not given. Wit: Alexander Robinson Ross SMITH and Margaret MACKAY, both of Ottawa. February 4, 1895 at Ottawa 002520-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph BERIAULT, 31, laborer, Coteau Landing PQ, Hull, s/o Julien BERIAULT & Julie MONTPETIT married Lea VINETTE, 25, Coteau Landing PQ, Ottawa, d/o Isidore VINETTE & Emilie COURVILLE. Wit: Pierre ROBERT & E. CHAMBOIS, both of Ottawa. August 22, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002090-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph BERUBE, 24, journalier, Lac Temiscouata PQ, s/o (late) Andrew BERUBE & Beline MAREAU married Margaret LAMORE, 19, Billing's Bridge, same, d/o Moise LAMORE & Seline LACUYER. Wit: Leandre SABOURIN & Morgan POITVIN, both of Ottawa. August 5, 1895? at Eastman Springs Gloucester 002547-95 (Carleton Co): Edward BISSELL, 28, laborer, Canada, Chicago U.S., s/o James BISSELL & Mary O'DONNELL married Elizabeth O'MEARA, 28, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Edward O'MEARA & Catherine VILLENEUVE. Wit: Joseph BISSELL and Ellen CRONEN, both of Ottawa. June 4, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002105-95 (Carleton Co): William BLACK, 26, carpenter, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o William MOODY & Mary BLACK married Elizabeth CHANDLER, 27, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Samuel CHANDLER & Anne KELLY. Wit: Arthur SAUNDERS and John SULLIVAN, both of Ottawa. June 18, 1895 at Ottawa 002108-95 (Carleton Co): Handyside BLACK, 40, widower, millwright, Cornwall Stormont Co., same, s/o David BLACK & Catherine FARISH married Emily Jane ANDERSON, 37, Plantagenet, Ottawa, d/o James ANDERSON & Maria JOHNSON. Wit: John ANDERSON of Ottawa and Emma SMITH of Plantagenet. June 5, 1895 at Janeville
002583-95 (Carleton Co): David BLACKBURN, 39, coachman, Canada, Ottawa, s/o David BLACKBURN & Adele BOUCHARD married Catherine TRAVIS, 36, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John TRAVIS & Catherine TRAYNOR. Wit: John SINNOTT and Ellen SINNOTT, res not given. September 9, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002229-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph BOIVIN, 31, widower, laborer, Ripon PQ, Ottawa, s/o Adilon BOIVIN & Philomene HASCON married Julie VEAU, 22, Plantagenet, Ottawa, d/o Modiste VEAU & Marie BOISVERT. Wit: Jules LEVALLEE and Alexandre CHENIER. February 25, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002234-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas BETTS, 26, iron moulder, Durham England, Ottawa, s/o John BETTS & Elizabeth CLIFFORD married Maria McMULLEN, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Richard McMULLEN & Jane TURPIN. Wit: Sarah Matilda ELLIOTT and Lucy BELLAMY, both of Ottawa. February 14, 1895 at Ottawa 002134-95 (Carleton Co): Edmond BONTIN, 23, baker, Rigaud PQ, same, s/o Isidore BONTIN & P. LALLIER married Alma CHABOT, 23, Hull PQ, Ottawa, d/o Adolphe CHABOT & Marie CHEVRIER. Wit: Napoleon BELANGER & Adolphe CHABOT, both of Ottawa. May 21, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002582-95 (Carleton Co): Patrick James BRADY, 25, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James BRADY & May A. SUMMERS married Ellen GRAHAM, 22, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James GRAHAM & Jane SMITH. Wit: Luke JOYCE & Hugh DUNNE. June 28, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 001941-95 (Carleton Co): Antoine BRAZEAU, 23, laborer, Ripon, Hintonburg, s/o Amable BRAZEAU & Marguerite LOUISUZI? married Justine GIBRAN, 22, St Andre d'Argenteuil, Mechanicsville Nepean, d/o Nelson GIBRAN & Philomene MALLETTE. Wit: Amable BRAZEAU of Hintonburg and Louis LAFLEUR of Mechanicsville. August 12, 1895 at Hintonburg. (RC)
002031-95 (Carleton Co): William BRENNAN, 33, laborer, Goulbourne, same, s/o Patrick BRENNAN & Martha DEVOY married Elizabeth HYNDMAN, 25, Goulbourne, same, d/o Robert HYNDMAN & Mary KINCH. Wit: John McNALLY, res not given and Catherine BRENNAN of Stittsville. June 21, 1895 at Richmond. 002511-95 (Carleton Co): Arthur Ernest BRETHON (Brethour?), 25, druggist, Ottawa, same, s/o William BRETHON & Amelia Ellen SAYER married Edith May LESTER, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Richard LESTER & Annie ROBINSON. Wit: George F. BRETHON and Gertrude LESLIE of Ottawa. November 19, 1895 at Ottawa
002034-95 (Carleton Co): Samuel Hiscox BRISCOT, 27, miller, Leeds England, Ottawa, s/o Samuel Hiscox & Eliza BRISCOT married Emma GOODE, 27, London England, Ottawa, d/o James & Mary GOODE. Wit: Charles YULES and Mrs. Charles YULES of Richmond. September 10, 1895 at Richmond 002573-95 (Carleton Co): Michael BROPHY, 25, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Patrick BROPHY & Julia FERMOYLE married Mary A. McKEOWN, 21, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Julian McKEOWN & Eliza WILSON. Wit: Martin BROPHY & Julia BROPHY, both of Ottawa. November 18, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002190-95 (Carleton Co): David BROWN, 28, farmer, Richmond West, Manotick, s/o David BROWN & Rose Ann OWENS married Annie A. JOY, 23, Richmond West, Manotick, d/o William JOY & Elizabeth NIXON. Wit: James R. H. WARREN and C. Louise HARRINGTON. March 12, 1895 at Ottawa 002543-95 (Carleton Co): David BROWN, 28, tea merchant, Dumferline Fifeshire Scotland, Montreal, s/o David BROWN & Helen BLACK married Jean Tweeddale BUCHANAN, 31, Ottawa, same, d/o James BUCHANAN & Betsy PATTERSON. Wit: George William PATTERSON of Montreal and Mary PATTERSON of Ottawa. December 4, 1895 at Ottawa
002192-95 (Carleton Co): James H. BROWNLEE, 40, widower, farmer, Marlborough, Malakoff, s/o James BROWNLEE & Margaret HILL married Susan Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, 40, Marlborough, Gordsten Carleton Co, d/o William MONTGOMERY & Sarah McCONDICK.? Wit: Thomas J. HAW and Margaret HAW, both of Ottawa. April 23, 1895 at Ottawa 002521-95 (Carleton Co): Maxime BRUNET, 25, laborer, St. Joseph du Lac PQ, Ottawa, s/o Jules BRUNET & Celanie LENGOU married Agnes CHEVRIER, 23, Alfred Ont, Ottawa, d/o Napoleon CHEVRIER & Emma BERTRAND. Wit: J. Bte. CARLON and Edmond CHEVRIER, both of Ottawa. September 2, 1895 at Ottawa
002519-95 (Carleton Co): Louis BRUNETTE, 24, clerk, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o Francois BRUNETTE & Leocadie JOLY married Louise Blanche CONSTANTINEAU, 20, Gatineau, Ottawa, d/o Joseph CONSTANTINEAU & Octavie LAFORTUNE. Wit: J. BRUNET (sic) and Napoleon DROULT (Droulx?), both of Ottawa. July 2, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002096-95 (Carleton Co): Victor BURCK, over age, gardener, Germany, Gloucester, s/o Laurent & Catherine BURCK married Angele GOSSELIN, over age, Gloucester, same, d/o Alegis GOSSELIN & Angele St. PIERRE. Wit: Alegis GOSSELIN & Joseph LACASE, both of Gloucester. October 28, 1895 at Gloucester.
00238895 (Carleton Co): William BURKE, 39, teacher, Sterling Ont, Peterborough Ont, s/o John BURKE & Sarah DOWNS married Mary CONNOLLY, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Peter CONNOLLY & Margaret MURN?. Wit: John KILGALLEN and Frances CONNOLLY, both of Ottawa. August 6, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002512-95 (Carleton Co): John BURNS, 45, contractor, Ottawa, same, s/o John BURNS & Harriet MURPHY married Mary PETRIE, 35, Ottawa, same, d/o John PETRIE & Margaret LOUGHLIN. Wit: Edward REILLY and E. O. REILLY. August 27, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002043-95 (Carleton Co): William French BYERS, 35, farmer, Connomore, same, s/o David BYERS (deceased) & Mary DUBIN married Mary Ann GAMBLE, 25, Limeback, Limeback Gloucester, d/o Charles GAMBLE & Elizabeth CAMPBELL. Wit: Robert GAMBLE of Limeback and Jessie FEELY of Connomore. January 23, 1895 at Limeback Gloucester 002584-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph BYRNE, 39, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John BYRNE & Mary O'CONNOR married Ellen Alice GILKER, 37, Canada, Ottawa, s/o George Henry GILKER & Mary Ann GILLIS. Wit: John S. GILKER and Philomene HENRY, both of Ottawa. September 25, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002581-95 (Carleton Co): John BYRNE, 34, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John BYRNE & Mary O'CONNOR married Mary J. GILKER (Gilkes?), 35, Canada, Ottawa, d/o George J. GILKER & Mary A. GILLIS. Wit: Thomas WALSH and Kate SULLIVAN, both of Ottawa. May 11, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002585-95 (Carleton Co): Neil Archibald CAMPBELL, 27, merchant, Quebec, Rockland Ont, s/o Rev. F. CAMPBELL & Maggie ANGUS married Maggie JAMES, 21, Plantagenet, Rockland Ont, d/o William JAMES & Hannah SCOTT. Wit: Martha M. CHAMBERLAIN and Emily E. SAUNDERS, both of Ottawa. June 22, 1895 at Ottawa.
002579-95 (Carleton Co): George Allan CAMERON, 31, laborer, East Templeton, Hull, s/o Allan & Catherine CAMERON married Ellen SCOTT, 22, Westmeath Renfrew Co, Ottawa, d/o John SCOTT & Sarah DOHERTY. Wit: W. Frank DAVIS of Nepean and Lizzie McCANN of Ottawa. December 12, 1895 at Ottawa 002534-95 (Carleton Co): Clinton Arthur CAMPBELL, 24, railroading, Beaver Falls N.Y., Ottawa, s/o William Robert CAMPBELL & Catherine MARSHALL married Maria FOSTER, 23, Cumberland, Ottawa, d/o W.M. FOSTER & Rose Ann EGLESON. Wit: Robert HOOD and Charlotte Emily ROE, both of Ottawa. November 27, 1895 at Ottawa
002554-95 (Carleton Co): William CARLYLE, 32, farmer, Mountain Twp, same, s/o Robert CARLYLE & Mary CRAWFORD married Jessie Ellen McCONNELL, 27, Osgoode, same, d/o Robert McCONNELL & Ellen HALL. Wit: Thomas McCONNELL and Jane D. REOCH, both of Ottawa. December 11, 1895 at Ottawa 002510-95 (Carleton Co): William John CARROLL, 27, carpenter, Burritt's Rapids, same, s/o James CARROLL & Mary COUTTS married Charlotte SOMERVILLE, 21, Renfrew, same, d/o Benjamin SOMERVILLE & Catherine BURLANGUETTE. Wit: M. WINTER? and L. ROBERT, both of Ottawa. November 4, 1895 at Ottawa.
