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Marriages in Bathurst District, part 3

Bathurst Dist. marriages transcribed from Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 1


Rev. Thomas Harmon, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 24, 1838

Jan. 1 Abraham RICHARDS to Olive MOR both of March. Wit: Clarricy & Roger Mor.

April 3 Richard MCCONNEL to Hannah SMITH both of Nipean. Wit: James McConnel, Alfred Tuffs.

April 10 Samuel EDY to Elizabeth BOOTH both of Bytown. Wit: Luther Edy, John Wright.

May 21 Thomas MURRELL to Isabelle MCLEAN both of March. Wit: Mary Allen, James McLean.

July 25 John LAKE to Matilda PARCHER both of Nipean. Wit: Douglas & Martha Hazle.


Rev. Peter Campbell, Church of Scotland

Page 27, 1838

March 12 Charles CAMPBELL, yeoman, to Mary MITCHELL both of Nipean. Wit: William Johnston, William Lilley.


Rev. Robert Dick, Baptist Church

Page 84, 1843 Note: Residence Not Recorded,

Nov. 16 Andrew ROBERTSON to Isabella BULLOCK. Wit: David Hill, Thomas Bullock.

Dec. 29 John DODDS to Elizabeth DICK. Wit: George Dodds, James Dick.


Page 84, 1844 Note: Residence Not Recorded

March 9 William ROBERTSON to Mary CALDWELL. Wit: Alexander McCalum, Boyd Caldwell.

April 5 Alexander PATERSON to Mary SANDERSON. Wit: William Affleck, Hiram Bellamy.

April 19 Donald MUNROE to Ann AFFLECK, widow. Wit: William Harding, John Angus.

July 12 Edmund ANDERSON to Jane AFFLECK. Wit: W. H. Anderson, William Affleck.

Aug. 9 Peter BERRY to Isabella CAMERON. Wit: John Caldwell, John King.

Dec. 7 Archibald AFFLECK to Jane TODD. Wit: William Anderson, Samuel Todd.

Dec. 17 David WARHOLE to Jane AFFLECK. Wit: John & David Gemmill.


Page 84, 1845 Note: Residence Not Recorded

Jan. 3 Andrew HILL to Margaret POLLOCK. Wit: James & David Hill.

May 1 John GEMMELL to Isabella MUIR. Wit: James Dick, David Gemmell.

Oct. 3 William VANDERDUSY? to Margaret MUIR. Wit: John Gemmell, Robert Bullock.

Oct. 24 James LEE to Sarah RECRAFT. Wit: Thomas & Robert Bullock.


Rev. Simon C. Fraser Presbyterian Church

Page 149, 1850

Oct. 24 John CAMPBELL to Elizabeth WILKINSON both of McNab. Wit: D. Stewart, E. Wilkinson.

Dec. 31 Robert CARSWELL to Isabella HUTSON both of McNab. Wit: A. Dickson, J. Hutson.


Page 159, 1850

March 5 Donald DOWE, Bytown, to Flora MCBEAN, McNab. Wit: John Cowan, Janet Stevenson.


Page 179, 1848

Dec. 12 Andrew FORREST to Marion HOLLIDAY both of Horton. Wit: James Fraser, Esther Holliday.


Page 189, 1850

Oct. 21 James GREEN to A.A. CARSWELL both of Constant’s Creek. Wit: D.T. & Jane Cole.


Page 237, 1850

March 30 William LECKIE to Janet MCNAB both of McNab. Wit: Alexander & Donald McNab.


Page 244, 1849

March 5 William MOFFAT to Isabella KENNEDY both of Pembroke. Wit: J.P. Moffat, Eliza White.


Page 244, 1850

Jan. 16 John MILLS to Mary Ann GORDON both of Renfrew. Wit: Eliza Gemmill, William Tooley.


Page 247, 1850

Sept. 2 Archibald MCDONALD, Bagot, to Jane MCLAREN, McNab. Wit: Robert & Mary McLaren.


Page 257, 1850

Feb. 7 Edward OWENS, Bromley, to Catherine ELLIS, Packenham. Wit: William Bain, Thomas Ellis.


Page 263, 1849

Oct. 15 William PHILLIPS, Horton, to Ann GOODWIN, McNab. Wit: John & David Goodwin.


Page 275, 1850

July 1 John ROSS, Ross, to Janet MARTIN, Horton. Wit: C. Martin, T. Martin.


Page 275, 1848

Dec. 15 George ROSS, Renfrew, to Jessie MORRIS, McNab. Wit: William Ban, D. Cameron.


Page 281, 1849

Oct. 23 Alexander STEWART to Elizabeth LAURU both of Horton. Wit: Robert & Mary McLaren.


Page 287, 1850

June 26 Samuel THOMPSON, Augusta, to Jane CUDDY, March. Wit: Donald McDonell, Jane Taylor.


Page 305, 1849

Nov. 20 Nathaniel WRIGHT to Christian FERGUSON both of Horton. Wit: Peter & John Morris.


Rev. Simon Huntington Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 77, 1844

Sept. 1 Obadiah READ, Merrickville, to Mary Ann SISSON, Smith Falls. Wit: Henry Lake, Catherine Duke.

Sept. 27 Hugh REID to Janet BRACKENRIDGE both of Montague. Wit: james & Andrew Dodds.

Dec. 27 George HARVEY to Margaret MCMORIN both of Montague. Wit: Thomas Kerfoot, Walter Richey.


Page 77, 1845

March 10 George DAVIS to Mary BLAIN or BLAIR both of Montague. Wit: John Fields, Sarah E. Huntington.


Rev. Solomon Milne Presbyterian Church

Page 159, 1850

Nov. 15 Robert DOUGLAS, Montague, to Isabella SCOTT, Beckwith. Wit: John Robertson, Donald McEwan.


Page 159, 1851

March 14 John DOUGLASS to Rosanna MARTIN both of Montague. Wit: Robert Scott, John Plunkett.


Page 179, 1851

Jan. 29 James FORD, Goulbourn, to Jane MUNROE, Ramsay. Wit: Jacob & James McFaden.


Page 237, 1850

Nov. 22 John LAGERWOOD, Drummond, to Janet FERGUSON, Montague. Wit: Duncan & Colin Ferguson.


Page 244, 1850

Nov. 26 Robert MOONEY to Eliza Jane MAXWELL both of Kitley. Wit: William & John Mooney.


Page 244, 1851

March 28 James MOORE to Elizabeth CONNERTY both of Kitley. Wit: Thomas Green, John Hunter.


Page 263, 1851

Feb. 3 John PAUL, Elizabethtown, to Sarah GREEN, Kitley. Wit: John Hunter, John Green.


Page 282, 1851

April 9 Robert SCOTT, Elmsley, to Janet MCGOOKIN, Wolford. Wit: Thomas & Gilbert Storey.

April 17 John SIMPAVER to Elizabeth UMSTEAD both of Kitley. Wit: Thomas & Gilbert Storey.

April 29 Henry SHAW, Smith Falls, to Johan MCGREGOR, Montague. Wit: Robert G. Lamb, John Dodds.


Page 305, 1851

Feb. 7 Andrew WHITSON, Andes, Delaware, U. S., to Ann WHITSON, Kitley. Wit: John Whitson, Robert Whitson Jr.


Rev. Stephen Brownell Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 35, 1838

Oct. 7 William TAYLOR to Sarah FOX both of Chicester. Wit: john Peirce, John Creighton.

Oct. 11 Charles MAYHEW to Ann NEW both of Hoten. Wit: Joseph Mayhew, John Boughdrie.


Page 35, 1839

Feb. 12 John GILBRAITH (s/b Galbraith?) to Helen TELFER both of McNab. Wit: William Craige, Archibald Stewart.

March 21 James MCHARG to Mary SMART both of Clarendon. Wit: Thomas ONeil, William Slack, Hugh Hamilton.

March 26 William MORE, Bristol, to Mary ODDLER or ODDBER, Lanark. Wit: Thomas Mathie, John Steel, James McConoghy.

April 1 Thomas CUTHBERTSON to Margaret RUSSEL both of Ramsay. Wit: Robert Cuthbertson, Walter Russel, Duncan Campbell.

April 17 Robert MARREL or MURREL to Amelia HICKS both of Clarendon. Wit: William Harch, Thomas Murrell.


Page 35, 1840

Jan. 18 Charles BATEMAN to Caroline TUCKER both of Westmeath. Wit: George R. Tucker, Thomas Fraser.

Jan. 28 William MCDOWEL to Mary Ann CLYNE both of Clarendon. Wit: James Wilson, Joseph Cline.

Feb. 6 Baptiste BOUDRY, Horton, to Christie KERR, McNab. Wit: William Morris, Donald Kerr.

March 24 John HAMILTON to Catherine COBURN both of Pembroke. Wit: Ephraigm Olmstead, William Irvine.

May 19 John THOMPSON to Catherine NASH both of Pembroke. Wit: James Carney, William Irvine.


Page 36, 1840

Sept. 14 Sylvester RICHARDS to Eliza HUDSON both of Bristol. Wit: Horace Smith, Henry Hudson.

Sept. 22 Bassille ROBITAILE to Judith ALLEN both of Clarendon. Wit: John & Sarah Averitt.

Oct. 27 Achan SAVWAH to Mary Ann MCKAY both of Onslow. Wit: William F. Smith, Mary Robertson.

Nov. 23 Orlando BRUNSON (Branson?) to Elizabeth ARNOLD both of Torbolton. Wit: David McLaren, James Gracesoce.

Dec. 28 John DELALANCETTE to Jane PEAVER both of Fitzroy. Wit: William & John Peaver.


Rev. Thomas Bevitt Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 149, 1850

Jan. 30 William COWIN, N. Gower, to Caroline MCCREA, Montague. Wit: Silas & Rufus Andrews.

Oct. 22 Hugh CARMICHAEL to Sarah ROSE both of Montague. Wit: Christopher Wilson, Gilran? Long.


Page 249, 1850

May 27 James NICHOLSON to Paulina ROSE both of Montague. Wit: David Loucks, Emely Webster.


Page 281, 1849

Oct. 13 John SANDERS to Sarah SHEPHERD both of Montague. Wit: Ann & Benjamin Shepherd.


