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Bodwell Family

If I follow my maternal lines back, i.e., mother's mother's mother etc., I eventually reach my gggg-grandparents, James & Abigail BODWELL. James BODWELL, born 1795 in Maine and died Dec. 4, 1874 at Mt. Elgin, Ontario. He married Abigail Eason VINING, daughter of Ebenezer VINING and Abigail EASON. Abigail VINING was born 17 Dec., 1800 in Chesterfield, Hampshire Co. Mass. and she died in Dec of 1883.

James BODWELL (b. 1795) was the son of James BODWELL (1764 - 1853) and Mariah GLIDDEN (1765 - 1845) and both James & Mariah died in Ingersoll Ontario, although they had been born in the USA

Descendents of James & Mariah:

James BODWELL (ELIPHALET, JAMES) was born May 01, 1764 in Methuen, Essex, MA, and died 1853 in Ingersoll, Ontario. He married Mariah GLIDDEN August 13, 1789 in Unity NH, daughter of ANDREW GLIDDEN. James & Mariah lived at a number of places - Metheun MA, Stanstead Que (Mack's Mills)., upper NY state, and Oxford Co., Ontario


James - see below

Eliphalet - b. Abt. 1797, USA; m. Mary Ann McCARTNEY. In October of 1835 Eliphalet received a Land grant of 140 acres in Stanstead twp., Stanstead Co., Quebec. In the 1871, census - age 74, relig=CE, English origins, farmer

Charlotte - b. April 11, 1791, Maine; d. June 01, 1870, W. Nissouri Tp, Middlesex Co., Ontario- Vining cemetery; m. Jared VINING, 1816, Sweden NY. About 1818 the first Vining's settled in W. Nissouri and in 1821 Jared & Charlotte also settled there. During the Rebellin of 1837 Jared had enlisted a company to go to Woodstock, but Mackenzie was defeated before they got there. In 1841 Jared became a Canadian citizen (Upper Can Naturalization Records 1828-50). In 1850 Jared was reeve of W. Nissouri twp and he appears in the 1851 census as a farmer, W. Nissouri twp. In the 1861 census Charlotte is age 70, widow, living in W. Nissouri twp., Oxford Co

Melinda - married Stilson HACKETT who appears on the 1825 assessment rolls for Dereham twp., Ont., at con 1, lot 13 with 40 acres uncultivated, 10 acres cultivated, 3 horses, 4 cows, 3 oxen

Sarah. married Hazen SINCLAIR who appears on the 1825 assessment rolls for Dereham twp., Oxford Co. at con 1., lot 14, with 106 uncultivated acres, 4 cultivated acres, 2 cows, 1 ox

Euseba married Beriah WRIGHT, March 28, 1835, Oxford County, Ontario.

Hiram who appears in the 1822 Zorra twp assessment rolls - 100 acres uncultivated + 2 cows, 2 oxen

Hannah, married Peter SMITH

Elizabeth married James BROWN

Andrew Glidden, married Ann Sutherland GRAHAM. there is a letter from Andrew to the commissioner of Crown Lands, Dereham, dated 5 Jan 1835 that transmits assignment of S 1/2, lot 23, con 6, Norwich from Beriah WRIGHT to him in order that sale of land may be completed by the District Agent. In 1887 they were living in Ingersoll. Andrew and Ann had a daughter Martha Ann who was born about 1857 in Dereham twp. In 1887 in Ingersoll she married William T. GLIDDEN who had been born about 1857 in Clarendon, Oneida County, New York (where he was a farmer in 1887), and he was the son of Warren & Jane Reid GLIDDEN (marr reg 9098-87).

Andrew & Ann also had a daughter Agnes M. who was born about 1861 in Ingersoll. On 19 Sept 1884 in Ingersoll, she married Morgan Lacey STEVENS who was age 24, a merchant in Ingersoll, born in Dereham and s/o James & Eliza C. Witnesses at the marriage were Mr. & Mrs. W.B. NELLES of Ingersoll. (marr reg # 8931-84).

In the 1881 census, Andrew is aged 70 (born in Quebec) and Ann S. is aged 65 (born in Ontario). Only two daughters are there - Martha and Agnes from above. Also with them is Emma SUTTON, age 21, born in Ontario, of English ancestry. They are in Ingersoll (C-13267 Dist 165 SubDist H Div 2 Page 77).

