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Waterloo County Marriages, 1868 & 1869

other 1868 Waterloo Co marriages

other 1869 Waterloo Co marriages


From microfilm MS 248 reel 17 vol 76, Waterloo Co. marriages 1858-1869

Transcribed by Janet Foster

Format: groom, his age, his residence, his birth place, his parents, bride, her age, her residence, her birth place, her parents, witnesses, date


Page 54

No. 396 - Return by William Lomac

BULMER, Hervey Smith, 25, Wallace, b. Canada, s/o Robinson & Elizabeth BULMER to Mary Jane BAILEY, 26, Woolwich, Canada, d/o James & Rachel BAILEY, witnesses: Robinson BULMER & Mary BAILEY, Wellesley, Jan. 1, 1868

ANDREWS, Thomas Octavius, 22 Waterloo, b. Canada, s/o Richard & Mary ANDREWS to Elizabeth LACKNER, 23, Haroksville, Canada, d/o George & Barbara LACKNER, witnesses: Frederick LACKNER & John SCOTT, Wellesley,, February 23, 1868

CRAWFORD, Joseph Barton, 23, Howick, b. Canada, s/o Joseph & Sarah CRAWFORD to Rachel Anne BROWN, 21, Linwood, Canada, d/o John & Mary BROWN, witnesses: Thomas BRIGG & Mary GREGORY, Linwood, May 13, 1868

MINDIL, Christopher, 21, Wellesley, b. Germany, s/o Christopher & Catherine MINDIL to Anne HEWITT, 17, Wellesley, Canada, d/o Elisha & Etopel MINDIL, witnesses: Francis MINDIL & Amelia HILKER, Linwood, May 13, 1868

RIDDOLLS, John Glanville, 23, Maryboro, England, s/o John & Hannah RIDDOLLS to Rachel DEVERANT, 19, Woolwich, Canada d/o Robert & Sarah DEVERANT, witnesses: Tho. RIDDOLLS, Maryboro & Miss DEVERANT, Woolwich, Nov. 3, 1868

LOUNT, Gabriel, 30, Hawksville, Canada, s/o Gabriel & Pheobe LOUNT to Sarah Anne HUGHES, 24, Hawksville, Canada, d/o George & Aramenta HUGHES, witnesses: Archie CLARK, Waterloo & Mary Eliza HUGHES, Hawksville, Nov. 5, 1868

HADDOCK, James, 28, Linwood, Canada, s/o Samuel & Margaret HADDOCK to Hannah TYLER, 26, Hawksville, Canada, d/o Samuel & Susanna TYLER, witnesses: Alexander ORR, Linwood & Mary J. TYLER, Hawksville, Nov. 22, 1868


No. 394 Return of marriages solemnized by Isaac Ryder a minister of the Primitive Methodist Church Canada

CHARLESWORTH, David, 26, Linwood, England, s/o Martin & Elizabeth CHARLESWORTH to Jane GREGORY, 25, Linwood, Canada, d/o John & Hannah GREGORY, witnesses: William GILBERT & Mary GREGORY, Linwood, February 26, 1868

ATKINSON, James, 21, Norwich, Canada, s/o Not Known ATKINSON to Martha Jane CONVEY, 22, Linwood, Canada, d/o James H. & Alice CONVEY, witnesses: William GILBERT & Mary A. CONVEY, Linwood, Dec. 25, 1868


No. 398 Return of marriages solemnized by Abraham. W. Martin, a minister of the Mennonite Society

WEIDMAN, Menno, 23, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o John & Susana WEIDMAN to Jutid MARTIN, 22, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o David & Foveonica MARTIN, witnesses: David & Levi MARTIN, Woolwich, January 5, 1869

GINGRICH, John, 21, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o John & Anna GINGRICH to Marian HAMBLING, 17, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o William & Marian HAMBLING, witnesses: John GINGRICH, Waterloo & William HAMBLING, Woolwich, January 19, 1869