002224-95 (Carleton Co): Louis Joseph CASEAULT, 57, widower, civil servant, Montgomery Que, Ottawa, s/o Joseph Edward CASEAULT & Erne Speulieme RONKET married Esther ALAIN, 54, Quebec PQ, Ottawa, d/o Michel ALAIN & Julie MORAN. Wit: Napoleon CASEAULT and Victor BELANGER, both of Ottawa. February 18, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002071-95 (Carleton Co): Frank CASSERLY 27, box maker, Osgoode, Metcalfe, s/o John CASSERLY and Bridget GRANT married Lisa SIGOUIN, 22, Mountain Dundas, Metcalfe, d/o Glie SIGOUIN & Lena BAGINET (Bazinet?). Wit: William ROONEY and Mary Ann McGINGAN (McGuigan?), both of South Gloucester. September 23, 1895 at South Gloucester. (RC)
002530-95 (Carleton Co): Daniel CASSIDY, 23, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Patrick CASSIDY & Ann McNAMARA married Mary MAXWELL, 21, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Hercule MAXWELL & Bridget O'SHEA. Wit: Michael O'BRIEN and Alice O'BRIEN, both of Ottawa. November 31, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002505-95 (Carleton Co): Francois Edmond CHAMPAGNE, 22, laborer, Pembroke, Ottawa, s/o Francois CHAMPAGNE & Anasthalie GERVAIS married Albina MOYNER, 20, Embrun, Ottawa, d/o Paul MOYNER and Eliza BURNET dit CANN. Wit: Francois CHAMPAGNE and Paul MOYNER, both of Ottawa, November 4, 1895 at Ottawa.  (RC)
002588-95 (Carleton Co): James R. CHAPMAN, 25, clerk, Stafford, Ottawa, s/o James & Phoebe CHAPMAN married Florence Mary McANANT, 25, Eardley Que, same, d/o William & Mary Jane McANANT. Wit: Mary ROGERS and Agnes TURNER, both of Ottawa. August 8, 1895 at Ottawa 002571-95 (Carleton Co) Edie CHARRON, 22, not given, Ottawa, same, s/o Augustine CHARRON & Julie MORON married Regina DESEVE?, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Lumine DESEVE & Marcelline BELAIR. Wit: Augustine CHARRON and Lumine DESEVE, both of Ottawa. July 1, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
001950-95 (Carleton Co): Patrick CLARKE, 30, farmer, Jack Vale Nepean, same, s/o William CLARKE & Hannah DOWLEY married Julia DUBRUILLE, 28, Fallowfield Nepean, same, d/o Louis DUBRUILLE & Ellen O'CONNELL. Wit: Dennis CLARKE and Ellen May DUBRUILLE, both of Nepean. February 12, 1895 at Fallowfield Nepean 001949-95 (Carleton Co): William Robert CLEMENS, 42, widower, farmer, London Eng, Gloucester, s/o Henry John & Harriet CLEMENS married Annie Matilda HIGGINS, 40, widow, Kemptville, Ottawa, d/o Hiram PORTEOUS & Eliza PERKINS. Wit: Hezekiah PERKINS and Frances PERKINS, both of Ottawa. February 7, 1895 at Billing's Bridge
002214-95 (Carleton Co): William Henry COCHRANE, 37, carpenter, Cobourg Ont, Ottawa, s/o John & Maria COCHRANE married Maria Florence McGILLIVRAY, 32, Lochaber Que, Ottawa, d/o John & Matilda McGILLIVRAY. Wit: George McGILLIVRAY and Mary C. BROPHY, both of Ottawa. February 27, 1895 at Ottawa. 002580-95 (Carleton Co): Maurice L. CODY, 28, locomotive fireman, Canada, Montreal, s/o Daniel CODY & Ellen HOUGHAN married Mary Ellen CRILLY, 23, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Hugh CRILLY & Bridget DUGGAN. Wit: John CODY of Montreal and Catherine CRILLY of Ottawa. September 2, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002507-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas CONLEY, 22, laborer, N.Y., Ottawa, s/o Edward CONLEY & Mary CROOK married Mary GENDRON, 17, East Templeton, same, d/o William GENDRON & Ellen SMITH. Wit: Ellen GENDRON of East Templeton and Jean ARMSTRONG, res not given. November 20, 1895 at Ottawa 002509-95 (Carleton Co): Albert CONVILLE, 26, clerk, Hull, same, s/o Pierre CONVILLE & Melina PRUDHOMME married Josephine CLOUTIER, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Sevre CLOUTIER & Elise LALONDE. Wit: Peine CONVILLE of Hull and Isidore CLOUTIER of Ottawa. June 3, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002506-95 (Carleton Co): Felix CORBEIL, 31, laborer, Ste. Adele de Terrebonne, Ottawa, s/o Narcisse CORBEIL & Delimas RICHARD married Emma GRAVEL, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles GRAVEL & Eulalie FORTHIER. Wit: P. JOBIN of Ottawa and Mrs. PELLETIER of Hull. June 23, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002052-95 (Carleton Co): Felix CORBEIL, 38, farmer, St. Placide Que, Orleans, s/o Felix CORBEIL & Cordelia AUGUIGON? married Marie Louise FACETT, 24, Orleans, Gloucester, d/o Philip FACETTE & Sophia DUPUIS. Wit: Felix CORBEIL and Louis CORBEIL, both of Orleans. April 28, 1895 at Orleans Gloucester
002553-95 (Carleton Co): Richard COSGROVE, 32, motorman, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Richard COSGROVE & Catherine MURPHY married Catherine DOLAN, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick DOLAN & Sarah O'MALLEY. Wit: Stephen PENAULT and Mary DOLAN, both of Ottawa. April 30, 1895 at Ottawa 002050-95 (Carleton Co): Eugene COUSINEAU, 31, journalist, St. Placide - Lower Canada, Orleans, s/o Elie COUSINEAU & Marcelena DAFOUR married Marie Louise IMBEAU, 19, Orleans, same, "illegitimate" parents unknown. Wit: Paul BOYER and Joseph BOYER, both of Orleans. June 22, 1895 at Orleans Gloucester
002504-95 (Carleton Co): Alfred COUILLARD, 30, widower, pilot? Papineauville, Ottawa, s/o Gregoire COUILLARD & Philomene SENECAL married Philomene BERTRAND, 18, Rigaud, same, d/o Joseph BERTRAND & Philomene LEGAULT. Wit: Charles PILON and Marie Louise BERTRAND, both of Ottawa. October 27, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002036-95 (Carleton Co): Daniel COWICK, 25, laborer, Nepean, same, s/o Mathew BRENNAN & Bridget COWICK married Julia BRENNAN, 25, widow (wife of John Foley) Goulbourne, same, d/o Patrick BRENNAN & Martha DEVY. Wit: Ellen Jane FOLEY (nee Brennan) and William BRENNAN, both of Stittsville,. November 28, 1898 at Richmond
002180-95 (Carleton Co): James Edward CREGAN, 21, laborer, Canada, Montreal, s/o Patrick CREGAN & Mary Ann LALOR married Mary Jane LEE, 18, England, Ottawa, d/o Luke LEE & Mary A. KELLEY. Wit: Robert JENKINS and Christina JENKINS, both of Ottawa. January 15, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002176-95 (Carleton Co): Michel Menesife D. CRENVILLE (Grenville?), 40, harness maker, Ottawa, same, s/o Lewis & Eugenie married Bertilda Aurelia GRANT, 26, Osgoode, Ottawa, d/o William & Catherine. Wit: Emma and Leroy MAVELY, both of Ottawa. April 2, 1895 at Ottawa.
002187-95 (Carleton Co): William Robert CROSHAW, 21, not given, Cleveland Ohio, Ottawa, s/o George & Margaret married Mary Matilda HICKEY, d/o William & Ellen Emily. Wit: Ship. MUNTZ and Annie HICKY, both of Ottawa. April 24, 1895 at Ottawa 001944-95 (Carleton Co): James CURSON, 23, painter, Kingston, "Sandy Hill" Ottawa, s/o Benjamin CURSON & Elizabeth KNIGHT married Catherine FAY, 22, Kidness Lancashire Eng, Hintonburg, d/o James FAY & Sarah MULONEY. Wit: Thomas MATHEWS and Mrs. Thomas MATHEWS and James STREET, all of Hintonburg. September 2, 1895 at Hintonburg
002172-95 (Carleton Co): Eugene DAGENAIS, 21, carter (or driver), Ste Anne d'Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Edward DAGENAIS & Julienne LACROIX married Philomene GERVAIS, 20, Hull PQ, Sacre Couer d'Ottawa, d/o Samuel GERVAIS & Alvina CHAMPAGNE. Wit: Joseph LEVESQUE and Julienne DAGENAIS, res not given. March 6, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002142-95 (Carleton Co): Albert DAVIS, 34, commercial traveller, Ottawa, same, s/o Edward DAVIS & Philide PROULX married Marie CASSAVANT DIT LADEL, 42, Eganville Ont, Ottawa, d/o Jean Bte. CASSAVANT DIT LADEL & Emilie DAVIS. Wit: E. C. PERRAULT of Ottawa and J. DAVIS of Montreal. April 15, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002549-95 (Carleton Co): Arthur DE GRANDPERE, 25, physician, Canada, Burlington Vermont U.S., s/o Edward DE GRANDPERE & Celanie PUETTS married Alexandrina BADDERTON, 25, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Patrick BADDERTON & Ellen NUGAN. Wit: William BATTERTON and Anne McDONALD, res not given. October 7, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002494-95 (Carleton Co): Gideon DELISLE, 30, not given, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Michele DELISLE & Rosalie PAGE married Louisa CHEVRIER, 24, Oka Ont, Ottawa, d/o Noel CHEVRIER & Metoline Sauve LAPL-(off page). Wit: George CHEVRIER and Alfred CHEVRIER, both of Ottawa. June 9, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002552-95 (Carleton Co): Eugene DESJARDINS, 21, painter, Ottawa, same, s/o Isaac & Eveline DESJARDINS married Minnie PURCELL, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o John & Annie PURCELL. Wit: Herbert ?. CAMPBELL and Nellie BURNSIDE, both of Ottawa. December 11, 1895 at Ottawa 002223-95 (Carleton Co): Wilfred DESJARDIN, 22, proofreader, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Adolphe DESJARDIN & Rosanna FILIATREAULT married Marie Adelia FOSSY, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o J. Zepherin FOSSY & Josephine LAROSE. Wit: Adolphe DESJARDIN of Ste Therese and J. Zepherin FOSSY. February 19, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002503-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph Francis Albert DESJARDINS, 24, civil servant, Levis, Ottawa, s/o Francois DESJARDINS & Clarisse M. DUCHESNE married Marie Isabelle Berthe SMITH, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Alex James SMITH & Rose Anne Duzel LABRECHE. Wit: Joseph PATRY and Alexander James SMITH, res not given. August 5, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002152-95 (Carleton Co): John DONE, 36, farmer, Quion, same, s/o William & Eliza DONE married Louisa CORNER, 20, Massachussetts, U.S., Quion, d/o Henry & Mary CORNER. Wit: Xavier CADIEUX of Quion and Julia BENSON of Ottawa. April 1, 1895 at Ottawa
002211-95 (Carleton Co): John DORNING, 21, burnisher, Liverpool England, Ottawa, s/o Robert DORNING & Sarah CHARNOCK married Mary WILKES, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o John WILKES & Jane HAND. Wit: Samuel HAGUE and Martha WILKES, both of Ottawa. March 7, 1895 at Ottawa 002501-95 (Carleton Co): Henri K. DOSTATER (Doxtater?), 23, civil servant, St. Narcisse, Ottawa, s/o Alfred DOSTATER & Marie TIPPAUX married Bernadette DESJARDINS, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Moise DESJARDINS & Florence BONDRETTE. Witn: Alfred DOTATER (sic) and Moise DESJARDINS, both of Ottawa. June 11, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002191-95 (Carleton Co): Philippe DRAPEAU, 39, widower, draughtsman, Quebec City, Ottawa, s/o Stanislas DRAPEAU & Caroline DROLER married Georgiana HUDON, 35, Riviere Ouelle, Ottawa, d/o Hyacinthe HUDON & Vitaline LANGLOIS. Wit: P. Antoine HUDON and Joseph VINCENT, both of Ottawa. April 23, 1895 at Ottawa 002533-95 (Carleton Co): Napoleon DUBOIS, 21, butcher, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Napoleon DUBOIS & Adeline BOYER married Ellen SHARPE, 19, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John SHARPE & Ellen HANNAH. Wit: Napoleon DUBOIS and John SHARPE, res not given. October 14, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002078-95 (Carleton Co): Alfred DUPUIS, 32, farmer, Orleans, same, s/o Edward DUPUIS & Aurelie BABY married Veronique MARINGER, 21, Orleans, same, d/o Francis MARINGER & Henriette LEBLOND. Wit: Francis MARINGER and Nesium? DUPUIS, both of Orleans. September 9, 1895? at Orleans Gloucester. (RC) 001937-95 (Carleton Co): Oulon DUQUETTE, 24, comis.?, Hull PQ, same, s/o Vectain DUQUETTE & Octave COUCHETTE married Victoria PARI, 23, Ottawa, Hintonburg, s/o Jean Baptiste PARI & Delina ROCHON. Wit: Vectain DUQUETTE of Hull PQ and Jean Baptiste PARI of Hintonburg. July 2, 1895 at Hintonburg.
