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Bruce Co., 1908

birth place is given before residence


005239/08 (Bruce Co) Rolland Howard ANDERSON, 27, factory hand, Kincardine, Hepworth, s/o James ANDERSON & Deborah HARRISON, married Minnie MAHER, 27, farmer's daughter, Paisley Ont., Elderslie Twp., d/o William MAHER & Matilda KING, witn: Harry ANDERSON of Hepworth & Ina SMITH of Markdale, 15 April 1908, Elderslie Twp.

005162/09 (Bruce Co) Record Vernel ANDERSON, 24, mechanic, Dawn Twp. Lambton, Cargill, s/o John Peter ANDERSON & Mary Ann ROSSEL, married Ida May GRAINGER, 18, Hanover, blank, d/o Walter GRAINGER & Jane FARMER, witn: Garnet VANSICKLE & Lizzie VANSICKLE both of Cargill, 15 April 1908, Brant twp
005311-08 (Bruce), Edgar ANNEN, 27, farmer, Canada, Bruce Tp., s/o Jonathan ANNEN & Sarah DAWSON, to Ida ATKINSON, 22, Canada, Bruce Tp., d/o Richard ATKINSON & Catherine KENNEDY, wit: John & Mrs. John YULE (or YALE) of Paisley, 18 March 1908, Paisley  
005266-08 (Bruce), William Peter ARMSTRONG, 28, bookkeeper, Wilkesport Ont., Hartney Man., s/o John M. ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth MARTYN, to Minnie FRANCEY, 26, Bruce Tp., Huron Tp., d/o George Henry FRANCEY & Jane TAIT, wit: Alexander McCALLUM of Kincardine & Edith FRANCEY of Amberley, 8 January 1908, Amberley 005139-08 (Bruce Co) Thomas Henry ARMSTRONG, 37, widower, marine fisherman?, Ontario, Wiarton, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Eliza M. Marks, married Jossie Anne BENSON, 21, Amabel, Amabel, domestic, d/o William Jas. BENSON & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: George GILBERT of Keppel & Agnes J. BENSON of Amabel, 28 January 1908, at Amabel

005627/09 (Bruce Co) George Henry BAILEY, 27, farmer, Bruce Twp., s/o Thomas BAILEY & Mary Ann SMITH, married Harriett Amelia SUMPTON, 24, Bruce Twp., d/o William SUMPTON a farmer & Elizabeth BLAKLEY, witn: Russell BAILEY of Allan Park & Jessie E. MERCHANT of Yeovil, 23 December 1908, Bruce Twp

005322/08 (Bruce Co) William Henry BAKER, 26, painter, of Paisley, s/o Peter BAKER a farmer & Emily PENNINGTON, married Barbara Thompson JACK, 25, of Paisley, d/o Alexander JACK a carpenter & Margaret SCOTT, witn: Harry JACK & Alice BAKER both of Paisley, 7 October 1908, Paisley 005403/08 (Bruce Co) Abb BAKER, 28, bricklayer, of Port Elgin, s/o John BAKER a carpenter & Ellen KEPKEY, married Annie Susanna GRASSER, 19, of Southampton, d/o Louis GRASSER a fireman & Susanna ECKENSWILLER, witn: Robert RUSSELL & Irene H. TAYLOR both of Walkerton, 26 October 1908, Walkerton

005235/08 (Bruce Co) William Edward BARNFATHER, 32, farmer, Canada, Elderslie Twp., s/o John H. BARNFATHER & Jean HOLMES, married Margaret Campbell McBEATH, 35, farming, Canada, Elderslie Twp., d/o Andrew McBEATH & Margaret McDONALD, witn: M.J. BARNFATHER of Elderslie Twp. & Alice MAXWELL of Paisley Ont., 17 June 1908, Elderslie Twp

005359/08 (Bruce Co) William BAUX, 25, farmer, of  Arran Twp. Bruce Co., s/o George BAUX a farmer & Susannah TRELFORD, married Ruby Christina BERRY, 20, school teacher, of Maryborough Twp. - Wellington Co., d/o Hugh BERRY & S.J. DALGARNO, witn: T.G. NORRIS of Wiarton & Mrs. A.D. McLEAN of Tara, 25 November 1908, Manse in Tara

005279/08 (Bruce Co) Angus BEATON, 23, mechanic, Kincardine, Kincardine, s/o James BEATON & Sarah Ann BATTON, married Elizabeth SMITH, 20, Kincardine, Kincardine, d/o Hugh SMITH & Barbara McKENZIE, witn: William BUTLER & Kate SMITH both of Kincardine, 19 March 1908, Kincardine


005911/09 (Bruce Co) James BEATTY, 21, tailor, of Owen Sound, s/o William BEATTY & Jane HAMELL, married Gertrude V. FENN, 18, of Wiarton, d/o George FENN a laborer & Mary KING, witn: Melville FENN & Susie KING both of Wiarton, 8 July 1908, Wiarton

005307-08 (Bruce), Robert James BELL, 29, blacksmith, no birthplace, Metz, s/o Thomas BELL & Anna Jane TROUT, to Winifred Ethel MILNE, 29, no birthplace, Metz, d/o Alex Kent MILNE & May GAYNOR, wit: Alex MILNE & Mrs. Alex MILNE of Lucknow, 11 November 1908, Lucknow

005353/08 (Bruce Co) Charles Harvey BELROSE, 28, cook, Tobermory, Tobermory, s/o Jacob BELROSE & Agnes BIGGAR, married Bertha BARTMAN, 24, dressmaker, Tobermory, Tobermory, d/o Thomas BARTMAN & Martha STEPHENS, witn: Edwin BELROSE & Margaret BARTMAN, 20 October 1908, Tobermory

005385/08 (Bruce Co) William BERRY, 47, widower, farmer, Brant Twp, Brant Twp, s/o Henry BERRY & Eliza TANNER, married Ann Eliza BARNES, 45, Bentinck Twp, Bentinck Twp, d/o Robert BARNES & Eliza BAILEY, witn: W.J. McNALLY of Brant Twp & H.T. TAYLOR of Walkerton, 25 March 1908, Walkerton (also 5161-08)

005355/08 (Bruce Co) William George BINNS, 32, saw mill hand, Twp. Amabel, Shallow Lake, s/o Francis BINNS & Mary THEAKER, married Ellen McINTOSH, 27, Amabel Twp., Amabel Twp., d/o John. McINTOSH & Jane RUSTON, witn: Mrs. George HENRY & Mrs. A. J. IRWIN, 8 April 1908, Tara parsonage

005919/09 (Bruce Co) Bertram BLAIR, 33, coal merchant, of Woodstock, s/o John BLAIR & Annie GALES, married Laura Lila MacLAREN, 24, of Wiarton, d/o Andrew Alexander MacLAREN & Mary Jane SINCLAIR, witn: Maud M. BLAIR of Woodstock & Mrs. Ella M. EASTON of Ayton, 20 October 1908, Wiarton
005363-08 (Bruce), Charles H. BLAKE, 24, laborer, Hanover, same, s/o John BLAKE & Lily McKELVIE, to Mary Ellen HARRISTON, 23, Mildmay, same, d/o Joseph HARRISTON & Marie WILSON, wit: Marie L. FAIRBAIRN & Marie WILSON of Teeswater, 6 May 1908, Teeswater 005291-08 (Bruce), Thomas F. BRANDON, 24, farmer, Pipestone Manitoba, Kinloss Tp., s/o Thomas BRANDON & Janet ROB, to Murillia Franklin HAMILTON, 26, Ontario, Kinloss Tp., d/o Robert HAMILTON & Annie HUMPRIES, wit: Robert Hamilton & Emma ACKERT both of Kinloss, 5 Feb 1908, Kinloss

005180/08 (Bruce Co) John Henry BRILL, 29, carpenter, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o Adam BRILL & Augusta SCHULTZ, married Bertha C. DOTY, 25, widow, McKillop Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Henry HOEGY & Henrietta KENAMANN, witn: Julius KOCH of Saugeen Twp. & Minnie L. ROPPEL of Bruce Twp., 13 May 1908, Bruce Twp.

005159/08 (Bruce Co) Wyatt BROCKLEBANK, 33, Gentleman, Halton Co., Calgary Alta., s/o Robert BROCELBANK (a/s) & Mary HEWSON, married Eliza Mabel WOODS, 29, housekeeper, Carrick Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Jabez J. WOODS & Emma M. WORDEN, witn: Mary V. ADAMS of Hanover & Myrtle L. HAWSON of Teeswater, 8 January 1908, Brant twp
5150/08 (Bruce Co) John A. BUCHANNAN, 26, printer, of Chesley Co. Bruce, s/o Thomas BUCHANNAN & Jane DOBBIE, married Lillie May MOORE, 23, domestic, of Amabel, d/o Alex MOORE a farmer & Lizzie WEIR, witn: John MOORE of Oliphant & Lilla JEWELL of Toronto, 7 September 1908, Amabel 5331-08 John H. BURROWS, 51, widower, laborer, of Southampton, married Mary FAULKNER, 45, widow, of Southampton, 13 Oct 1908 at Port Elgin [no other info given]

005917/09 (Bruce Co) William E. BUSEY, 26, sawyer, of Colpoy’s Bay Albemarle, s/o G.W. BUSEY & Elsie COCKERMAN, married Margaret WATSON, 18, of Colpoy’s Bay, d/o Charles WATSON & Nancy HILSON, witn: Elizabeth B. SINCLAIR & A. Morton WALKER both of Wiarton, 10 December 1908, Wiarton

005391/08 (Bruce Co) Raphael CASKENETTE, 26, mason, of Walkerton, s/o Joseph CASKENETTE & Margaret SCHATRON, married Mary HESCH, 19, Walkerton, d/o Engelbert HESCH & Teresa ERNEWEIN, witn: Herbert HESCH & Josephine CASKENETTE both of Walkerton, 11 August 1908, Walkerton

005283/08 (Bruce Co) John Bow CHALLIES, 27, civil engineer, Winchester Dundas Co., Ottawa, s/o James George CHALLIES & Margaret BOW, married Agnes Bowers SWAN, 30, Kincardine, Kincardine, d/o George SWAN & Amelia BOWERS, witn: G.H. CHALLIES of Winchester Ont. & Ethel A. MALCOLM of Kincardine, 24 June 1908, Kincardine

005271/08 (Bruce Co) James COCHRANE, 20, butcher, Amabel Twp., Wiarton, s/o James COCHRANE & Bella COLWELL, married Clara HELWIG, 20, domestic, Grey Co., Wiarton, d/o Henry HELWIG & Minnie GRACE, witn: William BLAKLEY & Lydia BLAKLEY both of Hepworth, 27 January 1908, Hepworth
005301-08 (Bruce), Thomas George COLEMAN, 40, farmer, no birthplace, Stanley Tp., Huron Co., widower, s/o Francis COLEMAN & Clara J. SMITH, to Rachel Melick WEBSTER, no birthplace, Con 1 of Kinloss, d/o James WEBSTER & Grace REED, wit: Thomas COLEMAN of Lucknow & Ida WEBSTER of Kinloss, 28 October 1908, Kinloss 005292-08 (Bruce), Joseph CONLEY, 24, farmer, Kinloss Tp., same, s/o James CONLEY & Ann Jane LOCKHART, to Mary Ann THOMPSON, 31, Kinloss Tp., same, d/o Moses THOMPSON & Naomi BRADFORD, Wit: John CARRTHERS of Kinloss & Pearl BRADFORD of W. Wawanosh, 10 June 1908, Kinloss

005233/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas CONNELL, 26, farmer, Essa Twp., Simcoe Co., s/o William CONNELL & Jane RATTRAY, married Elizabeth R. PATERSON, 28, farming, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o John PATERSON & Jane RATTRAY, witn: Joseph WARD of Brant Twp. & A.O.R. BROWN of Elderslie, 18 March 1908, Elderslie Twp


005915/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas Edwin COOK, 37, widower, stone cutter, of Wiarton, s/o James Elias COOK & Hannah DINGMAN, married Ellen BOWDEN, 23, of Wiarton, d/o Charles BOWDEN & Charity Ann Jane COOK, witn: Wilda WALMSLEY & Charity A.J. BOWDEN both of Wiarton, 22 July 1908, Wiarton

005255-08 (Bruce), Thomas Arthur COOK, 34, farmer, Huron Tp., same, s/o Thomas COOK & Martha MITCHELL, to Elizabeth CAMERON, 28, Huron Tp., same, d/o Archie CAMERON & Mary McMURCHY, wit: Archie CAMERON & Jennie BLACK both of Huron Tp., 20 May 1908, Huron
  5226-08 Harold COOPER, 20, farmer, Eastnor twp., same, s/o Charles COOPER & Barbara EDE, married Lilian Maud EDE, 16, England, Eastnor twp., d/o Charles EDE & Annie PARSON, witn: J.H. MARS & William WIGHT, both of Lions Head, 24 June 1908 at Lions Head
005300-08 (Bruce), Roger CORRIGAN, 31, farmer, no birthplace, Lot 13 Con 8 of Kinloss, s/o Peter CORRIGAN & Agnes COCHRANE, to Annie CAESAR, 24, no birthplace, Lot 23 con. 4 of Kinloss, d/o Henry CAESAR & Annie WOODS, wit: James CAESAR & Cass GAYNOR both of Kinloss, 25 August 1908, Holyrood 005330/08 (Bruce Co) William H. COTTRILL, 31, farmer, of Bruce, s/o John COTTRILL a farmer & Mary RUSTLING, married Margaret TRUMBLY, 20, of Bruce, d/o Robert TRUMBLY a farmer & Ellen AVIS, witn: John TRUMBLY of Underwood & Rachel YARDAM of Port Elgin, 9 October 1908, Port Elgin

