1851 census of Willoughby, Lincs

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1851 Census Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England including Mawthorpe, Bonthorpe & Sandfields
pgs 1 - 7 are Claxby

page 8 is start of Willoughby village

page 11 is both Willoughby & Mawthorpe

page 12 is hamlet of Mawthorpe

pages 13 - 15 are hamlet of Bonthorpe

pg 16 is hamlet of Sandfields

Transcribed from LDS film 0087739

Home Office Census Returns

2110 H.O. 107/2110, Dist 430/5 Alford

format: SURNAME, First name, relation, M/U/W, age, occupation, birth place

If no county is given with birthplace, then it is Lincolnshire (Lincs.)

If there is no relation given for a child, then they are son or daughter.



  Start of Claxby

Page 1

household 1 (Rectory)

DODSON, Rev. W., head, M, 60, Rector, nk

DODSON, Mary, wife, M, 60, Suffolk Isworth (Ixworth?)

DODSON, John G., son, U, 32, gent, Lincs Claxby

DODSON, Paul A., son, U, 31, clerk, Sussex Rye

PARAMICKIMAN?, Mary Barnes, daughter, M, 37, Lincs Well

PARAMICKIMAN, Emegde?, grand daughter, 7, nk

PARAMICKIMAN, Caroline, grand daughter, 1, Sussex, Ewhurst

STURGEON, Eliza, maiden, U, 30, servant, Suffolk Rudbrook

MACKINDER, Ann, maiden, U, 36, servant, Lincs Croft

HORNBY, Ann, maiden, U, 25, Claxby

LEE, Charles, bachelor, U, 24, servant, birth place not given

KIRBY, Flora?, maiden, U, 18, birth place not given

household 2

WRIGHT, George, head, M, 63, farmer of 200 acres empl 3 laborer, Lincs Claxby

WRIGHT, Mildred, wife, M, 57, dairy woman, Willoughby

WRIGHT, George, son, U, 19, farmer's son, Alford

TODD, Easther, visitor, M, 60, retired publican, Claxby

WHITWORTH, Mary, servant, U, 18, maid servant, Haltoft?

PEACOCK, John, U, 21, man servant, Lincs Hagg

WEST, Charles, U, 18, man servant, Lincs Skendlesby

Page 2

household 3

WRIGHT, Thomas, head, M, 30, farmer of 190 acres empl 4 laborers, Claxby

WRIGHT, Ann, wife, M, 30, farmer's wife & dairy, Boston

WRIGHT, William, brother, U, 26, farmer, Claxby

BLACKBOURN, William, U, 24, farm servant, Irby

GREEN, Thomas, 18, farm servant, Skendlesby

SHAW, Eliza, 18, house servant, Alford

household 4 (Poor End)

LEARY, Ann, head, widow, 76, pauper, Skendlesby

LEARY, Edward, son, U, 34, ag lab, Claxby

RANSHAW, David, lodger, widower, 75, Chelsea pensioner, Claxby

household 5 (Poor End)

WALKER, Joseph, head, M, 65, cottager with 12 acres, Lincs Market Stainton

WALKER, Sally, wife, M, 60, dairy woman with 2 cows, Lincs Croft End (Marsh)

KI--?, Ann, U, 16, house servant, Welton in the Marsh

BALDERSON, Joseph, lodger, widower, 63, farmer formerly, Croft End (Marsh)

household 6

STONES, Jane, head, widow, 68, nurse & pauper, Welton

BURNETT, Robert, brother, widower, 74, Chelsea pensioner & pauper - formerly brick layer's laborer, Welton

STONES, Mary, maid, 13, Lincs Sand Fields Well

household 7

WARD, William, head, M, 39, ag lab, Mablethorpe

WARD, Jane, wife, M, 47, [no county given] Leeds

WARD, Rhuben, 4, Claxby

WARD, Charles, 1, Claxby

Page 3

household 8

WARD, Francis, head, M, 60, wood hanger, Lincs Louth

WARD, Ann, wife, M, 59, nurse, Mareham on the Hill nr Horncastle

household 9

DAVIDSON, Edward, head, M, 59, farm bailiff, Candlesby

DAVIDSON, Mary, wife, M, 41, dairy woman, Spilsby

DAVIDSON, Edward, 15, farm lab, Rigsby

DAVIDSON, Peter, 13, farm lab, Market Stainton

DAVIDSON, Frederick, 9, school, Market Stainton

DAVIDSON, Thomas, 7, illegible birth place

DAVIDSON, Maria, 2, Claxby

OLIVER, Ann, U, 18, house servant, Candlesby

COOK, John, U, 30, farm lab, Lincs ?--ingbough

BRODDLE?, Samuel, U, 19, farm lab, Hornby

SMITH, John, U, 18, farm lab, Trusthorpe

household 10

WARD, John, head, M, 73, pauper (formerly road man), Lincs Elkington

WARD, Sarah, wife, M, 73, Claxby

WARD, John, son, U, 32, ag lab, Claxby

household 11

SMITH, George, head, M, 37, Rector's laborer (land 3 acres), Orby

SMITH, Sarah, wife, M, 30, formerly cook, Welton

SMITH, Susan, 4, Claxby

SMITH, John, 2, Claxby

(page 4)