Page 281, 1850

Jan. 21 John STEVENSON to Emily WALLACE both of Marlborough. Wit: John Halpenny, Alexander Wallace.


Page 305, 1850

Jan. 21 Hugh WOODS to Elizabeth RUNCY both of Montague. Wit: William Woods, Richard Copeland.

March 14 Nelson WIDMARK, Marlborough, to Mary Ann DILLIBOUGH, Montague. Wit: Nathan Widmark, John Dillibough.

Oct. 17 John WARVECK or WARRICK, Elmsley, to Mary Ann ALLEN, Montague. Wit: John Stewart, John Scott.

Oct. 23 Heman WIDMARK, Marlborough, to Maria DILLIBOUGH, Montague. Wit: Nelson Widmark, Sarah Ann Chester.


Rev. Thomas Constable Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 149, 1851

No Date Thomas CHURCHILL to Angeline DRAPER both of Carleton Place. Wit: William Churchill.


Page 159, 1851

No Date Phillip DONAHUE, Ramsay, to Sarah Ann THOMSON, Lanark. Wit: John & Ellen Stevenson.

No Date George FLAKE to Fanny LOWE both of Packenham. Wit: William Scott, Morgan Dixon.


Page 282, 1851

No Date John SPARLING, Wilberforce, to Jane LOWE, Packenham. Wit: William SCOTT, Morgan Dixon.


Rev. Thomas Demorest

Page 101, 1843

April 25 Thomas EDWARDS, Wolford, to Margaret MCQUAY, Montague. Wit: Walter Richey, William Hoster Jr.

Feb. 25 Thomas CROZIER to Margaret BROWN both of Montague. Wit: E. Boyce, H.M. Boyce.


Rev. Thomas Fraser Presbyterian Church

Page 70, 1844

July 17 John GEMMILL, Lanark, to Isabella HALL, Drummond. Wit: Francis Hall, John Hall Jr.

July 20 W. T. JARDEN or JANSEN to Margaret SMITH both of Lanark. Wit: David & George Glopop.

July 26 James DRYSDALE to Christie ALSTON both of Lanark. Wit: David McLaren, Robert Meyon?

Aug. ? Alexander MARTIN, Horton, to Jannet BLAIR, Drummond. Wit: James Murdoch, Robert Blair.

Sept. 11 William TEMPLETON, Naprince?, to Janet MEICKLENHAM, Drummond. Wit: James Meicklenham Jr., James Meicklenham Sr.

Sept. 16 James WATSON to Mary D. PARK both of Dalhousie. Wit: John Hall, Andrew Gemmell.

Sept. 27 George GOURLEY, Lanark, to Christie HALL, Drummond. Wit: John Heddrick, David McLean.

Oct. 11 John BULLOCK to Janet ANDERSON both of Lanark. Wit: Henry Bullock, Finley Gunn.

Oct. 18 Alexander CAMPBELL to Elizabeth SHANKS both of Dalhousie. Wit: William James, James Shanks.

Dec. 26 John HALL to Sarah SMITH both of Lanark. Wit: John John Gemmel.

Dec. 24 Thomas HORN to Jane GIVING both of Dalhousie. Wit: Robert Horn, Allen Ferguson.

Dec. 27 William JAMEY to Jane DRAYEL both of Lanark. Wit: Robert Jamey Jr., Robert James Sr.

Dec. 31 John CONROY, Lanark, to Jane MURDOCK, Sherbrook. Wit: James Murrow, Walter Burns.


Page 71, 1845

Jan. 7 John MCFARLANE, Drummond, to Margaret FLEMMING, Lanark. Wit: John McFarlane, James Fleming.

Jan. 23 William MURROW (Morrow?) to Janet CURRIE both of Sherbrook. Wit: henry JcKinnon, Archibald Currie.

Jan. 30 James MURROW (Morrow?) to Margaret GIDDIS (Geddes?) both of Sherbrook. Wit: Henry McKinnon, Thomas McInnis.

Jan. 30 William YORK, Ramsay, to Isabella BROWNING, Lanark. Wit: Thomas McInnis, Archibald Browning.

Feb. 13 Robert MANN to Margaret BARR both of Lanark. Wit: James Young, Peter Barr.

Feb. 21 John STEWART, Lanark, to Agnes CURRIE, Dalhousie. Wit: James McIlrath, James Burns.

Feb. 21 Robert JAMES to Jean CUMMINGS both of Lanark. Wit: Robert James, John Cummings.

March 25 Alexander CRAIG to Agnes BAILIE both of Dalhousie. Wit: James & Charles Bailie.

April 21 John TURNER, Ramsay, to Janet DUNCAN, Dalhousie. Wit: John & Alexander Mair.

April 29 John MUNRO to Marian MCKAY both of Lanark. Wit: Peter McLachlin, Hugh McIntyre.

May 29 William KEMP, Ramsay, to Lilian COCHRAN, Lanark. Wit: John Kemp, Andrew Cochran.

March 21 Hugh GIBSON, Dalhousie, Janet HODGART, Lanark. Wit: Thomas Gibson, John Stewart.


Page 106, 1845

Aug. 15 James FORSYTH to Jane MANN both of Lanark. Wit: William McBeth, Hugh McIntyre.

Oct. 11 John MCGREGOR to Jane WINMAN both of Lanark. Wit: John Yail, John Winman.

Oct. 17 Allan FERGUSON to Agnes GIVAN both of Dalhousie. Wit: John Byan, Mathew Givan.

Oct. 29 Archibald MCJAMES to Rachel LOCKIE both of Dalhousie. Wit: John Jackson, Alexander Fraser.

Oct. 31 James UMPERSTONE to Agnes WADDELL both of Dalhousie. Wit: W. Umpherstone, John Waddell.

Nov. 14 Thomas DICK to Margaret ANDERSON both of Lanark. Wit: Finlay Dunn, Gilbert Anderson.

Dec. 12 John BLACKBURN to Jane MATHER both of Lanark. Wit: Sherman? Blackburn, Matthew Sanderson.


Page 106, 1846

Jan. 20 Samuel WILSON, Lanark, to Isabella MCDOUGALL, Dalhousie. Wit: William Urguhart, John McDougall.

Jan. 21 George HAMILTON to Margaret LECKIE both of Dalhousie. Wit: William Hamilton, Joseph Houston.

Jan. 21 John JACKSON to Jane LECKIE both of Dalhousie. Wit: William Hamilton, Joseph Houston.

Jan. 30 Thomas CONROY to Lillie SCOTT both of Dalhousie. Wit: John Rayson, John Barr.

Feb. 5 John Saunders ROBERTSON to Margaret BARR both of Lanark. Wit: Hugh Houston, James Barr.


Page 107, 1846

Feb. 5 Andrew MCMILLAN to Ellen CAMPBELL both of Sherbrook. Wit: Hugh Currie, Lewis Campbell.

March 24 John JAMES, Lanark, to Ann BROWN, Dalhousie. Wit: Robert James, Charles Brown.

May 5 James HEATON to Ellen STEWART both of Lanark. Wit: Hugh McSheath, William Bain.

March 27 Philip MCINTOSH to Mary SHERIFF both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Crosby, Robert Sheriff.

April 3 Quinton PEACOCK, Lanark, to Isabella MATHER, Dalhousie. Wit: Peter Lawson, Henry Ringer.

April 17 Robinson MASON, Lanark, to Sarah Ann MCDONAH, Bathurst. Wit: George Gemley, Richard Hall.


Page 112, 1846

Oct. 23 Archibald BROWNING, Lanark, to Jessy ROBERTSON, Lavant. Wit: John Cumming, John Robertson.

Oct. 26 William HANNAH, Elizabethtown, to Elizabeth THORN, Drummond. Wit: Hugh Hannah, John Jackson.

Oct. 30 Robert PURDON to Christina MCKERRA both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Purdon, William McKerra.

Oct. 30 John MOORE to Mary Ann BUFFOUR both of Lanark. Wit: William Muir, Francis G. Hall.

Nov. 3 William CHALMERS to Janet THORN both of Dalhousie. Wit: Thomas Dunlop, Elizabeth Fraser.

Nov. 27 Peter CUMMINGS to Elizabeth CUMMINGS both of Lanark. Wit: John Robertson, Robert Hay.

Dec. 4 James WHITTEN to Katherine THOMPSON both of Lanark. Wit: Andrew Gemmill, James Thomson.

Dec. 29 George WATSON to Mary AITKIN both of Lanark. Wit: James Young, William Aitkin.


Page 112, 1847

Feb. 12 John DONALDSON, Lanark, to Janet BUCHAN, Drummond. Wit: Charles Donaldson, William Buchan.

Feb. 18 William JACKSON to Katherine FLEMMING both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Jackson, Mary Flemming.

Feb. 26 Henry FERGUSON to Ann MCLEAN both of Drummond. Wit: Aelxander Ferguson, John Stevenson.

May 3 Peter BARR to Maria PRETTY both of Darling. Wit: Ann Haugh, Flora More.


Page 128, 1848

Feb. 11 James ANDERSON to Janet BULLOCK both of Lanark. Wit: James Roberts, Alexander Ferguson.

Aug. 1 James Horn ARNOT to Jannet BAIRD both of Lanark. Wit: John Gemmell, James Arnot.


Page 138, 1848

Sept. 29 William BAIN or BARIE to Margaret DEACHMAN both of Lanark. Wit: David McLaren, Thomas Deachman.


Page 139, 1851

March 7 John BRYSON to Ann SINE both of Nissouri. Wit: John McNicol, Alexander Bryson.

April 25 John BAIRD, Lanark, to Miriam HOOD, Dalhousie. Wit: Andrew Baird, William Hood.

May 30 William BROWN, Sarnia, to Isabella MANN, Dalhousie. Wit: John Brown, John James.


Page 148, 1848

Feb. 17 Robert CRAIG, Perth, to Jane BROWN, Dalhousie. Wit: William Dobie, John Brown.

July 31 Morris CLOSS, Bagot, to Jane SEWARD, Blithfield. Wit: Samuel Graham, Agnes Deachman.

Oct. 24 Joseph CRAWFORD, Darling, to Margaret STEWART, Lanark. Wit: George Craig, John Foster.


