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Marriages in Bathurst District, part 4

Bathurst Dist. marriages transcribed from Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 1


Rev. Daniel Berney, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 22, 1837

Sept. 7 James MACONELL to Lucy SMITH both of Goulbourn. Wit: Samuel Bradley, John Davids.

Oct. 2 Thomas CONN to Margaret HILL both of Beckwith. Wit: Thomas & Adam Poole.

Nov. 9 John POOLE to Mary ALCOCK both of Beckwith. Wit: Thomas Poole, Thomas Alcock.


Page 22, 1838

Jan. 2 John MILLS (MILES) to Hannah SWAYSER (Swaysie?) both of Goulbourn. Wit: Samuel Leyan, Charles Swayser.

Jan. 18 Joseph TESKEY to Margaret CUTHBERT both of Ramsay. Wit: John & Robert Teskey.

April 2 Edward NAIRN to Catherine SHANNON both of Beckwith. Wit: William Nairn, William James.

May 27 John BERRY to Ann BISHOPRICK both of Long Island. Wit: James Berry, John Frost.


Rev. D. B. Madden Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 39, 1846

Dec. 25 Elijah PLAYFEUR (Playfair?) to Louisa PLAYFEUR. Wit: Hugh McEwan, Jane Moir.


Page 39,1847

Feb. 3 Henry MOORHOUSE to Elinore ADAMS. Wit: Elenor Morrhouse, Franklin Adams.


Rev. Charles Wood Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 6, 1832

Jan. 19 Thomas BROOKE to Jane RUTLEDGE both of Carleton. Wit: John Mooke, John Campbell.

Jan. 2 Thomas EVRY to Hannah JURRY both of Hambly. Wit: Robert Ayre, William Cuthbert.


Page 9, 1832

April 28 John TWEEDAY, Ramsay, to Elizabeth BALEY, Bathurst. Wit: William Pool, Simon Huntington.


Rev. Charles Manson Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 169, 1851

Dec. 15 Louis EMON to Janet MCFARLANE, widow, both of Bagot. Wit: James Wilson, Susan McGregor.


Page 248, 1851

Nov. 17 Daniel MCINTYRE to Elizabeth MCGREGOR both of Bagot. Wit: James McIntyre, Jessie McGregor.


Rev. Benjamin Nankevill, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 138, 1850

Feb. 6 William BELL, Kitley, to Mary A. BOYD, Lanark. Wit: Fossey Stern, John Stevenson.


Page 149, 1850

April 17 Lachlan CAHOON to Christy MCLEAN both of Ramsay. Wit: John & Gillin McLean.

June 20 William CHAPMAN, Matilda, to Jane POOL, Beckwith. Wit: Thomas Mansell, James Pool.

June 25 John CALDWELL, Huntley, to Margaret SCOTT, Ramsay. Wit: James Pool, Hugh Nelson.


Page 189, 1850

June 21 William GRIFFIN to Mary HALLPENNY both of Lanark. Wit: Thomas Coad, William Hallpenny.


Page 199, 1849

Feb. 27 Henry G. HILBORNE to Margaret DOEHERTY both of Ramsay. Wit: John Lecky, William Doeherty.

Nov. 29 William HALPENNY, Lanark, to Alice MCCRARY (McCreary?), Ramsay. Wit: John Halpenny, George McGill.


Page 199, 1850

March 6 William Nass HAMBLIN, Wolford, to Elizabeth MCCREERY, Ramsay. Wit: Thomas Hanna, John Halfpenny.


Page 243, 1849

Jan. 10 Joseph C. MCCRARY (McCreary?), Ramsay, to Hariot BALEY, Lanark. Wit: John Warren, William James.

July 27 Lachey MCPHAIL to Jessie FAMERTON (TAMERTON? Fumerton?)) both of Ramsay. Wit: James & Robert Famerton/Tamerton.


Page 249, 1849

April 18 John NICHOL, Ramsay, to Catherine FISHER, Beckwith. Wit: Jennet & Duncan Fisher.


Page 263, 1849

March 7 John W. POOLE, Beckwith, to Ellen BELLAMY, Ramsay. Wit: James Conn, William Chapman.


