Toronto Asylum 1891

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Inmates of Toronto Asylum, 1891 census

With note in the margin: "who have been here for some years & not likely to be counted at their homes"

1891 census, enumerated between 6th May & 13th May, 1891

St. Andrews Ward (F-8), Toronto West, Ontario

For the 1891 census, the birth place of the parents was one of the questions asked. This information is given only for those inmates on pages 108-110, and in all cases, both parents were born in the same place as the inmate. Most abbreviations used are self-evident, ng = not given. A question mark after a name means that I have deciphered the name as best as I could but I am not confident about the result. The names appear in the same order as on the census form.

Page 108,

Ellen MURPHY, 40, Ireland, RC

Newton TOMLINSON, 45, married, Ont, Meth

Alfred LA FONTAINE, 31, Ont, RC, cook

Andrew McGUR, 26, Ont, Meth

Agnes SHAND, 50, Ont, Presby

Sarah KELLY, 54, Ont, Meth

Ann GRAHAM, 44, Ont, Presby

Thomas BIRLEY, 50, Eng, C of E, law clerk

Mary Ann OGILVIE, 50, married, Ont, Meth

Chares MELGE?, 22, Ont, C of E, clerk

Mary MAYER, 54, married, Que, Presby

Mary McCALLUM, 67, married, USA, C of E

William WELSH, 26, Ont, C of E

Ellie COOPER, 38, Ont, C of E, seamstress

Adam LAR--?, 35, Ont, laborer

William HARNIMAN, 40, married, Eng, C of E, painter

Harriet LIGHT, 55, married, NB, C of E

Emily HAGEN, 30, Eng, C of E

Caroline ALLCOCK, 47, married, Ont, C of E

George PLAXTON, 41, Ont, Evangelist, farmer,

Archibald McDONALD, 34, Ont, ng,

John TOPPING, 47, Ire, Bapt,

Selina KOCHLIN, 39, married, Germany, Lutheran

Ann WIDDIFIELD, 35, Ont, Meth

Catherine HIGGINS, 57, Ire, illegible, school teacher

Page 109

Susan Wood, 51, Bermuda, RC

Caroline BUTLER, 49, married, Eng, C of E

Thomas HUTCHINSON, 35, married, Eng, C of E, gardener

Emily A. MURRAY, 32, Pak?, Presby, school teacher (parents born in Ont)

Elizabeth NIXON, 39, married, Ont, Meth,

Susan MITCHELL, 36, Ont, RC

Flora McLEOD, 33, married, Scot, Presby

Jane RICHARDSON, 43, married, Ont, Meth

Esther HARPER, 31, Ont, Presby

Sarah STENACH?, 31, Ont, Meth

James LAWRIE, 66, married, Scot, , Presby, farmer,

Ann WILKINS, 62, married, NS, Bapt

John BLAIR, 47, Ont, Meth,

Jean MERLAS?, 31, France, RC, laborer,

Morgan FLAHERTY, 91, married, Ire, RC

Robert NESBITT, 24, Ire, Meth

Robert RITCHIE, 29, Ont, , Presby

Daniel O’CONNOR, 56, Ire, RC

Page 110

William WILEY, 29, Ont, Meth, tailor

Alex McKENZIE, 51, Scot, Presby, clerk

Hannah HALLOWELL, 48, Ont, C of E

Peter GIBSON, 25, Ont, Presby, student?