GOOD, Danial, 23, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Daniel & Elisabeth GOOD to Marian GROAF, 20, Woolwich, Waterloo, d/o Isaac & Lea GROAF, witnesses: Antona GROAF, Waterloo & Samual GOFFSMAN, Woolwich, April 22, 1869


No. 399 Return of marriages solemnized by William Buchman Rally a minister of New Hamburg

KEPKE, Charles, 23, Waterloo Twp., Brandenberg, Prussia, s/o Ernest & Mary to Elizabeth KRAUS, 19, Wilmont Twp., Darmstadt Hesson, d/o Conrad & Elizabeth, witness: Jacob SEYLER, New Hamburg, February 25, 1869

BUSCH, Anthony, 23, Wellesley Twp., Wilmot Twp., s/o Nicolas & Marianne to Wilhelamina HARTMANN, 17, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, d/o Joseph & Anne, witness: Lawrence BROGLIER, New Hamburg, May 15, 1869

VANCE, William, 21, E. Zorra Twp., Blenheim Twp., s/o Robert & Mary to Elizabeth FARROW, 19, Blanford Twp., Blenheim Twp., d/o John & Maria, witness: Jas REDDARVAY, Wilmot, June 13, 1869


No. 400 Return of marriages solemnized by Duncan McRuer a minister of Ayr

COUCH, James, 27, Ayr, b. England, s/o George T. COUCH & Ann HELLIMAN to Eliza Jane PICKET, Ayr, b. Canada, d/o James PICKET & Susan Greggs, witnesses: Alexr & Agnes ROSS, Ayr, January 15, 1869

ABBOTT, Robert, 23, Blenheim, b. England, s/o Charles ABBOTT & Lavina CARRON to Emily DIAMOND, Blenheim, b. Scotland, d/o Joseph DIAMOND & Louisa ELALB (?), witnesss: Robert & Sarah CHESSERY, Blenheim, January 25, 1869

GILLESPIE, Joseph, 31, Ayr, b. Scotland, s/o Joseph GILLESPIE & Isabella THOMPSON to Marion WALLACE, Ayr, b. Canada, d/o Samuel WALLACE & Mary AULD, witnesses: John WALLACE & Euphemia SOUTER, Ayr, January 29, 1869

RICHARDSON, William, 29, Seaforth, b. Canada, s/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Christina ANDERSON to Helen ANDERSON, Ayr, b. Canada, d/o Thomas ANDERSON & Agnes HALL, witnesses: Jas. RICHARDSON & Mary ANDERSON, North Dumfries, January 29, 1869

MCINTOSH, John G., 25, Dumfries, b. Scotland, s/o John MCINTOSH & Elizabeth GOLLAN to Amelia BERT, 21, Blenheim, b. Canada, d/o William BERT & Margaret TRESENDIER, witnesses: Duncan MCINTOSH & Mary HOPE, North Dumfries, February 12, 1869

HUNTER, John, 36, Ayr, b. Ireland, s/o Hugh HUNTER & Elizabeth MITCHELL to Agnes ELLIOTT, 34, Ayr, b. Scotland, d/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Mary DONALDSON, witnesses: May MALONE & Wm CARRUTHERS, Ayr, June 28, 1869

DICK, John, 30, Dumfries, b. Ireland, s/o James DICK & Jane SMITH to Mary HARDY, Wilmot, b. England d/o William HARDY & Mary CHAPMAN, witnesses: Wm & Elizabeth MCALLISTER, Blenheim, June 29, 1869


No. 401 Return of marriages solemnized by Rev. I. N. Munzinger a minister of the Evang Lutheran Church at Philippsburg

KOCH, Henry, 24, North Easthope Perth Co., b. North Easthope, s/o Henry KOCH & Mary N. HERMAN to Anna HORST, 20, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o Peter HORST & Anna N. KOCH, witnesses: Henry BECKER & Julios KOCH, North Easthope, March 21, 1869