Page 281, 1849

Sept. 10 Thomas STEEN, Ramsay, to Margaret GRAY, Lanark. Wit: George Stewart, William Sturgeon.

Nov. 14 James SYKES, Goulbourn, to Sarah HAMMOND, Lanark. Wit: William McGee, Andrew Stevenson.


Page 305, 1848

March 17 Andrew WILSON, March, to Mary A. WILSON, Ramsay. Wit: William Bulger, James Shaw.


Rev. David Jennings Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 148, 1849

March 2 John Leslie COOPER to Mary ARMSTRONG both of Horton. Wit: Thomas Jentle, Edmond Heath.


Page 199, 1849

Oct. 9 Richard HARRIS to Dianna THOMPSON both of Horton. Wit: Mark M. & Jaria Deew (Drew?)


Rev. William Brown Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 13, 1835

Jan. 15 James BERNEY, Kitley, to Isabella BRADEN, Lanark. Wit: James Brock, John Greenley.


Page 99, 1845

Jan. 15 Peter MAITLAND to Charlotte DERRICK both of Montague. Wit: Rev. Charles Wood, James Shaw Jr.

Aug. 4 John HARVEY to Alvira GILBERT both of Montague. Wit: Matthew Dougherty, Ira Gilbert.


Rev. William Clark

Page 275, 1848

April 18 Charles RICE, Perth, to Grace MURRAY, Bathurst. Wit: Alexander & Mary B. Clark.


Rev. William McFadden, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 49, 1840

June 16 John FOSTER, Matilda, to Sarah FINLEY, Beckwith. Wit: James Foster, John Atchison.


Rev. William McAlister Church of Scotland

Page 6, 1831

May 29 John BLAIR, Drummond, to Christian BROWN, Dalhousie. Wit: james Hale Jr., James Brown.

Sept. 2 Thomas MUIR, Dalhousie, to Mary WILEY, N. Sherbrook. Wit: William Bennet, James Aleron.

Sept. 13 Alexander PARK, Dalhousie, to Jane EASDALE, Lanark. Wit: Andrew Park, William Wilson.

Sept. 20 Robert MCMILLAN to Margaret SCOTT both of Dalhousie. Wit: George Millar, James Crossgrift.

Oct. 4 James MCFARLANE, Torbotton?, to Margaret AFFLICK, Lanark. Wit: Thomas Angas, Robert Affleck.

Nov. 17 James LEWIS, Drummond, to Margaret TURNBULL, Lanark. Wit: Alexander Turnbull Sr., Alexander Turnbull Jr.


Page 6, 1832

Jan. 2 William WILLIAMS, Elmsley, to Elizabeth TURNBULL, Lanark. Wit: Moses Williams, Thomas Lewis.

Jan. 20 Alexander MACK/MARK to Mary YOUNG both of Lanark. Wit: William Affleck, Alexander Park.

Jan. 27 Arthur COLQAHOUN to Isabella STRACHAN both of Lanark. Wit: Alexander Colqahoun, William Reid.

Feb. 2 Robert SCOWLER/SCOWLEN to Mary STEAD both of Lanark. Wit: John Penman, John Smith.

Feb. 10 Thomas TWADDLE, N. Sherbrook, to E. SMITH, Lamplan. Wit: Duncan McDougal, James Munro.

March 28 William CREIGHTON to Ann JAMESON both of Lanark. Wit: John Smith, James Creighton.

April 20 Peter BARR (BAN?), Dalhousie, to Sarah TURNBULL, Lanark. Wit: John McIntosh, Alexander Turnbull.


Page 7, 1832

July 10 Thomas MCNAUGHTON to Elizabeth MURRAY both of Lanark. Wit: James King, Joseph Lamond.

July 10 John ROBERTSON to Sarah DOW both of Lanark. Wit: William Scott, Robert Peacock.

Sept. 4 Simon ROACH, Beckwith, to Christian DOOLE, Ramsay. Wit: Caleb S. Bellows, John McEwan.

Sept. 27 Matthew VIRTUE to Jannet MUIR (MUNN?) both of Dalhousie. Wit: Neil Campbell, James Muir.

Oct. 19 William REID to Margaret STRACHAN both of Lanark. Wit: John Havine, Matthew Park.