005914/09 (Bruce Co) William COVERT, 21, moving pictures operator, of Wiarton, s/o William COVERT & Mary COLE, married Loretta MILLIGAN, 19, of Wiarton, s/o Edward MILLIGAN a G.T.R. conductor & Josephine BOONE, witn: T.G. NORRIS & S.R.C. HENDERSON both of Wiarton, 15 September 1908, Wiarton

005258-08 (Bruce), William COX, 31, farmer, Kinloss Tp., same, s/o John W. COX & Mary BOYLE, to Martha COLLING, 25, Huron Tp., same, d/o John COLLING & Eliza GEE, wit: Rev. Jas. HORTON & Cassie FARRELL both of Ripley, 17 June 1908, Ripley
005131-08 (Bruce Co) Walter CROW, 24, farmer, of Adamsville, s/o Samuel CROW & Mary, married Gussie HOLLER, 23, farmers daughter, of McIves? , d/o Andrew HOLLER & Augusta ANBOCHOTT?, witn: John PATTON of Adamsville & Emma HOLLER of McIves?, 30 September 1908, at McIves, Albemarle 005245-08 (Bruce Co) Charles Henry CUNNINGHAM, 26, Farmer, Greenock, same, s/o John CUNNINGHAM and Mary J. WALLACE married Eva May RICHARDSON, 27, Brant Twp, Greenock, d/o James RICHARDSON and Mary A. NEILSON, Wtn John A. CUNNINGHAM of Greenock and Robert H. RICHARDSON of Wiarton on March 8, 1908 at Greenock

005281/08 (Bruce Co) William CURRY, 23, farm hand, Ireland, Kincardine Twp., s/o William CURRY & Cassie HAMILTON, married Cassie ROBINSON, 21, Ireland, Kincardine Twp., d/o James ROBINSON & Lizzie COULTER, witn: C. Vina? MURRAY & Evelyn MURRAY both of Kincardine, 3 June 1908, Kincardine


5413-08 Theodore DANCE, 26, farmer, Wiarton, same, s/o John Clement DANCE & Louisa BANKER (Baukes?), married Clara Jane McKENZIE, 24, North Keppel, Wiarton, d/o John McKENZIE & Jane TOMLINSON, witn: Alice DANCE & P. J. HYNES, both of Wiarton, 30 June 1908 at Wiarton 005165/08 (Bruce Co) Gottlib DAUNHAUSEN, 31, farmer, of Saugeen Twp., s/o Gustav DAUNHAUSEN & Fredericka BROWN, married Emma SCHROEDER, 25, housekeeper, of Brant, d/o Michael SCHROEDER a farmer & Elizabeth NIERMUER, witn: Samuel SCHROEDER of Brant & Phoebe DAUNHAUSEN of Saugeen, 23 September 1908, Brant twp

005912/09 (Bruce Co) Alexander DAY, 24, mariner, of Penetanguishene, s/o Alexander DAY a farmer & Christina STRONG, married Eva Christina WALZ, 20, of Wiarton, d/o John WALZ a laborer & Matilda RILEY, witn: Selina DRINKWATER & Conrad WALZ both of Wiarton, 19 August 1908, Wiarton

005389/08 (Bruce Co) William DEBUS, 39, farmer, of Harriston - Co. Wellington, s/o John DEBUS & Margaret KRAUZ, married Mary Agnes GLYNN, 25, of Harriston - Co. Wellington, d/o John GLYNN & Celia McNAMARA, witn: Winnifred WARREN & Ann R. WRIGHT both of Walkerton, 31 July 1908, Walkerton
005147-08 (Bruce Co) James DOBSON, 23, laborer, Ontario, Wiarton, s/o George DOBSON & Elizabeth LOCKING, married Minnie FARROW, 22, domestic, Ontario, Wiarton, d/o Charles FARROW & Annie PHSAIR?, witn: Mrs. A. GLAZIER & James BURGERS both of Amabel, 25 June 1908, at Amabel 005137/08 (Bruce Co) Charles DOLL, 30, farmer, of Amabel Twp., s/o Henry DOLL a farmer & Catherine REIS, married Grace EBY, 23, farmer’s daughter, of Saugeen Twp., d/o Cyrus EBY a farmer & Sarah HEISE, witn: John H. DOLL of Elsinore & Mrs. E. DOLL of Southampton, 23 December 1908, Elsinore
005158/08 (Bruce Co) John Ed. DOLPHIN, 25, farmer, Derby Twp., Derby Twp., s/o Ginger DOLPHIN & Mary J. JAMISON, married Ellen Jane NICHOLSON, 26, farmer’s daughter, Arran, Arran, d/o Richard NICHOLSON & Mary FREEBORN, witn: Lorne NICHOLSON of Arran & Etta DOLPHIN of Derby, 17 June 1908, Lot 29 Conc. 4 Arran 005138-08 (Bruce Co) Trod James Daniel DORSSER (Doerrer?) 39, laborer, Ontario, Vancouver B.C., s/o John DORSSER & Sarah HALLIDAY, married Isabella WAECHLER, 34, domestic, Scotland, Amabel, d/o James WAECHLER & Jane BRUER, witn: James WAESLER & Margaret TEMPLE both of Amabel, 15 January 1908, at Amabel

005164/08 (Bruce Co) John DOUGLAS, 46, widower, carpenter, of Walkerton, s/o James DOUGLAS & Isabella DICKSON, married Sarah Jane McNAUGHTON, 32, of Brant, d/o Colin McNAUGHTON & Helen INGLIS, witn: Mrs. W.F. NALLING of Saline Mich. U.S. & Agnes McNAUGHTON of Brant, 5 August 1908

005152/08 (Bruce Co) William Addison DUCKER, 28, blacksmith, of Allenford Twp. of Arran, s/o John DUCKER & Edith SCHELL, married Margaret Elizabeth HARRON, 27, farmer’s daughter, of Allenford Twp. Arran, d/o John HARRON a farmer & Margaret Jane MORRON (Morrow?), witn: John HEATH & Helen WILSON both of Allenford, 9 December 1908, residence of bride's father

005354/08 (Bruce Co) George Clayton DUNN, 29, farmer, Proton Twp., Derby Twp., s/o Andrew DUNN & Jane MURRAY, married Janet Levina Lillis YOUNG, 24, Derby Twp., Derby Twp., d/o Jos. YOUNG & Mary Ann IRELAND, witn: William Edward BELL & Elizabeth Ann YOUNG, 25 March 1908, Tara  
005148-08 (Bruce Co) Arthur George EDE, 42, widower, music teacher, Ontario, Woodstock, s/o George EDE & Ester GARBUTT, married Jean Eva MOORE, 28, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Thomas MOORE & Pricilla CUNNINGHAM, witn: Thomas J. MOORE of Amabel & Horner LEGGETT of Chesley, 30 June 1908, at Amabel 005313-08 (Bruce Co) William James ELLIS, 25, clerk, Canada, Paisley, s/o Thomas ELLIS & Rebecca FREEBORNE, married Maggie STANLEY, 19, Canada, Paisley , d/o Isaac STANLEY & Margaret McLEAN, witn: John F. ARCHER of Ripley & Mabel STANLEY of Paisley, 22 April 1908, Paisley

005240/08 (Bruce Co) George EMKE, 27, farmer, Bentinck Twp., Bentinck Twp., s/o Charles EMKE & Rachel KANE, married Mary MOWER, 24, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Ferdnent MOWER & Minnie KRUEGER, witn: Henry MOWER of Chesley & Mary GATEMAN of Hanover, 14 October 1908, Elderslie Twp.

005326/08 (Bruce Co) William George ERBLEN, 39, farmer, Arran Twp, Arran Twp, s/o Henry ERBLEN & Margaret HATCHEL, married Helen CURRIE, 37, helper, Saugeen Twp, Port Elgin, d/o William CURRIE & Isabella BURGER, witn: A.C. ERBLEN of Nurjove? & Eliza CURRIE of Woodstock, 17 June 1908, Port Elgin

005173/08 (Bruce Co) Charles Balthasar ERDMAN, 21, upholster, of N. Hamburg, s/o John ERDMAN a farmer & Barbara KLEMP, married Lizzie Sophia PRUETER, 22, of Brant, d/o Christopher PRUETER a farmer & Caroline STEINHAGEN, witn: Werner POMMER of Chesley & Lillie GEATZ of Ripley, 24 December 1908, Brant twp

005250-08 (Bruce Co) John W. ESPLEN, 28, Farmer, (none given) Twp of Arran, s/o John ESPLEN and Elizabeth BLACK, married Catherine BELL, 26, (none) Twp of Greenock, d/o Stratford BELL and Catherine MORRISON, Wtn M. MORRISON of Harriston and Marian ESPLEN of Burgoyne, Ont, on September 23, 1908 at Greenock
005678/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas John FARREL, 20, farmer, of Chesley, s/o Richard FARREL a farmer & Lydia BOATH, married Fanny Ethel WHITE, 20, housekeeper, of Chesley, d/o Robert WHITE a laborer & Annie ATKINSON, witn: Sadie ADAMS & Silas ADAMS both of Chesley, 26 October 1908, Chesley 005343-08 (Bruce Co) Rev. James FERGUSON, 64, minister, widower, Shotton England, Troy, s/o John FERGUSON & Ann OLOMAN, married Luzetta Melissa REID, 45, Shannonville Ontario, Southampton, d/o Jas. REID & Sarah ROWLEY, witn: W.H. JOHNS & Lillian JACKSON both of Southampton, 20 June 1908, Southampton
005265-08 (Bruce), John FERGUSON, 35, farmer, Ashfield, Huron, s/o Hugh FERGUSON & Catherine McDONALD, to Harriet Idella POTTER, 27, Huron Tp., same, d/o William. POTTER & Harriet GONYON?, wit: Hugh FERGUSON of Huron Tp. & Catherine BUCHANAN of Pelham, 1 January 1908, Huron 005374-08 (Bruce Co) Samuel James FISK, 23, farmer, Twp. Brant, same, s/o Austin FISK & Amy SNELLING, married Eureline NOBLE, 26, Twp. Bentinck, Twp. Brant, d/o John NOBLE & Eliza CHRISTLER, witn: Bessie SMART of Brant & Irene TAYLOR of Walkerton, 8 January 1908, Walkerton
005328/08 (Bruce Co) Houston Reeve FLARITY, 22, farmer, of Derby Twp, s/o Stephen FLARITY a farmer & Louisa REEVE, married Nellie Eleanor MILLION, 21, Derby Twp, d/o Robert MILLION a farmer & Hannah SMITH, witn: Barbara YOUNG & Rachel YARDAM both of Pt. Elgin, 2 October 1908, Port Elgin

005260/08 (Bruce Co) James FOOTE, 33, minister, of Bruce Twp., s/o John FOOTE a farmer & Ann REID, married Winogere McDONALD, 28, of Huron Twp., d/o Archibald McDONALD a merchant & Elizabeth McASH, witn: E. Blake McDONALD of Detroit Michigan & Annie M. FOOTE of Stanley Twp., 23 September 1908, Huron Twp

005910/09 (Bruce Co) Reginald Fluellan FRAME, 27, mariner, of Albemarle, s/o Abraham J. FRAME a master mariner & Emily WOOD, married Sarah Ann WHENHAM, 22, of Colpoy’s Bay Albemarle, d/o William WHENHAM & Emily Ann ELDRIDGE, witn: George Chester SMITH of Wroxeter & Frances Alice WHENHAM of Colpoy’s Bay, 15 July 1908, Wiarton

005344/08 (Bruce Co) George Melion FRANCE, 21, laborer, Bruce Twp, Southampton, s/o Joseph FRANCE & Jane FRANCE, married Ethel COLWELL, 20, Dunville Ontario, Allenford, d/o David COLWELL & Ida, witn: John MILLER of Clavering & Alice RUDOLPH of Allenford, 22 July 1908, Southampton

  005155/08 (Bruce Co) Clarence Alex FRASER, 30, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o John FRASER & Jane HANNA, married Lucy CAMPBELL, 28, farmer’s daughter, Arran, Lot 3 Conc. 5 Arran, d/o Alex. CAMPBELL & Annie McDOUGALL, witn: S.R. FRASER of Paisley & Belle CAMPBELL of Arran, 18 March 1908, Lot 3 Conc. 5 Arran