Page 149, 1850

July 5 Daniel CURRIE to Ann EASTON both of Dalhousie. Wit: William Caldwell, John Easton.


Page 149, 1851

Sept. 19 William CRAIG, Darling, to Mary MOLINEAUX, Lanark. Wit: William Craig, David Boyle.


Page 159, 1851

Oct. 10 James Muir DONNIE to Isabella BARRIE both of Dalhousie. Wit: Thomas & William Barrie.


Page 189, 1848

Sept. 22 John GORDON to Ann MILLS both of Drummond. Wit: William Gordan, John Mills.


Page 199, 1850

Oct. 25 Robert HAY to Janet FLEMMING both of Lanark. Wit: John McLelland Jr., Robert Flemming.


Page 209, 1851

Dec. 31 Thomas JOHNSTON to Janet LANIG both of Lanark. Wit: Andrew Fraser, John Lanig.


Page 237, 1850

April 30 Samuel LETT to Mary GRAHAM both of Lanark. Wit: Andrew & Samuel Graham.

Oct. 28 Thomas LYLE, Darling, to Mary LETT, Lanark. Wit: John Lyle, Samuel Lett.


Page 243, 1848

June 15 David MCLAREN to Margaret STEWART both of Lanark. Wit: John Smith, John Kiddrick.

Aug. 24 Hugh MCEWAN, Lanark, to Agness DONEL, Perth. Wit: John R. Gemmell, John McEwan.


Page 244, 1850

May 24 William MILLER, Dalhousie, to Margaret RALSTON, Drummond. Wit: William Hiddrick, John McIlioham.

Aug. 16 David Hi. MANN to Grace MCLELLAND both of Dalhousie. Wit: William & Robert Alcove.


Page 244, 1851

Feb. 7 Henry MILNE to Rebecca BLAIR both of Drummond. Wit: Robert & John Blair.

Aug. 19 John MURDOCH, Carleton, to Isabella WALPOLE, Drummond. Wit: J.A. Murdoch, Archibald Nichol.

Dec. 30 William MUIR, Lanark, to Mary Ann JORDAN, Darling. Wit: Robert Balloch, George Harris.


Page 247, 1850

April 26 Charles MCCLENEGHAN to Betsey MCDONALD both of Lanark. Wit: Peter McLaren, Duncan McDonald.

June 21 Archibald MCDOUGAL, Perth, to Jane MURDOCH, Bathurst. Wit: Peter McDougal, J. A. Murdoch.

Aug. 13 Alexander MCDONALD to Margaret FLATT both of Bathurst. Wit: John Scott, James Flatt.


Page 248, 1851

Jan. 1 John MCINTYRE, Perth, to Margaret MAIR, Lanark. Wit: Holmes & William Mair.

Jan. 21 Alexander MCINNIS to Margaret JONES both of Lanark. Wit: John Cumming, Adam Craig.

Jan. 31 Donald MCDONNELL, N. Sherbrook, to Elen Euphemia HANNAH, Palmestone. Wit: John McDonnell, John Hannah.

March 21 Hector MCLEAN, N. Sherbrook, to Elizabeth TURNBULL, Dalhousie. Wit: James Thorn, William Geddes.

March 28 Charles MCILWREATH to Euphemia CALDWELL both of Lanark. Wit: Hugh McIlwreath, John Caldwell.

June 20 John MCILWREATH, Lanark, to Ann FOSTER, Darling. Wit: William Robertson, William Caldwell.

Nov. 25 Allan MCDOUGALD, Palmestone, to Hannah MCDONELL, N. Sherbrook. Wit: John McDonell, John Bryce.

Dec. 12 Archibald MCLEAN to Mary THORN or THOMS both of Dalhousie. Wit: Allan McLean, James Thorn/Thow.


Page 249, 1850

Oct. 11 John NAIRN, Dalhousie, to Janet DEWART, Lanark. Wit: James & Archibald Nairn.


Page 257, 1851

July 1 Robert ONEIL to Margaret PURDEN both of Dalhousie. Wit: James & William Purden.


Page 263, 1850

Feb. 11 John PARKER, Bathurst, to Heriot CHALMERS, Lanark. Wit: John Aitken, William Ramsbottom.

July 19 James PURDON to Barbara LIVINGSTON both of Dalhousie. Wit: John Kay, Jane Paul.


Page 275, 1848

July 14 James ROBSON, Bathurst, to Janet MASON, Lanark. Wit: Sylvanus Gemmell, Robert Mason.


Page 275, 1850

March 15 John ROBERTSON to Agnes DEACHMAN both of Lanark. Wit: John Caldwell, John Deachman.


Page 281, 1848

Sept. 15 George STEWART to Jane CALLIS both of Darling. Wit: George Greig, T. McKenzie.


Page 287, 1851

March 11 John TARIEF to Catherine MCMAN/MCMUIR both of Darling. Wit: John Mather, Henry McMan/McMuir.

March 28 Sinclair TULLIS, Drummond, to Janet CRAIG, Darling. Wit: Arthur Tullis, Adam Craig.


Page 305, 1850

Jan. 29 Thomas WILSON, Lanark, to Mary MCARTHUR, Dalhousie. Wit: Samuel Wilson, George Uquhart.


Rev. Thomas Hanna Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 232, 1851

Dec. 8 James MCKIBBIN to Mary Jane PRICE both of Wilberforce. Wit: G. Wilcock, John Price.


Page 244, 1850

Sept. 18 Peter MICK to Catherine SWEENEY both of unsurveyed lands. Wit: John Mick, G. Clark.


Page 247, 1851

April 7 William MCKEE to Chri (sic) A. SMYTH both of unsurvey of Lake Dore/Dove. Wit: Ozias Benning, Ralph Lett.


Page 263, 1850

Aug. 13 Michael PRENTICE to Eliza HORAM both of Blythfield. Wit: William Gordon, G. Ross.


Page 276, 1852

March 11 John RUCHLEDGE to Mrs. Mary THOMSON both of Wilberforce. Wit: J. Price, Edward Thomas.

March 14 James ROFFEY, Admaston, to Jane TAYLOR, Packenham. Wit: John Cameron, R. Taylor.


Page 282, 1851

April 8 Con. STEVENSON to Ann MCQUITTY both of Bromley. Wit: John Smyth, Ralph Lett.


Page 299, 1852

May 13 John VANCE, Horton, to Helanet BRILL, Bagot. Wit: John Ferguson, James Johnston.



Rev. William H. Williams Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 7, 1832

Sept. 24 Robert LINSAY to Margaret NELSON or NECHAN both of Goulbourn? Wit: Robert Eady, James Simpson.


Page 7, 1833

Feb. 4 Samuel GORDON to Mary WILSON both of Goulbourn? Wit: James & Thomas Shillington.

March 28 William CUTHBERT, Goulbourn?, to Elizabeth TURKEY, Ramsay. Wit: Francis Poole, John Brown.

April 9 Robert ARGUE to Mary MCDONALD both of Hambly. Wit: Henry McBride, Andrew Argue.

June 17 Robert WOOLSEY to Fanny MOONEY both of Goulbourn. Wit: Joseph & Elizabeth Woolsey.

June 24 John GARLIN to Elizabeth SHENLEY both of Beckwith. Wit: George Kerfoot, James Shillington.


Page 12, 1833

Nov. 27 William MORTON to Jane CORCALEY both of Goulbourn. Wit: Hugh Huston, Thomas Corcaley.


Page 12, 1834

Jan. 1 Matthew DOBSON to Sarah WILSON both of Goulbourn. Wit: Robert & Thomas Brownlee.

Jan. 15 Robert ARGUE to Elizabeth ARMSTRONG both of Hambly. Wit: Matthew Argus, Archibald McGee.

Feb. 13 Enezy ESTITH to Jane TREMBLE. Wit: Robert Montgomery, Andrew Tremble.


Page 113, 1846

Sept. 9 Thomas KARNEY to Louisa RAYMOND both of Smith Falls. Wit: David Hoprick, Jessie Gilmour.

Nov. 17 Almond DERICK, Montague, to Lavina HINKER, Oxford. Wit: Erastus Harris, Matilda McGee.


Page 113, 1847

Jan. 28 Robert DRURY, Ramsay, to Eliza BRADEN, Montague. Wit: Matthew Kerfoot, Ann Jane McMorden?

Feb. 2 Thomas JOHNSON, Montague, to Janett RIDDLE, S. Elmsley. Wit: Thomas McQuay, James Riddle.

March 6 Donald MCDERMETT to Elizabeth MCINTOSH both of Goulbourn. Wit: John McDermett, Alexander Ferfuson.

March 25 William FOSTER, Montague, to Sarah PHILLIPS, Smith Falls. Wit: Freeman R. wArd, Aurelia C. Merrick.

April 5 David J. HUGHES to Ester Angelina DRAPER both of Montague. Wit: William Merrick, Edethea Hunter.


Rev. Thomas Harrison Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 46, 1840

March 17 Thomas CLARK to Mary SHANNON both of Packenham. Wit: James Scott, Margaret M. Shannon.


Rev. Thomas Rump Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 113, 1846

Oct. 26 James WILSON, Fitzroy, to Sarah HALL, Ramsay. Wit: Geroge & Margaret Grey.



Rev. Thomas C. Wilson Church of Scotland

Page 1, 1831

Aug. 21 William ROGERSON, Bathurst, to Sarah ADAMSON, Pickering. Wit: Daniel Fisher, Andrew Buchanan.

Sept. 23 John STEWART to Margaret ANGUS both of Bathurst. Wit: Duncan & Alexander Ferguson.

Sept. 24 Philip JORDAN to Jessie HOLMES both of Perth. Wit: Malcolm McPherson, John Jackson.

Nov. 4 Alexander STEWART to Janet STEWART both of Bathurst. Wit: John Ferguson, William Robertson.

Nov. 11 Robert DAGG, Kitley, to Eliza ROBINSON, Drummond. Wit: Andrew Caswell, William Moore.


Page 2, 1831

Nov. 11 John DONALDSON, Perth, to Janet BROWNLEY, Dalhousie. Wit: Malcom McPherson, William Henry?

Dec. 17 Alexander POLLOCK to Jenet MCGILLES both of Bathurst. Wit: John McKenzie, Thomas Barne.