002502-95 (Carleton Co): Louis DUROCHE, 27, civil servant, Hull, same, s/o Jean Bte. DUROCHE & Angelique BOUGER married Alexine ROCHON, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Flavien ROCHON & Marie Louise BASTIEN. Wit: J. Bte. DUROCHE of Hull and Flavien ROCHON of Ottawa. June 25, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002016-95 (Carleton Co): William EASTMAN, 56, widower, farmer, North Gower, Osgoode, s/o Benjamin EASTMAN and Rachel McLACHIN married Bella CAMPBELL, 39, Osgoode, same, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Margaret SINCLAIR. Wit: Peter CAMPBELL and James CAMPBELL, both of Osgoode. March 13, 1895 at Osgoode
002200-95 (Carleton Co): Henry EASY, 26, carpenter, Cantley Que, same, s/o John & Lucy EASY married Dinah RAMBEY, 20, England, Huntley, d/o Oliver RAMBEY & Dinah STONE. Wit: Gordon STEWART and Mary STEWART, res not given. March 12, 1895 at Ottawa 002551-95 (Carleton Co): Samuel John EDMONDSON, 33, merchant, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James EDMONDSON & Catherine OWENS married Mary Agnes LINYAR, 28, Canada, Ottawa, d/o William LINYAR & Maria SMITH. Wit: Robert EDMONDSON and Edith EDMONDSON, both of Ottawa. September 9, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002529-95 (Carleton Co): Charles EMERY, 23, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Albert EMERY & Rebecca BLOOM married Flora Christina McKinnon CHERRY, d/o John CHERRY & Eliza ROWLAND. Wit: James EMERY, George LIPSEY, Annie EMERY and Sadie _?. November 27, 1895 at Ottawa 002216-95 (Carleton Co): Octave EMERY dit BEAUVAIS, 29, laborer, St Andre Avellin, Ottawa, s/o Pierre EMERY dit BEAUVAIS & Justine COULTER married Rose Anna Lavie IONE?, 26, Winchester, Ottawa, d/o Israel Lavie IONE? & Lucie LEMIEUX. Wit: Gustave RICARD and J. Bte. DEMER, res not given.. January 7, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
  002057-95 (Carleton Co): Louis Joseph EMOND, not given, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o David Luc EMOND & Josephine NIGEL married Clarie DUROCHER, 20, Gloucester, same, d/o Joseph DUROCHER and Helene VENISE. Wit: Daniel EMOND of Ottawa and Joseph DUROCHER of Janeville. June 27, 1895 at Gloucester. (RC)
002051-95 (Carleton Co): Napoleon FACETTE, 29, farmer, Orleans, same, s/o Philip FACETTE & Sophia DUPUIS married Celonide DUPUIS, 21, Orleans, same, d/o Francois DUPUIS & Louvie CORBEIL. Wit: Francois DUPUIS and J. Bte. CORBEIL, both of Orleans. April 28, 1895 at Orleans Gloucester 002550-95 (Carleton Co): John FAGAN, 25, railway conductor, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James FAGAN & Elizabeth WITHERS married Bridget BURKE, 23, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Hugh BURKE & Bridget MURPHY. Wit: John MALONEY and Martha FAGAN, both of Ottawa,. September 25, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002048-95 (Carleton Co): Wesley FARMER, 25, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o Robert FARMER & Catherine BENSON married Annie CASSIDY, 18, Osgoode, Gloucester, d/o Joseph CASSIDY & Martha HUNTER. Wit: John CASSIDY and Ida FARMER, both of Gloucester. June 26, 1895 at Taylorville Gloucester 002117-95 (Carleton Co): Douglas McLean FARMER, 28, banker, Tunbridge Wells England, Ottawa, s/o Arthur Augustus FARMER & Louise BLUGNIERE?, married Laura Christina POWELL, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Walker POWELL & Mary Ursula BOWLBY. Wit: George FARMER of Montreal and Edith E. POWELL of Ottawa. June 4, 1895 at Ottawa
002492-95 (Carleton Co): Edouard FARNIER, 27, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Edouard FARNIER & Philomene St. LOUIS married Clara GOSSELIN, 22, Aylmer PQ, Ottawa, d/o Etienne GOSSELIN & Anne CLUSIAULT. Wit: Aristide GEBAULT and Thomas MARIEL, res not given. July 19, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002123-95 (Carleton Co): Kenneth N. FENWICK, 48, widower, doctor of medicine, Ontario, Kingston, s/o Rev. _? FENWICK & Ann HARLEY married Marion Clark McPHERSON, 26, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o James Pennington McPHERSON & Minnie REIFFERSTEIN?. Wit: Hugh FLEMING and Maria McPHERSON, both of Ottawa. June 26, 1895 at Ottawa
002493-95 (Carleton Co): Francois FILION, 61, widower, farmer, St. Jerome PQ, Ste. Therese PQ, s/o Paul FILION & Louise Charlotte DUBOIS married Olive Cyr LANTHIER, 62, widow, St. Jerome PQ, Ottawa, d/o Jean CYR & Marguerite MONETTE. Wit: Paine ROBERT & Alexima PROULX, both of Ottawa. August 15, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002023-95 (Carleton Co: James FINLEY, 35, farmer, South Gloucester, same, s/o Michael FINLEY & Margaret GOODALL married E. Helene JONES, 30, Cantley, St. Joseph of Ottawa, d/o James JONES & Mary POWERS. Wit: Patrick FINLEY of South Gloucester and Bridget EASTMAN of Cantley. June 3, 1895 at South Gloucester, (RC)
002141-95 (Carleton Co): Martin FLYNN, 47, widower, farmer, St. Malachie PQ, Rockland, s/o Martin FLYNN & Mary ROWNE married Anne (Foster) EASTMAN, 42, widow, Toronto, Rockland, d/o William FOSTER & Caroline FINTON. Wit: Pierre ROBERT & Aristide GIBRAULT, both of Ottawa. May 4, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002186-95 (Carleton Co): Alexander FOLEY, 22, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James & Frances FOLEY married Catherine AKENHEAD, 21, Scotland, Goulbourne, d/o William & Catherine AKENHEAD. Wit: Edward FOLEY and John SWEETMAN, both of Ottawa. April 30, 1895 at Ottawa
002594-95 (Carleton Co): James G. FOLEY, 40, civil servant, Westport, Ottawa, s/o D. FOLEY & Mary Ann BUCKLY married Mary E. DONEY, 26, widow, Washington N.Y., Ottawa, d/o _? CHILLOCK & Mary J. OSBORNE. Wit: John & Julian FOLEY, both of Westport. July 2, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002033-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas FORBES, 27, blacksmith, Goulbourne, same, s/o John FORBES & Catherine DEVINE married Mary McDOWELL, 24, Osgoode, Marlborough, d/o Patrick McDOWELL & Catherine McGEE. Wit: Daniel McDOWELL of Marlborough and Caroline FORBES of Goulbourne. June 11, 1895 at Richmond. (RC)
002171-95 (Carleton Co): Horace Irvine FORESTER, 25, farmer, Forester Falls, Renfrew Co, s/o Olivier & Dorcas FORESTER married Annie Maude STEPHEN, 18, Hull PQ, Renfrew Co, d/o William & Mary STEPHEN. Wit: Samuel H. MYERS and Mrs. Samuel MYERS, both of Ottawa. December 26, 1894 at Ottawa 002566-95 (Carleton Co): Octave FOURNIER, 27, laborer, St. Ansolme PQ, Ottawa, s/o David FOURNEIR & Napolia ROY married Alexina ETHIER, 18, Buckingham, Ottawa, d/o Joseph ETHIER & Alcomie BRUNET. Wit: Marcellus HUDON & Dosethe GAUTHIER, both of Ottawa. July 29, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
001947-95 (Carleton Co): Augustine FOURNIER, 29, widower, laborer, St Andre Avellin, Hull, s/o Pierre FOURNIER & Malvina PERLAUD married Adele MEUNIER, 19, St. Andrew d'Argenteuil, Mechanicsville Nepean, d/o Frederick MEUNIER & Sophie GIBRAN. Wit: Pierre LACASSE of Hull PQ and Francis MEUNIER of Mechanicsville. September 9, 1895 at Hintonburg. (RC) 002491-95 (Carleton Co): Ovide FOURMIER (Fournier?), 27, civil servant, not given, Ottawa, s/o Charles FOURMIER & Philomene DUBE married Eugenie LANDREVILLE, 27, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles LANDREVILLE & Agnes LAMORE. Wit: Charles LANDREVILLE and Venasse LANDREVILLE, both of Ottawa. May 30, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002490-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas FRANCOEUR, 37, laborer, St. Passalde Kamouski, Ottawa, s/o Thomas FRANCOEUR & Marguerite McLAREN married Celina CHARTRAND, 25, Ripon PQ, Ottawa, d/o Marce? & Angele CHARTRAND. Wit: Noel LIMOGES and Alfred CHENIER, both of Ottawa. June 17, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002577-95 (Carleton Co): Lucius Charles FRASER, 31, civil servant, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Alexander & Ann FRASER married Angeline RACINE, 22, Chrysler, Ottawa, d/o Michael & Louisa RACINE. Wit: Herbert W. CAMPBELL and Annie GRAHAM, both of Ottawa. December 21, 1895 at Ottawa
002489-95 (Carleton Co): George Henry C. FRENCH, 25, laborer, Ironside PQ, Ottawa, s/o Jonah & Elizabeth FRENCH married Maggie McCANN, 23, North Onslow PQ, Ottawa, d/o Patrick & Mary McCANN. Wit: James LACHANCE and Jennie PEACOCK, both of Ottawa. July 22, 1895 at Ottawa 002574-95 (Carleton Co): Alexander FRITH, 32, clergyman, Riceville, Ottawa, s/o Ebenezer & Ann FRITH married Chrissie N. IMLACK, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Andrew & Mary Ann IMLACK. Wit: Alice M. IMLACK and D. H. MACHEAN (Macheau?), both of Ottawa. December 17, 1895 at Ottawa
002164-95 (Carleton Co): William GAMBLE, 25, plumber, Iroquois Ont, Vancouver BC, s/o James & Jane GAMBLE married Nellie HOWE, 22, Rugby England, Ottawa, d/o William & Sarah HOWE. Wit: Mary A. EASTON and Charles H. HOWE, both of Ottawa. April 25, 1895 at Ottawa. 002587-95 (Carleton Co): George GARDINER, 26, farmer, Cantley Quebec, same, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth GARDINER married Frances FEATHERSTON, 20, Fitzroy Harbor, Cantley Que, d/o Thomas & Roxie FEATHERSTON. Wit: Hannah GARDINER of Cantley Quebec and E. E. SAUNDERS of Ottawa. July 9, 1895 at Ottawa
002237-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas Innes GARVIE, 23, laborer, Ireland, Chelsea, s/o Francis GARVIE & Ann Jane McDONALD?(off page) married Minnie Taylor MILNE, 27, Chelsea, same, d/o Peter MILNE & Eliza JANETT. Wit: Jennie McMENORY and Fannie HOBBS, res not given. January 25, 1895 at Ottawa 002138-95 (Carleton Co): Octave GAUTHIER, 39, restaurant keeper, Vaudreuil, Ottawa, s/o Octave GAUTHIER & Amellia LEGAULT married Marie Rosina MOREL, 27, Ottawa, same, d/o Michel MOREL & Cleophin ROY. Wit: David RANGER and Michel MOREL, both of Ottawa. April 23, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002496-95 (Carleton Co): Arthur Venance GAUTHIER, 24, blacksmith, Papineau PQ, Ottawa, s/o Seraphim GAUTHIER & Marie Lonise BEAUDUF married Marie Melvina HOTTEsame, d/o Fabien HOTTE & Virginie PENARD. Wit: Fabien HOTTE , 21, Ottawa, and Raphael GAUTHIER, both of Ottawa. September 11, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002497-95 (Carleton Co): William McCombie GILBERT, 26, stone cutter, Aberdeen Scotland, Rockland, s/o James GILBERT & Mary MORROW married Laura Daisy WAY, 20, Rockland, same, d/o Frederick WAY & Sarah Ann RIVERS. Wit: Adolphus LEWIS and Katie WAY, res not given. May 13, 1895 at Ottawa
002032-95 (Carleton Co): John GORMAN, 32, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o John GORMAN & Mary O'BRIEN married Margaret Jane EMERY, 26, Goulbourne, same, d/o Alexander EMERY & Ann CAVANAGH. Wit: Christopher McKENNA of Marlborough and Mary Ann EMERY of Goulbourne. June 25, 1895 at Goulbourne. (RC) 002586-95 (Carleton Co): Alexander GOW, 37, farmer, Ashton Ont, same, s/o Peter & Mary GOW married Ellen SIMPSON, 32, Ashton Ont, same, d/o William & Henrietta SIMPSON. Wit: E. E. SAUNDERS and Marcella STANLEY, both of Ottawa. July 5, 1895 at Ottawa
002140-95 (Carleton Co): Oscar GRAECO, 23, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Raphael GRAECO & Sophie HENAULT married Emelie ST. AMOUR, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Andre St. AMOUR & Emma GERVAIS. Wit: Joseph LAURIN and Andre St. AMOUR, both of Ottawa. May 12, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002029-95 (Carleton Co): William Crawford GRAHAM, 26, farmer, March, same, s/o Jacob GRAHAM & Emily CRAWFORD married Maria MORGAN, 22, March, same, d/o William MORGAN & Fanny HEALY. Wit: Evelena GRAHAM of March and Florence SADDINGTON of Richmond. March 25, 1895 at Richmond
002073-95 (Carleton Co): William George McKillop GRAHAM, 33, farmer, Ottawa, Hawthorne, s/o Archibald GRAHAM & Agnes McKillop married Susan Louise HOPKINS, 25, Gloucester, same, d/o Edward HOPKINS & Martha JOHNSON. Wit: William Nicholas HOPKINS and Florence GRAHAM, both of Gloucester. December 3, 1895 at Gloucester 002198-95 (Carleton Co): Charles GRANDMAISON, 28, widower, farmer, Angers Ottawa Co Quebec, s/o Eustache GRANDMAISON & Henriette SICARD married Alexina LAGRAVE, 25, Angers Ottawa Co Quebec, same, d/o Pierre LAGRAVE & Casilda LECARD. Wit: Josias LAGRAVE, Charles McLAREN, Caroline WALTERS and Valine LAGRAVE, all of Angers. March 23, 1895 at Ottawa
002151-95 (Carleton Co): James Evans GRANT, 25, hardware merchant, Goulbourne, Ottawa, s/o Robert & Eliza GRANT married Ida May STACKHOUSE, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o adopted by Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. STACKHOUSE. Wit: Hugh GOURLAY of Ottawa and Miss Freda RYKMAN of Montreal. January 8, 1895 at Ottawa 002233-95 (Carleton Co): Jule GRANTHIER, 24, laborer, Alwyn Twp Que, Kazabazua, s/o Alexander & Cecile GAUTHIER married Elizabeth STEWART, 22, Kazabazua, same, d/o Joseph & Caroline STEWART. Wit: J CAMPBELL of Ottawa and Mary CAMPBELL of Rutham India. February 12, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002498-95 (Carleton Co): Harry Hamilton Ormont GRAY, 41, civil servant, St. John N.B., Ottawa, s/o G. GRAY & Bessie GERALDINE married Elizabeth Ann Alice Mary WHITE, 35, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o W. & Elizabeth WHITE. Wit: E. D. JOHNS, W. WHITE and Alex C. WHITE, all of Ottawa. October 23, 1895 at Ottawa 002386-95 (Carleton Co): August Ferd. GRIECHEN, 31, widower, laborer, Germany, Ottawa, s/o Karl & Ernestine GRIECHEN married Ida STOLZMANN, 23, Germany, Ottawa, d/o Wilhelm & Albertine STOLZMANN. Wit: Johann GRIECHEN and Heinrich GRUMMICH, both of Ottawa. August 22, 1895 at Ottawa.