Nov. 2 George MCMILLAN to Margaret BROWN both of Dalhousie. Wit: John McMillan, John Blair.

Dec. 25 Roswell A. DEWEY, Kitley, to Agnes STRACHAN, Lanark. Wit: Alexander Maxwell, Thomas Strachan.


Page 7, 1833

Jan. 25 Alexander COLQUHOUN to Elizabeth DOW both of Lanark. Wit: Michael Tevomy?, James Dow.

March 1 John HERON to Mary COLQUHOUN both of Lanark. Wit: Thomas Miller, Alexander Maxwell?

Feb. 19 William CLEMMIN (CLEMMIE?) to Janet HAMILTON both of Dalhousie. Wit: Robert James, James Hamilton.


Page 8, 1833

March 15 James DOW, Lanark, to Ami RENTOUL (Rintoul?), Perth. Wit: John Doks?, John Peterson.

March 22 Thomas MILLER to Elizabeth MASON both of Lanark. Wit: Robert Stintson, Robert Doyel.

April 16 Andrew PETERSON to Ann PARIS both of Ramsay. Wit: John Peterson, John McEwan.

July 31 William MCBETH to Elizabeth MUNROE both of Lanark. Wit: Alexander Turnbull, James Young.

Aug. 30 John RENTOUL (Rintoul?) to Margaret MCGEE both of Darling. Wit: Euphemia Rentoul, Andrew McGee.

Nov. 22 Alexander THORN to Spinar/Spencer? ROBERTSON both of Lanark. Wit: ?? Hill,, John Cumming.

Nov. 22 John MILLER, Elmsley, to Christian MUNRO, Dalhousie. Wit: Richard Ranger, Andrew Miller.

Nov. 30 Stephen COOK, Dalhousie, to Martha MCALISTER, Lanark. Wit: John Fead?, William Gibson.


Page 13, 1834

Jan. 1 Robert YALE (Yule?), Ramsay, to Janet MCLAREN, Lanark. Wit: James & John McLaren.

Feb. 21 William PENMAN to Jane SOMERVILLE both of Lanark. Wit: John Mathews, Thomas Swan.

March 14 John COCKRIN to Jane AITKEN both of Lanark. Wit: William Cockrin, John Aitken.

May 23 James BROWN to Jane MCLELLAN both of Dalhousie. Wit: James McMillen, John McLaren.

July 21 Hercules WHITE to Elizabeth NEVILLE both of Darling. Wit: Jane McAlister, Mary Cummings.

Dec. 2 John BAILLIE to Jane BARRETT both of Dalhousie. Wit: David Baillie, William Storie.

Page 16, 1835 - Place of marriage recorded, not residence.

Nov. 6 Charles COTTON to Margaret CALDWELL at Lanark. Wit: Hugh Johnston, William Caldwell.

Dec. 11 William AFFLECK to Grace PATTERSON at Lanark. Wit: Averly Young, James McFarlane.

March 2 George Henry STREET to Mary Ann DAWSON at Lanark. Wit: John Stafford, Elizabeth Dearie.

March 6 James HART to Agnes HAGGART at Lanark. Wit: Thomas Ferguson, John Laust.

March 9 Andrew BLACKBURN to Margaret POLLACK at Lanark. Wit: William Blackburn, John Patterson.

May 22 William STORRIE to Margaret JAMES at Lanark. Wit: John & Matter Storrie.

May 29 John MCCLELLAN to Helen FLEMMING at Lanark. Wit: John McClellan, James Storrie.

June 22 Alexander SCOBBIE to Margaret MCLELLAN at Lanark. Wit: John Penman, James Viney.

June 19 James STONIE to Margaret ROBERTSON at Lanark. Wit: John Stonie, Alexander Park.

June 24 John STEWART to Lilias MILLER at Lanark. Wit: George Blair, Robert Boyle.

Nov. 20 John BROWN to Elizabeth DOBBIE at Lanark. Wit: James Brown, William Beatson.


Page 23, 1837

Oct. 31 James DICK to Margaret CRAWFORD both of Kitley. Wit: Alexander Dick, John Ganesville.

Nov. 23 Thomas SCOTT to Margaret BAIN both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Miry, James White.

Nov. 23 Charles THORN to Elizabeth BARRIE both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Muir, James White.