SMITH, George, 4 months, Claxby

household 12

HORNBY, Thomas, head, M, 62, wood hanger, Bilsby

HORNBY, Martha, wife, M, 58, Alford

HORNBY, Thomas, son, 12, farm lab, Claxby

household 13

CLUFF, Robert, head, M, 47, farm lab, Hogsthorpe

CLUFF, Lucy, wife, M, 45, Ulceby (Wolds)

CLUFF, Sarah, 11, Claxby

CLUFF, Sophia, 9, Claxby

household 14

HORNBY, Joseph Jr., head, M, 27, farm lab, Claxby

HORNBY, Mary, wife, M, 29, Alford

HORNBY, Thomas, 4, Bilsby

HORNBY, Sarah A., 1, Claxby

HORNBY, Emma, 6 months, Claxby

household 15

LEARY, Samuel, head, M, 38, ag lab, Claxby

LEARY, Sarah, wife, M, 37, Lincs Ulceby (Wolds)

LEARY, Robert, 15, ag lab, Claxby

LEARY, Maria, 10, school, Willoughby

LEARY, Elizabeth, 8, school, Willoughby

LEARY, Charles, 7, Willoughby

LEARY, Theresa, 4, Willoughby

(page 5 )

LEARY, Salina, 1, home, Claxby

household 16

LEARY, Thomas, head, M, 45, farm shepherd, Lincs Well

LEARY, Hannah, wife, M, 44, char woman, Lincs Sloothby

LEARY, Thomas, 12, ag lab, Lincs Claxby

LEARY, Edward, 10, ag lab, Lincs Willoughby

LEARY, William, 9, school, Willoughby

LEARY, Robert, 7, school, Willoughby

LEARY, Harriet, 5, home, Willoughby

LEARY, Lenee?, son, 3, Willoughby

household 17

DRING, Thomas B., head, M, 44, farmer of 456 acres empl 10 laborers, Lincs Claxby

DRING, Mary, wife, M, 40, dairy woman, Sloothby

DRING, Mary A., 14, Claxby

DRING, George, 17, farmer's son, Claxby

DRING, John, 9, school, Claxby

DRING, Richard, 6, Claxby

DRING, Joseph, 2, Claxby

HUBBERT, William, servant, 18, Lincs Stickney

LEARY, David, 16, servant, Lincs Willoughby

HANES, Adalade, U, 22, Servant, Lincs Sloothby

LEARY, Mary An., 14, servant, Claxby

Page 6

household 18

WARD, Joseph, head, M, 30, confined farm laborer, Lincs. Claxby

WARD, Sophia, wife, M, 29, Lincs Dryby

WARD, John, son, 9, farm laborer, Claxby

WARD, Betsy, 7, home, Claxby

WARD, George, 6, home, Claxby

WARD, Mary A., 3, Claxby

WARD, Susan, 2, Claxby

WARD, Charles, 7 months, Claxby

household 19

ELVEN, Edly, head, M, 26, ag lab, Lincs Addlethorpe

ELVEN, Eliza, wife, M, 28, Lincs Fortherly

household 20

GOODRICK, John, head, M, 58, farmer of 418 acres & empl 6 laborers, Lincs, Wrangel

GOODRICK, Margaret, wife, M, 60, dairy woman, Lincs Well

GOODRICK, Margaret, daughter, U, 18, farmer's daughter, Lincs Well

?--OK, Sarah, visitor, U, 17, house servant, Lincs Wainfleet

WHITELAN, Butler?, (male), U, 25, servant, Lincs Bilsby

KIRKLY, Daniel, U, 20, house servant, Lincs Hogsthorpe

HOLMES, Thomas, U, 17, house servant, Lincs Well

household 21

HOWDER, Robert, head, M, 40, farm lab, Lincs Huttoft

HOWDER, Lucey, wife, M, 42, laborer's wife, Lincs Hagg

HOWDER, Charles, son, U, 15, farm laborer, Lincs Alford

(page 7)