Dec. 18 George ELLIS, Perth, to Janet MCFARLANE, Bathurst. Wit: John Ferguson, Duncan McFarlane.


Page 2, 1832

Feb. 24 Charles GORE or GOW, Perth, to Jennet FERRIER, Burgess. Wit: Malcolm McPherson, Robert Killork.

April 2 Alexander MCMILLAN, Perth, to Mary DAVIES, N. Sherhook? Wit: William Moris, Jonas Davis.

May 9 David MILLIKEN to Margery BALES both of S. Sherbrook. Wit: John Milliken, William Rutherford.

June 1 James REID to Mary BORNE? both of Perth. Wit: John McPherson, Thomas Borne.

June 21 David MCDONALD to Mary GUINNESS both of Bathurst. Wit: James McDonald, Thomas Briggs.

June 22 John MCPHERSON, Perth, to Helen FINLAY, Elmsley. Wit: John Munn, Peter McKinley.

Aug. 20 William DEDRICK Elmsley, to Christiana THORNTON, Drummond. Wit: James McMillan, Thomas Johnston.

Oct. 19 John ROBERTSON to Elizabeth MALLOCK both of Drummond. Wit: Donald Campbell, Neil Mallock.

Oct. 19 Daniel FISHER, Perth, to Elizabeth MCNEE, Bathurst. Wit: John Ferguson, Thomas Barrie?

Oct. 26 Duncan MCDONALD, Elmsley, to Christy MCPHAIL, Drummond. Wit: Peter Stuart, Duncan Ferguson.

Oct. 30 Duncan MCEARN to Ann MALLOCK both of Drummond. Wit: John McEarn, Peter McPhail.

Nov. 20 Duncan MCNEE, Beckwith, to Catherine MCINTYRE, Drummond. Wit: Archibald McNee, John Ferguson.

Nov. 30 Peter MCTAVISH, Drummond, to Sarah MCTAVISH, Elmsley. Wit: Duncan McTavish, Alexander McTavish.

Dec. 10 Samuel CRIPPIN to Ellen MCCALL both of Perth. Wit: Archibald McNee, Alexander McLean.

Dec. 18 Thomas MILLIKEN to Mary Ann HUGHES both of S. Sherbrooke. Wit: Malcolm McPherson, Manuel Milliken.

Dec. 24 Daniel JOHNSTON, Longuiel, to Elizabeth FISHER, Bytown. Wit: Nelson Manhaine, William McPherson.

Dec. 27 William FRASER to Jean CAMPBELL both of Drummond. Wit: Alexander Ferguson, Duncan McDonald.


Page 2, 1833

Jan. 7 Vincent ROOT, Elmsley, to Mary CARHERS, Perth. Wit: Labras? Judson, John Adams.

Jan. 30 John FERGUSON, Drummond, to Mary THOMLISON, Ramsay. Wit: Duncan McFarlane, Alexander Stewart.

Feb. 8 James MCDONALD to Isabella MCINTYRE both of Drummond. Wit: John Clark, Alexander Ferguson.


Page 8, 1833

March 15 Donald MCDONALD to Susan MALLECK both of Drummond. Wit: John McLaren, James McDonald.

April 19 Robert KELLOCK to Alicia Dickson MCDONALD both of Perth. Wit: William Fraser, Duncan McDonald.

May 23 Thomas CAREY to Margaret JONES both of Bathurst. Wit: John Adamson, Samuel McLellan.

June 21 George MCCULLOCK to Agnes BARBER both of Beckwith. Wit: James Fraser, Archibald Fraser.

July 5 Abraham LACKEY to Nancy DONDLE or DOWDLE both of Bathurst. Wit: Thomas ??, John Dondle/Dowdle.


Page 9, 1833

July 18 Edward MILLS, Wolford, to Elizabeth KIDD, Beckwith. Wit: William Matheson, John Jones.

Aug. 20 John MCDOUGALD, Anton?, to Sarah CAMPBELL, Lanark. Wit: Peter & John Campbell.


Page 11, 1833

Sept. 23 Thomas GALLICHER, Bathurst, to Helen HARPER, Burgess. Wit: James & Archibald Fraser.

Sept. 27 Andrew MADIE/MUDIE to Betsey FERRIER or FERNAK both of Burgess. Wit: John McLean, James Drysdale. Note: Bride’s listing as recorded in register.

Oct. 7 John STONE to Margaret ROBERTSON both of Perth. Wit: Harry Percival, R. Wood.

Oct. 28 John KING to Mary MITCHELL both of Drummond. Wit: James Blaney, Adam Armstrong.

Dec. 8 John VOSS to Christiana PORTER or YOUNG, both of Perth. Wit: Malcolm McPherson, Robert Kellogg. Note: Bride’s listing as recorded in register.

Dec. 16 Augustus FAUNIER to Elizabeth SLATT both of Bathurst. Wit: William Norris, William Palmer.


Page 11, 1834

Jan. 25 Matthew D. SLAUGHTON to Margaret KERRBOK both of Perth. Wit: Alexander Mazwell, John Kerrbok.

Feb. 20 Andrew MITCHELL to Christiana SINCLAIR both of Perth. Wit: John McAllum, Adam Armstrong.

Feb. 21 Duncan MCDONALD, Perth, to Ann JORDAN, Bathurst. Wit: Ralph Smith, William Fraser.

March 11 John HALLIDAY to Catherine MCNAB both of McNab. Wit: Archibald Fraser, Adam Elliott.

April 25 Charles MILLER to Grace GOLIGHTLY both of Elmsley. Wit: William Wylee, Duncan Nicoll.

April 29 George HALLIDAY, Burgess, to Helen ELLIOTT, Elmsley. Wit: James & Archibald Fraser.

May 23 Joseph MCCRACKEN, Perth, to Janet FINDLAY, Burgess. Wit: Robert Douglass, Alexander Kippen.

June 24 Genville BEACH to Mary STROUB both of Bradford. Wit: George Cox, John Short.

July 10 Duncan CAMPBELL to Jean MCTAVISH both of Elmsley. Wit: Alexander & Duncan McTavish.

Aug. 9 William MAGEE to Eliza DAZELL/DAGELL both of Lanark. Wit: Peter simpson, Thomas Dazell/Dagell.


Page 21, 1835 Note: Marriage location recorded, not residence.

Sept. 10 William FRASER to Catherine ADAMSON at Perth. Wit: Peter McIntosh, Robert Moffat.

Nov. 13 Alexander STEWART to Margaret FERGUSON at Perth. Wit: Alexander & John Ferguson.

Nov. 19 Daniel BUCHANAN to Rebecca MATHEWS at Perth. Wit: Abraham Farmerand, David McKay.


Page 21, 1836 Note: Marriage location recorded, not residence.

Dec. 14 Clark ALLEN to Rachel PATTIE at Perth. Wit: James Henderson, William Magee.

Dec. 31 John HALE to Marian BUCHANEN (s/b Buchanan?) at Perth. Wit: Duncan & Alexander McTavish.

Jan. 1 Nathan JUDSON to Elizabeth RITCHIE at Perth. Wit: George Wilson, John Ritchie.

Jan. 22 John BOTHWELL to Jane FINLAY at Perth. Wit: James Ward, William Allen.

Feb. 26 Jonathon TOMLINSON to Jane MCLEOD at Perth. Wit: James Young, James Saxanlane.

March 24 James WRIGHT to Martha BELL at Perth. Wit: Adam & David Armstrong.

March 21 Robert THOMPSON to Agnes STUART at Perth. Wit: William Warder, John Brown.

May 5 Neil MCTAVISH to Margaret MCINTYRE at Perth. Wit: Robert Robson, Peter Stuart.

May 31 Andrew KEPPAN (Kippen?) to Elizabeth MCFARLANE at Perth. Wit: Alexander McIntosh, Alexander Stuart.

June 3 William BARROWMAN to Helen SPENCER at Perth. Wit: William SCOTT, David Dandson.

June 3 James MCMILLAN to Janet CLARKE at Perth. Wit: David Robertson, Alexander Miller.


Page 37, 1843

Jan. 27 Thomas MOODIE to Jane CONDIE both of Burgess. Wit: James Moodie, James Condie.

Jan. 31 Peter MCLAREN to Catherine MCLAREN both of Beckwith. Wit: Daniel McLaren, John McCallum.

April 13 Peter MCLAREN, Beckwith, to Agnes MORRIS, Drummond. Wit: William McLean, Alexander Graham.

Sept. 15 Robert STONE, Perth, to Elizabeth LEONARD, Bathurst. Wit: John McCallum, Simon Dewar.

Oct. 13 John ROSS to Mary Jane KINGS both of Drummond. Wit: Daniel O. Burrows, Alexander Campbell.

Nov. 10 Neil CAMPBELL to Madeline TAYLER (s/b Taylor?) both of Perth. Wit: Henry Elliott, Edward Murphy.

Dec. 1 James SIMPLE or SEMPLE to Carilin LEGGETT both of Perth. Wit: William Eadie, John Start.

Dec. 29 David KILNE to Margaret BURNS both of Bathurst. Wit: Alexander & George Miller


Page 40, 1837

Nov. 3 Peter MUNRO to Margaret FINCH both of Bathurst. Wit: Andrew Miller, Peter McNab.

Dec. 15 David ROWAT to Martha LOCHEAD both of Perth. Wit: John Brown, George Miller.


Page 40, 1838

Jan. 3 Peter Colin CAMPBELL, Brockville, to Jessie WYLIE, Ramsay. Wit: John Fairbairn, James Campbell.

May 11 Alexander FINLEY to Helen MOODIE both of Burgess. Wit: James & John Allen.

June 29 Roderick ROSS to Mary ROSS both of Torbolton. Wit: John Meldrum, Duncan Ross.

Sept. 28 John BRASH, Bedford, to Ann BREWSTER, N. Crosby. Wit: Finlay Brash, George Brewster.

Oct. 12 William MCLEOD, Perth, to Jannet HALL, Drummond. Wit: John McLaren, James Young.

Oct. 25 George ATKINSON, Drummond, to Ann MCGILVARY, Burgess. Wit: Peter McKinley, Alexander Cameron.