Tryphena , b. about 1794, USA; d. Aft. 1881; m. Truman SINCLAIR who was a brother of Hazen, above

There is a comprehensive Bodwell genealogy already online and I do not plan to duplicate it here. Instead, if you are interested in the Bodwell family try this link.

Descendants of James Jr. BODWELL and Abigail Eason Vining

James BODWELL arrived in Canada in 1821, and in 1825 he appears on assessment rolls for Dereham twp at con 1, lot 11 where he owned 51 acres - 40 uncultivated & 11 cultivated, along with 2 horses, 2 oxen, 6 cows, 4 young cattle. At that time there were no other Bodwells on the Dereham asessments. In 1842 James became a Canadian citizen (source: Upper Canada Naturalization Records 1828-1850).

Children of James & Abigail are:

Charlotte Matilda, b. 1825; d. January 1906, Tillsonburg, Ont. She married Wright BARKER

James Vining, b. 1820, Aroostock Co., ME, USA; d. August 09, 1891, Mt Elgin, Ontario. He married Mary Ann SINCLAIR October 26, 1848 in Oxford Co., Ontario, daughter of Hazen SINCLAIR and Sarah BODWELL. (cousins) The marriage was performed by Rev. Salmon VINING and the witnesses were Hazen and Sarah SINCLAIR. James is on the 1855 Oxford Co voters list, Dereham twp, con 5, lot south 1/2 11. They remained at Dereham at least until James's death in 1891 (in both 1871 & 1891 censuses). In the 1891 census, sister-in-law Mariah SINCLAIR is living with them. Both James & Mary Ann are buried at Mt. Elgin where James tombstone says age 71 years, 10 months, and Mary Ann's - age 69 years, 6 months

Children of James & Mary Ann:

1. Hiram Alfonso Bodwell, b. December 21, 1849, Mount Elgin, Ontario, Canada; d. February 1913, Mount Elgin, Ontario. He married Alice Mary CAULTON September 15, 1874 in Tuscola Co., MI. (she was born in March of 1849 in Ontario). In the 1881 census this family is in Dereham twp... Hiram and Coulton (as her name is given there) are both age 32. Hiram is a farmer. With them is an "Alfronto Bodwell", age 21. Is this Harold Alphons (their son) with the wrong age? as William V., age 5, is the only other child with them in the census.

Children of Hiram & Alice are:

William Caulton Vining BODWELL, b. January 22, 1876, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. 1944, Mt Elgin, Ontario; m. W.Adele (Dell) GIBSON, June 12, 1902, Dereham, Ontario, Canada.

Harold Alphons BODWELL, b. May 01, 1878, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. July 1961, Dereham, Ontario, Canada.

Fredwals St. Clair BODWELL, b. March 01, 1888, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. July 01, 1954, Mount Elgin, Ontario.

Gerald M. BODWELL, b. November 10, 1884, Mt. Elgin, Ontario; d. November 10, 1884, Mt. Elgin, Ontario.

2. Hazen Fletcher Sinclair Bodwell, b. August 30, 1852, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. March 28, 1932, Red Deer, Alberta. He married Susan Caroline SMITH (also called Carrie or Clara) June 20, 1888 in Tillsonburg, Ontario. One child, Charlotte. Carrie/Clara was born about 1869 in St. Catherine, Missouri and was the daughter of Dr. Joseph SMITH and his first wife Mary. She died in Red Deer Alberta in 1947.

3. Ralph W . Bodwell., b. January 15, 1856, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. March 25, 1921, Victoria, BC, unmarried. He was living at home in the 1881 census.

4. Sarah H. Bodwell, b. October 05, 1859, Ontario, Canada; d. October 25, 1931. She married Dr. Joseph D. SMITH April 18, 1888 in Mount Elgin, Ontario. In 1891 they were living in Dereham twp., Oxford Co, Ontario, along with James BODWELL, Sarah's father. Joseph & Sarah had a son, James V.B. SMITH, born about 1890. Joseph SMITH was born about 1842 in Queensville NY and he had been married previously to a woman whose first name was Mary - it was their daughter Susan Caroline who married Sarah BODWELL's brother Hazen Fletcher Sinclair BODWELL. Joseph & Mary had also had a son, born about 1877 - Joseph Jr. SMITH - who was living with Joseph & Sarah in the 1891 census.