005171/08 (Bruce Co) Henry FROAK (Frook?), 25, farmer, of Brant Twp., s/o Fred FROAK a farmer & Wilhelmina ENGEL, married Anna STADE, 26, Brant Twp., d/o Carl STADE a farmer & Henricke STEINHAGEN, witn: Henry STADE of Brant Twp. & Lizzie FROAK of Brant, 25 November 1908, Brant twp

005323/08 (Bruce Co) Ira David FRY, 28, finisher, of Chesley, s/o Samuel FRY a farmer & Nancy MORRISON, married Catherine Letitia McKINNON, 23, of Chesley, d/o John McKINNON a farmer & Nancy MORRISON, witn: Herbert H. FRY & Nellie McKINNON both of Chesley Bruce Co, 4 November 1908, Paisley
005133-08 (Bruce Co) Basil GALLOWAY, 24, farmer, of Wiarton, s/o Thomas GALLOWAY & Christina LONG, married Ruby Ellen RAINBOTH, 21, of Mar?, d/o Jacob RAINBOTH & Mary COPELAND, witn: William. H. WRIGHT of Wiarton & Nathaniel RAINBOTH of Mar, 16 December 1908, at Mar, Albemarle 005369-08 (Bruce), Joseph GAMBOT?, 28, farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o John CAMBOT & Mary Ann VURSON, to Sarah Ellen WHITE, 21, Wawanosh, Kinloss, d/o Thomas WHITE & Ann Jane FITZGERALD, wit: George J. WHITE and Minnie CAMBOT of Kinloss, 3 June 1908, Teeswater
005145-08 (Bruce Co) Walker L. GIBSON, 24, carpenter, Lucan, Lucan, s/o Herbert GIBSON & Minnie HUTCHINSON, married Clara Genevia WILSON, 21, Ontario, Allenford, d/o Alex WILSON & Clara Jane BULLOCK, witn: George D. DANI of London & Helen E. WILSON, 6 June 1908, at Allenford 005395/08 (Bruce Co) James Samuel GILES, 39, widower, grocer, of Toronto, s/o Thomas GILES a contractor (deceased) & Amelia COLERICK, married Sarah Lilly LEE, 34, nurse, of Walkerton, d/o John LEE a Div. Court Clerk & Sarah WRIGHT, witn: Richard W. LEE & Marietta LEE both of Walkerton, 15 September 1908, Walkerton
005348/08 (Bruce Co) William GILLIES, 36, merchant, Morris Twp, Tobermory, s/o Donald GILLIES & Katie STEWART, married Sadie CURRIE, 24, Huron Twp, Tobermory, d/o Hector CURRIE & Agnes McHINSON, witn: George HAWES & Alonzo BRYAN, 11 March blank, Tobermory 005368-08 (Bruce), John Midford GILLIES, 32, M.D., Teeswater, same, s/o John GILLIES & Fanny MIDFORD, to Gladys McPHERSON, 20, Wellington Co., Teeswater, d/o James McPHERSON & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, wit: George E. GILLIES of Vancouver & Norma HOLMES of Amhearst, 2 June 1908, Teeswater
5384-08 Charles E. GLEBE, 22, cabinet maker, Hanover, Walkerton, s/o Frederick A. GLEBE & Rachel SEILING, married Jennie L. WOLFE, 21, Walkerton, same, d/o John WOLFE & Georgina ESSON, witn: Nettie WOLFE of Toronto & Charles SANDOS of Hanover, 12 May 1908 at Walkerton 005285/08 (Bruce Co) Charles GOTTCHALK, 27, farmer, of Bruce Twp, s/o Frederick GOTTCHALK & Predreta STRANDO, married Lizzy ROBINSON, 20, of Kincardine Twp, d/o Archie ROBINSON a farmer & Katherine McLEOD, witn: William GOTTCHALK of Bruce Twp & Bella CAMPBELL of Kincardine Twp, 14 October 1908, Kincardine Twp
005270-08 (Bruce), Colm GRAHAM, 42, Lake Baptism, Kincardine, same, s/o Colm GRAHAM & Margaret McIVER, to Effie McLEOD, 31, Huron Tp., same, d/o Edward McLEOD & Isabella MURRAY, wit: Alexander GRAHAM of Kincardine & Annie McLEOD of Huron Tp., 26 February 1908, Huron

005764/09 (Bruce Co) Thomas GUEST, 28, farmer, of Kinlough, s/o William GUEST & Mary KEE, married Rosella BUSHELL, 26, farmer’s daughter, of Kincardine, d/o Thomas BUSHELL a farmer & Roseanna PORTIS, witn: Laura BUSHELL of Kincardine Twp. & Rosella GUEST of Kinlough, 23 December 1908, bride's residence Kincardine Twp.

005340-08 (Bruce Co) Thomas HAGAN, 26, labourer, Mackenzie Co. Michigan, Southampton, s/o unknown, (Guardian – Mrs. NEARTON), married Olive M. BOYLE, 18, Parker - Co Wellington, Southampton, d/o Richard Edward BOYLE & Harriet STEVENSON, witn: George FRANCIS & Edna BOYLE both of Southampton, 6 May 1908, Southampton 005362-08 (Bruce), George HAINES, 39, farmer, Mildmay, same, s/o James HAINES & Elizabeth WEST, to Alice CULLETON, 34, Mildmay, same, d/o Dennis CULLETON & Maria PIKEY, wit: Florence CULLETON of Mildmay & Mabel HAINES of Teeswater, 29 April 1908,Teeswater
005141-08 (Bruce Co) Herbert HAMMOND, 23, farmer, Twp. of Elderslie, Amabel, s/o John HAMMOND & Sarah SHAW, married Clara CURRY, 22, farmers daughter, Twp. of Elderslie, Amabel, d/o Johnston CURRY & Matilda McDONALD, witn: Russell BRUER & Susan McDONALD both of Chesley, 22 April 1908, at Amabel 005308-08 (Bruce), Robert James HARNIER (Harmer?), 23, laborer, no birthplace, Dungannon, s/o Willaim Henry & Sara Elizabeth, to Mary Agnes HARDY, 24, no birthplace, Dungannon, d/o David & Mary Ann, wit: G. A. SIDDELL & Millie MURCHISON both of Lucknow, 24 November 1908, Lucknow
005364-08 (Bruce), Hutton HARPER, 36, farmer, Mildmay, same, s/o William. HARPER & Minnie BARNES, to Elsie Mabel HAINES, 27, Mildmay, same, d/o James HAINES & Elizabeth WEST, wit: Mrs. H. BAKER & Mrs. R. SMITH of Teeswater, 12 May 1908, Teeswater 005320/08 (Bruce Co) James HARRIS, 38, saw miller, of Twp Elderslie, s/o William HARRIS & Sarah OWEN, married Annie WITTMAN, 22, of Paisley Village, d/o Andrew WITTMAN a tailor (deceased) & Annie HAUBNER, witn: Ebenezer HARRIS of Elderslie Twp & Emma WITTMAN of Paisley, 22 July 1908, Paisley
005151/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas James HARVEY, 29, farmer, of Euphrasia Grey Co., s/o Samuel HARVEY a farmer & Jane SHEERS, married Mary Ann HALL, 29, of Markdale Grey Co., d/o John HALL a farmer & Isabella KAIRNS, witn: William HALL & Ethel LAWSON both of Owen Sound, 21 October 1908, Invermay 5227-08 Joseph HATT, 28, farmer, Eastnor twp., same, s/o Joseph HATT & Emma GRANT, married Daisy WARREN, 25, Paisley, Eastnor twp., d/o William WARREN & Eliza ALLEN, witn: Florence FOX & Reta WARREN, both of Lions Head, 24 June 1908 at Eastnor twp
005393/08 (Bruce Co) William S. HEATH, 50, widower, rancher, of Calgary Alberta, s/o William L. HEATH & Mary HEATH, married Mary Emily COPELAND, 50, widow, farm woman, of Teeswater Bruce Co, d/o Robert BARBOUR a farmer & Elizabeth OVERHOLT, witn: Grant LEGGETT & William ELMER both of Walkerton, 20 August 1908, Walkerton 005378-08 (Bruce Co) Frank A. HEISZ, 27, book keeper, Bamberg Ontario, Formosa, s/o Lawrence HEISZ & Magdalene HUCK, married Georgina SCHUMACHER, 21, Formosa Ontario, Walkerton, d/o Anthony SCHUMACHER & Josephine MARTIN, witn: P.F. McCUE of Formosa & Clara SCHUMACHER of Walkerton, 11 February 1908, Walkerton

005282/08 (Bruce Co) John W. HENDERSON, 25, contractor, Lucknow Ont., Lucknow Ont., s/o James HENDERSON & Abigail McKENZIE, married Clara E. JOHNSTON, 24, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Twp., d/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Lizzie MORGAN, witn: W.E. HENDERSON of Lucknow & Jennie M. JOHNSTON of London Ont., 16 June 1908, Kincardine

005293-08 (Bruce), Donald HENDERSON, 25, bookkeeper, Kinloss, Chicago, s/o William HENDERSON & Isabella McDAIRMID, to Myrtle Alanda SHARPE, 24, Kinloss Tp., Whitechurch Village, d/o William SHARPE & Mary HYND, wit: William HENDERSON of Kinloss & Ethel A. SHARPE of Chicago, 11 January 1908, Whitechurch, Kinloss
  005253-08 (Bruce), John HENRY, 32, farmer, Clark Tp. Durham Co., Huron Tp., s/o James HENRY & Margaret BRADLEY, to Edith ROBB, 20, Huron Tp., same, d/o John ROBB & Elizabeth FOWLER, wit: George HENRY of Huron & Millie ROBB of Lochalsh, 25 February 1908, Huron
#005333-08 (Bruce Co): Andrew HILL, 35, farmer, Bruce twp., same, s/o William HILL & Jean HUNTER, married Martha Jean MARTINDALE, 28, Saugeen, same, d/o David MARTINDALE & Mary Ann SWINTON, witn: David MARTINDALE of Saugeen & Lena DARROCH of Minto, 19 Feb 1908 at Saugeen

005923/09 (Bruce Co) James HILL, 24, farmer, of Purple Valley Albemarle, s/o William HILL & Catherine Jane WELB, married Sarah Elizabeth SMITH, 31, widow, of Wiarton, d/o Daniel KIBBLER & Sarah WING, witn: Albert Clinton ROBERTSON of Chesley & Ruby Evelyn SMITH of Wiarton, 14 October 1908, Wiarton

005163/08 (Bruce Co) Bartman HOAGSTON, 23, workman, Holland, Chesley, s/o John HOAGSTON & Ingetie HOAGEBOOM, married Arendie POAT, 17, Holland, Chesley, d/o Hendrick Husler POAT & M. VEGENHACK, witn: William OAEREN & Artie HOMENBARY both of Chesley, 29 April 1908, Brant twp 005268-08 (Bruce), James HOLMES, 39, blacksmith, Huron Tp., same, s/o Richard HOLMES & Hannah FARMER, to Annie ARMSTRONG, 42, St. Mary’s Ont., Huron Tp., widow, d/o Thomas MITCHELL & Nancy SMITH, wit: Irene HOUGHTON of Detroit, & Grace BRENNER (or BREMNER) of Ripley, 5 February 1908, Huron

5412-08 Benjamin HOLLAND, 32, farmer, Keppel, Park Head, s/o Andrew HOLLAND & Ellen SMITH, married Elsie DUNCAN, 18, Albermarle, same, d/o George DUNCAN & Phoebe ERWIN, witn: Victor H. & Mrs. Victor H. FARROW of Park Head, 30 June 1908 at Wiarton

005358/08 (Bruce Co) Edward HOOEY, 40, widower, farmer, of Elderslie Twp. Bruce Co., s/o Samuel HOOEY a farmer & Ellen ELVES, married Edith Ellen KENNEDY, 32, widowed, of Arran Twp. Bruce Co., d/o John Hewitt ROBERTSON a mason & Lyra Jane Whitney PHILPOT, witn: John PHILPOT & Mrs. John. PHILPOT both of Tara, 20 October 1908, Tara Rectory
005286/08 (Bruce Co) Edwin HORN, 25, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, s/o James HORNE (a/s) & Jane WELSH, married Caroline McCORMICK, 26, farmer's daughter, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o Robert McCORMICK & Margaret KEYES, witn: John H. KEYES of Kincardine Twp & Mary E. HORNE of Kincardine Town, 3 June 1908, Kincardine Twp. #005332-08 (Bruce Co): Thomas Allen HOWE, 34, farmer, North Bruce, same, s/o John HOWE & Isabella NELSON, married Isabella CAIRNS, 24, Aberdon, same, d/o William CAIRNS & Christena McKINNON, witn: McKINNON of Saugeen & William HOWE of N. Bruce, 1 Jan 1908 at Aberdorn
5383-08 Charles HUCK, 27, mechanic, Waterloo twp., Walkerton, s/o John HUCK & Mary KUHRY, married Mary ZETTEL, 21, Carrick twp., Walkerton, d/o Joseph ZETTEL & Annie SCHMIDT, witn: George HUCK of Preston, Clara ZETTEL of Strathroy, and Christ. SIEGFRIED & B. HUCK, both of Walkerton, 28 April 1908 at Walkerton  