Eliza HALL, 51, married, Ont, Meth

Ann JOYCE, 41, married, Ire, RC

Ellen LOUGHEED, 56, Ire, Presby

James MORLEY, 46, Ont, C of E

William HURLEY, 39, married, Ont, RC, engine driver

Ignatius REDDEN, 48, married, Ont, RC, moulder

Abigail McKINLEY, 27, Ont, ng

Margaret PLAXTON, 40, NB,, Bapt

Eliza HULBERT, 43, married, Eng, C of E

Lucy WILLIAMS, 35, PE, Meth

Emma RUPERT, 38, Ont, Meth

Emma KETCHESON, 43, Ont, Meth

Richard HICKEY, ng, Ire, RC

William NORTHEY, 48, Eng, C of E

Henry STAFF, ng, Eng, C of E

Thomas SMITH, 53, married, Ire, C of E

William WILLIAMS, 28, Eng, C of E

James WILSON, 51, Scot, Meth, gardener

Phillip HEARD, 41, Eng, brick layer

Eliza CRAWFORD, 61, married, Eng, Meth

Ellen FARMER, 29, Ire, RC

Page 111

Nora SULLIVAN, 51, Ire, RC

John KIRBY, 36, Ont, C of E

Mary WOOD, 36, Ont, C of E

Matilda HALSTORE, 56, married, Ire, C of E

Annie WARNER, 56, widow, Ire, Cong

Christina INGERSOLL, 45, married, Ont, C of E

Catherine WALSH, 25, Ont,, RC

John ROACH, 36, married, Ont, RC, moulder

Alminda CARSON, 21, Ont, ng

Ellen SHEEHAN, 39, married, USA, RC

Daniel DOHERTY, 35, Ire, RC, civil engineer

Robert KERR, 31, Ont, illegible

Jane BUCHANAN, 60, Ire, Meth

Nelson SOLES, ng, Denmark, Lutheran

John POTCH, 32, Ont, Presby, gardener

Albert NOSEN?, 23, Ont, RC, plumber

Edith HECTOR (or Hilton?), 48, Ont, ng

George MOORE, 65, married, Eng,, Meth

Daniel MISNER, 87, Ont, Bapt, laborer

Emily CONNOLLY, 29, widow, Eng, C of E

Annie HENRY, 25, Ont, Meth

George P. LEE, 44, married, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Annie BLAKE, 54, Ont, C of E