SCHMIDT, Jakob, 20, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o George SCHMIDT & Elizabeth M. DOCHERT to Catharine GERTH, 17, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o John GERTH & Barbara SCHICK, witnesses: Peter GERTH & Henry GERTH, North Easthope, June 20, 1869


No. 402 Return of marriages solemnized by Chr F. Spring, a minister of the Gospel New Hamburg,

HALL, Fred, 51, New Hamburg, b. Sheldon N.Y., s/o Fred HALL & Louisa N. EMERICH to Cath SERTZ, New Hamburg, b. Waterloo Village, d/o John SERTZ & Dorothe N. LODLER, witnesses: N. KOCH & Cath CARLTRENA (?), New Hamburg, February 28, 1869

BERTRANO, Henry I. Ch., 24, Blanford, b. Kleinlanberg - M.Schewerien, s/o N. BERTRANO & Dorothea M. SCHRORDER to Maria Ch. I. PIEL, Wilmot Twp., b. Grosslanberg - M. Schwerien, d/o Ana PIEL & mother died, witnesses: Dav & Mrs. MARCHWANGER, Blanford, April 6, 1869

GEIGER, Daniel S., 40, Wilmot Twp., Wilmot Twp., s/o David GEIGER & Barbara STEINACKER to Magdalena BLOCK, Wilmot Twp., Wilmot Twp., d/o Dan STULEL & Rosenia EICHORN, witnesses: F. PIEL, Philippsburg & Mrs. Spring, New Hamburg, June 29, 1869


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No. 403 Return of marriages solemnized by the Rev. J. A. Ferguson a minister of the W. M. Church

BRYDON, Archie, 24, Hespeler, b. Dumfriesshire, Scotland, s/o David & Janet BRYDON to Rebecca PERMABAKER, Hespeler, b. Waterloo Twp., d/o Abram & Sarah PERMABAKER, witnesses: Albert B. BOWMAN & Eliz F. FERGUSON, Berlin, January 15, 1869

JACKSON, Graham, 36, Peel Twp., b. Whitchurch Twp., s/o John & Elizabeth JACKSON to Mary TREMAINO, Wellesley Twp., b. Clarke Twp., d/o Michael & Mary TREMANIO, witnesses: Robert JACKSON, Peel Twp. & Ann FENTON, Wellesley, February 10, 1869

SIMS, Peter Murray, 25, Glenelg Twp., b. Waterloo Twp., s/o James SIMS & Janet HARVEY to Mary Jemina COOK, Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Twp., d/o James & Elizabeth COOK, witnesses: Eva WESSLER, Salem & Hannah COOK, Waterloo Twp., May 18 1869

DATE, Samuel D. L., 27, Waterloo Village, b. England, s/o Joseph & Eliza DATE to Angeline HOFFMAN, 19, Waterloo Village, b. Berlin, d/o John & Caroline HOFFMAN, witnesses: Albert B. BOWMAN & John ZIEGLER, Berlin, June 8, 1869


No. 404 Return of marriages solemnized by S. Weber, a minister of the Evangelical Association of North Am.

WEAVER, Daniel M., 44, Waterloo, b. Pennsylvania, s/o Christian & Anna WEAVER to Salvea DALING, Waterloo, b. Germany, d/o John & Mary DALING, witnesses: Catharine WEAVER & Milliam GARLACH, Berlin, January 12, 1869

OAKS, John W., 29, Hawksville, b. Ontario, s/o Henry & Jane OAKS to Catharine SPIES, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Michael & Catharina SPIES, witnesses: Mary SCHILE & Catharine WEAVER, Berlin, February 16, 1869

SNYDER, Jesse, 26, Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Twp., s/o Levi & Elisabeth SNYDER to Mary Francis SHULTZ, Waterloo Twp., b. Germany, d/o Henry & Sophia SHULTZ, witnesses: Catharine & William WEAVER, Berlin, May 2, 1869