5. James Vining Bodwell Jr., b. April 18, 1866, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. February 20, 1909, Dereham twp., bur at Mount Elgin, Ontario. He married Bertha Ellen SHERK June 07, 1894 in Simcoe, Ontario (at her parents' home), second daughter of J.L. SHERK according the marriage announcement in the Simcoe Reformer. Both James & Ellen are buried in Mt. Elgin cemetery where Ellen's "dates" are given as 1874-1956.

Children of James & Ellen are:

Ellen Vivian BODWELL, b. September 15, 1897, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. August 01, 1981, Mount Elgin; m. Cecil McLaren PROUSE, October 25, 1924, Mount Elgin, Ontario. Both are buried at Mt. Elgin where tombstone says "E.Vivian Bodwell".

Greeta Marion BODWELL, b. September 01, 1899, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. August 09, 1990, Ingersoll, Ontario; m. Lyle L. MANSFIELD in 1926

Abigail Euseba, b. March 07, 1821, Ontario; d. November 15, 1869 of typhoid, Dereham, Ontario. She married Charles Grandison CODY July 06, 1842 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co., Ontario, son of Elijah CODY and Philea STAPLES. The marriage was performed by Rev Salmon VINING and the witnesses were James and Hiram BODWELL. Their children: Mervin, James, Miles, Abigail, Mary (died of typhoid 4 Nov 1869 in Dereham), Charles, Martha and Ebenezer CODY..... Philea Staples CODY died in 1872 - obituary in the Ingersoll Chronicle of 11-21-72: "In West Zorra 14th inst Philia, relict of Mr. Elijah Cody age 83".... Ingersoll Chronicle of 9-12-69 lists three CODY's who died of typhoid: 1) Mary CODY - wife of Mervin B., age 29 on 29 Oct 1869, 2) Mary CODY - 2nd daughter of Charles G. CODY, age 17, on 4 Nov 1869 and 3) Eusebia - wife of Chas. G. CODY, age 48 on 15 Nov 1869.

Hiram Alphonso, farmer, b. January 08, 1823, Ontario; d. June 30, 1848; m. Electa (or Elida) REYNOLDS, February 25, 1847, Oxford Co., Ontario in a marriage performed by Rev. Salmon VINING - witnesses were James VINING & James A. BODWELL.

Ebenezer Vining, b. April 30, 1827, Nissouri, Ontario, Canada; d. October 18, 1889, Vancouver B.C. He married Esther Dillingham CRANDON June 06, 1854 in Brantford, Ontario. In the 1871, census Ebenezer was age 43, living in Dereham twp, Oxford Co where he was a farmer of English ancestry. In 1874 he was elected MP for South Oxford and in 1880 he wento to British Columbia as representative of the Cdn government.

Children of Ebenezer & Esther are:

Jimmie BODWELL, b. 1855; d. January 02, 1858, Ingersoll, Ont (Harris St Cemetery).

Ernest Victor BODWELL, d. Abt. 1919, Victoria; married "Mrs. Maynard" COWAN, 1904, Victoria, BC. - she had two daughters from her previous marriage & there were no subsequent children


Frank Vining Fyfe BODWELL, d. 1926. Frank's wife's maiden name was FERGUSON. They had twp children: Ernest Vining Ferguson b. 5 Oct 1900 in Vancouver and Kenneth.

Jane Marie Esther (Jennie) d. November 1945; m. Duncan A. McFARLAND.

Anna Lily BODWELL, d. Abt. 1921; m. Harry SHERLOCK.

Agnes Ruth BODWELL, m. Leslie CRAWFORD.

Mary B., b. 1829, Nissouri, Ontario, Canada; d. 1912, Bradford, McKeen Co., Penn. USA; m. Nicholas SMITH, October 20, 1887, London, Ontario.

Alice Maria, b. 1830-1831, Nissouri, Ontario; d. 1894, Dereham, Ontario. She married John Morgan TILLSON January 03, 1861 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co., Ontario, son of Isaac TILLSON and Mary MORGAN.

Children of Alice & John:

Grace A. TILLSON, b. 1864, Mt. Elgin, Ontario; d. November 1945.