John MULLEN, 35, Ont, RC, telegraph operator

Emily BALL, 24, Eng, Meth,

Page 112

Penelope MARCUTTE, 44, P.E., Ply Breth

Rosanna LEPPARD, 55, married, Ire, RC

Anna CORNELL, 38, Ont, C of E

Jane HENDREN, 32, Ire, RC

Mary HARRIS, 34, married, Eng, C of E

Isabella SCARLETT, 40, Ont., C of E

Emma KERR, 26, Ont, Meth,

William ROBERTSON, 27, Scot, Presby, laborer

Lawrence CROOKS, 33, Ont C of E

Annie RENNIE, 63, widow, USA, C of E

John FOY, 39, married, Ont, RC, farmer,

Bridget SHIELDS, 51, widow, Ire, RC

Isabella THOMPSON, 39, US, Presby

Rebecca ROSENTHAL, 26, USA, Hebrew

Emma KING, 45, married, Ont, C of E

Sarah NOBLE, 63, widow, Ire, RC

Thomas TOBIN, 21, Ont, Meth, laborer

William McFARLANE, 25, Scot, Presby,

Edgar BEATTY, 24, Ont, RC, shoe maker

Lizzie ARMSTRONG, 34, Ont, Meth

Catherine DUPRES, 60, Ont, C of E

Anna McFARLAND, 46, married, Ont, C of E

Thomas REID, 38, married, Que, Presby, farmer,

Cornellia MORTIN, 59, married, Ont, C of E

Mary J. WILLIAMS, 45, Nova Scotia, Meth

Page 113

Edward MULCHY, 26, Ont, RC, pedlar

Chrstine McNEIL, 46, Ont, Presby

Percival WEATHERSTON, 29, Ont, C of E, bank clerk

Eliza ROSS, 47, Scot, Presby

Catherine CABY (Eaby?), 33, widow, Ont, RC

Robert COCHRANE, 45, married, Ont, Presby, engineer

Rebecca HARRISON, 45, married, Germany, Lutheran

Elizabeth COUCH, 59, married, Eng, Meth

George JAMES, 43, married, England, tinsmith

Mary A. SPERES, 51, married, Ont, RC

William FRAZER, 29, Scot, Presby, clerk

Sarah PLOWMAN, 30, Eng, Bapt

Elizabeth HARELID, 25, Scot, Presby

Archie McCAIUG?, 63, Scot, Presby, farmer,

Kate REYNOLDS, 51, Ire, RC

Thomas GOWAN, 35, USA, RC

Annie POWERS, 37, married, Scot, Presby

Arthur HITCHBOURN, 48, Eng, C of E, clerk

Charlotte JEROME, 53, married, Ont, Quaker

Perry COLE, 43, Ont, Meth

Fred WILKINSON, 34, Ont, C of E, merchant

Thomas DONYEN?, 22, Ont, RC

Charles McGUIRE, 28, USA, RC

John COWLE, 66, married, Eng, Meth, tailor

Duncan McDONALD, 66, married, Eng, Presby, farmer,

Page 114

Edgerton HUBBERT, 26, Ont, Meth

Charlotte KEMP, 41, USA, Meth

Jane WATSON, 27, Ont, Meth

Salona WELLS, 41, married, Eng, Meth

Narina COHEN, 30, Poland, Jewish

Anna DUGGAN, 69, widow, Ire, RC

Catherine CURRAN, 55, Ire, RC

Ellen ADAMS, 41, Ont, C of E

Emma BLANCHARD, 46, married, Ont, C of E

Cornelius McCARTHY, 31, Ont, RC, farmer,

William WHITBY, 60, Ire, Presby

Isabella TOPPING, 37, Ire, C of E

Mary McMURCHY, 43, Scot, Presby

William PLAXTON, 31, married, Ont, Meth

George JOHNSON, 54, Ire, Presby

John A. HARRIS, 25, Ont, Meth, laborer

Mathew HAZELWOOD, 65, married, Eng, C of E, laborer

Agnes DOIG, 26, Scot, Presby

John WRIGHT, 62, married, Eng, Presby, lawyer

John GILBERT, 60, married, Eng, Meth, laborer

Potter BARKER, 49, married, Eng, Meth, laborer

Sarah YOUNG, 62, married, Eng, Bapt

Henry HARTLEY, 38, Ont, Meth, laborer

William TUCKER, 23, Ont, Meth illegible

Richard JOHNSTON, 27, Ont, Presby, carpenter,

Martin MURPHY, 70, married, Que, RC, farmer,

Elizabeth BOAKES, 33, Ont, Presby

Frances (female) MYERS, 47, widow, PE, C of E

William REESOR, 29, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Charles WELLS, 30, Ont, Meth, farmer,

James ROBERTSON, 34, Scot, Meth, cabinet maker

Charles J. McLEAN, 40, Scot, Presby, engineer

William SWAIN (or Swan), 31, married, Ont, Meth, laborer

Frederick JENNINGS, 21, Ont, Meth, laborer

Duncan McMACHER, 43, married, Scot, Presby, laborer

David COWIESON, 62, married, Scot, Presby

Janet SPAULDING, 30, married, Ont, Meth

Joseph KELLY, 30, Ont, RC, tailor

Joseph THOMPSON, 37, Ont, Presby, cabinet maker,

Patrick COX, 31, Ire, RC, farmer,

Mary LUSHMAN, 54, married, Ont, Bapt

Margery CREECH, 31, married, Ont, Meth

John LOCKE, 44, married, Eng, C of E, brick layer

Lawson McCARTHY, 22, Ont, Meth

John McLENEN, 39, Ont, Presby, laborer

John CORNEY, 37, married, Ont, RC

Andrew SHANNON, 30, Ont, Presby, bank clerk

Verna NOWAKOWSKY, 37, married, Ont, Presby,

Samuel ALCOCK, 24, Ont, Meth, piano maker

Page 116

Robert HATCH, 28, Ont, Bapt, farmer,

Martha McMAHON, 36, Ont, Presby

Bridget GROGAN, 18, Ont, RC

Alex BURNETT, 19, Scot, Presby

William POOL, 31, Ont, Presby, farmer,

Letitia McMASTER, 29, USA, Meth

Mary WEL--?, 41, Ire, RC, laundress

Ann ELLIOTT, 64, Ire, Presby

Elizabeth BALLARD, 40, married, Eng, C of E

Mary GRAY, 33, married, Ont, Meth

Dennis RYAN, 28, Ont, RC, roofer

Caroline HARRIS, 41, Ont, Meth, milliner

Thomas McLEAN, 28, Ont, Meth, painter

Martha ARCHER, 44, Eng, Ply Breth

Mary Jane FROOD, 30, Ont, Presby

Annie KELLY, 41, Scot, ng

Louisa CREIGHTON, 36, Ont, RC

Eliza WALLACE, 39, Ont, RC

Annie VIPONT, 35, married, Ont, Meth

James JONES, 44, married, Eng, Sal Army

Elizabeth MITCHELL, 33, married, Eng, C of E

Julia MORGAN, 49, married, Eng, ng

John DONALD, 61, married, Scot, Presby, farmer,

Albert WIKEN, 25, Ont, Meth, printer

Catherine McCUAIG, 61, Scot, Presby

Page 117

Harriett EVERETT, 26, Ont, Bapt, cook

Robert HARSEY, 42, Ont, Meth, printer

John BRAIN, 59, married, Ont, ng, brewer

Elizabeth FEIRES, 59, widow, Ont, Meth

Robert BINGHAM, 33, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Maggie FISHER, 22, Ont, C of E