Nov. 30 David CLOSS (or Close) to Jane Harvey JAMESON both of Lanark. Wit: John Henderson, Archibald Campbell.


Page 23, 1838

Feb. 15 Thomas SCOTT to Jane MURPHY both of Bathurst. Wit: Samuel Boulton, Thomas Murphy.

Aug. 29 James CREIGHTON to Sarah MILLER both of Lanark. Wit: Thomas Bullock, James Muir.


Page 41, 1838

March 6 Robert CHAMBERS to Elizabeth THORN both of Dalhousie. Wit: William Chambers, James Muir.

Nov. 2 William STOUGHTON, Kittabozie?, to Agnes WATT, Lanark. Wit: Alexander Maqurle, Alexander McIntyre.

Dec. 20 James LOCKHART to Janet Huton PARDIE/PURDIE both of Dalhousei. Wit: Andrew Lockhart, James Brown.

Dec. 28 John SMITH to Barbara YOUNG both of Lanark. Wit: John Mitchell, Archibald Young.


Page 41, 1839

Jan. ? John GILLIES to Mary BAIN both of Lanark. Wit: David & William Bain.

Jan. 25 John MCINTYRE to Mary STEVENSON both of Darling. Wit: James Wat, William McNee.


Page 42, 1839

Feb. 8 George JAMESON to Richee WATT both of Lanark. Wit: James Kenny, William Crichton.

March 15 William MCKINAN (McKinnon?) to Maria Stewart DUNLOP both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Brown, James Park.

March 15 John GARDINER to Christian MCHERRAN (MCKERRAN?) both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Brown, James Park.

March 22 Crawford DODDS to Jane MCEWEN both of Lanark. Wit: William Barrowman, Charles Esdale.

April 3 John MITCHELL to Elizabeth (last name not recorded) both of Lanark. Wit: Malcolm Campbell, James Smith.

May 10 John CAMPBELL to Catherine JAMES both of Lanark. Wit: John & Robert James.

June 8 James GEMMELL to Catherine THOMSON both of Lanark. Wit: Sarah Gemmell, James Thomson.

June 13 Walt MCILGUHAN, Drummond, to Mary KERR, Lanark. Wit: John McIlguhan, David McLean.

Aug. 6 William COCHRAN to Euphemia MUIR both of Lanark. Wit: Archibald Campbell, John Gemmell.

Aug. 15 James RUITARD to Jane BOYLE both of Darling. Wit: Angus McCallum, James Barrie.

Aug. 23 John DUNLOP to Margaret MCKERRON (MCKERROW?) both of Dalhousie. Wit: John Dunlop, William McKerrow/Mckerron.

Nov. 12 John GIVENS, Lanark, to Elizabeth CLARK, Drummond. Wit: William Williams, Andrew Clark.

Dec. 22 John MUIR to Ann BARRIE both of Dalhousie. Wit: Peter Cummings, William Muir.


Page 43, 1839

Dec. 15 Henry LANAN to Elizabeth KIDD both of Lanark. Wit: William Scott, James Rogers.


Page 43, 1840

Feb. 19 William M. THOMAS, Elizabethtown, to Jane ANGUS, Lanark. Wit: William & James Affleck.

March 5 John HAMILTON to Elizabeth ROGERS both of Dalhousie. Wit: George Hamilton, James Rogers.

March 15 John LAWSON to Elizabeth MCLACHLAN both of Lanark. Wit: Robert & Peter Lawson.

March 18 James MCILWRATH to Esther STEWART both of Lanark. Wit: Daniel Currie, Matthew Band.

March 13 Alexander FORGIE to Ann GUNN both of Lanark. Wit: Gilbert Forgie, Alexander Patterson.

March 13 James SUTHERLAND, Ramsay, to Agnes FORGIE, Lanark. Wit:: Gilbert Forgie, Alexander Patterson.

March 19 Robert LAWSON to Janet HENDING both of Drummond. Wit: John Lawson, John Lawson Jr.


Page 86, 1840

July 24 William MCDONALD, Dalhousie, to Helen ROBERTSON, Lanark. Wit: James McNiol, John Robertson.

Oct. 6 Robert PEACOCK to Jane MCALISTER both of Lanark. Wit: Gabriel & Quinton Peacock.