Alonzo Ewart TILLSON, b. 1866, Mt. Elgin, Ontario; d. 1952. Alonzo was a farmer in Pleasanton and Arcadia, Michigan

James E. TILLSON b. 1868, Pleasanton, Michigan; d. Chicago.

Charles TILLSON, b. 1871, Pleasanton, Michigan; d. 1872.

Agnes TILLSON, b. 1873, Pleasanton, Michigan; d. 1875.

Tryphena, b. April 25, 1833, Nissouri twp; d. July 13, 1918, buried at Sweaburg, Ontario. She married James Antress CODY on September 22, 1858 in Mount Elgin, Ontario, son of Warren CODY and Anstress THORNTON.

Children of Tryphena & James:

Mary Esther Bodwell CODY, b. August 13, 1866; d. February 06, 1876.

Williams James CODY, b. June 18, 1872; d. December 31, 1927, buried at Sweaburg, Ontario. He was a witness at his sister's wedding in 1891.

Mary Euseba CODY, b. August 05, 1870, Sweaburg, Ontario; d. October 19, 1937, London, Ontario; m. George Oren BENSON on 15 July 1891 in Sweaburg (marr reg # 8198-91). Mary was a resident of Sweaburg at the time of her marriage and she was resident of Sweaburg. George BENSON was born in London, Ontario, and in 1891 he was an organ builder in that city.

Hannah Agnes, b. April 11, 1835; d. December 02, 1924. She married Charles Grandison CODY July 27, 1870 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co. - as his second wife, after her sister Abigail died.

Children of Hannah & Charles are:

Gertrude Agnes CODY, b. July 28, 1871. Gertrude's husband's surname was KING and they had two children - Ruth & Constance Cody KING.

Ross Bryant CODY, b. November 28, 1872.

Andrew Murray CODY, b. November 18, 1875.

Sarah M. , b. Abt. 1843; d. February 06, 1910, Vancouver, B.C.. She married James Williamson LAWSON January 10, 1870 in Dereham twp., Oxford Co., Ontario. Children of Sarah & James: Jack, Mayo, James, Winnie, Hope, Bessie & Claude LAWSON

Jared Eason, b. October 12, 1838, Dereham, Ontario, Canada; d. September 25, 1914, Grand Rapids, MI. He married his cousin Mary E. BODWELL July 06, 1865 in Washtenaw Co., MI. In the 1871 census Jared was age 31, a farmer, living in Dereham twp., Oxford Co, Ontario.

Children of Jared & Mary:

William BODWELL, b. June 01, 1866, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. July 07, 1902, Three Rivers, MI; m. Mary E. HAYS, June 16, 1900, Kalamazoo, MI.

Delbert BODWELL, b. March 1869, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. Abt. 1932, St. Paul, Minnesota; m. Mary Ann DEVERNEY, October 30, 1895, Grand Rapids, MI.

Devere Howard BODWELL, b. March 13, 1870, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. January 03, 1929, Grand Rapids, MI. Unmarried

Mary E.N. (Mattie) BODWELL, b. May 05, 1871, Mount Elgin, Ontario; d. Aft. January 1929, Long Beach California; m. (1) F.R. BROGUE; m. (2) Felix F. McCOLLOUGH.

Ada Harland BODWELL, b. September 05, 1878, Bear Lake MI; d. Aft. January 1929, Grand Rapids, MI.

Cora Louise BODWELL, b. July 24, 1875, Bear Lake MI; d. September 09, 1914, Muskegon, MI. Unmarried

Eliphalet Atholston, b. 1837, USA; d. 1912. He married (1) Mary BROWN April 16, 1866 in Genesee, Michigan. He married (2) Carrie Louise TILLSON May 29, 1871 in Bear Lake, Michigan USA at the home of Carrie's father. In the 1871 census Eliphalet age 33 & living in Dereham twp. About 1889 he moved to Vancouver, but eventually settled in Seattle. He is buried at Mt. Elgin, Ontario.

Mary BROWN's obituary appeared in the Christian Monitor and it states that she was born in Nissouri in 1842, moving to Dereham shortly thereafter. In 1858 her family moved to Genesee Co Michigan, but Mary returned to Canada in 1865 to marry Eliph. BODWELL. In 1870 when she died she had a three year old daughter & an infant son.