002500-95 (Carleton Co): Andrew Samuel GROSE, 26, salesman, Fitzroy, Ottawa, s/o William & Eliza GROSE married Amy HANTON, 24, Brockville, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth HANTON. Wit: Sophie C. MacNAB and Annie M. POLLARD, both of Ottawa. November 19, 1895 at Ottawa 002499-95 (Carleton Co): Telesphone GROSELET, 21, jeweller and watchmaker, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph Emery RICHARD & Zelia TESSIER married Adelia Corrie GROULX, 20, Ottawa, d/o Francois Xavier GROULX & Saphronie PARENT. Wit: Joseph Emery RICHARD and Mrs. X. GROULX, both of Ottawa. July 25, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002139-95 (Carleton Co): Odilas GUILBRAULT, 24, stone cutter, Ste Genevieve, Montreal, s/o Emery GUILBRAULT & Virginie LAJOIE married Blanche RICHARD, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph RICHARD & Marie C. FORIER. Wit: Emery GUILBRAULT of Montreal and Joseph RICHARD of Ottawa. May 28, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)  
002558-95 (Carleton Co): Charles HAGGERTY, 24, clerk, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Henry HAGGERTY & Jane McCORMACK married Minnie BRADLEY, 19, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Samuel BRADLEY & Margaret ALEXANDER. Wit: George HAGGERTY & Addie LAFLEUR, both of Ottawa. June 5, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002473-95 (Carleton Co): Henry John HAINES, 37, manager loan company, Toronto, Brandon Manitoba, s/o Henry HAINES & Mary JARVIS married Essie Augusta GERONARD, 27, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Daire GERONARD & Essie CRANWELL. Wit: J. Maquin DALY and Judge Desine GERONARD, both of Ottawa. November 12, 1895 at Ottawa
002041-95 (Carleton Co): George HALLIDAY, 29, blacksmith, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o Samuel HALLIDAY & Ann LONG married Maude Eleanor SAVAGE, 23, Gloucester, Janeville Gloucester, d/o Benjamin SAVAGE & Beatrice GRAY. Wit: John C. HALLIDAY and Lily SAVAGE, res not given. January 24, 1895 at Janeville Gloucester 002560-95 (Carleton Co): John HALPIN, 25, carpenter, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Michael HALPIN & Margaret MANN married Margaret BURKE, 20, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Hugh BURKE & Bridget MURPHY. Wit: Michael AVERY and Bridget BURKE, both of Ottawa. June 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002055-95 (Carleton Co): John HANBURY, not given, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o Michael HANBURY & Bridget MONAGHAN married Annie HINKS, not given, Gloucester, same, d/o Joseph HINKS & Mary Ann FARRELL. Wit: Bartholomew HANBURY and Mary CORBETT, res not given. June 3, 1895 at Gloucester. (RC) 002188-95 (Carleton Co): John Ernest HARDMAN, 38, mining engineer, Lowell Mass U.S., Halifax, s/o William & Hannah married Lizzie McCARTHY, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Henry & Hannah. Wit: B. I. BELL, G. S. McCARTHY and Ethel McCARTHY, all of Ottawa. October 23, 1895 at Ottawa
  002559-95 (Carleton Co): Stephen HARE, 25, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Michael HARE & Margaret CORRIGAN married Mary Jane BURNS, 22, Canada, Ottawa, d/o James BURNS & Anne ROBB. Wit: Luke JOYCE and Kate PLUNKETT, both of Ottawa. April 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002150-95 (Carleton Co): Norman Alexander HARTLEY, 23, machinist, Dublin Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John P. & Louise HARTLEY married Mary Elizabeth GREALES, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Owen & Anna GREALES. Wit: John L. CURRIE and Julia BENSON, both of Ottawa. January 28, 1895 at Ottawa 002047-95 (Carleton Co): Samuel Joseph HAWKINS, 23, Manotick, same, s/o Thomas HAWKINS & Maria ROGERS married Agnes Eva LATIMER, 23, Manotick, same, d/o James Baird LATIMER & Agnes WALLACE. Wit: David HAWKINS of Limebank and Nellie M. LATIMER of Manotick. May 24, 1895 at Manotick
002129-95 (Carleton Co): James Shaw HEARL, 31, cab driver, Ottawa, same, s/o William HEARL & Teresa SHAW married Minnie Elizabeth CURTIS, 23, Portsmouth England, Ottawa, d/o Alfred CURTIS & Elizabeth GERMY. Wit: John N. PECK and Jean W. ARMSTRONG, both of Ottawa. May 14, 1895 at Ottawa 002495-95 (Carleton Co): George HEASMAN, 26, locomotive fireman, London Eng, Ottawa, s/o John HEASMAN & Mary Ann JENNER married Rosanna Elizabeth CAWDEN, 27, Kanfield Eng, Ottawa, d/o Henry George CAWDEN & Ann SCULTHORPE. Wit: William H. TAYLOR and Sarah CAWDEN, both of Ottawa. November 19, 1895 at Ottawa
002235-95 (Carleton Co): Mayr HELD, 25, trader, Russia, Ottawa, s/o Bear & Esther HELD married Enta GRUNBERG, 20, Quinowksky, Ottawa, d/o Abram & Sarah GRUNBERG. Wit: H. BLOCAN and S. LYON, both of Ottawa. February 10, 1895 at Ottawa 002075-95 (Carleton Co): William Jackson HENDERSON, 37, farmer, Gloucester, Hawthorne, s/o Nathaniel HENDERSON & Elizabeth KENMOND married Fanny BROWNE, 26, Gloucester, Hawthorne, d/o John BROWNE & Fanny DOXEY. Wit: Phoebe BROWNE of Hawthorne and Charles HENDERSON of Billing's Bridge. December 3, 1895 at Hawthorne Gloucester
002173-95 (Carleton Co): Peter John HENDERSON, 19, laborer, Canada, Eganville, s/o Hugh HENDERSON & Bridget McCAMPHY (McCaughy?) married Mary Jane KELLY, 21, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Patrick KELLY & Mary Jane KEARNY. Wit: Bernard KELLY and Alice M REDDINGTON, both of Ottawa. February 25, 1895 at Ottawa 002019-95 (Carleton Co): John HERBERT, 31, farmer, Osgoode, Dawson PO Osgoode, s/o Michael HERBERT & Ellen NASH married Annie SHIELDS, 26, Osgoode, Dawson PO Osgoode, d/o Patrick SHIELDS & Mary McEVOY. Wit: James HERBERT of Ottawa and Teressa SHIELDS of DAWSON. June 16, 1895 at Dawson Osgoode. (RC)
002196-95 (Carleton Co): Henry HEWLETT, 22, farmer, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o Thomas HEWLETT & Agnes MULLIGAN married Sarah ARDELL, 22, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o Leonard ARDELL & Sarah BRENNEN. Wit: Joseph Henry JONES and Martha Jane TAYLOR, both of Ottawa. March 20, 1895 at Ottawa 002170-95 (Carleton Co): William Petman Litt HINTON, 23, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert J. & Lila Ida HINTON married Olive Delaud PARR, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o James A. & Catherine PARR. Wit: John A. HINTON and Helen McDOUGALL, both of Ottawa. September 5, 1895 at Ottawa
002481-95 (Carleton Co): John Leon HOCK, 24, brewer, Detroit Mich., Perth, s/o John HOCK & Francis NUDLING married Rose Alba LAMOTHE, 18, St. Andre Avellin PQ, Ottawa, d/o Dumase LAMOTHE & Exelda LEWIS. Wit: David RANGER and Avile DEROSIER, both of Ottawa. October 2, 1895 at Ottawa 002135-95 (Carleton Co): Henry Albert HOPPER, 25, yeoman, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o Arthur HOPPER & Letiticia JOHNSTON married Annie SHARP, 27, not given, Ottawa, d/o William SHARP & Jane HUMPHREY. Wit: Mrs. William HAY & Jane REOCH, res. not given. May 29, 1895 at Ottawa
002528-95 (Carleton Co): Simeon HOTTE, 22, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Simeon HOTTE & Philomene BOULAY married Delia HOTTE, 26, Cheneville, Ottawa, d/o J. Bte. HOLLE & Philomene SEGUIN. Wit: Paul LOGUE and Antoine SEGUIN, both of Ottawa. November 25, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002059-95 (Carleton Co): John HUDSON, 48, widower, farmer, Mono Twp Peel Co, Gloucester, s/o Obadiah HUDSON & Mary EASTBURY married Mary Caroline MICHON, 32, widow, Hamburg Germany, Ottawa, d/o Henry MICHON & Matilda Von? BAMFIELD. Wit: James WOODBURN and Margaret BELANGER, res not given. May 29, 1895 at Hurdman's Bridge, Gloucester
001930-95 (Carleton Co): Francis HUDSON, 26, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Matthew & Mary Ann HUDSON married Mary Ann POOLE, 30, Fitzroy, same, d/o Henry & Susanna POOLE. Wit: William ARMSTRONG and Susan POOLE, both of Fitzroy. June 20, 1895 at Fitzroy 002015-95 (Carleton Co): Humphrey A. HUGHES, 29, farmer, Mountain Twp, same, s/o Jacob & Margaret Alice HUGHES married Catherine PORTEOUS, 21, Osgoode, same, d/o John PORTEOUS & Ann McLAREN. Wit: Mrs. J. M. GOODEVILLE of Spring Hill and Lizzie McRUAR, not given. January 23, 1895 at Spring Hill, Osgoode
002199-95 (Carleton Co): Frederick Thomas HYDE, 23, brakeman, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah HYDE married Emma MATTHEWS, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o John Henry & Margaret MATTHEWS. Wit: Mason H. HILL and Minnie MATTHEWS, res not given. March 27, 1895 at Ottawa. 002593-95 (Carleton Co): Archibald IRWIN, 23, widower, farmer, Masham PQ, same, s/o James & Elizabeth IRWIN married Mary OBRE, 26, Masham PQ, Ottawa, d/o Edward & Ann OBRE. Wit: Marcella _?(off page) and Harriet ANDERSON, res not given. May 7, 1895 at Ottawa
002115-95 (Carleton Co): Alfred Edgar JAMES, 28, veterinary surgeon, Gloucester England, Ottawa, s/o Henry JAMES & Bertha NANTELL married Clara Lena WRIGHT, 24, Aylmer PQ, Ottawa, d/o Edward V. WRIGHT & Frances Adelia MARSTON. Wit: George E. WRIGHT and Bertha WRIGHT, both of Ottawa. June 25, 1895 at Ottawa 002205-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas JARVIS, 41, widower, stone cutter, Canada, Piskanock, s/o Joseph & Rosa JARVIS married Matilda BEASLY, 47, widow, Canada, Piskanock, d/o Henry N. & Miriam I. BEASLY. Wit: L. C. MILLAR & J. FEATHERSTON, both of Ottawa. April 13, 1895 at Ottawa