005909/09 (Bruce Co) William Frank HUNTER, 26, grocer, of Wiarton, s/o James HUNTER a merchant & Margaret Gordon STEWART, married Kate Isabel PATTERSON, 28, of Wiarton, d/o Archibald W. PATTERSON a carpenter & Maggie KINNEE, witn: A.E. HUNTER & Ellenora PATTERSON both of Wiarton, 9 July 1908, Wiarton

005267-08 (Bruce), Edward HUNTER, 24, farmer, Huron tp., same, s/o James HUNTER & Eliza Jane BEATTIE, to Emma EMMERTON, 21, Huron Tp., same, d/o George EMMERTON & Ellen WELCH, wit: William EMMERTON of Huron Tp. & Matilda EMMERTON of Bruce Co., 1 January 1908, Huron
#005334-08 (Bruce Co): Albert Wallocks? INKSTER, 27, farmer, Bruce twp., same, s/o William INKSTER & Janet FIDDLER, married Mary Ellen CAMPBELL, 21, Saugeen, same, d/o Daniel CAMPBELL & Susan STINSON, witn: George H. CAMPBELL of Thessalon & Beatrice M. INKSTER of Underwood, 15 April 1908 at Saugeen 005312-08 (Bruce Co) Godred Lewis JACKSON, 22, commercial traveler, Canada, Twp Brant, s/o Thomas JACKSON & Elizabeth HARRIN, married Ethel HUNTER, 23, Canada, Twp Greenock, d/o George HUNTER & Ellen FIZELL, witn: James FIZELL of Allan Park Colpoy & Jennie JACKSON of Cargill, 25 March 1908, Paisley
005305-08 (Bruce), Clarence E. JAMESON, 28, druggist, no birthplace, Tofield, s/o William JAMESON & Elizabeth SLOAN, to Margaret May CAMERON, 25, no birthplace, Toronto, s/o R. D. CAMERON & Mary MURDOCK, wit: R.A. GREER of Toronto & Grace CAMERON of Toronto, 15 September 1908, Lucknow 005365-08 (Bruce), Arthur H. JARVIS, 37, Traveller, Chatham, Hamilton, s/o Robert JARVIS & Isabella TAYLOR, to Therza Isabel GILLIES, 28, Teeswater, same, d/o John GILLIES & Fanny MIDFORD, wit: Henry WATT of Toronto & E. JARVIS of Hamilton, 4 January 1908, Teeswater

005169/08 (Bruce Co) Jonathan JERRY, 32, butcher, of Owen Sound, s/o blank, married Margaret DANDY, 32, housekeeper, of Chesley, d/o Samuel DANDY a farmer & Matilda HOOEY, witn: George JACKLIN of Brant & Mrs. (Rev.) F.E. POWELL, 4 November 1908, Brant twp

005236/08 (Bruce Co) John JOHNSON, 27, painter, Paisley Ont., Southampton Ont., s/o Moses JOHNSON & Eliza Ann PEARCE, married Mary Crawford PATCHELL, 24, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o James PATCHELL & Sara EDGE, witn: David PATCHELL of Elderslie & Mary JOHNSON of Southampton, 17 June 1908, Elderslie Twp

005287/08 (Bruce Co) James JOHNSTON, 36, farmer, Huron Twp, Kincardine Twp, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Catherine FITZELL, married Mary Hughena McKENZIE, 27, farmer's daughter, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o Donald McKENZIE & Lillie CAMERON, witn: Eliza McDONALD & Siyan McKENZIE both of Kincardine Twp, 25 March 1908, Kincardine Twp. 005299-08 (Bruce), Freeman Edgar JONES, 34, Drayman, Elgin Co., Abernethy, Sask.., s/o John JONES & Mary HAWLY, to Elizabeth Harriet HODGINS, 32, Kinloss, same, d/o Henry HODGINS & Mary Jane PERCY, wit: Robert SWITZER of Soughton, Sask. & Maggie HODGINS of Kinloss, 25 February 1908, Kinloss
005132-08 (Bruce Co) William KAWASHKONG, 40, widower, farmer, of Saugeen Reserve, s/o John KAWASHKONG & Elizabeth ELIJAH, married Rosie PEDONAQUOT, 21, widow, of Cape Croker Reserve, d/o Noah WILLIAMS & Sophia MARTIN, witn: Etta M. ROGERS & Evaline ROGERS both of Colpoy’s Bay, 13 October 1908, at Methodist Parsonage, Colpoy’s, Albemarle 005408/08 (Bruce Co) John James KAY, 31, barber, Kincardine, Wiarton, s/o William Lennox KAY & Isabella SWANSON, married Stella Margaret WRIGHT, 18, Thessalon, Wiarton, d/o James Thomas WRIGHT & Margaret BROCK, witn: William ELLIOTT Jr. & Nellie ELLIOTT both of Wiarton, 2 April 1908, Wiarton
005386/08 (Bruce Co) Ray Sanford KINCAID, 24, engineer, Raleigh Michigan, Port Huron Michigan, s/o William H. KINCAID & Julia JALLAN, married Marie Grace MAURER, 23, Walkerton, Walkerton, d/o Charles MAURER & Marie STRETTE, witn: John A. MAURER of Port Huron Michigan & Cordelia RIECHENBACH of Walkerton, 23 May 1908, Walkerton  
5222-08 (Bruce Co) Arthur Edward LAW, 28, farmer, England, Eastnor, s/o Thomas LAW & Harriet BARNET married Catherine Jane ROBINSON, 20, Michigan, Eastnor, d/o John ROBINSON & Martha TEGERT, wtn: Lottie LAIDLAW & Mrs. J. H. WELLS of Lions Head, 21 March 1908, Lions Head 005247-08 (Bruce Co) Richard Wesley LEESON, 30, Farmer, Greenock, same, s/o William Albert LEESON and Mary Jane MOULTON married Alma? MILLER, 22, Greenock, same, d/o Peter MILLER and Sarah CHATMAN, Wtn George MILLER of Walkerton and Lettie LEESON of Greenock, on March 11, 1908 at Bride’s residence, Greenock
 005277/08 (Bruce Co) Samuel George LEDDICOT (s/b Liddicoat), 34, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o George LEDDICOT & Ann ROLLIN, married Mary Emma SQUIRE, 31, Clinton, Kincardine, d/o William SQUIRE & Elizabeth RICHARD, witn: Mrs. A.S. LOCKE & Russell R. LOCKE both of Kincardine, 1 January 1908, Kincardine

005918/09 (Bruce Co) Henry LEMEKE, 30, laborer, of Colpoy’s Bay Albemarle, s/o Henry LEMEKE & Mary CHRISTOPHER, married Elizabeth J. HEPBURN, 18, Colpoy’s Bay Albemarle, d/o James HEPBURN & Elizabeth Jane Amanda THOMAS, witn: Mrs. Elizabeth B. SINCLAIR & Mrs. G. Morton WALKER both of Wiarton, 23 December 1908, Wiarton

005361/08 (Bruce Co) William LEVIS, 34, Police officer, of Toronto, s/o Joseph LEVIS & Mary MUNRO, married Mary MUNRO, 30, of Tiverton, d/o John MUNRO a farmer & Elizabeth BUCHANNAN, witn: John MUNRO of Tiverton Ont. & Alex GRANT of Winnipeg Man., 29 July 1908, Tiverton 005370-08 (Bruce), Edward Ignatius LINEHAN, 30, machinist, Acton, Detroit, s/o John LINEHAN & Johanna NEAGLE, to Catherine McDONALD, 34, Turnberry, Culross, d/o Alex McDONALD & Catherine CROWE, wit: Frank McDONALD of Teeswater & Sarah Ann CROWE of Wingham, 29 June 1908, Teeswater

005922/09 (Bruce Co) George A. LONGE, 22, fisherman, of Southampton, s/o Peter LONGE & Hannah DOBSON, married Euphemia McDONALD, 21, of Southampton, s/o Angus McDONALD & Barbara BLUE, witn: M.W. HENDERSON & Mrs. L. WILLIAMS both of Wiarton, 2 October 1908, Wiarton

005306-08 (Bruce), Fredrick James LUCAS, 27, accountant, no birthplace, Toronto, s/o George LUCAS & Elizabeth MOORE, to Emeline ROBERTSON, 27, no birthplace, Lucknow, d/o Samuel ROBERTSON & Jessie CLARKE, wit: Frank LUCAS of Toronto & Maud L. ROBERTSON of Lucknow, 7 October 1908, Lucknow

005338/08 (Bruce Co) Gordon S. LYNCH, 25, G.T.R. brakeman, of Southampton, s/o William LYNCH a gentleman & Jennie SARVIS, married Edna Ruth SPENCER, 22, of Saugeen, d/o Miles SPENCER a retired Hudson Bay officer & Edith McLAREN, witn: Malcolm FIELD of Southampton & Lilian SPENCER of Saugeen, 11 October 1908, Saugeen Twp

5225-08 James LYNCH, 30, farmer, Ross twp., St. Edmunds twp., s/o William LYNCH & Catherine PEEVER, married Mary WARDROPE, 21, Riverdale, St. Edmunds, d/o Andrew WARDROPE & Emily GARROW, witn: Alice M. HARLEY of Harley & Mrs. J. H. WELLS of Lions Head, 24 June 1908 at Lions Head
  005294-08 (Bruce), MacBeth MALCOLM, 30, farmer, Wyndham, Norfolk Co., Hanley Sask., s/o Marshall MALCOLM & Eliza McCURDY, to Elizabeth McLENNAN, 33, Culross, Kinloss, d/o William McLENNAN & Janet McDONALD, wit: Alexander McLENNAN of Kinloss & Kate J. McDONALD of Teeswater, 29 January 1908, Kinloss
005314-08 (Bruce Co) William MANLEY, 27, packer, England, Southampton, s/o William Thomas MANLEY & Annie MANLEY, married Mary CADWALLADER, 24, England, Southampton, d/o Herbert CADWALLADER & Elizabeth MAYRICH, witn: Jane E. STEEDMAN & Elizabeth May DEWAR, 2 May 1908, Paisley 005409/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas Duffy MANNING, 29, printer?, Listowel, Toronto, s/o William W. MANNING & Matilda TUTTLE, married Lola McLAREN, 22, Palmerston, Wiarton, d/o Andrew McLAREN & Mary Jane SINCLAIR, witn: Laura McLAREN of Wiarton & Mary WILLIAMS of Lions Head, 29 April 1908, Wiarton
005352/08 (Bruce Co) Robert James MARTIN, 28, blacksmith, Proton Twp, Tobermory, s/o Henry MARTIN & Elizabeth SLESSER, married Mary BELROSE, 16, St Edmunds Twp, Tobermory, d/o George BELROSE & Sarah J. SPEARS, witn: Andrew HOPKINS & Bella BELROSE, 13 April blank, Tobermory 005350/08 (Bruce Co) John A. MARTIN 23, timber man, Egremont Twp, Tobermory, s/o Henry MARTIN & Elizabeth SLESSER, married Mary Jane HOPKINS, 20, St Edmunds, d/o James HOPKINS & Martha BLAKE, witn: Martin HOPKINS & Debra HOPKINS, 28 May blank, Tobermory
005310-08 (Bruce), James Malcolm McCALLUM, 36, farmer, Canada, Mannville Alta, s/o James McCALLUM & Isabella McLAREN, to Flora Parmela McKINNON, 34, Canada, Bruce Co., d/o Donald A. McKINNON & Rachel LANGWELL, wit: Malcolm A. McCALLUM of Brant tp. & Jean MILLER of Saugeen, 4 March 1908, Mannville, Alta 005149/08 (Bruce Co) Alexander McCANNEL, 38, farmer, Saugeen Twp., s/o Archibald McCANNEL a farmer & Barbara McCANNEL, married Helen RUXTON, 25, school teacher, of Chippawa Hill - Twp. of Amabel, d/o Andrew RUXTON a farmer & Annie McINTOSH, witn: William CRAIG of Burgoyne & Annie RUXTON of Chippawa Hill, 28 July 1908, Bruce
005261-08 (Bruce) William John Edmund McCONNEL, 30, farmer, residence- Huron tp., s/o Thomas McCONNELL & Mary Ann FIELDING, to Adaline McCREIGHT, 31, residence- Huron tp., d/o Mathew McCREIGHT & Adaline FIELDER, wit Mathew McCREIGHT of Ashfield & Vina McCONNELL of Ripley, 12 November 1908, Huron 005172/08 (Bruce Co) Alexander McDERMID, 34, farmer, of Saugeen Twp., s/o Archibald McDERMID & Grace McDOUGALD, married Bell Flora CAMPBELL, 32, of Saugeen Twp., d/o Neil BELL & Sara CAMPBELL, witn: Margaret B. NICKEL & Donald J. NICKEL both of Cargill, 22 December 1908, Cargill

005276/08 (Bruce Co) Neil McDONALD, 28, tailor, of Kincardine, s/o Norman McDONALD a farmer & Johan MCHPEE (McPhee?), married Jessie B. FLEMING, 26, of Kincardine, d/o James H. FLEMING an agent & Isabella CHALMERS, witn: W.H. FLEMING of Kincardine & W.M. McDONALD of Wiarton, 8 September 1908, Kincardine