HOWDER, Lucy, U, 17, school, Lincs Claxby

HOWDER, Jane, 11, Claxby

HOWDER, Susan, 9, Claxby

HOWDER, Elizabeth, 7, Claxby

HOWDER, Mary A., 6, Claxby

HOWDER, Harriet, 2, Claxby

HOWDER, Hannah, 1, Claxby

[start of Willoughby village]

page 8

household 22

HALLET, William, head, Married, 60, Chelsea pensioner & laborer, Lincs. Sloothby

HALLET, Dina, daughter, Unmarried, 17, home, Lincs. Willoughby

HALLET, William, son, Unmarried, 13, agr. laborer, Lincs. Willoughby

household 23

CLOUGH, William, head, Married, 74, Chelsea pensioner, Lincs. Willoughby

CLOUGH Mary, wife, Married, 50, Char woman, Lincs. Saleby

CLOUGH Francis, son, Unmarried, 24, farm laborer, Lincs. Willoughby

CLOUGH William, son, Unmarried, 22, farm laborer, Lincs. Willoughby

CLOUGH Charlotte, daughter, Unmarried, 15, home, Lincs. Willoughby

CLOUGH Mathew, son, Unmarried, 11, home, Lincs. Willoughby

CLOUGH Andrew, son, Unmarried, 5, home, Lincs. Willoughby

CLOUGH Elizabeth, grand daughter, 8, Lincs. Willoughby

CLOUGH Abraham, grand son, 4, Lincs. Willoughby

household 24

MACKRILL, John, head, Married, 6-?, road laborer, Lincs. Welton

MACKRILL Susan, wife, Married, 47, Lincs. Candlesby

MACKRILL William, son, 24, farm laborer, Lincs. Welton

MACKRILL James, 12, Lincs. Welton

MACKRILL John, 10, Welton

MACKRILL Samuel 9, Lincs. Willoughby

MACKRILL Joseph 7, Lincs. Willoughby

MACKRILL George 6, Lincs. Willoughby

(page 9)

MACKRILL Henry, son, 4, Lincs. Willoughby

household 25

JENKINSON, James, head, Married, 26, plate layer & gate keeper (rail), Yorks. Beverly

JENKINSON Susan, wife, Married, 23, Yorks. Beverly

JENKINSON Mary, daughter, 4, Yorks. Beverly

JENKINSON George, son, 1, Lincs. Willoughby

household 26

WATSON, Hannah, head, wid, partnership miller, Lincs. Hutton

LENTON, George, bachelor, Unmarried, 25, baker & retailer of flour, Lincs. Sloothby

BANKS, William, journeyman, Unmarried, 18, bread journeyman, Lincs. Bardny?

household 27

GRAVES, Michael, head, Married, 46, farm laborer, Lincs. Ulceby

GRAVES Mary, wife, Married, 43, Lincs. Low Toynton

GRAVES Michael, son, 4, Lincs. Alford

GRAVES Elizabeth, daughter, 2, Lincs. Well

WATLIFF, lodger, widower, 74, carpenter (yard), Lincs. Goulsby

household 28

FROST, Benjamin, head, Married, 28, farm laborer, Lincs. Welton

FROST Ellen, wife, Married, 26, Lincs. Belien?

FROST Emma, daughter, 7, Lincs. Willoughby,

FROST Lucy A., daughter, 5, Lincs. Willoughby

FROST Ann M., 1, Lincs. Willoughby

household 29 (Kiln End)

BAINS, Mary, wife, Married, 44, Malt maker's wife, Lincs. Mucton

BARNS John, son, Unmarried, 23, malt maker, Lincs. Mucton

(page 10 )

BAINS, Robert, son, Unmarried, 17, agr. laborer, Lincs. Willoughby

BAINS William, 15, malt maker, Lincs. Willoughby

BAINS Edmund, 12, agr. laborer, Lincs. Willoughby

BAINS Ellener, 10, school, Lincs. Willoughby

BAINS Jane, 8, school, Lincs. Willoughby

BAINS Sarah, 6, school, Lincs. Willoughby

BAINS Maetable, 1, home, Lincs. Willoughby

household 30

HOWTON, (HOWLON?), Jane, wife, Married, 32, laborer wife, Lincs. Aby

HOWTON John, son, Unmarried, 4, Lincs. Willoughby,

HOWTON Eliza 3, Emma 11 months, Lincs. Willoughby

31 - uninhabited

household 32

ARCHER Joseph, head, Married, 56, cattle dealer (occupying 17 acres of land), Lincs. Orby

ARCHER Sarah, wife, Married, 52, Lincs. Bilsby

ARCHER William, son, 19, cattle dealer, Lincs. Willoughby

ARCHER Henry, 15, farm laborer, Lincs. Willoughby

ARCHER John S., 14, school, Lincs. Willoughby

ARCHER Sarah A, 12, Lincs. Willoughby

ARCHER Charles, 9, Lincs. Willoughby

ARCHER Mary 7, Lincs. Willoughby

(page 11)

household 33 (Kiln End)

WHITE, John, head, Married, 34, farm laborer, Lincs. Willoughby

WHITE Mary, Wife, married, 47, Lincs. Dalby

WHITE John, 12, school, Lincs. Willoughby

WHITE George 4, Lincs. Willoughby

WHITE Amos 2, Lincs. Willoughby

WHITE Mary 1, Lincs. Willoughby

34 - uninhabited

household 35

MARSHALL, Frederick, head, Married, 22, farm laborer, Sussex Auckfield

MARSHALL Elizabeth, wife, Married, 22, Lincs. Farlshope

[start of Mawthorpe]

household 36

DALES, Thomas, grandfather, wid, 70, joint tenant of farm (100 acres), Lincs. Grimbleby

DALES John, head, Married, 52, Lincs. Mawthorpe

DALES Sarah, Wife, 39, Lincs. Maltby

DALES Mary daughter, Unmarried, 21?, Lincs. Mawthorpe

DALES Robert 17, farm laborer, Lincs. Mawthorpe

DALES Eliza 12, Ellen 2, Lincs. Mawthorpe

DICKSON, Joseph, servant, unmarried, 30, farm servant, UK? (nk?)