002564-95 (Carleton Co): Cyrille JOANNISS, 21, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean Bte. JOANNISSE & Helene LADOUCEUR married Marie Louise LAFLEUR, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean Bte. LAFLEUR & Caroline BEJAU?. Wit: Jean Bte. LAFLEUR and Joseph LAFLEUR, res not given. April 1_?(blurred), 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002137-95 (Carleton Co): Richard JOHNSON, 23, butcher, Gaspe, Hull, s/o James JOHNSON & Marcelline ROUSSEL married Lea BUSSON, 19, Papineauville, Ottawa, d/o Pierre BUSSON & Marcelline DESATES. Wit: Augustin BOILEAU and Dolphis BUSSON, res not given. May 14, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002169-95 (Carleton Co): John Duncan JOHNSTON, 51, widower, soap and perfume manufacturer, Thornhill, Toronto East, s/o Daniel & Margaret JOHNSTON married Margaret VALLEAU, 30, Brighton, Ottawa, d/o Christopher & Jane Ann VALLEAU. Wit: Miss M. WOODBURN and Christopher VALLEAU, both of Ottawa. October 24, 1895 at Ottawa 002164-95 (Carleton Co): James JOHNSTON, 25, locomotive fireman, Edinburgh Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Maria JOHNSTON married Minnie MATTHEWS, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o John & Margaret MATTHEWS. Wit: Flora CAMPBELL and Rebecca WINCHESTER, both of Ottawa. May 20,1895 at Ottawa
002576-95 (Carleton Co): David Andrew JOHNSTON, 22, machinist, New York U.S., Ottawa, s/o Andrew HONE & Ellen JOHNSTON married Sarah Isabella MULLIGAN, 18, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o David & Sarah Isabella MULLIGAN. Wit: John _? and Eva E. MUNRO, both of Ottawa. December 23, 1895 at Ottawa 002197-95 (Carleton Co): Edward John JOSLING, 20,. bricklayer, Toronto, Hull PQ, s/o Robert JOSLING & Sophia GLOVER married Jane Ann DOW, 19, Perth Scotland, Hull PQ, d/o John DOW & Betsy CRAIG. Wit: Benjamin WOODS and Alice JOSLING, both of Hull PQ. March 20, 1895 at Ottawa
002228-95 (Carleton Co): Omes JOUBAIN, 24, barber, Ottawa, same, s/o Alphonse JOUBAIN & Odile HANOREAU married Alphonsine BERTHIAUME, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Olivier BERTHIAUME & Meline DION. Wit: Alphonse JOUBAIN and Alfred TRUDEL, both of Ottawa. February 28, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002148-95 (Carleton Co): Wilfred JUBINVILLE, 23, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Gregoire JUBINVILLE & Marcelline LACAS married Emilie MAURICE, 23, Gatineau PQ, Ottawa, d/o Michel MAURICE & Marie GAUTHIER. Wit: Gregoire JUBINVILLE and Pierre ROBERT, both of Ottawa. May 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002555-95 (Carleton Co): Bernard KILLUM, 22, driver, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James KILLUM & Ellen FOLEY married Mabel LANCASTER, 20, Canada, Ottawa, d/o George LANCASTER & Mary CLARKE. Wit: Mary McATTASSAY? and Ann McATTASSAY? , both of Ottawa. October 23, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002556-95 (Carleton Co): William KILLUM, 22, driver, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James KILLUM & Elizabeth FOLEY married Anastasia COFFER, 24, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Nicholas COFFER & Anne CARROLL. Wit: Joseph KILLUM & Catherine ABBIE, both of Ottawa. November 18, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002557-95 (Carleton Co): Henry A. KNOX, 27, plumber, U.S., Ottawa, s/o Walter Joseph KNOX & Mary PALMER married Ellen COLDREY, 22, England, Ottawa, d/o Henry COLDREY & Emily MARTIN. Wit: John R. McLELLAN and Rose WALL, both of Ottawa. July 23, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002184-95 (Carleton Co): C. Wilfred LABELLE, 24, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Pierre LABELLE & Philomene DAZE married Evilda PAQUETTE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o J. B. & Odille PAQUETTE. Wit: Pierre LABELLE and J. B. PAQUETTE, both of Ottawa. April 30, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002312-95 (Carleton Co): Alphonze LABONTE, 25, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Francois LABONTE & Agnes DECAIRE married Mathilde FRANCHE, 21, Windover, Ottawa, d/o Jean ? FRANCHE & Emma MARTIN. Wit: Joseph GERVAIS of Embrun and Dosethe RICHER of Ottawa. July 8, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002527-95 (Carleton Co): Simeon LABOUR, 23, laborer, Aylmer, Ottawa, s/o Louis & Angele LABOUR married Octave St. HILARIE, 23, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Augustine ST. HILARIE & Engele DION. Wit: A - blank and P. LABOUR of Ottawa. November 21, 1895. (RC)
0023020-95 (Carleton Co): Frank LACELLE, 24, tailor, Russell, Kenmore, s/o Peter & Mary LACELLE married Anna B. WALLACE, 23, Clarence, Kenmore, d/o Robert & Margaret WALLACE. Wit: Mrs. O. C. CAREY of Kenmore. June 12, 1895 at Kenmore 002147-95 (Carleton Co): Jean Baptiste LACHAPELLE, 26, laborer, Bruchette PQ, Ottawa, s/o Joseph LACHAPELLE & Angele MATHIER married Delina BRISEBOIS, 18, Plantagenet, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BRISEBOIS & Philomene CHARETTE. Wit: George CHEVRIER and Alphonse PREVOST, both of Ottawa. April 18, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002242-95 (Carleton Co): Benjamin LACHAPELLE, 21, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Edouard LACHAPELLE & Olive LOCKIE married Eugenie RICARD, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Guillaume RICARD & Henriette LEBLANC. Wit: Edouard LACHAPELLE and Guillaume RICARD, both of Ottawa. February 18, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002091-95 (Carleton Co): Antoine LACOMPTE, 27, _?, Billing's Bridge, same, s/o Paul LACOMPTE & Marie Hasie CHARBONNEAU married Emma LERONY, 20, Montreal, Billing's Bridge, d/o Xavier LERONY & Eline LAPOINTE. Wit: Paul LACOMPTE and Joseph PALLMENT, both of Billing's Bridge. August 19, 1895 at Billing's Bridge. (RC)
002145-95 (Carleton Co): Marie Archibald C. E. LAFERRIERE, 28, Hull PQ, Ottawa ,s/o George Olivier LAFERRIERE & Charlotte MORIN married Marie Louise RAJOTTE, 24, U.S., Ottawa, d/o Paul RAJOTTE & Rose MOORE. Wit: Pierre ROBERT and Aristide GIBEAULT, both of Ottawa. March 21, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002488-95 (Carleton Co): Horase LAFRANCE, 26, not given, Ottawa, same, s/o James LAFRANCE & Marie Louise BEAZEAU married Marie Louise LAROQUE, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Barnabas LAROQUE & Sophia CARDINAL. Wit: Maxime LEDUC and Barnabas LAROQUE, both of Ottawa. June 16, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002027-95 (Carleton Co): Timothy LAHEY, 28, farmer, Osgoode, same, d/o Timothy LAHEY & Mary DOWNS married Rosa Jane McKENNA, 24, Marlborough, same, d/o Thomas Christopher McKENNA and Mary Ann KENNEY. Wit: Patrick TOBIN and Nora LAHEY, both of Osgoode. February 19, 1895 at Richmond. (RC) 002088-95 (Carleton Co): Elzear LAJOIE, 22, widower, butcher, Ottawa, Hull, s/o Octave LAJOIE & Josephine DUFONS married Dancina LABELLE, 17, Cyrville, same, d/o Octave LABELLE & Amelia DESCHAMBAULT. Wit: Octave LAJOIE of Ottawa and Octave LABELLE of Cyrville. November 23, 1895? at Cyrville Gloucester. (RC)
002058-95 (Carleton Co): Louis LANGEVOIS, not given, farmer, St. Joseph Gloucester, Gloucester, s/o Louis LANGEVOIS & Olive BOUCHER married Bridget MURPHY, not given, Gloucester, same, d/o Patrick Murphy & Mary NOLAN. Wit: Albert THIBERT & Lizzie MURPHY, both of Gloucester. June 26, 1895 at Gloucester. (RC) 002478-95 (Carleton Co): Napoleon LAROCHE, 37, farmer, Chalataskie PQ, Ottawa, s/o Napoleon LAROCHE & Philomene CHIQUIERE married Marie Amelia ALLAIN, 27, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Francois ALLAIN & Marie Emelie PEPIN dit LACHAISE. Wit: Napoleon LAROCHE and Francis ALLAIN, res not given. November 18, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002222-95 (Carleton Co): Barnabe LAROCQUE, 37, widower, farmer, Rigaud PQ, Ottawa, s/o Barnabe LAROCQUE & Sophie CARDINAL married Anna DUFOUR , 23, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Abel DUFOUR & Louise JEAN. Wit: Barnabe LAROCQUE and Joseph DUFOUR, both of Ottawa. February 10, 1895 at Ottawa 002479-95 (Carleton Co): Frederic LARSEN, 26, laborer, not given, Ottawa, s/o John LARSEN & Helene CHRISTIANSON married Marie Louise BELLEFEUILLE, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Joachim BELLEFEUILLE & Alphonsine GUZMAN?. Wit: J. Bte. LABELLE and Gideon GUIGNON, both of Ottawa. November 19, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002146-95 (Carleton Co): Medand LATENDRESSE, 26, printer, Joliette, Ottawa, s/o Medand LATENDRESSE & Zoe RATELLE married Marie Louise LAFLEUR, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Ovide LAFLEUR & Onesime NEVEN. Wit: Eduard St. GEORGE and Napoleon LAFLEUR, both of Ottawa. April 29, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002028-95 (Carleton Co): Stewart LATIMER, 36, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Robert & Margaret LATIMER married Mary MILLER, 29, Nepean, same, d/o John & Mary MILLER. Wit: Maggie McLEAN and Robert E. BROWN, both of Richmond. March 20, 1895 at Richmond