005257-08 (Bruce), John McDONALD, 24, butcher, Ripley, same, s/o Malcolm McDONALD & Maggie McRITCHIE, to Martha Emma BROOKER, 32, Orillia, Ripley, d/o Benjamin BROOKER & Phoebe SANDERS, wit: Malcolm McKAY of Huron & Ethel BRADLEY of Huron, 10 June 1908, Ripley
005402/08 (Bruce Co) Harry E. McDOUGALL, 20, barber, of Port Elgin, s/o Alex McDOUGALL & Tena BOSSLEY, married Jennie CARROLL, 20, of Walkerton, d/o John CARROLL & Phemia STEWART, witn: M.E. RUSSELL & A. E. WILSON both of Walkerton, 26 October 1908, Walkerton 5223-08 Walter John McELREA, 23, farmer, Albermarle twp., same, s/o Samuel McELREA & Emma HEWTON, married Eunice WAUGH, 23, Eastnor, same, d/o Joseph WAUGH & Mary SCHMERHORN, witn: John J. HOLLER & Ethel McELREA, both of Hope Bay, 8 April 1908 at Hope Bay
005295-08 (Bruce), Isaac McFADDEN, 54, farmer, Canada, Greenock, widower, s/o William McFADDEN & Matilda KEYES, to Margaret McDONALD 49, Canada, Bruce, widow, d/o Angus McDONALD & Mary McLEOD, wit: Dora McLENNAN & Margaret McDONALD both of Lucknow, 21 May 1908, Kinloss  

005174/08 (Bruce Co) Dougald John McFAYDEN, 28, farmer, of Bruce, s/o Hector McFAYDEN a farmer & Mary McLELLAN, married Mary M. NICHOL, 26, servant, of Markdale, d/o James McNICHOL (sic) a farmer & Jane LEE, witn: Eliza LAMONT of Lovatt & Stella B. FORTNER of Cargill, 28 October 1908, Brant twp

005278/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas Meyers McGAW, 24, fireman, Kincardine, Kincardine, s/o Thomas McGAW & Lena MATHESON, married Martha Hammond McDONALD, 20, Glasgow Scotland, Kincardine Ont., d/o Archibald McDONALD & Margaret HAMMOND, witn: Mark K. MURRAY & Virna MURRAY both of Kincardine, 7 January 1908, Kincardine

005373-08 (Bruce Co) John McGILLIVRAY, 26, moulder, Durham - Co Grey, Guelph, s/o John McGILLIVRAY & Sophia POOLE, married Lydia MONAHAN, 33, Walkerton, Walkerton, d/o John MONAHAN & Lydia DENNY, witn: H.J. O'NEIL of Berlin & Ann KIRVAIR of Guelph, 7 January 1908, Walkerton

005234/08 (Bruce Co) Alexander McGILLIVARY, 31, farmer, Bruce Twp. Bruce Co., Bruce Twp. Bruce Co., s/o Hugh McGILLIVARY & Flora McFADYEN, married Mary E. WALKS, 23, farming, Brucefield Co. Huron, Elderslie, d/o David WALKS & Annie MUSTARD, witn: Margaret WALKS of Paisley & Hugh McGILLIVARY of Wiarton, 17 June 1908, Elderslie Twp

005178/08 (Bruce Co) John Angus McGILLIVRAY, 25, accountant, Sterling, Alameda, s/o Neil McGILLIVRAY & Lavina WEIR, married Jane McLENNAN, 22, book keeper, Bruce Twp., Queen Hill Bruce Twp., d/o Allan McLENNAN & Mary MATHESON, witn: Adam G. MUNRO & John McLENNAN both of Queen Hill, 8 February 1908, Queen Hill

#005278-08 (Bruce Co.) Thomas M. McGOW(?), 24, b. Kincardine, of same, Farmer, s/o Thomas McGOW(?) & Lena MATHESON, married Martha Hammond McDONALD, 20, b. Glasgow Scotland, of Kincardine, d/o Archibald McDONALD & Margaret HAMMOND, witnesses: Mark K. MURRAY & Verna MURRAY, both of Kincardine, on 7 January 1908 at Kincardine
  005177/08 (Bruce Co) Kenneth McGREGOR, 29, farmer, Bruce Twp., Sedgerwick Alta., s/o Angus McGREGOR & Catherine McLENNAN, married Catherine McLEAN, 22, Bruce Twp., Glamis, d/o Malcolm McLEAN & Annie McRAE, witn: Murdock McGREGOR & Katie THOMPSON both of Glamis, 22 January 1908, Glamis
5379-08 James Ambrose McGUIRE, 39, farmer, Brant twp., same, s/o James McGUIRE & Mary Ann SULLIVAN, married Mary Matilda DECHAMP, 23, Brant twp., same, d/o Joseph DECHAMP & Cazilda RANGER, witn: Hugh FERGUSON of Vesta & Kate CAHOON of Walkerton, 19 Feb 1908 at Walkerton 005315-08 (Bruce Co) John James McGUIRE, 29, hostelry, Canada, Lions Head, s/o James McGUIRE & Wilhelmina McGREGOR, married Elizabeth BRADLEY, 18, Canada, Bervie, d/o Joseph BRADLEY & Agnes WILLIAMS, witn: John J. BRADLEY of Bervie & Mrs. F.S. McLACHLAN of Paisley, 19 May 1908, Paisley
005256-08 (Bruce), Donald McKAY, 65, farmer, Ross Shire Scotland, Tarbutt Tp., widower, s/o Angus McKAY & Margaret McKENZIE, to Mary McDONALD, 57, Ross Shire Scotland, Huron Tp., d/o Malcolm & Margaret McDONALD, Wit: W.? MARTYN of Ripley & John McDONALD of Huron, 10 June 1908, Ripley 005244-08 (Bruce Co) Robert G. McKAY, 31, Farmer, Canada, Bruce Twp. s/o Angus McKAY and Margaret McLEOD married Bessie May CAMPBELL, 20, Canada, Greenock, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL and Esther KEYES, Wtn John CAMPBELL of Paisley and Belle McKAY of Bruce Twp, on January 15, 1908 at Greenock
005264-08 (Bruce) Alexander Grant McKAY, 29, farmer, residence- Huron tp., s/o Murdoch McKAY & Mary McLEOD, to Mary Alice COURTNEY, 27, residence- Huron tp., d/o Patrick COURTNEY & Elizabeth CHISHOLM, wit John A. McKAY & W. J. McKAY both of Huron tp., 24 December 1908, Huron  
005179/08 (Bruce Co) Duncan Daniel McKENZIE, 24, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o Duncan McKENZIE & Janet McNAUGHTON, married Sophrona Jane NUTTALL, 27, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o John NUTTALL & Margaret GROGAN, witn: James IRWIN & Georgina NUTTALL both of Bruce Twp., 25 March 1908, Bruce Twp 005167/08 (Bruce Co) Robert James McKEEN, 45, farmer, s/o William McKEEN & Susan REED, married Catherine KERRY, 35, d/o William KERRY & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Stella FORTNER & Mabel GRICE both of Cargill, 6 October 1908, Cargill

005153/08 (Bruce Co) Albert Edway McKIE, 29, break man, of Marquette Michigan, s/o Thomas McKIE & Ellen CRAWFORD, married Elizabeth Maud ESPLEN, 32, farmer’s daughter, of Lot 6 Conc. 6 Arran, d/o David ESPLEN a farmer & Annie E. BURGERS, witn: William B. NELSON & Bella NELSON both of Southampton, 19 August 1908, Lot 6 Conc. 6 Arran

005318/08 (Bruce Co) Robert McKINNON, 33, farmer, Canada, Twp Elderslie, s/o Robert McKINNON & Catherine McKINNON, married Mary McARTHUR, 26, Canada, Twp Elderslie, d/o Neil McARTHUR & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Robert John BELL of Elderslie Twp & Kate McINNES of Paisley, 24 June 1908, Paisley

005259/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas Frederick McLAREN, 30, clerk, England, Detroit Michigan, s/o Benjamin A. McLAREN & Rosena ROSA, married Katherine Rachel MATHESON, 31, farmer's daughter, Canada, Huron Twp., d/o Alexander MATHESON & Marion SMITH, witn: John MORRISON & Katherine SMITH both of Huron Twp., 23 June 1908, Huron Twp.

5380-08 Donald McLEAN, 42, farmer, Bentinck twp., same, s/o Archibald McLEAN & Catherine McKINNON, married Marion McLEAN, 28, Saugeen twp., Bentinck twp., d/o Malcolm McLEAN & Sarah McKECHNIE, witn: Annie McCORMICK & Bella McKINNON, both of Walkerton, 16 April 1908 at Walkerton
005304-08 (Bruce), John A. McLENNAN, 26, Merchant, no birthplace, Lucknow, s/o Malcolm McLENNAN & Mary BOYD, to Donalda Eva? McLEOD, 23, no birthplace, Lucknow, d/o Allan McLEOD & Sarah McKENZIE, wit: A. McLENNAN of Ashfield & M.C. McKERROLL of Lucknow, 2 July 1908, Lucknow 005407/08 (Bruce Co) John M. McLENNAN, 27, miller, of Paisley, s/o Allan McLENNAN & Mary MATHESON, married Annie PURDY, 19, of Paisley, d/o Frank PURDY & Catherine SMITH, witn: A. WILSON & Murray WILSON both of Walkerton, 2 December 1908, Walkerton
  005296-08 (Bruce), James A. McLEOD, 34, contractor, Fort William, Kinloss, s/o James McLEOD & Mary MACHENMAN?, Euphemia McDONALD, 34, Canada, Kinloss, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Mary STEWART, wit: John D. McLEOD & Hannah McDONALD both of Kinloss, 11 March 1908, Kinloss
005347/08 (Bruce Co) Malcolm Alexander McNEIL, 61, widower, farmer, of Southampton, s/o Alexander McNEIL a farmer & Mary McNEIL, married Susannah SNYDER, 47, widow, of Port Elgin, d/o Peter EBY a laborer & Catherine FRY, witn: William GIBBONS & Hannah GIBBONS both of Southampton, 21 October 1908, Southampton 005288/08 (Bruce Co) Daniel McRICHIE, 25, blacksmith, Huron Twp, Tiverton, s/o Donald McRICHIE & Jane GRAHAM, married Annie MUNRO, 23, farmers daughter, Kincardine Twp, Kincardine Twp, d/o John MUNRO & Barbara McDONALD, witn: James MUNRO & May McKENZIE both of Kincardine Twp, 17 June 1908, Kincardine Twp
005181/08 (Bruce Co) James Irving McVITTIE, 30, farmer, Saugeen Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o William McVITTIE & Margaret McKENZIE, married Jennie Elizabeth Bayse (Boyce?) NICHOLSON, 24, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Craven T. NICHOLSON & Jennie E. AGAR, witn: Charles KELSO & Mina NICHOLSON of North Bruce of Bruce Twp., 2 September 1908, Bruce Twp  
005392/08 (Bruce Co) Alex Gilbert McWILLIAM, 33, Physician, of Newbury Middlesex Co, s/o Robert McWILLIAM & Margaret STALKER, married Patricia O’CONNOR, 25, of Walkerton Bruce Co, d/o Martin O’CONNOR & Ann O’HARA, witn: Thomas PYE & Mrs. Thomas PYE both of Walkerton, 21 July 1908, Walkerton 005399/08 (Bruce Co) Joseph MERCY, 28, machinist, of Walkerton Bruce Co, s/o Anthony MERCY & Rufusa GROFF, married Clara GROSS, 18, of Hanover Grey Co, d/o John GROSS & Lizzie YONTZ, witn: William H. BANK of Walkerton & Mrs. Jessie CAMPBELL of Toronto, 13 October 1908, Walkerton
005252-08 (Bruce Co) Wilson METCALF, 27, farmer, (none) Greenock, s/o Jonathon METCALF and Mary Ann NELSON, married Catherine CRUICKSHANK, 20, (none) Greenock, d/o John CRUICKSHANK and Elizabeth FLETT, Wtn James CRUICKSHANK of Greenock and Jennie METCALF of Walkerton, on December 2, 1908 at Greenock

005160/08 (Bruce Co) Sanford MIDDLEBROOK, 25, farmer, Bridgewater Michigan, Grass Lake Michigan, d/o Carmi MIDDLEBROOK & Harriet A. BERRY, married Clara O'NEIL, 25, widow, housekeeper, Dexter Michigan, Chelsea Michigan, d/o Michael ICHELDENGER & Regina SCHINK, witn: Christian EBERTH & Carrie EBERTH both of Brant Twp., 3 February 1908, Brant Twp.