DALES, John, son, 8, school, Lincs. Mawthorpe

(page 12)

household 37

STONES, Allen, head, Married, 35, farm laborer, Lincs. Dexthorpe

STONES Elizabeth, Wife, married, 38, laborer wife, Lincs. Belchford

STONES Mary A., 3, Lincs. Bonthorpe

STONES Sally 2, Lincs. Bonthorpe

STONES John , 6 months, Lincs. Mawthorpe

household 38

DAWSON, William, head, married, 56, farmer on 250 acres employing 3 laborers, Lincs. Welton

DAWSON Ann, wife, married, 52, Notts Muschorn

DAWSON William, son, 23, Unmarried, farmer's son, Lincs. Willoughby

DAWSON Sarah, daughter, 20, Unmarried, Lincs. Willoughby

DAWSON Elizabeth 16, Willoughby

DAWSON, John 11, Lincs. Willoughby

WATSON, George servant, unmarried, 39, farm laborer, Lincs. Low Toynton

COOK, Andrew, servant, Unmarried, 18, Lincs. Gayton

OSBOURNE, Craft, 17, Unmarried, Lincs. Bilsby

HOWDEN, Ann, Unmarried, 16, house servant, Lincs. Frishney

[start of Bonthorpe]

household 39

BOWKER, Mary, head, wid, 80, farmer of 330 acres employing 12 laborers - 4 in & 8 out, Notts North Muskham

BOWKER John, son, Unmarried, 53, Notts N Muskham

BOWKER Thomas, 43, son, laborer, Lincs

DAWSON, Mary A., granddaughter, Unmarried, 25, Willoughby

BOWKER, Elizabeth M., granddaughter, 9, Notts Mansfield

(page 13 )

DAWSON, Percival, visitor, Married, 53, plumber & glazier, Notts Newark

BOWKER, Seals G., visitor, wid, 39, miller & baker, Lincs. Daledarby

TRIFFITT, Elizabeth, servant, Unmarried, 24, house servant, Old Bolingbroke

BUDDIVENT, Thomas, servant, Unmarried, 28, farm laborer, Walthern

MILLER, Walker, servant, Unmarried, 18, farm laborer, Ruskenton

PINCHBECK, John, servant, Unmarried, 15, Farlsthorp

household 40

PAIN, Edley?, head, Married, 28, farmer of 18 acres, Helsa

PAIN Mary, wife, married, 27, dairy woman, Mumby

PAIN Lucy A., 3, Pheby, 2, both Mumby

PAIN Edley R., son, 7 months, Bonthorpe

WHITE, Nimrod, visitor, 11, Trusthorpe

household 41

WALDEGRAVE, John head, Married, 50, farmer, 116 acres, employing 1, Bennington

WALDEGRAVE Elizabeth, wife, Married, 21, dairy woman, Willoughby

WALDEGRAVE Robert, son, 2, Willoughby

WALDEGROVE, Sarah 6 months, Willoughby

MOWER, Ward, servant, Unmarried, 23, farm laborer, Willoughby

MOWER, Jabez, servant, 19, farm laborer, Willoughby

WILLEY, Mary, 18, house servant, Cumberworth

BELL, Mary, 15, house servant, Cumberworth

(page 14 )

MOWER, George, visitor, wid, 80, L. Strubby?

household 42

HOGG, William, head, Married, 30, farm laborer, Heeling

HOGG Mary, wife, Married, 40, Willoughby

43- blank

household 44

WHITE, Susan, head, wid, 60, cottager & dairy woman, Hogsthorpe

WHITE Rebecca, daughter, Unmarried, 22, Bonthorpe

WHITE William, son, Unmarried, 40, 22 acres of land, Bilsby

WHITE George, son, Unmarried, 26, thrashing engineer, Sandfields Willoughby

WHITE Thomas, son, Unmarried, 18, farm laborer, Sandfields

WHITE Benjamin 15, farm laborer, Sandfields

household 45

HARR?, John head, Married, 34, farmer, 89 acre employing 1 Addlethorpe

HARR Mary A., wife, Married, 34, dairy woman, Boston

GOODWIN, Thomas, servant, Unmarried, 28, farm laborer, Willoughby

household 46

HILDRED, Edward, head, wid, 42, farmer, 42 acres, Aby

HILDRED Ellen, 1, Bonthorpe,

LONGDON (Langdon?), Elizabeth, house keeper, 35, Croft

household 47

GOODING, James, head, Married, 41, agr. laborer, Claxby

GOODING Ann, wife, Married, 29, Grimbleby

GOODING Mary, niece, 8, Cumberworth

GOODING Mary A., daughter, 7, Willoughby

(page 15 )