BERGEY, Nathaniel, 22, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Joseph & Mary BERGEY to Magdalena SCHNEIDER, 19, Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Twp., d/o Joseph & Saly SCHNEIDER, witnesses: Rebecca & Joseph SCHNEIDER, Berlin, May 15, 1869

YAGER, Valentine, 22, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o Conrad & Maria YAGER to Maria RATZ, 18, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Jacob & Maria RATZ, witnesses: Valentine RATZ, North Easthope & Maria YAGER, Wilmot, May 25, 1869


No. 405 Return of marriages solemnized by Theobald Hauch a minister of the Evangelical Association

ZINKAN, Philipp, 23, Wellesley, b. Germany, s/o Conrad & Elisebeth ZINKAN to Elisabeth KALBFLEISH, Blenheim, b. Canada, d/o Louis & Eva KALBFLEISH, witnesses: John KALBFLEISH, Blenheim & Elisabeth LEISLER, Blanford, May 16, 1869


No. 406 Return of marriages solemnized by Josoesunnl (?) Jountzi a minister of the Menonnist Society

GRORRBAW(?), Daniel, 21, Wilmot, b. Canada, s/o Josormind (?) W. & Maria GRORRBAW(?) to Anna ZOESER(?), 19, Wilmot, b. Canada, d/o Milford & Laubower(?) ZOESER(?), witnesses: Joseph(?) L. LIEFTI(?) & Joragf(?) OFRASRBOURST(?), Wilmot, January 19, 1869

ZAISER(?), Josorsson(?), 21, Kirogun(?), N.Y., s/o Christian(?) & Annor(?) ZAISER(?) to Laubaura(?) GRORRBAW(?), Wilmot, Canada, d/o Josorsinenl(?) & Inoriarug(?) GRORRBAW(?), witnesses: Jopoesg(?) DOURELLI(?) & Jopsusf(?) GRORRBAW(?), Mourningtoenre(?), January 31, 1869

LANDMOR(?), Christain, 23, Wilmot, Canada, s/o Josousenhio(?) & Catarina LANDMOR(?) to Morostorlun(?) SHRORISUER(?), Malnblrerg(?), Canada, d/o Linfourt(?) & Laurboura(?) SHRORISUER(?), witnesses: Joreaul(?) L. LIPSTZ(?) & Josoesearn(?) LOIREDEUR(?), Mourniogtoerne(?), March 2, 1869


No. 407 Return of marriages solemnized by F. Dubfrvenell a minister of the Evang Luth, St. Pauls Congregation at Wellesley

PJANNER, Georg, 20, Wilmot Twp, b. Waterloo Co., France, s/o Marin PJANNER & Dorothea HOLYMEIN to Margaratha SPRINGER, Wilmot Twp., b. Canada, d/o John SPRINGER & Margaretha METZGER, witnesses: Magdalena PJANNER, Wilmot Twp., Jacob SAFTEL, Wilmot Twp., May 4, 1869

KNECHTEL, John, 25, Wellesley Village, Waterloo Co., s/o Philipp KNECHTEL & Anna Eva SRONG(?) to Anna SCHNEIDER, 18, Wellesley Village, Wellesley Village, d/o John SCHNEIDER & Magdalena SCHEHLER(?), witnesses: William GREEN & Edward LUFT, Wellesley, Solemnized by Rev. H. Koch, February 3, 1869


No. 408 Return of marriages solemnized by Thomas Adams a minister of the Primitive Methodist Church, Galt

FORD, James, 29, North Dumfries, b. Canada, s/o James & Margaret FORD to Agnes SUDDEN, North Dumfries, b. Canada, d/o John & Margaret SUDDEN, witnesses: Fredrich FRENCH & Jane SUDDEN, North Dumfries, January 19, 1869

JOHNSON, William H., 24, Galt, b. Canada, s/o William & Charlotte JOHNSON to Eliza Jane KINSMAN, Galt, b. England, d/o Nicholous & Eliza KINSMAN, witnesses: Rich & I. KINSMAN, Galt, June 14, 1869