005398/08 (Bruce Co) Simon MILLER, 27, mechanic, of Hanover Grey Co, s/o Charles MILLER & Lena SCHWARTZ, married Clara ZETTEL, 20, of Walkerton, d/o Joseph ZETTEL & Annie SCHMIT, witn: Jack HARLEY of Hanover & Zybella ZETTEL of Walkerton, 6 October 1908, Walkerton 005376-08 (Bruce Co) William George MILLER, 44, yeoman, Co. Halton, Twp. Culross, s/o Gavin MILLER & Margaret ORR, married Agnes FRAME, 36, school teacher, Twp Brant, Walkerton, d/o James FRAME & Elizabeth McCALLUM, witn: W.G. McCALLUM of Twp Brant & Maggie FRAME of Walkerton, 11 December 1908, Walkerton
005203-08 (Bruce), Alexander MILNE, 24, farmer, Kinloss Tp., same, s/o Alexander MILNE & May GAYNOR, to Etta Beatrice TREVETT (Trivett?), 22, Wingham, Lucknow, d/o Henry John TREVETT & Sarah McDONALD, wit: George AITCHESON & Mary C. McKERROL both of Lucknow, 15 April 1908, Lucknow 005134-08 (Bruce Co) Solomon MITCHELL, 21, farmer, of Saugeen Reserve, s/o John MITCHELL & Betsy STEPHENS married Sarah Jane ROOT, 18, of Saugeen Reserve, d/o Jesse ROOT & Margaret WAUBSEB, witn: Charles SMITH & Mary SMITH both of Chippewa Hill,15 May 1908, at Chippewa Hill
005327/08 (Bruce Co) George. Roland MITCHELL, 25, fruit grower, Port Elgin, Port Elgin, s/o Charles MITCHELL & Annie Carson, married Mycie? McKELLAR, 24, helper, Saugeen Twp, Port Elgin, d/o Daniel McKELLAR & Catherine McKENZIE, witn: David A. McINTOSH & Alina? BERNETT both of North Bruce, 24 June 1808, Port Elgin  
005140-08 (Bruce Co) Job Oliver MOORE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Twp. of Hope, s/o Job Oliver MOORE & Ella WEATHERIP, married Lillie May NORTON, 18, farmer daughter, Ontario, Twp of Keppel, d/o William NORTON & Mary Ann WEATHERIP, witn: Mrs. GLAZIER of Amabel & Mrs. Rachel EVANS of Wiarton, 4 February 1908, at Amabel 005371-08 (Bruce), Abraham W. MOORE, 30, lumber merchant, of Wilkie Sask., s/o John James MOORE & Isabella PRATT, to Lottie M. McMILLAN, 26, of Teeswater, d/o Robert McMILLAN & Eliza Jane WHYTE, wit: William H. ROME & Mary ROANE, 15 July 1908, Teeswater
005168/08 (Bruce Co) Henry MONK, 27, farmer, of Brant, s/o Martin MONK a farmer & Hannah GATEMAN, married Louise MUSEHL, 24, of Elmwood, d/o John MUSEHL a farmer & Sophia RODY, witn: Louis MONK & Addine SHILLING both of Brant, 21 October 1908, Brant twp 005367-08 (Bruce), Robert MORAN, 31, carpenter, Culross, same, s/o Michael MORAN & Johanna MALOY, to Hannah CRONIN, 30, Carrick, same, d/o William CRONIN & Mary KELLEY, wit: Andrew WISHER of Bilmore & Catherine CRONIN of Teeswater, 2 March 1908, Teeswater
005316-08 (Bruce Co) William Reid MORRISON, 40, farmer, Scotland, Twp Bruce, s/o James MORRISON & Christina PARK, married Martha Jane McCULLY, 37, Canada, Paisley, d/o John McCULLY & Isabella McKEE, witn: Alex McARTHUR & Jessie McARTHUR both of Twp Bruce, 22 April 1908, Paisley 005254-08 (Bruce), William Andrew MORRISON, 31, farmer, Huron Tp., Manitoba, s/o Thomas MORRISON & Catherine FOSTER, to Mary Elizabeth CORNISH, 30, Huron Tp., same, d/o John CORNISH & Arabella JOHNS, wit: Nathan JOHNS of Colborne Tp. & Mrs. Russell THACKERAY of Port Huron, Michigan, 11 March 1908, Huron
5224-08 William MOWAT, 34, lumberman, Haldimand Co., Cochrane Island, s/o Robert MOWAT & Mina GEDDES, married Maud KLEINSHROTH, 21, Saugeen, Eastnor twp., d/o Harry KLEINSCHROTH & Catharine GROSS, witn: Charles H. & Mrs. C.H. WHITTEN of Hanover, 11 June 1908 at Tamarac Island, 005154/08 (Bruce Co) William B. NELSON, 28, furniture maker, Arran, Southampton, s/o William NELSON & Elizabeth HINDS, married Rosa Belle ESPLEN, 26, farmer’s daughter, Arran, Lot 6 Conc. 6 Arran, d/o David ESPLEN & Annie BURGERS (Burgess?), witn: May E. NELSON of Elsinore & William ESPLEN of Burgoyne, 1 January 1908, Lot 6 Conc. 6 Arran
005377-08 (Bruce Co) Robert H. OSBORNE, 26, farmer, Twp. Greenock, same, s/o Robert OSBORNE & Minnie WEBB, married Sarah ATKINSON, 27, Co. Oxford, Twp. Brant, d/o William ATKINSON & Martha PEARSON, witn: Mrs. Thomas WILSON & Mrs. F.H. RUSSELL both of Walkerton, 28 January 1908, Walkerton 005321/08 (Bruce Co) Robert OSBORNE, 58, widower, farmer, of Twp Greenock Bruce Co, s/o Albert OSBORNE & Mary BROMPTON, married Margaret PORTEOUS, 48, widow, of Twp Greenock Bruce Co, d/o James M.C. ROBINSON & Jane McLENNAN, witn: Elizabeth SPARROW of Paisley & Ethel CREESINE of Williscroft, 16 September 1908, Paisley

005272/08 (Bruce Co) John Joseph O’NEILL, 30, storekeeper, Simcoe Ont., Portage La Prairie Manitoba, s/o James O’NEILL & Ann Jane CARBERRY, married Margaret Ann SHIELDS, 28, domestic, Pinkerton Ont., Hepworth, d/o John SHIELDS & Catherine KELIHAN, witn: Ed. Joseph DOWNE & Annie ELDRIDGE both of Hepworth, 3 March 1908, Hepworth

005638/09 (Bruce Co) Jacob PALM, 33, laborer, Mildmay, s/o Jacob PALM a laborer & Magdalen MILLS, married Helena WEISS, 22, Culross, d/o Edward WEISS a farmer & Barbara SCHNURR, witn: Felix WEISS of Formosa & Bertha PALM of Mildmay, 17 November 1908, Formosa

005372-08 (Bruce), Amos Edward PALMER, 26, teamster, no birthplace, Kincardine, widower, s/o Amos PALMER & Margaret HAY, to Rachael SEWERS, 19, no birthplace, Culross, d/o Charles SEWERS & Mary COMBER, wit: Andrew CATTO of Eden Grove & Carrie SEWERS of Teeswater, 9 September 1908, Teeswater 5130-08 William Tiffany PARKE, 30, merchant, of Albermarle, s/o Edmund F. PARKE, farmer, & Sarah WHICHER, married Hermione Henrietta WHICHER, 26, of Albermarle twp., d/o Charles Edmund WHICHER & Alice ROBINSON, witn: Carl H. & Kathleen WHICHER of Colpoys Bay, 29 Sept 1908 at Colpoys Bay
005387/08 (Bruce Co) Sylvester PARKER, 39, farmer, Oxford Co, Brant Twp, s/o Joseph PARKER & Alice GOTT, married Elizabeth KAUFMANN, 39, Oxford Co, Twp Brant, d/o Conrad KAUFMANN & Margaret WETTLAUFER, witn: Robert MURRAY & Elizabeth SCHULER both of Dunkeld, 3 June 1908, Walkerton 005146-08 (Bruce Co) Benjamin PARKER, 26, conductor, Ontario, St. St Marie, s/o Thomas PARKER & Sarah AFA, married Martha FLARITY, 24, farmers daughter, Amabel, Amabel, d/o Thomas FLARITY & Catherine MILLS, witn: Stephen & Mrs. S. FLARITY of Wiarton, 17 June 1908, at Amabel

005275/08 (Bruce Co) Leonard W. PEARL, 24, glove maker, of Toronto Ont., s/o Henry PEARL & Mary Jane JONES, married Mary E. McKENZIE, 27, of Kincardine, d/o Edmund McKENZIE & Lenora HARTWICK, witn: Thomas N.B. CULLEN of Toronto & Hannah M. McKENZIE of Kincardine, 19 August 1908, Kincardine

005767/07 (Bruce Co) Thomas Herb PETTIGREW, 25, commercial traveler, Lions Head, Toronto, s/o John PETTIGREW & Margaret BOYLE, married Flora Chapman RUMLEY, 23, milliner, Meaford, Lions Head, d/o Elijah B. RUMLEY & Eveline CHAPMAN, witn: Mr. Leslie WILSON of Toronto & Miss Eveline RUMLEY of Lions Head, 1 January 1908, Lions Head
5129-08 George Henry PETTMAN, 28, farmer, Albermarle twp., same, s/o James PETTMAN & Govina HAMILTON, married Eveleen JERMYN, 29, saleslady, Seaforth, Cope Croker, d/o Henry JERMYN & Margaret GRAFTON, witn: William H. JERMYN of Cope Croker & Walter C. PETTMAN of Colpoys Bay, 22 April 1908 at Cape Croker 5382-08 Richard Morgan PLAYER, 31, butter maker, Coventry England, Walkerton, s/o Joseph PLAYER & Eliza NEWSOME, married Jessie Agnes Lockerbie TRUAX, 23, Walkerton, same, d/o Reuben TRUAX & Jessie PORTEOUS, witn: Harry & Clara L. TRUAX of Walkerton, 2 April 1908 at Walkerton

005274/08 (Bruce Co) J. E. POWELL, 27, clergyman C. of E., of Chesley Ont., s/o J.K. POWELL & Mary A. JOHNSTON, married E.J. KING, 27, teacher, of Kincardine, d/o Charles KING a J.F. station agent & Sarah HOPPER, witn: Lawrence E. HARRISON of Wingham Ont. & F.E.M. King of Kincardine, 5 August 1908, Kincardine

005346/08 (Bruce Co) Frank PRINGLE, 24, wood worker, Richmond Twp, Owen Sound, s/o William C. PRINGLE & Minerva ASPLEN?, married Margaret Ina BROWN, 20, Elsinore Ontario, Southampton, d/o James BROWN & Elizabeth McKECHNIE, witn: Robert HAMMON of Owen Sound & Maggie A. WAIN of Tara, 16 September 1908, Southampton
005170/08 (Bruce Co) William PRUETER, 30, farmer, of Brant Twp., s/o Christopher PRUETER a farmer & Caroline STEINHAGEN, married Carrie BECKER, 24, of Brant Twp., d/o George BECKER a farmer & Eva GUNTHER, witn: Henry STADE & Annie PRUETER both of Brant Twp., 18 November 1908, St. Peter’s Church 005241/08 (Bruce Co) Wilson PROUD, 35, farmer, Sullivan Twp., Sullivan Twp., s/o George Wilson PROUD & Isabella STURGEON, married Margaret SPENCE, 34, widow, housekeeper, Dublin Ireland, Harrison town, d/o Jones STEVENSON & Rebecca SKILLEN, witn: F. Gordon WADDELL & E.L. WADDELL both of Dobbington, 19 November 1908

5230-08 James Miller RAMSAY, 27, boiler maker, of Glasgow Scotland, s/o James RAMSAY, boiler maker, & Elizabeth MILLER, married Margaret HENDERSON, 24, of Moreyshire Scotland, d/o William HENDERSON, joiner, & Annie ELLIS, witn: Mr. W. J. & Mrs. W. J. WALPOLE of Spry, 22 Dec 1908 at Spry

005406/08 (Bruce Co) Anthony RAYMANN, 64, widower, postmaster, of Cranbrook Huron Co, s/o Michael RAYMANN & Catherine KEFFER, married Maria CRAIG, 44, of Walkerton, d/o Thomas CRAIG & Esther GUINN, witn: C.W. KEELING & M. KEELING both of Cargill, 9 December 1908, Walkerton

005913/09 (Bruce Co) James Robert REDMAN, 23, laborer, of Paris Ont., s/o Wilson REDMAN & Elizabeth STEPHENSON, married Annie May TILT, 21, of Hepworth, d/o Francis TILT & Mary L. LONGMERE, witn: Annie BENNETT of Wiarton & Ella TUCK of Mellon West, 11 August 1908, Wiarton

005397/08 (Bruce Co) John Stanley REED, 32, dentist, of Walkerton, s/o Charles REED & Lucy Anna REED , married Edith Carlotta VOGAN, 29, of Walkerton Bruce Co, d/o Samuel W. VOGAN a merchant & Fannie PLEWES, witn: Raymond VOGAN & Clarice VOGAN both of Walkerton, 23 September 1908, Walkerton

005237/08 (Bruce Co) Donald REID, 33, farmer, of Elderslie Twp., s/o Peter REID a farmer & Christina TAYLOR, married Clara McINTYRE, 26, farmer's daughter, of Elderslie Twp., d/o John McINTYRE a farmer & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: John A. McINTYRE & Annie REID, 16 September 1908, Elderslie Twp