GOODING, Sarah A., daughter, 5, Willoughby

GOODING John, son, 3, Willoughby

household 48

TEASDALE, Joseph, head, Married, 47, farm laborer, Cumberworth

TEASDALE Mary, wife, married, 49, Thurlby

TEASDALE John, 10, Willoughby,

TEASDALE Mary A. 8, Willoughby

household 49

BARKER, William, head, married, 31, agr. laborer foreman, Tathwell?

BARKER Ann, wife, married, 26, laborer wife, Saltfleet

BARKER Ann, 2, daughter, Willoughby,

BARKER Jane, 1 month, Willoughby

ALLET, Dina, servant, 13, Bilsby

household 50

ALLET, John, head, married, 43, farm laborer, Willoughby

ALLET Mary, wife, married, 44, Mablethorpe

ALLET Martha, daughter, Bilsby, 18, Unmarried,

ALLET Charlotte, daughter, 9, Willoughby,

ALLET Ann 7, Willoughby

ALLET Rebecca 5, Willoughby

ALLET Emily 2, Willoughby

(page 16)

household 51

MOWER (Mawer?), John, head, married, agr. laborer, Thurlby

MOWER Sarah, wife, married, 43, Anderby

MOWER Susan, 14, Willoughby

MOWER Walter 10, Willoughby

MOWER Silas 6, Willoughby

MOWER Paul 3, Willoughby

MOWER John 3? months, Willoughby

household 52

STONES, William, head, married, 38, farm laborer, Ullceby

STONES Elizabeth, wife, married, 37, Mumby

STONES John, 11, Willoughby

STONES William J 8, Willoughby

STONES Jane 7, Willoughby

STONES Allen 6, Willoughby

STONES Elizabeth 5, Willoughby

STONES James 2, Willoughby

STONES George 1, Willoughby

household 53 (Sandfields)

BACON, Martin, married, head, 31, farm shepherd, Minting

BACON Eliza married, wife, 26, Tetford

BACON Ellen A., 5, Minting

BACON John W., 3, Willoughby

(page 17)

BACON, Joseph brother, Unmarried, 3 months, Willoughby

BACON George, brother, Unmarried, 33, farm laborer, Kelsa

BLANDS, Lueza, female, servant, 14, maid servant, Stamford

"end of the Hamlet to Willoughby"

household 54

EYRE, Thomas, head, married, 60, farmer of 120 acres, Willoughby

EYRE Mary, wife, married, 63, dairy woman, Addlesthorpe

EYRE Mary A., daughter, 26, Unmarried, Willoughby

ROW, Charlotte, granddaughter, 6, Willoughby

COOK, Robert, servant, Unmarried, 20, farm servant, Gayton

household 55

FRESHNEY, Charles, head, married, 24, carpenter & wheelwright, Willoughby

FRESHNEY Solomy, wife, married, Gumby

FRESHNEY John L, son, 5 months Willoughby

FRESHNEY Henry, brother, 10, Willoughby

DOLSMAN, Cornelius, man, 20, Unmarried, journeyman, Sloothby

CLIFTS, Elizabeth, maid, Unmarried, 14, house servant, Claxby

MYERS, Elizabeth, visitor, Unmarried, 21, Orby

household 56

COPPEN, George, head, married, 40, farmer with 120 acres, Burgh

COPPEN Sarah wife, married, 30, farmer's wife, Willoughby

COPPEN George 3, Willoughby

COPPEN Ann 1, Willoughby

(page 18)

CROW, George , servant, Unmarried, 20, farm servant, Bilsby

GRANTHAM, Joel, 17, farm servant, Orby

PADLEY, Frances, 13, house servant, Orby

household 57

ANDREWS, William B., head, married, inn keeper & farmer of 50 acres, Partney

ANDREWS Sarah, wife, married, 51 inn keeper's wife, Spilsby

LAUGHTON, niece, Unmarried, 18, bar maid, Halton

MARSHALL, Maria, servant, Unmarried, 19, house servant, Thorpe

WARD, Edward, servant, 16, farm servant, Claxby

household 58

LEARY, James, head, married, farm laborer, 41, Claxby

LEARY Elizabeth, wife, married, 41, Hogsthorpe

LEARY Eliza daughter, 13, Willoughby

LEARY Jesse 9, Willoughby

LEARY Frederick 7, Willoughby

LEARY Emma 5, Willoughby

LEARY Sabina 2, Willoughby

LEARY Anna 8m, Willoughby

household 59

WHITE, Charles head, married, 62, blacksmith employing 2 men, Hougham

WHITE Mary, wife, married, 62, Bilsby

MANWELL, Mary, daughter, wid, 31, Willoughby

WHITE, William, son, Unmarried, 27, blacksmith, Willoughby

(page 19 )