Harriet TOOLE, 44, married, Ont, C of E

Helen WADLAND, 26, Eng, C of E

Harriet RAWLINSON, 32, married, Eng, C of E

Mary SCOTT, 32, married, Eng, Ply Breth

Alurina SCILLY, 43, married, Ont, C of E

Charlotte HARLOW, 36, married, Ont, Meth

George BAILEY, 69, married, Eng, C of E, miller

John GEDDES, 52, Scot, Presby, farmer,

Tim CALLAGHAN, 61, married, Ire, RC, carpenter

Josiah STARATT, 47, Ont, Meth

John McDOUGALL, ng, Ont, Presby, farmer,

Harriet PAGE, 42, widow, Ont, Meth

Daniel ALLAN, 48, Ont, Presby, lawyer

Emily S--? (Seerns?), 24, Ont, C of E

Mary SMITH, 21, married, Ont, RC

Annie SMITH, 27, married, Ont, Bapt

Mary CAIRNS, 35, married, Scot, Presby

Elizabeth WHINSTON?, 40, Ont, Presby

John MARTIN (or Morton), 52 (or 82), Eng, ng

Pg 118

Mary FINALY, 19, Scot, Meth

Mary A. PEARCE, 64, Eng, C of E

William GIBSON, 36, Ont, Meth, biscuit manuf.

Alex MACLEAN, 39, married, Scot, Meth, real estate

Leonard TORDIFF, 64, married, Eng, Meth, farmer,

Alexander CRAIG, 29, Ire, Presby, farmer,

John McINNIS, ng, Scot, Presby, laborer

Walter EAMES, 42, married, Ire, Presby, street car driver

Alex McKINNON, 49, married, Ont, Presby, student?