Nov. 23 John DEWAR to Isabella F (rest of name not recorded) both of Perth. Wit: William Rutherford, Charles McLaughlin.

Dec. 25 Alexander DRYSDALE, Packenham, to Catherine MCFARLANE, Perth. Wit: Andrew Kippen, Duncan McNichol.


Page 40, 1839

Jan. 18 James MOODIE, Burgess, to Jane DAVIDSON, Bathurst. Wit: Ralph Smith, Matthew Bell.

Jan. 23 Henry BUDD to Catherine HANNAH both of Bathurst. Wit: Peter McGregor, Peter McPherson.


Page 41, 1839

Feb. 1 William CADDIE or CUDDIE, Bathurst, to Jane FINLEY, Burgess. Wit: Alexander Dodds, Archibald Old.

March 7 John BARBER to Helen MCLEAN both of Burgess. Wit: James Allen, John Walker.

April 9 John BRASH, Burgess, to Flora CAMERON, Ramsay. Wit: John & Alexander Cameron.

May 17 John CAMPBELL to Sarah CAMERON both of Elmsley. Wit: Angus Fisher, Alexander Cameron.

June 16 Thomas KNAP, Buffalo U.S., to Catherine MCDONALD, Perth. Wit: Robert Kelloch, Francis Hall.

July 23 Francis ALLEN, Burgess, to Jane MCLEAN, Bathurst. Wit: William & John Richey.


Rev. William Aitkin Presbyterian Church,

Page 119, 1847

March 22 Moses EDMOND to Sarah KILBURN both of Wolford. Wit: John & Martha McGorkin.

July 13 Rufus MCCREA, Montague, to Henrietta RIDDELL, Elmsley. Wit: George Rutherford, George Mosby.

July 20 William BALBERT, Burgess, to Mary DODDS, Bathurst. Wit: James Watson, William Ferguson.


Page 119, 1848

Nov. 24 James MAITLAND to Jane MCRITCHIE both of Montague. Wit: Thomas Nurman, George McRitchie.


Page 243, 1848

May 1 W.J. MACLEAN to Eliza RITCHIE both of Smith Falls. Wit: R. Bartlett Jr., John Ritchie.

Nov. 17 Samuel MCMEIN? to Margaret DEMPSEY both of Smith Falls. Wit: John Stewart, D. Dempsey.


Page 305, 1848

Jan. 7 Robert WILSON to Mary RUDD both of Kitley. Wit: Alexander Clarke Jr., Robert Romanes.


Rev. William Bain Presbyterian Church

Page 117, 1846

Dec. 15 John MCFARLANE, Perth, to Isabella SMYTH, Bathurst. Wit: Ralph Dennan, Ralph Smyth.


Page 117, 1847

Jan. 19 Henry FREELAND, Augusta, to Ellen ROY, Elmsley. Wit: Charles Freeland, Archibald Roy.

March 30 John SINCLAIR to Elizabeth FERGUSON, both of Drummond. Wit: Hugh McIntyre, Alexander Ferguson.

April 9 John CLARK, Drummond, to Rachel CAMERON, Ramsay. Wit: Henry Glass, Peter McNee.

June 17 Peter STEWART to Elaine EASTON both of Perth. Wit: William Muir, George Wilson.

June 29 John SPALDING to Helen MCPHERSON both of Elmsley. Wit: James Spalding, William McPherson.

Aug. 24 John PAPPAN to Martha MCKINNON both of Elmsley. Wit: John Robertson, Alexander McTavish.

Aug. 27 William ROWAT to Eliza MCCEAN both of Bathurst. Wit: Ralph Dodds, John Cainbert.

Sept. 2 Andrew MCCOLLUM to Isabella SMITH both of Lanark. Wit: Daniel Glossep, J. R. Richardson.

Sept. 3 John FORBES to Margaret GLAPERTH both of Perth. Wit: John Publin, Thomas Patterson.

Sept. 25 Patrick QUINN, Lanark, to Elizabeth LOCK, Elmsley. Wit: William Smitherman, Patrick Kowan (Cowan?).

Oct. 21 David BAIN to Isabella GILLES both of Lanark. Wit: William Bain, Michael Fox.


Page 118, 1847

Nov. 19 Thomas SCOTT to Catherine THOMPSON both of Burgess. Wit: William Dennan, James Laurie.

Dec. 17 Archibald GRAY to Mary HOUSTON both of Bathurst. Wit: William Miller, Roderick Munro.

Dec. 24 Donald MCLAUCHLIN to Ann ROBERTSON both of Elmsley. Wit: William McLauchlin, John Robertson.


Page 138, 1849

Sept. 3 Robert BRASH, Burgess, to Elipat BREWSTER, N. Crosby. Wit: James Cameron, James McCallum.


Page 150 Note: residence not recorded, 1851

March 6 Hugh CAMERON to Catherine CAMERON. Wit: Alexander Cameron, William Morris.

April 4 Peter CAMPBELL to Mary WALKER. Wit: James Spalding, Donald Campbell.


Page 159, 1848

Oct. 27 James DOBIE to Margaret MILLER both of Perth. Wit: George Wilson, William Lillie.


Page 159, 1850

March 22 John DOBIE to Mary TETLOCK both of Elmsley. Wit: John Smith, John Livingston.


Page 159, 1851

Oct. 3 George DORANCE to Ann CROSKERY. Residence not recorded. Wit: David Dorance, James McMillan.


Page 189, 1848

Aug. 11 Sylvanus GEMMILL, Lanark, to Margaret ROBERTSON, Bathurst. Wit: Malcolm McPherson, John R. Gemmill.


Page 199, 1850

Sept. 10 Thomas HUNTER, Perth, to Helen FRASER, Drummond. Wit: Peter Campbell, Richard Sharpe.


Page 209, 1850

June 29 James INNIS to Julia THORN both of Drummond. Wit: John Jameson, James Cook.


Page 229, 1851

March 25 Thomas KIRKHAM to Jessie Smith GRANT. Residence not recorded. Wit: John Cameron, James Robertson.


Page 232, 1851

March 28 James MCGREGOR to Catherine MCCAREN. Residence not recorded. Wit: Finlay McCormick, Peter Campbell.


Page 243, 1848

Oct. 25 Donald MONROE, Packenham, to Margaret MCMOORE, Darling. Wit: John McCallum, Thomas McMoore.


Page 243, 1849

Jan. 10 James MILLER, Lanark, to Margaret WRIGHT, Perth. Wit: John Wright, Perth, John Wright, Lanark.

June 15 James MCLACHLIN, Middleton, to Margaret MCTAVISH, Elmsley. Wit: William McLachlin, Donald McTavish.

July 27 Alexander MOODIE to Rebecca FERRIER both of Burgess. Wit: Arthur Meigham, John Ferrier.

Aug. 7 Donald MCPHEAL (s/b McPhail?), Drummond, to Christiana D. THOMPSON, Perth. Wit: Arthur Meigham, Duncan McDonald.


Page 247, 1850

Feb. 1 Alexander MCDOUGALL, N. Sherbrook, to Margaret MCTAVISH, Elmsley. Wit: Robert Killoch, Donald McTavish.

Dec. 13 Daniel MCLAURIER to Mary MCLAURIER both of Beckwith. Wit: George McLauirien, Alexander Stewart.

Dec. 26 John MCDONALD, Perth, to Sarah Ann MALLOCK, Brockville. Wit: W. S. McDonald, Robert Watson.


Page 275, 1848

Feb. 18 Joseph RICHARDSON to Herriot THOMPSON both of Drummond. Wit: John McCallum, Henry Hoffenden.

March 24 John RIDDELL to Agness MCLEOD both of Perth. Wit: Walter Riddell, William Mcleod.


Page 275, 1849

Oct. 23 John ROBERTSON, Elmsley, to Jane MCLAREN, Drummond. Wit: Robert Robertson, Donald McLaren.


Page 275, 1850

Feb. 22 Archibald ROY, Elmsley, to Margaret MCTAVISH, Montague. Wit: John & Donald McTavish.


Page 276, 1852

March 14 Robert ROBERTSON to Christina FISHER. Residence not recorded. Wit: Donald Robertson, Donald Fisher.


Page 276, 1851

Dec. 10 John ROBERTSON to Lydia FRASER, residence not recorded. Wit: Robert Balderson, Alexander Fraser.


Page 287, 1849

Oct. 26 Robert THOMPSON to Isabella MILLER both of Drummond. Wit: James W. Caswell, John Robertson.


Page 287, 1850

March 13 John TASSIE to Julia NELSON both of Montague. Wit: James McPherson Jr., Thomas Croskery.

July 19 William TOLE to Isabella COUTTS both of Elmsley. Wit: Archibald Sands, Duncan Campbell.


Page 305, 1850

Feb. 28 John A. WHITSON, Kitley, to Jane LAWSON, Elmsley. Wit: Walter King, John Ferrier.


Rev. William Bell Presbyterian Church

Page 1, 1831

Feb. 8 William BRYCE Jr. to Maria CHRISTELAW both of Perth. Wit: William Bryce Sr., Thomas Donaldson.

Feb. 28 James DRYSDALE to Sarah FARNELL both of Bishop. Wit: John Rowat, James Condie.

March 8 Andrew MORGAN, Dalhousie, to Agness DONALD, Perth. Wit: James Bell, Duncan McCormack.

Feb. 25 Alexander BARRIE to Margaret MCINTOSH both of Bathurst. Wit: Thomas Barrie, John Clarke.

March 2 William SMART, Augusta, to Margaret TAYLOR, Brockville. Wit: James McLaren, Peter McPherson.

April 2 Thomas BARRIE to Mary RITCHIE both of Bathurst. Wit: William & John Ritchie.

May 6 Peter MCPHERSON, Perth, to Margaret MCLAREN, Elmsley. Wit: John McPherson, William McLaren.

July 22 William BELL to Martha ELLIOTT both of Elmsley. Wit: William Olean, James Elliott.

July 23 William LILLY to Margaret LAWSON both of Elmsley. Wit: James Story, William Lawson.

Aug. 2 Samuel DUNLOP to Sarah RAE both of Ramsay. WIT: James Kennedy, John Rae.

Aug. 21 Nathan EASTERBROOKE to Caroline BAGGS both of Elmsley. Wit: Joseph F. McDonald, Ebenezer Bell.