WHITE Charles, son, unmarried, 25, blacksmith, Willoughby

MANWELL, Sarah, granddaughter, 2, Bilsby

WOLFE, Jane, servant, Unmarried, 20, Horncastle

household 60

CROFTS, Cassandra, head, wid, 77, annuitant, Alford

household 61

HOWTON, Richard, 67, head, married, Rectors laborer, Hogsthorpe

HOWTON Mary, wife, married, 67, Mumby Chapel

HEWISON, Mary A., grand, Unmarried, 18, Hogsthorpe

household 62

HILL, Samuel, head, married, 30, farmer 17 acres, Willoughby

HILL Catherine, wife, married, 27, Rakandshire Lufton

HILL Mary A., daughter, 2, Willoughby,

HILL Sophia 6 months, Willoughby

household 63

SHAW, William, head, married, 26, Rector's laborer, Sloothby

SHAW Susan, wife, married, 30, Sloothby

SHAW Albert, son, 4, Willoughby

SHAW Eliza 1, Willoughby

SHAW Sarah, 11, daughter, Sloothby

household 64

FARROW, Frances, wife, married, 57, horse machine man, occupying 6 acres, Mawthorpe

FARROW Willoughby, son, Unmarried, 26, farm laborer, Willoughby

FARROW Susan, granddaughter, 11, Hundleby

page 20

household 65

ANDREW, Mathew, head, married, 40, farm laborer & machine man, Willoughby

ANDREW Frances, wife, 29, Willoughby,

ANDREW Maetable 6, Willoughby

ANDREW John 3, Willoughby

ANDREW Mathew 3, Willoughby

ANDREW Harriet 1, Willoughby

ANDREW Mary J. 1 month, Willoughby

ROBINSON, William, lodger, wid, 61, Chelsea pensioner, Mawthorpe

household 66

FRANKLIN, Southwell, head, married, 53, farm laborer, Boston

FRANKLIN Ann, wife, married, 52, Aby with Rigbsy

FRANKLIN Susan A., Unmarried, 18, daughter, milliner & dress maker, Willoughby

FRANKLIN Thomas 14 farm laborer, Willoughby

FRANKLIN Mary A. 12 school, Willoughby

household 67

CADE, George head, married, 53, farm laborer, Farlsthorpe

CADE Lucy, wife, married, 50 char woman, Aby

CADE Joseph 14, Willoughby

CADE Mary 9, Willoughby

CADE Sabina 5, Willoughby

household 68

HOWTON, Charles, head, married, 57, farm laborer, Willoughby

HOWTON Sarah, wife, married, 44, char woman, Alford

(page 21)

HOWTON Samuel 22 Unmarried, farm laborer, Willoughby,

HOWTON John son, 15, Willoughby

WILSON, George, nephew, 12, Willoughby

HOWTON, Thomas, grandfather, wid, 84, formerly farm laborer, now pauper, Mumby Chapel

household 69

COUPLAND, Joseph, head, married, 64, farm shepherd, nk [not known?]

COUPLAND Betsy, wife, married, 53, Withern

COUPLAND Joseph, son, 19, farm laborer, Willoughby

COUPLAND John 14, Willoughby

COUPLAND Moses 10, Willoughby

household 70 (Rectory)

DU RE, Rev Thomas, head, married, 65, Rector of Willoughby, Hertfordshire Tring

DU RE, Sarah, wife, married, 65, Herts. North church

BROWN, Mary A., daughter, wid, gentlewoman, 46, Herts. Grt Berkhampsted

DU RE John, son, Married, 44, visitor, gentleman, Herts. Grt Berkhampsted

BROWN, Sophia S., Married, granddaughter, 5, Willoughby

JONES, Sarah, servant, 62, house keeper, Lime House near London

TATLON? Elizabeth, servant, 26, cook, Shropshire, Long Stanton

BANCROFT, Patience, servant, 12, assistant house maid, Alford

household 71

SMITH, John, head, wid, 74, farm servant & pauper, Cumberworth

SMITH William, son, farm laborer, Markby

page 22

household 72

HOWTON, Elizabeth, wife, married, 61, char woman, Saltfleet

household 73

BASSETT, John, head, married, 56, farmer of 260 acres 2 laborer, Rigsby

BASSETT Sarah , wife, married, 54, farmer's wife, Louth

BASSETT John, son, Unmarried, 24, Willoughby,

BASSETT Sarah B., unmarried, 22, Willoughby

BASSETT Caroline 16, Willoughby

CRAM, Matthew, servant, Unmarried, 60, farm laborer, Hogsthorpe

HORNBY, Henry, servant, Unmarried, 18, farm laborer, Orby

SANDERSON, Thomas, Unmarried, 18, farm laborer, Spilsby

household 74

HURDMAN, Richard, head, married, 70, farmer of 400 acres 5 laborer, nk [not known?]