No. 409 Return of marriages solemnized by James Howie a minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

WILLIAMS, John Wood, 30, Ayr, England, s/o William FILLARY & N. WILLIAMS to Elizabeth WATSON, 20, Ayr, Galt, d/o Robert & Ann WATSON, witnesses: William & Robert WATSON, Ayr, Certified by James Howie, March 29, 1869

No. 410 Return of marriages solemnized by D. B. Bowman a minister of the U. B. Church for the half year ending 30 day of June A.D. 1869

MOYER, Noah, 22, Freeport, Waterloo Twp., s/o Henry & Catherine MOYER to Mena KRIEGER, Waterloo Twp., Germany, d/o Godfried & Mena KRIEGER, witnesses: George GEHL, Waterloo Twp., certified by D. B. Bowman, February 23, 1869

WISMER, Isaac, 20, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o David & Elizabeth WISMER to Mary BURKHOLDER, Waterloo, Canada, d/o Samuel & Magdalene BURKHOLDER, witnesses: Henry CLEMINCE, Michigan, certified by D. B. Bowman, April 20, 1869

No. 411 Return of marriages solemnized by H. Kropp a mininster of the U. B. Church for the half year ending June 30th A.D. 1869

HALLMAN, Samuel, 24, Dumfries, Dumfries, s/o not known to Eliz GRILLS, Dumfries, not known, d/o not known, witnesses James & Samuel GRILLS, Dumfries, June 5, 1869


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No. 412 Return of marriages solemnized by Rev. Joseph Hagey, a minister of the Mennonite Church in the township of Waterloo .

MARTIN, Levi, 25, Woolwich, Woolwich s/o Peter & Mary MARTIN to Elizabeth, Woolwich, b. Canada d/o Felda & Mary SHAFER, witnesses: Peter & David MARTIN, Woolwich, Jan.7, 1869

HORST, Menno, 23, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o David & Magdaline HORST, Waterloo, Waterloo to Elizabeth d/o Abram & Judit WEBER, witnesses: David MARTIN & Abram WEBER, Woolwich, Waterloo, Mar. 24, 1869


No. 413 Return of marriages solemnized by A. B. Sherk, a minister of the Church

HILKER, Henry, 24, Wellesley, b. Preston, s/o Henry & Sophia HILKER to Elis BARBER, Wellesley, b. Puslinch, d/o Wm & Ellen BARBER, witnesses: William DONALD, Wm BARBER, Wellesley, March 20, 1869

MINDEL, Francis, 19, Wellesley, b. Germany, s/o Christian & Catherine MINDEL to Amelia HELKER, 19, Wellesley, b. Preston, d/o Henry & Sophia HELKER, witnesses: Harvey HELKER, Adam, Wellesley, March, 20 1869


No. 414 Return of marriages solemnized by Rev. William Caven

REID, Walter, 25, North Dumfries, b. Canada, s/o John REID & Catherine MATHESON to Agnes ANDERSON, 24, N. Dumfries, b. Scotland, d/o William ANDERSON & Ellen SCOTT, witnesses: John REID, N. Dumfries, 31st May 1869,


No. 415 Return of marriages solemnized by Immanuel Wurster, a Minister of the Ev. Church in Preston Village

MOLLER, Friederich A. M., labourer, 27, Hespeler, b. MeckelSchwerien, s/o Christain & Mona MOLLER to Dorothea E. M. EICHOLZ, Hespeler, b. Leuschendorf - MeckelSchwerien, d/o Martin EICHOLZ & Catherine MELP, witnesses: Sophia ENGEL, Cather EICHOLZ, Waterloo Township, 20 January, 1869

WURM, Conrad, carpenter, 20, Berlin, b. Ehernghausen, s/o Matthias WURM & Elizabeth NEEB to Christine HEIMERICH, Berlin, b. Buffalo NY, d/o Stephan & Fredericki HEIMERICH, witnesses: Jacob BALTZER, Hespeler & Michael BOCK, Berlin, 20, January 1869