James GALLAGHER, 43, Ire, C of E, deacon

John BAGGS, 46, married, Ire, Meth, farmer,

Thomas McCASLIN, 70, married, Ire, C of E, laborer

Thomas RODGER, 36, married, Ont, RC, varnisher

John LAFFERTY, 51, married, Ont, ng, farmer,

John O’HARA, 45, married, Ont, RC, laborer

James HOYES (Hodges?), 41, Eng, C of E, laborer

Henry ATKINSON, 49, married, Ire, C of E, laborer

John GIBSON, 21, married, Eng, Bapt, gardener

Herbert MOISE, 38, married, Eng, Bapt,

Alfred COSILETT, 35, married, Eng, C of E, laborer

Richard KELSEY, 60, married, Eng, Meth,

Daniels SOLES, ng, Eng, C of E, carpenter

Johsua FITZHER?, 59, married, ng, C of E, laborer

Henry EARNE, 58, married, Eng, C of E, boiler maker

Hugh McMURCHY, ng, Ont, Presby, knitter

Page 119

George STEVENSON, 36, Ont, RC, porter

Patrick CASEY, 49, Ire, RC, laborer

John KENNEY, 44, Ire, ng

T.J. COMBS, 19, Ont, RC, porter

Jane MACKLIN, 31, Eng, C of E

Rebecca BRAITHWAITE, 44, married, Ire, C of E

Emma BENNETT, 29, Ont, C of E

Maggie SOMMERVILLE, 36, Ont, Presby

Esther REID, 23, Ont, Meth

George MAYBEE, 46, married, Ont, Meth

William DAWSON, 32, Ont, Presby

Arabella HODGE, 29, married, Eng, C of E

Sarah DODDS, 56, widow, Ire, Presby

Sarah GULLETT?, 66, married, Eng, Meth

Annie ELLIOTT, 31, married, Eng, Meth

Zach BARNHARDT, 59, married, Ont, Meth, farmer,

William FISCHER, 36, married, USA, Bapt, engineer

Ross MOORE, 31, Ont, Presby, farmer,

Elizabeth WOODHOUSE, 38, widow, ng, C of E

Ann CLARK, ng, Scot, Presby

Hannah ALLEN, 53, married, Ont, Meth

Bella JONES, ng, Ont, Meth

George RICHARDSON, 20, Ont, Brethern

Mary RYCROFT, 25, married, Ont, RC

George McPHEE, 20, Ont, Meth

Page 120

Valentyne KELLY, 55, married, Ire, RC, laborer

Edwin ELLIS, 42, married, Ont, Meth, plasterer

James WILSON, 22, Ire, RC, laborer

Sarah JACKSON, 34, married, Ont, Meth

John LAWRENCE, 29, married, Ont, RC, laborer

Mary WIDDIFIELD, 34, Ont, Meth

Eliza PEAREN, 45, widow, Ont, C of E

Ann L. GHENT, 22, Ont, C of E

Harriett STEWART, 53, married, Ont, Meth

Arthur BEER (or BELL), 30, Ont, C of E, potter

Charlotte SCANDRETT, 43, Ont, Meth

Frances (female) HAMILTON, 56, married, Ont, C of E

Andrew STEWART, 37, Ont, C of E, farmer,

John POWERS?, 23, Ont, RC, laborer

Samuel LOCKHART, 18?, Ont, Meth

Christopher WHITE, 69, married, Ire, A--?, harness maker

Alice MORIN, 28, Ont, RC

Margaret PATTON, 47, widow, Ont, Meth

Ann B. BELL (or BEER), 48, married, Ire, C of E

Madeline WINGTON?, 42, Ont, C of E

Mary TODD, ng, Ont, ng

Sarah McMAHON, 34, Ire, C of E, dress maker

Rosa McKENDRY, 35, Ire, C of E

William CURRY, 23, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Albert MAYBEE, 22, Ont, Meth, laborer

Page 121

Thomas DUNN, ng, Ont, RC, baker

James CHAPMAN, 47, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Albert BATES, 48, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Emily BURTON, 26, married, Ont, Meth

Mary WEBSTER, 69, married, USA, Presby

Charles ROSS, ng, married, Ont, ng

William EADDALI?, 24, Ont, RC, operator

Richard HEARLE, ng, married, Ont, ng

Robert JOHNSTON, 52, Ont, Meth, cab driver

John JOHNS, 60, married, Ire, ng, waiter

Nelson BAKER, 23, Ont, RC, laborer

William ROBLIN, 22, Ont, RC, laborer

George FEWISTER, 23, married, Ont, Meth, laborer

William McGURN, 44, Ont, RC, farmer,

Peter WILSON, 72, widower, Scot, Bapt, school master

John WEAVER, 39, Ont, Presby, farmer,

James SCOTT, ng, ng, ng

Dudley BOOTH, 28, Ont, C of E, glasss? smith

James BLANEY, 28, Ont, C of E, farmer

Thomas GUNSTEAD, 48, Ire, C of E, machinist

Simon MARG, 71, Eng, C of E, laborer

John MURPHY, ng, ng, ng

John LONG, 36, ng, Bapt, farmer

Richard MARTIN, 33, Ont, ng, carpenter

Christopher KAVANAUGH, ng, Ont, RC, laborer

Page 122

Daniel McLAREN, 72, married, Scot, Presby, laborer

Richard JOYCE, 53, Ire, RC, laborer

Charles DAVIS, 72, married, Eng, Meth, machinist

Hugh McCULLOUGH, 28, Ont, ng, farmer,

Elizabeth CALLEGAN?, 28, Ont, Meth, seamstress

James JOHNSTON, 32, Ire, C of E, painter

Maria RYRSY?, 33, married, Ont, Meth

Margaret DOYLE, 56, married, Ire, RC

Elizabeth WALLACE, 47, Ire, RC, domestic

Patience MERLE?, 23, Ont, Bapt

Charlotte PATERSON, 46, Ont, Presby, domestic

Eleanor NAIRN, 31, married, Ont, C of E

Adelaide ADAMS, 41, married, Eng, Ply Breth

Ellen FOLEY, 35, married, Ire, RC

Malcolm McDONALD, 63, married, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Samuel LE CLURE?, 30, married, Que, RC, shoemaker