HURDMAN Sarah, wife, married, 60, Willoughby

HURDMAN Robert Unmarried, son, 30, Willoughby

HURDMAN William U 26, Willoughby

HURDMAN Martha U 19, Willoughby

HURDMAN Joseph U 21, Willoughby

ROBINSON, Hannah, servant, Unmarried, 21, house servant, Willoughby

WHITE, Elizabeth, servant, 15, h servant, Willoughby

BAKER (Butler?) Rhoades, Unmarried, 48, farm laborer, Willoughby

ALLET, David, Unmarried, 34, farm laborer, Willoughby

FAUCET, William, Unmarried, 18, farm laborer, Willoughby

page 23

household 75

WARD, Elizabeth, wife, married, 29, laborer wife, Redsby

WARD Ann, daughter, 10, Betsy 9 both Claxby

WARD George 5, Willoughby

WARD Allis, daughter, 3, Claxby

WARD John, 1 Willoughby

household 76

EVESON, William, head, married, 40, tailor with 1 apprentice, Norfolk Outwell

EVESON Elizabeth, wife, married, 44, Coningsby

EVESON Caroline, 8, Willoughby

EVESON Henry, 4, Willoughby

EVESON Lucy 8 months, Willoughby

FRESHNEY, Mager, married, 14, apprentice, Willoughby

household 77

EYRE, Robert, head, married, 33, joint farmer, Willoughby

EYRE Betsy, wife, married, 29, farmer's wife, Granthorpe

EYRE Eliza, 2, Willoughby

EYRE Sarah A. 1, Willoughby

household 78

ASKEN, John, head, married, 33, farm laborer, Farlsthorpe

ASKEN Sophia, wife, married, 29, Alford

ASKEN John, son, 1 month, Willoughby

page 24

household 79

STOCKDALE, Elizabeth. wid, head, pauper, Orby

GARRET, Maria, daughter, Unmarried, 27, Burgh

STOCKDALE, John, son, 12, Sloothby

ROWL, Levina, relation given as NC, 3 months, nurse child, Cumberworth

household 80

HALLET, Susan, head, wid, 64, pauper, Salsby

DENNIS, Ellen, lodger, wid, 82, annuitant, Salsby

household 81

HILL, Ann, head wid, 55, nurse, Addlethorpe

HILL John, son, 25, railway porter, Willoughby

HILL Eliza, daughter, 19, dress & Slay? Maker, Willoughby

household 82

KIRK, Robert, head, married, 35, farm laborer, Cumberwoth

KIRK Maria, wife, married, 32, laborer wife, Mumby

household 83

SARGGISSON, Lusby, head,. married, 50, farmer of 60 acres, Sloothby

SARGGISSON William, son, Unmarried, 18, Gumby

WINGATE, Henry, servant, 14, farm servant, Horncastle

GREEN, Ann, servant, Unmarried, 21, house servant, Skendleby

household 84

SELLARS, Martha, head, wid, 73, pauper, Skendleby

household 85

CLOUGH, William, head, Bachelor, 43, farmer, 200 acres 2 laborer, Willoughby

CLOUGH Samuel visitor, Married, 42, farmer, Willoughby

CLOUGH Sarah, visitor, Unmarried, 9, Willoughby

VEAL, Eliza, servant, unmarried, 28, house keeper, Burgh

(page 25 )

BELL, William, servant, Unmarried, 23, farm servant, Cumberworth

household 86

ROBINSON John, head, married, 46, inn keeper, Hogsthorpe

ROBINSON Elizabeth, wife, married, 38, Mumby Chapel

household 87

BANKS, John, head, married, butcher, Bardney

BANKS Sarah, wife, married, 30, Halham

BANKS Charles, son, 16, farm laborer, Bardney

BANKS Thomas, 14, Bardney

BANKS Sarah 8, Bardney

BANKS Frances (could be Francis) 6, Bardney

BANKS Mary A., 4, Christopher 11 months, Willoughby

WOLFE, Sarah, servant, 17, head, servant, Horncastle

household 88

WHALEY, Robert, head, married, 35, school master, Grantham

WHALEY Mary N., wife, married, 40 , Hecklington

WHALEY William H. 11, Hecklington

WHALEY Mary A., 8, Cockerington

WHALEY Eliza 5, Newman 3, Willoughby

(page 26 )