005396/08 (Bruce Co) William Henry REUBER, 28, farmer, of Carrick Twp Bruce Co, s/o Louis RUEBER a farmer & Catherine SCHMIDT, married Catherine KISTER, 17, of Carrick Twp Bruce Co, d/o John KISTER a farmer & Elizabeth LANZ, witn: John REUBER & Minnie REUBER both of Twp Carrick, 16 September 1908, Walkerton

005273/08 (Bruce Co) Charles Norman REYNOLDS, 23, mechanic, of Toronto, s/o William REYNOLDS (occupation – not sure) & Eliza A. GULL, married Magdalena DAUKERT, 21, domestic, of Hepworth, d/o H.J. DAUKERT a mechanic & Susannah WOLFLEY, witn: T.E. REYNOLDS of Toronto & M. DAUKERT of Hepworth, 30 December 1908, Hepworth

5228-08 George Edward RICHARDSON, 27, farmer, of Eastnor, s/o John RICHARDSON, farmer, & Susan DAVIS, married Annie MOSSOP, 28, servant, of Eastnor, d/o John MOSSOP, farmer, & Mary Ann DAVIS, witn: Burnham & Mrs. J. GAUDIER of Lions Head, 13 Nov 1908 at Lions Head
005921/09 (Bruce Co) Robert Harvey RICHARDSON, 29, marble dealer, of Wiarton, s/o James RICHARDSON & Mary A. NEILSTON, married Florence May LIPPERT, 24, of Wiarton, d/o Frederick LIPPERT a merchant & Mary SPIESS (Spiers?), witn: William J. RICHARDSON & Laura LIPPERT both of Wiarton, 1 October 1908, Wiarton 005405/08 (Bruce Co) W.J. RICHARDSON, 35, widower, farmer, of Walkerton, s/o James RICHARDSON (deceased) & Mary H. NEILSTON, married H. Mary TOLTON, 30, of Walkerton, d/o James TOLTON a retired farmer & B. PARKINSON, witn: R. RICHARDSON & W.A. TOLTON both of Walkerton, 7 November 1908, Walkerton
005242-08 (Bruce Co) David RITCHIE, 35, widow, Yeoman, Culross, same, s/o David RITCHIE and Mary McKELL, married Janet RITCHIE, (age not given), Greenock, same, d/o Patrick RITCHIE and Elizabeth ROBERTSON, Wtn Hugh RITCHIE of Greenock and Jeannett ROBERTSON of Toronto, on January 8, 1908 at Greenock  
005924/09 (Bruce Co) Albert Clinton ROBERTSON, 21, finisher, of Chesley, s/o Daniel ROBERTSON & Mary Ann KELSO, married Ruby Evelyn SMITH, 21, of Wiarton, d/o Hamilton SMITH a laborer & Mary THACKERY, witn: James HILL & Sarah Elizabeth HILL both of Purple Valley, 14 October 1908, Wiarton 005319/08 (Bruce Co) Daniel A. ROBERTSON, 33, farmer, of Twp Kincardine, s/o Daniel ROBERTSON & Sarah SHIELDS, married Laura Maud RUSSELL, 20, of Twp Kincardine, d/o Robert RUSSELL & Jane SWALLOW, witn: Mrs. L. WHITE of Toronto & Constance CARTER of Paisley, 8 July 1908, Paisley
005345/08 (Bruce Co) Lionel ROBINSON, 29, railway operator, Goudhurst Kent England, Southampton, s/o Henry George ROBINSON & Martha AMOS, married Harriet ROSE, 29, London England, same, d/o Benjamin ROSE & Elizabeth CLAY, witn: Catherine E. LOWTHIAN of Ridgetown & Lilly C. BROWNLEE of Southampton , 25 July 1908, Southampton

005290/08 (Bruce Co) Murdock Ross ROBINSON, 19, farmer, of Lot 28 3 N.D.R., s/o Archibald ROBINSON a farmer & Catherine McLEOD, married Christina PETERBAUGH, 18, farmer's daughter, S.D.R. Kincardine Twp., d/o William PETERBAUGH a farmer & Catherine McFARLAND, witn: Ryerson ROBINSON of Kincardine & Maggie PETERBAUGH of Bervie, 29 September 1908, bride's parents Kincardine Twp

5411-08 William Thomas ROGERS, 28, farmer, Oxford Co., Amabel twp., s/o John Trefield ROGERS & Mary Ann MARKHAM, married Etta McNALLY, 30, Alma, Wiarton, d/o William McNALLY & Isabella FALCONER, witn: Ila GRIFFIN of Wiarton & Jane COLTART of Chatham, 17 June 1908 at Wiarton 005156/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas William ROWE, 28, farmer, Arran, Amabel Twp., s/o James ROWE & Matilda McINNIS, married Maggie MILLER, 21, farmer’s daughter, Arran, Lot 29 Conc. 10 Arran, d/o Andrew MILLER & Mary Ann LUNNY, witn: William MILLER of Arran & Lizzie ROWE of Amabel, 18 March 1908, Arran Twp. Lot 29 Con. 10

005156/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas William ROWE, 28, farmer, Arran, Amabel Twp., s/o James ROWE & Matilda McINNIS, married Maggie MILLER, 21, farmer's daughter, Arran, Lot 29 Conc. 10 Arran, d/o Andrew MILLER & Mary Ann LUNNY, witn: William MILLER of Arran & Lizzie ROWE of Amabel, 18 March 1908, Arran Twp. Lot 29 Con. 10

005710/09 (Bruce Co) Albert Edward Lawrence ROWE, 23, farmer, of Greenock Twp., s/o James ROWE a farmer & Elizabeth Ealonor HARRISON, married Lillie May LEESON, 21, of Greenock, d/o William Albert LEESON a farmer & Mary Jane MOULTON, witn: Roy M. LEESON & Minnie M. ROWE both of Kingarf, 22 December 1908, Greenock

005317-08 (Bruce Co) Leonard Vernon RUTTER, 27, baker, England, Dryden Ontario, s/o William RUTTER & Lucy MOORE, married Ellen Jane WALPOLE, 20, Canada, Twp. Elderslie , d/o George WALPOLE & Pricilla J. WILKINSON, witn: Franklin C. WALPOLE of Kincardine Co. Bruce & Annie P. WALPOLE of Elderslie , 24 June 1908, Paisley 005246-08 (Bruce Co) R. Frank SANDERSON, 30, Teacher, Canada, Walkerton, s/o J.W. SANDERSON and M.J. GAIT married Janet M. McDONALD, 29, Canada, Riversdale, d/o William McDONALD and Katherine CAMPBELL, Wtn W.D. McDONALD of Riversdale and Lolla (or Lotta) V. SANDERSON of Walkerton on January 31, 1908 at Riversdale

005289/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas SANDY, 25, farmer, Ashfield Twp., Ashfield Twp., s/o George SANDY & Jane DIXON, married Mary Jane Ruby GLAHN, 20, farmer's daughter, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Adam GLAHN & Maggie McGUIRE, witn: Pearl GLAHN & Fred GLAHN both of Kincardine Twp., 1 January 1908, Kincardine

005251-08 (Bruce Co) John SCHENKL, 35, Farmer, of Twp of Brant, s/o John SCHENKL and Mary MILLER married Mary SCHENKL, 32, widow, of Twp of Brant, d/o Joseph KIMKEL and Ann VOGT, Wtn Louie? SCHENKL of Chepstow and Kate KIMKEL of Varna? on Octobert 13, 1908 at Chepstow 005375-08 (Bruce Co) Frank SCHMIDT, 23, farmer, Auburn - Co. Huron, Twp Carrick, s/o John F. SCHMIDT & Catherine SCHULTZ, married Mary MILLER, 18, Twp. Carrick, same, d/o Jacob MILLER & Sarah QUANZ, witn: Estella MORLOCK & Mrs. J. MORLOCK both of Walkerton, 7 January 1908, Walkerton
005249-08 (Bruce Co) Edward SCHMIDT, 34, Farmer, Greenock, same, s/o George SCHMIDT and Mary BAUER, married Martha DESMOND, 30, Greenock, same, d/o Pat DESMOND and Martha WALL, Wtn William DESMOND of Pinkerton and Johanna SCHMIDT of Chepstow, on June 23, 1908 at Chepstow 005404/08 (Bruce Co) Philip SCHMIDT, 22, mechanic, of Mildmay, s/o Joseph SCHMIDT (deceased) & blank, married Henrietta GIESLER, 19, Walkerton, d/o Henry GIESLER a mechanic & Teresa HARTLIEB, witn: Frank SCHMIDT of Preston & Florence GIESLER of Walkerton, 27 October 1908, Walkerton
5381-08 Ezra SCHMIDT, 26, farmer, Carrick twp., same, s/o Ernest SCHMIDT & Fredericka KRUEGER, married Emma WOLFE, 23, Mildmay, Carrick twp., d/o Henry WOLFE & Louisa MACKE, witn: Fred A. WOLFE & Adelina M. SCHMIDT, both of Carrick twp., 8 April 1908 at Walkerton 005302-08 (Bruce), Francis SCOTT, 82, farmer, Scotland, Ashfield, widower, s/o James SCOTT & Ellen IRVING, to Sarah McDONALD, 55, Cape Breton, Ashfield, widow, d/o Neil FERGUSON & Mary McDONALD, wit: Mary C. McKERROL & Mary Jane REED both of Lucknow, 28 March 1908, Lucknow

005336/08 (Bruce Co) Walter James SHELTON, 25, farmer, of Armow, s/o James SHELTON & Martha Ann BENNETT, married Mary Jane HOLTZ, 24, of Saugeen, d/o Theodore HOLTZ a farmer & Mary Jane GROGAN, witn: William HOLTZ of Port Elgin & Mrs. SHELTON of Armow, 5 August 1908, Con. 2 Saugeen

005136-08 (Bruce Co) Alfred SHIELDS, 24, laborer, of Twp. of Amabel, s/o Michael SHIELDS & Mary MASHENDUA married Teletia KEWAQUIAN, 18, of Saugeen Reserve, d/o Frank KEWAQUAIN & Sarah DANIELS, witn: Leslie SHIELDS & Lucy K. SHIELDS both from Chippewa Hill, 28 September 1908, at Chippewa Hill

005337/08 (Bruce Co) Alfred SHIELDS, 24, laborer, of Chippewa Hill, s/o Michael SHIELDS & Mary MADWACHOAND, married Stitila KEWAQWOM, 18, French Bay, d/o Luke KEWAQUOM & Sarah DANIEL, witn: Leslie SHIELDS & Lucy SHIELDS both of Chippewa Hill, 28 September 1908, Chippewa Hill

005248-08 (Bruce Co) Anthony SIEGEL, 27, Farmer, Strassburg, Greenock, s/o Augnet SIEGEL and Margareth BEMGIONER? married Theda WEBER, 24, Chepstow, same, d/o William WEBER and Theda GRAF, Wtn Joseph STRANS of Carlsruhe and Lomisa WEBER of Chepstow on May 19, 1908 at Chepstow 005341-08 (Bruce Co) John SIMMIE, 24, G.T.R Official, Harriston Ontario, Wiarton, s/o William SIMMIE & Margaret WRIGHT, married Lillie J. SMITH, 25, Southampton, Southampton, d/o George E. SMITH & Eliza RUSH, witn: Sidney SMITH of Midland & Dr. P.G. McLEOD of Tiverton, 3 June 1908, St Pauls Church, Southampton

005624/09 (Bruce Co) Donald SINCLAIR, 32, farmer, Bruce Twp., s/o Donald SINCLAIR a farmer & Mary McEACHERN, married Margaret Susan McRAE, 24, Bruce Twp., d/o Alex McRAE a farmer & Mary CURRY, witn: Bell SINCLAIR & Frasure McRAE both of Paisley, 30 December 1908, Bruce Twp

5221-08 (Bruce Co) Patrick SMITH, 28, lumberman, Mount Forest, Lindsay, s/o Michael SMITH & June MCCAMIA married Sarah MCARTHUR, 22, Lindsay, Lindsay, d/o John MCARTHUR & Catherine DEALE, witn Mrs. Charles PEDWELL & Mrs J. H. WELLS of Lions Head, 9 Jan 1908, Lions Head

005737/09 (Bruce Co) Murdoch SMITH, 48, farmer, Redvers Sask., s/o Donald SMITH a farmer & Catherine McAULAY, married Isabella HENDERSON, 34, farmer's daughter, of Huron Twp., d/o Kenneth HENDERSON a farmer & Mary McKENZIE, witn: Kenneth HENDERSON of Huron Twp. & Margaret HENDERSON of Kinloss Twp, 3 March 1908, Huron Twp