002565-95 (Carleton Co): Alphonse LAUZON, 21, laborer, Clarence Creek, Ottawa, s/o Antoine LAUZON & Elizabeth LALONDE married Eveline CHARBONNEAU, 22, Plantagenet, Ottawa, d/o Victor CHARBONNEAU & Marcelline LACELLE. Wit: Victor CHARBONNEAU & Jacques LACELLE, both of Ottawa. May 14, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002189-95 (Carleton Co): James Murray LAY, 25, banker, London England, Calgary, s/o Horatio Nelson & Eliza Elizabeth married Audrey Louisa SCHREIBER, 26, St. .B., Ottawa, d/o Collingwood & Ha_?-off page SCHREIBER. Wit: Harry M. LAY of London and Owen P. SCHREIBER of Ottawa. April 2, 1895 at Ottawa
002561-95 (Carleton Co): Dieudonne LEBEAU, 22, laborer, 22, Ottawa, same, s/o Pierre LEBEAU & Melina BELANGER married Victorine LENARD, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Francois Xavier LENARD & Marie SEGUIN. Wit: Pierre LEBEAU and Mrs. Xavier LENARD, both of Ottawa. June 17, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002477-95 (Carleton Co): Damace LECLAIR, 25, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Theophile LECLAIR & Rachel DOYON married Mary LeClerc FRANCOEUR, 24, Gaspe, Ottawa, d/o Flavine LeClerc FRANCOEUR & Zoe CLOSS. Wit: Oscar LECLAIR and Flavin FRANCOEUR, res not given. September 29, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
001946-95 (Carleton Co): Vitalien LEGARE, 23, laborer, Bic?, Hintonburg, same, s/o Ceron LEGARE & Hermione OUELLETTE married Georgina OUELLETTE, 19, Ottawa, Hintonburg, d/o Joseph OUELLETTE & Delia BELLEMAN. Wit: David BEAUCHAMP and _? OUELLETTE, both of Hintonburg. September 23, 1895 at Hintonburg. (RC) 002107-95 (Carleton Co): Edouard LEGER, 34, widower, gardener, St Joseph d'Orleans, same, s/o Eneric LEGER & Emma GERVAIS married Rose PROULX, 24, St Joseph d'Orleans, Ottawa, d/o Joseph PROULX & Angele LABELLE. Wit: Eneric LEGER and Joseph PROULX, res not given. June 11, 1895 at Ottawa
002480-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph Ernest LEMAIRE, 21, civil servant, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, s/o Theodore LEMAIRE & Emily BERTHIAUME married Clara TETER, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Nazaine TETER & Delia LAPIER. Wit: J. Oscar PATENAUDE and Philippa PELLETIER, both of Ottawa. November 8, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 001948-95 (Carleton Co): Oscar LEONETTE, 28, labourer, Metcalfe, Ottawa, s/o Antoine LEONETTE & Delina CARRIERE married Mary Agnes DELANY, 26, Jack Vale Nepean, same, d/o Patrick DELANY & Winifred DAVIS. Wit: Catherine GOUGON of Ottawa and Catherine DELANY of Jack Vale Nepean. January 28, 1895 at Fallowfield Nepean
001933-95 (Carleton Co): John LEVAIN, 31, laborer, Cumberland, Ottawa, s/o Hugh & Deborah LEVAIN married Martha YOUNG, 35, March, same. d/o James & Martha YOUNG. Wit: William LEVAIN of Cumberland and Ann PHILIPS of North _?(off page). January 19, 1895 at March 002049-95 (Carleton Co): William LILLICO, 30, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o Robert LILLICO & Christina KINMAN married Christina HOOD, 25, Gloucester, same, d/o Thomas HOOD & Margaret MURRAY. Wit: James SHARP and Mary HOOD, both of Gloucester. June 12, 1895 at Gloucester
002531-95 (Carleton Co): W. LIPINSKI, 26, laborer, Poland, Ottawa, s/o Luba LIPINSKI & Mary RASHENSKI married Agnes MITTLESTADT, 22, Germany, Ottawa, d/o John MITTLESTADT & Julia Ann FITZLOW. Wit: Mary ROEDINS and Albert MITTLESTADT, both of Ottawa. November 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002569-95 (Carleton Co): Edmund LUSSIER, 24, clerk, Vercheret, Ottawa, s/o Treffle LUSSIER & E? CHENIER married Rose de Lima GELARNEAU, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o J. Bte. GELARNEAU & Olive MAYNARD. Wit: Jean Bte. COUILLARD and Honore BEAUCHAMP, both of Ottawa. September 2, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002542-95 (Carleton Co): Patrick MADDEN, 36, waiter, Canada, Montreal, s/o Redmond MADDEN & Margaret O'BRIEN married Anna DOYLE, 32, Canada, Ottawa, d/o James DOYLE & Mary KELLY. Wit: Arthur FOSTER and Theresa BARLOW? (blurred), both of Ottawa. June 1, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002053-95 (Carleton Co): Eugene MAJOR, 23, farmer, Orleans, same, s/o Joseph MAJOR & Deana VARNIER married Josephine BARRETTE, 20, Orleans, same, d/o parents not given. Wit: Louis BARRETTE & Seraphime DUPUIS, res not given. January 15, 1895 at Orleans Gloucester
002103-95 (Carleton Co): Charles MARTEL, 22, butcher, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o John MARTEL & Delamene married Catherine O'CONNOR, 21, Ogdensburg N. Y., Ottawa, d/o John & Minnie O'CONNOR. Wit: William McCAULEY and Mary McCAULEY, both of Ottawa. June 18, 1895 at Ottawa 002035-95 (Carleton Co): William H. MARTIN, 25, farmer, Goulbourne, Nepean, s/o David MARTIN & Sarah MALCOMSON married Lydia Matilda GOOD, 24, Nepean, same, d/o Thomas GOOD & Mary Ann GARLAND. Wit: Annie Ennis GOOD of Nepean and Emily LITTLE of Fitzroy. September 11, 1895 at Richmond
002203-95 (Carleton Co): Harry MATTHEWS, 22, decorator, Waterford Ont, Eganville Ont, s/o H. C. MATTHEWS & Celia MALCOLM married Nellie Marguerite YOUNG, 21, Ottawa, Ogdensburg N.Y. U.S., d/o Robert YOUNG & Kate PERRY. Wit: Jessie CORRIGAN and Jane REOCH, both of Ottawa. April 8, 1895 at Ottawa 002486-95 - Joseph Jules MATTE, 26, laborer, Gatineau, Ottawa, s/o Jules MATTE & Alphonsine MARTEL married Alphonsine Eugene LABELLE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Dontaille LABELLE & Alphonsine LALONDE. Wit: Reine ROBERT & J. Bte. RANGER, both of Ottawa. November 17, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002591-95 (Carleton Co): Robert McCLELLAND, 26, laborer, Belfast Ireland, Hull PQ, s/o William McCLELLAND & Alice FINLEY married Annie CAMERON, 22, Kensington, Hull PQ, d/o Hugh CAMERON & Jessie GRAHAM. Wit: George K. BLACK and Emma DALSTON, both of Hull PQ. December 18, 1895 at Ottawa 002178-95 (Carleton Co): William Drury McCONNELL, 24, wire works, Ottawa, same, s/o William McCONNELL & Ann FARRELL married Laura Ann DALLAS, 35, widow, Bishopstake Hamp. Eng, Ottawa, d/o James BARNETTE & Annie CARPENTER. Wit: Rev. Andrew MILLER and Mrs. William HAY, both of Ottawa. April 13, 1895 at Ottawa
002518-95 (Carleton Co): John McDIARMID, 26, farmer, Cornwall Ont, Maysville Russell, s/o Donald McDIARMID & Agnes BURTON married Hattie Ellen GAINER, 18, Roxboro Ont, Maysville Russell, d/o James GAINER & Elmire HILMORE? Wit: Donald McDIARMID and Mary E. RIDDELL, res not given. November 27, 1895 at Ottawa 002042 (Carleton Co): James McEWEN, 64, widower, farmer, Scotland, Gloucester, s/o James McEWEN & Joanna STOLEY married Christina RYAN, 56, widow, Scotland, Gloucester, d/o Robert GRAY & Jane HAMILTON. Wit: Thomas GRAY and Jennie Lockhead GRAY, res not given. January 2, 1895 at Gloucester
002174-95 (Carleton Co): William J. McGAHAN, 23, laborer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Felix McGAHAN & Jane CROFT married Julia W. FLOOD, 23, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Mark FLOOD & Margaret BAMBRICK. Wit: William J. KERNAHAN and Sarah A. KERNAHAN, both of Ottawa. February 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002540-95 (Carleton Co): Daniel Alexander McLAUGHLIN, 30, civil servant, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Samuel McLAUGHLIN & Mary FITCHE married Sarah O'DONNELL, 22, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Patrick O'DONNELL & Catherine CRAIG. Wit: Joseph O'NEIL and Anne O'DONNELL, both of Ottawa. October 2, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002046-95 (Carleton Co): William Albert McLEAN, 36, drover, Aylmer, Ottawa, s/o William McLEAN & Margaret THOMPSON married Bessie Roit CROCKETT, 27, Dundee Forfar Scotland, Gloucester, d/o James CROCKETT & Elizabeth WALLACE. Wit: Jonathan CROCKETT of Gloucester and Mimi? McLEAN of Aylmer Que. April 24, 1895 at Gloucester 002194-95 (Carleton Co): Oswald Sarmouth McLEOD, 33, clerk, North Sidney N.S., Buckingham Que, s/o John H. McLEOD & Annie C. OALD married Prudence HAGGERTY, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o John HAGGERTY & Margaret McCAFFREY. Wit: E. G. SHEPHERD of Ottawa and Mrs. L. J. M. ADAMSON of Toronto. April 27, 1895 at Ottawa
002045-95 (Carleton Co): Joshua James McLINTON, 25, farmer, Richmond, Twin Elon?, s/o Peter McLINTON & Mary FAULKNER married Eliza Jane HAWKINS, 20, Manotick, Limebank, d/o Thomas HAWKINS & Maria BYERS. Wit: David HAWKINS of Manotick and Margaret GREEN of Twin Elon?. March 13, 1895 at Gloucester 002195-95 (Carleton Co): William McMANN, 22, accountant, Lakefield Que, Brownburg Argenteuil Que, s/o Henry McMANN & Sarah BOYD married Kate McALLISTER, 22, Brownburg PQ, same, d/o William McALLISTER & Christie GREEN. Wit: Mrs. William HAY and Mrs. Jane REOCH, both of Ottawa. May 11?, 1895.