HEWITT, Georg, widower, carpenter, 54, Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Twp., s/o John HEWITT & Barbara WELDFONG to Christine INSPER(?), Wilmot, b. Germany, d/o Adam & Maria KNIPEL, witnesses: Jacob & Caroline WURSTER, Preston, 16 February 1869

SCHMIEL, Christian, labourer, 27, Hespeler, b. Mieselbruaw - MecklSchwerin, s/o Friederich SCHMIEL & Sophia SNOR to Maria SHURTZ, 22, Hespeler, b. Black Rock NY, d/o Johann SHURTZ & Magdaline BAUER, witnesses: Jacob & Caroline WURSTER, Preston, 23 February, 1869

SERPES, John Conrad, labourer, 21, Hespeler, Hespeler, s/o John SERPES & Margaretha MULHOLLAND to Mary WATSON, Hespeler, b. Scotland d/o Archibald WATSON & Margaretha KING, witnesses John HOMOP (?) & Jacob WURSTER, Preston, 2, March, 1869

MAYER, Henry, carpenter, 27, Waterloo Twp., b. Frendenberg Baden, s/o David MAYER & Apollonia KIRCHNER to Sophia DEDELS, Waterloo Twp., b. Wagendorf -MeckleSchwerin, d/o Christian DEDELS & Maria SCHRODER, witnesses: Jacob & Caroline WURSTER, Preston, 23, March 1869

BURGERMAN, John, farmer, 25, Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Twp., s/o Jonas BURGERMAN & Elizabeth BRUBACHER to Catharine SCHNYDER, Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Twp., d/o Samuel & Anne SCHNYDER, witnesses: Jacob B. SLECKLE, Waterloo Twp. & Isaak SERERES, Wilmot, 4 April, 1869

SERERES, David, farmer, 27, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Andrew SERERES & Maria KIRCHER to Maria OBERER, 18, Wilmot, b. Wertternberg - Germany, d/o Johann OBERER & Gottlieben HITZEL witnesses: Isaak SERERES & Will MACDONALD, Wilmot, 6 April, 1869

GOEBEL, Nicolaus, pedlar, 26, Puslinch Twp., b. Dredorffsachsen - Weimar/Saxony, s/o George GOEBEL & Eva WAGNER to Mary BALTZER, 19, Preston, Preston d/o Georg BALTZER & Nancy BERGE, witnesses: William & M. A. GRAHAM, Guelph, 6 April, 1869

FIELDS, Douglas, labourer, 20, Hespeler, Hespeler, s/o Henry FIELDS & Ellen McKENZIE to Mary McGINNIS, Hespeler, b. Puslinch Twp., Wellington Co., d/o Herme McGINNIS & Jane KEHOE, witnesses: Janette FIELDS, Hespeler & Caroline WURSTER, Preston, 10 April, 1869

GEHL, Reinhard, farmer, 23, Waterloo Twp., b. Wilmot Twp., s/o Wilhelm GEHL & Margaretha GROSS to Marianne WOODS, Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Twp., d/o Sally WOODS witnesses: Joseph S. CLIMERS & Aaron BECHTEL, Waterloo Twp., 13th April, 1869


No. 416 Return of marriages solemnized by A. Traver a minister of C. P. Church

ARTHUR, Charles, 37, Consecon, b. Prince Edward Co., s/o Hugh ARTHUR & Anna CUNNINGHAM to Mary Louisa TRAVER, Hastings Co., Hastings Co., d/o John TRAVER & Anna WEEKS, witnesses: George TRAVER, Chicago, Ill. & Samuel ARTHUR, Prince Edward Co., January 5, 1869

KNECHTEL, Michael, 25, Berlin, b.Germany, s/o Jacob KNECHTEL & Phillipina SOWER to Agnes BLANCHARD, Berlin, Berlin d/o Mo. BLANCHARD & Elvi TOWNSEND, witness: Mrs. A. TRAVER, Berlin, January 23, 1869