Oct. 16 Hugh ROSS to Mary BERGEN both of Bathurst. Wit: James Bell, James Carmichael.

Dec. 26 John BILE or BELL, Carlton Place, to Margaret WILSON, Ramsay. Wit: C.P. Bellows, William Wilson.


Page 5, 1832

Jan. 25 William WILSON to Janet MCLARON (s/b McLaren?) both of Lanark. Wit: Inlay & John McLaron.

Feb. 10 John GORDON to Ann MCKINNON both of Dalhousie. Wit: John Wilson, James Jackson.

March 6 Alexander FERGUSON to Janet MCDOUGALL both of Sheetsville. Wit: John Wilson, William McInnes.

March 20 George PEDAN to Elizabeth BOULTON both of Bathurst. Wit: Thomas Earls, Israel Boulton.

March 12 Jacob BOULTON to Agnes LOCKHEAD both of Bathurst. Wit: Benjamin Boulton, Alexander Montgomery.

March 25 George Charles MITTLEBURGER to Eliza Ann SCHOFIELD both of Elmsley. Wit: William Montgomery, John Simpson.

March 15 Francis BARTLETT to Elizabeth KILBORN both of Elmsley. Wit: William Mittleburger, James Simpson.

July 23 John ANDERSON, Dalhousie, to Nancy BOULTON, Bathurst. Wit: William Anderson, Alexander Bain.

Aug. 5 Robert CRAWFORD to Sarah BAIN, Dalhousie. Wit: James Ball, Robert Bain.

Sept. 14 Robert BAIN to Phoebe MURRAY both of Dalhousie. Wit: Robert Crawford, William Bain.

Oct. 1 George WATSON to Mary YOUNG both of Perth. Wit: James Bell, John Donaldson.

Oct. 5 Robert BOWER or BOWES to Jane ADAMS both of Bathurst. Wit: Francis Allen, John Adams.

Dec. 24 Archibald HAMILTON to Elizabeth BUCHANAN both of St. Thomas. Wit: John Young, John Buchanan.


Page 10, 1833

Jan. 15 William ANDERSON to Mary AVERY both of Bathurst. Wit: John Williamson, Benjamin Avery.

Jan. 18 John SMITH to Ann ANDERSON both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Bain, William Anderson.

Jan. 14 Alexander BAIN, Dalhousie, to Ann JOHNSTON, Bathurst. Wit: Alexander Livingston, John Stuart.

March 15 John COLLINS to Christiana FERGUSON both of Beckwith. Wit: John Paris, John Adams.

Aug. 16 Thomas BORRIS, Lanark, to Jean ROSS, Drummond. Wit: Robert Boyd, William Ross.

Oct. 1 George NICOLLS to Mary HALLENER both of Elmsley. Wit: John Goodfellow, Hugh Nicolls.


Page 12, 1834

March 1 Daniel MCQUARRY, Drummond, to Christiana JOHNSTON, Elmsley. Wit: Duncan Kippen, George Bell.

May 10 Peter BOULANGER to Mary FINLAYSON both of Elmsley. Wit: Richard Rougre, George Bell.

July 18 William WEIR to Margaret CUTHBERTSON both of Perth. Wit: George & Alexander Cuthbertson.

Sept. 3 Jason GOULD to Mary SIMPSON both of Smith Falls. Wit: William & James Simpson.


Page 13, 1835

Jan. 7 Michael FERRELL to Elizabeth REND both of Perth. Wit: Moses Williams, George Bell.

Feb. 4 Alexander CUTHBERTSON to Margaret ANDERSON both of Drummond. Wit: George Cuthbertson, George Bell.

Feb. 18 James MCCARRIGAN to Jemima SERVICE both of Montague. Wit: John & Robert Green.

April 6 John CLARKE, Elmsley, to Jane JOHNSTON, Drummond. Wit: George Bell, Robert Robson.


Page 14, 1835

July 13 Mark JOHNSTON, Packenham, to Ann MIDDLETON, Elmsley. Wit: John G. Mallock, George Bell.

July 21 Pierre ROBERTS, Elizabethtown, to Sophia CHAMIER, Elmsley. Wit: George Bell, John Campeau.

Aug. 19 John G. MALLACK to Isabella Margaret BELL or BILE both of Perth. Wit: George Mallack, William Bell/Bile Jr.

Aug. 7 John FERGUSON to Margaret FERGUSON both of Drummond. Wit: John & Alexander Ferguson.

Sept. 21 John CHURCH, Darling, to Rebecca Jane CROFTS, Bathurst. Wit: Andrew Hill, ?? Lewis.

Sept. 21 George BLAIR to Jean BATESON both of Dalhousie. Wit: Finley McLean, John Millar.

Dec. 24 Donald FRASER to Agnes MILLAR both of Perth. Wit: William Fraser, Ebenezer Bell.


Page 24, 1838

March 30 John MCDIARMID, Elmsley, to Christian MCEWAN, Bytown. Wit: Peter McGregor, Peter McEwan.

March 30 Champion SMITH, Bastard, to Julia CHESLEY, Perth. Wit: George Bell, George Barrit.

March 6? John MCLANAGAN, Drummond, to Margaret BIGHAM, Ramsay. Wit: John McLanagan Sr., Robert Bigham.

March 23 Malcolm FISHER to Margaret MCNEE both of Bathurst. Wit: John Fisher, John Clark.

April 10 Archibald BARN or BAIN to Elizabeth DAVIDSON both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Barn, James Hamilton.

March 29 William MCLENN (McLean?) to Elizabeth MCKAY both of Elmsley. Wit: John & Robert McLenn.


Page 25, 1838

April 10 Archibald GILCHRIST to Helen TAYLOR. Wit: Thomas Thompson, William Taylor.

May 30 Peter MCEVAN to Janet MCCALLUM. Wit: Peter Sinclair, John McNaughton.

June 19 William MCADAM to Elizabeth RICKEY. Wit: William McAdam Sr., John Rickey Jr.

June 20 Thomas STOREY to Margaret MEACHAM. Wit: William Simpson, Ebenezer Bell.

July 13 Francis HOLLIDAY to Hellen GLOSSAP. Wit: John Holliday, Thomas Dobie.

Sept. 28 William WATT to Jean MCPHERSON. Wit: Alexander Stewart, James McPherson.

Oct. 19 Peter MCDERMID to Janet LIVINGSTONE. Wit: William Cross, John Livingstone.

Nov. 20 Joseph MCINTYRE to Catherine CAMPBELL. Wit: William Bell Jr., Duncan Cameron.

Dec. 27 James Smith KIRK to Nancy Ann DRUMMING. Wit: Archibald Ogilvie, William Lamb.


Page 44, 1839

Jan. 29 James HOLLIDAY to Janet ALLEN both of Burgess. Wit: John Holliday, William Bell Jr.

Jan. 17 Robert BELL, Carleton Place, to Emmeline Sedate JONES, Brockville. Wit: J.G. Mallock, Alexander Morris.

Feb. 8 Neil MCLAREN to Hannah TRUELOVE both of Bathurst. Wit: John McLaren, George Bell.

Jan. 25 Alexander FERGUSON to Ann MCDERMID both of Beckwith. Wit: Alexander & John Ferguson.

Feb. 7 Alexander MCLEAN, Bytown, to Margaret MCDONALD, Elmsley. Wit: Robert McLean, Peter McDonald.

Feb. 8 Francis WRIGHT, Ramsay, to Isabella BOYD, Drummond. Wit: David Armstrong, Robert Boyd.

March 11 Moses GORDON, Goulbourn, to Jessie CRAM, Beckwith. Wit: Benjamin Gordon, Peter McGregor.

March 15 Thomas CRAWFORD, Dalhousie, to Margaret MCDOUGAL, S. Sherbrooke. Wit: John Warnock, Alexander McDougal.

March 20 Peter MCINTOSH to Mary TAYLOR both of Perth. Wit: Ephraim Harper, William McLaren.

April 10 Hugh MILLER to Elizabeth RINGER both of Elmsley. Wit: Saunders Goodall, William, Wordie.


Page 45, 1839

April 25 Robert BARBER, Burgess, to Isabella DODDS, Bathurst. Wit: John Allen, Ralph Davidson.

June 28 Colin FERGUSON to Catherine GILLIES both of Beckwith. Wit: Thomas Ferguson, Archibald McNee.

Oct. 1 James MCTAVISH to Ann MCFARLANE both of Beckwith. Wit: John & Alexander McFarlane.

Oct. 2 Duncan MCCALLUM, McNab, to Catherine BILLAN, Perth. Wit: Archibald McNee, Alesander Ferguson.

Oct. 4 Henry SHILLINGTON to Charlotte BRANYON both of Perth. Wit: Anthony Leslie, Stephen Ferguson.

Oct. 21 Arthur INNIS to Catherine BUCKLE both of Drummond. Wit: Donald Fraser Jr., Alexander Waugh.

Dec. 24 Duncan MCDOUGAL to Jane BAIN both of N. Sherbrooke. Wit: Alexander McDougal, Andrew Wilson.

Dec. 31 James MCLAREN, Elmsley, to Agnes Breckinridge OLD, Bathurst. Wit: William McLaren, William Old.


Page 56, 1840

Jan. 24 John CRAWFORD to Maria MONTEITH both of Dalhousie. Wit: James Bain, Andrew McInnis.

Feb. 19 George MCDONALD, Lanark, to Isabella HEADRICK, Drummond. Wit: Alexander McDonald, James Headrick.

April 21 William CHURCHILL, Ramsay, to Mary Ann CASWELL, Drummond. Wit: Adam Prelly, Joseph Stoddarts.

May 8 James BARR, Bedford, to Lilly RICHARDSON, Bathurst. Wit: William Barr, Alexander Spalding.

June 6 Duncan MCGREGOR to Janet MCRAY or MCKAY both of Beckwith. Wit: Archibald & Hugh McGregor.

Feb. 3 Alexander MCCONNOCHIE to Elizabeth SINE both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: John Smith, Robert Sine.

Aug. 20 Edward WARD to Margaret HOGG both of Perth. Wit: James Leggett, Patrick King.