Nov. 20 Robert AFFLECK to Mary BARROWMAN both of Lanark. Wit: William Affleck, William Barrowman.

Dec. 4 Robert PENMAN to Sarah NUMARY? both of Lanark. Wit: William Penman, Archibald Affleck.

Dec. 24 David MCINTYRE to Jane HILL both of Darling. Wit: Alexander & William McIntyre.


Page 86, 1841

Feb. 9 David BOWERS to Ann GAIL both of Lanark. Wit: James Hannah, Robert Boyle.

Feb. 12 John PLAYFAIR, Dalhousie, to Matilda LEES, Drummond. Wit: Andrew Playfair, William Lees.

March 4 David BALLIE, Lavant, to Mary HODGERT, Lanark. Wit: Charles Ballie, James Hart.

March 4 William HEDERRICK, Drummond, to Sarah HANNAH, Lanark. Wit: John Hederrick, Robert Craig.

April 2 David TURNBULL, Lavant, to Isabella AITKINS, Lanark. Wit: Alexander Turnbull, John Aitkins.


Page 87, 1841

May 1 Peter MCLAREN to Janet STEWART both of Lanark. Wit: John McLaren, Robert Stewart.

May 21 John KING, Ramsay, to Christina GUNN, Lanark. Wit: Gilbert Forgie, John Gunn.

June 18 John HENDERSON to Jane GRAHAM both of Lanark. Wit: James Henderson, Emanuel Graham.

Sept. 6 Walter SCOTT, Packenham, to Ann MCARTHUR, Lanark. Wit: John Moore, Robert Campbell.

Sept. 7 William MCINTOSH, Dalhousie, to Maria CALDWELL, Lanark. Wit: John Barrowman, David Caldwell.

Oct. 28 Nathaniel L. DUNHAM/DUNHAW to Elizabeth LEECH both of Lanark. Wit: James Thompson, Donald Fraser.

Oct. 15 Robert STEWART to Catherine DEACHMAN both of Lanark. Wit: John McLaren, Thomas Deachman.

Nov. 16 Duncan FERGUSON to Margaret ECHLIN both of Drummond. Wit: James Smith, Christopher Echlin.

Nov. 19 John SCOTT, Dalhousie, to Helen MAXWELL, Lanark. Wit: James Jameson, John Jones.

Dec. 10 Henry MCKINNON, Dalhousie, to Barbara CARRIE, N. Sherbrook. Wit: James Gilmour, Arthur McInnes.

Dec. 17 Robert SOMMERVILLE to Helen MURRAY both of Lanark. Wit: John King, James Affleck.

Dec. 17 Peter REID to Marrion SOMMERVILLE both of Lanark. Wit: John King, James Affleck.


Page 88, 1841

Dec. 28 Charles BAILLIE, Dalhousie, to Janet HART, Lanark. Wit: Edward Cummings, James Baillie.

Dec. 234 William MCINTYRE, Dalhousie, to Margaret DONAHUE, Lanark. Wit: Alexander McIntyre, William Vanderdussin.


Page 88, 1842

Feb. 8 Malcolm MURRAY to Janet MATHESON both of Dalhousie. Wit: James & William Murray.

Jan. 28 John MCCULLOCK to Margaret PAUL both of Dalhousie. Wit: Peter McCullock, John Barr.

March 29 Jacob GALLINGER to Mary ALCOVE both of Lanark. Wit: L. Moore, Robert Boyle.

April 8 George GILLIES to Mary ROGERS both of Lanark. Wit: William Stead, Henry Rogers.

May 6 John MCLACHLIN to Christian SOMMERVILLE both of Lanark. Wit: John McLachlin, Robert Sommerville.

June 16 George MILLS, Packenham, to Sophia PLAYFARE, Dalhousie. Wit: John & Andrew Playfare.

Aug. 3 Robert BAIN to Barbara FERGUSON both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: Hendry McKinnon, Robert Cummings.

July 27 John MILLER to Ann JONES both of Lanark. Wit: John Quemmel?, John Johnes.

Aug. 26 James AFFLECK to Elizabeth BARROWMAN both of Lanark. Wit: William Affleck, James Barrowman.