005342-08 (Bruce Co) James SMITH, 22, chair maker, Canada, Southampton, s/o Alexander SMITH & Annie CRUIKSHANK, married Etta GIBBONS, 21, Canada, Southampton Ontario, d/o George GIBBONS & Carrie ROBINS?, witn: Jean COCKBURN & May STIRTON both of Southampton, 10 June 1908, Southampton
005388/08 (Bruce Co) Samuel SMITH, 25, mason, of Culross Twp Bruce Co, s/o Robert SMITH & Charlotte HIETS (Hilts?), married Elizabeth SMITH, 18, of Culross Twp Bruce Co, d/o William SMITH & Martha SMITH, witn: George SMITH & Ruth SMITH both of Culross Twp, 15 July 1908, Walkerton 005410/08 (Bruce Co) Norman SMITH, 28, farmer, Goderich, Lindsay, s/o Norman SMITH & Margaret McIVER, married Mary McIVER, 21, Stokes Bay, Lindsay, d/o Donald McIVER & Annie McLAY, witn: Christy McIVER & George HILL both of Stokes Bay, 29 April 1908, Wiarton
005325/08 (Bruce Co) Jeremiah SNYDER, 23, farmer, Waterloo Co, Port Elgin, s/o Ephraim SNYDER & Susannah EBY, married Susan Florence NIGHTENGALE (Nightingale?), 18, helper, London England, Port Elgin, d/o Edward NIGHTENGALE & Lowida GRIGDON, witn: Edwin NIGHTENGALE & Lowida GRIGDON both of Port Elgin, 28 May 1908, Port Elgin 005349/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas SPEARS, 24, farmer, St. Edmunds Twp, Tobermory, s/o Solomon SPEARS & Fanny Ann DIAMOND, married Mary Ellen BARTMAN, 24, St. Edmunds Twp, Tobermory, d/o Thomas BARTMAN & Martha STEPHENS, witn: Lyda SPEARS & Bertha BARTMAN, 28 March blank, Tobermory

005280/08 (Bruce Co) James A. STEEL, 24, blacksmith, Amberlay, Fort Frances, s/o James STEEL & blank REID, married Lulu HUSTON, 24, Pine River, Kincardine, d/o William HUSTON & Mary HAYES, witn: Edmund HUSTON of Pine River & Alice HUSTON of Kincardine, 11 June 1908, Kincardine

5220-08 (Bruce Co) George STEEP, 26, farmer, Lindsay, Lindsay, s/o John STEEP & Mary Eliza NOBLE married Katie MCLEAN, not given, Lindsay, Lindsay, d/o Donald MCLEAN & Margaret MCDONALD, witn; John MCLEAN & Teeny MCLEAN of Stokes Bay, 17 Sept 1907, Lions Head 005144-08 (Bruce Co) Arthur STEEP, 24, farmer, Twp. of Lindsay, same, s/o John STEEP & Elizabeth NOBLE, married Ada MYLES, 23, farmers daughter, Eastnor twp., same, d/o George MYLES & Mary WHITE, witn: Mrs. Eliza GLAZIER & M.E. GLAZIER both of Amabel, 3 June 1908, at Amabel
005263-08 (Bruce) Edward Alexander STRACHAN, 43, no occupation, residence- Underwood, s/o Peter STACHAN & Elizabeth McKAY, to Alzeria BEATTIE, 43, residence- Huron tp., d/o John BEATTIE & Sarah J. DUNLOP, wit James STRACHAN of Bruce tp. & Sarah J. DUNLOP of Huron tp., 17 December 1908, Huron 005157/08 (Bruce Co) Archibald STEWART, 24, farmer, Saugeen Twp., Arran, s/o Peter STEWART & Elizabeth LANG, married Bertha May RICHARDS, 20, farmer’s daughter, Arran, Arran, d/o Samuel T. RICHARDS & Mary J. MATTHEWS, witn: David STEWART & Irene RICHARDS both of Arran, 31 March 1908, Arran
005329/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas SWALWELL, 39, harness maker, of Port Elgin, s/o George SWALWELL a farmer & Elizabeth YUIE?(Yule?), married Mary CAVIN, 37, widow, of Port Elgin, d/o John McKINNON a farmer retired & blank, witn: Dan McCANNEL & Rachel YARDAM both of Port Elgin, 17 October 1908, Port Elgin 005394/08 (Bruce Co) Conrad SWANCE, 34, tailor, of Hanover Grey Co, s/o Joseph SWANCE & Annie SMITH, married Ida FLEET, 24, domestic, of Hanover Grey Co, d/o William FLEET a farmer & Mary A. BECKON, witn: Robert LONG & Jennie BELL both of Walkerton, 9 September 1908, Walkerton

005238/08 (Bruce Co) John TENNANT, 72, widower, farmer, of Brant Twp. Bruce Co., s/o Joseph TENNANT a farmer & Margaret WEIR, married Nancy FRYDICE, 45, widowed, farmer's daughter, of Elderslie Twp., d/o Alexander McLEAN a farmer & Nancy GREIG, witn: Alexander McLEAN & Esther Ann SMITH, 15 September 1908, Elderslie Twp

005262-08 (Bruce) Frances E. TOUT, 29, farmer, residence- Huron tp., s/o William TOUT & Mary A. WALSH, to Matilda SMITH, 28, residence- Huron tp., d/o Robert SMITH & Rebecca MONTGOMERY, wit Duncan SMITH of Pine River & Ellen M. TOUT of Kincardine, 18 November 1908, Huron
005401/08 (Bruce Co) Michael Jos. TRACY, 21, butcher, of Chesley, s/o Richard J. TRACY & Alice RYAN, married Minnie Elizabeth SCHUMACHER, 19, of Chesley, d/o Philip SCHUMACHER & Paulina FEDY, witn: Joseph SCHUMACHER of Chesley & Dora SCHUMACHER of Walkerton, 14 October 1908, Walkerton

005356/08 (Bruce Co) Milton Rennard TREMAIN, 27, news agent, of Stratford, s/o Richard TREMAIN & Elizabeth TENNANT, married Annie GREEN, 22, of Wiarton, d/o William GREEN & Mary WILLOUGHBY, witn: Rev. D.A. MENZIES of Toronto & Mrs. D.A. McLEAN of Tara, 22 July 1908, Tara

005243-08 (Bruce Co) Frederick William TRUMBLEY, 21, Blacksmith, Goderich, Glamis, s/o Thomas TRUMBLEY and Elizabeth CRITTINGDEN married Maude WILSON, 21, Bruce Co., Greenock, d/o William John WILSON and Emily ELPHNICK, Wtn Lizzie WILSON of Greenock and E.C.(G?) McKINNON of Pinkerton on February 19, 1908 at Pinkerton 005400/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas TURNBULL, 40, engineer, of Paisley Bruce Co, s/o Robert TURNBULL & Mary McGILLIVARY, married Annie BROWN, 29, of Paisley, d/o Donald BROWN & Hannah McLEAN, witn: Jas. A. GOWANLOCK & Mrs. Jas. A. GOWANLOCK both of Walkerton, 14 October 1908, Walkerton

005231/08 (Bruce Co) George VICKER, 25, farmer, Kirkton, Chesley Ont., s/o George VICKER & Mary Ann WISEMAN, married Eliza Ann McCOY, 26, farming, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Joseph McCOY & Eliza Ann CORDICK, witn: Robert BEATTIE & Elizabeth A. BEATTIE both of Arran, 5 February 1908, Elderslie Twp

005142-08 (Bruce Co) Alexander VOISIN, 22, laborer, Amabel, Amabel, s/o John VOISIN & Mary COLLIER, married Melissa KIDD, 18, domestic, Amabel, Amabel, d/o Thomas KIDD & Mary HOOD, witn: Clara J. WILSON & Clara G. WILSON both of Allenford, 13 May 1908, at Allenford, Amabel
005284/08 (Bruce Co) Thomas J. WALL, 34, farmer, of Kinloss Twp, s/o John WALL & Fanny SCOTT, married Lydia THOMPSON, 25, Greenock Twp, d/o Robert THOMPSON a farmer & Jane HAWLSHAW, witn: Charles L. WALL & Nettie STANLEY both of Kinloss Twp, 27 October 1908, St. Matthews Church Kinloss 005324/08 (Bruce Co) Hugh Alexander WARRINGTON, 25, clerk, of Chesley, s/o Robert WARRINGTON & Elizabeth LEITCH, married Mary Louise McDONALD, 23, of Elderslie Twp, d/o John McDONALD & Mary DOHERTY, witn: Maggie May SHANPEY? & Agnes DIEHL both of Paisley, 17 November 1908, Paisley

005357/08 (Bruce Co) William Lewis WALKER, 23, farmer, of Englewood, s/o John WALKER & Mary Jane LEWIS, married Annie Elizabeth SPENCE, 17, of Parkhead, d/o Sidney SPENCE & Elizabeth KIDD, witn: Carrie M. DIEHL & Catherine RUDOLPH both of Tara, 10 August 1908, Tara

005135-08 (Bruce Co) Noah WAUBAZIE, 29, farmer, of Saugeen Reserve, s/o Sam WAUBAZIE & Elizabeth CABBAJE, married Martha ASHAWANGA, 25, of Saugeen Reserve, d/o John ASHAWANGA & Elizabeth RITCHIE, witn: Peter RITCHIE & Charlotte JOHNSTON both of Chippewa Hill, 10 June 1908, at Chippewa Hill 005366-08 (Bruce), Leon WAYLAND, 20, farmer, Toronto, Greenock, s/o (no first name) WAYLAND & (don’t know) for mothers name, to Maude ECKENSWEILER, 19, Bruce Co., Greenock, d/o Joseph ECKENSWEILER & Maud BRADFORD, wit: Thomas AUSTIN & John TUCKER, 6 March 1908, Teeswater
005298-08 (Bruce), Ira Percy WELLWOOD, 26, farmer, E. Wawanosh, Kinloss, s/o Joseph WELLWOOD & Susan HOLMES, to Frances Isabella CRAIG, 22, Kinloss, same, d/o John CRAIG & Frances DAWSON, wit: A. R. CRAIG of Toronto & Amy B. WELLWOOD of Culross, 25 March 1908, Kinloss 005166/08 (Bruce Co) George Denston WELSFORD, 30, gardener, of Cargill, s/o James WELSFORD & Mary DEWSTON, married Margaret Jane STANSAL, 20, of Brant, d/o Benj. STANSAL a farmer & Esther Ann ARNOLD, witn: Harvey GRICE & Nellie STANSAL both of Cargill, 16 September 1908, Brant twp
005390/08 (Bruce Co) Walter WENDROF, 23, barber, of Hanover Grey Co, s/o Charles WENDROF & Rika WENDROF, married Victoria EIFERT, 18, of Mildmay Bruce Co, d/o Fred EIFERT & Marguerite STIMACKE, witn: Aaron RIES & Barbara SCHAEFER both of Hanover, 11 August 1908, Walkerton 005339-08 (Bruce Co) John Arthur WEST, 22, carpenter, Toronto, Twp. Arran , s/o John WEST & Lizzie CLARK, married Isabella ECKEL, 21, Underwood , Port Elgin, d/o Abraham ECKEL & Caroline CLAHO?, witn: William G. GRAY & Laura ECKEL both of Port Elgin, 9 April 1908, Southampton
005916/09 (Bruce Co) John WEST, 30, farmer, of Lindsay, s/o Joseph WEST & Annie HODGINS, married Margaret Ann McLAY, 22, of Lindsay, d/o Dan. L. McLAY a farmer & Annie McIVER, witn: William WEST of Cape Chin & Kate McLAY of Stokes Bay, 9 September 1908, Wiarton 005920/09 (Bruce Co) William Thomas WEST, 21, farmer, of Lindsay, s/o Samuel WEST & Mary SONDER, married Rachel PATTON, 21, of Lindsay, d/o Daniel PATTON & Susan CAREFOOT, witn: Lexia LINTON & Annie BENNETT both of Wiarton, 30 September 1908, Wiarton
5229-08 William Alex WETHERHEAD, 23, farmer, of Lindsay twp., s/o William WETHERHEAD, farmer, & Margaret KIRK, married Margaret J. SHEARER, 21, of Lindsay twp., d/o Archibald SHEARER, farmer, & Martha CARFOOT, witn: Leslie J. PENMAN & Effie SHEARER, both of Lions Head, 18 Nov 1908 at Lions Head 005309-08 (Bruce), Thomas Chapman WHITE, 34, merchant, Canada, Toronto, s/o William WHITE & Mary Ann MANE, to Lily May HYDE, 23, Canada, Paisley, d/o James HYDE & Hannah E. JOHNSTON, wit: Nancy HYDE of Paisley & John W. WHITE of Brooklin, Ont., 1 January 1908, Paisley

005360/08 (Bruce Co) William WHITE, 27, farmer, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., s/o William WHITE & Annie JACKSON, married Mrs. Minnie WURN, 27, widow, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., Culross Twp., d/o Robert LINDSAY & Mary REID, witn: Mrs. L.G. SCOTT & Mrs. J.E. COOK both of Tiverton, 9 March 1908, Tiverton

005232/08 (Bruce Co) William WRIGHTSON, 25, farmer, Bruce Twp. Bruce Co., Elderslie Twp., s/o John WRIGHTSON & Anna Catherine BAKER, married Margaret May LEWIS, 24, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o John LEWIS & Flora Jane DRUMMOND, witn: William LEWIS of Paisley & Bertha WRIGHTSON of Willow Creek Ont., 18 March 1908, Elderslie Twp