Sept. 18 Daniel MCNIE to Helen CHRISTIE both of Bathurst. Wit: John McLaren Jr., John Gray.

Nov. 30 William CALVERT to Margaret WILLIAMSON both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: David Bryce, Hector McLean.

Dec. 15 James LANARD, Bathurst, to Jane CALDWELL, Lanark. Wit: John Lanard, Robert McDonald.

Dec. 16 Henry MCGEE, Darling, to Catherine DOWE, Lanark. Wit: William McGee, William Dowe.


Page 57, 1841

Jan. 1 Alexander MCLAREN, Beckwith, to Maria STEWART, Montague. Wit: David McLaren, Duncan King.

Jan. 11 James LOVE to Maria TWADDLE both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: Joseas Davis, Thomas Miller.

Jan. 19 Peter MCLAURIN, Hawkesbury, to Ann BUCHANAN, Perth. Wit: Lawrence McLaurin, George Buchanan.

Feb. 8 John MCFARLANE to Ann GARDINER both of Dalhousie. Wit: Donald Fraser, Robert Gardiner.

March 3 William LECKIE to Jane ONEIL both of Dalhousie. Wit: John & Robert Leckie.

March 23 Donald MCKERCHER, Bathurst, to Catherine HILL, Montague. Wit: John McKercher, Peter McGregor.

Aug. 17 John ALLEN, Burgess, to Ann MCLEAN, Wit: Archibald Fraser, Thomas McLean.

Aug. 26 William MCLEAN to Christiana CAMERON both of Burgess. Wit: Thomas Thompson, James Cameron.

Sept. 10 James SIMPSON, Ramsay, to Mary MCGILVRAY, Burgess. Wit: Peter & William Thompson.


Page 95, 1843

Jan. 17 Niel MCVINN or MCVEAN to Margaret MURROCK both of Sherbrook. Wit: Peter McVinn/McVian, John Murrock.

Jan. 20 Austin ALLAN to Mary MCGREGOR both of Beckwith. Wit: Donald Fraser, Peter McGregor.

Feb. 9 James BELL, Carleton Place, to Jane JUDEL, Brockville. Wit: James Morris, J.G. Mallock.

Feb. 7 William RAE, Ramsay, to Susan MCLELLAN, Perth. Wit: joseph RAE, William Thompson.

March 10 James WATSON to Christian ALLAN both of Burgess. Wit: James & John Moodie.

Feb. 24 Alexander CALDWELL to Mary Ann MAXWELL both of Lanark. Wit: John Jones, Daniel Maxwell.

Feb. 24 Duncan MCEWAN to Catherine MCNAUGHTON both of Beckwith. Wit: George McGregor, D. McNaughton.

March 17 William GRAY, Burgess, to Isabella CHRISTIE, Bathurst. Wit: Ebenezer Bell, James Robertson.

March 10 Alexander FINLAY to Ann YOUNG, Bathurst. Wit: A. Montgomery, James Young.

March 11 Robert WILSON to Margaret MILLER both of Bathurst. Wit: John Watt, Thomas Miller.

April 4 Joseph JONES to Margaret WALLACE both of Bathurst. Wit: J. McCallum, Richard Wallace.

April 5 Samuel BELL to Jane BROWN both of Bathurst. Wit: J. Moderwell, Thomas Brown.


Page 96, 1843

May 16 John NICOLL to Julia BUCHANAN both of Elmsley. Wit: J. J. Nicoll, G. Buchanan.

May 23 George WARDNER to Janet MCNEE both of Perth. Wit: M. McDougall, J. McCallum.

May 24 Gavin W. YOUNG to Helen MORRISON, Elmsley. Wit: Robert McKinlay, James Morrison.

Aug. 11 David HOLLIDAY to Christian SINCLAIR both of Drummond. Wit: J. Holliday, George Bell.

Sept. 12 David TAIL to Clarissa WILSON both of Perth. Wit: Alexander Tail, J. McLaren.

Oct. 11 Hugh HUSTON, Beckwith, to Catherine MCGREGOR, Bathurst. Wit: J. McKercher, W. Stedman.

Oct. 13 Duncan CAMERON, Beckwith, to Mary MCDONALD, Burgess. Wit: James Cameron, Andrew Bell.


Page 97, 1844

Jan. 9 Robert BULLOCK, Lanark, to Jane MUIR, Dalhousie. Wit: John Thompson, William Yuill.

April 30 William PORTER to Janet WATT both of Bathurst. Wit: John Maxwell, James Ferguson.

Feb. 16 Angus FISHER, Beckwith, to Susan MCGINNESS, Drummond. Wit: John McKenzie, John McGinness.

Feb. 23 John BLACK to Catherine DUNCAN both of Beckwith. Wit: Thomas McNeely, John Cram.

March 7 William MCCORMICK, Elmsley, Catherine CAMPBELL, Drummond. Wit: John McCallum, Duncan Campbell.

March 11 Joseph KAYS to Betsey BOYD both of Drummond. Wit: John Ross, William Green.

May 32 Gilmore BOYDEN to Ann MCLEAN both of Dalhousie. Wit: John Burke, Ann McLean.

April 25 Robert MCDONALD, Bathurst, to Margaret TULLY, Drummond. Wit: Duncan McDonald, Christopher Hecklin.

June 5 William Gordon SCOTT, Coburg, to Margaret MCLEAN, Elmsley. Wit: Charles Stily, James McLean.

June 7 Stephen GREEN to Isabella LAFFERTY both of Bathurst. Wit: John McCallum, Peter McNee.

June 28 John MORRISON to Mary TAYLOR both of Elmsley. Wit: Thomas McKinlay, William Taylor.

July 1 Robert FERGUSON to Margaret MCNAUGHTON both of Drummond. Wit: Alexander Ferguson, John McLaren.


Page 98, 1844

July 1 Richard WALLACE to Frances STEPHENS both of Bathurst. Wit: William Wallace, Joseph Jones.

July 19 Naughton MCNAUGHTON to Mary MCCALLUM both of Bathurst. Wit: Alexander Campbell, John McIntyre.

July 25 George MCDONALD to Jane GORDON both of Perth. Wit: Gregor McGregor, Donald Sinclair.

Sept. 2 Richard COOKE to Janet SCULLY both of Drummond. Wit: james Kelly, John Wilson.

Sept. 10 David CULVERT or CALVERT to Jane THOMSON both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: James McDonnell, John Campbell.

Sept. 12 James MOORE to Catherine DALY both of Perth. Wit: John McArthur, W. Juntherman.

Sept. 27 Robert BLAIR to Margaret MURDOCH both of Drummond. Wit: J.G. Mallach, John Murdoch.

Oct. 15 Samuel FERRIE to Margaret MCCOMB both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: Donald Fraser, James Izak?

Oct. 16 Alexander MCFARLANE to Janet ANDERSON both of Beckwith. Wit: Neil Stewart, John McTavish.

Oct. 21 James KELLY to Elizabeth MCLAREN both of Perth. Wit: John Muir, James McLaren.

Nov. 29 John MOODIE, Burgess, to Janet ANDERSON, Bathurst. Wit: Thomas Davidson, John Moderwell.

Dec. 13 William SPALDING, Bathurst, to Isabella SMITH, Perth. Wit: John Spalding, William Muir.


Page 102, 1845

Jan. 5 Robert CAIRNEY to Ann CUMMING both of Bedford. Wit: Thomas Thompson, Patrick Gibben.

Jan. 10 Alexander LAWSON, Lavant, to Margaret LAWSON, Lanark. Wit: Robert Carmichael, Robert Bong.

Jan. 17 Alexander MCCALLUM to Janet ALLAN both of Lanark. Wit: John McCallum, James Allan.

Feb. 1 Peter BUCHANAN, Beckwith, to Catherine GALBRAITH, Ramsay. Wit: James Anderson, Dn. McLaren.

March 14 John HANNA, Bathurst, to Elizabeth MCDONALD, Perth. Wit: J.G. Mallach, John. Mckercher.

March 18 Philip JOHNSON to Lillian LEGGAT both of Bedford. Wit: Jn. McLaren, William Weir.

May 16 George GRAY to Janet KIRKHAM both of Bathurst. Wit: Robert Gray, Alexander Ferguson.

June 2 Alexander FRASER, Drummond, to Ann WALLACE, Bathurst. Wit: John Jameson, Andrew Smith.

June 11 Archibald OGILVIE, Elmsley, to Christian SCOULER, Perth. Wit: Andrew Hope, William Hogg.

June 13 Peter MCLACHLIN, Lanark, to Rachel MACKENZIE, Elmsley. Wit: John McLachlin, John McFarlane.

Sept. 15 John KEAN, Bathurst, to Agnes ALLAN, Burgess. Wit: James Watson, George McCulloch.

Sept. 25 Gordan MEIGHEN to Isabella IRVINE both of Perth. Wit: Charles Gordon, James Meighen.


Page 103, 1845

Nov. 17 William BELFORD, Lanark, to Vera FERGUSON, Bathurst. Wit: William Miller, Thomas Gallagher.


Page 108, 1846

Jan. 6 James TWADDLE to Mary HOPAIK/HOSSAIK both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: John McDougall, Thomas Tysack.

Jan. 7 William TAYLOR, Elmsley, to Jane TULLIS, Drummond. Wit: John Spalding, John Morrison.

Jan. 9 Alexander MACDONALD to Ellen GILLIS both of Lanark. Wit: James McNicoll, Thomas Finlay.

Feb. 6 George MCKAY, Elmsley, to Elizabeth GALLAGHER, Burgess. Wit: William McLean, William Gallagher.

Feb. 9 Robert WHITTON to Susan CAMELINE both of Darling. Wit: James Whitton, Frederick Smith.

Feb. 17 John FERROW, Perth, to Ellen TYSACK, Bathurst. Wit: J. H. Draper, George Obrien.

Feb. 17 James FRASER, Bathurst, to Jane ALLEN, Perth. Wit: Robert Killock, Thomas Cuddie.

March 6 Robert CAMPBELL, Lanark, to Christian MCLAUCHLIN, Elmsley. Wit: Peter Campbell, John Robertson.

March 11 Alexander LEISHMAN, Ramsay, to Clementin MCLAREN, Perth. Wit: William Shaw, William Nation.