Patrick MONAHAN, 38, married, Ire, RC, blacksmith

Harry BORMICK, 38, married, Eng, C of E, dyer

Margaret KELLY, 42, married, Ont, Presby

John RANDALL, 53, Ont, Cong, laborer

Michael McCABE, 42, Ont, RC

George SALLEN, 51, Ont, illegible, laborer

Ann GIBSON, 42, Ont, Presby

Frances (female) WHORPOL, illegible, widow, Ont, ng

Marion BEARDSLEY, 33, Ont, C of E

Page 123

Alexander BELL, 52, widower, Ire, Presby, farmer,

Ellen CONWAY, 49, Ire, RC

Mary SMITH, 49, married, Ont, Presby

Angel (male) COUMURINO?, 51, Ont, RC, laborer

Richard O’CONNOR, 33, Ont, RC, laborer

Annie PHIPPS, 38, married, Ont, Meth

Eliza McGUIRE?, 35, Ire, RC

James MITCHELL, 41, Ont, C of E, farmer

Abba (female) CLINE, 32, Ont, C of E

Mary PARTRIDGE, 34, Ont, Meth

Madeline HUAG?, 33, Ont, ng

Caleton TAGGART, 30, Ont, Meth, baker

Mary BROWN, 40, married, Scot, Presby

Sarah BARR, 52, Ire, Presby

Humphrey TILSON?, 42, Ire, Meth

Margaret CAMPBELL, 34, Ont, C of E

John HUGHES, 31,, Ont, Meth, teacher

John LUCY, 52, Ire, RC, fisherman

John DORNHURST, 34, Ont, RC, tailor

Kenneth BETHUNE, 42, Ont, C of E, bank clerk

Daniel IRELAND, 30, Ont, Presby, farmer,

Ellen SUTHERLAND, 35, Ont, RC

Thomas PARSONS, 35, Ont, Meth, blacksmith

Charles GOODHAIR?, 35, Eng, C of E, laborer

Jane HILLAM, 32, Ont, Meth

Page 124

Auslien? HYLAND (female), ng, ng, ng

William GANCY, ng, ng, ng

William FRASER, ng, ng, ng,

Norman BRYANT, ng, ng, ng,

Aquir? (male) SERVANE, ng, ng, ng

Michael NAUGHTON, 26, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Ebenezer YEOMANS, 54, Ont, Meth, farmer,

Robert McGEE, 64, Scot, Presby, accountant

Daniel (or David) BRADT, 29, Ire, Presby, lather

Hellen NESLEN, 24, Ont, C of E

Mary FRASER, 49, married, Ire, Meth

Barbara McDERMID, 21, Ont, Bapt, domestic

Charles ROBERTSON, 25, New Zealand, C of E, teamster

John CUNNINGHAM, 61, widower, Ire, C of E, farmer

Robert BEATTY, 42, Ont, Meth, farmer,

John SHILLINGHAM, 32, Ont, Presby, laborer

Hugh McPHERSON, ng, married, Scot, Bapt, stone cutter

Margaret MIDDLETON, ng, married, Eng, C of E

Elizabeth GIBSON, ng, widow, Scot, Presby

Mary MILLER, 41, ng, ng

Elizabeth WIGGINS, 48, Ire, Meth

Harriett SARGENT, 28, Ont, Presby, domestic

John WILSON, 30, Ire, Meth

Page 125

Rebecca SOWELEN, 43, Ont, C of E

Mary DEAN, 44, Ont, ng

Prudence ENGLISH, 61, Ont, Presby

Mary McKNIGHT, 62, married, Ire, RC

Maria MOORE, 64, Ont, ng, milliner

Ann McFARLAND, 47, widow, ng, Meth

Ann PEEL, 62, married, Ire, RC

Mary WRENN, ng, Ont, C of E

Sarah WILLOUGHBY, 43, married?, C of E

Thorne WILKINSON, ng, married, Ire, ng

Dorothy WHARRSON?, 75, widow, USA, Presby

Oslinetta BIRD, 34, married, Ont, C of E

Hannah VANBLARICUM?, 53, ng, Meth

Ann FOSLIN?, ng, ng, ng

Fanny DUNBAR, 43, married, Que, Bapt

Margaret MOORE, 21, Ont, C of E, domestic

Mary HARVEY, 38, Ont, Cof E, teacher

Elizabeth McFADDEN, 21, Ont, C of E, domestic

Mary AKOTT?, 47, Widow, Ire, C of E

Mary KIRBY, 36, married, Ont, C of E

Margaret KNOX, 40, married, Ire, C of E

Jane LISTON, 59, married, Scot, Disc

Louisa LAWRENCE, 53, Ont, Meth

Dora MARTIN, 60, widow, Ire, RC

Mary MORRISON, 50, married, Ire, RC, domestic

Page 126

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Charles WARREN



Joseph LAMB

Archibald LATTIMER



James McLEOD















Thomas HILL

Page 127

Bridget NIXON, 43, married, Ont, RC

Harriet OWENS, 55, married, Eng, C of E

Mary O'BRIEN, 30, Ire, RC, domestic

Fanny POLLARD, 39, married, Ont, C of E

Margaret REDMOND, ng, married, Ont, RC

Annie SMITH, 33, Ont, C of E

Mary WALSH, 31, Ire, ng, domestic