Death notice for Eliphalet BODWELL: Jun 20, 1912 p.5 "DIED AT BRADFORD, PA.--The death of Eliphalet Bodwell of Seattle, Washington, a former resident of Mount Elgin, occurred on Wednesday at Bradford, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Bodwell was 75 years of age and known to many of the older residents of Mount Elgin and surrounding districts.  He is survived by a widow and nine children as follows: Mrs. Meltish; Miss Lou A. Bodwell; Miss L. Bodwell; and Mr. B. Bodwell, Seattle; Mrs. L. Green, Salem, Oregon; Mrs. Charlotte Harris, Mrs. Ruth Everett and Mr. I. N. Bodwell, Vancouver, BC, and one brother and three sisters.  The remains were taken to Mount Elgin last night where interment will take place on Monday in the village cemetery

Children of Eliphalet & Mary are:

Mary Elizabeth Eason BODWELL, b. April 14, 1868, Ontario; d. April 19, 1942, Seattle, Washington. She married Herbert William MELLISH. Their children: Max Dio Eliphalet b. 12 February 1896, Neva Caroline b. 8 Feb 1901, Maxine Vina b. 6 Sept 1908 and Murray Herbert b. 21 April 1911

James Vining BODWELL, b. October 1870; d. Abt. 1900 (falling tree while sleighing)

Children of Eliphalet & Carrie:

Charlotte Amelia Matilda BODWELL, b. May 29, 1873, Arcadia, Michigan; d. May 17, 1949, Vancouver, BC. She married Auston Maitland HARRIS 1901 in Vancouver, BC. Children of Charlotte & Austin: Eylene Marjorie b. 27 Jan 1903, Josephine b. 25 Sept 1904, Donaldine b. 25 Sept 1904, Lela b. 1 Jan 1913 and Lola b. 1 Jan 1913.

Polly Ebenezer Bryant BODWELL, (called Bryant) b. September 13, 1874, Arcadia or Pleaston, Michigan; d. February 26, 1955, Seattle, WA; m. Estelle M. HEWSON. Bryant was a clerk, City-County Court, Seattle for 38 years

Louise Harwood BODWELL, b. August 02, 1876, Pleasanton, Michigan; d. 1967, Prince George, BC. She married William GREEN about 1903 in Vancouver. Children of Louise & William: Harcourt W. b. 25 May 1904, Edna Mary Louise b. 22 Sept 1908 and Hylda Bodwell b. Dec 1912

Lue Avery Esther Maria BODWELL, b. September 13, 1880, Pleaston MI; d. August 30, 1974, Seattle, WA. Unmarried

Ruth Van Norman BODWELL, b. May 01, 1882, Pleasanton MI; d. 1941, Vancouver. She married Ernest EVERAND in Seattle, and they had two children: Ernest Van Norman b. 27 July 1912 and Mildred b. in 1921.

Liph Sarah Alberta BODWELL, b. July 24, 1884; d. June 15, 1972, Seattle, Washington.

Tennie Atholston BODWELL, b. August 17, 1888, Bear Lake, Michigan; d. November 03, 1964, Bremerton, Washington; m. George M. NELSON (a doctor)

Isaac Noyes Tillson BODWELL, b. May 16, 1878, Pleaston MI; d. June 28, 1949, Seattle, WA; m. Eva D. PIKE (her 2nd marriage), May 28, 1927. In 1904 Isaac was severely injured in railway accident, Revelstoke BC

Andrew Murray (Bob) b. 1844, Dereham, Ontario, Canada; d. February 06, 1910, Vancouver, BC. He married Elizabeth Celestine SMITH December 24, 1873 in Malahide, Elgin Co., Ontario, and they had a daughter Muriel.




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22. MARY ELIZABETH EASON6 BODWELL (ELIPHALET ATHOLSTON5, JAMES4, JAMES3, ELIPHALET2, JAMES1) was born April 14, 1868 in Ontario, and died April 19, 1942 in Seattle, Washington. She married WILLIAM HERBERT MELLISH Abt. 1895.


i. MAX DIO ELIPHALET7 MELLISH, b. February 12, 1896.

ii. NEVA CAROLINE MELLISH, b. February 08, 1901.

iii. MAXINE VINA MELLISH, b. September 06, 1908.

iv. MURRAY HERBERT MELLISH, b. April 21, 1911.