March 12 Samuel KENNEDY, Stafford, to Margaret BOWEN, Drummond. Wit: Henry Hammond, John McGee.

March 12 William BLAIR, Drummond, to Elizabeth MCCALLUM, Bathurst. Wit: James Young, John McCallum.

March 17 Duncan AVERY to Phebe SCOTT both of Bathurst. Wit: Alexander Avery, Robert Bennett.


Page 109, 1846

March 23 Donald SINCLAIR, Drummond, to Catherine MCGREGOR, Bathurst. Wit: John Sinclair, James Hutton.

March 27 Peter MCGREGOR to Maria BURWOOD or BURIVARD both of Drummond. Wit: Alexander Ferguson, John Richmond.

April 8 Peter MCPHERSON to Barbara MCLEAN both of Elmsley. Wit: Robert McPherson, James McLean.

April 23 Thomas WATT to Elizabeth MINAGH both of Elmsley. Wit: Alexander Mitchell, Nathan Minagh.

May 4 Alexander MCGREGOR to Catherine CAMPSHAW both of Bathurst. Wit: Peter McGregor, John Mingers.

July 2 John FERGUSON to Isabella GRAY both of Perth. Wit: Henry Glass, Robert Gray.

Aug. 15 James SHIEL to Catherine MORRIS both of Drummond. Wit: Alexander Mitchell, Donald Cameron.

Sept. 19 John MACHAIN to Grace KIRKMAN both of Bathurst. Wit: William Brown, Henry Leckie.

Sept. 22 James LEVER to Jane FLEMING both of Bathurst. Wit: John McDonald, D. McNaughton.

Oct. 29 John KERR to Margaret CAMPBELL both of Perth. Wit: Robert Bell, John Cameron.

Nov. 26 David TULLER to Matilda SCOTT both of Drummond. Wit: William Taylor, William ??


Page 116A, 1847

Jan. 7 William GEDDES to Mary MCLEAN both of Nissouri. Wit: William Geddes Sr., Hester McLean.

Jan. 11 Robert MCKIM to Margaret ALLAN both of Drummond. Wit: Alexander McCallum, M. A. Bell.

Jan. 15 Daniel MCNAUGHTON to Margaret MCEWAN both of Beckwith. Wit: John McNaughton, John Sinclair.

Jan. 18 Duncan MCIVER, Dalhousie, to Janet SCOTT, Drummond. Wit: Robert & John Craig.

Jan. 20 Peirce HUGHES, N. Elmsley, to Margaret GRIER, S. Elmsley. Wit: George Livingston, Robert Burke.

Jan. 22 John MCNAUGHTON to Jane STONE both of Beckwith. Wit: John Campbell, Thomas Clarke.

Feb. 12 Walter HUNTER to Mary MCLEAN both of Perth. Wit: William & John Hunter.

March 4 William SLACK to Catherine GRAHAM both of Perth. Wit: Donald Cameron, William McGillivray.

March 12 Duncan MCNEE, Drummond, to Margaret CAMPBELL, Bathurst. Wit: John & Patrick Campbell.

March 17 Hugh CURRIE, Dalhousie, to Janet GILLIES, Bathurst. Wit: John Currie, John McDougall.

March 30 John MCRAE to Grace STEWART both of Beckwith. Wit: John & Donald Stewart.

April 1 James MCPHERSON to Bridget CORKER both of Elmsley. Wit: Malcolm McPherson, Samuel Bothwell.


Page 116B, 1847

April 9 William TATLECK to Mary SMITH both of Elmsley. Wit: John Dobie, John Couch.

April 16 George MCFARLANE, Drummond, to Mary Ann MOORE, Perth. Wit: John Glossett, Allan Moore.

May 6 Rev. Peter GREY, Equesing, to Isabella ALLAN, Bathurst. Wit: Donald Fraser, James Allan.

June 25 John MAHOU (Mahon?), Dalhousie, to Margaret ARNETT, Lanark. Wit: Alexander Horn, James H. Arnett.

June 30 Thomas SMITH to Catherine MCDONALD both of Nissourie. Wit: William Sommerville, William Fraser.

July 2 Hugh MCINTYRE to Janet CAMPBELL both of Drummond. Wit: John G. Mallach, John McIntyre.

Sept. 7 John MCNAUGHTON to Catherine MANION both of Drummond. Wit: John Mackinnie, Donald McPhail.

Oct. 22 Henry SLACK, Elizabethtown, to Sophia DEWITT, Bathurst. Wit: Henry Slack, William Elliott.


Page 128, 1850

Jan. 15 George AVERY to Lucy SCOTT both of Bathurst. Wit: Duncan Avery, W. A. Bell.


Page 138, 1848

Jan. 27 Samuel BOTHWELL, Perth, to Jane ARMSTRONG, Bathurst. Wit: Cleencus Bothwell, Joseph Williams.

June 23 James BARRY to Marion DUNLOP both of Dalhousie. Wit: Andrew Hope, James Hutton.


Page 138, 1850

Sept. 3 Duncan BALANTINE to Margaret ROSS both of Lanark. Wit: Duncan McVey, Daniel Wilson.


Page 139, 1851

May 19 Thomas BRIGGS, Oso, to Sarah BOULTON, Bathurst. Wit: Thomas Kelley, John Castle.


Page 148, 1848

March 8 James CAMPBELL, Elmsley, to Margaret MCDONALD, Burgess. Wit: Alexander & John Campbell.

July 5 William CALVERT, Oso, to Mary THOMPSON, Nissourie. Wit: David & Williamson Calvert.


Page 149, 1850

Feb. 18 George CASTLE to Margaret CAIRNS both of N. Crosby. Wit: Robert Graham, John Balantine.

March 21 John CRAIG, Lanark, to Nancy WALKER, Perth. Wit: David Campbell, James Bell.


Page 159, 1850

Nov. 25 Edward DONNELLY to Agnes MURRAY both of S. Sherbrook. Wit: Henderson Scott, John Murray.


Page 159, 1851

July 25 Thomas DENNISON to Mary GIBSON both of Blenheim. Wit: James Dennison, M. Bell.


Page 179, 1850

Aug. 30 James FERGUSON to Emeline CHRISTILAW both of Bathurst. Wit: John McLaren, Thomas Christilaw.

Dec. 5 Thomas FLEMING to Jean JOHNSTON both of Drummond. Wit: Richard Stephens, John Finlayson.


Page 179, 1851

April 15 John FISHER, McNab, to Christina MCGREGOR, Bathurst. Wit: John McKercher, John McGregor.


Page 189, 1850

Feb. 18 Peter GUTHRIE to Mary KING both of Darling. Wit: Alexander McCallum, John King.


Page 189, 1851

Jan. 20 James GILCHRIST to Agnes MCDOUGALL both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: Peter McGregor, Duncan McDougall.

Oct. 17 Daniel GEDDES to Agnes FERGUSON both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: Donald & John Ferguson.


Page 237, 1848

Feb. 3 William LABODY to Jane HAMILTON both of Beckwith. Wit: Duncan Ferguson, Robert Hawthorn.

Aug. 25 George LIVINSTON to Margaret HUGHS both of S. Sherbrook. Wit: John McQuitt, Henry Chambers.


Page 237, 1851

Oct. 13 Alexander LANIG or LAING, Yellarton? Huron, to Agness DEADON, Dalhousie. Wit: John Bell, Dennis Oconnor.


Page 243, 1848

Jan. 4 Thomas MILLER, N. Sherbrook, to Maria HAMILTON, Perth. Wit: John McKinlay, James Barrie.

April 27 Dougald MCDOUGALL, N. Sherbrook, to Mary CAMPBELL, Drummond. Wit: Archibald McDougall, Donald Campbell.


Page 247, 1850

Jan. 25 William MCLAREN to Jessie MCLAREN both of Perth. Wit: James Kerr, Donald McLaren.


Page 248, 1851

Oct. 8 Roderick MCKENZIE to Isabella CAMPBELL both of Bathurst. Wit: Duncan McNee, Patrick Campbell.

Dec. 12 Donald MCNAUGHTON to Ann SHARP both of Perth. Wit: John McKenzie, James Hennig.

Dec. 25 Anus MCDONALD to Elizabeth YOUNG both of Bathurst. Wit: Thomas Beth, M. Bell.


Page 249, 1848

March 14 Joseph Andrew NEILSON to Margaret Wright FORD. Wit: Joseph Murdoch, Samuel Curler.


Page 263, 1850

Oct. 2 Thomas PRETTY, Beckwith, to Sarah MCCULLOCH, Drummond. Wit: John Pretty, David McCulloch.


Page 275, 1850

March 19 John ROBINSON to Mary Ann DONNELLY both of Bathurst. Wit: Thomas & Richard White.


Page 276, 1851

March 14 William ROSS to Margaret CASWELL both of Drummond. Wit: Archibald Glescott, William Keys.


Page 281, 1848

May 8 Thomas SANDS to Jane GRANT both of Kitley. Wit: John McCaffrey, Hugh Hinman.

May 25 William STEWART, Perth, to Sarah BELL, Bathurst. Wit: John Livingston, George Hill.

June 20 John STEWART to Janet MCDOUGALL both of Beckwith. Wit: Neil Stewart, Archibald Dewar.


Page 281, 1850

Feb. 1 James SHANKS, Dalhousie, to Janet ANDERSON, Bathurst. Wit: William Shanks, M.A. Bell.

March 26 Alexander STEWART to Margaret STEWART both of Beckwith. Wit: James & George Stewart.

June 12 Robert SYM, Port Sarnia, to Margaret MONTGOMERY, Perth. Wit: Robert Kellock, Archibald McDougall.

Aug. 16 Henry SMITH to Ann CAMPBELL both of Elmsley. Wit: James Smith, Maria Bell.


Page 305, 1848

No date John WARWICK to Mary MCDOUGALL both of N. Sherbrook. Wit: John & Archibald McDougall.


Page 305, 1850

March 18 William WHELAN to Elizabeth DEAN both of Drummond. Wit: Archibald Gillies, John Sinclair.

Sept. 20 Charles WALKER, Ramsay, to Mary RICHARDSON, Elmsley. Wit: Solomon Milne, Samuel Bridges.