002337-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas McNICOLL, 34, widower, barber, Chicoutimi, Ottawa, s/o Archibald McNICOLL & Josephine BOWIN married Emlina TORRIER, 26, widow, Ste Genevieve, Ottawa, d/o Benjamin TROTTIER & Elisa CARRIERE. Wit: Wilfred CHARBONNEAU and Jepherine LECLAIR, both of Ottawa. July 21, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002539-95 (Carleton Co): Daniel McVEY, 24, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Joseph McVEY & Elizabeth CHARLEBOIS married Hannah O'MALLEY, 25, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John O'MALLEY & Mary McLAUGHLIN. Wit: Charles CHARLEBOIS and Ellen O'MALLEY, both of Ottawa. October 30, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002038-95 (Carleton Co): H? Philoman MERRIFIELD, 28, laborer, Eardly Que, Ottawa, s/o Joseph MERRIFIELD and Mary (nee McAllister) married Annie Enise GOODE, 30, Nepean, same, d/o Thomas GOOD (sic) and Mary Ann (nee GARLAND). Wit: Robert BROWN and Mary Ann McDRYALE, both of Richmond. November 6, 1895 at Richmond 002485-95 (Carleton Co): David MESNARD, 30, widower, laborer, Montebello, Ottawa, s/o Joseph MESNARD & Azilda LACOSTE married Marie Agnes SARAZIN, 26, Montebello, Ottawa, d/o Maxime SARAZIN & Euphemia BOYER. Wit: Denis CALLAGHAN & Treffle HAY, both of Ottawa. October 6, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002240-95 (Carleton Co): William MILES, 21, laborer, Ottawa, New Edinburgh, s/o John MILES & Catherine JENKINS married Hannah Marie WHITE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Alexander WHITE & Mary DAVIDSON. Wit: William McMANUS and Mary WHITE, both of Ottawa. February 11, 1895 at Ottawa 002487-95 (Carleton Co): Amedie MILLETTE, 34, widower, laborer, Rigaud, Ottawa, s/o Francois MILETTE (sic) & Emelie BERTRAND married Eliza LAJEUNESSE, 27, Ste. Agathe PQ, Ottawa, d/o Cyrille LAJEUNESSE & Zoe MICHEAUVILLE. Wit: Joseph BEAUDOIN and Olive LAJEUNESSE, both of Ottawa. November 18, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002181-95 (Carleton Co): Michael MOLLOY, 35, widower, carpenter, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John MOLLOY & Frances FLEMING married Ellen Costello ALLEN, 31, widow, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Edward COSTELLO & Mary PINTALL. Wit: Robert BARRY and Catherine BARRY, both of Ottawa. February 4, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002144-95 (Carleton Co): Robert John MOONEY, 29, farmer, North Onslow Que, same, s/o not given married Cela M. WHYTE, 22, North Onslow Que, same, d/o not given. Wit: Jessie MELDRUM and U. L. STEWART, both of Ottawa. May 28, 1895 at Ottawa
001931-95 (Carleton Co): James MOREHEAD, 35, widower, farmer, Huntley, same, s/o Stephen MOREHEAD & Mary DONALDSON married Margaret Melina McMURTEY, 30, March, same, d/o David McMURTEY & Ellen HARTEN. Wit: Ellen McMURTEY and John J. LOWRY, res not given. March 5, 1895 at South March 002044-95 (Carleton Co): William James MORROW, 30, farmer, Duncanville, same, s/o Robert MORROW & Mary Jane WALSH married Charlotte JOHNSTON, 22, Gloucester, Manotick Station, d/o John R. JOHNSTON & Jane CAMPBELL. Wit: Hugh MORROW of Duncanville and Margaret Ann JOHNSTON of Manotick Station. February 6, 1895 at Gloucester
002541-95 (Carleton Co): Charles MOSS, 33, letter carrier, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Charles MOSS & Rose Ann RUNNAN married Janet MORRISON, 34, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Norman MORRISON & Sarah McLEOD. Wit: James St. GEORGE and Catherine St. GEORGE, res not given. September 11, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002572-95 (Carleton Co): Alexander MULLIGAN, 22, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o John MULLIGAN & Agnes RENAUD married Mathilda BLONDIN, 21, L'Ange Gardien, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BLONDIN & Marguerette RHEUME. Wit: Andre MULLIGAN of Ottawa and Joseph BLONDIN of Hull. June 18, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002143-95 (Carleton Co): Leon Raphael NADON, 26, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Leon NADON & Leocadie GROULX married Georgiana EMOND, 22, Williamsport PA, Ottawa, d/o Luc David EMOND & Josephine ROUSSEL. Wit: Herbert TREMBLAY and David CONRAD, both of Ottawa. April 29, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002221-95 (Carleton Co): Louis Philippe NAMFORT, 30, clerk, St Philippe d'Argenteuil, s/o Fernandez NAMFORT & Marie Octave HEROUX married Marie Louise CHARTRAND, 30, Ste Anne de Plaines, Ottawa, d/o Isidore CHARTRAND & Marguerite GASCON. Wit: J. Bte. TREPANIER and Damion CHARTRAND, both of Ottawa. January 27, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002538-95 (Carleton Co): John NASH, 37, carpenter, Canada, Ottawa, s/o George NASH & Bridget HORAN married Mary GREGAN, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o James CREGAN & Ellen LATCHFORD. Wit: Edmund BONNER and Luke JOYCE, both of Ottawa. May 6, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002526-95 (Carleton Co): Andrew NEVILLE, 22, culler, Bryson Pontiac Quebec, East Templeton PQ, s/o Andrew NEVILLE & Elisa McGILLIS married Lily May LAVESQUE, 20, East Templeton Que, same, d/o Eustache LABESQUE & Mary O'BRIEN. Wit: Jane D. KEOCH of Ottawa and Eustache LAVESQUE of East Templeton. December 4, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002525-95 (Carleton Co): Michael Mortimer NEVILLE, 23, laborer, Hull, Ottawa, s/o Richard NEVILLE & Bridget JUDGE married Marie May COVEL, 22, Lombardy Quebec, Ottawa, d/o William COVEL & Mary Jane NOLAN. Wit: Joseph James FAWCETT and Mrs. Annie FAWCETT, both of Ottawa. December 3, 1895 at Ottawa 002537-95 (Carleton Co): John M. NORMAN, 28, car conductor, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Dennis NORMAN & Jane DONNELLY married Margaret McELLIGOTT, 26, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Patrick McELLIGOTT & Mary SHEA. Wit: Michael McELLIGOT (sic) and Mary McELLIGOT, both of Ottawa. June 4, 1895 at Ottawa
002022-95 (Carleton Co): Patrick O'BRIEN, 39, farmer, Osgoode, South Gloucester, s/o Michael O'BRIEN & Mary Ann NOLAN married Catherine O'ROURKE, 38, South Gloucester, d/o Edward O'ROURKE & Annie O'KEEFE. Wit: William NOLAN of South Gloucester and Margaret Helena FREE, both of Ottawa. April 24, 1895 at South Gloucester. (RC) 002483-95 (Carleton Co): Dennis James O'CONNELL, 21, brass moulder, Ottawa, same, s/o Dennis O'CONNELL & Catherine SULLIVAN married Florence ROBILLARD, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean Bte. ROBILLARD & Emma LAROCQUE. Wit: Thomas MANN and Lonly? Emma ROBILLARD, both of Ottawa. November 3, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002179-95 (Carleton Co): Patrick O'CONNOR, 32, farmer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Thomas O'CONNOR & Mary CURRY married Mary WALSH, 22, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John WALSH & Catherine TOBIN. Wit: John O'MEARA and Catherine WALSH, both of Ottawa. January 9, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002102-95 (Carleton Co): Erick ODMARK, 26, labourer, Sweden, Ottawa, s/o Erick & Karin ODMARK married Amanda ALDRIN, 32, widow, Sweden, Ottawa, d/o Eric & Sophia MALSTROM. Wit: Johann BISGAARD and Olive BISGAARD, both of Ottawa. March 27, 1895 at Ottawa
002548-95 (Carleton Co): John Joseph O'MEARA, 27, barrister, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James & Ellen O'MEARA married Margaret WHELAN, 28, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Matthew WHELAN & Maria IRVIN. Wit: William J. TROY and Catherine WHELAN, both of Ottawa. June 25, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002025-95 (Carleton Co): Francis O'NEIL, 24, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Michael O'NEIL & Lucy LAPLANTE married Mary Elizabeth WATTS, 18, North Gower, same, d/o Daniel WATTS & Ann YORK. Wit: Simon O'NEIL of North Gower and Nellie WHELAN of Marlborough. January 2, 1895 at Richmond. (RC)
002160-95 (Carleton Co): Adolphe PAQUET, 27, fireman, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Louis PAQUET and Adeland GERONY married Delia LABELLE, 21, Embrun, Ottawa, d/o Leone LABELLE & Julia TERNIER. Wit: Denis CORRIGAN and Leone LABELLE, both of Ottawa. April 16, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002183-95 (Carleton Co): Edward David PAQUETTE, 24, carpenter, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Joseph PAQUETTE & Louise POULIN married Catherine KAVANAGH, 24, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Michael KAVANAGH & Mary Ann SIMS_? -off page. Wit: Fred PAQUETTE of Buckingham and Margaret KAVANAGH of Ottawa. February 25, 1895 at Ottawa
002168-95 (Carleton Co): Charles Arthur PARKER, 29, commission merchant, St. Andrews PQ, Ottawa, s/o John & Jane PARKER married Laura Harriett CLUFF, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o William H. & Sarah M. CLUFF. Wit: W. A. HARKIN and Miss E. M. CLUFF, both of Ottawa. September 6, 1895 at Ottawa 002589-95 (Carleton Co): William Thompson PARSONS, 56, carpenter, Ottawa, Lansdowne Ont, s/o William & Ann PARSONS married Susan BRADLY, 30, Escott, Lansdowne Ont, d/o George & Hanna BRADLY. Wit: William PHILIPS of North Gower and E. E. SAUNDERS of Ottawa. October 5, 1895 at Ottawa
002590-95 (Carleton Co): William PEARL, 29, laborer, England, Ottawa, s/o Willison & Elizabeth PEARL married Maggie Ann DONALDSON, 28, Pontiac Que, Ottawa, d/o John E. & Margaret DONALDSON. Wit: Harry DONALDSON and Anne FITZPATRICK, both of Ottawa. October 6, 1895 at Ottawa 002159-95 (Carleton Co): Adelhard PILLAND, 24, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Pierre PILLAND & Marie LAPERRIERE married Marie M. Donalda CAMPEAU, 19, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Joseph CAMPEAU and Adeline MASSON DIT GENDRON. Wit: Adolphe PILARD and Joseph CAMPEAU of Ottawa. April 22, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
001945-95 (Carleton Co): George PORTER, 40, widower, engineer, Boston Lincolnshire Eng, Sudbury Ont, s/o Edward PORTER & Sophia HARVEY married Nellie BENSON, 28, Rockcliffe Ont, Sudbury Ont, d/o Patrick BENSON & Kate SUTCLIFFE. Wit: Elizabeth FULLER and John Martin FULLER, both of Hintonburg. September 11, 1895 at Hintonburg 002476-95 (Carleton Co): Elie PREVOST, 26, laborer, St. Joseph d'Orleans, s/o Felix PREVOST & Delima PAQUET married Marie COLLIN, 22, Gracefield PQ, Ottawa, d/o Alexander COLLIN & Ursula BARBE. Wit: Israel DESJARDINS and Michel SCOTT, res not given. November 17, 1895 at Ottawa
002517-95 (Carleton Co): Henry John PULFER, 23, machinist, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Walter & Angelina PULFER married Sarah Agnes SMITH, 28, Buckingham PQ, Ottawa, d/o John & Jane SMITH. Wit: Herbert W. CAMPBELL of Ottawa and Annie SMITH of Buckingham. November 22, 1895 at Ottawa. 002536-95 (Carleton Co): John QUINN, 32, merchant, Eganville, Lowville N.Y., s/o William QUINN & Helen MACHON? married Marsalline LANDRY, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Louis LANDRY & Adeline DAOUD. Wit: Charles McMORROW and Theodile LANDRY, both of Ottawa. November 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002563-95 (Carleton Co): Alphonse REGIMBAL, 31, widower, clerk, St. Andre Avellin, Montreal, s/o Pascal REGIMBAL & Leocadie WHISSEL married Alexina WHISSEL, 21, St. Andre Avellin, Ottawa, d/o William WHISSELL & Arthemise PREVOST. Wit: William WHISSELL of Ottawa and Pascal REGIMBAL of Papineauville. June 11, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002516-95 (Carleton Co): Desne? REYMOND, 44, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Israel REYMOND & Hermone LAVOIE married Lucy ENGLEHART, 46, widow, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Benjamin ENGLEHART & Mary REGNELL. Wit: Michael O'BRIEN and Alice O'BRIEN, both of Ottawa. September 9, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
  002158-95 (Carleton Co): Jean Bte. RICHARD, 27, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean RICHARD & Caroline SAVARY married Albertine GAUREAU, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Francois Xavier GAUREAU and Dorothe DEROUIN. Wit: Emery GAUREAU and Joseph CASANBONN alias DIER, both of Ottawa. May 28, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002338-95 (Carleton Co): Victor RICHER, 25 1/2, laborer, Ste Marthe PQ, Ottawa, s/o Moise RICHER & Dosithe LEROUX married Delima DESNOYER, 25, Ripon PQ, Ottawa, d/o J. B. DESNOYER & Mary DESJARDINS. Wit: Abraham DOLLAIRE (Dallaire?) & Simeon PROULX, both of Ottawa. July 29, 1895?(off page) at Ottawa 002056-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph ROBERT, not given, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles ROBERT & Demie BELANGER married Eleanor QUINTAL, not given, Gloucester, same, d/o Pierre QUINTAL & Josephine LAVIOLETTE. Wit: Charles ROBERT of Ottawa and Poene QUINTAL of Gloucester. June 15, 1895 at Gloucester. (RC)