STONES, Eliza, servant, 15, house servant, Dexthorpe

household 89

STOCKDALE, John, head, married, 64, cord wainer, Alford

STOCKDALE Elizabeth, wife, married, 62, Hogsthorpe

household 90

SMITH, Joseph, head, wid, 60, sheep salver & cottager, Willoughby

SMITH Mildred, daughter, Unmarried, 23, dress maker, Willoughby

SMITH Joseph, son, 2, Willoughby

household 91

SYLVESTER, Richard, head, married, 61, pauper & Ag laborer, Welton

SYLVESTER Rebecca, wife, married, 55, char woman, Hagnaby

SYLVESTER Richard, 23, Unmarried, son, agr. laborer, Willoughby

SYLVESTER William., son, Unmarried, 13 agr. laborer, Willoughby

household 92

MACKRILL, Thomas, head, married, 30, agr. laborer, Welton

MACKRILL Elizabeth, wife, married, 32, Isle of White (sic)

MACKRILL Mathew, nephew, 9?, Willoughby

GRAVES, George, visitor, 6, Calceby

household 93

LAURENCE, John, head, married, 28, cord wainer with 1 apprentice, Steeping

LAURENCE Rebecca, wife, married, 26, Burgh

LAURENCE Mary A., 3, Hogsthorpe

LAURENCE George, 1, Willoughby

LAURENCE Elizabeth 6 months, Willoughby

BEMROSE, Henry, apprentice, Unmarried, 20, Sloothby

page 27

household 94

WALKER, George, head, married, 70, cottager, Market Stainton,

WALKER Elizabeth, wife, married, 65, dairy woman, Welton

MARTIN, John, lodger, Unmarried, 87, pensioner, Hogsthorpe

household 95

CLARK, James, head, married, ,54, inn keeper, Welton

CLARK Ellen, wife, married, 51, Alford

CLARK Sarah, 15, Skendleby

CLARK John 11, Skendleby

CLARK Ellen 8 , Skendleby

SLIGHT, Susan, visitor, wid, 81 annuitant, Partney

household 96

PINDER, William, head, married, 32, railway clerk, Notts. Newark

PINDER Eliza, wife, married, 34, Cambridgeshire Wittlesea?

household 97

FROST, Herman, head, married, 26, farm laborer, Willoughby

FROST Ann B., wife, married, 24, Claythorpe

FROST Ann E., 1, Willoughby

DALES, Mary, visitor, Unmarried, 21, dress maker, Hogsthorpe

household 98

DICKENSON, Francis, head, married, 23, farm laborer, Hogs

DICKENSON Ann, wife, married, 29, dress maker, Willoughby

household 99

CHEFFINS, John, head, married, 54, farm laborer, Hogs

CHEFFINS Resina, wife, married, 38, Toynton

CHEFFINS Rebecca, 8, New Leake

(page 28)

CHEFFINS, Peter, 6, N. Leake

household 100

STOKES (Slokes?), William, head, married, 51, road laborer - formerly tailor, Hogsthorpe

STOKES Jane, wife, married, 45, dress maker, Dorsetshire - Winchester

STOKES William, 11, Hogsthorpe

STOKES Jane 8, Wainfleet

STOKES Harriet 6, Wainfleet

STOKES Emma 3, Hogsthorpe

household 101

TYSON, James, head, married, 42, farm laborer & well digger, Mumby

TYSON Ann, wife, married, 38 Alford

TYSON Mary 14, Alford

TYSON Maria 12, Alford

TYSON Charlotte 9, Alford

TYSON Emma 7, Alford

TYSON George 5, Alford

TYSON Betty 3, Alford

TYSON Naomy 2 Alford

TYSON William, 1 month, Willoughby

household 102

DICKENSON, Francis, head, married, 54, farm laborer, Hagg

DICKENSON Elizabeth, wife, married, 60, Calcethorpe

DICKENSON Eliza d U 19, Willoughby

(page 29 )

DICKENSON, Ann, daughter, 9, Ann (sic)

household 103

WALKER, John, head, married, 42, cottager & higler, Willoughby

WALKER Caroline, wife, married, School mistress, Norfolk Shelfanger

WALKER George A., son, 5, Willoughby

WALKER Eliza, 9, Mumby

ANDREWS, Henrietta, servant, 15, house servant, Willoughby

household 104

VESSEY, William. head, married, 65, butcher, baker, bread & flour seller, Notts. Besthorpe

VESSEY, Ann H.G.C., wife, married, 50, post mistress, Willoughby

VESSEY Eliza, 22, Unmarried, daughter, Willoughby

VESSEY Mary A., 18, milliner, Willoughby

household 105

VESSEY, George W., head, married, 23, grocer & draper, Willoughby

VESSEY Mary, wife, married, 22, Louth

household 106

FROST, Edmund, head, married, 50, cottager with 3 acres, Welton

FROST Sarah, wife, married, 56, dairy woman, Welton

FROST Francis, son, Unmarried, 23, farm laborer, Willoughby

FROST Ann, 17, milliner & dress maker, Willoughby

household 107

WALKER, John, head, married, 48, rail gate H keeper & plate layer, Durham - Stockton upon Sea (Lee?)

WALKER Elizabeth, wife, married, 49, Durham Ayclife

WALKER Mary A., 14, Ayclife

WALKER Elizabeth, 12, Aylclife

end of Willoughby