002021-95 (Carleton Co): Napoleon ROBERT, 30, journeyman, Metcalfe, same, s/o Charles ROBERT & Elizabeth LAVIGNE married Maggie DUIR, 19, Metcalfe, same, d/o Archie DUIR & Marcellina CALLIER. Wit: Andre ALBERT and Marie Josephine ROBERT both of Metcalfe. July 14, 1895 at Metcalfe. (RC) 002475-95 (Carleton Co): David ROBERTSON, 26, telegraph operator, Spencerville Ont, Ottawa, s/o William ROBERTSON & Henrietta OWEN married Mary DEVINE, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Peter DEVINE & Mary BRENNAN. Wit: Aristide GUIBAULT and Albert THIBERT, both of Ottawa. October 26, 1895 at Ottawa
002570-95 (Carleton Co): Olivier ROBILLARD, 36, carpenter, St. Michel Vandreuil, Ottawa, s/o Olivier ROBILLARD & Veline CHARLEBOIS married Marie Louis OUELLET, 33, Kamouraska, Ottawa, d/o Jean Bte. OUELLET & Marie Louise BONTOL. Wit: Raphael BAUDIN and Ernest LANDRY, both of Ottawa. July 2, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)  
002201-95 (Carleton Co): John Wallace RODNEY, 23, driver, Winchester, Ottawa, s/o John & Mary Ann RODNEY married Elizabeth Ann HAIG, 21, Cumberland England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann HAIG. Wit: Martha G. HAIG and Annie M. POLLARD, both of Ottawa. January 8, 1895 at Ottawa 001940-95 (Carleton Co): William ROUSSEAU, 23, laborer, Ogdensburg N.Y., Hintonburg, s/o Leandre ROUSSEAU & Zephinne DELORME married Odile CHARTRAND, 20, Ottawa, Hintonburg, d/o Pierre CHARTRAND & Odile DUFORD. Wit: Leandre ROUSSEAU of Hintonburg and Fabien LEBANYES of Ottawa. August 8, 1895 at Hintonburg. (RC)
002514-95 (Carleton Co): Alexander Clifford ROUTH, 25, electrician, Ottawa, same, s/o Alexander James & Harriet Mary married Myrtle Leonard SMITH, 20, Billing's Bridge, same, d/o William & Christina. Wit: John McGUN and Charley ROUTH, both of Ottawa. November 25, 1895 at Ottawa 002030-95 (Carleton Co): Samuel George ROWE, 21, laborer, Plantagenet, Richmond, s/o Henry ROWE & Mary Ann WILKINSON married Catherine DRISCOLL, 40, Marlborough, Richmond, d/o Thomas DRISCOLL & Mary GORMAN. Wit: Thomas DUNNE and Margaret Ann DRISCOLL, both of Richmond. April 23, 1895 at Richmond
002515-95 (Carleton Co): James RYAN, 30, farmer, Canada, Huntley, s/o Martin RYAN & Elizabeth HERRICK married Christy Ann SULLIVAN, 18, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John SULLIVAN & Mary DOYLE. Wit: Patrick HERRICK of Fitzroy and Lena LARKIN of Ottawa. November 27, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002157-95 (Carleton Co): Philias ST. AMOUR, 22, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Andre ST. AMOUR & Emma GERVAIS married Horstine ST. PIERRE, 22, Midland, Ottawa, d/o Zepherin ST. PIERRE & Delima LEVECQUE. Wit: Andre ST. AMOUR and Magloire TURCOT, both of Ottawa. April 22, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002472-95 (Carleton Co): Francois Alfred ST. LAURENT, 23, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o J. Bte. LAURENT & Marie Angele DROLET married Marie Blanche Graziella RICHARD, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Alfred David RICHARD & Hectorine PARE. Wit: J. Bte. ST. LAURENT and Alfred David RICHARD, both of Ottawa. July 17, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002227-95 (Carleton Co): Adjutor SAMSON. 23. civil servant, St Joseph de Levis, Ottawa, s/o Jean Bte. SAMPSON (sic) and Josephine BERNIER married Adelia LANDRY, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Theodule LANDRY & Liza GAUVREAU. Wit: J. B. SAMSON and Theodule LANDRY, res not given. February 25, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002568-95 (Carleton Co): Leger Edward SAMSON, 28, carpenter, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Leger John & Ellen married Martha Jane WILKES, 21, Canada, Ottawa, s/o John & Jane HERRIDGE. Wit: Charles LILLIE & Margaret MACFARLANE, both of Ottawa. December 27, 1895 at Ottawa. 002562-95 (Carleton Co): William SARRAZIN, 19, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph SARRAZIN & Henrietta BOURGUIGNON married Adele BERGERON, 20, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BERGERON & Alphonsine LEBEAU. Wit: Joseph SARRAZIN - father and Joseph SARRAZIN - brother, both of Ottawa. June 17, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
002592-95 (Carleton Co): Michael J. SHEA, 22, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o John & Mary SHEA married Elizabeth KIMPTON, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas & Georgina KIMPTON. Wit: Arthur STIFF and George KIMPTON, both of Ottawa. December 18, 1895 at Ottawa 002167-95 (Carleton Co): George SHIPMAN, 34, widower, undertaker, Almonte, Ottawa, s/o Norman & Sylvia SHIPMAN married Sarah Maria GIBSON, 31, Morrisburgh, Ottawa, d/o William C. & Rachel D. GIBSON. Wit: L. W. SHIPMAN and Edith GIBSON, both of Ottawa. October 10, 1895 at Ottawa
002185-95 (Carleton Co): Xavier SINCENNE, 27, farmer, Masham, Anger, s/o Francis SINCENNE & Marguerite PROULX married Valerie LAGRAVE, 24, Anger, same, d/o Pierre LAGRAVE & Casilla SICARD. Wit: St. A. SEYLAZ? and William SEYLAZ, res not given. April 23, 1895 at Ottawa 002101-95 (Carleton Co): George SMITH, 24, upholsterer, Hampstead England, Ottawa, s/o Edward & Elizabeth SMITH married Susannah MORRIS, 25, Besquith Ont, Ottawa. d/o William & Jane MORRIS. Wit: Herbert LOWE and Mrs Jessie WALKER, res not given. June 10, 1895 at Ottawa
002177-95 (Carleton Co): Joseph Henry SMITH, 19, typewriter, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph & Ma?(cut off) SMITH married Fanny E. MARSHALL, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Frank & Fanny MARSHALL. Wit: Alex R. SMITH and Louisa LANE, both of Ottawa. October 10, 1895 at Ottawa 002575-95 (Carleton Co): Henry SMITH, 38, paper maker, Essex England, Ottawa, s/o Edward & Eliza SMITH married Edith Annie COFFEE, 27, England, Ottawa, d/o Jesse & Eliza COFFEE. Wit: Ernest COFFEE and Annie ELLARD, both of Ottawa. December 25, 1895 at Ottawa
002471-95 (Carleton Co): Robert Henry SMITH, 60, widower, civil servant, Smith's Falls Ont, Ottawa, s/o David SMITH & Agnes HUTTON married Emmeline DAURY?, 50, widower, St. Jerome PQ, Ottawa, d/o June & Victoire DANEY. Wit: Robert CYR and Orine THIBEAULT, res not given. June 16, 1895 at Ottawa 002546-95 (Carleton Co): Albert SNIDER, 24, Canada, Ottawa, bartender, s/o George SNIDER & Bella HEALY married Ellen QUEEN, 21, Canada, Ottawa, d/o James QUEEN & Phoebe MELLORE. Wit: James MINYAR and Nellie WINEGAR?, both of Ottawa. April 22, 1895 at Ottawa.
002026-95 (Carleton Co): James STEWART, 44, widower, merchant, Richmond, same, s/o Samuel & Eliza STEWART married Maggie Clarke McLEAN, 24, Birkenhead Eng, Richmond, d/o Hugh & Maggie Clarke McLEAN. Wit: Edward Allen FIELDS of Brockville and Lizzie GRAHAM of Richmond. January 9, 1895 at Richmond 002474-95 (Carleton Co): John Jones SYMONDS, 21, painter, Bath Ont, Ottawa, s/o Andrew & Julia Ann married Sarah Elizabeth GARRETT, 19, England, Ottawa, d/o James & Alice. Wit: Kent BOWERS and Nettie May BOWERS, both of Ottawa. November 18, 1895 at Ottawa
002210-95 (Carleton Co: Thomas TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o John & Emily TAYLOR married Margaret Ann HICKS, 27, North Gower, Osgoode North, d/o James & Mary Ann HICKS. Wit: Mrs. J. F. GORMAN and Audrey SCHREIBER, both of Ottawa. February 5, 1895 at Ottawa 002219-95 (Carleton Co): William Allan TEMPLETON, 28, commercial traveller, Perth Ont, Winnipeg, s/o George & Jane married Mary GRANT, 28, Goulbourne, Ottawa, d/o Robert & Eliza. Wit: R. A. WADE and Emily MAXWELL, both of Ottawa. December 20, 1895 at Ottawa
002156-95 (Carleton Co): Cris THIBEAULT, 20, carpenter, Ottawa, same, d/o Magloire THIBEAULT & Euphronsine DAVID married Alexina DUBE, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Louise DUBE & Emerentrienne? DUBE. Wit: Magloire THIBEAULT and Ferdinand DUBE, both of Ottawa. May 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002175-95 (Carleton Co): Arthur THOMAS, 32, laborer, Staffordshire England, Hull PQ, s/o John & Elizabeth THOMAS married Clara Jane BEBB, 21, London Eng, Hull PQ, d/o William & Sarah Jane BEBB. Wit: Marebah WALTERS and George Duncan, both of Hull. April 24, 1895 at Ottawa
002163-95 (Carleton Co): Albert TREMBLAY, 32, widower, butcher, St. Andre Avellin, Ottawa, s/o Antoine TREMBLAY & Rosalie MAJOR married Malinda NAULT, 29, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o Francois Lavie GAUREAU and Dorothe DEROUIN. Wit: Emery GAUREAU and Napoleon BORLEY, both of Ottawa. May 9, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002155-95 (Carleton Co): Cyprien TRENIER, 32, laborer, L'Orignal, Ottawa, s/o Cyprien TRENIER & Marcelline BEAUPRE married Louise CHARRON, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Auguste CHARRON & Julie MORIN. Wit: Cyprien TERNIER and Auguste CHARRON, both of Ottawa. April 29, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC)
  002204-95 (Carleton Co): Robert TUNSTEAD, 21, laborer, Dublin Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Henry TUNSTEAD & Mary WARD married Ann DOLAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick DOLAN & Catherine LANIGAN. Wit: Thomas H. CHRISTIAN and Matilda CHRISTIAN, both of Ottawa. April 10, 1895 at Ottawa
002513-95 (Carleton Co): George TUNSTEAD, 22, laborer, Ireland, Carleton Co., s/o Henry TUNSTEAD & Mary WARD married Mary LEE, 23, Leeds Co, Carleton, d/o Henry LEE & Caroline MOTT. Wit: N. S. SCOTT of Carleton Co and M. WINTER of Ottawa. November 25, 1895 at Ottawa 002524-95 (Carleton Co): Charles UNGER, 54, widower, merchant, Germany, Ottawa, s/o Charles UNGER & Charlotte NESTLER married Margaret BOWES, 30, Ottawa, same, d/o Edward BOWES & Catherine McCANN. Wit: Miss Annie CURRAN and G. Sylvester, both of Ottawa. November 28, 1895 at Ottawa
002136-95 (Carleton Co): John Frederick WATSON, 24, secretary, Woolwich England, Ottawa, d/o James & Mary WATSON married Fanny Angel CAPPERATI, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas Angelo & Fanny CAPPERATI. Wit: Angelo CAPPERATI and Margaret MACKAY, both of Ottawa. June 1, 1895 at Ottawa 002244-95 (Carleton Co): Frederick Haney WEBB, 28, widower, bricklayer, Ottawa, same, s/o Henry Frederick WEBB & Martha TAYLOR married Maria BROWN, 17, Renfrew Ont, same, d/o Alexander H. BROWN & Mary CREAR. Wit: M. K. MacFARLANE & M. E. R. MacFARLANE, both of Ottawa. January 22, 1895 at Ottawa.
002545-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas WELCH, 40, widower, cabman, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James WELCH & Julia CRAIG married May Anne YOUNG, 37, Canada, Ottawa, d/o John YOUNG & Catherine DEWAR. Wit: Edward YOUNG & Catherine YOUNG, both of Ottawa. June 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) 002232-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas Richard WILSON, 25, farmer, North Gower, City View Carleton Co, s/o Thomas WILSON & Emily DRAFFIN married Sarah BELFORD, 22, Nepean, City View, d/o Robert BELFORD & Jane SHARP. Wit: Mary D. CRANE & Nellie S. CRANE, both of Ottawa. February 13, 1895, at Ottawa
002149-95 (Carleton Co): Samuel Jesse WILSON, 25, farmer, Onslow, same, s/o Alexander & Jerusha WILSON married Jessie SLY, 20, Bristol Twp, same, d/o George & Bridget SLY. Wit: Rev. Dr. SAUNDERS and A. H. MATTICE, both of Ottawa. April 24, 1895 at Ottawa 002037-95 (Carleton Co): John Herbert WILSON, 25, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o James & Elizabeth WILSON married Mary Elizabeth ARGUE, 28, Goulbourne, same, d/o George & Margaret ARGUE. Wit: Thomas A. ARGUE of Ottawa and Miss A. WALFORD of Pembroke. October 2, 1895 at Goulbourne
002024-95 (Carleton Co): Thomas M. WOOD, 26, farmer, London Eng, Russell, s/o Alfred WOOD & Martha BEDBROUGH married Mariam Melissa WILSON, 23, Russell, Dickenson, d/o Thomas WILSON & Jane CURRY. Wit: Amelia CLARKE of Metcalfe and James ROLSTON of Metcalfe. November 25, 1895 at Metcalfe 002017-95 (Carleton Co): William John WORKMAN, 26, mechanic, Mountain Twp, same, s/o W. S. WORKMAN & Mary ARMSTRONG married Bertha Jane GUY, 19, Osgoode, same, d/o Abraham GUY & Jane COULTHART. Wit: Mary A. GOODWILLIE & Lizzie G. McRUAN, both of Osgoode. May 8, 1895 at Osgoode
002578-95 (Carleton Co): William Henry YOUHILL, 28, compositor, London Ont, Ottawa, s/o Samuel & Mary Jane YOUHILL married Alsanda? Alonisa BURKE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o George Henry & Catherine BURKE. Wit: George O'CONNOR and M. MACKAY, both of Ottawa. December 25, 1895 at Ottawa